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New York Lawmakers Fight to Keep Chick-Fil-A From State Rest Stops

Plus: Judge rules against Roy Moore in Sacha Baron Cohen lawsuit, federal marijuana legalization bill allegedly arriving soon, and more...


New York politicians versus Chick-fil-A. New York's state legislators Harry Bronson, Deborah Glick, and Daniel O'Donnell are trying to block Chick-fil-A restaurants from New York rest stops because they don't like the values of company executives. In a letter to the New York State Thruway Authority's executive director, they asked that the Thruway Authority reconsider its decision to allow Chick-fil-A as one of its approved restaurants.

"Chick-fil-A and its founders have a long and controversial history of opposing the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and families," wrote Bronson, Glick, and O'Donnell in a July 9 letter. As examples of this, they cited 2012 comments made by Chick-fil-A's CEO in opposition to same-sex marriage and the fact that the company gave money to The Salvation Army.

"As recently as 2017, tax filings showed that the groups supported by Chick-fil-A expanded to include The Salvation Army, which has a public record of the rejection of LGBTQ rights," the letter states. (The company announced in 2019 that it would no longer give to The Salvation Army.)

Bronson's office also created a petition for people to pressure the Thruway Authority and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo to stop doing business with Chick-fil-A. And, amazingly, Bronson is portraying this effort to interfere with religious freedom, freedom of association, and free markets as a boon for civil liberties. "Thank you for your support in this endeavor to ensure NYS continues it's (sic) commitment to civil rights," he tweeted along with the petition.

It's yet another stunning example of the nanny state nature, opposition to economic liberty, and disdain for personal choice so frequently on display from New York politicians.

Remember, we're not talking about some state-subsidized Chick-fil-A restaurants; we're talking about simply allowing people the option to eat there. If folks oppose Chick-fil-A's company politics or the way its executives spend money, they're free to exercise their own freedom of association to avoid eating there and to use their own freedom of speech to encourage others to do the same.

Many have done just that over the years—successfully prompting changes to the company's charitable donation policies (and showing that free market solutions to encouraging corporate change do work). But Chick-fil-A's bottom line was never really harmed, suggesting that either these changes were sufficient to appease people, or a significant number of people actually agreed with Chick-fil-A's original positions, or that most people don't actually care about the politics of the restaurant making their chicken sandwiches.

The people have spoken, but some New York Democrats want to override that. Instead, Bronson and co. prefer to take the more authoritarian step of using government power to forcibly keep Chick-fil-A restaurants from New York rest stops.

Bronson argued that normal rules of private business and free markets don't apply here because this situation involves the state government choosing to lease space to Chick-fil-A. "There is a huge difference between Chick-fil-A purchasing a piece of property or leasing a piece of property from another private individual," he said. "However, when the state is engaged in a contract with an organization that has a history of discrimination, that's inappropriate."

But "there are no state taxpayer dollars or toll payer funds supporting the redevelopment of the Thruway's 27 service areas," noted the New York State Thruway Authority in a statement. "Every restaurant brand included by Empire State Thruway Partners has a contractual responsibility, and is legally required, under New York State law, including the New York State Human Rights Law and Executive Orders, to adhere to the inclusive and non-discriminatory standards that New York State embraces."

Chick-fil-A offered this statement of its own:

Chick-fil-A is excited about the partnership and the opportunity to further serve the residents of New York. We want to be clear that Chick-fil-A does not have a political or social agenda, and we welcome everyone in our restaurants. We are proud to be represented by more than 200,000 diverse team members nationwide, and we strive to be a positive influence in our local communities. We do this, in part, by contributing $25,000 to food banks in each community where we open a new restaurant, and donating more than 10 million meals through our Shared Table program.


Judge rules against Roy Moore in lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen:


Long-awaited federal marijuana legalization bill could be coming to Congress soon:


• The gun rights of young Californians have been restored.

• Five pieces of good news about the news.

• California has approved paying money to people the state forcibly sterilized.

• Republican anti-vaccine insanity is growing. The Tennessee Department of Health will now "halt all adolescent vaccine outreach—not just for coronavirus, but all diseases—amid pressure from Republican state lawmakers, according to an internal report and agency emails obtained by the Tennessean."

• Is New York (still) undercounting COVID-19 deaths? "The federal government's count of the COVID-19 death toll in New York has 11,000 more victims than the tally publicized by the administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo," the Associated Press reports. "The discrepancy in death counts continued to widen this year, according to an Associated Press review, even as the Democrat has come under fire over allegations that his office purposely obscured the number of deaths of nursing home residents to protect his reputation."

• Utah Sgt. Tyler Longman, who killed a man in police custody in 2019, has fatally shot three people while on duty. He "is one of 38 Utah officers who have been in more than one shooting in the past 16 years, according to a Salt Lake Tribune database, expanded with help from FRONTLINE. He is among six West Valley City officers, both current and former, who have fired more than once."

• Trouble at The Atlantic.

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  1. New York’s state legislators Harry Bronson, Deborah Glick, and Daniel O’Donnell are trying to block Chick-fil-A restaurants from New York rest stops because they don’t like the values of company executives.
    Top men picking winners and losers.

    1. Imposing the totalitarian LGBTQ ideology

      1. You left out the “+” it’s now LGBTQ+, whatever + means here, I don’t know…

        Some ideas:
        You’re into plus size people
        You will fuck anything living or otherwise

      2. Bostock hopefully becomes Gorsuch’s worst opinion and he wisens up some.

      3. Yeah, it makes me wonder what happened to ‘stay out of my bedroom’.

      4. There are LGBTQs who have a totalitarian ideology, no doubt, but LGBTQ is not an ideology, totalitarian or otherwise. Where do the meetings take place for LGBTQ-ist rallies?

        1. San Francisco.

      5. Just to add to the absurdity of an already outlandish situation, Chick-Fil-A making gifts to the Salvation Army actually disproves their alleged LBGTQ bias. The Salvation Army has served the LGBTQ community throughout their history and built a Trans homeless shelter in Las Vegas back in 2013 (see UN News and World Reports – A Place to Call Home – September 29, 2017). Low income LGBTQ individuals are significantly more likely to become homeless than the rest of the population and they have been welcomed at Salvationist shelters and meal programs for decades, when many other organizations rejected them.

        The left has no idea of the harm they do through their ignorant bigotry.

    2. Are we sure they’re tops?

      1. Certainly not “men”.

    3. You CACLLs don’t understand that the State of New York is a private company and can decide who it wants to let into the state or not.

    4. My question is: Who’d want to stop at a rest-stop in New York for any restaurant? They’re probably as bad as New Jersey’s rest-stops and you’d be lucky to be left with a barrel to wear after your vehicle was boosted and sent to the chop-shop.

      1. I hear Jimmy Hoffa may be buried in one of those New Jersey rest stops.

  2. New York politicians versus Chick-fil-A.

    Which is more palatable?

    1. Let me see: chickens bred for their meat consume large amounts of food and the good ones get large and fat very quickly. They also squawk and poop a lot. Hmm. Less of a difference than I expected.

      1. +1

      2. It’s legal to kill the squawky, fat, pooping chickens, so I’m going to have to vote for chickens.

      3. The chickens are better people?

        1. Well, they certainly taste better. And I think, given a chance, they might show more common sense. The worst I can imagine is them voting-in “anti-chicken-slavery” laws. I can deal with that. And their squawking isn’t nearly as annoying, either. So, yeah.

          1. We all know a more annoying squawker around here.

          2. If the chickens can tell me to stop eating them, I will.

            1. Free the chickens!
              Actually they taste better BBQ with some the proper rub and maybe some sauce.
              I discovered a great habnero wing sauce at a local grocery store.
              That stuff kicks it. Great flavor and just the right amount of heat.
              Wings grilled over hot coals with a few pieces of Mesquite thrown on top of the coals.

          3. Their squawking isn’t nearly annoying as Joy Reid’s squawking.

    2. Well, looking at the data.

      I have not seen one substantiated accusation of a Chick-fil-a discriminating against a gay customer or employee. Given their reputation as a Christian organization I expect there have been multiple attempts to bait them (similar to the cake cases), so this indicates they have actually not done so. It seems that they actually do just want to sell sandwiches and donate to charities.

      On the other hand, politicians have committed numerous crimes against Chick-fil-a, including discriminatory permitting and attempts to drive them out of business, explicitly due to their founder’s religious statements. This is a clear violation of the first amendment, and the politicians didn’t just say it, they bragged about it.

      So sandwiches or criminals? Hardly a decision.

      1. And the complaints these people have are about donations to the Salvation Army, which already stopped two years ago!

      2. Damn…I’d have to drive nearly 200 miles to the nearest Chic-fil-A.
        So I guess that’s out.

    3. If that’s my only choice, I’d just as soon be Vegan.

      1. Enjoy your soy burger and soya pumpkin spice latte.
        BTW soy contains phytoestrogens.

  3. When will Fauci be held accountable for his crimes against humanity?

    1. Several days before the DNC/media/progressive cascading narrative that they questioned his strategies and did not develop a weird cult-like following. They never mindlessly follow some public figure with near-absolute devotion while accusing the out-group of doing the same.

      1. So, 90% of humans are ignorant fools, and not worth saving?

        1. That’s been my experience.

          1. Time to dust off and nuke the site from orbit.

    2. After death.

    3. The moment he and the narrative stop being useful to The Party.

  4. As recently as 2017, tax filings showed that the groups supported by Chick-fil-A expanded to include The Salvation Army, which has a public record of the rejection of LGBTQ rights…

    The SA still does Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

    1. H.L.Mencken said this about the Salvation Army and The New Deal:

      “The New Deal began, like the Salvation Army, by promising to save humanity. It ended, again like the Salvation Army, by running flop-houses and disturbing the peace.”

      1. Mencken sure could turn out a phrase.

  5. Cohen pretended to be an Israeli counterterrorism expert testing a device that he said would only beep around sex offenders (it beeped)…

    I didn’t know QAnon was this clever.

    1. Thank Pride, these Democrats are saving society from the menace of The Salvation Army. They might ring bells at you… the horror, the horror.

    2. To be fair you could point it at any politician and the inference would probably hold true.

    3. Meh. While I don’t care for Cohen’s farcical comedy, he is a known comedian. The only person that really has a case is Guliani as it was deliberately cut to imply that he was a predator. Anything that Cohen says is realistically exempt since no one would believe him.

  6. .. $3.5 trillion budget agreement that includes spending for climate change, health care and family-service programs.
    These people are simply amazing. They solved all these complex problems at the same time!

    1. No. But they managed to get federal funding for a bunch of their friends to create studies that will prove that even more money is required to address the real issue.
      (The real issue being lack of permanent federal lifetime jobs for their friends.)

      1. I hear the IRS is hiring.

    2. How about we measure how much the climate actually changes per billion dollars spent on climate change?

  7. BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is finally ready to release the long-awaited federal cannabis legalization bill he’s been working on with Sens. Ron Wyden and Cory Booker…

    “Legalization’s not here, man.”

    1. I knew Tommy Chong. Fist, you’re no Tommy Chong.

  8. “Is New York (still) undercounting COVID-19 deaths?”


    That can’t be right. The media sources I trust the most (besides, of course) have made it quite clear that Florida is the state most guilty of undercounting #TrumpVirus deaths. Andrew Cuomo, in contrast, literally wrote the book on effective pandemic response.


    1. Why not a Biden-Harris-Cuomo three-way?

      1. There are international laws against “crimes against humanity”, for one reason.

      2. Because it would look like a scene from “The Thing?”

      3. The mentally infirm have no capacity to give consent, so that rules out at least two of them.

        1. But Democrats stand for making decisions for others, so no consent required.

  9. BREAKING: Senate Democrats say they have reached a $3.5 trillion budget agreement that includes spending for climate change, health care and family-service programs.

    BREAKING: All circle jerk participants say they have reached a target direction agreement.

    1. Tony is salivating.

      1. He loves a good biscuit.

  10. We do this, in part, by contributing $25,000 to food banks in each community where we open a new restaurant, ..
    There’s your problem. The “donations” aren’t going into the correct pockets.

  11. The gun rights of young Californians have been restored.

    Relatively speaking.

    1. Except the linked article is about a 4th Circuit decision which doesn’t cover California (that would be in the 9th Circuit).

      The article does mention a similar case in process in the 9th Circuit, but no decision yet in that case.

    2. It’s an odd statement since the linked article talks about the 4th Circuit decision and last I checked Cali was in the 9th Circuit.

      The article does say the 9th “is in the process of considering a case…” which seems to me to contradict the statement as it has yet to be decided.

      1. Curse my slow typing skills.

  12. Five pieces of good news about the news.

    All of them behind a paywall.

  13. California has approved paying money to people the state forcibly sterilized.

    I was told the vaccines would be free.

    1. So who’s gonna pay for the funerals?

  14. “Trouble at The Atlantic.”

    That’s unfortunate. The Atlantic, like Reason, has been a key player in the billionaire-funded #Resistance.

    I have an idea! Since our benefactor Charles Koch is doing so well under Biden, maybe he could buy The Atlantic? Or hire all its best writers like David Frum to work for Reason?


    1. David Frum? He’s even more libertarian than our own Jacob Sullum or ENB.
      Bill Kristol would also be an excellent choice.

      1. My Reason dream team would include noted libertarians Markos Moulitsas, Tom Perez, diversity hire Don Lemon, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and Max Boot.

        1. Matthew Yglesias is crying into his 4th bowl of frosted flakes.

          1. Like Sullivan, Yglesias has been starting to wander off the ideological reservation lately.
            I’m sure that the chemjeff horizon are concerned that he’s no longer sound in his doctrine.

    2. Trouble at The Atlantic.

      “One’a th’ cross-beams’s gone askew on treadle!”

  15. The Tennessee Department of Health will now “halt all adolescent vaccine outreach—not just for coronavirus, but all diseases—amid pressure from Republican state lawmakers…


  16. Dated a few girls that worked at Chick-fil-A. But they were conservative Christians and I was never able to fil-A-chick.

    1. ZING! 100%

    2. Perhaps some viagra is in order?

      1. Viagra? What’s up with that?

      2. What about special sauce?

        1. It’s divine.

    3. I see a Rodney Dangerfield joke in there.

  17. Biden’s administration finally found a group of immigrants they don’t want to grant free passage into the interior to.

    Irony: Mayorkas was born in Cuba.

    1. Policy towards Cuba and Haiti–over the decades–has mostly been driven by concerns about waves of refugees from Cuba and Haiti flooding the beaches of Florida or landing in Mexico and flooding through Texas.

      We officially sent Cuban refugees back if they arrived by boat for a long time.

      “Prior to 1995, the U.S. government allowed all Cubans who reached U.S. territorial waters to remain in the U.S. After talks with the Cuban government, the Bill Clinton administration came to an agreement with Cuba that it would stop admitting people intercepted in U.S. waters. For two decades thereafter, any Cuban caught on the waters between the two nations (with “wet feet”) would summarily be returned to Cuba or sent to a third country”,_dry_feet_policy

      Obama ended the policy in 2017. Keeping those refugees out has been our driving concern (both parties) since the Mariel boatlift in 1980, at least–and maybe going back to the Vietnamese “boat people” of the late 1970s, when millions of Vietnamese fled the communist takeover.

      That concern about refugees hasn’t gone away. Biden is already dealing with a border crisis. Last survey I saw suggested that two-thirds of Haiti’s 12 million people would leave Haiti behind and come to the United States if they could. It’s not that far. And what percentage of Cuba’s population of 12 million would be willing to make the same trip? Even if it’s only 10%, Biden can’t handle that.

      Biden doesn’t know what to do with the Central Americans crashing our borders already. If millions of Cubans and Haitians started arriving, it would be a political disaster for Biden. He wouldn’t let them stay, and holding them in refugee camps and leaving them to rot wouldn’t do him any good politically either.

      A lot of the things we do as a country are more driven by certain realities rather than anyone’s ideology. The progressives imagine that the laws of economics or the realities of millions of refugees crashing our beaches would be other than they are if only we really cared about people. They’re living in a world of make-believe. Watching progressives come to terms with reality is hilarious. They hate reality. Reality reeks of facts and logic, and just about everything progressives believe is contradicted by facts and logic.

      1. “”Watching progressives come to terms with reality is hilarious.”

        It is.

    2. I guess Cubans have absolutely nothing to worry about with regards to their safety if they are sent back.

      1. If they stay they might vote Republican. Can’t take that chance.

      2. During the Mariel boatlift, Castro opened up the prisons and mental institutions, and sent them to the United States with all the other refugees.

        “The Cuban leader had opened prison and mental institution doors, too, and within a few years, almost 3,000 of the refugees were in American jails after committing new crimes.

        Frantic city officials around the nation set up task forces and committees to study the “marielitos” . . . .

        Las Vegas determined that 550 of its 2,000 refugees were career criminals, and Los Angeles said that two-thirds of its Mariel immigrants had been arrested within a few years of arrival. In Miami, which cocaine and turf wars had turned into one of the most dangerous places in America, court officials found that half of the people found incompetent to stand trial because of mental illness were Mariel refugees.”

        —-New York Times, January 14, 2017

        If you read that article, it’s about the Cuban government agreeing to take back Mariel refugees (from 37 years ago), who had been convicted of crimes, etc. And it appears that the Cubans did that in exchange for Obama agreeing to stop sending Cubans back to Cuba if they were intercepted in open waters. In other words, the Cubans seem to want them to leave.

        In a capitalist system, cheap labor is a valuable resource. We’ll tear our entire industrial capacity down and rebuild it in China to take advantage of cheap labor. In a communist system, that valuable resource becomes excess population. Stalin and the Kims periodically starved off their excess population or sent them to workcamps. For high PR people, like Elian Gonzalez, they might do one things, but for most people who leave on a raft, they were just a burden on the communist system anyway.

        They might not have much to look forward to if they’re sent back, but I don’t think it’s because they fled Cuba.

        1. So, it seems to have changed.

          They didn’t want to let anyone go before 1980, but in 1980, they emptied the jails and mental hospitals–and let them go with the rest of the refugees.

          Then they didn’t want the U.S. to take them in if they came by sea.

          Then that changed in 2017.

          If most of the people in your population want your head on a pike, it might be better in your mind if most of them went somewhere else.

          1. ‘say hello to my little friend’

          2. KIng George emptied out the prisons and jails, sent them to the Carolinas and NSW. Enjoyed a boost in the popularity polls and then announced a new round of tax hikes.

    3. And grew up in Beverley Hills.

    4. Because they might actually vote Republican?

    5. Is the government foundation in place to support several million refugees from Afghanistan after the Taliban start executing people who supported our occupation?

      Ask people in the twin cities how the Somali refugee program turned out.

  18. Joe Biden’s speech on voting rights, yesterday, was a race-baiting, disgrace, but, in addition to that, he said some things that were incredibly stupid and self-defeating in terms of his own political interests.

    The purpose of the speech was supposed to be about opposing the efforts in states like Texas to ensure the integrity of the vote, to push Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and to push Congress to vote for H.R. 1.

    Then Biden piped up with this garbage:

    “It’s no longer just about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote — who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all.”

    —-Joe Biden, July 13, 2021

    Biden wants the Democrats to write laws that control who gets to count our votes? Do the Democrats need to control who counts the vote in 2022 and 2024 in order to win? If the elections are free and fair, why does it matter who counts the vote?!

    If Donald Trump had stayed up all night trying to think up a better line to insert in Joe Biden’s speech–to help justify his claim that the 2020 election was stolen–he might not have come up with anything better. Worse yet, this gives tremendous ammunition to those who argue that our government is illegitimate because the elections are rigged.

    That speech Biden gave yesterday will be remembered for a very long time for a number of reasons, all the race-baiting among them, but that gaff who counts the vote being important is another big one. If he wanted to legitimize Trump’s claims about election fraud ahead of 2024, he could hardly have done a better job.

    What a moron!

    1. Do you know who else used to get angry and shout while giving his speeches?

      1. Earl Weaver?

      2. Michael Scott?

      3. Mike Gundy?

        1. Mike Gundy is one backwards redneck.

      4. Howard Dean?

      5. Jim Mora

        1. Playoffs?

    2. Yawn. Only hardcore right wingers, who are going on vote against progressives anyway, are going to interpret as malicious a vague statement in some speech nobody listened to.

      1. Which Alinsky tactic is this?

        1. I dunno. Is there a Rule for Radicals on calling out partisans on their obsessions, paranoia, groupthink, and one-sided perceptions.

          1. It’s the “mean tweets” rule.

          2. There probably is a term for casting scorn on arguments that consistently end up as the truth.

        2. Or calling out partisans on their tedious focus on the sty in their opponent’s eye while blind to the log in their own?

          1. Yes, an official statement made by the president of the United States in a written speech on voting rights to the National Constitution Center, is definitely just some vague, breezy, off-the cuff remark in passing.

            Nothing to see here, please stop talking about it everyone.

            1. Sure, “It’s no longer just about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote — who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all.”, is invoking Stalin’s “”It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”, but that’s just a coincidence because they’re both named Joe.

          2. You realize your comment is inferring you’re turning your blind eye to his statement. Right?

      2. Man, you may need backup defending the left so early this morning, sent out the fat call for Jeff.

        1. sarcasmic’s on it, as long as White Mike promises to go fishing with him.

        2. I have imagined the jeffy-signal to be a plate of cookies placed at the top of the stairs.

          1. Fatty

    3. Imagine the outrage if Trump had used the vitriolic words Biden did last night. In his speech he openly claimed those for voter integrity were assaulting democracy, assaulting the US, and assaulting society. He used the word assault multiple times.

      His speech was terrible, full of lies, and very vitriolic. At least he is no longer gaslighting about being a president for unity. But the media coverage is 180 from where it was regarding rhetoric even 6 months ago.

      1. Biden went way beyond anything Trump would say or tweet!

        “The 21st-century Jim Crow assault is real”

        —-Joe Biden, July 13, 2021

        Comparing the election reform laws in Georgia or Texas to Jim Crow is pathetic and insulting. That’s like inappropriately comparing something to the holocaust.

        “We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War—that’s not hyperbole”

        —-Joe Biden, July 13, 2021

        The only way someone could defend that statement is to claim it was hyperbole.


        “The Confederates back then never breached the Capitol, as insurrectionists did on January the 6th”

        —-Joe Biden, July 13, 2021

        If anything is more unhinged than comparing election integrity laws to Jim Crow, surely it’s comparing the Capitol riot–unfavorably–to the Civil War.

        Did half the country secede from the union?

        Did more than 620,000 American die on January 6?

        Joe Biden is a crackpot.

        1. They didn’t breach the capital building only because none of their grand offensives in 1862 or 1863 worked. Both were aimed at looping around DC and threatening it. Antietam and Gettysburg ended their attempts at breaching the capital.

          1. The Capitol riot isn’t comparable to the Civil War.

            Joe Biden has become unhinged.


            1. Was he ever hinged?

              1. He was able to prevent Mitt Romney from putting black people back in chains.

                I really do not understand how people think Biden has a charmingly daft but kindly uncle personality.

                1. He has a registered sex offender uncle vibe.

        2. Prior to Jan 6th, hundreds of citizens breached the Capitol grounds daily through tours and public access. The horror we had prior to Jan 6th was immeasurable.

      2. He’s reading a script anyway, probably doesn’t understand half of it.
        I do wonder how many times it took for him to get it right.
        “Take 24….ok Joe, let’s try it again”.

  19. Democrats want to ram another 3.5 Trillion through reconciliation. This is on top of the 1.4 Trillion they agreed to as a compromise. Bernie Sanders is trying to increase taxes by 3 Trillion to cover the spending. Of course this means raising taxes on the middle class.

    You voted for this Reason.

    1.’s benefactor Charles Koch lost over $5 billion during the last full year with a Republican in the White House.’s benefactor Charles Koch has gained over $6 billion in 6 months with a Democrat in the White House.’s writers know exactly what they voted for.


    2. It’s okay, we’re planning massive inflation to eliminate the problem… well, two problems. But we’re not allowed to talk about the other one yet.

  20. Bronson is arguing that not only does one have practice non-discrimination in operating the restaurant, but the company has to completely embrace LGBTQ ideology outside of serving customers in the NYS facilities in order to have a contract with NYS. This is viewpoint discrimination, and to the extent that these viewpoints are based in religious beliefs, is arguably an unconstitutional religious test for public service.

    1. EXACTLY Mickey Rat and chick-fill-a should sue for the cost of delay of business and anything else their lawyers can think of. unfortunately chick-fill-a has already succumbed to teh left in other ways from stopping their donations to Salvation army and the owner litterally kissing the foot of a BLM members. I wonder what or who put a scare in them to change course

      1. Yes, Chik-Fil-A has given up on principle and it still has not earned them tolerance from the Woke activists. No forgiveness, no mercy. SJWism may be the harshest religion out there.

        1. This is the most important point. They’ve done anything they could to atone, and they’re still being punished.

  21. Democrats are pushing to pack the courts again… because Arizona disallows ballot harvesting. Ballot Harvesting laws are in the majority of states and countries in the world. The Carter commission on voting reforms states ballot harvesting is one of the primary vectors of fraud. No wonder Democrats are fighting so hard to keep it in place.

    1. Has reason ever written about this? I haven’t seen it if so.

      1. They had a brief mention on the case in a Roundup, but largely ignored the USSC decision.

  22. The federal government’s count of the COVID-19 death toll in New York has 11,000 more victims than the tally publicized by the administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo…

    When state and federal governments have differing narrative requirements.

    1. Same results as the elections?

  23. Some good news in the parents fight against CRT. California has postponed for 10 months the adoption of CRT based mathematics as Parents pushed back strongly.

    Of course they only delayed it for 10 months hoping the protests against indoctrination through CRT would die down.

    1. I can’t wait until chemjeff,’s leading defender of CRT in public schools, explains how wrong you are.


    2. 2+2=Racism.

    3. They still squeezed in an “ethnic studies” requirement for K-12. The original curriculum was remarkably antisemitic, but they changed that a little and now it’s pretty much white hate.

      They’ll gaslight and say it isn’t CRT, though. And it’s required for all students, so you can’t get away from it. Good on them for getting racialism out of math, but despite the gaslighting Democrats really do seem to want to make it so you can’t possible get away from it in any aspect of life.

  24. “• Utah Sgt. Tyler Longman, who killed a man in police custody in 2019, has fatally shot three people while on duty.”

    Why have ENB and Reason refused to reveal the name or race of the Capitol Police Officer who murdered unarmed peaceful protesterr Ashli Babbitt on Jan 6?

    Seems like Reason has demonized every police officer who has ever done anything inappropriate, but still refuses to name (or even discuss) Ashli Babbitt’s murder.

    1. Because shoes on Nancy’s desk.

    2. Do they know the name?

        1. Hmm. So why isn’t the Mail making it public, I wonder?

          1. Good question.

          2. It was probably a brave politician who took action in defending the capitol, and we don’t need a bunch of fascists braying for their blood.

      1. Lt. Michael Byrd

  25. Chick fil A didn’t pay off the Cuomo mafia enough. Corrupt as NY is I’d say this probably benefits the company by staying far away. At some point they would just get sued by the AG anyway.

    1. Chick-fil-A is consistently rated as the best chain in the fast service restaurant (QSR) business. The American people don’t know what they should want. This has to be fixed by the government.

      1. Unfortunately I would have to drive nearly 200 miles to the nearest Chic fil-A.

  26. He is among six West Valley City officers, both current and former, who have fired more than once.

    That kind of natural getting rehired experience is hard to come by.

  27. Trouble at The Atlantic.

    Another casualty of the Biden era?

    1. No, I think that they just ran off their traditional readers when they stopped writing anything worth reading.

    2. They’ve been crap for about ten years now.

  28. A mother who is leading the fight in Loudon County against CRT is one of the ones the school board and local politicians targeted in their Facebook group. The attacks included the creation of flyers sent and posted to her work claiming she was openly racist and harming children. Luckily her boss didn’t react quickly and agreed she was the victim. This is the behavior of Democrats who are flailing. Their goal is to socially ostracize and economically terrorize opponents. Again, it can’t be said enough. This was the strategy of the SS/Red Guard/Communists in Russia/etc. This is what people are fighting for. Passively screaming free speech or “it’s about teaching history” is ignoring the actual goals and tactics of the current left. It isn’t even extreme left anymore as it is over a third of Democrats who support these tactics while 2/3rds passively condone it through inaction.

    1. Enter chemtard with “But they aren’t really teaching CRT, and if they are, you just don’t want to have a conversation on race!”

      1. I watched a Crowder video yesterday where he debates two college aged females. It should be required that all freshmen watch the video. They try to spout off the same stupid phrases that their professors use, but they have no answer when questioned deeper.

    2. “Their goal is to socially ostracize and economically terrorize opponents. Again, it can’t be said enough. This was the strategy of the SS/Red Guard/Communists in Russia/etc. This is what people are fighting for.”

      You’re exactly right. Conservatives and liberty loving individuals (hopefully some libertarians in that group, but reason makes me doubt that) must recognize this and start speaking up and become openly non-conformist.

      Leftists claiming this is about free speech or history are gaslighting. They are manipulative and need to be called on it.

    3. Hey, if you can’t attack the message you can always attack the messenger…

  29. “Senate Democrats announced Tuesday that they have reached a budget agreement among themselves . . .”


    1. Tax cuts need to be “paid for”, but spending does not.

  30. The funny/sad part about the Chick-Fil-A thing is that if you go into one with pink hair, piercings all over, wearing a rainbow flag shirt and order a chicken sandwich, those bigots at Chick-Fil-A will sell you a chicken sandwich and thank you for coming.

    But if you go into a store owned by someone on the left while wearing a US flag pin or something, those tolerant liberals will probably accuse of being a racist, LGBTQEIEIO hater, and either refuse to sell you anything or spit in the food they do sell you.

    1. Tolerance means not tolerating intolerance. So those liberals are just being tolerant when they spit in the face of some intolerant person with a flag pin.

      1. Finally something not completely blindly partisan. Kudos.

    2. Your second paragraph is a hypothetical fantasy. It’s very likely the second place would happily sell the customer what they want.

      I’m sure you can find a few examples of a progressive employee in Portland or Berkeley claiming to be traumatized by having to serve a customer with a MAGA hat, but by and large businesses will serve any paying customer.

      1. Doesn’t mean Mister MAGA Hat isn’t gonna have a glop of mucus floating around in his coffee.

        1. Which you probably condone.

        2. Yes, the spit scenario is more likely.

          1. Yeah, that’s what progs do.

      2. I’m very familiar with progressive cities along the west coast and you would be an idiot to wear a MAGA hat out in public.

        1. Consider the scene created at a MBL game where someone wearing a MAGA hat was attacked.
          The assailant was ultimately escorted out the door.

      3. The point is that I can find examples of lefties doing it, but not a single example of Chick-Fil-A doing it.

        1. A more apt comparison, as far as size of groups you are sampling, would be all such incidents at Chick-Fil-A vs., say, Peet’s. Or all incidents among liberals vs. all incidents among conservatives.

          1. No. That’s not apt at all.

  31. Oh yeah, Borat is not funny. Never was.

    1. He’s no Ali G, that’s for sure.

      1. Borat isn’t funny when he’s ambushing people, but can be funny otherwise. That said, Roy Moore’s case was an immediate loser.

      2. A little more of a dictator.

    2. Oh yeah, Borat is not funny. Never was.

      100% of Roy Moore wingnut types agree with you.


    There Is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory
    Pundits and politicians have created their own definition for the term, and then set about attacking it. – By Ibram X Kendi

    “Move along, nothing to see here folks. Just angry white supremacists who are arguing with their own strawmen”…also pay no attention to the strawmen that I am building over here, they are totally unrelated.

    1. Again, Criticsl Theory has, as one of its premises, the notion that words have no objective definitions.

      That they are defending their position by appealing to a narrow definition of CRT is beyond delicious.

      1. That they are defending their position by appealing to a narrow definition of CRT is beyond delicious.

        Note the “libertarian” commenters here who do the same thing.

      2. Did you see in the article where he critiques people’s arguments against him?

        The best he could come up with was semantic garbage. And being that his work is essentially race grievance wrapped in layers of semantic garbage, its meta-semantics.

        Some fun examples:

        ‘he wrote that I think that “any racial gap simply IS racist by definition; any policy that maintains such a gap is a racist policy’
        …’Nowhere have I stated that ANY intellectual explanation of the existence of a racial gap is racist. ‘ (also if you have read his stuff, this is absolutely the theme, and he essentially does write this)

        ‘Douthat claimed that I have a “Manichaean vision of public policy, in which all policymaking is either racist or antiracist, all racial disparities are the result of racism—and the measurement of any outcome short of perfect ‘equity’ may be a form of structural racism itself.”…”Where did he get PERFECT equity?”

        These people are flailing. They see they are losing on ideas so they are trying to make a college (freshman) level argument based on semantic technicalities because they know the ideology cant stand up to scrutiny.

        1. They see they are losing on ideas so they are trying to make a college (freshman) level argument based on semantic technicalities

          Their circular reasoning doesn’t hold up under any real scrutiny, so they resort to pedantic sophistry, in Kendi’s case above, passive-aggressive counter-accusations that not wanting to be brow-beaten about your skin color means you don’t want to pretend racism never happened and we should only learn jingoistic civic nationalism, or outright stalking and attempting to destroy your livelihood, like the CRT supporters did to that woman cited by Jesse above, or the Enemies List drawn up by the “Anti-Racist Parents of Louden County” Facebook page earlier this year.

          Remember, they wouldn’t be acting like this, and their advocates on boards like this wouldn’t be pulling out the same tired sophist methodology, if what they were teaching was actually benign. The left doesn’t want you actively resisting their agenda, and if you do, they’ll do their best to either pretend it’s not happening, gaslight you into accepting their bad-faith premises, or lash out and try to hurt you and your family if the former doesn’t work.

          1. Just a quick reminder that members of the Louden County school board were part of that “Anti-Racist” Facebook page that targeted parents and community members pushing back against this, but people like chemtard are arguing that parents should defer to the “experts” and always accept the curriculums being taught, if they include the pretensions of cultural Marxism.

            1. Do you know why those Loudon County people are such angry, destructive cunts? They are bored. They have money, but they can’t buy victimization.

        2. Kendoll X is a twat.

    2. Let the best strawman win!

    3. It is amazing how there are dozens and dozens of primary sourced examples of what is being taught… but leftists are so sure about the ignorance of their party that they can blindly gaslight like Kendi does. It is a form of strawman creation, no true scotsman, and just plain reliance on the common ignorance of people.

  33. Worked there for a day or two in high school. Behind the counter the walls were nothing but Christian literature, and the people who worked there were so goodie-goodie they may have been named Flanders. Couldn’t take it.

    1. Ha Ha you got fired after two days.

      1. You really should stop beating your wife.

        1. Is what the courts said to a certain alcoholic…

        2. Lol, he actually went there.

          Isn’t that what your wife’s divorce lawyer said?

    2. Oh boo fucking who, a private company has christian literature on its wall. Such a fucking snowflake if that triggered you to quit.

      1. Oh look, another ass wants to join the mean girls club and make everything personal. Didn’t think you were scummy enough to want to be like JesseAz, R Mac, Mother’s Lament, Sevo, Tulpa, and the other trolls on this site. I apologize for having an unrealistically high opinion of you.

        1. Sorry but your post was drivel and crying over Christian literature. Why would you post something like that except to get ridiculed for it? Maybe you like the abuse? And calling me a mean girl ouch I am hurt. At least I didn’t quit my job because someone posted a page from the book of John.

          1. Crying? That’s JesseAz level discourse. Fuck off, troll.

            1. At some point you will become self aware and realize you’ve been trolling for years. Of course that point will probably be when you finally become sober.

            2. Funny you call me a troll when you’re entire schtick is trolling.

              1. I don’t make literally everything personal. The folks I mute put the word “you” into every reply to my posts, many times. They’re not talking about the article or what I said, it’s always about me as a person. That’s what makes them trolls.

                If you want to play the same game, that’s fine. I don’t want to mute you. I like reading some of what you say. But if you want to be a mean girl, then so be it.

                1. Just look at this fucking bully pretending he’s a victim.

                2. The problem is never poor little sarcasmic being an asshole. No, the dear little lamb is always just arbitrarily picked on. He’s always the victim.

                3. Because the posts of sarcasmic (there I avoided the word) are always about the article.

                  So self unaware.

          2. At least I didn’t quit my job because someone posted a page from the book of John.

            You never quit a job in high school? Congrats. I wish I was perfect like you.

            1. Nope. I worked my high school job until harvest was done. Didn’t quit anything.

              1. That’s cool. I didn’t have that kind of an opportunity. Different circumstances. Just like my dad never taught me to hunt, etc. Instead I worked in a few restaurants. One of them, soon as I walked in, felt like going to church. Wasn’t my bag. So I quit. Glad you think that makes me subhuman compared to you. Always nice to boost someone’s self esteem.

                1. “subhuman”

                  If you don’t victimize him ENOUGH, he’ll exaggerate what is said so he can really be a victim. Poor sarc.

          3. “Maybe you like the abuse?”

            The other day he posted about his daughter just so someone he’d muted would say something nasty. No one did, so he followed it up by admitted he expected someone to post something nasty about his daughter.

        2. And for someone who calls themselves Sarcastic you seem to have a really thin skinned for sarcasm aimed at you.

          1. He commits the personal attacks he cries about constantly, and when confronted claims it is a joke. When done the opposite way, you’re a mean girl.

        3. I apologize for having an unrealistically high opinion of you.

          This is something you’ve never heard your way I take it. Although you do seem to have a high opinion of yourself despite your publicly admitted issues.

        4. soldiermedic76 has gone back and forth several times between being cool and civil to discuss things with, and wanting to fit in with the Trump Mean Girls.

          1. I like how you and sarcasmic name call while crying about being picked on.

      2. When The LGBT crowd boycotted their stores. I was staying at a hotel in Ft Campbell, KY across from a Chik store. The counter-boycott crowd kept it packed from opening to close. The line was literally around the building at all times. Fanatical.

    3. Always though it was a bit odd how In ‘n’ Out prints the “John 3:16” message on the _bottom_ of their cups, in light of the Bible verse about not hiding one’s light under a bushel.

      1. Because the bottom of a disposable cup is the equivalent of a haystack.


    After inviting all of the world’s poorest people to illegally enter and stay in the US via Mexico (in hopes of greatly expanding the number of registered Democrats), the Biden/Harris administration is now telling Cubans (most of who support the freedom loving GOP) that they’ll all be returned to Communist Cuba (for further prosecution and persecution) if they try coming to America.

    Seems like Biden wants to keep the Communists in control of Cuba.

    1. Biden says he supports the Cuban people. What he didn’t say is which Cuban people.

  35. The gun rights of young Californians have been restored.

    FTA: Fourth Circuit overturns laws barring licensed gun dealers from selling handguns to 18–20-year-olds.”

    So, the 4th Circuit is in California now?


    So will BLM organize more riots, violence and looting (and accuse the weather of being systemic racist)?

    1. Mostly peaceful lighting.
      Comments winner

      1. God works in mysterious ways.
        Worshiping false idols like St. George of Fentanyl has brought forth the wrath.

    2. I love all the George Floyd murals. Much like an MLK blvd sign, it is an indicator to lock my doors, keep my head on a swivel, and keep a weapon within reach.

  37. Zoe Tillman
    A federal judge in NY dismissed Roy Moore’s lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen over a segment where Cohen pretended to be an Israeli counterterrorism expert testing a device that he said would only beep around sex offenders (it beeped)

    It’s always curious as to which lawsuits ENB chooses to highlight here. In the case of David Daleiden where Planned Parenthood worked with the State of California and DA at the time Kamala Harris, ENB was oddly silent. Despite him being charged with 13 felonies and a judge sealing all videos in the case even after testimony from abortion doctors saying the techniques described on video were illegal.

    I guess some forms of misrepresentation are more allowable than others.

  38. In regards to the Senate Democrats bringing their $3.5 trillion bill on Green New Deal spending and social programs (and tax increases) to a vote, there were three hurdles to the bill passing Congress–and just one of them was obviously cleared last night.

    1) Bernie Sanders – Budget Committee Chair in the Senate

    Bernie Sanders insisted that he wouldn’t support this $3.5 trillion bill if it didn’t contain more in spending on the Green New Deal. Sanders wanted $6 trillion in Green New Deal spending.

    He threw the towel in on that last night. This bill now has his support.

    2) Joe Manchin in the Senate

    Joe Manchin has repeatedly stated that he will not support this bill at $3.5 trillion if it’s in addition to the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. He has also stated that he will not authorize the $6 trillion Bernie Sanders wants to spend on the Green New Deal.

    Sanders’ capitulation to the $3.5 trillion number may be because Joe Manchin has decided to get on board with the lower number. The Democrats can’t pass the bill without Joe Manchin because the Republicans will almost certainly vote against it unanimously.

    3) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the progressives in the House

    AOC and company have repeatedly threatened to withhold support for the $3.5 trillion deal for not being more than $6 trillion. She’s gone so far as to play the race card against Biden and the Democrat leadership for not spending more.

    Remember when Rand Paul and company refused to vote for $772 billion in Medicaid cuts because it wasn’t a 100% repeal of ObamaCare? This may be another case like that. Do you think AOC is more or less prone to compromise than Rand Paul? Did Rand Paul ever do the equivalent of what AOC has done in terms of calling her own party’s president and the congressional leadership racist?

    I’ll believe AOC is on board when I see it.

    1. I’ll believe AOC is on board when I see it.

      She’s effectively neutered for now, at least until Pelosi retires. For all her big talk, she been falling in line every time the vote count comes up.

      1. I think she’s the biggest threat to this thing passing.

        All you need is nine progressives in the House to refuse to vote for it, and it won’t pass.

        And if the House leadership falters because AOC and company refuse to support this, there’s no love lost between AOC and Pelsoi–and Pelosi needs to fall before AOC can move into more of a leadership role anyway.

        1. AOC is an even bigger idiot than I thought if she actually believes she can declare war against Pelosi right now. Maybe after the mid-terms, she can pull off a palace coup of Pelosi’s nearly two-decade control of the House Dems, but until then, Nancy is still capable of fucking her up.

          1. Pelosi has promised to not seek the Speaker’s chair after the Midterms of 2022, which is why I think she’s willing to go kamikaze on a lot of this stuff. She fully expects the Democrats to lose control of the House in 2022, and she doesn’t really care about the Speaker’s chair–since the Democrats won’t control the House anyway. After all, the mean number of House seats lost by the president’s party in his first midterm is in the mid to high 20s, going back to the beginning of the 20th century.

            AOC is going big on this because she can. The Democrats don’t need a single Republican vote to pass $6 trillion for the Green New Deal through budget reconciliation, and she doesn’t understand why they don’t pass it. If she doesn’t push to get it passed now, it won’t get passed. And if this $3.5 trillion bill fails, they’ll have no choice but to consider her $6 trillion bill. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, the Senate Budget Committee Chair, is on board with the $6 trillion number for Green New Deal spending.

            Come 2022, the House is Republican anyway. Between now and then, why should AOC settle for less when she could have more? A fat chunk of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill goes to connect West Virginia to the interstate highway system–something Joe Manchin wants very badly to bring manufacturing jobs to West Virginia. If I’m AOC, the pressure isn’t on me to support a bill I don’t want. It’s on Joe Manchin to support a bill he wants.

            It’s already been made clear–if you want to connect West Virginia to the interstate highway system, you need to back the Green New Deal. Joe Manchin’s only Democrat support in the state comes from coal workers’ unions, so that’s hard for him. They might push him to become a Republican before they get him to back AOC’s and Bernie’s $6 trillion. Either way, the future isn’t looking very bright for Joe Manchin, and AOC has nothing to lose either way.

            She’s still faulting the Democrat leadership for being white.

            1. Regardless, the sad fact is that the only opposition to this deal that matters is in the Democratic party.

              It’s moderate Democrat Senators in red and purple states, like Joe Manchin, against radical progressives like AOC in deep blue districts in the House.

              It doesn’t matter what the Republicans do–unless they can get Manchin to switch parties. Trump won 68% of the vote in West Virginia in both 2016 and 2020, when they used to split the vote 55/45. It’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but Joe Manchin doesn’t have much a future in statewide office as a Democrat when the Democrats are going even more radical than ever and the ground is turning blue under his feet.

              1. Correction!

                The ground is turning red under his feet.

                1. Tester is in much the same boat.

    2. So, the Democratic Party has its own internal gridlock. This is a welcome development, right?

      1. It’s more wishful thinking. Although some libertarians do indeed favor divided government and internal dissension rather than a uniparty total state like you.

        1. Never mind that I have said many times that I would prefer a deadlock between the two major parties in D.C.

      2. A 2 vote buffer isn’t the panacea you seem to be defending. Especially when both of those buffers are more bark than action.

      3. According to !00% of Democrats are far-left communist whitey haters.

        And Bloomberg News is communist. And so are Buffett and Soros.

        Only a Bible-beating conservative redneck can be a capitalist.

        1. Are you a communist, Buttplug?
          Do you hate Christians and poor white people?

        2. To be fair, capitalism was first outlined in the Bible. For example, when Jesus preached the parable of the manufacturing of a pencil.

          1. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

            Is that it?

    3. 772 billion is a lot less than 3.5 trillion.

  39. Always a tossup for which state is more retarded-NY or Cali ? I guess it should be a four-way tie with NJ and Mass.

    1. Illinois, General. Don’t forget Illinois.

  40. “Rule banning students who refuse to wear masks from schools was ‘error,’ California says”
    “The guidelines issued by the California Department of Public Health require all K-12 students to wear masks indoors, regardless of whether they are vaccinated. Initially, they included a line that said schools “must exclude students from campus” if they are not exempt from wearing a mask for medical or other reasons, and if they “refuse to wear one provided by the school.”
    But upon its unveiling on Monday, that rule was met by a public outcry that prompted officials hours later to release a statement on Twitter saying they would change course.
    Officials removed the line on Tuesday, saying instead that schools must offer “alternative educational opportunities for students” who refuse to wear a face covering….”

    Yep, you can show up without a mask, but we’ll stick you on the Group W bench over there!

    1. As always, the answer is the same: take your child out of their clutches.

    2. Wonder what happens when 75% of students show up with no mask.

    3. Are there going to be separate school buses transporting vaccinated and unvaccinated students?

  41. > and the fact that the company gave money to The Salvation Army.

    Huh? Wat? Are they verboten now? I have to the Salvation Army every month, and have done so for years. And I’m perfectly fine with any two or more adults getting married regardless of identity, gender, race, sex, ethnicity, religion, creed, philosophy, mutation, or other. Just so long as it’s consensual and between adult humans capable of making such decisions. Jeepers Cripes, there are gay saints in the church, why are people still so stuck on this issue?

    1. Those who endlessly promote tolerance can be the most intolerant.

      1. Promoting tolerance is more about rooting out intolerance and not tolerating intolerant people who don’t celebrate tolerance by being intolerant of intolerance.

        1. Now tell us about how you’ve had to mute dozens of intolerant people because you can’t tolerate their intolerance.

          This is why you’ve descended beyond the level of self parody.

          1. These asses try to shut me down by leaving dozens of personal attacks on all my posts, and somehow I’m the intolerant person for using a function that allows me to not read their bullshit?

            Takes some serious dishonesty or stupid to believe that.

            1. “These asses try to shut me down by leaving dozens of personal attacks on all my posts,…”

              See? Wha’d I tell ya?
              Poor piece of shit gets ‘shut down’ by other commenters!

            2. Awwwww poor persecuted little cunt. If it’s not your wife and the judge it’s those anonymous Mean Girls, right bro?

              It’s pretty fucking hilarious watching somebody blather on about “tolerance means not tolerating intolerance” and then spend 50 posts a day publicly cataloging all of the people he’s muted so he can live in a bubble free from Mean Girls. Lmfao. See it’s funny because you’re such a pathetic faggot and total hypocrite who does nothing but project for 16-18 hours a day in a drunken stupor on a poorly trafficked web forum that you were supposedly leaving and never coming back to.

              1. Awww…. Tulpa needed to create account #3905484 because I’ve muted all the others. So thoughtful. And muted.

                1. Awww the poor victimized sack of shit drunken homeless drug addict still thinks I’m Tulpa and has to announce as loudly and often as possible that he’s muted me, because he’s a very chill fellow not like those people who express their tolerance by not tolerating intolerance.

            3. You called most of those on your list Trump Cultists for years. You troll constantly. The horror of people responding in kind.

          2. You expect sarc to read criticism of his idiocy? Where’s the fainting couch?!

    2. The SA is a Christian organization that follows Biblical teachings and does a better job providing for the down trodden then the government almighty. So it must he unpersoned and canceled.

      1. It’s the competition that they can’t stand. That’s why the clerisy hates Christianity and to a lesser extent, Judaism.
        If Islam or Buddhism ever became numerically superior in the West, they’d get put on the ruling classes shitlist pretty damn quick too.

      2. Feeling alone
        The Army’s down the road
        Salvation a la mode
        and a cup of tea.
        Aqualung my friend
        don’t you start away uneasy……

  42. “It’s yet another stunning example of the nanny state nature, opposition to economic liberty, and disdain for personal choice so frequently on display from New York politicians.”

    Maybe, if you recruited your nanny from North Korea.

  43. “California has approved paying money to people the state forcibly sterilized.”

    Gonad reparations?

  44. “The federal government’s count of the COVID-19 death toll in New York has 11,000 more victims than the tally publicized by the administration of Gov. Andrew Cuomo,” the Associated Press reports.

    Fake news! Only Republicans and Nazis would under-report COVID deaths. And New York is certainly not run by Republicans.

    1. I see what you did there.

    2. Well, Cuomo certainly undereported the nursing home deaths, so there’s that.

  45. He “is one of 38 Utah officers who have been in more than one shooting in the past 16 years, according to a Salt Lake Tribune database, expanded with help from FRONTLINE. He is among six West Valley City officers, both current and former, who have fired more than once.”

    The obvious solution: award a cop immediate triple pension benefits when they shoot someone.

    Geez, do I have to think of everything?

    1. So this officer has shot and killed at least three people in line of duty. Is there any evidence that these were wrongful? What is the point about putting that information out there completely devoid of context?

    2. So, about 2.4 per year

      1. And how many dogs?

  46. “Republican anti-vaccine insanity is growing. The Tennessee Department of Health will now “halt all adolescent vaccine outreach—not just for coronavirus, but all diseases—amid pressure from Republican state lawmakers, according to an internal report and agency emails obtained by the Tennessean.””

    The second link is behind a paywall so I don’t know what it says. The 1st link is to an article about some legislature bickering about the health department’s vaccine outreach strategy. There are questions about targeting minors and concerns about causing backlash. So there is an argument about the HD’s strategy which is described here as ” anti-vaccine insanity”. Chelsea Clinton twitter is cited for support.

    1. When Chelsea Clinton talks, people listen.

      1. She “scored” a near million dollar a year job right out of college. She has to be brilliant, right?

    2. Someone should show ENB the metrics on which groups remain unvaccinated instead of her blindly repeating Biden’s propaganda.

      1. Am black not getting vaccinated. Govt cannot be trusted.

        1. Indeed. The same government that ran experiments back in the 1930s on black men in prison in regards to Syphilis.

      2. Anyone with a brain (Louis Farrakhan) “knows” that the CDC under Reagan pushed vaccinations onto black people with the intention of introducing HIV and killing millions of black Americans.

        There was a news story yesterday in Charlotte North Carolina about people going door to door to try to convince people to get vaccinated. The story I saw was in “West Charlotte”, with a high concentration of black Americans, many of whom have lived there for generations.

        Who was it that ran the HIV program for the CDC since 1984? Even though it’s misguided, it’s not hard to understand this. People with even longer memories will remember the Negro Project of Margaret Sanger, who befriended ministers to convince black women in Harlem to stop having children

    3. n a statement to the Guardian, the department did not confirm or deny the reporting.

      Found a quote from the Guardian:
      “Being a trustworthy messenger means we are mindful of hesitancy and the intense national conversation that is affecting how many families evaluate vaccinations in general,” a department spokesman said.

      “Tennessee is on solid footing when it comes to childhood immunisations and will continue to keep information and programming in place for parents. We are simply mindful of how certain tactics could hurt that progress.”

      That just sounds awful. Horrible. There’s a reason its flyover country.

      1. Yeah, flyover states are so terrible. Everyone wants to live in California, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington state, Virginia, Georgia, Delaware, New York, and Massachusetts, right? They are just wonderful places to live. What aren’t they doing right?

    4. Why should the state be doing any vaccine outreach at all?

      1. Public health. If we can get the vaccination numbers higher, it decreases the odds of a variant arising among the unvaccinated.

        1. Seems to me that private orgs could cover that quite well.

          1. Yes, they could. But it’s not totally out of line for the government to distribute public health information.

          2. Like churches? Jesus would get vaccinated.

        2. Don’t forget the fancy dinners with the pharmaceutical industry lobbyists.

        3. Only when you ignore the entire rest of the world

    5. The same gibbering cunt was just yesterday defending door to door federal officers being instructed by their training manual to ignore “No Soliciting” and “Private Property” signs to trespass on people’s property and badger them with vaccine propaganda.

      Keep in mind this is the same cum gargling cock holster who defended the murder of an unarmed veteran for misdemeanor trespassing. I’ll bet I can guess whose side she’s going to be on when someone exercises their legitimate rights and finally plugs one of these fascist sacks of shit. SPOILER: the idiotic fuck hole will be siding with the state.

      It’s bizarre that when faced with a 100% guaranteed cure with absolutely no side effects of any kind, so many people are opting to take their chances with a virus more deadly than AIDS, Ebola and the black plague combined. How many people had to have their doors kicked in to have the polio or smallpox vaccine forced on them?

      1. No problem. I will answer the door, naked, with a raging hard-on and a large caliber handgun. It worked with the Jehovah’s Witness crowd.

        1. I will answer the door, naked, with a raging hard-on… It worked with the Jehovah’s Witness

          They are pretty sexy in their little suits.

        2. I thought along similar lines: naked covered in ketchup, carrying a large knife and screaming about sacrificing a virgin.

  47. So, no jobs for New York? Good job Democrats.

    1. I hear the IRS is hiring.

  48. “Utah Sgt. Tyler Longman…is among six West Valley City officers, both current and former, who have fired more than once.”

    If ENB was the slightest bit familiar with West Valley City – which she clearly is not – she would know there is a reason for that. Parts of West Valley City are Utah’s version of Compton, or to use a more modern comparison, Minneapolis.

    1. It would be nice if Reason could even be slightly neutral and also highlight the fact that shootings of officers is up greatly this year.

      1. Since when did libertarian anarchists care about protecting the boot of the state upon the People’s neck?

    2. Pigs are most likely Mormon and live in Lehi or Draper and commute.

      Mormons shouldn’t be allowed to be pigs. They shouldn’t be allowed to breathe.

  49. Keep Pride Nude

    Those who recall the culture wars of the 1980s and ’90s may find themselves unsure of how to interpret many of today’s criticisms of naughty Pride paraders, which no longer truck in the language of morality and Christian decency. Rather, this new raft of critiques comes mainly from ostensibly woke, politically left, often gay folks who claim that overt displays of (kinky) sexuality at Pride violate the consent of other attendees and endanger children. These sorts of allegations hit a nerve with queer scholars and activists not because they are outrageous but rather because they are not entirely unpersuasive.

    Nevertheless, I assert that these anti-sex, anti-kink complaints are not only wrong but also racist and bad for children. In what follows, I tour through a series of legal arguments about the risks and rewards of public sex before considering how these arguments dovetail with historical concerns about the overpolicing and hypersexualizing of Black communities.

    We just want acceptance!
    Nobody’s coming after your children!
    What are you such a bigot!

    1. Like Robin Dembroff, another friend and colleague quoted in that same Vox article, I believe queerness is anchored in “political resistance to hegemonic ideas of how humans ought to be.” Leather chaps and nipple clamps and boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls—even on an otherwise unexceptional Bank of America float—model modes of living and loving that many kids and teenagers attending Pride have never seen, or have just seen online, and only as pornography (not that there is anything ipso facto wrong with pornography, but the more models of queerness, the better). When parents or people ventriloquizing parents oppose public indecency at Pride on the grounds that it may upset children, the opposite is more likely the case: their children might like it, and that upsets the parents, not the children. What is the presumptive harm if a child happens upon a guy sporting a chest harness, or sees an adult’s butt cheeks, or even an adult’s genitals or breasts? Would such children necessarily feel violated, or might adults be feeling violated on their behalf? Might the child be as likely to respond with curiosity?

      Stop pretending all gay men are pedophiles!

      1. Children might also like smoking crack or watching hard-core fetish porno or any number of things that might screw them up later.

        I’m all for people being whatever kind of freak they want to be, but I’m not sure why everyone else needs to watch.

        1. I mean, the obvious solution seems to be to not take one’s kids to a Pride parade…

    2. Apparently, you cannot be queer and have a sense of propriety as an ideological position.

      Public sex in front of children is an unvarnished good.

      How exactly did we get here?

      1. Now look, just because Bostonian or San Fran Pride Parades are freak shows doesn’t make every other one the same. Many others are very reasonable, civil, even corporate affairs. The real issue should be standards of propriety around children, not sexual orientation or gender identity.

    3. Parades happen in public, but are not mandatory and are easily avoidable. The idea that they need to be policed for anything other than instances of force against unwilling participants is just moral grandstanding.

      The crowd that attends Pride events are in for a big surprise when the new-Puritan proggies secure their political goals and turn on them. Everywhere Marxists go, persecution of ‘deviancy’ follows. I dare the lefty apologists to name a single communist or formerly communist nation that tolerates homosexuality.

      1. Except the argument being made is not “We are doing our thing, go away and leave us alone.”

        It is that it is a good for adults and children to exposed, however unwilling they are to see it.

      2. This is indeed true. Gay/Bisexual/Queer males barely qualify on the Intersectional Totem Pole of oppression and, indeed, Radical Feminists in the Sixties considered male homosexuality part of “The Patriarchy.” The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and up til 2001, Red China all considered homosexuality grounds for involuntary psychiatric committment. The rise of Wokeism only bodes more grim things to come.

    4. Somebody is doing a real package-deal here, and it’s not just the nude Pride marchers.

      Perhaps you harbor a secret desire to get among this bunch and play an X-Rated version of “Where’s Waldo?”

  50. Utah Sgt. Tyler Longman, who killed a man in police custody in 2019, has fatally shot three people while on duty.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that one or all of his victims were black or else you’d be giving zero fucks like you did when a (black) cop shot an unarmed (white) kid named Dillon Taylor.

    sAY HiS NaME

    1. Or like the cop who shot and killed the un-armed protester in DC.

    2. Pig was probably mormon

  51. “‘Borat’ Sustainable Cannabis Billboard Sparks Lawsuit”
    “Not only is he “highly protective” of his image,…”

    Highly protective of his image as a raging asshole.

    1. Just like Jon Stewart and sarcasmic, everyone else is fair game and everything is a joke until their own ox is being gored.

      1. You’ll notice turd, below, applauding; one piece of shit cheering another.

    2. In light of the Roy Moore lawsuit, Cohen being “highly protective” of his image seems to be very hypocritical given he has made his bank by humiliating people on camera.

      1. He is an unfunny asshole.

  52. The Tennessee Department of Health will now “halt all adolescent vaccine outreach—not just for coronavirus, but all diseases

    Who could have ever imagined that lying and hysterical hyperbole might possibly cause a backlash!

    1. So this means they will stop doing contact tracing for syphilis?

      1. If you want to keep a power, don’t abuse it.

  53. Those racist, xenophobic bastards in New York! (I’m sure there’s at least one black person and one foreigner working at Chik-fil-A, so that makes them racist and xenophobic the same way refusing to suck a transsexual’s dick makes you transphobic.)

    1. The little secret that I believe contributed to Hillary Clinton losing in 2016, is a large portion of the black community are conservative Christians, especially when it comes to things like gay marriage.

      Many in the Democratic Party, especially the gay activists, presume that all Christians are their enemy and make very broad generalizations about what Christians believe and how they act.

      Black conservative Christians dealt with this conflict by just staying home. It was the rhetoric of the gay activists and their support by Hillary that suppressed the black vote, not Facebook ads from Russia.

  54. LOL:

    Lovato followed up the post with a personal note about their own experience with being misgendered — including with themself.

    “If you misgender me — that’s okay,” the singer wrote. “I accidentally misgender myself sometimes! It’s a huge transition to change the pronouns I’ve used for myself my entire life. And it’s difficult to remember sometimes!”

    The dumb-dumb admits that she literally has to brainwash herself into believing that she’s anything other than a female. Maybe she should have done that with her crippling drug addictions instead.

    1. She accidentally overdoses sometimes too. Perhaps her “dude persona” has a higher tolerance?

      1. Hmm. Now I have read the Wikipedia article. Using “they” as a singular pronoun is dumb and makes stuff unreadable. That person is clearly trying to look like a woman, why not use “she”? The only reason I can see to use “they” is to fuck with people.

        1. Fucking with people is 40% of what being Woke is about. Power boners is the other 60%.

        2. “it” or “he/she” is more offensive

          I’m wondering when the Spanish language is going to be changed so you drop the requirements for most nouns having to express a male or female gender.

          Hola Amigé! Donde esta le bañe?

      2. Yeah, they isn’t someone I actually know. But I guess they is a musician or actor or something, and they did a good job because now I know their name. Even though I think they is a fucking idiot and a narcissist, no press is bad press, right?

        If I ever do find out who they is, I am pretty sure I won’t be interested in their work. But they is probably catering to a different demographic.

  55. There’s reality, and then quite separately there’s the reason comments section. Thanks for the laugh guys!

    1. And then there’s self-satisfied shits like jcw who show up to prove how assholish they can be.

  56. Borat, you’re fantastic (Or SBC if you prefer).

    Keep spoofing these redneck motherfuckers. All conservatives have a stick up their ass anyway.

    1. Lol, speaking of sticks up their asses:

      Poor Buttplug just can’t catch a break.

    2. turd, fuck off and die.

  57. If they don’t want Chick-Fil-A just require being open 7 days a week.

    1. That would not give them the satisfaction of openly expelling the infidel.

  58. new york doesn’t deserve chik-fil-a

  59. Chick-fil-A should be entitled to bid for spots at rest plazas, airports, etc. Bigots have rights, too.

    But it also should be required to open at such limited-option locations on Sundays.

    1. Can I force the local Jewish Deli to be open on Saturday, or Halal Butcher to sell me bacon on Friday night, too?

      1. Possibly, if they want to be located in a state owned facility on a limited access highway.

  60. I guess New York’s legislators haven’t read the First Amendment yet.

  61. You can take my Chick-fil-A sandwich out of my cold, dead hands!

  62. For what it’s worth, those N.Y. politicians who are attempting to keep the restaurant chain out of rest stops will most likely fail anyway despite all their threats and harassment.
    Since the N.Y. state highway commission or what ever they use makes the final decision and since they see it as a means to a little more revenue, my guess is they will agree to the deal.
    Those politicians are the biggest frauds by the way. Pandering to a very small group and attempting to keep themselves in the spot light.

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