Free Speech

Don't Ban Critical Race Theory in Education. Embrace School Choice Instead.

It's wrong for politicians to suppress important debates in schools. Instead let families have more control of their kids' educations.


Conservatives in Florida, Idaho, and the nation's capitol are attempting to block public schools from teaching Critical Race Theory, an ideology that holds that racism is historically fundamental to how America's political, legal, and cultural institutions are structured.

It's an authoritarian proposal that would cut off classroom debate about hot-button political issues. Rather than rejecting the idea of forcing students to learn controversial concepts as though they're facts, it just picks a different side of the controversy and pushes that one instead.

The proposals also tend to be terribly written. Here's what Florida's State Board of Education passed unanimously Thursday:

Instruction on the required topics must be factual and objective, and may not suppress or distort significant historical events, such as the Holocaust, slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the civil rights movement and the contributions of women, African American and Hispanic people to our country, as already provided in Section 1003.42(2), F.S. Examples of theories that distort historical events and are inconsistent with State Board approved standards include the denial or minimization of the Holocaust, and the teaching of Critical Race Theory, meaning the theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but that racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons. Instruction may not utilize material from the 1619 Project and may not define American history as something other than the creation of a new nation based largely on universal principles stated in the Declaration of Independence. Instruction must include the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and subsequent amendments.

The amendment also forbids educators from sharing their personal views at all during class discussions.

Now, a lot of honestly misguided ideas have come out of Critical Race Theory—its exponents, for example, have pushed the idea that the First Amendment should not protect hate speech. But the notion that embedded racism has played a major role in America's institutional history should not in itself be controversial. Florida's new rule defines Critical Race Theory as claiming "racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons." Would this cover the idea that America's past is full of obvious examples of institutionally embedded racism? A teacher might argue that the language doesn't cover that, but it's close enough that it could have a chilling effect. The results would be untenably absurd: Students would learn that slavery was a result of simple prejudice against black people, not an entrenched political and economic system.

This amendment is, in itself, a lesson about Critical Race Theory. Those with the most political power in Florida are deciding what can and cannot be taught about race relations. While Florida has a significant black and Latino population, it is still predominantly white. The dominant power structure in Florida is telling educators how they're allowed to characterize racism within America's power structures.

The parents who are upset at the teaching of Critical Race Theory at school—or, sometimes, upset about "anti-racist" instruction that doesn't have much to do with Critical Race Theory but gets lumped together with it anyway—are often reacting to genuinely bad practices. When every aspect of culture gets whittled down to a race-driven conflict, that either turns people defensive or causes them to tune out entirely. But rather than trying to address such concerns in a reasonable manner, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state's Department of Education are throwing kerosene on the fire for political gain.

Similarly: It's inappropriate to ban the teaching of The New York Times' controversial and flawed 1619 Project in public schools. You can't talk about the flaws otherwise! It's also equally inappropriate to mandate the teaching of the 1619 Project as though it's an accurate representation of history; in fact, historians have questioned some of its claims.

Better to let families decide for themselves. Florida has a pretty good record of supporting school choice: The state currently has 687 charter schools serving more than 340,000 students. And school choice is the ideal way to address these concerns—certainly better than either a mandate or a ban. Letting families choose which schools their children attend means letting them decide what curricula those children will encounter, without either side of this culture war getting a veto over that choice.

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  1. JFC

    No Enemies on the Left!

    Politicians impose this toxic unconstitutional crap, politicians can unimpose it.

    1. No fucking shit. Is it any mystery why the Louden County School Board and its supporters are making Enemies Lists of parents, their kids, and district residents who speak out against their agenda? Or why it’s suddenly problematic when parents might actually hold a school board full of radical leftists accountable for something?

      If the school boards want to impose top-down curriculums and training materials while telling the parents of their district to fuck off and organizing with political activists to destroy their constituents, they can suffer from Tan Man Bad and a bunch of other non-woke politicians telling them “knock it off or else.”

      When you support government intervention for your own shibboleths, don’t cry the blues when government intervenes to prevent you from doing what you want to do.

      Libertarians who are wringing their hands about this should nut up, get some skin in the game, and start getting involved in local school boards, PTAs, town councils, and committee planning meetings rather than ineffectually whinging about “school choice!” and the small tyrannies of local government agencies. Because that’s where the real battles in the political war are being fought.

      Take a lesson from the radical left–you can’t subvert Big Government until you actually get involved in it.

      1. I’d prefer to retreat deeper into my ever-shrinking corner, thank you very much. Maybe when it’s concentrated enough I can secede from the world on a beautiful seastead, living as my ancestors did: by filter-feeding plankton while aimlessly floating.

        1. Progressives will find you.
          There is no more sinful idea to them than “live and let live”

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        2. Only if it’s artisanal plankton.

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      2. How the fuck do you know all of these things?

        Watch some decent news for Christ’s sake. This right-wing horseshit is turning you into a hysterical loon.

        1. This is how I always know I’ve hit a nerve–when Tony comes out with this “move along, nothing to see here” gas lighting.

          1. If you’d just get your news from objective, trustworthy sources like Democratic Underground and DailyKos like he does then you’d be an educated, smartified faggot cocksucker Oklahoma hicklib like he is.

      3. Well said.

    2. “…suppress important debates…”

      Yep. That’s what it was – a debate.

      What is not up for debate is that Shackford is a dishonest tool.

      1. Reason: Doing it’s part to discredit honest debate since 2008.

  2. Reason officially defending using the government to spread Marxism?!

    That’s pathetic.

    If you want to teach Marxism, do like the religions do and start your own private school.

    1. With tax dollars, mind you.

      No worries, just build your own school syatems! Sure, your kids will be grown and indoctrinated and selling you out to Herr Kommisar by the time that happens….

    2. Hehe, a private Marxist school.

      1. Is that against their religion?

        1. Mainly that Marxists don’t believe if private anything

      2. It’s not unprecedented. Robert Owens started his own private communist communities. They failed spectacularly, of course.

    3. What makes you think they’re defending it? All the article is doing is providing a solution. It’s not defending any kind of dogma.

      1. “It’s wrong for politicians to suppress important debates in schools. Instead let families have more control of their kids’ educations.”

        It is not wrong for politicians on school boards and in state legislatures to represent the concerns of parents and their constituents–especially when we’re talking about indoctrinating their children with Marxism.

        And critical theory is Marxism.

    4. Reason has lost…its reason.

  3. Will the government also force fronology in anatome classes?

    1. And 6,000yr Creationism

  4. FYI, I mean to mention this either last week or the week before, but never got around to it, and it appears the media is starting to take notice, like meerkat heads poking out of the ground.

    A friend of mine and I have been trading short Bill Maher clips because he’s been going on some rants lately which are clearly drawing nervous, uncomfortable reactions from his audience.

    Looks like the Media is starting to take notice.

    REAL TIME RANT Bill Maher calls people still wearing masks ‘f***ing morons’ and slams Kevin Hart’s ‘white power’ comments in shock rant

    Maher said that people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 and still choosing to wear their masks could be a “big liability” for Democrats.

    “I see people on the street walking outside with a mask on, like, you f***ing moron,” Maher quipped.

    “I just shout at them outside the car, you’re a moron! You never could get it outside, really, and you’re alone walking on the street with a mask?”

    The host went on to insist that the pandemic is “over,” despite the fact that only around 53 percent of adults in the US are fully vaccinated, according to the latest CDC data.

    “Can we just say it’s over?” Maher said. “I know it was great fun to have a pandemic and order Grubhub every night, but …”

    side note: Notice that the pandemic is defined by the number of people vaccinated… not by how many people are dying from it.

    1. Well, the number of people dying from it is 0.01% or less of the people who catch it, so there’s that.

    2. “Notice that the pandemic is defined by the number of people vaccinated… not by how many people are dying from it.”

      Viva la pandemia!

    3. I just notice that whoever you’re quoting doesn’t get comedy.

      He’s being blunt and hyperbolic about things to point out silliness and the sorts of foolish behaviors people do. This sounds like classic Bill Maher, you know, from the days of Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death, when he was an actual comic and not just a Democrat. That writer needs to pretend it’s 1991 and he’s standing in front of a brick wall and go through his statements again.

      Or maybe I’m just ranting because, seriously, fuck the twitterati and the media acolytes who listen to their howls of outrage. There’s no such thing as woke humor.

      And noting that things like rates of death and severe illness (which are down to almost nothing in my county) as opposed to vaccines goes against the hive mind. The notion that someone is immune from previous illness cannot be written in media (even though 1/3 of LA was likely infected during the Nov-Jan period) either.

  5. Now, a lot of honestly misguided ideas have come out of Critical Race Theory—its exponents, for example, have pushed the idea that the First Amendment should not protect hate speech. But the notion that embedded racism has played a major role in America’s institutional history should not in itself be controversial.

    Oh FFS, yeah, THAT’S all Critical Race Theory is positing. That’s it… some racist shit happened in the past, and it’s important to teach the kids about it.

    1. It is that racist institutions were built in the past, that have propagated unequal results based on race, even if none of the people participating in said systems have bigoted thoughts or feelings at all.

      1. >>propagated unequal results based on race

        affirmative action.

        >>even if none of the people participating in said systems have bigoted thoughts or feelings at all

        systems without participants do not operate.

        1. systems without participants do not operate.

          Right. But CRT posits that racism is a property of structures and institutions, which is measured by disparate outcomes. So they would argue that the criminal justice system is racist due to its disproportionate negative impact on people of color. That doesn’t mean that every prison guard is a racist. It means that the nonracist prison guards are working within a racist system to perpetutate unequal outcomes by race. That is how CRT views things, at least as far as I can tell.

          1. But CRT posits that racism is a property of structures and institutions, which is measured by disparate outcomes.
            Then how did people like Thomas Sowell, Walter Wiliams, Ben Carson, Glen Loury, etc etc etc manage? How did Henry Rogers (the Kendi fraud) manage?

            When do people stop marinating in the comfort of victimhood and do something? If you think there’s a lack of black engineers, then start a summer math program. Better yet, stop with the idiocy that math itself is racist. Teaching people to see themselves as perpetually oppressed is not helpful.

            1. If you think there’s a lack of black engineers, then start a summer math program.

              I think that is a good idea. However you should be aware that part of the reason why we have CRT today, is because people have been doing things like what you suggest for 100 years now, and look at where we are at.

              1. Really? If they were actually doing those things, public schools wouldn’t suck; colleges would not bend requirements to let in lower-performing minorities; and, there would be no need for CRT because black achievement wouldn’t be an issue.

                These people prefer grievance over freedom, because freedom means taking responsibility for one’s decisions. You can’t just blame whitey if things go badly.

                1. Haha. Yup.

                2. See there you go. You are ASSUMING from the outset that the system right now is perfectly fair, and if they are not succeeding, it is because of their moral failures.

                  By the way, public schools only truly “suck” for certain groups. Part of the problem is that students of color tend to come from disadvantaged schools, which can’t offer the same opportunities as the richer schools. Is it the black students’ fault that they go to schools that have been funded under a system that virtually guaranteed that poorer students would get a worse education?

                  In other contexts, we talk a lot about special interests bending the rules to favor themselves, and thereby creating an unequal playing field. For those who are so disadvantaged by this, is their disadvantage due to a lack of moral rectitude? Due to a lack of good decision-making? Why is it so impossible to consider that the playing field really isn’t level in a general sense?

                  1. Racist jeff thinks skin color effects achievement.

                    1. It does. What makes him a racist isn’t noticing that skin color affects achievement, it’s his modern colonial white man’s burden bullshit.

                  2. See there you go. You are ASSUMING from the outset that the system right now is perfectly fair, and if they are not succeeding, it is because of their moral failures

                    Well you’re right, the system certain isn’t fair. Black kids get special privileges and are graduated from high school and subsequently admitted to top colleges displacing qualified mostly Asian students without being literate to a 4th grade proficiency in the majority of cases. Per-student spending is astronomically higher in the publicly-funded schools where the poor oppressed minorities live than in the private religious schools where the overprivileged white Catholics and Chassidim send their children. Despite 50 years of this completely lopsided unfairness, black people still have an average IQ in the mid 80s and can’t qualify on academic merit for practically any advanced education. The solution is to make the system even more unfair and disqualify Asian and white students from attendance at top schools. It’s the magic soil that confers the opportunities, of course. Just put the poor benighted niggers on the magic soil and watch them grow into certified honkies with 2 kids and a house in the suburbs. Hell, it worked with the cargo cult mentality of giving government-backed loans to McDonald’s workers to purchase half million dollar McMansions. Wet streets really DO cause rain!

                    1. You nailed it, right there.
                      Furthermore, 75% of all AA college admissions drop out after two quarters. probably worse now.
                      Some schools, where kids have GP average of .000035 are considered in the top third of the class.
                      This is the result of progressive ideas.

                    2. There we go. The real racism shines through.

              2. So it’s a lot of sore-loser foot-stamping by the thought leaders of disaffected groups whose leaders/members have failed to address their own internal shortcomings for generations. Sort of what the Trumpists are routinely accused of doing.

                Teaching people to see themselves as perpetually oppressed is not helpful.

                This is the salient point, and needs to be beat to death.

                1. In a few decades the “perpetually oppressed” are gonna figure this out.

                  And they won’t be happy with progs.

                  1. A few more decades?

                    Just how many decades are required? Why aren’t we there yet?

              3. We have CRT today because it was the next avenue of critical theory and cultural marxism you fat wit.

              4. No, they have been paying lip service to summer math programs, while actively destroying the nuclear black family, black merit-based ethics, and extended black family and social structures. The achievement successes of traditional white families and especially Asian families are due to the preservation of those same entities. Incredibly, CRT seeks to choke the last vestige of life out of those entities for blacks.

              5. I remember not so long ago that getting an education, a decent job, a house and a family was shunned by some blacks for being ‘white’.
                We’ve now gone full circle that whites have to be punished for making those choices while blacks didn’t, despite the fact that for many, it was their own decision not to.

                1. Don’t you know? The poor benighted niggers can’t be held responsible for their own choices. They need very intelligent effete white children of privilege like cytotoxic to civilize them. It really is a very big burden.

              6. you should be aware that part of the reason why we have CRT today, is because people have been doing things like what you suggest for 100 years now, and look at where we are at.

                Black literacy rates are the lowest they’ve been since the 1960s. Black intact families are the lowest they’ve been since the 1960s. Black economic outcomes are the lowest they’ve been since the 1960s. Black crime rates are the highest they’ve been since reconstruction. This despite 10 trillion dollars in education and antipoverty spending in the same period of time. Clearly the problem is that the system is racist. Black people can’t be held accountable for their actions or the outcomes of their decisions like respectable white people. Did you know that those poor benighted niggers can’t even get a free ID card? White people need to do better.

          2. >> CRT posits that racism is a property of structures and institutions

            which is where it dies on the vine for incorrectness.

          3. Right. But CRT posits that racism is a property of structures and institutions, which is measured by disparate outcomes.

            At best, a poor tool to measure racism with, and at worst, completely wrong.

            Now, if we want to define well-meaning progressive policies designed by their creators to eliminate the imbalances but in fact made them worse, as racism, then we have something to talk about.

          4. Chemjeff. At this point, there are more white people living in poverty than there are black people, period. I don’t need my child being told how oppressed she is compared to a white person who was born in a trailer in a county where the primary industries are drugs, tobacco, and welfare and gas station attendant is a dream job.

            1. Ungawa brother!

          5. Jeff, you are well versed in post modernist critical theory… so you can stop pretending to be a libertarian now.

          6. Yes. In other words, they make up their own definitions of words and then pretend that’s what they meant all along. And it’s really not a debate for them. It is axiomatic that everything is racist.

            1. See “2+2=5” proofs

            2. It is a different way to view racism. I do think a big giant flaw of CRT is that they see racism creeping around every corner. It is almost like a non-falsifiable hypothesis.

              1. chemjeff radical individualist
                June.14.2021 at 7:13 pm

                It is a different way to view racism.

                Yeah, that’s what Zeb said, please pay attention:

                June.14.2021 at 4:53 pm

                Yes. In other words, they make up their own definitions of words

          7. You could make the same argument for gender much more effectively. Same for police shootings. Black women are not being shot at a higher rate than white men. Men are 20 times more likely to be killed by police than women.
            Systemically, men get worse sentences than women in like for like circumstances and fair better in family courts and men have less resource available to them from govt in general.

            Of course, we can’t say that because then we have to recognise that the current system makes western (mostly white) women the most privileged beings in the history of the planet.

            1. 18 of the top 20 students in my sons graduating class were female. The F:M ratio at his college is going to be 58:42

          8. So they would argue that the criminal justice system is racist due to its disproportionate negative impact on people of color.

            Understand what’s being said here.

            Making murder illegal is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Making rape illegal is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Making assault illegal is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Making theft illegal is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Stopping kids from fighting at school is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Grading students work is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            Being on time is racist because doing so has a negative impact on people of color.

            And you can just go on and on.

            None of these things is racially specific. Not one. Murder, rape, theft, getting graded. NONE.

            But they’re all racist because broad based laws against common offenses have a negative impact on people of color.

            Should we then make murder legal? Rape? Theft?

            No. We should instead recognize that ‘disparate impact’ is yet another divisive creation of the left.

      2. That every inequality we see between black or white people, at every individual level is in fact a result of ongoing institutional racism, that all white people are imbued with, benefit from and exist in a bubble of racialized privilege.

        It asserts, without evidence, that all imbalances between the races are a result of ongoing institutional racism. It asserts, without evidence, that all outcome differences between white and “people of color” (often poorly defined) are a result of racism. It asserts, without evidence that all human interpersonal relationships are based SOLELY on power dynamics.

        I can go on all day long.

        1. I agree that they get a lot of things wrong. But the answer to that is not to ban the idea, it is to have a discussion and a search for a better understanding of reality.

          1. Just stop with your sophistry.

            It is completely false and wrong. There is no use arguing with idiots who believe subjective ideas trump objective criteria.

          2. No one wants to ban the idea. They want to ban teaching it as truth in public schools. There is no more excuse for indoctrinating children with CRT than with Jim Crow segregationist ideas. They are both disgustingly racist and I have no problem with forbidding that kind of indoctrination at the state level in public schools (SLD applies, etc.)

          3. But the people pushing CRT don’t want to have a discussion and a search for a better understanding of reality. They want to enshrine their flawed understanding as undisputable, unquestionable fact.

            1. Then maybe it is time for ADULTS, not the zealots and not the reactionaries, to have the adult conversation.

              1. We are.
                You aren’t.

                1. You are just a reactionary moron. Have you threatened mass murder yet today?

                  1. The idiot defending subjective reality as being adult attacks others….

              2. You mean like the adults that tried to speak out about it and got doxxed by their school board and CRT activists?

                Or is this another one of those times where lefties like you set the rules of the “conversation”?

                1. I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t read breitbart.

                  1. “Everywhere I look I see exactly what I’m looking for!”

                    Yeah we know you live in a bubble of Democratic Underground, DailyKos, Salon and Jacobin, cytotoxic.

                  2. Why is it you think everyone that disagrees with you reads only from certain sources or only gets their news from Fox? I get you believe this to be an insult, but why without evidence do you believe it?

          4. But the answer to that is not to ban the idea, it is to have a discussion and a search for a better understanding of reality.

            No. The answer to fanatics mandating the teaching of indisputable bullshit in schools that are funded by taxpayers is to ban the teaching of indisputable bullshit in the schools as reflected by the will of the taxpayers who pay for them. No one was “having a discussion” about this shit, they imposed it by administrative mandate. And now you’re throwing a temper tantrum because it turns out public schools are subject to the input of, you know, the fucking public.

        2. Now, I do think the idea of a racial privilege should not be so controversial. It is just a generalization of the idea that individuals all enjoy different types of social privilege based on who they are and their social standing.

          Men have social privileges that women don’t, women have social privileges that men don’t, athletes have social privileges that non-athletes don’t, elderly people have privileges that young people don’t, etc., etc. How is it so controversial to say that people have privilege based on skin color as well, when it is entirely uncontroversial to recognize that people have privilege for all sorts of other immutable characteristics as well?

          1. That is not all they are saying. That’s just the beginning. But you certainly haven’t been paying attention, fatty.

          2. Chemjeff. Some applications of CRT have gone so far as to have segregated classrooms where the white students are openly criticized for their race, being told to their faces in no uncertain terms that they are evil because they are white.

            This is the form of CRT that is banned in Florida, telling people that they are superior or inferior because of the color of their skin. If this is a rare form, then that’s good, and the law will have minimal effect.

            1. Yes and in some cases these are elementary school kids. Six and seven years old. It’s documented and recorded. You tell my 8 year old granddaughter that she’s evil and responsible for the oppression of anybody because of the color of her skin you are one sick fuck worthy not just of my contempt but also a slow ride through a fucking woodchipper.

              1. So if teachers are not teaching concepts in an age appropriate manner then that is a teaching problem, not a concept problem.

                1. You say a lot of really, really stupid stuff trying to be a lefty troll here. But defending CRT is beyond the pale. You should really take a long look in the mirror.

                  Even Bull Connor would blush at the racism of these folks. There is absolutely no excuse for aligning with them in any way. Their intellectual bedfellows are all in the Klan and the neo-Nazis. Except the Klan types mostly argued for separation of the races and racial purity…. They generally didn’t stoop to ‘people are inherently evil because of their skin color’.

                  1. ‘people are inherently evil because of their skin color’.

                    That’s wrong! That’s also not CRT.

            2. Then it is the application of CRT that is wrong.

              Some sex ed teachers instructed students to put condoms on cucumbers. That is questionable pedadogical practice, but whatever you may think of it, it doesn’t mean that sex ed itself is wrong.

              1. We just need the CORRECT people to indoctrinate our children on CRT!

              2. Teaching CRT as though it is true requires telling white kids they are evil as a result of their genetics. That isn’t a misapplication of CRT… that IS CRT.

                A discussion about CRT can be done without teaching its tenants as though they are true. I can teach about Islam and Christianity, Marxism and Capitalism… and never state that the beliefs of one or the other are, in fact, truth. CRT “can” be discussed that way. That sort of teaching is not barred by most laws on the subject (I can’t vouch for all states… some GOP do in fact suck).

                What is barred is the equivalent of teaching Christianity and in doing so requiring students to accept “God is real and His son is Jesus Christ” as a statement of fact just as 2+2=4. Ironic though… because CRT also rejects the idea if objectivity. Which means their whole argument suffers from a reductio ad absurdum… if there is no objective truth, I have just as much reason to reject them for being wrong as they have for rejecting me as being wrong meaning we have no way to ever determine who is right and we are left in an intellectual limbo where everything is permitted and everything is rejected

                1. “Teaching CRT as though it is true requires telling white kids they are evil as a result of their genetics. That isn’t a misapplication of CRT… that IS CRT.”

                  No it isn’t. Read the damn link I posted. They even say explicitly that race as a biological concept is bullshit. Don’t let the right wing demagogues control the narrative.

                  1. High BMI doesn’t make up for your low IQ

                  2. Actually though you’re a stupid lying fat piece of shit. You also didn’t post a link. But if it did I’m sure it would have been to Salon or The Atlantic, since you only use objective sources that confirm all of your preexisting beliefs as an obese Canadian effete faggot living in your mom’s basement

                2. What is barred is the equivalent of teaching Christianity and in doing so requiring students to accept “God is real and His son is Jesus Christ” as a statement of fact just as 2+2=4.

                  Funny enough, public schools also make students write “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” when they study Islam with no comparable instruction in Christian theology.

              3. Jeff, I see your point. However, at some point, we have to throw the bathwater out because it’s just beyond saving.

                We had to throw out the Tea Party because they left their roots of financial responsibility and just quietly merged into the Republican party.

                It won’t be the last time we’ll have to throw out some other theory or movement because it lost sight of what it was trying to do.

                I have heard of more moderate applications (including in neighboring school districts to mine), but they were so radically different to what is being described that I don’t feel right even covering them in the same umbrella. There was no segregation, no blame or shame, and it was hardly even comparable (discussion of race via White Lilacs, Othello, and Huck Finn, barely different than what we did growing up). However, that’s not what people are objecting to.

          3. If they would at least consider the idea that racial privilege goes both ways too, then it might be worth engaging.

          4. Jeff, as a radical individualist, I would have thought you’d vehemently oppose a philosophical theory that eschews individualism for tribalism, that rejects objectivity for personal narratives, and is ridiculous enough not to see that those axioms are contradictory. It’s one thing to debate this in a scholarly way at the university or higher level, it is quite another to throw undemonstrated, untested, hastily developed, third-party curriculum into our K-12 educational system. I’m amazed that the progressives can reject the idea of binary sexuality and genders but can completely embrace the binary paradigm of racist/anti-racist and oppressor/oppressed. Have often have they said you cannot be both, one or the other, pick a side.

            1. “Jeff, as a radical individualist”

              He’s not though. Just another thing he’s dishonest about.

            2. YOu make good points. what’s even more remarkable is all this talk about race from leftists who at the SAME TIME contend that race is a social construct.

          5. Funny that a guy touting himself as a “radical individualist” is touting the centrality of collective privilege.

            1. predictable, arent they?

      3. If you ever needed proof that Jeff was a socialist, this is the key phrase he appears to be defending: “propagated unequal results “.

      4. Unquantifiable Nonsense.
        How about the tax system unfairly targets white people forcing them to pay more than other ethnic groups.

    2. I see blabber like “embedded racism” and then take a quick look at history: The Founders came from white societies with no experience of multicultural anything because the term didn’t exist back then. Yet, these people created the greatest multicultural society the world has ever known.

      1. They produced a system that only handed political power to white male landowners.

        1. That system has changed, largely because the system was designed to allow for change. There are all sorts of non-white, non-male people in political power today, to the point that idiocy like CRT has gained currency.

          They existed in a particular time. That time was not 2021. Few things are more intellectually dishonest than judging past acts by present standards.

          1. That system has changed

            So the system that *they* designed wasn’t this multicultural paradise after all.

            1. The system they designed created the greatest multicultural society the world has ever known.

              I see your quote left out the part about how the system changed because of internal mechanisms that allow for change. But, that’s okay; keep judging the past through the lens of the present.

              1. Do not expect an intellectually honest argument from Jeff. He’s incapable.

              2. So it changed and it’s all better now.

            2. So the system that *they* designed wasn’t this multicultural paradise after all.

              THEY changed it. Change IS PART OF the design.

              And they did so opposition to your ideological predecessors.

        2. Yet here we are. If they wanted a perpetual white-powered society, epic fail!


      First it was “conservatives don’t understand critical race theory.”

      Then it was “that’s not real critical race theory.”

      Now it’s “critical race theory doesn’t even exist.”

      And it’s only Monday.

      1. And ANTIFA is only an idea.
        Meanwhile Portland continues to burn…..only because of an idea!

        1. Have you been to Portland lately?

    4. Yeah, it’s just repackaged Marxism. It’s critical theory focused on race.

      “[Critical Theory] argues that social problems are influenced and created more by societal structures and cultural assumptions than by individual and psychological factors. Maintaining that ideology is the principal obstacle to human liberation.”

      It’s Marxist collectivism and the absolute enemy of individualism.

      Libertarians have no business making excuses for it. The title of this article, alone, is an embarrassment.

      1. You confused Reason with libertarians. Your mistake.

      2. Bear in mind the Chipper Morning Wood, which is one of cytotoxic’s other handles, argued that Marxists and libertarians have more in common than libertarians and American conservatives.

      3. Indeed. It IS repackaged Marxism.
        Teachers who attempt to brainwash children with this rubbish need a good clubbing.

    5. CRT is a non-solution in search of a problem to portray as racist. It deserves no more focus, and arguably less focus, in a public education that phrenology or phlogiston.

      1. It just the latest bullshit the evil party has enabled to keep everyone at each other’s throats.

    6. None are so blind as those who will not see.

    7. Motte and Bailey. That’s the agreed upon media strategy.

  6. The “anti-CRT” bills I’ve seen simply list various racist, unamerican (and sometimes “sexist”) propositions which may *not* be taught as true in public schools. Leaving out the feminist sexism stuff (which is probably an attempt to appease or troll the left), it’s mostly a ban on teaching that one race is worse than another, or that a member of a race should be blamed for the actions of other members of the race.

    I suppose if charter schools want to teach that sort of racist garbage, maybe they should be given a chance to risk a “hostile environment” claim. The regular public schools should have racism unambiguously removed from the menu.

    (And maybe CRT *doesn’t* teach racism, in which case they’re certainly squawking very loudly about how these bans on racist teaching are aimed at them.)

    1. The bad part is that, in a generation, what is taught in schools becomes mainstream. To an extent, it is already happening with the participation trophy kids who now as adults, are often clueless about handling adversity.

      1. The big cultural initiative where I work is a positive-reinforcement, gamified social media thing where we’re supposed to give out back slaps for people doing their jobs. Everyone over the age of 30 hates it, but it’s a foreseeable consequence of the “everyone wins!” culture.

      2. Gee it’s almost like there’s a reason why the term “long march through the institutions” was coined by Fabian socialists.

  7. As usual, the folks on the “extremities” on both side of this issue (as with most issues) are pretty much full of it.

    Public school systems are too easily used as forums for whoever holds the power over their funding. At one time, when an individual school was more likely to be funded by the community it actually served, rather than as part of county-wide systems, funded more and more by State and Federal agencies, parents had a much larger say in what went on in the classroom.

    It’s time to eliminate the public school system — tear it down and rebuild it so it has to compete with other non-government-run schools. And it the only way that will happen is if, instead of funding schools, we fund the students. Of course that can be said for most government programs. And, like those, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    1. I largely agree. The solution here is obvious from a libertarian perspective: let the dollars fund the students, and if the parents want their kids to have an immersive education in CRT, or if the parents want their kids to have an immersive education in Flag Waving Muricanism, that is their choice.

      1. Of course since that completely defies what you just said in about 35 posts earlier in the thread that disparate outcomes are indisputable proof of unallowable systemic racism, we can just go ahead and discard this lie and go with the Marxist horseshit you’ve been spewing instead.

    2. “And, like those, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.”

      So what to do in the meantime while awaiting the admittedly-desirable outcome you seek?

      1. Pile more bad laws on top of previous bad laws?

        1. Telling the government schools, “while we’re waiting for you to wither away, at least don’t teach racism,” sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

          1. This my friends is the only logical libertarian position.

            1. And exactly why Shackford never thought of it.

        2. “Pile more bad laws on top of previous bad laws?”

          Well, since just about every damn thing that somebody can do, which harms someone else, has been illegal since forever, that is pretty much a given. I generally have a bit of a problem getting my head around the concept of “good” new laws.

          1. I generally have a bit of a problem getting my head around the concept of “good” new laws.

            Because torts in 1789 when 90% of the country was agrarian, there were no such things as corporations, physicians thought bloodletting was a valid treatment for polio, and the pony express represented the state of the art in real-time communications are obviously no different than those that exist today.

            1. I am thinking you might have missed the word “generally?”

      2. I think the first move is already being done in some States, by expanding access to charter schools. Still government funded, of course, but I think if charter schools continue to “prosper,” parents (and hopefully voters) will want still more options. Ideally, of course, parents who can afford it would simply withdraw their kids from public schools, sort of like a “walk out.” That’s not likely to happen on anything like a large scale.

        But yeah, it’s a long row to hoe, and of course, ideally, the resulting “system” of k-12 education will look a bit different in every town and county in the US, since the needs are not the same.

  8. >> important debates

    critical race theory is not.

  9. Wasn’t there an article on this very website not long ago discussing online speech, and many commenters there lamenting how the “culture of free speech” was so important that, even if banning certain types of speech was technically legal, it did damage to the culture of free speech to do so? Hmm. I am sure that the next generation of kids, going to school where they are told “no you can’t discuss that topic because it’s been banned”, will have a healthy respect for the culture of free speech.

    1. Meh, they’ve long since come to terms with their hypocrisy. They’re all about “whatever I like is good, what I don’t is bad.”

      That’s about as principled as you’ll get from them. I just wish they’d admit it.

      1. That’s about as principled as you’ll get from them. I just wish they’d admit it.

        You first.

      2. Ha! Christianity in schools was banned first. Keep your religion out if you want mine out. Just because your religion has no obvious god doesn’t make it not a religion.

      3. If you can’t see the difference between actual speech and parading people around and falsely shaming them than thats down to your idiocy.

      4. Tell me again about how big of supporters of prayer in schools you and Jeff are, raspberries.

    2. Yes, except Shack’s post is mostly a dishonest take. None of the bills I’ve surveyed ban “topics”. The ban certain explicit things as being doctrines that the state should teach as being true.

      Would you really have a problem with a bill that said that state operated schools and state funded employee training shall not teach as a statement of fact that the Moon landing is a myth?

      1. For chemleft and Shackford not providing public funding to teach CRT to children, is the same as outlawing it.

    3. Yeah, like the current crop of Millennials and Gen Zers, immersed as they were in the cult of multiculturalism and tolerance, are all that great about defending free speech.

    4. We are talking about public schools where free speech has never been respected. And CRT is fucking racist garbage anyway.

    5. Maybe, there is a difference in what should be done on public forums and setting a standard for public school curricula in a state. Maybe the public schools should avoid promoting crazed ideological social theories as truth?

      1. “as truth”

        Where did this crazy idea emerge that whatever topic is discussed in any classroom is automatically regarded as The Truth? Didn’t you ever have any class, where there was no clear “truth” but there were lots of ideas put forth and discussion taking place? Why can’t CRT, or *any other topic*, be discussed in this vein? And how does it promote the “culture of free speech” to be pre-emptively banning ideas that are not regarded as “truth” to the satisfaction of state legislators? There are even quite a few topics in the sciences that are taught, that are not “the truth” but are instead very useful models for understanding nature. Should those be banned too?

        1. Because CRT is bald faced unapologetic racism?

            1. Um, actually it is.

              Critical Theory requires disparity in every power relationship. Critical Race Theory therefore axiomatically requires judging people by their race.

              Your ignorance is ignorant all the way dow.

              1. There is a difference between observing and judging.

                Merely observing that different groups have different aggregate outcomes is not synonymous with judging either group.

                CRT says that disparities due to race are the result of systemically racist institutions that perpetuate these disparities, REGARDLESS of the personal views of the people operating the system. That isn’t judging people by race.

                1. That isn’t judging people by race.

                  Yeah, you fat piece of shit, it is.

                  1. Typical Jeff – get him talking and it does not take long before he utters something that is self refuting.

            2. What exactly is it that makes the American Bar Association’s take on this any more valid than Sean Hannity’s? If you’re going to appeal to authority, you might want to consider appealing to an authority in the field actually being discussed. Of course you couldn’t do that though, because if you did you’d have to post all of the slimy, disgusting, racist shit that the academics who actually coined the term “critical race theory” have said and taught, and it wouldn’t fit your MUH PERSECUTION narrative.

              Yeah sorry you bloated fat piece of shit, you don’t get to teach white children that they are inferior and have inherent defects as human beings and then piss and cry that your free speech is being violated and you were only trying to have a discussion when you get called out on it.

              Since not one of these bills actually uses the term “critical race theory” and actually just bans the teaching of gross racism you’ve actually got nothing to worry about if all you want is a “discussion of racial issues”. That’s not what you want. And it’s what critical race theory is.

        2. It’s amazing that teaching white students that they are deplorable pieces of shit is free speech but a moment of silence at the beginning of the school day is a violation of separation of church and state.

    6. And here jeff doesn’t understand how using public funds indoctrinating students is not a free speech issue.

      let’s watch him and his sophistry.

    7. You don’t see any difference between “This subject will not be taught as objectively true and given official endorsement by the school.” and “Any discussion of this topic at all is strictly forbidden.”?

      1. When it comes to the “culture of free speech”? Nope. Are we going to have an exploration of ideas, or aren’t we? And no one is MANDATING CRT or saying that it is the official position of any school. If a teacher teaches Shakespeare, is that school now officially endorsing suicide?

        1. When it comes to the “culture of free speech”? Nope. Are we going to have an exploration of ideas, or aren’t we?

          “This subject will not be taught as objectively true and given official endorsement by the school.” is not an exploration of ideas, you stupid fat piece of shit, it’s didacticism. No one is “exploring ideas” when they tell children in 1st grade that they are oppressors or oppressed based on their race.

          And no one is MANDATING CRT or saying that it is the official position of any school.

          Yeah, you fat lying piece of shit, they are. It’s been mandated in hundreds of school districts. Which you just said in your previous sentence you are fine with. You literally just said, when asked:

          You don’t see any difference between “This subject will not be taught as objectively true and given official endorsement by the school.” and “Any discussion of this topic at all is strictly forbidden.”?


          So you don’t see a problem with teaching radical racism as objectively true and given the official endorsement of the school. And besides, “nobody” is doing that anyway! Which is it?

        2. WA government mandated every public school in the state teach CRT

    8. Haha. Indoctrination of captive young minds is a free speech issue.

      Damn, dude. Can you get anymore anti individualist?

      1. Hey buddy?

        What shithole part of Portland do you live in?

        I’m pretty confident a rube like you calls Clark county home.

        1. Oh look, sarcasmic is acting like cytotoxic’s little lapdog bitch and trying to red herring the conversation to cover for his butt buddy. Isn’t that adorable?

  10. Stop with the false choice. Both is a viable answer here. Choice speaks for itself in terms of value, much like CRT smacks of self-parody among people who fancy themselves as deep thinkers. I wonder how long before the latter moves to cancel MLK.

    1. I think MLK is already silently cancelled, if not, he’s joined the esteemed group of people never mentioned, or queried nowadays.

      1. Quoting King, especially anything from “I Have A Dream” has been evidence of white supremacy for decades.

    2. If I remember correctly it was Jesse Helms and the GOP who tried to cancel MLK.

      1. If I remember correctly

        Well you’re a lying stupid fat piece of shit alcoholic welfare queen who fucks your own daughter sarcasmic. I don’t think your memory is anything we should consult as authoritative.

        1. I don’t have a daughter.

          It was Republicans like Helms who tried to stop MLK day from becoming a federal holiday.

          I’m not sarc. He muted me because he’s a bitch

  11. How about get rid of CRT which is garbage and allow school choice. No reason not to do both or are you fine with teaching crap to kids who can’t get a good school. not every town can support more than one school.

  12. The proposals also tend to be terribly written.

    Bullshit. The Florida teaching requirement is a bit vague and overbroad. But most other pieces of legislation are quite specific. And almost none of them “ban CRT”.

    Yet another dishonest post that doesn’t actually address the contents of the bills. You could at least be honest and make this post specific to Florida. But no…pick the worst example of the current lawmaking…then sweep it all together under the complete lie of “block[ing] public schools from teaching Critical Race Theory”.


    1. “Shameful.”

      It’s Reason. They used to at least pretend to be libertarians.

  13. Let’s do both.

  14. When it is said that schools are basing a curriculum around the 1619 Project, does Shackford think that means they are critiquing its flaws or glossing over them and teaching that the 1619 is correct in its presentation?

    To teach that because racial disparities exist, the current US legal regime is explicitly white supremacist is pernicious.

  15. What would be Shackford’s post if the suggestion was that local school boards should be allowed to include Intelligent Design in their Biology curricula?

    1. What would be your response if the suggestion was that local schools should be forbidden from teaching Intelligent Design, anywhere, in any context whatsoever?

      1. I believe that is the case.

        1. So, you agree with the decision then, or not?

          1. Lol. cytotoxic tries to invent a reductio ad absurdum and accidentally own goals himself because his counterfactual is actually true and he supported and continues to support it wholeheartedly while squealing like a stuck pig about freedom of speech and suggesting that discussing race is now illegal in Florida schools when all the law actually does is disallow the teaching of straight up radical racism.

            Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have an IQ that occupied three digits you fat stupid piece of shit?

      2. Already happened. School boards were all over it. You lose again fatty.

        1. To be fair, he is obese, not just fat.

      3. Not a valid comparison to a majority of the bills.

        A valid comparison would be: Schools shall not teach that Intelligent Design is an indisputable fact.

  16. “Don’t Ban Critical Race Theory in Education. Embrace School Choice Instead”

    Why not both?
    Also it’s not banning so much as defunding. Nice evasion Shackford.

    Let’s be honest, Critical Race Theory is scientific racism with the science removed and the remains repackaged for a different group of racists.
    It’s horribly and irredeemably evil, and is no different in essence from what psychopaths like Julius Streicher offered.

    You wouldn’t provide government funding to teach Nazi racial theories to kids, and taxpayers shouldn’t pay for evil CRT hatemongering either.

    1. Shackford is indulging in a “The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good” Fallacy for reasons I do not understand.

      1. Paging William Ockham, Mr. Ockham please pick up the Red courtesy phone…

        (If someone tells you they are playing Devil’s advocate they are not playing.)

  17. It is not wrong to suppress CRT and sadly Reason thinks it’s ok to teach.

    1. If the fake, phony, fraudulent, fugazi libertarians of Reason had their way, Washington D.C. would be renamed to Obama D.C.

  18. By the way, my problem with banning CRT from school curriculum vastly underestimates the people who brought it in.

    If you think they won’t just call it something else and continue to slither into the curriculum they way they did in the first place, you’re sorely mistaken.

    There are other ways to deal with this, school choice is most certainly an important factor, and shouldn’t be underestimated. However, the school choice is a bit like a long march on the institutions which got us to CRT, it’s not going to happen over night, and kids are suffering under this now.

    There’s no doubt that this is tricky:

    This amendment is, in itself, a lesson about Critical Race Theory. Those with the most political power in Florida are deciding what can and cannot be taught about race relations. While Florida has a significant black and Latino population, it is still predominantly white. The dominant power structure in Florida is telling educators how they’re allowed to characterize racism within America’s power structures.

    However, from a general “speech” standpoint, there is no first amendment inside the classroom. I’m not suggesting that Scott is making this argument, but state structures dictate school curriculum by definition. Meaning, if CRT attempts to completely REDEFINE how we look at race (and in CRT’s case for the absolute fucking worse) then the school oversight systems should be able to UNDO anything that CRT intends to do.

    For instance, if a politically active math teacher literally stopped teaching math in his classroom in favor of having political ‘rap sessions’ with his students, and created a ‘math test’ which was nothing more than a civics lesson on… say Civil Rights, that teacher can and should be sanctioned, with corrective actions put in place to either put him back on his math curriculum, or fire him. he does not have some kind of “right” to teach any topic in his or her classroom. Again, CRT teaches children WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

    No one is suggesting that we paper over the history of slavery, or segregation, or other laws or institutions which were clearly racist. No one is suggesting that it’s reasonable to ask questions about whether a policy that might not be racist actually is. But CRT works it’s way outward from a central conclusion which is formed without evidence.

    1. CRT is, and always has been, an exercise in circular thinking.

    2. “No one is suggesting that we paper over…..”

      You know what? I’m starting to wonder. Obsessing over it sure ain’t doing anyone any good.

      1. Friend?

        Why don’t you like hockey or the simpsons?

        What rural or suburban part of the Portland area do you live in?

        1. Jesus Christ sarcasmic are you really that desperate to find a fellow hicklib to fuck you up the ass under the bridge?

  19. Is this like “don’t have border walls and kill the welfare state later” type of thing?

    How about we stop CRT until everyone has school choice availability, then you can advocate for allowing some schools to brainwash kids.

  20. If “Critical Race Theory” is being forcibly funded at gunpoint (which, as a gov’t program, it is) then BAN IT!

    Of course, if all education system were voluntary (peaceful free markets), there would be no cause or justification for a ban.


    What is happening in America today is literally how communism took root in E. Europe.
    Step 1) Eliminate God and religion.
    Step 2) Destroy the nuclear family.
    Step 3) Start a class war between the have and have nots based on envy (in our case, class war was replaced with CRT).
    Step 4) Silence the opposition.
    Step 5) Enlarge your base with people who are lazy, envious and low information (you made sure they are like that in Step 4)
    Step 6) Change the political game rules in order to be able to cheat in the elections any way you can.
    Step 7) Once you achieve political power purge the entire State apparatus, the judiciary and the military of all those who don’t immediately pledge allegiance to you and replace them with people who are true believers in the cause of the Marxist revolution.
    Step 8) Register all guns in the 1st phase (“it’s just registration, nobody is going to take your guns”), then use registration data to confiscate them in the 2nd phase (something terrible happened and we need to make sure it won’t happen again”).
    No more counter-revolution.

    I came to the US as a legal immigrant 24 years ago from Romania and I have close friends who came here from the old country in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. All of us have seen communism coming to America for at least 15 years now. Not a single one of us is a Democrat.
    We are all old enough to know how that works. What this country is going through right now is what we’ve already seen when we were young, behind the Iron Curtain in Romania and E. Europe. We just never thought America will go down the path so quickly and with so little opposition

    1. It amazes me to no end how people like you share your experiences and are essentially ignored by the left, as if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Then again, the left is the same group that is all for the functional equivalent of tattoos or symbols on clothing to point out the dissidents, be those people not part of the leftist Borg or anti-mask or whatever other parts of the progressive dogma they don’t follow.

      1. Not me (when I post a link, everything following the link, except brackets, is quoted verbatim from the link) but your point stands.

        They are ignored precisely because their testimony is undeniably relevant and threatens the carefully created and precariously maintained fantasy they use to justify control over your life.

        1. The interview of the north Korean defector and her comments on elite colleges was also telling today.



            ‘Even North Korea is not this nuts’: Defector slams ‘woke’ US schools

            By Mark Moore

            June 14, 2021 | 3:36pm

            ” style=”max-width: 100%; display: block !important; margin-bottom: 3px;”>

            North Korean defector Yeonmi Park said after attending Columbia University that US schools are forcing students to think a certain way and are worse than the indoctrination in her home country.Alamy Stock Photo

            A North Korean defector said she viewed the US as country of free thought and free speech – until she went to college here.

            Yeonmi Park attended Columbia University and was immediately struck by what she viewed anti-Western sentiment in the classroom and a focus on political correctness that had her thinking “even North Korea isn’t this nuts.”

            “I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think,” Park told Fox News. “I realized, wow, this is insane. I thought America was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”

            The 27-year-old told The Post that she could’t believe she would be asked to do “this much censoring of myself” at a university in the United States. 

             “I literally crossed the Gobi Desert to be free and I realized I’m not free, America’s not free,” she said.   

            Yeonmi Park fled North Korea at age 13 in 2007, a voyage that took her and her family to China and South Korea before she went to school in New York in 2016. 

            Her professors gave students “trigger warnings,” sharing the wording from readings in advance so people could opt out of reading or even sitting in class during discussions, Park told The Post.

            “Going to Columbia, the first thing I learned was ‘safe space,’” she said.

            “Every problem, they explained us, is because of white men.” Some of the discussions of white privilege reminded her of the caste system in her native country, where people were categorized based on their ancestors, she said.

            In one class, a teacher discussing Western Civilization asked students if they had a problem with the name of the topic – most students raised their hands, according to Park. Some, she said, mentioned issues with the “colonial” slant of the discussion.

            And classes often began with professors asking students for their preferred pronouns, with the use of “they” becoming scary as she feared being socially penalized for not being inclusive enough in her vocabulary.

            “English is my third language,” she said. “It’s very hard for me to say he and she sometimes, I misuse them.”

            She told Fox that she also was chided for saying she enjoyed the writings of Jane Austen.

            “I said ‘I love those books.’ I thought it was a good thing,” Park told the network. “Then she said, ‘Did you know those writers had a colonial mindset? They were racists and bigots and are subconsciously brainwashing you.’”

            Park said North Korea students were constantly informed about the “American Bastard.”

            “I thought North Koreans were the only people who hated Americans, but turns out there are a lot of people hating this country in this country,” she told The Post.

            Cancel culture and shouting down opposing voices is becoming an issue of self-censorship. 

            Park, who chronicled her escape from North Korea and life in the repressive regime in the 2015 memoir “In Order to Live,” said Americans seem willing to give their rights away not realizing they may never come back.

            “Voluntarily, these people are censoring each other, silencing each other, no force behind it,” she said.

            “Other times (in history) there’s a military coup d’etat, like a force comes in taking your rights away and silencing you. But this country is choosing to be silenced, choosing to give their rights away.”

            Park said she knows what a country could become with rights and discourse stripped away.

            “North Korea was pretty insane,” she said. “Like the first thing my mom taught me was don’t even whisper, the birds and mice could hear me.”


    Ironic…. The U.S. Justice Dept is attempting to do the same thing here in the U.S. with Trump supporters and anti-corruption groups.

    A Moscow court declared the political and anti-corruption networks of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny “extremist” organizations, a move that will essentially crush the most formidable resistance to the Kremlin and force it underground [link]”

  23. Instruction on the required topics must be factual and objective, and may not suppress or distort significant historical events

    “During this period of time people killed people, and so technological advan, uh, changes were made.”

    1. so -> some

  24. Hypothetically speaking, what if a public school wanted to promote Nazism? Where are you going to draw the line between “worthy of debate” and “no fucking way that shit is going to be taught”? You don’t get to sidestep that question by promoting school choice.

    1. This. Shackford is such a dishonest sackweasel, he cannot address the fundamental issue.

  25. Let’s bring back Christian education to the schools, too.

  26. This discussion around whether to “allow” CRT or “not allow” CRT falls very much in line with the issue that Douglas Murray has pointed out, that in the West, everyone is very clear on what to do when things swing too far to the right, but we seem to be unable to point out when things go too far left. This is ground zero for that.

    If some right wing group were trying to push Eugenics into the schools, we’d know what to do with that. The culture, as a whole would know how to handle that. But because we’ve been either incapable or unwilling (I suspect a little more the latter than the former) to call out the extreme left, as the left introduces Eugenics 2.0 to school children, everyone is afraid to push back against it, because this is the LEFT’s Eugenics, which is merely using the system to right historical wrongs. Unlike what the Right was trying to do.

    1. If some right wing group were trying to push Eugenics into the schools, we’d know what to do with that.

      Eugenics was pushed into the schools by the radical left during the progressive era and practiced by the medical elite for 2 generations until Hitler made it unfashionable. Eugenics was never a right-wing project.

    2. Cute idea, but we’d have to assume that “left” and “right” are actual things that exist in the world, and that the world qua politics can only be described with this spectrum.

      Indeed I don’t really know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about the pendulum swinging to the left.

      Toward liberalism? I think that pendulum can keep on swinging, and I will let it know when there’s too much individual freedom. Toward economic liberalism? I don’t like that this means wealth concentration in the hands of a few, because that’s the same as a bunch of terrible situations on the “right”! Economic liberalism should mean more people with a greater share of the pie. Same as political liberalism. More individual freedom.

      Totalitarian is totalitarian, and by the time it’s in charge it doesn’t really matter what hand it uses. It will shove itself up your ass until you die regardless.

  27. Pushing and absolute and divisive lie in public schools is okay with Reason as long as there is school choice? Reason is gone beyond help down the left wing road of insanity!
    Would the same thing be okay with Reason if schools where teaching Nazism, Aryan race theory and ethnic cleaning as long as there was “choice”? Reason has lost all reason!

  28. Teaching the Rig Vedas as part of a course on pre-Hindu religions of India would be appropriate.

    Teaching CRT as part of a course on Marxism would be equally appropriate.

    Pretty much any other recitation of either in a publicly funded educational setting would likely be not.

  29. The optimal strategy would be to ban CRT from any public funding in education. If you want to teach kids racism, you should do it on your own dime. And no bans for private schools that want to do it. That’s a win-win for libertarianism. It gives the proggies an incentive to actually support the policy that libertarians desire.

    1. Not really. The outcome libertarians desire is the teaching of Marxist extremism on the public dime.

    2. Again, there are subtle distinctions to be made.

      Teaching American history does require some look at Mormonism, and it would be rather incomplete to not mention how the racism of early Mormonism did have historical impacts, especially in the western territories, following the Civil War.

      But that is not how CRT is being taught. And that fact is no more up for debate than the lie that the recent ‘teaching’ of CRT has represented any sort of academic ‘debate.’ Shackford is a dishonest tool.

  30. It’s cute that Reason thinks CRT will be any sort of a debate, where opposing ideas will be given any serious weight without backlash.

    Would you let public schools teach young minds that capitalism is evil or immigration is bad for the country? I’m not talking about discussion but official curriculum. That’s an agenda, not education. A true study of history would necessarily involve learning that western societies brutalized people of color but made incredible advances in medicine, science and democratic ideas that formed the basis of modern society. CRT focuses on only one aspect, and will reinforce victimhood mentality of young people and encourage actions against a free state.

    It’s becoming a real bad habit for libertarians to ignore problems by simply advocating for alternatives. STOP IT. If all the schools were ran by white supremacists, minority supporters of liberty will not simply accept that the solution is only to “support charter schools so you can send your kids there”. Education isn’t like the service sector, where you may only need start up money and unskilled workers. If the government and public colleges won’t accept certification or application from alternative schools, they have no chance.

    1. It’s also adorbs that Reason thinks any kind of school choice will be allowed to continue to exist under a democratic establishment obsessed with “equity.” School choice is white supremacy.

    2. Would you let public schools teach young minds that capitalism is evil

      Yes. Libertarians have been defending Marxists since the day of their inception.

      or immigration is bad for the country

      Of course not. That doesn’t advance Marxism. Marxism is a global ideology.

  31. reason, helping to usher in the cultural revolution since 2015… what a disgusting rag it has become

    1. Credit to them for keeping their comments open, I just come to watch the Blue Anon crowd get batted about. It’s gratifying, like watching paedophiles being thrown to starving dogs.

      1. I try not to dump on reason too much. After all, their tepid apprehension of some left wing lunacy is better than what any of the progressive propaganda rags would allow.

        And yes, long live the comments.

        1. Yes long live the comments!

          If it wasn’t for reason and it’s comment section we’d never have become pals!

  32. It’s wrong for politicians to suppress important debates in schools.

    CRT explicitly rejects all logic and evidence as being part of white supremacy. You can’t debate them anymore than you can debate an insane hobo screaming at birds and pissing himself under a bridge.

    1. It’s not a debate when students who actively seek to debate the topics are humiliated, disciplined, kicked off teams and out of clubs, stripped of student council positions, failed in their required classes, all for trying to have those important debates.

      We are in no way talking about a robust exchange of ideas. We are talking about activist adults using their bully pulpits to indoctrinate children into harmful and devisive doctrine, and engaging in abusive and shaming tactics against those that disagree.

      1. If a teacher allows humiliation or harassment in the classroom when discussing ANY topic, then it’s the fault of poor classroom management by the teacher, not because of the idea itself.

        1. If a socialist dictator allows the murder of millions of people either through starvation or genocide, that’s a problem with the dictator and not socialism.

        2. The fact that you apparently think humiliation and harassment is incidental to CRT shows how little you understand the theory.

          1. Much like communism there is a vast chasm between CRT in pristine, bounded theory; and CRT in reality. Ignore the reality of the baying marxist mob at your (and society in general) peril.

            1. “Much like communism there is a vast chasm between CRT in pristine, bounded theory; and CRT in reality.”

              Good intentions are no excuse for anything.

              CRT is a subset of Critical Theory. Critical Theory is expressly Marxist. Even worse it was developed after the horrors of modern political collectivism were obvious to all.

              It is abhorrent and, in a society founded on the principles of human liberty, should only be taught in the same way we teach about the principles of Nazism.

        3. It isn’t the fault of the teacher when the humiliation IS the thing being taught as justified and true.

  33. The issue here is parents are paying for this CRT nonsense whether their kids go to public school or not. It’s called taxes. I don’t want some wacky liberal teacher indoctrinating my kids under the guise of “sharing their opinions.” CRT is no different than racist KKK dogma. It teaches that people should be prejudged solely on the basis of their skin color. Would you support using tax payer dollars to teach that to kids whose parents can’t afford private school? If you want to teach your kids CRT dogma, go ahead – at home.

    1. True, make it an optional extra on Saturdays along with the Flat Earth Lectures.

  34. I read this last night and surely thought it parody :

    Proponents of new math say the way the subject currently is taught is suffused with White supremacy. They say it handicaps some minority students by insisting on what they consider racist concepts — such as arriving at correct answers.

  35. It doesn’t really matter whether these things are banned or mandated in government schools anyway, does it? The students have no choice anyway, they’re stuck with whatever the teacher teaches, so who cares if anyone’s giving orders to the teachers?

  36. What I’d be for is banning all this stuff from school curricula, and not replacing it with anything, thus shortening the time the students need to attend.

  37. “don’t ban struggle sessions in education, embrace school choice instead!”

  38. Boy, the collectivist fake libertarian assholes of Reason REALLY don’t like the fact that parents are pushing back against this evil, disgusting practice of teaching ten years old kids that they should hate each other based on their skin color and that everyone fits neatly into a box of either “OPPESSOR” or “VICTIM”.

    What this white guilt bullshit is really all about is trying to permanently cement the idea as official public policy that certain individuals within America (specifically within the black underclass) have absolutely no responsibility and control whatsoever over their own lives. That any and every individual failure they might have for the rest of time is because of the evil white man holding them down.

  39. Odd that Public Schools do not canvass the local Parents to get concensus on what to teach…

    Arent the Left all about ” community?”

    CRT sounds like some hypothetical BS someone made up for a Masterrs thesis…

  40. Let’s do both.

    1. CRT shouldn’t be the *government school’s* dogma.

    2. We should still be able to seek out other schools freely.

    1. Can CRT be one of many competing ideas discussed in class?

      1. In nearly every law on the subject it IS allowed to be taught from an outside perspective such as “Some people thing that your white skin makes you guilty of racism and makes you evil.”

        What is banned is teaching “You ARE evil and guilty because you are white.”

        1. That is not happening anywhere on planet Earth dude.

          How can you become more emotionally measured if you keep consuming the crap rightwing talk shows you consume?

          1. That is not happening anywhere on planet Earth dude.

            It’s happening in most American public schools you stupid piece of shit hicklib AIDS-infested faggot.

            1. I’ll not ask what you’re doing in most public schools, because it obviously isn’t reading books.

      2. Can you GFY?

    2. You have always been able to seek out other schools freely. By moving to their district, or paying the tuition.

      Do you even realize you’re demanding that more taxpayer money be spent on a more complicated public school system?

      1. “Here’s X amount of money to spend at any school you wish” is a lot more complicated than a system where you are forced to attend a school in an arbitrarily-drawn district boundary and pay taxes to support the school regardless of how shitty it is, and regardless of whether you have any children.

        You’d think a reproductive dead-end butt fucking faggot with AIDS would have a problem with paying for a breeder’s kids to attend a shitty school in a slum.

        1. Which do you prefer, when you’re singing like a dickwhistle in exchange for 5 years instead of 10?

          “Trump had me fooled!”

          How about “I want my mommy!”

  41. Nonsense.
    Government school curriculums are not free speech venues. Curriculums should be what parents want them to be.

    1. Not religion though.

      You wanna indoctrinate your kid with bs pay for it yourself.

      1. Yeah same goes sarcasmic. Of course you’d rather fuck your underage daughter than send her to a religious school.

  42. In a perfect world, I don’t see anything wrong with teaching high school kids controversial ideas. It forces them to defend their beliefs or modify them in a give and take debate.
    In an imperfect world, there is no debate. All questions and arguments are met with “You’re a racist.”
    Evidence for CRT? “You’re a racist.”
    Logic of CRT? “You’re a racist.”
    It’s bad enough that white high school kids might have to go through this, but consider a second grader having this pounded into his or her head.

  43. CRT is commie BS. It’s objective is to divide us, period. If you are white, you’re oppressive.


    BREAKING: Georgia police say shooting spree was racially motivated, shooter targeted white males in random shootings [link]

    1. How often do you get called an Uncle Tom or house n word?

      I’m not calling you those names. Thatd be wrong.

      I’m just curious.

      1. Lol. It’s hilarious that this entire handle is dedicated to death threats against white people and Mormons and you still can’t bring yourself to actually say nigger when that’s what you’re thinking.

        1. Where have I threatened white people?

          I don’t say the n word because I believe it’s disrespectful and bigoted.

          You’re free to say what you want. I’m free to think you’re a racist hillbilly.

  45. Jesus Christ Shackford, shut the fuck up. What the hell is wrong with the CATO crowd?

    1. They want to be invited to parties when this is all over.

      You know instead of being splattered on the steps of the capitol building the next time you yahoos mainline too much Facebook news.

      1. The only person who died in the unarmed “insurrection” on January 6th was a white woman who was shot in the face by a black cop. She did indeed get splattered on a set of steps. I’m guessing you’re probably still lying about Brian Sicknick though. You know, because you’re such a stupid piece of shit lying faggot.

        1. Terrorists get shot in the face.

          1. Like the terrorists who tried to burn down the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse in Portland?

            1. It seems that some terrorists are more equal than others.

            2. Correction, neither of those examples were terrorists. One was an arsonist, and the other was a traitorous rebel making war on the United States. We hang those I think. But at the moment she was shot in the face, it was more a matter of self-defense and trespassing.

              Those things you people think are OK to shoot people for? Hellooo?

  46. How fun does it sound to go around and around on this thing only to end up with Trumptards demanding affirmative action for white guys with beer guts. None of you morons is against government interference in education. You’re all here supporting it, based on some hysterical racist Tucker Carlson mouth shit.

    Leave educating to people who are educated. You can do your things with trucks and what not. Look at poor Ken, raving about Marxism. He doesn’t even know where he is.

    You all sound like idiots, and all you have to look forward to is being embarrassments to your family until you relieve them all by dying.

    1. If it hurts you and your allies, it’s automatically good.

      1. You only think that because you’re a brainwashed idiot.

        Think back to when you were in school. Does storming the capitol to overturn the election and then vandalizing and shitting all over the place sound like something that good people do?

        1. When you start with the frantic deflection and left-wing boilerplate pejoratives, I can tell I’ve scored a direct hit. Because you sound like an abusive spouse who’s desperately trying to keep.their victim from leaving.

          1. Everything you believe is a lie.

            Ask yourself how big the bubble of information you go to really is.

            Is it all considered outside the mainstream? Do you think that’s because the entire planet is in a conspiracy and only Tucker and Ben Shapiro have the real answers?

            *Pats your head*

    2. I’m sure your parents were so proud the day you graduated with your AA in Native American Studies from Tulsa Community College. Probably just as relieved as they were on the day you told them you were a fudge packing faggot with AIDS and wouldn’t be giving them grandchildren.

      1. There are better uses for a micropenis than shoving people into ovens.

        I’ve about had it up to here with the failed men of the Trump party. Just drink less. Snort fewer bath salts. Personal responsibility is more than just code for lynching all the blacks.

    3. Man you are so broken. You cant even begin to have an actual discussion of any topic without (Sean Hannity / Fox News / Tucker / Trump / insURreKshUN!). Im sorry they touched you in your privates, but it has broken your brain and prevented you from thinking about literally anything without bringing up your past “trauma”.

      Critical race theory was derived from critical theory. It comes straight out of German marxist teaching schools. The people that support it also happen to support openly marxist ideas. It really isnt a stretch at all to make this connection.

      Talk to someone who is pumped about critical theory or critical race theory. It wont be long before the standard tear it all down, community/village > nuclear family, workers/serfs/victims vs “the haves”, that also happens to get spewed from every wanna-be little marxist. Funny that. But sure nothing to see here, there is no connection, we are all just crazy. Tucker carlson something something. You are a joke man.

      1. And perhaps you have a citation for this wonderful history lesson that I can judge.

  47. The 1619 project and the adherent tenants of CRT are no less based in lies, racism, and manipulation that those of the teaching of the KKK, or any other white-nationalist groups.

    Wanna know the real solution to this problem??

    Get rid of the public school system all together! School vouchers and school choice for all parents! Let parents again decide what type of education and how they want to raise their kids. Public schools are becoming just like higher education universities, places of indoctrination and propaganda.

    1. Which lies? Do you have the single slightest clue what you’re talking about?

      1. Maybe for starters the fact that most historians (including left-friendly ones) have said the 1619 project is a joke, that Hannah-Jones is an academic lightweight, an activist journalist posing as an academic/historian, and that her putting forward that America wasn’t fighting for independence from Britian as its primary goal in the revolution, but for slavery, was a lie.

        Serious academics have laughed at this as essentially historical fiction or something that an activist would dream up for a netflix series or something, but it has no merit and isnt supported by anything but the desires of the aggrieved.

        You literally dont even try to do you?

        1. The world is burning down and America is about to become a dictatorship.

          I don’t give a crap what they’re teaching children in schools. Children grow up and read more books. That’s what they can do. We were all taught shit history in school. Every single one of us was taught a pack of lies.

  48. CRT itself wasn’t banned in any of the recent legislation (Texas, Idaho). One of them even mentions the fact that America failed to live up to its ideals with slavery. The only thing that was banned is blatant racism. Essentially “you cant tell kid with X skin color they have Y characteristics or moral virtue based solely on race”. Thats what was banned. That is in the legislation.

    The most telling thing, is the CRT people freaked out over this. That’s really funny that they would have an issue with what seems so basic…

    Also funny that every article I saw on CNN and the like were “Texas and Idaho dont want to teach students about Americas shady past; they are trying to whitewash slavery”. Very interesting because none of the legislation remotely does that, nor does it prevent an honest discussion of what white people did to blacks and native americans. Almost like they are straight up gaslighting their very gullible, very lazy supporters who they know wont read the bill.

    So the only thing that was truly banned, so far, is blatant in your face racism, and for some reason the CRT fans are losing their shit about it. Hmmm, makes you think, maybe that was the only part they really wanted in the first place.

    1. The legislation doesn’t need to do anything. It doesn’t even need to intimidate any teachers, though I’m sure you wouldn’t mind intimidating some teachers with first-amendment-shredding legislation, libertarian that you are.

      All it needs to do is whip FOX News addicts into a racist hysteria in time for election day.

      1. Tell me again why the CRT people are upset that public funded teachers cant be openly racist to children? Ill wait.

        When its OK to publicly fund teachers to teach eugenics, differences in racial IQ, nazism and the like, then itll be OK to teach blatant racism too (obviously all of these are vile). That would be the libertarian way. Everything is allowed, and you pick your school. But you dont want that, you want to silence the racism you dont like and support the revenge racism of your choice.

        I however, dont actually want teachers funded by taxes teaching open racism and hatred however. CRT fans, and yourself seem to be the ones clamoring for it. Maybe check yourself at the door, you fucking racist.

        1. It’s not OK to teach blatant racism.

          Or maybe it is. How the fuck should I know? I don’t care about elementary schools. I figure teachers can figure that shit out on their own.

          It’s only the fucking Republicans trying to dictate what teachers can teach!!!@!!!!!~

      2. Teachers and school board members making Enemies Lists of the parents and people who pay their salaries is A-ok, though, right?

        1. Probably not. I don’t hang around school board meetings, do you?

          Or do you just get fed a heap of hysterical nonsense from flapping jaws on right-wing TV every single day?

  49. CRT is nothing more than part of communist indoctrination. Period.
    A woman who escaped from communist red China has warned the American people. This is how they start: with the children.
    CRT is being shoved down young people’s throats at the same time, all being paid for by people’s taxes is way off the scale.
    It must stop and the only way to stop it is be becoming involved in school boards and electing the right people into your state legislatures who will put a stop to this crap.
    It is time to figuratively dig up the corpse of Joe McCarthy and begin a fresh attack on the left/ communists. Start with the colleges and universities and then the public schools. Root them all out, throw some of them in jail and black list the rest.
    Otherwise they are going to destroy the nation, which is their goal and the rest of us will end up in a gulag…or worse.
    It’s either them or us. That’s what it’s come to.
    When they arrive at your door to haul you away, it will be too late.

    1. “CRT is nothing more than part of communist indoctrination. Period.”

      If you are unable to come up with a more credible alternative, get used to it. You need to offer more than stale Liberal platitudes of a ‘color blind society.’

      1. It’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about.
        Your reply was only to attack, offering no rebuttal.

        1. “offering no rebuttal.”

          I have no intention of rebutting you. You are correct. It is communist indoctrination. But to overcome critical race theory you have to offer a superior alternative with greater explanatory power. You have failed to do so, ensuring that communism will continue to thrive.

          1. ” But to overcome critical race theory you have to offer a superior alternative with greater explanatory power.”

            No. You don’t.

            Marxism has zero track record of being good at anything. The Frankfurt School had to come up with Critical Theory because Marx-Engels Marxism had proved so horribly wrong – both in it’s predictions and in it’s effects.

            Critical Theory has no “explanatory power” it is an exercise in mob coercive power.

            So fuck off slaver.

            1. “No. You don’t. ”

              I’m afraid you do. Telling Americans that their predicament is due to the stupidity and moral depravity of the black population may have been persuasive in the 19th and 20th century, but it now appears that it’s an idea whose time is passed. Critical race theory is all the rage and will remain in vogue until you can come up with a more persuasive theory. The fact that it’s Marxist is neither here nor there.

              1. To reject a bad idea requires no alternative.

                1. If you think you are playing at thesis-antithesis you are doing it really badly.

            2. Jordan Peterson is an idiot who embarrasses himself every time he talks.

              Remember, the only reason he’s famous is because he acted like the world’s whiniest bitch about trans pronouns, and he was fucking wrong about what he was whining about! That’s the only reason he has a stage to say all his loony misguided bullshit! It’s hilarious!

  50. Here’s pseudo-libertarian Reason missing it again. The underlying problem is government being involved in education at all. It is not school choice that is needed but the ability of people to keep the fruits of their labor and make the choice for education in a free market.

    It is also making sure that government doesn’t pick the winners and losers, even a little bit. It is people not needing to go begging to their masters for permission to choose an allowable option by those in charge.

    1. “and make the choice for education in a free market.”

      You are already free to choose. Always have been. Harvard OR Yale. Just be aware that they are free not to choose you.

    2. This has nothing to do with the giverment involved in schooling. Instead it’s about Marxist communists taking over public education in order to brainwash children into accepting communism.
      CRT is just one of those methods. Expect even worse things to come.

      1. “Instead it’s about Marxist communists taking over public education in order to brainwash children into accepting communism.”

        Only because Liberals like yourself have nothing better to offer. Stale platitudes no longer cut the mustard.

  51. You need a theory to fight a theory and American Liberal ideals of a color blind society and that an individual should be judged according to merit, are no longer credible. Banning critical race theory won’t make them any more credible.

    I’m not sure what all the hand wringing about school choice is about. Americans have always had the ability to choose what school their children attend. This goes back to before the founding. A school may not choose to enroll a student, but that’s a different matter.

    1. “… that an individual should be judged according to merit, are no longer credible.”

      Only to racist leftists like you, who have been trying to burying the words and deeds of MLK for decades. There is nothing wrong with judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. More so there is a tremendous amount right with it. Which is why you try to pretend that it’s not ‘credible.’

      Fuck off slaver.

      1. ” More so there is a tremendous amount right with it.”

        It’s an idea whose time has come and gone. Blaming America’s troubles on the stupidity and moral depravity of her black population is a dying, unloved notion. Critical race theory has come to the rescue. Adapt or die. The cruelest law of the universe.

        1. “Blaming America’s troubles on…”

          Obvious strawman is obvious.

          Are you trying to be an abject rhetorical failure?

  52. School choice is the answer. Only an idiot or blind ideologue would pay for the crap the public schools are teaching.

    1. You already have school choice. You have always had school choice.

  53. The government should not be deciding what does and doesn’t get taught in private schools.

    As to what gets taught in public schools, the question is which government functionaries should select what gets taught. The government functionaries in the State legislatures seem to be displeased about what the government functionaries in the schools are selecting.

    It seems eccentric to complain that the master should not order his servants to change their habits, if their service is displeasing to him.

  54. This is why I have never donated nor subscribed to Reason. Critical RACIST theory entails blaming whites for everything wrong that has ever happened. It states that just by being born white, you are responsible for slavery, etc. And Reason things this is chicken shit?

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