Cuomo Warns, Hysterically, That New York Schools Will Become 'Superspreaders'

At a time when the student COVID positivity rate in NYC is 0.01%, the governor is spreading fear that school buildings are death traps.


While urging "dramatic action" to fight the delta variant of COVID, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Wednesday that "schools can become superspreaders, and in September it will happen."

Telling parents fearful about sending their kids back into school buildings that their classrooms "will" become superspreader events is a counterproductive way to overcome the massive amounts of learning loss that remote K-12 students, who are disproportionately minority and poor, have faced during the pandemic, particularly in the Democratic-voting polities where school closures and distance learning are more prevalent.

Cuomo's messaging is particularly confusing based on what we know about school infectiousness in New York City, home to 71 of the 117 zip codes that the governor has targeted for having comparatively low vaccination and high infection rates. Mayor Bill de Blasio's Department of Education submits students and staff to regular COVID testing, which has continued during the city's "Summer Rising" program, attended by around 200,000 students. And the current positive test rate is close to non-existent.

Of the 21,684 tests administered to Summer Rising participants between July 6 and July 22, all of 28 came back positive. That's a rate of 0.13 percent. The rolling average over the past seven days is just a tick higher: 0.16 percent.

The results are even more striking when you focus on the ostensible beneficiaries of the city's requirement (and the Centers for Disease Control's new recommendation) that all vaccinated people in schools wear masks: unvaccinated kids under age 12. Of the 28 positive tests in New York during that span, 15 were students and 13 were teachers or staff, despite students receiving 2.3 times more tests. So the positive test rate among students in New York City this July has been 0.01 percent. The governor is warning about a possible wave of superspreader events among a population whose current prevalence of infection is a thousand to one.

The delta variant, which is increasing case loads in all 50 states, has advanced earlier and further in other highly vaccinated countries, most notably the United Kingdom. So what have we learned about kids, schools, and infectiousness there? Here's an observation last week from U.K. pediatric infectious disease specialist Alasdair Munro, derived from this government study:

It is reasonable to assume, and make policy plans around the fact, that kids in schools will be infected at rates higher than 1,000 to 1. The delta variant is more transmissible, and it is currently (and unsurprisingly) ripping through the unvaccinated population first. But as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has pointed out, there has been no observed difference between the lethality and proportional demographic effects of delta and the original virus. And unvaccinated kids in New York City remain the age cohort with the lowest infection rate, while unvaccinated kids in the United States are the group least likely to be hospitalized or die.

Some people are defending on grounds of vaccine encouragement the hysterical-sounding pronouncements from Cuomo and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, who on Wednesday made the alarming and evidentiarily unsupported statement that of "every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection." But in addition to sowing confusion and making vaccination seem less rewarding, this scaremongering is already having negative impacts on the urgent priority of getting kids back in schools full-time.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, whose fingerprints have been all over closures and evidentiarily unsupported school restrictions in such cities as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., reacted to the CDC guidance Wednesday by saying, "So the bottom line is, we're going to keep kids safe, we're going to keep our members safe, we're going to try to open up schools, and we're going to move through this political battlefield."

Italics mine, to indicate foreshadowing.

Cuomo's "superspreader" comment, and the likely discouragement it will provide those who are hesitant to send their kids back to school, will come as a deep disappointment for those who have argued that in-person schooling is an urgent priority. As recently as last November, those ranks—at least on paper—included Gov. Cuomo himself.

"Medical research as well as the data from Northeastern states, from across the country, and from around the world make clear that in-person learning is safe when the appropriate protections are in place, even in communities with high transmission rates," said Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, Delaware Gov. John Carney, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, and Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker in a joint statement that month. "In-person learning is the best possible scenario for children, especially those with special needs and from low-income families. There is also growing evidence that the more time children spend outside of school increases the risk of mental health harm and affects their ability to truly learn."

That was the correct take last November, last July, and this July as well. If and when school districts, mayors, and governors screw up a third year of public schooling due to their inability to assess risk, they should be systematically hounded out of office.

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  1. The schools will only be deathtraps is Cuomo transfers elderly residents there then sends COVID positive patients to join them. Not that he would ever doing anything so diabolical.

    1. Didn’t Cuomo say yesterday that was a smear campaign or some such about his elderly resident handling? I only saw a snippet flash on the TV while I was running at the gym.

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    2. If it’s one thing Cuomo knows, it’s how to superspread!!

      Keep that monster away from the kids!!

      1. Maybe they’ll make a Cuomo version of this…….

        I’m sure Buttplug liked that.


    Let’s see, he has his own “me too” scandal, 15 thousand or so nursing home deaths directly attributable to his policy decisions, and gross overreach and mistreatment of New York State politicians and employees in trying to cover it all up. This is what any forward looking pol would do; create more crises to distract and get the focus elsewhere. And then claim he literally wrote the book on pandemic management and got an Emmy Award for all of his tv appearances. He wants a 4th term, after all.

    1. And strangely, none of the testimony regarding his groping has seen light of day.

      1. they have the republican Geatz to get the focus off of Cuomo

      2. Weird huh?

  3. Someone should tell Cuomo that the “Empire State” motto does not make him an emperor.

  4. Sounds pretty sciencey to me.

  5. Seems like Biden and Cuomo are campaigning for a GOP rout in 2022, and for millions of parents to take their children out of public schools.

    1. No, a shutdown and rerun of virtually voting (as in you have virtually no idea if your vote counted, or if the counted votes were submitted by from actual voters).

      1. This. They want another opportunity for stuffing ballot boxes.

      2. or, don’t fear, your vote will count, whether you cast it or not.

  6. I have never thought such a thing is possible, but these idiots are going to turn the entire public against public schools before they are done. They have spent the last 100 years brain washing the public into believing that public schools are the most essential thing ever and that we would lose our entire civilization without them. And now they are trying for the second year in a row to tell that very same public “fuck you, we don’t need the schools to be open your brat can just learn online”. I don’t think that is going to fly. If the schools don’t open to some level of normality, people are never going to see them the same way again. Everyone who has any other options will take them and only people who have no other choice and are compelled by law will send their kids to them. And the days of selling any tax increase or bond issue to the public because it is “for the children and everyone loves education” will be over.

    If there is one silver lining that comes out of this nightmare, I have a feeling it will be the Democrats totally destroying the public’s faith in and support of public schools. I can’t believe that are being this stupid and self defeating.

    1. And the days of selling any tax increase or bond issue to the public because it is “for the children and everyone loves education” will be over.

      A good point; I didn’t think of that. Although their response may be to nationalize school funding, which will effectively destroy local control.

      1. That isn’t a response; it’s a strategy.

      2. Destroying local control would go even father towards destroying public schools since it would ensure that few that did work no longer did.

      3. local control of gummit skelwz has been a chimera for a few decades now. Cuomo is just trying to move it a couple notches further away from the Little People. Hitler did that and it worked very well. toward HIS personal goals.

    2. Never underestimate progressive minded Democrats devotion to nationalization, central planning, and equity. It is the only way to achieve “fairness” and they will vote for whomever promises it.

      Even if it means instead of some people being poor, that we are all equally poor.

      1. They are totally dedicated as long as it is other people and other people’s kids who are being harmed. This is harming their kids. And that is not what the typical dumb, white. suburban Prog signed up for and is not going to be something most of them tolerate.

        1. Especially if their local school’s rating falls and it hurts their house value.

    3. Cuomo Warns, Hysterically, That New York Schools Will Become ‘Superspreaders’

      He’s afraid some of the kiddos might learn how to read, and that’s not good for the Democratic Party.

    4. Kids can learn online though. The next logical step is to find better instructors online than the most likely mediocre teachers at the local school (the one that isn’t open anyway).

  7. This is a fucking lie and he knows it. I’m not much surprised by him lying; it’s his profession after all. But I do wonder why the teacher’s unions are so dead set against reopening the schools. At this rate nearly every parent is going to give up on the government schools and seek alternatives. What will happen to the plan to indoctrinate the kids with “Critical Race Theory”, the global warming bullshit, etc.?

    1. “But I do wonder why the teacher’s unions are so dead set against reopening the schools. ”

      Because the perfect natural outcome for a union would be to do no work and get paid for it.

      1. I can see that but it seems rather short-sighted. There’s no way that can go on forever. Well, maybe. I suppose that could be the Democrats get their “universal basic income” implemented: everybody becomes a “teacher”. LOL

        1. “…everybody becomes a “teacher”.

          So get paid to stay home and teach your own kids; you might be on to something!

      2. No-work no-show jobs are the best jobs! — Tony Soprano

        1. Sinecure

          1. AKA “money for old rope”

    2. More. Money. More. Power. More. More. More.

  8. Christ, what an asshole.

    1. Exactly. New York deserves this dick.

      Motherfucker has no shame or conscience.

      1. And no New Yorker deserves him more than Park Slope Welchie Boy.

      2. Given the garbage that NYC inflicts on themselves and attempts to inflict on the rest of us, I hope they burn for it. NYC residents are low brow, arrogant, traitor trash.

    2. Butcher of Albany

  9. Where is Reason on vaccine passports and mandates?

    1. If you look up there on the upper right there’s a magnifying glass icon. You can use it to search for stuff. Try it. I know, I know it’s all newfangled and stuff, but I’m sure you can figure it out.

    2. I think Reason’s position is that they’re not needed, as long as everyone gets vaccinated and everyone gets tested every day. Helps big pharma more.

  10. There is a man in desperate need of a swirly.

    1. If by swirly you mean (redacted).

      – note to any fed fucks: this is obvious sarcasm

      1. Just don’t mention woodchippers. That might force Reason to completely rewrite the comments software to require registration to allow the feds to better track posters.

        1. I prefer a trial for mass murder, followed by a lawful execution after his conviction.

          1. I’d be happy with that.

      2. /sarc off

        I’d seriously pay $20 to watch that guy’s hair swirl in a flushing toilet bowl. In fact I’d be willing to spend $100 to watch someone do that to him five times.

        Not advocating for violence or long-term personal harm here. Just a shampoo in poo water.

        /sarc on


        1. You throw in his brother and you got a deal!

  11. ‘Superspreaders’

    Maybe he’s not talking about a virus here.

    1. Was gonna say that he wants to track these folks down because most of them women he meets file sexual assault charges against him.

    2. I’m sure Tony has already lubed himself up, in preparation.

  12. Sure, Cuomo’s lying about the severity of the problem, but he’s lying to you for your own good because he loves you so much and isn’t that what you want out of your mommy?

    1. It’s not for your own good. It’s to keep his hands on that teachers’ union political contribution cash.

      So basically the same reason for lots of dumb decisions that elected leaders in blue cities and states make — government employee unions are the people who elect them. Bad teachers can’t be replaced, bad cops can’t be taken off the street, etc.

  13. Being a lifelong Cali conservative, I have to wonder if New Yorkers are more dumb than we are for electing Cuomo over Newsome? Both are terrible but he is just a killer. Forgive my grammar: I went to CA public schools

  14. Fuck Phil Murphy. And Cuomo.

    1. And Newsom. Also don’t forget Whitmer. And my boy, Larry Hogan.

      1. And Jay Inslee.

    2. Maine is making recommendations county by county. Any county exceeding a certain threshold gets a mandatory mask recommendation. The emergency powers were removed so the legislature would have to restore them to enact a mandatory mask mandate. I will say that I wouldn’t fornicate Janet Mills.

      1. Wyoming also stripped the governor of any and all emergency public health powers that in any way restrict residents beyond two weeks.

        The Governor requested this to fend off the threats and extortion of CDC, with its constant threat of cutting off all manner of funding if the Governor did not bow to CDC mandates. We NEVER had sufficient cases for any shut down. But he governor bowed to CDC— and we ignored the governor.

  15. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky [said] that of “every 20 vaccinated people, one or two of them could get a breakthrough infection.”

    Oh, FFS! And of “every 20 *un*vaccinated people, one or two of them *could* get an infection.” The CDC needs some serious, um, housecleaning.

  16. “Mr. Cuomo’s governorship is imperiled, as he faces allegations of groping, sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior made by six women; an independent investigation into those accusations; an impeachment inquiry by state legislators; a federal investigation into his handling of nursing homes during the pandemic; and collapsing support from leaders in his own party . . . .”

    “A lot of people allege a lot of things for a lot of reasons,” Mr. Cuomo said

    —-New York Times, updated July 6, 2021

    “The Imperious Rise and Accelerating Fall of Andrew Cuomo”

    Being a progressive must be soooooooooo embarrassing.

    1. “Being a progressive must be soooooooooo embarrassing.”

      You’re giving way too much credit there Ken; when a person and especially a group are so convinced of the moral superiority of their beliefs, it just means that they have to double down on their efforts. You’re dealing with a religion here.

      1. I just wish they’d get to the Kool-Aid phase already.

        1. Or the purple robes, Nike shoes and a pair of shears.

  17. He’s a criminal who should have been indicted long ago. But as a democrat he’s mostly a traitor to his country of birth.

  18. It is reasonable to assume, and make policy plans around the fact, that kids in schools will be infected at rates higher than 1,000 to 1.

    Jeezus H. Pretty much EVERY kid is going to get covid. Period. Unless you are identifying specific ways that they won’t. Current positivity rates and trends? FFS You people are stupid as rocks.

    EVERY kid will get covid. The only question is over what timeframe in the school year – which yes is where current positivity rates are somewhat relevant. And what proportion of their families are also unvax. Those two are the number where you need to apply hospitalization rates to see whether there is a hospital max cap problem this year.

    That doesn’t mean you have to gov panic. It means that’s the reality you damn well better deal with because this covid ain’t going away and there ain’t no ‘plan’ that pretends the whole thing will go away.

    1. Every kid huh? Then why is it that study after study shows these kids aren’t getting it? Why is it that after spending an entire year open here in California, our district had a less than 1% case rate?

      1. Exposed to the virus

        1. Correct. Everybody will be exposed, likely multiple times. It’s EXTREMELY likely you’ll only catch it once, and likely many of these kids had it before we even knew it was a thing.

    2. A year ago when I wasn’t confident we’d have effective vaccines so soon, that was the strategy I suggested: that schoolchildren be used to spread a low level of virus thru society, giving us a better chance to get exposed without getting sick.

      1. I never thought that was a strategy – but it was always going to happen when schools open. I just hope they’ve actually studied outcomes-other-than-death over whatever timeframe we’ve now been able to study that. I’m not optimistic that they’ve done that. But we are where we are.

      2. Sweden has basically demonstrated that is a decent strategy with teachers there having the fewest hosp/deaths of any identifiable profession that was being tracked.

  19. Bill Clinton ran and governed as a centrist, but sought refuge among the Democratic left when the Lewinsky affairs arose. Cuomo, once fiercely independent of seemingly just about everyone–even his own party–now finds it convenient to take a position that provides cover the teacher’s union, the unspoken bargain being that the union will provide cover for him.

    1. governed as a centrist

      Not willingly. He wanted to spend like a drunken sailor, but he was thwarted by the Republicans in congress.


      1. He penchant for spending was newtered by the House.

  20. Why are you putting off hounding them out of office? Get rid of them now! Oh that’s right, you’re bluffing.

  21. As I approach my golden years, I am glad to know I won’t have to compete with the youngsters for good jobs. Because I am well educated, but they never will be.

    1. No. You’ll just be asked to fund their consumeristic lifestyle.

    2. That’s why you and I will be funding their UBI.

  22. Murderer.

  23. Oh look, it’s yet another self-centered, performative, whiney-ass bitch fest from Park Slope Welchie Boy about how much living in New York sucks, and how much he, the French woman he’s allegedly married to, and his (probably adopted) children are suffering there.

    All this in spite of the fact that he, the French woman he’s allegedly married to, and his (probably adopted) children could very easily live almost anywhere in America they choose.

    What does all of this tell us, do you suppose?

  24. Is Cuomo PROMISING to make schools superspreader locations? I think he is.

    Because we know he excels at that.

  25. Oh the price you pay to be a progressive Avocado Toast martini sipping nouveau urbanist.

    1. I’m pretty flexible about what qualifies as a Martini, but an avocado toast based one seems a stretch.

  26. Why din’cha think nursing homes would be superspreaders, you putz?

    1. They were: “Useless eaters”.

      1. More like the hospital systems, who were terrified of getting stuck housing elderly positives for an extended period of time, were one of his major donors.

        The long term care industry just doesn’t have that kind of jam.

  27. Cuomo has a plan to end publically funded education. He just does not have the chutpah to describe it as that. What I wonder is how longit will take before the taxpayers decide ” HEY NOW, since we aint got no schools no mo’, how’s about if thay aint got my tax money no mo

  28. As always, the answer is the same: take your kids out of their schools and don’t look back.

    And if it saves just one child or one teacher, out of an abundance of caution, we should shut down all the public schools and refund the money to the taxpayers so they can afford good high speed internet and new PCs to facilitate distance learning from qualified instructors.

    1. It will save at least the teachers. Do they get to stay home in Pajama’s at full Union pay.

  29. In the SF bay area, masks are ‘recommended’ if you are indoors.
    The Chron had page one graphs showing how serious this ‘surge’ is:
    State ‘positivity rate” (percent of population testing positive: ~5.5% and falling!!!!!!
    Hospitalizations: Bay Area, ~750 people, State wide, ~3,500!!!!
    New cases: 15 per 100,000 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. If I ever happen to meet this cretin, I’m going to call him a granny-killer at the top of my lungs at the very least.


    1. His thugs, I mean security, will never let you anywhere near him.

  31. A box of rocks would do better.

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  33. Cuomo warns, “I’m a Power-Mad dictator. You ‘sheeple’ cannot survive without my expert dictation because you ‘sheeple’ are too stupid to assess your own situations and adjust accordingly!”

    And Cuomo led his ‘sheeple’ off the edge of the cliff and everyone died.

  34. Ok, I am convinced. Where is the checks? We get checks when there is a pandemic but ol joe isn’t even talking about them.

  35. The face of the Beast.

  36. NY is lost in space. It just hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. . . .but it is mentally there already. I see a hard landing in its future.

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