Brickbat: Just Gathering Information


Some parents are calling on Scottsdale, Arizona, Unified School District President Jann-Michael Greenburg to resign amid allegations he compiled a dossier on parents who have spoken out against school district policies. The dossier was uncovered when he sent an email with a screenshot of his computer screen showing a link to a Google Drive containing information on parents—including photos of them, their homes and their children—Social Security numbers, property records, and divorce decrees.

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  1. Apparently he's now been removed as board president by the rest of the board over this, but as an elected official he can't be removed from the board itself until the next election, except by recall.

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  2. I'm just really surprised that whoever typed that link to his Google drive into their browser wasn't charged with some sort of felony cyber crime for doing so.

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  3. Never get bored of seeing the boorish behavior of these school boards being reported aboveboard.

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    1. Sorry kid, you are too old for some of the people here.

      1. A cringing crime of critical alliteration.

  5. So the mothers who were spied on should file child endangerment charges against this clown. It sure reads like a pedophile to me.

    1. If this behavior has zero legal ramifications, a group of dads should take him into the woods and beat his ass. Leave on the side of the road so he can walk home. This stalking shit has to have consequences.

      1. In may day stuff like this would happen. And my day was NOT in the deep south either. Dads with sons are dangerous enough, but dads with daughters are a terrifying bunch when riled.

        I am not condoning vigilantism, but I don't have a daughter. My best friend does. If some creepy ass school administrator abused her, I would gladly hold him down while he beat the fear of God into him with a two by four.

      2. In some ways, the "good ole days" really were better. If families took more matters into there own hands, things like the Westboro Baptist Church funeral protests would only have happened once, and not for very long at that.

  6. Are these board positions full-time, paid jobs? Who the hell would invest this kind of energy? This really smells like a follow-the-money situation.

    1. I've known condo association board members who would invest that kind of energy.

      Some people like power. Even if it's a tiny little kingdom they intend to rule.

      And, yes, it could very well be follow-the-money. Lots of money in Scottsdale.

    2. All depends on who's paying him. He's listed as a lawyer, certified in New York. Makes you wonder who some of his clients are?

    3. These positions are usually filled by people who bother to show up repeatedly, when someone says “would you run, please? We need somebody who’s not an idiot.”

      Sometimes it’s a local resident who hopes to parlay the position to garner name recognition for a run at a full-time political office. Often these are scumbag lawyers or poli-sci majors.

      Occasionally they get activists who were on the PTA and now hope to promote the teachers Union agenda. These are the worst, because they turn into bullies.

  7. Where is the Arizona Attorney General for all of none of this illegal?

  8. Did this guy go to the J Edgar Hoover School of Creepiness?

  9. The politically connected use the government to harass people who are problems for them because they speak out. To do that, the politically connected investigate them, and look for ways to harass them.

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