Title IX

Two Students Hooked Up. It Was Clearly Consensual. He Still Spent $12,000 Defending Himself.

A brief romantic encounter at UC-Davis triggered a Title IX investigation after the female student changed her mind about it weeks later.


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James, a freshman at the University of California-Davis, was on his way to math class when he received an email that would derail his life for the next few months: The university's Title IX office, which handles sexual misconduct disputes between students, was investigating a complaint against him.

This was in February 2018, at a time of heightened public attention to the problem of predatory men taking advantage of vulnerable women. Journalists had exposed Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, and others for committing a variety of sexual misdeeds.

"This was not a good time to get accused of something like this," James tells Reason.

The email from the Title IX compliance officer went into great detail about the seriousness of James's situation. He would be investigated in accordance with the university's sexual assault and sexual violence policies, as well as the student code, which covers physical assault, threats of violence, and conduct that threatens health and safety. A finding of responsibility could result in suspension, or even expulsion.

But the email was short on details of the alleged misconduct. According to the Title IX office, a female student, Becky, had complained that James touched her "on her breasts and buttocks over and under her clothing without her consent." (I am using pseudonyms for both James and Becky.)

James knew Becky. They had been classmates in a drama class, and, very briefly, friends. On the evening of October 20, 2017, they had met up with some other friends to play music. Eventually finding themselves alone in Becky's dorm room, they kissed for a few minutes—and engaged in some light sexual touching—before other students interrupted them.

In James's view, the encounter had not only been fully consensual, it was also mutual: Becky bore just as much responsibility for initiating it as James. And, as Becky would later make clear to the investigator, she had also touched him sexually—she explicitly described her own actions in her official statement.

"[Becky's] account of the incident as set forth in the summary of her investigative interviews does not, on its face, allege any 'act of Prohibited Conduct,'" James's attorney wrote in an April 11 letter to Wendi Delmendo, UC-Davis's Title IX coordinator. "Even if everything [Becky] alleges is true, my client clearly did nothing wrong and did not engage in Prohibited Conduct."

And yet the investigation continued until May 1—at which point the Office of Student and Judiciary Affairs finally concluded that James was innocent. Even so, Becky was afforded the opportunity to appeal the decision, consistent with university policy as dictated by the Obama administration's Education Department, which had obligated college administrators to give accusers the option of appealing adverse findings if they granted this right to the accused.

I've covered dozens of Title IX cases involving dubious sexual misconduct allegations, unfair adjudicatory procedures, and life-ruining consequences for the young men involved. James's situation is different: He was cleared, and is now enjoying his sophomore year at UC-Davis. In some sense, the process worked.

Even so, James had to spend most of a semester fearful that his life as he knew it was about to end—that his name would become synonymous with the evil men of #MeToo. He had to recount the intimate details of an amorous encounter to university administrators, a lawyer, and his parents. And his family shelled out $12,000 in legal fees.

"We're not a rich family, so that made a sizeable debt," says James. "Tuition for UC-Davis is around $16,000 a year. This was almost another year of college."

This was the cost of successfully defending against a sexual misconduct allegation that wasn't even really an allegation of sexual misconduct.

"The joke around here is everybody goes to UC-Davis because they got rejected from Berkeley," James says. "But really what drew me to Davis is I have a decent amount of family in the area. I've warmed up to the campus."

James is a California native. His mother is an immigrant from Asia, and his father is a native-born American. He had a long-term girlfriend for two and a half years during high school, but they broke up when he went away to college.

In a lengthy interview, James shared the story of his encounter with Becky and the subsequent Title IX investigation. I also reviewed UC-Davis's 130-page report on the incident, and all relevant text messages the two students exchanged. (They were included in the report.) To avoid causing Becky to take any further action against James, I did not reach out to her for comment, though her summary of what transpired is included in the report. Becky and James largely agree on what happened, according to the report, and their recollections barely diverge.

James and Becky were enrolled in the same acting class, and they enjoyed performing in scenes together. On October 19, they began exchanging text messages, and agreed to meet outside the classroom. Becky promptly steered the conversation in the direction of sex: She told James about a safe sex information session being hosted in her dormitory building. She proposed "condoms and dental dams" as two of the things that might be discussed. She then explained the function of a dental dam to James.

At dinner, the two continued to discuss sex: how they had lost their virginity, previous relationships, and what kinds of things they enjoyed. Eventually, James accompanied Becky to the safe sex informational session, but Becky's other friends were there. Feeling out of the loop, he left.

The next day, they attended an improv show together with some mutual friends. For a group of musically inclined students who had met in an acting class, it was a fun night.

"We're all improv comedy acting students, so we were amped," says James.

Afterward, they headed back to a commons area in Becky's dormitory building—a group of 10 people or so—to play music. James played the guitar; Becky played bass guitar and cello. This went on until midnight, at which point James helped Becky carry her instruments back to her room. She showed him around, and instead of rejoining the group, they started chatting.

"We keep talking for maybe 5 minutes, turns into 6, turns into 7, 8 minutes," he says. "I didn't want to leave, and I don't think she wanted to leave."

The conversation came to a halt and, according to James, Becky leaned in as if she wanted to kiss him. He met her halfway, and they kissed.

According to Becky's complaint, the kissing followed a night of mutual "flirting" and started out "romantic." Eventually, she either asked James to close the door or closed it herself. They continued kissing, and also touching, as they grinded against each other.

"I had my hands on her back, and I was like, 'Wow, we're starting to get frisky,'" says James. "My hands start making my way up her back, slowly, respectfully, testing the waters."

James opened his eyes to make sure Becky was enjoying what was happening. She seemed "into it," and so he touched her breasts and her butt, over her clothes. James removed his shirt, and, according to Becky's account, she told him to drop it on the floor.

Becky was wearing a jumpsuit over a crop top. According to her statement to the investigator, she told James he could unbutton it, "since it seemed like that's what he wanted." Becky admitted that her hands were on James's back and that she touched his butt as well, because "if he's doing it, I can do it too." The report noted that she did not explicitly ask James whether she could do this: "Complainant said during the interview she did not have a conversation with Respondent about touching his buttocks."

At one point, James became too forceful—he was grinding against her, and she was pressed against a closet door. Becky asked James to be more gentle. He agreed, and toned down the grinding, Becky told the investigator.

Becky admitted she kissed James's neck but didn't think she gave him a hickey. She did, however, ask him whether he was into "nipple stuff," and touch his nipples intimately when he responded affirmatively. According to Becky, James gave her several hickeys. She was initially "aroused" by this.

The encounter ended when they heard Becky's roommate coming down the hall. James quickly put his shirt back on, and left the dorm.

Becky started to feel self-conscious about the hickeys after her roommate pointed them out. According to the report, she said, "I thought I enjoyed it, but I don't think I really did."

But James was unaware that Becky had begun to recontextualize what had just happened. Around 1:00 a.m., Becky texted James that she would like to clarify things between them. James was still in the neighborhood—he had been comforting a friend who was feeling out of sorts—and returned to meet Becky inside a bathroom.

She quickly asked him what he thought had "happened back there." James said that he thought he had made out with a "cool girl from my drama class."

Becky said she was getting a friends-with-benefits vibe from James, and he readily agreed. They then proceeded to discuss the terms of such a relationship: They agreed to keep it secret from their other drama class friends, and not to have penetrative sex or oral sex—it was Becky's preference that they stick to "hand stuff." And they discussed getting James's roommates to leave so that they could have some private time.

"I thought she still wanted to see me," says James.

But one thing caught James off guard: Becky told him that he should have asked, explicitly and verbally, before touching her breasts or butt. James apologized, and promised to do so next time. They parted ways on what James thought were good terms—he asked if he could give her a small kiss goodbye, she said yes, and he did so.

The next day—Saturday—Becky cancelled their plans to meet, claiming she was sick. On Monday, she sent him a we-need-to-talk text. At that point, James had a feeling she was going to break it off.

"I biked over to the dorms," recalls James. "I see her, she's dressed in all black, black sunglasses, black shoes. She says 'Let's go for a walk.'"

James was right to be worried. In the two days since their last meeting, Becky's feelings about the encounter had "shifted," according to the report. She told investigators that her mother noticed the hickeys while they were video chatting—the hickeys made her feel "disgusted" because it was as if James had been "marking me as his own," she said. Becky's mother agreed with her that she should break things off with James. "You were definitely violated," said Becky's mother, according to the report.

During their Monday meeting, Becky told James that her last boyfriend was emotionally abusive, and she just wasn't ready for another relationship—even a friends-with-benefits one. James told her he understood, and asked whether they could still be friends.

Then Becky said something that worried him: She again accused him of touching her without consent. Further, Becky revealed that she had already spoken with their drama teacher and asked not to be paired with James in activities.

"At this point I feel like I'm being accused," he says. "I think she told the drama teacher she'd been sexually abused by me." (Indeed, according to the report, Becky had emailed their drama teacher to say that James had made her feel uncomfortable "in a sexual context.")

Becky then asked James whether he knew something was wrong. James replied that he indeed suspected something was amiss, thinking she was referring to the status of their relationship. But she was evidently asking whether he knew something was wrong with touching her that way—and thus she took his response as a kind of confession.

James left this meeting feeling terrible. But he did his best to avoid Becky for the rest of the semester, and went out of his away to avoid making eye contact, or being too close to her in class.

In January, James was at the gym when he accidentally crossed gazes with a familiar face: Becky. Not wanting to make it awkward, he "pointed at her in a friendly way."

"That's a universal gesture right?" he said. "Like, hey there? I just kind of pointed at her and gave her a smile and then rushed out of the building."

A week later, he received an email from the university instructing him that he was forbidden from having contact with Becky. A few days after that, he obtained notice of the Title IX investigation as he was on his way to calculus. He sat through math class "scared out of my mind," then went home and lay down.

It wasn't easy for James to tell his parents that the university was investigating him for sexual misconduct. He began by calling his dad and telling him the whole story over the phone. He said he wasn't sure if he should get a lawyer—he was worried getting a lawyer would make it look like he needed a lawyer.

His dad laughed, James recalled, and said, very grimly, "Well, that's because you do need a lawyer."

Mom reacted less well. James met both his parents at a restaurant. The first thing she said to him was, "You couldn't keep it in your fucking pants?"

"I think she was just fearful," he says.

James' family found him an attorney, who listened to James story and then told him, "If everything goes south on us, don't kill yourself." The attorney promised to do everything he could to get justice for James.

In the weeks that followed, James and Becky both gave statements to the Title IX investigator. The investigator also spoke with Becky's roommate, the drama teacher, and other associates of Becky and James who had some knowledge of what had transpired. It was an uncertain and lonely time for James, who was reluctant to tell anyone else what he was going through. He was worried people would assume he was guilty. One day, he noticed a poster in a dorm building that discussed what to do in cases of sexual abuse. The very first suggestion? Believe the victim.

"If you're in polite conversation with someone and they say, 'Remember, believe the victim,' you can't just say, 'I don't know, there should be some sort of investigation process,'" says James. "You'd get crucified for that."

Eventually, in early April, James and Becky were given the opportunity to review each other's statements. James received good news: In the opinion of his attorney, the case was at this point open and shut. Becky had not actually alleged any wrongdoing on James' part—despite later feeling uncomfortable about the encounter, she had given plenty of indication at the time that she had consented to what James was doing.

"My lawyer told me her statement might be better for me than for her," remembers James.

On April 11, James' attorney fired off a letter to UC-Davis demanding an immediate end to the investigation. "Even taking everything [Becky] alleges in her account as true, no reasonable person could harbor even a suspicion that my client acted improperly, let alone that he violated any university policy," wrote the attorney. "It is an outrage that the University is subjecting my client to an investigation under these circumstances."

University administrators countered that they were obliged to see the matter through to the end. But according to the University of California system's sexual harassment policy, administrators should make an initial assessment of a report's seriousness "as soon as practicable."

"If the university continues this baseless investigation, it will cause my client additional harm and expense," wrote the attorney.

By April 26, the investigator had finished the report, and to James' relief it recommended that he be found "not responsible," on the basis that Becky had indicated consent during the encounter. But it was still up to the director of judicial affairs, Donald Dudley, to decide whether to accept this recommendation. The investigator compiles a report, and the director makes the determination—that's UC-Davis's Title IX process, a kind of single-investigator model that has become an increasingly popular type of sexual misconduct adjudication on campuses. This circumstance concerned James' attorney, because even if Dudley accepted the recommendation, Becky would have the opportunity to appeal it, potentially dragging out the process for months.

A few days later, on May 1, James received word from Dudley that the recommendation had been accepted: He was cleared. And luckily for James, Becky never appealed the decision, which meant that the ordeal was all over. He was elated, and in the months since the outcome he has been able to move on with his life.

In the end, the investigation served James well: He was rightly found innocent. But if this was an example of the process working, it's quite a curious one. University administrators spent weeks investigating the matter. It cost James' family thousands of dollars. And it caused James tremendous emotional stress.

There's little doubt that the #MeToo movement has accomplished much good, or that sexual misconduct is a serious problem—in Hollywood, in politics, in the media, in the workplace, and on college campuses. The bitter confirmation fight over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, marred by accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him, shows that we haven't come close to figuring out the right balance between respect for victims and fairness for alleged perpetrators. It's certainly the case that a lot of powerful men are still getting away with terrible behavior, but we have also seen plenty of public lynchings of men whose failures seemed far less serious or obvious. Jezebel recently called for the #MeToo movement to boldly wade into "the gray areas"—encounters that are problematic but fall short of actionable sexual assault. I wonder if that would mean encouraging more women like Becky to see themelves as victims and behave accordingly.

In the midst of the Kavanaugh battle, President Donald Trump remarked that it was a "very scary time for young men in America," which drew indignant scoffs from the left. The president's interest in due process and the presumption of innocence is, as always, highly selective. But this doesn't mean Trump's critics should completely reject the sentiment. There are many victims of sexual mistreatment, but there are victims of bad-faith accusations as well. James was lucky to get through his "very scary time" unscathed, and those who carry the banner of #MeToo should denounce excesses and overreaches like the one he experienced.

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  1. Even so, Becky was afforded the opportunity to appeal the decision, consistent with university policy as dictated by the Obama administration’s Education Department, which had obligated college administrators to give accusers the option of appealing adverse findings if they granted this right to the accused.

    Colleges are a 5A free zone.

    1. I think you are confusing criminal matters with non-criminal matters (like this one). It is a very common mistake with non-lawyers, so don’t beat yourself up about it. OF COURSE colleges are “free” from the 5th Amend, for non-criminal matters. And they totally give 5th Amend protections for criminal matters. (eg, if you are falsely/truthfully accused of killing someone on-campus, or of robbing them, or raping them, or kidnapping them, you will get each and every 5th Amend protection if you are arrested and charged with those crimes)

      Note: I *DO* agree with the main thrust of the article. I’m just correcting a popular layperson misconception–that the 5th Amendment protections must apply to non-criminal matters. (Unrelated: There is no “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment, although many many non-lawyers think there is.)

      1. Correction to your correction – part of the fifth amendment does apply to non-criminal matters (the due process clause is applied in civil cases). However, due process would also afford equal opportunities to appeal in a civil case so this would be consistent. It’s the double jeopardy clause, which does not apply outside the criminal context, that prevents the appeal of a not-guilty verdict.

        1. It also depends on what system you are in. State, Federal or Military. They all have different rules and procedures.

          1. And college is it’s own system…cases like this one is why DeVos has weighed in. This was one of the goals with Ford and Kavanaugh…(“not a criminal proceeding so due process does not apply” or “it’s just a job interview”). Imagine the message from Kavanaugh losing or withdrawing….then guys even in this situation would get expelled no questions asked. All of this is to try to further the argument that due process, civil rights, fairness do not apply if not a “police or legal matter”. Obama gave that power to title IX, Devos is working on scaling it back to neutral.

      2. OTOH when colleges arrogated the right to put students on trial in Title IX courts, they may have set up something enough like a legal proceeding that they are required to abide by the BoR. State colleges in particular are not really private actors.

        1. Unless I am mistaken the University of California system (@ Berkeley, UCLA, @ Davis, @ San Diego, etc.) is privately endowed. They are quasi-private institutions.

          And Janet Napolitano, former head of Homeland Security, sits on the Board of Regents so you can see why this is happening.

          Remove your young men from University…TODAY…unless they are pursuing a STEM Degree. With the oversupply of Baccalaureate Degrees they have diminished in value. The Return on Investment is just not worth it and the incurred debt to obtain one. They are no longer a gateway to fortune and success as they were in the distant past when they were limited to most other than the deserving best students.

          It is NOT the piece of paper that makes the man a valuable asset.

          What can the man do that he can market to willing buyers?

          What skills does he have?

          That is what makes any man marketable and valuable.

          Frank Zappa wisely said that one goes to the library to learn and ong goes to college to get laid. And now your young men cannot even do that without fear of recrimination? What good is College at this point?.

          If you truly love your children then you will remove them from the Government Sanctioned Indoctrination Camps…TODAY.

          Government is only a parasite and they want to bleed your children. They want your children to be the next generation of debt slaves.


          1. Nope. Davis and Bezerkeley are land grant institutions. But, public colleges through and through.

      3. And therein lies the problem. When we made colleges and universities ‘exempt’ from certain Constitutional protections and requirements, we did not anticipate that they would be trying felony crimes with their own shadow judiciary.

        But, idiotically, they are….as per the “Dear Colleague” direction.

        Given that, then it would seem only reasonable that if you accuse me of felony sexual assault, that I be guaranteed and given all the same protections, rights, and privileges that such an accusation gives me in the world outside the Ivy Walls. It’s simply insane that that is not true.

  2. Yet more evidence that California is full of crazy people. What male college student with more than two functioning brain cells doesn’t know by now that sex with a female college student is like playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic?

    1. “…like playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic”

      Thank you for that.

    2. sex with a female college student is like playing Russian Roulette with a sub-machine-gun.


      1. If you care for your life then go into MGTOW. Go into Monk Mode.

        Do not share your wealth with any woman.
        Avoid all women like the plague as they are carriers of STDs, are hypergamous, and ARE THE PLAGUE.
        There are not any women who are loyal. (If you want loyalty then buy a dog.)

        Do not sire children for the Government to indoctrinate, then exploit as Tax Slaves.


        1. In other words, remain celibate or only have sex with men. Where do I find a reverse “Pray-away-the-gay” camp to reprogram my penis?

        2. Just don’t date or have sex with anyone at the same school, or probably any other student. Meet women at bars and dating apps, where they are willing and there are no college Title IV rules to worry about. If one meets a chick at school, let her do the chasing, except if she gets rejected, she could file false claims. So probably better to go to bars or use dating apps and dating sites.

          1. You can always make a claim first…put them on the defensive.

    3. Dave Chappelle was way ahead of his time with ‘Love Contracts’.

    4. Perhaps colleges should require payment for sex. All students can have a list of how much everything costs, Then once you hand over your money and get your receipt that could be proof of consent.

      1. Nope. That would legitimize the free market. And as RightThink proves, that is WrongThink.

        On the other hand, if all the proceeds went to the Grievance Studies Department, that might be worthy of consideration.

        1. But only if such transactions were called “Student Use Fees.” For propriety’s sake.

    5. We’re not even talking sex here. This is fucking ridiculous. Should he be able to file a counter claim about how much her false accusation made him “uncomfortable”?

    6. Men should be warned about women like this one. She is a threat to men. She could send an innocent man to jail due to her lack of grasp of reality. Her disconnect with reality may have been partially affected by the #metoo movement.

    7. OK, enough! Here’s how you play Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic:

      Get six, new, empty clips for your semi-automatic handgun, preferably a model 1911 .45 cal.
      Load five of the six with realistic .45 cal. rounds containing no gunpowder.
      Load one of the clips with a full compliment of live .45 cal. bullets.
      Have some trusted? girl mix them up while you’re not looking.
      Select one of the clips and snap it up into the grip of your pistol.
      Pull back the receiver and let it slam back into place, thereby chambering a round.
      Hold the mo fo to you temple and pull the trigger.

      Still with us?

      Ok, you’re good to go. You can now date and kiss coeds all you want. Be sweet, polite, and loving …. and spend a shit load of money on her … you’re going to do fine!

      special note: this is meant to be entertaining and not an actual suggestion for college age children

      1. Magazine, not clip. Slide, not receiver. Cartridge or round, not bullet. Dummy round for “…realistic…rounds containing no gunpowder.”

        You can achieve the same result with one magazine, six dummy rounds and one live round. Mix thoroughly and load the magazine.

  3. Loser pays everything — court costs, all the costs incurred by other parties. Every allegation must be contestable and falsifiable. If you lie, forge evidence, etc, that’s perjury and is equivalent to being guilty of what you were trying to inflict on the other parties, without needing to prove anything else.

    This idea that you can bring the most baseless charges and waste everybody’s time and money, and walk away without any accountability, is just bonkers.

    1. Tell me about it. I’ve spent thousands of dollars defending myself from false accusations by my ex wife, and there is no end in sight. Contrary to what we are led to believe, there are no consequences for false reports, and the accused is considered guilty until proven innocent. If you do manage to prove your innocence, the accuser can just turn around and make the same accusation, and start the process all over again. It’s total bullshit.

      1. This is a context that does not get mentioned in this discussion. We talk about colleges, but the epicenter of false allegations of many stripes has always been divorce.

        The first advice an attorney will give you as a man if you are getting divorced is to be very careful about personal contact. One lawyer I know put it like this: This is the time when police get called and accusations fly.

        Emotions are high to begin with, and then you throw in child custody and financial disputes where the leverage of criminal charges can be decisive, the incentives for false accusations are really, really high.

        Even if police are not called, the emotions are flipping extremely quickly and “change of heart” allegations are a real danger. Many couples will have attempts at reconciliation. Most of those will fail. And with emotions high, allegations can start flying really quickly.

        I’m not sure why this isn’t a part of the discussion… it affects a very large percentage of people at some point in their lives.

        1. “I’m not sure why this isn’t a part of the discussion.”

          Because divorces mostly stay private. Even if the cops are called, they don’t draw press coverage unless a public figure or celebrity is involved.

      2. For me, it was $10,000 following a 911 DV call (according to me in retaliation for pointing out that what she had done to me was assault (and battery but I didn’t understand the difference then)). But in Colorado, the alleged victim doesn’t even choose whether to press charges, and both prosecutor and judge are constrained on dropping cases. In the end, the prosecutor petitioned the court to drop the case as being unwinnable but waited until just days before the trial. But hey, for another $1,000 dollars they will seal the court record. Not that doing so effects what a police officer sees if you are ever in a traffic stop.

      3. The issue of false accusations by women has gotten so bad in the UK that their government has implemented massive fines and jail time for any woman who is proven to have made a false report against another person. While I understand the idea behind “all charges of rape or abuse must be taken seriously and investigated,” there also has to be consequences for women who game the system just to get one over on an ex.

    2. On the surface this seems like a decent idea.
      But in practice, my fear and suspicion is that it will simply incentivize the complainant to lie or at least exaggerate and stretch the truth so that they avoid penalty.

      Stepping back out of the trees and taking an overview, you’re going to have a whole, whole lot of guys just avoiding getting involved with most women altogether both out of fear of being accused later (either out of malice, her later embarrassment, or genuine confusion and faulty memory) or just not wanting to have to robotically ask and inform whenever you want to move your hands from one body part to the other.

      Not saying there isn’t and won’t be lots of upside with regards to reducing sexual assaults and even regretful sexual decisions, but there will also be lots and lots of overkill and the consequences that flow from that (including consequences that will lead to a very uncertain future for dating and relationships, but a future that I’d be willing to bet money will look quite dystopian).

      1. “you’re going to have a whole, whole lot of guys just avoiding getting involved with most women altogether both out of fear of being accused later (either out of malice, her later embarrassment, or genuine confusion and faulty memory”

        Don’t put yourself in situations that are going to make other individuals questions your intentions. I’ve told my child this exact thing for as long as I can remember. I got a lot of crap on a previous article for stating an option about Kavanaugh’s guilt based on his known actions/intentions while in college.

    3. I’m trying to figure out how accruing $12k of debt is getting out “unscathed”. She should bare the cost of that.

      1. Bear the cost, too.

        1. It was definitely the bare parts that caused him to have to undergo the bear-ish expenses.

  4. Mom reacted less well. James met both his parents at a restaurant. The first thing she said to him was, “You couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants?”

    So, sue her for sexual harassment.

    1. Sugar is sweet,
      And so is honey,
      Beat your meat,
      And save your money!

      If I read it right, he only got a very few grains of sugar, let alone ANY honey, and it cost him 12 grand!

    2. Mom reacted less well. James met both his parents at a restaurant. The first thing she said to him was, “You couldn’t keep it in your fucking pants?”

      Yeah, how dare his mom point out that not sleeping around helps reduce the odds of this happening to you.

      1. But he didn’t even sleep around. He kissed a girl and touched her breasts through her shirt. Is it your position all sexual contact including kissing must be saved until marriage? How’s the butter on that 18th century Amish farm you live on?

        1. Haha! I was thinking the same thing, and that if anyone thinks Americans are prudes when it comes to sex or sexual-ish activity, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

          And yet, we’re just proving them right as Amish parents everywhere are turning to their kids and going, “YOU SEE?? You see what’ll happen?”

    3. He never got to the fucking pants stage. He had the Wrong Trousers.

      1. If you are f*ing the pants, you are doing it wrong.

        *I’m on a work computer right now.

    4. Getting slut shamed by your own mother.

    5. He did keep it in his pants, according to the story.

    6. His mother sounds like a California-crazed bitch, as well. Also agree with others – find your dates off-campus and stay away from on-campus women, especially in California. These women can find themselves a suitable date in the dildo section of the local “love” store.

      1. That’s because she is a CA crazed bitch.

  5. He should have gone to see a prostitute instead. Would have cost him way less than $12,000, and he could have touched her boobs all he wanted.

    1. As a happily married man and one who has gone thru the disaster of a divorce, anything can happen. I say this because in the middle of my divorce, when no allegation of any domestic violence was ever present during the 4.5 years of marriage, she decided she needed fodder. So invariably she foisted upon the courts a claim of domestic violence.Talk about a gut kick. The only salvation was this was prior to the #MeToo horse shiite and I had a better lawyer. She wilted under cross and that as they say was that. Baddabing-baddabang. Young men need to understand that many women can cause irreversible harm with a single false allegation. So if you gotta “have it” save a few bucks and go to Vegas. Better yet go to church and find a christian woman. (I did) They are crazy wild and not inclined to be a problem long term.

  6. I don’t get this “buyer’s remorse” stuff where someone enjoys themselves but days later their feelings shift. Does it apply only to sex?

    Why can’t James complete his degree at UC Davis and, sometime afterwards, decide that his feelings have shifted and he did not apprecite the UC Davis experience at all, and demand a full refund plus extra for emotional damages?

    1. Its Amazon’s fault for letting people easily return anything they buy within 30 days.

      1. And if they agree to sign up for Prime, the crazy hookups can be delivered right to their door free of charge?

    2. I don’t get this “buyer’s remorse” stuff where someone enjoys themselves but days later their feelings shift. Does it apply only to sex?

      Really? You’ve never thought something was cool and then someone made fun of you about it and you changed your mind?

      1. True. I bet Reason regrets letting YOU have an account on here.

        1. Why are you whining about Cathy L’s comment? It seemed perfectly reasonable…that lots of people like something, time passes, and then they do not like that same thing.

          She made a direct response (even including the original quote) to a rather silly comment that expressed doubt about the entire concept of buyer’s remorse. Cathy was–it seems to me–making a general point about that phenomenon, and not making any point about the subject of the article.

          It seems really odd to me that you would bitch and moan about her making what I thought was a non-controversial and widely-accepted observation.

          1. “It seems really odd to me that you would bitch and moan about her making what I thought was a non-controversial and widely-accepted observation.”

            That’s because LovCon1789 and a few of his/her Goose Stepping club members on this comment site believe that there is no way someone could have a view point that is different from theirs.

            1. Because like you LovCon1789 is not perfect. More importantly it is because his 1st amendment rights allow him is opinion. So what you are saying with your withering critique of this comment is that unless LovCon1789 adheres to your way of thinking he is to be mocked and chastised. You are no better than Booker, Feinstein, Becky et al.

        2. New troll following me around.

          1. I got your 6 o’clock…

      2. What is needed in this specific case is a refund for both parties:

        “Becky” gets her pussy back. “James” gets his $12,000, his reputation, and his time, energy, and well-being back.

        That was easy.

        1. The puritans called – they want their sexual mores back.

          1. Point well taken. “Becky” should never have had her pussy to begin with.

      3. So you blame the person you hook up with and not the assholes who made fun of you? Does wanting to belong so important that you’d ruin someone’s life?

        1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

          This is exactly what the girl did.

          Had fun….but when her friends weren’t impressed, she decided it was assault.

      4. You’ve never thought something was cool and then someone made fun of you about it and you changed your mind?

        Getting shit from your room-mate and mother about a consensual almost hook-up doesn’t magically change that consensual almost hook-up into sexual assault. If you don’t like catching shit over stuff like that then don’t do stuff like that in the first fucking place.

      5. “You’ve never thought something was cool and then someone made fun of you about it and you changed your mind?”

        Actually no, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. But you’re asking the wrong person, as I’ve always been something of a contrarian. Most people I know listen to pop or hip hop, I listen to jazz. Most people watch TV, I read books. I really don’t care what the crowd does, and it hasn’t harmed me so far. I’m fine with having only a few close friends, and I tend attract the sort of “geeky” friends who either share my tastes or at least are secure enough to not make fun of anyone for having different tastes.

        As for getting involved with someone only to later regret it–sure, it’s happened more than once to me. But I chalked it up to experience and learning what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never sought to ruin anybody over it.

      6. You’ve never thought something was cool and then someone made fun of you about it and you changed your mind?

        Look, I listened to some Bryan Adams back in the ’80s. I don’t even have the tapes any more, OK????

      7. “”Really? You’ve never thought something was cool and then someone made fun of you about it and you changed your mind?””

        Mopeds and fat girls?

        1. “Mopeds and fat girls?”

          LOL. That reminded me of an old quote I hadn’t heard in years: “Riding around on a scooter is a lot like sex with a fat girl. It can be fun as hell, but you hope your friends don’t find out.”

          1. Exactly

          2. Ahhh…Rome in the Spring time. Scooters and beautiful women dresses to the nines as they walk to the torrefazione for a little coffee and biscotti. Ops I am sorry #metoo, was that micro-agressive?

      8. No, I’m not defined by other people’s opinions of me or the things I like.

    3. Apparently young people are being taught that every sexual encounter is supposed to be amaze-balls. Or more generally, that they are entitled never to feel bad about anything.

      1. Every sexual encounter I’ve had with myself has been totes amaze-balls!

        1. How long does it take you to find your balls in the maze?

      2. “or more generally, that they are entitled never to feel bad about anything”

        That’s where this ties to the broader scope of the current insanity. The idea that a person is responsible for how another person reacts/responds to something they did is just plain nuts. It applies to the whole x-shaming genre (slut-shaming, fat-shaming, etc.).

        Even if the events that actually occurred are completely legal and fair, the thing that matter is how someone *feels* about it. If they feel bad about it, then the otherwise completely acceptable events are now terrible.

        1. I was just in a meeting where a black man claimed that people are always staring at him and avoiding him because of racism–wish I could have told him that he is just strange looking and creeps people out and certainly no one is “scared” of him. “feelings” can be all screwed up

  7. From the “to be sure” link about Trump

    Less than a week after the world watched Christine Blasey Ford bravely testify against Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump took it upon himself to say it’s a “very scary time for young men in America.”

    Obviously it is not.

    He said this particularly offensive thing while speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday: “My whole life, I’ve heard you’re innocent until proven guilty. But now you’re guilty until proven innocent. That is a very, very difficult standard.”

    Nice. Innocent until proven guilty is particularly offensive.

    She provides more context for the offense with this quote:

    What about the accusing party though? If a man is considered “innocent until proven guilty” that means women are considered “attention seeking, political opportunistic liars until proven raped”

    so one more time for the people in the back: BELIEVE WOMEN.

    1. If I become a man-to-woman tranny, then everything I say is believable, right? ‘Cause “female” trannies are even more PC than real women, to most of the uber-proggies, right?

      Solution: Have your pecker cut off by a professionally degreed, licensed, and credentialed pecker-ectomyologist, and THEN present your testimony, and everything will cum up roses!

      1. I don’t think you need to have anything cut off. Just start taking estrogen pills. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can get implants so you won’t need to wear a wonderbra all the time.

        1. Save all that work and just “identify” as a crossdressing, transexual minority and reap all the benefits!

        2. In Canada, you can just declare yourself the opposite sex without doing any of that. All you have to do is fill the right forms, have the clerk file them, and all your government data is switched. That’s what Lauren Southern did.

          1. There is nothing funnier than when Lauren sticks her tits in some progs face and rips into them for assuming her gender.

            Watching them stop dead and start sputtering when she says she’s a man is hilarious.

      2. I think Blair White would have a bone to pick with you on that assertion

    2. one more time for the people in the back, FUCK YOU Cyto!

    3. If a man is considered “innocent until proven guilty” that means women are considered “attention seeking, political opportunistic liars until proven raped”


      With or without a rape, the claims themselves are attention seeking. You don’t yell “HELP!” just to have people ignore you. Then, just like we teach all the 4 yr. old *boys and girls* together, “Don’t cry wolf.” If you’re going to yell “HELP!” you’d better need assistance. If that assistance is to blame someone/make accusations, you better have proof. Otherwise, yes, you’re an attention seeking, politically opportunistic liar. Lest ‘she turned me into a newt’ become a valid legal argument.

      1. Does the newt weigh as much as a duck?

        1. Newts mostly come out at night. Mostly.

          1. Like small hunks o’ lead.

    4. Maybe we can reach some middle ground. We still hold the principle of innocent until proven guilty, but don’t call women names and still require that they prove their case just like anyone else would have to do?

  8. To avoid causing Becky to take any further action against James, I did not reach out to her for comment…

    Soave correctly read what kind of person James was dealing with here, and that is the kind of person who made it difficult for women to fight for agency.

    1. This type of comment is why you need to check your privilege. This comment is literally worse than Hitler. You just raped her all over again with your patriarchy.

      1. Suck my privilege, you ignorant slut (re; SNL)

      2. ANOTHER OBLT? Just how many parody mongers do we have here?

        1. the world may never know…about my Tootsie pop that is

        2. Yep, the Hitler comment gave away the game.

      3. Who was raped?

        1. Whoever is missing the $12,000.

  9. Member last week when you said Kav should step down over garbage accusations?

    I member

    1. Funny.

      On the Kavanaugh tie-in… notice how this story chronicles a changing recollection of events. Each time she pulls up the event, her recollection changes. He went from a hot hookup to making her feel disgusted in a few short weeks.

      Compound that thought process with a few decades and the input of a therapist who is trying to help her sort through her feelings and validate her emotions, not ensure that she hew closely to the facts…. .and you have a recipe for a nicely embellished sexual assault allegation that is completely believed by the “victim”.

      He is lucky that she documented her recollection of the events so quickly.

      1. yeah, $12,000 worth of luck

        1. Shouldn’t “Becky” be identified? The Constitution requires that the accused get to confront their accusers in court. And wouldn’t this be a good incentive for any man to avoid Becky in the future, as it should? I wouldn’t even talk to her, ever, for doing such a thing. If she’s going to renege on her agreements, she should suffer the consequences.

          1. Shouldn’t “Becky” be identified?

            (I am using pseudonyms for both James and Becky.)

            To avoid causing Becky to take any further action against James, I did not reach out to her for comment…

            Um, no. Pretty sure by not identifying her or “James” Soave’s potentially saving this young man from a world of shit. Because this bitch is clearly crazy. Although if she ever reads this, she’ll probably be able to put 2 and 2 together and figure out the story is about her. Luckily she probably never will because she strikes me as the the type of person who sticks strictly to Jezebel and Democratic Underground. Maybe with a dash of Salon or The Atlantic if she want to read something “intellectual.”

            1. Becky is so vane, she probably thinks this comment is about her.

              1. She turns in the wind?

            2. Because this bitch is clearly crazy.

              They met in a drama class. Enough said.

              1. In California.

                I just barely have sympathy for the guy.

      2. “notice how this story chronicles a changing recollection of events.”

        Yes, and it didn’t even take 30 years. How will she see it 30 years from now?

        1. How will she see it 30 years from now?

          30 years from now, if “James” has gone on to a successful acting career, she’ll be 100% convinced that he straight up raped her back in college. At which point, if things continue on their current trajectory, James will be arrested and thrown in prison for the rest of his life with no trial (because “believe all victims”) and “Becky” will be celebrated by all as a courageous “survivor.”

          1. You really think this shit is going to go on for another 30 years? The madness of crowds usually diminishes after a bit.

            1. Haven’t you seen Demolition Man?
              If not, you’ll need to – it’s the most prescient movie of the early 90s

      3. You just raped all women

    2. This guy should have transferred to another school and saved himself $16,000.

  10. So sexual buyer’s remorse is not being discouraged by these kangaroo courts?

    If you agree to sexual contact (via verbal or physical “yes”)- there is no crime, no sexual assault, and no sexual harassment.

    1. Unless you didn’t “enthusiastically consent”. Then it is rape.

      So saying yes when you meant no isn’t your fault. It was rape.

      I know this is confusing, but that is because you are not well-versed in newspeak. Once you become woke and are fluent in newspeak, you will know your privilege and acknowledge that the only true consent is enthusiastic consent.

      This means holding out for encounters that are not just consensual but also enthusiastic. We aren’t just looking for the “yes” of consent?we’re looking for the “YES!” of enthusiasm.

      Most importantly, don’t tolerate even low levels of sexual pressure. If you feel like you sent clear signals of refusal, you probably did. It’s never okay for someone to push at your sexual boundaries. To do so is a form of disregard: to act as if the other persons’ wishes don’t matter. This type of disregard can escalate into sexual assault, but it’s a problem even when it doesn’t.

      1. The “enthusiastic consent” thing is so silly. There are plenty of reasons why a person might freely choose to have sex that they aren’t entirely enthusiastic about. These people are just in denial about how people actually use their sexuality.

        1. Also, pretty much guarantees no BDSM or role playing until after graduation. Or the absurd kind of BDSM where everything is a safeword and the absurd kind of role playing where pizzas actually get delivered, the plumbing actually gets fixed, the nurse actually treats your injuries, etc.

      2. Pretty simple actually…

        “No” means “No”
        “Yes” means “Yes”*


        *Except sometimes “Yes” means “No” the next day or next week after talking to your roommate, or 36 years later when some guy who is just -SO- icky is up for a big promotion. And how is a randy young man going to know the difference? Fuck you! Shut up! That’s how…

      3. True, but not complete.
        One must enthusiastically consent….that consent must be provable….and it must be continuous (throughout the event in question).

        It is also important to note that one cannot assume continuous consent (once it’s provably received) that same consent must be provably renewed at each and every step in the sexual event.

        Also — and this is where it gets really tricky — consent which is provably received BUT which is obtained only after some persuasion (like: You know you wanna!) or pressure (as in, “Please, I really love you!”) does not count as consent. Nor does consent count if she’s consumed any alcohol or drugs.

        Finally — it can be withdrawn at any time (before, during, or after the event in question). And that withdrawal does not have to be communicated. The man is responsible for finding out.

        There — now time to go out and have some good teenaged fun!

  11. 2000s: Abstinence only is a broken form of sex education
    2010s: Abstinence only is excellent legal advice

    1. Good observation!

      “Abstinence only is excellent legal advice”

      To enable horny young men on college campuses to abide by this, we need all college campuses to have rec rooms that include sex dolls and slut-bots! “We have the technology”, let’s get ‘er done!!!

      1. Title 1001b violation detected. Unauthorized port access. Failure to agree to terms of licensing agreement.

      2. Redefines safe space.

        1. Yes, wow, a safe space for your schlong!

          1. Safe? How do you know if the last guy who used it cleaned it properly afterward? What if he had an STD?

      3. That’s the thing about this “enthusiastic yes means yes” mentality: it patronizing and assumes that only young men, not women, get horny. College women don’t actually want sex, even when they think they do. They can’t actually make the decision for themselves, certainly cannot want sex, and if they think they do, just refer them to the nearest women’s studies professor who will convince them that what they thought they enjoyed and engaged in by their own free will was actually shameful and coerced. Think you’re empowered and sex positive? Give us a few minutes and we’ll show you how victimized you really are!

        It’s modern day Puritanism masquerading as feminism and progressivism.

    2. 2000s: Abstinence only is a broken form of sex education
      2010s: Abstinence only is excellent legal advice

      2020s: Thinking about a woman without her written consent is rape.

  12. This clearly _isn’t_ an example of the system working. If the system had worked, we would be reading about how James had successfully sued Becky for libel and was awarded at least $12,000 in damages.

    1. +1

    2. I suppose this might be more defamation than libel, since it is not clear how much she actually lied instead of trying to hold him responsible for her later regretting her freely chosen actions in their make out session.

    3. Reckless infliction of emotional distress. Yet, presumably, if he were to sue for that – or civil damages (even if directed against the university) – it would constitute “retaliation” under Title IX. So he’d win it, and get banned from college.

      I wonder if he would be allowed to carry around a mattress and complain about her.

    4. You are short a couple of zeros there.

  13. But Robby, college is essentially just a job interview of sorts. It’s not like this is a criminal case. Shouldn’t we err on the side of caution, believe this credible witness and kick him out? Or maybe in 36 years when “Becky” remembers it was really rape we can destroy him. I suppose we’re in it for the long game.

    1. This dude learned a valuable lesson about not trusting female coworkers. Or trysting them either.

      1. never get your honey where you get your money.

        1. Or, “don’t shit where you eat”.

      2. “… or ‘trysting’ them either.”

        Best. Typo. Ever.

        1. typo?

          you really think ‘trysting’ was a typo?

          1. It was a credible allegation.

  14. Bitches be crazy.

  15. Literally a drama queen.

  16. The correct outcome would have been an immediate dismissal followed by publication of her allegations as a warning to other men to steer clear of this bag of crazy.

    Then again, he chose to fondle a thespian. What did he expect?

    1. Both parties committed a consensual act of thespianism. As libertarians, we should note that things went South only when The Man got involved.

  17. This is something that the republican religious right wingers would of enjoyed forcing the schools to do.

    Way to carry the torch liberals.

    1. These damned progressive progressive SJW’s are about as “liberal” as Josef Stalin.

    2. This is something that the republican religious right wingers would of have enjoyed forcing the schools to do.

      I usually try not to be a grammar Nazi, because nobody likes “that guy,” but I’ve been seeing this pop up more and more lately, and it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard at this point. It’s “would have” or “would’ve.” I know the contraction is pronounced like “would of,” but it’s not written that way. I’ve been ignoring that for a while, but I had to say something this time. Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. Like I said, it’s been bugging me for a while now.

      1. TrickyVic is old school, so he obviously gets it. He’s just trying to fit in with the younger, hipper, more Orwellian crowd that has more malleable standards for grammar… and everything else.

        1. This crowd is very confusing and lost. CA is just trying to bring me back to the light.

          1. It’s okay, TrickyVic. Just tell him to get the fuck off your lawn.

      2. Thank you for addressing this. I know no one wants to be the Grammar Gestapo but butchery of English is now reaching profligate levels. The funny thing is that the use of contractions used to be an indication of a poor writer but seeing “would’ve” is like an old friend.

        1. It doesn’t bother me as much in the comments, everyone makes typos and dumb mistakes, but when I see it in articles it really bothers me. The standards of journalism have fallen because they fired all the expensive older reporters and got the kids out of college for peanuts.

          1. What can you expect out of people who exclaim, “OMG!” at micro-aggressions and type their stories with their thumbs?

          2. What can you expect from people who exclaim, “OMG!” at micro-aggressions and type their stories with their thumbs?

      3. ^this!
        I’m with Cynical Asshole – would, should, could ‘of’ annoys the hell out have me
        See how stupid switching those to words is???

    1. “She’s dressed up like a fuck clown, already.”

      Holy shit, I laughed so hard at that line. I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking anything at the time.

    2. +2 #vegancats

  18. “If the university continues this baseless investigation, it will cause my client additional harm and expense,” wrote the attorney.

    It’s what this statement implies as much as the woman’s own self-sabotaging account that probably caused the university to wrap this up relatively neatly.

    1. If I were in college, I would want this guy on retainer.

      1. you would probably want someone that doesn’t charge 12,000 for the little he has done

  19. “There’s little doubt that the #MeToo movement has accomplished much good”

    There’s a bogus statement if I ever saw one…

  20. It’s just so stupid to have schools involved in this stuff. If it’s not bad enough to call the cops shut up and go on with your life.

    1. Because the police, to their credit, would immediately see the complaint for what it is: pussy remorse.

      Schools are much better equipped to carry out an inquisition and make the accused life miserable to the point of running him off the campus. All without legal constraints.

  21. Journalists had exposed Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, and others for committing a variety of sexual misdeeds.

    And by ‘Journalists had exposed’ you mean journalists refused to expose to the point that Seth McFarlane and others were making jokes about it at the Oscars and on his show.

    You glorify your role as a something between sub-par human print button and self-aggrandizing bullhorn. I hope you got more than a couple of nickels to rub together in exchange for your soul.

  22. I liked the whole ” Dear Penthouse ” vibe this story had.

    1. It was kinda hawt. Right up until the room-mate walked in. That’s how you know it wasn’t a real “Dear Penthouse” letter. In those that’s usually where things really take off.

  23. “Unscathed.”

    Being forced to pay 12K and go through that process under threat of expulsion and ostracism doesn’t seem to match that.

    What’s the reasoning anyway, you make out, the girl gets a psychosis of the *Feminism trying to enforce romance while pretending to be “sex positive”* kind, so she is allowed to rob you with help from the university?

  24. we have to downgrade ‘never put it in crazy’ to ‘don’t kiss crazy’?

    1. Don’t touch crazy, don’t even look at crazy, lest you be accused of gaze rape.

      1. You guys are so ableist! Not agreeing to look at/date/touch/boink* crazy is discriminatory and hateful. Looking at/dating/touching/boinking crazy is rape, so you’re evil no matter what. You should have thought about that before you assigned yourself the male gender at birth.

        * If it comes up in my Supreme Court confirmation hearing, boinking means playing board games.

    2. I like that it wasn’t enough to apologize for failing to get explicit permission before doing something that she wanted him to do.

      I have spent my entire life being trained by a generation of women who insist that you must do what they want without them having to tell you what it is.

    3. Never have a 1×1 conversation with crazy.

  25. Here’s what men have to do:

    “How We Waded Into The Sexual Harassment Quagmire — Taking the Long, Hard Path Out” http://malemattersusa.wordpres…..-quagmire/

    This may be shocking and the most thorough analysis you can find of the sexes’ most alienating behavioral difference.

    This difference, supported by both sexes, spawns not only most of the “ordinary” sexual harassment we hear of, but also much of the sexual coercion of women.

    The commentary shows what happens when toxic masculinity meets up with toxic femininity.

  26. I forget the comedian, but the joke was that dating people was like playing a card game. You each play down a card revealing something about each other with each encounter.

    As an general rule, never get into a relationship with someone crazier than you are. The trick, however, is spotting that “destructively neurotic” card before it can be played against you.

    1. Swetnick being a prime example?

  27. I am glad I was single back in the 80s and 90s before this lunacy. Bout as fun as 17th Century Salem or present day Saudi Arabia.

    1. Me too, although “date rape” started creeping into the conversation in the 90s.

  28. These folks should be paid by Trump’s re-election committee; they are actively recruiting ‘voters for Trump’.

  29. “James was lucky to get through his ‘very scary time’ unscathed, and those who carry the banner of #MeToo should denounce excesses and overreaches like the one he experienced.”

    Unscathed, huh? 12,000 dollars later, the kid is unscathed? Just like Brett Kavanaugh, whose reputation was thoroughly savaged before his family, his friends, and the entire country in a blatant and disgusting power play by the Democrats, is unscathed?

    And now, you seriously think that the torch bearing mob of screeching banshees is going to denounce anything other than the objects of their wrath in a sudden onset of calm, critical thinking?

    Didn’t you just refer to Christine Ford’s accusation, which lacked any corroboration or supporting evidence as “credible,” simply because the accusation was made?

    Robby, you and your peers enable this disgusting charade, and you should quit pretending to have principles that you clearly lack. Your credibility, like “James’s” 12,000 dollars and Brett Kavanaugh’s previously sterling reputation, is gone for good.

    1. So Prof. Ford lied the whole time?

      1. Much like you, only with a bit more self awareness.

        1. No one is more self aware than Tony, and if he was any more self aware he’d disappear up his own asshole. A very desirable situation…

          1. Zen Master Tony. So absurd, it just has to be true.

      2. She was wrong.

        I can’t speak to whether she lied.

        1. I think it’s fairly clear Ford did lie/exaggerate in at least some material respects. She claims this event from high school caused poor college performance and impacted her personal relationships for 36 years and counting. But she can’t remember which grade she was in / just finished when it occurred? This is absurd. It’s seared in her mind but she doesn’t remember which year at a time when life is so small and regimented there are numerous links to specifics such as which classes she was having trouble with as a result? Or which teachers she avoided to hide this secret? Or which teams she was on and therefore which teammates she interacted with while dealing with this? And in fact originally she placed it much later (mid eighties, her in her late teens) which lawyers and so called reporters then changed to summer of 1982 when she was 15 in order to reconcile it with the known facts about Kavanaugh. It isn’t remotely plausible that she can’t remember whether this supposedly life altering event happened when she was a Freshman or a Senior.

          So at most it was something far less impactful than she alleges like a drunken pass / quick groping she embellished because otherwise it would not have had sufficient impact to drive her desired political outcome. This is much like victim statements at sentencing whereby non-physically harmed victims of crimes like burglary / robbery by threat are always described as having permanent psychologically damage.

          1. Preponderance of incredibility.

            Funny how the intrepid purveyors of truth in the media missed all of that. Not to mention the tireless guardians of civil liberty in the Democratic Party, the ACLU, etc.

            1. Couldn’t attend the hearing sooner because of a fear of flying, but flew regularly for both business and pleasure including international and small planes.

              Marriage counseling for strife over her fear driven need for another “front door”. Local records show the added door provided entry to a room addition with a building permit obtained in 2008, not 2012 as Ford claimed. And the room was apparently rented to a friend who local business records show operated her psychology practice from the address both before and after she sold the home to the Fords in 2007. The room was also allegedly rented to others after the psychologist moved her practice. And she felt no need to have another “front door” added to any other home.

              The former boyfriend (1992 – 1998 IIRC), in a letter to the Committee, related that she resided for some time in a 500 square foot abode, not something a claustrophobic person would do. In the same statement he related that she had provided advice on undergoing a polygraph examination for Federal employment to her friend (the now retired FBI Special Agent who had been assisting her during the preparation and hearing. She was seen near Ford during the hearing and allegedly contacted Leland Keyser about reconsidering her statement).

              No matter what, we should believe the “victim”! Right.

  30. Never come to an intimate encounter with a young woman without a tiara and a horse-drawn carriage and genitals in the form of a Ken-doll’s.

    1. You seriously dress that way, for a date?

      1. you imply that he’s had a date and not just some deluded brain fever dream

      2. Tony doesn’t date young women. But the rest is… credible.

        1. Oh, Rocky … you DO have a way with words!

  31. One of the very few advantages of being an aging baby boomer is that if one should suddenly find oneself alone in the world (and you hate that feeling) it is easy enough to reconnect with someone you have known for many decades and it is easy enough to carefully research any parts of their lives that were a bit of a mystery to you.

    In other words, there is no excuse for buying a pig in a poke anymore (or as the Russians would say, a cat in a sack.)

    1. Or … you could just have platonic dates with someone different every night. You’ll have a ton of fun and you can go home and fantasize about all those lovelies.

      (there’s only one flaw in you above statement: “if one should suddenly find oneself alone” …. which should read, “WHEN one finds oneself suddenly alone.” As a fellow aging baby boomer, I’m just sayin’ …. you WILL suddenly find yourself alone, staring down at, or up from, that proverbial pine box.

  32. Does anyone else remember when leftists wanted government out of their bedrooms?

    Me neither.

    1. That’s what I thought of when they were trying to argue the definition of Devil’s Triangle.

      Why would it matter today if he had a three way with another dude?

    2. That’s what I thought of when they were trying to argue the definition of Devil’s Triangle.

      Why would it matter today if he had a three way with another dude?

  33. Ok that’s just nuts.

  34. “Becky started to feel self-conscious about the hickeys after her roommate pointed them out. According to the report, she said, ‘I thought I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I really did.'”

    The simpleminded mewlings of a woman-child who is completely untethered from any sense of personal accountability.

    1. Changing your mind about enjoying sexual activity means the sexual activity about which you changed your mind is rape! It can be no other way!

  35. I get the impression that if Becky just said the magic words “I didn’t consent” to the school, the outcome would have been quite different.

    And I don’t mean that she could have easily lied (which she could have), but that she didn’t consent to receiving hickeys (srsly James?) or to the over-garment touching, ongoing activities notwithstanding. That would have been factually true, if arguable (she didn’t expressly consent, but it’s maybe reasonable to take her continued participation as consent), and seemingly fatal to James.

    I hate to see Becky as doing the right thing, after the initial report, but she clearly held the cards.

    1. Fortunately for “James,” “Becky” also seems rather stupid.

  36. Young James has learned to keep his crazydar in top working condition.

    I hope young Becky never, ever finds a good man. Fuck you, Becky. You deserve to be sued into financial ruin.

  37. Everyone’s a victim, and everyone should be believed.


  38. I may have been in college before the #Metoo movement, but I can still see that no matter what, some women will always be crazy.

    1. HELLO. Welcome to the party! About 25 to 30 percent of the people out there are nutty as a fruit cake.

  39. “There’s little doubt that the #MeToo movement has accomplished much good…”

    Actually, there is much doubt that it has accomplished anything good and created a lot of issues. You can be a good journalist without making baseless claims to look balanced or soothe hurt egos.

  40. Roy Moore did NOT commit any misdeeds, jackass.

    1. Now do Dennis Hastert.

      1. That’s your wheel house, fag. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just, you know, inferior to us breeders.)

      2. Everyone knows you already did Dennis Hastert, Tony. Multiple times.

  41. This is a bit of an odd story since all evidence points to the lawyer ending up being totally unnecessary and the Title IX investigator doing a very thorough and efficient job that thoroughly cleared James, but the lawyer charged $12k to, essentially, write a letter that probably had no effect on what the University ended up doing. The only thing I can think of that the University could have done differently was to essentially say, after receiving her complaint “you have not described any wrongdoing so we are not going to even conduct an investigation” but I could see that backfiring in that she could turn around and hire a lawyer, sue the school, make a big stink, etc.

    1. I’d get a lawyer if it were my son. It would be worth the cost (not in a sane world, perhaps, but in this situation) to demonstrate a serious commitment to defend him. It may well have caused the young woman to decide against appealing the decision.

      That’s where we are now.

      1. You are absolutely correct. We can only hope that sanity will return to our civilization at some far off future time.

  42. Let’s not forget: for every child of privilege with the resources to defend themselves against charges like this there are no doubt dozens if not hundreds of students less fortunate in their parents’ income and race who could not and were railroaded out of their education on charges with no greater substance than these.

  43. As we all know, men are guilty of kidnapping, rape, murder and double parking in large cities when they look at a woman.
    We all know that.
    That accusation has been proven many times over by the Gender Gestapo, and thank God proof is unnecessary.
    An accusation is sufficient to warrant an inquisition against the dominate male oppressors that continue with their toxic male repression.
    Thank God for politically correct totalitarianism.
    Otherwise more of these vicious, murderous, Neaderthal males would be free to court, date and dream about make love to women.

    1. C’mon, Jay, tell us what you really think! LOL

  44. Letter to all men in College .
    Buy it ,Jack off ,Turn Queer or wait for Robotics Sex to be improved.
    The Women of today are not worth the trouble . They are too fucked up in the head

    1. Maybe this is the *REAL* leftist master plan for reducing the population so they can “save the planet”…

      Just make sex too much of a god-damn minefield to bother with the act…

  45. I can’t believe what I just read. It is absurd.

  46. She is a nut job and he is a naive fool. Sounds like both were nerds that lack basic social skills.

  47. Fair and well said; the prevalent anger at men is well justified; every case is different, and as noted in this article, what is most important for women and men is truth; like the FBI used to be capable of finding out.

    1. You’re right, especially the part about the FBI.

      Back in the good old days before Miranda, the agents would just throw the accused into a large vat of water. If he floated, they’d pull the guilty bastard out and execute him on the spot. If he drowned, he was innocent and could therefore go about his business.

      The Goddamned liberals ruined everything.

  48. How long until some women are complaining that, “No man will even discuss the possibility of having sexual intimacy with me and I feel that’s an act of sexual discrimination”?

    1. Female incels? Judging the available pictures of female SJW’s, most of them are already there. They just haven’t noticed it yet.

    2. Female incels? Judging by the available pictures of female SJW’s in all their self-righteous glory, most of them are already there. They just haven’t noticed it yet.

    3. I’ve bagged 50 in the three years since my divorce so it will be a long, long time. A lot of women leaving marriages where they didn’t get laid for the last couple years and are now out there looking to get back 14 years in just one date.

      Far more women are into the hookups than are pretending to not be so I don’t see this becoming an issue unless they are just hideous.

    4. Already happened. There have been a few suits that male bosses do not take female employees to lunch. This is clearly just in order to let other men get ahead.

  49. When are college-age males going to realize that there is no safe interaction with women in college?

  50. Oh, here we go with the random anecdotal evidence that men are being wrongfully accused.

    As men we’ve all known spoiled rich kids like Kavanaugh who can’t hold their liquor and act like cavemen forcing themselves on women. We all know far too many men who don’t want to take no for an answer even when they aren’t liquored up.

    Let’s not pretend we don’t know what’s been going on between men and women. Like it or not women get to choose, not men, and many of us don’t LIKE that.

    1. You’re right. All real evidence is statistical, such as, “we’ve all known spoiled rich kids like Kavanaugh who can’t hold their liquor and act like cavemen forcing themselves on women.”

      Relying on the statistics you’ve cited here, Kavanaugh is clearly guilty.

    2. Vidkun Quisling, I presume?

    3. Women even get to choose even after the act has occurred.
      That seems fair.

    4. Except, according to Becky, James was nothing like that. And she still accused him of sexual assault.

  51. “I thought I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I really did.” – Becky

    And there’s your #metoo movement.

    1. …she’s running. 2020?

  52. This article was linked by Drudge. I expect many comments comparing black people to monkeys, and I expect them now.

    1. Tony, you’re just jealous because both black people and monkeys have the opposable thumbs you lack.

      How was that? Best I could do on short notice.

      1. B/B-

        Thoughtful and creative but a little roughly crafted…

        1. Thanks… may I please touch your pineapples now?

          I’ll need your consent in writing, of course. Notarized.

          1. You can touch but a lobster pinch crosses the line.

  53. Good grief, Robby. Where is your head?

    “There’s little doubt that the #MeToo movement has accomplished much good, or that sexual misconduct is a serious problem?in Hollywood, in politics, in the media, in the workplace, and on college campuses.”

    The #MeToo movement had largely been a farce, pillorying men (largely in the entertainment industry) for alleged misconduct against Hollywood hopefuls willing at the time to sell themselves to a greater or lesser extent for a shot at the proverbial brass ring. Any one of them could have walked away; that they did not says more about them than it does about the big shots taking advantage of them.

    “The bitter confirmation fight over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, marred by accusations of sexual assault and harassment against him, shows that we haven’t come close to figuring out the right balance between respect for victims and fairness for alleged perpetrators.”

    THERE WAS NO BALANCE TO BE FIGURED OUT! None of the accusations were supported by fact, some sounded “credible” but were entirely unsubstantiated. The entire foofaraw was engineered at half past the eleventh by a Democratic shrew who had run out of ideas and was willing to put this nonsense forward in a desperate play for attention. Robby, if you can’t report and analyze honestly maybe you should quit Reason and find a job at Mother Jones. Or Vox.

  54. I actually understand the girl’s feelings because the hickey crosses a line. What if the dude was in to rough stuff and slapped her and then asked her if she liked it? It also makes sense that in the future she demands he asks her before he does anything because she doesn’t want to get slapped.

      1. Some women like to be slapped during sex?on the spectrum a hickey is on the way to a slap. Sorry, the guy screwed up and the girl got upset?welcome to the big scary real world where actions have consequences!

    1. she gave the boy a hickey, too.

      The poor girl was slut-shamed into taking action by the roommate and the mother.

      1. It says she kissed his neck and not that she gave him a hickey. The boy crossed a line with the hickey and probably needs to tone down the freak freak and move past this episode. People are allowed to make mistakes.

  55. OT:

    Ozzy is on tour right now and looking at his setlists he plays NOTHING off of Diary Of A Madman.
    No Over The Mountain or Flying High Again


    Flying Hihn Again….lulz

  56. Fuck off Robby Soave. You lost your “rule of law” and “rights of the accused” credentials with the Kavanaugh thing. You clearly have no actual principles that you believe in so why pretend to be indignant about this?

  57. “respect for victims and fairness for alleged perpetrators. ”

    This should probably say “ALLEGED victims” and alleged perpetrators.

  58. I’m 63 now. Summer 1973, at a wedding, I’m 18. My best fried at the time, Tim, and Carly, with the reception being held at Carly’s mom’s house in the front yard. Alot of drinking, but I was driving so I didn’t drink at all. Carly’s brother was in the wedding party, and his girlfriend Abbie was not in the wedding party, so she was feeling snubbed. Close to the end of the party, a cleanup crew was already collecting debris in big trash bags. Carly’s brother Ted was stumbling drunk. Tim was drunk. I was sitting on a folding chair with a coke in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other when Abbie comes over to me, sits on my lap, starts nuzzling me and kissing my neck. What is THIS?, I thought. Suddenly she slaps me full force in my dumb astonished face. ‘What was that for?’ ‘YOU put your HAND down my PANTIES!’ I look at the cleanup guy next to me and show him my soda can in one hand and the pizza in the other. He shook his head and winked at me, while Abbie went looking for big dumb drunk Ted to do something about me. Tim came to me after hearing the story and despite my explanation of exactly what happened, told me to leave. The narrative became that she would be believed, because after all, she was going to be family.

  59. I’m 63 now. Summer 1973, at a wedding, I’m 18. My best fried at the time, Tim, and Carly, with the reception being held at Carly’s mom’s house in the front yard. Alot of drinking, but I was driving so I didn’t drink at all. Carly’s brother was in the wedding party, and his girlfriend Abbie was not in the wedding party, so she was feeling snubbed. Close to the end of the party, a cleanup crew was already collecting debris in big trash bags. Carly’s brother Ted was stumbling drunk. Tim was drunk. I was sitting on a folding chair with a coke in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other when Abbie comes over to me, sits on my lap, starts nuzzling me and kissing my neck. What is THIS?, I thought. Suddenly she slaps me full force in my dumb astonished face. ‘What was that for?’ ‘YOU put your HAND down my PANTIES!’ I look at the cleanup guy next to me and show him my soda can in one hand and the pizza in the other. He shook his head and winked at me, while Abbie went looking for big dumb drunk Ted to do something about me. Tim came to me after hearing the story and despite my explanation of exactly what happened, told me to leave. The narrative became that she would be believed, because after all, she was going to be family.

  60. Pt.2 A week of declaring my innocence and telling him of my witness (who couldn’t be found or identified), didn’t seem to change things, he continued to interrogate me in the presence of his wife, doing the loyal thing, because Tim knew me well enough to believe me. Two weeks after the wedding, I’m at Tim’s house and Abbie and Ted are there. IT WAS LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED. I wanted an explanation. She didn’t know what I was talking about. And that’s how it ended. It took me years to figure out what was going on there. A girl who wanted attention because she was not the bride, because she was not engaged, because her boyfriend was busy drinking. I was a safe looking dupe who would be roadkill just because I was convenient. I moved cross country to DC a couple years later and have been here ever since. Tim has been in prison, alcoholic, been drug addled, divorced. We are different people now. If I were nominated for a big important federal position, I would probably be confirmed because these people are not politically connected, and I seriously doubt that they even remember my name let alone the stunt Abbie pulled. When I see women yelling at senators in an elevator, or hoisting protest signs that display ‘I believe her’, all I can do is shake my head. I’d say to them, ‘You’d probably believe Abbie, too.’

    1. Sounds like the wedding from the Deer Hunter.

    2. You have my sympathy; it looks like you have been in DC over 40 years.

  61. Whatever became of a brisk slap across the face or perhaps a firm “no!” if a woman wanted to stop some form of sexual advance from a man? This sounds like a mutual consent sitution that became a “sexer’s remorse” on the part of the lady and in today’s Title IX world, the answer isn’t to rack it up to poor judgment but to make a complaint that could ruin a young student’s life for ever.

    This isn’t social justice but biased justice.

    1. I disagree, the hickeys clearly caught her off guard and made her uncomfortable. I believe he crossed a line now maybe she didn’t handle it properly but I understand why she was upset.

    2. Women are strong and capable and independent! How can you *possibly* expect them to make spur of the moment choices of their own volition and then – gasp – deal with any potential consequences?!?!

      If I’ve learned anything from progressives, and I haven’t, it’s that part of being a strong and independent woman is being coddled and sheltered and not being held to the same standards that would apply to a man in the same circumstances.


      1. Sorry, I just don’t think this episode contains anything to be #OUTRAGED about. The guy crossed a line and if I were him I wouldn’t want people to know about it.

      2. Also:

        something… something… AGENCY… something… something… PATRIARCHY… something… something… SISTERHOOD

  62. One reason college is so expensive now, is the need to pay all the people who process these complaints

    1. This is what qualifies as “gainful employment” for those with PhD’s in Grievance Studies.

  63. Loser Pays!

  64. “But the email was short on details of the alleged misconduct”


  65. So buyer’s remorse is ex-post-facto rape?

  66. The author is suggesting that UC Davis dispose of their investigation process? Only 2% to 8% of all sexual assault claims are fake. Is this one of those #HimToo moments? Does Reason buy into the ‘all boys do it’ so it’s OK that seems to be de rigueur among the Trump administration?

    1. The fake rape allegations you refer to are “not guilty” verdicts. Which means 2 to 8% of all rape trials result in the defendant not being found guilty. Which doesn’t necessarily mean the accuser lied.

      But 45% of rape allegations never reach trial because there’s not enough evidence for the DA to file charges. The proper perspective is that nearly half of rape accusations are not credible enough to be tried in court.

      Keep in mind that some rape trials will involve downright criminal acts, like an assailant raping a woman in her room or groping women in public. That wouldn’t be “he said she said”.

    2. But in this case, as it seems in almost all Title XI investigations, the girl was “doing it” too!

      Are all of these liberated women really five year olds in disguise?

  67. I guess women want a full on MGTOW movement.

    Enjoy your lesbian relationships and your vibrators.

  68. I guess women want a full on MGTOW movement.

    Enjoy your lesbian relationships and your vibrators.

  69. I guess women want a full on MGTOW movement.

    Enjoy your lesbian relationships and your vibrators.

  70. Men, it seems very clear the corruption of the #MeToo movement results in TONS of false accusations. As Brett Kavanaugh found out, ALL MEN ARE GUILTY in this fascist new world. One answer: Hire a professional. They don’t squeal, they don’t cry wolf later, they don’t sue. Prostitution is one very good way to make sure some nitwit DemocRat or Liberal woman doesn’t ruin your life.

    1. This almost reads as if you were talking about lawyers.

    2. Uh, so like maybe if you pay, and have a non-disclosure agreement, no one will ever know?
      Or maybe not.

  71. Lots of angry and bitter women out there are using the #MeToo movement to get even, to seek revenge or just to punish men. Watch out, men! One answer: pay a professional. Prostitutes don’t squeal, cry wolf or sue you later. They will not ruin your life like Christine Balsey Fraud attempted to do to Kavanaugh.

    1. Hmmmm, what about Stormy Daniels and the like? Heather Cole & Hulk Hogan?

      Seems to me that payment alone is not enough to prevent future blackmail and punishment.

      Refer to Kavanaugh nomination if you have not learned.

  72. The blame is with Becky’s roommate and mother. Once they slut-shamed her for having sucker bites on her neck (hickeys…didn’t realize that was still a thing) that’s when she had the regret.

    1. In all of the cases where I know a woman lied after the fact about being “raped,” which is unfortunately a couple… This was the reason. In one case their parents found out about them being a slut, and in another it was friends poking fun at them. Women are evil creatures… How somebody can think it is acceptable to RUIN somebody elses life, over some non serious issue like sleeping with somebody, is beyond me.

  73. Victimization for profit.

  74. Good heavens, this girl was trouble from the beginning. “James” should be glad it didn’t progress into a relationship that resulted in marriage. Because this sort of mental instability would have come out eventually, and made his life a living hell.

    1. I don’t know, I could see her graduating to the big time and making allegations about a Supreme Court nominee down the road. She has a lot of hard work like to get there (like learning to beat polygraph tests) but she needs to dream big!

  75. Shorthand translation of what happened. She was slut shamed by some girls that weren’t getting any, so to save face she complained.

  76. Does Title IX forbid taking cases like this to civil court? If not, why isn’t “Becky” spending her days answering deposition questions in the guy’s slander suit? Ditto the university?

    1. Libel. Sue that slut and her mother for libel. It is documented and written and has cost him cash along with emotional distress.

    2. This is the kind of stuff people need to start doing. I’ve said the same about some of the ANTIFA cases etc. Where you have crazy leftists running the police, or even courts, and they won’t prosecute or give people their just desserts when they pull shit, you have to go after them any way you can. There is nothing that prevents filing of civil charges as you don’t need a DA or the cops to be on your side.

      If people started doing this en masse, eventually word would spread that it’s not worth the trouble of doing crazy/stupid shit BECAUSE THERE ARE REPERCUSSIONS.

  77. So what happens when, 10 years from now, she drags his name through social media, accusing him of rape, and saying she was too afraid to appeal?

    1. Where is dumb shit Tony when you need him?

      You believe her of course!

  78. Twelve Grand? Makes even expensive hookers seem cheap.

  79. Has anyone started a GofundMe account for this guy? I mean collect enough to pay the legal bills and finance 2-3 years of hookers for his remaining years in school.

    1. No way. He needs a GoFundMe page to garner the resources to take the University and that hypergamous slut to court and to the cleaners.

      He needs to file a Title IX…against the slut.

  80. This sounds like an autobiography from robby

  81. Gathu’ round youngins, Gramps has a story to tell ye. It was a long time ago in the news cycle. Must have been the great winter news out of 20 aught 18 in those frigid months of February. I know near 7 months ago to you youngins seems an impossible time ago ta rememba, but I do. Us old folk were still usin’ our flip phones with the rotary dial on it. Ahh thems was the days. Appealed our Title IX hearings uphill both ways! Ah yep it was sooo long ago…

  82. Correction to your article. You wrote:

    “This was in February 2018, at a time of heightened public attention to the problem of predatory men taking advantage of vulnerable women.”

    This should read: This was in February 2018, at a time of heightened public HYSTERIA to the problem of predatory men taking advantage of vulnerable women.

  83. $12K to defend yourself from some loon, who in her own statement, admitted to sexually assaulting him if his actions amount to sexual assault as well.

    I’m telling all my nephews and sons to just lay down the $500 for a hooker. Your life will be made infinitely easier.

    1. Nah, just bang chicks that don’t go to the college!

      The only saving grace of this hysteria about rape is that NONE of this kind of nonsense has got much traction in the actual courts. It’s all been extrajudicial crap. In the college, workplace, court of public opinion, etc. Almost nobody goes to PRISON for false rape accusations, because I guess even in batshit crazy left wing areas, the courts are still decent enough to uphold the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

      So they just need to go bang waitresses and baristas that don’t go to college!

      1. “Almost nobody goes to PRISON for false rape accusations, because I guess even in batshit crazy left wing areas, the courts are still decent enough to uphold the concept of innocent until proven guilty.”

        That was before the handmaid’s summer…

        1. Perhaps so. We’ll need to keep an eye out and see how things go. But I hope at least the court system stays decent.

  84. I read the article you shared, it was awesome and left a deep impression on me, thank you for sharing this great article and meaning.
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  85. Now that it is “all over” James needs to file a Title IX complaint against her.

    Make it cost Becky and her parents $12,000. (Make sure to appeal the University’s decision…)

    Turnabout is fair play.

    College girls are hypergamous sluts after all, and they are taking advantage of unsuspecting and innocent young men.

    They are hypergamous. They are sluts. They are carriers of STDs that causes their front hole to smell like dead fish..

    (It needs to only happen ONCE. Then this BS will stop.Turnabout is fair play in Love and War.).


    1. Maybe. But James and/or someone with deep pockets needs to sue the university for orchestrating this bullshit.

      1. Seriously. I think the only thing that will work is if people start suing the shit out of these insane leftists EVERY SINGLE TIME they pull nonsense. If people did, this stuff would slow down and these college loons would start using a little common sense before the ruined peoples lives.

  86. OMG!

    That’s my Alma matter. Class of 1979!

    I left college still a virgin. But gained way more sexual experience along the way than what was in this little encounter.

    Some of my cohorts and roommates were f’ing regularly, which is part of the reason why I was such a late bloomer. I wanted more than casual encounters that they seemed so willingly to accept. But between work and school, had little time…or funds…for romance.

    And besides, women were as often as not the aggressors in situations like this.

    What the hell kind of dystopian world have we morphed into?

    I’m truly scared for what is coming to us. This is just insane!

  87. It’s time to bring back male and female segregated schools and work places. Limited and controlled interaction with the opposite sex is the only solution. You can’t fight biology.

    1. That isn’t a bad idea in SOME situations… But really, we just need to go back to a male dominated society.

      The problem is that women are women. Their biology makes them make choices, have opinions, and take actions that are highly destructive to maintaining order and a civilized society.

      MEN came up with the idea of due process, because it makes rational sense. It is fair, logical, objective. This is how men think. Women go with their feelz. If you look at the root cause of almost every problem we have in the modern western world it is feminization of things. Overspending? Almost entirely because “But what about the children!” from bleeding heart women, and the now feminized men. Laws against everything under the sun? Women wanting to make the entire world safe, despite that being impossible.

      So on and so forth. Men simply need to stop bowing down to women screeching when they don’t get their way, which is basically what we did. We gave them one thing after another because they whined so loudly, and it has ended us up being here. Thing is men make the world go round, and women only have as much power in society as we allow them to have. We don’t have to go back to how the Muslim world treats women or any nonsense like that, simply politely say “That’s a nonsense idea because of XYZ, so NO, we’re not going to do that.”

      Then we can set about fixing the world.

      1. Interesting to evaluate the number of ‘bad’ things (wars, depressions, famines, epidemics etc) that have occurred before and after women got the vote – – – – – – – –

        1. The problem is, as a rationally thinking man, I can explain that by using my mind. It’s called “technology” buddy! Almost all of which, incidentally, was invented by men.

          Women HAVE changed society, made it far softer and more cuddly. But those are mostly problems, not good things. Welfare is because of women. Men go “Psh, fuck that guy. He doesn’t wanna work, why should he eat?” Women go “Oh, but the poor guy! We have enough extra to feed him!” Ignoring the structural effects of encouraging laziness, the burden on the productive people, etc.

          Women “can’t even” the idea of a rugged individualist, extremely free society. IMO, it is mainly because of their feelz, but also because women can’t compete in such a system. They’re simply not smart enough (IQ bell curve is wildly different for men/women), they’re not aggressive enough, not strong enough, etc.

          Women can’t survive without men, as far as like literal survival goes. Men can survive, and thrive, without women. We just can’t reproduce ourselves!

          I think a bit of feminine touch compared to the Muslim world is a good thing… But it needs to be tapered back a TON compared to now. We’ve become too weak, too feminine. Which is why our civilization is slowly coming apart at the seams. Men would never have allowed 90% of our big picture problems to get this far.

    2. “”It’s time to bring back male and female segregated schools and work places.”‘

      Better yet, we need to acknowledge that men just can’t help themselves because that’s just how they are. So women need to be covered head to toe expect for their eyes.

  88. “The president’s interest in due process and the presumption of innocence is, as always, highly selective.”

    What the hell does that mean? Idiotic.

  89. Women are fucking insane.

    How many guys would make a knowingly false accusation against somebody, when they knew it would ruin their life, simply because a friend flipped them some shit over something? Not very many.

    Yet women do this all the time. I know of 3 so called rape incidents from my personal life, and I feel like there’s a 4th I can’t remember the details of right this second. In 2 of the 3, I know for a fact from friends I trust that were at the incidents that they were bullshit.

    The girls changed their minds after the fact, in both cases after other people found out and they felt ashamed. In one of those cases, a guy actually got convicted of a lesser charge, sexual assault or something? Either way, his life was fucking ruined by that slut lying all the way up to the witness stand. The 3rd I was at myself, and was a legit banging of a super wasted/passed out chick, he interestingly was not prosecuted because the chick just kind of took it in stride, and wrote him off as a fucking POS. He bailed town a few days after the incident too.

    But anecdotally, 2/3rds of cases were bullshit. I would not be surprised at all if the national figures were comparable. I believe that one study that was done DID show it as being above 50% IIRC.

    Men really need to put their foot down on this issue, as well as a million others being pushed by insane leftists. This type of stuff will literally destroy our entire civilization if we allow it to continue to run amok.

    1. Also, keep in mind I AM A SURVIVOR! So you HAVE to give my opinion more credence than ANYBODY ELSES. You HAVE TO.

      Seriously though! I had a chick I would never sleep with in a million years basically drag me into a bedroom, start taking my clothes off, not 5 minutes after I had puked my brains out from drinking too much, when I was borderline blackout drunk.

      She started having sex with me without asking for my consent, while I was in no legal position to give consent anyway. That is RAPE by modern legal standards. Fortunately I cut the whole thing off half way through my rape as I started sobering up, and I just took the walk of shame for what it is…

      But in any event, since I am a survivor you still have to take my anti-believe every survivor opinion as more important than anybody elses… Or something.

      1. This is surprisingly more common than people seem to think. The difference is men almost never say anything about it and certainly don’t file charges. We are expected to believe all women, not those who have been violated. I’d almost like to see the stupidity of a #hetoo movement just to rid us of this notion that only women are victims of someone touching them or anything sexual without consent.

        1. Oh yeah, it happens all the time. Men just sack up and feel a little dirty about it, and move on. There’s a BIG difference IMO between drunk sex where both are down at the time, and actual rape. My situation was something ALMOST in between, but closer to just drunk sex.

          Frankly, although it is not that cool… I don’t think anybody should ever actually bother to prosecute for consensual at the time drunk sex. The punishment is sooooo high for a crime that is really pretty meh. It’s a hell of a lot easier to just go “Well shit… I wish I hadn’t banged that person… Oh well.” than to work yourself into a frenzy thinking you’re some kind of a survivor of a life changing incident forever. Back when sex was more serious, like NONE OF IT before marriage, this kind of thinking might have almost made more sense… But nowadays? Just take the walk of shame, and brush it off.

    2. “Women are fucking insane.”

      Unfortunately for men, it’s usually the man who winds up sticking it in Crazy.

      1. To be fair, as a woman I’ve seen men gravitate to batshit crazy girls just because she was giving off vibes she was easy. There are plenty of sane women out there, but they don’t normally hang out in bars or party all the time. Maybe guys need to stop letting women manipulate them like this. Frankly, as an adult, I’ve seen young teachers pull this to get out of giving standardized tests or to get a preferred schedule. Stop being such a doormat and have some self-respect. Sometimes no sex is much better that sex with strings attached.

        1. True enough. Crazy and Stupid love to hang out together. And the genders often change places.

        2. Oh sure. Guys will totally sleep with a chick who seems super crazy/stupid if she is cute, especially if it seems it will be easy pickin’s. I’m actually INCREDIBLY disciplined in this area compared to most guys I’ve ever known. I have steered clear of a ton of chicks I could have gotten with, because I could tell there would be drama/trouble of some sort. Getting laid ain’t worth it.

          That said, even I’ve done it plenty of times. 🙁 I’ve avoided most cases of outright crazy, but I’ve totally settled on stupid a number of times… And stupid can be plenty of trouble in and of itself!

          However my 2 longest term girlfriends (4 and 6 years) were both pretty darn awesome and sane as far as women go. Men and women are fundamentally different, so even the best of women drive men crazy with some of their “chick stuff,” and men do the same to women. But there’s a difference between things that ALL women do, and what outright crazy ones do.

    3. This is honestly why my son at 29 only recently started dating again. He had a serious girlfriend back when he was 23. She became an obsessive stalker. He’s a pretty independent person. He likes to camp and rides mountain bikes and go to concerts. He manages a high end bike store and makes a decent income. Until lately the women he met were either crazy, something he didn’t want to introduce into his life since he has a young son, or simply wanted someone to spend money on them. He finally met a girl who has several older brothers and she loves all the things he does-camping, the outdoors, travel. I’m hoping this is a permanent thing because I truly worry about someone accusing him of a crime.

      1. It’s tough out there nowadays. That’s why stuff like the MGTOW movement have come up. It’s basically suicide to get married in the current environment, but now even casual dating can potentially put you in the klink, even if you didn’t do anything wrong!

        I just keep hoping to meet somebody who is marriage material… I want kids, and if you’re going to have kids, you need to have mighty high standards nowadays. When there is basically positive reinforcement for bailing on a marriage, taking the kids, and most of your husbands money, you better make SURE it’s at least going to last 20-30 years before it all comes crashing down.

        Most people just don’t have the morals to stick together anymore, but women are the ones who file for 70% of divorce cases… Most often cited reason isn’t anything actually being wrong, simply “I’m not happy anymore.” Which they tend to be just as unhappy after the divorce, but they don’t think it through that far…

        It’s tough, but I hope things go well for your son. I’m only a few years older, so keep your fingers crossed for me too!

  90. At least she did not wait 36 years before coming up with a BS complaint.

  91. Attention, young women! Do you know what’s empowering? Taking responsibility for your own actions. When you don’t tell him to stop, and in fact probably encourage his actions, it’s called being caught up in the moment, not unwanted sexual assault. Wear a turtleneck until your hickeys heal and be more careful next time if you don’t want your CONSENSUAL hookup to leave a mark.

  92. This provides proof, as if more was needed (it wasn’t) that women do NOT deserve to be believed! They deserve to make their case legally, as any person would, as is the case with those they accuse of illegal acts. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BELIEVED WITHOUT PROOF, except the accused, who is legally not required to prove he / she isn’t guilty, though this is what many feminists want, e.g., “She said it, it must be true” which even the old Soviet Union didn’t allow.

  93. Its so confusing. Are we for or against innocent until proven guilty?

    Are we at the point where its “nuanced”?

    Holy fuck just get rid of this Title IX bullshit. DOE just tell the Us get rid of them or we will get rid of your federal funding.

  94. Well, that encourages me to have sexual relationships. Maybe we should ask a written permission for every single kiss and hand move and have someone stand as witness in the bedroom.

    “Can I kiss you?” “Yes” “Good, now sign this paper…”

    When someone says “Believe the victim” you should answer by asking: Who’s the victim?

  95. Ironically, the so-called “liberals” pushing these initiatives have taken the place of the 70s era republicans. They are explicitly anti-sex when not practiced within the confines of an “acceptable” relationship (whether marriage, or something else). They are openly hostile to the notion of casual sex and consider certain sexual acts off limits. See, for example, the Louis CK case, where if you replaced the whole thing with intercourse it wouldn’t have even been a story.

    They claim that all this stuff is some sort of attempt to promote women’s rights, but it’s really part of a larger attempt to legislate their narrow view of “morality” and invade what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. You remember legislating morality and invading bedrooms? That’s the same shit we told religious conservatives they were wrong about decades ago.

    It’s like fashion. The same old shit just keeps coming back, just with different players.

  96. Stop infantilizing grown men. You are responsible for what you (try to) put your dick in. This is just a 21st century twist on a chick poking holes in a condom or lying about birth control so you knock them up. At least this lack of judgment only cost (his parents!) $12,000. Don’t stick your dick in chickenheads or drama club libtards.

    This entire situation could have been avoided if he had acted like an alpha at any point in the encounter. I put myself through college and I couldn’t imagine asking my parents for legal fees, even in my early 20s. If he were paying his own bills, no lawyer would have been allowed to rack up $12,000 for writing a letter.

    If he had popped his head out of the door and told her friends to piss off, he could at least have finished the job and satisfied her so she didn’t walk away regretting the encounter.

    When she accused him of FWB, he should have reassured how wonderful she was and how special she was to him.

    When she criticized his consent behavior, he should have denied all wrongdoing. He should have thrown it back in her face for not getting active consent from him and made sure she knew he would push against allegations.

    Once she initiated legal proceedings, his friends should have made her life a living hell.

    Once he won, he should have immediately filed suit to recoup his legal costs and the defamation of his character.

    The beta bitch boy got what he deserved.

    1. Young women have been sold a large load of lies by the Left.
      They’ve been told they must achieve a PERFECT life.
      They’ve been told they can work and have a marriage and have kids and nobody will ever be unhappy and no relationship will ever suffer.
      They’ve been told they are in control.
      They’ve been told their feelings are more important than facts or even than the feelings of others.
      All of this was for political advantages.

  97. “Becky told him that he should have asked, explicitly and verbally, before touching her breasts or butt”

    Lol, what the..?? What a turn off!

    1. Notice that she didn’t ask either, nor complain at the time.

  98. With the caveat of the story being accurate: the funny thing is that by Presidential standards (Billy Jeff himself), he did not have sexual relations with that woman – – – – – – – –

  99. This is why I have a digital audio recorder and a video camera running at all times when I shag a babe. If she isn’t willing to be on camera, we aren’t hooking up. Period! I think if more people did it this way, there would be a LOT fewer cases of false accusations.

    1. LOL

      I don’t know if you’re kidding or not… But I’ve joked about this very thing before with a chick, it took her a few minutes to accept that I had just been fucking with her. LOL

  100. Chit like this and a 50% divorce rate would really have me reconsidering a relationship with a woman if I was young and starting out. If you don’t want kids then why get into the huge hassle and expense just for a little nookie. Work on your career…hang with your friends…answer to no one and pay for your nookie. If married or dating you are already paying for it indirectly and a whole lot more too! Whats so bad about that life?

    1. Hence the MGTOW movement. The ONLY reason I am considering getting married is because I want kids.

      If I didn’t want kids, I would just be the worst half assed dater in the world. There’s no reason to get locked down on anything if you don’t want kids. I don’t think I could go full on celibate and/or sex doll owner though… Which is what some are doing.

  101. Look on the bright side. We now have two seated justices on the Supreme Court who are direct victims of false accusations of sexual misconduct. Let’s encourage the female supremacists to double down, because once we have 5 it’s game over for their evil agenda.

  102. I remember the sexual revolution. Suddenly young women didn’t wear bras and believed in free love and even claimed it made them “free” to have multiple partners—just like men. Now we have young women who often dress and act in provocative ways, but who are hysterically incensed if someone reacts to their baiting. I am not exonerating young males, who often act first and think later when it comes to sex, but I have taught teens for many years and young women now are far more aggressive in their actions than most young males. While boys in their mid teens will talk theoretically about having a girlfriend and doing sexual things, for most boys that is not reality. Girls, on the other hand, actively seek boyfriends and seek to consolidate relationships using sex as the lure.The entire problem with “Believe Women” is that it is an absolute. If they were honest, all those protesters would admit that they themselves had been victims at one time or another of another woman lying or spreading rumors about them. Women hold no moral high ground here nor to men. But what I see happening to young men makes me honestly sad and scared for my grandson, a sweet pre-teen boy who has friends who are boys and girls and who genuinely likes everyone. Will he ever have an innocent first kiss or will it evolve that we have to have written contracts and observers? If you think about it this is a prime example of reaping the harvest of seeds sown by teens in the 70’s.

  103. Becky started to feel self-conscious about the hickeys after her roommate pointed them out. According to the report, she said, “I thought I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I really did.” … She told investigators that her mother noticed the hickeys while they were video chatting?the hickeys made her feel “disgusted” because it was as if James had been “marking me as his own,” she said. Becky’s mother agreed with her that she should break things off with James. “You were definitely violated,” said Becky’s mother, according to the report.
    This is just women slut shaming women, and men have to pay for it. Feminism in a nutshell.

    1. Just a note: Sluts have no shame – – – –

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  105. Becky’s an asshole.

  106. Yes, absolutely.
    But let’s go back a giant step…

    The author says: “there’s little doubt that …. sexual misconduct is a serious problem.”

    But that’s wrong.

    There is significant doubt. In fact there is little rational reason to conclude that sexual misconduct is at all a serious problem, if by serious we mean frequent or wide-spread.

    We hear incessantly that “1 out of 5” women are sexually assaulted in college. This is a lie. This 20% is survey-driven. Answers were recategorized to include both consensual & non-consensual contact (actual & attempted)…. if it was indicated that consent was a function of persuasion …pressure …. or threat (as in, a threat to “no longer love them”)…. or if it occurred with alcohol use. Also included, is exposure to images, jokes, or off-color comments, etc.. Thus, a ‘sexual assault’ becomes anything one of the authors defines as ‘unwanted’ or ‘unwantable’.

    So the survey “1 in 5” is, by any measure, completely bogus.

    But — just to be sure — let’s compare that fabrication to actual. Clery tells us that across 1500 schools & 12M students, we have a sexual assault rate of .05%…which yields, across a 4 year career an assault probability of .24%. NOT 20%.

    So, if by “serious problem” we mean a problem being experienced at some ‘epidemic’ rate, clearly sexual assault is NOT in any way at all a serious problem (of course even one rape is one rape too many….but that’s an entirely different question).

  107. Part 2: “Sexual misconduct is a serious problem”.


    We would hope not — if only because adolescence is really not much more than teenagers behaving improperly (over and over again). It is the nature of human sexuality: two individuals coming together in intimate and exploratory fashion. With different expectations, hopes, dreams, fears, anxieties. Minimally experienced. Prone to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Give them a 6-pack of beer and is anyone surprised that both walk away with entirely different impressions of what happened?

    C’mon now.

    Can’t we accept that human sexuality will inevitably involve both wanted & unwanted behaviors & evoke wanted & unwanted reactions….NOT because the participants are evil but because it is our nature to miscommunicate and misunderstand….to engage in wishful thinking….to make sexual advances….to reject sexual advances….to be persuaded and to persuade….to regret… to feel guilt…and also to feel joy and an eagerness to do it all again (only better!).

    Life itself is misconduct. It is collision (sexual life, even more so). Life is adventure…filled with risk & reward. And it is from these adventures (painful and not) that we learn, grow, and move on, older & wiser.

    Long past time to accept that the world is not a “safe place” filled with colored play-doh and puppies; it is still a Wild Place (sexuality even more so).

    And for all that we should all be thankful!

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  110. I attended UCD as both an undergrad and grad student in the late 70s and early 80s. Given the control-freakish nature of the institution today (and all colleges and universities, in general), I would not attend the school now. Rather, I would select a life path offering greater liberty and self-determination, free speech and thought, and less brainwashing!

    It is amazing to recognize how much has changed during my lifetime. As an example of my time at UCD on the topic of this article alone (tolerance of human sexual conduct), UCD groups and clubs previously hosted movies on campus to raise funds for their activities. The frequent showings of porn movies were probably the most well-attended and profitable club offerings when I was on campus. (Yes–they were shown ON-campus and IN campus lecture halls!) The movies were patronized by both men and women in approximately equal numbers.

    When I attended Davis, it had a reputation for featuring a solid engineering school, as well as a trio of professional schools and original agriculture science program. With its current agendas (including anti-gun politics), it has become just another “social engineering” school and I file the periodic alumni donation beg-a-grams that I receive into the trash bin immediately.

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