Does Boston's Mayor Hate the City's Restaurants?

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu seems hellbent on making things difficult or impossible for city restaurants.


Struggling new Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D) seems hellbent on making things difficult or impossible for city restaurants, many of which are still struggling in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. Wu is facing growing criticism from restaurateurs, columnists, and others in the city for her administration's unfair and outrageous outdoor-dining policies.

The city's pilot outdoor dining program, started two years ago under then-mayor Marty Walsh (D), was intended—like similar programs I've discussed in New York City and elsewhere—to offer a lifeline to restaurants that have been teetering on the brink as they attempt to survive restrictions on indoor dining.

"The Outdoor Dining Program allows restaurants to apply to use expanded public spaces for outdoor seating and is set to start citywide on April 1," reported this week. "The program has been in place for the last two years of the pandemic and has been particularly popular in the North End, which has drawn large crowds with its outdoor dining options." 

While this week marks the official, government-mandated start of the pilot outdoor dining season in most of Boston, the rules say those in the North End may only offer outdoor dining starting on May 1. That seems unfair. The North End is Boston's beloved Little Italy neighborhood. Growing up north of Boston, I ate many excellent meals there. And I continue to dine there on return visits to the area.

But wait! There's more! 

A couple weeks ago, as outdoor-dining season approached, Mayor Wu announced the city would charge North End restaurants $7,500 for the privilege of offering outdoor seating under the pilot program. Under that same program, restaurants in other parts of the city face no such fees. "Restaurants that use public property under the city's permanent outdoor dining program pay fees, but not those participating in a three-year pilot the Walsh administration launched so more restaurants could operate patios to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic," the Boston Globe reported this week.

The city claims so many restaurants in the North End have taken advantage of outdoor dining under the pilot program—their customers clearly like it—that it's resulted in increased complaints about rats, noise, and traffic and parking issues.

Last week, North End restaurateurs, rightly outraged by the sudden onset of expensive fees, sent a letter of protest to Mayor Wu, blasting the city for treating them unequally and threatening to sue the city over the exorbitant and unfair fees.

Wu responded to her constituents' concerns in the perhaps worst way possible. "If a critical mass of restaurant owners also believe this program is unworkable as proposed, then I am prepared to rescind North End outdoor dining before the start of this season," Wu wrote.

Critics pounced on Wu's perceived pettiness. 

In a great column this week, the Globe's Joan Vennochi lamented the fact Wu is "holding on to a misguided plan to impose a hefty fee only on North End restaurants that want to provide outside dining." Vennochi, who notes this conflict is of Wu's own making, closes with the following sentiment: "Yikes."

Later in the week, Wu backed down—slightly. WBUR, the Boston NPR affiliate, reports Wu held a press conference to propose a modified "compromise" scheme that would allow North End restaurants to pay the same high fee in several installments, to pay a lower fee for more limited patio use, or to pay a lower fee by applying for a "hardship waiver," among other things. That fee, though, still applies only to restaurants in the North End, which many North End restaurateurs still find odious and unfair.

So they complained. Or tried to, at least.

"Restaurant owners who oppose Wu were barred from entering the press conference… outside the mayor's office, prompting them to protest angrily in City Hall," the crosstown Boston Herald reported this week, of what was a very intentional exclusion. The Herald also blasted Wu's tactics as "not a good look" and clearly "designed to quell the outrage while isolating her critics." 

Though some support the mayor's actions, her critics' ranks are growing. And while Wu's fight with the North End restaurateurs drew much of the focus to problems with the city's outdoor dining program recently, yet another Boston Globe story, published at the end of the week, revealed many restaurateurs around the city—not just in the North End—think the program now stinks. 

"Ahead of the 2021 outdoor dining season, [Andy Fadous of Gray's Hall in South Boston] worked with a landscape architect to create an industrial-style patio that could be deconstructed every year," the Globe reports. "But now, the barriers do not comply with the new requirements."

Those "new requirements" refer to a 23-page list of recently modified outdoor-dining rules—some of which make obsolete the costly outdoor-dining setups that Gray's Hall and many other Boston restaurants purchased and used over the last two years.

As Fadous told the Globe, he was forced by the new rules to order $5,000 of new barriers because the old ones are no longer allowed. And since the barriers won't arrive for another month, Fadous says he's going to lose out on a month of outdoor-dining income simply because the city didn't have (my words, not Fadous's) its shit together. Other restaurateurs quoted in the piece suggest offering outdoor "seating is no longer worth the cost." Some note, too, that larger chain restaurants are more able to absorb these sorts of city-imposed costs. Wu's approach, then, could cost Boston many of its remaining independent restaurants, and make the city a haven for chain restaurants.

Why does Mayor Wu appear to be treating outdoor dining like it's some sort of existential threat to city living? The city's attitude is particularly galling because—in stark contrast to Mayor Wu—many city leaders around the country have actually embraced and encouraged outdoor dining.

New York City under former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), which I noted earlier, is one such city. Seattle, where I live, is another.

"This is another meaningful step along the pathway to permanence I created last year after hearing from many small businesses about the success of café streets," said Seattle City Councilor Dan Strauss (D), who sponsored Seattle's outdoor-dining program, which passed by an 8-0 vote. "We will ensure that these free permits continue to be available until [city officials] establish permanent guidelines that are right-sized and meet the needs of our city."

Fair and equal treatment. Responsive government. Clear and timely rules. That's all most Boston restaurateurs want. Instead, Mayor Wu is serving them up a heaping pile of my-way-or-the-highway policymaking. And for what?

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  1. Why should taxpayers have to provide free real estate to restaurants?

    If there's that much excess city real estate, the city should sell it off.

    1. Yeah, especially those loudmouth gombas on the north side.

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    2. "Little Italy? Doesn't sound Irish to me! Probably a bunch of damned foreigners."


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    1. Do you think info about sexuality should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?

      Do you think info about hand-to-hand combat should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?

      1. One of my nieces is in 1st grade and the other is in 3rd, and they are both taking Karate.

        So, yes, sort of? Not in school though, but as a decision made by the parents.

        1. Do you think info about enhanced interrogation techniques should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?

          1. Are there actually teachers on K teaching kids this? Because they are doing gender theory even in pre K.

            1. I mean, how is this even a debate? If I talked about sex to a kid that age, or even quite a bit older, that wasn’t my own child I’d end up on a registry. Is there something magic about it if it’s a gay teacher?

              1. The most insidious part of it is then trying to keep these lessons secret from the parents as well. That images they know it is wrong and don't want parents finding out.

                There is a meme relating this to the red guard indoctrination of children in media. Basically first they berate the kids telling them they are an out cast of racists for being male, white, etc. Then they tell the kids that they can be in an in group of they join one of these new gender identities, but don't tell your parents or they will dislike you. Then parents find out their kids have been being taught this and attack the teachers with the teachers saying see, your parents are attacking you!

                It is literally cult like grooming.

          2. Do you think the history of teachers unions should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?

        2. Shhhh! Don't tell Misek....

      2. My charter school for the kids started keeping in K.

        1. Started kempo*

      3. Why would a molester want to train kids how to fight back?

      4. Do you think info about hand-to-hand combat should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?


    2. LOL

      I'm going to file Harvard / Harris with the rest of the disinformation sites. Because Reason's leading economics expert told me the Biden economy is the best ever — rig count is up and Warren Buffett is getting richer, after all. And everyone knows a strong economy always boosts the President's approval rating.

      I suspect the correct figure is closer to 80%.


    3. Do you think info about sexuality should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels?
      Yes: 33%

      Even thirty three percent is still way too fucking high. They're little kids, what the hell is wrong with these freaks?

      1. Long march to normalization of pedophilia

      2. The sooner you can teach kids they’re LGBQT, the sooner they’ll identify as woke, and vote accordingly.

        It’s political indoctrination.

        1. They have tried and failed many times to get boys to play with barbies and girls to play with trucks and toy guns-so the next logical step for these people will be to ban the whole concept of male/female. All kids from birth will be considered half boy/half girl by default regardless of the kind of reproductive organs they have-they’ll all be required to have pixie hair cuts and wear only grey pajamas until they’re 18 or 21 when they’ll be allowed to publicly express their gender preference, which of course they won’t have any clue how to do.

  3. The pics are very disturbing.

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    The bodies of at least 5 preborn children, some of whom may have been born alive and then killed, have been discovered in Washington DC.

    Prepare for graphic imagery ahead in this critical thread


    1. Clips of cells.

    2. Remember how the abortion apologists here always insist that this sort of murderous barbarity never happens after the first trimester?

      This is why I'm cool with abortionists facing the same legal ramifications as serial killers.

    3. Mostly peaceful abortions.

      Besides, just like Kermit Gosnell, it's too local.

  4. The city claims so many restaurants in the North End have taken advantage of outdoor dining under the pilot program—their customers clearly like it—that it's resulted in increased complaints about rats

    If people are dining outdoors they are more likely to see rats, DUH! One surmises complaints about panhandlers have also increased.

    1. I wondered about panhandlers as soon as I saw Seattle mentioned. Anyone know?

    2. You don't see panhandlers in the North End. The tend to hang near the more touristy places like Fanueil Hall and near the T-stops, the local subway trains.
      There are still a number of Italians in the Italian section that keep things a certain way.

      1. That does make sense, thanks. Actually, I was thinking more if Seattle, because I’ve read they have a particularly belligerent band of homel.

      2. You realize the Freedom Trail from Boston Common to Bunker Hill goes through part of Little Italy? Paul Revere's house and the old North Church (where the "one if by land, two if by sea" lamps where hung) are in that neighborhood.

        1. And?
          I lived in that neighborhood for 17 years. What is your point?

          tend to hang near the more touristy places like Fanueil Hall doesn't include all touristy places. There is a cemetery near the Boston Common where some famous Bostonians are buried, they don't hang there either. Nor too many around the spot where the Boston Massacre occurred.

          Fanueil Hall is very open air. Lots of people walking around to ask for money from. Same with the T-stops, with the added benefit of a warm place to ride around if it gets cold. There are other spots in the city where the homeless gather, Boston Common is common when the weather warms up. The Garden sports center is another. Near the hospitals is yet another.

          What the panhandlers don't tend to gravitate towards is the North End, and that is because the Italians who have lived and taken care of that neighborhood in their own way through the years make it very uncomfortable for the homeless and panhandlers to set up shop there.

          1. Boston has not tolerated squatting and tents in residential areas and parks that the public care about. There has been an industrial area nicknamed "methodone mile" east of the City Hospital, about 1 1/2 miles south of the city center, which did tolerate tents, squatters, and open-air drug activity.

  5. In the future, all restaurants will be Taco Bell.

    1. Settle down Sly.

      1. I thought that was Sandra who said that. Or am I full of Bullock?

    2. And the only type of dog we’re allowed to own will be….. EKH! No quiero!


    Yet, more than thirty years after the Russian state collapsed—and has remained a shell of its former self to this day—Ukraine continues to fall behind other states that also endured socialism and soviet domination.

    The missing link here is what we find over and over again in much of the world. As Sutela shows, Ukraine has simply never produced reliable institutions designed to protect private property, facilitate trade, or provide predictability in policy that private entrepreneurs and owners can work with. The reality, rather, has been corruption and kleptocracy at a level that well exceeds other states in the region.

    Successful economies require at least a servicable amount of respect for private property in law and legislation. Companies need to know they won't be expropriated or subjected to ruinously high taxes. Corrupt regimes like Ukraine's, on the other hand, tend to be impossible to plan for and are often punitive on a level that makes private enterprise "not worth it." Under these conditions, only the black market can thrive. All states, of course, practice some level of thievery through taxation and the exercise of arbitrary power through the capricious application of law and regulation. But some states are far worse about it than others. Ukraine has never managed to shed Soviet habits in this regard.

    1. Why do you think the Biden’s found it so attractive?

    2. No disputing that. For once we agree....And Ukrainians could have a much greater chance at private property, contracts, rule of law, and prosperity when Russia gets the Hell out and stops slaughtering it's civilians.

      1. There's literally no evidence whatsoever that Ukraine will go that direction, in fact it's the exact opposite, but you keep being a good little State Department bot.

        1. The presence of a kleptocratic, oligarchic, crony Russia is preventing Ukraine from becoming more kleptocratic, oligarch-ridden, and cronyist?

          1. Read the article, maybe observe what's happened from 2014 to now.
            Ukraine has gotten more corrupt and poorer, "despite" huge infusions of western aid money.

            1. "huge infusions of western aid money." Well, there's your problem.

          2. I know, right? He must think Putin and all the Commies in the Old Soviet Union just dropped their old ways and started reading Rand, Von Mises, and Friedman when the Berlin Wall came down. Where does he get this stuff?

        2. I don't have Bitcoin to show for anything I post here, much less a Gummint check. You are obsessed with Russia, aren't you?

          1. I'm obsessed with pointing out idiotic bullshit, though I can see how you specifically could fail to notice that.

        3. Ok - but the Russians have a long history of being exactly the same. So they're not going to be better off under Russian domination even if you discount the widespread destruction.

          You are not making the point you think you are making.

          1. The point is that Ukraine is a shithole no better than Russia, and possibly worse.
            This attempt to recast it as some noble spirit yearning for freedom is ridiculous. It's a fractured nation, much like Iraq, that has literally never had a ruling class that was anything but wholly corrupt.
            And the people... well, the people seem to have an affinity for

    3. "If Ukraine Joins the EU"

      The EU is the fulfilled imperial dreams of Napoleon and Hitler. Ukraine should look to how they've been historically regarded by France and Germany before signing up to be their subjects.

      1. For a nation as poor and corrupt as Ukraine, I see the appeal of the EU. Leadership/oligarchs get that sweet government money, commoners get a pass to go work everywhere else in Europe.
        Not sure it would be great for Ukraine as a concept/entity per se, but I don't they're anywhere close to qualifying for membership anyway.
        Now is not the time for a United States of Europe, at least not as western "democracies" are doing it these days.

        1. It's not just that, it's been the dream of every European conqueror to own the fertile fields and gas wells of Galicia, Podolia and Volhynia. The Hungarians, Poles, Latvians, Swedes, Austrians, Hungarians, French, Ruthenians and Germans have all had a go in the last 250 years.
          And every time they have, they exploited the hell out of it and did nothing for the infrastructure. The closest to even trying was by Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, in the 1780's and even his plans were abandoned when he died.

          The EU wouldn't be any different.

      2. Well, maybe theyw9n't join the EU at allm We'll never know until Russia gets the Hell out of there.

        Judging from how Ukraine has kicked Putin and the Putineers' asses, Ukraine shouldn't join the EU. The EU should join Ukraine. 🙂

        1. Correction: Maybe they won't join the EU at all.


    53% of the mothers of boys with gender identity disorder had borderline personality disorder compared to 6% of controls. Hmmm.


    1. We've always known Munchausen by proxy played a big part in this. The other 47% is Woketian religious fervor.

      1. No! My cat really is vegetarian!

    2. I used to say that if you show me an 8 year old transgender, I could tell you the politics of the mother. Now it's becoming the politics of their teachers as well.

      Karlyn's livestream yesterday included a zoom session from a VT school district that shows teachers engaging in outright grooming, with students as part of the session. It's shocking as hell.

  8. Trigger warning!

    If the Biden administration suspends Title 42 on May 23rd, essentially they must end all Covid-19 related rules, mandates, and laws.

    If the Democrats want to allow millions of illegal aliens to invade America then they don’t care one single bit about anyones safety.


    The Woke Flip-out Test tells you exactly where they're vulnerable. Everyone should be attacking that weak point and trying to identify more weak spots like it.

    The full-scale meltdown on the Left at the prospect of losing its privilege to indoctrinate other people’s kids in Gender Ideology and CRT is a great indicator that, for the rest of us, this is the ground to fight on."


    Google says it will demonetize websites which report Ukrainian government attacks on its own citizens. Wow.


    1. Muh private, CIA-funded, internet-censoring company.

      1. Censorship is what we do together.


    In 2019, Zelensky announced a partial withdrawal of forces from Donbass. His soldiers revolted. He went to Zolote to speak to them. Azov troops told him they wouldn't let him pull back. Here he is getting chewed out by a soldier. Later, nationalists threatened to kill him.

    UK article about Azov & other nationalist forces telling President Zelensky that they would not permit him to pull back from the Donbass war. They promised to bring in 10,000 new fighters for every 1,000 he tried to withdraw. Extremists control Ukraine.

    Partial transcript of this segment. Click to enlarge.

    After he realized that he had no real power over the Azov troops & other nationalist forces who were refusing to obey his orders & threatening to kill him, Zelensky began embracing them & their militant agenda.

    [Links, video, transcript]

    1. [Continuing]

      These clips are taken from a 23 minute video that President Zelensky published to his own Facebook account on October 27, 2019. He took a professional film crew with him to Donbass, which is why it has high production value. Ukrainians were split between supporting peace & war.

      More info on nationalists threatening Zelensky for trying to deescalate the Donbass war. After multiple threats against him, Zelensky began supporting the militant agenda of the extremists. His presidential approval rating dropped to 17%.

      For those who want to watch the full 8 minute video of President Zelensky angrily responding after being rebuked by his own Azov forces, visit my website. Nationalist militants control Ukraine. Not Zelensky.

      What sparked the heated exchange between Zelensky & Yantar was 2 female villagers who outed the extremist forces for keeping & using "hidden" weapons. Yantar denied the allegation & things started getting heated.


      1. wHY woULd a JeW LEt nAziZ’s bE iN HiS ArmY!?

  12. The North End is old and crowded, not like Back Bay with its broad sidewalks. Makes sense the city is charging higher rent.

    1. If it were that, then the uniform rule would be to pay by the (sq) foot. Yet others than the North End pay nothing. It is never explained 'why' only the North End has to pay rent(?).

    2. Yeah, it doesn't make sense. The parking is also not metered on the street. Meaning anyone can park there for up to two hours in some spots. The rest of the parking around the busy streets are residential.

      What is the city losing?

      My guess is ticket revenue and towing revenue. It must be lucrative for the area because $7500 per restaurant when the city is not losing meter revenue is high.


    German man arrested after getting vaccinated against coronavirus at least 87 times to sell proof of vaccination to anti-vaxxers - FP

    1. Is that illegal now?

      1. I too was wondering what the crime was.

        But Germany gonna Germany

    2. 86 innocent Germans died because he was hoarding vaccines in his body.

    3. He's not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need right now.

      1. He really took one for the team... 87 times

  14. The city claims so many restaurants in the North End have taken advantage of outdoor dining under the pilot program—their customers clearly like it—that it's resulted in increased complaints about rats, noise, and traffic and parking issues.

    This a "privilege" for which restauranteurs pay The City of Boston $7500 plus $5000+ for barriers and other hardware to keep in compliance?

    Hell, I'd just get a smoker and a propane stove, rent a plot of land, and serve Smoked Boston Butt and Boston Baked Beans in to-go boxes to outdoor diners outside of town! The site of The Boston Massacre has long forgotten The Spirit of Resistance to Tyranny!

    1. But then you wouldn't be an Italian restaurant in Little Italy (although I guess anyone can identify as an Italian Restaurant in Little Italy anymore).

      1. When I lived in LA (a long time ago), there was a place called "pancho and wong's chinese food".
        They served a good hamburger.

    2. I don't think you understand how heavily regulated things are in Massachusetts as a whole. You would be shut down pretty much instantaneously. The only argument is which agency/jurisdiction gets the pleasure of doing it.

      1. I can believe it.

    3. Remember, this is the same outdoor dining the city forced on them the last two years. Now the city wants to charge the restaurants revenue because the practice is clearly positive for the customers.

      1. Somebody is making money they haven't gotten their grubby hands on. Can't have that.

  15. The discussion needs to clearly distinguish whether we're talking about outdoor dining on the business' own property, outdoor dining on public property in a common area available for any restaurant to use, or outdoor dining on public property captured for the benefit of a single business.

    You'd think a nominally libertarian author would have cleared it up in the first paragraph.

    1. The issue is disparate treatment and the capricious attendant regulations of the policy, not that there is a charge for the privilege.

  16. Softball interview answers.

    KAMALA HARRIS: "So I am here because this is a community in the Mississippi Delta that has a long history of being part of America's history, um, including having the needs that should be met..."

    "I definitely think the Court needs to take a critical look at the rules around ethics and that relates to a series of issues that have come up over the years."

    When does shrike change his pedo log in to Kamala Harris' Buttplug?

    1. Sarah's making a comeback.
      Running for Congress now

      1. It's just going to give Buttplug a new name to use when his latest is banned.

  17. Ed Whelan
    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson testifies: "I do not hold a position on whether individuals possess natural rights." (From response to post-hearing written questions.)

    Truly the libertarian candidate Reason has been defending.

    She does recognize child porn rights apparently.

    1. KBJ supports the Koch / Soros / Reason soft-on-crime #FreeTheCriminals and #EmptyThePrisons agenda. The fact that she's soft on CP enthusiasts is a bonus.


    2. I'm as libertarian as they come, and I don't believe individuals possess natural rights. If they did, we wouldn't need libertarians!

      1. “I'm as libertarian as they come, and I don't believe individuals possess natural rights.”

        This statement is an oxymoron.

      2. If that's what you believe, you are not as libertarian as they come.

  18. Get ready for a new round of restrictions as a wave of harmless common cold CoVID-19 omicron B.A.2 strain sweeps the country from east to west.

    1. Oh man! Are we all gonna die again?

      1. Ridiculous. A lack of net neutrality killed us already.

        1. And if there are any survivors, they will drown or burn up or something because global climate warming change.

          1. That’s in seven years. By then we’ll have died the thousands of strain deaths! So maybe we’ll be used to it by then. Personally, I’m always a little cranky for a couple of weeks after each reanimation.

          2. Those are the survivors of Trump World Wars III-V.

    2. Not even a new strain. Just a rehash of the current model. How boring.




    Wait... what?

    "Banks should beware of fake news that could trigger a run on their deposits, the European Union's banking watchdog said in a warning on Friday about potential fallout from the war in Ukraine."

    Source: [link]

    1. “Fake news” AKA “spoiler alert.”

      1. "If anyone accuses us of planning to do what we're planning to do, they're c0nSPirAcy nUtS."

    2. That's what happened in Canada after PrettyHitler passed his enabling act.
      Some banks here are actually asking your political affiliations if you're withdrawing more than a thousand now. It's not because of any government order or anything. They've just started doing it on their own. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and the Toronto Dominion are two that I know of personally.

      I wonder if the Davos crew has something funky planned for spring or early summer.

      1. You actually wonder? Hold on to your hat.

        1. I lost that hat a few years back when the "two weeks to flatten the curve" lockdowns began.

  20. Is there a recall petition circulating yet?

    1. If not, one needs to be started immediately. She's a joke of a mayor.

  21. "Boston Mayor Michelle Wu seems hellbent on making things difficult or impossible for city restaurants."

    In SF, we had the same and the rule applies; never assume cupidity where stupidity will suffice.
    We had rules by self-appointed tin-pot dictator wannabes, both mayor Breed and the grease-ball Newsom. Like most all of SF government officials (and probably true at the state level) neither one of them has had any experience in business whatsoever, outside of Newsom getting the quarterlies and probably having them mailed to the accountant.
    It is easy to assume both knew quite well they could close down business by proclamation, and equally easy to assume they both figured that snapping the light switch would restart them as quickly. They are, both, simply ignorant of how businesses operate and what it required to run them and further, stupid enough not to bother to learn.
    Additionally, this is also true of the city and state officials: Check the histories included in the voter info packets and you'll find nearly 0% ever held a job; one where gross incompetence can earn you a pink slip.
    Simply, this is no surprise. It was predictable the day they both decided to close 'non-essential businesses'.

    1. The left thinks of restaurant owners as the "servant" class. They are there to provide meals for the dictators when wanted. If the business owners want to make money performing that service then they are greedy capitalists.

  22. Boston’s chowderhead mayor is full of beans when it comes to restaurant policy. <—-There, fixed your Saturday headline for you. Thank me now, kick yourselves later.

    1. She's a fahkin rubbah head, kid.

  23. Boston voted for this, what's the real complaint here?

    1. The real complaint is that they thought they were voting for a mayor, not a queen.

      1. Seems to be a lot of 'we thought we were voting for something other than what they ran on' going on.

        1. I think you would be hard pressed to find "keep all the Italian restaurants closed" on her campaign literature.

          Having run for office once, and been inside the machine, it's a known fact that most voters don't have the first idea what their candidates are actually running on. Even in non-partisan races they don't bother finding out. It's why the huge push to get endorsements and putting signs up. More signs means more votes. Literally. For a small local race it comes down to name recognition and endorsements in the newspaper.

    2. She will get re-elected because of her wokeness, or replaced by someone even worse. The hipsters who helped vote her in don’t care much for Italian cuisine anyway (way too Euro/mainstream) and don’t have to pay taxes and bills.

  24. It's not about restaurants. Lefturds are autocrats, and they hate anyone who dares to disobey them.


    1. John,
      You're assuming they have some plan in mind; see Lenin, Stalin and Mao as examples of evil stupidity. Yes, they had a goal, but any plan was fatally flawed.
      They were all entirely too stupid to accomplish it.

    2. BTW, this is not to say that assholes like that are too stupid to demolish a functional economy; look at what Biden did to what Trump left hime.


    "I can say to you unequivocally there are no offensive biologic weapons in the Ukraine laboratories that the United States has been involved with," Deborah Rosenbaum, the assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical, and biological defense programs, told the House Armed Services subcommittee.

    1. Oh well that's okay then. Sure the Pentagon has lied to us thousands of times about literally everything, but this time it's different.

    1. They're collecting the email addresses of true believers so they can recruit them as midterm election volunteers.

  26. "It's good to be the king!"

    1. Background sounds - rumble of tumbrel wheels.

  27. Because big chains are corporate owned, or franchises owned by people used to following orders; therefore likely democrat voters.
    Small independent restaurants are owned by individuals or families, likely to vote republican.
    So keep issuing regulations until all those nasty independent thinkers are gone, and rake in the corporate political donations.

  28. "not a good look"

    That phrase should be buried at a crossroads with a stake through its heart.

    Is it good and just? Based on the article, the answer is no. So say it's a bad thing.

    Good things can look bad, and vice versa. An oppressive decree can *look* like a benign public-health measure. And a proper balancing of risks can *look* like "omg they're throwing Granny off the cliff!"

    Even the Messiah may look ugly - "he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him," Isaiah 53:2 (KJV)

    In contrast, "the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two edged sword." Prov. 5:-3-4 (KJV)

    1. There are some websites and publications that don't pull any punches. Reason isn't one of them.

  29. Like a lot of other cities, Boston has combined a long history of corruption in government with progressive “best practices” for managing every aspect of businesses and citizens private lives. Most Bostonians bothered by this kind of shit left the city and state years ago and the millennials and GenZ who replaced them actually seem to enjoy it.

    1. Paying for the privilege of being abused? I guess that's less kinky than it sounds.

      1. "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

      2. "Give me the lash!"

  30. As an Asian American, I'm outraged that Boson Trump fanatics and Qanons have banded together to denigrate and dehumanize Boston's first female Asian American mayor.

    The fascist Italian cabal at the North End should immediately lose their business license and their locations must be replaced by Boba joints, Mexican places, Falafel stands, and other eateries that offer food from less represented cultures.

    You know what's whiter than fettucine? That's right, clam chowder. Whiteness consume the very soul of the right wingers. And yet, they won't eat white rice, only because Asians eat them. I bet the North End Trumpers are afraid Chinese places will start taking over.

    Clam chowder is just cream flavored with clam juice. It's not wicked smaht. I don't care how much you call me "unamerican", I'm not going to eat Haggis or lutefisk, or whatever those racist white people like to eat. Michelle Wu MUST freeze bank accounts of these "new Jan 6ers" before they kidnap her at the behest of Donald Trump.

    1. Ooh, it's the Asian-American OBL.

    2. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if there were more taco stands in Boston. Hard to find good Mexican there. And the Italian Restaurants in the North End are mostly overpriced tourist traps.

    3. Bad sarcasm is really easy to do.

  31. did you hear her racist Whitey joke the other day? lead balloon.

    1. No. Pray tell.

  32. The restaurants on the north side should file a discrimination lawsuit against the communist Wu and the city

  33. Complete chink moron:

    "She has also advocated fare-free public transportation and a municipal "Green New Deal" for Boston. Wu has spoken in favor of "demilitarizing" the Boston Police Department, and establishing an unarmed community safety crisis response system that would assume responsibility for nonviolent 9-1-1 calls."

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