Are Mask Requirements in Schools Necessary to Control COVID-19?

The evidence that the benefits outweigh the costs is not nearly as impressive as mandate enthusiasts imply.


This week two Texas judges issued temporary restraining orders that allow public schools in Bexar and Dallas counties to require that staff and students wear face masks as a safeguard against COVID-19. The legal issue is whether Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order banning such mandates fits within his authority under the Texas Disaster Act of 1975. But the wisdom of requiring masks in schools depends on whether the public health benefits of that precaution outweigh the burdens it imposes on students and employees. On that point, the evidence is not nearly as clear as mandate enthusiasts imply.

Two important facts should inform decisions about face masks in schools.

First, COVID-19 infections among children and teenagers are rarely life-threatening. According to the "current best estimate" from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the infection fatality rate (IFR) for people younger than 18 is 0.002 percent. By contrast, the CDC estimates that the IFR for COVID-19 among people 65 or older is 9 percent, 4,500 times as high. The estimated IFRs for other age groups fall between those two extremes: 0.05 percent for 18-to-49-year-olds and 0.6 percent for 50-to-64-year-olds.

Second, COVID-19 vaccines are currently available to all Americans 12 or older, and the vaccination rate is especially high among older Americans, which helps explain why the recent surge in cases has not been accompanied by a commensurate increase in deaths. For teachers and other staff members who are concerned about catching COVID-19 in school, vaccination sharply reduces the risk of infection and is even more effective at preventing severe cases. The same goes for students 12 or older.

Keeping those facts in mind, what is the evidence that face masks play an important role in preventing school-related COVID-19 outbreaks? In a New York Times opinion piece published on Tuesday, Duke University pediatrician Kanecia Zimmerman and We Studied One Million Students. This Is What We Learned About Masking."

Here is how Zimmerman and Benjamin describe the results of their study, which was based on data from March through June 2021:

During that time, more than 7,000 children and adults acquired the coronavirus and attended school while infectious. Because of close contact with those cases, more than 40,000 people required quarantine. Through contact tracing and testing, however, we found only 363 additional children and adults acquired the coronavirus. We believe this low rate of transmission occurred because of the mask-on-mask school environment: Both the infected person and the close contact wore masks.

That belief is not actually supported by Zimmerman and Benjamin's study. Since all the North Carolina public schools they studied had universal masking, there was no control group of schools without that requirement. It is therefore impossible to say whether the low rate of secondary transmission can be attributed to the mask policy. "Because North Carolina had a mask mandate for all K-12 schools," Zimmerman and Benjamin concede, "we could not compare masked schools to unmasked schools."

In lieu of a control group, Zimmerman and Benjamin cite a few COVID-19 outbreaks that they attribute to a lack of universal masking. Here are the cautionary examples they mention:

• This month in North Carolina, Mooresville Graded Schools and the Union Academy Charter School decided to require masks after "both experienced outbreaks during the first days of the new school year," the ABC affiliate in Charlotte reports. An elementary school in the Mooresville system identified "nine positive cases," while the charter school saw "at least 14 confirmed COVID-19 cases."

• In Illinois last month, Springfield Public Schools began requiring masks during a summer session, citing "an increase in COVID-19 positive cases among SPS students and staff."

• In May 2020, an Israeli public school had an outbreak that involved "153 students and 25 staff members" who "were confirmed as COVID-19-positive." The outbreak was tied to an "extreme heatwave," during which a face mask requirement was suspended, windows were closed, and "air-conditioning functioned continuously in all classes." The authors of the report on the Israeli outbreak also note that "distancing among students and between students and teachers was not possible," because the classrooms were "crowded." The CDC cites "classroom crowding" and "poor ventilation" as factors in the outbreak.

These are all examples of outbreaks (or "an increase in COVID-19 positive cases") that occurred when masking was optional. But they do not show that a lack of masking was the main reason for virus transmission. And the Israeli outbreak, which is commonly cited by mask-mandate advocates, is striking because it was unusual, even though other Israeli schools also did not require masks during the three-day heat wave.

Meanwhile, Zimmerman and Benjamin overlook examples of school systems that did not require masks but nevertheless saw minimal COVID-19 transmission.

In Florida, where many school districts did not require masks, the CDC found that less than 1 percent of students were infected in schools during the first semester after they reopened in August 2020. The CDC did report that school districts without mask mandates had a higher school-related infection rate: 1,667 vs. 1,171 per 100,000 students. But the study notes that smaller districts were less likely to require masks, and they also "had a higher proportion of students attending in-person instruction," which likewise was "positively correlated with the student case rate." And even in districts without mandates, just 1.7 percent of students were infected at school.

When England reopened schools in August 2020, they did not require face masks. Public Health England identified 969 outbreaks, or about one for every 25 schools. The outbreaks affected 2 percent of primary schools and 10 percent of secondary schools. In response to a geographically representative survey, 100 primary schools and 79 secondary schools reported 2,314 cases, or an average of about 13 per school. In primary schools that experienced outbreaks, 0.84 percent of students were infected; the rate for secondary schools was 1.2 percent. Teachers were more likely to be infected and more likely to transmit the virus than students.

Both of these studies were conducted at a time when vaccines were not available to staff or students. Now that 70 percent of American adults have been at least partly vaccinated and vaccines are available to students 12 or older, we should see similar or lower rates of school-related infection, even allowing for the greater transmissibility of the delta variant.

"Although outbreaks in schools can occur," the CDC says, "multiple studies have shown that transmission within school settings is typically lower than—or at least similar to—levels of community transmission, when prevention strategies are in place in schools." Regarding mask requirements specifically, it says "most studies that have shown success in limiting transmission in schools have [involved schools that] required that staff only or staff and students wear masks as one of the school's prevention strategies." That gloss implies that some studies found schools had "success in limiting transmission" even without mask mandates or with mandates that did not apply to students.

The CDC, which is now urging "indoor masking for all individuals age 2 years and older" in schools and child care facilities, cites six studies to support its conclusion that mask mandates are crucial: a preliminary report on Zimmerman and Benjamin's North Carolina research; a study concluding that reopening schools in Italy, where students were required to wear masks, did not appear to drive the second COVID-19 wave in that country; a study of Chicago schools, which also required masks, finding "a lower attack rate for students and staff participating in in-person learning than for the community overall"; a CDC study that reported "limited secondary transmission" of COVID-19 in Rhode Island child care programs that required adults to wear masks; a CDC study that found 6 percent of child care facilities in Washington, D.C., with a similar requirement experienced an outbreak; and a CDC report of "minimal" COVID-19 transmission at a New Jersey school "after implementation of a comprehensive mitigation strategy" that included "universal masking."

In their Times piece, Zimmerman and Benjamin cite CDC data from Utah, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The Utah study found that "mask adherence was high" and that "COVID-19 incidence among students and staff members was lower than in the county overall." According to the Missouri study, COVID-19 transmission was "much lower" in schools than in the general community. The schools had adopted precautions that included "mandating use of face masks, physical distancing in classrooms, increasing ventilation with outdoor air, identification of close contacts, and following CDC isolation and quarantine guidance." In Wisconsin, "reported student mask-wearing was high," and "transmission risk within schools appeared low."

These studies show that mask mandates are consistent with low rates of COVID-19 transmission. But contrary to what the CDC implies, they do not show that mask mandates are necessary to keep infection rates low, which would require comparing outcomes in otherwise similar schools with and without mandates.

In May, based on data from Georgia, the CDC reported that "COVID-19 incidence was 37% lower in schools that required teachers and staff members to use masks," which was similar to the difference associated with "improved ventilation."* But while the incidence of infection was 21 percent lower in schools that also required students to wear masks, that difference was not statistically significant.

In a May 21 preprint study, Brown University economist Emily Oster and four other researchers analyze COVID-19 data from Florida, New York, and Massachusetts for the 2020–21 school year. "We do not find any correlations with mask mandates," Oster et al. report. But they note that "all rates are lower in the spring, after teacher vaccination is underway." The authors caution that their study "does not imply masks are ineffective, as these results focus only on masking in schools and do not take community behavior into consideration." They also note that they considered "mask mandates and not actual masking behavior."

Zimmerman and Benjamin say it is "now clear" that "universal masking is linked to lower spread" in schools; that "schools that do not require masks will have more coronavirus transmission"; that "if we send children to school without masks, we increase their risk of acquiring Covid-19"; that "masking helps prevent spread among unvaccinated people in schools"; that "universal masking is a close second" to vaccination as a way of preventing school outbreaks; and that "universal masking in schools can save lives." But the evidence they cite to support these assertions is inconclusive at best.

Assuming that universal masking in schools does make a difference (which it might!), it is by no means clear that the benefits outweigh the costs. The data from Florida and England indicate that COVID-19 transmission in schools was a minor problem even without mask mandates and even before vaccination was possible. Given the low risks that children face from COVID-19, the low infection rates even in schools that don't require masks, and the fact that vaccination is readily available to adults and teenagers, the benefits of forcing kids to cover their faces all day, whether or not they are vaccinated, are likely to be small.

The costs, meanwhile, are more substantial than mandate supporters typically acknowledge. The inconvenience and discomfort caused by mask requirements aggravate the unpleasantness of environments that were stressful, boring, and restrictive long before anyone had heard of COVID-19. Masks interfere with  communication, learning, and social interaction. And they unfairly burden children with the responsibility of preventing infections that primarily threaten adults, who can better protect themselves by getting vaccinated. To justify those costs would require more evidence than mandate advocates have been able to muster.

[This post has been revised to note that the the delta variant, which accounts for the vast majority of recent COVID-19 cases in the U.S., is more contagious than the variants involved in school outbreaks last year and earlier this year.]

*CORRECTION: The publication date of the CDC's Georgia study was misreported in the original post.

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        It takes a special kind of idiot to believe the lies that Nancy tells, that Republicans are responsible for the hatred and racism in this country.

      4. Comments like yours lead me to mute you. I’d hope that in Reason, people post comments with some reason, rather than just an insult.

        The good thing about these comments, is it shows what kind of person would do this. In your case, it shows a liberal insulting Republican voters for their beliefs. That’s right in line with Biden’s call for unity, because he didn’t mean it either.

        1. The other thing about your post, is the people who haven’t voluntarily vaccinated are mostly blacks, latinos, and PhDs, which IMHO are mostly Democrat. Many blacks know of the stories of the government doing medical experiments on them (and harming some of them) such as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. But you’re laughing at the “RepubliKKKan death cult”, also throwing in a false insult about them being the KKK when it was mostly Democrats wearing those KKK robes and controlling the Jim Crow governments, while Republican Lincoln freed the slaves. I write this while believing Trump erred in not wearing masks, but it’s not the GOP advocating for the use of government force against people about the pandemic, it’s the Democrats closing businesses, forcing masking and pushing vaccine passports.

          Frankly, it’s sad people act the way you do.

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  2. This assumes it’s the COVID they’re trying to control.

    1. It is really as you suggest, the behavioral conditioning of the masses. It is a type of behavior many authoritarians utilize in order to get compliance long term.

    2. Last year was the first time my kid didn’t miss a bunch of school with respiratory infections.

      I’m cool with making her wear a mask.

      1. Are you cool with other kids not wearing a mask?

      2. You should consider looking into why your kid gets respiratory infections every year.

        1. It’s called seasonal flu.

          You be a stupid boy.

      3. Nobody’s stopping you from putting a mask on her.

        You realize that’s not the question at hand, right?

    3. Laughably, Republicans have lost control of their minds, not that they had much flittering about in them in the first place.

      1. Laughably, you never had much to lose control of in the first place.

  3. No.
    Stupid question.

  4. The ideal place for bacteria growth is a warm moist environment.
    Guess what a mask creates?
    Guess what passes through a “cloth face covering”? (anything not an N95 ‘real’ mask. [properly fitted and worn without contact)

    1. COVID is a virus not a bacteria

      1. Streptococcus and Pneumococcus are. Both are still out there and both are a bigger threat to kids than COVID.

        1. “Streptococcus and Pneumococcus are” – Retarded boy

          Neither of which are going to magically show up on face mask.

          You be Reeeeetarded.

          1. You be absolute idiot.
            Have an accident?
            Or maybe born stupid?

    2. Look another RepubliKKKian Retard who doesn’t know the difference between a virus and a bacteria.

      “The ideal place for bacteria growth is a warm moist environment.” – NeverToBeFree


    3. You are right about masks that don’t really work. There is no reason to mask up especially for children. The long term ill effects from masking children is not being considered and there are many. Also the Duke study is a joke and Duke should fire those two for their inability to do a real scientific study. Duke should be embarrassed. Are our universities brain dead?

  5. Unlikely as cloth masks aren’t good enough and that’s quite clear from the past year. Only cultist left wingers still think so.

    (and a few left liberaltarian narcs who post here, and paid trolls you know who they are)

    1. They aren’t libertarians though.

      1. You are correct, sir.

      2. The past year + has dispelled any doubt about who are really libertarians. The previous 4 years hadn’t exposed enough people for who they are. The next couple years could get rough.

      3. You aren’t libertarian either Jesse

        1. At least he believes in freedom.

          1. “At least he believes in freedom.” – Retardo Boy

            Your freedom stops where the intersect with the lives of others.

            Awwwww You poor boy.

            1. Awww you poor fool.

    2. “Unlikely as cloth masks aren’t good enough” = Buckleup

      That is why the CDC doesn’t advise their use.

      Only RepubliKKKan fools presume anyone recommends them.

  6. If 70% of the country is vaccinated, and cases are on the rise, is the vaccine effective?

    1. Yes. I have spies that work in the Texas Medical Center, so I can get actual information that is not influenced by all of the media/political bullshit.

      90+% of the people being hospitalized are unvaccinated. Among the people in ICUs and on ventilators, all of them are unvaccinated.

      So, yeah, the vaccines are doing what they’re supposed to do.

      1. According to the cdc, at the end of 2020, ~140,000,000 Americans were estimated to have been infected with Covid-19. That was eight months ago. According to studies:

        A review of more than 9,000 U.S. patients with severe COVID-19 infection showed less than 1% contracted the illness again, with an average reinfection time of 3.5 months after an initial positive test. Those are the findings from a study conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine and MU Health Care.

        The researchers teamed up with the MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics and the Tiger Institute for Health Innovation to review data from 62 U.S. health care facilities. They found 63 of the 9,119 patients (0.7%) with severe COVID-19 infection contracted the virus a second time, with a mean reinfection period of 116 days. Of the 63 who were reinfected, two (3.2%) died. Patients categorized as non-white were at greater risk of reinfection than white patients.

        So if the hospitals are full of the “unvaccinated”, can we presume that 100% of the unvaccinated have also never had a prior covid infection? That seems incredibly unlikely.

        So that leaves me with the question, if prior infection gives you a fair amount of immunity to the disease, and even if not “immunity”, greatly lessens the severity of the disease, what does this tell us about the accuracy of our testing?

        There are a lot of numbers here that seem to come into conflict. Prior infection (exposure to the virus) gives you natural immunity– to a degree (fair enough). Vaccination gives you even GREATER immunity than natural immunity (fair enough). 8 months ago, half the nation had been infected by CV19. Everyone in the hospital is unvaccinated.

        So… perhaps prior infection doesn’t give you the immunity they said it does. 100% of the unvaccinated in hospitals are also miraculously in the group that was never infected?

        Lots to ponder here. Can we regression test the infection testing data?

        1. I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that everyone that I know that got the disease in an earlier period and survived went ahead and got the vaccination anyway.

          And I know that the handful of people that I know that got sick in the current outbreak were all unvaccinated.

          But that’s all I got on that. It’s so damn hard to get reliable information on this now with all of the political lean that so many are doing. This is what happens when the major media and many in public health piss away their credibility. Now when it would come in really handy, it’s gone.

          1. >>everyone that I know that got the disease in an earlier period and survived went ahead and got the vaccination anyway

            everyone you know is very, very limited.

          2. you assume they got the vaccination. maybe they just lied to keep the vaccination crowd from burning them at the stake

            1. That’s what I’ve been doing.

              1. Not the burning people at the stake thing. I’ve never done that. I’m way worse. I might inadvertently kill someone’s unvaccinated grandma

        2. Yeah but bevis has spies. Plus what he says totally matches what the trustworthy media says.

          1. R Mac, you completely ignore what I said about the media. And the spies are my children, three of whom work in professional capacities down there. I’ve been given a link to a daily report circulated around those hospitals but not available to the public. So yeah, my info is pretty damn good.

            But you don’t care about rational thought or actual information. You just want political arguments. Goodbye.

            1. I didn’t ignore it, I found it unconvincing based on the rest of your post.

              Did your children mention co-morbidities, or just vaccination status?

              “But you don’t care about rational thought or actual information.”

              Maybe your children being involved has made you less rational? I know plenty of people that work in hospitals, and can empathize with what they’ve been dealing with. But that’s emotion, not rational. Are you convinced your children aren’t influenced by the media? If you are, is that based on rational thought or your emotional attachment to them?

              “I’ve been given a link to a daily report circulated around those hospitals but not available to the public.”

              Why is this information not available to the public? Because I want nothing more than to be given accurate information but you just admitted it’s being kept from the rest of us. You accuse me of not wanting information, then admit information is being withheld from me. You do see how that’s fucked up, right?

              As far as political arguments, where did that even come from? Sounds like an emotional response on your part.

        3. My understanding is that antibodies produced from infection are highly variable in quality and quantity. You may get a lot of terrific antibodies, or you may have only a few pathetic antibodies. It seems reasonable to conclude that if a person recovered from a *severe* COVID infection, then that person developed robust antibodies. But if a person had only a mild case of COVID, then who knows? It is a roll of the dice. Antibody levels also depend a great deal on time since infection. They are high right after infection, and then they drop really low afterwards. So when a person is reinfected matters as well.

          So it could absolutely be possible that a large number of the unvaccinated people in the hospital were infected with COVID at some time in the past, but they had crappy antibodies, and/or they were infected a long time ago so their antibody levels were really low.

          The good thing about the vaccine is that it supplements whatever antibodies you may or may not have, with a consistently high quality dose of antibodies. You may or may not need them, but you have them just in case.

          1. “It seems reasonable to conclude that if a person recovered from a *severe* COVID infection, then that person developed robust antibodies. But if a person had only a mild case of COVID, then who knows?“

            It seems reasonable that someone like me, who had a mild case, already had either some resistance from exposure to other coronavirus’, or has a healthy immune system and zero of the co-morbidities, or both.

            Either way, good luck with the vaccine, your mask, and your fear. I’ll continue with (mostly) healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins.

            1. It seems reasonable that someone like me, who had a mild case, already had either some resistance from exposure to other coronavirus’, or has a healthy immune system and zero of the co-morbidities, or both.

              Or, you had a very weak infection, and therefore produced very weak antibodies.

              Either way, good luck with the vaccine, your mask, and your fear. I’ll continue with (mostly) healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins.

              Even when you try to be serious, you can’t help but turn people into caricatures. “Those people wearing masks, they are cowed by fear!!! Unlike me, brave rationalist hero!!!”

              Why do you go to the gym? Why do you eat healthy? Is it because you are (in part) afraid of worse health outcomes in the future if you don’t?

              If you want others to respect your choices, perhaps you should start by respecting the choices of others. And, apologize for your lies.

              1. You’re absolutely terrified, and you post about it every day.

                1. It’s easier for a leftist fatty like him to terrorize us into masks and forced vaccinations to protect him, as opposed to Jeffy just putting down the fork and getting some exercise.

                  It’s the progtard way. No personal responsibility, no individual rights, but lots of collective rights, and collective obedience to the state.

                2. every day, over and over and over

            2. Your death will only increase global IQ.

              “I’ll continue with (mostly) healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins.” – RepubliKKKan Death Cultist.

              Thank you for your sacrifice.

          2. Antibodies aren’t the only thing that matters.

          3. severe and robust come on dude.

        4. Part of the problem is probably the stupid PCR tests. If the number of cases is based on that testing, it’s likely that a lot of positive tests were people who weren’t really infected. Making “cases” just mean a positive PCR has really fucked up the data, I think. If “cases” were people who actually developed symptoms, you’d see pretty good immunity there (as the numbers you posted demonstrate). And it seems like a pretty fair assumption that the people who are getting reinfected and significantly ill are not in very good health for the most part.

          1. Tests need to be limited to clinical settings when a person is sick and seeking care. Widespread community testing does nothing but provide ammunition to politicians and panic mongers.

      2. Turns out, putting people on ventilators was often the wrong choice greatly increasing their death rate.

    2. It does seem to keep the vaxxed from dying which is the only thing that matters.

      1. Close to no one is dying at this point. We’re averaging under 300 deaths per day, and have been for months.

        1. 9,000 people dying per month is “close to no one”. Got it.

          1. I’m a country of 350 million? When almost all of them have co-morbidities (that means they already have an existing diagnosis that’s gonna kill them before average life expectancy, in case you’re not paying attention).

            Serious question Jeff: do you wonder why there’s not a lot more emphasis on exercise, vitamin D, and zinc, coming from authorities? Do you think shutting down gyms and encouraging people to sit at home and watch Netflix for a year was helpful?

            1. When almost all of them have co-morbidities

              Since when did co-morbidities mean “we don’t give a shit about them”? If they get sick and die from COVID, it’s their own fault so fuck ’em?

              Public health strategies should be about trying to save the lives of the people who actually exist, not just the healthy 20-year-old college student athlete.

              Why should we dismiss COVID cases among people with co-morbidities? Because their co-morbidity likely made their illness worse? Well okay, but that is true of any disease, not just COVID.

              1. Jeff I would say that’s a fair point. I think we can also see this through the disdain or lack of empathy for non vaccinated deaths now too. Why does that life choice deserve terrible treatment versus a morbidly obese person? Neither probably should if we can.

              2. “Serious question Jeff: do you wonder why there’s not a lot more emphasis on exercise, vitamin D, and zinc, coming from authorities? Do you think shutting down gyms and encouraging people to sit at home and watch Netflix for a year was helpful?”

                Answer the question and stop deflecting, you pathetic fat fuck.

              3. Nobody gave a fuck that those people were dying before covid. Old, sick people die. That’s what it means to be old and sick.
                I’m not happy about anyone dying, but it is perfectly normal to go about life mostly not caring about strangers dying of natural causes. And it’s not a tragedy when an elderly person with major health problems dies.
                And I don’t really think that public health should be primarily about saving every life you can. At least not in the narrow way that has been happening, while mostly ignoring the horrible effects of lockdowns and covering people’s faces for a year and the misery and deaths that causes. It should be about keeping society as functional as possible. It has to be based on a cold cost/benefit analysis, not compassion and “giving a fuck”.

              4. You’re not very smart, so I’ll be civil this once and explain it to you. People with co-morbidities, especially older people, tend to die from those co-morbidities much sooner than if they didn’t have them. Their life expectancy is literally much shorter than if they didn’t have them.

                It also means a percentage of those people were going to die in that time period anyway. Kung Flu or not. Whether they got a regular, cold, flu, or even nothing.

                Is this something you’re capable of understanding?

            2. And it would be nice to see you and your fellow mean girls every once in a while express just the teensiest bit of sympathy for people dying of COVID, and not blithely dismiss 9,000 deaths per month as “close to no one”.

              And apologize for your lies.

              1. “Serious question Jeff: do you wonder why there’s not a lot more emphasis on exercise, vitamin D, and zinc, coming from authorities? Do you think shutting down gyms and encouraging people to sit at home and watch Netflix for a year was helpful?”

                Answer the fucking question.

              2. How many Americans die in a normal month?

              3. Yes, you have no real supportable arguments, so you fall back on blind emotional shaming tactics. This is what progressives, such as yourself, have to do when losing an argument.

            3. Yes, a large number of outbreaks have been traced to gyms.

              “Do you think shutting down gyms and encouraging people to sit at home and watch Netflix for a year was helpful?” – Republican Death Cultist

              You be a stupid boy.

          2. 3 million people die a year in the US dummy.

            1. Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire…
              “How about we force you on a diet instead of you forcing others to get shots?” – Republican Death Cultist

              No one has forced anyone to get a shot. If people were being forced then the vaccination level would be 100% rather than 71%

              So why do you feel a need to lie about it?

          3. you need to reevaluate your risk assessment.

        2. Wrong. 614 dead today, 715 dead yesterday. And it’s going up.

          1. Shocking. The one who thinks libertarianism is close to marxism wants us to submit to the government out of fear.

            1. also thinks 614 > 715?

              1. That side of the aisle has never been great at math. Which is why math is now racist.

          2. “Wrong. 614 dead today, 715 dead yesterday. And it’s going up.”

            540 approx according the stat tracker that I use.

            That isn’t enough death for the Republican Death Cultists.

        3. Recorded covid deaths are not going to be the measure going forward. The more overcrowded the hospital system, the more it is other causes of death that start going up. So gotta look at excess deaths instead.

          We are still very early in this delta wave – and excess deaths data takes about a month to work its way up the levels of bureaucracy. But the early states in this delta wave – like Arkansas – are already showing 17%-28% higher deaths than normal.

          1. I agree that a lot of unnecessary deaths occurred because of lockdowns and shutting down all “elective” healthcare over the past year.

          2. Excess deaths given last December were plus 200k. Deaths were just under 3 million for the year. Stop panicking.

            1. Liar… Liar… Pants on fire…

              “Excess deaths given last December were plus 200k.” – RepubliKKKan Death Cultist.

              Between March 1, 2020, and January 2, 2021, the US experienced 2 801 439 deaths, 22.9% more than expected, representing 522 368 excess deaths

              Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes in the US, March 1, 2020, to January 2, 2021
              Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH1; Derek A. Chapman, PhD1; Roy T. Sabo, PhD2; et alEmily B. Zimmerman, PhD, MS, MPH1
              Author Affiliations Article Information
              JAMA. 2021;325(17):1786-1789. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.5199

          3. And your 20% number is bullshit as excess deaths was under 10% last year with no vaccine. God damn youre full of shit.

            1. Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire…

              “And your 20% number is bullshit as excess deaths was under 10% last year with no vaccine. God damn youre full of shit.” – RepubliKKKan Death Cultist

              A study analyzing US mortality in March-July 2020 reported a 20% increase in excess deaths…

              Between March 1, 2020, and January 2, 2021, the US experienced 2 801 439 deaths, 22.9% more than expected, representing 522 368 excess deaths

              Excess Deaths From COVID-19 and Other Causes in the US, March 1, 2020, to January 2, 2021
              Steven H. Woolf, MD, MPH1; Derek A. Chapman, PhD1; Roy T. Sabo, PhD2; et alEmily B. Zimmerman, PhD, MS, MPH1
              Author Affiliations Article Information
              JAMA. 2021;325(17):1786-1789. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.5199

          4. In fact here is the last 3 years.

            2018 : 2,839,206 : Increase – 25,703 – 1%

            2019: 2,855,000 : Increase – 15,794- 0.55%

            2020: 2,913,144 : Increase – 58,144 – 2%

            So where is your 20% increase number?


            1. Look at the link above. It has the actual deaths – by week – by state – for the last five years. From the Center for Vital statistics which is where all deaths roll up and get reported to at the federal level. And you can download the data in csv format too if you want.

        4. “Close to no one is dying at this point. We’re averaging under 300 deaths per day,” – Conservative Death Cultist

          So one 911 every 7 days.

      2. did you not read the ifr numbers? the only unvaxxed or even vaxxed people at risk are those over 65.

        1. Liar Liar.. Pants on fire…

          ” the only unvaxxed or even vaxxed people at risk are those over 65.” – Republican Death Cultist

          110,000 dead in the U.S. in the age group 45 to 64.9
          18,000 dead in the U.S. in the age group 45 and under.

    3. “If 70% of the country is vaccinated, and cases are on the rise, is the vaccine effective?” – ReynoldsRap

      Is it possible for 30% of the country (1 million people) to be un-vaccinated and cases be on the rise?


      You be a Stupid Person.

    4. Probably initially the vaccines were effective against specific strains.
      Now, not so much.
      The virus has adapted to survive – like any living thing.
      The vaccines haven’t been adapted nearly as much or fast enough.
      So, net result:
      More people get sick because their defenses aren’t strong enough to resist the virus.
      Until, that is, enough people’s immune systems have adapted enough to make people an inhospitable environment for the virus so it gets forced into smaller and smaller pockets and has to change again to survive or go extinct.
      And so the cycle continues – as it has for millions of years.
      Mask, lockdowns, vaccines etc. seems to have very little effect here.
      But medi-bullshitters and politi-bullshitters would like you to believe they are all-powerful.
      Not that they actually have virtually no control over this and cannot assist you.
      Except for lightening your pocket that is.

  7. God as much as I hate to link to CNN…

    Covid-19 cases are rising in countries praised for stopping outbreaks. Do they need to change their strategies?

    People right on these here comment boards who praised these countries for their radical and responsible approach.

    1. Now the fresh outbreaks are throwing the zero Covid strategy favored by China and Australia into question, and prompting a larger debate about just how sustainable the approach is.

      “The choice now is: when do you want to start letting people die? It won’t be a perfect transition, there will be parts of the population that will get this and will die.”

      and Australians couldn’t go overseas without an exit visa.

      Locked into your own country. Remember when we made fun of the Eastern block for this?

      1. I don’t know how anyone ever thought that “zero covid” was not a completely insane goal. It was clear by last March that there was no chance of that happening anywhere.

    2. Oh, this is medical misinformation:

      As of Sunday, just 17% of Australia’s population of 25 million people have been fully vaccinated — well below the UK’s 58% or 50% in the US — meaning there is little immunity in the community to stop Delta’s spread.

      1. Extrapolating from the data, wide-scale vaccination followed by steady community spread seems to be the most effective public health strategy in the long-term. The zero-COVID successes are, ironically, failing on both of these.

        We’re going down this path in a typically messy fashion. Americans seem to be determined to simply weather the spikes, regardless of what our governments say on the matter, and are bound to reach the endemic phase sooner. It would be better if more people got their shots in this country to speed up the process, but c’est la vie.

    3. Seasonality trumps anything we do, and this will be obvious (again) in the winter. By then perhaps the ‘effectiveness’ of the vaccine will be obvious, as well.

      1. And it’s winter in Australia right now.

        1. Yes. It’s happening exactly like the seasonality theorists told you it would. Australia has very very little respiratory virus activity the rest of the year but make up for it in winter.

      2. Because the vaccine studies are bullshit, right?
        Chris Christie survived, so who needs a vaccine?

        1. Completely honest response in a thread about lockdowns.

        2. No because all the data says the virus is seasonal. This is how we told you exactly when and where to expect the sunbelt spike this summer — do you think we just got lucky? Why does Fauci never accidentally get something right like that?

          1. I think you and your crew tend to listen to a bunch of cranks who make 10,000 predictions every day and when one of them proves to be right, you take that as ‘validation’ that the crank was correct.

            1. All your predictions have been wrong, and you’re trying to discredit people who have repeatedly made the correct predictions.

            2. That’s 100% bullshit and you know it. Feel free to read the posts from May telling you exactly what is going to happen this summer.

              Hell, just look at the hospitalization data from this year to last. THE VIRUS IS FUCKING SEASONAL.

              And once again you’ll have to eat shit when the winter wave crashes over the whole country regardless of the rules.

    4. You men in comparison with the stupidity that is AmeriKKKa?

      “People right on these here comment boards who praised these countries for their radical and responsible approach.” – ReynoldsClapTrap

    5. There is nothing radical about their responsible approach.

      “People right on these here comment boards who praised these countries for their radical and responsible approach.” – Diane Republican Death Cultist

      The denialism of you and your fellow Republican Death Cult members is unreasonable, however.

  8. Are Mask Requirements in Schools Necessary to Control COVID-19?

    No. Next question.

    1. Your response makes me laugh.

      “No” – Asshole

  9. Of course not. Vaccines are the answer but these morons won’t get it, so masks are the next best thing.

    1. What about anti tiger rocks as thing 3?

    2. If a school requires masks or vaccines and I don’t agree I should get my tax money used to fund it back.

      1. No one cares if you agree. Go back to school and learn science.

        1. Exactly why I shouldn’t be funding this disaster anymore. Let them evolve.

          And learn what? I have a STEM degree and previously worked at a state CDC before graduating from there.

          1. Getting a degree from ITT and working as a janitor does not count as having a STEM degree and working for a state CDC. Vaccines work and anyone with at least 1/4 of a brain knows that. Also not all STEM degrees are even close to equal. STEM is a stupid term that tries to encompass everything from IT helpdesk workers to PhD scientists.

            1. Want to wager on your make believe versus reality? 🙂

            2. All you did was convince us you got a degree from ITT and work as a janitor.

              1. Definitely projection. Probably her father though, not her.

              2. Assume it has no degree and is on welfare.

            3. Vaccines work and anyone with at least 1/4 of a brain knows that.

              No one is claiming otherwise, you retard. Yes, in general vaccines work and are a good thing. That doesn’t mean that every vaccine works. There have been lots removed from the market after being in use for a while because they were ineffective or harmful.
              As much as people want to pretend otherwise, the covid vaccines do have some pretty nasty side effects in a non-trivial number of people. No vaccines or drugs are perfectly safe and it is not irrational for someone facing little risk from the virus (or who is willing to take their chances) to decide not to take the vaccine, or to wait for more complete data.

              1. it’s also reasonable to make a risk analysis of not getting the vax. if you’re under 65 and healthy the numbers clearly show that the vax is unnecessary. if i get it, so what? don’t care. the stats say that i’ll be fine.

          2. “I have a STEM degree” – Republican death cultist

            You were cheated. Trump university no doubt.

        2. Go back to school and learn science.


          Fucking idiot.

          1. Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire..


            Science has always been independent of religion or government because science is driven by the scientific method.

            You are spectacularly stupid.

            1. bullshit…I worked in a research lab (high energy physics) and can tell you scientists are just like everyone else..and the way they get ahead is usually through grant money…if the group giving out the money (often the govt) wants a certain result..believe me most of the time they will get it..real science is done outside of govt funding…believe for covid the govt has a narrative and scientists will step and fetch as necessary to keep the funding coming in..this is what Fauci did when he said the virus didn’t come from the lab..the “community” was terrified of him as he decides on grants and they said what he wanted. Rand Paul made very good points which are not debatable…the idiot commie bolshevik in charge of censorship at YouTube should be sacked for crimes against the bill of rights..

        3. All you did was convince us you don’t understand basic high school science.

        4. Our knowledge of science is far behind yours. As is our intellect. You are stupid, and ignorant.

      2. If a school teaches that bigfoot is not real and I don’t agree I should get my tax money used to fund it back.

        “If a school requires masks or vaccines and I don’t agree I should get my tax money used to fund it back.” – RepublikKKan Retard.

    3. Masks are as good as nothing.

      1. “Masks are as good as nothing.” = Liar Liar.. Pants on fire…

        Actually they trap droplets from your throat and nose that may otherwise spread disease to other people.

        You are dumber than my excrement.

    4. Vaccines work but of course you assholes were putting it down in 2020 when there was an election at hand.

      Then you switched gears and pushed for it after convincing many people not to vaccinate.

      This is after all your confusion over masking, which we now know doesn’t work well with cloth masks.

      Leftist trolls like you (who are paid to post this stuff) don’t convince anyone except the easily gullible.

      You’re done. Leave, go, do something more productive than this.

      1. If you are confused, then you must be a public school dropout.

        “This is after all your confusion over masking,” – RepubliKKKan Death Cultist

        You are dumber than my excrement.

    5. Why do I have to wear a mask, I’m vaccinated. I was told if I obeyed, I’d be able to “return to normal”.

      1. “HA!! The *new* normal, that is!”

      2. That’s so where they failed on the vaccine messaging. Such a stupid position that they took.

      3. they change the rules every other day, its a common occurrence with lil tyrants

        1. They are trying to accommodate your whining.

          “they change the rules every other day” – Conservatve Death Cultist.\

          And still you keep whining.

          The changing position of the sun in the sky must really confuse you.

      4. Because vaccines are not 100% effective and you could be one of the few who spread the disease to others.

        “Why do I have to wear a mask, I’m vaccinated.” – DianeTheRetard

        It is so simple that even an average retard should be able to understand.

        But not you. LOL.

    6. Vaccines are definitely the answer, but masks are pretty worthless.

      It’s kind of like saying that mosquito netting in the jungle is the answer to stopping mosquitos, but the next best thing is a squirt bottle filled with water.

  10. Senate votes 99-0 against “Defund the Police” as move by ignorant redneck Auburn football coach backfires on the GOP:

    1. Kind of curious as to what you think this proves as 90% of police budgets are state and local.

      Oh nevermore. Youre an idiot.

    2. Right on topic as usual.

      Why don’t you just start your own magazine and website so you can talk about what you want?

      1. Because only his sockpuppets would read it.

        1. And NAMBLA members.

          1. But you repeat myself.

    3. Brian Stelter comes alive as Buttplug 2.0

      1. Brian Stelter is gay… wait, you might be on to something.

    4. When are you going to to turn yourself into the police and confess your pedophilia?

  11. I can’t help but notice the complete lack of sourcing for your hyperbolic assessment of the “costs”.

  12. There is zero evidence of an actual benefit.

    A) no correlation between mask usage and covid spread.

    B) masks used merely push air to the right left and up, see fogged glasses.

    C) people take masks off to talk, see reporters at white house press conference this morning.

    D) NIH director admitted masks that are in use do essentially nothing.

    E) CDC evidence of mask benefits included saying a mask around a narrow tube between 2 cages of mice. This is not how masks are worn.

    F) 100 years of studies on mask usage and respiratory illnesses show no positive correlation.

    1. If you fly back into the us, you need a negative test before you get in the airplane. That means everyone on the plane tested negatively, a minimum of 50% are vaccinated, yet you must wear a mask unless you are eating and drinking.
      So the first thing they do is wheel out the snacks and drinks cart.

      1. No one wants to talk about that. They literally believe that masks are a magic elixir against spreading COVID, but no one wants to talk about HOW masks are used and worn. Even if I believed that ok, masks might reduce– to a degree, the spread and transmission. They way I see people use masks? There’s no fucking way it means anything.

        And secondly, even IF the way masks are being used is reducing the transmission, the idea that you are doing anything positive by being in the middle of a remote desert, alone, wearing a mask is nothing more than gaslighting.

        1. [The] way I see people use masks? There’s no fucking way it means anything.

          It’s also obvious many people are just playing a game, with their mask pulled down off their nose or even worn on the chin. How long until fines are implemented for such disrespect of authoritah?

        2. Went to Costco today. Wanna guess what group of people aren’t paying attention to everyone else around them and are constantly bunching up around each other and getting in my way?

        3. They literally believe that masks are a magic elixir against spreading COVID

          The primary benefit of masks is psychological. If it weren’t for mask mandates / recommendations, a great many people would outright refuse to participate in the physical economy. Masks give them the excuse they need to continue living life in a mostly normal manner, despite the supposedly apocalyptic danger surrounding them.

          1. So yet again we see that psychological warfare and terrorism work.
            People who value freedom and individual rights should maybe take note.

            1. says the kid who drives around alone wearing his mask

              1. If you somehow got the impression that I’m pro mask, you’ve got some real comprehension issues

          2. I’m not sure I’d call that a benefit.

          3. those people are complete morons. we don’t need them participating.

          4. This is exactly the case. It’s WAY more likely that government lied (again) about masks being effective simply to nudge people out the door and into the economy.

          5. Yep. One of my hypotheses about how to square the fact that medical research studies say that masks work while econometric studies say that mandates don’t work is that masks help a little bit, but when public health officials exaggerate the benefit, it causes people to engage in riskier behavior. “I’m an unvaccinated obese 85 year old who should be staying at home, but since everyone is wearing masks at Costco, I think I’ll buy some dish towels rather than ask my kids to order me some via Amazon”. It actually pisses me off when I see sanitizers now, because we know that they don’t help, but to the degree that people believe in them, they’ll induce risk compensation behaviors.

            Obviously, at this point it is all rendered moot by the vaccines. As best I can tell, we do not have hard evidence that vaccinated folks nor kids under 12 cause more than a trivial level of spread. Which is practically public health malpractice. It is not like it is impossible to collect such evidence. We have had high volume genomic sequencers that can trace viral lineages for over a decade. We ought to be so very far past having to assume that vaccinated folks are equally infectious because if you jam a quetip 5 inches up their nose, you’ll collect similar amount of virus.

    2. The EPA actually did a fairly detailed study. For all their faults, the EPA did write the book on particulate testing.

      They tested all forms of mask styles and wearing styles. Standard masks reduced particulate by 20%-50%, but the most common mask types were the least effective. This is if they are worn perfectly and freshly washed under laboratory conditions. Field use will necessarily be less effective.

      For some reason, the link was censored. Do a search for EPA Mask Effectiveness.

      That’s pretty bad. In cases where there is extended contact like at school or work, that low a reduction won’t change anything. It might help you from casual passersby in a grocery store, but in general a 50% effective measure is not considered protective from anything.

      1. 50% > 0%

        1. That is particulate Jeff not specific covid virus. See article from my area concerning forest fire smoke and cloth masks and N95 masks

        2. 50% > Liberty

          Die in a grease fire, you fat stupid cunt.

        3. 20 – 50% in laboratory conditions. My point stands.

          1. And, as stated, it’s 20-50% with regard to particulates, not infectious units. Block 100% of the micron (and larger) particles all you like, won’t necessarily amount to even a single percent reduction in infection, much less death.

            1. Liar… Liar… Pants on fire…

              “Block 100% of the micron (and larger) particles all you like, won’t necessarily amount to even a single percent reduction in infection” – Republican Death Cultist.

              Conclusions{ Societal norms and government policies supporting the wearing of masks by the public, as well as international travel controls, are independently associated with lower per-capita mortality from COVID-19.

              Association of country-wide coronavirus mortality with demographics, testing, lockdowns, and public wearing of masks (Update August 4, 2020)
              Christopher T. Leffler, Edsel Ing, Joseph D. Lykins V, Matthew C. Hogan, Craig A. McKeown, Andrzej Grzybowski

      2. But Ben what is the chance of a casual passerby in a grocery store pretty much zero already. It isn’t like I’m hanging out next to them or their space. So I’d say building on your point in a store I could only see the hypothesis being worthwhile for a checkout line.

      3. “Standard masks reduced particulate by 20%-50%,”

        That is for incoming particulates, not for outgoing droplets.

    3. The Hamster study was ridiculous. I can’t believe that and also a policy based on a hairdresser incident is how we determine “Science”. Molly would be proud I think?

    4. Good summary article on all the serious mask studies done to date.

    5. Liar.. .Liar.. Pants on fire…

      “There is zero evidence of an actual benefit.”

      Which is why Doctors wear them.

      Hahahahahahahaha…. You can’t more retarded that RepubliKKKan Retarded.

  13. Home school your kids. The best thing you can do for them.

    1. I mean, what’s wrong with vaccinating them? As long as it’s your choice.

      1. The guy that invented the MRNA technology said you shouldn’t vaccinate children.

        1. Shouldn’t vaccinate them? What a fucking moron. Vaccinating children saves millions of lives.

          1. Alright I suppose you meant shouldn’t vaccinate them in this particular instance? Or do you? You mfers are out to lunch.

            1. Yes, this particular instance with the MRNA tech.

        2. Liar… Liar.. Pants on fire…

          “The guy that invented the MRNA technology said you shouldn’t vaccinate children.” – RMac

          RepubliKKKan Death Cult.

      2. 350 kids died with covid, not from, since it started. The rate increase for health issues like a rare heart issue will effect more kids than died with covid. And yes it with as each dead kid has other complicating comorbidities.

        1. Good thing the government gave the vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity.

        2. According to the CDC’s own data, kids in the 12-15 age group have a better chance of being hospitalized due to the vaccination than they have of dying of C19.

          1. Liar.. Liar.. Pants on fire…

            “kids in the 12-15 age group have a better chance of being hospitalized due to the vaccination than they have of dying of C19.” – Disintegrate

            But even if it were true, hospitalization is not death and hence the number of dead children is reduced.

            RepubliKKKan Death Cult.

      3. Nothing. That’s what makes the hysteria against vaccines almost comical at this point.

      4. because it’s completely unnecessary. the ifr for children is 0.002%. why would you insert an experimental drug into a child when there is effectively zero risk from the virus?

        1. “why would you insert an experimental drug into a child when there is effectively zero risk from the virus?” – JustRetarded

          After 1 billion doses administered so far, these vaccines are hardly experimental.

          As to why? Because they reduce the rate of death.

          You be a Stupid boy.

    2. It actually is the best thing, assuming there’s one adult who can put their attention to the task.

      Sadly too many adults have latched onto tired debunked ideologies from the 20th century that failed utterly and murdered millions. This is modern public education.

      It’s evident in the fact that Cuomo resigns, never admitting guilt for grabbing ass, and the media ignores his death cult nursing home debacle again. And the president fingers him for praise.

      At least Cuomo didn’t have Biden smell his hair. For that we are thankful.

  14. The CDC, which is now urging “indoor masking for all individuals age 2 years and older” in schools and child care facilities

    One suspects child care workers who deal with the little kids will have but one job, if you catch my drift. Also, let the child-abuse lawsuits begin.

  15. Mask is necessary for everyone in this pandemic. Need help? to fix AVG Installation

  16. Fuck Clay Jenkins.

    That is all.

  17. On that point, the evidence is not nearly as clear as mandate enthusiasts imply.

    Evidence is the very last thing mandate enthusiasts care about.

  18. Are Mask Requirements in Schools Necessary to Control COVID-19?

    That’s funny.
    At no time in the history of COVID-19 has it been under anything remotely resembling “control”.
    And yet….

  19. are schools necessary?

    1. No. AmeriKKKans can always return to the trees and the pre-fire era.

      “are schools necessary?” – RepubliKKKan Death Cultist

      1. Troll harder.

  20. Masks are basically garbage. The only effective answer to fighting COVID is to get vaccinated, period. And no, vaccines aren’t perfect, but they are the best we got and they are pretty damn good.

    1. I want to buy your rock.

      1. My rock?

        1. was using a well-known Simpsons reference to comment in a friendly way on your specious vaccine sales pitch.

          1. Ah, so you’re just an idiot? Thanks for clearing that up.

            1. ya I’m the idiot. enjoy your whatever they stuck in you.

              1. Yes, you are the idiot. I have enjoyed it. Just as millions of people have. Have fun being scared of science and medicine.

                1. lol the next page over discusses how the scientists got it wrong. again.

                  1. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

                    1. LOL

                      You’re not just an idiot, squirrel, but a huge fucking pussy.

  21. What kind of garbage journals are these studies published in that they can make claims like that without a control group to compare the treatment group to? That shouldn’t have gotten past peer review.

    1. It got by peer review because it stated that it didn’t have a valid control group. Peer reviewed doesn’t mean that it’s right, or significant etc, but only that the authors didn’t go beyond their data. This limitation (which arguably made the study worthless) was disclosed, and that is all that you can ask of the peer review process.

      1. Ultimately, replication of results is where it’s at.

      2. I spent years as a research physicist in a research lab…you always have a control group when comparing in any design of experiments…JC…this is becoming a joke..wokedom has taken over science..

  22. Short answer: No.
    Long answer: No, fuck off.

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  24. Who the fuck is a mask enthusiast?

    You’ve reduced an antire ostensibly respectable political worldview into the world’s pettiest bitchy whine-fest. Waah hygiene. We have to elect Republicans to save us from washing our shitty hands because we’re retarded babies waaah.

    1. “Waah hygiene.”

      Says the guy who sticks his dick in a literal shit hole and/or let’s other do the same to him. You have no room to talk about hygiene, you Mask Enthusiast.

    2. Washing hands won’t stop COVID. It doesn’t spread via contact.

      Frankly, that is people’s big problem with the mask thing. After being badged for over a year to “follow the science”, the science simply doesn’t exist to say that elementary schools need to mask the students in order to stop COVID. The experience of Europe strongly indicates that young children do not spread COVID amongst themselves, even without masking and social distancing. As teachers will presumably be vaccinated, it may be the case that schools can get back to normal. Or maybe not. Thanks to the CDC’s incompetence, they haven’t designed and conducted the studies to figure it out. So, they are making guesses and acting like it is gospel, when nearly every single one of their prior guesses about how this spreads and how to stop it has proved false.

  25. Ignored was the study that showed that the masks worn by kids are very quickly, horribly compromised, filled with every imaginable virus and bacteria, that the kids are forced to constantly rebreath. Think you are going to teach the proper mask discipline, where they don’t compromise their masks by adjusting them with their filthy hands? Then you haven’t had kids, or grandkids, for awhile. And that doesn’t even get into the effects of O2 deprivation/CO2 buildup, which appear to be worse for kids, at for adults.

  26. seems to me several European countries kept schools open without mask and had very few problems. is their real life experience not good enough for our computer modeling which is evidently always better than real life outcomes. or are all those countries lying and we can’t trust them. I’m so confused about who we are supposed to emulate.

  27. The “Devil we don’t know” in this debate is the effect(s), long and short term, that masking and social distancing could be having on our children’s’ nascent immune systems. According to a 2015 study published in Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences:
    “More than 1600 genes are involved in innate and adaptive immune responses. These genes are of great importance for sustaining life in a hostile environment. Yet the immune system is relatively immature at birth and has to evolve during a life of exposure to multiple foreign challenges through childhood.”

    We now find ourselves in the uncharted territory of a mass, self-imposed and dramatic reduction of those “foreign challenges.” Thus, a child celebrating her 7th birthday this month, will have missed out on half a year of kindergarten and all of the first grade. Her immune system should have been exposed to 18 months of close contact with snotty nosed, coughing, sneezing, belching and laughing classmates. Instead, her government gave her stay at home learning and masked outings with family members.

    In protecting the grandmas and teachers, we might just have imperiled our children.

    1. The psychological effects are pretty significant too. Not seeing your teachers’ or classmates faces for a year? That’s a big fucking deal. Especially for very young children who should be learning how to interpret facial expression and other non-verbal communication.

  28. Seriously sullum? Everyone in America knows you cannot “control” a respiratory virus. It’s science you know. The masks didn’t work last time either. This isn’t about the virus obviously. We are being conditioned.

    1. And most masks allow particles larger than the virus in anyway..what bullshit the mask thing is…virtue signaling and “experts” who are clueless pretending they are in control

  29. In other words, the children were masked and few of them came down with Covid. Apparently the authors didn’t consider that maybe children just don’t come down with serious cases of Covid. This is a conclusion (mask up!) in search of a rationale, and finding none, just spouts nonsense. And to think those people are “experts”. Experts in B.S. I guess.

  30. This article is scientific BS. It’s using old-school data to characterize the Delta variant, which is known to be far deadlier to kids and far more transmissible. What a right-wing joke as usual from

    1. ~~ clutches pearls …

    2. Cite your studies on its lethality, please. As far as the CDC is concerned only 423 18-and-under people have died from COVID19 over the entire duration of the outbreak. Hardly a powder keg of death for the young. In fact, more children 12 and up have died from suicide by far… but that seems to be a subject most “left leaning” individuals like to stay away from.

      1. You thing democrats don’t talk about child suicide??? What planet do you live on??

  31. The legal (and moral) issue is rights vs. authority. If anyone, but especially the governor, realized this, then no executive order is needed.
    The governor could go on tv and remind the public they have the power over the public school system. Therefore, the public, individually or collectively, could refuse to obey the mask order.
    But, no governor would do so. It reminds people they have the power to disobey all authority, even the governor’s and the POTUS.

  32. Why is “necessary” the standard? How about “prudent?” I am a retired nuclear engineer, and in that field, we always err on the side of caution for safety’s sake. What is so controversial about that?

  33. Weird question here… Exactly what COVID19 test determines what variant you are infected with? If memory serves, we are still utilizing the PCR test, which does not determine variant specificity, and doesn’t even determine you are in fact infected with COVID19, only a current or previous coronavirus infection.

    1. You’re not supposed to ask that question… because it doesn’t have an answer

      1. Just because you are not informed enough to k ow the answer doesn’t mean there isn’t one:

    2. It can’t distinguish between Covid and regular flu. It just indicates you are sick with something. Let’s assume it’s Covid

      Just like you died and the fake Covid test says you had it. Which of course means absolutely died of Covid

      It’s a joke


  34. NC didn’t have a control group. JC…these “Dr’s” seem to have failed basic statistics (most docs tend to have biology degrees which are somewhat of a joke compared to chemistry and physics). Same old same old..lefties of the usual cast pretending they are experts and the media like old JS here bends the knee. Sorry but they are not experts in statistical modeling or design of experiments and Bernanke and Yellen are not experts in economics and that women (can’t recall her name) who manages YouTube censorship and censored Rand Paul is a gd liberal art major who has NO hard science background. But they all seem to be cut from the same cloth…experts who check all the boxes..Rand Paul doesn’t does he.

  35. There is no question masks can help prevent infections from virus. That is why hospitals mandate wearing them in certain environments. Of course they mandate surgical grade N95 masks. The schools and governments mandating masks should be required to supply medical grade N95 masks or be sued if anyone wearing a cloth mask is infected. Cloth masks may help slightly keep someone infected from spreading it but very slight. In trails that tested masks people wearing cloth masks had more infections then those wearing no masks.

    1. Please cite the study. That statement makes zero sense.

  36. So a bunch of studies lead to a meta analysis conclusion that they work and the author can’t point to a single study showing they don’t. And the costs he holds up against a couple thousand dead kids(using his own cfr) is “they’re itchy”?? Embarrassing.

  37. I guess the use of masks alone is not enough to control this covid-19.

  38. The costs you whine about are insignificant. Guess what…there is plenty in life that is unpleasant and boring. Adults need to suck it up…and teach their kids that life is not always just how we would like it. . There is nor real detriment to communication through wearing a mask. People just have to speak up a little.
    It is true that adults need to take more responsibility here. They can start by supporting mask mandates, instead of whining petulantly about their “rights as parents.” Their RESPONSIBILITY as parents is to protect their children. That means telling their children to wear masks at school, and enforcing what the school systems require.

    1. Why? Your mask mandate is not based on science, but rather wishful thinking and political virtue signaling. After 18 months of screwing up the “science”, the last people anyone should trust here are the public health bureaucrats. And it is worse for the kids, who face essentially no risk from COVID-19, but actual risks from masking, and likely risks from vaccinations.

    1. seriously do they even look at their own data? how many mask recommendations did anyone make in Jan 2018?

  39. Danny Benjamin Jr., a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Duke Health, say their own research shows that “universal masking”—requiring all students and employees to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status—is “one of the most effective and efficient strategies for preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission in schools.”
    Where did this idiot get his degree?
    A breakfast cereal box maybe?

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  42. Ha there is zero evidence. I mean actual real life evidence/ data

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