Police Abuse

Body Camera Footage Shows Louisiana Trooper Beating Man with a Flashlight Over a Traffic Violation

The Justice Department is investigating whether top brass were part of a cover-up.


Body camera footage show a Louisiana state trooper beating a black motorist with a flashlight over and over again, all over a traffic stop for "improper lane usage." The video was kept secret for years.

It's the second recent violent police encounter in Louisiana in which footage was kept concealed but was subsequently acquired and exposed by the Associated Press.

In this incident, Aaron Larry Bowman was pulled over by state troopers in May 2019 in the city of Monroe. The footage shows State Trooper Jacob Brown arriving on the scene, striding over to Bowman, who is already out of his car and on the pavement, and immediately beating him 18 times with a flashlight as Bowman screams that he's not resisting. Bowman was left with a broken jaw, broken wrist, three broken ribs, and head gash that required staples to close.

According to the Associated Press, Brown defended the beating as "pain compliance." Brown has since resigned from the force, and he faces charges of second-degree battery and malfeasance for the incident. The A.P. also notes that Brown has logged 23 use-of-force incidents since 2015. He faces additional charges in two other excessive force cases and apparently bragged about his violent behavior with other troopers.

That's all horrible enough, but there's also the matter of how Louisiana officials have been burying these incidents. The state police didn't even investigate the incident until Bowman filed a civil lawsuit almost two years later. The state police now say that Brown failed to report the use of force and deliberately mislabeled his body-camera footage. Bowman's defense attorney says he was told there was no body-camera video of the encounter.

This incident with Bowman took place just three weeks after a deadly encounter between Louisiana troopers and another black driver, Ronald Greene. We know what happened with Greene primarily because the Associated Press somehow got a copy of the body-camera footage and released it. In that incident, Greene was brutalized by troopers, tazed, and dragged after a short car chase that ended with a minor crash. He died. Troopers initially told his family that he was killed in the crash following the chase, deliberately concealing the subsequent beating.

The footage of Greene's assault wasn't released until May. As with Bowman, the state police did not begin their own investigation until the family, realizing that the case didn't add up, filed a lawsuit in 2020.

The Justice Department is now investigating these incidents, and the A.P. reports that federal prosecutors are trying to determine what role, if any, leaders of the Louisiana State Police played in obstructing the truth. After all, Brown was not the only trooper on the scene, and official investigations into the troopers' conduct didn't begin until after civil lawsuits were filed. Sources told the A.P. earlier in August that head of the Louisiana State Police, Col. Lamar Davis, and his chief of staff attempted to pressure prosecutors not to charge any officers for Greene's death back in 2019.

All of this serves as an important reminder: Body cameras cannot help to hold police accountable when cops can find ways to conceal the footage.

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  1. See, body cams fix everything.

    1. Without bodycams, libertarians wouldn’t have known whole state agencies are corrupt and, for non-libertarians, the ‘mostly peaceful’ news coverage of police stations burning down would have to stand on its own.

      1. Libertarians would not have known entire agencies are corrupt?

        What world do you live in?

        Libertarians are born knowing governments are corrupt. It’s even got an entire academic field called Public Choice Economics.

        What frikkin’ world do you live in?

        1. Libertarians are born knowing governments are corrupt.

          Hopefullly it’s better than their inborn ability to detect sarcasm.

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        2. oops sarc-o-meter

          1. Recalibrating those things is so tedious.

            1. I blame the libertarian reference standard.

  2. Just in. At least ten US military killed in Kabul.

    1. Up to 12 now.

    2. Jesus. Those of you that shilled for Biden, go fuck yourselves.

    3. Don’t blame me… I voted Libertarian.

      1. Ok, we’ll just blame you for the rapes and murders by illegals, sorry, migrants, who are not invading our borders but simply got lost going to the privy and ended up working illegally in e.g. Kansas City.

    4. killed, respected under Sharia Law; tomato, kaboom!

  3. Someone tell Reason staff about this. Even the NYT is covering it oh my!

    Pentagon is saying at least 10 service members are dead and they expect, given the nature of the bombing that this number will rise dramatically.

    I guess Joe forgot to say “Pretty Please” to the Taliban.

    1. Local news. But at least Joe is showing humility.

      1. Exactly what America needs right now.

    2. It’s not the Taliban. Of that we’ve been assured. It’s ISIS acting as a rogue force. The Taliban would never do such a thing. The Taliban is responsible for security in the region now.

      1. ISIS just happens to be taking advantage of a mostly peaceful transition. Now how is the US supposed to defeat an organization that no longer exists?

        1. They’re chanting death to America but they seem friendly.

      2. can’t be isis…

        “Isil is not “Islamic.” No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of Isil’s victims have been Muslim.”


      3. Almost certainly is ISIS-K. There was a specific warning about an ISIS K threat just hours before the bombing.
        Taliban have mortars and heavier artillery now. Why would they send suicide bombers? They could start pounding all the parked planes into infernos if they wanted to.

        1. We’re in agreement. The Taliban is on top of everything in the country. No chance of another Osama Bin Laden going forward.

      4. Report is that the suicide bomber went off while the marines were searching him.

        How he ‘managed’ to get past the Taliban checkpoint remains a mystery.

    3. Veronique Vichy thinks we should hurry up and import these folks. Of course no customs or Transport Sozialist Arbeiterpartei agents may pat them down or X-ray their luggage. The Libertarian Platform committee is on record that we must import dangerous terrorists without a why or a wherefore. Asking questions about suicide vests is border authoritarianism, according to “our” platform plank drafters. You wouldn’t want anyone to actually for an LP candidate, right?

    4. Well I’m waiting for Reason to cover this. No paywall. Yet.

    5. Why do you guys keep forgetting Trump and Pompeo’s part in this? Why did they release all of those Taliban prisoners? No one forced that. Could have kept them as hostages until we pulled our forces out. You want your prisoners back? Then let our forces and associated afghans leave without incident.

      Nice gimme, 5000 taliban prisoners released just as we pull out.

      It was “Glorious Supreme Leader Ends War in Afghanistan” right up until it was time to end the war in Afghanistan, at which point it became Joe’s fault. This is the war ending. This is what the culmination of 20 years of failure looks like. If Biden kept the troops in longer, you’d no doubt be talking about the imperial war monger Biden.

      I’m all for the war ending, but remember that the last 4 president’s have neglected to improve the SIV program so that people could get out over the years, instead of a rush all at once at the end. Placing this at Joe Biden’s feet is partisan bickering of the worst kind.

      1. LOL with Trump’s plan there wouldn’t have been anybody left behind to rescue.

      2. Weird you mention trumps prisoner release when one of the guys in the Bergdahl swap was sitting in the palace. Wonder which pres and vice pres….


      3. And can you even admit bidens plan was incompetent? Or are you going to keep culting out?

      4. Defending SleepyJoe’s failure just looks so awful on you.

      5. Why did they release all of those Taliban prisoners? No one forced that. Could have kept them as hostages until we pulled our forces out. You want your prisoners back? Then let our forces and associated afghans leave without incident.

        Holy shit! Do you work for the Biden Administration currently? Because it’s clear you don’t have the least fucking clue about what was going on with Trump’s withdrawal:

        According to the decree signed by President Ghani, all 1,500 prisoners will be released within 15 days, “with 100 prisoners walking out of Afghan jails every day”.

        Talks between the Afghan government and Taliban will take place in parallel with the release. If talks progress, the government has pledged to free 500 more Taliban prisoners every two weeks until a total of 5,000 have been released.

        What a fucking retard! More ignorant of Trump’s deal a week after Biden slams the entire bus into an Oak Tree and 18 mos. after the details of the talks were made public!

        The whole “I’m a former member of the SF! I had a congresscritter on the phone trying to get my translators out but I got cut off!” It would be parody better than OBL’s, but you’re sincere about your particular psychological condition. ROFLMAO! What an insult to the SF! What a retard!

        1. Nobody forced them to release the hostages! They did it to get them to the negotiating table to begin with? Howcome I didn’t know that? Well, why didn’t they use them as leverage to negotiate a peaceful withdrawal? What? That’s what they did? Why didn’t anyone tell me?What? It was on the news for weeks while it happened? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

          LOL! Go back to your nap Joe!

        2. If talks progress, the government has pledged to free 500 more Taliban prisoners every two weeks until a total of 5,000 have been released.

          I mean Holy Fuck! 5000 – 1500 = 3500… 3500 / 500 = 7… 7 * 2 weeks = 14 mos…. March 2020 + 14 mos. = May 2021!!!!

          Sleepy Joe fubared your plan that you “came up with” with full knowledge of all the facts! LOFL! Dementia fight!

  4. As usual, the government will pretend to attempt to fix a problem caused by government, by adding red tape and more burrocrats in more burrocracies, when a really simple solution — accountability — is right at hand.

    Hold officers personally responsible for their illegal actions. If governments want to indemnify them, go ahead — but it has to come down to holding individual cops responsible. Then these officers can be negative assets in court rooms and find themselves unavailable.

    Get rid of QI. When the police burrocracy covers up, hold them responsible.

  5. Was the flashlight unharmed?

    1. Not just unharmed – did the flashlight make it home safely?

  6. The state police now say that Brown failed to report the use of force and deliberately mislabeled his body-camera footage.

    Troopers get to label their own footage? Ok, then.


    1. first one sounds like blonde trying to get out of speeding ticket

      1. I would sign up to that only fans channel

  7. I think I saw recently that Monroe was pretty high up in all types of crime lately. I cannot say I’ve ever been there but I’m guessing drug trade?

    Anyway, this is what you get when democrats run shit

    1. When democrats looter Kleptocracy factions run shit

    2. WTF, asshole? This happened in 2019. Trump was running things then. Duh, dumbass.

  8. Defense: “The head wound was so tiny no stitches were needed.”

  9. “…in which footage was kept concealed but was subsequently acquired and exposed by the Associated Press.”

    What’s the expression? I think it’s something like, “the sun will even shine on a dog’s ass on a clear day.”

  10. Could have been shot for trespassing.

  11. We have long ago passed the point where everyone who tolerates (not accepts, just even tolerates) police, deserves whatever police may do to him, up to and including murder.

    Anyone who says “the police should” this or that is, at this point, complicit in every evil thing cops ever do. The ship is sailed. Police accountability was always a fantasy by definition, but even the ability to believe this fantasy has become a sign of insanity.

  12. “The great masses of men, though theoretically free, are seen to submit supinely to oppression and exploitation of a hundred abhorrent sorts. Have they no means of resistance? Obviously they have. The worst tyrant, even under democratic plutocracy, has but one throat to slit. The moment the majority decided to overthrow him he would be overthrown. But the majority lacks the resolution; it cannot imagine taking the risks.” ~ H. L. Mencken (1926). “Notes on Democracy,” p. 50, Alfred A. Knopf

  13. Louisiana? You mean the land that time forgot…..?

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