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New York Becomes the Latest State to Drop Its COVID Restrictions

Plus: Dispensaries give out free joints to the vaccinated, the Biden Administration cracks down on "extremists," and more...


The site of the country's first major coronavirus outbreak, and one of its strictest lockdowns, is now lifting almost all pandemic regulations. With 70 percent of New York's adult population having received a COVID-19 vaccine, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced Monday that businesses in the state can now operate at full capacity and without the need for social distancing. Contact tracing, health screenings, and routine disinfection, once mandatory, are now optional.

"We're no longer just surviving—we're thriving. The state mandates that have proven right and brought us through this pandemic are relaxed as of today, effective immediately," said the governor.

The announcement comes on the heels of California Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D) announcement that businesses there could operate statewide without restrictions.

Both New York and California became famous for their strict public health mandate that closed dining rooms, shuttered churches, forced offices to operate remotely, and required people to abide by any number of absurd rules and regulations. Both states ditching their webs of restrictions on the same day signals just how rapidly the pandemic is coming to an end.

In New York, employers greeted the news with a call for workers to return to the office.

"The rollback of most of the remaining Covid-19 restrictions is the green light that employers have been waiting for in order to bring employees back to the workplace," Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, told The New York Times.

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman said he wants all his New York staff back in the office by Labor Day, saying "if you can go out to eat, you can come back to work."

Cuomo's announcement still leaves in place some COVID-era regulations. In keeping with federal guidance, the unvaccinated in New York are still required to wear masks. Mandatory public health guidance will remain in place for large indoor events, at K-12 schools, on public transit, and in homeless shelters and correctional facilities.

Other emergency state policies enacted to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic will also remain in place, including an eviction moratorium that's not set to expire until August.

Just under 53,000 New Yorkers died from COVID-19, giving the state the second-highest per capita death rate in the country. Only New Jersey fared worse.


On Tuesday, the Biden Administration released a new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism that refocuses federal law enforcement policies on combating white supremacist and anti-government extremists. This follows an intelligence assessment released by the administration in March that identified these two elements as the most lethal domestic terrorism threats.

Biden's strategy calls for providing local state law enforcement with more federal funding and intelligence to counter domestic terrorism. It also says the Department of Justice is closely examining the potential need for "new legislative authorities" to carry out the administration's strategy.

The Cato Institute's Patrick Eddington writes in a blog post that Biden's new approach raises a number of civil liberty concerns. In particular, preventing "individuals from being drawn into the grip of domestic terrorism" by reducing the "supply and demand of recruitment materials" poses a clear First Amendment danger.


State governments and private businesses are offering a range of incentives to get people vaccinated, including cash prizes and free public transit rides. Now, cannabis dispensaries are getting in on the action. Mother Jones reports:

Washington state's liquor and cannabis board gave a green light this past week for adults to receive a pre-rolled joint from certified marijuana retailers if they get their jab at an in-store vaccination clinic. Dispensaries in Arizona and California have recently announced similar programs, offering joints and gummy edibles to vaccine patients over the age of 21. There are plans for free weed if you get the vaccine in New York City and Washington D.C., too.


  • A reporter for FOX 26 in Houston claims she was "muzzled" by her employers after they prevented her from doing stories on Bitcoin and alleged COVID cures.
  • The Senate unanimously passed a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery. The legislation now moves to the House where it's expected to pass.
  • Joe Biden will meet in person with Russian President Vladimir Putin today. It's been a decade since the two were in the same room together, reports Politico.
  • Over 600,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the U.S.
  • Edward Snowden is now on Substack.
  • A federal judge has blocked Biden's moratorium on granting new gas and oil leases on federal lands.
  • The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a new type of nuclear fuel.
  • A new report from Harvard's Joint Center on Housing Studies finds that home prices are at their highest point since 2006.
  • Amazon has come a long way:

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  1. The site of the country’s first major coronavirus outbreak, and one of its strictest lockdowns, is now lifting almost all pandemic regulations.

    So you can go back to the unwanted touching of subordinates and acquaintances.

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  2. We’re no longer just surviving—we’re thriving. The state mandates that have proven right and brought us through this pandemic…


    1. Personally, I’m pretty sure it was was my pandemic rock* that staved off the worst of the plague.

      *Formerly known as my tiger rock that kept tigers out of my yard.

      1. …I would like to buy your rock

        1. Me first.

          1. Let us break up the rock, so that we may all have it’s protection, Big Nose.

            1. mask tax.

    2. The evidence is in the improved solvency projections for SS and Medicare in NY.

    3. “The state mandates that have proven right and brought us through this pandemic…”

      That part could’ve been written by chemjeff who’s never met a government mandate or restriction on freedoms that he didn’t like.

  3. “Joe Biden will meet in person with Russian President Vladimir Putin today.”

    I bet Putin is pissing his pants.


    1. I hope Joe wears his mirrored aviators. His sneer is alnost as menacing as Stephen Colbert

      1. Are those the glasses with the teleprompter function?

        1. Vladimir, I wonder if anyone has ever told you that there’s a series of words running all over your face? Reminds me of that time I faced down Corn Pop for rubbing the hairs on my leg.”

    2. “I bet Putin is pissing his pants.”

      If he shits his pants they will have even more in common.

      1. If the Russians are kind, there will be jello cups or applesauce for dessert.

        1. Pudding! Biden demands pudding!

      2. Yes, we definitely need a bi-lateral shit control pact.

    3. Putin is thinking – “The Katyn forest. I should have held this meeting in the Katyn forest”.

      1. That is just for those who might actually be a threat.

    4. One of them is, at any rate.

    5. Biden is everything Putin could hope for in a US president and he didn’t have to spend one thin dime on
      facebook ads.

  4. Both states ditching their webs of restrictions on the same day signals just how rapidly the pandemic is coming to an end.

    Trump’s presidency isn’t even cold yet and already they’re tossing away what ended it.

    1. Don’t worry. The virus manufacturing pipe-line will crank out another one when needed.

  5. Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman said he wants all his New York staff back in the office by Labor Day, saying “if you can go out to eat, you can come back to work.”

    So much for the seismic shift in how people do their work.

    1. Well duh, high speed internet is a human right, dining out is a privilege and restricting access to privileges trumps human rights every time.

    2. Are they not working now? Aren’t there tools that are far better for measuring worker productivity than merely looking to see if their butts are in their cubes?

      What a dickhead. I’d be pissed if I was one of their major customers. If these statements are indicative of how he’s (mis)-managing his workforce, how badly is he also managing my money?

      Of course, nothing will happen, and even if it did, Gorman would be lavishly compensated for his incompetence. We have, and have had for at least the last thirty years, a giant agency problem with corporate governance and compensation.

      1. So time for government to step in and make things right?

        1. For the corporate compensation and governance problem, maybe. At least making it easier for shareholders’ derivative lawsuits to be filed.

          As to Morgan Stanley’s mismanagement, in Libertopia, bad business practices cause the company to falter in competition with its peers, who then punish it. See that happening with our system of government and high finance lately? Me neither.

          That paradigm hasn’t been true for a very long time, and has been flatly laughable since TARP, and successive instances of Fed/.Gov shoving their fist onto the scales of justice.

        2. The weird thing, that a lot of us don’t want to recognize, is that many of these large multinationals and investment firms are essentially like dukedoms and princely states. They’re pseudo-governments in and of themselves.

          Morgan Stanley is a very different thing than Gainers Meat Packing or Arizona Trucking Ltd.

          1. Oh, I dunno. That can’t be right. I’m sure Arizona Trucking has just as much input picking Obama’s Cabinet as Citigroup did…

            Are you telling me there might be…shudder…fascism going on here?

      2. My experience has been that the work at home people are somehow never on Instant Messenger despite all of their meetings being online.

        1. Mine is that the WFH staff has higher productivity than they did in the office. Surprised us too. I’m still waiting for the corporate office workspace to be dramatically downsized. It may already have happened.

          Though the cost savings haven’t been passed on in terms of higher salaries/benefits….

          1. One of the selling points of WFH was that you do not have to offer as high a salary to find workers.

          2. Most of our engineers stayed on site, so most of the WFH here was HR, Admin, etc.

            I saw an increase of zoom meetings for WFH which distracted people on site. Overall I saw a reduction of efficiency due to the increased online meetings and inability to contact front of the business folks when needed.

            1. Sounds like actionable disciplinary infractions to me.

              MS Teams are what make the world go ’round here. Thank God it’s not Zoom, only a once a day brief conf call.

              In any event, engineering—and the kind of engineering that isn’t just monkeying with Solidworks or the modeling software of choice—is likely different than spreadsheet jockeying and calling clients. Returning to work should be up to the individual biz, not .Gov; I simply doubt that Morgan Stanley is less effective WFH than CEO Gorman is claiming.

              1. I second MS Teams. We had Skype before, and switched to Teams in late 2019. What timing.

                At times, I wonder how we ever did without it.

  6. California manages to actually destroy the Marijuana industry as it seeks 100 million dollars to save the industry.

    1. You miss the point. Statists despise any industry that is self-sufficient and regulating. Why have a big state unless it plays a central role in everything?

    2. So much for legal pot being a new revenue source.

  7. #BidenBoom update.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $7.51 billion

    I don’t care if middle class households will pay higher taxes under Biden, like Boehm wrote earlier. All that matters is that Mr. Koch is earning well over $1 billion per month with Biden in office.


  8. In keeping with federal guidance, the unvaccinated in New York are still required to wear masks.

    You know who else required the undesirable to mark themselves?

    1. Cain knows.

      1. So does Damian.

  9. North Korean defector discusses how elite institutions use the same type of indoctrination techniques as NK.

    1. “If I wanted to be brainwashed I would have just stayed in North Korea” is not exactly a glowing review of American academia.

      1. Tough but fair.

        Of course, the left’s response is uniformly to deny her lived experience…

      2. But the academics promote visual diversity.

  10. On Tuesday, the Biden Administration released a new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism that refocuses federal law enforcement policies on combating white supremacist and anti-government extremists.

    Defund the police unless we can use them against our political enemies.

    1. How long until policies derived from this dim bulb’s guidance are used against ethnic minorities and the poor, like all his and democrat/progressive policies? A month? Defund the police is a great example of racist/classist democrat/progressive policy pandering. The police certainly have issues, removing them from poor neighborhoods while living in a wealthy safe area is classic white-knighting. It had no impact on those making the demands, or implementing the policy changes. I often say many democrats and progressives are incapable of envisioning 2nd and 3rd tier consequences. It’s likely deeper than that, or simpler: they are incapable of envisioning any consequence, only the imaginary benefits.

      1. Disagree, at least where the higher echelons of leadership are concerned. Increased chaos, crime, and disorder are the point; not an unintended consequence of naive reformist thinking. Crime is intended to rise. Up to the point where most people feel, or are conditioned to feel, that increased federal government power must be necessary to deal with the problem.

        It’s not incompetence. It’s malevolence.

    2. The first rule of (big) government is never question (big) government.

      Always has been, always will.

  11. A federal judge has blocked Biden’s moratorium on granting new gas and oil leases on federal lands.

    Goddamn activist courts interfering with the President’s prerogative to issue executive orders.

  12. White house stenographer describes Joe’s strength against Russia.

    McCormick said, “Vladimir Putin made him look foolish in Moscow and he did it by basically inviting Joe Biden to tell about his past history in Russia and Joe Biden can’t stop talking when he likes to talk about himself and as soon as Joe Biden was in the middle of a story and he came to the line, ‘I’ve been doing this a long time–” Vladimir Putin shut the lights off in the room, turned off the microphone and Joe Biden was left speechless and that’s a hard thing to do for Joe Biden.”

    1. I’m pleasantly surprised I haven’t heard yet of an altercation causing the suspension of today’s bilateral summit between Biden and Putin. And frankly amazed that
      Biden is able to be coherent throughout what are supposed to be 4 hours or so of meetings between the two.

      1. Who says he has been coherent? Cameras are not present from what I’ve read.

        1. To be a fly on that wall… I am envisioning something similar on Putin’s face, to mine when I visited an elderly grandparent, not long before the end.

          It’s surreal. More importantly, for better or worse it causes the US to appear weak and ineffectual. Which inspires other countries and groups to fill the vacuum. And then the US to overreact to those provocations, and so on…

          This is a really dangerous time, and we’re being led by people who lack both the wisdom to know the pitfalls ahead, and the humility to recognize their shortcomings.

          1. Even if they know the pitfalls ahead, they don’t care.

            Everyone knows that the paradigm is changing. A new Western order that is only ostensibly democratic, but is actually an aristocracy run by Lords, Dukes and Princelings.
            Right now they’re all jockeying for a position in this aristocracy for themselves and their heirs and don’t give a fuck about collateral damage.

            The 20th century was an aberration. We’re seeing a return to the Mandarin system in China, Autocratic Czars in Russia, and aristocracy and surfdom in the West.

            1. “…surfdom in the West.”

              Is that with or without Morgan Fairchild, brah?

              1. Oh, and “Locals Only!”

    2. So an authoritarian silences criticism by turning off the lights in the room and ordering the press to leave, and you cultists eat it up?

      Authoritarians love them some authoritarianism.

      1. I’m never shocked by your take-aways. Your primary motivation is to protect democrats from any negative representation of them.

        The fact that you think a simple disrespectful action is actual authoritarianism is just the cherry on top.

        You do realize Biden’s staff has ordered Press away multiple times the last 150 days right?

        Man, I had been joking about biden cultists… but you’re awfully close.

        If you don’t realize that the world leaders are always competing in shows of strength and gaining leverage, then you’re even more ignorant than I gave you credit for.

        1. You are strengthening my point, as you frequently do. The self awareness is not strong with this one.

          “If you don’t realize that the world leaders are always competing in shows of strength and gaining leverage, then you’re even more ignorant than I gave you credit for.”

          I very much do realize that. What you fail to realize is that cheap tricks like turning off all the lights in the middle of another world leader’s speech is not a show of strength. It is a show of weakness. Putin, like you, is ideologically weak. He stands for nothing. No permanent philosophical belief or guiding principle. Again, much like the Trump cult. Worship of power and nothing else.

          1. What point?
            An authoritarian turning off a decrepit, puppet presidential pretender’s mic in Russia, isn’t an assault on free speech, you dishonest flake.

            1. Biden was VP at the time of this incident.

              1. They were probably privately owned lights and mics, though. So I presume Reason approves.

          2. No, it shows he has no respect for Biden and used Bidens own behaviors as a setup to show disrespect.

            Again, that’s not authoritarian, that’s disrespect.

            So are you conceding your initial argument as uttwr bullshit? Why did you also skip over the fact Biden’s WH has also had press removed from events if that is authoritarian per your assertion.

            1. You have traveled, but never lived or worked abroad. That makes sense. Your view point is narrow in the extreme.

              Yes, inviting the vice president to speak, and then turning off the lights is disrespectful. Funny that you think that that somehow makes Putin the winner of that exchange. And what was the fault of Biden in this? Not guarding the light switch?

              1. Lol. You still have no argument. Hilarious.

                Living somewhere else made you this stupid? Because you seem to think it correlates with understanding. You’ve proven here you dont get shit. So must be an inverse correlation.

        2. Have you even traveled much, Jesse? I get the impression that you have never worked or lived outside of the US.

          1. And I get the impression that you never graduated high school.

            1. Do the Navy Green Seals Forces Special Berets even take high school dropouts, Stolen Valor?

          2. I get the impression that you completely clowned yourself with your post that you’re desperate to change the subject. I’ve traveled a lot. It has nothing to do with the idiocy of your post.

          3. Also, it’s pretty evident that aside from leaving the continental US, you’ve never even left the blue zone, aside from maybe a flight from one left coast to the other.

            1. His mother chose poorly after the Red Zone/White Zone discussion.

              1. +1 wanting her to have an abortion…

      2. Putin used his reset button, in Biden’s case it was a mute button.

  13. Biden’s strategy calls for providing local state law enforcement with more federal funding and intelligence to counter domestic terrorism.

    And of course what counts as domestic terrorism is well defined and not at all opportunistic.

    1. Easy.

      Are you male and/or white and/or privileged? Have you said or done anything that contradicts the Democratic Socialist agenda or state?

      If so, report directly to your local political purity committee.

    2. “First they came for the white people , and I did not speak out……. so I was hauled away”

  14. reducing the “supply and demand of recruitment materials” poses a clear First Amendment danger.

    The supply part, at least. “I want my MTV.”

  15. Absolute corruption in action. Hunter biden has been painting for a year. Now he will have an art show where his art will sell for upwards of 500k to 1 million a piece. To put this in perspective, a recent Warhol auctioned for 740k. Buyers will remain anonymous. Gallery owner has documented ties to China.

    1. Hunter biden has been painting for a year.

      Pictures, or it didn’t happen.

        1. Is that the same straw he used for snorting just a few minutes earlier?

    2. Y’all made him famous! I love it. Attack him some more!

      1. Lol. Of course that is your take away. That this is all honest despite the string of emails showing the corruption.

        Damn sullum.

      2. Shitty Leftists take care of their corrupt pols and worthless offspring. Leftists cheer the corruption.

        1. The Post is a tabloid. You guys are idiots.

          1. The article is on Yahoo idiot. Which paper do you want, this is an advertised event on almost every major publication.

            Sullum, are you intentionally this biased?

          2. “The Post is a tabloid…”

            Shit-for-brains comments on a Yahoo feed.
            Picking cherries is assholes only skill.

          3. They are all tabloid these days. Shooting the messenger does nothing.

            1. Except it does out people’s bias. So I guess it’s good for something.

      3. Y’all made him famous!

        Pretty sure that was his Dad. You know, the powerful politician that also got Hunter all his business contracts.

        “I love it. Attack him some more!”

        Only a DNC toady like Sullum, could have this much bonhomie toward a pedophile junkie who fucked his 14-year-old niece.

    3. Lol. No one cares. Rich kid gets to live easy, so what? Does Hunter have any access to government power? Is he employed in government because his daddy appointed him to “bring peace to the mideast” or some other nonsense job?

      “Corruption” means placement and access to the powers of government without the legal authority to use those powers or using those powers outside of their legal application.

      For instance, Trump’s son in law getting 40 some re-do’s on his SF86 (security clearance form). Or Ivanka receiving expedited trademarks from the Chinese government while serving in an official white house role. Or Trump’s son, son in law, and campaign manager meeting with Russian spies with a declared agenda of “Dirt on Hillary, Russian Government support for DJT Campaign.”

      Those are examples of corruption.

      1. Yes, we get that you don’t care about democratic corruption. You’ve made this obvious. You’re a shill for the left. We understand. God damn DoL, why do you even pretend to be neutral?

        I like how you immediately go to whataboutism when you decry it whenever someone points out your hypocrisy though.

        Of course you think public corruption of millions of dollars is the same as making corrections on an SF86. Nominally when a company submits the SF86 they’ve gone over internally the forms prior to submitting it to the government, so making changes isn’t even that uncommon, it is usually just handled by a contractor’s security prior to submission to the government. Yet you think this is the same level as paying a president’s son millions of dollars.

        I honestly think you are pretty dumb to believe a new artist of just around a year is the equivalent to a dead celebrated artist like Warhol.

        You never cease to amaze me DoL. LOL.

        Truly a case of being a Biden cultist at this point.

        1. Criticizing Democrats is DOL’s bat signal.

        2. Again, what is the specific charge of corruption? Rich kid getting to live easy isn’t going to cut it.

          Your repeated failure to answer this easy and fundamental question belies the thinness of your accusation.

          1. So buying politicians off isn’t corruption in your eyes? God damn. You pushed every God damn trump criminal story as fact without a single specific charge of corruption.

            Your behavior has changed.

            Here? Compare Bidens record to China or Russia to Trumps. Why is Joe having secret meetings with foreign entities at the behest of his son? This is documented in Hunters own emails dummy.

            1. Who is buying politicians off?

              And tell me, if Hunter selling his art is corruption, what is Jared Kushner using his daily intelligence brief and position to hold the Qataris over a barrel in his refinance negotiation? Or Ivanka getting expedited trademarks from China while she worked in an official white house role?

              I’m just asking what the rules are for you, because they seem inconsistent at best from over here.

            2. “Why is Joe having secret meetings with foreign entities at the behest of his son? This is documented in Hunters own emails dummy.”

              Lol. No, it isn’t. Unlike the Trump tower meeting. Which, despite the many iterations of lies from Trump himself, did happen and everyone agrees on it.

          2. “Again, what is the specific charge of corruption?

            I’m not sure if you’re genuinely ignorant, or if you’re hoping we won’t bother to engage your lies.

            Anyway, what is Burisma? Who was Bobulinski? What did you think this was about:

        3. lol “corrections”. Sure. 40 some “corrections”. Normally one or two “corrections” gets you at least a threat of, if not actual criminal charges.

          Who’s carrying water for a president’s son? Jared was corrupt, without a doubt. He was using his government position for leverage to get his shitty billion dollar stinker of a deal refinanced. And you see nothing wrong. But rich kid, shit head gets to sell his art for more than should be reasonable, and you have a fit. You really don’t see the double standard? (Of course not, you are a cultist.)

          1. Corrections do not get you a threat of criminal charges you ignorant shit. There is also the interviews post submittal of the SF86. It is generally only then if you to the investigator that one would even be charged, generally it is a straight simple denial of clearance. How uninformed are you? Even failed polographs generally don’t lead to charges.

            1. Yes they do. When you sign an SF86, as I have many times, you are affirming that everything contained is true and correct, at threat of criminal consequence.

              1. You said they get charged. Signing a document and being charged are two inherently different actions you retarded fuck. Youre not the only one who knows what an SF86 is here, but you’re acting like you’ve never dealt with one lol.

          2. “Jared used his position as leverage, but Biden as VP holding meetings with Hunter’s business partners is totally innocent”

            What is this. I can’t even…

    4. How many of those paintings will be purchased with government funds?

      1. Which government?

      2. None. But Jesse is convinced that Hunter is the story of the year.

        Also see Ken’s proclamations of Joe’s communism and secret fealty to China. The cultists just so badly want there to be an equivalent to Trump’s special relationship with Putin and placing his kids directly in government jobs while they used those jobs to get Chinese trademarks and Arab money for loser real estate deals.

        And there just isn’t an equivalent. But they are cultists who are not seeing reality clearly.

        1. You are in such leftist denial lol.

          1. I’m a realist. Accuse Joe Biden of being a 50 year swamp creature, and I’d agree. Tell me his son selling art is proof positive of criminal corruption, then I’ll need some actual evidence.

        2. “IT’S A cULT!!!!”

          Lol. You come here and do nothing but troll, shitpost, gaslight and lie, and then have the temerity to call everyone else “cultists”.

          Jesse isn’t the one here that believes in 67 genders, that global warming is causing racism and that critical theory is scientifically rigorous.

        3. “… kid……”

          Whose dad is a 50 year swamp creature.

          Nothing? No? Haha.

        4. No way in hell you’re a vet.

          1. care to make a wager? Any dollar amount.

  16. Another covid China story the MSM is missing is how ineffective the Chinese vaccine is. Countries using the Chinese vaccine are still seeing high case numbers.

  17. I may have missed it. But did ENB have such glowing coverage of red states opening months ago as she does for NY and LA? This article even makes it seem Cuomo did a good job.

    1. This week it’s Britches doing the roundup.

      1. Ahh. Didn’t know he was part of the cocktail party circuit.

        1. He’s not. And the giveaway that it’s not ENB is the lack of reliance on tweets for source material. And missing outrage culture BS.

            1. Dang!

            2. why even show up?

    2. I thought so. Pretty much every Reason contributor that commented on it pointed out how ridiculous the hysteria over those earlier states opening up was, especially when the coof apocalypse the media bobbleheads predicted didn’t come to pass.

      1. Went through other stories, didn’t really see anything about Arizona reopening at all.

        They had a decent on on Texas.

  18. The Senate unanimously passed a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery.

    It’s about time! Now do a federal holiday in August.

    1. My old employer, a major oil company, had a response to the federal Martin Luther King Jr. holiday – ‘you get ten paid holidays a year. Add MLK and drop another, if you want this one.’
      Anyway, only half of the refinery employees were ever off on a paid holiday because in a 24/7 operation, half of the employees worked every day of the year. This is like working remotely, something only office workers would consider, while others keep the lights on, water flowing, and food at the stores.

      1. Several years back, there were ‘activists’ in SF trying to make sure stores were closed on T-day, since it was ‘unfair’ to the workers.

        To whom, pilots, radio and TV workers, hospital staff, cops, firefighters, etc all said BOO HOO!

      2. Hey, unless you can “work” from home in your pajamas you are not enlightened.

    2. It landed on a weekend. I call bullshit if it ain’t a weekday holiday.

    3. Just in time to get my mattress and linen looting in.

  19. Sluuuuurrrrrrrrppppppp!!!!!!

    gushes over Biden shaking hands w/ Putin: “The handshake, Biden looked in the eye of Putin with a smile and Putin looked away … These [moments] are about public posturing and about how you project strength.”

    1. Putin looked to the press as has been done in every picture in forever, Biden forgets they were there.

  20. National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism that refocuses federal law enforcement policies on combating white supremacist and anti-government extremists

    This follows an intelligence assessment released by the administration in March that identified these two elements as the most lethal domestic terrorism threats.

    Lol. The fact that this is written without heavy push back is hilarious.

    Are we just ignoring gang violence now? Islamic (aka workplace) violence?

    This is the same group that is still in denial that the scalise shooting was a political act even after the fbi finally changed the definition from suicide by cop.

    Reason isn’t pushing back on this??

    1. Why would they push back on this? All their “anti-government extremist” writers are gone, it’s all leftist hacks now.

      1. Be fair. Reason had to purge those domestic terrorists.

    2. Turns out you can’t keep up the “civil war” rhetoric for too long before you end up on an enemies list. Who would’a thought?

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, ya’ll need to read How to Make Friends and Influence People. Or take a class for autistic people to learn about human relationships.

      1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Your statements are worthless and nobody respects you. LOL.

        You sure do follow your own advice. You can’t wait to jump in here and call everyone who disagrees with you a traitor to the country (see Ashley Babbit). You truly are that which you accuse others of being.

        You’re literally a joke on these boards.

        1. He’s literally a sociopath.

        2. Ashley Babbit was a traitor. She took an oath to uphold and defend the constitution, then died while interfering with the prescribed duties of congress according to the constitution.

          Ipso facto, she died while betraying her oath.

          1. Absolutely no question not a vet. Go die in a fire.

            1. I am, and I have proven it several times on these very boards. Put some $$$ up or shut up.

              1. No you haven’t. Multiple people have offered to verify given your name. You posted a picture with coins you can buy online.

        3. I’m literally slapping you around on these boards whenever I feel like it.

          All you have to do is stop consuming outrage partisan media, and start trying to learn how the world actually is, rather than how you wish it was.

          1. “All you have to do is stop consuming outrage partisan media,”

            And listen to…you? I’ve seen no bigger hack around here, and that is saying something.

            1. He still pushes every anti trump story as true, including the debunked ones.

          2. Do you have to spend 2 lies on every post i make?

            This implies you thought a second after the first post and had something else of interest to say. But both posts are the general ignorant biased tripe youre known for.

          3. You’re literally making yourself look like a complete ass. Fuck off slaver.

            1. Says the ass. “Your boos mean nothing. I’ve seen what makes you people clap.”


    GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger
    Replying to
    New revelations that Fulton County is unable to produce all ballot drop box transfer documents will be investigated thoroughly, as we have with other counties that failed to follow Georgia rules and regulations regarding drop boxes. This cannot continue.

    1. Biden was inaugurated 6 months ago. What do you mean “this cannot continue”? Besides which, weren’t you the one who signed the consent decree allowing the Democrats to change the rules of the election, most importantly, the rule about who gets to change the rules?

  22. Washington state’s liquor and cannabis board gave a green light this past week for adults to receive a pre-rolled joint from certified marijuana retailers if they get their jab at an in-store vaccination clinic.

    The glory of corporations pushing government influence. If only there was a word for when governments colluded with industry to push behaviors….

  23. A reporter for FOX 26 in Houston claims she was “muzzled” by her employers after they prevented her from doing stories on Bitcoin and alleged COVID cures.

    She never once claimed Hcq and zinc was a cure you dishonest hack. The videos literally are there for you to watch but you can’t be bothered.

    1. To be fair, it is the Daily Beast that’s being cited. The site currently features a story on “alt-right” Catholics attempting to censor a priest who is pushing for LGBTQ+ acceptance in the Catholic Church, which I’m not sure illustrates a deep ignorance of the alt-right or the Catholic Church – or both.

      1. I will go back to a common complaint I have at Reason… only Robbie seems to be capable of spending even 5 minutes on primary source material for their articles.

    2. The people that she was talking to said they had good success with that. I think the “story” is about a cure even if she never said it. Ultimately I don’t think it matters much, either way they told her not to mention it.

  24. For the best sexual chat experience and free casual contacts with hot ladies in United Kingdom you must to visit Mature Ladies West Midlands

    1. I can just picture their poor dental work and thick cankles…

      1. This is a very niche service.

  25. The Senate unanimously passed a bill making Juneteenth a federal holiday celebrating the end of slavery. The legislation now moves to the House where it’s expected to pass.

    Finally. Another paid holiday for those over worked federal employees.

  26. Over 600,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the U.S.

    With, not of.

    1. What about “during”?

      1. I consider that part of the with bucket. Then again, with can me actively fighting it and cured oneself about 90 days ago.

    2. Amazing they are STILL doing this.

  27. Covid Restriction being lifted up is a positive sign. Although you can find more of such information on Fake People Quotes

  28. “the unvaccinated in New York are still required to wear masks”

    Why? At this point, there’s plenty of vaccine to go around, and it’s been available to everyone (no more tiers / phases) for months. The unvaccinated are unvaccinated by choice. The only risk of transmission is to other unvaccinated people.

    “the Biden Administration released a new National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism that refocuses federal law enforcement policies on combating white supremacist and anti-government extremists.”

    ” . . . Biden’s new approach raises a number of civil liberty concerns.”

    There’s also the concern that this is a solution looking for a (largely non-existent) problem. Meanwhile, we’ve had a year of extreme left-wing anarcho-communist violence in several major cities. That’s a problem that actually exists – it’s really the only sort of ‘domestic terrorism’ around. But we are just going to completely ignore that, and pretend our ideological opponents are the violent extremists. OK.

    1. “The unvaccinated are unvaccinated by choice”

      By choice.
      That’s exactly why they must wear a token of their disobedience.

      1. My body, my choice–except my face?

        1. Now you’re getting it.

    2. “The only risk of transmission is to other unvaccinated people.”

      Not so. The higher the unvaccinated population, the higher the risk of a new, vaccine-resistant variant arising.

  29. Biden’s mental state is becoming a serious issue.

    The chances of him being able to perform in a post-pandemic campaign in 2024, traveling all over the country, debating his Republican opponent, etc., all that seems extremely unlikely when you look at the answers he’s giving to questions, video of him wandering aimlessly, being led around like a puppy by his wife, etc.

    Is there any good reason to think his mental acuity will improve? He isn’t very sharp right now, and he isn’t likely to get any smarter between now and 2024. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

    I guess the news media should start writing their stories about how it doesn’t really matter if the president is senile, and they should start beefing up Kamala Harris as an incredibly competent and able leader. Her disastrous trip to Central America must have a been a big disappointment to Biden’s staff.

    1. The goal is to get him past the midterms so Harris can run twice as an incumbent.

      Want to rig an election? Lie about who the candidate really is and pull a bait and switch.

      1. She is somehow doing worse than Biden when in front of cameras.

        1. She’s a willing prop, which is all that matters.

          1. As in, propped over a sofa?

            1. With her heels up, no doubt.

      2. The problem with that strategy, from a Democrat perspective, is that Kamala Harris was chosen as a woman of color, but she doesn’t have much appeal–not even among Democrats voters. Biden picked her because he was under pressure to choose a woman of color, but she was a bootlicker, which is what he needed at the time–because it looked like the Democrats’ support for rioting and opposition to law and order might sink his candidacy.

        Kamala Harris dropped out of the Democratic primaries due to lack of interest. She’ll win the nomination if and when Biden steps down, but her appeal in the general election is extremely limited–certainly to swing voters. On the list of most popular Democrats, she’s probably not even in the top five. She has all the charisma of Al Gore.

        1. Look at Ken’s faith in “democracy”

          1. Prepare for the possibility, however faint, that 2022’s elections might not be the resounding repudiation of these policies, that we are all hoping it will be.

    2. There are multiple pictures of the other foreign leaders having to gently lead biden when they were moving locations.

      1. My understanding is that Biden has declined the opportunity to take questions alongside Putin, and that’s probably a good idea.

    3. that is sad for the U.S. and Him

    4. ‘He is worse today than he was yesterday, and today is the best he will ever be for the rest of his life.’

      This disease only goes one way.

    5. A POTUS with diminished mental capacity is a national security threat. If you have not rung the alarm bells over Taiwan, start doing that now. China will move on them.


    Gainesville, FL (June 16, 2021) – A group of parents in Gainesville, FL, concerned about potential harms from masks, submitted six face masks to a lab for analysis. The resulting report found that five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites, and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. No viruses were detected on the masks, although the test is capable of detecting viruses.

    The analysis detected the following 11 alarmingly dangerous pathogens on the masks:

    • Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia)

    • Mycobacterium tuberculosis (tuberculosis)

    • Neisseria meningitidis (meningitis, sepsis)

    • Acanthamoeba polyphaga (keratitis and granulomatous amebic encephalitis)

    • Acinetobacter baumanni (pneumonia, blood stream infections, meningitis, UTIs— resistant to antibiotics)

    • Escherichia coli (food poisoning)

    • Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease)

    • Corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria)

    • Legionella pneumophila (Legionnaires’ disease)

    • Staphylococcus pyogenes serotype M3 (severe infections—high morbidity rates)

    • Staphylococcus aureus (meningitis, sepsis)

    1. But what do the models say. Models trump lab tests. Didn’t you learn anything from Covid?

    2. I love your updates, but this one is Bullshit. I dont really believe, nor do I care, that bloodborn diseases like Lyme were found on the masks.

      Sounds like somebody used the mask to wipe down the lab

      1. ” I dont really believe, nor do I care, that bloodborn diseases like Lyme were found on the masks.”

        Now that’s some Science, right there.

  31. “…The announcement comes on the heels of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) announcement that businesses there could operate statewide without restrictions…”

    “Continuing safety measures
    Everyday life will feel a lot like before COVID-19. But reopening safely means continuing vaccinations and protecting the health and well-being of Californians.
    Do’s and don’ts for daily life

    Restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, and most everyday places will be open as normal with no capacity limits or social distancing required. Protect yourself and others by keeping these common-sense rules in mind.
    Do Don’t
    ✔️ Wear a mask if you’re unvaccinated, especially in crowded, indoor environments ❌ Expect others to be ready to shake hands or hug
    ✔️ Follow safety rules for mega-events ❌ Lose your proof of vaccination
    ✔️ Get tested if you’re sick ❌ Think you can’t get the virus or pass it on because you feel well
    ✔️ Wear a mask while on public transit, even if you’re vaccinated ❌ Assume everyone is vaccinated
    ✔️ Honor mask and distancing rules in place at a private business ❌ Expect all COVID-19 rules everywhere to be lifted
    ✔️ Get tested if required by your workplace ❌ Travel into the U.S. without proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test
    ✔️ Wear a mask when you travel ❌ Travel if you’re sick

    No, I’m not gonna format it, since it seems to make more sense as the meaningless word salad that it is.
    Fuck Newsom with Tony’s dick

    1. You’re so lucky that you live in the most successful state in the history of the USA! You must feel so much pride?

      1. Yep, shits like you haven’t managed to ruin it yet, but it’s not for lack of trying, you steaming lefty asshole.


    A still more disturbing possibility arises from a careful study of the unindicted co-conspirators listed throughout the various charging documents of individuals facing the most serious charges related to 1/6.

    We at Revolver News have noticed a pattern from our now months-long investigation into 1/6 — and in particular from our meticulous study of the charging documents related to those indicted. In many cases the unindicted co-conspirators appear to be much more aggressive and egregious participants in the very so-called “conspiracy” serving as the basis for charging those indicted.

    The question immediately arises as to why this is the case, and forces us to consider whether certain individuals are being protected from indictment because they were involved in 1/6 as undercover operatives or confidential informants for a federal agency.


      Liberals are apoplectic about these questions regarding advanced FBI infiltration of groups involved in the January 6 Capitol riot because liberals (as polls show) now revere FBI & CIA, and thus view any suggestion that they acted nefariously or deceitfully as weird & offensive.

      I realize that @DarrenJBeattie and Revolver News have been declared off-limits, but read the reporting they did to judge for yourself on whether these questions of FBI infiltration are valid. They did vastly better 1/6 reporting than most liberal outlets:

      1. Take your meds!

        1. Lawrence Fields : And how do you know these bonds are built on subprime crap? Aren’t they filled with hundreds of pages of mortgages?

          Michael Burry : I read them.

        2. Open your eyes and mind

        3. Shut up, Jake.

        4. Jacob/Pod….you need another screen name. You outed yourself, dork.

          1. But imagine the embarrassment if he outs himself a second time.

    1. Just another totalitarian leftist

    2. Expect ENB to do a write-up on him next week

      1. So dreamy…

    3. I love the Anthony Bialy response.


    somehow I never learned in history class how communists killed nearly 2m people in Cambodia

    1. Redwashing. We don’t teach socialist death counts or that Hitler and Stalin started WWII on the same side.

    2. I mean, it was only a quarter of the population…


    Let’s be honest here. If a foreign government were holding hundreds of misdemeanor offenders in solitary confinement without bail for having protested an election outcome, we’d be calling it a human rights violation, there would be boycotts and sanctions and UN intervention.

    1. The guards are also regularly beating the prisoners.

      They’re being held for show trials during the midterms.

    2. During trumps inagueration leftist were burning cars and trash containers in the streets to keep people away was anyone arrested for the insurection. NOT

      1. Read the revolver article I linked to.
        What these people are accused of doing and saying is vastly more mild than just the public statements and acts of blmantifa all summer.


    Essentially the entire political/media class is committed to maximal antagonism against Russia. Dems to show Biden’s “toughness” compared to Trump. GOP to show Biden’s “weakness” compared to Trump. Corporate media + think tanks for their own self-serving reasons. Bunch of sickos

    1. These people don’t have any real existential enemies to struggle against and give their lives meaning, so they’re using Russia as a scapegoat for everything.

      Not to say that Russia isn’t an adversary at this point, but it wouldn’t have turned out that way if we’d just stayed out of their affairs and not installed a drunk puppet as their President in the mid-90s.

      1. China would fit that description, but most of this class have the decency to stay bought.

        Russia is indeed a miserable, antagonistic adversary—West Virginia with nukes—continuing to exploit fault lines that were established and pressurized during the Cold War. It is led by a Napoleon-esque thug, who has delighted in killing his political enemies both foreign and domestic.

        However, Russia currently is nowhere near the actual threat the People’s Republic of China is to the continued existence of the United States as a unified constitutional republic.

        1. Yeah, Russia is nowhere near a superpower. It has nukes and still needs to be respected, but its ambitions are largely regional and its culture has been one of low-grade paranoia for centuries. That’s why the US fucking around in its traditional Slavic buffer zones is so stupid and self-defeating.

          1. “That’s why the US fucking around in its traditional Slavic buffer zones is so stupid and self-defeating.”

            Let’s remember what happened one other time a European coalition decided to screw with one of the Slavs’s traditional polities…

            That said, the United States have traditionally been the friends and allies of democracies everywhere. It is not a bad thing to discourage secular, First World democracies like Estonia from being ground under a neo-Soviet boot heel. Zelensky’s on crack though if he really thought Ukraine was going to be admitted as a member of NATO.

      2. I suspect half the reason for the American political class’s hostility to Putin–especially on the left–isn’t because of his record of targeting critics, but because every attempt at a color revolution against him has been strangled in the crib.

        One of the greater ironies of the last 50 years is Russia is now working to keep out the critical race theory mumbo-jumbo from their country that their fellow travelers brought to the US.

        1. Considering their ~15-20 percent Muslim (albeit, Caucasian Muslim) minorities, that isn’t surprising. I’m amazed they haven’t cut the Caucasus/Tatars loose and told them, “Good bye and good luck.”

          1. Countries mostly sem functionally incapable of voluntarily turning territory loose.

            1. Seriously, we should have cut Puerto Rico loose decades ago.

              1. We did it to the Phillipines. Even before the Japanese invaded, though that certainly pushed things along. PR is certainly a great candidate to be next.

                1. PR is a great candidate to have the next Pinochet.

      3. Russia, as led by Putin, is the greatest impediment to the International Socialist Party’s global government.
        It’s nationalist not globalist, has a formidable military, relatively large population, and, most importantly, has about half the world’s existing nukes.

        1. Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with a giant chunk of that. They don’t seem down with the Davos crowd, except to have their elitny treated as the rest of GloboHomo’s. Their military is having a laughably difficult time projecting power right next door, never mind regionally or globally. (Seriously, what is the fucking hold up with advancing to the Dniepr already, and reopening that canal? Do they think water is going to magic it’s way into Crimean reservoirs?)

          And as for the nukes, while they have remodeled their stockpile, and introduced some—on paper—interesting and formidable mobile ICBM and improved SLBM designs, you might want to look at what China likely has before claiming the Russians own half the world’s nukes. That WaPo article on the Georgetown area prof having his class do open source research on Chinese strategic deterrent systems is a good start.

          The US badly needs to do a revised RRW program though.

          Jesus dude, turn off the ZH, RT, and SputnikNews once in awhile.

        2. Do those nukes still work?

          1. I’m not entirely sure ours do, at this point. Though Sandia et al, certainly soak up enough money modeling potential failure paths.

            The motors and guidance systems still work. For East-West paths, anyway.


    Biden Wants Public to Report ‘Potentially Radicalized’ Relatives, Ramping Up ‘Information Sharing’ With Big Tech

    1. You’ll be able to report your relatives to the state on a Google app called Pavlik.


    ‘Fatphobia Is Rooted In Racism’: Fat Liberationist Says ‘Thinness’ Marketed As A ‘White Trait’

    1. So far it seems the wokesters are pushing to have black people:

      – unobjective
      – unexact
      – not “on time”
      – not concerned about finding the correct answer
      – not given failing grades for, failing
      – not concerned with having a nuclear family, but a community
      – and now fat, as thinness is also white (and def asian)

      So when are they going to realize their betters are deliberately trying to create a herd of stupid cattle with shitty lives?

      1. 1619?


    This is concerning because we have already seen what the left means when they say “white supremacist” or “extremist.” They means conservatives. Trump supporters. Anyone who disagrees with them. Just like everything else they say, the words don’t mean what they purport to mean.

    The govt has already embraced multiple facets of leftism, like CRT and BLM and ideas like “equity,” which are all radical ideology cloaked in palatable terminology. Will the govt and the military also embrace the radical ideology underlying the left’s notion of “white supremacy”?

    Uh huh

    White House calls Capitol riot a ‘terrorist attack’, introduces Pentagon anti-radicalization to stop the ‘lethal’ rise of ‘white supremacy’ in the military and pushes to ‘purge’ the internet of ‘extremist content’


    He has weathered the crisis, and happy days are here again as Cuomo will no doubt garner a fourth term as governor.

    Now let’s see how New Yorkers rate Joseph Stalin.

    1. Sexual harassers as leaders is in vouge with democrats.

      1. Berea would have done well in today’s party. They say he raped over a thousand young girls.

        1. How many bodies did they end up pulling out of that dacha that ended up being the Tunisian embassy?

          Complete fucking monster. Death under torture—which The Death of Stalin elided for story pacing reasons, I guess—was too good for that demon.

    2. They’ll rate him quite high. They take their cues from the NYT, even if they have to go back 80 years.


    You joke, but there is actually a member of the Weather Underground, Susan Rosenberg, sitting in the financial chain of command for BLM. Not a random nobody, either, but someone quite high-profile. She even got a terrorism pardon from Clinton.

  41. Isn’t eating bugs something playground bullies make you do?

    You will eat the bugs while your betters eat fried cholesterol balls
    Quote Tweet
    Sen. Debbie Stabenow
    · 13h
    Our Vice President even made the cheese puffs herself!
    And they were so good!

  42. State governments and private businesses are offering a range of incentives to get people vaccinated…

    I can’t wait to see what happens when they’re all out of carrots.

    1. Parsnips dyed orange.


    Steve Scalise
    Unbelievable. Andrew McCabe says the FBI isn’t sure why we were attacked playing baseball.


    – The gunman came with a list of Republicans
    – He verified we were Republicans before shooting
    – He was in the Facebook group “Terminate the Republican Party”

    A real mystery.

    1. Terrorists for designation: only right wing, white supremacist, conservatives need apply.

    2. The real mystery is who told Hodgkinson that the softball practice would be a fantastic target, as well as who was giving him walking around money, the six weeks or so he was living out of his van in the D.C. area.

      It was a fantastic killing ground, and if Hodgkinson had paid the slightest attention to his targets, he’d have shot the members of Scalise’s detail first. Then, he could have racked up one hell of a body count. Who was there, anyway? Didn’t it include Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee? Think the Senate and House might’ve looked and acted a bit different after that?

      We’d have gotten Green Zone D.C. a few years early…

      1. I wonder if Rand would have the stones to go full Pinochet.
        Dude has been targeted A LOT

    3. Yeah, that one’ particularly amazing. A dude actually tried to murder several elected representatives with explicitly political motivation and crickets. Some idiots take an unauthorized tour of the capitol and it’s the end of the fucking world.

  44. Washington state’s liquor and cannabis board gave a green light this past week for adults to receive a pre-rolled joint from certified marijuana retailers if they get their jab at an in-store vaccination clinic.

    Hang on to it for when the side effects hit.

  45. So even corrupt scumbags like Cuomo and Newsom can figure out to end their bullshit lockdowns and mask mandates, but Biteme and his sociopathic VP cannot advocate to remove mask requirements in airports and airplanes. I am sure we’ll have some leftie shit reply and claim it’s still needed even though she hides in her house and worries if the delivery person isn’t masked up.

    1. The mask is team blue’s MAGA hat; how will we know their virtue if they give that up? Gotta let ’em down easy.

      1. So team blue’s version of Make America Great Again is a token of neurosis and subservience to ruling collectivist bureaucracy.
        But “both sidez!” guys

        1. Oh, and masks have to be forced on everyone.
          No Trump supporters felt the need to make MAGA hats mandatory.

  46. ‘Give Unto Caesar’: Alberta Pastor Jailed Again After Police Helicopter Finds Secret Church Gathering; Officer Quotes Jesus To Justify Arrest

    1. Render unto Cesar?

      1. I think the priest already paid his cleaning guys…

    2. So *that’s* why Trudeau built that Colliseum and imported all those lions…

    3. “Leave the soul of Canada to me”

  47. Nolte: Shock Video of Brazen Shoplifting in Democrat-Run San Francisco

    How bad are things in Democrat-run San Francisco? Well, a video posted on the verified Twitter account of Lyanne Melendez, a reporter for ABC7 in San Francisco (is “Lyanne” a great name for a journalist, or what?*), shows a guy on a bike inside a Walgreens store filling a trash bag with merchandise right in front of the store’s security guard.

    Then he blithely cruises past with no fear of being stopped or caught.


    America First commentator and former Senate candidate Lauren Witzke has had her bank account completely shut down by Wells Fargo, leaving her stranded out of state with no money.

    Witzke described what happened to her as “so evil”



    1. Just start your own bank in one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country.

  49. More shenanigans in Fulton County as the state opens up an investigation into ballot transfer forms gone missing.

    Why is this important? The forms include:

    “shall complete and sign a ballot transfer form upon removing the ballots from the drop box, which shall include the date, time, location and number of ballots.”

    So without the forms, it is impossible to actually calculate the number of valid ballots dropped off. There is no comparison to election night ballots to collected ballots. There is no ability to seek out abnormally high number of ballots. Etc.

    1. Fairest election evah!!!

      1. Fortified as fuck.

  50. Just under 53,000 New Yorkers died from COVID-19, giving the state the second-highest per capita death rate in the country. Only New Jersey fared worse.

    At this point, it doesn’t matter what the attribution of death is. What matters is the total number of dead people in excess of the normal number. A year is long enough for sample sizes and seasonal stuff to wash out and for decisions re autopsies to not matter.

    If you look at excess deaths, the rankings are different:
    North Dakota – 49% more deaths than normal
    DC – 36% more
    South Dakota – 30%
    California – 30%
    New Jersey – 30%
    Arizona – 29%
    Texas – 28%

    Among the biggest states, NY (21%) and FL (18%) are much lower. NY in particular looks like a lot of deaths were with covid rather than nec of covid (overattribution of covid). Which makes sense early on – but the diff between NY and NJ is that apparently NY learned whatever they learned early on and NJ didn’t.

    1. We need to be very careful about the continuous harping on “excess deaths”. For instance, the lockdowns themselves probably pushed the excess death numbers higher. After all, if the media can now literally attribute higher cholesterol, depression and anxiety to covid-19 while forgetting to mention that 330,000,000 people were idled for a year, the excess death number by itself isn’t going to be helpful.

      Excess mortality is a term used in epidemiology and public health that refers to the number of deaths from all causes during a crisis above and beyond what we would have expected to see under ‘normal’ conditions.1

      1. I think it is at least a good starting point to examine. Official numbers were clearly overinflated (deaths with), so in a year where we at least know it was a significant cause of increased death (and likely the biggest) checking 2020 vs the recent few years of death rates is at least a point of interest. There are clearly going to be confounders (as you said, sedentary lockdown life is bad for many reasons, depression, suicide, susceptibility to infections with worsening physical shape and decreased vit D).

        That said, I think FL gets a double commendation. The media and our benevolent overlords should give FL and desantis a collective apology. It was nothing but “they dont follow the science!! they are going to kill everyone!!” and the state with pretty much the oldest demographic had some of the better results. While not forcing unnecessary regulations and mandates down their citizens throats.

        1. Excess deaths SHOULD be looked at, because it could be useful in telling us how the RESPONSE to the pandemic killed a bunch of people.

          1. Excess deaths should be looked at with NO overriding goal. That is how you head down the path of lying through your teeth.

            You wanna suggest and test a hypothesis? Wonderful. That’s exactly what honest statistical analysis can do. But that’s not what you’re saying here.

            1. >>with NO overriding goal

              no study ever.

            2. If we don’t look at excess deaths without an overriding goal, then it’s just a datapoint on a line. Therefore, excess deaths during covid cannot be attributed to covid.

            3. Honest statistical analysis?

              You just compared excess deaths using the median value instead of supplying the normal distribution.

          2. It also puts something of a ceiling on covid deaths.

        2. Official numbers were clearly overinflated (deaths with)

          What is imo most important about looking at excess deaths is precisely that it doesn’t conform to a political narrative.

          NY and southern New England show a lot of ‘covid’ deaths compared to excess deaths. Alabama, Oregon, Arkansas, Illinois, and Oklahoma (put that in a common political narrative) show the reverse – very few covid deaths relative to excess deaths (of those only Oregon had very low excess deaths as well).

          Course the political narrative is probably the only thing that matters.

      2. There is virtually no ‘harping’ on excess deaths. That is precisely why it is a surprise when I say that NJ has a lot of excess deaths but NY really doesn’t (compared to the US% overall). Everything talked about is about ‘covid’. And every fucking word uttered by R’s here – and by both party’s hacks everywhere – is intended SOLELY for the purpose of furthering their particular political narrative. IOW – they are completely comfortable lying about everything if it serves their political goals. THAT is what has been happening in these threads for the entire year. I’m certain no one here gives a shit about actually trying to figure out what happened in 2020 – but if you do then what you look at the the total number of deaths BEFORE those get sliced up into smaller subsets like cause, week, etc.

        Further, while public health people and epidemiologists use the terms excess mortality as you describe, that does not make it an invention out of thin air. Actuaries use the same concepts to price life insurance and health insurance and such.

        Finally, if lockdowns themselves pushed the deaths-from-all-causes higher then that is precisely the sort of info that should be used to judge what the lockdowns really achieved. Course you can only do that if you actually ADMIT what those numbers really are – and how they might differ from one place to another. Because if you are simply attributing all deaths to ‘lockdown’, then, hey presto, yet another fucking liar is born who will cover up actual info in order to lie and support their narrative. IOW – they will simply assume that “lockdown” produces exactly the same number/% of excess deaths everywhere (by ignoring and even covering up the latter) so they can blame those excess deaths on ‘lockdown’ without having to understand anything other than some ideological narrative.

        1. I’m not attributing all deaths to lockdown. By implication, “excess deaths” is a statistic that doesn’t stand on its own. It must be investigated further to derive meaning.

          However, the media IS attributing excess deaths to ‘COVID’. If a study shows that people both known to be infected with COVID and not known to be infected with COVID are all reporting conditions such as “high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, weight gain, lethargy (the list goes on)”, then one might infer that “excess deaths– deaths from ALL causes” might be attributed to “high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression (suicide?), anxiety etc” all of those things might be related to being locked down for a year.

          What you are doing is harping on excess deaths with the implication that it’s because of COVID. If you keep talking about excess deaths and you’re NOT implying COVID, then why are we talking about excess deaths if we’re not allowed to speculate about what those causes may have been?

          1. You’re perfectly free to speculate on anything you want as long as you are willing to submit those speculations to the actual data to see whether your speculations are plausible or shit-balloons. Here’s the raw data that you can download in csv format.

            I’ve done that and played with the data. It’s why I assert that:

            Those deaths are not remotely partisan or with an overridingly ideological explanation. That’s just transparently silly bullshit.

            The excess deaths are very large. 20.5% more deaths than normal nationwide. That’s 657,156 excess deaths in my personal subset of this weekly data by state. Timed roughly but in every single state with a reasonable (my opinion) expectation of covid virus spreading locally (and the vaccine) rather than any implementation of lockdown (which would tend towards a partisan implementation of policy anyway).

            You can believe whatever you want. You people will anyway and it will almost certainly be whatever supports your political explanation of everything.

            1. And you can post your panic bullshit forever.
              Start by subtracting the 15K caused by Cuomo, not covid, and then:
              “One-third of excess deaths in US during pandemic were not due to the coronavirus: Study”

              Now add:
              “The excess deaths are very large. 20.5% more deaths than normal nationwide.”
              Let’s reduce those by the above, and then ask a valid question: Do you have one shred of evidence the restrictions, damage to the economy or any other measures that you, as a cowardly piece of lefty shit, accomplished anything at all?

              You, as that cowardly piece of lefty shit with your PANIC flag jammed up your ass, can believe anything you want, but fuck you for pushing the destruction of the economy to no good end at all.
              Fuck you with Tony’s dick, flaming asshole.

        2. That is because NJ has an utterly incompetent governor, Phailing Phil Murphy.

          Phuck Phil Murphy.

      3. Excess deaths also need to be compared in relation to normal distributions, not the median value like JFree did above. That’s just dishonest representation of the numbers.

  51. countering by offering j’s to the unvaccinated.

    1. I’m not vaccinated and want a j?

      Do I have to come to Texas?

      1. ‘Nother asshole flag

  52. Does anybody know if Biden has challenged Putin to a push-up contest yet?

    1. “”to a push-up contest yet?””

      The ice cream?

      1. It’s Biden, so presumably it would be enhancement undergarments for 12 year old girls.

  53. Extremists?

    Like those Wall of Moms and Wall of Vets who aided and abetted rioters and arsonists?

  54. The reason that the pandemic is ending rapidly is that even the idiots in the blue states can see video from the wide-open states that are filling stadiums and concert halls. And spring.

  55. Fuck Cuomo

    1. Fuck him

  56. asshole gets two flags

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