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Time Is Running out on the Reason Webathon! Don't Make Us Get the Woodchipper!

Will you help us get to 1,000 webathon donors, for freedom?

A woodchipper is a woodchipper is a woodchipper. ||| Woodmaxx.comWoodmaxx.comThis is it, people. This is the last day for the annual Reason Webathon, in which we run some pop-up ads, send an email or two, and post 1-2 pieces a day on this here blog in hopes of persuading you, our beloved readers and viewers and listeners and woodchippers, to donate to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes all journalism/commentary under the Reason banner.

With your help, we can make the next half-century even better than our first, map the nexus between sex & drugs & robots, do more podcasts, transcend the Great American Shouting Match, show you how to sidestep (or just break!) bad laws, spread our virus-like ideas to unsuspecting millions of TV viewers, use the audio/visual medium better than any damned magazine you know, and otherwise do the Lord's (by which I mean Charlton Heston's) work.

But note the operational verb in the preceding sentence: the very conditional can. As I gaze (with gratitude!) upon that "r" box on the upper-right of this page, I can't help but observe that it is sadly not full, with just 16 hours to midnight. And we didn't even design the feed-me graphic to match last year's record-shattering $375,000 from 1,300 of you! So let's start with a modest, end-o'-Webathon ask: Let's push the number of overall donors into four figures, a thousand large. We're not asking you for last year's single $75,000 bitcoin donation, or the amazing $200,000 we received in the final 48 hours alone. Just get us to 1,000, and we'll see from there. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

What have been your less lazy co-readers' reasons for the season of Reason? Let's read (and respond to!) what your soon-to-be fellow donors have been saying while paying:

An original subscriber when Lanny Friedlander started it! Keep fighting for us all.

Crazy-gratitude for sticking with us a half-century later. Read about Lanny here.

I already subscribe to Reason magazine every month. It is a welcome alternative to the screaming from CNN and Fox News. Reason is keeping me sane!!!!


Reason is an island of sanity in a VERY crazy ocean. Keep up the good work.

In a mad world, only the mad are sane. Maybe it's not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate. Something like that, anyway. Glad to help!

Who else is doing this kind of work? NO ONE,THAT'S WHO. ||| AmazonAmazonAfter reading the book "Overruled" I think it would be worthwhile for Reason to have an article in each issue dealing with the cases being ruled on by the Supreme Court (and appeals courts) from a libertarian perspective. There is always commentary in the media about Supreme Court cases from conservative/liberal groups, and I think a libertarian perspective on legal rulings would add greatly to the conversation. Keep up the good work!

Funny you should mention that. Not only do we get to enjoy the fruits of Damon Root's SCOTUS analysis—including his conservative/liberal-transcending observations about the emerging Neil Gorsuch/Sonia Sotomayor civil libertarian alliance—but since last year's Webathon we have added the world-famous Volokh Conspiracy blog to the Reason stable. Your donations are making this possible!

Hello! I really enjoy the magazine and ReasonTV, I hope you guys continue the same excellent coverage well into the future. But I'd also like to express my disappointment that you're not continuing to produce the excellent interviews I saw last year from Nick Gillespie. I really miss the superior quality of his reporting. He has such a unique perspective, there really is no one like him in media from what I have seen, and I find his input, whether on the podcast or in any other forum, brings invaluable ballast and deep context to every subject. I sometimes compare his interviews of people with those done by others, and in every case he is singularly able to identify the most salient issues and draw them out simply and clearly. I hope some rich bitcoin investor chips in again this year to make that happen.

Fear not! Monsieur Gillespie has been out here interviewing historian Francis Fukuyama, political humorist P.J. O'Rourke, polymath intellectual Tyler Cowen, filmmaker Alex Winter, new media impresario Kmele Foster, author David Harsanyi, British singer-songwriter Frank Turner, George Mason economist Peter Boettke, American Enterprise Institute economist Mark J. Perry, and our very own Jacob Sullum. And that's just during the past 10 weeks or so, when he (and Reason!) have been busy with some other stuff.

This is all I can donate for now. Keep it up. Here's hoping you aren't all just Koch propaganda tools.

Absolutely love the nod to future aspirational giving! And though the Koch thing was a friendly jab, please do note that while David Koch does (thankfully!) sit on our Board of Trustees, we operate with editorial independence from everybody who gives us money, his family included. Indeed, expanding our editorial independence through the diversification of the donor base is a core purpose of this Webathon!

better you have the money than the government.

An underrated point. These gifts are tax-deductible, people!

I especially like the articles highlighting abuse by authorities and those showing how government impacts seemingly innocuous aspects of life, such as getting in trouble for removing trees from your own property.

Never forget. ||| ToppsToppsOr like, I dunno, asking owners of a beloved annual Christmas lights display to suddenly pony up $2,000 a night? Yeah, we got you.

I would LOVE if my money were used to support a Katherine Mangu-Ward solo podcast. Every week I hope the guys will just shut up and let her talk. Every week I am disappointed. Sigh.

SORRY CAN'T HEAR YOU HEY NICK REMEMBER BIFF POCOROBA??? Seriously, check out the Marevlous Mrs. Mangu-Ward here.

Don't spend it all in one place

(sound of Peter Suderman hiccupping)

Thanks guys.

No thank you, all of you, for reals!

OK, the above lovefest was fun, but stubbornly incomplete. We still have some white in that orange box, and that just will not do. Let's fill up the orange, get to 1,000 donors, and later today I will guilt you all about the criminal justice good works we have been doing amid all the merrymaking. Here is the link, here is the beseechery: Donate to Reason right the hell now!

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    As I gaze (with gratitude!) upon that "r" box on the upper-right of this page, I can't help but observe that it is sadly not full, with just 16 hours to midnight.

    If you drop a couple ice cubes in there the volume of Tang will increase and finally drown that r for good.

  • Sometimes a Great Notion||

    and otherwise do the Lord's (by which I mean Charlton Heston's) work.

    Thou shall not have an edit button!

  • This Machine Chips Fascists||

    Reason has no need for an edit button. They get live editors by the gross. Economies of scale and such.

  • Shirley Knott||

    "In a mad world, only the mad or sane."
    Around here, 'editor' is a title, not a description. If I thought for one minute that Reason might start actually editing work before posting, heck, even proofreading before posting, I might think they had some chance with their grand plans.
    As it is, their claims to professionalism are laughable.

  • Matt Welch||

    It was a test. You passed.

  • Shirley Knott||

    Pity you all failed English.
    Seriously, my Jr. High English teacher would have flunked me for the kinds of errors that routinely occur in Reason's posts and articles. It does not convey a professional appearance.
    Sloppy writing is a manifestation of sloppy thinking.

  • Sometimes a Great Notion||

    Those who can't do, teach.

  • chemjeff radical individualist||

    I'm glad our editors around here have some humor.

  • Shirley Knott||

    Yeah, it's very puckish to silently clean-up a typo after a reader does some of their proofreading for them.
    Professional standards are for the little people, not "libertarian Top Men." pfui

  • Matt Welch||

    What's "silent" about acknowledging directly in the comments? Why so rancid?

  • Cy||

    There's been a bit too much bitterness in the comments section lately. I find myself trying to cut back on my participation in it. But, it's hard to not be an asshole with some of the garbage that's being passed off as 'articles' on Reason lately.

  • Shirley Knott||


  • Sonny Bono's Ghost||

    Ditto. I'd might even be willing to donate in the hope for LESS, but BETTER curated/edited, content.

  • Sonny Bono's Ghost||

    ...and also an edit-button, which I clearly am in need of.

  • Cloudbuster||

    it's hard to not be an asshole with some of the garbage that's being passed off as 'articles' on Reason lately.


  • Rock Lobster||

    Trying to please libertarians is futile. No real libertarian would do this.

  • Shirley Knott||

    Where did you acknowledge that the typo was fixed?
    Rancid is better than dishonest.

  • BigT||

    "into four figures, a thousand large."

    Cousin Vinny will gift you a cement bathing suit if you think your 'thousand large' is only 4 figures.

  • Brandybuck||

    Matt, what brand of woodchipper do you recommend? Should I go with a Patriot or Husqvarna, or do you think YardMax is better for occasional seasonal use around the lot?

  • Matt Welch||

    YardMax has the best name, so.

  • buybuydandavis||

    Patriot, obviously!

    The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and woodchipped tyrants.

  • Marcus Aurelius||

    Donated last year, but without any sarcasm, the quality of what the 'editors' deem as freedom and/or newsworthy has severely declined.

    Take a long look in the mirror, maybe next year. Your loss is's gain

  • cja||


  • Cloudbuster||

    You don't know woodchipper.

  • Unicorn Abattoir||

    How much do you have to donate to get the woodchipper?

  • LamarPye||

    Goddammit, I use a iPad to read this fucking site and read the dumb fucking comments but every other time i scroll down a new page opens. Do you know how fucking annoying it is to read half a fucking article and bam a new page loads. You've got my donation to fix that shit

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