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Afroman Remixes 'Because I Got High' With Pro-Legalization Message

Fourteen years after the release of the hit song "Because I Got High," Afroman is still toking. But these days he's not rapping about skipping class, losing his job, or getting chased by cops. Instead, he's fighting for legalization.

The singer teamed up with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and Weedmaps, a dispensary locator app, to put out a new version of the classic tune. The remix was released yesterday and already has some 500,000 views on Youtube.

"This is a well-known anthem that is very famous across generations. It's something we've all kind of grown up with. It just seemed like a really good opportunity to challenge the old stereotype," a NORML representative tells Vice

Afroman sings about medical benefits of cannabis, and forsaking recreational habits like cigarettes, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs in favor of marijuana.

And, for what it's worth:

The state made revenue, because I got high

They built a school or two, because I got high

Now the state can fund drug treatment, and I know why …

No more criminal traps if it's legalized

I don't have to buy from gangbangers shooting craps, If it's legalized

Cut him some slack, since it's just a fun song, but Afroman's lyrics are a bit pipedreamy. As Reason's Jacob Sullum has covered extensively, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington hasn't been flawless. Both states' laws can trap medical patients and recreational users, preventing them from ever driving a car legally. And, regulatory costs have made the cost legal weed in both states substantially higher than black market bud, so there isn't as much revenue for schools as one might hope.

The song's release was coordinated with NORML's "Smoke the Vote" campaign, which is pushing for pro-marijuana legislation in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and Florida.

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  • BakedPenguin||

    Paging Heroic Mulatto. Paging Heroic Mulatto.

  • ||

    Why did my dinner guests and I watch Bill and Ted's last night after dinner?

    Because we got high.

  • Riven||

    Sounds like you got something that was laced, bro.

  • ||

    Yes, laced with THC. And strange things were afoot at the Circle K.

  • db||

    Way to make we want even less to get high now. Funding the government is something you when no other alternative, not as part of your normal daily activity.

  • Zeb||

    Don't worry, most people will still get it from non-government-funding sources.

  • Brandon||

    This song sucks now. Fuck you, NORML.

  • Zeb||

    I thought it always sucked.

  • MegaloMonocle||

    Pondering a new Iron Law:

    Nothing is right for everyone.


  • db||

    One size fits all...poorly.

  • ||

    14 years of cookies and type 2 diabetes haven't done him any favors.

  • Riven||

    ... Do those things usually do anyone any favors?

  • ||

    Are you kidding? You can win prizes for it.

  • Bill Dalasio||

    It just seemed like a really good opportunity to challenge the old stereotype

    Is it me or is the last thing NORML ever really does is challenge stereotypes about marijuana users? And I'm not saying that I disagree with them. It's just that, given the topic, I'd think you'd probably not want the public face of your cause to be Afroman.

  • Zeb||

    National NORML doesn't seem to, but a lot of the state organizations are more straight laced.

    This is a good point, though. We need to convince people that Cheech and Chong is not a documentary and this doesn't help. Who is this song going to appeal to besides people who already agree?

  • Bill Dalasio||

    Personally, I'd suggest they create an industry trade group and have Gary Johnson as it's chairman.

  • RevRayGreen||

    He deserves his just due...I am blessed to know him......and for him to remember me in the rap on this song......

    Light 'Em Up - jrshighrollers Feat Afroman:

  • Zeb||

    I never got the popularity of this song. The first time I heard it, I thought it was propaganda from the ONDCP or something.


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