Joe Biden

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is the Latest Sign of the Presidency Becoming a Monarchy

The presidency has always been inclined to unilateral power—and many Americans like it that way.


President Joe Biden's national vaccine mandate sparked a lot of debate and set political seismometers jumping even more frantically than usual. Most commentary has focused on two issues: Is forcing people to take vaccines a good idea, and will the courts sign off on the government's authority to do so? Those are great discussions to have, though anything involving "forcing people" should be a non-starter by default. But another important question is raised by the president's gambit to displace the Afghanistan fiasco from the headlines: How, in the United States, can one guy just impose his preferred policies, whether they're good, bad, or indifferent?

To be fair, not everybody overlooked this point:

"There's no authority for this," former Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.) noted. "This is legislative action that bypasses the legislative branch. If you care about representative government—if you're consistent regardless of who's president—then it doesn't matter that you like the policy; this mandate is an abuse of power."

Since this is America in 2021, the replies to Amash quickly degenerated into arguments over the benefits of vaccines (or their allegedly nefarious side effects) and assertions that the courts will certainly rule for/against the move. But again, how can one person do this in a country with a Constitution that lays out the limited powers of the state, and provides for two other co-equal branches of government? It's as if the president has become a king—and many people embrace the development, so long as they like the outcome. In fact, that's a fair interpretation of the system under which we live, and the direction in which it's evolved from the beginning.

"We elect a king for four years and give him absolute power within certain limits, which after all he can interpret for himself," then-Secretary of State William Seward observed of the presidency during the Civil War. Admittedly, he described President Abraham Lincoln, whose powers were enhanced by the crisis. But it's not like the presidency snapped back within benign limits after the fighting ended.

"Great Britain is a republic, with a hereditary president, while the United States is a monarchy with an elective king," the Knoxville Journal snarked in 1896 during the presidency of Grover Cleveland, who was one of the less autocratic chief executives. But the implicit and growing power of the presidency remained, even when the office was held by somebody who exercised a modicum of restraint.

The fault lies in the Constitution itself, claimed conservative legal scholar F. H. Buckley in his 2014 book The Once and Future King: The Rise of Crown Government in America. He pointed out that all Anglosphere countries were trending towards concentrated executive power (something only accelerated by the pandemic), but claimed that America's presidential system, despite built-in checks and balances, in practice lent itself to what he called "elective monarchy."

Buckley's book was reviewed for Reason by Gene Healy, himself the author of The Cult of the Presidency.

"The constitutional presidency, as the Framers conceived it, was designed to stand against the popular will as often as not, with the president wielding the veto power to restrain Congress when it transgressed its constitutional bounds," wrote Healy in his 2008 book. "In contrast, the modern president considers himself the tribune of the people, promising transformative action and demanding the power to carry it out."

Claiming to act in response to popular demand is how a president who, last year, told supporters "Executive authority that my progressive friends talk about is way beyond the bounds" can pivot months later to issuing vaccine mandates for private-sector workers—and be applauded for the move by supporters who would be horrified if an elective monarch they didn't like exercised such authority. 

"This is the correct policy. And you know you can't get it through Congress… so what is the problem?" one commenter responded to Amash's warning about executive overreach.

But presidents enthusiastic about power don't come in only one partisan flavor. 

"I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President," then-President Donald Trump told an enthusiastic conservative gathering in 2019. The same year he "ordered" U.S. companies to stop doing business in China before backing off amid pushback from even his allies.

Unsurprisingly, Trump was accused of acting like a monarch, just as his predecessor, President Barack Obama, was charged with kingly pretensions, and so was President George W. Bush before him. And the accusations were spot on—they all acted unilaterally and built on the precedents of those who went before them.

"Ease up on the executive actions, Joe," The New York Times editorial board advised the current White House occupant just a week into his presidency. "They are not meant to serve as an end run around the will of Congress."

Obviously, that advice fell on deaf ears. But it always does, because American institutions lend themselves to increasingly unilateral actions by presidents. And, while people mouth pretty words about democracy, a lot of our neighbors don't really care how things get done so long as they like the results.

According to the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group, "87 percent of Americans say that a democratic political system is a good way of governing the country." That's great, but "one-third (33 percent) of Americans have at some point in the last three years said that they think having 'a strong leader who doesn't have to bother with Congress or elections' would be a good system of government. And about a quarter (24 percent) have said at some point that 'army rule' would be a good system. Put another way, while fewer than one in 10 Americans consistently supports an authoritarian option, a third of Americans 'dabble' in authoritarianism."

Before you ask, in the report Democrats were more inclined to bypass elections while Republicans were more inclined to bypass Congress. Independents came off as especially authoritarianism-curious. Yes, that's a minority of Americans—but it's a big minority, and probably enough to motivate politicians inclined to do as they please, anyway.

The answer, then, is that Biden issued a unilateral vaccine mandate because the presidency has always had monarchical tendencies and, through multiple administrations, chief executives succumbed to the temptation to exercise power and leave more for their successors. The courts may ultimately restrain the president, but you can bet that will leave many Americans angry that their king was thwarted.

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  1. The current monarch is a dud.

    1. Crazier than George III.

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    2. But he doesn’t mean tweet. THAT is the important thing for Reason writers. Who cares about what power the president is doing, as long as there is no mean tweets!

      1. … And by ‘mean’ they mean anything that presents a little *reality* into their delusional Power-Mad world.

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      2. I doubt his handlers allow him direct access to social media. Im sure they give him an Etch a Sketch and told him it was the presidential iPad.

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    3. Commies at unreason refuse to admit that THEY and their Democrat buddies are Commies.

      Commies are Left-Wing authoritarians on the opposite political spectrum from Monarchs. Monarchs are also religiously annoited figureheads of state.

      1. But the Commies know that Monarchies are much easier to overthrow than Republics.

        The Monarchs install the authoritarian apparatus to rule. All the Commies need to do is replace the Monarchs, which is always easier than replacing what is supposed to be a democratically elected representative government that some people feel they actually have a say in.

        Think the long game, not just the front page headlines.

    4. Joe For King!!!

  2. Fuck Joe Biden

    1. And fuck Justin Amash. He got the president he wanted. Let him choke on it.

      1. Right, because there were tons of really good alternatives.

        1. there was at least 2 better alternatives, one having recieved 70mil votes

          1. That’s your opinion (and mine). Not Amash’s. He had to pick the lesser of bad choices, knowing that his choice would make some bad calls.

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            2. Gee, a choice between the guy who negotiated all sorts of Peace deals, turfed the TPP, pushed the First Step act and replaced the shitty NAFTA with the infinitely better USMCA… or this guy.

              No actual libertarian could have ever said that Joe was a better option. Trump was without a doubt the most libertarian president since Coolidge.

              1. But we get the “never Trumpers” like Tucille and Brandyshit, the idiotic “both sides” from assholes like sarc.
                It takes same monumental stupidity to oppose Trump when the real alternative is droolin’ Joe, but those pieces of shit managed to make it happen.
                Right, Tucille? YOU OWN THE SON OF A BITCH.

                1. And we have to make them pay for it

            3. Except this particular outcome was part of the package offered up to Amash during the election. This wasn’t something that Joe Biden and the Democrats were exactly hiding. So, this is part of the deal Amash effectively agreed to. Whinging now that the bill has come due doesn’t change that he agreed to it.

          2. Trump was better because why again? I swear people have such short term memory. He literally lead a mob into the US Capitol, threatened his own vice president and staff, and gave the most half hearted response ever to get everyone under control. Jesus Christ.

            And what aspect of his presidency did you actually like, hm? His foreign policy? That was Pompeo, not him. He gave Xi blessing to exterminate the Chinese Muslims. Pompeo is the one who stopped that, and proposed the Abraham Accords.

            His domestic policy? Remind me what he actually did on that side? Him, not his advisors? Deregulation was a bust. Trade became less free, not more. The only concrete thing that happened was immigration decreased, which unless you are xenophobic … oh that explains it!

            And it is totally fine to say he didn’t do anything, but his advisors were great, and he picked his advisors. Thats what you want in a president! Problem is Trump undermined his own people because they wouldn’t prostitute themselves and sign loyalty pledges.

            1. You have a lead head, literally.

            2. ‘He literally lead a mob into the US Capitol,’ erm, no. He may have convinced some of the knuckleheads to go into the Capitol, but the loudmouth didn’t literally lead a damned thing. As for his presidency, it was, okay. He got some decent judges on the bench. You can claim it was Cabinet or staffers, that did the heavy lifting, and there is always truth to that, but Trump was so chaotic with his staffing turn over that this is a tough sell. The long and short of it is, much like you are trying to blame all the bad on 6 January on Trump, folks are equally justified -and there is historical precedent for, a president taking credit for all the positive happenings during his term, the actions of his cabinet and staff.

              1. Umm, like hell he didn’t. He might not of physically led them but he sure as heck ideologically and by word of mouth lead them so I guess he did literally lead them

                1. Nope. Not even a little. So stop with your stupid bullshit.

                2. Hahahahahahahaha

                3. You don’t know what “literally” actually means, do you?

                  1. Apparently not.

            3. “Trump was better because why again?…”

              This steaming pile of shit is due an answer why?
              Fuck off, TDS-addled asshole.

            4. Another CNN addict, I see.

            5. He wasn’t even there, so he didn’t literally lead people anywhere.

              Figuratively? He explicitly told people to be peaceful and he framed it as going out to show support. And then, once things started getting out of hand, he told people to go home (it was one of his last tweets before getting banned off the platform).

              I mean, yeah, the whole thing was idiotic, because crowds without crowd control almost always result in riots. But to pretend that this was Trump’s desired outcome or even that his rhetoric was outside the norm for present day politicians is ridiculous.

              On domestic policy, I noticed that you didn’t even mention tax reform nor Project Warp Speed. But I suppose you are going to give credit to someone else for those as well.

              I don’t think you can simultaneously argue that everything was done by cabinet members and that Trump undermined them. If good things were done, either Trump did them or he didn’t undermine the people who did them.

            6. Immigration did not decrease. Illegal incursions by foreigners decreased. And we had the best employment numbers in decades.

        2. Unconstitutional tariff man vs unconstitutional vaxxer in chief.

          1. Unconstitutional vaxxer, unconstitutional gun controller, unconstitutional masker, unconstitutional eviction moratorium-er. And Trump was the facsist?
            Trump was a piece of shit too, but I’d much rather he was still president.

            1. That’s the shit presidents should get impeached for.

            2. unconstitutional gun controller = Bump Stock ban, Trump
              unconstitutional eviction moratorium-er = CDC moratorium was put in place under Trump admin July 2020.

              I don’t see that much of a difference when it comes to rule by executive action. Also I didn’t call him a fascist.

              1. Yeah, that’s the same……….

                1. You either follow the constitution or you don’t. Fuck the tyrants that don’t.

                  1. You are correct and it’s good to be reminded of that in times where everyone thinks the world is about to end.
                    I see what Biden and the left are doing as extremely threatening to our civilization and prosperity, so I’ve sort of taken sides more than I am accustomed to.
                    To paraphrase and turn around PJ O’Rourke, Trump was wrong within normal parameters. Despite his weird and unpleasant personality, most of what he did was in the normal range of Americal political discourse. I see what’s happening now as a real descent into tyranny. Which has also been happening for a long time. But now it’s kicked into high gear.

                  2. “You either follow the constitution or you don’t. Fuck the tyrants that don’t.”

                    Sot TDS-addled assholes like you find no difference between, oh FDR and Eisenhower?
                    Do you agree that 1MPH over the speed limit should be treated the same as 80MPH over the speed limit?
                    How infantilistic is your ‘thinking’ exactly? How fucking stupid are you?

                  3. Bullshit. Trump stepped over the line….. a little. Biden’s administration is trying to wipe out our constitutional form of government.

                    Are you really this obtuse?

              2. Mind you, this is only a half-hearted defense, but trying something (eviction moratorium) that you’re not sure is totally constitutional is WAY better than doing something you’ve been told by the SC is unconstitutional and basically saying “fuck it”.

              3. Sorry, that was more of a general comment than a response to you. I didn’t think you called Trump a fascist.
                And yes, Trump did a bunch of shit he shouldn’t be able to as well. But in the case of teh eviction thing, Biden is doing it after being explicitly told by the supreme court that it is not legal. That seems worse.
                Using private companies to enforce things like vaccine mandates and censorship, that the government can’t seems like it’s getting a lot closer to actual fascism (in a technical sense) than anything we’ve seen before. Trump is far from innocent, but was less awful.

              4. “…I don’t see that much of a difference when it comes to rule by executive action…”

                You should seek help, TDS-addled piece of shit.

              5. , The eviction moratorium was not unconstitutional and it was needed. That’s the problem with the country we don’t give a crap with the people live on the street or die. We have this attitude that’s not my problem and you wonder why the damn world hates us. Because we are selfish and don’t care about anybody but ourselves. If we’re gonna be like this we deserve the fall.

                1. It is arguable whether it represented an uncompensated taking. Regardless, there is no freakin’ way it ought to have been the CDC’s call to make. Especially after there was a readily available vaccine that meant that all evictees could easily protect themselves from disease.

                  Wanting property owners to be able to control their property is not the same thing as not caring about the homeless. A decent amount of the arguments supporting the recall in California are about the fact that homelessness has exploded under Newsome.

                  1. You’re arguing with a moron.

                2. Ok, Zoomer.

                3. That’s what family is for, not government.

                4. It was unconstitutional, criminal, and stupid. You have zero idea what you’re talking about.

        3. Trump was a superior alternative, if only because the media and a significant chunk of his own party were willing to keep him in check. Right now, only Joe Manchin stands between Joke Biden and a 15 member Supreme Court (with a 9-6 liberal majority), elimination of the filibuster, Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood and God only knows what else.

          Along with a bureaucracy that is willing to cover for him (Trump had more leaks in his first week than Biden is likely to have in however much of his term they can keep him upright for), and a press that will spend the next 3 1/2 years pissing on your head and telling you its raining.

          1. ^

            But Trump made a bunch of inadequate little bitches feel their inadequacy, so totes the same as the totalitarian left

      2. Unlike the average butthurt Trumpster or TDS-stricken progressive, Justin Amash actually read the Mueller report and concluded reasonably that the orange messiah had obstructed justice and crossed the threshold for impeachment. Perhaps you feel any right-wing populist politician who comes down on your side more often than not deserves a pass for whatever he does in violation of his oath of office to betray the public trust (at least the trust of that section of the “public” you dislike), but Amash is more principled than that. He was the most libertarian member of Congress, far more consistently libertarian than Trump, who has no identifiable ideology or governing principles apart from his own whims, intuitions, and insatiable drive for self-promotion, ever was. Amash did the right thing and ditched the GOP when he could no longer stomach the uncritical, bootlicking, Machiavellian hero worship among members of his own Freedom Caucus.

        1. Nope. Your analysis is shit. Words and laws have specific definitions. Educate yourself.

  3. History is not kind to rulers who are fond of using the words ‘or else.’

    1. Yeah, historically, the guy pushing massive censorship, forced medical procedures, solitary confinement for non-convicted political enemies, and rule by fiat isn’t the hero in the story.

  4. More evidence that there is no covid prevention measure that Republicans won’t claim is a direct threat liberty. Apparently dying is true freedom to them.

    1. Excpet 99.9% of those who get covid won’t die from it.

      1. 2021 politics in a nutshell: liberal makes stupid, all-encompassing claim, opponent responds with incorrect information in support of a counterargument.

        1. ^ Nitpicking both sides-er wants to quibble over less than one percentage point.

          Yep, it’s a nutshell alright.

          1. I’m not a both sides-er; I’m much, much, much more sympathetic to Spiritus Mundi’s position. But if you don’t care to get your facts right then you don’t actually care about the point you’re trying to make.

            1. Pompous ass.

              1. You left out “stupid”.

            2. That’s the way it goes. Hysterical left-wingers push something they have no business pushing, and reactionary right-wingers push back either for entirely the wrong reasons or with made-up facts.

          2. bingo

        2. For those under 74 he is right. Name me another time in history we shut down society for the elderly.

        3. No, what happpens is a liberal pussy engages in histrionics in order to justify being an authoritarian asshat and a rational sane person simply refutes them with reality.

          1. You’re leaving out the right-wing elitist asshats and the right-wing populist assclowns. The former is unconcerned with rights; the latter is unconcerned with reality.

      2. That’s not even close to true. 650,000 people have already died from it which is already 0.2% of the entire country. So even if the entire country has already contracted Covid (which hasn’t happened) the death rate is 0.2%. Best current estimates are that a third of the country has gotten it, which means it has an astounding 0.6% fatality rate.

        What’s more dangerous though is that it is so highly communicable. Rabies has a 100% fatality rate but it’s not very contagious. Ebola like 50% but also not contagious.

        Stop citing made up statistics that don’t even mean what you think they mean.

        1. Fails to notice the death rate is falling.

        2. And thats if you believe died with is equal to died from. The few counties to audit their records revised down 30%. See Colorado abd southern California.

        3. “That’s not even close to true.”

          By your own math he was off by one half of one percent.

          Seems pretty damned close to me.

          1. Off by 5x isn’t all that close.

        4. 650,000 people have already died from it

          Died FROM it or died WITH it? There is a huge difference.

          1. Died from it. I’m aware of the difference and the conspiracy theories you keep pushing. The independent count of Covid deaths is BELOW the count of excess deaths, which includes a non-existent flu year.

            1. Sure, nobody died of the flu last year.

              1. 22,000 flu deaths in 2019-2020.

                700 flu deaths on 2020-2021.

                Don’t be a troll, son.

                1. Most people dying of flu (and covid) were going to dies of something pretty soon. The lack of flu is pretty odd, but I’d bet that most of the people who would have been likely to die from the flu died of covid. Or they may have died of flu, but also had a positive SARS2 PCR.

                  1. Dollars to donuts, a 20,000 person drop in deaths was more about reporting than actual cause of death.

                    1. I suspect that is the case as well. But it seems like there are other possible explanations. How much actual lab testing for flu is typically done? I didn’t think it was a ton. Mostly diagnosed on symptoms. Correct me if I’m wrong.

                    2. No, that’s totally fair. There could be other explanations, I just don’t think they’re very likely.

                  2. I don’t see it as odd. We rarely left our homes for the entirety of the flu season. We for damn sure weren’t traveling, specifically on airplanes.

                2. Sorry kid, you’re just uninformed. The problem is that the SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests were so unreliable (cycle thresholds were often absurdly high). The chances of a false positive for someone who actually had influenza is statistically significant, enough to place the “700 flu deaths in 2020-2021” into question. The CDC acknowledges this:

                  “CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.”

                  In other words, the only test that was used on symptomatic patients was the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test, when a proper approach would have involved testing for multiple viruses. Your numbers are bunk.

            2. Not a conspiracy theory, moron. Everything that contradicts the mainstream narrative is not a “conspiracy theory”.

              And, gosh, what other possible reason could there be for excess deaths in a year when millions of people lost their jobs and had their lives upended in all kinds of ways? Real stumper there.

              1. Are you suggesting everyone who had cancer suddenly died in 2020 or that heart disease became magically much more fatal or that hundreds of thousands of people killer themselves?

                Give me a break, troll. You’re just desperately throwing shit at the wall trying to find something that sticks.

                I get it, you don’t believe there’s a pandemic. Is it because you don’t want to get a vaccine or don’t like wearing masks? Just be honest. But seriously stop trying to say people haven’t died from it because you sound pathetic

        5. Just because you are ignorant of the facts, it does not mean they are made up.

        6. What’s more dangerous though is that it is so highly communicable. Rabies has a 100% fatality rate but it’s not very contagious. Ebola like 50% but also not contagious.

          ROFLMAO! “The real danger posed by COVID is not that it’s not very fatal, but that many people will catch it and not die.”

          Just like a Miller Lite tastes great/less filling commercial except way more retarded.

          1. Just like a Miller Lite tastes great/less filling commercial except way more retarded.

            Tastes like piss! Barely gets you drunk! Tastes like piss! Barely gets you drunk!

            1. Nurse, intubate this man and start a waterboard keg drip.

          2. Did you misunderstand? The danger is that because many people will catch it, many people will die. No Americans died from Ebola during the last outbreak despite conservatives wanting to impeach Obama for it.

            1. So what? How do you get from “people will die” to “it’s OK to fuck with people and infringe on their rights and ruin their lives”.

            2. Did you misunderstand?

              Nope. You assert that the real danger is infections, rather than deaths, and then dismiss conservatives as kooks for wanting to impeach Obama because people only got infected and nobody died. You don’t even understand the arguments you’re making.

            3. We better start force-vaccinating people against Tuberculosis, then, as per the CDC: “TB is the leading infectious disease killer in the world, claiming 1.5 million lives each year.” I’m sure you’ll be first in line for your Bacille Calmette-Guérin TB vaccine.

              1. Oh but TB only affects brown people, not upper middle class douches with email jobs and Uber Eats on speed dial.

        7. 650,000 people have already died from with it

        8. If we had done nothing it would have been a fairly normal year.

          1. I remember during the swine flu epidemic (or whatever), my employer put out a bunch of hand-sanitizer dispensers. I suspect that should have been our first and only reaction to COVID, as well.

            1. COVID doesn’t infect via contact. All that sanitization we did earlier on was useless.

          2. Don’t mind jdromb, they beat out shrike in the “Most retarded poster” contest.

            1. Only muted one stupid son of a bitch since there was not one comment worth a response.
              Couldn’t remember the name of that steaming pile of (dishonest) lefty shit; now I do.
              Fuck you with a running rusty chain saw, asshole!

          3. What a dumb comment. Despite everything we did we still had a brand new top 3 cause of death. If we hadn’t have done anything, Covid would have easily been the leading cause of death.

            Pull your head out of conservative trash media for retards and read something for once

            1. It would have been a whole fuck lot more normal than it was. The vast majority of the disruptions to society were from government responses, not actual effects of people getting sick. A fairly small increase in deaths for a year or two is not particularly out of the range of normal. So, yes, had we done nothing beyond suggesting people wash their hands more and trying to keep so many old people from getting sick, it would have been a pretty normal year.

              1. I continue to look at the numbers and realize that Sweden is the only country I can find that I think got it right.

                1. Yup. Sweden didn’t do particularly worse than countries that went full authoritarian (better than many). How the fuck are we still arguing about this? No masks and minimal restrictions imposed and you can’t distinguish it from other countries by looking at the data.

                  1. Exactly. But to hear it told by the harpies, all of Sweden has died. Twice.

          4. Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is the Latest Sign of the Presidency Becoming a Monarchy

            It’s a sign that the US President is an absolute idiot, yes.
            But a monarch – ie a dictator?
            Please, stop sniffing cow crap.
            The US presidency never had that kind of power.
            And it sure as hell doesn’t now or in the foreseeable future.

        9. You’re literally talking about a distinction of 99.9% survival versus 99.8% survival.

          1. No pointed out pretty clearly how both 99.9% and 99.8% are factually impossible.

            Try to keep up.

              1. Try to keep up with data from a year ago? Nice link. October 2020 buddy and it doesn’t even support your argument.


                1. I’m big enough to admit you’re right, I should have looked at the date on that article before smugly posting it.

                  But, as this direct link to the CDC shows, the point actually does stand:

                  Quick breakdown
                  0-17 Years 99.998%
                  18-49 Years 99.94%
                  50-64 Years 99.4%
                  65+ 94.99%

        10. You’re confusing “death with covid” with “death from covid”.

          But then that’s probably deliberate, isn’t it.

      3. “Excpet 99.9% of those who get covid won’t die from it.”

        Steaming piles of lefty shit like MG are willing to turn anything into a crisis to gain control.

    2. Apparently dying is true freedom to them.

      What you say when you prefer living as a slave and/or leaving it to others whether you live or die.

    3. Just as I tried to explain to Republicans in 2001, I tell you now: you’re being shortsighted. You need to look past this one issue and remember that your preferred president will not be in office forever.

      Most likely you will ignore this, just as the fans of Dubya did.

      1. LOL

        You really don’t understand just what the fuck is going on right now.

    4. Dying is an inevitability. How we get there matters. Virtue signaling histrionics that does not appreciably affect that destination is wasteful. If you need to take measures to protect yourself, go for it. If you feel you need others to ro things that will not help you, you are free to ask them.

    5. And more evidence that there is no authoritarian measure that Democrats will not employ to achieve their utopian social goals. Apparently freedom is not one of them.

      1. Comrade, the only freedom are the chains of socialism which bind us.

    6. Get up off of your damn knees.

    7. Apparently living on your knees like a feckless cunt is true freedom to you.

      1. What was that Patrick Henry guy said? “Give me liberty, as long as it’s not too scary”?

        1. “And doesn’t offend anyone.”

    8. “With hearts fortified with these animating reflections, we most solemnly, before God and the world, declare, that, exerting the utmost energy of those powers, which our beneficent Creator hath graciously bestowed upon us, the arms we have compelled by our enemies to assume, we will, in defiance of every hazard, with unabating firmness and perseverance employ for the preservation of our liberties; being with one mind resolved to die freemen rather than to live as slaves.” John Dickinson and Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of the Cause and Necessity of Taking up Arms, 1775

    9. Yes, if you and your friends all die, we will be much freer.

    10. I mean, is this where I say there no Authoritarian measure that Democrats wont claim is for your own good? Apparently slavery is true safety to them.

      1. To be clear, this is a parody and equally as absurd as the OP and not an actual statment.

  5. “The presidency has always been inclined to unilateral power—and many Americans like it that way.”

    Yeah but more Americans than ever agree with the assertion “Immigration is a good thing.” So we’re still in the LIBERTARIAN MOMENT.


  6. The courts may ultimately restrain the president, but you can bet that will leave many Americans angry that their king was thwarted.

    Sadly true.

    1. If that happens, we will be mad that an already established legal principle – requiring vaccines for certain public activities – has been ignored for the benefit of the “freedom” snowflakes.

      1. Keep crying foot stomper.

      2. When has the Federal Government, through OSHA, been granted the power by Congress to require vaccines as a condition of employment? What articles grant Congress the power to authorize such a thing?

        This is clearly a state-level issue, as people across the spectrum understood up until last week. Illegal is illegal regardless of whatever good it might do. Stay in your lane, Mr. President.

        1. Claptrap, it will depend on what judges get the case. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH) permits the Labor Department to act. Among other things, that law permits the secretary of labor to issue an “emergency temporary standard” regarding workplace health or safety if they determine that “employees are exposed to grave danger from exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic or physically harmful,” and that such a standard is “necessary to protect employees from such danger.”

          1. Is there any limit, then, on the powers set forth under OSHA? Shit, cell phone radiation is arguably “toxic” depending on who you ask …

            1. Geiger, one would expect an intelligent application of this or other laws would include a case by case analysis of the threat, the risks and rewards of actions. We’ve had more people die from Covid than any war in US history – including the Civil War – and of course the threat of an out of control pandemic getting even worse. There is no similar danger from cell phones, which by the way have much benefit – like automobiles – and probably do no harm except to those who choose to use them. A highly contagious disease has no upside and is not a matter of free choice.

              1. How many died from workplace exposure? How many with other health issues died from workplace exposure after they have been vaccinated?

                1. That’s the better question

                  1. There are occupations that are more dangerous than having covid. a 19 year old is way more likely to die in a workplace accident than be killed by covid. Should any dangerous job be illegal?

                    1. Driving to, from and for work is more dangerous for non-fatty 19-year olds. OSHA should set a 5 mph speed limit.

                    2. Indeed, juggling chainsaws is probably at least equally dangerous as not getting vaccinated for Covid, and makes similar sense.

                    3. “Indeed, juggling chainsaws is probably at least equally dangerous as not getting vaccinated for Covid, and makes similar sense.”

                      Shining example of JF’s abysmal stupidity.\
                      Fuck off and die, asshole

              2. You missed the entire point of my question.

              3. one would expect an intelligent application of this

                Written like a pompous ass. All but the smallest state governments are too bloated to achieve anything of the sort. At first it will be applied selectively against those who refuse to comply and the opponents of the politically connected. Then it will be applied arbitrarily to extort penalties.

                A highly contagious disease has no upside and is not a matter of free choice.

                Those who wish for maximum personal protection have free choice, to vaccinate, to mask, to stay out of public. Want you want is to take away the choice of those who are less afraid of the virus than they are of authoritarian government. Anyone being honest about history can see that authoritarian governments are far more dangerous than any virus.

              4. A highly contagious disease has no upside and is not a matter of free choice.

                Now do influenza.

              5. We’ve lost more people to influenza than to any war. We’ve lost more people to heart disease and cancer and smoking and a hundred other things than we have in any war. So what? Diseases killing mostly old and sick people and wars killing young men in the prime of their lives are not remotely comparable. People die. That’s what happens.

              6. “A highly contagious disease has no upside and is not a matter of free choice.”

                The Darwin Awards producers would disagree.

              7. We’ve had more people die from while testing positive for Covid than any war in US history – including the Civil War

                Big difference there, buddy

              8. J. Friday? Stuff it up your ass to keep your head company, boot-licker.

          2. This edict is stretching that definition so far that it’s become transparent.

            1. Also, emergency? We’re on month 21 of the pandemic. Maybe if they put this in place earlier this year and in specific settings you would have a point. The ubiquity of vaccines and their impact on the risk of complications in working-age populations absolutely moots any claim that this is any sort of emergency measure.

              1. Claptrap, the outbreaks in the red states are the worst in new cases since the pandemic began, and deaths is a trailing indicator.

                1. And how many died following workplace exposure? And, this is a consequence of the choices those state governments made with the consent of their own citizens. This is the path they chose. They’re not being sideswiped by some threat that came out of nowhere; this is how they chose to manage the issue.

                  Again, the federal government can’t just make up rules for itself to override the states just because the President doesn’t approve of the policy results of their duly elected governments.

                  1. Also, cases are a meaningless statistic. It has even less meaning with the advent of freely available vaccines, widescale previously acquired resistance, the manner of Delta’s spread, and the various testing protocols which abound.

                    Each case was important when 20% of them resulted in a hospitalization and a test-trace-isolate regime seemed feasible. That’s not the world we live in today.

                    1. Joe Friday prefers to pontificate as opposed to consider data. But your efforts to educate him in this thread are noble.

                    2. Spiff, no one who considers data will defend not getting vaccinated for Covid.

                  2. “Spiff, no one who considers data will defend not getting vaccinated for Covid.”

                    None of your business, asshole.

                2. Now do racial demographics.

                3. Yeah, there’s a virus. People are going to get it.

                  1. I’m waiting to hear if that steaming pile of shit prefers the flavor of black or brown boots.

                    1. You misspelled ‘cocks’.

          3. So what do you consider “grave” danger, that can then be used to justify any type of authoritarian mandates? A one in one hundred chance of serious injury or death? One in one thousand? One in one million? Or any level of induced popular fear?

          4. A very small chance of catching a virus that has a pretty small chance of making you seriously ill is not a “grave danger”. Nor is it an emergency at this point.

          5. I look forward to the lawsuits that they haven’t been forcing people to get the flu vaccine all these years.

          6. Oooo! Oooo! Now do CDC eviction powers fall under their regulations!

        2. Obviously the answer is to let the people the Joe elects decide for all of us. It’s what is best after all.

      3. Well if established legal principle is all we need as a litmus test as to whether a law truly violates individual rights:

        Conscription is an already established legal principle, does that make it not an infringement on individual rights? While we are at it, lets just add one more sex to the draft. You know, for equality. Equality in the government owning the bodies of their citizens.

        In all of history, governments have never over stepped their authority to trample on the rights of the individual. Wake up

        1. For those not keeping up, I am saying that it is completely ridiculous to justify a government infringement on rights based on legal precedent because guess who gets to establish legal precedent.

          1. Spot-on, my friend.

      4. And you can fucking die for that anger, Joe.

        1. He certainly can. If he expressed anger irresponsibly and dangerously enough in my direction, I can guarantee it would be fatal for him.

      5. I was never required to show proof of polio vaccination for any employer.

        1. I’ve never been asked for shot records from any employer outside the military.

      6. No one is stopping you from getting vaccinated or wearing a face-diaper, you authoritarian cunt. You already hate those you presume to be unvaccinated, anyway. I’m sure you’d be thrilled to see them die, but this is more about humiliating them and rubbing their faces in your sense of superiority than it is about public health.

      7. Keep in mind: that legal precedent was over a $5 fine for not getting a vaccine for an illness for which breakthrough infection remained a serious concern. It was not over whether the government could destroy your livelihood over a disease for which the vaccinated have nothing to fear.

        1. I would think that the justices would look particularly negatively at this if it looked like the order was mostly about nannying the populace to do the right thing for their health vs something that really had public health implications. Given that we will soon have a vaccine for 5+ and virtually nobody gets hospitalized after vaccination, I think this is going to be a tough sell as crucial for public health.

          I am pretending that Congress had passed a vaccine mandate. The current approach of claiming it is a worker safety issue is pretty ridiculous. If the measure was about protecting the vaccinated person, why does weekly testing substitute? Getting tested doesn’t protect you from COVID. If the measure was about protecting others from the unvaccinated worker, the CDC recommending masks for vaccinated people because they can still spread Delta would seem to put something of a damper on that argument (would have been really, really, nice if the CDC had invested in viral lineage testing so we could actually start putting together who infected who and maybe have some hard proof of how much less infectious vaccinated folks are, but, noooo, let’s spend our trillions on everything but the one tool that would unambiguously tell us how COVID spreads).

          Not that it has anything to do with the courts, but from a public policy standpoint, it is so stupid that we are putting the vaccine mandate on the folks least effected by the disease, while leaving all the unvaccinated retirees who are jamming the hospitals alone.

  7. Monarchies are characterized by inheriting power and appropriations of control for self aggrandizement, not for doing the hard work of governing a country with a population that is about 40% brain dead and too stupid to take care of themselves – as if that was fun somehow and what megalomaniacs dream about.

    1. Is this satire? Go back to China.

    2. Some 15% of the country isn’t eligible for vaccination and may never be, but sure: everyone that hasn’t yet done so is just brain dead.

      1. So claptrap, you are saying only 25% of the country is brain dead? That is very hopeful.

        1. That has always been the case. If you don’t factor ~25% of a given population being contrarian then your plan is doomed to failure,

          But public health is not what this Biden’s EO is about. It’s about control and the appearance thereof: there is some psychological need within the population that requires them to act as if the Federal Government is all-powerful and controls the world. If they can’t even handle the emergence of a flu-like illness, then what good are they? Why would we have any confidence in them to successfully execute the 80K other things they want to accomplish with the trillions of dollars they steal from us each year?

          1. Claptrap, 25% of Americans don’t insist on not vaccinating their children, a requirement for public school attendance, so there is a limit to contrairianism when there is price to pay. Time for these dummies to pay.

        2. I went to the government high school, by my estimate it is somewhere above 90% brain dead here in ‘Merica.

        3. If you think the only reason for not taking the vaccine is stupidity, then you are fucking retarded. I’m not saying the reasons are always good ones, but to dismiss everyone who makes choices you don’t approve of as simply stupid is a great way to make sure you never understand anything.

        4. Bell shaped curve; it applies to intelligence quotients.

          25% are certifiably stupid
          Roughly 50% are within a standard deviation of “average” including dumbasses to overachievers
          25% are really smart

          Carlin was right

        5. J.F., Get fucked with a running rusty chainsaw.

        6. Well, you certainly are brain dead.

    3. It’s ironic that people who are members of the least informed and dumbest part of the population keep making arguments like that, Joe .

      1. Markets continually demonstrate the intelligence of the population as a whole. Socialist’s hate that.

    4. This is White MIke level of stupid. Too many people have been muting him to get his daily fix of negative attention.

    5. Oh. Thanks for making it clear that you are not worth interacting with.

    6. …governing a country with a population that is about 40% brain dead and too stupid to take care of themselves…

      Like, ohmigaaahhhd!! You’re just, like, soooo much smarter than those other people about their own lives and circumstances! They’re just, like, sooo stupid!

      What in God’s name are you, a fifteen-year-old?

  8. former Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.)

    When they’re dead, they’re just hookers.

    1. Clearly Amash doesn’t get the core concept. And are we still doing phrasing?

  9. “There’s no authority for this,” former Rep. Justin Amash (L-Mich.) noted. “This is legislative action that bypasses the legislative branch. If you care about representative government—if you’re consistent regardless of who’s president—then it doesn’t matter that you like the policy; this mandate is an abuse of power.”

    I respectfully (ish) disagree. I don’t think that Congress has the authority for this either.

  10. Biden goes full on fascist and it’s the office that’s the problem.

    Typical faux libertarian hot take from TooSilly.

    1. He’s not wrong; the office has been the problem for at least a century. But Biden is a rather extreme case, both in terms of volume and impact.

      1. If, as you say, the problem varies from POTUS to POTUS then Biden is the problem.

        1. Yeah. Libertarians don’t intrinsically discriminate between a democracy and a monarchy and will/should principally oppose an oppressive socialist democracy over a benevolent monarchy. Democracy is the best form of government, except when it isn’t.

        2. They’re both problems, but Biden’s the easier problem to solve.

          1. The only solution to Biden is Harris. Not sure that will fix anything.

            1. Biden’s likely gone by 2025 regardless. The problems posed by President-as-God-King will remain.

              1. The federal government needs a hard reset. Similar to a computer, or smartphone. Resetting things back to constitutional condition. Without all the corrupted data from later software builds.

      2. The office has a wide latitude because office holders are expected to be decent, honorable, law abiding, intelligent people and not abuse it.

        When you get a president like Biden, who fails on all those counts, it’s not surprising that trouble follows.

      3. OMG, Trump’s unscripted throwaway applause/laugh lines in front of adoring raucous crowds about what he’d like to do or ought to do that he has 0 intention of actually doing – are just as bad as Obama and Biden ruling by pen and phone, and knowingly making unconstitutional decrees and daring the courts to undo them months down the road, while also threatening to pack the courts


    2. You consider it “faux libertarian” to identify the root of the problem as an authoritarian presidential office and not just complain about the manboob who happens presently to occupy it? How quaintly short-sighted.

  11. Biden is pretty obviously trying to sniff Queen Elizabeth’s hair and is confused by her hat. Her only defense long-term is to carry her corgi on her shoulder.

  12. What was the point of this but to deflect blame from your man Biden?

    1. Biden does whatever his party demands that he do. He is incapable of independent thought and always has been. The only reason he could ever get away with exercising this kind of authoritarian overreach is by following the tradition of expanding executive powers already established by his predecessors.

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    1. Wow! this one really went to town here.
      ya think its getting more than 50cents for this?

      1. No shit; that’s dollar an hour stuff there

      2. If they are only $0.50, I could afford more than the one night stand.

  14. It doesn’t help that the Congressjerks are constantly trying to hand over as much power to the executive as possible.

    1. ^This. This is much, much more about a dysfunctional legislature than an imperial presidency.

    2. That’s Congresspussies.

    3. Didn’t the Dems immediately try to take the big red button from Joe when he took office?

    4. Perhaps so they can shrug off responsibility to save their political careers when things go south and take credit for being faithful to the right side when things go well.

  15. In fact, that’s a fair interpretation of the system under which we live, and the direction in which it’s evolved from the beginning.

    A fairer interpretation of the system under which we live is that we abdicate everything to a judge or a Prez to decide for us.

    Had we ever decided to, once every generation or two, hold an Article 5 convention, we would have likely moved towards some collegial/committee Prez. Electing one new Prez every two years for an eight year term (no re-election). So four Prez’ have to compete for the peacetime job – and in the event of war, Congress decides which one of those four is CinC for that. That was similar to the New Jersey Plan (the small state plan) except that that plan was more parliamentary than separate presidential election.

    1. The Swiss have a rotating presidency, but it doesn’t seem to help either. Once government amasses too much power and becomes too centralized, the details of the political process don’t matter.

      1. Hmm, how about every US citizen over age 35 gets to be president for one second every four years?

        1. I suggest you think through the consequences. It will prove my point.

        2. I have had dreams/nightmares about how things would work/break if all political offices were like jury duty. One day you look outside and there is the presidential motorcade, you get a knock on the door and open it to find Secret Service calling you Mr. President, so you nervously respond that while you have great respect for the office of the president, you have a medical appointment next week, so could you please be excused from presidential duty?

          I am pretty sure the legislature would spend all their time on recess and the poor bastards picked to be judges would go commit a felony to disqualifying themselves from serving: a year on house arrest being better than a lifetime on the bench.

      2. The current model back then was Pennsylvania. Ben Franklin was technically the President of Pennsylvania during the Constitutional Convention. The later model was the French Directory of 1795-1799 – after the Reign of Terror and before Napoleon. It is that latter model that scared people out of adopting it – but realistically that timeframe just goes to show how much stress and headwinds can any system take before it falters.

        The Swiss model is a parliament elected council. Where that council is selected to provide a full range of party representation. The Pennsylvania Council was elected to serve geographic representation in that executive. The French model was intended to represent different sides of what was happening in the revolution – with the massive problem that every country in the world was at war with France at the time so it never was going to outlast the search for a military dictator. The model I was thinking of was simply representation of what the people want in an executive at different points in time.

      3. When political turnover is too rapid, politicians are inclined to think only of short-term gains, knowing that long-term stupidity won’t come back to bite them in the electoral ass. That’s one of the reasons why term limits aren’t a panacea.

  16. In Florida, Republicans are not apparently equally upset about the governor’s attempt to take over the authority of local school boards on a matter of public safety, while he and the legislature have been waging war for a few years on local governments abilities to oversee zoning, growth, and environmental issues. The over reach is a pattern now and the complete opposite of the supposed “small government” ethos the GOP has claimed for so long.

    1. If one politician is trying to give individual choice and the other no choice, I will take the prior.

      1. JesseAZ, the people of Florida according to polling, oppose the Governor’s usurpation of power by about 65-35%. I guess they aren’t hot on their kids being free to get Covid.

        1. It’s not a usurpation. Every one of those school boards is a creature of state government. If they are doing things counter to the liberty of students and parents the Governor is perfectly warranted in exercising his lawful authority to stop them.

          1. Thomas, the local school boards are elected, unlike the the State Board of Education, which is appointed by the Governor. The local school boards have autonomy and responsibility for their budgets and most importantly, the education and safety of their students.

            1. PS The governor and his minions only control over the local school boards is to withhold state funding which they are doing to those counties who have told them to GFT. As a fuller sign of the school boards autonomy, the Board of Education cannot withhold the salaries of the school board members, as they wish, but only an amount equal to those salaries, since the school boards control how their own budgets are spent.

              1. Why would withholding state subsidies to local school boards not be a proper exercise of state power?

                1. NOYB, by proper do you mean morally justified, or just legal as.holeism? The courts are looking into it, but after 20 years of GOP control, the state courts are almost 100% party guys. In the meantime, school boards representing more than half of the state’s students, are enforcing mask mandates, so the as.holes haven’t triumphed yet.

                  1. I mean that if your school system doesn’t want to conform to state rules, it shouldn’t accept state money. Simple as that.

                    1. NOYB, than you don’t support autonomy and local government, and prefer edicts from autocrats with an eye on national politics while blind to state and local health issues. The “state rule” you think is sacrosanct is a recently passed “Parents Bill of Rights” (doesn’t that sound special!) who’s interpretation is not clear except in the mind of the governor with an eye on national donors and the WH in 2024, and who overplayed his hand before his state became ground zero in the Dumb Ass Pandemic.

                    2. NOYB, than you don’t support autonomy and local government, and prefer edicts from autocrats with an eye on national politics while blind to state and local health issues.

                      LOL, fuck off with this bullshit. There’s a reason your side is freaking out about parents telling school boards to get bent on their mask mandates and cultural Marxist curriculums.

                      The last fucking thing your side wants is “local control” when it doesn’t fit your agenda.

                    3. I’m good with edicts that prevent local governments from taking on excessive powers. Keeping lower level governments in check seems like a good role for more central governments.

                    4. NOYB, than you don’t support autonomy and local government,

                      Quite to the contrary: I want local government to stop taking state funding. And the more strings come attached with state funding, the better, as far as I’m concerned.

                      It’s you who wants to force people to pay state income tax and then redistribute without accountability to local governments, and that makes you the autocrat.

                    5. J.F. Stuff it up your ass so your head has company.
                      Fuck off and die, slaver.

            2. “Thomas, the local school boards are elected,”

              Elected to a board established by state government and part of the executive branch.

              School boards DO NOT operate autonomously from State government.

              1. If those school boards had a legal leg to stand on they would take DeSantis to the State Supreme Court.

                That they do not tells you where the authority is.

            3. Can you point out where students are ~forbidden~ from wearing masks? Or are you ~only~ upset that those who don’t want to won’t have to?

              1. I have no idea why this appeared here. It was meant for Joe Friday, about a page up.

          2. In other words, you’re only for political decentralization when it suits you. If an absolute monarch turns out to be slightly more of a policy libertarian than a localized liberal democracy, then all hail the king (for now).

        2. I guess they aren’t hot on their kids being free to get Covid.

          Is that all Floridians or just those with kids? If the former, it seems lots of them don’t have any children of their own to give a shit about and just want to force other people to torture *their* kids according to *their* wishes.

          1. Yeah Mad, or go to the beach. Sounds like a blast!

            1. If you think it’s impossible to go to the beach *and* tell people way outside your jurisdiction or purview that they’re not oppressing their kids correctly, you’ve never met my in-laws. My personal favorite is when they tell my teenager to do something and then turn to me to enforce their edicts, like I don’t know exactly how feckless they were imposing them on their own kids.

            2. J.F. Please suffer a long, painful death. Your familiy will be proud, your dog pleased and the world a better place.
              Fuck off and die, slaver.

        3. Sure they do. We believe you!

    2. And you do realize school boards are essentially an extension of the executive branch right? You do know how government works right?

      1. JesseAz, the school boards in Florida are locally elected, unlike the State Board of Education, and they are not potted plants but responsible for administering their counties school budgets.

        I thought you opposed top down decisions.

        1. PS The State Board of education is appointed by the Governor. The Florida governor won election by 33k votes out of 8 million, or about .4%, but now he thinks he’s Mussolini.

          1. PS The State Board of education is appointed by the Governor. The Florida governor won election by 33k votes out of 8 million, or about .4%, but now he thinks he’s Mussolini.

            Yeah, mainly because Brenda Snipes was playing her usual fuck-fuck games with the ballots. You think it’s a coincidence Florida got called so early in 2020 after years of their elections going down to the wire while Snipes tried to find extra ballots for Dems in utility closets and car trunks? DeSantis sacked her ass after taking office, and suddenly Florida’s elections don’t have to be tallied into the following two weeks. Pure fucking chance, that was.

          2. PS–if it hurts your side, it’s automatically good.

          3. I see jdromb has some competition…

          4. Nope. You’re an idiotic shitweasel though. Pretty sure you’re a sock for one of our resident progtarded faggots too.

            Which one are you?

        2. “I thought you opposed top down decisions.”

          What a blatantly dishonest statement. Local tyranny is still tyranny.

          Why are you in favor of it?

          1. ThomasD, I don’t consider appropriate safety measures to minimize the spread of highly contagious diseases to our children tyranny. Call me a crazy, or maybe not a snowflake “freedom” crier like you.

            1. Come to Florida, pussy.

            2. Begging a lot of questions there.
              Any “tyranny” means operating outside of proper limits of power, not just “something bad”.

            3. This would be funny if it wasn’t so misinformed.

            4. I like appropriate safety measures too. Which this isn’t.

              You’re completely disingenuous.

            5. I don’t consider appropriate safety measures to minimize the spread of highly contagious diseases to our children tyranny.

              how do you consider such an unhealthy edict as forcing children to wear airflow restrictive face diapers an ‘appropriate safety measure’, when every readily available data source points to that cohort as being the least impacted by this ‘highly contagious disease’ you claim is ravaging the country…?

            6. Call me a crazy, or maybe not a snowflake “freedom” crier like you.

              You do realize that calling someone a snowflake only matters to people who are sensitive to your perception of them, (people otherwise/generally known as being co-dependent or not independent), right? That calling for all kinds of personal protection be mandated by someone and then calling someone else a snowflake just makes you look retarded, right?

              1. mad.casual, tough guys don’t endanger their children, family, and community because they’re afraid of getting a shot.

            7. Can you point out where it says children ~can’t~ wear masks? Or are you against it ~only~ because it allows those who don’t want to wear a mask the option not to?

              1. Dace, the greater benefit from wearing a mask is not to the wearer but those who are near them. That is because they are most effective at the point of exhaling, not inhaling. Think about it. We expel particles when we breath, speak, yell, sneeze, etc. and by keeping most of them close to our face we protect pothers. Any expelled particles that are contagious which reach our mask when we inhale are literally less than inch from our mouth/nose. Better than nothing, but too close. Masks are therefore most effective when everyone wears them, or almost everyone.

                If you think about this you will realize that those who think masks should be voluntary don’t understand how they work protect us, and numerous studies now confirm their effectiveness. Not perfect, but effective.

        3. Joe is a virus.

          1. Joe is a sock of troll. He should head back to 538 or slashdot boards.

            1. Better he should douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire.

              1. “Nick, hold my cocktail.” – Joe

              2. You pussies can’t handle facts.

  17. Weezen can’t comment on this because they were mean to Twump!

    They were mean!

    Mean mean meany pants!


    I just summed up a dozen arguments right there in one comment.

    1. Pricks like your are why this country is spiraling down the drain.

      1. The lesser of who evils is still evil, and you religiously choose evil every time.

        You’re the problem.

        1. two – fucking autocorrect

        2. Huh? I haven’t voted in years.

          But I don’t play the self aggrandizing “both sides game” you, Reason, and so many other Americans are engaging in.

          1. Clue me in on which side supports liberty. Examples would be nice.

            1. None do. Neither do you. The problem in the US isn’t politics or politicians; they are just a symptom of what the US population is turning into: people like you.

              1. People like me? That just got personal.

                To please, tell us what I believe and what I want.

                I’m sure it’s a lot more entertaining than anything I might say. But nobody cares about that. Enlighten me! Tell me what I want, what I really really want!

                1. To please, tell us what I believe and what I want.

                  As far as I can tell, you have no consistent political views, you just engage in empty virtue signaling.

                  Tell me what I want, what I really really want!


                  1. My political views are consistent. I’m a leave-me-the-fuck-alone-itarian.

                    And I’m curious as to why so many people find that to be so amazingly offensive.

                    1. My political views are consistent. I’m a leave-me-the-fuck-alone-itarian.

                      It took philosophers like Locke, Bastiat, and von Mises thousands upon thousands of pages to grapple with the issues of liberty and individualism. If only these mental midgets had had the brilliant insight of Sarcasmic, they could have condensed their ideology down to a single line! (That was actual sarcasm.)

                      Seriously, you keep demonstrating that, far from holding a considered, independent position, your views and attitudes are symptomatic of what’s wrong with US politics.

                    2. I’m a leave-me-the-fuck-alone-itarian.

                      Spurious, based on what you demonstrate here on a daily basis.

                      They were mean!
                      Mean mean meany pants!

                      You initiate or intercede in arguments in a way that practically guarantees that the responses will be all about you. On the internet. Why would anyone take you the least bit seriously?

                      The first step to overcoming your trollish behavior is to admit you have a problem.

                    3. Spurious, based on what you demonstrate here on a daily basis.

                      You and JesseAz have some serious mental issues. You continually argue with these voices in your head of me saying this, that, and the other thing, and then get angry with me when you can’t find quotes that back up the voices in your head.

                      You’re seriously fucked up.

                    4. Mental! You’re fucking mental!

                    5. You continually argue with these voices in your head of me saying this, that, and the other thing, and then get angry with me when you can’t find quotes that back up the voices in your head.

                      Woof, talk about a lack of self-awareness.

                    6. Show me an example, Red Rocks. Just one single example of me making a comment that supports your narrative about me being a leftist.

                      Or you could totally fuck up like Mother’s Lament did and accidentally post proof of me being impersonated and then insist it’s me!


                      I’ve never thought you were a liar. Proud asshole? Yes. Liar. Not so much.

                      You gonna say that was me?

                    7. Show me an example, Red Rocks. Just one single example of me making a comment that supports your narrative about me being a leftist.

                      You really have no political ideology at all other than throwing temper tantrums and being upset when you need to do something you don’t want to do. Strictly speaking, that merely makes you immature and entitled, not a leftist per so. However, the distinction is academic, since those personal traits largely overlap.

                    8. It’s really funny now that I’ve challenged my fan club to find proof that I’m this legendary leftist, they’re saying they never said I was a leftist. Just a [fill in the blank with the new goalposts]!

                      What’s your new goalpost? I have a hard time keeping up with your accusations de jour.

                    9. It’s really funny now that I’ve challenged my fan club to find proof that I’m this legendary leftist, they’re saying they never said I was a leftist. Just a [fill in the blank with the new goalposts]!

                      Your “leave-me-the-fuck-alone-itarian” attitude amounts to “anarchism”, aka “libertarian socialism”, but I doubt that you have even thought that through.

                      In reality, you are simply what Lenin called a “useful idiot” for the left no matter how you self-identify.

                2. ‘Just got personal’? Oh ok. Fuck off.

          2. I go back 50 years with Reason Mag and the nature of libertarianism has always been to criticize both Dems and GOPers whenever (and that’s pretty frequently) their positions are anti-individual liberty.
            Yes, the team partisans have never liked Reason doing it, but, yes, both parties deserve it.


              Poor Ken, the election broke him.

              1. Yeah…… Ken’s the problem, you lying leftist drunk piece of shit.

            2. Yes, the team partisans have never liked Reason doing it, but, yes, both parties deserve it.

              Oh, they most certainly do. But that doesn’t mean it amounts to a libertarian position, or an effective strategy for advancing libertarianism.

            3. “I go back 50 years with Reason Mag and the nature of libertarianism has always been to criticize both Dems and GOPers whenever (and that’s pretty frequently) their positions are anti-individual liberty.”

              I see you slept through the last four years where Trump was criticized for mean tweets and the Ds were not criticized.

            4. Agreed w/ your point on ‘the nature of libertarianism.’ As for Reason mag, over the last 20 years, and the last 10 in particular, there has been a sea change. More focus sociopolitical issues specific to one party, less focus on civil liberties, civil rights. The spray-tanned loudmouth badly broke a lot of the staff, and the influx of new ‘libertarians’ have adopted the label much like many of the rest of society has embraced the use of preferred pronouns. It is a means of showing individuality where it may be wanting. Small ‘l’ libertarian isn’t as yucky as big ‘L’ for those brought up to believe that socialism is benign, biological sex a cis-hetetronormative construct. It’s rebellious, like dabbling with the forbidden, but not actually embracing the awful awful sexistracisthomophobictransphobic (point and make wordless shriek like Invasion of Body Snatchers) gee oh pee.

              1. I’m for being left alone. I’m now at the point where I’m also for disposing of those who won’t leave me alone. Committed leftists should be offered the choice of expatriation or execution.

    2. God damn sarc, could you make a cognizant point?

      It wasn’t that they were mean to Trump. It’s that they, and you, went bald ass retarded when he got elected.

      And you prove other people’s points when all you do is shitpost like this.

      1. He must be completely miserable and insufferable to be around. I pity any family he has. He certainly doesn’t have friends.

  18. Monarchies are generally less authoritarian and more free market. That’s because monarchs have a personal interest in the long term economic success of their country.

    The US is simply turning into a typical totalitarian leftist state, with its elites and leaders wrecking it for short term personal gain.

    1. Remind me of what makes “the right” so much better. Please enlighten me on their long term solutions, their love for the free market, and how they’re not in it for short term personal gain.

      Both sides, motherfucker. Both fucking sides.

      1. Remind me of what makes “the right” so much better.

        I didn’t say anything about one side being “better” than the other. I simply pointed out that the US is “turning into a typical totalitarian leftist state”, which is a factual truth and something I can speak about, having grown up experiencing a “typical totalitarian leftist state” first hand.

        Both sides, motherfucker. Both fucking sides.

        There is no “both sides” in the US, there is only a vast and growing number of ignorant, privileged, entitled pricks like you, and you exist on the left, on the right, in the Libertarian party, among independents, and among non-voters.

        1. What’s the difference between a totalitarian leftist state and a totalitarian rightist state?

          1. What’s the difference between a totalitarian leftist state and a totalitarian rightist state?

            I don’t know, since I don’t know what “rightist” refers to. It is your delusion, not mine, that there are two well-defined “sides”.

            “Leftist”, however, is fairly well-defined: it refers to collectivist, anti-capitalist ideologies, like socialism and communism.

            Depending on your mental gymnastics, “rightist” to you may refer to “fascism”, in which case there is no difference, since fascism is largely indistinguishable from socialism and communism.

            It is your delusion, not mine, that something like “sides” even exists.

            1. My delusion? Ok lady, whatever you say.

              1. He’s right, you’re wrong.

                Accept it and learn to deal. Or kill yourself. Whatever shuts your dumb ass up and gets you away from us.

              2. Wow, such an erudite retort!

        2. From my observations the right is happy with a totalitarian state so long as the left is punished, and vice versa.

          Politics isn’t about freedom. It’s about harming your enemies. And if the power you use to harm your enemies is used on you when they get power, fuck it. It was worth it. Right?

          1. And if the power you use to harm your enemies is used on you when they get power, fuck it. It was worth it. Right?

            Is that what you believe? Of course not. You believe nothing. You just engage in self-aggrandizing babble, dividing politics into meaningless “sides” and then trying to demonstrate your intellectual and moral superiority by claiming to stand above such trivialities.

            1. I must be doing something right to get your panties all in a twist.

              1. Yes, you most certainly do: you demonstrate how the disenchanted independent is as much part of the political dysfunction of this country as the two major parties.

                1. Interesting sentence. I will ponder that.

                2. Nah. I reject that statement after thinking about it. Your argument is that refusing to choose the lesser of two evils is literally choosing Hitler. Nope. Not buying it. Not playing.

                  1. Your argument is that refusing to choose the lesser of two evils is literally choosing Hitler.

                    You continually argue with these voices in your head of me saying this, that, and the other thing, and then get angry with me when you can’t find quotes that back up the voices in your head.


                  2. Your argument is that refusing to choose the lesser of two evils is literally choosing Hitler. Nope. Not buying it. Not playing.

                    Not at all. I’m saying that the empty parentheses after your name are as shallow and performative as the (D) and (R) after many other people’s names.

                    You don’t “literally choose Hitler”, you are literally irrelevant to politics.

                    1. Very nice. You’re getting the ad hominem down pretty well.

                      List off more things about me as a person that make my words irrelevant.

                      Attack the person when you can’t beat what they actually say.

                      No wonder you’re so popular with the teenage girls like JesseAz and Mother’s Lament.

                    2. Attack the person when you can’t beat what they actually say.

                      Really? Where is the substance in statements like this?

                      From my observations the right is happy with a totalitarian state so long as the left is punished, and vice versa. Politics isn’t about freedom. It’s about harming your enemies. And if the power you use to harm your enemies is used on you when they get power, fuck it. It was worth it. Right?

                      I’m pointing out your problem: you aren’t saying anything substantive. Your political discourse is vapid, tribal, and content free. You engage in endless virtue signaling, and that’s all you do.

                    3. Is what I said wrong?

                    4. You’re arguing with what I say, or you’re arguing with me as a person.

                      The latter being ad hominem.

                      Which is it?

                    5. Here’s some sarcasm for you, sarcasmic: can you read?

                      “You aren’t saying anything substantive.” That’s not ad hominem. It’s stating that your arguments are logically worthless. Weak parry, kid.

                    6. You’re arguing with what I say, or you’re arguing with me as a person. The latter being ad hominem.

                      No, an “[argumentum] ad hominem” is an argument of the form “you are wrong because you are sarcasmic”; saying “sarcasmic is an self-aggrandizing nincompoop” is not an “ad hominem”.

                      Ad hominems are not always fallacies either. Saying “Sarcasmic’s argument is probably unsound because Sarcasmic has a history of lying.” is an ad hominem but not a fallacy.

                    7. No wonder you’re so popular with the teenage girls like JesseAz and Mother’s Lament.

                      No wonder sarc’s been trying to groom us. He’s fantasizing that we’re teenage girls.

                      You’re going to be really disappointed by my large black beard, sarcasmic,

          2. Your observations are idiotic, and in no way reflect reality.

      2. I find it interesting that you feel the need to butt in with a “but what about the right” anytime someone mentions that the main threat is from the left.

  19. They keep calling this “a pandemic only of the unvaccinated”.

    Is this true?

    Data on breakthrough infections is kind of sparse, but I’ve started checking state health department websites. I’ve found a couple so far that have pretty good data, and several (so far) that do not.

    Washington State (see
    Check out page 4 for details, but the breakthrough case death rate is: 0.8% (220/26339), versus a WA state entire death rate from March 01 until today also being 0.8%. Hmm.

    Page 4 also indicates 87% of the breakthroughs are symptomatic and 9% were hospitalized. Note they only had data on half (about 13K) of the breakthroughs. So it COULD be as low as 43% and 4.5%, respectively. But there’s no reason to assume all of the other 13K for which they do not have data were asymptomatic an not hospitalized. So the numbers are somewhere in between, and I’d guess a lot closer to 87% and 9% vs 43 and 4.5.

    Note the state-wide, pandemic-wide hospitalization rate is 5.6%. So with breakthrough deaths, hospitalizations and symptomatic cases very similar to overall, why are is this a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”?

    Vermont is another state with decent breakthrough reporting (see at slides 36 and 23 especially –

    VT deaths among breakthrough cases is 0.94% vs. VT state total rate of 0.96%.

    VT breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization is 2.7% vs. VT state total rate of 2.8% (slide 23’s population-wide hospitalization data vs. slide 36 on breakthrough hospitalized).

    These are only two states, but along with Israel’s information on breakthrough hospitalizations and deaths, why are no smart cookies in the media starting to question the “pandemic of the unvaxxed” narrative?

    1. Dewbie, visit your locaql ICU or talk to docs treating patients there. It is a pandemic of the unvaccinated

      1. Why would you do that when he gave you the actual facts, not a MDs opinion.

      2. I prefer actual data – collected by state agencies – over appeals to emotion and anecdote.

        Follow the science, Joe.

        P.S. I can’t visit my local ICU (and neither can you, of course) but I am in correspondence with a number of doctors all telling me that what they see in the news isn’t matching what they see in patients. Far too many of their fully vaccinated patients are ending up in the hospital.

        That’s what got me started trying to raid state health departments for breakthrough data in the first place.

        1. Dewbie – AP, today:
          CDC finds unvaccinated 11 times more likely to die of COVID

          “New U.S. studies released Friday show the COVID-19 vaccines remain highly effective against hospitalizations and death even as the extra-contagious delta variant swept the country.

          One study tracked over 600,000 COVID-19 cases in 13 states from April through mid-July. As delta surged in early summer, those who were unvaccinated were 4.5 times more likely than the fully vaccinated to get infected, over 10 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

          Walensky said Friday that well over 90% of people in U.S. hospitals with COVID-19 are unvaccinated.”

          1. April through mid July. So a period when vaccinations were low and unvaxxed deaths were front loaded. Also before the biggest part of the Delta spike in Aug. Those are some nice cherries you got there. Where did you pick them.

            As far as cases go, they stopped counting breakthrough cases in May to make the vax numbers look better. This was after they found out the breakthrough case cfr was 2%. Same as the unvaxxed of similar age (at the time most of the vaxed were +65 which are more like to die).

            1. What do you expect from a Biden propagandist?

            2. Oh yeah Spiritus, everything has changed in 2 months and now the unvaccinated are not in ICUs and the vaccinated are. You’ll believe anything, so enjoy it.

              PS get your shot.

              1. “everything has changed in 2 months and now the unvaccinated are not in ICUs and the vaccinated are.

                Yes, kid — things have changed in the past two months. We have a new dominant strain that appeared and surged post-July. A vaccine that protects against the original Wuhan strain turned out to be less effective against this Delta strain. Check your eyes and your calendar. We’re in the middle of September.

                1. Spiff, the vaccines are all effective against the highly contagious Delta variant and the ICUs are still full of the unvaccinated. I know personally doctors who treat these fools and they are burnt out by the unnecessary deaths and wish-I-were-dead patients – and families.

          2. So if I don’t get vaccinated and I get Covid, I have a 1 in 1000 chance of dying. And if I do get vaccinated and I get Covid, I have a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying.

            I’ll take my chances.

          3. Fuck off and die, slaver.

        2. You are misinterpreting the VT data. Cases data has always been of limited utility and cumulative data (for anything) is even more limited.

          What tells you what is happening in VT NOW is current info on hospitalizations and current info on ICU. There are 38 hospitalized currently and 9 people in ICU. IOW – there is not even remotely a covid pandemic problem in Vermont now. There is not a hospital capacity problem. Nor is there an ICU capacity problem. When you have a hospitalized/ICU population that is so small, there are NO statistical measures that can ever be meaningful. Except for the obvious one – the reason there are almost no hospitalizations or ICU (which also means very few deaths expected in the near future) is because the vaccination rates in VT are at or near herd immunity – esp in those counties that contain cities/towns. That means the unvax are in fact now partially protected by the vax – so even the covid results for the unvax are distorted low because they are protected.

          1. Lets ignore case data, the only real data we have. I know! Lets just use computer modeling for everything.

            I also noticed you ignored his Washington state data with 200k+ breakthrough cases.

            1. I’m not ignoring case data. I’m saying it has limited utility. In Vermont, 108 new daily cases is ALSO not remotely an indicator of a pandemic. And 38 hospitalized and 9 in ICU is NOT computer modelling you stupid fuck.

              I’m not going to bother with Washington because current data there is not linked to. Cumulative data is bullshit and you asswipes know that.

              1. Limited utility to push your paranoia, JSlave.

              2. I’m not ignoring case data. I’m saying it has limited utility…
                I’m not going to bother with Washington because current data there is not linked to. Cumulative data is bullshit and you asswipes know that.

                LOL, he literally provided a link and you’re dismissing it. “It’s not legitimate data if it doesn’t prove my point!”

                1. That link does not have CURRENT data. It is cumulative data.

              3. So you think the Pfizer clinical data is bullshit too since their end point, severe covid, had only 1 case in the test group and 9 in the control group? I mean, it is case data with a small n. Unless that is different for some reason you are about to make up.

                1. You sank the USS JFree!

                2. They granted ’emergency use’ not ‘approval’. Why do you think that is? And why do you think the Phase 3 clinical trials are still going on?

          2. VT is not operating at anything like normal or open in terms of the economy, dining and bars in particular. The universities and colleges have not all been operating for in-person classes until now, and are doing so at very low numbers You don’t factor this into your incorrect unscientific wild-ass guess about herd immunity and the ‘vaccinated protecting the unvaccinated.’ If you’re going to parrot DNC and progressive talking points, perhaps use facts to support your argument, versus supposition.

            1. If they are being overcautious, that’s their decision to make. Vermont has vax rates comparable to the best countries (Iceland, Uruguay, Chile, Portugal, Denmark) without the distribution problems of Israel, UAE. It’s pretty obvious what herd immunity looks like.

      3. Also, I should add what the data I’m finding does NOT say. It does NOT say that vaccinated is not safer.

        Consider that in both Vermont and Washington state, the odds of getting a breakthrough infection in the first place is lower than the fully person (one who is neither vaccinated nor has recovered from Covid).

        That naive person is much more likely to catch covid, based on date from Jan through end August, than is a vaccinated person to get a breakthrough.

        But once breakthrough happens, symptoms, hospitalization, and death seem to occur on an approximately par basis with the unvaccinated.

        This could be in some ways an artifact of a younger unvaxxed population vs. an older vaxxed population, combined with waning efficacy of the vaccines.

        1. Drats, fat-fingered and lost some words – sorry!

          – – “lower than the fully *Covid-naive* person (one who is neither vaccinated nor has recovered from Covid).”

      4. because you’ve done the same right?

      5. First, make sure your dog knows where your grave site will be.
        Then, fuck off and die a slow painful death, slaver.
        That way, your dog will know where to take a shit.

    2. Washington state is terrible with their numbers because they lump all cases from Feb-today together.

      Take a look at the last 30 days in King County. 32% of cases, 30% of deaths.

    3. Something seems wonky with the data, but I can’t put my finger on it, exactly. Per the CDC, nationwide, less than 2200 vaccinated folks have died of COVID. Yet, Washington had 220 deaths? Is it reasonable that Washington would have a tenth the national total?

  20. This article conflates the wishes of the President with reality.

    Essentially all Presidents have wished to wield power unchecked. That’s an inherent assumption of the constitution.

    1. Oh yeah Bubba, I’m sure Biden couldn’t wait to get in office so he could make dummies get shots. Sounds like just a grand time!

      1. I’m sure his first choice was to hold them down and get a good sniff.

      2. Fuck off and die, slaver.

      3. Biden barely knows where he is most of the time. The communist traitors pulling his strings absolutely do want to force their will on everyone.

        People who think like you. Traitors.

  21. Kind of strange to illustrate this article with a picture of a constitutional monarch who has no political power at all.

    1. Having a head of state and national “leader” (for those who need that sort of thing) without any political power seems like a pretty good idea from where I sit.

  22. Brb.

    Gonna try to find an article by JD (or any Reason writer) bemoaning DACA being Presidential Fiat.

    1. Probably not coming back…….

      1. Shockingly (/s), I was unable to find such an article.

        Which leads me to believe that JD and his ilk are full of shit and only disdain an Executive Monarchy when they disagree with outcome.

  23. Yes. When the president behaves unilaterally in a tyranical manner, it’s important to equivicate on past abuses of presidents.

    There was stronger language at Reason when Trump tried to force states to allow churches to open leading up to the first Easter under this dystopia then there has been for Biden unilaterally impelementing vaccine mandates.

    Looking forward to the “Libertarian-y Case For Isolation Camps”

    1. There was stronger language at Reason when Trump tried to force states to allow churches to open leading up to the first Easter under this dystopia then there has been for Biden unilaterally impelementing vaccine mandates.

      We’re seeing harsher words for Ron DeSantis, who wants to ban mandates (not ban masks, mind you, just mask-mandates; you can still wear a mask if you are so inclined), than we are for a president trying to compel medical procedures on the entire population.

      1. I admittedly don’t read every article so I can’t attest to this, but it absolutely wouldn’t surprise me.

  24. Admittedly, he described President Abraham Lincoln, whose powers were enhanced by the crisis.

    He didn’t let a crisis go to waste. And not a single covid death during his administration.

  25. “If Lincoln can suspend habeus corpus I can force vaccinations.”

  26. Shorter version Biden did the same stuff as Trump, but only the courts can do anything, and Congress should just sit on its hands.

    Yeah yeah, we get it. Trump got impeached over one phone call, Biden gets pudding.

  27. “If Roosevelt can throw Japanese into camps I can force vaccinations.”

    1. If Jackson can force the Indians to march to Oklahoma…

      This is fun. I bet there are lots of good ones.

      1. “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”

      2. I figure Psaki will need help.

      3. But still just a bunch of feeble pikers in the US compared to real masters like Stalin, Mao, Pot, etc.

    2. If he can ignore some of the constitution, why not ignore the 13th as well. Slavery for the unvaccinated. I’m sure they can redefine duly convicted to have a lower standard.

      1. “John Brown. Please pick up the red courtesy phone.”

  28. Start shooting.

  29. Sure, back up your “facts” with a preposterous suggestion to find a possible anecdotal evidence. Kep pushing the “Hospitals are full” fear por. narrative. You are as bad as Liarson. Another steaming pile of s***.

  30. “But again, how can one person do this in a country with a Constitution that lays out the limited powers of the state, and provides for two other co-equal branches of government?”

    Sounds…quaint. Practically anachronistic .

  31. Biden is a monarch. For way less Trump was a ruthless dictator. So much for Reason being objective.

    1. I would love to show the leftists what a ‘ruthless dictator’ can really do. Of course there wouldn’t be very many of them left when I was done to appreciate the lesson, but at least the distinction could be made.

  32. The presidency has always been inclined to unilateral power—and many Americans like it that way are historically illiterate dipshits.


    1. One doesn’t need to know about history, logic, mathematics, or any of the racist sexist guff in Bidenmerica. One needs to know how to file a bias incident report and update social media status.

  33. I’ve long wondered about the possibility of having an elective dictator. It seems obvious to me that the Constitution with its checks and balances was specifically set up so as to make it difficult to get anything done, and I favor a government that doesn’t do anything, but I realize that that’s not what most people want out of government these days. They want a government that can get shit done and having to work out compromises to try to make everybody happy results in making everybody unhappy and everybody gets to blame failures on the result of having to compromise. Well let’s eliminate the necessity of having to compromise.

    My suggestion would be to elect a dictator for a set period and allow him to do whatever he wants so there’s no dispute as to who’s responsible for the results. The thing is, it would be a contractual dictatorship, during the campaign you’re required to tell us what you’re going to do, what it’s going to accomplish, what it’s going to cost. When it, inevitably, turns out that your brilliant idea doesn’t work out as well as you promised it would, well, that breaks the contract and you must be punished for not doing what you promised. I’m somewhat ambivalent about what the exact punishment should be – hanging, beheading, firing squad, beaten to death with a baseball bat, woodchipper – doesn’t much matter to me, they’re all good punishments.

    And if you think the threat of death should you fail is going to discourage anybody from running for dictator, you don’t know a goddamn thing about politicians. The lure of holding absolute power is going to attract dozens or even hundreds of candidates for the position, none of them with the slightest doubt whatsoever about how great things will work out, and we’re apt to get a wider choice in policy prescriptions. Plus we get to kill the bastards afterwards so it’s a win-win situation.

  34. Well, Reason, you were able to get through the whole article without even mentioning the most enraging aspect of this mandate.

    Still waiting.

    1. Are you referring to the flagrant violation of basic bodily autonomy, or the fact that this is getting the foot in the door for a CCP-style social credit system?

      1. It fails to take into account the infected/recovered, despite that resistance being more durable.

      2. No, that Congress is exempt from the Vaccine mandate:

        The New York Times reported on Thursday that the executive order doesn’t apply to those who work for Congress or the federal courts, citing White House officials.

        Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on April 29 that the House couldn’t require members to be vaccinated. Video clips of those remarks gained renewed attention online following Biden’s announcement.

        “So—so here is the thing. We are—we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That’s just not what we can do. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn’t,” Pelosi said.

        “I can’t go to the Capitol Physician and say, ‘Give me the names of people who aren’t vaccinated, so I can go encourage them or make it known to others to encourage them to be vaccinated.’ So we can’t—we can’t do that,” she said.

        1. It’s not that they are exempt, so much as employees of Congress and the federal judiciary are separate from the executive branch, and the president doesn’t have authority over them.

          1. You’re playing with semantics. Pelosi’s comments are clear and unambiguous. A vaccine mandate is ethically wrong and a private matter.

            Congress knew this mandate was coming from the President. Pelosi knew. She should have moved to have Congress mandate it for their own members despite any “technical, administrative bifurcations that make it so the OSHA requirement didn’t apply to them” as a show of solidarity with the nation. Congress should be leading the way… that is if this vaccine is as critical and important to the health and survival of the nation as they say it is.

            The fact of the matter is, Congress (and the swamp creatures that run it) know this mandate is an ethical breach, let alone a constitutional one. Congress can override the executive order if they so choose.

          2. Biden doesn’t have the authority for any of this. So why let this particular rule stop him? His puppeteers are lawless marxists.

        2. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said at a press conference on April 29 that the House couldn’t require members to be vaccinated.

          But she can require House members to wear masks?

          We are—we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn’t

          But, hey, it’s OK if my employer violates my privacy under government orders?

          1. And just like that, we arrive at actual fascism.

  35. Yeah, Reason, the problem is the presidency and not Joe Biden.

    1. Well, it is both. But Biden happens to be the embodiment of the problem at the moment. And perhaps the worst example so far.

  36. Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is the Latest Sign of the Presidency Becoming a Monarchy

    {snicker} No JD, you stupid asshole. The first rule of writing is to know thy audience. According to right-wing peanut morons it’s not monarchy we need to worry about. They’d be perfectly fine with Dear Leader, and Dear Leader’s son, and Dear Leader’s daughter and Desr Leader’s Slovakian prostitute wife being crowned in succession. It’s the dictatorship of the proletariat— formed under {guffaw} Uncle Joe Biden that we need to worry about. Yep, mosdef.

    Because Employers mandating that the people they pay actually do something they don’t want to do is LITERALLY THE LAST DEPARTURE POINT BEFORE DEATH CAMPS AND SONGS ABOUT TRACTORS. Everyone knows this!

    1. Who the fuck said they wanted a Trump royal family and who thinks it had any conceivable chance of happening?
      I don’t think a dictatorship of the proletariat has any chance of happening either, but that’s not what people are actually worried about with Biden. The political and economic elites would never allow that.

    2. You’re an idiot, son. The first step to getting better is admitting you’re a fat, frothing moron. The second step is going out the door to get a job.

      1. Sometimes one has to realize the cause is lost. AmSoc is a lost cause, poor trollish arguments, ad hominems, party line and lies rather than reason and arguments, not too bright, but one can learn by observing it.

      2. No, he just needs to commit suicide. Problem solved.

      3. I’m convinced this is an attempt at parody.

    3. Commie-shit, are you trying to out-spaz the spastic? Or are you drunk?

  37. Quite correct. I’d rather have a Slovakian prostitute queen than the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    And employers aren’t mandating this, the government is mandating it and forcing corporations to be the government’s enforcers. That is literally fascism.

    1. I’d czech her out.

  38. I mean, why wouldn’t that be the natural order? Congress continually abdicates power. It’s supremely easy to just bitch about everything and do the least you can do. Especially when incumbents are reelected at such high rates.

    Wanna blame someone? Blame Congress for failing to do their damn job.

    1. ^Point and Case below.

    2. There’s plenty of blame to go around. The president deserves a lot for doing things not authorized by congress. He knowingly violates his oath to uphold the laws and the constitution. We should blame congress, but we should also impeach presidents who blatantly, knowingly violate the constitution and other laws.

    3. I don’t think that is the problem in this particular case. Reading the law that Congress wrote, it is pretty hard to see an intention to allow OSHA to jam through a vaccine mandate. This is the presidency torturing the definition of words to get a desired outcome, despite the plain intent of Congress. Yes, Congress has delegated too much authority, but the Executive shouldn’t be looking through literally a century worth of laws the way a tax accountant looks for loopholes.

  39. “But again, how can one person do this in a country with a Constitution”

    Well; In case anyone missed it — Cancelling the significance of the Constitution and propping up National [WE] mob power democracy has been the very foundation of the Democrat party for years.

    I mean having politicians that publicly denounce the USA and it’s Constitution for National Socialism (i.e. Nazism); how could anyone miss it? They’ve been treasonous for a while now.

  40. I remember reading at Salon or some other progtard outlet 20 years ago that Bill Clinton should be made president for life. They wanted a queen/king and now they have one.

  41. Trump aspired to be king but acted like a buffoon, Biden is a buffoon who acts like a king

    1. Yet, nothing Trump did showed he ‘aspired’ to be a King; only his lack of Nazi-B.S. talk that made anyone ‘feel’ that way. Emotions over Logic.

    2. “Trump aspired to be king but acted like a buffoon,..”

      You’re full of shit, TDS-addled asshole.

      1. I think your TDSDS is acting up.

        1. I think you’re full of shit.

          1. Relax, you cranky old weirdo.

            1. Show where Trump “aspired to be king” or fuck off.

            2. Hey, asshole! Still waiting for a cite from a TDS-addled pile of shit! See you can’t quite find one, TDS-addled asshole.
              Stuff it up your ass.

      2. I think it could be argued that anyone seeking out the office wants to style themselves a king.

        1. So the lame ‘both sides’ argument? How original!

          1. Not at all. More of an, anyone seeking power over others argument.

            I mean, it was pretty fucking obvious that Trump was the better candidate between the two majors, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have his own faults.

            1. “Not at all…”
              Yes “at all”.
              Wanna chose one side, or are you hoping no one notices you’re trying to justify your hypocrisy?
              Sorry, bullshit like that gets called as bullshit, bullshitter.
              Stuff it up your ass, TDS -addled asshole.

            2. Explain specifically why Trump was a better choice. If it doesn’t have to do with a Faustian bargain to get Roe overturned, I’m not buying it.

              “His own faults.”

              Dude, he’s going to be the worst president in every history book until the end of time, and that includes a possible future with an actual ape as president. You need to get out of your ridiculous media bubble. You’re talking insane.

              1. CUTTING the POWER by De-Regulation.
                CUTTING the THEFT by Tax-Reduction.
                RESTORING feudalism by allowing STATES to handle COVID.

                What; Did you need more reason than the many thousands under those but 3 major arenas?

                Biden is an enemy to the USA as was Obama… Why idiot Nazi fans like yourselves keep promoting Hitler’s is beyond me; as was the rise of Nazism in Germany…. Seem’s there’s a lot of people stupid enough to promote their own destruction in the name of greed.

  42. “Trump aspired to be king but acted like a buffoon,..”

    You’re full of shit, TDS-addled asshole.

  43. Squirrels, but it’s worth repeating to TDS-addled assholes.

  44. Correction: feeble, ignorant and scared Americans like it that way.

    1. Feeble minded Americans

    2. Oppressed people aren’t happy – and there’s two different major traits.

      – The bully who figures promoting the oppression of others will make themselves -feel- less oppressed.

      – The principled who promote less oppression for everyone.

      There is a reason the USA was founded on the “principals” of the U.S. Constitution instead of the “feelings” of [WE] mob bullies.

  45. We get the leaders we deserve. In 250 years, we’ve moved from “Those who would trade freedom for safety deserve neither” to “This isn’t about your freedom; it’s about safety.”

    We have turned the corner full circle back onto Tyranny Street.

    1. … And all because of the lack of respect for the U.S. Constitution.

  46. The Brit monarchy is just a tradition but I keep seeing the red flags of Joe Bidet and the Bidenatzi, they may decide the choice and representation stuff is just more than they can bear, put aside the anger management training and go full blown Stalin in the Congress and the SCOTUS because to them, hate and intolerance is a better form of government……BBB….that’s their goal, who needs a permit?

  47. I would substitute Monarchy to Dictatorship. Joe Biden is the tyrant that the media claimed Donald Trump of being and while I despised Trump as President, he was less of a threat to my individual freedoms over 4 years that Joe Biden has been in less than a year.

    I have buyers remorse and I didn’t vote for either of the
    authoritarian parties (Democrats and Republicans) despicable candidates. I have voted in every election in my lifetime that I’ve been old enough and have never picked the winning Presidential candidate. Then again there has never been a good choice offered by the authoritarian parties (Democrats and Republicans).

    Then again there has never b

    1. Want your vote to count? Vote in the primaries. The 10-15% of voters who do are actually the ones who select the president. The last 2 elections really showed that. We were stuck with the choice of the lessor of two evils choice at election time.

  48. Time for a national divorce….or perhaps time to reject large woke govt..go back to small town America values..marriage, sound money, honesty, hard work, controlled immigration, allowing free speech on all social media (ramming it home if necessary by arresting the heads of google, facebook, twitter)…sorry but the cultural marxists need to be deported asap..back to whatever eastern european former marxist they came from..

  49. To be fair it didn’t start with Biden. In fact:

    “As president my power is absolute.” — Donald J. Trump.

    1. Yeah, it didn’t start with him either.

    2. Hey, brainless Guy2010, let’s see the cite for your bullshit claim!

    3. Ironically; Trump’s *absolute* power didn’t even register in comparison to the *absolute* power of Biden.

      So excuse me for valuing ACTIONS over WORDS.

  50. Typically, monarchies begin with strong, able bodied, and conquering. You don’t usually get to demented and weak until a couple generations in.

  51. We do what we must to get by. All this gnashing of teeth will only make your shrink and dentist richer. Regardless if mandates are enacted or not, we’ll get through this. It’s literally up to YOU whether a FREE vaccination will prevent serious illness or not. The evidence is apparently pretty strong, this is gonna kill a LOT of you. My condolences to your families.

    1. Indeed. The fake vaxx is going to kill a lot of people but it will make Fraudci very wealthy.

    2. Yeah, just look at the “strong” evidence for vaccine efficacy coming out of Israel. Perhaps it was effective against the Wuhan strain, which practically no longer exists, but Delta begs to differ.

    3. Apparently people can’t read. i don’t believe a single source either. The evidence is pretty clear. CDC Study last Tuesday said unvaccinated are 5 times more likely to get COVID, they are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized, lots more studies saying essentially the same things. is it perfect? no, is it clearly effective? yeah, Apparently a lot of people never had pnuemonia before, i have, it’s a miserable way to die. Ask anyone who refused the vaccine and then spent a month or two in the hospital with COVID, Then find me one who still is glad they didn’t get the vaccine.

  52. It is difficult to tell anymore whether I am reading comments on Reason or Reddit. Both have devolved in to the same types of half truths, accusations and partisan revisions of reality.

    All reason comments are missing is the down-vote system so that anyone who poses any remotely thought provoking question or politically blasphemous statement can be obliterated from view.

  53. The reason why so many Americans support this type of authoritarian government is because:
    1) They’re ignorant
    2) They’re stupid
    3) They’re the product of public education whose purpose is dumb everyone down to the same dull level of idiocy and compliance.
    4) The MSM has also been complicit in brainwashing and programming Americans
    5) They’re ignorant. Most have never read the Bill of Rights nor the Constitution.
    6) They’re stupid.

    1. So, you think it is simply down to intellect and education but with a dash of media?

      While there are certainly plenty of examples to back this up I don’t think the entire phenomenon is as simple as that. Even relatively educated and intelligent people are turning off their critical thinking skills to support their party line. In many cases highly educated people are going even further down that route. We’re living in a world of extremes now where each end of our political spectrum are in a constant state of cognitive dissonance. This is necessary to allow them to support otherwise irrational things as long as they originate form the correct source.

      This is happening all along the educational scale and when combined with constant propaganda, both from the traditional media and social media sources, we end up with a population happily engaging in the 2 minutes hate.

      1. 2 minutes hate? I think we’ve graduated to the Player Haters’ Ball:

      2. Joe can mandate a vaccine, but administering it will be painstakingly slow, because he will need to get a warrant in each instance, if the 4th amendment means, what it says.

        The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated

    2. Our parents knew this, that’s why they put the 4th amendment in the Bill of Rights, which says:

      The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated,

      Biden must get a warrant, first.

  54. Why is everybody vexed over a ‘vaccine mandate’? For the sake of argument, let’s say Joe mandates a vaccine, then what? Fast track it to to the Supreme Court, the Justices will familiarize themselves with the Bill of Rights, they’ll ge to the 4fh one, and read:

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue

    Joe must get a warrant, first.

  55. Biden is way over the line. He’s not the first, previous presidents have pulled the executive action route to try and show they are keeping to their pre election promises. Biden is basically saying Congress doesn’t exist. Because of the Democratic majority the silence from our Democratic representitives and their lap dog media is deafening. Democrats don’t know the meaning of hypocricy. I remember Harris criticizing the vaccines because Trump got them done. Can never give any credit to the other side. If Trump said 2 + 2=4 Harris would say it was 5. Well now we have 1/3 of the population who won’t get a shot so Biden is going to punish them until they do. Maybe if they had all supported it all a long instead of calling it “Trumps Vaccine” because they can’t possibly admit he did something right. Joe said he would fix COVID if elected. now it’s worse, along with inflation, Afghanistan, the border, and even Americas standing in the world. You thought Trump was bad?, now it’s worse.You own it Joe!! In NY they are threatening health care workers with their jobs and their professional credentials if they don’t get vaccinated. We don’t have enough health care workers as it is and Joe is going to fire them and pull their credentials? Thats Genius, (I’d say Moronic)!! Doesn’t sound like America to me. There is a certain amount of people who will steel against being told what to do. If you show leadership, reason, medical studies, and appeal to their sense of country you’ll get a lot farther than threatening them. Personally I don’t get why people are against the vaccine, the upside is a lot better than the downside.. Having had pneumonia I know that is one awful way to die. I remember the Polio epidemic and when that vaccine came out people lined up for the shot. We were a more unified America and we knew it was the best thing to do for the country. Rather than trying to ruin someones life because they won’t get a shot maybe make them take a walk through the observation area of a hospital and see those people on respirators, maybe have someone who spent 3 months in the hospital enlighten them, But threatening our citizens is not who we are. If our leadership showed some solidarity instead of the Pelosi/Schumer my way or the highway approach you might get a lot more done. In the end it comes down to the voter. You elected these a-holes. Start voting for the good, not the party. It’s pretty clear to me that Trump, as bad as he was, would have been a better choice than the Biden clownshow. Remember, the real enemy is the media, forget about Russia and China. The media is disinformation central..Educate yourself people. Quit listening to commentators, Facebook, Fauci, ect.. and seek out legitimate studies. Then use your grey matter. A stupid electorate is public enemy #1 Common sense and personal responsibility is the only way to fix this.

    1. Trumpers are prolonging a pandemic and clogging hospital out of pure stupidity.

      I’m as small-d democratic as anyone, and I’m getting tired of listening to these people’s political opinions. You take emergency measures during emergencies. Kind of like how they stormed the capitol to try to overturn the election, except they were the emergency.

      1. “…I’m as small-d democratic as anyone,..”

        Shitstain is a raging proggy and is lying because that’s what he does.

      2. 4,493 Fully Vaccinated Americans Have Died Of COVID-19: CDC
        I guess they were clogging the hospitals too. I guess storming Federal buildings all over the country, burning them, assaulting people, assaulting the Police, blocking roadways and destroying their vehicles and beating and murdering people is all to try to smear a sitting President like Antifa and BLM did, both organs of the Democratic party is all OK with your Tony!

    2. Correct. He IS way over the line.
      Facing impeachment.

  56. The answer lies in places like the UK and Israel. Either have a monarch that everyone ignores or a president that everyone ignores. If democratic governance is unimportant to you, then stick with the systems in place in places like Saudi Arabia and the the US.

    1. Here’s trueman to show he doesn’t know what he’s posting about once more!
      Hint: Avoid clicking on his name; you’ll be the second ‘visitor’ to his blog aver the last week.
      One more hint: That’s why he posts here!

  57. You don’t need to mandate things that people voluntarily do.

    Surely taking a vaccine for a virus during a pandemic of that virus is rational market behavior. If anything is rational market behavior, it’s taking a vaccine for a deadly virus that are being given away for free.

    This is, at least, what libertarians tell me about why we don’t need other laws. The goodness and rationality of people.

    1. It’s also rational to avoid something that is potentially harmful or even fatal. It’s also rational to avoid something that doesn’t work.
      It’s also rational to question everything. Including the little gnome Fauci.

    2. It is perfectly rational for Jonathan Isaac to refuse the vaccine.

  58. Seriously I don’t know why more people haven’t tried this, I work two shifts, 2 hours in the day and 2 in the evening…And i get surly a check of $12600 what’s awesome is I m working from home so I get more time with my kids.

    Try it, you won’t regret it!……… بث مباشر

  59. Our constitution, Article 1 Section 7, is damn clear on how “laws” are made. The identical bill must pass both houses by majority vote and be signed by the president. Should the president not sign, it can still become law if passed by both houses with a two-thirds majority. Clearly it’s not easy to create laws: IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!

    Biden’s mask mandate and Trump’s tariffs are certainly “laws”. I fail to see how they, or any such executive actions, can be deemed constitutional.

    Both presidents defend their actions based on “national emergencies”. Biden’s emergency: A pandemic; Trump’s emergency: A trade deficit. I’m not saying that this Covid thing, or any pandemic, is a national emergency but you can make a good argument it is. But there’s no way a trade deficit is.

    1. Trump imposed tariffs on China, something that is well justified based on national security grounds alone. Congress could have overridden him any time.

      1. You really think a private sector trade deficit is a greater threat to national security than a pandemic? You’re basically saying the constitution gives the president the authority to outlaw all foreign trade, a power I’m sure Trump felt he had.

        The only thing Congress could have done is to pass a law (the old fashioned way) nullifying his actions. And with a 2/3 majority since Trump would surely have vetoed it. And besides, despite rhetoric to the contrary, the left’s position on trade is pretty much the same as Trump’s.

  60. You can only push people so far then push back happens. Americans should tolerate none of this but there is going to be a breaking point when all hell will break loose. Those inside Washington will be leaving for home and a false safe haven.
    Hey! Said my name is called disturbance.
    I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king and rail at all his servants.
    Then what can a poor boy do
    Except to sing for a rock and roll band
    Cause in a sleepy Washington town there’s just no place for
    Street fighting man. no
    get down..

  61. It would have been the same if Trump was re-elected.

    “When someone is president, their power is Total.” — Donald J. Trump.

  62. Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Is the Latest Sign of the Presidency Becoming DICTATORSHIP

    Reason still won’t admit they were wrong to back Biden. Reason still can’t admit what the Democrats are up to, Dictatorship. Very dishonest journalism.

  63. Come on Reason. Do a little digging on this topic. The EO hasn’t been registered yet. Everyone’s talking about it but no one has actually seen it. And OSHA hasn’t even STARTED on the “rules” that would enforce the phantom order. The only thing the supposed EO does is give large corps cover to implement the vax mandate.

  64. Young Mother Who Died from COVID Vaccine Was Coerced Into Receiving Shot by Government Mandate
    The Washington State Department of Health admitted in a news release that a young woman from King County had received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in August and died in September after suffering from complications.

    This is an experimental gene therapy, not a traditional dead vector vaccine. The short and long term effects are not known. The biggest factor though is immunity from damages given by the Federal government. If you are hurt, short term, if you are disabled long term, if you are the breadwinner and die from the vaccine, either you or your family are all on your own. Now that should make it a personal decision, not a government mandate. Return all damages for liability retroactively from day one and the first shot, That should inspire confidence if that is the problem.

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