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The Media Fell for a Viral Hoax About Ivermectin Overdoses Straining Rural Hospitals

Some people are self-medicating with a dubious COVID-19 treatment, but they aren't overwhelming doctors and nurses.


KFOR, an Oklahoma news channel, reported last week that rural hospitals throughout the state were in danger of becoming overwhelmed by victims of a very specific poisoning: overdoses of ivermectin, an anti-parasite drug promoted by vaccine skeptics as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

The story went viral, and was seized upon by the mainstream media. But its central claim is substantially untrue.

The meat of the story is a series of quotes from an Oklahoma doctor, Jason McElyea, who appears to attribute overcrowding at local hospitals to a deluge of ivermectin overdoses.

"The ERs are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated," McElyea told KFOR's Katelyn Ogle.

The story ran under the headline: "Patients overdosing on ivermectin backing up rural Oklahoma hospitals, ambulances." It was quickly picked up by national news outlets, such as Rolling Stone, Newsweekand the New York Daily NewsNumerous high-profile media figures, including MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, tweeted about ivermectin overdoses straining Oklahoma hospitals—the implication being that the right-wing embrace of a crank COVID-19 cure was dangerous not only for the people who consumed it but for the stability of the entire medical system.

It was a story that appeared to confirm many of the mainstream media's biases about the recklessness of the rubes. But it's extremely misleading. There is, in fact, little reason to believe a purported strain on Oklahoma hospitals is caused by ivermectin overdoses; one hospital served by the doctor quoted in the KFOR article released a statement saying it has not treated any ivermectin overdoses, nor has it been forced to turn away patients.

This is yet another example of the mainstream media lazily circulating a narrative that flatters the worldview of the liberal audience, without bothering to check on any of the details. Additional reporting was sorely needed here, and has now completely undermined the central point of the story.

It's instructive to take a closer look at what went wrong. Rolling Stone's version of the story, for instance, quoted from McElyea's interview with KFOR and did not provide any additional reporting or independently verified information. The image that accompanied the article on Twitter featured people waiting in long lines while wearing winter coats—which does not inspire great confidence that Rolling Stone knows what season it is in Oklahoma at present—and was summarized thusly: "Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says."

Rolling Stone has now appended an update at the top of the story, clarifying that there were 459 cases of ivermectin overdoses in the U.S. during the month of August, and though a state-by-state breakdown is not available, it would be surprising if this was straining the Oklahoma medical system. That's because the state is currently experiencing a seven-day average of 1,528 hospitalizations due to COVID-19. If they're running out of beds and ambulances, it's because of the virus, not ivermectin. This was something Rolling Stone could have figured out on its own had the magazine bothered to contact any hospitals in Oklahoma, but alas.

What about the specific claim that the need to treat ivermectin overdoses had created a dearth of space for gunshot victims? In a recent article for Tulsa World, the same doctor—McElyea—was quoted as saying that he had to wait three hours to transfer a recent gunshot victim because the hospital ran out of room. But note that McElyea does not attribute the overcrowding to ivermectin overdoses—the article doesn't mention ivermectin at all. Unsurprisingly, unvaccinated COVID-19 patients are the main culprit.

One might be tempted to blame McElyea for embellishing his story—for attributing hospital overcrowding to COVID-19 in one story and then blaming ivermectin overdoses in another. But a closer look at the KFOR story reveals something quite startling: At no point did McElyea actually come out and say that ivermectin overdoses were straining hospitals.

Here were all of the quotes that McElyea provided:

"There's a reason you have to have a doctor to get a prescription for [ivermectin], because it can be dangerous."

"The ERs are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated."

"All of their ambulances are stuck at the hospital waiting for a bed to open so they can take the patient in and they don't have any, that's it. If there's no ambulance to take the call, there's no ambulance to come to the call."

"Growing up in a small town, rural area, we've all accidentally been exposed to ivermectin at some time. So, it's something people are familiar with. Because of those accidental sticks, when trying to inoculate cattle, they're less afraid of it."

"Some people taking inappropriate doses have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they'd caught COVID."

"The scariest one that I've heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss."

"You have to ask yourself, 'If I take this medicine, what am I going to do if something bad happens?' What's your next step, what's your backup plan? If you're going to take a medicine that could affect your health, do it with a doctor on board. Make those decisions with a thoroughly vetted opinion. There's a lot of schooling that goes into that. It's not just something you look on the internet for and decide if it's the right dose."

McElyea clearly states that ivermectin overdoses have been a problem, and he claims that some hospitals are dealing with strain. But he never actually connects these two issues. It was the journalist, Ogle, who added that framing. She did not respond to a request for comment.

If McElyea has been claiming that ivermectin overdoses are overwhelming Oklahoma hospitals, it's not actually evident from the quotes he provided. KFOR appears to be responsible for this spin. This means, of course, that if the national media outlets had called the doctor or the hospitals, they would have easily uncovered the error. Instead, they unthinkingly spread it.

It is vital for the media to communicate correct information to the public about ivermectin. While the drug is not only used for deworming horses and is in fact prescribed to humans, overdoses can cause nasty side effects. Moreover, its viability as a COVID-19 cure is highly disputed. As Reason's Ronald Bailey noted in a recent article, there's little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the virus. Reporters should make crystal clear that the best way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is mass vaccination. But communicating wrong information about ivermectin overdoses works against this goal, as it is likely to convince vaccine skeptics that their skepticism is justified.

Many in the mainstream media have vigorously condemned COVID-19 misinformation, and called for social media sites to reduce its spread. But pandemic-related misinformation is not confined to the far-right fringes—readers can also encounter it in the pages of Rolling Stone and The New York TimesThe Associated Press recently reported that 70 percent of calls to Mississippi's poison hotline were from people who had taken ivermectin. This was an error: The actual figure was 2 percent.

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  2. The media is lying to us to push their Liberal agenda?

    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!!

    1. I’m not against anyone having an agenda. I just get pissed when they continually deny it.

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    2. Jerry, you don’t believe that rural Oklahoma hospitals are overflowing with people overdosing on ivermectin sold to them by the Covington Kids working in collusion with the Russian Government, who are also spreading the obviously-false Lab Leak Theory? Come on! The scheme was described in detail in the Steele Dossier and was confirmed by Michael Avenatti! It must be true?

  3. This is an excellent breakdown of the media breakdown. Some conservative sites are piling on both the doctor and the national press, but fail to focus on the KFOR reporter, Katelyn Ogle, who clearly bears the lion’s share of the blame here.

    I’m all in favor of castigating Rolling Stone, Rachel Maddow, and others for failing to do their due diligence before repeating this story. But KFOR needs to discipline this young reporter (from her KFOR profile she appears to be no older than 25) before she turns into the next Dan Rather.

    1. Pretty sure WAPO has already offered her a job.

      1. Reason could find a sweet spot for her right between ENB, Greenhut and Sullum.

        1. Phbbbt. Talk about a step down! When was the last time you heard any investigative journalism done by Greenhut or Sullum come out of Maddow’s mouth?

      2. Gal’s got a future with Minitrue. I’m impressed, even more if she’s got a high round can.

      3. The guys who hired Daniel Dale (I can’t remember who) might have room for her.

    2. She is the frontrunner for the 2021 Jayson Blair Award.

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    3. The reporter bears the lion’s share of the blame? Not the doctor who fucking lied straight out?

      I think he bears the lion’s share of the blame.

      But none of the people who passed on the story as true are any less culpable than Ogle. Not one iota less culpable.

      At any time a phone call could have busted this wide open.

      1. Read his quotes. Robby made a list of everything he said on the video. He didn’t lie – everything he says is true. He never made the connection that the reporter ran with.

        1. Yeah, read his quotes. He was lying by implication and omission. He talks about the drug being toxic, and ERs being too overwhelmed to handle actual Covid patients, you think he wasn’t intending the reporter to draw the conclusion he was leading her to?

          That said, I view the reporter as more of a co-conspirator than a victim.

          1. No, I think he was answering questions asked by the reporter. In order to infer lies you’re connecting together answers to different questions that aren’t related.

            1. “Some people taking inappropriate doses have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they’d caught COVID.”
              “You are full of shit.”

              Neither of the statements above are indicative of what you think because the first never connects that people are taking some unknown drug, just that the consequences of it are worse than catching COVID. Could be cocaine, could be aspirin.

              In the second statement, I never clarify who “You” is so, could be Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, really could be anyone.

              1. Inappropriate for whom is another question. I am willing to bet that the vast majority of people who give themselves inappropriate doses of ivermectin do so accidentally. They are administering a dose to a 400 pound calf, and accidentally inject themselves. Surprised surprise the dosage for a 400 pound calf is a lot more than you would administer to a 180 pound human. Who would’ve thunk it?

    4. Katelyn Ogle, who clearly bears the lion’s share of the blame here.

      She’s the zero patient, but then Rolling Stone tongue kissed her then coughed into the Salad Bar, on purpose.

      1. After the Boston priests story and the west virgina story who believes anything rolling stone says

    5. “Some conservative sites are piling on…”

      You could say they’re pouncing.

    6. It’s still the national press’ fault for not verifying information. Sure, she was the source of this nonsense story, but the national press were willing and eager disinformation spreaders. Their role in this is also significant in that they comprise the class of people held sacred by social media companies like Twitter and Facebook who curate MSM content and even rely on these outlets for fact-checking.

      1. The leftist democrat shill media got caught with it’s collective hand in the cookie jar. Let them burn for it.

    7. Her name is actually Ogle? I am surprised her name hasn’t been declared a form of workplace sexual harassment.

      1. The Ogle family is all over Oklahoma news. They have at least one family member at each of the 3 major affiliate stations in OKC. Nothing will happen to her.

        1. I see. So it’s systemic sexual harassment.

    8. It was local news, until it wasn’t. The major, national outlets and personalities you are apologizing for did the most egregious spreading of the lies. Get your head straight before you try to play peacemaker.

  4. Ivermectin is a drug that has been prescribed by MDs for humans for years. There is a version of Ivermectin just for humans. 31 Random Control Trials (RCT’s) – the gold standard of science – says it is very effective against Covid.
    Trust the science:

    1. /sigh. How many times must we tell you that this isn’t science?

      The Blue Checkmark brigade is obviously and clearly the only spokespeople for the Science gods.

      1. It’s hilarious that you say we can’t use data from any of the numerous positive published and peer reviewed ivermectin studies to vouch for its use, or at least the choice to use it.

        But you link a reason article that relies on non published and not yet peer reviewed studies to refute it.

        It makes you and reason both look agenda driven. Because you are.

        1. Dee gets cawed out on her bullshit.

      2. For God’s sake, pot, fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, assex and food trucks aren’t a miracle cure for anything either. Who cares?

        Reason supports those who want to to eat, drink, snort, smoke, inhale, inject or suppository anything they want anywhere in their bodies.

        So why do the magazine give a rip if people want dose up with Ivermectin? “It’s my body and I can put what I want in it”–right?

        1. They had similar issues with HCQ as well. Bailey seems to take it personally when you take anything for COVID that the government doesn’t insist you take.

        2. Some people are in desperate fear that the doctors will find a Covid therapy that works. Then life will get back to normal–the horror! No more lockdowns, with the chance for upper middle class white liberals to be perpetual couch potatoes. No more masks, the great and holy face diaper that separates the Obedient from those who are not of The Body.

          1. I guess.

            Therapies are the second line of defense. Vaccines are still the first line of defense, and it makes no rationale sense to not be vaccinated.

            1. Wrong. A rational person does not allow themselves to be injected with an experimental cocktail that is still in clinical trials, with unknown long-term side effects. But in the case of classic, time-tested-and-proven vaccines, you might be correct.

      3. Add science to things you don’t understand how they work. Q single or even a small group of studies don’t science make. The balance of data on ivermectin as an effective COVID treatment remains, at worst, unsettled. The research is ongoing. We don’t stop the research because of a single negative study. That isn’t how science works. Or even a group of negative studies.
        For my research for my masters I studied Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and their impact on production of organic acids in the ensiling process. Most the research indicates that LAB produce more organic acids, especially lactic acid (gee go figure, it’s there in the name), however, some research pointed to no significant change in lactic acid production (meaning a P value > 0.05). This doesn’t mean LAB inoculannts don’t improve lactic acid production, it means that they simply couldn’t show a significant difference (P value < 0.05). This could be for a variety of reasons, and compounding factors. I found in one forage the increase in lactic acid (in alfalfa) was significant (P value <0.05, it was actually 0.01) but in the other forage (whole corn) there was no significant difference (the P value was 0.06, so greater than 0.05). So what to conclude from my research? LAB work under some conditions but we cannot conclude they work under other conditions (which is what I said in the conclusion of my peer reviewed published article).
        In human medicinal research the threshold for significance is even tighter (P value of 0.001). Therefore a single study doesn't demonstrate anything but that the researchers couldn't show significance. This could easily be due to confounding factors (e.g. how advanced the disease was, the dosage used, when it was administered, what co-treatments were used etc.). Bailey used to be pretty good at explaining this, but he has gotten lazy as he has grown older, and sloppy.

        1. Also damning for Bailey is he doesn’t actually link to the studies themselves, but instead he links to journalistic releases regarding the studies, that takes quotes out of context and don’t provide the actual data or the materials and methodology sections. This is lazy science reporting. And then Bailey’s conclusion, that ivermectin might have marginal but not miraculous effectiveness, is not supported at all by the quotes he provides. He also only points to two studies, one of which doesn’t actually support his thesis. The second study states that at this time the research doesn’t support ivermectin usage outside of ongoing research. That is science speak for we don’t fucking know, and can’t make a recommendation but it in no ways states that it only has marginal impacts.

          1. And since the research is on going (and the link his second citation is broken and it doesn’t say what he infers it to say) he pulled this conclusion straight out of his ass:
            The good news is that Rogan reports that he is feeling better. That is almost certainly due to an infusion of monoclonal antibodies against the COVID-19 virus, not downing a couple of ivermectin tablets.
            Anyone who has ever taken a graduate level research methodology course (I’ve taken four of them and two undergraduate) would understand that Bailey is talking out of his ass in his conclusions and thesis.

            1. So I was able to go to the first study Bailey uses as a reference. The authors used alpha instead of P (alpha is used to measure severity as opposed to probability (P)). They set significance as an alpha of 0.05 or less. They never actually state the alpha, however, they gave the difference. So for instance the difference in hospitalizations was 0.91, which in alpha you subtract 1-the difference, which gives you an alpha of 0.09. interestingly enough, unlike similar research the authors didn’t set a tendency limit. This is common and generally when using either alpha or P is <0.10. This is used when there is a difference but not enough to rule it significant. If the authors had followed SOP, they would have found a tendency but not a significant difference, in patients treated with ivermectin. Once again Bailey bats a 0.000 by not reading the original study.

              1. Another strike against Bailey, and an easy one he could have missed if he read the actual research, is he labels the use of HCQ as completely baseless. However, in his referenced research, the base protocol followed for both Placebo and Treatment group used fucking HCQ.

                1. There was actually three groups, HCQ alone, placebo and HCQ with another drug, I misstated and am correcting myself. The alpha value for HCQ was still 0.09. Hardly the baseless charge Bailey wrote. I, as a scientist, would label that a tendency that requires ongoing research.

                2. I apologize for the mistake, I admittedly skimmed the M&M section and went straight to results to see if the data supported Bailey, after rereading and reading the M&M section more thoroughly, I realized I had made a mistake in my analysis of the results, however, my mistake was not nearly as big as Bailey’s. None of his conclusions were actually supported by any of the research I could actually see. He based his entire analysis on a secondary source, a journalistic source, with no citation for the primary (research) material he was using to make his analysis. And even the one actual published paper referenced in Bailey’s secondary source didn’t support his analysis of HCQ as being “completely baseless”. It is interesting the authors of the one actual published (HCQ) paper concluded that ivermectin might be a better avenue of research than HCQ.

              2. Actually rereading the article, it actually didn’t even look at Ivermectin usage. In fact, the article Bailey first references, also doesn’t link to the research and doesn’t show where the got the quote that Bailey references. The only research it does cite was looking at HCQ use, however, again the alpha is 0.09, which hardly warrants the “totally baseless” language Bailey uses. In fact, as a scientist (and the authors are clear also in their paper that it doesn’t rule out the use of HCQ for COVID) the results suggest to me that further research is warranted.
                In fact the only published research referenced in the journalistic article Bailey references that dealt with ivermectin demonstrated a significant difference in outcomes when ivermectin was administered at high doses (an Australian research paper).

                1. Another strike against Bailey, he links to a widely anticipated study on Ivermectin from nearby Brazil, however, the link actually goes to a presentation on the effectiveness of fluvoxamine, not ivermectin. Fluvoxamine is an ADHD drug and ivermectin is a ln anti-parasitic. Did he bother to read any other the links he provided?

    2. Why not just get vaccinated? It has _really_ been proven to prevent serious effects from COVID-19.

      1. One of us! One of us!

      2. So is being young and healthy.

        1. Or even being old and not fat. Like me!

        2. So, what about everyone who isn’t that? Fuck em?

          1. Yes.

            It’s not everybody’s job to protect others.

            If somebody is overweight or immuno compromised, get the vaccine if you’re worried. But do not demand others do it.

            1. The problem with folks with compromised immune systems is that the vaccine may not provide much benefit. They should get the vaccine and then look for an antibody response. It will likely take more than the standard course for immunization or it may take a cocktail of multiple vaccines. No matter what, it’s still a crap shoot and the standard of being considered immune 2 weeks after the final dose is out the window.

              Of course the immunity standard only exists because they probably rightly feel not many people are willing to take forever shots and people might wonder where all the money would come from for that. Yet they are talking about boosters and the delta and mu variants.

              1. And people forget that this virus is just another thing that can kill people with compromised immune systems, some of which we have absolutely no vaccine for.

            1. Glad you agree.

              1. My parents are in their eighties and my father is thin but is borderline diabetic with blood pressure and minor heart issues. They got vaccinated, which was likely the smart move. For those circumstance. They don’t go a lot of places and are not around many people.

                It should have little bearing on their WuFlu risk if not everyone else is vaccinated. If it really does, than what good is the vaccine?

          2. People should stop being fat to reduce and prevent serious illness and death. Not only does your fat impact you and drain society’s resources with weighty medical requirements, but your flab rolls on to the next generation, increasing the likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and their own obesity.

            This is a pandemic of fatties. We must say NO to seconds and save the children!

            1. And lockdowns and related bullshit has just made people fatter and less healthy.
              The fact that there has been no public health messaging regarding obesity as a risk factor and the importance of general health is incredible and disgusting. It get’s completely ignored, to the extent that anytime you see a headline about “young healthy person hospitalized for Covid” you can pretty much guarantee that the kid is morbidly obese.

          3. Pro tip: lose weight

      3. Has it? Because the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world is dealing with one of the worse COVID19 surges since the pandemic began and is desperate pushing out 4th rounds of boosters. Which, to be fair, means that there’s lots and lots of people infected with COVID and not getting sick and not filling hospitals to capacity and not dying, just like it was during the “first wave” and the “second wave” and the “third wave”.

        On the other hand, we now have around 15,000 reported deaths and over half a million adverse reactions reported to VAERS. That’s more reported adverse events than all other vaccines combined since 1990.

        Now this is the part where you histrionically screech “THOSE AREN’T VERIFIED! CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION! SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!” and then link to non-randomized, non-peer reviewed, observational studies to “prove” that the vaccine is any more effective than a sugar pill when Israel’s data puts it at a whopping 39% effective.

        1. How many times does it have to be repeated that the cases reported in VAERS are not verified.

          1. Now this is the part where you histrionically screech “THOSE AREN’T VERIFIED! CORRELATION DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION! SAFE AND EFFECTIVE!”

            Lmfao. Thanks ever so much for own-goaling yourself you stupid fucking sack of shit.

          2. VAERS is commonly estimated to be underreported by a 5x.

            The EU’s vaccine reporting counts 24k dead of the shots.

          3. Once for every time “died of COVID” was conflated with “died with COVID”.

      4. Why not just get vaccinated?

        A. natural immunity is way better than vaccination and, according to the CDC, by the end of 2020, ~140,000,000 Americans had already been infected with Covid.
        B. How many times? Vaccinated and then a booster every 40 days like Israel?

        1. “ natural immunity is way better than vaccination “

          What are you basing that on?

          1. Almost the entire history of immunology and modern medicine.

            1. It is also why attenuated pathogen vaccines are more powerful than dead pathogen vaccines.
              Anyone who has ever studied immunology (until COVID/sarc) knows that surviving a pathogen is more effective at preventing subsequent infections than any vaccine could ever hope to be. For example, smallpox, yellow fever, chicken pox etc have a vaccine efficacy that never exceeds 80% but prior infection has an efficacy greater than 99% in most cases.

              1. In fact the only pathogen I can think of that surviving doesn’t grant better immunity than infection is rabies because once you contract rabies, without prompt treatment (i.e. as soon as you are exposed, once symptomatic there are no treatments) you die 100% of the time (there has only been one documented case in history were someone contracted rabies, went untreated and survived).

            2. Compare/contrast delta waves in Israel and western Europe. It’s screaming from the data. There was also an Israeli study a couple weeks back which sheds some light on it.

              1. Yeah, the data suggests the vaccines, even with boosters, is not terribly effective, and far less effective at preventing subsequent infections than natural immunity.

                1. Not going to stop them from doing a fourth booster but don’t worry they are going to tweak it. Now will they doing any testing…nahhhh

        2. In addition to the inferiority of primary vaccinations, it should also be noted that once you’ve developed natural immunity to an endemic virus, you get routine boosters for free. But ambient re-exposure doesn’t necessarily create jobs.

      5. None and I mean none of the people pushing the vaccines have any credibility left. Everyone institution attempting to get everyone jabbed has been subverted by wokeness.

        I also don’t take experimental drugs, you can special plead all you want how this isn’t an experimental treatment but I am not going to listen to it.

      6. Some people should. If they want to. Beyond that, don’t worry about it. We’re already well past the pint of herd immunity.

      7. Really? Can you link to the randomized double blind study on it. You know the one you demand from all things but the wu flu vaccine?

    3. The source data for that is terribly flawed. It cherry-picks the metrics it uses from each study, even if the study was designed to answer a different question, concluded something very different than what it is cited for, and was seriously underpowered to investigate the cherry-picked statistic.

      1. It’s a good thing we have valid, sound science telling us that the COVID19 vaccines are 95% effective. Oops, I mean, uh, 39% effective.


        1. But the manufacturer surely knows their product best! Pfizer has a history of honest, fair business dealings, after all.

          1. The same progtards who foam at the mouth and scream about ‘big pharma’ are now telling us to believe everything the pharmaceutical industry says without question.

            Progressives are worthless lying garbage.

      2. Oh like Pfizer did to get their EUA?

    4. Please provide a source with peer review. All your sources are pre prints. Dumbass.

  5. So… More explicit lying from the left?

    1. Incompetent reporting and lazy follow-up reporting is not “explicit lying”.

      1. If it happens every goddamn day
        it’s a pattern.

        1. They’re all following the Dan Rather model of reporting.

      2. When all the ‘mistakes’ and ‘incompetent reporting’ serve to reinforce one narrative, it’s reasonable to question just how unintentional the reporting is.

        1. You can speculate all you want about that but there is no reason to attribute to malice what can be explained with incompetence.

          1. If the media was truly incompetent, the mistakes would OCCASIONALLY go a way opposite of what the media wants.

            1. Also….why did Twitter not label ANY of these posts “misinformation” when they clearly are nothing more?

          2. Still lying I see. It is expected from you. Why? Why do you lie? What does it gain you but our derision of you. Just note that you are a lying, steaming pile of S**t.

          3. Working overtime to carry water for leftist media outlets again?

          4. It’s not speculation the CNN technical director said they made up stories for the four years of teump

      3. Politico fact-checked this claim and found it to be false.

        1. Which doesn’t mean anyone intentionally lied.

          1. Lmfao. It was a joke you fucking retard. I’m mocking the fact that you constantly ask for citations and link to “fact-checkers” who are wrong more often than the weather channel.

      4. Yeah, it is. “The media” is supposed to be trust-worthy due to their “layers” of editors and fact-checkers.

        Who do not seem to fact check anything that agrees with the narrative they wish to push.

      5. Mike just admitted the left is full of incompetent and lazy people.

        1. Uh, yeah. I’ve never said otherwise.

          1. Yet you worship and shill for them every day here.

        2. You saw that, too? What’s it make him that he still listens to them?

      6. Incompetent reporting and lazy follow-up reporting is not “explicit lying”.

        He’s not saying they explicitly lied. He’s reporting it from other sources and is very lazy about the follow-up.

    2. Its not lying; its “journalism”.

  6. HaHa Ha Ha! Everyone is stupid now.

  7. This story spread like wildfire because it fit the ruling class’s narrative so perfectly. It’s the same narrative that we see Kirkland, chemjeff, Tony, plug, White Mike and their socks pushing here.
    It’s a story about how the proles are so stupid and backwards, that they can’t help hurting themselves and others. Because of this, political power needs to be transferred to the global elite, a transnational aristocracy, who use the power of Science to rule wisely.

    But just like everything else to do with the narrative, this story was hot garbage.

    1. The obvious solution is to put all of these hillbillies in reeducation camps and turn them into Koch approved citizens. Of course agricultural output would suffer in the short term but windmills and unicorn farts will sustain us in the interim.

      1. You forgot the magic of vertical farming. The energy, materials and h2o costs versus the benefits of that goatscrew are a hoot. This not to mention the fact that, speaking generally, urban dwellers are incapable of doing much other than talking about how all folks from cities are naturally gifted, and fabricating bullshit narratives.

    2. Notice how the pontificating faggot who was just shitting up the thread a few posts previous suddenly disappears?

  8. Oh not just the media the leftie fools like Asshole Mike the paid troll who posted the rolling stone article.

    1. Notice how he is in this very thread shilling for vaccines while failing to acknowledge that he bought into that line of obvious bullshit hook, line and sinker. Just like he spent 4 years shilling every DNC narrative about Trump, including the Moscow pee pee tape.

      1. I’ve been on the fence about getting the WuFlu vaccine. I figured I would wait until the end of this month to see how things l,any out so I have a little more data to go off of, as I want to make an informed decision.

        So far I don’t see anything that really makes me want to take the vaccine. There are more side effects cropping up, and the efficacy of the available vaccines is in serious question.

        1. So be selfish you fucking dimwit. You owe it to humanity to get the vax. Everything you have – all the luxuries of life – are thanks to the group you self entitled worthless pile of dog doo.

          The group needs to get vax’d. Just like all the other plagues. It’s the best strategy we’ve got right now. There’s no conspiracy that is credible regarding vaccinations. So unless you’re privy to some hidden info, make an appointment and do the one thing you’re obligated to do as part of the herd: follow.


          1. If the vaccine actually works, it shouldn’t matter to anyone but me if I get vaccinated. It’s also very likely I have already had WuFlu. I’m sorry you’re a weak minded sub normal leftist who is unable to understand immunology or employ basic logic, but you need to dial it back. As the next time you try run your mouth like that without the internet between you and your better, you will likely receive an educational beating. To temper your progtarded impertinence.

            It’s the decency and enlightened of people like us that allows progs like you to continue breathing. However, that patience has its limits. So learn your place.

            Feel free to thank me for imparting that advice to you.

          2. And when the 46th booster proves ineffective, go ahead and load up on the boxcars to “quarantine”. You owe it to humanity!

          3. So hard to tell whether this is satire or sincere…

  9. The Rolling stone rape story hoax was just practice.

    1. Good analysis, but in his summary he elides the fact that the focus of the BBC and Rolling Stone wasn’t on Ivermectin poisoning occurring, but on the idea that hospitals were swamped by it and refusing gunshot victims.

    2. Yeah read that and mostly agree. It was obvious from the beginning that Sequoya was not specifically fingered in the local newscast. They took the initiative to distance themselves from the story because the doctor had been associated with them. Fair enough. The right wing media seized on this statement as proof positive that the story was a hoax. Well not really. But if these circumstances existed Rolling Stone could have contacted whatever hospital the doctor seemed to be referring to if in fact such a place existed. They obviously couldn’t find any hospital that could verify the story and bailed. End of story.
      Here’s my theory. Young local reporter has a conversation with a not very media savvy doctor who recently encountered problems getting a gunshot victim into an ER. He goes on to rant about other frustrations and appears to be anti Ivermectin. But he may not in fact have a political position on the subject. He’s only concerned that if people begin self treating they may face the health consequences he has encountered in his practice. Young reporter figures she can get some good face time and the details get conflated into something Rolling Stone can spin to support their narrative. I think mostly the local doctor and reporter are mostly innocent. Rolling Stone is not.

      1. Since she’s fucking the editor, story gets approved.

      2. 11 poison control calls about Ivermectin since May in Oklahoma. Mind you there are a lot of farms in Oklahoma who use ivermectin on a pretty regular basis.

        1. Especially at weaning time, which is let me check my calendar, August and September this year because of drought.

  10. The scoop was ‘confirmed’ by Brian Williams!

    1. Dan Rather fabricated a document to support the claim.

      1. After dodging hostile fire.

        1. He got the Purple Heart you know.

          1. Along with Hillary.

            1. Joe got his for kicking Corn Pop’s ass behind the bleachers.

              1. In fairness joes helicopter went down in afghistan in 2008. After an interpreter rescued him he repayed them by abandoning them.

              2. Yep, racist Joe was beating up black guys back in the 60’s. He probably went and burned a cross in front of Corn Pop’s crib too.

  11. It doesn’t matter, the narrative is set and the damage done. If tomorrow Fauci came out and touted ivermectin’s therapeutic effectiveness these liars wouldn’t skip a beat memory holing it and denying any such thing took place. This isn’t about health or truth, this is about a country in a schism and which side will prevail. They don’t care about the individual, just total acquiescence.

    So what if some ignorant people are taking the veterinary version? How does invalidate the idea that ivermectin helps with Cytokine Release Syndrome? That’s what anybody with any sense curious about novel treatments to the effects of Covid 19 should be seeking. Instead it’s tomato throwing insults on twitter and mockery of doctors and researchers who have experience with this drug by some of the dumbest segments of the population. Not every question about how to go at Covid is quack science. The Corporate Media and its consumer’s treat “Science” as religious dogma instead of being curious, raising questions and looking at difficult problems in novel and outside the box ways.

  12. Too good to check.

  13. Next you’ll be telling me people aren’t routinely chugging fish tank cleaner like I was informed by the MSM. Sorry Robby but you and your colleagues sold your integrity and reputations years ago, now nothing you say can be trusted even if occasionally true. I’m certain you’ll go back to pushing DNC propaganda the moment you’re called on like always.

  14. Robby’s irrational enthusiasm for a “vaccine”, that has been proven to not work as advertised aside, I’m happy that Reason actually made the effort to report on this story. And my opinion of McElyea has improved. It appears that in rural Oklahoma, flyover people are familiar with the benefits of Ivermectin in the context of animal husbandry. And occasionally they suffer from exposure in the course of business. Who Knew? But Robby as usual is dead wrong that this has anything to do with the media failing to check sources. The MSM has been telling us explicitly since at least 2016 that the purpose of journalism is to mold public opinion not to report facts. We see that every day here at Reason including this story wherein Robby clumsily turns the story into more schilling for the Koch approved, FDA unapproved, experimental “vaccines”. The Story as massaged by Rolling Stone and regurgitated by innumerable tweets and posts had exactly the effect they all hoped for. Millions bit on the clickbait. Thousands saw the update (retraction?). Mission accomplished.
    Robby would be more of a journalist if he did a deep dive into exactly why our masters are so desperate to trash Ivermectin as a covid treatment. For example, all of the currently available “vaccines” are authorized only for emergency use. If an alternative treatment is approved they will lose that status. Follow the fucking money. Nobody claims that Ivermectin is a cure for covid but none of the big drug manufacturers claim that their “vaccines” are either. Only their proxies like Reason make that claim. Or sorta. Robby’s buddy Ron claims that, sadly, Ivermectin is just no damn good. But he somehow missed the fact that provinces in India that treat patients with it are doing better at 3% vaccine rates than Israel at 92% vaccine rates not using it. And now demanding a fourth jab because the shit don’t work. You really need to find a different profession Robby. You’re not very good at this one. Unless your looking for a job at Rolling Stone.

    1. “And occasionally they suffer from exposure in the course of business. Who Knew?”

      The Corporate Media have nothing but contempt and disdain for those who keep society functioning and won’t pass up any chance to let them know.

      1. Well to be fair the flyover hillbillies are pretty deplorable. Big basket of deplorables in OK.

        1. Bro, I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. Went to a graduation in Norman OK. Really nice people.

          1. Some of the nicest people I’ve met were deplorables.

            1. Those sophisticated types spend their energy rioting and don’t have time for being pleasant.

              1. and don’t have time for being pleasant.

                …or working …or volunteering …or reading an in-depth article or paper, or something that isn’t on Huffpo or Buzzfeed.

    2. “has been proven to not work as advertised”

      How do? It’s done a miraculous job of keeping the vaccinated out of hospitals, and out of morgues.

      1. And a functional immune system has done the same for the unvaccinated.
        Just acknowledge the fact that you were wrong.

        1. He can’t.

          1. He’s paid not to.

            1. Someone needs a refund.

      2. It’s done a miraculous job of keeping the vaccinated out of hospitals, and out of morgues.

        Not counting the 15,000 deaths and over half a million adverse reactions reported to VAERS, of course. Or the 3/4 of Israeli hospitalizations that are fully-vaccinated with 2 (and sometimes 3) doses of the Pfizer-Moderna drug. Or the fact that the sticker says “95% effective at preventing infection” when it’s actually only about 39% in a country with a 90%+ vaccination rate.

      3. Right up until delta variant. And now it is doing an okay job at reducing illness, but hardly miraculous.

    3. It appears that in rural Oklahoma, flyover people are familiar with the benefits of Ivermectin in the context of animal husbandry.

      Rural people tend to be familiar with a lot of things of which suburbanites and urbanites have little to zero knowledge. “Folk” medicine to these people is not an urban elite affectation, but very often an economic necessity.

    4. “ But he somehow missed the fact that provinces in India that treat patients with it are doing better at 3% vaccine rates than Israel at 92% vaccine rates not using it.”

      Have you missed: “Meanwhile, the newly reported results of a highly anticipated randomized controlled study of ivermectin in next door Brazil finds that the medicine had ‘no effect whatsoever’ on the disease.”

      It’s not right to cherry pick.

      1. Why? In fact you just did exactly that with this comment.

        1. Boom, roasted

      2. Interestingly enough, you only read Ron’s synopsis of that (single) study, and it doesn’t actually say anything remotely like “the medicine had ‘no effect whatsoever’ on the disease.”

        But then you’re a stupid, lying, fat, ugly sockpuppeting sack of subhuman shit, so.

      3. Asshole Mike, you cherry pick your butthole all day looking for that magic polished turd. Sometimes that is rolling stone and sometimes you make it up yourself.

      4. See above regarding Bailey’s numerous mistakes in the article.

    5. What precisely do you mean by “doing better”, anyway?

      1. You know exactly what he means, but now you’re trying to create the impression to somebody skimming through that Grimsrud was using weasel wording.
        He obviously wasn’t, and you’re being cheap.

      2. He probably means that their case rates and hospitalization rates are lower than Israel, which is currently dealing with a massive influx of new cases, 3/4 of which are among the fully-vaccinated, most of which have had both doses plus a booster.

      3. Doing better than you, inflamed sphincter Mike.

    6. Yeah, but everyone knows India is run by right-wing, Trump loving nutjobs.

      1. Of course, with Delhi being the seat of the MAGA movement.

        1. Is India also irreparably, systemically racist?

  15. It’s instructive to take a closer look at what went wrong. Rolling Stone’s version of the story, for instance, quoted from McElyea’s interview with KFOR and did not provide any additional reporting or independently verified information

    Why would it? Can’t you just get your source verification from Twitter?

    1. Works for ENB.

  16. Moreover, it’s viability as a COVID-19 cure is highly disputed. As Reason’s Ronald Bailey noted in a recent article, there’s little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the virus.

    That’s why Pfizer is using it as an ingredient in their new Covid pill. Because it is ineffective.

    The NIH has a study that says it’s effective. None of you know how to operate a damn search engine. Just keep believing what’s at the front page of the CDC.

      1. Not enough widespread evidence to significantly alter the outcome. Sure, it might save several thousand lives but, a few million are still gonna die. Who gives a shit about a few hundred or thousand American lives anyway.

    1. But Ron Bailey said it isn’t so.

    2. “None of you know how to operate a damn search engine. Just keep believing what’s at the front page of the CDC.”
      They don’t get past NYT and WAPO. There are only so many hours in a day CLM. The defenders of liberty at Reason need their quality time.

    3. Yeah, I wonder when this will catch on. They literally changed an isotope on a molecule in ivermectin so they can patent it and resell it.

      Wonder if robby, sullum, n all the lefty socks heads explode when that news finally hits the MSN.

      1. Nah. They’ll call it anti Ivermectin.

        1. TotallynotIvermectinino

        2. ‘Fortified with anti-trump nanites’

  17. Two or more named, verifiable, reliable sources, or it’s propaganda.
    To quote the great prophet, “period”.

  18. Rolling Stone has now appended an update at the top of the story, clarifying that there were 459 case of ivermectin overdoses in the U.S. during the month of August

    the fuck?

    This why so-called news outlets like rolling stone are to be despised.

    KFOR’s Katelyn Ogle, who added that framing. She did not respond to a request for comment.

    Journalism dies in sunlight.

    1. Right, more interested sticking it to those hicks and hayseeds than giving the proper context that they were WRONG. Just more doubling down, how typical.

    2. I blame the overlords for discouraging doctors from prescribing it. Same blame for mindless anti opiate policies leading to heroine overdoses. People are going to take what they want to take. Prohibition kills.

      1. I had an MD tell me he prescribed it for his adult son and the pharmacies refused to fill it. If people are self medicating animal Ivernectin it may be due to the fact that they can’t get the human version. Just like opioid users switching to fentanyl. Reason whines about prohibition all of the time. I ‘m sure they’ll cover this scandal. Nah.

        1. Seriously. Pharmacies have no business getting in the way. Even if it doesn’t work, it is pretty damn safe under a doctor’s supervision.

      2. Drop the “e”

        Heroin is a damn good brand name.
        The substance, in its unadulterated form, is a damn good product.

        1. Heroin is one of the two most famous Bayer products. Aspirin is the other. (Both names used to be trademarks, but they’ve long since become generic terms.)

    3. Journalism died years ago. News-fiction dies in the sunlight.

    4. Rolling Stone is the rag where they were all wanking over the Boston Marathon bomber, right?


      1. He’s hot
        He’s sexy
        He’s doing life in prison

  19. Mouthbreather progressives are gonna mouthbreathe.

  20. “Gunshot victims left waiting as horse dewormer overdoses overwhelm Oklahoma hospitals, doctor says.”

    “Horse dewormer victims left waiting as gunshot overdoses overwhelm Chicago hospitals, doctor says.”

    1. I hate how little gunshot it takes to overdose.

      1. Syringes have a hollow point.

        1. Hollow shaft.

    2. Hey, there were only 58 people shot in Chicago over the Labor Day weekend. No word on yet on their vaccine status.

      1. All that died obviously died of COVID and anyone still alive is obviously a COVID hospitalization.

      2. The total is 63 shot with 6 fatals over this glorious Labor day weekend.
        The total for Chicago so far to date: Shot and killed:539
        Shot and wounded: 2634
        Total shot: 3173
        total Homicides: 569


          Illustrating Chicago Values

        2. That’s only 30 non-gun homicides. Did Chicago thugs forget how to use knives, clubs, garrottes, and their bare hands, or are the authorities neglecting reporting of the homicides that don’t support the ant-gun agenda?

  21. “Viral hoax” could describe the last year and a half.

  22. The story went viral, and was seized upon by the mainstream media. But its central claim is substantially untrue.

    Nooooo. That’s not what happened. That’s what someone who’s looking to find a way to minimize the larger media’s role in this utter fuck up says to deflect blame.

    The story was posted by Rolling Stone *first*.

    *Then* it went ‘viral’ – ie, the rest of the mainstream media reposted it all over Twitter.

    *Then* the rest of us saw it. And we laughed at the idiot reporters who took it at face value and didn’t fact-check.

    *Then* someone actually did some journalism and CALLED UP THE FUCKING HOSPITAL.

    1. *Then* someone actually did some journalism and CALLED UP THE FUCKING HOSPITAL.
      For the record that someone was not Robby Soave.

      1. Yeah, man! Reason sucks because someone else got to it first and Robby’s just repeating it!

        1. Robby is making excuses for liars.
          Did you wake up drunk again?

          1. Excuses for liars? Really? The point of the article was that people will believe anything that fits their political narrative.

            1. And if the liars are the doctors themselves?

              1. Then people passed along lies because they sounded good and confirmed their biases. You know, like how I’m a progressive who has always voted for Democrats, who praised the summer riots, who celebrates Ashli Babbitt’s death, etc… It fits the narrative so it must be true. Who gives a shit about facts?

                1. Not you, that’s for fucking sure.

                  1. Oh, look! My fan club has arrive! You gonna post a link to my comment about stirring things up? Because that’s the only honest thing I’ve ever said. I couldn’t have been exaggerating or anything. Everything I say should be judged by that one comment.

                    So please, post a link to it on all my comments like you usually do!

                    It ain’t Reason without someone dropping a turd on all my posts!

                    Hop to it! Get going!

                    1. Okay.

                      Here it is by the stupid drunken old fuck’s own request folks. His admission that he’s just here to troll and shitpost:

                      August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm
                      Flag Comment Mute Use

                      I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out, while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is a circus.


                2. Again with the strawmen!

                  1. My strawman? That’s what everyone here says about me so they can attack me for those things. You know, like making stuff up about what someone said because it’s easier to argue with that than what they actually said? That’s a textbook strawman you fucking idiot.

                    1. Jesus just stop drinking!

                    2. No one is making up anything about you. You are a self-confessed drug addict and alcoholic. You have stated that you were homeless for a long time. You have publicly discussed your acrimonious divorce from your wife, who got sole custody of your kids. You spent over a year justifying race riots and “autonomous zones” where several (black) people were viciously murdered. And you gleefully celebrated the murder of Ashli Babbitt and as recently as last week stated unequivocally that a federal officer was fully justified in shooting her in the face while both of her hands were visibly empty and holding onto either side of a broken-out window frame while she had 4 SWAT officers standing less than 10 feet behind her, each with a selective-fire M4 carbine pointed at her back.

                      If you don’t like people shoving your blubbering, self-pitying bullshit and Marxist politics in your face at every opportunity, stop getting piss drunk by 9 AM every day and posting all the details of your private life on the internet, and stop sharing Marxist political memes you get from Democratic Underground.

                      Btw what you’re describing would be a red herring, not a strawman. You’ve only had the definition of that word explained to you, what, 7 or 8 thousand times now? It’s really not that difficult. Open a new tab and type “strawman fallacy” into Google and reference back to it while you’re drunk-posting, it might just help.

                3. You know, like how I’m a progressive who has always voted for Democrats, who praised the summer riots, who celebrates Ashli Babbitt’s death, etc…

                  Your actual vote is not public, so we have no way to verify if you vote for Democrats or not despite the fact that you have spent anywhere between 8 and 16 hours per day for the entire last 5 years reposting DNC talking points and Mother Jones and Democratic Underground conspiracy theories. However, you did in fact celebrate race riots and two BLM/Antifa “autonomous zones” where multiple murders of young black men took place for an entire year, castigated anyone who called for police intervention in those riots ad “autonomous zones” as a fascist racist, and said unequivocally that busting up riots is authoritarian fascism because only the specific individuals who committed violence should be charged with any crime or targeted for police enforcement, even if such enforcement is impeded to the point of impossibility by hiding among sympathetic crowds. And then as soon as a riot broke out at the capitol and an unarmed woman who had not committed violence against anyone and whose only crime was misdemeanor trespass was shot in the face, you gloated for weeks and still to this day insist that her shooting was fully justified because she was going to pass through a broken window and murder the speaker of the house of representatives and the vice president (who were not in the building at the time), presumably with her bare hands since, again, she was unarmed and not carrying any weapons.

                  That’s the truth and that’s the facts. Who gives a shit about facts, indeed.

        2. There are better reasons to conclude that Reason sucks.

        3. Robby doesn’t need you. He can defend himself with his poor writing and hair spray lmao.

          1. To be sure.

      2. He didn’t need to call the hospital. Before he wrote this article the hospital had put out a fucking press release disputing the story.

        Soave publishes an article demonstrating the dishonesty of the left in the media and you’re still pissed at him for…….well, something.

        1. He doesn’t demonstrate it. He throws a nobody reporter under the bus so he can hand wave the idiocy of the cunty dyke on msnbc away.

        2. I’m pissed off at Robby because he endlessly promotes mass vaccination with an experimental medication i.e. tyranny. Before that it was calling a rowdy protest, or riot if you must, an insurrection. Unarmed woman shot dead by an agent of the state who not only enjoys immunity but anonymity not even worth an honorable mention. Trespassers held without bond or trial in solitary confinement , no problem. And he spent 4 years regurgitating every leftist talking point, however implausible, about Trump. He told us Blasey Ford was “eminently credible”. I could go on but Robby is a silly man and has demonstrated hundreds of times that he’s not libertarian. That’s why I’m pissed off at Robby.

          1. I’m pissed off at Robby because he endlessly promotes mass vaccination with an experimental medication i.e. tyranny.

            Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. The FDA is responsible for and unknowable number of deaths because of the lengthy process of getting medicine approved, but when they actually do the right thing and put medicine on the fast track it become “experimental”? I thought it was government getting out of the way, which is a good thing.

            I’m not going to touch the rest of your post. You conservatives get too emotional about those topics.

            1. “Conservatives get too emotional “

              1. Sarcasmic’s self-awareness wouldn’t power a quark.

                1. …but his self-pity could power a quasar.

                  1. I reserve my pity for you and your delusional Trumpsters friends.

                    1. “Hue dur”!

                    2. Ouch. Deadly burn, you pathetic drunken troll.

                    3. That’s funny, I remember you blubbering at length about your drug addiction, alcoholism, homelessness and divorce. And then posting daily for the last 2-3 years that you are being persecuted by a rabid cabal of “Mean Girls”. Maybe if you weren’t drunk off your ass by 9 AM every day you’d recall some of these things more clearly.

                  2. They are not sending their best trolls these days. The quality has really gone down hill…

            2. We’re not talking about right to try. This is totalitarian scheme to put an experimental drug into every man, woman and child in the world. The Vaers reporting for these drugs exceeds all reporting for all vaccines combined since the system was started. There may be reasons for the increased reporting that don’t condemn the drugs but it is irrational insanity for the FDA, CDC, and Ron Baily to pretend it’s not a potential disaster in the making. And since you’re responding to something I didn’t write or imply it’s better you don’t respond to rest because you obviously have severe learning disabilities.

            3. The FDA is responsible for and unknowable number of deaths because of the lengthy process of getting medicine approved, but when they actually do the right thing and put medicine on the fast track it become “experimental”?

              The label literally says “investigational vaccine” you drunken fucking retard. As I’ve pointed out dozens of times now, it’s hilariously ironic: the same FDA that keeps terminal cancer patients from trying experimental (or “investigational”) drugs now not only approves them 2 full years before the required safety studies have been completed, but makes them mandatory for 350 million people. FREEDOM BABY!

              It’s really remarkable how unbelievably stupid you are.

              1. I mean of course it has been proven safe. The CDC and FDA are just monitoring it for safety though…nothing to see here, of course it is not experimental. Oh we won’t have all the clinical data on what we approved until 2025 and 2027 though.

            4. 10 months ago when dem politicians thought it might help bad orange man win an election, they said that they would never trust a vaccine developed under his administration. Now, they push -the same vaccine- with a religious fervor, to the point of mandating it for gov employees and “encouraging” private employers to do the same.

              To call this an inconsistency is being too kind. Perhaps the vaccine skeptical uneducated rubes are due an apology for the ‘whatever is convenient in the moment’ messaging from the now vaccine enthusiasts.

              Or did the vax suddenly become much more trustworthy on January 21? Haha.

              1. they said that they would never trust a vaccine developed under his administration

                I don’t think that is an accurate characterization of what they said. I think what they said was that they wouldn’t take a vaccine only on Trump’s say-so.

          2. I’ll touch it: Babbitt was forcing her way into the Speaker’s Lobby, at the head of a mob with apparent intent to harm the Vice President, Congress members and staff, and their guests.

            1. She was gonna beat the vice president and speaker of the house who were not in the building at the time to death with her bare hands! The brave officer had no choice! It’s anybody guess why the 4-man SWAT team standing 10 feet her, each with a selective-fire M4 rifle pointed at her back didn’t fire, they were probably MAGA terrorist sympathizers or something!

              It’s too bad she wasn’t a junkie who had just eaten her entire stash to try to get out of a probation violation for passing a fake bill, or a mostly peaceful protester who barricaded dozens of people inside of a building before setting it on fire, she could have been martyr.

              1. Don’t forget, she was wearing a MAGA hat which made her even more dangerous to the left.
                Alexandria Ocasio Smollet claimed Babbit was going to kill and eat her. That’s why AOS was hiding in the nearby building . That is unless Ted Cruz gets to her first.
                By now of course the officer’s name is known and he is also a member of the radical violent leftist BLM, who by the way are not threats to America. Why of course not.
                Only those who fly the flag and wear MAGA hats are threats. The DHS and Rachael Maddow said so.

            2. Don’t touch anything. You might catch COVID and you might spread your contagion of stupidity.

            3. She was such a threat that there were police standing right behind her.

              Where was the warning shot that you idiots think police should do before shooting someone?

              1. Lol. “Aim for the leg!”

                Not this time, tho. She was too dangerous.

                1. Just a couple of minutes prior, there were three other guards present and they were doing ok at deescalating the protestors. They suddenly abandoned their station. And there was s move for the protesters to proceed. The shooter was apparently a supervisor. It would be interesting to learn why those three left.
                  Security should have non-lethal means of ending a conflict. Taser or pepper spray fall into that category. Pepper spray would have been wonderful for that situation. It would be interesting to learn if the shooter had any in his kit.
                  I’d be surprised if folks get training to fire warning shots or shoot for appendages.

              2. “Where was the warning shot that you idiots think police should do before shooting someone?”

                When have I ever said such a thing?

            4. ‘At the head of a mob with apparent intent to harm the Vice President, Congress members and staff, and their guests.’ And you know this how? She was not at the head, i.e. leading, a mob. There was no apparent intent to harm the vice president or any other person unless one attributes intent based on one’s biases. You really are a sad, biased and ignorant dimwit.

  23. Soooooooo…. Progressive Reason that’s never critical of the left is running an article exposing liberals as idiots?

    1. You should build a straw man factory.

      1. It ain’t my strawman. I’m just pointing it out.

        1. Typical sarc “logic” seek help.

          1. I need help? Tomorrow the Roundup will be full of comments about how Reason is a liberal rag, they all hate Trump, they’re never critical of Democrats, blah blah blah. They will act as if this article never existed.

            1. Jesus Christ, you are self-refuting!

              1. At this point in the afternoon he’s probably a couple of cases in.

                1. Should we call doctor Phil?

                  1. When he’s this loaded sarc gets a little handsy, and I don’t know if even the good doctors moustache would stop him.

    2. running an article exposing liberals as idiots

      This article did not do that. Was there a different article you were thinking of? Or as usual did you just read the headline, decide what the article said, and then head straight for the comments to blame Trump and conservatives for a litany of wrongs and deflect any criticism of progressives?

      1. Can you point to any liberal talking heads who’ve moved on from chloroquine pool cleaning tablets to pet shop ivermectin?

  24. Facebook misinformation gets SIX TIMES more attention that factual posts, according to NYU researchers

    It found that misinformation on both sides of the political spectrum spreads faster than facts from authoritative sources like the World Health Organization and corporate news outlets like CNN.

    Don’t dare argue against what “authoritative sources” call misinformation, because let me tell you, this guy really knows is stuff better than those liberal hacks, eh? Amirite?

    1. sarc:
      “Hey! Look OVER THERE!!!

      And sarc wanders why he’s the laughing stock of the comments.

      1. Honestly, I just feel bad for the dude. He’s a colossal, chronic fuck-up who appears to have succesfully demolished his own life.

        1. Big ego, low self esteem. Selfish. He has a bad mix.

          1. I still can’t put him in the same basket of deplorables as tony, Jeff, amsoc, jfree and others. He at least seems logical on tax confiscation and size of government, so there’s that.

            But yeah, “bad mix” is accurate.

    2. And it’s mostly leftys in their social media echo chambers. So, by simple usage numbers this clearly means leftys are believing more fake news than those on the right or middle.

      I can think of these fake doosies…
      Racist smiling white boy taunts chief wahoo
      Racist black friends wearing white face fake bleach jussie smolett
      Fire extinguishers kill cops
      Trump is literally a Russian spy and owns a matryoshka doll factory
      Trump blackmail Ukraine into continuing an investigation they already started
      Mask work
      The vaccine prevents infection
      The vaccine prevents you from spreading it
      He said drink bleach!

      … Just off the top of my head.

    3. facts from authoritative sources like the World Health Organization and corporate news outlets like CNN.
      Seriously dude?

      1. There’s a difference between news and opinion.

        1. Not anymore.

          1. So you judge the message solely by the politics of the messenger? That was the entire point of the article. People will believe anything from someone who shares their politics, especially if it confirms their biases. Which makes you no different than the people you hate.

            1. And if the politician is a doctor, asshole?

              1. You’re giving me a headache. Over and out.

                1. That’s the box wine not me.

                  1. That’s the box bum wine

                    Fixed that for you. Blue Raspberry MD 40/40 and Thunderbird don’t come in boxes.

                    1. I stand corrected.

                    2. You’re more of a Molson man ML?

                      I actually like Molson

                    3. Hey look, sarcasmic forgot to switch back to his sarcasmic handle while drunk-replying again.

                    4. Keep thinking I’m Sarc

                2. “You’re giving me a headache. Over and out.”

                  When you find the courage to come back be sure to enchant us with the latest Dick Sandwich Recipe you just discovered! “Ever heard of a Reuben sandwich guys? It’s delightful! Oh no, why are you squares shitting on my cute ironic sandwich post?”. Must be the Wet Brain that powers all your pithy and cutting humor.

        2. At CNN? Seriously dude?

    4. And maybe that’s true, and maybe it’s not.

    5. Well, to be fair we saw how fast the Rolling Stone article went around the globe before the truth could get its boots on.

    6. You do understand that soviet style crackdowns on “misinformation” are what lead to Chernobyl. If you want to destroy misinformation you don’t do it with censorship, you destroy it with truth. If you can’t argue the truth in a persuasive way that is your problem bucko…

  25. It is vital vanishingly unlikely for the media to communicate correct information to the public


    1. They simply don’t care. If they get paid that’s enough.

    2. The irony of that statement in conjunction with the breathless repudiation of Ivermectin as a repeatedly proven antiviral measure was pretty painful, I will say.

  26. Before nominating Tucker Carlson for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Robby should check out the warning labels on some of the most popular Ivermectin products.

    1. Shhh, nobody tell chemjeff sock #53 Entelechy that Thalidomide does double duty as an effective leprosy medication. Or that Warfarin is a famous rat poison and a popular anticoagulant taken for life by people with artificial heart valves. What if he found out Aspirin wasn’t just prescribed as a pain-reliever, but sometimes as an anti-inflammatory and sometimes as a blood thinner? His brain might explode.

      It can’t enter these guys heads that hundreds of thousands of medications do double-duty, because I Fucking Love Science memes, and their virology course at the University of CNN never mention it.

    2. You do realize that you’re not actually getting any traffic to your blog from here, right?

    3. Check out the warning label for just about any drug, they all are scary. Part of the reason for that is how the FDA approves drugs. Any side effect, even if it can’t be tied to the drug, has to be listed. Even if they were experienced by the placebo group.

      1. True story, many eons ago, when I was going through practical nurse training in the Army, we had to do graded drug pours. As part of this we had to be familiar with five side effects of each drug we administered and how to treat the side effect. One of the tricks we were taught to remember at least one wide effect for almost any drug was to list the exact opposite of what the drug was supposed to due. So for example a drug that is prescribed as an anti-inflammatory one of the possible side effects could be increased inflammation. This is because of the way the FDA requires listing of side effects, as I referenced above.

      2. Isn’t it weird how half of regular drug commercials are listing the side effects, but with the jab it’s 100% rainbows and unicorns and getting your life back?

        1. There is a big difference between a prescription medicine that one takes daily for a chronic condition and a jab.

          1. Nominated for the single most stupid thing ever written. Considering the source, is not surprising.

    4. There are versions made for humans, you know. I’m sure it’s stupid to take a horse dose. But there are apparently quite safe dosage levels for humans.

  27. What is the difference between a hoax and MSM reporting?

    1. A regular hoax isn’t sponsored?

  28. “…The Associated Press recently reported that 70 percent of calls to Mississippi’s poison hotline were from people who had taken ivermectin. This was an error: The actual figure was 2 percent…”

    JFree hardest hit.

    1. A 68 point difference is not an error.

      1. Yeah, I’m having a hard time seeing that as accidental.
        Not to credit media ‘reporters’ with much regarding critical thinking skills, but any claim of “70%!” of near ANYTHING needs to be checked.

        1. BTW, the exclamation point is intentional; we expect to eat at restaurants without getting sick; the suppliers to your business are expected to (probably) not exceed 2% rejects, and so forth. These are normal; what we expect.
          If you are claiming a newsworthy (!) number, you had better make sure it’s good or expect to get fired.

          1. They should expect to be disciplined, but they won’t be.

            1. They were just following orders.

            2. There are those like shitstain who presume the higher motives of those who work in government; those are the claims of those who never had to deliver the goods on at least a quarterly basis.
              Right now, we have the expansion of tech such that the managers of the successful corps can bias the reports toward SJW BS and still not harm the stock holders.
              We once had (’50s) a car company which held well over 50% of the market, but that company had zero effect on how the population viewed the government; we now have drastically different incentives.
              Not sure of a solution, but anything which reduces the(gov’t-granted) power of those companies is a help. Any competition, ditto.

              1. Ever wonder why a majority of veterans are either small government conservatives or libertarians? It’s because we have way to much experience with how the government runs things.

                1. s76, you, me and the lot of those who served got a taste of that: When we started our business (late 60’s), turns out we missed a quarterly tax payment. When we tried to pay it from the bank account, it turns out that account was frozen as a result of the non-payment; could not be used to pay the required amount.
                  One of us knew a ‘dealer’ who had a sizable account, and who, for a percentage, wrote the check.
                  Droolin’ Joe has a hard time fucking up worse than that, but he’s done so.

                  1. I once tried to turn in a stained canteen cover (it was stained when it was issued to me but I was a boot private and didn’t mark it as stained), CID refused it. I threw it in the top of my locker and forgot about it. Went to clear post a year later and couldn’t clear post because I had the canteen cover still issued to me. I took it out, knocked the dust off, and ran over to CID. The guy there takes it from me, says nothing about the stain (it was still serviceable) and ask me why I didn’t turn it in last year. I mentioned the stain, he looks at it, takes out his pocket knife, cuts up a perfectly serviceable canteen cover and writes on my slip “field loss” and I was able to clear post with no charge.

                    1. A cop can kill you, a bureaucrat can make the next ten years of your life such that that you’d prefer to have died ten years ago.
                      Suffice to say our (wife and self) efforts have been sufficiently successful to have done well, but not quite well enough to duck under the radar of all of the assholic bureaucrats. Still tying.

    2. And did the 2% take animal doses or were they patients with prescriptions who had a reaction. Or farmers who were accidentally exposed. These numbers even if accurate are meaningless.

      1. People get overexposed every year anyway. Was a kid when I watched one dude catch a full facefull of pink slobber when the cow thrashed and spat the worming tube out.

        Still haven’t heard of any deaths.

        1. Ivermectin is often given IM, but even then, I’ve rarely met a rancher who hasn’t stuck themselves while trying to inject a combative calf.

      2. Just checked my med cabinet for the dosage of agrimectin (a common preparation of injectable ivermectin) the dosage for a 440 pound calf is twice the dosage of a 150 pound pig (I chose pigs because they are so similar to humans). Just a FYI.

    3. Update: People report Ivermectin poisonings.

    4. Even if it was 70%, how many calls about ivermectin poisonings do you think they get on the regular basis?

      Let’s say they get 10 a month but in August they got 17. It is nothing, just lying with statistics.

  29. How often do you think this happens and nobody find out the truth?

    1. Hourly

  30. So I have seen a report that the CDC is recommending that Afghan immigrants be dosed with ivermectin (among other medications). Which suggests two things: One, that ivermectin, which is routinely distributed for use by illiterate peasants in Africa, is not a very dangerous medication such that illiterate peasants are routinely trusted with the dosing, and two, that if the ivermectin is being prescribed to everybody without any proof that they actually have a parasitic infection but merely on the supposition that these Afghan immigrants might have a parasitic infection, then that means the CDC does not know for a fact that the ivermectin is going to help them but merely that the ivermectin might help them. Think about that for a minute. The CDC is dispensing ivermectin like candy on the theory that it might help. If you want to take some ivermectin on the theory that it might help you, well, you’re just a fucking moron.

    1. “One, that ivermectin, which is routinely distributed for use by illiterate peasants in Africa, is not a very dangerous medication such that illiterate peasants are routinely trusted with the dosing,”

      Perhaps. But perhaps risk tolerance and liability exposure are different in the third world. Bigger concern in Africa is that it will be resold in Asia before ever leaving the warehouse.

      1. But yeah, it’s safe at the sorts of doses you see being discussed on the interwebs.

  31. “A Rolling Stone gathers no facts” – Haven Monahan

    1. *applause*

  32. It much of cattle country it is time to work calves, this includes dewormer when appropriate. Any rancher has stuck themselves at some point when administering injections to cattle, as you can assume cattle don’t stand easy in the head catch while you administer a shot. They jump around and bang around and eventually you will jab yourself with a needle. I’ve done it, luckily I didn’t administer anything, but it would be easy to do, especially with a multidose gun. I’ve stuck myself while administering ivermectin in fact. No surprise that the number of Ivermectin ODs are up at this time of year. I am fairly confident it isn’t a big change from the trend prior to COVID, it is simply a matter of timing in the cattle market. This year it may be earlier than most years.
    The one thing that is different this year is that weaning is earlier across much of cattle country, because many producers are weaning earlier due to drought. The plain states, Rocky Mountain West and intra-mountain west are experiencing sharp droughts that have persisted since summer of 2020. Scant spring and fall rain, plus historically low snow packs, have led to grass shortages across much of the western cattle country. Weaning early is a popular method to compensate for short and poor quality grasses. A dry cow in the first and second trimester, needs far less grass and lower quality grass. Pair this with higher feeder cattle prices compared to the recent past, especially for lighter weight calves (400-500 pound range) many ranchers are working the calves early this year, August -September, as compared to October-November. This could contribute to an earlier spike in ivermectin ODs than what is normally seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if poison hotline has also seen a spike in 7 way or 5 way ODs as well (on a side note both 5 and 7 way contain a coronavirus vaccine, maybe Rolling Stone will make that their next headline, dumb country folks using cattle vaccines in lieu of COVID vaccines).

    1. If there is even a spike or an increase, which I haven’t seen addressed in any story.

  33. A message from the DNC, Hugo Chavez, Dominion Voting Systems, Italian Military Intelligence, and doctors and nurses throughout the United States:

    Attention anyone who believes that Civid will be prevented or cured by hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, convalescent plasma, Vitamin C, bleach, or whatever the latest not-the-vaccine preventative your favorite radio host or future presidential candidate is touting. You should absolutely live your truth. Remember that you shouldn’t seek medical help because Covid is a hoax and the hospitals are full of lying progressives who will insist that you have
    Covid when you know you don’t because you took [insert preferred snake oil here].

    Anywhere between 1% and 5% of those who voted in 2020 in a battleground state
    should do this as soon as possible. Definitely before 2024, preferably before 2022.

    Thank you, and welcome to our brave new world.

    1. When you got COVID did it remove your sense of humor as well as your sense of taste and smell? The only other thing I can conclude is you never had a sense of humor.

      1. This is another one of sarcasmic’s bitchy socks, just like KillAllRednecks, which he forgot to switch off upthread.

      2. I think that was pretty high-end sarcasm. It had layers, like referencing several batshit crazy conspiracy theories as well as making a not-so-subtle point about the likelihood of dying if you get Covid and aren’t vaccinated and whose vote totals that will effect in battleground states.

        But I’m dead serious about the living your truth part. If you believe the vaccine is bullshit, don’t take it. Granted, there are consequences to any action, but no one will force you to take it. Nor should they.

        This is the essence of personal liberty. Know the choices, know the consequences, make your decision based on your beliefs, and then accept the results.

        1. High end sarcasm? No, it really wasn’t. It was a collection of common anti-conservative tropes. It was sophomoric level sarcasm at best. It didn’t even list anything original that you couldn’t hear in any Steven Colbert monologue.

          1. hmm that’s really hitting him low by comparing it to a Colbert monologue.

            1. But did he die?
              Also, am I wrong?

              1. no, not wrong as far as i can see

        2. Have there been many here advocating that the vaccine is bullshit? Asking for multiple cites.
          Is there the “…likelihood of dying if you get COVID and aren’t vaccinated…”?

        3. And as to the not so subtle point about chances of dying with COVID, outside of a very minor part of the adult population (and an even more infinitesimal part of the minor population) COVID has a survival rate of greater than 99% for both vaccinated and unvaccinated. Vaccinated have an even lower chance of dying but not zero than vaccinated, but both chances in healthy adults under the age of 70, it is far less than 1%. So that point was just asinine.

    2. LOL!! Holy fucking fuck sarcasmic you are so fucking hilarious dude! My sides are in orbit! I especially liked when you misspelled Covid! That’ll really show those dumb rubes! Imagine taking antiviral drugs with dozens of studies demonstrating effectiveness as a prophylactic and early treatment for “Civid” when you could just take an investigational vaccine with a 39% effectiveness and half a million adverse reactions reported instead! LMFAO!

      1. Yeah. I saw the misspelling after I posted. I feel shame for it.

    3. You need a lot of work if you want to be good at parodying. Maybe learn what your opponents actually think first instead of throwing up every strawman you can think of.

      Also, know your audience.

    4. *Scrolls through UA’s handbook of standard responses*

      Fucking idiot.

  34. It never goes the other way, either:

    Ivermectin is a miracle cure! Oh wait…

    1. Depends on what you are using it for. As an antiparasitic it is a pretty damn good cure. For COVID some research has demonstrated it may be effective, others have been less promising. The best you can say is the science isn’t settled (but then again when is science settled?).

      1. (but then again when is science settled?)

        Only when the earth’s climate is about to descend into an ice age glacial meltdown CRISIS! or when the only safe and effective treatment for a mild respiratory virus with a 1 in 10,000 chance of killing a healthy adult is an “investigational” vaccine that is 39% effective.

      2. They didn’t find the truth about this story because they didn’t bother checking.

        How do we know they’re even trying to see if there’s evidence of ivermectin and COVID? For all we know, they’re just echoing off each other.

        1. It is being used in a research basis in some areas. So far the data is inconclusive. However, the media treats that as if it is some sort of quack remedy, rather than what it is, the research is still ongoing. The same can be said of HCQ, some trials were showing real improvements, while others, using different protocols, were showing no difference from placebo. The media ran with the story that HCQ wasn’t appropriate for COVID and all the funding for research dried up and anyone continuing it was cancelled. We’ve seen this a lot with COVID treatments. The funniest one was when the tried to condemn DeSantis for talking up a treatment, right up until Fauci also talked up the same treatment.

          1. The problem has always been that HQC, ivermectin, etc. aren’t being presented in the nuanced way you just did. They are being mentioned as cures/treatments, which they have shown no evidence of being. Often that is presented alongside other facts that lack context or nuance (like that the “Covid vaccine” has less than 40% effectiveness when that is only one vaccine against one variant) to push a narrative that vaccines don’t work/aren’t proven/are dangerous and that there are treatments that “they” don’t want you to know about that are highly effective.

            If more reporting was framed like your post, we would all be better off. Unfortunately, politicization of information and straight-up misinformation is the norm and the echo chambers on the right and left just amplify a flawed message.

  35. What is we imagine that Ivermectin or any other similar drug significantly helps Covid patients and shortens the time where they are infectious.
    I am not claiming this is so, but sort of a “what if”.
    There is no money to be made off of Ivermectin. It is cheap and plentiful. Nobody holds the patent rights anymore.
    People might be somewhat less likely to get vaccinated. That would be a problem for the people tasked with promoting vaccination.
    Phizer expects to take in $33 Billion dollars on the vaccine in 2021. If that dropped by even a few percent, a lot of people would have to put off buying more solid gold houses and rocket cars.

    Any approved treatment would be disastrous for the vaccine makers still under emergency us authorizations. Those were given only under the condition that there are no “adequate, approved, and available alternatives.”

    There is just too much at stake for us to trust that such companies will adhere to some sort of ethical restraint on their own.
    Perhaps in other eras, the press and media might use their knowledge and their own code of ethics to moderate the excesses of such companies and any government agencies they might hold sway over.
    But in this place and time, if Moderna or Pfizer wants people who speak of alternate treatments mocked and deplatformed, it happens. Whether such treatments are any good is irrelevant to them. I did notice that the media was very much on message when denouncing this particular treatment. It could be that they are just lazy and always copy each other without bothering to fact check. Or they might be responding to a PR campaign.

    I have no opinion whether Ivermectin is effective or not. I do know that it is routinely given to people (including myself) traveling from certain areas . So it is considered safe enough to give to people who are presumed to have been exposed to parasites common in some regions, just in case.
    Even if someone resorted to the veterinary version, the dosage by weight is clearly spelled out in the instructions, so anyone seriously overdosing is probably not that bright to begin with.

    1. Or accidentally injected themselves while working 400-500 pound calves. I bet that is the vast majority of ODs. Hint, cattle don’t stand calmy in the chute when head caught. I’ve never yet met a rancher who hasn’t accidentally stuck themselves when administering vaccines and antiparasitics to cattle. I’ve also met very few nurses who haven’t stuck themselves accidentally. I’ve done both, stuck myself while working cattle, and stuck myself as a nurse. Safety needles makes it less likely in human medicine. Hell, the funniest one I ever saw was when my intro to animal science professor, a 30 year veteran and head of the department stuck himself and injected an estrogen implant into his hand while we were working finishing steers.

    2. If Ivermectin, or anything else works, there’s no grounds for the EUA, and people start wondering why they’re getting pushed to take an unreliable shot that’s more than half again as lethal as all other vaccines since 1990 put together…

    3. Why would a treatment cut into vaccination? You only get treatment after you are already starting to have serious symptoms; vaccination prevents the illness from getting that far — a better deal.

      1. Only in theory, the history of fast mutating viruses such as influenza vaccine rarely exceed 40% effective at prevention. We are seeing similar things with the COVID vaccine and delta variant. Other vaccines, such as tetanus, don’t prevent tetanus infections but immunize you from the toxins produced by the infection. So, once again your attempt at snarkiness backfires because of your lack of knowledge on the subject you are pontificating on.

      2. Also, most anti-virals such as tamiflu ar useless once you demonstrate serious symptoms, they are only effective when taken with first onset of symptoms.

      3. The EUAs can only stay approved if there are no other viable treatments. The EUA would need to be revoked and with it all of the experimental gene therapies you call vaccines.

          1. Oh you mean the one they approved using data only up until March and you can’t actually get. The one that is still waiting on studies to be completed until 2025 and 2027? Also resulted in two of their top people around vaccines to resign?

      4. You only get treatment after you are already starting to have serious symptoms; vaccination prevents the illness from getting that far — a better deal.

        No, there’s PreP pills for AIDS that supposedly have a 99% effectiveness rate at preventing HIV infection.

        A “treatment” is not always a post hoc action, that’s the whole point of prophylaxis.

    4. They freaked out when Rogan said he took it (with a ton of other stuff) and felt better after a few days.

      1. He defied the narrative and must be destroyed.

  36. Is it only vaccine skeptics who talk up ivermectin? I remember its being talked up before vaccines for this virus were even available.

    And how does “liberal world view” as mentioned by this article figure into this? How did medical opinion become political? Has there ever been a political divide over any other antivirals?

    1. Liberals are not liberal in the literal definition. They’re more fluid, and statist now.

      1. They are also gender fluid

    2. The biggest thing is that some conservative radio show hosts have talked about Ivermectin, therefore even if it was a valid therapy (the science is still ongoing) it is now considered folk medicine or worse by the left. The same thing happened with HCQ, after Trump talked it up. As for the liberal bent of the (false) story, I think it is where it was supposed to happen. It was another see how stupid those hicks in flyover country are? Just more elitist drivel that is so common in many left wing circles this day. No critical thinking required. I give a perfectly valid reason above, as to why, if there is a spike in ivermectin ODs at this time of year, why that would be occurring. Hint it has to do with when ranchers most often administer ivermectin, around weaning time.

    3. Welcome to modern America, where the two major parties have politicized EVERYTHING. And they keep trying to suck us non-partisans into their culture war.

      1. Libertarian isn’t non-partisan, it is just a minority partisan group. Being a Reason sycophant is also partisan group.

        1. Mike is sooooooo non-partisan.

        2. I mean the Libertarian party is pretty much worthless so who would want to be partisan for them.

  37. Holy fuck Reason, can you not be honest even once a week?

    Good job pointing out the abysmal journalism as the herd of lemmings goes off one cliff, but then you fucking jumped in line for the damn chipper.

    Please, do one damned search of “ivermectin antiviral” and tell me there’s not something weird when you have mountains of affirmative data on its efficacy against viruses (Ivermectin vs. HIV, SARS, West Nile, Zika and other have been tested in the past decade in multiple continents in repeated succesful trials), including dozens of succesful trials around the world against Covid, and yet the government and its (political) scientists tell you it’s poison. FDA approved since ’87 and with a stellar safety record.

    1. The one article Bailey wrote on Ivermectin was lazy scientific journalism, based on secondary, journalistic reporting on an unpublished paper. None of his conclusions were supported by any scientific, peer reviewed published article. He provided only two citations, the second was a broken link, and the quote he provided doesn’t actually state what he infers it to state, the first was a secondary source, a journalistic (an an opinion piece at that) piece that reported on unpeered reviewed unpublished research. The secondary source linked to two peer reviewed, published articles, the first was on the use of HCQ (I give an extended analysis above in response to Mike Laursen on this article) and the second was an article from Australia that found in high doses a significant difference in outcomes for patients receiving high dosages of ivermectin.

      1. The unwillingness to attempt science is astonishing. Never seen gov’t and media try so hard to sell bad goods before, even against Trump.

      2. Bailey is a political ‘science’ ‘journalist,’ his writing is typically pretty skewed.

    2. mountains of affirmative data on its efficacy against viruses (Ivermectin vs. HIV, SARS, West Nile, Zika and other have been tested in the past decade in multiple continents in repeated succesful trials)

      Ivermectin has its therapeutic place wherever people catch viruses on top of parisites, but reducing comorbidity is not the same as curing covid.

  38. So Rolling Stone learned absolutely nothing to improve the quality of their reporting from their campus rape story debacle.

    1. It’s almost like Rolling Stone is a music publication. If it’s easier to understand this way, think of them as RealClearPolitics.

      1. Yes, this. I don’t count on Rolling Stone for anything other than their core competency, which has always been fawning over Bob Dylan.

        1. Do they even do that well?

      2. RealClearPolitics is a music publication?

  39. Journalism is dead – “Fact checking” is a weapon to use against political opponents – certainly not to be used to verify the veracity of your own reporting when promoting a narrative.

  40. I’m not sure the media “fell” for anything. It seems much of the MSM is only worried about pushing a narrative. There are many examples of false stories being pushed out without any basic research or confirmation. Later, when shown to be false, the MSM just moves on to the next one. No one is ever held to task or punished in any way. At least not that I can see

    1. Well I visit the faux websites like Fox, Newsmax, and OSN and they were pumping up ivermectin as a potential cure and no one can deny that. That did lead probably 1000s of people of trying it. If not 100s of thousands because it’s so easy to get from farm supply warehouse stores.

      1. Then we’re in agreement. Of course the word “probably ” indicates speculation. There’s no speculating on the rolling stones article and the other media entities that ran with it. Let me know when and who gets fired.

      2. And considering it has had less documented adverse effects than Tylenol and is widely used in farming, seems to reason we would have already seen at least adverse outcomes. They don’t exist which much more than can be said for the experimental gene therapies you call vaccines.

  41. Katelyn Ogle’s family has at least one member at each of the Big 3 affiliates in OKC. The family has been a pillar of the news community here for decades. The kids all go to journalism school, and are guaranteed internships during school as well cushy jobs when they graduate.

    I called the station this morning to register my complaint. Unfortunately, because the reporter is an Ogle, nothing will happen to her.

    1. Talk about a great example where the offspring end up being too decadent and soft to maintain the family legacy.

  42. The main stream media, once again, shoots itself in the footnote.
    Will they ever learn?Probably not until very real consequences such as in the case of Covington lawsuit against WaPo and CNN,even then, it appears they haven’t learned.
    When people stop paying attention the the MSM and turn to alternative sources for news and information, then the disinfo/misinfo narratives gets ramped up in a desperate attempt to remain relevant. Let them all fail.
    Rolling Stone once upon a time could be counted on for ate least some sort of accurate and verifiable product. No longer is the case.
    They continue to soil their own bed by promoting such poor attempts at journalism.

  43. So the quotes we’re using come from the lying doctor?

    The reporter is to blame because he said he didn’t do it?

    He also pretended to be employed at hospitals he doesn’t work at. Did he provide ‘quotes’ to explain that away too?

    And if there are next to zero cases of ivermectin overdose in Oklahoma, where did this liar–oops, I ‘mean ‘doctor’– see this huge influx of them?

    1. He must have been having a nightmare or maybe he took Ambient before that interview.

      All jokes aside, I could tell he was lying in the video he did with KFOR based on his body language alone.

  44. LOL no one thought they were overflowing the ERs, everyone knows thats dumbasses not getting the vaccine. We know that it’s just a fun to make fun of the idiots randomly taking goat dewormer that is completely unproven for actually helping with covid. This writer is conflating ridicule of dumbasses with what people know about the situation. Literally no one is conflating the two.

    1. Why don’t you join the idiots over on twitter that actually did believe this bullshit, you’ll fit right in.

    2. So you’re admitting that your side lied to push a narrative that wasn’t even true? Talk about an own goal.

  45. Media “fell for” or media “created”?

  46. No surprise. Since the late 70s the elitist, establishment crowd has change from (R) to (D). But these liberal little snots and much worse than the old time elitists. This entire “misunderstanding” was brought on because the elitist media despise everything in the flyover states. They only believed this because it was Oklahoma. If this were the Hamptons, they would have checked out the details first.

  47. Then of course there are all the podcasters pushing ivermectin as a covid treatment as an alternative to the vaccine for covid. That’s some shoddy journalism too, in that it’s getting thousands of people killed and ruining life for the rest of us.

    1. Oh yes the podcasters will be the death of us all.

  48. Moreover, its viability as a COVID-19 cure is highly disputed. As Reason’s Ronald Bailey noted in a recent article, there’s little evidence that ivermectin is an effective treatment for the virus. Reporters should make crystal clear that the best way to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is mass vaccination.

    What a load of nonsense. Why not try considering counterfactual evidence for once, Reason? Live up to your damned name! For anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear:

  49. I’m surprised that no one commenting on the story mentioned the reason people are OD’ing on “horse dewormer” rather than buying ivermectin at the drug store. But, although it’s a drug with a perfectly safe profile, used for 40 years, the FDA doesn’t allow Americans to buy human-dosed ivermectin OTC at the pharmacy, only to buy “horse dewormer” at the vet.

  50. So we’re ignoring the fact that out readers are the morons overdosing on this stuff, and blaming the “media,” which this site…IS. Sounds about right for people who voted for a President Buttchug’n’Bleach.

  51. I find it interesting that Reason has taken a very unReasonable approach to Ivermectin. There is plenty of evidence that Ivermectin may either prevent or help those with Covid to recover, yet the publication appears to have staked out a point of view and won’t even consider that they might be wrong. At the very least Ivermectin is safe, with over 4,000,000,000 doses given over the past 40 years.

  52. I make a sound, sometimes out loud, when something just doesn’t pass my inner smell test … a long drawn out ooookay. It’s the “I guess it could possibly be true that some extremely unlikely confluence of events could add up to this, but I just don’t buy it as is.”

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