Afghanistan Withdrawal Is 'Ending an Era' of Failed Nation-Building, Says Biden

In a speech aimed at proponents of perpetual war, the president refused to apologize for exiting Afghanistan.


One day after nearly 20 years of war in Afghanistan came to an end, President Joe Biden said he was closing the book on an inglorious and expensive phase of American foreign policy.

"This decision about Afghanistan is not only about Afghanistan," Biden said in a speech Tuesday from the White House. "It's about ending an era of major military missions to remake other countries."

That's a remarkable, and welcome, sentiment to hear expressed by an American president.

Most Americans had long ago soured on the idea of nation-building in Afghanistan (and Iraq) and had voted for a series of presidential candidates who promised (and then failed) to put an end to America's longest war. In the end, the war that enjoyed bipartisan support for years was ended in a bipartisan fashion. Former President Donald Trump put the Pentagon on the clock when his administration reached a deal with the Taliban to withdraw by May 2021. Biden postponed that deadline but held firm when it mattered.

In doing so, he's created an opportunity to chart a new way forward for America's foreign policy. Far from promising isolationism, Biden said Tuesday that "human rights will be the center" of his foreign policy. "But the way to do that is not through endless military deployments," he added, stressing that America should instead use its prestigious diplomatic and economic tools to work with belligerent countries. If that shift materializes, it should be welcomed by both Americans and the rest of the world.

Much of Biden's speech on Tuesday was aimed directly at the war hawks who have criticized his administration's handling of the withdrawal. In particular, Biden took aim at the bizarre talking point that has emerged in recent weeks suggesting that the status quo in Afghanistan was sustainable prior to the departure of U.S. troops and the ensuing collapse of the Afghan government.

"The real choice," Biden said, was "leaving or escalating."

"I was not going to extend this forever war," he added, "and I was not extending a forever exit."

He's right. The lack of bloodshed between the Taliban and U.S. forces over the past year and a half was the direct result of America's promise to withdraw. Keeping American forces in Afghanistan past the August 31 deadline would have invited more fighting and the pointless loss of more American lives.

Claims about the sustainability of the past year's cessation of hostilities were never more than a thin cover for perpetual, neverending war. When CNN gave John Bolton, one of the chief architects of the disastrous nation-building foreign policy of the past decades that Biden is now seeking to undo, a platform to criticize Biden's withdrawal last week, Bolton said the "fundamental" error Biden had made was "withdrawing at all." The mask slips.

Reasonable people can disagree about how much blame Biden deserves for the messy withdrawal. Certainly, it is shameful that so many Afghans who helped America over the years seem to have been left behind—in some cases because of bureaucratic holdups that should be blamed on America's broken immigration system, not because the timetable for withdrawal was insufficient.

What everyone on this side of defense contractors and Bolton should be able to agree upon, however, is that America was no longer pursuing any meaningful national security objectives in Afghanistan.

With an eye towards the future, Biden said Tuesday that America should learn two lessons from the nearly two-decade misadventure in Afghanistan. First, the military should be used only to pursue missions "with clear, achievable goals, not ones we'll never reach." Second, those missions must be focused on "the fundamental national security interests of the United States."

The war in Afghanistan failed on both counts. Biden was right to throw the ball back to the hawks.

"To those asking for a third decade of war in Afghanistan, I ask: What is the vital national interest?" Biden said.

There isn't one. There hasn't been one in a long time. The war in Afghanistan is over. For that, we should be thankful.

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  1. >>That’s a remarkable, and welcome, sentiment to hear expressed by an American president.

    lol (again, look it up) when your President B was Senator B he led the fucking charge *to* nation-build Afghanistan … the Bushies wanted a “light footprint” and (D) wouldn’t agree w/o “boots on the ground”

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    1. Bush didn’t pull them out 6 months later when Al Qaeda and the Taliban were run off.

      1. no he did not. and should have.

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    3. Right.
      Bidiot – in his pre senility and diaper days – was a great proponent of “Nation Building”.
      Even when he knew it was a first-class cockup.
      Now he’s running away like a scared dog and it “Ends an era”
      Whatever the demented Git says.

  2. In a speech aimed at proponents of perpetual war, the president refused to apologize for exiting Afghanistan.

    We’ll keep pretending this is only an argument between people who never wanted to leave and the peace-loving, anti-war Biden with a 50 year voting record that that proves his pacifist bona-fides beyond reproach.

    1. Personally I don’t give a shit about past sins, real or not. We live in the present. I’m just glad the U.S. is out

      1. These people aren’t. They are part of the Farmers for Trump which has decided, in lieu of making their own website, to piggyback on Reason’s.

        It’s so sad it’s hilarious. These people are obviously Trump cultists. OK, that’s weird, but ok. But *a major, repeated theme of Trump’s was that nation building was stupid.*

        There’s so much to dislike Biden’s current administration for. Trying to make grandma rent to her boarder when he’s not paying. Throwing gobs of money stupidly at every problem. Etc.

        But even when Biden says something Trump said for years they’re like ‘oh, terrible, hur dur, so stupid!’

        1. Nothing about this had anything to do with Trump. Where was Trump mentioned before your shockingly dumbass deflection?

          1. Biden is simply executing Trump’s agreement, in fact he gave it *more* time. All this article is saying is “Biden (and Trump!) were right!”

            1. Executing as in absolutely fucking it all up to high heaven? Yes, he does that consistently.

              Joe stealing Trump’s ideas (again, and everyone else’s) is not the main problem; his ineptitude and idiocy in attempting to ‘execute’ them is.

              1. Queen is a dumb cunt

            2. “Biden is simply executing Trump’s agreement,..”

              Let’s let Queen Asshole find out how wrong she is:
              “I’m intimately familiar with former President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. In November 2020, I was named chief of staff at the Pentagon, where one of my primary responsibilities was to wind down the forever war in Afghanistan.
              Trump instructed me to arrange a conditions-based, methodical exit plan that would preserve the national interest. The plan ended up being fairly simple
              We successfully executed this plan until Jan. 20, 2021. During this interval — when there were no US casualties in Afghanistan — President Ashraf Ghani and the Taliban conducted multiple rounds of negotiations, and al Qaeda was sidelined. The result was a successful drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan to 2,500, the lowest count since the dawn of the War on Terror.
              We handed our entire plan to the incoming Biden administration during the lengthy transition. The new team simply wasn’t interested….”

              Correction, Queen Asshole, Biden’s team ignored the plan and decide to wing it.

            3. As I tell my kids, when you are blaming others, it is generally because you know you are the one who fucked up.

            4. Only biden cultists think the evacuation plan Biden followed was trumps lol. It isnt even may 1st dumbass. Multiple leaks showed biden did shit like cut quick reaction forces over the summer. How stupid are you?

            5. “Biden is simply executing Trump’s agreement”

              You lying, malicious cunt.

              Biden tore up Trump’s agreement, lied to the Taliban, the Afghan Government and the allies, missed all the deadlines, told everyone they weren’t going to pull out, and then, when nobody was expecting it, bugged-out.

              It’s not for nothing that the parliament of the UK just censured him. What other president has that happened to in the last 200 years?

              I know your paid to carry-water for the Democrats here, but you’re just disgusting.

              1. Hell they didn’t censure Washington or Madison, and they literally fought wars against the British. Washington was literally a traitor by English law and Parliament didn’t censure him after the war. Madison literally started a war of choice against the British. No censure. Buchanan almost started a war with England over a couple of barely populated islands in the Puget sound, no censure. Churchill described FDR as a school girl with a crush on Stalin at the Yalta conference, no censure.

                1. All that was before the instant and narrow focus of the internet, Facebook/Twitter, and take-no-prisoners cancel culture. In other words they actually thought things over and deliberated back then.

                  1. I don’t think Parliament voting to censure a sitting president of the strongest ally is a knee jerk, cancel culture.

            6. If you’re in a hole, spending *more* time digging is the opposite of a solution. The Taliban attacks didn’t kick into high gear until *after* Biden missed the May 1 deadline, effectively voiding the peace agreement.

              Not that I think the Taliban would have held to it very long anyway, but all of our people could have been long gone before the shit hit the fan

              1. Anyone who knows anything about the war in Afghanistan knows the fighting season starts in May and runs through the start of October. The deadliest months historically have been July and August. Why you would decide to do a withdrawal during this time is beyond me. It just simply isn’t explainable.

                1. This is the thing the ‘you wanted us out sooner’ idiots don’t seem to realize. OF COURSE you move your people out when the Taliban is snowed in! Even if they retake the country as soon as they’re able to come down from the mountains, we’d already be long gone!

          2. What’s hilarious is you know Queenie would be shitting a brick about the withdrawal if Biden had an R after his name, or worse yet, was named Trump.

        2. He said nothing Trump said, you feckless cunt.

          Biden’s a piece of human garbage, stop defending his antics.

          1. Trump didn’t criticize nation-building?

            It was his agreement to leave Afghanistan you mewling quim.

            1. No, it wasn’t. Biden ripped up Trump’s plan and substituted his own. There are no two ways about that. Trump’s plan for extraction was a military operation, Biden’s was ran by the State Department. Trump’s plan was to be out by May 1st, before fighting season started, Biden dithered for four months then decided to withdraw at the height of fighting season (for purely political reasons and because he dithered for so long that he couldn’t make the May 1st deadline). I despise Trump, but despise people like you who try and blame this on Trump. It wasn’t his plan, it was entirely Biden’s plan. He owns it, stop fellating him and deflecting with you lame ass “but Trump’. This was a total military fuck up
              It achieved nothing other than ruining our good name with our allies, stranding hundreds (if not thousands) of Americans to a terrorist regime, tens of thousands of allies to a terrorist regime. All this did was strain our alliances, get 13 servicemen killed because HKIA is indefensible, and leave 1000s at the mercy of a terrorist regime.
              It isn’t a question of get out or not, it was a question of how to get out and Biden failed!

              1. Queenie, like all progtards, exists in a dissociative state where democrats are infallible. They are truly pathetic creatures.

          2. “Reasonable people can disagree about how much blame Biden deserves for the messy withdrawal.”

            No, really they can’t, you worthless hack masquerading as a Libertarian journalist.

            I haven’t often been angry reading the articles here—mainly because I don’t often look at them—but this is abject garbage.

            I’m going to stop before I scare Nardz.

            1. Eh, nothing’s scarier then the prospect of iNazi USSA, which will happen if we all continue to pretend the system will magically change itself.
              Trump was the attempt at peaceful revolution/restoration/repair.
              It failed.

            2. “Reasonable people can disagree about how much blame Biden deserves for the messy withdrawal.”

              I missed this, but he’s right, in a way:
              Is Biden 100% at blame, or perhaps only 99% with his handlers owning the other 1%?

        3. This is their lamest cope attempt, and we’ve seen other lefty commenters like American Mortgage-Welsher claim this too–“If you have any complaints about how this was handled, it’s because you wanted us to stay, neocon!”

          Never mind that pretty much every person on this board has been saying for years that we needed to get out, particularly after Bin Laden got capped. But they have to put up that Goliath-sized strawman to avoid dealing with the fact that their boy massively fucked up the withdrawal, even after giving himself another 3.5 months to make it happen.

        4. “Afghanistan Withdrawal Is ‘Ending an Era’ of Failed Nation-Building, Says Biden”

          It also kicks off an era of Biden failures. Each will be more massive than the last.

      2. Yes, nothing at all could have been done better on the last 8 months. Nothing at all, other than staying another decade

      3. “The uber driver crashed into my house and killed one of my kids, but I’m just glad I’m home.”

        1. Now he’s suing me for damages to his car, and wants to move in to the now-vacant bedroom once I pay for the repairs.

          1. And if I don’t, his ex-con cousin who recently got out of prison, has threatened to harm my wife and children.

      4. We live in the present.

        “I was born yesterday.”

    2. Biden’s arrogance is colossal. He expects us to believe that all went according to plan.
      He failed and cannot admit it. Just another political coward.

  3. “…The war in Afghanistan is over. For that, we should be thankful.”

    If adolescent assholes hadn’t objected to father-figure they didn’t like, the war would have been over several months earlier and without the number of hostages still under Taliban control.
    But, hey, look over there, right Boehm?

    1. Poor Trump, no agency he!

        1. Asking for a reason to believe a claim puts bucky in a fit.

          1. Shut up you dumb cunt

          2. Time to fuck off back to the DU forums, White Mike.

      1. Pretty hard to do your job when the House decides that the commander in chief can’t decide when to pull troops out and actively fights against it you disingenuous fuck.

      2. What agency does Trump have, Biden didn’t follow his plan, instead implemented his own plan. That is the truth. Nothing you can say deflects from the fact that this was Biden’s and Biden’s alone plan. No Trump doesn’t have any agency here because Biden is President and Biden threw out Trump’s plan and substituted his own.

      3. Queen Asshole?
        Read the link up-thread. Had Biden so much as used the plan Trump had in effect, we’d have been out in may via an actual “withdrawal”, rather than a self-imposed panicky ass-kicking.
        As normal, you do not know what the fuck your posting about, and your steaming piles of lefty shit are tiresome

    2. I don’t know much about this writer, but he really is parroting the lefty talking points du jour.

      1. But since he has a long record of criticizing Biden in other areas (click on his name!), isn’t is probable, if not at least possible, that he just thinks Biden did the more right thing here (even if badly and that he stumbled upon it)?

        1. Doing the “right thing” (in exiting Afghanistan, which is little challenged by sober minds), is not the sole measure of criticism, or accountability.

          Analogously, I’m guessing you criticized Trump’s handling of the Covid crisis, even though he tried to do the “right thing” by constraining it. Trump made mistakes, was held accountable ad nauseam, and now Biden has to face the music.

          He fucked up the plan. He orchestrated the botched exit. You-nor this writer-do not now get to airbrush Biden’s mess, the extent of which is likely global and seismic, by exclaiming “right thing.”

    3. Odd how The Con Man had all these great ideas that he never implemented – building a wall, making Mexico pay for it, getting tough with China, ending this stupid Afghan war, new trade policies, rolling out a vaccine, replacing Obamacare, cutting the deficit, economic growth of 3% to name some.

      I guess it takes a young vigorous POTUS to actually do those things.

      1. Bidens cock is impeded in your ass, his Flaccidness gripping your man boobs in his failed attempt to impregnate you.

        1. Look how angry bucky gets it anyone dares criticize his Orange God. This guy wants to watch Don bang his wife (or, if incel as he may be, mom) while he watches from the corner, and any insult of the Don makes him feral with anger.

          1. No, we are angry at your deflection of blaming Trump for Biden’s fucked up plan. Biden didn’t follow Trump’s plan, he substituted his own. He transferred what should have been a military operation to the State Department and put Blinken in charge. He moved the deadline from May 1st, the beginning of fighting season to Sept 11th, the height of fighting season for no strategic or tactical reasons. I despise Trump, but I despise idiots like you who are blaming Trump for Biden ignoring the plans given to him, ignoring his generals and diplomats on the ground and for getting 13 people killed because he had fucked up so bad he put them in an impossible position to defend. I voted for Gary and Jo. But Trump has no blame, all the blood is on Biden’s frail, demented, incompetent hands. Blaming Trump is a weak ass attempt to deflect blame, not the actions of a leader but the actions of a yellow livered coward who refuses to accept blame and anyone and everyone who carries his water are just as much to blame.

            1. Dude changing the complete troop withdrawal from May to Sept is meaningless if you’re trying to make some kind of point about it.

              Even when the Taliban was on Kabul’s doorstep there was never any real difficulty with withdrawing the military troops. In fact we sent more troops into Kabul when it fell. If Trump had withdrawnal everything in May there would been no real way to secure that airport in August. And securing that airport in August is how they evacuated all those Afghans and Americans. The Americans were told dozens of times to leave Afghanistan long before August. Those people are lucky Biden stuck around to rescue them. The Americans should have left Afghanistan when they told to dozens of times.

              1. This only makes sense if you ignore trump actually had a plan to do all of this in a much more organized way. Trumps plan to evacuate on may 1st was literally based on multiple stipulations. One of which was intra government negotiations between the taliban and the old afghan govt to form a coalition government.

                Because Biden sat on the agreement from January until early April when they scrapped it, those negotiations never happened or were facilitated. Once it was clear the may 1st date would be violated with bidens retarded September 11th withdrawal announcement, the taliban started marching.

                As to your point about the people not leaving, that was because the state dept, despite knowing the taliban was marching rapidly because they violated the may 1st agreement as shown in the recently released transcript of Biden and ghanis last call, leaked by Reuters, was still telling people it was safe. And that continued literally until mid July when Biden was telling Joe stuffinenvelopes the taliban wouldn’t overtake Afghanistan.

                Looks like you are wrong again lordderp.

                1. “…Looks like you are wrong again lordderp…”

                  Make that “still”; Lord of Shits never gets anything right, so it’s never “again”, it’s “still”.

          2. ‘Look how angry bucky gets if TDS-addled assholes lie through their teeth’
            Fixed for you, TDS-addled asshole.

        2. GDP Growth Under Trump Was the Worst Since Hoover

          I bet you’re one of those “Trump had the best economy in history” cult members.

          Seek help.

          stupidity is curable

          1. It’s almost like lefty governers puposly used an excuse to tank their economies

          2. turd lies; it’s what he does.
            In this case turds numbers are cherry-picked to be worthless, this has been pointed out to turd (with evidence) at least 10 times, and turd returns to repeat the same damn lie.
            turd lies; he is a pathological liar.

          3. “Trump had the best economy in history”

            He did, until Covid came along and all the lefties in the governor’s mansions decided it was a great time to tank their economies with crazy shutdowns. This is something even children and small animals noticed.
            I bet even your fellow fifty-centers think you’re a moron for trying to force a “Trump had the poor economy” narrative.

            1. No one else is stupid enough to make the claim; turd sets a VERY low bar.

  4. Wow. What a hero

  5. You guys were right, Biden really is the bestest.

    1. See? They really can’t even conceive of a worldview where the right position is one that Biden is (sloppily, stupidly) on track with. The only world that exists for GOP partisans is one where the instant, immediate, position is ‘the Democrat is the wrongest in the room.’ And this libertarian site is lousy with just bog-standard GOP partisans.

      1. Dude, fuck Trump. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        1. Yeah, right dude.

          1. Piss of feckless cunt.

            1. I will brook no criticism of my Orange Daddy (oh, real daddy, why did you leave us!!!’)!

              1. I will excuse everything Biden fucked up, excuse the bodies he owns, the blood on his hands, and blame Trump, even though Biden didn’t follow Trump’s plan and substituted his own, because I suffer from cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty.

              2. Poor White Mike, this anti-Trump stuff is the only distractions he has left.

                It’s hard to shill for the DNC when your material is absolute shit.


          1. turd lies. It’s what turd does. If turd posts it, it’s a lie. turd lies where the truth would serve; turd’s a pathological liar.

          2. Compared to Biden? Hell yeah.
            Orange Hitler was the most libertarian President since Coolidge.

      2. Abandoning Bagram first and leaving behind an arsenal and hundreds if not thousands of Americans and thousands of not tens of thousands of allies in a slapdash cluster Fvck is in no way the “right” position.

        it was the most successful trip home from a zoo field trip ever! We successfully brought 27 kindergarteners home! Reports are up to 5 students left behind, several in the crocodile pit, and we will work with them to get them home at a later date.

        1. This isn’t about how great the withdrawal was (for the record my position it was not great but withdrawals from losing conflicts are rarely so), it was about whether withdrawing and announcing nation building as terrible thing is a good thing or not. Well, are they? Can you answer that without doing a partisan-deep dive?

          1. You never bothered to as well, you feckless cunt.

            1. You really can’t make any more argument than a feral cat who has been put in an empty diaper box, shook up and then let out, can you bucky?

              1. Withdrawals don’t have to be as fucked up as this one. The withdrawal should have been handled by the DoD not the State Department. It should have been done with the idea of rear area security and flank security, prioritizing strategic goals and in cooperation with our allies. This wasn’t the Europeans are pissed felt Biden forced them into a withdrawal that didn’t support their troops and didn’t prioritize western citizens. You are fucked in the head if you think this withdrawal was done with anything approaching competence. Every decision was poorly made. Every single one. I am not saying Trump could have done better but he hardly could have done worse. This withdrawal will go down with some of the worst in the world, right up there with Napoleon’s retreat from Russia. Take you Trump hating Biden fellating know nothing ass somewhere else. Nothing Biden did was the correct thing. The evacuation only worked as well as it did (and there were plenty of mistakes even then) because it was a military matter, and finally the people who had been ignored, the advise that been ignored, since April 15th, were finally allowed to do their jobs. I didn’t vote for Trump, can’t stand him, but this was entirely Biden’s fuckup. Stop trying to deflect it.

          2. Those rascals at Fox News are pouncing, showing 20 years of Biden clips extolling the absolute necessity of “Nation Building”, and the duty to get everyone home. so unfair to our hero

          3. One of your first posts was to deflect from Biden and blame trump, pedo.

          4. “This isn’t about how great the withdrawal was (for the record my position it was not great but withdrawals from losing conflicts are rarely so), it was about whether withdrawing and announcing nation building as terrible thing is a good thing or not. Well, are they? Can you answer that without doing a partisan-deep dive?”

            Queen Asshole: “Hey! Look over there!

          5. Withdrawing and no nation building is great and I bet you can’t point to one person here who says we should keep doing it.

      3. “…They really can’t even conceive of a worldview where the right position is one that Biden is (sloppily, stupidly) on track with…”

        There’s two very good reasons for that;
        1) You;re full of shit
        2) Biden was an idiot for tearing up a functioning plan and winging it.
        Fuck off and die; your stupidity/lies are tiresome.


    “When he just kept talking about his son so much it was just — my interest was lost in that. I was more focused on my own son than what happened with him and his son,” said Schmitz. “I’m not trying to insult the president, but it just didn’t seem that appropriate to spend that much time on his own son.”

    “…when you’re the one responsible for ultimately the way things went down, you kind of feel like that person should own it a little bit more. Our son is now gone. Because of a direct decision or game plan — or lack thereof — that he put in place.”

    1. That’s a lie. Facebook told me that parent doesn’t exist

      1. That’s a different parent they unpersoned.

    2. I guess Corn Pop never served

  7. So, the Democrats persecuted Trump with all kinds of fake conspiracy theories for four years, only to adopt many of his ideas, including ending these wasteful and unnecessary overseas wars. But when a Democratic president says it, it’s OK.

  8. I have to admit, I’m pleasantly surprised. I may have to change my stance on voting for presidential candidates that wear diapers.

  9. “Much of Biden’s speech on Tuesday was aimed directly at the war hawks”

    Unmentioned by the koch reason author is that Biden himself authorized this 20 years ago.

    You guys are so far in the tank for this guy it’s pathetic.

    1. Let’s review, Biden votes for war in Iraq in 1991, and again in 2003. Also war in Afghanistan in 2002. Biden supports the “surge” of troops in both during his time as VP. Biden does not mention his boss’s support of droning civilians to get at some terrorists.

      Did Biden mention that he supported the notion that Ed Snowden decided to defect to Russia (FALSE, the Obama admin didn’t let him leave after cancelling his passport and threatening others not to take him in)

      Biden has been a war monger his whole time in office. This cretin is not your hero, and no amount of gaslighting by his admin should change that.

      1. Good Christ you poor pathetic partisan patsy. They’re not saying Biden is a hero, they criticize him plenty. They’re just saying he’s more in the right here than his critics.

        But your petty partisan positioning just can’t allow that possibility. Pathetic.

        1. Piss of you shit for brains feckless cunt.

          1. Lol, you really refuted my claim you’re a Trump Derangement Follower with that.

            1. I didn’t vote for Trump either time but know Biden fucked this up beyond all recognition. And Buckle up is correct, you have shit for brains.

            2. Your claim is an excuse and a piss poor one at that. It is worse than my children blaming each other for the dishes not getting done.

            3. “Lol, you really refuted my claim you’re a Trump Derangement Follower with that.”

              Steaming piles of TDS-addled shit seem to think their ridiculous claims need to be “refuted” rather than laughed at.

            4. Youre the only one here acting as a cultist lol.

        2. “poor pathetic partisan… patsy petty partisan positioning”

          You’re narrative sucks so bad that you’ve had to resort to alliteration, huh?

          Also, kinda funny that a paid party shill like you, Laursen, is calling other people partisan.

      2. I wish Biden had also said “I was wrong in the past. I admit I supported and sustained this effort. In this I was joined by colleagues in both parties. I realize my mistake and will, going forward, endeavor to keep my Party and my policies in line with not getting into wasteful and unnecessary wars.”
        Unless he flips again, then give him a break. Look back at history and you’ll find large numbers of leaders who broke with their own previous policies. Geo. Washington was a supporter of King George III and against independence, until he wasn’t.

        1. Biden was never a decision maker until this year.

          Granted, his voting record as a Senator wasn’t very good.

          1. turd, at times, lies in such a transparent manner as to be comical.
            Ha, ha, turd

        2. This is a very fair critique of Biden.

          But I really don’t think this post is about Biden, it’s about defending withdrawal. Biden may have made this decision stupidly, sloppily, hypocritically, who cares except those who just hate or love Biden like weird kids. What matters for adults is: did the right thing just happen? It did. Let’s take the win, we don’t get many.

          1. Your boy fucked it up, got made the Taliban’s bitch, and this is just cope.

          2. No, the question of how bad the withdrawal was done is just as pertinent because it costs lives and continues to cost lives. The “what does it matter anymore” excuse is pure bullshit. Biden owns this. And he and his advisors need to answer to the American people. To those he stranded, to the families if those he got killed and to the nearly 1,000,000 service members who bled and died in Afghanistan. And of course he isn’t the only one but he is definitely first and foremost.

            1. There are going to be monumental consequences to the manner of our withdrawal. Disasters like this don’t simply fade away. They cause big repercussions.

              1. Yep and we will likely be dealing with those consequences on our own because of the way Biden treated our closest allies.

            2. And he needs to answer for this shit PRECISELY because his stupidity has made our withdraw from other countries LESS likely.

              Insisting that withdrawal always had to be this horrible, or that no one could ever have done it better, will convince future politicians that withdrawing from other entanglements will cost them an election.

              No matter how much Boehm insists that Biden did right, *EVERY* single politician watching this is learning the exact opposite lesson- that withdrawing from a low intensity forever-war is the first step in ending your political career.

          3. “This is a very fair critique of Biden.”

            According to a couple of TDS-addles assholes…
            Here’s an honest critique of Biden:
            He spent 20 years supporting this war and others, voting as a senator (although turd assures us he wasn’t ‘making decisons’, which might well be true), then as a VP.
            Now, after Trump drew down the forces to a point which would have made any increase show Biden to be the war-monger he is, he ‘decided’ to follow Trump’s lead, with one important difference:
            He threw out Trump’s plan and, it seems, didn’t bother to develop and new one:
            “I’m intimately familiar with former President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. In November 2020, I was named chief of staff at the Pentagon, where one of my primary responsibilities was to wind down the forever war in Afghanistan.
            Trump instructed me to arrange a conditions-based, methodical exit plan that would preserve the national interest. The plan ended up being fairly simple
            We successfully executed this plan until Jan. 20, 2021. During this interval — when there were no US casualties in Afghanistan — President Ashraf Ghani and the Taliban conducted multiple rounds of negotiations, and al Qaeda was sidelined. The result was a successful drawdown of US forces in Afghanistan to 2,500, the lowest count since the dawn of the War on Terror.
            We handed our entire plan to the incoming Biden administration during the lengthy transition. The new team simply wasn’t interested….”

            So, an honest critique shows droolin’ Joe to be a war-monger from day one, trapped by ‘optics’ into disengaging from Afghanistan and making the move in ways which leaves any intelligent being wondering if he could possibly have fucked it up worse than he did.

          4. “But I really don’t think this post is about Biden, it’s about defending withdrawal. ”


            Many do oppose HOW it was done.

        3. Biden largely was forced into this statement due to how fucked up his withdrawal was. It was a statement to save face. But the leftists that reside here will do anything to help Biden not look completely incompetent.

      3. This cretin is not your hero, and no amount of gaslighting by his admin should change that.

        ‘This is Ser Biden. He’s an idiot too. Your Gods have forsaken you. This is your God now.’

        The country is in the throes of getting raped by a zombie Frankenstein’s Monster, and then murdered by him.

    2. That vote was 98-0. It’s been documented that after (before now) he lost faith in that idea.

      He did what Trump agreed to do! But of course conservative shitposters can only see fault there.

      1. Feckless cunt defending the vote. Piss off.

        1. Lol, no answer, huh?

          1. He didn’t do what Trump agreed to. He didn’t follow Trump’s plan. He didn’t coordinate with our allies, local or NATO (it’s well documented by now how pissed the Europeans are and how they felt Biden abandoned them and dictated to them). Yours are sophomoric excuses that are a sad attempt to deflect blame from who is purely atblame, that inept, dementia riddled person currently inhabiting 1600 west Pennsylvania.

            1. If there’s something droolin’ Joe didn’t fuck up, no one’s found it yet.

              1. His most extensive and inclusive vote fraud team in US history?

                I mean, he tried with that admission, but they didn’t fail.

      2. He delayed what trump agreed to do creating a more precarious situation.

        Let’s see if you can do it. Find your post when trump announced the withdrawal and show you supported it then.

      3. He did what Trump agreed to do!

        No he didn’t you lying cunt. He tore that agreement up and treated it like toilet paper.
        Then he lied to the Taliban, the Afghan Government and the NATO allies who were only there because of the US.
        Then he fucked off in the middle of it all, leaving the Afghan government, the American allies and citizens in the country holding the bag.

        You’re such a dishonest, mendacious, lying fuck.

    3. Are you saying a VP that voted for it while he was in the Senate, oversaw 8/20 years of the war as Vice Prez without ending it, and then completely shit his pants on trying to get out despite having the best military resources in the world to do so properly…

      Are you saying that he bares some responsibility?

      1. Well, the Bushpigs lied about WMD in Iraq and 76 Senators were dumb enough to believe them. So he is 1/76 responsible just from a voting standpoint. But they were going in anyway.

        Dumbya Zero for Two is wars won. 7600 US soldiers dead, $7 trillion pissed away by the GOP


        If I were a GOP man I would try to distract from the shitty party record too.

        1. W was garbage. Cheney was garbage. The GOP is garbage.

          Also, coincidentally, Biden, the democrats, and especially you are garbage.

          All our bases covered? Maybe next time make sure you burn down a strawman I give a shit about.

          1. You left Trump out.

            We used to have a poster here named Episiarch way before you guys showed up.

            He truly hated every politician. I asked him once to find one good thing to say about just one of them and he said “All politicians are total garbage. No exceptions”

            Respect that.

            1. turd now tries the classics of mendacity:
              “Look over there”
              “Both sides”
              And flailing, fails.
              turd lies.

        2. Lol. You simps are defending a withdrawal that no one was opposed to and attacking the bush doosh crew that nobody likes.

          You lefties can always be counted on to put in a lame effort.

  10. the messy withdrawal



    (collective rightwing heads lighting on fire)

    1. Now turd gives the old strawman a try.
      And fails.
      turd lies; it’s what turd does.

    2. Yeah. You disagreed with how Lee surrendered your army of NOVA.

    3. Notice how nobody here is criticizing the fact that America is pulling out. Just how it was catastrophically botched by Biden and Milley.

      Also, notice how Queen WhiteMikeSock and Buttplug keep on trying to insinuate that everyone who is criticizing this colossal fuck-up, wanted to keep the troops in Afghanistan.

      And yet these two pretend that they are totally not Democrats.

      1. Don’t forget Blinken. Instead of the DoD running the withdrawal, it was ran by the State Department, and Blinken was the point man for the withdrawal. One of the few things Bomber John McCain ever got right was in labeling Blinken a danger to America when he voted against his nomination to be assistant SecState back in the Obama years.

        1. And McCain wasn’t known to vote against Presidential nominees, being in the same camp as Collins who believes that you shouldn’t vote against a Presidential nominees.

  11. Good direction – horrible execution.
    Doesn’t instill much confidence on if Biden could defend the USA.
    Of course we saw how Democrats defend the USA when CHAZ took over Seattle.

    “Oh, just let them take it”.

    1. Jay Inslee literally said it was news to him when asked about CHAZ.

      1. And the mayor called it “a summer of love”.

        And these two still have jobs.

  12. …the messy withdrawal…

    Thirteen guys guys dead in the worst attack in a decade is just a couple of old newspapers being left around.

    1. 2461 US soldiers die for nothing in Afghanistan but that SLOPPY PULLOUT just chaps my ass!

      1. You really are that stupid?

        Ending Afghanistan was already a foregone conclusion. The last Republican president had already signed a deal doing that (remember a few days ago when you were trying to blame it on Trump?). Getting our servicemembers killed and leaving American citizens to the tender mercies of the Taliban was all optional for Joe Biden.

        1. He’s paid fifty-cents to be that stupid. It’s his job.

    2. The public will forget about it—and the thousands of Americans, dual-citizenship or not, who were left behind—-within a month. Watch.

      We deserve every bit of the Hell that is coming for us.

  13. The issue for most people isn’t one of exiting Afghanistan, it’s the bullshit ill-planned way it was carried out. Bagram had an additional airstrip, was more easily defendable with clear views of attack from any direction and clear fields of fire, with entry points not bottled up for a suicide bomber to have maximum impact of casualties.. It was the better choice, taken off the table by Biden’s decision for troop removal before the evacuation of civilians, something he should have called for at least a month before actual evacuation began. Even if for some odd reason Kabul was still to be the point of withdrawal operations, the additional troops being kept in country for another month could have been used to secure the city, as the Taliban offered America to fully defend it’s own withdrawal. You’re conflating the issues in a way that is ridiculously partisan.

    1. Okay, one more vote for SLOPPY PULLOUT!

      1. Nice to know dead servicemembers and stranded Americans are your idea of a victory lap, shriek.

        1. If you were bothered by dead servicemembers do you have a record of opposing this entire debacle? You can point to that, this is the internet.

          1. No I didn’t at first. I went back in and volunteered for Afghanistan. That doesn’t absolve Biden at all for their deaths. It was his decisions that put them in harm’s way, placed them in an indefensible, non-permesive environment, scrambling to do an impossible mission, without the needed resources, to meet an arbitrary deadline that didn’t take into consideration any thoughts to mission goals other than allowing Biden to claim it was over. That is entirely Biden’s fault. Period.

          2. “If you were bothered by dead servicemembers do you have a record of opposing this entire debacle? You can point to that, this is the internet.”

            No, Queen Asshole, YOU find where I ever supported any of it.

            1. He will, he’s paid to do it.
              And he’s such an evil fuck he’d probably do it for free, even if he wasn’t.

        2. I’ll say the same for them I did for Daniel Pearl and the great Pat Tillman.

          If you go over to that shithole you should expect to die.

          1. Travel advice for St. Louis.

          2. I remember just a few years ago, when you were shitting your pants about a certain someone calling places “shithole countries”.

            But hey, you’re not paid to be honest or consistent.

            1. To him, any place that extradites American child molesters back to the US is a shithole country.

      2. “Okay, one more vote for SLOPPY PULLOUT!”

        turd tries goal-post movement and misdirection.
        And fails.

    2. Bagram is not the panacea you suggest. It is larger would be harder to defend and require more troops. It is significantly farther away from Kabul and would necessitate crossing more Taliban controlled space. It is set up for military operation and handling commercial jets would be more difficult.

      I have also heard it is a more difficult airfield to fly into and out of because of the location. I can’t confirm that, any here know more?

      1. It is not harder to defend and wouldn’t necessarily take more troops to defend. It is a hardened location, with a full perimeter unlike HKIA. It is on the high ground, whereas HKIA is in a bowl, in an urban areas. Anyone who knows anything about base defense knows Bagram was by far the easier position to defend.

      2. Handling commercial flights would be harder, says who? The air traffic control was done exclusively by USAF personal, Bagram actually has longer runways, nothing would have precluded commercial flights operating with the same (if not more) efficiency than at HKIA. There is nothing special about military airfields that makes them more difficult for commercial flights. In fact all commercial airfields in the US and most in Europe already are designed to support military operations, there is little difference between a commercial airfield and a military airfield. God, fucking armchair generals who never have served piss me off. Your entire analysis of bullshit straw grasping that doesn’t understand the first thing about tactics, strategy or logistics.

        1. It is just making excuses for Biden’s big botch.

      3. Actually HKIA is far more difficult to fly into because it has one, fairly short runway, just long enough for C-17 to land and take off of, is in a bowl, surrounded by highlands. HKIA has no advantages over Bagram.

        1. Now with the added challange of goat-fucking zealots with machine guns. Don’t remember that scene in “Flight Simulator.”

      4. And larger doesn’t mean harder to defend, the perimeter actually makes it easier to defend with fewer personal. Also, the fact that it isn’t in the middle of a major urban areas makes it easier to defend because the perimeter is not surrounded by buildings that overlook it. Literally everything you said is wrong, from a military prospective and is only the excuses given by Biden defenders who obviously never spent a day in uniform. Never got the call that they were leaving their families behind. Never boarded a bus with their wives crying on the sidewalk.

        1. You’re wasting your time SM. Trying to convince this useful idiot of anything is about as useful as lecturing your pet that it shouldn’t get into the trash, and then shit all over your living room.

          I’m firmly on Team Sevo—‘all they get are insults’—on the very rare occasions I bother reading what they have to say, and responding to it. I mean; what’s the point?

          Though I do appreciate learning from the SMEs here.

          1. One more that I didn’t mention was to properly secure HKIA should have taken more troops which were requested by ignored by Biden. The airport wasn’t properly secured as evidence by the fact that our troops were never able to properly expand the perimeter and instead had their backs against the MDL the whole time and were fairly thin in their manning of the MDL.

            1. That is how 13 service members were killed and 20+ wounded, because they had no control of the outer perimeter and were inundated with refugees at the main point of entries. That is never how you want an operation to go. It just is asking for casualties, for the exact type of attack that occurred. I predicted something like that was going to happen on the first day of the evacuation. As did anyone who understands base defense.

      5. Brain-dead analysis from a 50YO going on 13; just what droolin’ Joe needed.

  14. egaads…what a pathetic apologetic article on a disastrous tactical blunder. Too absurd to bother to take seriously. biden is responsible for the timing and operational pan for the exit. Period.

  15. Worst sycophantic article I’ve seen in ages and there have been some bad ones. Biden at once accepted responsibility and then blamed Trump again. The plan was bad, but he did it anyway? The plan was good, but he fucked it up? It was bad, but he didn’t know it? Which was it Senile Joe?

    Feckless cunt Queen bitch will post her support of Senile Joe’s latest animatronic speech blaming everyone except himself.

    1. It must be rough to be so opinionated but also so lazy/dumb.

      1. Speaking from experience, I see.

      2. He’s right though. You are indeed a feckless cunt bitch.

  16. Senator Biden voted for the invasion.
    Senator Biden spent 7 years funding the occupation.
    Vice President Biden helped oversee the occupation for eight years.
    President Biden botched the exit in his sixteenth year involved with this.
    In the time it would take a kindergartner to become a medical doctor, Biden finally figured out nation building wasn’t going to work in Afghanistan?

    1. It’s on record that Biden as VP switched to oppose the occupation. And when he got to be the decision maker it didn’t take long for him to make the decision.

      1. He has the moral convictions of a windsock. His support on any issue follows money first, polls second.

        1. So what, here? Again, this isn’t about praising Biden, unless you *have* to see it that way. It’s about is this a libertarian win, or not?

          I get that you..really…don’t think that way…

          OK, well don’t blame a libertarian writer at a libertarian website for thinking that way. Go to Breitbart if it makes you so upset! That’s a safe space for you.

          1. Anytime a Democratic administration fucks up something this badly when they had every chance to not fuck it up, is always a libertarian win.

      2. Didn’t take long? He was handed a plan that was already being executed and was briefed on that plan on January 20th. He waited until April 15th to make a decision. In the military world that is an eternity. Than the generals had to scramble to redo the plan in order to make it work (poorly) making a ton of strategic, tactical and logistical mistakes that stranded 100s of Americans, thousands of allies behind enemy lines. He dithered and lost the strategic and tactical momentum, pushing the withdrawal from the beginning of fighting season into the height of fighting season. Obviously you are someone who doesn’t understand the first thing about military matters. Just be quiet and listen to those of us who do. You are embarrassing yourself. And before you offer the limp wristed excuse “but Trump” this has nothing to do with Trump and everything to do with Biden’s indeciveness and blundering all so he could get a photo op on September 11. Thirteen of my brothers and sisters died because Biden is inept. Made bad fucking decisions, that, turned what was should have been a military operations over to the State Department, which made decisions not on what was the best military operation but based upon what was best politically. There is no excuse for Biden’s ineptness, nor for the piss poor plan Blinken executed. And the military brass and intelligence all warned Blinken it was a mistake, hell his own diplomats in the Kabul put the careers on the line and sent a letter of dissent stating Blinken was wrong. But neither Blinken nor Biden listened. And they flat out lied to the American people, assuring us everything was going well, as the generals in country, the diplomats in country were screaming it was a total fuck up. You can’t excuse Biden for any of that. It is all on him. You can’t excuse it away.

        1. I’m beginning to really understand what Robespierre and Marat felt. Before the whole knife in the back/losing my head thing.

          1. Speaking of Marat, specifically the painting of his death by David:

            The letter reads “Il suffit que je sois bien malheureuse pour avoir droit a votre bienveillance” which means “Given that I am unhappy, I have a right to your help”

            David ended up distilling leftism down to its barest essence, and didn’t even realize it.

        2. He was handed a plan that was already being executed and was briefed on that plan on January 20th.

          Do you have evidence of what that plan was – beyond 2500 troops in Afg – at/around Bagram – on 1/20. And who was executing that plan?

          1. Look just below, cowardly piece of lefty shit.

          2. Yes, the parts that were cleared to be published, were. Way back in July 2020. They were supposed to start in August 2020, but your team started fucking things up even way back then.


            Try to keep up.

            1. I’ve posted that in response to Queen Asshole’s lies several times; there’s a chance s/he’s muted me, since I’m not about to accept his/her bullshit, but others have posted it too, and s/he continues to lie about it.
              It is a dilemma: Do you have to be dishonest to be a lefty, or is it part of the training and you become that way?

              1. At this point I can only assume Queenie and Tony know they are lying and are just trolling.

      3. And Lebron James opposes Asian kids making his sneakers.

        1. Well, the Uighurs are enthnically Caucasian, even it they live in what’s considered Asia.

      4. You do realize trump signed the withdrawal agreement in February of 2020 don’t you?

      5. “It’s on record that Biden as VP switched to oppose the occupation. And when he got to be the decision maker it didn’t take long for him to make the decision.”

        Bullshit twice:
        Your cite is missing
        And claiming he was never a ‘decision maker’ while senator shows some real slimy special pleading by some talking points site you found.

    2. So brave of all the Bush voters to come off their easy chairs tonight and talk about what Biden voted for or didn’t vote for in 2002 when he was 1 of 100 senators while ignoring this was Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld 100%.

      Too funny.

      1. Your boy fucked up a withdrawal that was handed to him on a silver platter, got made the Taliban’s bitch, and spent the last two weeks humping his dead son’s corpse whenever someone called him out on it.

        1. Paragon of dignity, right there!
          Shame his kid Tim, uh Sam, uh whatever his name was didn’t leave him more bloody shirts from Korea.
          Uh, Kosssavha?
          Oh, hell, wherever he ended up and did you hear about the number of people we got out of Germany? Really great job!

      2. Want to convict Bush of war crimes? I’ll happily join you.

      3. Is anyone not blaming Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield for fucking up Afghanistan? Are you arguing with the voices in your head? Or just more empty deflection from the left?

      4. Hahahahahahahahahaha

        Stop stop, you’ve already beat Queenie and shrike for most idiotic poster and my sides can’t take any more laughter.

      5. There aren’t many Bush supporters here, if any. Nice strawman. Biden owns part of the entire Afghanistan mess and owns the botched exit fuckup exclusively.

      6. Jdromb,

        Here is a friendly bit of advice to you. While there are some trumpaloos here, the majority of people on this site do not conform to the simplistic Blue vs Red political kindergarten that you have grown up on.

        So you should probably stop arguing with the Team Red Strawmen living in your head. Even the Trumpers here have no love for the GOP establishment that brought us Bush, et al, and your attempts to bring that nonsense up make you look like you have fevered delusions.

        1. Give me a break. This site is all trumpers trying to repackage themselves as libertarians. It’s transparent.

          Every other line you guys spout is trump conspiracy nonsense

          1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  17. Fuck you, Boehm-head. Hope you enjoy Joe’s secondhand breakfast while you’re brown-nosing for nuggets. This is pathetic drivel.

    Pretty much everyone wanted out, but all the propoganda on earth will not wash out the stain of the Biden administration’s feckless, imbecilic politicking that abandoned not only our citizens and allies, but also our national dignity and trust, as they hurried from one clusterfuck to another.

    Again; fuck you, fuck Joe and I ain’t gonna fuck Willy’s used ho.

    1. Again, the Farmers for Trump don’t deal in nuance or political philosophy other than Trump Good, Trump Opponents bad.

      They don’t care what Biden did, anyone who doesn’t use it to totally attack Biden is just a Biden shill. There are no other alternatives. That’s the way it is. The cows have to be milked early tomorrow.

      1. Weren’t you the one who mentioned Trump first in this thread, as of 6:12 pm?

      2. Farmers for Trump? Do you think that is really witty? It is totally sophomoric. Do you think farmers are stupid or naive? Many have worn the uniform unlike you, and understand how fucked up this is. Their sons and daughters have fought in this war for 20 years. A good majority have college degrees. Take your sanctimonious elitism and stuff it up your ass. I doubt you could run a farm for a day without being totally overwhelmed by the amount of management and technical and scientific knowledge required.

        1. If you don’t want to be thought of as a peasant, learn some basic critical thinking skills.

          1. Fuck, if you had any critical thinking skills I would take that as an insult. Instead I see it as the retarded screeching for what it is.

            1. People with critical thinking skills don’t vote for the world’s most obvious grifter to be in charge of the US Armed Forces.

              1. Since I didn’t vote for Trump and I’ve told you that multiple times, and even have said it here today multiple times again, the fact that you bring it up shows your lack of critical thinking skills and intellectual honesty. And part of the reason I didn’t vote for Trump is exactly the reason you listed, you dishonest piece of shit.

                1. Doesnt matter to Tony, if you’re not gobbling Biden’s wrinkles knob, you’re obviously a Trump cultist.

                  1. It’s not limited to droolin’ Joe; he was defending Cuomo just recently. Got a D in front of your name? You can do no wrong!

                2. So you voted for Biden?

              2. I don’t think soldiermedic voted for The Big Guy and his 10% cut

                1. I didn’t either, but living in CA, it matters not. Jo got the nod.

          2. “If you don’t want to be thought of as a peasant, learn some basic critical thinking skills.”

            Ah yes, let’s remember this statement next time Tony talks about caring one bit about “the peasants”.

      3. “Again, the Farmers for Trump don’t deal in nuance or political philosophy other than Trump Good, Trump Opponents bad.”

        We are assured of this by a TDS-addled steaming pile of lefty shit!

      4. Quit trying to blame Trump. Nobody is talking about him but you TDS shills.

        Biden fucked up. Again.

        Stay on subject you partisan shitstain.

    2. Another vote for SLOPPY PULLOUT!


      1. Your boy fucked it up, got made the Taliban’s bitch, and this is just cope.

      2. The Taliban sloppily pulled out of Biden after banging him for two weeks in front of the whole world.

        1. They only pulled out so Al Qaeda and ISIS can take their turn in the train.

          1. Biden calls them ISIS-KY.

      3. Don’t you have some kiddie porn to watch?

  18. Obama got Bin Laden and Biden got out of Afghanistan. I think you have to give points to the Democrats on both. The fact is Republicans need to go back to the drawing board on protecting the US interests. There is no doubt that the US is the most powerful nation on the earth at this time. But history shows that it is not just having might but rather using it wisely that yields success.

    1. I think you need to come back to reality before posting if you’re suggesting anything other than Dims being underwater on trust and polling when it comes to protecting anything except unions.

      1. Interesting that polling is now in favor. What about the polling that showed the former President never got over 40% approval?

        1. Trump polled above 40% more than once, and Biden’s approval is nose diving. Harris has the lowest approval at this time in a Vice Presidency of any time in history. Biden fucked the pooch and only his sycophants don’t see it.

          1. And you’ll noticed that camera-whole Harris hasn’t even come up for air the past week.
            Seems she’s smarter than Queen Assshole and turd, but then…..

            1. Pretty sure the Biden folks don’t care if she’s bunkered down. No screen time = no cackles. Best for all that she stays out of sight and out of mic range.

              1. Her appearance at Newsom Bay-Area ‘please don’t recall me!’ rally was canceled last week, probably at Newsom’s ‘request’. Ms. roundheels is on record as being ‘the last person in the room’, offering full support for droolin’ Joe’s fuckup.
                Newsom’s got some really, really greasy hair and doesn’t want a shred of droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck up sticking to it.

        2. Fuck off, M4e; your adolescent praddle is tiresome.

        3. Just because you’re attentive to Biden’s pole doesn’t mean the real polls are going up too.


      1. Shriek got banned for posting kiddie porn!

    3. Biden drone striked innocent kids on the way out after botching Trump’s withdrawal plan while abandoning hundreds of Americans there.

      1. And got the most American soldiers killed in a single day in over a decade.

        1. His drone killed more innocent people than all my guns combined, excluding the issued commbloc underfolder AK with which I’m just not sure.

  19. yes we are out and no one is mad that we are out so i don’t know who the author is referring to as hawks other than those who wanted to use the troops to escort Americans to safe harbour, as our allies did for their citizens and destroy valuable equipment that the Taliban can now use against us or others. The mess of the pull out is not just about the equipment but how the rest of the world leaders now see the U.S. as incompetent and we are now in a more dangerous place because of this failure to exit in an orderly manner. Those who think we are incompetent will try to take advantage and right now many Americans see our military leaders as incompetent buffoons as well and may not be willing to sacrafice in the future when others do take adavantage of our weekness

    1. It’s telling that he references CNN as his main source.

    2. “no one is mad that we are out so i don’t know who the author is referring to as hawks”

      Boehm’s post above specifically mentions John Bolton as one of the hawks he is referring to. Other Reason posts have named more examples — I think it was either today’s or yesterday’s morning roundup.

      1. And?
        Are we supposed to forget Biden’s colossal fuck up because you read a name recently?

        1. Does anyone give a fuck about Bolton anymore? Including Bolton himself?

    3. Ron
      August.31.2021 at 6:53 pm

      Please try to put your post into coherent sentences. There may be something worth reading there, but like a sqirsly post, I’m not willing to spend the time to find out.

  20. The era of nation building won’t be over until we pull the US military assets occupying Germany, Japan, Korea, etc. for the past 65 to 75 years out of those countries .

    Or is nation building OK when we like the nation we built?

    1. I recall a distinct lack of bombings during the last 70 years or so of US forces’ time in those countries. Or having to travel in those countries, only within an armed to the teeth convoy. I liked Germany; my ex-wife loved Japan. I’m sure we’d have loved Korea. Not travelling to Afghanistan or Iraq anytime soon.

      All those countries have to do is ask us to leave, and I think we’d actually do it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see South Korea do it in the next ten years.

      1. Actually there hasn’t been a distinct lack of bombing in Korea. The North Koreans routinely she’ll South Korean positions, been a few years, but it has happened and US troops have been killed by North Korean troops since 1953. As late as the 1990s. It is still a war zone with only a cease fire in place. The DMZ is still mined and everyone on it is locked, cocked and ready to rock.

        1. You can only travel at peace south of the DMZ because ROK and American troops are on the DMZ fully loaded for bear.

    2. “…Or is nation building OK when we like the nation we built?”

      Not arguing with your main point, but yes, we’d prefer nations which don’t, oh, enslave women and murder gays and those who say bad things about the preferred god.

  21. Did the despicable Dotard vote against ANY of those wars?

    1. He never voted for any of them.

    2. Gotta be a parody account.

  22. Paid trolls like Queen Bitch are out in force to shore up what’s left of Biden’s reputation. Feckless cunts like that one have to get paid. But the damage was self inflicted and Biden is done, he’s cooked, and there’s no recovery. They squirreled away his sociopathic protege and VP in order to replace him. They will try to hold out to the 2 year mark, but that’s a stretch. Losing Congress will be the final straw though because the GOP will impeach him and the Senate may remove him for cause. He will retire or get removed via the 25th.

    If it’s found that they knew that he is Senile (he is, we know it) then there may be many prosecutions of Biden administration individuals. In addition this could possibly generate a constitutional crisis, and I don’t discount the chance of states calling for a constitutional convention to remove the existing federal government and officials who paraded Biden around even though he’s clearly addled and not capable of serving.

    This is going to be a weird year and a half folks. Buckle up.

    1. What about Trump’s senility?

      Biden is out of it, but I’ll take the even handed coot over the senile coot who thinks he knows everything.

    2. “could possibly generate a constitutional crisis”

      It already is a constitutional crisis.
      Ongoing since the early morning hours of November 4th.

    3. I highly doubt the gop is impeaching anybody.

  23. Boehm going deeper into the tank for Biden.

    Pathetic yet unsurprising.

  24. Being a hack. It really is a luxury, isn’t it Boehm? You don’t have to think about the essentials. Just spew the pre-digested party line about wars and how they all be bad. Hundreds of Americans in lands controlled by terrorists? Nuance! And we hate nuance, don’t we Boehm?

    You have wasted my time. I will hunt you down and make you pay.

  25. New Vaccine coming down the pike. “Long period of recurring vaccine shots of tghe same vaccine in booster form as far as the eye can see.”

    Summary, new vaccines have to be developed because each new variant results in the existing vaccines becoming less and less effectiveness.

    “We’re hearing more and more that COVID is here to stay.”

    This isn’t a trump video, this is Bloomberg news.

    1. So, they have to develop updated COVID-19 vaccines as variants arise. How is this different than continually-revised flu shots?

      If more people would get vaccinated, the pool of people in which new variants are arising would shrink.

      1. So COVID really is just a flu?

        1. Mike has a hard time keeping track of his lies.

      2. If more people would get vaccinated, the pool of people in which new variants are arising would shrink.
        So the vaccinated are immune now? (Ask Israel about that)

      3. If the vaccine isnt sterilizing, vaccinated people can catch, incubate, and release a variant all on their lonesome…

      4. What was the accuracy rate on those flu shots, and how much of the phamaceuticals’ annual profits does it make up now…?

  26. Rescuing Americans and allies is not a pointless shedding of blood. It is literally the purpose of the military, after defending the constitution. Why have a military if not to defend your citizens? Fuck you Boehm. You would probably have called the declaration of war on December 8th unnecessary too. Some things are worth fighting for. Not nation building, but if anything is worth fighting for, it’s the safety of American citizens and our allies.

    1. I agree with you despite your boner for Mormons.

      You seem like an ok guy. Too bad you have a boner for Mormons.

        1. SENILE RUMMY FLAG!!!

      1. Hi KARen!

        Ask him what kind of music he likes! I’m sure he’ll be your BFF if you stop talking about boners.

        Haha. What a doosh.

    2. Libertarians all recognize that law enforcement is violence, right?

      So, if by chance one day Boehm is found beaten to a bloody pulp in a pool of his own blood, we can all agree that any efforts to address it would be pointless.

      1. Oh, and to the stalkers who have no doubt saved that for some future use – let’s be clear about what that statement means.

        I am not advocating that Boehm be beaten bloody. Just accepting that, in the event it occurs, we treat him with the same general standard he applies to others.

        1. I’d like to do something special for it. Maybe stand around and get pictures.

    3. But we got Bin Laden. I’m sure if we didn’t create more anti-American radical Muslims than we killed, but nobody from the Bush administration consulted me in 2003.

      1. So how would you have answered 9/11? What would you do, ignore it? Would you also have ignored Pearl Harbor?
        Oh we fucked up in Afghanistan, didn’t send in enough troops, didn’t apply enough pressure on Pakistan, didn’t apply enough pressure on Saudi Arabia. Yes Bush fucked it up, but that is besides the point, how would Tony and Boehm have responded to 9/11? It is easy to spout anti-war rhetoric but it is harder to tell the American people to ignore when we are attacked. Because that doesn’t create less terrorist it just emboldens them. We basically ignored the first WTC bombings we virtually ignored the USS Cole attack and did that stop Bin Laden? No it emboldened him.

        1. I don’t think you respond to terrorist acts by declaring war on countries that had nothing to do with it. War is not the appropriate response to violent criminal acts. I appreciate that 9/11 made us all into frightened baboons, but not even a baboon would have responded to it by invading the wrong fucking country.

          I don’t think I need to offer any more excuses for why I don’t accept your framing. Bush invaded Iraq using our national tragedy as a false pretense. That you don’t hate him as much as I do is a problem for you to fix, not me.

          1. Where was Al Qaeda? Who were the allies who refused to give up Al Qaeda? Who continues this day to refuse to admit Al Qaeda was behind 9/11?
            And how do you know how much I hate Bush and Rumsfield? Iraq was always a mistake I am ashamed I supported at the time. You are deflecting again. That is all you have, deflections and excuses and whataboutism. Because you know your boy owns this fuck up and he has hurt America and maybe permanently ruined our standing with our allies. You know it and all you can do, because you lack the intellectual honesty to admit it, is to blame others. I admit my mistake in supporting Bush. But you won’t blame Biden, you deflect because you are a dishonest, partisan piece of group thinking shit.

      2. Annnnnnnnnnnd, here’s shitstain to shovel more lefty bullshit!
        Put your hands together for the lefty clown show!

      3. Ooh, taking a stand against the shrub crew! So stunning and brave!


  27. There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are honorable and own their mistakes and those who have no honor and blame others. We see which kind inhabits 1600 w. Pennsylvania Ave.

  28. Also can we stop with the historically inaccurate terminology of this being America’s longest war? Did North Korea ever sign a peace treaty? Or was it simply a cease fire, that North Korea breaks every couple of years?

    1. American and South Korean troops have been attacked and killed by North Korean troops since 1953. Go to the DMZ someday and tell me that that isn’t a war zone.

  29. Biden did the right thing. All the whiners out there can gripe about not staying longer or not leaving the month before or other bullshit but who cares. He made the tough call to pull out and our military executed one of the most impressive airlifts in human history, getting out 80,000 allies and 120,000 people total, including convincing the Taliban it was in their interest to shuttle American citizens to the airport in secrecy (that news came out this afternoon – look it up).

    We never should have stayed this long in the first place but at least we have a President willing to put America’s interests first.

    Personally I don’t care what Biden said about the war in 2002 either, so give it a rest.

    1. He didn’t put American interests first. The English Parliament voted to censure him, the first time that has ever happened. The English Parliament also warned us that they will not vote to go to war for us as long as Biden/Harris are in charge. The French our oldest allies are pissed. The Germans are pissed. The Taiwanese has asked the US to stop sending advisors to Taiwan and to remove all US troops in country. The Vietnamese are making nice with their traditional enemy China. Japan is talking expanding their military because they don’t feel they can rely on the US. South Korea is questioning their alliance with the US. None of those are in our interest.
      And Biden didn’t pull of the airlift, the military did despite asking for more troops and to perform outside the wire rescues and his ignoring his commanders recommendations to expand the perimeter to ward off a possible suicide attack. And the mission wasn’t completed, because they had to observe an artificial deadline, which they and our NATO allies told him couldn’t be met with the resources he allowed. No, Biden fucked up the evacuation the same as he fucked up the withdrawal. And I guarantee if you ask the men who were actually doing the job, they would tell you that Biden hindered the operation rather than helped it. No, don’t pull that bullshit. Biden fucked up the withdrawal and he hindered the evacuation and left it incomplete. There is no other truth if you honestly look at it.

      1. I’ve only muted one steaming pile of lefty shit; is that Jbomd? (or some such)

          1. Shaken, not stirred? Certainly SHAKEN!
            First mute; never saw any comment from this assholic piece of lefty shit others wouldn’t reward with a metaphorical knee to the balls, tired of piling on lefty piles of shit.

            1. 007. Licensed to shill.

      2. That’s because the English wanted us to stay in Afghanistan longer to cover their butts

        1. We didn’t tell them what we were doing and ostensibly withheld the intel from them that said the Taliban was about to take the country. Biden owns this debacle. Great Britain was there because they are an ally of ours and helped us after we were attacked on Sept 11. They were aiding us and Biden lied to them about the intel then chose not to share our plans, what little plans we had. You think it was ok that we failed to communicate to a country helping us? Utter slimeball behavior.

        2. Your boy fucked it up, got made the Taliban’s bitch, and this is just cope.

    2. More cope from the elderly-killer.

    3. So Biden did an entire national address just to school… John Bolton? Nobody takes John Bolton seriously, except John Bolton and CNN. And nobody takes CNN seriously either.

      Stop trying to make this Joe Biden’s hero moment. It’s not. Joe Biden didn’t end the war in Afghanistan. Donald Trump did. He was the first- and only- US president to make any serious attempt to end the war. The only reason Joe Biden presided over (and massively fucked up) the withdrawal is because Donald Trump put it in motion.

      Also, Saint Barack did not end the war in Iraq either. George W. Bush negotiated the SOFA fhe stipulated when troops would withdraw from Iraq. Barry O got to claim that one as a victory because at least he didn’t fuck it ALL THE WAY UP like Joe.

      1. “…And nobody takes CNN seriously either…”
        Needs to be qualified by IQ number or something of the sort. We have a large number of steaming piles of lefty shit offering CNN’s latest talking point in the hopes of deflecting attention from droolin’ Joe’s continuing colossal fuck up.

      2. Trump said “the next guy will be responsible for ending the war.” Not exactly taking sole responsibility.

        Give me a break.

    4. Has anyone mentioned your mother should have aborted you today? You may be overdue.

  30. We have built more sophisticated nations for cheaper than Afghanistan, but we had to nearly obliterate them first. We don’t have the stomach for the type of body count that makes real nation building a possibility. Hubris is so boring. Bush and Cheney were such morons. It didn’t help that their ulterior motives were religious war and stealing oil. And to be fair, 20 years of war is a lucrative market environment for defense contractors. It’s all about priories.

    1. How much oil was stolen?

      1. Not as much as they had hoped. Nothing went right in that deal.

        Think about the cost of the Iraq invasion. Totally based on a lie. Torture. Regional chaos. Immeasurably more of a reputation-destroying shitshow than Suez was for Britain, and that ended their empire. And we followed that shitshow with Trump.

        The 9/11 hijackers were amateurs at destroying America compared to Republicans.

        1. Looking at the fallout with our NATO allies I think Biden is far better at destroying America. Fuck off, you don’t have the intellectual acuity or honesty to be posting, as evidenced by your drivel.

          1. He thinks he’s found the ideal path to becoming the next D POTUS candidate.

          2. Our NATO allies worry that the US can no longer be relied on to be a superpower, and that is 100% the result of the Trump administration, the insurrection, and ongoing Republican efforts to dismantle democracy.

            1. Bullshit, they didn’t vote to hold Trump in contempt, they didn’t call an emergency meeting last week because of Trump. I didn’t vote for Trump, despise him, but you are a fool to think this is Trump’s fault. Merkel, the English Parliament, Macron were all clear who the blame
              They mentioned him by name. Guess what it wasn’t Trump. It was Biden’s name.

              1. You seem to be approaching this as 100% a PR matter. Is that the way to honor the dead? To make excuses for a man who will never contribute anything to history again besides a cautionary tale?

                This was Trump’s peace deal with the Taliban, who he let out of captivity by the thousands. Biden just carried it out. God forbid Trump would have been the one in charge.

                The man dealt with a pandemic by getting himself and everyone around him sick out of pure incompetent carelessness.

                1. Fuck you, have you actually read anything I wrote? Because weakening our alliances isn’t about PR, it’s about our strategic strength in the world. And it’s bullshit to blame this on Trump, who for the fourth time I’m telling you this today (and the hundredth time this year) I didn’t vote for. Biden chose everything that happened after he decided not to follow Trump’s plan. Biden ignored the intelligence, Biden ignored his generals, Biden ignored his diplomats in country. That is not Trump’s fault. That is entirely Biden’s fault. Everything after Biden made his plan after April 15th is squarely Biden’s fault.

                  1. You have yet to convince me that Biden ending the Afghanistan war will do more damage to the US’s reputation than starting those wars in the first place, or Trump. Biden doesn’t have to be anywhere close to perfect before he’s obviously a better alternative.

                    There is no reason in all of sanity why the US’s reputation has to be as shitty as it is. Pure Republican idiocy is the first and only reason for that. All you had to do was listen to those of us who could see it happening 20 years ago.

                    1. Tony is an idiot.

                    2. Who was the first president in history to be censured by our strongest allies? That is all the argument a truthful person needs to make.

                    3. “Tony is an idiot.”

                      Please don’t slander idiots.

                    4. “You have yet to convince me that Biden ending the Afghanistan war will do more damage to the US’s reputation than starting those wars in the first place, or Trump.”

                      You might just as well try to convince a random handful of mud that gravity has been demonstrated without a doubt. Shitstain is not nearly as intelligent as that mud.

                  2. “Fuck you, have you actually read anything I wrote?..”
                    This is shitstain Tony; commonly drunk by late morning, totally un-self-aware, oblivious to any incoming signals other than the bullshit he gets from VOXCBSCNNMSNBCPBS.
                    So the answer is: No.

            2. “Our NATO allies worry that the US can no longer be relied on to be a superpower, and that is 100% the result of the Trump administration, the insurrection, and ongoing Republican efforts to dismantle democracy.”

              OK, I told ya this was the lefty clown show, and you got to admit that’s funny.
              Stupid, but funny

        2. And Libya and Yemen and Syria and the thousands of civilians killed in Drone attacks during your messiah . Hell Bush was a good little internationalist progressive..making the world (and Israel) safe for “democracy”…stop being a partisan dick..both parties went off the deep end after the cold war. As Senator Moynhan said it was time to dismantle the cold war industrial complex including the CIA and bring the troops home. Its all been blowback..and we know have a federal police state watching anyone who disagrees with DC elites…

          1. We only have two choices. I know who killed more and who killed fewer and what their motives were. Do you?

            1. Irrelevant authority. Keep shilling for someone that used a drone to kill innocent kids. Biden is doing his best Bush impersonation.

              1. By getting out of the war Bush started?

                1. By getting out of the war droolin’ Joe supported for 20 years, until his opponent for POTUS drew down the troop level to where (war-monger) droolin’ Joe couldn’t add more troops without looking like the war-monger he is.
                  And then, to prove he’s not only a war-monger, but he’s stupid beyond belief, he threw away a functioning plan and decided A DEMENTED PIECE OF LEFTY SHIT COULD DO JUST FINE WINGING IT!
                  And, dammit, reality bitch-slapped him, as it should you, shitstain.

    2. We built nations because they were already nations. Nation building is a stupid strategy. We should have wiped out the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, which would have required far more troops then we had, and called it good.

      1. As I said, it would have required a much bloodier effort even than it was. Hubris made some think that we could nation-build with magical thinking about the facility of the armed forces and cash.

        1. That I will agree with you.

          1. You can put a notch in the wall; won’t happen often enough to need a re-paint.

  31. Sure Corn Pop..until the next globalist “woke” make the world safe for democracy and goldman sachs opportunity comes up.

    Ron Paul was about the only person in front of this crap (and Pat Buchanan..omg..he was so…non cosmo for this crowd).

    I would like to applaud Biden but honestly this is a one off and at the next instant of a Libya opportunity (hell Syria is still going on), the idiots like Jennifer Rubin and Max Boot at the wapo an NYT and Council of Foreign Relations will be back in charge.

    If Biden really believes no more nation building..then time to cut the State Department by 50%, keep out all the CFR statists out of his admin and fire a bunch of the folks who enriched themselves like Austin. That is not going to happen. We will be in another nation building conflict in on it.

  32. It’s cute Boehm thinks this war is over. It isn’t over, it’s just entered a new phase. And now my son and his compatriots will fight it, and I will send him off to war, the way my wife sent me off before he was born.

    1. Ron Paul is 86 but honestly in better shape than Corn Pop..

      Paul 2024

    2. We are going to end up ransoming a LOT of people out of there, courtesy of Biden’s dementia.

      1. But it won’t be labeled ransoming it will be negotiating, and our leverage is recognition and 9.5 billion dollars of foreign aid.

        1. Sorta like Obo ‘returning’ money to the cabal in Iran…

      2. It would be better for us if we could also add a Biden to be named later in the deal.

  33. Did he apologize for leaving Americans behind? Abandoning NATO allies without warning?

  34. Reuters is reporting Biden called Ghani in July and told him to “change the perspective” that the Taliban was taking control. He knew in July that shit was hitting the fan, at the same time he was lying to us everything was under control. All he worried about was the perception, not if the mission was going well, but the perceptions. That is all you need to know about the withdrawal, it was always about the perceptions and politics not about any military or state security issue. It was about, in Biden’s own words according to Reuters “the perception”! I don’t think you could give a bigger condemnation than that.

    1. Unlike deep, introspective Trump. The only thing I remember about his foreign engagements were when he abandoned the Kurds to their doom in Syria and dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb ever on Afghanistan. Was that about some deep strategy and political philosophy, do you think?

      When one team is so consistently better and this shit than the other team, why don’t you stop tweezering for excuses to criticize and ask yourself why you picked the morons and assholes?

      1. Yeah we are doing so much better. Fuck can’t you ever be honest. This has nothing to do with Trump, this is all Biden’s fault. It is not Trump our allies are blaming, it is Biden. It wasn’t Trump who was worried about the perception… It was Biden. You can’t hide behind that. Period. Keep flailing.

      2. Deflecting to Trump, for Biden’s mistakes, for doing you whataboutism, is the last resort of the blind partisan. It requires no intellectual honesty and requires no critical thinking. And it is completely stupid you keep deflecting to Trump when you respond to me, because I didn’t vote for Trump as I’ve said multiple times. Hell, Ken and I even got into an argument because I didn’t vote for Trump. Your boy owns this. Your boy destroyed Americans standing in the world. It was weakened by Trump but your guy destroyed it completely.

        1. Calm down. Biden will get credit for ending the war, and 13 more American military bodies on the pile will be a detail. More people die once a month in school shootings you want to do absolutely nothing about, and schoolchildren don’t sign up to die like soldiers so.

          1. You wish. Shit in one hand and wish in the other one and see which on fills up first. God you are fucking stupid. Goodbye. Muted for being stupid and intellectually dishonest partisan shit thrower. When it’s your son serving in the Army, who will likely be the one who will have to clean up the mess Biden created without our allies, then you can lecture me about calming down.

          2. Faggot Tony decides to shit on schoolkids and deflect from the reality of war and loss. That is the left wing in a nutshell.

            You will lose, and badly. Prepare yourself.

          3. Biden will go down as a senile imbecile that botched the exit of Afghanistan.

            1. We HOPE!
              He’s got ample opportunity to fuck up far more than he’s done to date and no indication he’s conscious of his current colossal fuck up.
              He’s capable of far worse; if he falls asleep with his finger on the button, Katy bar the door!

              1. He’d probably select Washington DC as his target.

                1. Definitely don’t use the 25th on him then.

                  1. You’re right.
                    “Sorry for the collateral damage, but it saved the best national governmental experiment from early failure”

      3. *Trump* did negotiate and end to the forever war in Afghanistan. You forgot that part.

        1. That’s shitstain.
          He didn’t forget; CNN never told him, or he was too drunk at the time to understand, so it never entered what passes for his brain.

      4. You’re a rabidly partisan shitstain who has yet to post anything honest or worthwhile.

        Today is a good day for muting shills. “Turd lies” is right.

  35. Okay. Maybe FOX News reaches enough people for that perception to become reality. I don’t know what you’re sources are, but I’m sure you’ll be providing them shortly. I see some NATO sources reacting in the moment out of fear of changing the status quo, with some joining the sad chorus of Republican war hawks in advocating for eternal occupation.

    Shrug. Nobody ever said losing a war was all unicorns and lollipops. How many of those NATO leaders want Trump to be president again?

    1. Deflection. Refusal to accept the truth.

    2. Uhh derp, fox news, uhr derp Trump, uhr derp I don’t understand geo politics, my name is Tony. That is all I hear from your inane blame shifting posts. You haven’t yet offered anything truthful or insightful

    3. Biden fucked it up.
      Own it.

      1. The ironic thing is he sounds more of a sycophant than the most strident MAGA hat wearer I know. He sounds more unhinged than the most obsessed Trump supporter I’ve ever met.

        1. I mean, what else does he have?

          He can’t admit that Trump was an ok (not great) President who actually accomplished some pretty credible things while in office while Biden is sundowning and the DNC picked this senile old guy – you know, the part of youth – who then picked a VP so unlikable she couldn’t even come in *4th* in the Dem primary.

          When Trump took office, war broke out on Twitter and peace started breaking out in the world. When Trump left office, peace started breaking out on Twitter and war in the real world.

          1. I literally can’t imagine anyone is this intellectually challenged who doesn’t live in a half way house so the only thing I can conclude is Tony is just a massive troll and he knows everything he says is pure bullshit.

            1. Assuming shitstain is a troll assumes he is smart enough to have intent.
              Never been shown; shitstain shows up, champions whatever D is being questioned and that is the limit of shitstain’s ‘intent’.

            2. Your problem is your media consumption.

              If someone is telling you they’re all in a conspiracy against you, and by “they” they mean “academics, scientists, journalists, movie stars, and anyone who’s ever read an actual book,” you’re being had. Stop being a sucker. It’s just not worth wasting your life on.

          2. “When Trump took office, war broke out on Twitter and peace started breaking out in the world.”

            Stealing that.

          3. Trump tried to overthrow the constitution. He dealt with a pandemic by fomenting paranoia about hygiene. He’s the worst president, god willing, there ever was or ever will be.

            1. And here, folks, is an absolute prime example of shitstain’s ability to combine lies, innuendo and truly imbecilic opinion in just htree sentences!
              Put your hands together for SHITSTAIN folks! Few can approach the economical delivery of such steaming piles of lefty bullshit!

        2. “The ironic thing is he sounds more of a sycophant than the most strident MAGA hat wearer I know. He sounds more unhinged than the most obsessed Trump supporter I’ve ever met.”

          The left and never-Trumpers always have.

    4. Meh Tony shrugs, oh well we lost go home, that’s all, nothing to see here.

      Defends Senile Joe will all his anemic might, but the corrosion within continues…

      1. Shitstain’s gay; never had any possibility of being drafted. The guys who did? Why would a pampered gay piece of lefty shit worry about them?
        Shitstain is the archetype of narcissism; if something is OK with the editor of Dog Walker’s Weekly in the gated community of Maple Glen, OK, who cares?

    5. WW1 Woodrow Wilson Democrat
      WW2 FDR Democrat
      Korea Harry Truman Democrat
      Vietnam LBJ Democrat

  36. In a speech aimed at proponents of perpetual war, the president refused to apologize for exiting Afghanistan.

    Yeah, its just too bad for Biden and his handlers that that isn’t actually the criticism people are leveling against him.

    The majority of people are pissed at how poorly he handled the withdrawal – it turned into a literal evacuation, after all – despite *extending the timeframe within which it would happen.

    Oh, and the lying and the whole ‘the buck stops here but its all Trump’s fault’ shtick he’s got going on right now.

    1. Yeah Boehm offers a false dichotomy and he knows it. Keep beating up that straw man Eric. Everyone knows if for the steaming pile of shit it is.

    2. Do you think Boehm is gunning for Jen Psaki’s job with this piece?

      1. Hey, you can pronounce his name!

    3. No no, if you’re criticizing grandpa, it’s because you wanted to stay there forever!!!1!1!

  37. The turd polishing is astounding. He was a part of intiating the war. He was part of perpetuating the war. He opposed the man that negotiated the end to the war. When it was his war to end he perpetuated it. He was literally kicked out. He gives on speech, no apologies, about “he” ended the war and you fanbois slobber all over his knob about how much better he is than the half-boogeyman you know that, deep down, he truly isn’t.

    Sure he beats me, he totaled the car, he left some shit at my brother’s place, got him locked up and refused to post bail, but deep down, I know he’s a good guy. It’s not like he’s Drew Peterson.

    1. I think Boehm is gunning for Jen Psaki’s job, I mean this piece hit every high point the Whitehouse has been trying to get to stick for the past two weeks. It is word for word the talking points that are coming out the Whitehouse right now.

    2. No way Biden would have had the political balls to initiate negotiations with the Taliban.

      1. He already is negotiating with them. His State Department has said as much and I bet this is cost of getting our citizens out.

        1. No way he would have initiated negotiations with them in February of 2020.

          If the Taliban had started attacking Americans again at any time between February 20, 2020 and November 3, 2020, it would have been a political disaster. Trump was politically idiotic to take on that kind of political risk–Trump did it because he believed what he was doing was the best thing for the country.

          Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have risked reelection by taking that kind of political risk, but she wouldn’t have negotiated a way out of Afghanistan for any reason–because she was such a neocon, and they don’t negotiate with terrorists or Islamofascists. Biden wouldn’t have taken that kind of political risk either.

          Hell, Hillary and Biden had conniptions over Trump negotiating with Putin to keep us out of Syria. No way they would have initiated negotiations with the Taliban–and no way they would have signed a deal to leave them the country either.

          1. Yeah. I misread you the first time. I got what you were saying the second time I read it. Ignore what I posted.

          2. “No way he would have initiated negotiations with them in February of 2020.”

            Biden was riding Trump’s coat-tails, climbed off and forgot to look what direction they were going.
            Absent Trump, we would be adding troops instead of hearing droolin’ Joe take credit for what Trump handed him and try to blame Trump for not saving his sorry ass.

      2. They admitted last night that the State Department will continue negotiating with the Taliban, Blinken said as much yesterday.

      3. Sorry Ken misread you. Ignore what I wrote.

      4. He might have met with the Taliban to sniff their beards.

  38. How long until Biden recognizes the Taliban as the official government and starts releasing the funds he froze? Anyone want to take a stab at it?

    1. They want to send foreign aid!

      1. Yeah, I saw that too. Imagine if Germany had pushed us back into the sea on June 6th, 1944, so FDR decided to give foreign aid to Hitler.

    2. “How long until Biden recognizes the Taliban as the official government and starts releasing the funds he froze?”

      If we had honest news organizations, it would be reported as happening about the time the Taliban suggested we ‘swap’ some hostages for money.

    1. turd, Queen Asshole and Mike are not about to look at that.

  39. “That’s a remarkable, and welcome, sentiment to hear expressed by an American president.”

    In fact, Biden’s actions in Afghanistan the past several months have been disastrous for the US, NATO and civilized society, as have his lies during the past two weeks about his disastrous decisions.

    Even Chris Cuomo understands that Biden’s actions in Afghanistan have been disastrous.

    Boehm is a liar.


    Among the family of 10 wiped out by that US drone in Kabul were not just 6 small children but several people who held visas to go to the US or had their request pending because they worked as translators for the US and NGOs.

    Meanwhile, the Pentagon won’t release the names of the nefarious ISIS-K plotters they say they killed, while also insisting they don’t know if they killed civilians.

    How can they have claim such precise knowledge of ISIS-K plotters while having no idea if they killed innocents?


    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the just nuked a random group of goatfuckers driving around in a Toyota and claimed they were ISIS. The only thing that doesn’t support that is that if that actually happened it would be all over Al Jeezera by now.

      1. Try this: they don’t have much HUMINT anymore there, and no people providing covert ISR. Yet they’re bragging about their OTH targetting. Is it possible they’re relying for targeting on the only extant stable group in Kabul: the Taliban?

        Also, we know the State Department gave the Taliban a list of Americans, SIV holders/applicants, and other people we wanted the Taliban to allow through their lines. Can’t the Taliban—for the lulz—pick people off that list for American aerial retribution, and trust that the US is too incompetent at this point to put two and two together?

        I can easily see a bureaucratic fuckup like that happening, and at this point, it’s the way to bet.

  41. You seriously believe that’s why he pulled out? You can’t be that naive. He just made the Taliban one if the best armed forces in the region!

    1. Well not really. Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Pakistan, by far have better equipped and capable forces. The US has not given up naval and air forces in the region which are formidable. The Taliban barely control their own guerrilla infantry. They got more guns and vehicles.

      Now they have a much bigger problem. They need to govern and control an historical restless population. They need to provide food, water, electricity, money and economic stability. They need to deal with world governments and international banks and investments to do that.

      Sure there is profit to be had under the ground but it takes a decade to establish a profitable mining operation and a wealth to risk doing so. Russia learned, we learned, and Chinese are not fools.

      We propped up a failed venture. Many capable people are gone from there. Where are the engineers, doctors, agricultural or other experts. Now it is not our problem.

      “Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it is dismounting and governing that is hard.”
      ― Genghis Khan

      1. Biden has already promised them random er I mean foreign aid.

        1. *ransom. God I hate when spell correct fucks up the punchline.


    BREAKING: A judge revokes a Chicago mom’s custody of her 11-year-old son after she admits that she is unvaccinated. The dad is vaccinated, and will retain custody until she is. RT IF YOU SUPPORT THE JUDGE’S DECISION TO PUT THE CHILD’S SAFETY BEFORE HER MOM’S DANGEROUS IGNORANCE!

    1. Luckily due to Public outcry the judge had to reverse his decision. It is bad he made it in the first place.

    1. I bet if it was Corn Pop stuck there Biden would save him. But then again Corn Pop was a “bad dude” so he probably doesn’t need saving.

      1. I have a question, who would win in a fight Corn Pop or Leroy Brown? I mean Leroy Brown was the baddest man in the downtown but Corn Pop was a “bad dude”.

        1. Pretty sure he was the baddest man in the whole damn town.


    For 8.5 years, I taught at the American University of Afghanistan as a faculty member and academic administrator. I founded the first Gender Studies program in Afghanistan’s history there. All our work, hopes, dreams, progress. Only to have it snatched away so needlessly.

    1. Well, OK. Got to grant droolin’ Joe some credit, right?
      Seriously, it is possible this asshole could simply have been trying to keep Muslim men from treating women as property, but if so, she needed some PR help:
      “Gender Studies”? Really?

      1. Don’t you know a preindustrial society, with an 80% illiteracy rate, virtually no sense of national identity, rampant poverty, really needs is a more gender studies majors. Forget engineers, just think how much faster the industrial revolution would have happened if instead of focusing on his steam engines, Watt had focused on gender studies?

        1. Got the sarc, as you got mine.
          Married to an extremely talented and accomplished woman; would have it none other, so (tongue now firmly out of cheek) Bernard Lewis makes many points regarding Islam, and few are so telling that Islam marginalizes the skills of half of the population.
          With regard to my reading, there is little doubt that the Nazis lost WWII largely as a result of economic factors, and it didn’t help that the fucking idiots spent lives and treasure killing a very highly educated portion of the German population rather than killing the enemy.
          (stuff your lies up your ass, Misek)
          Lewis also points out the lack of anything approaching a ‘reformation’; there is no organized non-fundy culture; we have fundy one vs fundy two and both are willing to go to war over the difference; something lacking from Xians since several hundred years ago.
          We have at least two major issues here, neither of which are subject to outside influence.
          Unless and until Islam grows up, it is best isolated and ignored.

          1. Yeah I’ve maintained what Islam needs is a Ahmed Luther nailing up his 95 theses on the Mosque door. As an aside I wrote my senior term paper on how the protestation reformation was responsible for enlightenment and modern democracy, partially to piss off my very Catholic English teacher.

            1. “As an aside I wrote my senior term paper on how the protestation reformation was responsible for enlightenment and modern democracy, partially to piss off my very Catholic English teacher.”

              I did not have that particular luxury but did have (and took advantage) of some others. Pissing off bullshitters is a great pleasure.
              turd, Queen Asshole, Mike, shitstain and others keep showing up here for what reason? It’s obvious that any effort to convince others is going nowhere; no one other than the anoited lefty shits ever says ‘Oh yeah, I never thought of that!’
              Perhaps they see themselvs as martrys; sacrificificing their lives attempting to spread bullshit to those not yet brain-washed? Martyrs hoping to suffer the slings and arrows of intelligent people to spread their bullshit?
              Regardless, droolin’ Joe had delivered an shining example of what the brain-dead left can “accomplish”.

            2. You can argue that they have had their Reformation already, as exemplified by Sayyid Qutb and Mohammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab. The problem is, it’s not very friendly or humanistic. Not all Reformations require modifying the religion or creed to coexist with others.

              1. Cultural blindness here; the assumption that the Xian reformation is the template is obviously faulty.
                Having read enough of Chinese history, I should not have fallen into that fallacy; they have had what most observers would see as several reformations, but the majority seem to remain wedded to the emperor with a mandate from heaven

      2. Seriously, it is possible this asshole could simply have been trying to keep Muslim men from treating women as property

        Possibly trying isn’t in doubt. Possibly try in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets full first. It’s the (obvious) false prophecy of ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘Build Back Better’; Labor Theory as fact.

        I’ve been possibly trying to bed Paulina Poriskova for 25 yrs. Sure, I’ve never been in a band, don’t have rhythm, struggle with the lyrics to songs that I’ve practiced for 25 yrs., am partially tone deaf, and have nowhere near the sums of money or amount of fame that Okasek had, but I haven’t treated nearly as many women as objects as he has.

    2. For 8.5 years, I taught at the American University of Afghanistan as a faculty member and academic administrator. I founded the first Gender Studies program in Afghanistan’s history there. All our work, hopes, dreams, progress. Only to have it snatched away so needlessly.

      Ok, so the Taliban taking over the country has some good points to it, too.

    3. Wait, so you’re a black, Romanian, American gender studies university teacher in Afghanistan? Wow!

      – KARen

  44. What do you call it when the White House Press Secretary kicks around a question but doesn’t answer it?

    Hackey Psaki.

    1. Honestly, I’m half a day behind and trying to get out of this thread, but every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in again!


  45. At 78, he proves it’s never too late to grow up.

  46. It’s inconvenient to the libertarian narrative, but “nation building” is what helped shape the economy as we know today. Half the world was on fire 70 years ago. Think of about the countless amount of lives and resources the west spent on beating fascist fanatics in Europe and Asia, and then some more to rebuild their society through long ass occupation. We still have army bases around the world.

    After that, we had to get in the way of the Soviets and China running all over much of Asia. The Cold War and the Korean War, you remember that. Imagine the global economy now if Japan and all of Korea fell under communist influence. Or if Commodore Perry never forced open Japan’s port. “Oh they would have modernized through free trade and immigration” – that’s wishful thinking.

    The difference between Japan and AFG is that only one of them actually functions and develops as a nation. Japan spent decades flushing out of their antiquated system, often through bloodbaths. The leadership dragged the country out of the old world and citizens loyal to their cultural identity rose to the occasion – fighting in wars until the last man, learning new western tech, etc. And they kept on after their nation lost. South Korea turned around their society when a pro American dictator forced industrialization on an agrarian society.

    Some Japanese soldiers held out until the 80s. The Afghan commandos fled on the first day. So that’s it. Without leadership above and nationalist population below, a country has little future. Intervention led to advanced nations 70 years ago. But intervention can’t lead the middle east out of darkness in the 2000’s with advanced tech and medicine? Think about that.

    1. We have thought about it; none of our business.

  47. “The war in Afghanistan is over”

    And when the US drops bombs via drones on Afghanistan (anyone not thinking that will happen is crazy…the US bombs plenty of countries without calling it “war”) will the war be back on? How will Afghani people feel about your statement that the war is over?

  48. This article, and most of the comments, ignore two key facts:
    1. The military left BEFORE evacuating the civilians. Not only wasn’t that Trump’s plan, no rational, sensible, logical, reasonable plan would do that. It is a plan hatched by incompetent, unthinking, ‘woke’ morons.
    2. That plan had the US leave Bagram Air Base overnight unannounced, turning it over to the Taliban. Biden left over $80 BILLION in weapons including modern artillary, helicopters, and planes to the Taliban.

    That moronic, low IQ, imbecilic decision left the Taliban in possession of one of the most modern and complete militaries on the planet — courtesy of US taxpayers.

    The REFUSAL of this article to consider these fundamental facts renders it nothing more than highly partisan and ignorant drivel.

    It is important to recognize that this massive, ignorant, low IQ incompetence does not escape the recognition of both our enemies and allies around the world, even if large swaths of the US public neither know nor care.

    Take Taiwan, for example. The leaders of both Taiwan and China now recognize that the US is not a reliable ally of Taiwan and can’t be depended on for support. This will force Taiwan to consider alternatives in order to avoid a military invasion by China, who is now all the more ready to invade Taiwan because of Biden’s idiocy.

    Biden’s incompetence will very probably lead to Taiwan and China negotiating a deal for some kind of shared sovereignty, leaving the US short of IC chips and expanding China’s economic and military power.

    Also, consider this equation:
    Angry, victorious, vengeful, heavily armed Taliban + Open southern US border = Armed terrorist attacks coming from Mexico, at least some of which will be suicide missions.

    This US incompetence is nothing less than a turning point in world history — even if it is beyond the grasp of dumb, hyper partisan authors of articles like this one to recognize this basic fact.

    Buckle up. This roller coaster ride is far from over.

    1. ” the US is not a reliable ally of Taiwan”

      The US is not an ally of Taiwan. Taiwan is neither a member of NATO nor SEATO, or any other alliance of mutual defense aid.

      “Angry, victorious, vengeful, heavily armed Taliban + Open southern US border = Armed terrorist attacks coming from Mexico, at least some of which will be suicide missions.”

      There was a war for 20 years. I don’t think Taliban launched even one attack during those years from Mexico. And you think they are about to start now? You’re not thinking this through.

      “Biden left over $80 BILLION in weapons including modern artillary, helicopters, and planes to the Taliban.”

      It’s essentially junk and not worth the time and effort to return it to the states. It might have been useful in fighting the red army during the days of the USSR, but less than effective against the Taliban militia.

      1. STFU, you pedantic pile of lying, worthless shit:

        “It’s essentially junk and not worth the time and effort to return it to the states. It might have been useful in fighting the red army during the days of the USSR, but less than effective against the Taliban militia.”

        You’re full of shit.

      2. You’re right about one thing, there is no official signed mutual defense treaty between the US and Taiwan. Nevertheless, there has been agreements that China has been criticizing and warning the the US about. For example:
        “August 7, 2021 China warns of ‘countermeasures’ after US confirms $750 million arms sale to Taiwan”

        Now, Taiwan has to make alternate plans based on the fact that the US is an untrustworthy ally.

        As far as Taliban or other Afghani terrorist groups attacking the US from its open southern border is concerned, hopefully you are aware that they were busy fighting the US on their home territory for 20 years.

        Now that they have defeated the US, have control their own country, and have over $80 billion in new, MODERN weapons, they are quite likely to be motivated to strike back at the US.

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  50. Most wanted the US out, no one wanted the cluster that left people stranded (yes Psaki, I said it) No one needs to go to West Point to have a strategy to get civilians out first, military equipment out 2nd and the troops and close the airbase last.
    Complete and total failure

  51. Although I’m glad to hear him say that, I’m old enough to remember when Bill Clinton said that the era of Big Government is over. That didn’t age well, and I suspect this won’t either.

    1. It was replaced by the era of yuge government.

  52. So we are going to argue for human rights around the world by using America’s prestigious diplomacy?

    With the way this went down, what prestige does US diplomacy have right now? The British Parliament censured Biden for the dishonor of his actions. We have shown ourselves to be fickle and untrustworthy, and frankly, ruled by dissembling morons.

    There is little reason for anyone to regard the US as reliable under the current regime.

    1. ” We have shown ourselves to be fickle and untrustworthy, and frankly, ruled by dissembling morons.”

      We’ve known this for a while. Still, credit where it’s due, Biden has promptly withdrawn while all his predecessors kicked the problem to the next guy. I’m frankly surprised as I assumed he would continue the occupation. They don’t strike me as morons, by the way, but Americans of average intelligence, suffering from the delusions common to politicians.

      1. “…Biden has promptly withdrawn while all his predecessors kicked the problem to the next guy…”

        Stupid? You bet! Smug? You can be certain of it! Lying pile of shit? Why of course:
        “…I’m intimately familiar with former President Donald Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. In November 2020, I was named chief of staff at the Pentagon, where one of my primary responsibilities was to wind down the forever war in Afghanistan…”

      2. “while all his predecessors kicked the problem to the next guy.”

        Nope. Wrong as usual.

        1. Withdrawal occurred in Aug. 2021. Biden was president. Nobody else.

          1. Withdrawal occurred in Aug. 2021. Biden was president. Nobody else.

            Uh, you do realize an agreement was hammered out in February 2020 for a May 2021 withdrawal deadline, and drawdowns had already taken place prior to January 21, 2021, correct?

            Why did Biden need another 3.5 months past the agreed-upon deadline?

            1. “Uh, you do realize an agreement was hammered out in February 2020 for a May 2021”

              I understand that. I also understand that an agreement to withdraw and an actual withdrawal are different things.

              “Why did Biden need another 3.5 months past the agreed-upon deadline?”
              Best ask him. My guess is he disagreed with the agreement.

              1. “. I also understand that an agreement to withdraw and an actual withdrawal are different things.”

                And had you started with that distinction you would have been correct once in your life.

                Instead you accused Trump of “kicking” the problem to Biden. When in fact Trump left Biden an agreed solution. One that Biden proceeded to break, then severely screw up.

                1. “Instead you accused Trump of “kicking” the problem to Biden.”

                  Trump kicked the problem to Biden and the Afghan ‘national’ government whose army we’ve been backing for 20 years. The only people who didn’t get the problem kicked to were the Taliban who waltzed into the capital unopposed.

                  “Trump left Biden an agreed solution”

                  I think it would have been dangerous and humiliating in any case. The problem is that the agreement never had the support of the Afghan government. That might manifest itself in many ways like bureaucratic foot dragging, and more violent. more malicious ways of getting revenge or venting resentment. They key fact is that the US lost the war. The losing side doesn’t get to dictate terms. Trump would have had to live with that had he actually withdrawn rather than run down the clock for 4 years and leave behind a half assed agreement.

                  1. “…Trump kicked the problem to Biden and the Afghan ‘national’ government whose army we’ve been backing for 20 years. The only people who didn’t get the problem kicked to were the Taliban who waltzed into the capital unopposed…”
                    Bullshit, and even an asshole like you should know that.
                    Trump had a functioning plan in hand, offered it to Biden who threw it in the trash and winged it.

                    “…I think it would have been dangerous and humiliating in any case. The problem is that the agreement never had the support of the Afghan government…”
                    Your opinions have proven to be NWS, and especially since you support them with lies like that.
                    The plan was agreed upon and being implemented by the US, the Afghan gov’t and the Taliban, and anyone who has looked into it knows that.

              2. I understand that. I also understand that an agreement to withdraw and an actual withdrawal are different things.

                Uh, the withdrawal was already starting before Biden even took office.

                Best ask him. My guess is he disagreed with the agreement.

                What’s the point of asking him? Even his own cabinet doesn’t seem to know.

                1. ” Even his own cabinet doesn’t seem to know.”

                  I’ll offer $100 for the rights for the first book to come out explaining the whole mess. I’m sure it’ll make for a great miniseries.

                  “Uh, the withdrawal was already starting before Biden even took office.”

                  Didn’t Trump bizarrely to my mind, increase the number of troops in Afghanistan? I suspect that after 20 years, the military does whatever it wants to do and the president is expected to go along. The Doha talks that started the process were first undertaken starring Obama with you know who as the second banana, Even then the Afghan government was not on board. So the whole process was rotten from the start. This is why the US was not nation building. That’s newspeak for nation destroying.

                  1. “Didn’t Trump bizarrely to my mind, increase the number of troops in Afghanistan?”
                    Got a cite for that, asshole?
                    By the time Biden was inaugurated, the troop level was at 2,500; the lowest number since 2001.
                    Whatever you’re smoking, I don’t want. It makes you stupid and a liar.

          2. “Withdrawal occurred in Aug. 2021. Biden was president. Nobody else.”

            typical pedantic bullshit from this asshole.
            No it did not; we did not have a “withdrawal”, we had a self-imposed ass-kicking after droolin’ Joe bought out the entire annual output of “KICK ME” signs and had every US citizen and those who worked with ups pin them to their assess, you stupid sombitch.
            We had a “withdrawal” planned and in process, timed *3 MONTHS* before droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck up, you pathetic piece of lefty shit.

  53. In some parts of this [GW Bush] administration, ‘nation-building’ is a dirty phrase. But the alternative to nation-building is chaos — a chaos that churns out bloodthirsty warlords, drug-traffickers, and terrorists. We’ve seen it happen in Afghanistan before — and we’re watching it happen in Afghanistan today.
    Sen. Joe Biden, 2004

    1. Wow I wonder if anything has changed in the past 17 years. Are you trying to say Biden was wrong then and he is right now, or the opposite?

      1. Your boy fucked it up, got made the Taliban’s bitch, and this is just cope.

        1. This war was lost long before 2021. Your boy deserves some credit for recognizing this. All his predecessors deluded themselves into thinking they could somehow pull a win out of this.

          1. This war was lost long before 2021. Your boy deserves some credit for recognizing this

            Who, the guy who fucked up the withdrawal, or the guy who started it in the first place?

            1. Why not both? It’s not every day we lose a war.

              1. “Why not both? It’s not every day we lose a war.”

                Very simple, steaming pile of lefty shit.
                No one here is defending who started the war; that’s ancient history.
                But we find sophist lefty shits like you trying to equate Joe’s colossal fuckup with what Bush started 20 years ago, and which Joe supported for that entire 20 years.
                Anyone of average intelligence would find that position to be embarrassing; ’nuff said.

          2. “… Your boy deserves some credit for recognizing this…”

            Steaming pile of lefty shit can’t spell:
            “deserves credit to negotiating an orderly withdrawal with zero casualties until droolin’ Joe threw away the plan and fucked thing up in ways which are hard to believe”
            But this pile of lefty shit is stupid, smug and proud of it:
            “Spouting nonsense is an end in itself.”

  54. Bringing out troops home and getting out of the nation building business is a good thing. That really isn’t the point here. If the end justifies the means is your only measure of success. Then Biden is definitely your man. Will you apply that to all his decisions?

    1. “If the end justifies the means is your only measure of success”

      When it comes to war, winning is the measure of success. Not losing.

      1. I was pissing on Biden there. We’re in agreement. If you’re gonna play, keep score. But we lost the stomach for that a long time ago. So bring em all home. Just get everyone out 1st. Then bring em home.

        1. “I was pissing on Biden there. ”

          This story was written long before Biden appeared on the scene. Given the situation there were bound to be confusion, casualties and humiliations. But Biden is just a figure head, and the heavy lifting must surely be in the hands of others, typically people with long years of government/military service under their belts.

          1. “This story was written long before Biden appeared on the scene…”

            No, asshole, this story was written the day droolin’ Joe decided not to use Trump’s plan and to wing it.
            At one time, I had suspicions you were sufficiently intelligent to understand that; you have long since proved that wrong.
            Fuck off and die, lefty shit apologist,

    2. You can’t have courage without risk.

      The only way Biden would have escaped criticism from the usual fucktards on FOX News is if he had somehow lost this war with no violence and no humiliation for the first time in human history.

      And then they still would have criticized. The same actions they would have called Trump the greatest man to ever lived if he had accomplished them.

      1. Shitstain tries once more to finesse droolin’ Joe’s colossal fuck up:
        “You can’t have courage without risk.”
        That asshole (not the claimant asshole) had no risk at all; he was offered an in-place, functioning withdrawal plan. And threw it in the trash.
        This has been pointed out to shitstain multiple times, but like turd, hopes that repeating a lie might gain adherents.
        Perhaps it does, shitstain, but only among stupid piles of lefty shit like you

        1. Oh, and droolin’ Joe did not provide a “withdrawal”; the stupid sumbitch “managed” (mis-managed) and presided over totally unnecessary ass-kicking of the US forces and the Afghan allies.
          Way to go droolin’ Joe and way to go assholic apologists like shitstain!

  55. Well the Taliban won. Now comes the hard part for them. They have to figure out how to run a country and if they don’t get ISIS under control they are headed for serious trouble.

    1. Yeah, expect the CIA to provide to funding ISIS in Afghanistan like they were doing in Syria before they went off the chain there.

    2. “Well the Taliban won…”

      No, TDS-addled pile of shit, droolin’ Joe tossed a working plan, bought every “KICK ME” sign he could find, had his ‘people’ go in and pin them to the ass of every US citizen and Afghan ally they could find and then said: “Uh, gee, my son uh, well, he, uh, what were we, uh could I have some …..”
      We didn’t “lose”; droolin’ Joe fucked up a functioning withdrawal, and assholic apologists like you can’t change the facts.

  56. Can’t say I disagree. Good we got out. Gotta hand it to those Taliban. Won a war without lockdowns, social distancing, masking, remdesivir, and vaccines in the middle of a global pandemic. It is like they aren’t even affected by it. Incredibly hardy people those Taliban.

    1. That’s GOOD!
      We’ll see if Echoshit, Queen Asshole or turd pile on here.

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