Campus Free Speech

85% of Liberal Students Think Professors Should Be Reported for Offensive Comments

A new survey of students' free speech attitudes has both encouraging and worrying findings.


While most students think their professors adequately encourage diverse viewpoints in the classroom, don't want speakers disinvited from campus, and are comfortable sharing controversial opinions, 85 percent of liberals think professors who say something offensive should be reported to the university.

That's according to a new survey of student attitudes conducted by North Dakota State University's Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth. Many of the results were positive: Most students—both liberals and conservatives—said their professors create environments that allow for many different viewpoints to be shared. Large majorities also opposed the rejection of controversial speakers from campus.

In general, conservative respondents were more supportive of free speech norms—and also more fearful that they would be punished for speaking up—than liberal students. But on many questions, majorities of both groups responded the way a free speech supporter would.

Probably the most concerning result was that 70 percent of students—85 percent of liberals, 41 percent of conservatives, and 65 percent of those classified as "independent/apolitical"—wanted professors reported to the administration for making offensive statements. Most students also felt this way about other students who said offensive things.

The survey does not define the word "offensive," so it's impossible to know what kind of speech the respondents had in mind. Professors are frequently reported for uttering ethnic slurs, though many such occurrences are misunderstandings or arguably legitimate educational uses.

Jeffrey Sachs, a lecturer at Acadia University who occasionally offers thoughtful critiques of my articles about the size of the campus free speech problem, tells me not to make too much of these findings.

"There's a significant problem that makes the findings difficult to interpret," says Sachs. "We know that to a large extent, students sort themselves into majors, social networks, and so forth according to their politics. Liberals are more likely to go into humanities and social sciences, whereas conservatives will gravitate toward STEM and professional studies. It's not a hard and fast law, but it's generally a strong correlation. The upshot is that it means something very different when a professor says something offensive or controversial in a political science course vs. a mathematics course. Which means that when you ask students a question like the one posed in the survey, 'If a professor says something that students find offensive, should the professor be reported to the university?', respondents will imagine something very different depending on their major and general classroom experience."

Overall, this survey's findings seem to align with my general sense of the campus speech problem. Most professors work hard to make the classroom hospitable to differing viewpoints, and enjoy sparring with their conservative students, whose fears of retaliation are often unfounded. But there is some number of very progressive students possessed of a militaristic desire to punish other students and professors—even quite liberal ones—for saying the wrong thing, and formal administrative complaints are their weapon of choice.

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  1. Liberals in general believe that anyone they don’t agree with on anything is a Nazi racist, and should be reported and removed to camps.

    1. That's actually why liberals (progressives) and Koch / Reason libertarians are natural allies. For example my favorite libertarian writer Shikha Dalmia has persuasively argued that supporting "border enforcement" is the modern equivalent of supporting slavery.


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    3. The big question is what level of "offensive" are we talking about?
      If a professor is just rude or degenerates one student, that's normal jerk stuff.

      However, if the professor says "all ____ people need to rounded up and shot" and appears to mean it, I would think that's worth complaining over. Similarly, if it appears to affect grades, that's worth complaining (my Fluid Dynamics professor hated women and gave all of them bad grades with little explanation)

      However, what we have been objecting to are professors being reported for such horrible crimes as reading Huckleberry Finn, directly quoting Rev King, and other nonsense.

      Without specific situations, this survey is useless.

      1. Yup. What you're saying is completely reasonable and some fraction of that 85% is students who interpreted it similarly.

      2. ^GOLD!

      3. The question about reporting a professor, fails to include the fact that the accused in the US have the right to confront their accusers. The better question would be something like "Do you believe you should provide a written complaint with your signature to the administration if your professor says something offensive?". On the other hand, what's to stop a professor from failing a complainer?

        This wouldn't be a problem if government weren't so involved in education, because the free market would take care of it by removing the truly offensive because paying students don't want it. With government running the show, it depends on what the politicians want the professors to say, while students don't count.

      4. What is this nuance bullshit you speak? Can't have any of that...

  2. Good.

    I bet those liberal students agree with us Koch / Reason libertarians that "border enforcement" is inherently racist. I'm glad they'd report any professor — or fellow student, or cafeteria worker, or anyone else on campus — who argues against our open borders agenda.


    1. Kamala says "Guats, you stay the hell home!"

      I would genuinely like to hear your take on this.

      1. Haha. And I would like to hear his genuine take on this.

        But I think I can guess.

  3. Only 85%? Could things be getting better? What's that down from?

  4. "Independent/Apolitical"

    That's you, glibertarians.

  5. Yeah what a garbage poll. "Offensive" could mean just a controversial statement, or "offensive" could mean completely unprofessional conduct. It's like those polls that ask if people are in favor or opposed to "socialism" or "capitalism" without giving a definition of terms. Garbage.

    1. No fatty it shows that liberals are shitstained assholes who hate anyone unlike them.

    2. I agree it's yet another poorly worded survey question (assuming that was the actual word used). But it's still fairly disturbing that so many would answer as they did.

      1. Agreed, the very vague nature of the question should make any sane adult answer no as the implications of a yes could lead to state sponsored censorship of views.

      2. I've reported professors to admin before. The professor said explicitly that no women could be engineers, and the grades were ... off. We didn't have hard evidence, but we didn't get our exams back and all the women received unusually low scores. In the end, we had nothing hard except his "offensive statements". Never got an answer either way, but I don't regret the report.

    3. Keep defending the left while yelling neutrality.

      1. That can't be true, White Mike swears chemleft's apolitical.

    4. You're partially right. The only inference we can draw is that leftists are less tolerant of offensive speech

      1. We can infer that 'they' are intolerant of speech they consider offensive. Not that speech anyone or everyone may consider offensive. That leftists or left-leaning people are intolerant of other viewpoints and ideas that clash with their worldview has been demonstrated.

      2. So what constitutes "offensive speech"?
        Who decides what is and what isn't offensive if everything someone says can be taken as offensive.
        With a classroom filled 200 little narcissist snowflakes someone is bound to be offended by something,
        Yes, it happens.
        The problem is these drooling little narcissist snowflakes sitting in class are constantly looking for something some professor said in order to get him or her fired from their position.
        And the Ivy league schools are probably the worst.
        Unfortunately it is now infecting the military.
        The Obiden administration wants family members to report other family members for anything that remotely smacks of "DOMESTIC TERRORISM!!

    5. You know you’re a radical individualist when you want to shut everyone up.

      1. chemleft authoritarian collectivist

        1. [Stands and applauds]

    6. "Yeah what a garbage poll."

      Yeah, what a garbage piece of lying lefty shit to make that comment.
      Fuck off and die.

    7. Well considering anyone with an 8th grade education should know the difference between socialism and capitalism... Are you saying you and many other leftys are idiots and never made it to 8th grade?

      I'd believe that considering the Kung fu grip leftists have had on the education systems in our cities. Democrats have controlled the mayor, school board, city council, and teachers unions in Pittsburgh for nearly 100 years and they're doing great. Almost 15% of graduates can read at a 12th grade level! And a little less than 5% can understand algebra or geometry! And since only 15% are literate at a senior level and most of the other 85% can barely speak let alone read, I bet the number of those proficient in civics is about 7%.

      1. The only way poor kids can move up is by public education. It is an utter disgrace that they are so ill-served, and the blame belongs squarely on the NEA, the core of the Democrat Party.

        Look no further for evidence that the Democrats need poor people to exploit.

  6. Overall, this survey's findings seem to align with my general sense of the campus speech problem.

    It ain't a campus speech problem. It starts there, but it's spread to the culture at large... and idiots allowed themselves to believe that all of this would just die out on campus because hey, college students do all kinds of things they grow out of. That's why obscure language that used to exist only in dark corners of academia are now being used by your HR manager.

    1. Hasn't the implicit bias shit been debunked several times? And I believe the associated training has actually been shown to increase explicit racist attitudes.

      1. It debunks itself. that doesn't stop Robin DiAngelo from making millions in speaking fees.

    2. Many crappy things spread from the classroom to the mainstream. If people don’t think they live on a campus already, just give it some time.

    3. I suspect it's a chicken/egg problem, as in, educator/student. Crappy ideas passed on via crappy idea holding people. Like a disease.

  7. Of course this article doesn't mention arguably the most troubling result. For the question "Do you feel comfortable sharing your opinion on a controversial or sensitive topic being discussed in class?" the results were:
    Liberal: Yes - 66%, No - 34%
    Conservative: Yes - 42%, No - 58%
    Independent: Yes - 53%, No - 47%
    That's A LOT of people, even more the 1/3 of liberals, who don't feel comfortable sharing their opinions.

    1. The cohorts you list -- what size are they? I doubt the pollsters just divided everybody into three equal groups.

  8. Conservatives are offended by colleges and universities.

    1. Fuck off dirtbag pedo.

      1. Mute that asshole; I did and life is better,

        1. You two should move over to where criticism of conservatives gets a poster like me banned.

          Progressives like Bernie Sanders are idiots too but no one here defends them.

          1. You should move over to where you might find those as brain damaged as you.

          2. But is your domain. Are you trying to get clicks, Shrike?

          3. You should move to, where you will find like minded individuals.

        2. Same. Surprised so many people still argue with the trolls and 50 centers here, actually. Mute is a great feature.

    2. "All the world is a school, a young man merely need avail himself of the lesson."

    3. "Conservatives are offended by colleges and universities."

      Humans are offended by stinking turds.
      Fuck off and die.

    4. Well, then where can they go to lodge an official complaint?

  9. It's important to be offensive and for people to be exposed to offensive things. Punk rock and horror movies were really good avenues for that for a long time. Not sure that carries over anymore.

    I've seen woke metalheads, who will enthusiastically review records about raping corpses, get bent out of shape for having to review artists associated in any way with unwokeness. Yes, there really are woke death metal and black metal fanatics out there--legions of them. Millennials+ are defying the fundamental forces of rebellion. They want their extreme metal to be PC!

    "Myrkur said in an interview that ‘Islam and Christianity are two religions which I find are problematic in terms of female empowerment’ – something that she said was very important to her and that she fought for every day of her life. As the interview progressed, she said she felt that an orthodox strain of Islam was ‘invading Europe’. This particular comment understandably drew criticism for comparing migrants to ‘invaders’.

    ----Spiked, "How heavy metal got woke: Metalheads have become the puritans they used to mock."

    Yeah, I know Myrkur is considered a poser by a lot of fans. That's not the point. Black metal fans love tearing Christianity, Islam, and Abrahamic religion apart, with lyrics that fantasize about exterminating those religions, etc. That's what they want in their "extreme" metal. But don't say anything bad about immigration. That's unacceptable! So, who's the real "extreme" metal poser?

    It's actually quite typical of Millennials+ across the board. Free speech is about tolerating offensive and awful things. And being intolerant of offensive and awful things means they're fundamentally hostile to free speech.

    1. P.S. Even Myrkur's criticism of Islam and Christianity is woke!

    2. Punk rock is problematic, or do I need to keep posting that picture of Sid Vicious with the Swastika tee-shirt?

      1. How 'bout "Last Caress" by the Misfits or "Code Blue" by TSOL?

        Songs about killing babies and raping corpses used to be highly offensive.

        Have you ever read the lyrics to X's "Los Angeles"? "White Minority" by Black Flag? "Holiday in Cambodia"? I guess those are still considered offensive but they're also not woke--and that's the part that's unacceptable.

        1. "Code Blue" is one of the best punk songs.

          A segment of metalheads went woke before woke was even a thing. Blabbermouth went off the rails years ago.

      2. And the actor who played sid in that movie had a hammer and sickle tee shirt. Stopped watching it right there.

        It’s not that Sid liked nazis. He hated everyone, nazis perhaps the most. He just liked pissing people off.

        Good thing he’s not young today.

        1. Punk rock wouldn't make it today without losing their collective shit. The first time a dipshit millennial wearing DM's called some colorblind skin or punk a racist it would be clobbering time & said skin/punk would have a new pair of Doc's. Then the socjus outrage machine would crank up on social media in response. They never understand, punk was working class outrage; 'social justice,' antifa, the associated tripe are petulant resentment culture infants from middle and upper class soft backgrounds.

    3. Yes, there really are woke death metal and black metal fanatics out there–legions of them.

      Yes. If you'd like a primer on that, check out YoungRippa's youtube channel.

      1. Just to be clear, I didn't mean African-American metal fanatics.

        I was talking about fans of black metal--as in "Lay down your soul to the gods' rock and roll".

        1. I was pointing you to YoungRippa, a libertarian youtuber and member of a Metal Band who had discussed the wokeism in the industry.

    4. Where does this dumb cvnt get her ideas about female empowerment and Christianity from? Compare and contrast female empowerment in pre-Christian lands.

      1. There was a commenter that used to frequent this place named "Bear Odinson", as I recall. If he's lurking, maybe he could join in on this.

        I suspect women may have enjoyed more freedom in pagan Norse society than what they experienced after the introduction of Christianity, and she's coming from a Scandinavian background.

        1. No. The Danes pretty much treated their women like cattle, and there was a form of suttee involved when a big man died.
          In fact suttee was common throughout the Indo-European world and only disappeared slowly as Christianity incrementally spread across the continent.

          1. Unlike the Old Europe farmers the Bronze Age Yamnaya were about as female friendly as your average Yemeni mullah.
            They became the Corded Ware and Bell Beaker people who then diversified into the Italics, Celts, Myceneans and Germanics.

    5. Offensive is a moving target. Someone has always gotten bent out of shape over another’s speech. It’s just amplified today by modern communication. Our bandwidth, so to speak, was more limited pre-internet. Only so much information could go out at a time. Babbling like this artist’s had a far more limited audience.

    6. "It’s important to be offensive and for people to be exposed to offensive things...."
      "Fuck your orthodoxy"

    7. You point out the one good thing about wokism: the death of religion. Goddamn that’s some refreshing news. My hat is off to all the millennials and zoomers that are sending religion and all its birgotry, war, misogyny, and indoctrination to the grave with the boomers. Fucking A.

  10. "70 percent of students—85 percent of liberals, 41 percent of conservatives, and 65 percent of those classified as 'independent/apolitical'—wanted professors reported to the administration for making offensive statements. Most students also felt this way about other students who said offensive things."

    So what is the encouraging part? It sure isn't team Biden exhorting us to tattle on friend and relatives.

    1. "It sure isn’t team Biden exhorting us to tattle on friend and relatives."

      Don't compare it to the Hitler Youth, though. That would be wrong because Biden doesn't want to send us to extermination camps. He just wants kids to report their family members to the government for thinking scary thoughts. And that's nothing like the Nazis at all.

      Don't you care about democracy? If it wasn't for Biden, the Trump Republicans might have burned down the Reichstag!

      1. Perhaps the East German Stasi is a closer match, historically.

        1. But the Stasi weren't big on corporatism and facist economics like the Brownshirts and Harvard students.

        2. The E Germans had a wall... These fucktards, 'no human is illegal.' Whoda fuck comes up with the stupid bumper sticker nonsense? Rejects from the greeting card industry?

  11. I'm not sure how this is wrong. The question is pretty open ended. If some professor just outright used a racial slur against a student, they shouldn't be reported?

    Because that's how you could easily read that question being asked. Sure it could be abused but so could the argument "I was just teaching and using this and showing how it's wrong" when we only have the teacher's word that that's how it went down.

    What you're arguing for isn't freedom of speech- it's freedom from consequences.

    1. Yeah, that’s the issue; a professor using a slur. You “could easily read the question that way” if you’re fixated on race. Otherwise, these are children who may well become older versions of their current selves. This has already left the campus.

    2. How often do college professors ever use a racial slur to refer to one of their students? That's probably something that's happened 5 times in the past decade across the whole country.

      But I'm sure there's plenty of professors who have made reference to racial slurs in context where the language itself is under discussion-like law students learning about defamation and hate crime legislation, or else literature students reviewing old texts, or historians reviewing sources that uses terms that weren't considered problematic at the time. And I'm sure plenty of students those "Yes" comments are from students who think the appropriate contexts for actually discussing problematic terms cannot possibly exist.

      1. On the contrary, I have read multiple reports on this site about professors talking about toxic "whiteness" even to the point of calling for literal genocide. Additionally, minority professors seem to think themselves immune to racial prejudice of other minorities. I've seen Indian and Chinese professors snipe at each other with vitriol that would get a white professor not only fired but maybe even arrested.

        Not to mention casual sexism, especially from minority professors.

        1. One of the prevailing myths about minorities is that they are not racist. In reality, they are much more so than whites.

    3. "I’m not sure how this is wrong."

      That's easily explained; you're a fucking lefty ignoramus.

    4. "If some professor just outright used a racial slur against a student, they shouldn’t be reported?"

      Words aren't actually violence, and stripped of their taboo status, racial slurs are pretty much meaningless. "N*gger" is only more offensive than "black" because some people decided to be horribly offended by the former, but not the latter.

    5. No, they should get a whack upside the head, but it is better to leave bureaucracy out in all matters. What kind of whimp 'reports' someone?

    6. "If some professor just outright used a racial slur against a student, they shouldn’t be reported?"
      If you're speaking of a single incident, especially where a student provoked a lecturer into anger, 'NO"
      If you are talking about frequent abusive language, "yes" would be appropriate.

    7. We all read it the same. Normal people would instantly be on guard about an ambiguous question and default to the most freedom-aligned answers.

      The poll shows that kids don’t do that anymore. They prefer content that they agree with, ostensibly because of all these corporations using algorithms to personalize that content. They just aren’t used to being contradicted and think opposing viewpoints should be censored - like any selfish toddler would do.

  12. So, what do I do if I'm offended by the answers students gave to this survey?

    1. Well, presumably a progressive person would get their calipers out, measure the width of your nose, the height of your forehead and then check your skin color against a pantone scale of minimum darkness. If you don't meet their criterion for "historically oppressed race", nothing.

  13. 85% of Liberal Students Think Professors Should Be Reported for Offensive Comments

    There’s a lesson in all this, something like sleeping in the bed you made.

  14. Yet in conservative colleges like Bob Jones U conduct and speech are more tightly controlled by the head honchos..

    1. I think it’s clear by now that the repression at conservative Christian institutions is all about the titillation.

      Ooh the forbidden fruit of books and pool boys.

      1. "I think it’s clear by now that the repression at conservative Christian institutions is all about the titillation."

        Your erotic fantasies and actions are likely of interest to your male relatives you've molested and local law enforcement.
        We don't care.

      2. Tony, you’re a moron. Why don’t you focus on your weekly spermageddon event at your place and let the adults talk?

        1. Oral Roberts.


    The #juneteenth Twitter hashtag has a communist fist in it, lol.

    Everyone knows that it has nothing to do with unity, no matter how it originated.

  16. I'm thinking back to my own university days. I had one grad student teacher I would have gladly turned in. Not because he was necessarily offensive, but because he made every session explicitly partisan. Everything was about how evil Reagan was, even those the course was English Restoration Literature. It was a waste of my money taking that class. I could care less what his personal politics where, but the constant proselytization was annoying as hell.

    In other instances, a lot of professors expressed view I disagreed with, but that did NOT offend me. I mean, why would it?

    However I do recall once where the professor read a passage from Penthouse Letters. Nothing porno, but enough that today would have gotten him into serious trouble. The same prof, a dyed-in-the-wool hippie and progressive who was part of the 60s anti-war protests, called a current student protest stupid because "you never change anything by skipping classes to wave banners around".

    1. Everything was about how evil Reagan was, even those the course was English Restoration Literature.

      Your professor was Alan Vanneman?

    2. "...Everything was about how evil Reagan was, even those the course was English Restoration Literature..."

      And, years later, as a TDS-addled asshole, you said "of course! Let's vote for this guy who doesn't send mean tweets!"
      Thank you for giving us what YOU deserve, you pathetic piece of shit!

  17. Since you have no idea for each group what "offensive" means. Is it a tirade dropping the n-word al over or is it offensivevsaying that Antifa/BLM protesters should not commit arson? Without that knowledge, it is really difficult 5o take much of a positive spin off of what the poll says.

    1. Indeed. We’ve recently learned that opposing arson is bad. A composer (I believe) found out the hard way.

    2. Right, because that's typical of university professors.

  18. "Most professors work hard to make the classroom hospitable to differing viewpoints, and enjoy sparring with their conservative students, whose fears of retaliation are often unfounded."

    This sentence presumes that all, or nearly all professors are liberal/progressive/socialist/communist which is a reasonable presumption, and also an indictment of higher education.

    Is it really the case that only conservative thinking is an outlier? Is it possible to spar with students who advocate CRT or other clearly idiotic lefty gibberish?

  19. and are comfortable sharing controversial opinions

    How much do you wanna bet that what most liberal students thinks is controversial, is not.

    Anti-racism is not controversial. It’s everywhere from government schooling to the NBA, and from Coke to Reverb dot com.

    Neither is stating any liberal position. In college, even dumb shit like opposing capitalism is not controversial.

  20. The only political opinion that was shoved down my ears in an official classroom context was when my neocon classics professor couldn’t stop jerking off to war in Iraq after 9/11.

    He was a pretty respected scholar, and I looked him up later only to find him relocated to Bumfuck nowhere with a website ranting about the evils of Obamacare.

    It’s not hard to put 2 and 2 together. A fetish for Western literature and history, a deep desire to genocide brown people. It’s just fear of losing your culture. Just plain old boring Ape tribe bullshit.

    1. Shitstain's analytic ability as regards politics it pretty close to Greta's; perhaps not that acute, and it's obvious that his ability to put 2 and 2 together is likely to end up with results somewhere between 1 and several thousands.
      Fuck off and die, shitstain. The world will thank you.

    2. Cool story bro. But you need more detail for your progtard fan fiction efforts.

    3. Wait until the population of Muslims in the US hits critical mass. When it does you’ll be begging us to go back to Western culture. I personally laugh at your stupid faggot ass as you’re thrown off a roof. Keep it up, keep agitating to break the Social Compact. I find it heart warming that the same stupid group of slope headed leftists who want to ban firearms and degrade the military don’t realize when they finally destroy the fabric of this country that they’ll be the first to go. But emote some more from butt fuck Oklahoma you stupid, nasty and bitchy shithead.

      1. If your culture is so superior, how would a lesser culture dominate it so from a minority position?

        At any rate, the only people trying to overthrow the United States and everything it stands for right now are Trump supporters.

        1. No, fucker, Trump supporters are not overthrowing anything, it’s you stupid ass “Progressives”. You casually dismiss Western Civilization and America, all it’s blessings of liberty, painting it as if it is this repressive, evil and racist abomination on the earth, because like every civilization that has ever existed, has had dark parts in it’s history. I have never seen you speak well of your country or culture, instead agitating along with the hard left that wants to destroy every vestige of this country, from it’s customs, it’s language, it’s norms, it’s mores, and it’s history. You and your ilk view the country through a jaundiced eye, criticizing and undermining it at every step. You have no appreciation for the progress that has been made, is being made and the fact that the miracle that this country and it’s founding even occurred. My family comes from a country that was decimated by a revolution that parallels all the wicked shit you and the left are racing towards right now and believe me it does not end well, especially for stupid, worthless, and evil cunts like you.

  21. Since professors have tenure and academic freedom, I'm not sure what reporting the professor would accomplish. Why bother? They are set for life regardless.

    Reporting students though is a problem, as that subjects them to the student conduct kangaroo courts (how universities that have law schools can't create the semblance of due process, I'll never understand).

  22. Now do turtles.

    The sea turtles are protected under certain rules and laws yet there is no federal turtle police. They crawl up on the beach and lay eggs in the sand there. Some people who care about the turtles will mark those places with a request to please leave them alone.

    When hatched those turtles will crawl back into the ocean and some of them will live and swim to distant shores by mechanisms hardly understood.

    So ask these hatchlings a question they do not understand and you will get an incomprehensible result.

    1. Clearly these turtles have “a deep desire to genocide brown people.”


    2. Now do something which in some degree relates to the article.
      Or did you post toO late, man, afTer you GROkked the deep connections between oh, 'liberal professors' and uh, really DEEP stuff thaT yOU SOrT of FOrgot!?
      The Hatch9OLITNGS - hOw dowe ASK them????

  23. I think it's healthy and funny when professors engage in combative dialogue. It's fucking college, you aren't a child anymore, fucking talk to each other like adults, I'm not saying their should be no respect, but that that back and forth is necessary.

  24. Mindless children that are emotionally and intellectually undeveloped.

    1. Today's little narcissist snowflakes.

  25. When I was young, we went to college expecting to be exposed to ideas that made us feel uncomfortable. That often led to conversations and introspection as to why we felt that way. Back then a "safe space" on campus was where a person could smoke pot without looking over one's shoulder.

  26. Virtually everyone agrees that unacceptable conduct from a professor includes:
    Up- or down- grading unrelated to academic performance
    Racial, religious, gender or ethnic bigotry

    There are split views on using the classroom to express personal views or to suppress particular ideologies. Seems pretty obvious to me that they are quite improper, but they are major tactics for the left.

    But where did anyone get the idea that college is supposed to be comfortable? Personal growth is almost always UNcomfortable. Why are students assumed to be such delicate snowflakes that they cannot survive disturbing ideas?

    I'll tell you why - because the left needs people to prey on in order to advance an agenda that is a raw will to power - and can't stand up to facts, open scrutiny and criticism.

  27. You know who else encouraged students to turn on their professors?

  28. All I can say is academia created these socialist wannabe monsters and academia will now reap what they sewed. Good luck with that.

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  30. You do not have the right to not be offended.
    The First Amendment was created to protect the speech of those we find profane, obscene , vulgar and unpatriotic. It protects the speech of those who would utter all manner of speech many would find offensive.
    It protects the right of the individual to speak his or her mind without fear of retaliation by government or from snowflakes who believe the world revolves around them.

  31. Jesus, did you even analyze that data before reporting on it? Didn’t you notice the HUGE discrepancy between people who call themselves liberals and people who call themselves liberal leaning? That is SHOCKING if you assume these people are what they say they are. You missed the biggest libertarian point in this whole story. So-called liberals are anything but, and this survey is good evidence.

    1. Framing is everything. Instead of "should professors be reported for saying offensive things?", try "should people offended by professors be able to report the incident?" Switches things from an anti-free-speech slant to a pro-free-speech slant without changing anything else.

  32. These results are so easy to explain. Liberal students still think THEY are counter-cultural and that it is THEIR beliefs that are controversial and diverse. It is therefore important that THEIR views are freely expressed in an open society.

    However, conservatives are no longer the gatekeepers of society or culture. So really, their “boring”, “staid”, and “antiquated” beliefs are the ones that are actually controversial and diverse. But they are just as offensive as the liberal from the 90s wanting to make profanity-laced speech in the presence of 5 year olds while lighting his joint on the playground swing set.

    1. If you don't want your kids to hear profanity, keep 'em locked in a cave instead of letting them out near where other people are and may be speaking. YOU want to protect their delicate little ears, so the onus is on YOU, not other people, to make this happen. MY precious little angel heard plenty of "sailor words" as a child, and grew into a resilient adult.

  33. And how much of this censorship is the responsibility of policies promoted by REASON?

    REASON has been for several years pushing a politically correct party line, e.g., on open borders and Juneteenth. Well, once you make these concessions, and get nothing in return for the cause of liberty, expect other planks of the politically correct agenda to be implemented -- like censorship in the classroom.

    1. "REASON has been for several years pushing a politically correct party line, e.g., on open borders and Juneteenth. Well, once you make these concessions, and get nothing in return for the cause of liberty"

      Yeah, what kind of liberty-loving individual would have any interest in Juneteenth? It's not like anybody who was involved in Juneteenth ever did anything involving liberty for anyone.

  34. At one time college professors were given tenure.
    especially : a status granted after a trial period to a teacher that gives protection from summary dismissal
    This gave college professors the ability to develop controversial theories and say controversial thing without worry or reprisal.
    What is amazing, it college professors screwed up tenure themselves, with their stupid woke theoretic.

    1. You could just ignore it in the same way you ignore 99.999% of what goes on inside tenured professors' offices.

      Why this one? Is it because FOX News has been baby-spooning it into your brainstem?

  35. Somehow I doubt the "North Dakota State University's Sheila and Robert Challey Institute for Global Innovation and Growth" is doing much innovating and growing since it's (a) in North Dakota and (b) probably only ten or twelve people outside the state* have ever heard of it.

    * That number just jumped to fifty or sixty people outside the state thanks to this Reason article.

  36. We seem to be providing our own ending to the story. So, Prof X gets reported for saying something what probably shouldn't have been said... so what? Did we ask a follow-up, of what, exactly the university should do when students report a prof for saying something offensive?

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