Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?

Supporters of that policy assume it works, then desperately search for evidence to validate that conviction.


This week, NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla tweeted a report about COVID-19 cases among public school students in Michigan. Her gloss implied that the data had just come out and that they revealed something important about the benefits of requiring students to wear face masks: "NEW: Virus spread was 62% higher in school districts without mask rules."

The story that Przybyla cited was not actually "NEW." It was published on October 15 by WJRT, the ABC station in Flint, based on data for August and September reported by researchers at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health. Nor was the finding as meaningful as WJRT and Przybyla implied, since it did not take into account potentially important confounding variables such as vaccination rates and other precautions that districts with mask mandates may have adopted. Furthermore, the association between mask mandates and lower infection rates had faded by December.

When NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik pointed out that the finding highlighted by Przybyla was not new and had not held up over time, Przybyla, to her credit, acknowledged her mistake. But the episode illustrated how eager people who favor school mask mandates are to trumpet any evidence, no matter how iffy, that seems to support their preexisting policy preferences. That tendency extends to public health officials, including the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who claim to be following the science but in this case are desperately searching for validation of a policy that was adopted without any firm empirical basis.

In an Atlantic article published this week, Margery Smelkinson, an infectious disease scientist who works for the National Institutes of Health, highlights the lack of evidence in favor of school mask mandates. "Two years into this pandemic, keeping unproven measures in place is no longer justifiable," she and her co-authors write. "We reviewed a variety of studies—some conducted by the CDC itself, some cited by the CDC as evidence of masking effectiveness in a school setting, and others touted by media to the same end—to try to find evidence that would justify the CDC's no-end-in-sight mask guidance for the very-low-risk pediatric population, particularly post-vaccination. We came up empty-handed."

Vinay Prasad, an epidemiologist at the University of California, San Francisco, makes the same point more emphatically in a recent Tablet article. Forcing students to wear face masks "isn't a matter of protecting children, their teachers, or their grandparents," he says. "It's delusional and dangerous cultlike behavior."

That cult includes American Medical Association Chairman Bobby Mukkamala, who hyped the Michigan data that Przybyla highlighted this week. "This is a study exactly about this situation," he told WJRT. "It doesn't get more specific than this study, which is about kids in school with masks and without masks."

Mukkamala presented the scientific case for school mask mandates as ironclad. "It's one thing if it's just sort of a gut feeling—well, you know, we think masks work, so why don't we just go ahead and ask kids to wear them in school?" he said. "But this is way beyond that….This is data—one more study that shows the effectiveness, and not just masks in general, but particular to this situation." He lamented that "there's a deep division" over masks in schools that "isn't necessarily data-driven."

Mukkamala is right about that, but not in the way he means. Mask enthusiasts like Mukkamala and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky are the ones who are misrepresenting the science to validate their "gut feeling."

The October 12 University of Michigan report that Mukkamala thought confirmed what he already believed noted that "districts with mask rules may also have other prevention measures that can contribute to lower transmission levels." That consideration by itself means that no firm conclusion can be drawn about the impact of mask mandates: The association that so impressed Mukkamala could have been explained by "other prevention measures," such as improved ventilation, physical distancing, or testing programs, rather than mask requirements.

Vaccination rates are another potential confounder, since it is plausible that they were higher in school districts that decided to require masks. Judging from places like New York City, California, and Washington, D.C., jurisdictions that adopt strict COVID-19 policies tend to have relatively high vaccination rates. And since the Michigan data reflect cases among school-aged children, as opposed to transmission in schools, it is not even clear to what extent district policies are relevant.

By December, in any event, case rates in Michigan school districts with mask requirements were about the same as case rates in school districts without them. "School-aged case rates have become more similar across mask rules as community transmission has increased," a December 14 update noted. It suggested that "differences due to masking" were "potentially being washed out by transmission in other settings." Nevertheless, "it remains important to mask up in indoor settings (schools and otherwise) to prevent transmission."

When mask requirements were associated with lower case rates, that was touted as evidence that mask requirements work. But when mask requirements were no longer associated with lower case rates, that finding had no effect on the conviction that mask requirements are "important." Evidently that belief "isn't necessarily data-driven."

The CDC has proceeded in the same manner. It recommends "universal indoor masking" for all children 2 or older, ranging from toddlers in day care to high school seniors. That advice is extreme by international standards.

"Many countries—the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and others—have not taken the U.S.'s approach," Smelkinson and her co-authors note, "and instead follow World Health Organization guidelines, which recommend against masking children ages 5 and younger, because this age group is at low risk of illness, because masks are not 'in the overall interest of the child,' and because many children are unable to wear masks properly. Even for children ages 6 to 11, the WHO does not routinely recommend masks, because of the 'potential impact of wearing a mask on learning and psychosocial development.' The WHO also explicitly counsels against masking children during physical activities, including running and jumping at the playground, so as not to compromise breathing."

While the CDC does not insist on outdoor masking, some school districts do. "Many deep-blue areas such as Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles; and New York City have gone beyond CDC guidance and are masking students outdoors at recess," Smelkinson et al. note, "in part because of byzantine rules that require an unmasked 'exposed' student to miss multiple days of school, even if the putative exposure is outside."

At the point when the CDC began recommending universal masking in schools and day care centers, there was no solid evidence to support that policy. Most of the studies cited by the CDC did not even compare schools with mask mandates to schools without them. One exception was a study of Georgia elementary schools that found masking of teachers was associated with a statistically significant reduction in COVID-19 transmission, but masking of students was not.

A subsequent study considered "school-associated COVID-19 outbreaks" (rather than infection rates) in two Arizona counties. It found that outbreaks were less common in schools that mandated masks. But as Smelkinson et al. note, "more than 90 percent of schools in the 'no mask mandate' group were in Maricopa County, an area that has significantly lower vaccination rates than Pima County." The study also did not control for other COVID-19 mitigation measures, and critics have pointed out various other weaknesses.

Another study looked at COVID-19 trends in about 3,000 counties with different school masking policies. It found that "counties without school mask requirements experienced larger increases in pediatric COVID-19 case rates after the start of school compared with counties that had school mask requirements." But again, the study did not control for vaccination rates or other mitigation measures. And since "this was an ecologic study," the researchers noted, "causation cannot be inferred."

The usual way to address these problems is by conducting randomized, controlled trials. But no such studies of masking in schools have been conducted—a pretty striking omission for an intervention that affects millions of children across the country. Even for masking in general, there is a dearth of such evidence. While laboratory studies provide compelling evidence that masks—especially N95 respirators—can reduce virus transmission, it remains unclear what impact they have in real-world settings, where masks may not be clean, may not fit properly, and may not be worn correctly.

That uncertainty is compounded when mask requirements are imposed on children as young as 2, which may help explain why the purported benefits of school mask mandates have been so hard to verify. A preprint study based on data from Florida for the 2020–21 school year, for example, found no association between mask policies and case rates. Smelkinson et al. cite other data from Tennessee, Florida, North Dakota, and the U.K. that likewise are not consistent with the assumption that school mask mandates reduce virus transmission. Prasad notes that data from Spain also do not support that belief.

Prasad has long been skeptical that cloth masks—the kind most commonly used in schools—are effective in preventing COVID-19 transmission. That view has gained ground with the spread of the highly transmissible omicron variant. In light of omicron, CNN medical analyst Leana Wen, a former Baltimore health commissioner, declared last month, "cloth masks are little more than facial decorations." Even the CDC has finally acknowledged that N95s "offer the highest level of protection," while "loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection."

Some schools have responded by mandating N95s or similar masks, which are more effective but also harder and more uncomfortable to wear properly, especially for children. But that escalation is hard to justify in light of several facts.

First, life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms have always been rare among children, and that is especially true of omicron infections, which tend to be less severe than cases caused by earlier variants. "A (pre-vaccine!) analysis from Germany shows that if a child is infected with COVID—with or without preexisting conditions—there is an 8 in 100,000 chance of going to the intensive care unit," Prasad writes. "According to the same study, the risk of death is 3 in 1 million, with no deaths reported in the over-5 age group. These risks are astonishingly low."

Second, vaccination, which is now available to anyone 5 or older, further reduces that already tiny risk. It also protects teachers and other adults who might catch COVID-19 from children.

Third, immunocompromised children and adults who might not gain the same benefit from vaccination can protect themselves from infection by wearing well-fitted N95s or similar masks even if students are not required to wear them. As Tufts Medical Center epidemiologist Shira Doron and two co-authors note in The Washington Post, "respirators and other high-quality masks are highly effective at protecting their wearers, regardless of what people around them are doing." Doron et al. argue that the ready availability of high-quality masks means that "schools can finally safely make masks optional for students and staff."

While the benefits of school mask mandates are uncertain at best, the burdens they impose are clear. In addition to the discomfort caused by wearing them all day, masks interfere with communication, learning, and social interaction.

"Recent prospective studies from Greece and Italy found evidence that masking is a barrier to speech recognition, hearing, and communication, and that masks impede children's ability to decode facial expressions, dampening children's perceived trustworthiness of faces," Smelkinson et al. note. "Research has also suggested that hearing-impaired children have difficulty discerning individual sounds; opaque masks, of course, prevent lip-reading. Some teachers, parents, and speech pathologists have reported that masks can make learning difficult for some of America's most vulnerable children, including those with cognitive delays, speech and hearing issues, and autism. Masks may also hinder language and speech development—especially important for students who do not speak English at home. Masks may impede emotion recognition, even in adults, but particularly in children."

Given these serious concerns, the CDC's inability to demonstrate the benefits of following its advice, or even to honestly discuss the relevant research, is an egregious failure. "When the history books are written, we will not look wise or kind for insisting that kids and toddlers wear masks for hours on end, year after year, without ever testing this policy with controlled trials," Prasad concludes. "We will look ignorant, cruel, fearful, and cowardly. We might even look worse than our primitive ancestors who, when faced with great plagues, engaged in all sorts of bizarre, superstitious behavior—but which rarely included making kids suffer most."

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  1. Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?

    Because they would have to remove their boot from the neck of schoolchildren?

    1. The core problem, along with 99% of our other problems, is that democrats control this organization.

      1. It's a pure power-boner move. There is not, has never been, and will never be a good reason to mask school children. There isn't any locale that has actually benefited from a mask mandate, but they have to keep digging. I just don't see the thrill of forcing it on kids.

        1. " those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience"

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            1. Everybody can earn $500 Daily... Yes! you can earn more than you think by working online from home. I have been doing this job for like a ERt few weeks and my last week payment was exactly 2537 dollars. See More Info.... >

          2. To admit at a high time of omicron that it's a pointless exercise in futility means they are once again humiliated, this time on the altar of their own hyperbole, self-righteousness and panic. They made it personal and political and so it remains. Worship "the science" as an objective fact rather than a process, and bow to the mask.

            It's hard enough for anyone to admit they're wrong. Double hard for progs who think any such admission delegitimizes everything they know to be true and points to the fact that they were willing to force your kid to put a diaper on his head [aka child abuse] in order to justify their own panic.

            Seriously, has anyone actually heard Bernie even mention Denmark since they said they were terminating "the pandemic" as of tomorrow? They disappeared off his radar faster than Spain or Venezuela.

            Side Note: It's also likely that Pelosi has money invested in a billion child-sized masks in a warehouse somewhere.

        2. Maybe no good, i.e. medically logical reason. But a very compelling reason: showing children what "good" citizens look like.

          To paraphrase the fucktard David Hogg, "You don't want anyone to think your kid is a conservative." Right?

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        3. There is little reason to mask anyone.

          1. Democrats. Plastic bags tied tightly. Be safeand cover their entire heads.

            Then waterboarding.

            Waterboarding kills covid.

          2. The left always comes up with simplistic solutions, without any concern of whether they work, but will hold on to them as if life depended on it.
            They still think that just giving free money to poor people will solve all their problems.

            1. They also come up with solutions and then look for a problem this might solve. Then when nothing changes or gets worse, they credit their solution. It's the ol' *lion repellant tactic*. My lion repellant works as evidenced by the fact that there are no lions around here. Therefore you must buy some for your own good or you are a child hater who wants lions to eat them.

        4. Because they're child abusers

          1. Speaking of Child Molesters,...

            National Enquirer has a front page featuring Blowhard Biden and his bumbling Covid response.


    2. Today, CDC released three studies in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) that highlight the importance of using layered prevention strategies including universal masking to stop the spread and minimize disruptions to school operations for safe in-person education.

      1. Don’t really give a shit at this point. Not wearing one and the cdc is dumb.

        1. You and the 5,666,788 dead don't care either, nature calls it thinning the herd.

          1. Thanks for admitting those "layered prevention strategies" were a screaming failure.

          2. Out of a population of 7+billion, that is hardly thinning the herd. It's barely a rounding error. God, you sound stupid. I'll use a big number rather than a percentage to make it sound scarier. It is less than 0.08% if the world population, far below replacement level. Fucking chicken littles who don't understand risk assessment.

            1. They did they would (with slightly more validity, but not much) be working again swimming pools and cars (even electric ones) - And skiping the guns and covid.

      2. Did you fucking read the article? The CDC is relying on fucking dubious studies that are contradicted by other studies. The fucking author just fucking said that, dipshit. Nice appeal to dubious authority.

        1. Remember who you’re talking to— POLITFACT!!!!!!

      3. Minimize disruption caused by their other advice?

      4. Did they come right after the CDC acknowledging the overwhelming majority of people died WITH Covid? You know, 94.5% inflated. Minor issues.

        Worst plague ever.

      5. Today, Kellogg released hundreds of statements concluding, after exhaustive research, their cereals were part of a complete breakfast.

        Also today, Crest released hundreds of statements concluding, after exhaustive research, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend their toothpaste.

        1. Tony the Tiger agrees.

          Great parallel there to Tony Fauci.

          1. That's Tony the Paper Tiger.

            1. Tony sold out to Mexihole.

              Bastards cant make Raisin bran in the US.

      6. Do you cringe a little bit each time you double down on this nonsense because I'm actually embarrassed for you here

    3. Yep. Anything that government can control, they do. That's why kids are masked and airplanes are masked and their workforce is full of the juiced.

      1. Airplanes are masked because it's one of the few places where the federal government has the recognized authority to force red-state heretics to bend the knee to the new state religion.

        It has nothing to do with "safety" and everything to do with submission, which is why it's going to be around for a long time.

        1. Put on a mask. Crawl into a cigar tube with 230 other people.

          Safe. Somehow.

          Wth happened to Social distancing?

          Its 6 FEET, not 6 INCHES.

          1. That's what she said - - - - - - -

    4. Because they would have to remove their boot from the neck of schoolchildren?

      MY kids won't have to fear that boot.... I WILL stand between them and the wearers of tose bots. MY ids will NOT ever darken the door of a gummit skewl. this is just one of many reasons that is so.
      They claim N95 masks are effective? Baloney!!! My work sometimes has me at risk of inhaling small particles griding and sanding dust from body work, painting, metal work etc. So I have, for many years, doned the N95 mask, preferring the misery of searing the infernal things to inhaling large quantities of paint, plastics, resins, corrosion, metal particles, sandblast tailings, etc. After wearing the N95 mask for at most half an hour at a stretch, I have to quit, remove it go do something else for a spell. WHenever I look at the INSIDE (the side toward my mouth and nose, I see it covered with a heavy layer of the contaminant I am trying to avoid breating. It has been drawn right THROUGH the material of the mask. I also will always find a thick layer of the dust on my nose, upper lip, cheek, and even my chin. I will find heavy layers of the particles coming from inside my nose, and feel the grit of the particles on my teeth. If I can FEEL the gritting of the dust particles on my tongue and teeth, those particles are YUUUGE compared to any virus.. thousands of times larger than Covid at .028 to .065 microns. One could sitck one's finger in a pile of tose viral particles and never feel a thing on one's fingers, teeth, nails, etc.

      SO they want ME to beive the N 95 maasks are EFFECTIVE against a virus one millionth the size of the dust my mask easily allows to pass? Sorry I ain't that STUPID. Or maybe they're just not paying me enough to come up with those "findings".

      And THAT is regarding the over-sod N 95 masks. Tose stupid pleated blue pieces of garbage are amamy times more permeable than the N 95.

      Further when I am "out and about" I amuse myself by "exanining" the mask wearing practices of the general pubic. Ridiculous. Well below one percent have them fitted properly, a small raction of that percentage change them hourly as required by correct protocols, people are constantly fussing with them (which, per protocol, triggers a replacement, incuding snaitising hands before and after handling the two masks also the face, then washing one's hands after the whole proceedure. And next time y9u TOUCH the infernal thing, go and wash them again keeping them under HOT running water with plenty of soap for at least twenty seconds, then rinsing and air drying (not with a towell) The poor fit jobs I see are hilarious.. often from the pwermongering karens screaming at ME for not having one of the blasted things plastered accross MY mug. I called a particulalry shrill harpie berting ME for not wearing one at all, when HERS ws half an inch below her nostrils, and blowing out the puffs at both cheeks as she huffed and puffed against me. I am CERTAIN her rant spewed any available virus four to ten times as far as my own quiet calm voice did. A power tripper with the throttle stuck against the floorboards.

      1. That was interesting. Thank you

      2. Sounds like you aren't wearing the mask correctly if you are seeing all that much stuff on the inside.

      3. Yeah thanks for the post. Real world experience is worth a thousand studies by people sitting at computer terminals.

    5. The CDC, imho, is 100% correct in advocating that people wear masks, even in schools, as well as other indoor venues. In addition to the Covid-19 vaccines, face masks, especially the KN95's and the N95's offer the best protection against Covid-19 infections.

      People who refuse to wear masks in indoor settings, and insist on going to bars and restaurants while we're in the middle of a dangerous pandemic are putting themselves, as well as others at risk. The Covid-19 vaccines and the wearing of face masks, should be made mandatory, on a nation-wide basis. They should not have been left up to the individual states, because it's clear that not all state governors are trustworthy enough or responsible enough to implement mask and vaccine mandates.

      1. Your opinion is dogshit and you have ignored everyone that has attempted to fix your misconceptions.

        Fuck right on off a cliff, slaver.

        1. "slaver" being the very personality disorder of the problem with mapol.
          Dido this comment...

      2. And since a great number of your lies and subsequent refutations appear to have mysteriously vanished, here we go again.

        Jab does not, nor has it ever prevented infection or transmission of Covid. It only reduces symptoms; viral loads have been comparable in un/vax and transmission is aerosol based, making masks largely irrelevant.

        CDC has admitted that only 5.5% died OF Covid. The overwhelming majority of dead had multiple comorbidities that would have killed them independently of Covid. Obesity weighed heavily.

        12,300 <18 have died since the pandemic began, counting WITH. That shakes out to about 670 OF, total, or about 223 kids per year. 2018 car wrecks killed about 4,000 kids for comparison.

      3. My GOD your an idiot. How can a person be this f-ing ignorant? Please..., PLEASE stay quarantined to your little box u reside in. As it is YOU who is the real danger to society.
        The Phucko Knows

      4. The gig is up. It’s over. Fuck off.

      5. obviously trolling

      6. Mapol,
        Judging people according to the color of their skin is a very racist thing. Please stop being a racist and supporting joe biden. Content of character is far more important.
        Also, please stop freeloading off of hard working people.

    6. Here is what Vinay Prasad also wrote but wasn't quoted in this article:

      "While cloth-masking does little if anything to delay infection, universal N95-masking might have indeed been helpful."

      The issue with the studies is that they are merely observational, ie, no proper controls on such important matters as quality of the mask, fit, and compliance. So that there is no solid evidence backing universal masking from such poorly constructed studies (rather, there is no construction of the experiment at all) is not surprising. To conclude, however, that high quality masks worn properly and consistently do not work is itself a fallacy. The author hints at the fact that proper masking might work, but doesn't dig deeper. This article is as much hot garbage as the studies it criticizes.

  2. I am still hoping for a National Institute of Mental Health to provide a comprehensive review and judgment of how bat-shit crazy most people have behaved in response to the pandemic. Not sure what we could do with the findings, but it might be entertaining.

  3. "Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?

    Because that would be giving in to Trump and the insurrectionists--and contradicting Trump and the insurrectionists is more important than science.

    1. Plus, the feelz are good. Other than fast-tracking vaccines, what covid policies have made any impact? For all the hiding, screeching, and shouting, government policy has only impacted people feeling safe. They haven't saved lives, they haven't prevented the spread of it, but by-golly, it feels safe and secure to see everyone else wearing a mask at the grocery store.

      1. Throwing covid patients into nursing homes made a huge impact.

        1. It sold a lot of books for Cuomo.

    2. TDS is indeed a powerful disease.

  4. They want to save face. Probably can't do it, so we just all have to cover them up.

    1. Sometimes I look back at the timing of things and feel that the masking thing was supposed to be a placebo. They freaked people out so much to justify lockdowns that people were unwilling to go back in public. Masks were just Dumbos magic feather meant to give people confidence to re enter the world.

      The reason I say this is if you look at the initial messaging like the first public address from the Surgeon General, it is very tentative. “If you would like some extra protection, try to make a cloth mask…”

      But then everyone went the next step and said, “if it could help we ALL need to do it!!!!!!” And then state mandates started.

      1. You may be right.

        I mean, masks like surgical quality masks work when they work. Which is only in specific environments for specific reasons to do specific things, like they can be expected to reduce exposure during brief face-to-face encounters.

        Key words are reduce, face-to-face, and brief. For them to actually do their job beyond just briefly reducing exposure, they have to be properly fitted and used, N95 (which means tested and proven to reduce 95% of virus movement), and used all the time in conjunction with other mitigation methods. N95 are NOT comfortable masks, and not reusable.

        Where they don't work is longer exposure, sitting in a room with others where air isn't exchanged (and distance doesn't matter here if you're in the room long enough), or where people aren't using them properly. Which is everywhere, pretty much. Masks are decidedly not a panacea.

        You are right again.

        Also, a lot of the other mitigation strategies have already been admitted to be made up. Los Angeles closed restaurants not because they were spreading the 'rona, but just to convince people to stay at home. The distance of 2 meters/6 feet what just pulled out of someone's ass. They started with 10 feet, decided it would be unworkable, then said 6 feet. It was a guess that distance was good, but mostly it was meant to make people feel in control. They could do something, but it was not based on evidence. All the hand washing and sanitization of surfaces and bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere are based on fomite spread like some viruses exhibit, but Covid doesn't spread via fomites. Only aerosols. Once these things were in place they were sacrosanct for a lot of people, even as evidence came in and proved many of them useless.

        The worst shit is when its counterproductive. These placebos make people do bad things. The elbow bump thing... people are still doing it. I saw a picture of Boris Johnson doing it recently, and I saw F Joe Biden doing it a few months ago. Covid doesn't spread via fomites, so touching a hand is NOT going to give you cooties. But it does spread via aerosols, so touching elbows brings your face significantly closer to that other person's face where you breath in each other's breath, while shaking hands like we've been doing for centuries to greet people gives you more distance.

        I'd be less unhappy if these placebos weren't laws. I can ignore stupid people. But I went shopping last night and was breaking the law not wearing a mask. In an empty supermarket. Where nobody was within 40 feet of me the whole time before I checked out. I wasn't the only one, lots of people here ignore Sacramento, but we were outlaws.

        I skipped my concert last night because was not in the mood to deal with it, but the Symphony requires (by state law) vaccine cards, IDs, universal masking all the time everywhere -- you can't even grab a cup of coffee at intermission. Other counties, like Los Angeles, are worse and have vaccine passports to go into any business. For a vaccine that only protects the recipient, not stops spread. Note that the neighboring San Diego and Orange Counties have very similar covid numbers without universal mandates or vaccine passports.

        It's definitely all theater. Politicians like the folks at the CDC think so little of people that they won't just give good data and let them choose, they feel they have to manipulate them. And they're bad at it, because they don't understand normal Americans at all.

  5. Why hasn't reason been pushing this fact since March 2019? Why hasn't reason been at the forefront of the insanity if vaccines for under 18? Fear makes people do stupid things.

    Sadly European countries are doing better than here. Sweden just dismissed vaccines for under 12s because no data actually shows they help that age cohort. This is the type of stuff reason should have been saying for 2 years. They didn't.

    1. Who was that orange man that might have questioned masks?

    2. The reason you vax your toddlers is not to protect them, but to protect grandma when they come home.

      So make sure grandma is vaxxed.

      Yes, but even though Grandma is vaxxed, she can still catch the disease.

      So why am I vaxxing the kids?

      To protect grandma.

      Can the kids catch the disease if they're vaxxed?


      Can they spread the disease?


      So why am I vaxxing the kids?

      To protect Grandma.

      1. It’s democrat logic. It’s why they’re so successful.

        1. Cuz most prosper are dumb as rocks

          1. People*….Including me

      2. Not so smart!

        Since the vaccines do NOT prevent transmission , how does masking children protect Grandma???

        Fear is not the same as rational thought.

        1. The difference between doing everything possible (regardless of cost or effectiveness) and doing everything reasonable.

  6. If you can't answer that question your a bottom feeding retard.
    The cdc is a political entity and will not say anything that goes against their narrarative.

    1. False.

      CDC is a scientific entity.

      The Talking Heads are not CDC. They are political appointees not talkung science, but politics.

  7. What we need here is a Rosa Parks event.

    1. Had many in LA, NY, and Va. The kids weren't sent home, cops called, etc. Many protestors going into restaurants says masks and getting arrested.

      1. Are they oppressed black women? Are the restaurant owners literally Jim Crow? If not, good luck getting elitists and their media to pay attention.


      Leading a kid of school in handcuffs for refusing to mask wasn't enough to make these police question what they were doing.....

    3. I live in a suburban school district in Texas. Our district announced its "return to normal operations" on June 1, 2021 and by god, they've stuck to that and it has been great. No mask mandates, no "social distancing" at sporting events, and no 10 day suspensions because Little Timmy had the sniffles and was in the same room with Little Johnny.

      In fact, I was at an event tonight and ran into the superintendent. I introduced myself and told him "Thank you for letting my kids have a normal school year." I am glad I told him that.

      1. Too bad it took " them two years of economic and socio- psych destruction to figure it out.

        Many of us had it pegged when Fauci stormed off stage at the Trump presser when asked how this was like the flu.

        His lower body covering had burst into combustion.

    4. We had quite enough of that old commie the first time.

  8. “First, life-threatening COVID-19 symptoms have always been rare among children, and that is especially true of omicron infections, which tend to be less severe than cases caused by earlier variants. "A (pre-vaccine!) analysis from Germany shows that if a child is infected with COVID—with or without preexisting conditions—there is an 8 in 100,000 chance of going to the intensive care unit," Prasad writes. "According to the same study, the risk of death is 3 in 1 million, with no deaths reported in the over-5 age group. These risks are astonishingly low."”

    That’s really the bottom line. Kids almost never die from COVID-19, so why is their learning being disrupted by requiring asking? 3 in a million puts the risk far, far down in the hierarchy of things that might kill them. Much better to focus on things that really might kill the kids, like drunk driving, drive by shootings, drownings, lightning strikes, etc. And, those 3 in a million were not selected randomly, but rather the class of those who are vulnerable is fairly easy to identify - those with known comorbidities, such as obesity or being immune compromised. If a kid can run around the field in PE, masking probably does them much more harm than good.

    1. "Much better to focus on things that really might kill the kids"

      Um, sure. But I can hear the activist campaigns now. The targeted threat will be advertised as "Worse than COVID!"

  9. Supporters of that policy assume it works, then desperately search for evidence to validate that conviction.

    Hey, someone's starting to pay attention.

    1. We need to stop any tolerance of these people and their activities. Shut them down at every turn.

      1. Well someone IS!!!

        "Questions remain over Youngkin’s new tipline for ‘divisive’ practices in Virginia schools"

        Hes throwing it right back in their faces

    2. That is the newspeak definition of The Science.

  10. If it only, maybe, possibly, theoretically, wishfully saves one life........

    1. Worse: if it only, maybe, possibly, theoretically, wishfully allays one fear.

  11. And there's no evidence that daylight savings time® saves any energy.

  12. Oh dear, what a fuss! Let's keep it simple. Unless you have solid evidence that masks are harmful ... or useless ... and it seems pretty clear that you don't, why not go on wearing them? What's the downside? The kids don't mind. I wear a mask and I don't mind. Isn't this all about a small minority of Trumpites jumping up and down in confected outrage over nothing very much?

    1. It’s just a little piece of yellow cloth on the sleeve. What’s the big deal?

    2. Most people DO mind, why does your not minding constitute any basis for public policy??

      If you cannot find the downside of masking , it is because you refuse to look. Remaining ignorant and then basing your comment upon your own ignorance helps no one.

      There is clear and obvious evidence that masks do cause harm. There is NOT clear and obvious evidence that masks are effective for anyone. Alas, you do have to reach outside of the leftist media bubble to know this. Knowing BOTH sides of an issue is paramount to having an informed opinion, something you have skipped in your "what a fuss" comment. Use duckduckgo instead of google if you want non biased responses.
      You seem to have a case of TDS and should seek psychological treatment to restore your ability to think clearly

      1. RFERRIS bringing the heat

      2. What makes you surmise there was ever that ability previously?

    3. I mind tremendously. In casual encounters I like seeing people's faces and exchanging smiles. In my college teaching I hate speaking through a mask and not being able to communicate with my entire face, and I hate trying to judge what students are understanding and thinking when their faces are half-covered.

      And in general, I am put off by what is clearly for many people a tangible virtue signal, and I am disappointed to see how many people have given in to fear. I resent how this will manifest in young children, and how negative impacts will persist.

      So, oh dear, go fuck yourself.

      1. I am hard of hearing and it's impossible to tell if someone is speaking if they are in a mask, much mess speaking to me. And trying to talk to someone wearing a mask in a crowded room? Forget about it. Impossible unless I put my ear right next to their face. So yeah, I mind.

        Seeing another person in a mask causes subliminal anxiety in people. It literally reminds them to be scared. I don't agree that they need to be scared therefore I don't appreciate being compelled into political speech on behalf of elected "leaders".

        My mantra last year during MASKMANIA! was to tell people, "I'm not sick and I'm not scared. No need fort me to wear that."

        1. I'm also hard of hearing. Before masks I didn't realize how much I rely on lip reading and facial expressions to understand people. I'm not the only one with this problem.

    4. "What's the downside??"FIBROSIS YOU STUPID FUCK>

      1. Are you suggesting that wearing a mask causes lung fibrosis? Got any source at all for that?

        1. Yes its " get off your lazy fucking ass and Google it . com"

          Thats the source, low grade moron.

          1. Really, do you have any source at all, even a sketchy one? I did google it to see if there was something I had missed about masks, but no...

            I'm legit curious. Because I wear an N95 all day, every day at my hospital. Every employee there wears a surgical or N95 mask all day, every day, except in their private office or when they're eating/drinking. No mask fibrosis deaths yet. Nobody passing out from lack of oxygen either.

    5. Oh, dear! Fuck off and die, slaver.

    6. My kids absolutely hated wearing masks, and did you read the article, the masks have multiple negative outcomes for the kids. So without evidence of effectiveness you are in fact causing harm with no evidence of help. Stay the fuck away from my kids and anyone elses you absolute sadist.

      1. soldiermedic76: Thank you. FINALLY it is said; maskholes are SADISTS. And for the few that are not, they're little more than misery looking for company. Far more repugnant than the smell of someone's BO is the stench of mendacity when some supercilious, sanctimonious plastic banana is virtue signalling their mask fetish. That mask might render them half as ugly, but it doesn't do squat to conceal the putrid ugly lurking on the inside.

    7. Unless you have solid evidence it's harmful, I'll need you to spin around three time while crowing like a rooster before starting your car.
      This is a time-tested gremlin repellent, and frequent usage can lower the rate of on-road failures dramatically.

      It really doesn't impact you much, and the kids think it's fun.

    8. U should wear a baseball bat shoved up your ass. As it has been determined it stops diarrhea. U r easily one of the most ignorant humans to drag thier knuckles across a dirt floor. How the hell do u even function in life? Really numbnuts..., how do u get thru your day being this much of a simpleton?
      The Phucko Knows

    9. The default state is to no wear masks, hence the burden of proof is on those who think mask mandates have a positive effect. Especially since the best data available at the start of the pandemic - analyzed by both WHO and CDC - said they were not effective. Quoting WHO directly here:

      "Ten RCTs were included in the meta-analysis, and there was no evidence that face masks are effective in reducing transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza."

      To date, nothing has been presented that contradicts that statement.

      1. You're right that the WHO says that! (I checked, because a lot of people spout nonsense). On the other hand, I haven't had even the sniffles in 2 years. I'm washing my hands more as well, so maybe that's helping.

        1. The hand washing (which has been pretty much settled science since Dr. Lister's days) is what did it. No one even debates the efficacy of hand washing nowadays. Okay, I am sure there are some who still dismiss germ theory but they are probably outnumbered by flat earthers.

    10. "Let's keep it simple. Unless you have solid evidence that masks are harmful ... or useless ... and it seems pretty clear that you don't, why not go on wearing them? What's the downside? "

      Saying prayers in school are even LESS harmful. You on board with that? Why not?

      1. Since no one seems interested in answering you I’ll try to impersonate one:

        You see, prayers shouldn’t be allowed because they are expressions of religion and no one should have religion forced on them! Now put on the talismask so we all feel like we are stopping the germs!

  13. It seems like everyone is just forgetting why masks were illegal in the first place. Ive even been denied service at gas stations for wearing a motorcycle helmet. Just before covid, you can find a video of a guy getting kicked out of a walmart, arrested, and charged for wearing a motorcycle helmet. If you cant see a guys face, you cant even give a description. School bullying, on the rise, robberies on the rise. All levels of crime to include terroist riots, on the rise. Schools are not safe places to begin with. Mask mandates make them worse. Imagine a school shooting where the mass shooter gets away with it; the next story you're about to read.

    1. Just stop voting for democrats

  14. Sigh. Sullum, this is what you get for letting science override morality. The second you started arguing the science, you conceded that science was the arbiter of what freedoms we ought to give up. You would never do this for terrorism or drugs or eating fatty foods or sugary drinks.

    But for some reason, you abrogated your moral principles to people with clip boards and unknown agendas. Shame on you. Seriously.

    Nobody has the moral right to force *you* or *your child* to protect them against an act of nature. Certainly, if you are sick, stay home or wear a mask. But if you have every reason to think you are healthy, no one has the right to force you to wear a muzzle on the off chance that you might unknowingly have germs on you.

    This is so mind-numbingly simple from a moral and NAP standpoint, but Sullum has been here week after week summarizing the science *hoping* that it would convince government agents to take their boot off our necks. Well it will never do that, Sullum. Because the Government is the one that gets to accept which science is The Science!(tm). And by even giving science such power to decide moral questions, we only ensure that the science will be perverted and cherry picked for political purposes.

    1. The second you started arguing the science, you conceded that science was the arbiter of what freedoms we ought to give up.

      This is an excellent point.

      It's easy to point out the hypocrisy in The Science people denying the science. And that the reasons for masks and mandates and vaccine passports have all been mooted by time and Omnicron.

      But you have struck the fundamental note here. Two years into an "emergency" the most basic rights to live in a free society are still being abrogated and those who are doing so are happy to just state a reason. They don't care if it's good, bad, or otherwise. They've said straight up that they'll lie, and that they'll do nefarious and harmful things for coercion, not just The Science or logic.

      Negotiating with these people is like arguing with a troll on this board. They'll just keep saying "What harm does it do?" It's a fixed game, not worth playing.

    2. You are right, the moral question should prevent the "experts" from using what they call science to recommend to the politicians which freedoms we can enjoy. Mixing science and politics destroys the integrity of the science and is toxic to liberty. When there is any attempt to combine the two, the result will inevitably be justification for the political rule most preferred by the ruling elite.
      Regarding Covid studies, most are merely correlations of observations made under certain conditions, with no controls to isolate cause and effect. Correlation never equates to causation. Random controlled studies can provide evidence of causation, but they are "so hard to perform," and so unlikely to yield preferred results, that the CDC would rather talk about observations. They can't justify mask mandates for any group of people with scientific proof, so they don't even try. They rely on specious correlations. The same is true for nearly all government "science." Actually, government science is an oxymoron, designed to justify actions by elected morons.
      Just consider "climate change" and economic predictions, which may be two of the areas for the biggest science fakes ever. Mathematical models and observations don't prove cause and effect, but they can be successfully employed by political demagogues and their lackeys, the hired gun experts who provide the politicians with "pseudo-scientific" arguments, to frighten the public into willingly - or even enthusiastically - surrendering their liberty.
      Covid-19 has provided the current and would-be future tyrants with a blueprint for further worldwide efforts to extinguish individual liberty and property rights.

  15. My folks were democratic party activists in our town. I got to meet a bunch of dem pols including a congresswoman. And some gop'ers too. For the most part they were all morons..and this was my take away as a 10 year old.

    Now on the subject: My mom once said elected politicians can never risk losing the public confidence. You can never admit you were wrong especially after you overreact to something bad on your watch. This has nothing to do with science by politics..period

    1. But the truth usually comes out in the end. Admitting you were mistaken carries less risk than the public finding out you were wrong and hid it. obviously, political advisors don't understand game theory.

      1. obviously, political advisors don't understand game theory.

        Must be why they're all out of work because their candidates keep losing.

    2. I've met a lot of politicians in my life. Most are below average intelligence. People need to disabuse themselves of the notion that our overlords are smarter than we are. They aren't.

  16. Omicron, the highly contagious coronavirus variant sweeping across the country, is driving the daily American death toll higher than during last fall’s delta wave, with deaths likely to keep rising for days or even weeks.

    The seven-day rolling average for daily new COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. has been climbing since mid-November, reaching 2,267 on Thursday and surpassing a September peak of 2,100 when delta was the dominant variant.

    Everyone is dying! DYING! So quit winging about masks.

    1. Theyre always with the isolated, single metrics with no context.

      ike yesterdays bullshit about Bidens recovered the GDP to 6.x percent.

      The economy crashed 10% from 100 dollars to ....90. 10 pct of 100 is to.

      I know this is hard math for you Liberals but try and keep up. Take your shoes off...

      Now theres 5 % "recovery".

      Whats 90 + 10 % of 90?

      ITS NOT 100!

      1. damn this format...

        " 10 pct of 100 is 10."
        "Now theres 10% recovery."


    2. OMG! 2267? That's like 0.0007%. So EVERYONE! And if we add up all the deaths from, with, near, and during COVID, it could be as huge as 0.3%. That's everyone ten times over! (And not to mention that among very young people, no-one, and among young people, almost no-one.)

      You should go back to your safe space, and when you recover consider giving up Reason for a site called Panic.

      1. Funny how "every child matters " till its time to ABORT them.

        Damn Democrats are psychopaths.

      2. It would only stand to reason that if "cases" (really, positive tests) are spiking, then incidental deaths among people who happen to test positive are also spiking. It doesn't mean they are dying of covid, it means that - at least for some of them - they are dying with it in their system. And since more people have it in their system, more people are being classified as "covid deaths".

        1. Funny how the 'experts' have never mentioned this at all.

    3. Our pets heads are falling off!

    4. You STILL believe their contrived data after all that's been exposed about their mendacity? You are one pathetic individual. Do NOT reproduce.

    5. Nobody's dying that didn't already have a foot dangling over thier soon to come Graves. The "total death numbers" r but a fabricated lie. YOU..., r just to wantingly stupid and ignorant to see the truth. The YEARLY death numbers have remained stagnant for TWO years. The CDC says LESS then 6% of these phony numbers ACTUALLY died from a virus. Which means moron... LESS folks have died during the ANNUAL flu season THEN NORMAL expectations. YOU..., can not possibly be this stupid.
      The Phucko Knows

      1. Did Robert LaMay (age 50) have one foot in the grave when he quit being a WA State Trooper rather than get vaxed? He died of COVID less than 3 months after quitting the force.

        1. If you point to outliers to prove your case, you aren't following the science. There is a reason they are called outliers. Take a fucking statistics course.

          1. Too late.
            All current statistics courses merely show the student how to prove that event "X" is solely caused by systemic racism.

  17. "Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?"


    Because that would anger the gods of the new Covidian religion.

    1. Thats why I practive FSM.

      Flying Spaghetti Monster.

      It is a kind and tasty Deity.

      His Sauce is sufficient.

  18. "Carville's advice to Dems: 'Just win some godd*mn elections'..."



    When mICHELLE Moore says the Dem party is dead, ...

    "its dead, Jim!"

    1. daveca: "maan, Ah donn kerr 'bout DAT! Weah muh gumbo?"

      1. I have a Sausage meal right here for you.

        Right down

  19. Is there a compelling reason not to wear a mask? Are drywallers falling over from hypoxia? Nope. If the masks can help slow down the people presenting themselves at the hospitals it is worth the effort. Medical staff have been running at "red line" for almost 2 years and they are burning out. Enough of this politicized jabber!

    1. Fuck off and dies, slaver.

    2. Your sockpuppet posted this drivel above, dipshit.

      Tie a plastic bag around your head and you'll never have to worry about COVID again.

      1. Latest guidance: 2 bags.

        1. Thats the Bill Clinton Protocol.

          Shill is a Double Bagger.

    3. Intetesting your purely politucal drama..." if masks can help.

      THEY DONT.

    4. The masks cause irreparable harm to the kids, as stated in the damn article. Kids aren't at risk, forcing them to wear masks, without solid evidence of benefits, especially with solid evidence of harm, is simply sadistic. It is pretty obvious by now progressives are sadists that get their jollies from inflecting harm on the most at risk, defenseless groups. Thank you for making that obvious.

    5. Enforcing the mandate is inherently harmful. If a student, for whatever reason, decides not to wear a mask, what the school does in response will harm that student.

      Emphasizing masks also runs the very real risk of creating a false impression of their effectiveness. If people have a false sense of security, they are likely to engage in riskier behaviors than they otherwise would. About half the non-Vaxed seniors I know are militant about masks and believe that it protects them while engaging in activityb they absolutely should not given their vulnerability.

      Given that we don't have any evidence that masks help, we are similarly unable to determine if they might actually hurt. If people speak more loudly while wearing a mask, it could lead to greater spread. Is there any evidence of this? No. But you don't get to create rules based on intuition and call it following the science.

    6. Is there a compelling reason not to wear a mask?

      Yes, they don't work.

    7. Fuck off slaver.

      1. Google ""crisis standards of care" January 2022" and look for results from the last 30 days, and you'll find hospitals that are overwhelmed, in Idaho, Nebraska, Maryland, Delaware, Colorado

        Not "all hospitals" but some...

        1. Some hospitals are always at the redline. Because hospitals always run as close to full as possible and one even can stress their resources. Above you use an outlier case to scare people and now you don't understand how hospitals operate. Just stop while you're ahead.

    8. Folks, you can all argue rationally with some pathetic pile of lefty shit like this all day long, and it will have zero effect.
      You're welcome to see this religion as either a sort of "chicken little' response to a minor illness, or simply the leftist mental disease assuming universal control.
      Regardless, the intent here has nothing to do with rationality; this is a religion and will be defended as all religions are: to the last death!

    9. Are drywallers falling over from hypoxia? Nope.

      Are drywallers wearing their particle masks for 16 hours a day? Nope. If you'd ever been to a job site instead of HGTV you'd know that drywallers only wear a particle mask while they are sanding. Because the particulate matter in the air is larger than the pores in a particle mask. Particle masks works to keep out sanding dust. They don't work to keep out viruses.

      1. They barely keep out that dust. You still taste sheetrock all day.

        1. Bingo.

          Neither do they prevent the Assweasel Karens that wear them from spreading stupidity.

    10. I'm Just Dumb: That's what's referred to as being stunningly, embarrassingly and inexorably full of shit. You are without a doubt the quintessential LibTard. Are you able to pull off bathing and dressing yourself mornings?

    11. "Is there a compelling reason not to wear a mask?"

      Because I do not want to is far more than compelling.

      If YOU want to wear one, feel free. You do not own me and have no right I submit to your whims.

      "If the masks can help slow down the people presenting themselves at the hospitals"

      They are not and never have been. Stop arguing hypotheticals that are easily debunked

      "Medical staff have been running at "red line" for almost 2 years and they are burning out. "

      Firing a bunch because they did not get a borderline useless vaccine was far more of a problem than masks.

  20. Once they admit masks don't work in schools, it will be hard to pretend they work anywhere.

    1. Saw a drug store today:

      "Flu shots"

      No covid ad.

      The Gig is Up.

  21. Why can't the CDC admit the FDA is made up of Fucking Dumb Asses who can't approve trivial Covid tests?

    1. Just found out today that the left is preventing the FJB Administration from getting its FDA director confirmed. That means that it is being run by an acting director - which means by a career bureaucrat. Or, really maybe worse, likely by someone who has worked for big Pharma, given the revolving door between them and the top tiers of the FDA.

  22. My sons school does not require masks, and didn’t even when they were supposed to. My oldest now has COVID even though he was vaxxed and supposedly always wore his mask. It’s telling that his mom, who is making a stink about Youngkin lifting the mask mandate, has been silent because she had taken them to an indoor water park where everyone was unmasked last week. So if she was really that concerned, she wouldn’t have taken them there. Goes to show you masks are all about prog virtue signaling.

    1. ", has been silent"

      "Eating Crow" is the operative phrase.

      Sorry he and you had to put up with it...

      There wont be one apology from " them" when final analysis shows it was all in vain.

    2. And by "prog virtue signaling" you of course mean ABUSE

  23. "since it did not take into account potentially important confounding variables such as vaccination rates and other precautions that districts with mask mandates may have adopted."

    This happens ALL THE TIME and these are RESEARCHERS who should know the most basic concepts of logic and reasoning. Specifically, correlation does NOT equal causation. This and its cousin: single-factor analysis are as much of a pandemic as the COVID-19 virus they pretend to study.

    1. The giveaway they were full of excrement wss that a lot of time is needed to study this.

      They had the " answers" right up front.

      Fuckey knew it all.

      Hitler did also. He knew decades before DNA science existed that Jews were a genetic threat to Ayran purity.

      Thus, Fuckey is the reincarnation of Hitler.

  24. Pharmacophore Modeling Pharmacophore approaches are successful subfields of computer-aided drug design (CADD) which have become one of the major tools in hit identification, lead optimization, and rational design of novel drugs.

  25. Why do people have such a hard time admitting that the holocaust is a lie. Even though

    There is zero physical evidence to support it. Testimony is inadmissible as paid or coerced. Evidence that refutes it is illegal in every nation where it allegedly occurred.

    The CDC at least has the valid excuse that it is IMMORAL to statistically demonstrate the benefit of masking because that would require putting peoples lives at risk.

    1. Because we're not reality denying Sturmfags, you limpdick blunder.

      Come on, bring out your ubermention. Gimme that lost Red Cross document that proves Hitler was innocent.

      Fucking clown show. Follow your leader.

      1. With no evidence, upon what delusions do you base your perception of reality? Fuckwit.

        1. Yes, that's essentially what I said.

          Now where is my ubermention?

        2. Lol the tears of triggered, curb-stomped, defeated sturmfags are among the most delicious.


    2. "Why do people have such a hard time admitting that the holocaust is a lie..."

      Because most people tend to be honest, Nazi shithead.

      1. No “most” people aren’t honest. Hell you aren’t even honest with yourself. The holiest prayer of your Jew dog whistle religion, the Kol Nidre is a plan to lie with the arrogant expectation of forgiveness.

        Lying, is the OPPOSITE of honesty like evil is the opposite of good.

        There are good honest people who aren’t afraid of truth like you are. People who don’t criminalize evidence of truth.

        I take great pleasure exposing people to truth and allowing them to demonstrate their nature, as you do repeatedly.


          Come on, expose your truth already. Don't be a tease.

    3. Ha ha ha! It's people like YOU who are helping to re-kindle a lot of prejudices and vicious view points here in the United States that should've/would've been wiped out along time ago.

      1. By rekindle do you mean wake up and smell the coffee?

        I correctly point out that there is zero physical evidence of a holocaust, that testimony is inadmissible as paid or coerced, that evidence that refutes it is illegal in every nation where it allegedly occurred even so there are mountains of irrefutable evidence that refute it and the people who have gained the most from the story have a history of falsely claiming holocausts and worship lying in their religion.

        It begs the question, by what faulty logic can anyone believe that there was a holocaust?

        1. Never mind the mass graves. Jews staged that.

          Follow your leader, Deus Dolt.

          1. You aren’t even aware of the details of the bullshit lie that brainwashes you.

            The lie is that gassed Jews were cremated…no graves. As impossible as cremating that many would have been.

            No physical evidence of mass graves associated with the lie exists.

            They give stupid Jews like you “brainwashing lite”.

            1. Film is rather ephemeral.

              Now, about my ubermention...?


              1. Photo ops with bodies are a dime a dozen in a war.

                They certainly aren’t proof of a holocaust.

                Isn’t it odd that the holocaust lie depends on the narrative that the Nazis carefully hid all the physical evidence of mass murder, but allowed photo ops if it?

                I’ve presented evidence in the form of a handwritten letter by the British head of propaganda recommending to his superiors that they stop claiming that Jews were being gassed because there would be a backlash when the truth that they have absolutely no evidence of it was discovered.


                1. There you are folks, the ONE honest person in the world.

                  Everyone else is in on the Jew conspiracy.

         really have no clue how insane you sound, do you?

                  1. The conspiracy involves only those who have lied and criminalized the evidence that exposes the lie.

                    The remaining advocates believe the lie without considering the counter arguments that refute it.

                    Bigots, dullards, fans and people that just don’t care to think critically.

                    You can’t refute what I say. Period.

                  2. And people in prison and threatened by prison for sharing evidence of the lie.

                    That’s really happening in EVERY nation where the lie allegedly occurred.

                  3. Everywhere an unbiased forensic analysis would demonstrate that the absence of physical evidence where it should exist completely refuted the lie.

      2. “ It's people like YOU who are helping to re-kindle a lot of prejudices and vicious view points”

        Thats what libtards like you have in common with him, mapol muppet.

        1. You don’t recognize that your inability to refute this while vehemently denying it is a problem.

          I correctly point out that there is zero physical evidence of a holocaust, that testimony is inadmissible as paid or coerced, that evidence that refutes it is illegal in every nation where it allegedly occurred even so there are mountains of irrefutable evidence that refute it and the people who have gained the most from the story have a history of falsely claiming holocausts and worship lying in their religion.

          It begs the question, by what faulty logic can anyone believe that there was a holocaust?

          1. Misek, have you noticed that everyone else thinks you're a delusional piece of shit?

            Is there anyone in your life available to do an intervention? Woodchipper always has a smile for ya.

            1. I recognize that when I whistle “Jew” you come running and, listen to me, can’t refute what I say.

              It looks to me like I’m in control here.

              That’s the way I like it.

              1. You just have to open your mouth and eight people jump on you lmfao.

                Keep whistling, Sturmfag. I got my dancing shoes on.

                1. This is an argument.

                  One in which you can’t refute what I say.

                  The physical equivalent is you getting a beat down.

  26. Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?
    Because masking has never been about science, but about repression and preparing the children to be the indoctrinated sheep they want for citizens in the future.

  27. The "government" is well aware of this too. I worked in an industry that used protection regularly, and was qualified on everything from a paper dust mask to an SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus). Each one had a designated use, against designated dangers. All were approved by the government MSA (Mine Safety Administration). None were cloth masks, as all cloth masks are ineffectual. All have instructions for donning, wearing, replacement and disposal. Kids not only will not, but at a young age cannot follow those rules. The "government" is well aware of that.

    1. Its possible to determine WHEN those means need using and replacing.

      Impossible in this case.

      The basic lie here is that masks are PPE for a VIRUS.

      Just because the appearance of them exists in other occupational settings has no relation to masks being PPE in this case.

      Its " monkey see, monkey do."

      Do masks stop transmission of water vapor?


      "A person could perspire and exhale 40 g of water vapour per hour when sleeping, 70 g/h when seated and 90 g/h when standing or doing housework. "

      Are these Compliance masks soaked with water?

      No. So the virus laden moisture goes right THROUGH THEM!

      1. Worse, the studies purporting to show the effectiveness of masks inevitably look at water droplets. This virus is apparently transferred more in aerosols (as individual virons) than by droplets. The virons are significantly smaller than the holes in N95 masks that allow air flow. Surgical masks are designed to prevent transmission of droplets, so the wholes are even larger, and in cloth masks, neck gaiters, bandanas, the difference in size is orders of magnitude.

        1. Entirely false.

          CDC research says itsnot hole size.

          Its electrostatic properties

  28. Curiously, while the author insists upon having solid proof that masks work, he doesn't provide any solid proof in the form of thoroughly conducted studies that prove they don't work. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander...Prove they don't work, please.

    1. Look at the box moron. It says so right there. How about u take two seconds of your pathetic life AND LOOK UP ALL THE STUDIES pre 2020 that have said mask do not work in limiting a virus from spreading. U will also find plenty that say wearing a mask is ACTUALLY bad for a human. Fucci himself authored a study in 2005 studying the virus outbreak in Ireland of 2004. He unequivocally said MASK wouldn't have helped one iota. He also lead a study looking into the wearing of mask during the Spanish Flu. The results of which said.., that mask did as much harm as the virus itself over a 3-yr period. This is the same Fucci (spelled wrong on purpose) that told EVERYONE on a 60 Minute episode..., that wearing a mask for protection against a virus is just pure silliness. You...., r but another stupid ass human. A child who is scared of nothing more then a boogeyman under his bed. A boogeyman NOBODY can see but u. Stay scared...., and please never leave your little bedroom of horror. As humanity begs u to remove yourself from it.
      The Phucko Knows

      1. Interesting.... the hyper link..." social policy"

        Says it all. Social engineering, not medicine.

        Fuck Fauci

    2. Not the way demanding people do stuff works, Big Ed.

    3. '...Prove they don't work, please.'

      Stuff it up your ass, please. Oh, and fuck off, slaver.

    4. You can't prove a negative, it's one of the simplest concepts of science. You test anything against a null hypothesis. In the case of mask efficacy, masks aren't effective is the null hypothesis. Experimental modeling precludes proving the null hypothesis. All you can do is fail to reject the null hypothesis. This is undergraduate level introductory statistics and experimental modeling, it's not even upper level. Fuck, you so called follow the science worshippers, don't even fucking understand rudimentary scientific concepts.

  29. Face Mask Fake Mask.

    Its all in employing Ridicule.

  30. This article could be considered critical of the efficacy of mask wearing. There is a pop-up video when the page is loaded from MoneyTalksNews warning about mask "disinformation". I assume that Reason is paid for such pop up ads that appear on their site as advertisements. I would also assume that MoneyTalksNews is handling some federal government cash aimed at curbing what the feds consider "disinformation" which I think in this case more closely aligns with wrongthink.

    The underlying question is would publishers like Reason have a seperate financial incentive to post articles that require disinformation clarification, never minding that the video is only generally relevant to the actual subject matter?

  31. "Why can't the CDC ADMIT there is no solid evidence to support universal masking in schools?" BECAUSE they have NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR ANYTHING THEY HAVE CLAIMED or DONE! They are simply BUREAUCRATS WHO GRABBED POWER, without JUSTIFICATION and CAN'T ALLOW any admission of their FLAGRANT CRIMINAL ACTIONS!

    1. No, both CDC AND NIH published papers CONTRADICT what the talking heads are saying.

      Its worse than that.

  32. There are several episodes of M*A*S*H where a wounded soldier is furious that the doctors at the 4077th are doing nothing for his buddy, even though the buddy is so badly wounded that surgery will not save him.

    That is what is going on here. Parents want some sort of measures in place, to give them the peace of mind that their children are being protected. Doing nothing simply is not an option.

    We all know that there is the school where one kid will never cover his mouth when he sneezes or coughs, or wash his hands after using the bathroom, either because he is stupid, lazy, or mean. If he has to mask, presumably he is spreading fewer germs around the building.

    1. that was a pack of rationalized BS based on a TV SHOW?

      Fruit loop...

      Crawl back in your hole. Youre irrelevant

    2. Glad to see you acknowledge your support of Cocid Karen consolation is merely based on presumptions.

      Next step is to read the fucking article.

    3. Comparing masking to battlefield triage? Really?

    4. Doing nothing is always an option. It’s just not the one preferred by politicians and their sycophants.

  33. "Why Can't the CDC Admit There Is No Solid Evidence To Support 'Universal Masking' in Schools?"

    For the same reason that Fauci, Birx and Redfield have refused to admit there was no solid evidence to support:
    - their false claims that covid didn't escape from Wuhan lab,
    - the massive lockdowns they urged all states to impose in 2020,
    - their false claims that natural immunity doesn't exist for covid,
    - the vaccine mandates they urged Biden, states, cities to impose,

    1. The CDC at least has the valid excuse that it is IMMORAL to statistically demonstrate the benefit of masking because that would require putting peoples lives at risk.

      1. They wouldn't want to Mengele the science or anything.

        1. “Jew” really is your dog whistle.

          1. Nah, I just hate Nazi Sturmfags and strongly believe miserable bigoted pieces of shit should be publicly ridiculed at all available opportunities.

            Keep reminding you that your existence is so repulsive to society that it undermines any attempt to engage; you're in the same category as pederasts like SPB2.

            1. I think it’s hilarious that you can’t ever refute what I say but repeatedly insist on denying it as if the mere act of denial proves anything.

              Are you two years old?

              You can’t grasp the concept of logic. You’re pathetic, really.

              1. That's because you never believe anything but your ubermention, dingus.

                I just linked you Holocaust remembrance day shit, wherein a 100 year old survivor spoke of her personal experience. I've shared gravesites, photos and other documents.

                But your unshakeable faith in a single document authored by one man apparantly is the real, unimpeachable evidence that Jews are bad and your microdick really is slightly above average.

                Spoiler: Hitler was part-Jew and committed suicide like a bitch when the Nazis lost. Follow your leader!

                1. There are a o many Jewish survivors being paid reparations compared to how many Jews lived in German occupied Europe before the war, that considering normal attrition very few died during the war.

                  What’s the definition of a “survivor”? Any Jew alive in Europe during WW2?

                  What did the old lady actually experience? Life in Europe during WW2? If she was a captive prisoner why is she still alive unless the Germans wanted her to be?

                2. The crucial event of the story is the cyanide gassing of millions of Jews. That never happened.

                  Fuckwitness Jews wrote books illustrated with pictures of themselves shirtless dragging gassed bodies from the chambers to cremation ovens. This brings tears and shekels to every Jew.

                  But cyanide is absorbed through the skin and NOBODY could have survived a single day of such activity much less collecting reparations into their old age reminiscing about it over a game of checkers.

                  And so it goes with every bullshit story. The facts prove otherwise.

                  Let’s not forget another old timey favourite.

                  The story of Babi Yar is a popular lesson in Jewish schools described as the single largest event of the holocaust.

                  The lesson is that between 30,000 and 100,000 Jews were taken to a ravine in Ukraine where they were killed.

                  The story is told by one Jewish
                  survivor, Dina Pronicheva, an actress who testified that she was forced to strip naked and marched to the edge of the ravine. When the firing squad shot, she jumped into the ravine and played dead. After being covered by thousands of bodies and tons of earth she dug herself out, unscathed, when the coast was clear and escaped to tell the story.

                  They were stripped naked to leave no evidence.

                  She is apparently the only person in history to successfully perform a matrix bullet dodge at a firing squad.

                  The soldier aiming point blank at her never noticed her escape. Never walked a few steps to the edge of the ravine to finish her off.

                  Naked she had no tools to dig herself out from under 30,000 bodies and tons of dirt.

                  Only after the deed was done, the nazis realized that so many bullet ridden bodies were evidence oops. So they brought more Jews and millions of cubic feet of firewood to dig them up, cremate them and scatter their ashes in surrounding fields.

                  There has been no forensic investigation at the site. None of the bullets allegedly burned with the bodies have been recovered. Not one shred of physical evidence of this has ever been found.

                  There are aerial photographs of the area at the time but they don’t show any evidence of the narrative, no people, no equipment, no firewood, no moved earth, no tracks of any kind.

                  Simply stating these facts is a crime in Ukraine where the Babi Yar narrative is taught in school

                  Have you ever heard of the Bletchley park decrypts of the famous German enigma machines?

                  It was credited for turning the tide of the war as allies knew what military actions the Germans were planning.

                  Only released in the 1980s those translated messages included prison camp information, deaths, transfers and requests for medicines to treat illnesses. The numbers of dead don’t support a holocaust narrative which there was also no mention of.

                  Are you willingly performing the feeble mental gymnastics required to believe, as the story goes, that Germans were communicating in code about prison camps while talking plainly about their military actions with their enigma machines?

                  The numbers of dead from German enigma decrypts does align with Red Cross numbers.

                  The Red Cross regularly visited all prison camps.

                  It was their job to report the cause of all deaths. They recorded a grand total of 271,000 among all camps for the entire war. It is a matter of record.

                  Are you performing the feeble mental gymnastics required to believe that the Red Cross were so incompetent that they were completely unaware of 95% or 5,629,000 deaths?

                  Zyklon B is an off the shelf insecticide used among other places in Prison camps to delouse clothing and bedding to save prisoners lives by preventing typhus. The system used heating to release yes cyanide gas, fans to circulate the gas and more to exhaust the chambers to make the de loused articles safe to handle. Pictures of this equipment and the small de lousing buildings still exist in Aushwitz. But no evidence of any gas delivery system has ever been found in the shower houses where the bullshit holocaust allegedly occurred.

                  According to Martin Gilbert in his book, Holocaust Journey, the gas chambers at Treblinka utilized carbon monoxide from diesel engines. At the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi war criminals, the American government charged that the Jews were murdered at Treblinka in “steam chambers,” not gas chambers.

                  Gasoline engine exhaust contains about ten times the carbon monoxide than diesel.

                  Even if the Diesel engines were running at their maximum of 500 ppm, death would take several hours.

                  If zee Germans had used gas engines, death would have been in a few minutes.

                  But in the revised bullshit holocaust narrative for treblinka zee Germans chose diesel even though they had plenty of gas for their tanks.

                  And Nuremberg charged that they were “steam chambers”.

                  Which stupid lie is more believable to a fuckwit? You have to perform some feeble mental gymnastics to buy that.

                  Jews had been publicly claiming a holocaust of 6 million Jews in various nations hundreds of times since before WW1. Only for sympathy to raise money and coerce those nations. Like the wastes of skin who fake cancer on go fund me pages to coerce money and entitlement.

                  The story of gassing Jews began as British propaganda to turn popular opinion against Germany. It was inspired to draw attention away from Jewish Bolshevik war crimes in Russt because that would work against allied propaganda. It also served global Jewish interests to create undeserved sympathy for Jews who had publicly organized boycotts of Germany driving Germany to war.

                  There is a documented letter from the head of British propaganda to the head of the war office recommending that they cease the gassing Jew holocaust propaganda because there was no evidence for it and if found out would work against their propaganda efforts.

                  The only thing the bullshit holocaust narrative has in common with WW2 is that they were both the creation of Jews.

                  These Jewish leaders are admitting it.. Are they lying?

                  “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany”.
                  David A Brown, national chairman, united Jewish campaign, 1934.

                  “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany …holy war against Hitlers people”

                  Chaim Weismann, the Zionist leader, 8 September 1939, Jewish chronicle.

                  The Toronto evening telegram of 26 February 1940 quoted rabbi Maurice l. Perlzweig of the world Jewish Congress as telling a Canadian audience that” The world Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years”.

        2. Misek are you wracking off to old photos of Irma Grese again? PLEASE find a new weekend hobby, you’re creeping us out!

  34. Interestung...GOOGHOLE has buried thrme CDC and NIH research papers showing failure of n 95 masks to trap droplets.

    Been replaced with studies in PARTICLE filtration.

    Not the same. Water droplets and virii are not particles that can be filtered.

    Search resilts rigged to agree with Faucis Settled Science ®

    1. but "dont be evil" ... right?
      google does not prioritize the truth you're looking for... move along.

      1. I think " kiss my ass Troll" is the proper response to such babbling insanity.

        Or " get off hard drugs."

        1. Dave, they were agreeing with you.

          "Don't be evil" was a company motto for some years before it was quietly removed.

          1. I dont respond kindly to
            Trolls of any sort.

            Get bent along with em.

  35. Because fear that s all the cdc has. All of the Covid crisis has shown is that the government is full of people that can’t do their job efficiently or correctly so they use the fear to confuse people and secure their power and job.

    1. its not CDC.

      CDC are sceintists.

      Its not CDC talking, its their political appointee Mouthpieces spewing whatever Bidet tells them to.

  36. Wearing masks and face coverings is like women in Muslim countries being coerced into wearing face coverings.

    You have to do so to prove that you are virtuous.

    1. Criminals hide their faces.
      Democrats wear masks.
      Democrats are criminals. Insane, too.

      Ive found a way to tell if people are ' trustworthy even if they have a mask on.
      I ask them " are you a Democrat?

      If they say " yes " then I know they're lying scumbags.

      Spay and Neuter your Democrat.

      Definition of a crying shame- a bus load of Democrats going over a cliff wirh one empty seat.

      What do you say to a Democrat with two black eyes?

      Nothing they havent been told twice already!

      Stop me if youve heard this one...
      A Child Molester, a Prostitute and a Homosexual walk into the White House...

      Know why doctors slap babies when theyre born? Some of them are Democrat babies.

      1. I figured out a way to tell if someone is an idiot. They were the red MAGA hat. Spot them a mile away.

        1. They wear* (a) red MAGA hat.

          Nobody is roleplaying as a hat and there is more than just one hat to be worn.

          I've also figured out how to spot idiots. Would you like to know more?

  37. When are midterms again?

    1. Vote for Biden 2022!

      You know you want to....

  38. Why does anyone listen to what the AMA opines? They are a political trade association found guilty numerous times for criminal activity.

  39. Wait a minute.... WTF did "The People" give the federal the authority for a Center of Disease Control (CDC) anyways???

    These gun-toting thugs have been ignoring the people of the USA for years. They indeed are a Nazi-Regime organization (syn; National Socialism)...

    Ignore every aspect of the supreme law of the USA; There will no longer be a USA...

    1. Wow, calm down.
      CDC just makes recommendations. Its other people that decide to follow them.

      1. Desperate liar arent you?

        So is CDC.

        Go drown yourself in your own bullshit.

      2. So you mean the mandates are optional and people can decide what goes into their bodies?

        I'm down.

    2. Thats OK with me. Let the whole US machine crash.

      United STATES.

      States... not Federal Monster.

      The 5 States need to take their labd back and return DC to a swamp.

  40. There might not be 'solid' evidence but there is some.

    Then there is this:
    "Infection Rate Difference Between Schools With and Without Mask Mandates Less Than One Percent"
    However, the schools with mask mandate, 2.4% positive, schools without, 3.2% positive.

    Spin the stats a different way a 33% increase in cases where there is no mask mandate. Texas report, dated Nov 2011.

    Then there is part 2. Teachers, bus drivers, school workers, don't want to be around unmasked, unvaxxinated snot nosed kids. Take away the mask mandate and you just overload the teachers you have left (and substitute teachers). So from a practical matter, mask mandates help.

    1. "Teachers, bus drivers, school workers, don't want to be around unmasked, unvaxxinated snot nosed kids. "

      Name one that doesnt.


    2. So you took two extremely small numbers, and a very small difference between them, and then state it as a 33% increase. This is a common scare tactic utilized when the actual data doesn't support your hypothesis. It is a type of mathematical shift of hand to support weak evidence.
      Ad for the Texas study from November, as the author stated above, did that difference control for factors such as communal transmission? Because then all you have is a weak correlation. I would also love to run their data through SAS to see how significant it is. Since you didn't actually link to the study, I can't access it so I can't see their statistical analysis to see if the difference was significant, a trend or not significant.

    3. Also, considering the harm masks have been demonstrated to do, especially to young kids, parents could give a fuck about what the adults want.

    4. Didn't read the article, did you?

  41. Youngkins servin the Lefts crap right back to them.

    "Questions remain over Youngkin’s new tipline for ‘divisive’ practices in Virginia schools"

    HAHAHAHA bicches!

    Thats the answer to the Lefts covid squealers hotlines like in whats left of WA State.

    "Squeal like a pig...reee reee reeet!"


    1. Yeah, the progtards still can’t figure out that a big part of the reason why Youngkin won is because, aside from the NoVa Karens, most Virginians are sick and tired of the fucking masks, which don’t even work against omicron if they’re not N95.

      1. N95 is not rated for aerosols that small.
        Typical exhaled particle is about half the size of the maks pores.

  42. There is no firm empirical basis for believing an altruistic death-reversing Jesus ever existed. The mania began a century after the Messiah was invented and mythologized back to an earlier era. Yet this capacity for inventing settled science--about racial eugenics, drugs, demonic possession, table-tapping, the superiority of one's own kids has driven the initiation of force into mass-murdering warfare. Adopting superstition as an excuse to coerce did not turn out well for National Socialist Germany or Imperial Japan.

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