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Eating Insects Could Be the Future of Culinary Innovation: New at Reason

Photo source: Ferrari/ZUMA Press/NewscomPhoto source: Ferrari/ZUMA Press/NewscomHere in the U.S., we tend not think of insects as food, and are horrified when they turn up in food. Though finding a bug in one's meal is often cause for alarm and disgust, the laws around U.S. food standards recognize that bugs making their way into what we eat is simply a fact of life.

But in other parts of the world, people eat insects on purpose. The United Nations calls insects "a highly significant food source for human populations." Another source claims people in 80 percent of all countries—one of every three humans—eat bugs. The things we want to keep out of our food are actually a great source of protein, fat, and fiber.

Yet in a world full of willing bug eaters, it's perhaps no surprise that the law—the thing that so often dictates what we may or may not eat—prevents us from thinking of grubs as grub, writes Baylen Linnekin.

Photo Credit: Ferrari/ZUMA Press/Newscom


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