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Hack of Facebook a Warning of the Dangers of Too Much Online Centralization: New at Reason

The bigger the company, the bigger the target.

Mark ZuckerbergLEWIS JOLY/VIVA TECHNOLOG/SIPA/NewscomFacebook has had a rough year. The social media giant has been castigated for everything from sneaky data policies, "shadow profiles," political bias, the election of Donald Trump, and even a genocide in Myanmar. Some of these criticisms hold more water than others. But last month, Zuckerberg and company bungled up their business in a pretty straightforward way: They suffered their worst hack yet.

Some 50 million accounts are known to have been affected by the vulnerability, which had reportedly existed since July of 2017 before being discovered on Sept. 25 and publicized three days later. Another 40 million accounts were thought to possibly be at risk, so the company made a firm decision to lock all 90 million users from their profiles while they made the necessary fixes. Andrea O'Sullivan explains what happened and what we should all learn from it.



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