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New California Gov. Gavin Newsom Has Been 'Vocally Anti-Gun Every Chance He Gets': New at Reason

Outcoming Gov. Jerry Brown was no gun rights advocate, but if Newsom's voting record is any indication, he's likely to be even worse.

Christian Monterrosa/Sipa USA/NewscomChristian Monterrosa/Sipa USA/NewscomCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, isn't exactly known as a staunch defender of the rights of Golden State voters to legally keep and bear arms.

But fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom—who won the governor's race last night against Republican John Cox—is probably worse. Newsom has "been vocally anti-gun every chance he gets," says Brandon Combs, president of the Sacramento-based Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC).

Once Newsom takes office, defenders of the Second Amendment may come to miss the state's outgoing chief executive, writes Declan McCullagh for Reason.

Photo Credit: Christian Monterrosa/Sipa USA/Newscom


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