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In Presidential Tinder, Why Would You Swipe Right for Trump or Clinton?

Gary Johnson, capable of climbing mountains and not running his business into bankruptcy, represents the choice for peace, privacy, and equality, in a new ad from AlternativePAC.

A soon-to-be-launched new internet video from the Gary Johnson-supporting AlternativePAC analogizes this year's presidential election to Tinder.

Republican Donald Trump, it says, is the loudmouth at the end of the bar, pissing everyone off.

Democrat Hillary Clinton is "a nightmare...always reading your emails while hiding her own. Paranoid. Jealous."

Gary Johnson, however, "climbs mountains," and is for peace, privacy, and equality. Moreover, his company has never gone bankrupt.

American voters in this Tinder analogy are advised to "not settle" for Trump or Clinton but to "score" with Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

This seems of a piece (in its uncoordinated PAC way) with a general attempt on Johnson and Weld's part to position themselves not as radical libertarians but more as a choice that just seems personally sane and manageable, not exuding the sort of personal characteristics that indeed many of would find revolting face to face. (Marking the female candidate as "jealous" could and doubtless will be read by some as problematic, in the modern lingo, but it seems intended to match the "wants to read your email" point, a serious policy issue.)

The video:

I reported the other day on AlternativePAC chief Matt Kibbe on the value of short internet videos as a superior bang for the buck for the modern electorate.

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  • grrizzly||

    In Presidential Tinder, Why Would You Swipe Right for Trump or Clinton?

    I bet I'm younger than Doherty, but I have no idea what "swipe right" in Tinder means.

  • Lee Genes||

    Me either.

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    If I teach you how to fish, then I might go hungry.

  • Lee Genes||

    Don't teach, just give.

  • Rhywun||

    I only learned it the other day from a question on the new Match Game.

  • Microaggressor||

    It's Millenial for "Would"

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    Ain't no better way to put it than this.

  • Dr. Fronkensteen||

    The nice guy ends up alone again. Voters are going for the bad boy or the crazy girl.

  • Trigger Hippie||

    I have no desire to fuck any of them. So: no, no, and no.

  • IndyEleven||

    But they all want to fuck you! (over)

  • bacon-magic||

    Johnson would swipe right for Hillary so it's gonna be swipe left all the way for me.

  • This Machine||

    This has nothing to do with the article; it's wildly OT, but I can't wait for the PM Links because I'm taking my cat to the vet:

    Millennial journalists outraged over show's presentation of Millennials as thin-skinned little pussy crybabies:

    "I'm a millennial myself. How are we so coddled, and what about our overly politically correct workplace bothers you?" they asked somewhat stroppily at the panel.

    Stephen Fry, who stars in the show as a travel editor who becomes the boss of a group of millennials in the digital department of a magazine, jumped in to say that he believes there is "an element of coddling" in the generation and "an element in which you have it tougher than the generation before."

    "Yeah, no shit" the millennial reporter, not named by Deadline, fired back, before saying she wanted the question answered by Gibbons, not Fry (who noted a previous generation in his family was sent to Auschwitz).

    "A great example is how you interrupted my answer," Gibbons replied.

    Another incensed millennial reporter later rhetorically asked: "Do you want millennials to watch your show? Cause you come out here and said 'Ha, ha, ha, millennials are so sensitive and PC,'", branding his comments "so negative".

    Too perfect.

  • You Sound Like a Prog (MJG)||

    Don't worry, I'll post it and claim all the credit.

    branding his comments "so negative".

    "I can't even," he added.

  • Scarecrow & WoodChipper Repair||

    +1 odd joke

  • Lee Genes||

    Perfect trolling

  • ||

    I'm taking my cat to the vet

    Are we still doing masturbation euphemisms?

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    What sort of things set off Baby-Boomer cry babies? Or did you guys not have those?

  • Lee Genes||

    Means testing

  • Rhywun||

    I dunno about thin-skinned pussy crybabies, but that picture cannily captures the dopey narcissim that is so rampant in young people. (And yes, of probably every generation.)


    The Grisly Facebiter was actually wearing a Make America Great Again hat!

    On Monday night, 19 year old Austin Kelly Harrouff of Florida went homicidally berserk for reasons yet unknown. He stabbed to death a random couple twice his age, also attacking a neighbor who tried to intervene. Then Austin began biting the dead man's face off.

    Horrible new details are out today. When Austin's frightened mom called 911 to report his erratic, menacing behavior with family, she told the emergency dispatcher that her son was wearing a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat when he wandered off into the night ranting about being a superhero. And in a YouTube video uploaded before the attack, he spoke to the camera about bodybuilding and steroids, and of taking "a lot of shrooms."

  • You Sound Like a Prog (MJG)||

    "Voting is like dating"

    Ugh... didn't - blugh - didn't Lena Dun - urgh - Dunham make the same, oof, pitch in 2012?

  • Pan Zagloba||

    Yes. Yes she did.

    It just goes to show that Johnson has his hand on the pulse of American millennials (and vice versa).

  • Possible Bot||

    Johnson and Clinton are both anti first and second amendment.

  • PurityDiluting||

    let's keep focusing on the least likely to vote with the added benefit that they have no landline so pollsters won't bother them. it's edgy and cool when nobody over age 30 has ever heard of your candidate

  • Half-Virtue, Half-Vice||

    The people involved in this must identify as older folks because everyone knows the trick to tinder is to only swipe right. I mean are you here to just play the game or to win?

  • Florida Hipster||

    This election is more like swipe front to back! Am I right?


    You've been great. Good night!

  • ||

    **calls Code Brown**

  • Florida Hipster||

    *Nods knowingly*

  • Lee Genes||

    More like wiping back to front.

    No matter how much you do it, you're going to come out with shit on you.

  • ||

    Even Doherty's writing about the Super PAC's ad about Johnson is less than motivational.

    It's meta-squishiness all the way down!

  • Wasteland Wanderer||

    So is Robby in charge of PM links again?

  • ||

    Dammit. And dammit again for the lack of links.

  • ||

    Looks like Robby drew PM Links duty today. You can buy us off with a cute picture once, but only once.

  • Pay up, Palin's Buttplug!||

    What does swipe right mean?

  • ATXChappy||

    "Why Would You Swipe Right for Trump or Clinton?"

    Because everyone is telling me THAT THE WORLD IS GOING TO END if I don't. That's about the only reason I can think of. And, it's still not enough!

  • SusanM||

    So, you feel fine about it?

  • ATXChappy||

    Sure do. I'm heading to Rockville as we speak.

  • 0x90||

    Pretty sure that's also how Rousseau described it: like Tinder, but with only three choices, and mandatory participation.

  • Glide||

    Wait, why are you trying to convince me to fuck Gary Johnson?


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