Food Policy

COVID Led to Massive Improvements in State Cottage Food Laws

States recognized the need to reduce regulations for cooks who work out of their homes.


Recent updates to already popular cottage food laws in a number of states will help home cooks connect in a variety of ways with more consumers. And that's great news for everyone who cooks, eats, or both.

As I've detailed in my book and many columns, cottage food laws are a class of legislation that deregulates some food sales by eliminating the need for budding food entrepreneurs to lease expensive commercial kitchen space, thus allowing people of all stripes to sell homemade foods they produce in their home kitchens. In that way, cottage food laws enable people to help support themselves and their families while working from home. That's particularly essential today because the Covid-19 pandemic has caused many Americans either to lose work—from bona fide chefs to talented home cooks who've been laid off from other fields—or required them to work from home.

While every state now has a cottage food law in place—welcome New Jersey!—the quality of these laws varies widely. Generally, state cottage food laws contain any number of limitations—as this 2018 Harvard Food Law & Policy Clinic report details—including rules for licensing, permitting, and inspection; labeling requirements; restrictions on the types of foods that may be sold; limitations on place of sale; and sales caps.

Given these potential restrictions, state cottage food laws can differ wildly, and are often crying out for improvement. A decade ago—in a Hit & Run blog post on "the many inane requirements of New York State's cottage foods law"—I noted that though cottage food laws are generally good, there are elements to nearly every cottage food law that leave much to be desired.

That's where the aforementioned recent improvements to a host of state laws come into play. Last week, for example, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker became the latest state executive around the country to ratify improvements to a state's cottage food law. The updated Illinois law will expand the number and type of legal sales venues—which had been limited to farmers markets.

In Alabama, lawmakers recently amended the state's existing cottage food law to eliminate the state's low $20,000 sales cap for selling cottage foods, expand the list of foods that may be sold under the law, and lift a ban on online sales.  In Arkansas, lawmakers replaced much of the state's existing cottage food law, removing some licensing, inspection, and labeling requirements and adding more permissive language that allows the sale of more types of foods, along with additional sales venues.

Minnesota lawmakers raised that state's cap on cottage foods sales from $18,000 to $78,000, along with other changes. And Florida legislators lifted the cap on cottage foods sales there, too, boosting the limit from $50,000 to $250,000. The updated Florida law also greatly expands the type of sales venues and bars local governments and health departments—which often chafe at having to comply with state cottage food laws—from establishing stricter standards than those mandated statewide.

Several other states also updated their cottage food laws during their respective 2021 legislative sessions, including Indiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Overall, while some of these updates added additional requirements—for example, Alabama's updated law requires nutrition information to be added to cottage food product labels—the general trend nationwide is to reduce the red tape cottage food producers face. That's a good thing!

"2021 has been an unprecedented year for the cottage food industry," says David Crabill, who runs the respected cottage food website, in an email to me this week. "2020 showed us why cottage food laws are so important to have, and as a result, over half of the states tried to improve their law this year. Going forward, we can expect even more states to jump on board by implementing good cottage food laws that give their citizens the freedom to start a food business more easily and earn income to support themselves and their families."

Rather than serving as an endpoint, lawmakers' recent improvements to cottage food laws around the country point to the need and capacity to continue to improve these laws. Notably, I'm currently working on a study for the Reason Foundation (the nonprofit that publishes Reason), tentatively titled Out of Your Kitchen, that compares state laws governing the sale of homemade foods. These include not just cottage food laws but also food freedom laws and what are known as microenterprise home kitchen ordinances. As the report will reveal, the best state laws governing the sale of homemade foods are the ones that contain the fewest and least onerous restrictions.

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    4. Generally, state cottage food laws contain any number of limitations—as this 2018 Harvard Food Law & Policy Clinic report details—including rules for licensing, permitting, and inspection; labeling requirements; restrictions on the types of foods that may be sold; limitations on place of sale; and sales caps.

      Sooo…No “All The Gold You Can Eat” specials for sex workers from your home-based food truck?

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        1. Do you get “All The Gold You Can Eat?” Or will this biz-opp just “have it’s way with you and be off like a shot? “

  2. All of Reason’s left liberal Block Yomommatards, like Park Slope Welchie Boy, Goth Fonzie Wop, Mango, Dipshit Dave Weigel (aka “Sarah Palin’s Buttplug 2”), Jacob “Lord of Strazele” Sullum, Mary Stack, chemjeff status quo collectivist, sarcasmic, JSlave, etc. who were hoping that maybe our so-called president Sleepy Joe Biden’s downward poll turn was just a temporary anomaly, have got to really be shitting themselves now! Just look at how awful these latest polls are, even the ones of all adults:

    That’s what credibility flushed right down the toilet looks like.

    1. Just for the record, I don’t believe Shrike is Weigel or Strazel is Sullum, but I’m on board with Biden’s polling numbers not only staying down but also dropping further.

      At the beginning of Carter’s term, he was still enjoying approval numbers in the 60s – 70% range. It wasn’t until much later that he was in the 20s – 30% range.

      Biden isn’t about to get smarter. I try to imagine an event that would turn things around for him, and it would need to be something historical–like the fall of the Soviet Union, the Cuban missile crisis, or 9/11. Maybe if someone discovered cold fusion.

      I suspect the rate at which his popularity declines will rest on a couple of factors.

      1) Will the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill pass?

      Between inflation and the impact on energy costs, the long term effect on Biden’s popularity is probably worse if it passes. If it fails to pass, Biden will take a hit to whatever perceptions are left of him being a good leader, but if it passes, it will impact our standard of living in negative ways. Championing the means our standard of living dropping is probably worse than being seen as a weak leader–and he’s likely to suffer from being seen as a weak leader over time, anyway, because he’s keeps getting older, slower, and more decrepit.

      2) Will the Republicans become the party of cultural conservatism again?

      The bill in Texas hurt the GOP everywhere outside of the states they were likely to win even without it. Trump’s transformation of the Republican party was a near total rejection of cultural conservatism. If the Republican establishment manages to make their party about cultural conservatism again, the Democrats will turn elections that should be about taxes, spending, and foreign policy into referendums on abortion, gay marriage, and intelligent design again.

      Those are losing battles in swing states. Watching some Republicans embrace those issues again is like watching Pelosi feed moderate Democrats to the woodchipper by advocating the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and Critical Race Theory. The contempt progressives hold for average people is a real advantage for Republicans, but cultural conservatism are like the social justice warriors of the Republican party. They seem to think there’s no point in winning if they can’t do the things that make moderates hate them.

      1. Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump: The three transformative figures of the Republican party, since World War II, whose transformations of the party largely had to do with ignoring cultural conservatives. Well, Reagan and Trump mostly just ignored them and used patriotism instead of religion. Goldwater absolutely despised cultural conservatives, but if he’d won the presidency, he probably would have kept those thoughts to himself.

        P.S. Those are also three of the most libertarian elected politicians we’ve had since World War II. Republicans do better when the left puts the emphasis on accusing them of being capitalists and worse when the left can accuse them of being religious fanatics.

        1. Like all the seventies political comparisons because they really are apt.
          And just to drive home the fact that we’ve really entered a time loop, ABBA has just released it’s first new album in 40 years.

        2. Trump has used religion a lot: buddying up to the Falwells, being the first President to shown up at a March for Life, and posing with a Bible.

          And “libertarian” President Trump spent massively, issued a ban on evictions, and tried to overturn the results of a fair and honest presidential election. He’s still lying about the election.

          1. Joe never misses a chance to call himself a Catholic, even though his an abortion fanatic. Had all sorts of pictures released of himself attending mass.
            Clinton waved a bible around every chance he got too, as did Obama. More than Trump even, and there’s zero indication that their faith was sincere.

            Politicians try to use religion, it’s part of the business. The only two who were probably sincere believers were Bush2 and Jimmy Carter. Both evangelicals.

            1. Clinton’s constant brandishing of his “telegenic bible” was a joke, even in the sympathetic media.

              1. How is that relevant? Have I ever promoted Bill Clinton?

                  1. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful,”
                    –Lucius Annaeus Seneca.

          2. “Trump has used religion a lot: buddying up to the Falwells, being the first President to shown up at a March for Life, and posing with a Bible.”

            Wow, three examples spread over, what, 6 or 8 years? Gee, steaming pile of lefty shit, didn’t know you could stretch that far!

          3. “ban on evictions” no that was the CDC, and Trump was in the middle of a heated election battle by Sept 2020.

            As usual asshole Mike decides to obscure details to make his lame case, as he does with his other sock accounts.

        3. Terrible analysis. Just awful. Your worat ever, a rare stinkeroo.

          Reagan brkughr cultural conservatices into the forefront of the party.

          There were no cultural conservatives in Nelson Rockefeller’s Norrheastern country club Republicam party in 1964. If anything, the Republicans were the Culturally Liberal party, especially on race and women’s issues (the pill)

        4. “Republicans do better when the left puts the emphasis on accusing them of being capitalists and worse when the left can accuse them of being religious fanatics.” The left will accuse them of being religious fanatics, racists, and Nazis regardless of the facts. They even accused Trump of antisemitism – not only based on nothing, but regardless of his Jewish-convert daughter and Jewish grandchildren. (And most of those making such accusations are in favor of making it possible for the Arabs to murder the rest of the Jews living near them.)

    2. No matter how hard the progressives clench their teeth and wish, it will not make Joe Biden any better than he is. And as we keep being reminded, that is not very good.

    1. I’m in the minority of people not worried about the Talaban getting all that equipment. The rifles and ammunition are valuable and likely to remain so for decades; but the helicopters and airplanes especially require parts to remain in service and expertise to operate. The trucks will remain useful for a few years, but they will have to cannibalize more and more to keep a few running, and how much fuel does Afghanistan have?

      The trucks especially also are more for offensive use than the Talaban are used to, I think, and may encourage them to shift how they work, leading them astray. Their core mission is stifling society and killing enemies; if they start running around in trucks, gallivanting around like conquerors, it may distract them and piss off the locals. There was an article somewhere which said one reason the Talaban succeeded so well was because their strict religious obedience makes them seem at least “fair”, if not nice; that when they act as judges in disputes about wandering or stolen goats, people believed they would at least get a neutral judge. If they start flaunting their booty, that may change a few into more grasping types, leading to internal disputes when one fellow’s pickup stops running and somebody else lords it over him.

      We like to sneer at politicians who don’t understand that passing out free shit for not working, or paying gangsters monthly to not murder other people, simply breeds more unemployment and more gangsters. The same incentives apply to a bunch of really poor uneducated foot soldiers suddenly showered with booty beyond imagination. It’s one thing to be religiously strict when you have nothing but a few goats; it’s another thing to suddenly have a truck and night vision goggles and the ability to take revenge on all your neighbors who taunted you over the years.

      1. The Taliban have already been flying the helicopters and some of the planes about, and have enough that they can part them together for decades. For instance there are 33 Mi-17, 33 Blackhawks, 43 MD530’s and 10 AC208 strike aircraft with an additional 28 regular 208s for parts.
        And with 22,174 Humvees and 42,000 pickups, and 8000 large trucks to pick through I bet they could get a couple running. Also the 634 MIII7’s, 155 MxxPro’s and 169 MII3s.

        Those 176 artillery pieces are probably permanently fucked, until their Chinese advisors lend a hand, anyway.

        1. Yes, they can keep some trucks running for years, but fewer and fewer as some get cannibalized to keep the others running. Consumables like oil and air filters, gaskets, brake pads — I bet the desert wears them out faster than usual.

          Airplanes and helicopters, no. Those things require hours of maintenance for every fight hour, and rely far too much on electronics to be kept going for long. Keeping a few running for propaganda is one thing; using them militarily is another.

          1. Consumables like oil and air filters, gaskets, brake pads

            Most of those are off-the-shelf GM and Ford parts, and there’s an ocean of Chinese knockoffs right across the border.

            As for your second point, the Blackhawks, yes. But the MD530’s and AC208’s aren’t electronics heavy or hanger queens.

      2. I think a lot depends on whether a more advanced country (or more than one, I suppose) comes in and starts assisting them with parts, and expertise, and fuel.

        I wouldn’t even put it past our own CIA to start secretly working with them, justifying their activities as fighting ISIS. (Not saying they will or they are; just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.)

        1. Since the CIA is the shadow government, I’d say it’s more than likely they will do whatever is in their best interest.

          And as the CIA (OSS) was a creation of the British during WWII it’s a good bet they are still in control it.

          1. The British IC is at the heart of the iNazy party, and pretty much everything terrible in the world today.

            1. You would know Nardz since you’re a Nazi.

              1. The Aktion-T4 pushing corporatist who actually wants to kill off a small religious minority, is calling other people fascist.

                1. You’re defending someone who endorses murdering over half the voters in this country because they didn’t vote the way he wanted.

                  I guess supporting private property rights makes me a corporatist in your eyes. So be it.

                  1. No, I’m attacking a piece-of-shit like you, who’s said he personally wants to kill as many people as he can for their ethno-religious identities.
                    You’ve issued actual death threats and called for a holocaust, for fuck’s sake.

                    Of all the people here you’re the least qualified to call someone else a Nazi.

                    1. “Ethno-religious identities”

                      Mormons aren’t an ethnicity you moron.

                      They lie and manipulate to make themselves look like victims. They are scum.

                    2. There it is everyone, just like I said. KAR the Nazi in all his hatemongering, retarded glory.

                    3. Mormons aren’t an ethnicity dumbass.

                      Jesus fucking Christ you can’t be this stupid.

                      You’re a paid troll. It explains the lying, gaslighting, and misinformation you post.

          1. Oh, please, oh, please, let one of them do something to piss the other off!

            Please let the Red Chinese offer spare ribs at a dinner with some Taliban muckety-muck!

            Please let the Taliban get caught smuggling arms to a Uighur Resistance Front!

            Please let Russia join in on the fun somehow too! Russia and Red China did joint military maneuvers in the eary 2000s for the first time since the early 1960s! Maybe they’ll also be jointly be falling to Taliban Mujahadeen setting themselves aflame inside T-62 tanks or ODs from chintzy local-grown shit! Maybe a Russian version of Steppenwulf will be singing “Allah Damn The Pastun Pusher Man!”

            They all deserve each others’ very worst! Then, while they are distracted with each other in Red China’s first Vietnam, the U.S. can play some much-needed catch-up on debt-reduction, economic deregulation and de-taxation, tech development, and military and diplomatic clout! Oh, happy day!

            1. “Allah Damn the Pashtun Pusher Man,” that is.

              Shadenfreude can be a distraction from proper texting.

            2. The Chinese’ turn to get themselves involved in a 20-year quagmire?

              1. Exactly. And since the Red Chinese typically play the long game, maybe their Vietnam will last 100 years!

                They’ve had it coming since the 33 to 61 million deaths under Mao and it’s come to a head with this COVID-19 Wu-Flu shit that Emperor Xi and the CCP and PLA have helped unleash on the world, to the destruction of our health, our civility, and our political and economic freedom!

                Red China has been the de facto rulers of this Planet since November 2019 and it’s about damn time that grip was broken and the rule of Communism destroyed in Red China forever! A Vietnam in Afghanistan may just be the catalyst!

                1. “since the Red Chinese typically play the long game, maybe their Vietnam will last 100 years!” If you knew the history of Vietnam, you’d know that already happened – but for 1,000 years. Chinese dynasties ruled Vietnam most of the time from 111 BC to 939 AD. When the Chinese emperors weakened, the Vietnamese would rise and drive them out, then when a strong new dynasty arose, the Chinese would invade again – 3 times, ending only when the Song dynasty in southern China remained split from northern China for several centuries and needed their armies too much to throw them into a jungle meatgrinder.


                  When the Yuan (Mongol) dynasty finally conquered the Song and reached the Vietnamese border (1279 CE), they were wise enough to leave Vietnam alone. But after the Chinese overthrew the Yuan, the Ming dynasty eventually invaded again in 1406, but only managed to stay 20 years. A few centuries later, the British helped Manchurian tribesmen overthrow the Min and establish themselves as the Qing dynasty, which somehow lasted until the early 20th century. The Qing also invaded Vietnam, but lost (1788-89). Most recently, the Communist regime in China briefly invaded Vietnam in 1979, after Vietnam responded to continuing mass murders on its border by occupying Cambodia – that is, the ancient Chinese mass murderers tried to support the Khmer Rouge mass murderers. After a few weeks, the Chinese went home and claimed victory, but the Vietnamese still ruled Cambodia.

                  So, are the corrupt-corporatist-capitalist-authoritarians[1] now ruling China stupid enough to try again?

                  [1] Do you know the short name for such a political-economic system? Mussolini invented it, and it begins with “F”.

      3. Point taken but the Chinese and Russians have the wherewithal to maintain that stuff if they find it advantageous to do so.

        1. Only the trucks. Keeping the airplane and helo electronics serviceable is another matter entirely, especially the stuff without which its engines will not run and its flight controls will not work.

          1. I’m not an expert on the subject so I’ll defer to your judgement.

            1. I’m not an expert either. I just know that planes and helos take a lot of maintenance for every flight hour.

              1. The Afghans were one of the first Central Asian countries to have aircraft you know. The Kabul to Berlin route in the 30’s was one of the worlds first regular routes. They’re not the backwards monkeys everyone thinks. Fifty years of civil war and invasions take their toll, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not capable.

                Plus all the MD530’s and AC208/208’s (70+) are famous for being super reliable aircraft. They aren’t electronics heavy or hard to maintain, and parts are everywhere for them. Chinese knockoffs are right across the border.

          2. What I’m curious about is the nature of the electronics used in US aircraft.

            I assume that Chinese or Russians can get in there and hack replacement parts by a combination of reverse engineering and industrial spies, but maybe I’m wrong — do American avionics have anti-hacking features such as use of encryption or ???

        2. Don’t disagree with you on that. And, as I say above, I wouldn’t rule out our own CIA, either.

      4. The danger is when the taliban sells the helicopter with top secret components to the Chinese so they can reverse engineer it

      5. Tge value of evwrything left behind exceeda 75 years od aod to Israel, more than the cost of all the F35s we have built. or all the Abrams tanks, and could have paid for 7 aircraft carriers

        1. Something to point out to people who make Israel their one-note out-of-tune symphony of hate. The U.S. foreign aid trough and our energy policies have sent more money to Islamic nations that would shiv us in a moment than to Israel.

    2. You posted this yesterday too. On the last couple of days, Biden decided that any materiel left behind should be disabled. Unfortunately, there was a couple month head start before that where Biden was handing off fully functional equipment to the Taliban. The disabled vehicles will be used to provide spare parts to the same functional models that the Taliban are now using.
      It is a dumb smokescreen you’re posting since tens of billions of dollars were spent in equipment and your story is in the millions.
      This is like posting a story celebrating how Enron investors got pennies on the dollar back.

    3. Meanwhile the military is investing in the replacement of the helicopter fleet. Take the Bell 360 for example (apache replacement) or the proposed Lockheed/Boeing blackhawk replacement.

      Like handing over this equipment was planned, or something.

      /UA’s conspiracy-minded paranoia.

      1. 360 up, blackhawk down?

        1. I imagine the blackhawks will be pushed off to the guard, sold to foreign militaries, and cannibalized over a decade or so.

    4. From the link:
      “…Trump, despite his administration’s talks with the Taliban that undermined the U.S.-backed Afghan government,..”

      Uh, the talks between the Afghan gov’t, the US and Taliban? Included in the agreement Biden tossed?
      The LAT has gone from bias to outright lies.

      1. They’re not even pretending not to be deliberately gaslighting us anymore.

        That agreement produced specific guarantees that protected the integrity of the Afghan government. The Biden administration and Milley wiped their ass with it, and now the LAT is blaming the agreement for undermining the agreement.

        Anyone who doesn’t think that at this point the American press is just the Mouth of Davos, is being willfully blind.

  3. Giuliani fucks up again:

    “For 52 seconds, Giuliani reads an endorsement of several journalists and activists who have reported critically on, or campaigned against, Derwick Associates, the energy firm founded by Alejandro Betancourt, a Venezuelan businessman reportedly represented by Giuliani.”

    1. How is this a fuck-up by Gulliani? He just did his job. There’s no conflict of interest here.

      1. “How is this a fuck-up by Gulliani?…”

        Isn’t; just one more symptom of the TDS suffered by the asshole Mike.

    2. Did he drone strike two innocent children in Afghanistan at the tail end of a colossally botched abandonment of Americans?
      On a scale of zero to BidenBotchTen, am guessing Giuliani’s activities are in the one to three range.

    3. What is your fucking obsession with Trump and company? Seriously dude let it go, the sickness is destroying your mind.

      1. Obsession? There are dozens of Trump fans still posting here every day. Example: See above where Ken was talking up Trump as one “of the most libertarian elected politicians we’ve had since World War II.”

        Trump is still out holding rallies, telling lies about the election, and signaling that he is going to run for President in 2024. It is totally appropriate to still talk about him.

        1. Jesus fucking Christ! The current POTUS is abandoning Americans in a radical Islamic state and drone striked some kids while cutting and running. But some guy at a rally. Or a Ken post.
          Once worked at a movie theatre when, after hours, high winds blew the roof off. When the regional manager visited to inspect, he was focused on a hidden corner of the lobby that wasn’t swept well enough. Never mind the missing roof! There are a couple of popped kernels in the corner!!!

          1. I work for that a-hole. He’s changed jobs and is running another business into receivership.

        2. “Obsession? There are dozens of Trump fans still posting here every day. Example: See above where Ken was talking up Trump as one “of the most libertarian elected politicians we’ve had since World War II.””

          Shame on Ken for making a valid point, right, TDS-addled asshole?

      2. “…Seriously dude let it go, the sickness is destroying your mind…”

        That bell was rung a LOOONG time ago in the case of TDS-addled steaming pile of shit Mike.

  4. Good to see you back, Baylen.

  5. Read this fact check by the AP, and try not to laugh. No, really, I dare you.


    Claim: chances of COVID survival is over 99%

    AP: Au contraire, only 98.2% of COVID patients survive, take THAT Trumpy McTrumpista Trumpyness!

    In addition, 1.8 percent of people die based on the numbers, but there is presumed to have been many many more cases than were recorded where the patient survived, so the survival rate is even higher than 98.2%!

    Take THAT Trumpy McTrumpinada Trumpineros!

    Then the AP goes on to carefully note that health factors and age play a MAJOR role in determining the likelihood of survival! So saying 99% is totally without context! Take THAT Trumpy McTrumpinissimo Trumptasticness!

    For those keeping score at home: What’s the ONE thing the media doesn’t like to talk about when discussing who died from COVID: Their age and general health status.

    Press: Cases! Deaths!

    Us: Who died, how old, general health?

    Press: STFU, quit asking questions!

    1. Irony at its greatest. “You can’t just look at the numbers, you have to look at health.”

      Okay, so MY survival rate is statistically 100%. Thanks for the ‘fact check.’

      1. People have been banned from youtube and facebook for accurately stating the survival rates of teenagers and young people in general. Now suddenly the AP is deeply concerned about the statistical nuance of a 90 year old with poorly managed diabetes and a 12 yr old. Now. Suddenly. Those facts are suddenly important.

        1. Yeah it was really strange when I read the article that was like ‘Don’t worry about people who die soon after getting the jab, old people die all the time.’

          Uh, if they die all the time why are we worried about saving them from corona.

          1. “Don’t worry about people who die soon after getting the jab, old people die all the time.”

            Can you give an example of such an article?

            1. Google it, you lazy piece-of-shit!

              1. He’s too busy to look things up. Ken might post again and Mike’s got a doozy of a strawman reply just waiting. And get this, there will also be a both sides that attacks Trump.

                1. Amusing how his ‘both sides’ always ends up complementing the Democratic Party.

      2. It really is a Schrödinger’s Cat situation. You are either alive or not.

    2. Doctor – “The patient died from COVID”
      Reporter – “He’s got two bullet holes in his chest!”
      Doctor – “Comorbidity. Contributing factor. He died from COVID.”

      1. Like the smoker who got run over on his way to buy a pack of smokes.

      2. The patient that died of the vaccine also had a paper cut. And the cause of death was reported as from the paper cut.

    3. I don’t know if you complete eschew reading any news that doesn’t come from conservative sources, but what the local press in many states with COVID-19 surges _are_ talking about is that hospitals beds are filling up with so many cases (whether they end up in death or not) that others cannot get treatment, included cancelation of scheduled surgeries.

      It’s funny, though, despite supposed oppression by the mainstream media, you still someone have access to sources that are telling you the “truth” about what is going on. It’s like we still have quite a bit of freedom of press, and a plethora of news sources.

      1. Is there something in your comment related to the fact that the AP debunked its own debunking?

        1. No, I wasn’t addressing that aspect of your comment.

          I thought you had a valid criticism of the AP’s “fact check”. But then you went in in the final paragraphs to advance the conservative-as-victims narrative.

          1. Perhaps because that’s exactly who the AP (and you) is targeting.

            1. Maybe if conservatives would stop crying about the election, Twitter, Facebook, Ashi Babbitt, the new “civil war”, and whatever the latest whine de-jour happens to be, they might not project an image of victimhood. Just sayin.

              1. Yeah, ‘crying’ about an unarmed protestor shot in the face and TDS-addled piles of lefty shit trivializing it.
                Fuck off and die a slow, painful death, asshole.

                1. The horse is dead. You can stop beating it.

                  1. “You Jews and your broken windows, it’s over already. Quit whining.” – sarcasmic, December 1938

                    1. You’re comparing the conservative “plight” to Jews in Nazi Germany, and then wonder why people call you guys crybabies?

                    2. “What wrong with a few broken windows and some crazy rhetoric. It’s not like they’re shoving you in ovens or anything. Quit fucking whining, that’s why nobody likes you Jews” -1930’s sarcasmic

              2. “If conservatives would stop screaming rape and just bite the pillow, then we’d feel sorry for you” – t. sarcasmic

                I think I figured out why your wife left you.

                  1. Those salty tears of self-pity are running down your face, not mine.
                    I never was sued in court for being abusive to an ex.

              3. Meh. At least they’re not whining about tranny pronouns, climate change, ancient racial grievance and the taxes paid by the rich.

                Advantage: conservatives. Just sayin.

      2. “Sure we’re shuttering every single badthink news source we find, but we haven’t got them all yet. There’s still a ‘plethora’ out there. Practically freedom of speech almost.”

        But you guys are certainly working hard on knocking that number down, aren’t you Mike.

    4. It seems like such obviously ridiculous propaganda is self-defeating, but the silliness and blatant dishonesty is the point. It’s not that they think we’re idiots. They know we recognize their middle school-level sophistry. They enjoy parading their lack of accountability. It’s a show of power. This is a famous Soviet tactic.

      The purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

      When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed.

      A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you look at a lot of these ‘fact checks’, they have the same effect and are intended to.

      You can also see the Mike Laursen sockpuppet doing this in this very thread.

    5. Or, as I’ve noted on here a few times, as soon as the CDC announces how many people died “with” COVID, the reporter repeats the numbers back but replaces “with” with “from.”

      At least they report the ages of the people who died. But still, “with” does not mean “from.”

  6. As usual nobody here got to discuss the article, everyone including me just responded to fucking Asshole Mike and his numerous sock troll accounts.

    1. White Mike will criticize Biden thusly:
      *insert 5 strawman criticisms of Trump*
      I also criticize Biden. I have gone on record saying that he should have spooned Tara Reade after assaulting her.

  7. Wasn’t this the trend before COVID?

    1. Fuck off and die, asshole.


    So, a bunch of Taliban dudes are sitting around, and one of them says we need volunteers to go on gay online forums, flirt with gay guys for about three weeks to gain their confidence, then rape them. Shouldn’t they wonder a bit about the heterosexuality of those among them who volunteer for this duty?

    1. A tersely worded letter from the State Department will put a swift end to that, I can assure you.

    2. The Taliban banged Biden bare for weeks. But now he’s gone so guess they still have urges.
      Incidentally, they never let Biden top because he is known botching pull outs.

      1. You’re saying he pulled out, but left a little something behind?

    3. Why am I not surprised you know about that.

  9. I wish libertarian outlets would stop calling the absence of a law the same as a “law”. The fact that most folks honestly can’t tell the difference is probably our biggest barrier to the mainstream.

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