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Why Hasn't the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?

So far it's crickets from The New York Times and The Washington Post.


Earlier this week, 60 Minutes dropped a bombshell: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, had granted Publix a vaccination contract as a kickback for a $100,000 campaign donation, according to a report by journalist Sharyn Alfonsi.

Then the story swiftly fell apart. Publix was neither the first nor the only vaccine distributor in Florida; the idea to use a grocery chain with more than 800 locations across the state was a good one, and did not originate with the governor; moreover, DeSantis explained all of this to Alfonsi, but his quotes were edited in a misleading way for the version that appeared in the 60 Minutes segment.

Bafflingly, CBS News is standing by this atrocious hit job. "For over 50 years, the facts reported by 60 Minutes have often stirred debate and prompted strong reactions," said the network in a statement released Tuesday. "Our story Sunday night speaks for itself."

This story should be a source of deep embarrassment for the network: Alfonsi made incendiary claims that she utterly failed to prove, and the report actively concealed from viewers the more plausible explanation offered by countless government leaders involved in the decision, including DeSantis himself. (Florida's director of emergency management, as well as the mayor of Palm Beach County—both of them Democrats—have subsequently released statements blasting CBS's distortions.)

It should have also drawn a thorough debunking, as well as outright condemnation, from other corners of the mainstream media. An accusation of corruption leveled by a major television network against a likely 2024 contender is a big story. It's perhaps an even bigger story when it turns out the network got it completely wrong. Media critics at The New York Times, The Washington Post, and elsewhere should be all over this.

The Times has published 10 articles that reference DeSantis in the last week, but not a single one of them concerns the 60 Minutes story. The Post linked to the story in its Monday email but has had nothing to say about its collapse.

Axios, on the other hand, published an article about the "clash" between DeSantis and 60 Minutes that was overly favorable to the latter. Axios made it sound like it was still an open question whether the Publix contract was a kickback and did not go into detail about the unfair editing of DeSantis' explanation.

Astonishingly, Axios then published a second, significantly worse article that accused DeSantis of milking his "spat" with 60 Minutes. "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Trump ally with his eyes on the White House, is dialing up a dispute with 60 Minutes—seizing on a juicy chance to ingratiate himself with the GOP base by bashing the media," wrote Axios, as if the media-bashing was not well-deserved in this case.

Again, anyone alleging that there's something unethical here has a high bar to clear. In order to beat COVID-19, it's imperative to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible nationwide: This obviously entails partnerships between governments and giant distributors in both the public sector and the private sector, many of which will have donated to various elected officials given the reality of the world we live in. As The Intercept's Lee Fang pointed out, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, received millions in campaign donations from Blue Shield of California—vs. DeSantis' paltry $100,00 from Publix—and then put the healthcare provider in charge of vaccinating the state, but no 60 Minutes story has described this arrangement as unethical.

Journalism industry watchdogs should be all over CBS for this. But there's nothing about 60 Minutes over at Columbia Journalism Review. The dial on PolitiFact's Truth-O-Meter hasn't budged.*

One praiseworthy exception is CNN. Journalist Oliver Darcy highlighted the controversy regarding the article in his own reporting, and correctly noted that CBS "never offered any substantive evidence to support the significant assertion and link the donation with the partnership."

But Darcy aside, it has largely fallen to conservative media—Fox News, The Daily CallerThe Federalist, The Daily Wire, Townhall, and others—to cover this debacle. The mainstream media's silence makes it seem like the matter is some contentious, undecided political issue, with liberal journalists claiming one thing and a leading Republican politician saying another. But that's just not the case. CBS made an extraordinary, unsubstantiated claim, offered no proof, and ignored adequate answers from government officials in both parties.

And some in the media still wonder why Republicans and independents are so distrustful of them.

*Update: The Poynter Institute, which operates PolitiFact, has now published a satisfactory article about the 60 Minutes story.

NEXT: Backpage Judge Accused of Bias Will Remain on Case

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    1. Damn. I look forward to Dee’s apolo…back pedaling and spin.

      1. Wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

        1. More importantly, the media wonders why everyone thinks they are for shit…

          1. I don’t think most of them really wonder. As long as they can reach enough low information voters, they’ve done their job.

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      2. You will wait until hell freezes over & I don’t mean Hell, Michigan!!

    2. New York Times has a new Gaetz anonymous story claiming Gaetz asked Trump to pre-emptively pardon him. Of course Gaetz denied the story completely.

      Why report news when you can report biased gossip?

      1. Biased gossip is news, as sure as speech is violence.

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    4. Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Isn’t About Infrastructure. It’s About Paying Off Political Allies…………MORE DETAIL.

    5. “…he had asked Gaetz’s father for $25 million—but insists it was not extortion.”

      Well, there you go.

    6. “Hey Robby, why don’t you clean up your own house first.” says ThomasD…

      “Man Behind Alleged Gaetz Extortion Scheme Admits Wanting $25 Million” from your link…

      Hey ThomasD! I hear that YOU and YOUR North Koreans are unjustly holding many-many political prisoners, and other innocents! When are YOU gonna clean up YOUR house over there in North Korea?!?!?

      1. Fuck off, you shitposting troll.

        1. Sqrsly went full leftist retard on this thread. As usual. Poor sarcasmic.

          1. Tribalism uber alles! Heil Der JesseBahnFuhrer! Heil!

            (When are you getting your promotion to Der JesseBarfFuhrer?)

            1. When are you going to stop munching shit, shit-muncher?

              1. When are you going to grow a brain, empty-headed wonder turd?

                1. When you stop munching shit, shit-muncher.

                2. 3 spaz F/R

    7. These are not mutually exclusive. He could be both a victim of extortion and guilty of evading Florida’s age of consent laws.

    8. I am genuinely interested – what is the link between Soave and the Gaetz story? Did he write about it, I’m not seeing a byline of his for the Gaetz scandal.

  1. Why would they? Peddling partisan bullshit is their bread and butter.

    1. It is no longer fashionable for a journalist to seek the truth. Now, they disseminate Truth!

    2. Yeah, and the articles say “they got it wrong” and “they are not infallible.” BS! They did exactly what they wanted to do.

  2. “DeSantis, a Trump ally with his eyes on the White House,”

    There you go.

  3. You poor fucking thing. Publix isn’t handing out 100k checks for nothing. We have every reason to question these relationships.

    1. We have every reason to question lie about these relationships.


    2. “We have every reason to question these relationships”

      But not electoral fraud. Mention that and we’ll kick you off the interwebs.

      1. Not like the election was worth trillions or anything…

    3. Keep getting your ass handed to you by supporting a discredited storyline. We know anyone with an R bad. That is all you need to know right? Partisan hack!

      1. BTW I support Noem over DeSantis, especially after she had the balls to veto a badly written conservative darling of a bill regarding gender specific bills. The bill was badly written and deserved to be vetoed even if I do not support transgendered females playing females sports. Or make all sports co-ed, except that would put females at an even greater disadvantage.

        1. I haven’t seen any analysis on why it was badly written, do you have a link? She couldn’t really answer the question, and one of the lawyers she talked with said it was because the NCAA threatened to sue, which is not a good reason. Honestly curious.

          1. My understanding, and I could be wrong, is that the law would have stopped girls from playing sports on boys teams, i.e. football. I think it’s stupid girls playing football at the high school level but I don’t oppose it. Again, I could be wrong on the specifics. And the NCAA explanation isn’t great but I can respect someone who bucks their party OCCASIONALLY (emphasis added to specify and differentiate from people who bucks their party on a routine basis). Either way, conservatives can forgive her if she gets the nomination and independents can see someone who doesn’t toe the conservative line on everything.

            1. My understanding is that is sort of true. If a school had a boys football team then yes girls would have been excluded.

              But most schools do not have boys football, they have varsity and JV football teams. Teams that are open to anyone.

            2. Either way, conservatives can forgive her if she gets the nomination and independents can see someone who doesn’t toe the conservative line on everything.

              She’s also been really strong on 2A. South Dakota is constitutional carry since 2019 (we are “shall issue” for CCPs for the purposes of reciprocity with other states) and she recently signed a bill (SB100) that explicitly prohibits the regulation or seizure of arms and ammunition by state authorities for any reason, “including any statutorily authorized response to disaster, war, acts of terrorism, or emergencies of whatever kind or nature”.

              And she did sign a couple of EOs to address the sports issue. Probably a response to the bad press she got for her veto, and it still needs to be address legislatively, but it could help reduce the impact “squish” label being applied to her from the far(ther) right.

    4. “Publix isn’t handing out 100k checks for nothing”

      So far larger campaign donations to various Democrats by big tech and the multinationals should be regarded as such too?

      1. Yeah he glossed over the part about millions from Blue shield in California to Newsom, and guess who is in charge of distributing the vaccine in California?

        1. “As The Intercept’s Lee Fang pointed out, California Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, received millions in campaign donations from Blue Shield of California—vs. DeSantis’ paltry $100,00 from Publix—and then put the healthcare provider in charge of vaccinating the state, but no 60 Minutes story has described this arrangement as unethical.”

          How is this glossing over?

          1. They’re talking about Pod. You can follow the little lines to the left of comments to see who people are responding to.

          2. You should probably learn to read:

            “Yeah he glossed over the part about millions from Blue shield in California to Newsom, and guess who is in charge of distributing the vaccine in California?”

            See that “he” right there near the beginning? I’ll give you a minute………… Find it?
            That refers to the lying lefty pile of shit LoS.
            Got it?

            1. Y’all, give Brian a break. It’s easy to mess up on occasion, especially in the heat of passion. Many of us also get lazy on using “you” and “he” to refer to their the direct response or the original author.

              1. fuck you prof go drown

              2. I explained it without insult, but I’m starting to see a pattern to BrianL’s comments. We’ll see if he learns.

          3. Strazele, not Robby.

    5. Lol, apparently Pod is too retarded to realize that even Florida Dems called the “pay for play” angle as bullshit:

      “As part of a larger story about Florida’s vaccine rollout, the renowned newsmagazine program spotlighted a recent $100,000 donation that Publix made to DeSantis’ re-election bid.
      The story, by correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi, suggested there was a possible link between the donation and the state’s partnership with Publix stores for vaccine distribution — a serious issue of foul play, if true.
      But, beyond spotlighting the public finance records, “60 Minutes” never offered any substantive evidence to support the significant assertion and link the donation with the partnership.
      After the report aired, the Democratic director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management and Democratic county mayor of Palm Beach County both publicly responded, saying that partnering with Publix was not suggested by anyone from DeSantis’ office.

      n a Sunday night tweet directed at “60 Minutes,” Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz wrote, “I said this before and I’ll say it again. [Publix] was recommended by [Florida Division of Emergency Management] and [Florida Department of Public Health]. Period! Full stop!”
      “No one from the Governors office suggested Publix,” Moskowitz added. “It’s just absolute malarkey.”

      Pod-tard hardest hit.


    7. You poor thing, they handed those checks out to both the GOP and the DNC in the state, as most corporations do. They were the 3rd pharmacy to begin. The state health board along with state mayors (including democrats) made the decision based on number of Publix locations.

      You poor thing. Like ignorance just oozes off of you.

    8. Question? Absolutely. Perfect job for the media. But when they get the answer, they need to either drop it or accurately report the answer. They can’t just make up a conclusion and then keep editing until they get there.

    9. Publix isn’t handing out 100k checks for nothing.
      The Ukraines and China will be pissed that they millions.

      1. -spent millions.

  4. Soave….Seriously, are you asking the question = Why Hasn’t the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?

    You’ve spread plenty of your own misinformation. How about you clean your own house. You’re really no better than the Old Grey Hag.

    1. Robby was too chickenshit to call it misleading until everyone else did.

      Brave truth teller he is not.

      Probably why he fits in with the other writers here.

      1. He wrote a story critical of 60 minutes on Monday the day after it aired (I’m assuming 60 minutes still airs on Sunday night). It was titled it: That 60 Minutes Story on Ron DeSantis and Florida’s Vaccine Rollout Is Wildly Flawed. How quickly did you want him to publish it?

        1. Wildly Flawed <<< Lying Their Ass Off.

          1. Exactly.

            wildly flawed = too chickenshit to call it misleading

            But really, doesn’t matter if it is Robby, or SaGN, or any of the other well worn socks around here, their problem is not reading comprehension. It’s a complete lack of honesty or integrity.

            1. Sorry, didn’t know the pronoun adjective used was the “wrong” one. And for what its worth, I’m not a sock.

    2. He seems to think no one remembers the last four years of his writing.

      But then again, there aren’t many of us, so…..

  5. “The mainstream media’s silence makes it seem like the matter is some contentious, undecided political issue, with liberal journalists claiming one thing and a leading Republican politician saying another. But that’s just not the case.”

    If we’re contemplating the apparent motives of the various news outlets, let’s start with The Washington Post.

    Amazon is square in the cross hairs of the left on three fronts: 1) the unionization drive by pro-Democrat unions typified by the vote today in Alabama, 2) an antitrust push by a national coalition of merchant retailers who want the federal government to break them up, and 3) a published plan the House Democrats calling out the company for a break-up by name. Is it any wonder that Bezos, Amazon, and the newspaper Bezos owns are doing everything they can to curry favor with the Biden administration and the Democrats under those circumstances?

    When Bezos bought The Washington Post, it presumably wasn’t because he needed their measly revenue stream to add to Amazon’s epic growth. Bezos bought The Washington Post for the same reason that Gates bankrolled MSNBC in the wake of the antitrust campaign that went after Microsoft. Owning an influential, left-wing media outlet is an insurance policy against criticism from the left, and now that the United States government and the Democratic party are one in the same thing, owning The Washington Post and vocally supporting whatever the Democrats want to do may be the only meaningful defense against them that Bezos has left.

    That’s presumably one of the reasons why Bezos came out in favor of President Biden’s infrastructure plan yesterday, and that’s also, presumably, why The Washington Post is acting like a partisan rag in this. You buy a guard dog to protect your daughter from strangers. If the guard dog joins in with the strangers and attacks your daughter instead, you have it euthanized. In this case, that would involve getting rid of the people running the newspaper. They know their job, and it isn’t to make Democrats look bad.

    1. Well said.

    2. And the 60 minutes piece seem to suggest they’re scared of DeSantis running in 2024.

      1. ALL of the propaganda against him suggests that.

        1. I don’t know why they’re scared. The purple states are all good and fixed now. We’re not going to see a fair election ever again.

          1. Always best to have insurance. And the more they can demonize him, the easier it is to convince idiots that the real reason he lost is because of how terrible he is after the fact.

      2. Don’t forget that the Post also prints a lot of stuff critical of Hogan, apparently because they consider him a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2024

  6. The long standing claim is that the media has a liberal bias. I have argued that it’s not the case, it’s just that the media has a pro-big-government bias. As can be demonstrated when they praise Republican presidents as being “decisive” and “stepping up as a leader” when they use military force.

    Nevertheless, 2020-2021 has given us a new breed of media. Perhaps it’s the demise of newspapers and broadcast television, but the new breed are explicitly partisan. It’s no longer a bias, it’s outright Democrat Party cheerleading. The few exceptions are the explicitly partisan GOP mouthpieces on the Right.

    Objective media is all but dead. We’re back in the 19th century when newspapers were party organs. We were lucky to live in an era when objective journalism, though never realized, was at least the stated goal.

    1. Well, at least we still have… Yet conservatives show up on a regular basis (here in the comments) to accuse Reason of being totally leftist. I’m surprised that SO FAR, none have shown up yet to assert that THIS article RIGHT HERE is MORE proof of the Marxist bias of!

      Go Reason Go! Expose them right left and middle!

      1. Once your primary concern becomes whether conservatives show up, haven’t you dropped all pretenses of caring about bias?

        1. My “primary concern” is CLEARLY the DISHONESTY and tribalism of MANY conservative commenters here! A wise, benevolent, and honest person would also see the wisdom of the below… Wisdom VERY sadly (mostly) lacking in the comments on these pages!

          For all ideological hard-core warmongers everywhere…

          So ye lust after the utter, eternal destruction of the “D” team, and the eternal victory of the “R” team? (The inverse kind of ideological idiot exists also, but not so much, on these pages = specifically where I sometimes comment, at ).

          “R” team likes to demonize “D” team? Biden is going to outlaw the internal combustion engine, tomorrow, to “Make American Green Again”? The NEW MAGA? Bullshit, demonizers!

          “D” team likes to say that the next “R” POTUS (Alex Jones maybe?) will outlaw ALL abortion, and birth control? And turn ALL women into enslaved baby-making machines, because every sperm is sacred? Bullshit, demonizers!

          All is for The Hive… The Tribe-Nation… Or, All is for the Individual, and you may NOT (of your own supposed “free will”) join a VOLUNTARY commune?! There can be NO compromise, traitors!!!

          The males must UTTERLY DEFEAT the females, who must NEVER speak again!

          Yin must smash Yang, till Yang exists no more!

          Creation must smash destruction! NO eggs may be broken, for making omelets!

          Life must rule over death, and NO ONE may die, to make room for the new living! No matter HOW old and decrepit they get! YOU MAY NOT DIE!!!

          Do you ideological idiots NOT see that “R” v/s “D” falls into the same category? You would destroy it ALL (multi-party democracy, “balance”) in the name of your POWER PIG FANTASIES!!!

          The ONLY way that ye will get your “ultimate victory” is in the DEATH OF IT ALL!!! The new POTUS, Alex Jones, will declare Nuclear War for the Ultimate Victory… And yin and yang, male and female, “D” and “R”, individual v/s tribe… they all ARE NO MORE!!!

          Are you HAPPY now, ideological idiots and power-lusters?!!?

          (Sorry if that was “in your face”, but I hope that my point has been made).

          1. “My “primary concern” is CLEARLY the DISHONESTY and tribalism of MANY conservative commenters here!”

            If your primary concern is conservatives despite the government and the Democratic party being the same thing, then you’re not unbiased, at the very least, and may be delusional to the point of being loopy.

            1. “…the government and the Democratic party being the same thing…”

              Last time I checked, the GOP has MANY members of Congress, state Governors, etc. It is ***YOU*** who is delusional! What HAPPENED to you, Ken?!?!

              1. The Democrats control the White House, both chambers in Congress, have the power to destroy the filibuster–and have threatened to do so if the Republicans use it. Meanwhile, they’re passing the most anti-capitalist, anti-libertarian legislation we’ve seen since FDR and the Great Depression without any significant support from the Republicans whatsoever–and in spite of their universal opposition to that legislation in the Senate.

                If the only legitimate purpose of government is to protect our rights to a libertarian capitalist, and the Democrats have exclusive control of the levers of U.S. government and are using it to implement authoritarian and socialist policies, then opposing those policies is a partisan act–whether you like it or not.

                To the extent that the Democratic party doesn’t have complete control of the government, via killing the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court, it is only to the extent that the Democratic party doesn’t want to do those things. We haven’t seen the end of that conversation among themselves, and we don’t need to in order recognize that the Democratic party and the U.S. government are one in the same thing.

          2. “My “primary concern” is CLEARLY the DISHONESTY and tribalism of MANY conservative commenters here! ”

            “Yet conservatives show up on a regular basis (here in the comments) to accuse Reason of being totally leftist”

            So your primary concern is yourself, got it.

            1. He’s a fucking autist.

              1. He also admitted he’s eaten shit before.

                1. Worse yet, he admitted he voted for Jeb Bush.

            2. Sqrlsy’s a fucking liar and a troll, and he knows he’s a liar and a troll.

          3. You do nothing but spew dishonesty dear.

      2. P.S. Once the Unites States government and the Democratic party became the same thing, how does one oppose the government without being partisan?

        1. One-party GOP rule has recently CLEARLY been a bigger threat than 1-party Democrat rule!

          Der TrumpfenFuhrer ***IS*** responsible for agitating for democracy to be replaced by mobocracy!

          A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses

          Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
          September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

          Trump’s constant re-telling and supporting the Big Lie (any election not electing Trump is “stolen”) set up the environment for this (insurrection riot) to happen. He shares the blame. Boys will be boys? Insurrectionists will be insurrectionists, trumpanzees gone apeshit will be trumpanzees gone apeshit, so let’s forgive and forget? Poor Trump was misunderstood? Does that sound good and right and true?

          It really should immediately make us think of Krystallnacht. Hitler and the NAZIs set up for this by constantly blaming Jews for all things bad. Jew-haters will be Jew-haters, so let’s forgive and forget? Poor Hitler was misunderstood? Does that sound good and right and true?

          1. God you’re full of shit and a partisan hack and not a libertarian one either.

            1. Do you recall the awesome enchanter named “Tim”, in “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail”? The one who could “summon fire without flint or tinder”? Well, you remind me of Tim… You are an enchanter who can summon persuasion without facts or logic!

              So I discussed your awesome talents with some dear personal friends on the Reason staff… Accordingly…

              Reason staff has asked me to convey the following message to you:

              Hi Fantastically Talented Author:

              Obviously, you are a silver-tongued orator, and you also know how to translate your spectacular talents to the written word! We at Reason have need for writers like you, who have near-magical persuasive powers, without having to write at great, tedious length, or resorting to boring facts and citations.

              At Reason, we pay above-market-band salaries to permanent staff, or above-market-band per-word-based fees to freelancers, at your choice. To both permanent staff, and to free-lancers, we provide excellent health, dental, and vision benefits. We also provide FREE unlimited access to nubile young groupies, although we do firmly stipulate that persuasion, not coercion, MUST be applied when taking advantage of said nubile young groupies.

              Please send your resume, and another sample of your writings, along with your salary or fee demands, to .

              Thank You! -Reason Staff

              1. Yeah, you don’t really have anything you can say to defend yourself from a true allegation.

                1. He always pull out his “Tim” copypasta when he’s fucked up and now just wants to shitpost a thread to oblivion.

              2. Non sequitur, since I didn’t say anything about the author or even Reason.

                1. You didn’t say ANYTHING other than spew insults. Typical of many conservatives who come here with the explicit purpose of turning these comments into one giant echo chamber, instead of a place to exchange links, facts, and ideas.

                  Drive AWAY all those who do NOT agree with “My tribe good, yours bad! My violence good, yours bad!”

                  It seems to me, that these ideas have REPEATEDLY been tried, and have been found wanting!

                  Awareness of some root causes would help. Read this:

                  1. My tribe good yours bad is all your posts ever amount to. As for spewing insults, again that covers your posts. As for that being all I ever do. Pure deflection on your part. And your word salads, which are never posted in good faith don’t deserve anything more than insults because they are posted as insults to begin with. I rarely have ever seen you post in good faith so why would you expect anyone to respond in good faith? If you ever posted anything but gibberish and didn’t insult anyone who dares disagree with you, I would offer you the same consideration but instead you insult all conservatives (especially) and anyone who disagreed with your orthodoxy and then cry like a little bitch when you get the same in response. The very post I responded too included insults against conservatives and Trump suppporters and you are here whining about me insulting you? You don’t see the irony?

                    1. I have a link. I have facts. What do YOU have here? Besides your tribe being always in the right?

                      Der TrumpfenFuhrer ***IS*** responsible for agitating for democracy to be replaced by mobocracy!

                      A list of the times Trump has said he won’t accept the election results or leave office if he loses

                      Essential heart and core of the LIE by Trump: “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!”
                      September 13 rally: “The Democrats are trying to rig this election because that’s the only way they’re going to win,” he said.

                    2. You have insults and an opinion piece. And did you forget I condemned Trump for his rhetoric regarding the election and the violence that resulted from it? See your are so convinced anyone who disagreed with you must be an enemy and once again you invoke Godwin’s Law. When you resort to insults and Nazi references you have lost. Linking to a CNN opinion piece isn’t proof of anything but your own bias. The same is true of linking to a FNC opinion piece neither is proof of anything but bias.

                    3. “I have a link”

                      A link!

                      Well I’m convinced.

                  2. Also, you love to prove Godwin’s Law. You can never discuss conservatives or Trump supporters without invoking it.

                    1. “And did you forget I condemned Trump for his rhetoric regarding the election and the violence that resulted from it?”

                      Well, good for you for one! There are SOOOO many tribalistic Trump loyalists here I honestly lose track!

                      Please accept my apologies for assuming that you were in on the thick of it, with ALL these frankly immoral tribalists!

                      I assumed wrongly… Sorry! (Unlike many here, I am capable of apologizing now and then).

                    2. I don’t really think you should be commended for openly attacking someone repeatedly then being forced to walk it back.

                      That’s not behavior you should have been engaging in anyway so getting rebuked into an apology isn’t exactly commendable, and using it as yet another chance to attack your enemies (“Unlike many here”) robs it of any meaning it may have had in that regard.

                    3. “… robs it of any meaning it may have had in that regard.”

                      Steven Greene here, the Great Benevolent One, rejecting my apology to SoldierMedic! Did your tinfoil hat catch SoldierMedic asking for you to speak for SoldierMedic? What other Great and Wise, Benevolent, Deep Thoughts, and pro-peace-making sentiments do You have for me, Master of Wisdom?

              3. “Tim” again? Good Lord come up with something original; you used this when you were “Hihn.”

              4. I recall an enchanter named Mit.
                He said you eat shit.

          2. “One-party GOP rule has recently CLEARLY been a bigger threat than 1-party Democrat rule!”

            At best, there isn’t anything unbiased about you. You’re a partisan.

            At worst, you’re delusional and need to seek professional help.

            1. As documented above, Trump REPEATEDLY told the Big Lie of, “ANY election results not confirming MEEE as Your Emperor, MUST be fraudulent!” Biden did NOT do the equivalent! Let the facts fall where they may HONESTLY fall!

              And YOU have no response other than insults! My, how far you have fallen, Ken!

              1. Seriously, read the above post and tell me he’s not Hihn.

                1. He’s not, he just acts like Hihn.

                  Hihn died this past summer, and used very specific screennames that were easily recognizable as him after his primary account using his real name got banned.

                2. I was pretty sure it was Hihn revived, but maybe squirrel is clever enough to actually use Hihn’s terminology,…no, it’s Hihn.

                  1. Hihn would actually format his posts. SQRLS just goes all caps when he thinks a part is super important.

                  2. It’s not Hihn:

                    “Michael J. Hihn, age 78, of Boise, ID, died July 21, 2020. Born in Cleveland, OH, raised in Middleburg Hts, OH. Moved to Washington in 1991. Father of Thomas Hihn (Amber); grandfather of Brad and Brooke; brother of Carole Scott, Richard Hihn and the late Robert (Rita) and Alan Hihn. Dear son of the late Michael and Helen Hihn. Private family service.”

            2. You’re underestimating him.

              He has proven to be quite capable of being BOTH a partisan hack AND delusional.

            3. At worst, you’re delusional and need to seek professional help.

              I’ve got to admit, between the batshit insane political rehtoric, almost intentionally backwards reasoning skills, obnoxious and ***somewhat*** unnecessary EMPHASIS, if he’s not Michael Hihn, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest he’s suffering from the same psychological affliction that brought Hihn down.

              1. I can see that. Hihn was much more entertaining though.

                1. Manic depressive illness, especially at a psychotic level, becomes progressively worse over time and does diminish a persons abilities, not the least of which is their entertainment value.

          3. One-party GOP rule has recently CLEARLY been a bigger threat than 1-party Democrat rule!

            Hey retard, who was in charge of the House on January 6th?

            1. “…who was in charge of the House on January 6th?”

              In their own minds at least, trumpanzees gone apeshit, trying to replace democracy with mobocracy! In direct response to the “Big Lie” from Big Liar Trump! Which proves my point!

              1. The shitmuncher believes the Republicans were in charge of the House on January 6th.

                1. Well he did say “I’m their minds”, and since he clearly believes all the delusions in his mind, that’s good enough for him.

              2. the only point you proved is that you are obsessed with Trump. he lives in your head rent free. there is not one hour during the day that you don’t dream about him.

                1. Wow, look at ALL the LEGIONS of tribalists, spewing nothing but insults and tribalism! Do y’all ever wonder why you’ve been losing so many elections lately? I mean, BESIDES the conspiracies of the Lizard People?

                  1. Rich in irony the person who started out with insulting people based upon tribe, this started out with tribalism, accuses others of being tribalist. You have to be a parody, because otherwise you seriously lack self awareness.

                    1. You resent the hell out of the fact that many other people are flat-out, better, more honest people than you are, right? More “live and let live”, and WAAAY less authoritarian?
                      From the conclusion to the above…
                      These findings suggest that we don’t need to downplay personal triumphs to avoid negative social consequences, as long as we make it clear that we don’t look down on others as a result.

                      SQRLSY back here now… So, I do NOT want you to feel BAD about YOU being an authoritarian asshole, and me NOT being one! PLEASE feel GOOD about you being an authoritarian asshole! You do NOT need to push me (or other REAL lovers of personal liberty) down, so that you can feel better about being an asshole! EVERYONE ADORES you for being that authoritarian asshole that you are, because, well, because you are YOU! FEEL that self-esteem, now!

                    2. More honest, that’s a joke. You inferred above that I supported Trump and his outlandish claims despite anyone here being able to attest to the fact I condemned his claims and condemned the riots on the 6th. You aren’t even remotely familiar with intellectual honesty.

                    3. And at this point I think you are getting upset because my analysis of you is true and you know it. So you ineffectually strike out because you hate it when someone accurately calls you out.

                  2. “Wow, look at ALL the LEGIONS of tribalists, spewing nothing but insults and tribalism!”

                    To be fair, you’re complaint is apparently that they’re talking to you in a language that you clearly use yourself and are fluent in.

                    1. Steven Greene
                      April.7.2021 at 1:20 pm
                      “I have a link”

                      A link!

                      Well I’m convinced.

                      End Steven-crap.

                      At least I post links and facts! Unlike MANY empty-headed tribalists around here!

                      I have ANOTHER link for YOU especially! Read it if you dare!


          4. LOL. wow, sadly you believe this. What has one party GOP done to remove your rights? What threats have they made that is anywhere close to the GND? You’re an idiot sarcasmic.

          5. Yeah, Im betting Trump doesnt leave office, either. So he can keep foisting the 1 party totalinarianismnon us.

            Wht do we engage this mental patient?

            1. THIS is why diWhite Knightoxide says that we should re-elect Der TrumpfenFuhrer in 2024! Good argument! We should all consider it very thoughtfully! (Or maybe Alex Jones, if, Government Almighty perish the thought, Der TrumpfenFuhrer keels over dead in the interim).

          6. “A list of times trump has said…..”

            Holy shit! Trump is still in office? Damn, the media really is fucked up. They’re in complete denial!

            1. Trump’s not dead yet! He’s just sleeping! (The boys from Brazil are keeping his head alive in a jar, and He Will Come Back To Save Us All, very soon! Keep the faith!)

      3. > Well, at least we still have

        Which is NOT a news site, it’s an opinion site. Which is half the problem because people can no longer distinguish between news and opinion. And call me a traitor, but I blame FOX News for that, as they deliberately blurred that line for years.

        When it’s accepted that the job of journalists is to espouse the party line, no one should be surprised when journalists stop journaling and engage in partisan cheerleading instead.

        1. And call me a traitor, but I blame FOX News for that, as they deliberately blurred that line for years.

          That doesn’t make you a traitor, just naive and easily susceptible to left-wing propaganda.

          1. If anything, Fox does a much better job differentiating their news and opinion. Nobody thinks Hannity or Tucker are journalists.

            1. There’s an attempt by most outlets to at least give the appearance of separation, but the fact is their audience is likely the one who is too dumb to notice the difference. The outlets like it like that too, but they want to be able to excuse themselves when dealing with their hive mind and this is how they do so.

              Basically, ‘Look, we tried to let the rubes know this was just our opinion but they just couldn’t figure out the difference! We’re fully aware of that and aren’t going to change anything, but it’s really not our fault people are dumb.’

              Which is sort of excusable, really, but ultimately it’s super clear they know what they’re doing. There’s a constant nudge-nudge-wink-wink going on where they all cover for each other while doing the same things.

              1. Jim Acosta is a “journalist” at CNN. He was their White House correspondent ffs.

            2. To be fair, I don’t think much of their opinions either.

              1. I occasionally find Tucker interesting, depending on what he’s talking about, or who he’s interviewing. Agreed on Hannity though, dude is a total blowhard.

                1. Blowhards I can handle.

                  He’s a dim bulb.

        2. “Which is NOT a news site, it’s an opinion site”

          You’re a retard.

        3. And call me a traitor, but I blame FOX News for that, as they deliberately blurred that line for years.

          Traitor? Misdirecting your anger, screeching at FOX News is as American as apple pie or looking the other way when The Clintons steal money.

          Of course, FOX News never would’ve been FOX News without an ocean of sycophantic media for them to float on. Even if they did intermingle fact with fiction, it wasn’t what made them unique or popular as much as the fact that they weren’t yet another outlet with the same take on any given news story. Even today, with media outlets across the board blurring the line between fact and speculation pretty openly, FOX is still rather unique, almost exceptionally, in it’s views.

        4. You’re not a traitor, you’re just a biased idiot. The media has always been biased since its inception. That is why most towns had both a conservative and a democratic newspaper in the early days. That got conglomerated to one voice. It just happened to be the voice you preferred. You’re biased. Congratulations on the realization.

        5. I think the problem existed (see CNNs gun reporting and faking a shooting test in the mid 90s and NBC faking the GMC/Chevy fires in the early 90s) before FNC existed, FNC just brought it to the forefront by offering a differing view.

      4. I’m surprised there wasn’t a “both sides do it” section in this article.

    2. “As can be demonstrated when they praise Republican presidents as being “decisive” and “stepping up as a leader” when they use military force.”

      You’re a retard.

  7. “you have it euthanized” Interesting idea.

  8. The answer here is simple DeSantis fits the picture painted by 60 minutes. True or not the fact that the piece fits the mold gives it credibility. DeSantis is his own biggest problem. He has always taken the populist position with regard to Covid19 while some of his own action betray different beliefs.

    1. Of all the stupid things I’ve seen posted at Reason, this is the latest.

      1. Maybe, but it’s possible this isn’t the most abysmally stupid post from this steaming pile of lying shit.
        He attempts to out-do himself on a regular basis

      2. Perhaps your a neophyte to politics. Let me fill you in on something “perception” is a driving force in politics and news coverage. That is why some politicians are Teflon and some are flypaper.

        1. No perception is formed not inherent, thus the reporting is what forms perception and when the reporting is biased, that is how you get teflon and flypaper. You are putting the cart before the horse and absolving the press for it’s bias because of a perception the press itself created.

        2. You must not have received the memo, we’re all calling that ‘optics’ now.

        3. Moderation4ever
          April.7.2021 at 12:25 pm
          “Perhaps your a neophyte to politics…”

          No “perhaps” about it; you’re a TDS-addled ignoramus.

    2. ? The reporting was flawed, overtly dishonest, in order to “paint” the picture they wanted. This is completely distinct from why you or they may or may not like him.

      And this is why the media has almost no credibility. It’s not just about what you want to believe, unless of course objectivity is now deemed to be false construct.

    3. Shorter mod4ever “he isn’t guilty if this but he must be guilty of something so the ends justify the means”.

      1. Or, “he is a bad person/ not of my tribe so fair play.”

      2. Or:
        “I’m really stupid and try to prove it on a regular basis”?

      3. I’m going with all three of these.

      4. Guilt or innocence is often a question of perception of in the public sphere. I noted that you were critical of the Governor in an earlier post suggesting that his work on a bill was sloppy. Others may feel the same and it may overall add to the perception of DeSantis.
        My point is not that Governor DeSantis is corrupt or not corrupt but rather he give a perception of being corrupt (*) and so there is little incentive to go after 60 minutes.

        (*) – it worth noting that true or not true corruption seen as a feature of Florida politics itself.

        1. Perception is formed by a biased media. If Biden received the same level of coverage, in the same light, the perception would be he is crooked too. In fact go to Fox chat boards and you will see this phenomena. Now compare it to progressive websites and the perception is different. The same applies to DeSantis. Your perception of him is formed by the media and it’s bias that you consume. Not by anything unique to him or his actions but by the coverage, which is ultimately biased by your chosen media consumption.

          1. He’s clearly a leftist, and yet he chose “Moderation4ever” as his handle. What does that tell you?

          2. I would respond that I personally read or watch a wide range of news media. That includes sites like Reason, HuffPost and Bulwark. I read my daily local newspaper which leans right and on Wednesday provides a leftist supplement. I watch news on FOX, CNN, and MSNBC. For giggles, I like to watch the Young Turks news which make MSNBC look pretty middle of the road. I don’t watch personalities other than Morning Joe while I drink my first cup of coffee and Michael Smerconish’s show on Saturday morning.

            What I would say is that while Gov DeSantis is criticized on the left he rarely get good coverage on the right. You did not vote for him. I know a few Floridians, they are all Republicans, and none has had a good word for the Gov.

            1. You need to expand your horizons a bit

              ‘We have the best damn governor in the country.”

              Unprompted, that’s what the first Floridian I spoke with relayed to me during my recent trip to the Sunshine State. “Biden’s trying to tell us what to do, and our guy is telling him to get lost.” Though it seems this story should be preempted by “Once upon a time . . .” and then dismissed as a tall tale told for political convenience’s sake, you’ll just have to take my word for it that this interaction really did occur.

              So long as Donald Trump doesn’t seek the presidency for a third time, it would seem that Ron DeSantis will enter the 2024 Republican primary as a, if not the, front-runner. CPAC’s straw poll pegged him as the favorite in that scenario.

              Seriously dude, if your right-wing news sources are the Bulwark and Reason then you’re pretty delusional about how nonpartisan you are.

            2. You nees to join the Rivals college recruiting service. On a messageboard of several thousand daily users and tens of thousands of irregular users from all over the country, Desantis has been a hero for nearly a year. Everyone in FL refers to him as “Thats my Governor”, and everyone else refers to him as “Thats my President!”

            3. Moderation4ever
              April.7.2021 at 2:54 pm
              “I would respond that I personally read or watch a wide range of news media…”

              A shame “comprehension” isn’t something of which you’re capable.

        2. Please keep going. You’re very amusing.

        3. Moderation4ever
          April.7.2021 at 12:37 pm
          “Guilt or innocence is often a question of perception of in the public sphere…”

          Only to TDS-addled assholes who have no connection with an objective reality. You, for example.

    4. Ching. $0.50.

    5. “True or not the fact that the piece fits the mold gives it credibility.”

      All you need to know about M4E.

    6. True or not the fact that the piece fits the mold gives it credibility.

      Dan Rather already tried that “fake but accurate” bullshit, retard.

    7. Moderation4Idiots

    8. fits the picture painted by 60 minutes

      LOL. God damn man, never change. Awesome parody.

    9. Cuomosexuality on full display

      1. Speaking of which, hizzonor now has a 75% approval rating by NY Democrats, 53% overall. I smell a fourth term in the offing.

  9. Why Hasn’t the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?

    Because they do the same thing, and 60 minutes might take up a policy of mutually assured destruction.

    1. I clarified it without affront, however, I’m beginning to see an example to BrianL’s remarks. We’ll check whether he bba colleges in delhi ncr

  10. Targeting the modern “Journalist” is the only answer. If they continue to mislead the people, they need to be held accountable for their lies. These scumbags are the main catalyst for violence in this country. Their misleading stories have caused billions of dollars of destruction to innocent business owners. They are costing the taxpayers billions.
    At this point, the only way to get them to behave and tell the truth will be to start snatching them off the street and treating them to a waterboarding session or assassinating the people running them. They want wars, they want uprisings. Their nonsense is causing harm to the law abiding citizens. It is time that they feel the pain of vthe violence they cause. It is time that their families feel the pain too. It is time that their HQs burn with them locked inside.
    In the long run, a war on the media will be much cheaper than rebuilding burned cities every decade. We can only hope that an airliner hits one of their buildings and we can watch them try to fly.

    1. If real widespread civil unrest ever comes to pass I think they will find there are few, if any places for them to hide.

      And that they are not nearly important enough to get any real protection.

      Useful idiots indeed.

  11. Team Blue or their cocksucking media friends could lynch a bipoc person in broad daylight and nobody would care. Nope, in fact, they would somehow find a way to connect the bipoc person to Trump, anti-Covid lockdowns/mask mandates/vaccines, implying that they deserved it.

    1. Once they got away with blaming white supremacy for black on Asian violence, why should they change?

    2. Team Blue or their cocksucking media friends could lynch a bipoc person in broad daylight and nobody would care.

      Proof: they executed those black teenagers joyriding through the CHAZ in Seattle, one of them actually filmed herself telling the people there to clean up the crime scene, and no one suffered a fucking thing.

      1. And the murderers in that case, especially the one who’s on tape saying “oh, you’re not dead yet” then firing a shot, would be easy to identify.
        The “security” team were members of “the John brown gun club” and gave several on camera “interviews” in which they discussed their role.
        There were a dozen witnesses.
        It’s an absolute disgrace that it wasn’t pursued.

    3. Team Blue or their cocksucking media friends could lynch a bipoc person in broad daylight and nobody would care.

      Or a black guy can beat the shit out of an Asian guy on a train and not only is the violence itself White Supremacism because its against an Asian, but it’s also Righteous Vengeance Against White Supremacism, since the Asian guy may have said the n-word.

      1. Notice how media think-pieces about “anti-Asian” hate has ramped back considerably in recent days. I don’t think they realized, because their associations are based on class rather than race, that common Asians and blacks don’t especially like each other.

        1. Black on Asian violence isn’t new, and yet they didn’t know how this would turn out when everyone started looking at it.

      2. And the poor guy was just talking about his daughter:

  12. the report actively concealed from viewers the more plausible explanation ”
    what the fuck Reason this is not whataboutism, Florida gave the actual reason not just a plausible reason the real reason.

  13. Could this be liable, as 60 minutes knowingly withheld facts to perpetrate defamation.

    1. I think so, but he’s a public figure so the standard to prove malice is higher.

      1. As I mentioned in the roundup, the statements from Democrats in Florida make proving the “knowingly” part a lot easier, and they clearly reported that he committed a crime.

      2. Since journalist outlets simply reporting on a person at all automatically makes them a public figure, as we determined in the George Zimmerman lawsuit against NBC, it is functionally impossible for outlets to either defame or libel anyone. Everyone gets the much harder to prove standard.

        1. Since journalist outlets simply reporting on a person at all automatically makes them a public figure, as we determined in the George Zimmerman lawsuit against NBC

          That wasn’t what the judge in that case based Zimmerman’s “public figure” status on. That said, what she did base it on was equally stupid:

          Zimmerman “voluntarily injected his views into the public controversy surrounding race relations and public safety in Sanford and pursued a course of conduct that ultimately led to the death of Martin and the specific controversy surrounding it”

          1. It’s not exactly the same thing, it’s true, but it’s functionally the same thing. NBC ‘reports’ on his ‘views’ dishonestly as fuck, then that dishonest reporting of his views is used as proof he’s a public person with a higher standard.

        2. Oliver Sipple became the first casualty of being in the news cancels your rights to privacy and defense against malice back in 1975.

    2. *lible

  14. Because the Mainstream Media is about narrative building. In the New York Times case against Project Veritas, they stated their news sections were actually opinion.

    The news isn’t objective, especially the mainstream news. You know this though Robbie, stop pretending otherwise.

    1. Thanks for the link; every outlet has it’s choir to preach to, and inconvenient facts do not get in the way of their sermons. It would however be gratifying to see the country’s “preeminent newspaper” pay a price for this.

  15. “Why Hasn’t the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?”

    Perhaps because CBS *IS* mainstream media?
    NYT and WaPo do this all the time; ask ’em about Putin and Trump.

  16. who’s 60 Minutes going to apologize *to*?

  17. “Spreading misinformation” is what the media DOES, why would they criticize CBS for doing it?

  18. FFS Robby, just grow a pair and call this what it is: These are all (CBS, NBC, WaPo, and NYT) democratic propagandist organizations.

    1. he can’t be honest; all his journalist buddies work for the propaganda machine, and he needs to keep his options open for future employment

      1. If Robby left Reason and went to Substack I might support him. If he tossed some flak back at Reason on the way out I definitely would.

        1. No real market value for a Reason expose. It’s all too damned obvious to anyone who might care to know.

  19. “Our story Sunday night speaks for itself.”

    It does.

    1. You do have to hand it to them though, that is how you apologize to a/the outrage mob.

  20. Facebook is “fact-checking” claims that Pete Buttigieg stages his bike-to-working by citing Buttigieg’s tweeted claim to the contrary as its “truth”.

    Are we really surprised?

  21. I mean, if the media was going to complain about misinformation, they would have been doing it by now. It’s not like this is the first time of blatant lying.

  22. Why doesn’t the MSM care about the Cuomo follies?


      75% approval rating among NY Democrats, 53% overall. He’s one of MSM’s own, you know.

      1. “”75% approval rating among NY Democrats,””

        Democrats do love their sexual harassers.

  23. Man, you know that the lefty media dang done gone and fucked up bilgly when Reason can’t and won’t try to defend them.

    I think DeSantis has a great legal case that the lowlife slime-bags at CBS knowingly and maliciously defamed him with utter disregard for the facts. I hope he declares all out war on them and fucks them up like Hatfill fucked up the NYT and Richard Jewell fucked up NBC.

    With luck, maybe this can even get to the Supreme Court and they can provide a much-needed and long overdue overhaul of the libel and defamation laws to make it harder for these shitheads to get away with slandering and smearing innocent people.

    1. John Roberts says you’re delusional. But yeah, it’s what needs to happen.

      1. Thankfully Roberts isn’t as relevant as he used to be, now that he’s one of only four lefties. The Court now has a pretty solid and dependable pro-American, pro-constitution majority for the first time in a couple of generations.

    2. BTW, I hope this gets covered in Volokh.

    3. It appears that Hatfill lost his case against the NYT on appeal, but won pretty solidly against the DoJ:

      “Hatfill’s loss in the Fourth Circuit came just two weeks after he successfully concluded litigation, in the District of Columbia federal court, against the U.S. Department of Justice. DOJ agreed to pay Hatfill a settlement valued at $5.85 million, $2.825 million in a lump sum, and $150,000 a year over 20 years through an annuity, for allegedly violating the Privacy Act by leaking information about him during the anthrax investigation.”

    4. It’s a mistake to pursue this case. The bar is so high and his politician status will weigh against him. Anything less than a complete victory will be portrayed by the media as proving the story against him, plus that’s what the media will report during the entire process.

      It’s a losing bet.

  24. Uhh, why hasn’t Twitter and Facebook shut down the CBS account? Who cares what other dinosaur media outlets do, I want to know what the tech companies are doing to stop the spread of the story.

    1. Hahahaha!

    2. Day-umm!! You’ve just blown my mind!!!

      Great suggestion!

    3. Along the same lines, why has Publix sued CBS and Sharyn Alfonsi the same way Dominion sued Fox News?

      1. Shit, hit submit too fast.

        “…why hasn’t Publix sued…”

      2. Because Publix’s lawyers know that torts require actual damages. That and they aren’t tools of Democrats.

        1. How cynical of you to suggest that…

  25. “Our story Sunday night speaks for itself.”

    And it says “we are fully a Democratic Party Political Action Committee”.

  26. I’m not sure some of the loopier people in this thread are a product of the media’s delusions; they may just be exhibiting symptoms of the same disease that’s infected the media. Unintentionally, they may have given us an explanation for the media’s absurd behavior with their bizarre rationalizations. The people in the media may really believe the same things for the same reasons!

    We had some discussion yesterday about, say, the difference between what the Capitol rioters are reported to have done and what they really did according to the evidence submitted by prosecutors. Judges are dismissing cases reported as “sedition” that merely turn out to be trespassing–left and right. It’s just about prejudice against conservatives and Republicans.

    We’re having a moral panic about Republicans–like we used to have about things like the Evil Clown panic of 2016.

    “By mid-October 2016, clown sightings and attacks had been reported in nearly all U.S. states, 9 out of 13 provinces and territories of Canada, and 18 other countries.”

    That’s the way we should be treating the people who are panicked over conservatives and Republicans existing in our society alongside the rest of us, what with their evil plans to overthrow the government–and the Republican politicians who are manipulating them!!! The way we treated people during the evil clown moral panic is the way we should be treating the media when they report on conservatives and Republicans.

    We should point them out and laugh at them.

    1. The clown people had no power or influence over how people vote.

      1. Because it’s crazy doesn’t mean it isn’t true. This is just another moral panic.

        “Satanic ritual abuse . . . is the subject of a moral panic (often referred to as the Satanic Panic) that originated in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout many parts of the world by the late 1990s, and persists today.

        This is the McMartin preschool trial.

        “The media coverage [of the McMartin preschool trial] was generally skewed towards an uncritical acceptance of the prosecution’s viewpoint.[6] David Shaw of the Los Angeles Times wrote a series of articles, which later won the Pulitzer Prize,[43] discussing the flawed and skewed coverage presented by his own paper on the trial.[44] It was only after the case that coverage of the flaws in the evidence and events presented by witnesses and the prosecution were discussed.[6]

        Wayne Satz, at the time a reporter for the Los Angeles ABC affiliate television station KABC, reported on the case and the children’s allegations. He presented an unchallenged view of the children’s and parents’ claims.[45]

        —-McMartin Preschool Trial (link below)

        The difference this time is that instead of alleging satanic ritual abuse, the media is feeding a moral panic about Republicans.

    2. I would have to agree that journalists really do believe the same things. Some of them probably don’t, say the one’s who went into journalism because of prior government jobs, but as general rule they are just as dumb as your typical actor.

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  28. “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Trump ally with his eyes on the White House…”

    This is all that matters. Democrats and their willing handmaidens in the media always attempt to destroy the Republicans they fear.

    Is there any other explanation for the behavior of the NYT or the Columbia Journalism Review?

    1. Is there any other explanation for the behavior of the NYT or the Columbia Journalism Review?


      Trump getting elected by a populist revolt genuinely scared them. At first it just HAD to be a Russian plot. When that faded they just had to double down on the cultural outcasts as the culprit [racism, misogyny, white supremacy,].

  29. Is this some kind of rhetorical question? The media haven’t called out 60 Minutes because the target of the smear was a Republican.

    And if CBS were capable of embarrassment, about fraudulent stories, they’d have ditched 60 Minutes decades ago.

  30. I assume you actually think they care?

    They’ve done nothing but attack De Santis.

    60 Minutes is pure propaganda bull shit.

    I haven’t watched a single thing on TV since all this started. I don’t know how anyone can stand listening to the psychotic rubbish that comes out of the mouths of all these evil, incompetent buffoons from sports to shows to pubic officials.


    If I took over broadcasting I’d have Earl Cammebert live on a loop.

    That should clear the sheep’s mind.

  31. Oh, just so you know:
    1. journalists are mostly Democrats and the media is an arm of the DNC*
    2. Journalists are frustrated screenwriters.**

    *Michael Malice suggested the opposite, that the DNC is an arm of the media- which I considered a very thought-provoking proposition.

    ** I had suspected this for many years until it was confirmed for me in a documentary about Nora Ephron, where a journalist colleague of hers said that “she successfully made that transition from Journalist to screenwriter… which SO many journalists want to do…”

    Once you recognize these to tidbits of trivia, everything starts to make sense.

    1. I’ve seen the Malice argument before. Definitely interesting. I’ve always assumed they both answer to the lizard people.

    2. Michael Malice mentioned in Reason… it will be Tom Woods or Scott Horton or please no..Ron Paul

    3. I am leaning more to this as well. The entire thing is run by the MIC, which owns most of the media at this point.

  32. The real question is why isn’t Twitter and Facebook censoring this misinformation? If they are doing so, please someone show me.

  33. If you don’t know why they haven’t retracted it, then you haven’t been paying attention.

    The media is invested in a certain political outcome. They see the Governor as a potential candidate in 2024, so they’re laying the groundwork now.

    1. It’s cute how Jacob thinks NYT and WaPo are after any semblance of truth.

      I mean, Covington. Hello.

      Actually, you may get a ‘Was what 60 Minutes that bad?’

  34. plus ça change. The mass media has always been out for ratings and they don’t care what lies they need to concoct. The crickets you’re hearing is just jealous fuming from the others because they didn’t think of it first. Sure, they’ve heard of integrity but when you’re resorting to putting rocket motors in pickup gas tanks because it won’t explode for the camera or typing a memo in Word using a kerned font that supposedly came out of a 50 year old monospaced typewriter what do you need integrity for if you can get juices flowing.

    Heck, even Biden does it and then wears the 4 Pinocchios with pride. No doubt he counts them higher than the 1 Emmy that Cuomo got for his periodic piece of pandemic prevarication.

  35. Henceforth, the act of the MSM ignoring media calumny should be known as “The Lester Holt Pass,” Holt having recently held forth that “fairness is overrated.”

  36. Headline is both a question and answer. Why would any media outlet hold itself accountable? All the cost and no benefit.

  37. What a weird question. Do you ever ask why basketball players are always trying to block the shots of the folks on the other team, but NEVER the players on their own team? What’s up with that, anyway?

  38. The media is now completely corrupt and cannot be counted upon to tell the truth about anything, ever. It can only get worse.

    1. Illiterates, and the lazy, still get their news from these people. If we can even call it that.

      This country is truly, completely, irrevocably fucked.

  39. The party needs to destroy the institution so they can rebuild it. Make the media so full of lies that the only perceived fix is the creation of the Ministry of Truth.

  40. some in the media still wonder why Republicans and independents are so distrustful of them.

    Nobody wonders why. Nobody at all.

  41. Because incest is best.

  42. Reason questioning 60 Minutes? Reason is going to have their woke socialist libertarian, communist party card pulled! OMG! Time for the Woke’s to cancel un-Reason!

  43. Why Hasn’t the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?
    So far it’s crickets from The New York Times and The Washington Post.

    Gee I wonder. This shtick is getting really fucking old. Why not just call them the coward fucking liars they are. Be a fucking man Robby.

  44. Let’s be honest here..He is the wrong kind of person for the Wapo and NYT in every way..right of center on some issues, didn’t buy the bolshevik line on shut downs and from a red state. Its really time we had a serious discussion on who runs these media outlets..for decades they had “old world” issues with anyone not like them…but they sort of hid its in the open..through the lens of “diversity”…

  45. Why haven’t conservatards ever stopped whining about how unfair it all is?

    1. You’re not even trying anymore, are you?

      1. Oh, yes he is; that’s about as good as shitstain gets.

  46. The main reason is that these other corporate media companies do not criticize 60 minutes is because given the opportunity, they would have produced the same biased hit job.

    The 60 minutes hit job supports their collective narrative. The corporate media has so vastly discredited themselves that they need to stick together in hopes of weathering the storm.

    Personally, when I hear that a story reported by these corporate media companies, I have a difficult not completely discounting the honesty and credibility of the article.

  47. Why Hasn’t the Mainstream Media Pilloried 60 Minutes for Spreading Misinformation?
    Because (1) they no longer even pretend to be news sources rather than propaganda outlets, and (2) they know that not enough people pay attention to alternate news sources to matter.

  48. Silly title of the article when they are all pushing the same agenda not reporting new.

    1. Robby thinks it is cute and clever to pretend to be naive when all he is really doing is declaring that he is part of the broader CBS team.

  49. CBS: “Our story Sunday night speaks for itself.” Yes, and it says, “We are a totally corrupt mouthpiece for the Democrat party masquerading as a news outlet who has no shame and even less credibility.” And they wonder why they have approval and trust ratings below congress, used care salesmen, and TV personal injury attorneys.

  50. “I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.” – AOC (D-Bartender)

    1. Not sure what that means because in this case, being morally right and being precisely, factually, and semantically correct are on in the same.

  51. The jokester individuals had no force or impact over how individuals bba colleges in delhi ncr

  52. CBS/60 Minutes is at the core of the MSM, and the misinformation they’re pushing is entirely in line with the approved narrative that anyone who backed the bad orange man needs to be purged from society by any means necessary.

    What would be in it for CNN, NYT, or WaPo to highlight the underlying falsehood of a hatchet piece they all wish they’d been able to publish first?

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