Today's Recall Election Shows California's One-Party Rule May Stick Around

Californians vote today on whether to keep lockdowner in chief Gavin Newsom.


It's Election Day in California, where voters will be deciding whether they want Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to finish out his first term, which ends in 2022, or be replaced by one of the 46 replacement candidates.

The latest polls are favorable to Newsom, with 53 percent of voters opting to keep Newsom and 45 percent opting to remove him. If those numbers hold, this is going to be far from a replay of Gov. Gray Davis' recall in 2003.

Back in July and August it looked pretty dicey for Newsom as undecided voters had started to break toward tossing him. But the latest poll by the national survey company Trafalgar Group has the undecided voters flipping back in his favor, and only 2 percent of those polled remained undecided.

Republican talk show host Larry Elder remains the front-runner as a possible replacement. But Republicans are already blaming voter fraud for a potential loss in a state where mass numbers of citizens in the cities habitually vote blue over and over again. It's the two-button meme in action: Conservatives regularly decry the state's citizens favoring progressive candidates and policies that wreck the economy, harm businesses, prevent housing construction, and drive people out of the state. And they're right! But to also claim that the vote to keep Newsom is fraudulent? Those two ideas don't combine well. Newsom is not that special or different a politician from the rest of the Democratic establishment in a profoundly blue state.

The voter-fraud excuse, instead of an acceptance of defeat, also makes it harder for candidates like Elder to insist on being seen as independent from former President Donald Trump if Elder's just going to pursue the same sore-loser tactics.

What might have caused a bit of a secondary shift in undecided voters was the actual statements put out by recall proponents that were then sent out to citizens. The signature-gathering effort began well before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, before Newsom used his emergency powers to oppressively lock down the state and then swanned off to The French Laundry for a fancy dinner. It's a hobby for some folks to try to recall elected officials. Pretty much every year petitions circulate that fail to gather enough signatures. This petition didn't start off any differently from the others.

But Newsom's overly zealous authority-mongering in response to COVID-19 made people unhappy enough to push signature gatherers over the edge. This is what proponents circulated to justify the recall:

"Governor Newsom has implemented laws which are detrimental to the citizens of this state and our way of life. Laws he endorsed favor foreign nationals, in our country illegally, over that of our own citizens. People in this state suffer the highest taxes in the nation, the highest homelessness rates, and the lowest quality of life as a result. He has imposed sanctuary state status and fails to enforce immigration laws. He unilaterally over-ruled the will of the people regarding the death penalty. He seeks to impose additional burdens on our state by the following; removing the protections of Proposition 13, rationing our water use, increasing taxes and restricting parental rights. Having no other recourse, we the people have come together to take this action, remedy these misdeeds and prevent further injustices."

Unlike Newsom's authoritarian COVID-19 response, much of the above is a result of normal representative lawmaking. Legislators, not the governor, implemented sanctuary state laws, for example (though Newsom supports them). Recall proponents are lodging objections to Democratic establishment positions shared not just by Newsom, but by many people in the state. This doesn't make all the policies good, mind you, but removing the governor isn't going to fix them, particularly if a majority of Californians support them.

Newsom has essentially campaigned on all of these issues, and defenders are fighting the recall by calling it a Republican takeover attempt. But beyond that, they're attacking the idea of the recall itself as undemocratic. They've gone so far as to tell Newsom supporters to vote no on the recall, all while omitting that they still have the right to vote for a replacement if he loses. If voters follow the advice of CNN and MSNBC commentator, lawyer, and former New York State Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell they'll actually lose their opportunity to decide who would replace Newsom if he loses.

This tactic could fuel a potential legal challenge based on the claim that Newsom's successor is likely to get fewer votes than Newsom. This is not some sort of anti-democratic civil rights atrocity, it's basic math. If Newsom gets booted from office, it's because the majority of voters no longer wanted him as governor. Because there are 46 potential replacements, the votes for his successor are likely to be spread around. If they wanted to make sure the winning candidate gets a majority of the vote, the state could implement ranked choice voting.

But that's not the point. It's a cynical attack on the process meant to serve as a cover for one political party's power structure. These are the "anti-democratic" actions and it's what pushed me over the edge to voting in favor of the recall. Voters sent California's leadership a message by rejecting many of their favored policies in ballot initiatives last year. Voters rejected efforts to undermine Proposition 13 and exempted independent rideshare drivers from harsh employment laws.

The establishment seems likely to win this evening and, as Reason's Matt Welch writes, the likely result will be an attempt to make it harder to bring a recall petition to vote. The Democratic Party in California lost me long ago; I actually partly credit their economic ignorance, complete capture by public sector unions, and oppressive regulatory practices for helping me realize I'm a libertarian.

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147 responses to “Today's Recall Election Shows California's One-Party Rule May Stick Around

  1. Fuck Joe Biden

    1. Fuck Joe Biden
      *clap, clap, clap-clap*

      1. Fuck.



        1. Fuck.Joe.Biden.

          1. Enough Fucking Joe Biden

            1. But Joe Biden isn’t done fucking us.

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    3. As a matter of fact — THERE WAS CHEATING during this recall vote. Many Republicans went to the polls to vote in person only to be told that they had already voted. When they disagreed with that, they had to request a provisional ballot, prove they were who they said they were in order to vote. That is cheating! But what can you expect from a state like California, where they need cheating to win. There has not ever been a Fair Legal Election in that state for many DECADES!! Citizens get what they vote for — a crime ridden elitist government that puts 99% of the population in the gutter so the likes of newsom pelosi schiff feinstein & swallwell can live in luxury, thumbing their noses at every one else. Hey Californians, leave that cesspool state & your socialism attitude behind & move to another state where your vote WILL count. Bankrupt California!!!!!

  2. >>the likely result will be an attempt to make it harder to bring a recall petition to vote.

    weak threats are a sign of something something.

  3. Yeah, “Californians” vote on the recall.

    1. Democrats have been in charge of both houses of the state legislature since 1959. They have also had the governorship 40 of the past 60 years, yet blame for all the state’s problems lies with the Republican minority. In a typical year the Assembly and Senate pass 4,000 bills, making it 240,000 since 1960, yet they are hampered by the evil opposition from getting it right.
      The fires, brown outs, drought, homelessness, and corporate flight are not their fault. Inflation adjusted spending on a per student basis is 300% since 1970, yet the state has dropped in national standing every year. We need to spend even more, if we can get the schools to open. More anyway, if not.

      1. Ok, and what of perennial Republican areas like MS and Alabama, etc.?

        1. Is there a recall of the governors in those states Jacob?

          1. They need a recall because it would make him feel better.

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    2. Keeping Gavin means avoiding the possibility of a black governor.

      1. Keeping Gavin means avoiding the possibility of a black governor.


        Somewhere I saw a good comment to the effect that now that the Anti-Racists have been handed an opportunity to replace Gavin “I Personify White Privilege” Newsom with an actual no-shit black guy from South Central LA and have chosen to go with the rich white guy, we don’t want to be hearing from them anymore.

        1. White progs like their Blacks to be suave and non-threatening, or not even Black at all, like Obama

    3. Yeah, “Californians” vote on the recall.

      Even after the recent big drop in inbound immigration, “Californians,” simply defined as “born in California,” only make up 56% of the population.

      People over 20 whose parents were born in CA are a distinct minority.

      1. Mexicans are probably sick of that douchebag, too. I was more referring to the ghosts of California past, present, and future that may never be that nevertheless will still vote as many times as it takes to get the correct result.

  4. Let California burn and crumble. Californians will be much happier when, in approximately twenty years time, the entire state is a uninhabitable Mexican favela run by ruthless drug lords and a degenerate class of sadistic robber barons. The bloodletting and murder will be unimaginable, but well deserved. California will be America’s Afghanistan.

    1. Improvement.

    2. So they’re returning to their roots circa 1821? Keeping in mind that there was no electricity in 1821, either.

      1. All those hippies investing in solar power don’t look so foolish now, huh? Too bad their position on guns will ensure they don’t get to enjoy it very long…

        1. Oh, I think you might be surprised when it comes to the rural hippies and guns.

    3. The problem is that it’s America’s. I’d be fine with letting them wreck their state, but the problem is the rest of the country has no enforceable borders with California.

      After the termites chew up that state, the rest of the country is on the menu.

      1. Apparently the cure for that is some common sense abortion control. Scares off the Californians like a cross scares vampires.

    4. Man, this isn’t racist af at all huh?

      1. Eat shit, cumbag.

    5. They will have moved to TX to vote “blue” long before then.

  5. “The latest polls are favorable to Newsom, with 53 percent of voters opting to keep Newsom and 45 percent opting to remove him. If those numbers hold, this is going to be far from a replay of Gov. Gray Davis’ recall in 2003.”

    We won’t know until the number come in, but it needs to be understood that the Californians who want Newsom recalled might walk barefoot over broken glass to vote against him. The people who support keeping him may or may not be willing to go out of their way to stop by the voting station on the way home. They’re mostly pinching their noses to pull the lever at best. Meanwhile, Newsom’s chances of surviving a primary challenger in 2022 may be worse than his chances of winning the recall. No matter what happens today, Newsom’s political future in California (and beyond) is a big fat question mark.

    1. Newsom will remain in office, and it will not even be close. California is a lost cause.

      1. The “Harvesters” will see to that …

    2. No matter what happens today, Newsom’s political future in California (and beyond) is a big fat question mark.

      An elitist governor that can’t stop spending money, whose fool policies regarding climate change, homelessness, illegal immigrants, emptytheprisons™, etc are destroying his state? And if he survives a recall, especially now with all the recall election fuckery that’s been uncovered?

      He’s exactly the kind of shit-heel that has a bright future in Democrat national politics. Who better to lead their party? Who else personifies better what they stand for and want imposed on the rest of the country?

      1. In another thread, I was writing about how Newsom is running ads of Liz Warren telling us to go our and vote against recalling Newsom–despite the fact that Liz Warren only won 20% of the primary vote in Massachusetts in 2020.

        In 2016, Kasich beat Trump in Ohio and Cruz beat Trump in Texas, but in 2020, Liz Warren came in third in her own state. If the people of Massachusetts don’t even like her enough to vote for her, why should the people of California give a shit what she thinks about anything?

        Point being, IF IF IF Newsom’s future is brighter outside of California, that doesn’t mean his future in California is bright at all.

      2. Ken still has faith in the system.

        He doesn’t want to accept the fact that leftists don’t take polls, they make polls to pre-cover the fraud.

    3. The people who support keeping him may or may not be willing to go out of their way to stop by the voting station on the way home.

      Not to worry, their friendly neighborhood party member will make sure those ballots are filled out and submitted correctly. They’ll even do so twice if need be.

      1. This progressive I know was out of town, and about a week ago, she asked me if I could give her elderly mom a ride to the library.

        “Why does she need to go to the library?”, I asked.

        “What difference does it make?”, she replied.

        “Do you NOT want to tell me for some reason?”, I said.

        “Are you willing to help, or aren’t you”, she said.

        “I’m willing to take her to the grocery store, give her a ride to church, sit with her through the sermon, mow her lawn, change the oil in her car, and cook her dinner if she needs it”, I said.

        “Well, maybe I’ll just ask someone else.”, she said.

        I said, “Yeah, maybe that’s a good idea”.

        They . . . um . . . have ballot drop off boxes at the library.

        1. For some reason, that story reminds me of that Monty Python “bring out your dead!” sketch.

          1. she’s a duck!

        2. Yeah, how dare a mom vote.

        3. So you’re such a great friend you refused to help your friend go to the library because you assumed that your friend was going to vote the ‘wrong’ way. You aren’t much of a friend.

    4. A big fat question mark like Justin Trudeau? Both California and Canada didn’t elect a leader, they elected a talking haircut. And both Canada and California are going to keep right on re-electing them.

      1. Erin O’Toole is the Conservatives older, less handsome Justin, and Jasmeet Singh is brown Justin. All three are Davos’ tools.

        That’s why I’m voting PPC.

      2. That’s not being fair to Canada. At least they elected a world renowned male model like Zoolander.

    5. “The people who support keeping him may or may not be willing to go out of their way to stop by the voting station on the way home.”

      This is, unfortunately, the substantial change that Vote by Mail and ballot harvesting introduce into state elections. With these reforms in place, it doesn’t matter if the Anti-Recall voters are excited or not, because there are thousands of moon-eyed millennials guided by the best software in the business willing to stop by every voter’s house to pickup their ballot.

      “Turnout” is no longer about excitement, it is about how well your logistics system is, and for the Democrats- especially in CA- it is very, very good.

  6. And when he wins, the reprisals will begin in earnest. So knuckle up, Californians.

    1. If he doesn’t get recalled, he’ll probably officially classify Republicans as an official terrorist organization, like The City of San Francisco did with the NRA:

  7. So it looks like California will vote for fascism again.
    In what way is this news?

  8. Also, why isn’t there any mention of Larry Elder claiming to be running as a small “l” libertarian in this article?

    Why isn’t there any mention of Rose McGowan’s accusation that Newsom’s wife tried to buy McGowan off before she publicly talked about her experiences with Harvey Weinstein?

    Is it because McGowan’s accusations aren’t corroborated and the email she’s quoting hasn’t been authenticated? Did that make a difference in the accusations against Kavanaugh?

    There’s a great story to write here about #MeToo and whether women should be believed. There’s a great story to write here, in real time, about misinformation and how people should be free to make their own choices about what information is and isn’t credible.

    Maybe we’ll get a story like that out of Reason sometime after the election is over and the relevance of the information in question doesn’t matter anymore.

    1. Nobody gives a shit about Rose McGowan, and nobody ever did. She was a one-hitter quitter exploited at one point in time by Democrats to attack Trump and the Republicans from the feminist direction. Expecting to skewer the Left with their own stupid games and tired puppets is pointless. They do not care. Rose McGowan served her purpose. Like the Roman pilum that bent out of shape upon impact, throwing it back is not an option.

      1. Actually, women on the left, especially, cared a great deal about the #MeToo movement, and if a substantial number of suburban women in California decide to stay home today, rather than go out of their way to pull the lever for Newsom, Newsom may lose for that reason alone.

        1. They only cared, if at all, only insofar as “caring” about Rose McGowan was a socially fashionable vehicle for expressing their entirely manufactured outrage at Donald Trump’s mean tweets. The entire #MeToo movement meant nothing to anyone unless it was being used to skewer Republicans.

          You are talking about the same stock of people that are genuinely convinced Larry Elder is a white supremacist. They do not care. The nonsensical and absurd games the Left plays are not a two-way street. The best way to overcome Leftist absurdity is to ignore it and respond with a resounding “I don’t give a shit.” They have no morals, principles, or consistent beliefs so trying to bend them with cognitive dissonance is never going to work. They know they are lying. They know they they do not believe their own bullshit. Playing their games only validates the nonsense and ensures more of it in the future.

          Frankly, Rose McGowan beclowned herself with so many stupid takes over the years that Larry Elder should have pushed her bloated corpse down the river over to the next village and as far away from him as possible. The fact that he did not demonstrates a massive lack of judgment and betrays a complete lack of understanding of the politics of the day.

          1. #MeToo wasn’t just about Trump’s tweets.


            And the suburban women of California (and all over the country) care about the things they care about regardless of whether we think they should.

            1. Nobody cares. If you think Rose McGowan is going to be Larry Elder’s secret weapon, rethink your position. She is irrelevant because you are dealing with irrational people. Maybe the next Republican hopeful in California can win the day by having Christine Blasey Ford stumping for them …

              1. I wish irrational people were irrelevant.

                1. There are two ways to make people irrelevant in the realm of politics: independence, or war.

                  I am an advocate of peaceful secession and separation. Whatever tumult will result from secession is infinitely preferable to the status quo in which people that no longer share a culture or unifying national identity or philosophy on how to govern are forced to live together and to engage in the spectacle of voting solely for the psychic benefit of inflicting harm upon the people with whom they despise living.

                  Things do not have to be like this. The status quo will only result in more misery for everyone. Self-determination, not any empty dedication to the mechanics of democracy is what made America what it was.

      2. Damn, that pilum metaphor was awesome. Don’t get to see those kind of historical references very often.

    2. Is it because McGowan’s accusations aren’t corroborated and the email she’s quoting hasn’t been authenticated? Did that make a difference in the accusations against Kavanaugh?

      Journalistic standards are more of a… guideline.

      1. And the wacky way those journalistic guidelines move around is another interesting topic for a story.

        It’s hard to believe people don’t have more faith in the news media!

  9. California represents what the Koch / Reason open borders agenda will eventually do to all 50 states.

    Sometimes this is difficult for me to process because it happened before I was born, but there was actually a time when California could be carried by a Republican Presidential candidate. George H. W. Bush won it in 1988, for example. But after years of importing Brown bodies — who reliably vote Democrat, of course — California became the single-party Democratic stronghold we know today.

    What does this mean in practice? Well, it’s not a coincidence that California also has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. You literally have movie stars living in the same state as people who are so poor they’re reduced to defecating in the street. And isn’t that severe economic inequality exactly what Koch / Reason libertarianism seeks to produce?


    1. As the Republican party became more about patriotism and less about religion, things were moving in the right direction in California. Tip O’Neal once said something to the effect that, “All politics is local”, but he was from Massachusetts. In California, all politics is national.They send people to Sacramento because of stupid shit some cultural conservative Republican in Kansas or Mississippi said.

      Meanwhile, the suburbs of California may still be further to the right than places like Minnesota or Illinois on issues like gun rights, police reform, and taxes. When you look at how Californians voted on the ballot initiatives in 2020, it looks like the outcome of an election in a deep red state like Wyoming. Take a look for yourself, and see how much further to the right you could expect any state in the union to vote on those issues.

      They voted against raising property taxes on businesses.
      They voted against affirmative action.
      They voted against sentencing reform.
      They voted against rent control.
      They voted in favor of keeping cash bail.

      West Virginia may have voted two to one for Trump, but they might have voted the same way California did on only two our of five of those issues.

      1. In other news Mexico looks at California and says thank God for Winfield Scott and Trist and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

        1. The US should really give it back.

          1. We would have to pay more than we paid to buy it to convince Mexico to take it back.

            1. We don’t need to wall off the border; just give them California!

              But no matter, in the end the cartels will just take it back any way.

    2. importing Brown bodies — who reliably vote Democrat
      Well maybe not always

      1. I guess Latinos are evil now.

        1. No, they are just being recategorized as white. Even the black and Indian ones.

          1. White=evil

    3. People with a Koch fetish love them some borders.

  10. If voters follow the advice of CNN and MSNBC commentator, lawyer, and former New York State Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell they’ll actually lose their opportunity to decide who would replace Newsom

    Good loyal Democrat voters require their orders to be short, simple, and easy to obey.

  11. The fascists’ need a decisive victory–one that shows all those that still have hope that there’s no point.

    They are openly cheating, opening rigging things and they will openly crush this recall in a tidal wave of lies, fraud and smugness.

    Woe to the Republic.

    1. No, no Azathoth. The polls aren’t rigged. Ignore the stories coming out of people trying to vote, and discovering they’d already cast a ballot. Clearly propaganda.

      Californians must have wanted it this way. I mean, if this election was rigged too, then voting might no longer matter, and that would be something too awful to face for a lot of people.

      In other bad news, Norm McDonald died today. He was 61, and evidently fighting cancer off for the last decade.

      1. In his honor: once again proving Germans love David Hasselhoff.

  12. Why does Gavin Newsom look like a cartoon devil with the horns?

    1. *without*

    2. Is there any better example of white privilege than a white candidate, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, questioning the authenticity and empathy towards the working class and poor by a black candidate who was born in South Central LA and is a self made millionaire? Also Fuck Joe Biden.

  13. If Republicans wish to become relevant in California — or, increasingly, in any modern, advanced, educated, successful state — the route is obvious:

    1. Reject the bigots and the bigotry. The racists and white nationalists. The abortion-absolutist misogynists. The selfish xenophobes. The superstitious, slack-jawed gay-bashers. The Muslim-haters.

    2. Ditch the flouting of education, credentials, expertise, science, and achievement.

    3. Stop promoting old-timey, bigoted superstition — the dogmatic intolerance, the sacred ignorance, the childish dogma — at the expense of reason, tolerance, science, and modernity.

    4. Address the co-dependence with guns nuts and abortion absolutists. The current relationships are suicide pacts in modern America.

    Without these improvements, Republicans are destined to be painted into increasingly small, desolate corners of America. And to get stomped into irrelevance in the culture war — which isn’t over, but has been settled.

    You’re welcome. clingers.

    1. I have a more efficient solution. We simply carpet bomb the urban areas until all the leftest are gone, and then recolonize the state with actual Americans.

      Suck on that for a while.

    2. You can’t go a single post without talking about other people’s mouths hihn. Oral fetish?

    3. 2. Ditch the flouting of education, credentials, expertise, science, and achievement.

      Thanks for that, solid gold!

    4. Artie the bigot shows you how to become one.

    5. “1. Reject the bigots and the bigotry.”

      You mean like the white woman in the gorilla mask that threw an egg at the black Republican running for governor?

      1. No, no, no – the brave Anti-Racist who sent a strong feminist message to a misogynistic White Supremacist Trumpian. That he’s disguised as a Black man is what makes him so very, very Evil.

    6. No sane person wants to be relevant in a sh$thole populated by creeps like you.

  14. “…where mass numbers of citizens in the cities habitually vote blue over and over again.”

    That is virtually every urban area in the country. Unthinking obedience and loyalty for promises to be taken care of.

    1. And those promises never come as seen by tye utter collapse of our inner cities. Pittsburgh… Approaching 100 years of total Democrat control. Less than 15% proficiency at 12th grade levels for English and math for graduates of the citys public schools. And one of the highest rates of unemployment among African Americans in the country.

      1. I think blue areas would do better if they didn’t continually subsidize the red ones.

        Everybody’s favorite punching bag California continually puts in more federal tax dollars than they ever get out yet are still the 5th largest economy in the world.

        1. Keep dreaming.

        2. Without the red area’s you parasites would starve.

  15. Norm Macdonald is dead.

    Hang you head and cry.

    1. That’s cruddy. He had a very unique comedic style and was a funny man.

      1. Over the course of decades, he was the most reliably funny person ever on the late night talk shows. I can’t think of anyone else who was that funny on a consistent basis for that long.

        1. Bill Burr, Dave Chappelle, and Norm Macdonald–in alphabetical order–were probably the funniest guys on the planet over the last ten years. Burr and Chappelle need to be consistently funny for another 25 years or so to catch Norm. No one else has ever been that funny for that long. That’s what I’m sayin’. And Norm could do it every night on a talk show without a script.

          1. Burrs been lame since he got married.

          2. chappelle is more preachy than funny

  16. Waiting on the “Alabama remains a one party state” and other such articles too. With all their failings. I’m sure Reason will publish it soon.

    1. You get tired of losing all the time, I’m sure.

    2. Alabama is holding a recall election?

    3. Do you live in Alabama?

  17. 48% of California voters are Democrat. Only 24% are Republican. The idea that Democrats have to use fraud to win in California is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    For a while it was up in the air if enough undecideds and independents would get on board the recall train, but assuming statistics average out and they get split down the middle, then the Democrats are going to win by a landslide. No fraud needed.

    And it’s the Republican’s fault for focusing on culture war issues in the state that invented hippies. The lost 10 percentage points of demographics since the Gray Davis recall not even twenty years ago. That’s a pretty steep decline, and the right wing meme that it’s all due to Democrat cheating is fucking bullshit. Republicans need to look hard in the mirror if they ever want to come back in this state.

    1. or maybe Republicans look at who wins in California and their platform and finds nothing compatible with Republican ideals and refuses to cater to the whack jobs just to win an election.

    2. Persuasion and peer pressure are more likely than culture wars. You say you’re Republican in California you better back it up with a fist. Democrats are fascist pigs and use violence regularly to cow their victims. This notion that they are hippies is long dead.

    3. If 60% of the electorate in California is progressive/socialist/racist (as it is), there is no point for conservatives to compete: they would have to abandon their principles to win.

      California is a disgusting state filled with disgusting people. Let them rot in the hell of their own making.

  18. “Republican talk show host Larry Elder remains the front-runner as a possible replacement. But Republicans are already blaming voter fraud for a potential loss in a state where mass numbers of citizens in the cities habitually vote blue over and over again”

    —-Scott Shackford

    It appears that the website links to a petition to have the results of the recall election audited.

    If he’d waited until after the election results were reported, would you condemn him for failing to support an audit beforehand?

    A knee jerk reaction to asking for an audit beforehand probably tells us more about what you think of California’s Republicans than it tells us about what California’s Republicans actually think about anything.

    1. By bringing the subject up Scott was able to shoe horn in the obligatory Trump bashing his masters demand. Even the Reason food and science guys do it. Almost like they have a quota or something.

  19. I think the reason the polling numbers changed was that the media got the word that the fraud was in place and ready to go! My goodness, when CA Republicans get to the poll and find they have already voted, what can they do? Cast a provisional ballot? How do they know which ballot they cast actually counts?

  20. Rasmussen poll: 52% of voters say Biden should resign; 60% favor impeachment, over Afghanistan. A total of 83% of Republicans believe Biden deserves to be impeached, with 58% Independents and 40% of Democrats agreeing.
    You read that right. 40 percent of Democrats thin Biden deserves to be impeached.

    1. I think he should be impeached and I don’t think it has much to do with Afghanistan. I do think a few generals should probably be retired over Afghanistan, but Biden’s willingness to exceed his constitutional authority with vaccine mandates and eviction moratoriums is much more of an ongoing issue. The problem is that impeaching him doesn’t even solve the problem because his VP would be worse.

    2. The thing is, they can’t get rid of Biden until they first get rid of Harris. You’ll know Biden’s on the chopping block when that happens.

      1. The only way Harris will go is by being promoted.

  21. Now that I’m free from Cali’s shit I think that keeping Newsom may actually prove very helpful in the long term to restore some bit of sanity. My rationale is not only do I not have to suffer the upcoming bullshit but I can pretty much guarantee that the entire blue team has bought into the lie that this was an attempted GOP coup. If they win, they’ll be vindicated and sprint in total authoritarian mode overturning voter initiatives left and right, well moderate and right anyway. My hope is that it finally pisses off just enough people to dust off the existing supermajority at least for a week or two.

    1. I hope progressives will stay in power in California for decades to come. It’s what Californians deserve.

  22. This tactic could fuel a potential legal challenge based on the claim that Newsom’s successor is likely to get fewer votes than Newsom. This is not some sort of anti-democratic civil rights atrocity, it’s basic math. If Newsom gets booted from office, it’s because the majority of voters no longer wanted him as governor.

    This basic math is ignoring any differences in turnout, since it only goes by percentages. Those in favor of a recall benefit from a clear enthusiasm advantage. Those voters are highly motivated to take the time to vote, as compared to people that are largely on the fence or mildly against the recall. A recall is basically a call for a “do over” that can just be plain annoying to the side that won the first time.

    I would say that a recall shouldn’t go by percentage at all. If the number of votes in favor of a recall exceeds the number of votes that the office holder received when elected, then the recall can be said to be democratic.

    “ Report Election Fraud in CA
    Election integrity should be a universally accepted American ideal. Unfortunately, there are instances where such integrity is called into question. If you have experienced any irregularities, interference, or intimidation while voting, please let us know by filling out the short form below. Thank you.
    Affidavit Form:”

    How does this become:
    “Republicans are already blaming voter fraud”

    If even the mention of reporting possible voter fraud is disqualifying to you, then your not an evidence-based person. You’re just another loyal servant of the system.

    1. That is what it says now. There are plenty of reports that it said something a little different when it went up yesterday. That article from The Hill quotes the form as saying,

      “They say that in America, there are four boxes of liberty. The soapbox, the ballot box, the jury box, and the ammo box,” the form said. “When we vote we exercise our rights as Californians and as Americans to make our voices heard via the ballot box, having listened to others make theirs heard through the soapbox. We trust in our elected officials to safeguard that ballot box, such that its results will truly reflect our will as Californian’s.”

      “However, when those officials, either through laziness or incompetence, allow thieves to steal amidst the dead of night and cheat our ballot box, we can no longer rely on its contents,” it added.”

      Rather different than what it says now, right? Ammo box?

      1. It also said (according to The Hill): “The petition claimed that “statistical analyses used to detect fraud in elections held in 3rd-world nations” detected fraud in California’s yet-to-be determined recall election.”

        So, statistical analysis on results that couldn’t exist because the election wasn’t over yet.

        1. The medias burned me too many times in the last four years.

          Pics or it didn’t happen.

          1. You have the internet, too. You can look for yourself if you really want to know.

            1. I’ve looked. Reports of what a website may have said one time, with no evidence: pics or it didn’t happen.

              You know: like election fraud.

              1. Finding this took me all of 5 minutes.

                There’s your “pics”. It did happen.

    2. Oh go fuck yourself Team Red drone. Got proof or STFU, drone.

  24. How much longer can the democraps play the Trump card?

    1. What’s the margin go to be before GOP crybabies will actually accept an election result?

    2. As long as Republicans are subservient to Trump.

  25. Go fuck yourself Team Red crybabies. Boohoohoohoo.

    1. Will you never get tired of being retarded, sarc?

      1. Someone just dox it

  26. ​

    ​So, I take it Penn is no longer pretending to be a libertarian these days​?

  27. California should be a lesson to Republicans. It is the most diverse state in our Nation and it is solidly Democrat. California has never produced a Democratic President but did have two Republican Presidents. But those Presidents were men of ideas. Republicans have given up on ideas and policy and now are merely driven by grievance. It is a party that can tell you what it is against, but not what it is for. The world moves forward and so must political parties.

    1. “Men of ideas” are people like Hitler, Stalin, FDR, …

      Being “men of ideas”‘is at the root of the evil of progressivism.

  28. The fundamental fact that Elder is a whack job, worse than Trump, may have had something to do with his loss…

  29. Complaining about unsecure elections doesn’t make you a sore loser. Stop mailing unsolicited ballots to unverified addresses. Implement ID and signature verification. There are many security measures used by private industry that are of far less importance than our elections.

    Also, here’s a take that I’m not hearing, but needs to be said. Although the recall posited two separate questions, in reality, a vote to recall Newson is a vote for Elder. In an ordinary election, Elder wouldn’t be a great candidate to win in such a blue state. In spite of this reality, he still got 35-40% of the state’s voting population to vote for him because they dislike Newsom that much. Recalls rarely succeed, but a poor showing like that does not bode well for Newsom’s future. Scott Walker survived recall, but that was the end of his political career.

    I don’t know if California has term limits, but if Newsom is eligible to run again, he will not be the next Democrat candidate. He’s going to get primaried hard. If they double down on him, Republicans can run a more moderate candidate than Elder and there’s a real chance they can build a movement. It won’t happen overnight, but the outcome of this recall is a massive victory for everyone opposed to the Democrat agenda in California.

    The challenge will be the next step. It’s always easier to critique and destroy than it is to create. Republicans will need to craft a winning agenda that might betray the national party, but meet the needs of Californians. Here’s to hoping they can pull it off.

    1. I how Democrats will keep California for decades to come. The state is beyond hope or redemption, and Democrats should have no opportunity to shift blame.

  30. It’s the government Californians deserve. A brief interregnum would only let them shift blame.

    I hope they get what they voted for, good and hard.

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