Two More California Cities Preparing To Ban Flavored Tobacco and Vape Products

After San Francisco approved a similar ban, teen smoking rates increased.


After San Francisco banned adults from purchasing flavored tobacco and vaping products in 2018, a funny thing happened. Teen smoking rates increased.

Now, two other major California cities are considering similar bans. Like San Francisco's, the proposed measures in Los Angeles and San Jose are backed by vocal advocates who argue that candy- and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes and tobacco products (which minors are already prohibited from legally purchasing) are tempting kids to get addicted to nicotine. "The tobacco industry continues to lure kids with flavored products, and today's young people are the next generation of smokers," John Maa, a board member of the American Heart Association, told the San José Spotlight in June, when the ban was first brought before the city council.

The city council in San Jose is set to consider the ban sometime this month after postponing a planned vote in June. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is drafting its own flavor ban ordinance, and it will likely be brought before the city council before the end of the month.

Like San Francisco's, the proposed bans in Los Angeles and San Jose are likely to have perverse, unintended consequences.

Increased youth smoking is only the most ironic of those outcomes. "San Francisco's flavor ban was associated with more than doubled odds of recent smoking among underage high school students relative to concurrent changes in other districts," concluded Abigail S. Friedman, a researcher at the Yale School of Public Health, in a paper published in 2019. Friedman looked at smoking rates across several large American cities, most of which had not recently implemented a ban on flavored tobacco and vaping products. The divergence in teen smoking that occurred after the 2018 ban, she wrote, "raises concerns that reducing access to flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems may motivate youths who would otherwise vape to substitute smoking."

It would affect more than just teens. A different study, published in July in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, an academic publication, found that one-third of U.S. vapers aged 18–34 would switch to smoking if "vape product sales were restricted to tobacco flavors." Researchers surveyed more than 2,100 young adults in six major cities.

But if these bans nudge nonsmokers toward making less healthy choices, at least they also make it harder for smokers to make less dangerous choices too.

Vaping is an especially powerful anti-smoking tool because it so closely simulates the act of smoking without as serious of health concerns, as even longtime anti-smoking advocates like Michael Siegel, who spent two years running the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health, have recently admitted. Banning adults from being able to purchase more attractive and flavorful cigarette alternatives is only going to make that switch more difficult.

Leave all the game theory aside about how a policy change might cause people to change their behavior, and you're still left with the outright paternalism of these bans. Adults should be free to choose to engage in potentially unhealthy behavior as long as they're not hurting anyone else. Vapes filled with "unicorn fluff" are simply not a public health issue that requires government action.

All that might be insufficient to stop officials in two of California's biggest cities. Logic, it seems, is going up in a cloud of smoke.

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  1. Like San Francisco’s, the proposed bans in Los Angeles and San Jose are likely to have perverse, unintended consequences.

    How long before you see the truth and admit that the government wants you to just fucking die? These aren’t “perverse, unintended consequences”, it’s their intent, dumbass.

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  2. “After San Francisco banned adults from purchasing flavored tobacco and vaping products in 2018, a funny thing happened. Teen smoking rates increased.”

    Feature. Not bug.

    1. They want the cigarette tax revenue.

  3. Adults should be free to choose to engage in potentially unhealthy behavior as long as they’re not hurting anyone else.

    That statement seems so straightforward and simple. Yet many adults choose to engage in the (potentially unhealthy) behavior of mandating the opposite in the belief they’re not only not hurting anyone else, but actually helping. Problematic.

    1. Almost every Christian prog everywhere.

      1. That’s funny because with the exception of abortion I can’t think of a single use case where progressives

  4. Odd considering how pro they are for safe injection sites.

    Then again this is a city and county run by the far left wing son of criminals who used his influence with corrupt mafia don Cuomo to get a reduced sentence for his convicted murderer father.

    So anything goes with that crowd.

  5. It’s all about signaling for progressives and marginalizing those who oppose them. This is no different from mask mandates, the narrative around the origin of the pandemic, lockdowns, global warming, sugary soft-drinks, or any other signaling device for them.

    To progressives, it doesn’t really matter what the facts are or what the real world consequences of their policies are likely to be. The important thing is that people believe what they’re told by the CDC, the NIH, or, in this case, the Los Angeles city council. Once the preferred narrative has been made official, those who disagree are othered and marginalized.

    Cancel culture is all about punishing people for failing to toe the official narrative, but the same logic is central to pretty much everything progressives do. Go ahead and oppose the experts, you vile, self-destructive, non-conforming deplorable. Hell, they’re telling us not to vote to recall Newsom because Elder opposes vaccine mandates.

    The next step is to stop people from spreading misinformation about vaping online. And if you’re unclear about what is and isn’t misinformation about vaping, it’s all right here under the heading “Flavors and Marketing Make E-cigarettes Appealing to Youth” at the CDC:

    The CDC and the FDA say flavored vaping is bad for children. Stop hiding behind private property to promote misinformation on your website.

    P.S. This is another reason why progressives are America’s most horrible people.

    1. Progressives are awful, so therefore vote for Trump in 2024, right Ken? So logical…

      1. Oh look, White Mike’s back to following Ken around an harrassing him.
        What did your little statement have to do with anything he wrote about? You’re such a troll.

        1. I don’t know what it said, but if it had been spot on topic and pro-progressive, it would have claimed that perceptions really are more important than facts, that marginalizing critics really is more important than the consequences of policy, or that othering people for what they say really is more important than property rights or freedom.

          . . . and it wasn’t about to say anything like that.

          So, yeah, if it said something off topic, that’s no surprise. Months after muting these people, I still haven’t heard that I’m missing anything of interest. I hope they actually learn something from giving our comments so much attention, but if I really thought they could learn anything from facts or logic, I wouldn’t have muted them.

          1. He didn’t say anything worth unmuting him for. He was just whining about how you thought Trump was a less toxic than Biden.
            Doing what he’s it’s paid to do I guess.

          2. ” if I really thought they could learn anything from facts or logic, I wouldn’t have muted them.”


            Says the guy who muted me for pointing out the logic of his own words!!!


            Whew! I’m out of breath!

            1. Yes, you are an idiot. But for some odd reason, I think you may be redeemable.

            2. In what world is saying Ken is a trump cultist being logical to disprove his point?
              Ken’s right this is only about control. Progressives want you to know that you must obey them at all time

              1. Yeah, and debunking progressive politicians, bureaucrats, and media narratives, when they’re wrong on facts, probably isn’t as important as debunking the idea that these progressives should be inflicting their expert opinions on the rest of us.

                Even if the emperor were right on the facts, the emperor as no clothes! He has no right to inflict his opinions on the rest of us–regardless of whether he’s right or wrong on the facts.

                The Overton window is real, but progressive control of it is an illusion–and if they really did use politicians, bureaucrats, and the media to inflict control on the Overton window, it would be a travesty. Why should anyone be able to do that with the government?

            3. Remember folks:

              1. The same sarcasmic that has been boasting here that he muted so many people that he only sees a sea of grey when he goes to the comments, is whining because Ken muted him.

              2. Sarcasmic is a troll and has often boasted that trolling is his only reason for being here:

        2. White Mike has Kenis envy.

      2. As Ken has explained many times, progressives are totalitarians. They want to control what you do and what you think.
        Republicans are “mere totalitarians” (his exact words) which means they only want to control what you do.
        That makes Republicans the good guys. Vote authoritarian! Woo hoo!

        Pointing out the logic of his words is what got him to Mute me. He’s just another formerly rational conservative who has turned into an emotional TEAM RED cheerleader.

        1. Remember folks, the same sarcasmic that has been boasting here that he muted so many people that he only sees a sea of gray when he goes to the comments, is whining because Ken muted him.

        2. Progressives are awful, therefore Trump is good. It’s totally logical.

          1. Not therefore, and.

          2. “Trump didn’t do everything that I think he should have or in the way I think he should have, and he was an asshole on Twitter to boot” therefore him being gone will be a boon to liberty and freedom, just pay no attention to the insanity the Democrats are pushing is totes more logical.

      3. Yes, we already understand that you’re a fucking moron. No need to compound that message.

    2. For people who are generally fixated on outcomes, especially judged by equality or “equity”, progressives are oddly unconcerned or dismissive of consequences of decisions or actions, intended or not.

      IMO, for many of them, social and political thinking has become more like doctrinal theology (which they describe as “settled science”). Thus facts and logic are not only unimportant but rather undesired, since they might suggest doubt that impugns the faith or outright heresy.

      1. I agree.

        Our neocortex evolved to harness the advantages of religious thinking (among other things) like social cohesion, giving our lives purpose and meaning, and the results of that. Our neocortex hasn’t changed much in 150,000 years, and progressives are still highly susceptible to religious thinking–even if they aren’t on board with the supernatural.

        The people of the ancient world and fundamentalist Christians, before the 1850s or so, didn’t see religion in supernatural terms either. If you really believe in God, then he’s part of the natural world. Progressives not believing in a supernatural power doesn’t make them different from other religious fanatics. It just means they’re true believers.

        They believe in their own goodness, in the evil of others, in their definitions of sin, and they believe in apocalyptic visions of racism, sexism, inequality, environmental degradation, etc. They believe there’s a paradise of harmony, equality, and environmental perfection–if only we obey their priests and cleanse themselves of sin and cleanse our society of unbelievers, sinners, and sin, too.

        Progressivism is a thoroughly religious movement–even if it isn’t centered on a creator God. And the way to join their religion is to accept their faith. You need to believe what you’re told, join them in the cleansing of society, and not let petty selfishness, facts, or logic get in the way of what needs to be done and what needs to be believed. And anyone who tries to use critical thinking to discourage people from believing in the noble lie is an enemy of the faith.

        1. You need to believe what you’re told, Biden stole the election! join them in the cleansing of society, It’s Civil War 2.0 and Progressives are the Enemy! and not let petty selfishness, you do have the monopoly on selfishness facts, elections have been audited over and over but you still believe Trump won or logic get in the way of what needs to be done and what needs to be believed. I point out your own logic and you Mute me, how cute in the way of what needs to be done and what needs to be believed. And anyone who tries to use critical thinking to discourage people from believing in the noble lie is an enemy of the faith. Trump won the election! Anyone who doesn’t believe is the enemy!

          You guys are no different than the people you hate.

          1. Wow. Something really did break you. Pity, you used to actually have cogent positions.

            1. He was always just imitating others. He’s not very smart.

    3. Cancel culture is all about punishing people for failing to toe the official narrative…

      So on these here comments that would mean canceling anyone who thinks Jan 6 was anything other than tourists milling about, that Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, that Trump won the election, and that Reason is run by progressives because they were mean to Trump.

      You guys are no different than the people you hate.

      1. Edit fail, but whatever. Not like anyone who the comment describes will read it anyway. Because I’m cancelled! Haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2. Don’t fear the insurrection!

        All our times have come
        Here, but now they’re gone
        Seasons don’t fear the reaper
        Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain
        (We can be like they are)
        Come on, baby
        (Don’t fear the reaper)
        Baby, take my hand
        (Don’t fear the reaper)
        We’ll be able to fly
        Baby, I’m your man
        La, la la, la la
        La, la la, la la
        Valentine is done
        Here but now they’re gone
        Horst Wessel and Ashli Babbitt
        Are together in eternity
        (Horst Wessel and Ashli Babbitt)

      3. And nobody has been banned for arguing against any of those things. And nobody has called for anyone to be banned for arguing against those things. I guess that’s now the same as deplatforming people who argue those things because …. reasons.

        1. “And nobody has called for anyone to be banned for arguing against those things.”

          If you believe Sevo the Empty-Headed… Sevo comments after my comments, sometimes (some threads) maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of my posts, that “Spastic has been flagged”, or some such. “Flagging” me that often is pretty much the same as asking for me to be banned from these comments!

          Speech-control fascist is ass speech-control fascist does!

          1. No actual counter argument, just a spasm of name-calling gibberish. As expected of you, Oberführer Sqrlsy.

            1. Sevo comments disprove what Bill Dalasio posted. Ideological and tribal idiocy prevents you from seeing this. If you ever develop an even vaguely open mind (“miracle happens here”), and you want to understand the sociobiological roots of ideological and tribal idiocy, see words of wisdom at and at

              None are so blind as those who willfully chose blindness!

              1. But you willfully chose blindness, Sqrlsy… and dishonesty.

          2. Or Mother’s Lament posting that stupid link as a comment to most of my posts to show everyone that I’m someone to be ignored.

            That’s not an attempt to shut someone down. Nope. That’s being friendly!

            1. You mean the link where you publicly admitted to being here solely to troll?

              I bet a dedicated shitposter like you hates seeing that posted.

              1. So here it is again:

                August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm

                I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out, while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is a circus.


      4. I don’t know what happened to you, but goddamn man.

        1. There were some serious structural issues with the election, even in red states, thanks to pandemic fear mongering.
        2. The overwhelming majority of people protesting on 1/6 never even entered the damn building, and the overwhelming majority of the hundreds who entered the building didn’t lift a finger against anyone or thing. The fucking FBI even acknowledges that it wasn’t an insurrection.
        3. Shooting unarmed protesters is not fucking okay, especially when there are armed officers on their side of a barricade.
        4. Nobody says they’re progressive cause they were mean to Trump, that’s a strawman if I ever saw one. They say they’re progressive because of the shit takes, sloppy journalism, and their primary sources being the NYT and Twitter.


        1. What happened to me? I haven’t changed. What happened to conservatives? What happened to their rationality? What happened their principles? What happened to them taking the high road? What happened to their morals? Those were what distinguished them from progressives. But now that’s all gone.

          1. “What happened to their morals?”

            Stolen and pussy-grabbed by the Pussy-Grabber in Chief, and the likes of Sidney Powell!

            Sidney Powell Says She’s Not Guilty of Defamation Because ‘No Reasonable Person’ Would Have Believed Her ‘Outlandish’ Election Conspiracy Theory

            Which particular lies are you wanting to hear and believe today, conservaturd ideologues?

            1. Gee I don’t know. You’ve been trying to feed us so many that it’s hard to choose.

          2. Note: I am not a conservative.

            I think they learned their lessons from W’s presidency, and McCain and Romney’s presidential runs. No matter what they did, no matter what they said, they were going to get labeled as rascist, misogynist, xenophobes. And not just Republicans, as evidenced by how quickly the progressives turned their ire on the tea party movement, even before it had been co-opted, and libertarians. Fuck, they do it to people who identify as left or liberal if they dare to step off the Progressive plantation.

            I’m sure their are articles out there that can explain it better than I can.

    4. Fuck the niccers anyway.

    5. ^EXACTLY….
      Progressives, “Bow down and worship the [WE] mob Gov-Gods carrying guns.”

      It’s but all in the name of Democrats championing democracy. Which ever Gang-Land gang wins the most members wins the power of the totalitarian regime.

      Yet once upon a time the USA was a Constitutional Union of Republican States that didn’t instantiate a Nazi-Totalitarian Regime. Oh wait; it still is – the Nazi-Regime just imagined it’s way illegally into this country like a foreign enemy.

    6. As one who actively campaigned against local, state and federal
      sales bans for very low risk smokeless tobacco, dissolvables and vapor products (all of which are 99% less harmful than cigarettes) for the past 20 years, as well as campaigning against flavor bans for tobacco products, I concur with Ken’s blaming of progressives (who are in fact regressives) for those prohibition campaigns (that protected cigarette markets and Big Pharma’s ineffective and less than safe FDA approved tobacco use treatment drugs).

      Left wing Democrats introduced, championed and enacted 95% of those nonsensical laws (while GOP Mormons, who still believe tobacco is sinful, enacted most of the others).

      With Congressional enactment of the FSPTCA in 2009 (which I vehemently opposed since before it was introduced by Waxman and Kenned in 2004) and the subsequent 2014 FDA Deeming Regulation (which I also campaigned against), the FDA’s Mitch Zeller (who was a GlaxoSmithKline lobbyist from 2002-2013 who spearheaded the campaign for the 2009 FSPTCA) now decides which smokeless tobacco, dissolvable and nicotine vapor products are/will remain on the US market (while the 2009 law grandfathered all deadly cigarettes to remain on the market indefinitely).

      Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, left wingers and Big Government have joined forces to protect cigarettes from far less harmful tobacco/nicotine alternatives (which have already helped >10 million US smokers quit smoking).

      On Sept 9, the FDA will ban the sale of >99% of nicotine vapor products now on the US market, but the agencies’ press release will reveal the several dozen brands they allow to remain on the market (most of which will be manufactured by the world’s largest cigarette companies).

      Nothing like FDA and left wingers protecting the existing cigarette oligopoly (three companies control 90% of the US market share) and then giving the cigarette companies a new multi billion dollar monopoly/oligopoly for vapor products.

  6. They need someone to pay them tobacco taxes.

    1. I bet there is some tobacco lobby money involved as well.

  7. As an adult, I always choose broccoli flavored ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, and fruit flavors are aimed at children.

    1. True story. Decades ago I was while working as a cook one of my coworkers invited me over after work. We walk through his house into his backyard and he yells “Broccoli! Here girl!” and a Golden Retriever comes bounding through the brush. Yeah, he named his dog Broccoli.

      1. Decades ago I was while working as a cook”

        Weird way to spell last week.

        1. Oh, how cute. He’s making up stories about me again. I’m flattered that you think about me so much, but it’s also downright creepy.

          1. “making up stories”

            You just told the story yourself, you drunken retard. You’re not supposed to use the THC vape-water, you were bragging about, to water your whiskey you know.

            1. Yeah, correcting me on the timeline to say I’m currently a cook. That’s making up stories.

              1. Yeah, correcting me on the timeline

                Well, as long as you acknowledge it was correct.

        2. while working as a cook
          ………at “The Chum Bucket”

        3. He no longer has a job. He drank his way out of work so his wife left him, and to get attention his daughter keys cars. She will be hooking soon. ENB might do a story about that

          1. You think about me way too much. Creep.

            1. But you’re finally getting all that attention that you were craving, sarcasmic.
              I mean isn’t that the whole reason that you keep trolling and acting like a dipshit here? For the attention?

    2. Well, we’re talking about experts here. They know which flavors adults like and which ones they don’t, and they also know that wanting to be free to make choices for yourself that reflect your own qualitative preferences is childish. Being grown-up is about wanting to do what the government tells you to do and hating people who won’t believe and do what they’re told.

      I had another argument with a dog person about beagles again this week. It was another person telling me that beagles are one of the least intelligent dogs. I maintain, again, that trainers rank dog breeds for “intelligence” by how easy they are to train. Some dogs will do exactly what they’re told without hesitation every time–even if it doesn’t make any sense to them and even if it’s something they don’t want to do.

      Beagles, on the other hand, will take your advice under consideration–once you’ve gained their confidence and, even only then, when what you’re telling them to do aligns with their preferences at the moment. That doesn’t make them stupid, and progressives aren’t smart because they believe whatever the news media says and do whatever the government tells them to do.

      Progressives, like dog trainers, have their definitions all screwed up. They think critical thinking is a sign of ignorance and stupidity, and they think blind obedience is the mark of intelligence. The dumbest redneck in the bar is the smartest guy in the room if he’s the only one who doesn’t believe everything they say on TV and refuses to believe that government experts are somehow qualified to make qualitative judgments on his behalf.

      P.S. Beagles are smart.

      1. Beagles are incorrigible shit-talkers too. I wonder at the relation…

        1. It’s what they’re thinking about while they’re taking a shit that makes them different. Beagles are thinking about how to get what they want. “Smarter” dogs are thinking whatever their owners trained them to think.

          Oh, and the stubbornness of mules is often about self-preservation. Some people prefer to ride mules on steep mountain trails because, while a horse will go wherever you point him, a mule will catch and avoid dangers that the rider doesn’t notice. If you can’t get a mule to go somewhere, there’s probably a good reason.

          Progressives will go wherever they’ve been pointed to go by their owners, too. You can walk progressives over the edge of a cliff. They may or may not learn from the negative consequences of their mistakes after the fact, but their owners have trained them to deny the likely consequences of progressive policy before they happen–as conspiracy theories, ignorance, or misinformation.

          What do you mean spending $3.5 trillion on the Green New Deal will likely increase inflationary pressures, increase the cost of energy, and have a negative impact on our standard of living? How could anyone possibly know that until we try?! Whatever beagles think while they’re taking a shit, it’s a lot smarter than what progressives think when they’re thinking like that.

          1. “You can walk progressives over the edge of a cliff.”

            It might be time to start a hiking guide business at the Grand Canyon.

      2. Beagles seem like the welfare check recipients living in a mobile home park of the dog world. If one could find appropriately tailored jorts and wifebeaters, they would be at home on a beagle.

        1. That was a terrible thing to say. I’m here to tell you that beagles are the best of the dog breeds, with all sorts of wonderful things about them. Their intelligence is part of that, but the best thing about them may be their enthusiasm. You can’t spend too much time with a beagle without realizing that the difference between enthusiasm and happiness is mostly spelling. People talk about a dog’s loyalty, but that’s really just their enthusiasm for the people they love. Beagles go far beyond that. Beagles sleep with enthusiasm. Every time they do anything., 1) they always look for the most fun way to do it, and 2) they react like it’s the first time they’ve ever done it. If everyone greeted their spouses, when they came home, the way our beagles greet us–every time we come home–the divorce rate in this country would plummet.

          1. Maybe with a Skrillex ballcap too. If they are happy and you are happy then that is all that matters.
            I like giving them a skillset then have them figure out the details of how they do their tasks. The Helmut von Moltke school of dogs.

    3. They banned cucumber and creme brûlée too

  8. “But if these bans nudge nonsmokers toward making less healthy choices, at least they also make it harder for smokers to make less dangerous choices too.”


  9. Long as they leave the THC vapes alone I couldn’t give a shit.

      1. It’s better than drinking.

        1. Was staying away from booze part of your court order?

            1. Yeah, sure, okay sarc.

  10. Authoritarian response to undesired and/or unintended outcomes: just authoritarianate harder.

    1. But Ken said Republicans are “mere authoritarians” while totalitarians are the bad guys. So doesn’t that make authoritarians the good guys?

      1. you should get a different hobby.

      2. Ken didn’t say that, trollboy.

        You know, just because you suck up to White Mike and the fifty-centers by harrassing Ken, doesn’t mean that they’ll hang out with you, or take you fishing.

        1. Ken said progressives are totalitarians.

          He said Republicans are “mere authoritarians.”

          He said we must vote for Republicans because they’re better than progressives.

          From that I substituted “authoritarian” for “Republican” because that’s how logic works.

          If A is B, and you like A, then you must like B.

          So I said to him “Vote Authoritarian! Woo hoo!” to which he had an emotional outburst along the lines of (I paraphrase) “That’s not what I meant! You don’t know logic! I’m muting you you big meany pants!”

          And that’s the way it goes. Show the someone the logic of their own words and they freak out. Another day at Reason.

          1. Progressives are totalitarians. GOPe like Romney and ‘principled’ conservatives like Kristol, French, Boot and Goldberg are authoritarians.
            The authoritarians are terrible but they’re still light-years better than totalitarians. I’m guessing you don’t understand the distinction.

            Fortunately there are loads of deplorable Republicans and even the odd Dem like Tulsi, that aren’t authoritarian or totalitarian.

            1. I’d probably disagree on Romney, French, et al. They’re all neo-cons, which is just another word for trotskyites, and deep down they’re totalitarians. They exist on the “right” merely to act as a defense force for the progressives, which is why they constantly support the left in all things, and attack their own side.

              That said, the point about the Right in general is valid. The Right doesn’t need you to believe as it does, as long as you do as it says. And that is far less intrusive than someone demanding you agree with their ever changing dogma as we see in the progressive side of things. Also, the Right seems to change dogma extremely slowly if at all, so if it was wrong yesterday, it will be wrong today and tomorrow and in 5 years. The Progs literally shift from second to second. You must submit yourself to “facts” and “truth” that are contradictory from moment to moment, year to year.

  11. Of course it has to be tobacco-flavored, how else are you going to get the kiddies to associate the revolting taste of tobacco with the bliss of nicotine?
    Even though the tobacco companies are heavily into the vape business, nobody likes competition if they can get the government to squash it.

  12. I smoked for years, quit with Chantix, and then started back up after trying a vape. Big mistake. But vaping just isn’t the same. I tried to do that instead, but still craved cigarettes. I fucking hated it so I got another Chantix prescription and quit again. That was five years ago woo hoo!

    Not trying to be a commercial here, but that stuff works. Side effects are kind of odd. Crazy vivid dreams and a constant flow of air coming out my ass. I was driving around in freezing temperatures with the windows down. Ugh. Aweful.

    Regardless, nobody quits unless they want to. If you do want to, ask your doctor for Chantix! Most insurance will cover it 100%! What have you got to lose (except the company of people who don’t want to smell your farts)?

    1. They say to use it for a week, then stop smoking, and then use it for a month. Fuck that. Two weeks was enough. One to get it into your system, another to get the nicotine out of your system, and then bye bye crazy dreams and uncontrollable gas.

        1. I have no idea. But there was a constant hissing sound coming from my pants. It was really awful.

    2. …why do you talk?

    3. Didn’t work for me but feel free to follow the science.

  13. What sort of low-lifes enter into a business selling addictive products, anyway?

    1. The ones that leave rich.

    2. Yeh; Personal comfort shouldn’t have any value….
      Make them suffer! All of them! It’s good for them! /s

  14. Israel now moving towards fourth vaccine booster shot.

    Just take the jab… take the jab again! Take the jab again! TAKE IT AGAIN TRUMPY TRUMPHEIMER! KEEP TAKING IT!

    1. Some of the pro-prick crowd must be jewbilant regarding what Israel is doing.

    2. When will “booster shot” become “maintenance shot”, “seasonal shot”, or something?

      1. It will be a prerequisite when receiving your monthly food ration.

      2. “Fix” is the correct technical term for the drugs the Political Kleptocracy makes sure are the only game in town.

    3. Turns out they rushed the 2nd & 3rd jabs so it only counts as one jab. Technically this is only the second jab so everything is right on track. And, while I don’t want to judge a fellow libertarian, every time I see a TRUMPY TRUMPHEIMER criticize the SCIENCE as disseminated by our TOP MEDICAL EXPERTS I can only wonder if white rage/privilege is rearing it’s ugly head.

      1. It actually is, shill.

  15. All of this was predictable and Reason writers either knew, or should have known, that putting progressives in power would lead to this shit. You got what you wanted Eric. You were warned. A public suicide or at least a lengthy mea culpa would be more appropriate than whining about your leftists friends. You can beclown yourself all you want but don’t pretend to be libertarian.
    Huge crowds as Toronto police officers join rally for freedom against vaccine passports.

    1. And for those that prefer the woke version,
      I guess Canada and Australia are too local for Reason.

      1. The woke version was *finger kiss* magnifique

    1. Well we know that if you didn’t vote for Biden you ain’t black. So this is obviously a racist dog whistle to the Jim Eagle on steroids crowd.

      1. Not the first time I’ve had my black card revoked.

  16. So pot is legal in SF, which will cause cancer (unless I ingest it) and likely hinder brain development, but flavored vape is illegal. Sure, that makes sense.

    The funny thing is that there are probably a gazillion lefty potheads in SF who agree with this prohibition. “Bro it’s different because big tabacco is behind it” is some stupid thing they’ll say. That’s the kind of cognitive dissonance you expect from the crowd who says woman can abort a baby with moral certainty, but a white woman who wears an afro and opposes individual mandate is a next hitler.

    1. “Likely,” by what probabilistic calculations?

  17. The Cali-Ban strike again! (They took a breather to run the lockdown)

  18. Listen. Listens. Hey – listen. They can’t be losing that Master Settlement Agreement money. OK.

  19. Later this week, the FDA is set to ban the sale of >99.9% of the several million different nicotine vapor products currently on the US market.

    But the FDA will issue a press release announcing that it has approved several dozen different nicotine vapor products, most of which will be manufactured by the world’s largest cigarette companies.

    In sum, the FDA is about to create a multi billion dollar monopoly/oligopoly for the several different segments of the nicotine vaping industry (disposables, nicotine salts, e liquids and mod vaporizers).

    Eric missed the real vaping sales ban story. But its coming.

    1. Crony Socialism for the WIN!

  20. Governor Reagan banned LSD in 1966. So now instead of flower power California is full of junkies looting stores to pay for a fatal narcotic overdose. What could go wrong with some additional superstitious prohibitionism?

  21. It shows how disingenuous the libs are as they’ll now have the local cops harassing people, especially people of color, over their flavored tobacco products and will then turn around and blame the police for enforcing the very draconian laws they themselves created.

    1. It’s fake outrage – the assholes who come up with these laws (I.e “health” advocacy groups) actually think smokers/vapers are subhumans and get some kind of sadistic pleasure out of seeing them getting shot or beat up by cops. The progressive politicians who vote for these laws are just plain fucking stupid because they actually believe the first group are trying to protect kids from addiction, then act shocked when the logical consequences of vape bans happen and police are called to enforce the law.

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