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A Clear and Present Lack of Danger

We can stop obsessing about Islamic terrorists crossing the Southern border.


Todd Bensman's America's Covert Border War faces several challenges right out of the gate. First, it's a work of speculative nonfiction about how terrorists plotting to kill Americans could cross the U.S.-Mexico border, even though none are known to have done so. Second, it was published 15 years after fear of Islamic terrorism peaked. Third, the Trump administration—the biggest source of public speculation about Muslim terrorists crossing the border—is over. Only the best of writers would have overcome those challenges to produce a good book.

Bensman overcame none of them.

This book's biggest problem is that the author has nothing to write about. Not a single terrorist has illegally crossed the Mexican border and then committed an attack on U.S. soil. Bensman systematically exaggerates threats, selectively excludes information, and blurs the line between how terrorists theoretically could have infiltrated the country and what they actually have done.

At times Bensman finds a nugget that sounds scary. There is, for instance, the "2001 California border crossing of a ranking Hezbollah operative (in the trunk of a car) later convicted of terrorism." That sounds like a legitimate threat, and a reasonable reader might expect that half-sentence to be the beginning of a chapter about a serious terrorism case. But Bensman doesn't mention it again, never tells the reader the terrorist's name, and gives a citation that's little help in tracking it down.

After digging, I discovered that this terrorist was Mahmoud Youssef Kourani. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. By all accounts, he was a criminal justly convicted. But there is no indication that he ever planned or intended to commit a terrorist attack, particularly against Americans.

Other times, Bensman can't even muster that much. One section cites his work on terrorists who have crossed the border but leaves out their names and the crimes they actually committed. Once again, I had to dig. Turns out that these migrants with monikers like "Unidentified Afghan national," "Unnamed Sri Lankan national," and "Al ​Manar Television employee" were not terrorists. They just happened to be illegal immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

That's the biggest methodological problem in Bensman's book. He focuses on illegal immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, known as "special interest aliens" (SIAs), and frequently conflates them with "known and suspected terrorists" (KSTs), who are barely more likely to be real terrorists. Often, Bensman starts a subsection writing about KSTs and then seamlessly transitions to writing about SIAs or those on a terrorism watch list, giving the reader the impression that they are the same. Of the more than a million people on such watch lists, very few are KSTs (and many are false positives).

Bensman does not mention that the Border Patrol apprehended 91,132 SIAs from 2007 through 2019—1.39 percent of all immigrants apprehended by the agency. None of the SIAs were convicted of carrying out, attempting to carry out, or planning a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. From 1975 through the end of 2020, only nine people convicted of planning a terrorist attack entered the United States illegally. Only three of them crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. They were Shain Duka, Dritan Duka, and Eljvir Duka, and they didn't come here with a plot in mind: They crossed as young children in 1984, then were arrested 23 years later.

Bensman does not mention the Dukas, perhaps because they are ethnic Albanians from Macedonia. Neither Albania nor Macedonia has ever appeared on a list of SIA countries.

If illegal aliens aren't a terror threat, what about people seeking asylum? There the body count isn't zero, but it does not rise to double digits. From 1975 to 2017, nine people in the U.S. have been killed by terrorists who entered as asylum seekers.

Though this book is supposedly about a terrorist threat to the United States, the attacks it discusses happened in other countries. Take Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, a Somali asylum seeker who entered along the U.S.-Mexico border, went to Canada, and wounded five people in a vehicle attack in 2017. Bensman calls him the "first border-crossing SIA to have conducted a terror attack in North America." (The word North is doing a lot of work.)

It's telling that Bensman titles his first chapter "Proof of Concept: Weaponized Human Proliferation in Europe." If Muslim terrorists crossing the U.S.-Mexico border were a pressing concern, Bensman wouldn't have to turn to Europe to show it's possible for terrorists to cross a border.

A subsection of that chapter argues that Germany has faced "the brunt of attacks and plots" from Chancellor Angela Merkel's decision to allow about a million refugees and asylum seekers into the country in 2015. But even there, Bensman doesn't show very much mayhem. He catalogs a few migrants who ended up committing deadly terrorist attacks, a few goofy plots that were foiled by the police before likely collapsing on their own, a few cases of migrants knifing innocent people, and a handful of ominous statements by other migrants.

There is no indication of the number of people killed or injured in attacks committed by Islamic terrorists, a curious omission until you realize that Bensman describes "cataloguing threat and risk" as an "inexact art." We can't hold Bensman to the standards of a Van Gogh or Kandinsky in practicing his art, but we should at least expect him to complete a paint by numbers.

To fill in the gaps, this reviewer has done Bensman's work for him. From 2015 to 2021, 36 people were murdered in terror attacks on German soil and 142 people were injured. Thus, the annual chance of being murdered in a terrorist attack in Germany during that time was about 1 in 16.1 million. The annual chance of being murdered in a normal homicide in Germany was about 148 times greater. And 61 percent of the people murdered in those attacks were victims not of Islamists but of German right-wingers—some of them targeting the populations that Bensman paints as a threat.

With so little to offer, Bensman's book becomes boring. Nothing happens. The author inundates us with statements about "credible" intelligence of terrorists on the border. But these allegedly credible warnings never amount to anything: no deaths, no attacks, no convictions or arrests of people planning attacks. How credible is intelligence that keeps predicting events that never occur?

Bensman argues that national security experts have access to "intelligence reporting" that shows the "threat of terrorist infiltration [is] quite real," then uses this uncheckable claim to wave away criticisms rather than addressing them directly. Specifically, he obliquely criticizes work by myself and my colleague John Mueller on the small risk from foreign-born terrorists. Even there, he can't get his criticism correct—Bensman says that we only consider the cost in human lives, while in fact we also consider the harms from injuries, property destruction, and economic effects.

Bensman ludicrously claims that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would rather deport terrorists than charge them with terrorism offenses. But government employees love to justify their existence by showing that they're getting things done, which is why the press release mill known as the DOJ floods the internet with announcements about cases that are frequently silly and barely related to terrorism. If the Justice Department had an actual KST border crosser or knew of some who had recently crossed, it would tell the world. Bensman claims that Somali Maulid Jama, a supposedly serious terror risk apprehended along the border, was deported to save the "huge expense of a trial" that would have made the career of a prosecutor during Jeff Sessions' tenure as attorney general, an idea too fanciful to believe. The government deported Jama because there was not enough evidence to convict him of a terrorism-related offense.

At one point, Bensman tells us that "homeland security leaders and professionals, no matter which party occupied the White House, saw things the American public can't, or won't. One purpose of this book is to make visible what they see so that we can all move on." Bensman may have succeeded too well. If this book really shows us the threat they see, we can stop being afraid of terrorists crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

America's Covert Border War: The Untold Story of the Nation's Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration, by Todd Bensman, Bombardier Books, 300 pages, $19.99

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  1. “ALEX NOWRASTEH is the director of immigration and trade at the Cato Institute’s Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies.”

    It’s always a treat when someone from the Koch-funded Cato Institute writes in Koch-funded to promote Charles Koch’s open borders agenda.


    1. I sometimes ponder what Reason and Cato would be like if they hadn’t been purchased.
      Would they be staffed by libertarians?
      Would they have written articles about important libertarian issues other than just cheap weed and ass sex?

      1. Cheap weed, open borders and open sphincters.

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    3. A Clear and Present Lack of Danger
      We can stop obsessing about Islamic terrorists crossing the Southern border

      Soooo…Nothing can go wrong, eh? Not even steamer-trunk nukes, new resurgence of deadly infectious diseases, or attacks like Fort Hood or the Pulse Night Club???

      “NiteAll Will Help You Get Your ZZZZs!”

      1. They don’t need to cross the border anymore. Biden is about to fly hundreds of thousands of Muslims here from Afghanistan without any screening.

  2. So this writer could be Tony, Liarson, DOL,SPB, etc. with his ability to make things up?

    1. Shika’s heir.

      1. I almost miss Shitty Shikha.

  3. Bensman argues that national security experts have access to “intelligence reporting” that shows the “threat of terrorist infiltration [is] quite real,” then uses this uncheckable claim to wave away criticisms rather than addressing them directly. Specifically, he obliquely criticizes work by myself and my colleague John Mueller on the small risk from foreign-born terrorists. Even there, he can’t get his criticism correct—Bensman says that we only consider the cost in human lives, while in fact we also consider the harms from injuries, property destruction, and economic effects.

    Guess we know who is butthurt now. Helps explain the spin this article.

    1. In his defense, blmantifa is probably made up of mostly native born people and their terrorism has killed dozens of people, caused countless injuries, destroyed many small businesses, and done billions of dollars worth of damage overall.

      1. They’ve been a god send to our beleaguered milk shake industry.

        1. Because of course you cheer assaulting your political enemies.

          1. They used to give medals for assaulting fascists.

            1. And now they are the fascists. Ironic, huh.
              A bunch of little Brownshirts saying it’s okay to reenact Kristallnacht because they’re supposedly “Anti-facist”.

              1. “And now they are the fascists.”

                No, they oppose fascists. The name ‘antifa’ is derived from anti fascist. Your confusion probably stems from your definition of fascist as anyone who opposes your way of thinking. Antifa activists have a more traditional view. A fascist to them is a right wing nationalist.

                1. And if you called yourself
                  an Anti-moron you would still be a moron.

                2. Fascists are left wing. It’s a type of socialism, and another bastard child of Marx. Your BLM friends are self avowed marxists.

                  So they, like you, are the fascists. While we believe in freedom.

                3. Fascism is a set of tactics. Tactics antifa uses regularly.

            2. And they used to give out medals for shooting commies, you obtuse little shit. Should we start reviving that tradition, as well? Or, you know, we could systematically ban people from initiating violence against people who are expressing their political opinions, rather than caricaturing them into bogeymen and using that as an excuse to act like violent thugs.

              1. “Should we start reviving that tradition, as well? ”

                It’s probably too late for that. Antifa activists are determined to undermine fascist organizing and propagandizing.

        2. And fast drying concrete sales.

      2. But they were mostly peaceful but fiery killings and lootings .

  4. Not a single terrorist has illegally crossed the Mexican border and then committed an attack on U.S. soil.

    I’m not saying Nowrasteh is saying this specifically but, in Reason’s larger context: “I’ve never had a fox in my hen house so, tear down the hen house.”

    1. That’s a great sentence totally filled with b.s.
      The number of illegals streaming through the southern border that turn out to be criminals is absolutely criminal in itself.
      They go on to commit crimes, kill people in auto accidents(drunk or drugged driving) and gang members….if that’s not terrorism I don’t know what it.

      1. American immigrants are less likely to be criminals than the native population. Stop trying to pretend that America is Europe. You guys don’t have an immogrant problem.

        1. No, we have an illegal immigration problem.

          1. No, Nardz; we have a problem with immigrating people who don’t share American culture and values, and, unlike past generations, aren’t encouraged to adopt it. By design.

            That applies to both legal and illegal immigration. E.g., the Somalis of Minneapolis.

            1. Minneapolis is a good example of when you take a tribe of people, barely out of the hunter/gatherer stage and set them in a civilized nation and city….then witness what happens next.
              A victim of a motorcycle accident is robbed while unconscious.
              Just a few days ago several people broke into a car dealership and stole 17 new cars.
              Then of course there are the riots, looting and burning of businesses.
              Minneapolis is now little Somalia.

              1. The unrest in Minneapolis stems mainly from decades of Democrat misrule, with elected officials serving the public employee unions instead of the public interest, unwilling or unable to remove unfit police officers from street duty as the citizen complaints stack up, inevitably leading to a flash point event.

              2. “Little Somalia” = Lewiston, Maine

                Made a mess of that too!

        2. Stop comparing immigrants to their income cohorts—which are people living in public housing—and start comparing them to the median American citizen, you dishonest fuck. The goal of immigration is to improve the current population of the area, not merely say, “At least they’re not as bad as Robert Taylor Homes residents!”

          God, that transparent bullshit from CATO et al, is profoundly irritating.

        3. And stop with your bullshit propaganda. We’re talking about illegals, not immigrants.

    2. Is this the crowd that always chimes in with “if you’ve got nothing to hide, then you shouldn’t mind if we search your car / house / phone “?

      It’s the same argument. You might not like that, but it’s true. Making it a crime to not let the cops or whoever search your car / phone / house doesn’t change anything.

  5. Right; but killing US citizens isn’t the *only* way an outsider can attack the USA. Especially with the lack of voting integrity.

    1. We don’t need terrorists for that. Just democrats.

  6. Nothing to see here.

  7. Open borders with Mexico forever, Joe, but keep that Canadian one closed because important safety reasons.

    Also, Reason knows that Rethuglikkkans and conservitards real worries are Islamic terrorists on the southern border. Not Los Zetas or MS-13.

  8. “We can stop obsessing about Islamic terrorists crossing the Southern border.”


    Now that Biden has flown 120,000 unvetted Afghans (including just 5,000 Americans and 5,000 Afghan translators/allies who had visas) out of Kabul with many/most being flown into the US,
    there is no need for Islamic terrorists to walk through a dangerous desert and cross the Mexican border.

    But of course, Biden will blame Trump, Afghans or someone else after some/many of Biden’s evacuated unvetted Afghans commit terrorism and kill scores/hundreds of Americans.

    1. Do you think it would be better if Biden had vetted these Afghans? I think your confidence in Biden’s vetting skills may be misplaced.

      1. I’m just wondering how when we had, at peak, what? 50,000 troops, we ended up with well over 100k ‘interpreters’ to bring here.

        1. We were there 20 years. A lot of them are coming with their families. Also a lot worked with us in other capacities in our embassy or bases or other ways. Some may have been informants.

          Actually I am surprised the number is not higher. I am sure some had to get out of there by land somehow.

        2. Also we got that number out. They are not all coming here.

          1. Really because that’s the number I’ve seen bandied about far all allied forces. But I wouldn’t put it beyond the post modernists to not see how the distinction matters unless they can use it.

            1. Be careful about numbers bandied about.

              Do not forget that many veterans and active duty personnel including aid workers, are doing a difficult job and are still doing it behind the scenes to get their allied people out of there and the families they did not wish to leave behind.

              So perhaps give them some support or at least no harm.

        3. “we ended up with well over 100k ‘interpreters’ to bring here.”

          In a perfect world, we’d only invade and occupy English speaking countries.

          1. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be democrat traitors, like you.

    2. Notice that most of them are males, probable child molesters and quite possibly willing to commit acts of terrorism.
      Some of them have been caught trafficking children.

      1. “Some of them have been caught trafficking children.”

        It would be preferable if they’d have stuck to droning children, like the troops.

        1. Probably but you can make more money selling child brides.

        2. Damn, but you’re a vile piece of shit. Protect your master, Biden. Them condemn the troops when it’s the execution of Biden’s idiotic plans cooked up with his lackeys that droned children.

          Biden is there due to people like you. So all of this is your fault. You have a lot of blood on your hands.

    3. Virtually none without SIV have been flown to the US. About 40,000 of those were transported by other countries to other countries. Of those transported by US, roughly 40,000 were transported to Qatar, a smaller number each to Kuwait, Bahrain, Albania, Kosovo, Spain, Germany, Tajikistan.

      You know that too. Which makes you a lying partisan hack.

      1. That’s quite an accusation for someone who has quite the illustrious career here as a lying partisan hack himself.

      2. Still wondering what we’re going to do with any Afghanis we evacuated who don’t pass the vetting to qualify for a visa. Ship them back to Afghanistan? Cut them loose wherever they are? Bring them to the US anyway?

        1. It’s a good question. I doubt anyone has thought that far ahead.

  9. It’s not so much the middle eastern terrorists coming across the southern border, mostly murderers, rapists, thieves, child molesters and other convicted criminals, many who manage to slip through and gain access to sanctuary cities where they continue their crimes.
    However, that since the great debacle in Afghanashitstain, a number of males have been caught trafficking abused children into the states for child brides the like. These pieces of human excrement should be taken out back and exterminated .

  10. Alex Nowrasteh should reread John Mueller’s 2005 Terrorism and political Violence article, Six Rather Unusual Propositions about Terroris.
    which, like the 2004 Americen Conservative article

    that underlies it, notes how some of Afghan groups that America supported in their war against the Soviets during the Reagan era were at war with the Taliban years befor 9-11, just as they are today.

    Let’s hope Biden doesn’t follow in Clinton’s footsteps treating our former allies as mere enemies of our enemies.

  11. How about the northern border eh? Those Canadian terrorists come down here and invade Florida every winter.

    1. That stays closed.
      Everyone knows Mexicans don’t carry Covid, but Canadians are essentially plague rats.

      1. Who? Mexicans, Canadians or Afghanis?

        Besides Mexicans will give you Covid, Afghanis are terrorists, then we have Antifa and BLM roaming around our cities burning and bashing every night. Canadians should stay home. America is a scary place. I mean Canada is boring but it’s safe.

        Also since Canadians are known lousy tippers it is probably for the best. Why is that anyway?

        1. I don’t know. Everyone around here does 20%.

          Maybe it’s Newfies or the Quebecois? Unless it’s going towards booze, the Newfies can pinch a penny till it screams, and the Quebecois take great pride in being ignorant fucks to anyone speaking English.

          1. Canadian is service industry code for black.
            Echospinner is talking about how cheap echospinner thinks blacks are.

            1. Do you have a citation for that claim?

              1. Talk to a service-industry worker, circa 2005. Or just fucking use Google, idiot.

                I’ve heard of the euphemism of “Canadians” applied to Blacks. Yes, as a rule, they don’t fucking tip.

                With the GIANT exception of if they’re trying to be the Man or Baller of the group—and it’s someplace the guy needs to feel like he’s the King of. Then the money flows like water. “I seent it!” , when I was working hospitality.

                God, I loved selling them Cristal after 2 AM….

                1. Umm I was teasing about Canadians.

                  Just having a little fun about that and ML caught on.

                  Because how can you possibly complain or whatever about Canada. Takes some sarc ribbing to do that. I am doing some riffing around with ML. I want nothing to do about your nonsense.

                  1. Bitch, you were absolutely making a comment about blacks.
                    Stop lying or shut the fuck up, you passive-aggressive totalitarian pussy.

          2. I have heard that it is people from northern New York complaining about it so maybe it’s the folks from Toronto.

            1. If it’s northern New York then it’s probably Maritimers. They’re located smack dab between the Quebecois and the Newfies and can manifest either trait.

          3. Also, les Québécois have been known to push people aside on the sidewalk—not very gently either. (Happened to my sister several times in Kennebunkport.) Case closed, BORDER CLOSED!!!

            1. It’s a cultural thing. They call it “checking”, and don’t consider it rude unless they hit you from behind.

        2. I love seeing leftist pieces of shit like echospinner openly expose their racism and stupidity.

          1. Dude, he ain’t wrong, if Echo’s talking about African-American’s propensity to not tip, and the desire to not serve them that engenders in service workers. Or did you think it was a fucking coincidence that nobody wants to work Black: Bike Week, Beach Week, Kappa Beach Party…fill in the blank?

            As a rule, African-Americans (without means—rich ones are dealt with upthread) do not tip, are incredibly demanding, will try to run/chisel off/bitch about the check, and otherwise are a job-jeopardizing, frustrating, money-light pain in the motherfucking ass.

            Which is why no one wants to serve them.

            1. I understand that.
              Echospinner was trying to be cute instead of a fucking man.

    2. Yeah…they come into the states with their hockey teams and their beer!
      Don’t forget the Mckenzie brothers and what they did.

      1. But they did invent curling. Which for some reason never caught on here.

        1. Don’t forget our unique and exotic national cuisine.
          Beer and Clamato juice “redeyes”, Kraft dinner, Nanaimo Bars and a gravy, french-fry and cheese concoction.

          1. Oh, and dill-pickle flavor potato chips.

        2. It’s right up there with shuffle board for exciting action.

  12. Considering we seem to just be flying them in – sure.

    1. You know who else was “just flying in”?

  13. The peak fear of Islamic terrorism has no bearing whether an act is committed. This really is one of those progressive fallacies. Feelings =/ reality.

  14. Well the FBI needs something to do, so letting in terror cells gives them the ability to set them up, and arrest them, showing what good little dogs they are to their masters.

    They probably figured out quickly enough there’s not more than a handful of “white supremacists” they can set up, it’s bad PR, and nobody in government (including Biden) cares about brown people anyway.

    1. “bad PR”?!?! OH!!!! I suppose that’s a slur against Puerto Rican separatists?!?!

  15. Stop trying to confuse conservatives with facts. They know what they feel, and nobody can change it.

    1. Daily reminder that sarcasmic’s a troll:

      August.12.2021 at 4:45 pm

      I so don’t care anymore. I only show up to watch the clowns duke it out, while tossing in this or that provocation. Bread and circuses. This is a circus.

      1. Saving up quotes? Not sure if you’re pathetic, a stalker, or a loser. I’m going with all of the above.

        1. So you’re mad that you got quoted being a piece-of-shit? All those times you demanded someone quote you where you said something, and now that someone has, you shit your pants.

          What a fucking knob.

          1. I demanded people find just one quote where I support the leftists that I am supposedly one of. And still nobody’s got nuthin. Why? Because you’re all liars.

            1. Sarcasmic isn’t just playing dumb, folks, he really is quite stupid.

  16. The state of libertarianism, in a nutshell. Spergs, simps, and pathetic cucks. Not worth reading. Not worth listening to. Pathetic and weak.

    1. Then go away. Problem solved.

      1. Nice white knight, trollboy.

        Speaking of going away, you promised ages ago that you were leaving permanently for the glibertarians. What happened? They banned your trolling ass, didn’t they.

        1. Reason came up with a Mute button, that’s what happened.

  17. The thing I’m learning here from reading the comments here for 10+ years is that conservatives who call themselves libertarians basically are scared shitless of everything: immigrants, Iran, Cuba, women, protesters, Black people, CNN, Rachel Maddie, etc. is there some sort of psychiatrist that treats maladapted misanthropes so that they can function without wetting the bed whenever the encounter someone besides a straight White male? That would be nice.

    1. Sounds like you’re projecting.
      Probably why you like socialism so others have to take care of you.

      1. It is so others take care of him and to punish those that are more productive. How can they be better than him? Must be something wrong so ok to take from them and give to him.

    2. What you should have learned is that many commenters are neither conservative nor libertarian. I am not, but I appreciate the libertarian view when I actually see it.

      1. What I’m starting to notice about the lefty-clan in discussion here is that their principles are more slippery than butter.

        Most of the time it’s wildly a projection, then there’s personal attacks, then there’s staging announcements without even a principle at all (lots of that), and finally it’s all just a self-inflicted drama sh*t show like it’s whole purpose was just a pathetic need for attention.

        How about getting attention some other way than using Gov-Guns?

    3. Breaking new in France : Shaina have been found knifed and burned alive at 15, because she gone to the police when she have been group raped at 13.

      Say her name, lefty peace of shit.

  18. We can stop most of it by ending drug prohibition.

  19. What we are seeing is really desperate people trying to escape poverty and violence. It is hard to recognize because they are not hanging on to and falling from airplanes. They are just walking thousand of miles.

    1. Sadly; A lot of them believe the end to ‘poverty’ is by theft.

      And it is the exact same *belief* that made the poverty and violence they’re trying to escape.

      Notice the similarities playing out right-now in the USA? It’s the Socialist Utopia, the [WE] mob *POWER* rules/steals concepts that have destroyed nation after nation throughout history. Over and over and over again.

      Gov-Gun Power =/= Wealth.
      Gov-Gun Power = Individual Liberty and Justice.

    2. The Nixon campaign subsidies law and violent terrorist prohibitionism Republicans and Democrats exported to Latin America destroyed their economies the same way asset-forfeiture prohibition did in These States in 1920 and 1929. Economic refugees are the result of The Kleptocracy exporting violent terrorism across their borders.

  20. Prior to 9/11, the number of domestic airplane hijacking involving terrorists with box cutters was zero.

    I’m always wary of this kind of complacent thinking. When our border is this porous and the vaunted FBI continues to let ignore flagged individuals, you have to worry about the southern border. The SB shooters were under FBI watch and they had received tips from Russia.

    The lack of terrorists crossing the southern border is mostly a testament to our concerted effort to smash their bases overseas and the infeasibility of ISIS infiltrating Latin America with Spanish speaking agents. There’s no point in crossing the southern border if you can just fly in and get lost in the crowd.

    But let’s a handful of them did sneak in. They got mixed in with the thousands of migrants and arrived in the “cages”. Most of them will probably get caught. But the annual migrant surge gives them the opportunity. They KNOW there’s a vulnerability to exploit because the government is asleep at the switch or they’re unwilling to make tough decisions.

    When something catastrophic happens, inevitably we find out that the people running the show ignored warnings about impending doom. Think back to the condo collapse. I don’t live in fear of terrorism, but that’s not an excuse for complacency.

    1. “Smashing their bases overseas” is how you create more terrorists, not how you stop the production of them. Leaving Afghanistan is the best thing we can do to reduce terrorism, even though Biden botched it badly on the execution.

  21. We have no idea and neither do the grifters in Washington have concerning the thousands of Afghanis being imported into the states.
    Not one. It’s highly likely that more than a few of them are designated terrorists, possibly by Interpol or even the FBI.
    Whatever the situation is, we are never allowed to know because of political concerns. Neither the newspapers nor the MSM will ever report anything even remotely concerning the probability that more than a few will slip through.
    We will never know if a certain young male from Afghanistan will be committing an act of terrorism out of duty to the Taliban or some other Islamic extremist group.
    The American public is being put at incredible risk of safety due to the lazy incompetence of those in charge of directing this influx.
    Let’s wait and see what happens next, won’t we.

    1. A few European satrapies successfully imported hordes of violent, illiterate, girl-bullying mystical bigots. The path to success in England and France is bloodstained onto their streets, sidewalks and night club dance floors. Wrap your head in a rag and strut down a street in Portugal. I’ll lay odds the natives will give you a welcome you’ll not soon forget.

  22. The southern US border is probably 100 times more secure than the norther US border. And Canada doesn’t exactly have onerous immigration restrictions. Pre-COVID it was pretty easy to cross into or out of Canada. And any would-be terrorists are more likely to speak English than Spanish.

  23. Great… Another Communist anarchist from the Cato crack-pottery. Importing terrorists and illiterate public charges is just the thing to attract voters. Look how that platform change and anarchist albatross on the ticket altered the LP vote count from 2016 to 2020! We were on the ballot in all states, and increasing by 80% per annum.

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