Brickbat: Knock Three Times


In 2020, a confidential informant told Ottawa, Canada, police that rapper Chris Woof sold "large amounts" of cocaine and crack. That led cops to conduct a no-knock raid on Woof's home, where they held him at gunpoint and tore the place apart. They found no cocaine or crack. They did find 70 oxycodone pills, which Woof had a prescription for, and tens of thousands in cash. Woof said the money was from a contracting business. Police charged Woof with possession of a controlled substance with intent to traffic and possession of the proceeds of crime. The former charge potentially carried a life sentence. But recently, more than two years after the raid on his home, prosecutors dropped all charges against Woof. Prosecutor Céline Harrington said the prosecution's own drug expert said he "could not support an opinion that the amount of the drugs seized were for the purpose of trafficking."