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Thank You for a Record-Shattering Reason Webathon!

Your generous contributions of $375,000 give us the ammo we need to fight for Free Minds and Free Markets.

Ugh, gross thumbnail. ||| Matt WelchMatt WelchIn a tumultuous political year of White House team-change, are-you-kidding-me headlines, and constant social media hysterics, you beautiful people have just voted with your hearts and wallets for more and better journalism and commentary tethered to the principles of "Free Minds and Free Markets." Reason's 10th annual webathon crushed all its predecessors like a bug on a windshield, for which we thank you, mouths agape, and vow to leap back into the fray like Popeye after 10 cans of spinach.

The final tally: More than 1,300 of you generous souls made tax-deductible donations totaling an unbelievable $375,000+, doubling last year's haul of $187,000, and clearing far above our previous record (the year before that) of $246,000. This gobsmacking sum, which included a single gift of $75,000 worth of bitcoin (way back when the crypto currency was trading at like $11,000) allows us to be even more editorially independent and financially resilient, a rare and precious combination in today's creatively destructing media landscape.

Never forget! ||| AllWorldAutomotiveAllWorldAutomotiveYour gifts also allow us to do new stuff you like—redesign the magazine, develop a podcast line, bring John Stossel into the fold—while keeping ourselves well-covered on the classics of cutting government, combating criminal injustice, fighting tyranny in far-flung locales, defending alcohol sales at cinemas that show unicorn-masturbation scenes. As we enter our 50th anniversary year, this massive jolt of adrenaline gives us the step on another half-century of innovative irreverence, sober number-crunching, and flying the libertarian flag in all kinds of unlikely places.

On behalf of Katherine Mangu-Ward and Nick Gillespie, as well as the many behind-the-scenes heroes who made not only the webathon but our entire day-to-day existence here at Reason possible, THANK YOU.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Photo Credit: Mark McDaniel

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