Canadian Steak Tartare Ban Leaves Chefs Feeling Raw

Warning people about the dangers of raw meat doesn't require prohibiting the practice.


A chef in New Brunswick, Canada, is aghast after learning of his province's ban of steak tartare, a dish he serves to customers that's typically made with raw beef and raw eggs. The ban came as a surprise to Luc Doucet of Black Rabbit in Moncton, one of several restaurateurs warned recently by health department officials that serving raw meat violates provincial health codes.

"Our department was recently made aware that ground beef prepared as per the request of the customer (i.e., medium, rare, etc.) and/or steak tartare, is presently available at your food premises," a health department note to Doucet, included in a CBC report on the ban, declares. "This practice must cease immediately, as it is in direct violation of the New Brunswick Food Regulation, NB Reg 2009-138, 27 1(f) Schedule A."

While the tartare ban came as news to Doucet, non-Canadian readers here may be surprised to learn that preparing anything but well-done hamburgers—"medium, rare, etc."—is banned throughout Canada. In a 2017 column panning this foolhardy prohibition on serving hamburgers that taste like hamburgers, I called that ban "as arbitrary a decision as banning raw animal products such as oysters and sushi, raw produce such as sprouts and melons, and countless other [potentially hazardous] foods that are definitely legal in Canada."

Doucet, whose restaurant was nominated for best new restaurant in Canada in 2019, told the CBC that the "ideology" behind the ban is what bothers him most. That and the vagueness of the notice. 

"It's tricky, the wording is very vague, it just says 'beef tartare etcetera,' is that carpaccio [a thinly sliced meat served raw]?" he told the CBC. "I don't know."

Doucet isn't the only one panning the ban. In an editorial published this week, New Brunswick's Telegraph-Journal editorial board urged the province to repeal its tartare ban, which the paper dubbed "baseless." (They really missed an opportunity to use "groundless.")

"Our food safety culture in Canada is overdone and our food appreciation culture is underdone," Telegraph-Journal editor Martin Wightman lamented in a tweet referencing the editorial. Wightman's comment echoes (though is a little more harsh than) my own prior criticism of Canada's food laws.

Though the New Brunswick health department notice Doucet received did reference a hypothetical process for potentially allowing restaurants to serve foods containing raw meat, my email and phone call to the health department spokesman quoted by the CBC, Bruce Macfarlane, were not returned. What's more, since the CBC report indicates the crackdown on steak tartare was not due to any case of foodborne illness, it's not clear why the health department decided this month to set its sights on steak tartare.

It's not Canada's first. In 2012, a restaurant in Windsor, Ontario—just outside Detroit—was targeted by health inspectors for serving lamb tartare and carpaccio. Chef and owner Rino Bortolin fought the ban, telling the CBC he would serve the dishes "until an inspector tells me to stop… And if they tell me to stop, I will probably still do it."

Could New Brunswick chefs meet that province's ban by practicing similar civil disobedience? I hope so.

Canada isn't alone in fretting over raw beef served in restaurants. Beginning in 2007, Slovakia banned restaurants from serving steak tartare, a traditional dish in that country. That ban, which the Slovak Spectator reports was ignored by a number of top restaurants, was repealed in 2017. Though the ban was lifted, restaurants must now warn consumers that consuming raw meat poses risks—a sensible requirement. They also must prepare the dish to order, use eggs only from "approved farms," and inform public health officials that they serve the dish. And health officials in Wisconsin regularly caution residents against eating so-called "cannibal sandwiches"—basically steak tartare on bread—which are a popular homemade food to serve around the holidays.

Experts suggest such fears over eating raw meat may be overblown. For example, after Japan banned serving raw beef liver in 2012 over fears consuming the dish contributed to higher E. coli case numbers, a study found no reduction in E. coli cases since the ban took effect. And Canada's ban on flavorful hamburgers, the National Post reported in 2012, may be unwarranted, as properly cooked (not undercooked) hamburgers "may not be nearly as dangerous as we all thought."

All that said, eating raw meat—just like eating sushi, sprouts, melons, runny eggs, and the like—does occasionally sicken or kill people. In 2014, several people became ill—one critically—after eating steak tartare in a Montreal restaurant. But even after those rare cases, an expert at McGill University responded that "poisoning from steak tartare is rare because the dish is usually served only in high-end restaurants where hygiene is the rule and the meat is supplied by reliable butchers."

Raw beef isn't for everyone. I first tried raw ground beef at an Ethiopian restaurant—where the dish is known as kitfo—in Washington, D.C., in the late 1990s. It was great, and I've enjoyed it several times since. Raw beef not your thing? That's cool. Don't eat it. Please just make sure others can do so if they so choose.

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  1. For example, after Japan banned serving raw beef liver in 2012 over fears consuming the dish contributed to higher E. coli case numbers, a study found no reduction in E. coli cases since the ban took effect.

    So then the Japanese bureaucrats admitted they were wrong, several ministers committed seppuku out of shame, and the ban was lifted, right? Right? Because that’s how government works, they have experts to study these things so they very rarely make mistakes but when they do they are quick to admit it, move hastily to correct the problem, and punish those responsible for the error.

    1. One nice thing about having the monopoly on legal violence is never having to say you were wrong.

      1. You ever eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sarc?

      2. Haven’t read the full thread. Is sarcasmic racist in this one too?

        1. Yes, but he’s only joking or something.

    2. A home-grown government official cured me of the idea of eating raw liver.

      When I was a teen, I saw Boss Hogg eating raw liver on The Dukes of Hazzard and that did it for me! Just fully-cooked beef or chicken livers and peppers and onions for me, thank you much!

      Oh, and the Southern classics of Neese’s pork liver pudding and livermush, which are fully cooked when you buy them anyway.

    3. Seppuku for disgraced officials needs to be adopted into the American system. Forget qualified immunity, we need to do a 180 and have ultimate consequences.

      1. To be disgraced one needs a sense of shame.

  2. “It’s tricky, the wording is very vague, it just says ‘beef tartare etcetera,’ is that carpaccio [a thinly sliced meat served raw]?” he told the CBC. “I don’t know.”


    1. Government officials hear his criticism as a plea for more detailed and comprehensive regulations.

  3. So when is Government Almighty going to AT LEAST get out of our way with their over-regulating the hell out of food irradiation? I for one would be happy to side-step Government Almighty over-regulation of oh-so-hazardous raw foods, of ALL kinds, by being allowed more-free access to food irradiation!

    1. All forms of radioactivity are icky and must be banned.

      1. “Helminthic therapy” is of interest to me; so is “radiation hormesis”.

        On radioactive wastes (ionizing radiation), Google “radiation hormesis”, and see USA government study of the Taiwan thing (accidental experiment on humans) at … Low-dose radioactivity is actually GOOD for you! Seriously!!!

      2. On “helminthic therapy”, AKA gut parasite worms are GOOD for you, too, see (USA government again) or others …
        Well anyway, WHAT is a summary of what I am saying? I thought I heard you asking about that, through my tri-cornered aluminum-foil hat, as I am sitting here…

        HERE is your summary: Holyweird is WAY off base, with their horror movies! A Giant Gut-Parasitical Radioactive Teenage Mutant Ninja Tapeworm would be GOOD for us!!! Bring it ON, ah says!!!

      3. As Madge always said on the Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid commercial: You’re soaking in it. 🙂

      4. Yes, because it has nuclears in it and that’s bad because Hiroshima and the tragic loss of life at Three Mile Island.

    2. I am with you there! They need to make a home irradiation unit too!

      It can’t possibly be any more hazardous than the cheap plastic food dehydrator I got once with the heating element that got loose and melted the plastic and could have caught fire if I wasn’t at home!

    3. Forget that air fryer, what you really want is an Emeril Lagassé home quick irradiator!

      1. They sold urns with a tap that would irradiate your drinking water in the 50s.


          Introduction to Electron-Beam Food Irradiation

          This was “on the horizon” in 2016… Food irradiation run at the switch (with safety interlocks for example) of electrical power, involving ZERO radioactive elements that might be stolen for a dirty bomb, or eaten by, or snuggled with by, stupid users! I have worked in (done design work for) businesses using safety switches. We had a saying, “As soon as you idiot- proof it, God invents a better idiot.” Bypass or defeat the safety locks, hurt yourself, sue, win $millions!!!

          Anyway, the FDA will “soon” approve E-beam food irradiators any millennia now…

        2. From

          • June 24, 1990 – Soreq, Israel – An operator at a commercial irradiation facility bypassed safety systems to clear a jam in the product conveyor area. The one- to two-minute exposure resulted in a whole body dose estimated at 10 Gy (1,000 rad) or more. He died 36 days later despite extensive medical care.[26][27]

          • October 26, 1991 – Nesvizh, Belarus – An operator at an atomic sterilization facility bypassed the safety systems to clear a jammed conveyor. Upon entering the irradiation chamber he was exposed to an estimated whole body dose of 11 Gy, with some portions of the body receiving upwards of 20 Gy. Despite prompt intensive medical care, he died 113 days after the accident.[29]

          Stupid is as stupid does! THIS (and lawyers) is why we can’t have nice things!!!

          1. I might have known! So I guess the next best option for food preservation is to cover it in cheesecloth and dry it on a hot tin roof, even though that involves a falling hazard from slipping, cats, or Big Daddy filching the product and pushing you off.

          2. Why does Big Safety hate Darwin so much??

        3. Very interesting. Did it go the way of X-Ray platforms in shoe shops and Radium watch faces?

      2. You have to keep the graphite control rod in or it’ll go “BAM!” 😉

          1. I’m a pretty experimental kind of guy, but I doubt I could get into Maurice Sendak Furry Fetishism. Those costumes look bulky and sweaty.

          2. Speaking of the appetites of cartoon characters, I recall Charles Schultz had a Peanuts cookbook for kids that actually had a recipe for Steak Tartare…but it was from Snoopy and was meant for dogs and their shiny coats, not humans.

      3. You mean the George Foreman fryer?

  4. Bet it’s the damned Democrats. They are just as bad in New Brunswick as they are in California and New York.

    1. Damned Democrats! They caused my mother’s gout!

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              I don’t get it.

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                    I was going to add something about people who might be splattered by the mess, but nobody cares about your alone ass. Shit. Nobody will know you’re missed until they shut the power off and things start to smell.

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                2. “Another gathering of the mean girls club”

                  sarcasmic’s a lamb and White Mike is never dishonest and cunty. It’s always everyone elses fault that they’re picked on.

                  It’s probably that darned Tulpa imitating them that accounts for all the dipshittery upthread.

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                  Or TDS-addled Assholes Association.

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              3. “Now Ken has muted us. It’s almost a badge of honor, while also showing how partisanship is so toxic.”

                “It’s not sarcasmic and Mike Larsen who are toxic trolls, it’s everyone else.”

                For those of you who are not familiar, Ken is a commenter who is well known for comprehensive, well thought out posts. He’s also willing to engage with almost anyone courteously. He’ll even respond to SQRLSY.
                For someone to get muted by Ken, they have to be one hell of a troll.
                Enter sarcasmic…

                1. sarcasmic was trolling soldiermedic73 the other day and got muted by him too.

                  Have you noticed how he and White Mike Larsen are always bragging that they’ve muted hundreds of people?
                  If you’ve got a mute list bigger than five, chances are that you’re the problem.

                  1. Among many, many other issues, sarc is ignorant of basic human interaction:
                    If one of two people find you a disgusting piece of shit, it might be them and not you.
                    When one or two people are the only ones who *don’t* find you a disgusting piece of shit, well, you’re a disgusting piece of shit.

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                      I have long suspected you were Michael Savage in real life. You have uncanny similarities with him.

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                      If turd posts stats, they are cherry-picked from numbers which most often prove the exact opposite of what turd is lying about.
                      Ken thinks this is not a direct cause, but a result of turd being so stupid as to not understand that others can tell reality from his bullshit; I argee.
                      Regardless, depend on it: turd lies.

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                    4. “Man. Glad the pedophile is on sarcasmics team.”

                      Sevo is a pedo? Sevo the pedo! It rhymes! Good mnemonic!

                      Thanks for letting us know!

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                    5. You know what’s great? Ignoring comments you don’t like.

                      Or do some people come here for the bitchy quarrels and abuse?

                2. Ken is a one trick pussy.

                  All he does is take AOC and Omar quotes and attribute them to Biden.

                  Call him out and he will ignore it.

                  1. turd lies; see above.

                  2. Wait, what? When did you stop loving AOC, Buttplug?

              4. sarcasmic
                July.16.2021 at 3:09 pm
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                I look forward to when they’re critical of the sitting president during the next election, and your head explodes because they’re saying mean things about Biden while a Republican competes.


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                I was going to add something about people who might be splattered by the mess, but nobody cares about your alone ass. Shit. Nobody will know you’re missed until they shut the power off and things start to smell.

              5. I don’t think it’s hard to get. By our standards nearly everyone, especially in politics, is authoritarian, but the practical choices are between degrees and/or types of authoritarian, and in the USA right now, Republicans are overwhelmingly the better and worthwhile choice. That’s not a recent observation — Don Ernsberger made a very good study he published in LP News (national) a quarter century ago that said the same — but it has been brought our more starkly by developments in recent years.

                1. The Republicans might have been a better choice, until they sold out to a conman who is trying to subvert the Constitution and undermine democracy.

                  1. The whole federal government has been about nothing but subverting the constitution for something like a century now.
                    I’m not saying Trump was some kind of constitutionalist. Not by far. But there is no one in national politics, particularly on the left, who is not all about subverting the constitution.

          2. Holy shot you two, go fuck each other somewhere else.

            I love how the two biggest trolls here are open about it now that they can hide from their hypocrisy and ignorance from being pointed out. Lol.

            1. You and your fellow conservative ilk are the trolls here. You openly shill for the GOP and any/all members of the party.

              In contrast I advocate for GRIDLOCK only so that neither party easily makes government even larger and more inefficient.

              The most effective form of gridlock is a Dem POTUS and a GOP House.

              You QAnon types are sick in the head.

              1. Lol. I attack the right more than you ever dreamed of attacking even Biden pedo. You openly defend biden on every policy.

                And your favored gridlock is an idiotic form of gaslighting the left pushes so retards like you will vote Democrat. Youre just an idiot. Please tell us how Biden and Obama execytive orders are gridlock.

                1. Liar.

                  Each time I mention The Dotard’s $4 trillion Welfare and Reelection Slush Fund of 2020 you try to pass it off as something Pelosi forced onto the Senate and Trump. You protect him like a raving lunatic.

                  As far as Biden’s gigantic spending of 2021 I say “Kill that bullshit. It is completely unaffordable and unnecessary.”

                  That is how a REAL CLASSIC LIBERAL responds to profligate spending

                  Trump is Mr. 1% GDP. A failure. Get over it. Elect someone aligned with libertarian values next time. It ain’t Joe or Donnie-Boy.

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                    DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!!!!!!!

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                      But you’re the troll.

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                      I triggered them by citing Trump’s dreadful 1% GDP.

                      Democrats are such dumbasses. They should begin every TV interview by reminding people of Mr 1% GDP.

                      But Democrats are alas, hopelessly stupid.

                    3. Buttplug, in a fit of sophistry worthy of a three-year-old, is ignoring the explosive growth under Trump, while simultaneously pretending that Covid’s impact on the economy in 2020, didn’t happen.

                      Yes, Buttplug thinks you’re that dumb.

                    4. I had to look it up.


                      How GDP Growth Under Trump Compares To Clinton, Obama And Other Presidents

                      Facts need not apply, though, for right-wing wing-nuts! Only BreitFart and Alex Jones (and of course Dear Leader Trump Himself) can be trusted as sources of TRUE information!

                  2. What’s hilarious is when a dozen trolls who call me a troll drop a dozen turds on my posts, and call me a troll for ignoring them.

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                      It’s all those dozens and dozens of other people who are wrong. Never sarcasmic.

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                  3. Sorry for understanding how our government works pedo.

                    The dad fact is you continue not to understand how it works.

                  4. I see Buttplug is still pretending that Covid doesn’t exist.

                    1. The Con Man’s GDP record wasn’t real good before Covid (mid 2’s) and you want to give him a pass for “a little flu” (his words).

                      No one gave Obama a pass for the far worse Great Recession (where 10 million home were foreclosed). Home ownership went UP in 2020.

                    2. turd post lies; nothing but. The pathetic piece of shit is too stupid to understand that others can see this.
                      turd lies, always.

                    3. The Con Man’s GDP record wasn’t real good before Covid (mid 2’s)

                      So better than Bush, Obama and Biden, then. Who do you think you’re kidding?

                      <'No one gave Obama a pass for the far worse Great Recession"

                      You’ve given him a pass, dozens of times. And the Great Recession wasn’t worse. Not by a long shot. The destruction of small and medium sized business due to the shutdowns are worse by a factor of ten.
                      The big difference is your beloved banks and giant multinationals are doing just fine this time.

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                1. Buttplug has a narrative.

              4. “The most effective form of gridlock is a Dem POTUS and a GOP House.”

                Oh great. This is still Impostor Buttplug.

                Yesterday he was spouting absolute nonsense like “Obama’s 8-year average annual GDP growth was around 2%” — which is obviously false, because that would be comparable to G. W. Bush’s abysmal performance. Now he’s effectively urging everyone to vote for Republican House candidates in the 2022 midterms?!

                Jeez. At least make your parody *somewhat* believable.

        2. ^^ Shows up immediately whenever Democrats are criticized, even in jest.
          The Bat Signal is now the Mike Liarson Signal.

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  5. Sounds like regulators had a beef with these chefs.

    1. It’s a recipe for disaster.

      1. They got a raw deal.

  6. If you follow FDA guidelines, rare steak is grey while everything else is just different degrees of shoe leather.

    1. Not necessarily. If the beef is slightly marbled, properly tenderized, and marinated overnight, I’ve found you can get a steak that is both well-done and fall-apart, melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

      1. So if you take a really good cut and treat it really nice, it will be forgiving after you do your best to ruin it.

        No thanks.

        Thirty degrees more than it was when it died. Anything more is food abuse.

        1. If you have Neanderthal digestive tract, you are welcome to it.

          I go with internal temperature of 160 Degrees Fahrenheit and anything less is me abuse.

          1. I’m currently eating angus steak tips that I overcooked to 135. Not terrible. Marinating in Italian dressing always helps.

          2. Some people like well done beef (for some reason). That’s up to you. But unless you have a weak constitution, there is very little danger to eating a rare steak. Rare ground beef is probably a bit more worthy of concern.

      2. No

      3. Sous vide can do it. But I’d rather just eat it rare. Still, if you can’t, it’s good to know how to prepare it for minimized intestinal distress. I can’t eat beef all that often anyway. One round of gout was one too many.

        “I wonder if it would hurt less if I just removed the toe?”

    2. You mean like this:
      Jeremy Yoder/ Mad scientist BBQ

  7. I’ve had to start ordering my steaks medium well, because the trend is to make steaks rarer and rarer. Last medium rare steak I had was still cold in the center. Literally rare. When they say “pink” in the center they really mean “red and dripping blood”. It’s nuts.

    So I order a medium well so I will end up with something between a medium and medium rare.

    1. Rare is not cold. Rare is not raw. Rare is not chewy. Cold and raw and chewy means someone doesn’t know how to cook a steak.

      If you want a perfect steak, pull it at 125 an let it heat up to 130 in the center while it rests.

      Or better yet cook it to 130 in a sous vide, and then finish it on a cast iron.

      1. From my years working in restaurants, it’s 160 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature or nothing. Anything less doesn’t kill food-bourne pathogens.

        1. Please tell me where you work so I will make sure to never eat there.

          1. Well that wasn’t nice.

          2. Such a mean girl.

          3. It’s an entire State. I’ll let you got to the trouble of finding it.

            1. Like everyone follows the rules. I’m positive there’s a steakhouse near your job that isn’t afraid to serve good food.

              1. Like I meant to say above, it is a State policy and it just happens to coincide with best practices for exterminating food-bourne pathogens.

                The restaurants that don’t comply not only get bad ratings, but get listed in the local paper’s and local talk radio’s “Dirty Restaurant Thursday” feature.

                1. You probably just gave me enough information to google something up, but I’m not that interested in overcooked meat.

                  Uncle Sam has lots of “best practices.” Most belong up his ass.

                  1. Best practices does not necessarily equal dictates from government “Top Men.”

                    Best practices almost always come from thousands of years of human beings engaging in trial-and-error experimentation, then passing on what procedures and results work best, through family, through cookbooks, through cooking tutorials in businesses and schools, and through the media of today. If anything, government follows culture in this regard, not vice-versa.

                    1. If anything, government follows culture in this regard, not vice-versa.

                      Government regulators tend to follow the Precautionary Principle which means taking zero risk.

                      That may mean “best practices” to you, but to me it means no imagination, no risk, no reward, nothing new, no nothing except asking permission and obeying commands.

                      That’s no way to live.

        2. You’re forgetting the time/temperature matrix: at 160 plus you only need 15 seconds to achieve 7 log reduction of bacteria.

          But you can get the same effect at 2 hours at 130 F.

        3. If all you care about is certainty of eliminating any chance of food borne illness, then fine. But there are other things people are looking for when they eat a good steak. And getting sick from eating a rare steak is extremely unusual and a slight enough risk that most people shouldn’t give it a second thought.

      2. Wait a minute. If you set the heat to 125 Degrees, how does it get to 130 in the center? Or did you mean set it to 425?

        I know this: 125 Degrees isn’t high enough to make jerky, let alone steak.

        1. I mean cooking over flames or in a cast iron where the outside gets really hot and after pulling it off the middle continues to cook. When it’s got crispy corners and a hot, juicy center. With pork the magic number is 135. Stop there and let the center heat up a little more. Pink, cooked pork is juicy and delicious. Red and chewy not so much. Just like rare beef doesn’t mean red and chewy.
          And don’t you dare cook any fish of mine to 160. That’s definitely food abuse.

          1. Since I was young, I always ate pork white in the middle and it was always juicy and well-seasoned thanks to Shake ‘N’ Bake.

            Likewise, minced or sliced barbecue pork is always white with the brown outer skin and fat mixed in. Hence the American Pork Association slogan: Pork: The Other White Meat.

            Pink, thus, is a real problem for pork. That can bring a dose of Trichinosis if you’re not careful.

            Lobsters cook at 210 Degrees Fahrenheit in boiling water and both fish-fry fish and mud-coated fish by a primitive campfire cook at far higher temperatures than that. Again, the meat is always white and tender and not a trace of pink in any properly-done fish.

            I just don’t get this obsession with pink in meat.

            1. Trichinosis is hardly seen any more, though, the way the pigs are fed. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of toxoplasmosis from beef. Still toxo’s much more common now from handling cat feces.

              A couple days ago I tried slow roasting a pork loin in the gas barbecue. I didn’t notice it was still red near the bone until I’d been eating it a day. Next day from the refrigerator I tried finishing it in the electric oven. Still not sure I did it quite enough near the bone.

              1. That red on the bone isn’t a sign of being undercooked. As long as the juices aren’t cloudy then it’s cooked. Red or not.

              2. Ancient diseases have been making a comeback in big cities with Democratic Mayors and City Councils as well as their growing homeless encampments. I wouldn’t be surprised if cities with stockyards like Chicago also have a rise in animal-bourne diseases.

                They’re putting so much attention on Wokeism and Socialist redistribution of wealth that bread-and-butter things like hygiene and public safety fall by the wayside.

                1. When you make it political my eyes glaze over and I walk away.

                2. Well, that may be so. I’m still going to keep eating good food anyway. Whatever doesn’t kill you will fatten you up, as old Spanish ladies like to say.

            2. Pink is juice and juice is flavor.

              And like Roberta said, parasites are very rare these days.

              1. Reference above. And remember: Pink is just Red Lite and both are colors for Communism and Death.

            3. Commercial pork isn’t as white as it used to be. Pink is not a problem.

    2. In the cooks’ defense, it’s better to undercook and cook more than to overcook and start over.

      1. There’s trend here for “blue” steaks. Steaks that are literally raw in the center. Which is crazy.

        1. There was a Western where this Albino guy walks i to town and enters a tavern and requested his steak be served “blue,” but I can’t think of the name of it. I just know it was a funny line.

        2. Philly, yeah. Black and blue. I cooked a few. Not my thing.

    3. Also, when I worked in kitchens, I’d set aside the worst cuts of meat for MW and W. Why waste a perfectly good steak on someone who asks you to ruin it? Take the ones with lots of gristle, fat and connective tissue, and use them when someone asks you to cook all the color and juice out of it. Not like they’ll be able to tell the difference. Save the nice marbled cuts for R and MR.

      1. People with preferences that are different from yours deserve punishment.

        1. Punishment is taking a crappy cut and trying to cook it R or MR. That’s punishment. It won’t cook evenly. It will suck. Take a crappy cut and cook it MW or W, and it might even taste better than if it was a good cut because a good cut will simply dry out and turn into jerky.

          Save your comments for things you actually know about.

          1. So mean.

        2. Oh no, sarcasmic is the pinnacle of judiciousness, just ask him.
          Poor little lamb is always bullied by the meanies here, when all he wants to do is share his wisdom and vast knowledge. It’s never because he acts like a troll and a cunt.

          1. It his hilarious how open they troll now while claiming to be so pure. Lol.

      2. It’s weird someone with all this kitchen experience never heard of a Cuban sandwich.

        1. Medium is like bisexual. As in confused. Pick one or the other.

          1. Or “politically moderate” which basically means “I’m trying really hard not to offend.”

            Only politically-ignorant, weak-minded losers who don’t understand their sexuality order their steak medium.

            They’re the ones who use steak sauce too.


          2. Ha. That is funny.
            I generally pick “medium” because I don’t know what the chef would consider “medium”. It ends up being either medium rare or medium well, and either one is generally fine with me. If I pick “medium rare” it is often rare. If I pick “medium well” it is often well done. So I pick “medium” knowing it won’t be one of the two extremes.

            1. I order midrare and deal. Cooking doesn’t pay well, so as a result lots of cooks suck. Then again lots of doctors and lawyers suck. Go figure.

          3. Unlike sexuality and gender, steak is a spectrum.

          4. Or nice work if you can digest it. 🙂

            I also like Edamame beans with my steak, so I guess I’m Bi-Soylent. I have twice the chance of getting some protein on a Saturday Night date! 🙂

      3. I wonder why your daughter is such a piece of shit keying cars. I mean she has an outstanding role model.

    4. Weird, that’s basically the opposite of what I’ve encountered. I usually have to order rare to get medium rare.

    5. Huh, interesting. My experience is exactly the opposite. Order a rare steak and get something that is just a little pink in the middle still.

  8. Of all the bad things anyone can say against Donald Trump, unlike the effete, elite mainstream media, I do not knock Donald Trump for liking his steak well done.

    I once had a rare steak at the Western Sizzlin’ and I had a 24 hour bug that squoze me dry from both ends and had me coughing up what looked loke blood! I got better, but it put me off of raw meat for life!

    Other who want rare meat have the right to eat whatever they want and restaurants have every right to serve it as long as they are forthcoming about how rare it is and all the risks. But I don’t have the digestive tract of steel for it myself, so I’ll pass on Steak Tartare, Carpaccio, kirfo, etcetera.

    By the way, there is no analogy between raw meat and raw produce such as sprouts and melons. As long as raw produce is fresh and washed before serving and has had no contact with raw meats, poultry, fish, crustaceans, etc., there is no problem I know of with raw produce.

    1. .. there is no problem I know of with raw produce.
      Never heard about the E. coli outbreak with spinach?

      1. Remember Odwalla ecoli apple juice incident? I had friends working in that plant and it just about got closed down.

        1. Hmm…don’t think that juice factory was producing “raw apples”.
          It was taking raw apples and processing them, making them no longer raw. Or, in the case of juice, apples.

      2. Again, the operative term is washed. Even if you garden is in your back yard and you know every square inch of it, and only your hands touch it, wash your hands and your produce. Bugs, birds, and other vermin could carry anything on them.

        1. I’m more leery of underwashed veggies than undercooked carne.

    2. That sucks that you got sick. I’m seriously sorry, because I know what food poisoning is like. Give it to myself on a regular basis.

      That was a joke.

      I use my nose. If it smells remotely questionable (with the exception of cheese, the worse it smells the better it is) then I say no. I’ll eat raw fish, but not if it smells like fish. Some of my worst bouts have been from raw vegetables. Turned me into a salad shooter.

      Another joke.

      I dunno man. I try not to put up barriers. If I eat something and it gets me sick, but other people eat it all the time without issue, then maybe I was the exception. I’ll try it again. And I don’t get sick. And I like it.

      That wasn’t a joke.

      1. Based on your terrible cooking advice, I’d say you get sick more than once a week screetch. But then again any advice from you is obviously the opposite of what someone should do.

        1. He admitted he worked in restaurants so he could get fucked up on drugs. I wouldn’t trust anything cooked by him.

      2. I’m glad you indicated what were the jokes in that post, because nobody would be able to tell. Mostly because your jokes aren’t funny.

      3. I used to love getting mackerel at a local sushi place, then got so sick one I don’t rven like being in the same room as mackerel.

        1. I try to get back on the horse.

          1. I get in the car and move in another direction. Leave the horse to horse-eaters.

            1. Never had to opportunity to try horse. But if given the opportunity I would.

            2. Speaking of which, horse meat is often used for steak tartare in places where horse is eaten.

        2. Did it taste fishy?

    3. there is no problem I know of with raw produce.
      Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria.
      There’s more food poisoning deaths annually from eating produce than meat.

      1. I’ll wash my vegetables first with tap water to get the chlorination in to kill these beasties, then rinse it with filtered water to get the chlorination out and these microbes have never been a problem with my salads.

        Serving salad vegetables from a bar with countless filthy hands of customers hovering over them can probably account for a lot of these poisonous vegetable infections too. A side salad served from kitchen staff who are required to wash hands is most likely much safer.

  9. Canadian Steak Tartare Ban

    (It’s New Brunswick)

    New Brunswick is a tiny province with 740,000 people. There are loads of cities here many times bigger.

    Sometimes I find Canada is a bigger mystery geographically for Americans than Mexico or Europe. It seems strange because most of Canada culturally and linguistically twins the US states they’re adjacent to.
    Maybe because Canada is boring by comparison?

    1. Who was Rob Ford twinning?

      1. Marion Barry?

    2. I’m not sure I would call a province larger than every New England except Maine “tiny”. Prince Edward Island is “tiny”.

      But with only 740,000 residents, you could call it “sparsely populated”.

  10. I’m pretty sure that if you cook chicken to the FDA recommend temperature, it is also overcooked.

    1. If you cook anything to FDA recommendations it will be ruined. Why do you think food at schools is so terrible?

    2. The Colonel’s is not only cooked at high temperature, but also under pressure. Thus, it turns out not only hot, but juicy to the bite and tender to the touch. There is much more that goes into the cooking process than just temperature.

      And take it from me, you do not want to duel with homemade, red, undercooked chicken. That can knock you on your ass for 10 days or more, if it doesn’t kill you.

      1. And yet there are KFC franchises that manage to ruin it. My late friend Bob and I managed to get both bad chicken and bad service at the one in Newton (or Hampton Twp.) NJ and bad chicken at least at the next one south, around Sucasunna. And we gave the one in Newton another chance along with our friend Greg, figuring their staff had turned over by then, but it was still bad.

        1. Oh, NJ. Those were probably Mob fronts so their real attention wasn’t on chicken.

  11. Another reason never to go to Canada (one among thousands)

    1. San Francisco is bigger than New Brunswick including relatively. Let’s hold the entire US guilty for every inanity that pours forth from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

      1. They do give real Americans a bad name…

  12. Eating what you want is not a crime.
    It’s not even a vice.
    Leave us alone.

    1. You’re looking at it from the wrong point of view. The eater is the victim. The cook is trying to kill their customers with unsafe food. It’s the job of the government to protect us from evil businesses that will literally kill people for a profit. If it wasn’t for government we’d all be dead from businesses selling poison. Why do you want everyone to die?

  13. I ordered a hamburger medium, instead it came browned on the outside and raw and cold on the inside, I ate it anyway, and yup, food poisoning 🙁

    Of course I still support the legal right to consume food that makes you fire out both ends for a day, but eating raw chop meat is pretty dumb. Steak raw inside should be fine.

    1. That’s a good point. It’s all about the surface area.

    2. You know what political party they called “Brown on the outside, Red on the inside?”

  14. Well, now I know not to bother with an Ethiopian or Lebanese restaurant next time I’m in Canada. The whole point of going there is some good Kitfo or Kibbe.

  15. Back in the 1990s, New Jersey’s public health board banned restaurants from serving eggs sunny side up (purportedly due to increased salmonella risk). After a half dozen newspapers editorialized against the ban, and mocked the health board, the ban was rescinded at their next meeting.

    As one who has subscribed to CDC’s MMWR for the past 35 years (which details food borne illness outbreaks) and took several grad school classes in infectious diseases, it appears the two most common risks of foodborne illnesses are due to consuming raw milk and raw oysters.

    In contrast, I’ve never read/heard of any confirmed illnesses due to eating sushi or raw beef.

    Other food borne illnesses typically occur when produce (that contains some bird shit or other contamination) wasn’t washed thoroughly before or after being sold, and/or when a restaurant/caterer stores food (that should be refrigerated) at room temperature, and the serves it.

    1. After reading multiple reports of foodborne illness outbreaks due to eating raw oysters (mostly due to sewage contamination of oyster beds), I stopped eating raw oysters back in the 1990s.

      And I’ve never drank raw milk (but many people claim it tastes much better than pasteurized milk).

      I tried raw beef once (kibi at a Middle Eastern restaurant), but I prefer steaks and burgers rare (and won’t eat them if they are medium or well done).

      I love sushi, but waited until a decade after sushi became popular in the US before I tried it (after not reading/hearing about any illnesses due to sushi).

      1. In all the times I slung hash at breakfast joints, I can’t remember anyone ever ordering their eggs sunny side up. Mostly over medium or scrambled, some over hard, and the occasional over easy. But nobody ever asked for raw on the top and crispy on the bottom. Granted if you do them right you cover them and add something like ice to make steam to get them hot and set the whites, but who does that? Nobody. And nobody orders them cooked that way either. People think they do because every movie prop of an egg is sunny side up, but nobody actually eats that shit. No one.

        1. Bullshit.. I served based and poached more often than over medium. Sunny side up was probably next most popular after over easy and and scrambled. Maybe over hard though.
          I was wheel man for 5 years in my youth and I think you’re a fucking liar.

          1. I only ran one poaching pot. Everywhere else it was flattop or pans. Poached eggs weren’t on the menu. So when I did finally work somewhere that served them I was surprised at how much vinegar they used.
            Call me a liar if it makes you feel good. Let it all out. And if that doesn’t work I’ve been telling Nardz to buy some lotion. Maybe he could share.

          2. Sarcasmics main behavior is lying. He has also never been outside of white Maine.

          3. Granted if you do them right you cover them and add something like ice to make steam to get them hot and set the whites, but who does that?

            That’s called a basted egg. It is another way of cooking that is different than sunny side. Depends on where you are in the country. I worked west and NE but have seen and eaten breakfast in a lot of states. Sunny side, if you are a good chef, cooks through, not opaque on top, but the white is done. Huevos Rancheros, that is the preferred serving style. Hash and eggs, poached would be my go to, as well as Benedict. Should be runny but still cooked. Soft boiled was big in my grandmother’s Gen, but I don’t see it often. Also sometimes called a 2 minute egg.
            Breakfast is a cool, creative meal if you do it right. Even with scrambled eggs.

          4. To add, I think one of the reasons there are more issues with eggs, meat and other products these days is the amount of hormones and chemistry that is pumped into and onto our food. The regulators know what is being done to our food and cooking it more will kill more of the microbes and other foreign entities that we didn’t have to fight off years ago.
            The Squirrel’s irradiation treatment for the future is not too far off.

            1. I for one NEVER eat anything that’s got chemistry in it.

              I remember an old poster of a delicious-looking red apple with a list below it of all the chemical names of the constituent substances found therein. One of our hippy friends was horrified. I told her “Big Apple has been lying to you all this time.”

              As the human mortality rate stubbornly remains near 100%, I passively accept all the claims that this that or the other thing in foods kills people.

            2. Baking is chemistry. How do you think baking powder and baking soda work?

        2. Mother made us sunny side up eggs a lot. I stopped trying that a long time ago because I was never good at keeping the yellow intact.

          Eggs over, what’s the point? If I broke the yolk trying for sunny side up, no way I’d manage to keep it intact flipping it over. I tried en-couching it in the white, also hardly worthwhile. Soft boiled disgust me. So the only ways I make them now is as omelets or quiche, or hard boiled (mostly for salad use). Or in French toast or custard. Or cake or meringue.

          1. Reminds me, found a shortcut to Spanish omelet. Friend Greg brought me a jar of Sabrett pushcart-style onions in sauce. I don’t often eat hot dogs, though, and when I do that wouldn’t be near the top of my list of condiments, so I used some for a Spanish omelet. Still have to cook peppers and peas in the eggs, though.

          2. Flipping eggs isn’t difficult. I’ve taught several people how to do it. Might take a couple dozen splats to get, but eggs are cheap so why not? The trick is keeping them low. Of course I can juggle and do slight of hand, so perhaps I’ve got more dexterity than some.

            1. If your flipping in a pan you can practice with a piece of bread. Once you get to eggs, the trick is to get the yolk(s) as close to you, handle side, in the pan so when you flip the yolk goes over last. Also, slide it up and over, don’t make it go airborn. It’s not a flapjack.

              1. Bread is stiff, but I suppose it would work as a teaching tool. But eggs are so cheap, except for the mess who cares?

                1. Yes. Stiff but it mimics the egg with some oil or butter to help it slide in the pan. It is heavier than an egg as well, so if you can glide the slice of bread over without having to make it go airborn you get the technique. Also cheaper than eggs, which aren’t so cheap these days as inflation climbs.

        3. In the US, anyway. In Europe they look at you funny if you want your eggs any other way.

      2. May as well outlaw pig fucking. Nobody does it. And it sounds good. “Sevo! Stop fucking that pig!” But he doesn’t fuck pigs. JesseAz does. And he doesn’t care what laws you pass. So it won’t change a thing.

        1. Lol. Look at how much you have to lie to pretend you aren’t a fucking moron. I mean I just point out your behaviors or what you’ve openly admitted. But you’re such an ignorant dumbass the only thing you can do to try to rip on someone is to make shit up. No wonder all you do is resort to strawman. Fucking hilarious.

          You win. You’re dumber than Jeff

        2. *clicks Show username*

          Like a fly to shit…

          1. ^ Like the asshole he is.

          2. He admitted he unmuted above lol.

            1. Nah, there’s a button to see who posted a comment. It doesn’t show the actual comment.

              I use it like a game. I try to guess which asshole it was based on the replies. I think I’m running about 60%.

              1. He was using the arguments from those of muting when he said “they are calling me trolls”

              2. Just guess “Tony” all the time.

                Then when you win that part, you can guess the content about 95%.

      3. Thank your for your input on this obviously contentious subject.

        Rest assured, I don’t say “There Oughtta Be A Law” against some foods or methods of food preparation, just that if there are risky foods and methods of preparation, customers should be informed of rationally-founded risks beforw they make up their minds on what to enjoy.

        Also, my own personal experience-based precautions with food are just taking better responsibility with my health, which all of us will have to do anyway if we get lucky and government ever gets out of the health care business.

        I recall reading once that in Japan, customers of some restaurants still partake of the potentially deadly Fugu fish, but restaurants do require a signed waiver to protect against liability. Perhaps this would be fitting for buyers and sellers of “blue” meat in the U.S. too

  16. The Biden administration’s flagrant violations of the First Amendment keep piling up.

    “The surgeon general published a new report calling on social media platforms to make new investments in combating online coronavirus misinformation”

    The report calls for an all-of-society push to address vaccine and coronavirus misinformation, including sweeping policy recommendations for companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy specifically calls on companies to redesign their algorithms to “avoid amplifying misinformation.”

    —-The Verge, July 15, 2021

    I never thought we’d see the First Amendment become an election issue, but I think that’s where we’re headed. I’m surprised the Democrats want to be on the wrong side of the free speech issue, but that’s where they are. The midterms are looking to be a bloodbath for the Democrats.

    1. That article was awfully full of words like “recommends” and “suggests”. If that’s all the Surgeon General is doing, then it’s no big deal.

      1. Wow good scientific analysis from our resident sock puppet.

        Fuck off leftie.

      2. Oh for fuck’s sake. You’re back to hunting for words, reinterpreting their definitions and then saying that was the argument or it’s poorly defined.

        Who do you think you’re fooling with this primary-school sophistry? Do you really think that you’re tricking people?

  17. I ate uncooked sliced beef in France along with ostrich meat and a bunch of other exotic stuff. We washed it all down with local beer. The next day, on a slow moving ski tram at a French ski resort, I passed gas that was easily 20 degrees above my body temperature. It burned. It was so wicked and vile that all 60 people on that tram got a healthy dose. A Frenchman actually yelled, “Sacre Blue”! When we arrived up top, there was a stampede for the doors. Throughout the day, I could feel one of those ungodly clouds forming in my gut. It would get warmer and my gut would rumble. It felt like a fermentation process. I crop-dusted a table of Brits at the bar and you would swear they had just been hit with pepper gas. It was fun, but I can’t imagine that it was healthy.

    1. Sounds like sarcasmics daily venture through life lol.

    2. I wonder if that’s how the Montgolfier Brothers filled their balloons?

  18. A brawl outside Shake Shack in Detroit involving up to a dozen young girls was caught on camera


    1. turd posts lies. If turd ever posts honestly, the earth’s rotation would reverse; that’s how certain it is that turd lies.
      If turds post stats, you can be certain they are cherry picked and likely mean the opposite of turd’s lying claims.
      turd posts lies, that’s all.


      Because that’s obviously his kink?

    3. Evidently, somebody’s milkshake brings all the girls to the yard too.

  19. Whoever’s in The Texas legislature should announce they just received the democrats mail in ballots and the motion passes.

      1. That was predictable.

        Now they can’t be taken to the legislature to vote!

        P.S. Why weren’t they vaccinated already? Are they conspiracy theorists?

  20. Darwin Award Alert!

    99% Of People Killed By Covid Last Month Were Unvaccinated, Analysis Finds

    This is Death by Stupidity!

    die unvaccinated Motherfuckers!

    You are likely the most useless POS in society anyway!

    1. So wishing people to die, and raping their children, is your thing.

    2. “99% Of People Killed By Covid Last Month Were Unvaccinated”

      That’s kind of the point of a vaccine, whether tried and true protein, or the brand new mRNA.
      The fear with untested mRNA isn’t that they’ll prevent transmission, but that they’re still experimental and have some cytotoxicity that isn’t present in traditional vaccines. Even one of the inventors of the mRNA type has stated his concern over the issue with respects to the Covid vaccines.

      But understanding this concern probably exceeds Buttplug’s intellect.

      die unvaccinated Motherfuckers!
      You are likely the most useless POS in society anyway!


  21. They shut down the Padres – Nationals game because four people were shot outside the stadium.

    However, I know that’s unpossible because Washington DC has very strict gun laws.

    1. So they shut down the game and what… made all the spectators go outside where the shooting was happening?

      1. You think the Nats want the liability of someone getting shot on their property? Send ’em into the streets where the DC government can take the blame.

    2. Well how many of them were unvaccinated, huh? How many were against CRT in schools? Were they hwite??

      Probably serves ’em right.

    3. Just like Chicago…………..

  22. an expert at McGill University responded that “poisoning from steak tartare is rare because the dish is usually served only in high-end restaurants where hygiene is the rule and the meat is supplied by reliable butchers.”

    “Well so long as the poors can’t get it” is the usually unspoken exception to progressive authoritarianism, like the coke parties at a district attorneys’ convention

  23. Was the tartar made with grade eh steak?

    1. M-eh.
      (Actually funny. Sneaking my own Eh in…)
      Don’t call me a hoser.

    2. I mean, that *is* the thing. True steak tartare or kitfo or whatever won’t be made with commercial ground beef. They take an actual steak and mince it and then serve it. Far less opportunity for significant microbial growth.

    3. No, but they said they were soyry.

  24. Legend has it that Mongolian horsemen would take slices of horse or other meats and put them under their saddles. The meat would be tender and ready to eat by the end of the day.

    1. Like they never heard of papayas. Losers.

    2. Now I think I’ll pass on the Mongolian Beef when I eat Chinese.

      Also, we can safely disqualify that as the answer to the question: “What is best in life?”

      1. What if they had had access to FoodSaver vacuum sealers, and the miracles of refrigeration? You mock them for things that were out of their control! You’re a…. a…. culturalist or something! Just because they didn’t have access to modern technology doesn’t mean you can mock their food! How dare you!!!!!

        1. Addressing these point-by-point: If they had FoodSavers and refrigerators, they would be a settled people with at least semi-free minds and semi-free markets for inventing and spreading these innovations, not a nomadic hoarde of plunderers governed by a butcherer.

          They could help plopping their asses on top of meat and could just as easily have used a mace, staff, or sword to tenderize their meat, as they did with all peoples they encountered and tried to do to the horizon itself.

          Yeah, I’m a Culturalist and something, and that something is somebody that’s not chasing bad money after good eating like a savage. I seriously doubt that triggers 1 out of 200 people on the face of the Earth who have moved on from Daddy Genghis’ ways.

          1. You probably think camping is for rich people who want to pretend to be homeless.

            1. I camped when I was younger and still keep camping gear for SHTF scenarios, but otherwise, camping is the punchline of a very naughty joke my co-workers made the rounds telling each other:

              Joker: If you woke up in the woods with grass stains on your knees and a rubber up your ass, would you tell anyone?
              Straight Man (in every sense, usually): Why Hell no!
              Joker: You wanna go camping? (And hilarity commences.)

  25. Everything consumed as food should be irradiated.

  26. Now I ask you: who would care to actually consume something like that?
    Looks disgusting and a good way to get some form of food poisoning. I had food poisoning once and it wasn’t fun. Thought I was gonna die.
    However….if that’s what someone wishes to eat, let them. It’s their choice, not that of big nanny.
    Mr Bean had his own way of dealing with it:

  27. This interview is a new low for Nick Gillespie. Did he become an idiot for the occasion or did he actually hold the childish, stupid opinions which he injected into the conversation? you need to beware of a person like this!

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