It's Time To Kill the Mandatory Beef Tax That Underwrites "Beef, It's What's for Dinner"

The beef checkoff problem raises prices without benefiting ranchers


A group of farmers and ranchers has asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture to reform or end the agency's moronic beef "checkoff" program, which raises the price everyone pays for beef so that we may be subjected to those "Beef, It's What's for Dinner" ads, the Associated Press reported last month. The petition, which was due to the USDA this week, asks the agency to put the checkoff to a vote of the producers subject to the program. 

The petition was organized by the group R-CALF, which represents the nation's independent cattle producers. R-CALF complains that most of the funds from the checkoff program find their way to the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), which represents many of the nation's largest beef producers.

"Today, when you buy a Big Mac or a T-bone, a portion of the cost is a tax on beef, the proceeds from which the government hands over to a private trade group called the National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA)," Washington Monthly reported in 2014. "The NCBA in turn uses this public money to buy ads encouraging you to eat more beef."

R-CALF's petition, which received more than 19,000 signatures, explains why the 35-year-old checkoff program doesn't work for its members, including that those who administer the program are unaccountable, that the program has suffered from corruption, and that the program stifles farmers' and ranchers' ability to engage in "robust competition, liberty, and freedom to operate as they see fit."

As I explain in my 2016 book Biting the Hands that Feed Us, USDA "checkoff" programs exist for not just beef, but also pork ("Pork. The other white meat."), dairy (milk mustache), and other foods.

While the USDA claims the antiquated, mandatory collectivist marketing approach empowers businesses, as I explained in a 2017 column on legal challenges to the beef checkoff program, these programs cost farmers and ranchers around $750 million each year. That's a lot of unwanted coin to drop in order for the government to "empower" you.

While meat prices have risen steadily since the start of the pandemic, most farmers and ranchers haven't seen their share of that pot grow.  That's one reason the Biden administration is blaming the nation's so-called "Big Four" meat processors for the rising prices. It also explains, in part, why R-CALF is pushing the USDA to end the checkoff program.

But the group's chief complaint with the program is that its members are paying for USDA promotion, the Associated Press reports, "at a time when imports are flooding the market and plant-based, 'fake meat' products are proliferating in grocery stores."

Checkoff programs are an expensive, pointless, and unconstitutional imposition on the rights of farmers and ranchers to market their food as they see fit. Marketing beef, of course, is not a problem—no more than, say, marketing soap is a problem. If some ranchers choose to band together and buy ads touting the awesomeness of their meat on their own time and dime, there'd be no issue. But that's not how the checkoff program works. Rather, the problem with the beef checkoff is that it's a mandatory program that forces ranchers to participate and raises prices for consumers.

On top of that, they must participate whether or not they want or receive any benefits from the checkoff. Most don't. Writing about a checkoff program in Biting the Hands that Feed Us, I note that "if there are any benefits to be had from [checkoffs], they aren't likely to be enjoyed by you or your local farmer." Indeed. R-CALF's petition could be an important step toward ending the wasteful beef checkoff program, making beef what's cost less for dinner.

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  1. Sheesh Reason. You oppose public schools because you’re against all education. Now you don’t want people to eat because you’re opposed to state directed food marketing.

    Seriously though, good blurb Linnekin. Especially this “Checkoff programs are an expensive, pointless, and unconstitutional imposition on the rights of farmers and ranchers”

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    2. The checkoff is removed from the check paid to growers
      $1.00 per animal, Average 1200 pounds of animal
      $.0083 per pound live weight
      Math is hard

      1. Or you could just divide $750 million by a population of 330 million and com up with $2 and change.

        1. But it’s still ours, just like that damn cup of coffee that NPR Welfare Radio always reminds us of every Quarterly Beg-A-Thon!

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    3. Somewhat OT but in keeping with Baylen Linnekin’s food topics: After many years of a hiatus, I started back canning. I made 5 quarts of salsa with Mrs.Wages’s Salsa Recipe packet and 5 pints of apple butter with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg flavoring. Both taste excellent.

      Mrs. wages’ Salsa is mild and compares favorably to Pace Mild Picante Sauce or Taco Bell’s Mild Sauce. My next batch will include Cayenne, Jalapeño, or Ghost Pepper. The apple butter is a treat to eat on any toasted bread or as a fried pie filling.

      Rest assured, the bottom of the boxes for Ball Jars give you all the information you need to get started safely and the Mrs. Wages packet has the particular recipe you’ll need for making one of her many products, including others like Italian Pasta Sauce, Pizza Sauce, Kosher Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter Pickles, and Jellies and Jams.

      Sites throughout the Web also contain many other great recipes. It’s a great feeling to not depend on the whims of Uncle Sam or The “Mostly Peaceful” Mob or shaky supply chains for fresh-preserved food in the future.

  2. Seems like there is a beef between government and the producers/consumers.

    1. Yeah. The government must get it’s pound of flesh for everything….

      1. Cud they get any greedier?

        1. I’ll have to ruminate on that for a bit.

          1. Nobody for the obvious?

            Probably just bull shit.

          2. Don’t forget your Ivermectin to go with it. 😉

        2. It is udderly ridiculous. They will milk it for all it is worth. Regardless of how many folks have a cow.

          1. They know whose bread they need to butter.
            If they would just let the dairy farmers compete in a free market, the cream would rise to the top.

            1. And if you add vinegar to the mix and churn at the right temperature, it’s butter and the buttermilk at the bottom would be tasty for making biscuits too, so the free market is the beginning of a veritable smorgasboard!

    2. Don’t have a cow, man.

      1. Do like Moose and Squirrel! Be strong like bull!

    3. Yes, but there is a lot at steak here.

      1. So hold a meating!

      2. Seems like they’re crying over spilt milk.

    4. Kirk: Mr. Chekov! “Warp speed into the black hole with this Checkoff program!”

      Chekov: “Aye, Captain! My stroganoff costs too many Starfleet Units!

      1. And don’t let the tribbles eat all the quadrotriticale grain, Mr. Checkoff. That’s for the cattle in the shuttle bay. We don’t want to have to eat those 3D printed hamburgers from the replicators for the rest of the trip.

    5. Sounds like a bad moooooove by the government.

    6. Sounds like they’re on the horns of a dilemma.

  3. It’s unfair and absurd to think they would pass along any savings to customers.

    1. As long as the difference isn’t going to the politically connected I’d say it’s still a win.

  4. Crony capitalism is the best capitalism.

    – The Fascist Handbook

    1. OSHA didn’t even have to submit a vaccine rule since government and corporations are so in bed now.

      1. Big corporations cowtow to big government?

    2. Since capitalism infers limited government…
      The correct term is Crony Socialism.

  5. Biden’s worst poll result yet: an absolutely dismal 38% approval and 53% disapproval in the latest Quinnipiac:

    Among the most butthurt: Dipshit Dave Weigel, Park Slope Welchie Boy, Goth Fonzie Wop, Mango the Hyphen, Jacob “Lord of Strazele” Sullum, sarcasmic, chemjeff status quo collectivist, JSlave, longtobeaslave, and all the rest of the many, many Reason staffer sockpuppets.

    Enjoy your Saturday, and fuck Joe Biden!!

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

    2. Going to preempt white Mike and say:

      Still not a thing Mike.

      1. All hail Tulpa!

    3. Why do the 38% like him?

      1. They’re grown up kids who still believe in Santa Claus and Free Lunches?

        1. For good kids, it is a sad day when they learn that Santa Claus isn’t real and that Joe Biden is.

          1. Oh. They still believe in Santa, and they believe socialism will work if they just keep trying.

          2. Marx did rock a Santa-like beard, though I’d lauch a Katusha-full of bottle rockets up the chiminey if I saw his ass coming down.

        2. They believe in free lunches for themselves.

      2. Like reason editors, they can’t admit they were wrong.

      3. He’s not Trump.

      4. I would happily eat an entire bull dick every day for a year, if it would make Joe Biden go away.

    4. Fuck Joe Biden

      1. And the 38% who approve of him.

    5. WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump’s job approval rating averaged 38.4% during his first year in office — slightly more than 10 percentage points lower than any other elected president’s first-year average.

      So Biden’s average would be just over 40%.

      1. Whoo hooo! SleepyJoe is 2 points over literally hitler!

      2. That’s some impressive cope.

  6. The only good Checkoff program is Star Trek.

    1. Is that the tax on nuclear wessels to advertise them?

      1. They would be phasered in.

  7. Sounds like a classic, textbook cronyism scheme.

    Why exactly would the current party controlling the government get rid of it?

    1. More money = less trimming the fat.

  8. At the same time democrats in congres are considering a bill to subsidize soy bean growers and soy products for consumption.

    1. DC is a soyrry group of cronyists.

      1. Hey, why even participate in government if you can’t bribe and extort people?

  9. As Adam Smith himself acknowledged, “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.” If a trade group can rent the power of government for the right price, they will do so. Expecting powerful people to be selfless and altruistic and reliable in putting the public welfare above their own is no less stupid when we’re talking about businessmen than when we’re talking about politicians. Politicians are businessmen too when politics is a business.

  10. Last week, the national school board association asked Biden to sic the FBI on parents who oppose vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory–in an apparent attempt to start a chilling effect. The Biden administration complied. Now the largest teachers’ union is demanding that social media companies scrub their platforms of “misinformation” about vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory.

    “Online ‘trends’ and false information that have spread like wildfire throughout social media platforms–from stealing school property and hitting school staff, to conspiracy theories on curriculum and coronavirus protocols–have helped create a culture of fear and violence with educators as targets,” Ms. Pringle wrote, according to a copy of the letter.

    Since 1) the U.S. government and the Democratic party are one in the same thing and since 2) the Democratic party is beholden to the nation’s largest teachers’ union, we should expect to see social media companies under threat of breakups by the FTC and the Justice Department be the first to comply. Hell, Lina Khan, chair of the FTC, coauthored a report listing their tolerance for “misinformation” as a symptom of social media companies not having enough competition–and a reason to break them up.

    Just like in the case of the Biden administration siccing the FBI on parents who oppose vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory, they teachers’ union is citing a handful of legitimate incidents to justify cracking down on free speech. The Biden administration has already admitted to flagging specific Facebook posts and accounts for deletion by the White House over “misinformation”, and there is little reason to doubt they won’t go to bat for the teachers’ unions like they did for the national school board association.

    Our First Amendment rights are under direct assault by the Biden administration, and more people really should be talking about it. Whenever you hear some progressive claim that they’re defending democracy, remember their elitism, their contempt for the opinions of average people, and remember that they’re launching a full scale assault on our free speech rights in the name of “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories”, which is ultimately little more than a term for speech that opposes progressives and their policies.

    1. Fuck Joe Biden

      1. Yeah, fuck Joe Biden!

          1. ^ cawgnitive dissonance

        1. I feel your pain, loser.

          But don’t you have higher standards than to make your base emotions about losing, public?

          1. All Americans are feeling the pain of Biden. What inner need do you have to protect him?

            1. Jesse, criticizing whoever the President is fine, but I don’t get the knee jerk coarseness meant to shock. Big surprise, but not everyone agrees with you, and you’re lowing political dialogue to cover-the-kid’s-ears territory and reflecting poorly on your own manners and character. Is it your hope that if the GOP ever gets another president elected – and so far that requires EC flukes because they’ve only won 1 popular vote out of the last 8 (2004) – that Democrats will mimic this low cast, poor citizenship behavior?

              You’re also inviting me to post “I feel your pain, loser” and I never get tired of that.

              1. You’ll figure it out soon, but JesseAz is mentally incapable of abstract thought. All he can do is hurl insults like a child.

                1. Sarcasmic white knights for the lefty again. Because he’s a lefty.

                2. Lol. Just the hypocrisy of sarcasmic is a beauty to watch.

              2. Yet you defend against every criticism. So weird.

                Biden has fone nothing positive in his 10 months. At this point he deserves nothing bit derision based on his actions. Yet you have an inate need to stand against that derision.

                I see you have now also jumped into the debate on popular vote vs EC vote as most democrats will rush to defend the EC vote. Yet I bet you claim to not be a Democrat.

                The EC vote is established because we were formed based on the ideas of states being united, not a federal government mandating a one size fits all set of rules. Authoritarians prefer that is it is one vector for control.

                I’m not shocked you choose that route as well.

                1. Most democrats rush to defend the popular vote*

                  Mistake in typing.

                2. Biden has fone (done) nothing positive in his 10 months.

                  I’m having a hard time disputing this statement.

                  Biden hired some competent people. BFD – Trump did too although they grew to hate him and quit.

                  See, that is what makes you a Trump cultist and me an authentic classic liberal.

                  Like Damien’s nanny in ‘The Omen’ you and the cultists jump out of hiding to defend your hero whenever you fell he is slighted.

                  Me? You ask me a simple question like ‘What good has he done?” and I don’t freak out and copy/paste a bunch of lies.

                  I said Biden “was in over his head” months ago and I stand by that statement.

                  But Trump was dreadful. Worst ever or close.

                  1. As terrible as Trump was, Biden sucks so much I almost miss the buffoon.

                    1. BIDEN CULTIST!

                    2. I didn’t like Trump increasing unemployment benefits nor did I agree with the “free money” checks that some received. We can agree on this.

                    3. That’s all you can say after four years? Checks?

                    4. It is far more than you’ve said about Biden dummy.

                    5. The eviction moratorium was bad too.
                      He didn’t promote/threaten mandates. He fast-tracked a therapy for the elderly and those in poor health. He brokered a peace deal in the Middle East. Promoted domestic energy independence; time last year gas was about $2.10/gallon. He didn’t start any wars.
                      I don’t use Twitter.

                    6. Wonderful “boaff sidez.” Biden is in office and Trump is not. I haven’t criticized LBJ or Gerald Ford either.

                    7. Trump was the first president in my memory who didn’t wave his dick around the world by sending out troops to kill people. He brought them home.

                      That was the most impressive thing about his presidency to me.

                    8. “Wonderful “boaff sidez.””

                      Is that in response to JesseAz? I unmuted him before thinking he might be capable of an honest conversation, but it was just Lucy holding the football. Not gonna happen again.

                    9. So the response to “Biden is the current POTUS” is to mute. Your choice and I’ll respect that.

                    10. So the response to “Biden is the current POTUS” is to mute. Your choice and I’ll respect that.

                      I don’t know what that means. I’m not responding to anything JesseAz said because he’s on permamute.

                    11. Apparently, if you spell “both sides” as “BOAF SIDEZ” it is supposed to be a brilliant argument against the assertion that both major American political parties are awful.

                    12. it is supposed to be a brilliant argument against the assertion that both major American political parties are awful.

                      Even when nobody makes the assertion.

                    13. It means the other Presidents are past tense. None are making executive decisions for the country.
                      The old school board made same bad decisions and some good ones. The new school board blows. Let’s spend our time trying to conflate the magnitude of the bade decisions the old school board made.

                    14. Lol. Sarcasmoc continues to be full of shit.

                  2. I’d say Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson were worse. Nixon about equally bad.

                    1. You must be trolling. The guys you mention were responsible for hundreds of thousands of people being killed by government guns.

                      How many people were killed on Trump’s orders?

                    2. That’s why they are worse.

              3. Ya gonna bust us for obscenity, Friday? The kids will be cussing soon enough when they learn about the debt slavery they will live with because of Biden and the Mad King Ludwigs before him.

          2. I don’t know if you’ve been around here long enough to see any of Ken’s numerous comments where he explains that he is a paragon of logical and fact-based political thinking.

            And then he’ll turn right around and reveal his purely emotional Red Team loyalty.

            1. Mike, I see both the pose and the reality.

            2. Ken knows dick about logic. That’s why he muted me. Because I do.

              1. Lol. More tears of irony.

              2. Ken muted me too.

                He only wants Team Red propaganda.

                1. The election changed him.

                  1. Lol. How many posts have you made about me while whining the reverse?

                    Now you’re just being pathetic again.

                2. Ken wants to avoid accidentally clicking on kiddie porn links.

              3. Day drinking on the weekend again.

        1. Fuck Joe Biden

    2. “Whenever you hear some progressive claim that they’re defending democracy…”

      Ken, wouldn’t you agree, though, that we cannot look to the other major party, the Republicans, to defend democracy, considering that they have lined up behind Donald Trump, a guy who tried to overthrow the results of a fair and open election.

      1. Questioning the results in the least secure election =/ trying to overthrow
        Keep carrying that HO2 for the Dems.

        1. There’s a difference between questioning results and crying like a crybaby until you get your way. Trump is not merely questioning the results.

          1. Lol. You don’t know what trump is even doing. He is mostly ensuring election protections go up in states to make elections more secure.

            But keep pushing the liberalism lol.

            1. Find me 11,000 votes! I demand it!

              You’re delusional. Trump is trying to steal the last election.

          2. That was Hillary and Gore.
            In-person voting with matching ID to the voter registration reduces the potential for fraud including from other nation-states. And it reduces the effect of challenges from second place finishers.

            1. I could go either way on Voter ID. To me it’s a solution to a problem that only exists in the minds of sore losers.

              1. Maybe banks could relax their rules to match those of voting.

                1. Wow. That’s like the dumbest thing I’ve read in a while.

                  1. Hah. Knew you didn’t read your own posts.

                2. You are comparing identifying yourself before casting a vote that is worthless unless you’re in a swing state with identifying yourself to someone who you have entrusted with your property? Dude. That’s stupid. Seriously stupid comparison.

                  1. So you can’t go either way on voter ID. Glad we cleared that up.

                  2. House and Senate seats are also decided in those elections. And I live in a purple state that splits the electoral votes.
                    Many trillions of dollars are decided each election cycle, which us far more than any bank account. And unlike banking, the elected officials make decisions that result killing such as when Biden and others gave Bush approval to go into Iraq and Afghanistan. The process should be secure.

                    1. I still believe it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. “My guy lost” isn’t proof of voter fraud.

                    2. I didn’t vote for Trump. And this isn’t about a single election. The process is flawed. The outcomes select folks that make multi trillion dollar decisions and put in motion activities that can result in millions of deaths. It should be secure.

                    3. You need to show it isn’t secure before demanding a solution.

                      I have yet to be convinced that it isn’t secure. I only hear that on talk radio when Republicans are losing.

                    4. I have friends and family who have worked the polls. The people involved are pretty serious about the process, regardless of the outcome. Almost religious. The word ‘sacred’ comes to mind.

                    5. Then why not have banking under these same secure, sacred rules?

                    6. Sadc demands you show it isnt secure, but is against all audits.

                      Ignores 13k double votes alone in Arizona and GA audits with more states jumping in. Ignores tens of thousands of mail on ballots sent from old addresses where the voter didn’t live anymore. Ignores areas where chain of custody documents for mail in ballots were not kept. Ignores the over dozen cases on court a judge ruled election changes were made illegally.

                      No wonder he keeps asking for more proof.

                  3. Since when do votes have no value?

                  4. My experience with polling place volunteers, too. Wonderful civic-minded people. I always try to vote in person so I can chat them up.

                    1. Mike and sarc discuss polling location when the issues brought up are centered on mail in ballots. Just ridiculous from you two.

        2. Chumby, your guy did more than “question” the results. He tried to pull levers with GOP faithful at all levels of government and tried to strong arm the DOJ as well. The dangerous part is the number of GOP stooges who said “Yes sir, how high sir!”.

          Then we had the spectacle of the ass hole in chief refusing access to the incoming administration for planning, a long established tradition for the benefit of the country and than being too big a loser pussy to show up at Biden’s inauguration. Hell, Hillary went to his and she wasn’t even a government official.

          1. 2000, 2004, 2016…

            Too bad he didn’t use the IC to go after his enemies. Now that would have been crazy.

            1. Jesse, 2000 was decided by 500 votes – and the GOP SC majority – and then Gore gave this unifying speech:


              and as VP and chair of the Senate for the official count, shut down some democratic challenges and declared W the winner. That’s what a man and patriot does and I’m proud of him. Trump is neither.

              Nothing happened in 2004. Nothing happened in 2016 and Hillary called fatso the night of the election to congratulate him and then showed up on the podium at the inauguration. That’s what a woman/man and patriot does and I’m proud of her. Trump is neither.

              1. So now you rationalize thefts objections to elections bit continue to claim you aren’t a leftist. Weird.

                And gore was still complaining about results of 2000 just last year retard. Here is an example from 2016.


                Can you admit you’re just a leftist yet?

                1. Jesse, you idiot – you don’t mind me calling you that do you? – none of the presidential candidates in question or their party claimed theft of any of those elections and the few congressional objections were left to die without support and in Gore’s case, he personally shot them down and stifled debate in the Senate.

                  That’s what men and patriots do, and we all know – quit pretending otherwise – that Trump is neither. That loser asshole is crying everyday and still trying to convince the stupid f..ks who voted for him – sorry if I’m stepping on any toes! – that he actually won.

                  1. The Trump faithful truly feel the election was illegitimate, and the only possible way to convince them otherwise is to overturn it.

                  2. I see I made you angry SPB. Try not to be so obvious with your arguments that are common with all act blue members.

                    And again you are caught up in either ignorance or purely lying.

                    Hillary just this year continues to claim 2016 was stolen. Democrats still claim Ohio was stolen on 2004.

                    So are you ignorant or just lying? Which is it?

                    1. It can be both

                  3. Not to mention Trump is grifting millions from gullible MAGA faithful by continuing to lie about the election.

                    1. Funny; I didn’t think there was a debate over whether or not State Governors used unauthorized powers to E.O. change voting policy.

                      I guess reality can’t get in the way of Grand-Standing the ‘LIE’ indictment.

              2. History will remember Trump as “The Crybaby President.”

                1. And you’ll always be known as an alcoholic asshole who batches when called out for being the hypocrite you are.

                2. He may have cried when Biden botched his withdrawal plan and turned it into a phrenetic abandonment. Including when Biden released the suicide bomber from Bagram that later took numerous innocent lives including 13 American soldiers. I’d accept Trump shedding tears over that. Biden didn’t cry, he just checked his watch.

                  1. George Will said it better than me.

                    1. Lol. Agreeing with neo cons. This is becoming hilarious.

                    2. George F. Will? F George Will.

                    3. You’re entitled to your opinion.

                    4. As is Biden when he didn’t a shit when receiving the bodies of the fallen Americans.

                  2. Trump didn’t have a plan Chumby, except for having the Taliban over for tea at Camp David, and he specifically had 5,000 Taliban prisoners released:

                    “A February 2020 agreement between the Taliban and the Trump administration called for the release of 5,000 Taliban members who were in Afghan prisons. Afghanistan’s government has said that the 5,000 Taliban prisoners were released. A Congressional Research Service report said the release was completed in September 2020.”

                    Abandoning Bagram was recommended to the administration by the Pentagon as a step in our retreat.

                    Quit lying about who did what and except the fact that we lost, we’re in retreat as Americans demanded after 20 years. It was never going to be pretty and your boy had even less of a plan or the balls to actually do it.

                    1. “Accept”, not “except”

                    2. Not the prisoners at Bagram. Who left incarceration after Biden abandoned the base on July 4. These were the worst of the worst that included ISIL members. Remember Bagram? The two airfield base not in the population center of the country.
                      The withdrawal deadline was May but Biden ignored the agreement as well as the intelligence and instead sat idle until he could have his ego driven photo op event on September 11.
                      I agree with you that this was going to be a somber period. It didn’t need to be deadly nor did it need to involve abandoning thousands of Americans in Afghanistan. The drone strike was diabolical. The man should be in front of a war crime tribunal in Afghanistan.

                    3. Chumby, Biden no more picks out drone targets than he decides logistics on the retreat. That is the pentagon and they favored leaving Bagram. They repeated that fact in their recent congressional testimony.

                      The May schedule that you think was somehow inviolate and based on a great plan was set in February of 2020. That’s right almost a year before Trump left office long after he’d have to face it. Meanwhile he refused advanced planning with the incoming administration because he couldn’t admit being a loser. That’s your guy.

                    4. Biden said “The buck stops here.” He is the Commander in Chief. He is responsible. A war crime trial in Kabul would put an end to these diabolical incidents.
                      Leaving Afghanistan was the number one foreign policy issue. Biden should have made plans for this the day he threw his hat in the ring. He had months to execute a withdrawal, ignored that and then extended it more months. And then did little until the Taliban had surrounded Afghanistan. Those moves should have been made in January and February from Bagram. But he needed his Sept 11 gala. Pure hubris.
                      Trump played 4D chess setting a deadline knowing he would lose to Biden and that Biden would botch the shit out of it to the point that France, Germany and Great Britain would shit all of his him and by proxy the US because Biden overrode the intel saying the Taliban takeover was imminent? And that Biden would take a vacation while it was happening? That Blinken would say that there would be no repeat of Saigon and the photos showed otherwise? You are giving Trump way too much credit.

                    5. Another Fun-Fact. Trump won by a landslide by IN-PERSON REAL people.

                    6. Chumby, speaking of war criminals:

                      “President Donald Trump has revoked a policy set by his predecessor requiring US intelligence officials to publish the number of civilians killed in drone strikes outside of war zones.

                      The 2016 executive order was brought in by then-President Barack Obama, who was under pressure to be more transparent.

                      Since the 9/11 terror attack, drone strikes have been increasingly used against terror and military targets.

                      The Trump administration said the rule was “superfluous” and distracting.”


                    7. So we agree that Biden committed a war crime. Next step is to extradite him to Afghanistan for trial.

              3. Trump broke the cardinal rule of American politics: no matter how badly the other side cheated, you’re supposed to concede gracefully. And then work to improve the rules for the next election, so they can’t get away with it again. As some states are doing, and is being called “voter suppression.”

                1. CE, thought you were smarter than that.

          2. Ignore JesseAz. If you haven’t figured it out already, his schtick is to make the conversation about you as a person while ignoring whatever the topic may have been. He has never made productive contribution to a conversation in the entire time he’s been trolling these comments. He’s the entire reason Reason added the mute feature.

            1. Lol. You got shown to be a lying hypocrite so you request others ignore me. Your complaint here is I make arguments about others… Yet that is what you are doing. Such a hypocrite.

              1. It’s his idea of ideas.

          3. To be fair, Trump reportedly did follow the tradition of writing a letter to the incoming President. Nobody but Joe Biden knows what Trump said, as Joe read it and put it in his pocket.

          4. My guy? I didn’t vote for Trump. Try again without the misinformation. Thanks.

      2. Look at Mike rush to make sure the left isn’t the only one being criticized. This after a year of screaming whataboutism.

        Mike, wouldn’t you agree you aren’t a libertarian since you demand people act the way you want them to in order to enjoy freedom?

        Mike Laursen
        October.8.2021 at 10:54 am
        Flag Comment Mute User
        I’m a life-long libertarian, but I’m not longer interested in a libertarianism that isn’t coupled with adult behavior and a sense of responsibility, including civil responsibility. Selfish, childish libertarianism is not a good thing.

        If your condition in liberty is for people to do what you want them to do, it isnt liberty. It is just dressed up authoritarianism. You and Jeff suffer from the same issue. You dont actually believe in liberty. People should be allowed to fail. People should be allowed to be assholes. People should be allowed to make medical decisions. You don’t believe in those things.

        1. The Biden administration siccing the FBI on parents who oppose their school boards’ policies on vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory–because of a handful of incidents–is like the Obama administration having the NSA track Americans’ phone calls and sift through their emails because of Al Qaeda. If anything, Biden’s actions are worse for treating average Americans like Al Qaeda. The FBI isn’t any more likely to leave average people who oppose progressive school boards alone than the NSA was to not snoop on the phone calls of innocent Americans.

          What the Biden administration is doing with the FBI is indefensible, from a libertarian perspective, and any tu quoque they’re engaging in defend this is irrational and stupid. It’ll be the same thing if and when Biden goes after social media companies for not scrubbing every argument against vaccine mandates, against mask mandates, and against critical race theory from their platforms. It’ll be an indefensible violation of our First Amendment rights, from a libertarian perspective, and everyone who apologizes for Biden when he does so–in the name of democracy–will be exposing themselves as frauds.

          Free speech is essential to democracy, and Biden is against it to the point of having the FBI investigate people for what they say to their school boards. Progressives hold the opinions of average people in contempt; the intended purpose of progressive leaders is to create a chilling effect to silence dissent, and if their leaders honestly don’t know that siccing the FBI on dissenters will create a chilling effect, then they’re too stupid to be politicians. Meanwhile, nothing Trump did justifies what Biden is doing with the FBI and school boards. Anyone who says it does is wrong, and anyone who believes it is stupid.

          P.S. Some of the people in this thread are too dumb to realize that perpetrating a fallacy means they’re wrong. The fact that they’re all progressives is telling. You can’t believe some of the things progressives believe and be knowledgeable and rational. What they believe about how economies work and what makes them grow is dumber than creationism.

          Believing that the universe is so big and complicated, that it must have been created by a superior mind is much smarter than believing that Joe Biden and his merry band of experts can make better choices for 325 million Americans than each of us can for ourselves in markets.

          Some of the others genuinely don’t care whether they’re right or wrong. They’re basically parasites. They want to suck the blood our of our backs, and they don’t care whether their arguments for sucking the blood our of backs is smart or stupid. Whatever their motives, I’ve only seen two kinds of progressives: deceivers and believers. I haven’t seen a progressive on this site who was smart enough to deceive anyone but themselves since joe left years ago.

          1. Tu quoque
            Tu quoque, is an informal fallacy that intends to discredit the opponent’s argument by attacking the opponent’s own personal behavior and actions as being inconsistent with their argument, therefore hypocrisy. This specious reasoning is a special type of ad hominem attack.

            That’s all JesseAz, R Mac and Mother’s Lament do. Instead of calling them Mean Girls they should be the Tu Quoque Brigade!

            1. You cried about me before I ever responded to you today sarc. I also have far more substantive posts in both number and percentage than you do, including this thread. Youre a hypocrite.

            2. Sarcasmic finally looked up a definition, but is still too stupid to properly apply it.

              Also, a reminder that sarcasmic is only here to shitpost and troll:
              August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm
              I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is a circus.

          2. Biden is looking more like Nikolai Ceausescu everyday. Dr. Jill makes for a nice reboot of Dr. Elena.

            1. Not the best analogy, given Nicholai Ceauşescu was anti-abortion and required monthly OB-GYN exams of his female subjects to assure they didn’t perform one on thesmselves.

              Biden is more like Rodney Dangerfield’s Dr. Vinny Boombatz.

          3. Not a single person replying to you on this comment thread is a progressive, you pretentious so-and-so.

            1. You aren’t libertarian as discussed using your own words above.

              1. But Dee identifies as one. In the world of unicawns, nothing is unpossible.

                1. “She might have brought on some of this herself, don’t you think, by trying to take the Capitol building by force.”

                  —-The White Knight, January 14, 2021


                  Noting says you’re a libertarian like blaming an unarmed protester for getting shot by the Capitol police!

                  1. Once again, I’ll ask a really obvious question: in the heat of the moment, how did Capitol Police officers know that she, or anyone else in the mob, were unarmed?

                    1. Because no weapons were observed or reported to be observed. That is the standard of care for law enforcement to use deadly force.

                  2. “Because no weapons were observed or reported to be observed. That is the standard of care for law enforcement to use deadly force.”

                    Shooting unarmed protesters for trespassing on public property is unacceptable from a libertarian perspective, and libertarians don’t need that explained to them. Libertarians also don’t go around apologizing for the government shooting unarmed protesters on public property. That violated libertarian principles in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. We’re just dealing with a troll. It’s probably best to mute her.

          4. The non-partisan National School Board Association, which represents the nations thousands of school boards – most of which are selected in non-partisan elections – expressed their legitimate concern with the increase of threatened violence by people with similar persecution complexes as demonstrated by the drama queen Ken. No one GAF about opinions expressed in order and without violent threats at school board meetings, but the kind of people who equate the long established requirement of certain vaccines for certain activities in America with loss of their “freedom” – puhleaze! – have already demonstrated their lack of perspective, historical awareness, and simple basic social responsibility. Thanks for parading the dysfunction Ken.

            1. PS I’m not a Libertarian. I’m a center Democrat and old enough to call myself a liberal. I don;t go for euphemisms like “progressive” and “libertarian”.

              1. Thats why your arguments are perfect mirrors of white Mike, jeff, brandy, and sarc. They are democrats cosplaying

              2. PS I’m not a Libertarian. I’m a center Democrat

                “Honest everyone, I’m totally not White Mike samefagging. He always pretends insists he’s a Libertarian and not a Democrat, whereas I will cop to it. See? We may sound exactly alike and have the same grammatical tics, but we’re totes different people.”

            2. Passionate debate =/ threat of violence.
              The solution is to sunset the public education industrial complex. Parents will then be able to make direct curricula decisions about their children’s education. Some aren’t waiting for this as evidenced by the doubling of homeschool kids from 2019 to 2020 per the US Census Bureau.

              1. Sure Chumby, and what with the growing number of households affording to have a parent stay at home – wh..aa…t? – this is bound to take off. And besides, who wants “teachers” trained in “subjects” when the same people who think Trump won the election and vaccines don’t work can be teaching our next generation about math, science, and history.

                1. My involvement in anyone’s household budget ends with sunsetting me subsidizing their lifestyle. Millions have figured it out. There are paths to managing this.

                  1. No, there aren’t for most Chumby. “Being 2 places at once” technology is still in design phase and just being a competent and attentive parent for after school hours a challenge for most working parents.

                    But then that is the blue collar workers I hear so much concern for here. Fortunately child care is a large part of the Biden reconciliation plan so maybe that will get your support!

                    1. Don’t have kids if you are not prepared to spend quality time with them and pay for their needs. If you value their education, you’d either provide it or pay for it.
                      Again, millions have figured it out.

                    2. Not really the issue now, was it Chumby. You were promising a public school free future with parents staying home all day with their kids, like it was 19th century rural America, or even the 1950s when only one parent could have a union job and make a decent living.

                    3. A classroom size as small as one. No teachers raping kids. No CRT debate; teach what you want. No controversies over trans students. No gang activity. No low mpg school buses belching out carbon pollution.
                      I imagine there would be new private schools opening up for the folks that prefer others to educate their kids.
                      Americans in the 21st Century already do this.

                    4. OK Chumby, sorry to breakup your daydream.

                    5. Millions already do it. I guess these families you advocate for are not as interested in their children’s education or want to spend as much time with them during their formative years.

                    6. We have among the highest worker production numbers in the world, and wedo stuff like this:

                      “Typical 2-year-olds in Denmark attend child care during the day, where they are guaranteed a spot, and their parents pay no more than 25 percent of the cost. That guaranteed spot will remain until the children are in after-school care at age 10. If their parents choose to stay home or hire a nanny, the government helps pay for that, too.

                      Two-year-olds in the United States are less likely to attend formal child care. If they do, their parents pay full price — an average $1,100 a month — and compete to find a spot. If their parents stay home or find another arrangement, they are also on their own to finance it, as they will be until kindergarten.

                      In the developed world, the United States is an outlier in its low levels of financial support for young children’s care — something Democrats, with their safety net spending bill, are trying to change. The U.S. spends 0.2 percent of its G.D.P. on child care for children 2 and under — which amounts to about $200 a year for most families, in the form of a once-a-year tax credit for parents who pay for care….”

                    7. And East Germany used to give its female workers years of maternity leave. People like having their lifestyle subsidized by others.
                      I feel awful for the folks that choose to value their kids’ education, take the actions to do so and are coerced into funding the education of kids whose parents choose not to do so.

                    8. Well, you keep looking out for the doctors, lawyers, and realtors Chumby. The people who reroof their house can’t afford it.

                    9. Millions currently are. Have neighbors and coworkers that do it. None are doctors, lawyers or realtors. Keep ignoring reality.
                      Education decisions can’t get anymore local than at the household level.

              2. Also, threatening or assaulting a local official is a local crime, not a federal one. So once again the FBI and Biden and the Democrats show themselves as authoritarians.

                1. Biden’s actions in siccing the FBI on parents who oppose their local school boards was in response to a public letter by the national school board association. In the letter, they said that local law enforcement wasn’t responding to the threats, which is why they had to appeal to the president . . .

                  I strongly suspect the reason local law enforcement wasn’t responding was because the incidents they were calling about didn’t merit a response. Americans have had much more heated debates with local school boards in the past over issues like prayer in public schools, teaching evolution, sex ed, and bussing.

                  To the best of my knowledge, those conflicts with local school boards never required the attention of the FBI before, and the only thing that’s changed now is that the progressives are in power–and they treat everyone who disagrees with them and their policies as racists, insurrectionists, etc.

                  Treating average Americans like Al Qaeda because they disagree with the way the Democrats are indoctrinating their children is another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

                  1. Ken, when you get sent to Poland for rendition, can I have your boat?

            3. Non Partisan??? Lol. Holy fuck that is hilarious.

    3. Ken, your 1st amendment rights are not under assault so cut the drama. FB, Twitter, etc are private companies with user published agreements operating on an unlimited internet. This is in direct contradiction to our limited public airwaves – licensed under the FCC where other private companies allow only right wing shock jocks on their networks covering the nation and operating 24/7. At one time these companies would have operated under the fairness doctrine which required airing opposing viewpoints. Republcans got rid of that under Reagan and for some reason don’t complain about 1st amendment rights as it relates to those private companies.

      1. Did you miss the attorney General calling parents at school board meetings they were investigating? Wow SPB. You really are a true blue believer.

        1. Not me, dumbass. I want people here to know what I post.

          (shrike for 6-7 years and a variation on Sarah’s orifice filler the rest)

          Totally different style. And I would never defend the archaic old Fairness Doctrine (if that was his intent – not sure).

          1. Be careful switching socks SPB.

            1. Whatever happened to SPB 1?

              1. Banned for posting links to child porn.

              2. He posted child porn links. Not a joke.

      2. + Democratic Politicians demanding those ‘private companies’ to shut down ( !!!- CENSOR -!!! ) is well established.

        Because…………. That’s what Nazi’s do.

    4. the U.S. government and the Democratic party are one in the same thing

      Oh come on. Tell that to federal employees. Geez.

      An argument based upon false premises, no matter how logical, is a fallacy.

      Not that Ken will read this. He muted me because he finds logic to be offensive.

      1. At this point youre not even pretending to protect the left are you?

        You would think a 5 year IC campaign against trump, open resistance including articles in the NYT, resistance members admitting they were working against trump in their jobs, using government resources to go after conservatives, etc…. you’d be smarter.

        But no, you claim there is no corruption in government. Lol. God damn man.

        You bitching about being muted is also the height of irony.

      2. What about 2016-2020 when the US Government was an arm of the Trump wing of the Republican Party?

        1. Lol. When the CIA, State, and many others were openly saying they were resisting trump?

          Holy fuck you are dumb. What is with the lefties here??

          1. Did the DoD try some junta-adjacent thing with China?

        2. “Since 1) the U.S. government and the Democratic party are one in the same thing and since 2) the Democratic party is beholden to the nation’s largest teachers’ union, we should expect to see social media companies under threat of breakups by the FTC and the Justice Department be the first to comply.”

          —-Ken Shultz

          Is this in response to that, Brandybuck?

          At the time that Trump’s Justice Department launched its antitrust case, the Democrats controlled the House as I recall. Also, it seems to me that if Trump erred with the social media companies, it was imposing on them to tolerate speech that progressives consider unacceptable. And to whatever extent Trump used the bully pulpit to that effect, that isn’t comparable to President Biden flagging Facebook posts and accounts for deletion, appointing Lina Khan to be chair of the FTC (that’s suing Facebook), or siccing the FBI on parents who petition progressive school boards for a redress of their grievances.

          Meanwhile, the Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House and have openly shut down speech that opposes them–from shutting down discussion of the origin of the pandemic to shutting down discussion of Hunter Biden’s emails. They’re openly advocating breaking up Facebook and others because they tolerate “misinformation”, which is a blatant attack on our First Amendment rights. There isn’t anything in the First Amendment that says our speech needs to accurate or beneficial in order to be protected.

          I don’t know if you’re defending Joe Biden siccing the FBI on parents who oppose the policies of progressive school boards, like vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and critical race theory, but even if that were somehow comparable to something Trump did, it wouldn’t justify or excuse Biden’s actions.

          “What about 2016-2020 when the US Government was an arm of the Trump wing of the Republican Party?”

          Maybe your tu quoque was meant to be sarcastic or ironic? People around here don’t usually indulge in whataboutism by starting their statements with “What about . . . “. You were probably joking, in which case I’ll invoke Poe’s Law, but just in case you weren’t, perpetrating fallacies means you’re being irrational.

  11. Steakholders hardest hit.

    1. Lol. I don’t know how you come up with ao many punny sentences. My brain can’t do even one.

      1. He lives in a rural shithole with no one to talk to so he has plenty of free time

  12. The federal government is taxing people in order to provide a service they recipients neither want nor need?

    I’m trying to figure out how this is unusual.

    1. Oh, that totally justifies it then.

  13. If they eliminated the ad campaign then how would I know what is for dinner??

    1. You’d be beefuddled without the ads.

    2. You’d probably just eat whatever your favorite progressive website tells you.

      1. Soyvacado on toasted brioche.

        1. Gluten? You disgust me

          1. Not a gluten for punishment?

    3. Progressives, the other other white meat.

      1. “Long pig is delicious”, your neighborhood cannibal.

    4. If you guide your diet by what advertisers say or what governments say, then the special of the day is Sheeple, but you will not be the eater.

  14. Dairy gets a subsidy, beef does not. Which used to piss off my cattleman Aunt something fierce. Cattlemen don’t want a subsidy, they just want to be on a level field with Dairymen.

  15. Maybe somewhere in the article you could mention that the “portion” is a mere $1 per beef? Or about an eighth of a cent per pound. Or less than a dime per American per year.

    I’m all in favor of less mandatory fees (effectively taxes) on stuff, but this one is so miniscule as to be unnoticeable.

  16. I can’t remember when the last time I saw a “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” commercial anywhere.

    1. They have definitely been scaled back in recent years, because the far left and our cultural overlords (but I repeat myself) don’t like beef, and especially don’t like us eating it. Most of them are probably vegans at this point.

  17. Those milk mustache ads were frigging GROSS! Figures they were the result of a bureaucratic scheme to hide pork barrel spending by skimming cream off the top! Yeah, I’ve got a beef with that! It really gets my goat <~~~~which what I’m switching to for dinner in protest. I kid you not! Licking my chops just thinking about it! Ok, I’ve milked this one enough

    1. I COULD make a white meat joke, but it would be fowl of me.

      1. Or you are too chicken to post it.

        1. Listen, Turkey, are you calling me a COWard? (DOH! Back to beef! OWA TAGOO SIAM!)

      2. Are you ducking out?

        1. Don’t be daffy, it’s just that I’ve reached my swan song!

  18. Rather, the problem with the beef checkoff is that it’s a mandatory program that forces ranchers to participate

    Better said; It’s a problem of putting Gov-Gun-Force in an area it doesn’t belong. Which is the on-going and GROWING problem with our national government.


  19. Meanwhile the latest from the Cali-Ban
    Fighting pollution by banning gas based leaf blowers (and lawn mowers). Something tells me NOISE pollution will be overlooked by the new approval “eco friendly” models

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