Cities Undermine the Holiday Spirit with Unconstitutional Bans on Sharing Food with the Homeless

Do you, like many Americans, feel especially charitable this time of year? Enjoy helping those in need? Better buy a permit.


As Americans around the country celebrate the Giving Season, various elected officials are busy trying to put a stop to all this charitable mumbo jumbo.

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., the city council is considering a rule that would require people to obtain a permit to share food with the homeless and others in need.

"A new ordinance is being considered that limits where people can serve meals on public property, including parks and sidewalks," Nashville's Fox 17 reported last month. "The rule would require a permit each time someone hands out food, and requires people to take food safety classes before they can qualify for a permit."

Food safety classes? Really?

After immediate pushback from residents, Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland offered a flimsy defense of the proposal, arguing that "people who are showing up without notice on a piece of property that's city owned property, that's something we have to go through a process to be able to do that."

Are Murfreesboro's residents now not free to show up without notice on public property, Mr. Mayor?

Elected officials in Newark, N.J., are up to similarly vile shenanigans. After informing local aid groups recently that it would begin prohibiting them from sharing food with people in need in Newark, the city changed its tune slightly "and said that groups who give out food would need a permit and that the new rule would be specifically targeted at those who give food to the homeless," the New York Times reported last week. Wow, how generous.

What exactly has emboldened elected officials in Newark and Murfreesboro to crack down on sharing food with the homeless and less fortunate around the holidays? In truth, these cities are no outliers. Other American municipalities have been hard at work, year-round, combating charitable food donations.

I've devoted many columns to these terrible crackdowns over the years. As I've detailed, cities around the county, including Orlando, Dallas, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Birmingham, and San Antonio, have enacted ordinances that prohibit residents from sharing food with the homeless and less fortunate. Most recently, I blasted a Charlotte, N.C., lawmaker's proposal this past summer to make sharing food with the homeless a misdemeanor there.

Houston is an almost-perpetual offender.

"Groups wanting to serve food can apply for permission from the Mayor's Office for Homeless Initiatives, which provides training prior to the permit being granted," the Houston Chronicle reported last month, in a piece focused on Houston city officials' ongoing attempts to sabotage efforts by the charitable group Food Not Bombs to share food with the homeless and others in need.

These bans are uniformly awful and indecent. They also conflict with the Constitution, I explained nearly a decade ago. Las Vegas, one of the first cities to be sued over its permitting requirements, which were rescinded as a result of a 2010 settlement, had a "ban [that] imposed steep penalties—including a $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail— for anyone caught giving away food in public to more than a handful of people without a permit," I explain in my book Biting the Hands that Feed Us: How Fewer, Smarter Laws Would Make Our Food System More Sustainable.

"No government has a right to interfere with or intercede in my otherwise legal right to express myself through my generosity," Jay Hamburger, a Houston man who's been feeding the homeless for decades, told me in remarks that also appear in my book. Hamburger's right. And even if governments had that power, it's one no decent people should exercise—during the Giving Season or any season.

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          And sending SQRLSY to the original Winterval would require time travel. Do you really want to do that?

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  3. So, laws that prohibit citizens from giving food to others are unconstitutional. You know what else is unconstitutional?

    1. Cities are. So are Police.

      1. Now that's a new one on me. Where are cities and police called Unconstitutional? Yes, the Fourteenth Amendment is supposed to limit their powers, but Unconstitutional?

        1. I dont respind to fake arguments like " no it isnt " ( proving a negative fallacy) and " float a false argument then demand I prove it."

          If youre too fucking stupid to read the Constitution, then I dont have high hopes of you understanding the explanation.

          1. I didn't say "No it isn't." I just said that's a new one on me.

            And, yes, I've read my Constitution and I see no bans on Cities or Police. If fact, Cities are Incorporated creatures of the individual States and Cities, in turn, set up Police departments, so both Cities and Police are perfectly legal under the 10th Amendment, as long as the Cities and Police respect Individual Rights recognized by the 9th and 14th Amendments.

            Ad Hominems will get you nowhere if you're aim is Reason and Logic.

  4. It's very important that Reason dot com support any random idiot handing out food to people with no food safety permits or cleanliness standards because this is the entire Libertarian response to the problem of free-market induced human poverty and hunger.

    1. Government Almighty, North-Korean-gagnam-style, will show us how it's been done! Those that starve to death, will be erased from history, and all will be perfect forever!

      1. And one TDS-addled spastic asshole gets flagged

        1. SQRLSY is the gibbering carnival geek on the shelf.

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    3. The hungry are free to grow their own food and are also free to buy their own food. Non-libertarian circles train them to avoid these activities. Congrats on your success. But heaven forbid someone, out of the goodness of their heart, give them food. Once again, non-libertarians trying to stop something libertarian.

      1. Hehe they want a recreation of holodomore.
        It funny really

      2. Yes they can grow all- years supply of food in two clay pots they stole from a window- sill..

        Theyre just too lazy to do so.

        Container gardening is the way.

        1. Don't knock it 'til you tried it. The Chinese do wonders with 8' x 10' plots of raised beds when they were and are free to do so.

          And many restaurants will give away 5-gallon buckets after they've emptied them of the ingredients for their dishes, so no plunder is needed or justified.

          1. False argument Sunday....

            Carefully twisting from " homeless" to " those with access to property"

            Are you deliberately or accidentally a moron?

            1. So personal experience is a false argument?

              I think you need your tuition back on your Logic 101 courses.

      3. Now imagine if people weren’t free to visit their family on Christmas.

      4. I say if people really want to help the poor and hungry, give them the meal and a packet of seeds and a bucket of Miracle-Gro with instructions on growing their own vegetables.

        I've grown tomatoes and peppers to last for months this way. I even grew a tomato plant as high as the gutter of the house on the North side of the house, where it got the right mlx of Sun and shade. And with instructions on making a grow-box and smaĺl greenhouses, they could have veggies all year long!

        1. Are they supposed to drag their bucket around to the shelter, soup kitchen, back to the street, and hope it stays sunny in the Detroit winter?

          1. Of course not. Homeless shelters could have spaces for container gardening and gardening would also provide purposeful, productive activity for the shelter residents and teach useful, transferrable skills. And the poor who have homes could container garden with whatever spare space they have and should be free from bureaucratic harassment to do so.

            The grow-boxes and mini-greenhouses could address the Winter. As long as frost doesn't touch a tomato plant, it can go on indefinitely, and many plants like cabbage, kale and parsnips are hardy enough to stand up to the cold.

        2. you grew some salad fixins...not food to survive on.

          1. Tomatoes, peppees, cukes, herbs, and onions are all survival food. They're good eating with vitamins and minerals and healing properties and they don't eat back.

            And with home-grown produce, you can barter for meat or eggs and you don't need to worry whether the factory for MyPatriotSupply or InfoWars is still open, accessible, or intact.

      5. "Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?"

    4. Lots of ignorant people like to whine that charity must come from government because individuals won't provide enough on their own. I say the presence of laws banning charity is proof enough to the contrary.

    5. You could prove your assertion that poverty and hunger are caused by free markets, but you cannot.

      1. _Wealth_ is caused by free markets. Poverty and hunger were the natural state before the industrial revolution, which was enabled by free markets. The immense gains in productivity from industrialization a middle-class or better life-style within reach of everyone capable of thinking like the middle class. Industrial wealth plus the application of real science (not what most media whores and politicians think is science) to agriculture and medicine have given us abundant food and added decades to our lives (if we can just stop eating too much of that food).

        In the country that maintained mostly-free markets the longest before collectivists and power-mad politicians began over-regulating and redistributing (the USA up to about 1928), the "poor" are now generally fat, dressed in nearly new, well-made clothing, and have wide screen TVs at home. If you watch someone begging at a street corner for long enough, you'll probably see them getting in a late-model SUV for a ride home. Homelessness has become a symptom of mental illness, not poverty - anyone with a low income who can find their way to the welfare office can get an apartment paid for by the government, but there's nothing anyone can do to keep them in that apartment after the landlord learns they will trash the place, and many mental patients do mess their own nest.

    6. "Free-market induced poverty and hunger?" Since when have individuals acting in a free market ever paid farmers to not grow crops or raise livestock? Or exiled and murdered farmers for providing bounty? Or broke supply chains that extended to people nationwide? Or created Holodolmars that kill millions?

      I hope this is tongue deeply planted in cheek because it sure sounds like OBL level trollery.

    7. A buddy of mine, who was big into helping the homeless here around St. Louis, was informed a few years ago that his sandwiches were illegal. Not because he was making them himself or giving them to the homeless on the street, but because he was giving out tuna salad sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches and ham - which are all considered *prepared* meals and therefore subject to the health code like any restaurant.

  5. Democrats at work.

    1. Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, all Democrat hotbeds.

      1. That’s retarded even for you.

        1. Unfortunately it's par for the course for White Mike.

      2. Things I learned today: there are Democratic-run cities named Tennessee, Texas, Alabama.

        1. The crap hole crime, poverty and drug infested Memphis is D run...sewer. The rest if TN is rabidly pro TRUMP.

        2. Cool, please report on which team the government of Murfreesboro, Tennessee is on. I’m sure Hattori researched this before making his comment.

          1. Too fucking dumb to use google?

          2. "Cool, please report on which team the government of Murfreesboro, Tennessee is on."

            Hi ferocious sealion.

            Eight of the last ten mayors sported the big (D).

            1. If there’s one thing Dee’s good at, it’s making a fool of herself.

              1. Sad thing the lil shit doesn't get embarrassed by it and continues to claim he isnt left.

          3. Cool, please explain how a comment about cities elicited your strawman diversion about states, and my snide comment on your non-existent cities with state names elicited a further diversionary strawman.

            1. Cuz Dee’s a fucking idiot.

            2. Cities are located in states. Specific states were mentioned in the article.

              This is one of the most stretched arguments I have ever seen. You are really trying desperately.

      3. Both Tennessee and Texas have democrat cities. Like Austin and Knoxville. So don’t start that shit here.

        1. To be fair, Mike is a fucking douchebag.

        2. knoxville democrat?

          Apolparently youre not here....I am

          And youre an idiot.

  6. Merry Christmas!

    Fuck Joe Biden.

    1. ...and the Congregation replies:

      "...and a hot poker up his ass!"

      1. I wonder if Joe invited ALL his grandchildren for Christmas.

        1. No, just the nice smelling ones...

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          SNL eviscerated him last nite

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          When he gets ass raped by SNL which is a leftist cesspool, its BAD

  7. Merry Christmas to everyone, except for the mask nazis, the vaccines that don't work nazis, and all our various and sundry Bidenite, Obamite, and Faucian totalitarian shitheads!

    1. What are these vaccines that don’t work?

      1. Fake vaccines.

        1. But they work! Except against the unvaccinated. And covid.

          1. Just don’t get exposed.

      2. Covid mRNA. Particularly Pfizer.

        1. New study estimates coverage ends at 10 weeks. So get your shots 5 times a year!

          1. That leaves 2 weeks of danger!

      3. Better question: where are the leftist politicians who believe these vaccines work? If there were any, they wouldn't mandate masks for anybody, let alone the vaccinated.

        1. theyre running for cover now from severe political backlash bc. the drug cos now admit the danger OF their vaccines.

          800,000 / 355,000,000 dead from virus. 0.2%

          50,000 or more dead from the vaccine.

          Compare death rates:

          0.2% or

          5/80 = 6.2 %

          Ill take the " shove the vax up their asses" option.

          1. 50,000 or more dead from the vaccine?

            Jigga what???

            Not according to this:

            Fqct Check: COVID Vaccine Deaths

            "I would caution them not to assume that causality has been proven," warned Dr. Branche. "Certainly people who are vaccinated are dying, but as of now, we have not made an association between getting the vaccine and dying. if people are dying it's usually from natural causes."


            However, the CDC does confirm there's a plausible relationship between the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and those dangerous blood clots. They've identified 35 people who developed them out of more than 11 million who got the shot.

            To date, one confirmed case of blood clots following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination Moderna has been reported to VAERS. Keep in mind, more than 292 million doses of Moderna shots have been given in the U.S.

            Dr. Branche says these cases are extremely rare.

            So 35 people out of 11 million who got the Johnson and Johnson shot an 1 out of 292 million who got the Moderna shot, and not one mention of ones who got the Pfizer shots (mine.)

            Look, I'm not saying "There Oughtta Be A Law..." Not everyone can take any vaccine and it says so right on the form. Howvever, that does not mean believe any bullshit claim made by QAnon "bread crumb" chasers and chlorine drinkers.

            Tighten up, Daveca. As T.J. pointed out long ago, Ignorant and free in a state of civilization never was and can never be.

        2. "Better question: where are the leftist politicians who believe these vaccines work?"

          Just had a pop-up ad when a new window opened; a talking head was going on about getting jabbed, and then wondered off into 'hand washing'!
          Seems about March of 2020 when it was announced it's nearly impossible to catch the wu-flu by contact, and "CA Healthy" or some such government lying agency is still pushing that BS!

        3. Hmm, not a better question. Actually, quite a tangent.

          1. Riddle me this, White Mike:

            If you were vaccinated against smallpox four times in one year but still got smallpox, would you still consider your smallpox vaccinations effective?

            Would you have questions as to whether or not the vaccination actually works?

            And no, àß äẞç didn't go off on a tangent. Stop being such an evasive weasel and answer the questions.

            1. mikes mommys unavailiable for comment.

            2. The only trigonometry he knows is cos-play. He's scared to death of what sin-play might be.

              1. LOL, I studied advanced mathematics at UCLA. I aced Trigonometry effortlessly way back in high school.

              2. To go off on a Tangent, Sin-play is what follows Cos-play, if you're freaky like that. 😉

          2. So much for answering questions. One of your modus operandi is to insult people for not providing any actual rebuttals. When you get one, you declare it ain't one.

            1. It’s a fun little game he and Jeff like to play.

            2. You didn’t ask a genuine question.

              Jesus answered bullshit questions with questions. Are you goIng to call him out for his “technique”?

    2. Sounds good to me - hope Sandy Claws left what you wanted under the tree and left lumps of coal for each one of the assholes to whom you refer.

  8. reports that Joe Biden has made saying "Merry Christmas" illegal.

    So in defiance I say Merry Christmas to all you Peanuts.

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      1. Let that Christmas spirit emanate from your withered and rotting soul, Sevo!

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        2. Why yes. They are all part of the conservative media cartel - who refuse to report on the movement by Democrats to cancel Christmas and replace it with Karl Marx Day (May 5) and Cinco De Mayo. It is a form of cover to trick liberals into trusting their reporting.

          Judith Miller? Make sense now?

          1. comment misplaced. Sevo not worth the time.

            1. Lol. You were going to post that under your Ali Akbar sock but fucked up.
              That's hilarious.

              1. And his sloppiness is what will get him caught and convicted.

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                1. Every time someone criticizes kiddie diddling, Sqrlsy starts spamming the thread or crying "Pizzagate".

                  1. Kiddie diddling is the next great progressive frontier.

                  2. Suggests they are the same account. Or share the same hobby.

                    The church of squirrel website may just be a nambla front.

                    1. NAMBLA = NOT Another Monotonous, Boring Lounging-spot for Assholes! ... This does indeed describe the SQRLS web-site!

                      SOME of us are Celebrating Jesus's birthday today, so this particular sub-page is appropriate to patch in at this time...

                      Jesus (Beatitudes Especially) is Validated by Modern Psychology, Game Theory Simulations, Sociobiology. Etc.

                    2. Once he admitted he eats shit, anything becomes believable.

                    3. "Once he admitted he eats shit, anything becomes believable."

                      Citation please, evil liar and servant of the Evil One?

                    4. Thanks for proving my point, Sqrlsy.

                    5. Thanks for proving M. Scott Peck's points, MammaryFuhrer!

                      If you ever come around to wanting to work on your affliction, EvilBahnFuhrer, start here: M. Scott Peck, The People of the Lie, the Hope for Healing Human Evil
                      People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. Peck demonstrates the havoc these “people of the lie” work in the lives of those around them.

                    6. The nutbag is lying about what was said, and using Peck's book about lying as cover.

                      If M. Scott Peck was still alive Sqrlsy, he'd kick you in the head.

                2. TDS-addled spastic asshole gets flagged. Fuck off and die, steaming pile of shit.

          2. I haven’t seen much of you lately. I assume you’ve been a mall Santa. Probably spending your breaks luring small children away from their parents.

            You should kill your self in a fit of holiday depression.

            1. Brain-Extincted, drinking Brain-Extincted Kool-Aid in a spiraling vortex of darkness, cannot or will not see the Light… It’s a VERY sad song! Kinda like this…

              He’s a real Kool-Aid Man,
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              The Beast, to LEAVE, you must COMMAND!

              A helpful book is to be found here: M. Scott Peck, Glimpses of the Devil

              Hey Brain-Extincted …
              If EVERYONE who makes you look bad, by being smarter and better-looking than you, killed themselves, per your wishes, then there would be NO ONE left!
              Who would feed you? Who’s tits would you suck at, to make a living? WHO would change your perpetually-smelly DIAPERS?!!?
              You’d better come up with a better plan, Stan!

              1. It’s hilarious that you’re white knighting for shrike.

                1. When is advocating suicide for others the correct and non-hypocritical thing to do?

              2. SQRLSY needs Jesus.

                1. I am wrong for advocating AGAINST hypocritical assholes who are advocating suicide for others? When they have not done so themselves? Did Jesus hypocritically advocate suicide for others? If so, citation please!

                  Study up on what Jesus had to say, evil and ignorant one! Here, this will get you started! and for details on beatitude number eight.

                2. And Jesus needs SQRLSY.

                  1. I have seen it written that "Heaven needs Earth". A casual search leads here... ... I only glanced at it.

                    As for me, I'm not much into the beyond-the-beyond, 'cause I can't actually KNOW anything about it. All that I have seen, though, says that Jesus's EARTH-RELATED statements make a LOT of sense (upon in-depth examination and thought), even in the view of modern science! "Fluffy" sciences (psychology etc.) more-so than like hard-hard physics-type-sciences, yes, but still data-driven sciences.

    2. OMG!

      I thought (which by Mr. Buttplug's definition now includes NYT, CNN, NPR, WaPo, and Slate) could not possibly sink any lower with their anti-Biden misinformation, like the preposterous idea that the i-word was worth mentioning. It appears I was wrong.


      1. Why yes. They are all part of the conservative media cartel - who refuse to report on the movement by Democrats to cancel Christmas and replace it with Karl Marx Day (May 5) and Cinco De Mayo. It is a form of cover to trick liberals into trusting their reporting.

        Judith Miller? Make sense now?

      2. And Paul Krugman, a deficit hawk and anti-MMT economist who is consistently to the RIGHT of Donald Trump - who appointed Jerome Powell and signed massive spending pro-MMT bills?

        Are you kidding me?

        The NY Times is rightwing and only wears a liberal fig leaf.

        1. "Paul Krugman, a deficit hawk... consistently to the RIGHT of Donald Trump"

          Either you don't know who Paul Krugman is, or you somehow imagine that we don't know who Paul Krugman is.

          If I were your boss at the fifty-cent factory I'd have canned your ass for ineptitude years ago.

          1. Ha! Krugman is a "repay debt" critic of MMT (he calls it chartalism) and a classical economist.

            Trump/Powell and the new GOP are massive MMT "free money" advocates as evident in their fiscal and monetary policy. In fact, when Powell dared tighten in the fall of 2018 the Con Man threatened to fire him. Trump is a Deficits Don't Matter and Free Handouts for everyone conservative.

            CARES Act? PPP? $7 trillion deficit?

            The proof is in his action. He is the self-proclaimed King OF Debt.

            (Biden is no better)

            1. Yeah, none of that is right-wing. It's almost like you look at everyone through an Overton Window to the left of Pol Pot.

          2. You would have canned his ass for his browser history.

            1. If the contents of his computer drives are what the link he posted would indicate, he would be more than fired, he would be doing federal time.

              1. Some places just try to brush away things like that. Such as Reason itself with the post that happened here. They will dox you if you suggest one of the editors make a sammich. But crimes against children, they might report on it, but fuck if they will do anything tangible when it happens on their website.

                Penn State football.

                Chicago Blackhawks.

                Catholic Church.

                Was a sub contractor at a place where a guy was using the work computer to look at kiddie porn. He got a stern warning. That was it. And was in charge of the entire project a year later.

              2. He’d be alright if he’s a fed.

        2. turd lies; it’s all he ever does. turd is TDS-addled lefty asshole and a pathological liar, entirely too stupid to remember which lies he posted even minutes ago, and also too stupid to understand we all know he’s a liar.
          If anything he posts isn’t a lie, it’s totally accidental.
          Often enough turd lies so spectacualrly that you'd imagine in to be iron; it's not. He's that fucking stupid.
          turd lies; it’s what he does. turd is a lying pile of lefty shit.

  9. Crăciun fericit!

    1. An Nou Fericit!

    2. Who you callin' a Crăciun, Sucka? 😉

  10. Certainly adding government involvement is always bad, but handing out free stuff to bums is by no means a universal positive.
    SF is obvious proof that paying people to be bums does not help anybody.

    1. That's why these articles are stupid. Requiring food safety certification to engage in charity is stupid and unneccessary, but there the government DOES have some public safety interest here. Have you ever seen one of these food distribution operations? I used to live in Philly where they had several groups distributing food to homeless people in public parks. It made the parks unusable because they were always full of homeless people, many of whom were mentally ill, on drugs, drunk, etc. It gets pretty fucking infuriating every park bench is occupied by a sleeping bum, and everything smells like piss.

      Charity is a good thing, and a lot of the regulations are overkill and stupid, but there do need to be some controls on how these events happen, especially when they interfere with other people's right to use public spaces.

  11. "Guilty verdict in trial of Kim Potter, former police officer who shot Daunte Wright"

    Isn't mentioned in this story, but an earlier news report claimed she hadn't shot a gun for some years!
    Sounds like the Chief ought to also be on trial for running a department with such crummy training procedures.

    1. Watched the badgecam video of this narrated by a former leo:

      Nobody wins in this tragedy.

    2. Followed this story. That's not accurate. She went through periodic training and firearms certification. The prosecution actually emphasized her training as an element of proving that she should have known better than to make the mistake of pulling her gun instead of her taser.

      What's true is that she had never fired her weapon or fired her taser while on the job, despite 26 years as an actual patrol officer. I'd initially assumed she was a desk worker who ended up on patrol, but that turned out to be untrue.

      1. THX for the clarification; looks like the Chief did his job.

      2. Most police officers will not draw let alone fire their weapons in the line of duty per a 20 year retired cop that instructed a firearms licencing course I was required to take for work. He was an outlier as part of his tenure was 8 years on SWAT so he had lots of stories and examples of situations to discuss.

        His candor about the reality of police shootings surprised me. He did not pull punches and said many cops compromise themselves by panicking and losing control of the situation that result in shootings. Another culprit (that he stressed) was trigger discipline. The sympathetic squeeze kills because too many officers cannot keep their finger off the trigger.

        As far as this case goes it was the topic at the family Christmas party. Retired cop in the family said mistaking service weapon for a taser was "extreme negligence from someone that cannot operate under duress".

        1. I found it surprising that she's never actually used the Taser.

          I agree that she shouldn't be a police officer if she can make a mistake like this. But the fact that it's a clear mistake gives me issues with the verdict because, if she'd meant to pull her weapon and does the same thing, I wonder if there's even a trial. You've got a fleeing suspect with an order of protection on him and an unidentified female in the car, and he was clearly a bad dude.

          For me it's significantly different than what happened with Mohammed Noor, who just blind fired at the first shape he saw; with reactions like that he was just a ticking time bomb.

      3. " emphasized her training as an element of proving that she should have known better than to make the mistake of pulling her gun instead of her taser."

        Aw give her a break....right- left...its a tough set of concepts..

  12. There's good reason to stop people from just handing out free food willy-nilly.

    And Merry Christmas to everybody that celebrates the season, which probably doesn't include most of you miserable bastards.

    1. Please, sir, may we have some more grievances?

      1. Oh, I got yer grievances right here.

        It involves everything.

    2. We celebrate making Libidiots miserable..

      1. like you assweasel

    3. Tom Lehrer was a demented genius! Yet another comedian who would have to join the pidgeons with Hemlock because of the Neo-Athenian Woke rabble!

      I would agree that anyone preparing or cooking food for the poor and hungry outdoors certainly should he held to the same hygienic strictures as a restaurant or a soup kitchen.

      However, this shouldn't apply to people giving out unopened cans, containers, or boxes of already-prepared, non-perishable food or washed, fresh fruits and vegetables.

      And, of course, anyone holding any event in any public space should be bound to the childhood rule of "make a mess, clean a mess."

      Beyond that, I have no problem with this.

  13. Peace on Earth, goodwill to men!

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    1. Merry Christmas to you, too.

      1. He said men, not sealions

  14. Is Biden going to visit another children's hospital?, or as he calls it a singles mixer.

    1. Joe the Zombie..his life form draws sustenance from sniffing keratin and delightful shampoo scent residues.

      Then it morphs to Jack the Gripper. I mean, Joe....

      1. His daughter is too old for him now. So he turns his unholy lust for children on any child unfortunate enough to be in his presence. Like an older version of Buttplug.

        1. You don't know that, sbp can be older than biden

          1. Good point.

        2. Hes the embodiment of Herbert the Pervert on Family Guy...

  15. Without government, who would punish those who help the less-fortunate?

    1. Or even the less-fortunate?

    2. They would have to punish themselves.
      Liberals are into that self-denial/ loathing thing

  16. Its a VERY Merry Chri$tma$ at Pfi$er, Moderna, JnJ...


    They now have all the money in the world, in contrary to the joke about women having half the money in the world and all the pussy....

    10 days out of Covid Lockdown to whoever can recall who said that...

    Fuck the Poor!

    Oh yes, and FUCK JOE BIDEN.

    Bc he fucked 4,000 Americans he left stranded in Afghanistan. Sucks to be them, eh Drooler?

    "They knew what they signed up for," huh?

    Not only " blame the Victim" but " throw them to the dogs."

    Wheres NBCCBSABCFOXPMSLSD on that story?

    1. I saw a t-sort outside of CPAC this year where I was the keynote speaker that reminds me of you. Here is what it said: STOP BEING POOR!! That’s the kind of messaging guys like you need from rich guys like me. I made my money branding STOP THE STEAL merchandise. Can’t you sell something that benefits society like I have?

      1. The left (and Shrike in particular) can't meme.

        All these years of fuming over OBL posts and you didn't learn anything.

        1. I'm thinking obl is less of a parody and mor of a prophet

    2. Blow off, Assweasel.

      You dont matter.
      .Go back to your Stinky Sock drawer.

  17. Crap! I didn’t get anything for Christmas. I mean, did anyone receive anything besides a hunk of bread and maybe some gruel and how could they under the communistic policies of Joe Biden snd his 6% economic growth? Honest question.

    1. Neat how you're calling the inflation rate "economic growth", Shrike. Did you pick that up from yesterdays ActBlue newsletter or your Media Matters talking points?

      1. Imagine what “economic growth”
        Would be like after a nuclear war!
        General ripper would be proud.

  18. This is pathetic. The food certificate is common for anyone serving the public and takes an hour or so. The permit seems as horrific as a parade permit so there seems some room for abuse but generally is a means to keep certain actors from monopolizing the public square.

    1. "The food certificate is common for anyone serving the public and takes an hour or so." Does it also require 4 separate sinks where the food is prepared, or other equipment that won't commonly be found in a home?

  19. What virtue is there in a man who demonstrates goodness because he has been bred to it? It is his habit from youth. But a man who has known unkindness and want, for him to be kind and charitable to those who have been the cause of his misfortunes, that is a virtuous man.

    1. No. The only way any sapient being with no inate ideas acts good is because sapient beings are taught to do so, and it is the only way any virtue is possible.

      As for the one who is kind and charitable to those who caused his misfortunes, that is known as being a sucker and creating a moral hazard for encouraging evil people to cause misfortune.

      Do unto others as those others have done unto you is the street-smart Golden Rule.

    2. ( golf clap )

  20. This is yet another example of shallow, self-proclaimed libertarians taking the side of parasites over producers.

    The elephant in the room is that people who PAY to live in a neighborhood own that neighborhood, and have the right to keep bums from hanging around and making it unliveable. A real supporter of freedom and free markets would not be telling us we have to put up with invasion and the behaviors that cause it -- he would discuss ways to privatize the streets and parks to make them both legally and practically defensible against that kind of ruination.

    If lovers of the poor want to live in a wide-open sewer like San Francisco, let them build one with their own money. Not steal it from people who paid for and built a civilized country before all these ingrates got here.

    1. RTFA. "...on public property..."


      1. Public property like sidewalks

  21. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. You know who else wishes you a Merry Christmas?

    1. Harry Truman?

      1. Doris day? Red China? Johnny Ray?

        1. South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio.

        2. Grandpa Walton’s pedophile boyfriend (and Buttplug’s hero) Marxist Harry Hay?

    2. Friends and relatives, but also a couple of real estate agents, the mayor, Charles Schwab, and Lowe’s.

        1. You’re insulting dumbfucks.

      1. LOL Sehr gut!

        1. Alles klar, Herr Kommissar? 🙂


          and After The Fire

          1. I love Falco!

            1. Me too. I liked it when he was a "Guest Wee-Jay," as he put it on MTV and played his favorites songs. One of them was"Fire" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and the loud, wild, bombastic influence really shone through:

        2. By the way, sorry if I Godwin-ed the thread, but it was too good to resist. 🙂

  22. Unfortunately, sharing food with the homeless can produce significant externalities for the residents of the neighborhood in which the sharing takes place; and those who share the food all too often fail to share those externalities.

    The usual situation is: Upper-middles with tender consciences spend a couple of hours ladling soup in a near-downtown neighborhood, then head back for the Foothills, congratulating themselves on their selflessness. Meanwhile, the recipients of the food disperse through the neighborhood of the feeding station, defecating on lawns and snatching bicycles and leaf-blowers off porches and out of unwatched backyards, hoping to convert their loot into cash that can be used to buy bottles of T-bird. When the neighbors of the feeding station complain about this, the charitable suburbanites accuse them of depraved indifference to the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.

    1. Each Friday, In the Giant's ballpark parking lot, the Food Bank sets up tables and hands out free food. Pretty much all donated, but it's no doubt they tap into the city's homeless money.
      Regardless, there is zero means testing, as is obvious watching the Porsches, Benzs and Jags in line for the handouts.
      Yesterday, the day before Christmas, they did not set up shop. The day before Christmas.
      That tells me the intent is not 'feeding those in need', it's signaling.

    2. Well stores attract shoplifters, panhandlers, and vagrants too, so should we ban commerce as well as charity? Why can't city officials get police to burn some donut calories and get the criminals rather than harass peaceful, honest Citizens?

      1. "Well stores attract shoplifters, panhandlers, and vagrants too..."

        Good points! Government Almighty attracts "free shit for MEEEE" moochers, so Government Almighty Itself should be BANNED!!!!

        1. Only thing is, the Physician who needs to follow the advice of "heal thyself" hasn't got past the "Denial" phase of the disease.

        2. Is that a "yes" or "no"?

      2. The Fat Blue Waistline.

        1. Qualified Immunity and the Americans With Disabilities Act means no body shaming and fat acceptance in the police workplace. And Paul Blart Segways and HoverRounds for all Boys and Girls and Trans In Blue!

        2. your police state memes showing.

          Now go play in traffic

          1. Your ability to detect sarcasm as well as your ability to hit "reply" isn't showing.

      3. The difference is that the stores experience those externalities themselves, either directly (in the form of shoplifting) or through their customers' reactions (to panhandlers and vagrants). If I experience too much inventory shrinkage, or if I think that customers are avoiding my store because they don't want to be hey-brother'd in the parking lot, I've got an incentive to change my practices.

        By contrast, our charitable brethren from St. Francis In The Burbs don't experience the negative externalities of their feeding operations, so they've got no incentive to reduce those externalities; the self-satisfaction that they experience at their own virtue is unalloyed by the need to pick up human feces from their yards.

        1. Well, as long as St. Francis of the Burbs doesn't take tax money tyrough "Faith-Based Initiatives," St. Francis can lose donation revenue too, just like a business.

          Several Dioceses have been bankrupted by the Roman Catholic Church's child sexual abuse scandals, so it is indeed possible to financially take down a Saint.

          And you could always pooper-scoop up the human feces and send them St. Francis' way. It might be enough to make him disavow his patron sainthood for animals. 😉

          Anywho, my point is, there are ways of dealing with all of these "externalities" within the bounds of upholding Life, Liberty, and Property without any new laws.

          Police should see to it that the homeless and those who assist them are not littering, looting, trespassing, or committing other crimes.

          Neighbors of St. Francis of the Burbs could also sue for attractive nuisance if the Church doesn't manage their charity with consideration for neighbors' rights.

          But a law categorically against private, voluntary charity involving safe, hygienic food is a step to far for libertarianism.

          1. Saint Francis in the Burbs is, as its name suggests, far removed from the scene of its homeless-feeding operations; as are its parishioners who display their Christian charity by manning said operations. Since the parishioners get a warm glow of self-righteousness from their activities, and don't have to pick up feces and malt-liquor bottles from their yards, they have no reason to withhold their contributions from the church. And since they're upper-middles, they've carry much more political weight than the lower-class residents of the feeding neighborhood...

            1. At the same rime, though, telling people they can't give away their own possessions is as much a violation of private property rights as anything that the criminal element of the homeless does.

              Perhaps a happy medium that protects private property rights from both criminal and governmental threats would be for police to patrol near all charity events.

              They could arrest all who violate the property rights of neighbors, while leaving the charity givers and the peaceful, friendly homeless alone.

              Even Progressives wouldn't have a leg to stand on against this, since the peaceful homeless would get the help they need and even the criminal homeless would end up having three hots and a cot in a jail cell.

    1. Wrong holiday.

  23. No, Orgasmic, no one wants Large Fries.

    1. He's working the drive through window again?

      1. working his head up and down in the back seat...

  24. "...Jay Hamburger, a Houston man who's been feeding the homeless for decades..."

    More proof that we're living in a simulation and the coders are getting lazy.

    1. "Ill gladly buy a permit today to feed the homeless next week!"

      Meanwhile they can engage in petty theft and purse snatching to eat.

      1. The police response will be predictably Wimpy.

        1. ...unless its a Donut Shop...

        2. While the cops Rough-House and Pop in the Eye anybody selling loosey cigarettes.

  25. On the first day of Kwaanza Dr. Karenga gave them hos a whipping with electrical cords.

  26. No.

    Ever seen what happens when they do this at a family park?

    They TRASH the whole area...Leave garbage everywhere...Destroy the public bathrooms, tent up in a corner and LEAVE syringes and drug paraphrenia everywhere.

    Was happening here in in several parks near me till the city stopped it due to the complaints of people WHO LIVE THERE.


    Feed one or two put if you feed them, you will be overwhelmed.

  27. LOL, like cities give a rats ass about the Constitution. Stores throw away all kinds of shit then LOCK the dumpster so no one can have it. You got that? They lock up their trash so no one can get the trash they throw away.

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