When Everything Is 'Systemic Racism,' People Will Tune Out the Term

Leveling that grave accusation at every aspect of American life will produce disengagement, alienation, and reaction.


Monday afternoon, as I had been repeatedly alerted to by emails from my daughter's elementary school, the school's parent-teacher coordinator, and our district's Community Education Council, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) held the second of a three-part "teach-in" titled "Segregation in Our NYC Schools."

Cosponsored by NYC DOE Bureaucrats for Black Lives, and moderated by "employees across the DOE who are dedicated to creating a truly anti-racist public education system," the teach-in encourages parents and students to "be a part of this change"—namely, to explicitly support the specific set of sometimes radical alterations to school policies that activist educators are pushing through in the name of rebalancing racially unequal distributions of student populations across the K-12 system.

This may seem like an odd moment to be having an intensive conversation about skin-color disparities in public schools unless the discussion is pegged to the one issue that parents have actually been trying to teach themselves for the past 13 months: Namely, when school buildings can finally fully reopen, instead of being overwhelmingly part-time and anti-scientifically susceptible to last-minute, 10-day closures. By far, the biggest educational news in Gotham during rounds one and two of the teach-in wasn't about segregation, it was about Mayor Bill de Blasio finally announcing after two months of deliberation that he was relaxing the city rule mandating automatic school closure after just two positive test results for COVID-19. (Partly in response to that very noticeable change, 51,000 kids have changed their preference from fully remote learning to maximally in-school.)

There is a relevant story to be explored about unequal outcomes in remote learning. In New York City, as elsewhere in the U.S., a much higher proportion of white students than black students are attending school in person, though—also as elsewhere—parents of all ethnicities and backgrounds tend overwhelmingly to jump when given the real chance to send their kids to school full time. The resulting race and class disparities in learning loss (similar to gaps in COVID mortality) are indeed profound and worthy of urgent policy correction.

But that's not the focus of this particular "teach-in." The promo flyer for the series did not contain a single reference to the pandemic, while using the heavily freighted (and contestable) word "segregation" four times, plus an aspirational "desegregating" to boot. You can watch Part 1 for yourself, if you have the stomach for such progressive jargon as, "please try to be radically present today with us," or tell us "something that describes the energy that your bringing to the space today."

Since I have attended a dozen such meeting-lectures over the years (many featuring the same cast of speakers), received scores of such emails, interacted with battalions of such taxpayer-salaried activists, read far too many "reformer"-fluffing articles such as this, and observed my own middle-school kid cite in her homework such assigned authors as controversial "antiracist" Ibram X. Kendi, my patience for these exercises has long since ground down to the nubs. Not because of the subject matter—I have been writing about race in history and politics and criminal justice and sports and libertarianism for as long as I have been writing—but because I know from soul-numbing experience how one-sided, predictable, and never-ending these sermons will be.

It appears that I'm not alone in tuning this stuff out: That first teach-in video was still well south of 100 YouTube views as of Wednesday morning. (It is also true that parents still caught in hybrid limbo are not exactly overflowing with surplus discretionary time.)

But it strikes me that consumer detachment from the racial obsessions of the political/journalistic/entertainment class is likely to continue escalating, far beyond the neurotic confines of New York City education. Especially when applied to situations that don't seem as immediately relevant as a white cop shooting an unarmed black motorist.

On Tuesday, for example, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D–Mass.) tweeted out, "You can't be anti-racist if you're anti student debt cancellation." Uh-huh. Actor Hank Azaria, wallet safely fattened by three decades of doing voice acting on The Simpsons, is making an apology tour this week for the "structural racism" of voicing (until last year) the beloved Indian immigrant character Apu. The Federal Reserve, according to a Brookings Institute study released Monday, is "overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male, and overwhelmingly drawn from the business communities…with little participation from minorities, women."

Race, "equity," and implicit bias are being prioritized at institutions that have other pressing tasks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), whose pandemic role is so all-encompassing that it is now in charge of forestalling evictions, announced last week a major new initiative "addressing racism as an obstacle to health equity."

"To build a healthier America for all," the agency asserted, "we must confront the systems and policies that have resulted in the generational injustice that has given rise to racial and ethnic health inequities. We at CDC want to lead in this effort." Similar initiatives are taking place throughout the administrative state, in fulfillment of President Joe Biden's very first executive order, Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.

Doing a Google News search for systemic racism will lead you to believe that either America is the most racist country on earth, or conversely that it is doing the most to confront its discriminatory past, or perhaps that it has simply lost its damn fool mind. There are full-page advertisements in U.S. newspapers this week accusing General Motors of systemic racism for not spending enough of its ad budget on black-owned media companies. "Low alcohol taxes uphold systemic racism," Gresham, Oregon, City Councilor Eddy Morales co-wrote in The Oregonian Sunday. This Friday, the influential Columbia University Teachers College is holding a conference on "Decolonizing Psychology Training." What say you, Pharmacy Times? "Pharmacists Have a Role to Play in Dismantling Systemic Racism."

It is entirely possible to believe that the S.R.-term is 100 percent applicable in the previous paragraph's examples while acknowledging that this language and utter preponderance sounds a bit goofy around the gills for a significant portion of the public who need to be persuaded if the sweeping changes advocated by activists are going to be enacted. Unless, that is, skeptics can be alienated into disengagement or intimidated into silence, leaving the remaining players on a shrinking field increased elbow room.

There certainly are readily apparent disincentives to poking your neck out and suggesting within an activist-dominated subculture—a school district, a college campus, a modern newsroom—that some of their current identitarian norms might be unwise. (It is also certainly true, while also probably attracting comparatively less notice in the national media, that daring to question orthodoxy in conservative-dominated settings carries its own personal dangers.)

Over on Bari Weiss's Substack, a Manhattan private school math teacher named Paul Rossi told a harrowing story of what happened to him when, in his words, he "raised questions" at a "mandatory, whites-only student and faculty Zoom meeting" about the school's categorization of people as being either "oppressor" or "oppressed." Rossi says he even questioned at the meeting "whether one must define oneself in terms of a racial identity at all." And then:

However, when my questions were shared outside this forum, violating the school norm of confidentiality, I was informed the head of the high school that my philosophical challenges had caused "harm" to students, given that these topics were "life and death matters, about people's flesh and blood and bone." I was reprimanded for "acting like an independent agent of a set of principles or ideas or beliefs." And I was told that by doing so, I failed to serve the "greater good and the higher truth."

He further informed me that I had created "dissonance for vulnerable and unformed thinkers" and "neurological disturbance in students' beings and systems." The school's director of studies added that my remarks could even constitute harassment.

A few days later, the head of school ordered all high school advisors to read a public reprimand of my conduct out loud to every student in the school.

This is a one-sided version of an extreme edge case, yes. But it doesn't take many of these—here's another such story from last week—to let non-public figures know that there is a potentially frightful cost to expressing skepticism about prevailing mores surrounding personal identity, let alone asserting a directly contrarian view. For most people whose beliefs don't fit neatly with the program, it's just not worth it to pipe up: The training seminar will be over soon enough.

Weird things happen when people feel they cannot talk openly about a subject, and since that sense appears anecdotally (and also in some polling research) to be on the grow, it's worth keeping an eye out for some trends. Here are a few predictions:

1) In-group jargon will become increasingly incomprehensible. Here's an acidic linguistic analysis from Nicholas Clairmont in Tablet last year:

Here's how you do it: You talk about platforms, and spaces, and bodies with your nouns. With your verbs, well, you just use more nouns, plus suffixes that don't fit. For some reason, this year, you put "settler" before you write "colonialism." The letter X is very in, as you may have noticed when Elizabeth Warren's campaign did an event with a group called Black Womxn For. Or maybe you have by now read about the now-infamous wokese imposition of "Latinx" (pronounced Latin-ex) to name a group of people first designated by a Nixon administration-era census as an ethnicity, and whose members either haven't heard or don't want to be termed by that label rather than the supposedly problematic "Latino" or "Hispanic." A recent New York Times essay by progressive strategists Ian Haney López and Tory Gavito found that, "Progressives commonly categorize Latinos as people of color, no doubt partly because progressive Latinos see the group that way and encourage others to do so as well. Certainly, we both once took that perspective for granted. Yet in our survey, only one in four Hispanics saw the group as people of color."

Clairmont views such exertions as intentional barriers to entry erected by the over-educated classes to maintain their privilege, and there is surely something to that. But I would also suggest two more charitable interpretations: Every ascendant subculture creates its own jargon to identify fellow travelers and put fogeys on the defensive; and also, exclusionary in-groups over time just lose contact with the views and even language of those they have driven away. There is a lot of mutual incomprehension afoot.

2) Out-group reaction will become more reactionary. One of the subcategories of articles in a systemic racism Google News search is like this, from Louisiana Weekly: "Louisiana lawmaker wants to prevent teaching on systemic racism, sexism." Faced with what they see as an authoritarian, always-encroaching sectarian movement marching through the institutions, some conservatives and libertarians are reaching for the stick of government to beat the hordes back.

Republican lawmakers these days are pushing illiberal bills to combat social media political censorship, enforce campus viewpoint diversity, punish students for kneeling during the national anthem, and retaliate against corporations that get too pushy about politics. Fueling such opportunistic politics is a kind of mirror-image monomania, in which many consumers and commentators cannot avert their gaze from media bias, culture wars, and/or critical race theory, even as more significant developments come and go without much comment.

3) The populism and collectivism of this political moment will only continue to grow. I take no pleasure in reporting this, etc.

Groups that can't talk to one another, particularly if they are engaged in competition over power, become abstractions, menaces, conspiracy theories. It is a slog in these tribal times to insist on treating people as complex and human individuals rather than plug-and-play members of this or that group, yet I don't see any other way out of this mess.

Atomization can generate personal liberation and tremendous amounts of creativity, so that's what I am looking forward to in these hopefully roaring '20s. But wherever the two tribes encroach into my business, like Clubber Lang, I predict pain.

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  1. who. runs. the. systems?

    1. Racists.

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    2. Better question, if the ‘system’ is racist, what is ‘the system’? Be specific. How does the system operate? How does it entrench/create/maintain racism? Details matter. Disparity of outcomes is not sufficient evidence.

      1. Disparity of outcomes is not sufficient the only evidence.

        1. Disparity of outcomes is what the whole canard is built upon. See Holder, Eric.

      2. Details matter.

        Ahem. *Black Lives* Matter.

      3. Be specific.

        Specificity is racist.

      4. Impossible. That would require actually pointing out and defining the actual problem. It can’t be done, thus amorphous terms like “systemic racism” are tossed around because they can’t find any actual racism.

        1. When they can’t find any actual racism, they invent it. College campuses seem to be prone to this phenomenon, where some racist graffiti or a noose in a tree is “discovered”, only to then turn out to have been done by a black person attempting to stoke the outrage. Restaurants are also a breeding ground for this, where some black waitress will “find” a racist comment scrawled on a receipt, feed on the outrage, only to later admit that she wrote it herself.

          The perpetually outraged will always manage to “find” racism where none is present, because they’ve invented microaggressions to cover this situation.

      5. Speaking of race-based affirmative action in universities, Clarence Thomas wrote in his 2003 Grutter dissent:
        “Nevertheless, the possibility remains that this racial discrimination will help fulfill the bigot’s prophecy about black underperformance—just as it confirms the conspiracy theorist’s belief that “institutional racism” is at fault for every racial disparity in our society [ . . . ]

        I therefore can understand the imposition of a 25-year time limit only as a holding that the deference the Court pays to the Law School’s educational judgments and refusal to change its admissions policies will itself expire. At that point these policies will clearly have failed to “ ‘eliminat[e] the [perceived] need for any racial or ethnic’ ” discrimination because the academic credentials gap will still be there.”


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    4. Cool it with the anti-Semitism!

    5. Systemic racism is rampant in public schools and higher education. where else can someone look at the color of someone’s skin and know that a black person is not as smart or not as well behaved. Yale admissions directors can tell an Asian has an inferior personality just by looking at them.

      But somehow they complain that there are not enough transgenders that are members of Augusta Golf club.

  2. Until some DEI/HR department cunt uses it to fire someone for not preaching woke orthodoxy. Declaring systemic racism isn’t about fixing any precieve problem it’s about haveing a vague term that can be used to control people

    1. That term also accurately describes the fascist methodology for crowd control.

      1. This. It conveniently allows the “right” sort of people to deflect criticism for their own individual acts of racism.

        It is Cultural Marxism and it is inherently wrong.

        Not that Welch is going to touch that aspect with a ten foot pole. Or even a ten foot Czech.

        No, Welch is going to fall back on standard Reason reasoning – that it lacks utility. Sooo libertarian….

  3. I was informed the head of the high school that my philosophical challenges had caused “harm” to students, given that these topics were “life and death matters, about people’s flesh and blood and bone.”

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can kill me dead” WTF?

    1. “acting like an independent agent of a set of principles or ideas or beliefs.”

      Isn’t that what we should all aspire to be? I fail to see how this is an insult.

      Also, if you aren’t creating “dissonance for vulnerable and unformed thinkers”, you aren’t teaching right. Education is about learning to think critically, and dissonance forces critical thinking. You can’t get educated by never being exposed to ideas which offend you.

      1. Why are you confusing school with education?

        1. +1 degree (Associate to BA, BA to MA, MA to PhD)

      2. Back in the 70s all the conservatives were wringing their hands over “change agents in our schools”.

        Today all the progressives are wringing their hands over “independent agents in our schools”.

        Nothing changes.

        1. What an insignificant clump of cells

        2. And the conservatives were right.

          1. Kind of ironic, right?!

        3. Back in the 70s all the conservatives were wringing their hands over “change agents in our schools”.

          Right. That would be the people who are now firing people for expressing independent thought.

          Today all the progressives are wringing their hands over “independent agents in our schools”.

          One of these things is not like the other. Want somebody to come to explain to you which one it is you paste-eating retard?

          1. ESADIAF! Paste is delicious, especially as a condiment with crayons.

      3. “You can’t get educated by never being exposed to ideas which offend you.”

        Because Socrates was all about offending his students.

        That’s not the problem. People are exposed to ideas that offend them all over the place. In the newspapers, on the internet, in the movies, popular music, hospitals, etc so why should schools be any different? The issue is people don’t want to have to debate these ideas in school.

        1. That’s literally the purpose of school…

          Also, given how cloistered with likeminded people are becoming in terms of their media habits, their lifestyle choices, who their friends are, and where they live – i’m not convinced many people encounter that many ideas that challenge their preconceptions.

          1. “i’m not convinced many people encounter that many ideas that challenge their preconceptions.”

            You mean ideas like slavery was good or women who are raped were asking for it? I said already that people don’t wish to debate these ideas in school, and I stand by it. They might prefer to play the clarinet or dissect frogs or play soccer. There’s lots of other things students could be doing.

        2. “…The issue is people don’t want to have to debate these ideas in school…”

          And the troll seems satisfied with this.

          1. I’m fairly libertarian in this respect.

    2. So, they pretty much said he was messing up their brainwashing program.

    3. How does reading a personal reprimand in public without the consent of the person who was reprimanded not violate federal employment and labor laws?

      1. Labor laws only apply to career apparatchiks in the federal bureaucracy and cops who don’t shoot niggers.

        1. OK, asshole flag

    4. I was reprimanded for “acting like an independent agent of a set of principles or ideas or beliefs.” And I was told that by doing so, I failed to serve the “greater good and the higher truth.”

      He further informed me that I had created “dissonance for vulnerable and unformed thinkers” and “neurological disturbance in students’ beings and systems.” The school’s director of studies added that my remarks could even constitute harassment.

      This sounds creepily like the dialogue in one of Steve Ditko’s comics, where the “upstanding” Collectivist and Mysticist citizens stand against Vic Sage (The Question) or Rex Grane (Mr. A) for questioning the status quo. I wish Steve Ditko was still alive to see how much his art imitated life.

      1. Well, we’ll always have Lou Reed, and Frank Zappa. What…?

  4. With every one of these articles, it gets increasingly annoying that the Reason staff went WAY out of their way to vilify the only candidate that meaningfully stood against this stuff and did gymnastics to avoid criticizing the guy the candidate that was all about it. I guess it’s good that they realize the result of them getting what they wanted is terrible, it would just be nice if they acknowledged their role in making it happen.

    1. >>meaningfully stood against this stuff


    2. Yes it is annoying. At least trump is out of office, right?

    3. He didn’t do it within acceptable parameters, so it wasn’t worth it.

      1. He was defenestrated, through the Overton Window.

    4. Are you kidding? Welch himself outlines how this is totally a Both Sides problem. Conservatives will pounce and deplatform you from MySpace

      1. AOL approves.

    5. “I guess it’s good that they realize the result of them getting what they wanted is terrible…”

      It’s not terrible to them because a) it is what they wanted and b) it lets them pose as brave iconoclasts.

      As opposed to doing anything that might have cost the Democrats the White House or the Senate. That sort of thing could be career crippling.

    6. I guess it’s good that they realize the result of them getting what they wanted is terrible, it would just be nice if they acknowledged their role in making it happen.</blockquote

      They don't give a wet shit about it. It's just safe for them to pretend again now that they got their guy elected.

      1. However, they do give a wet fart.

    7. Donald Trump stood against this stuff, but I don’t see many signs that he did it meaningfully. He violated a lot of woke taboos, but he got away with it by being independently wealthy and a head of state. He didn’t do much to change the rules for the rest of us who aren’t protected from woke mobs by wealth and power.

      The main way I can see to solve that would be to clarify regulations against workplace discrimination so people can’t keep claiming that failing to agree with far-left woke politics is discrimination that creates a “hostile work environment.” The only thing close to that he did was Betsy DeVos’ Title 9 reform. Other than that he did very little and what he did was mostly symbolic.

      1. He banned the teaching of CRT in the federal government

        1. Cathode Ray Tube is ancient technology.

  5. I have been ignoring that phrase and many others since I was subject to busing in the 70s and 80s.

    1. Lol. So you were, what, about 45 when you got that fake deployment to the sandbox to kill all those dirty A-rabs, you pathetic lying little faggot bitch?

      1. Are you not getting enough attention at home Omar? You are desperately seeking attention here. Talk about pathetic.

        1. TalcumX is Dee’s newest sock.

        2. Gomer Pyle inhales menacingly.

  6. How very Orwellian. Being racists and calling it anti-racist. And yes, Individualism is nearly dead and we are drowning in a Sea of Collectivism.

    1. Well look at our own commentariat, at an ostensibly libertarian publication. Just today a regular, in that article about the J&J vaccine says “People don’t think in utilitarian terms. They think about themselves” as if that is a problem.

      1. When someone speaks of self-interest as if it is a bad thing, my response is always: “Yay, Self!” and “I got yer ‘invisible hand,’ right here!”

        1. Yep. He’s not even advocating ‘enlightened’ self interest, he’s all out and proud Utilitarian collectivist.

          Of course, given that many of the writers here are the same way I can see how he might be confused about where he stands on the spectrum of liberty.

    2. You are drowning in it. IDGAF about that and am happy to ignore the opinions of other “people”.

  7. I long ago stopped listening to liberals, lefties, and progtards. I just make fun of them.

    1. Well, at least you’re being honest, apparently, in that statement.

      If everyone on all sides took your attitude, what kind of progress (if any) would you expect would be the result?

      1. Twitter would fold.

      2. Infinite more progress than treating anything they say seriously or at face value

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        1. Clutter-pig flag! Smug asshole flag!

          1. Piss off, troll.

    2. +100 IQ points

  8. Antifascists are fascists. Antiracists are racists. Those fighting corporate power and Wall Street have the support of same. BLM leaders buy houses in 95+% white neighborhoods.

    Someone is being played.

    1. BLM leaders buy houses in 95+% white neighborhoods.

      If a Marxist racist buys a 1.4 million dollar home in a 98% white neighborhood but Twitter scrubs all references to it because of their privacy policy, does it make a sound?

    2. We all are, except for gov’t employees/contractors/lickspittles/bootlickers, which includes most of the USA’s population.

  9. It’s alarm fatigue. If everything is racist, people will just start to tune out the warnings.

    1. And this is a problem why? Notice all these people whining about systemic racism and fighting to change “the system” are getting a government paycheck. If the government isn’t “the system”, I don’t know what is. What the fuck kind of outsider are you if the government is signing your paycheck? These people all deserve all the scorn you can heap on them, they’re all liars and opportunists and lazy bastards.

      1. Ol’ Sleepy, Creepy, Crazy, Cranky, Tankie, Corn-Pop, Lunch-Bucket, Shot-Gun Joe and Krazy Kackley Kammie have some serious ‘splaining to do, since they were “part of the problem” lo these many years.

      2. It’s a problem in that when racist incidents do occur, even if rare, we will ignore them and not address them as needed. That’s the danger of alarm fatigue: you become so desensitized by the relentless alarms, you don’t respond when an actual emergency occurs

        1. “If we keep hysterically ranting about imaginary racism people will stop taking it seriously when we hysterically rant about imaginary racism”

          You already got affirmative action and your own schools, Jamal. You got racism against Asians. You got special federal grants. You got forced accommodations. Nobody gives a fuck that every time you get a fleeting glance from a white person you hate or don’t get preferential treatment at a business establishment you chimp out and burn down your local black-owned convenience store.

    2. I’ve tuned out long ago. I emigrate to Taiwan, which means that I oppose only one enemy, the Chicoms.

      1. *emigrated

  10. A friend (and reason contributor) has been trying to explain new systemic racism (as opposed to the old systemic racism). And he’s failing because by definition EVERYTHING is indeed systemic racism. We are literally being asked to destroy everything in our culture.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, Wokeism is a religion, but despite having the concept of Original Sin it holds out no hope for salvation. All have sinned and all are doomed and all are irredeemable. The only escape is the hierarchy of victimhood.

    The old definition of structural racism is real. Centuries of slavery and racism have led to that racism being embedded in many institutions, to the point that they are not even recognized as such. The minimum wage and the war on drugs, to name two chief examples. But the new definition not only encompasses everything, but denies that there is any way to fix those institutions so they must be destroyed.

    It’s a pointless definition. It asserts that society can never get past racism, that there is no salvation. All efforts in the past, present, and future to combat racism are pointless. How dismal.

    1. “A friend (and reason contributor) has been trying to explain new systemic racism (as opposed to the old systemic racism).”

      Reason contributor is a Marxist.

      There’s a non-surprise.

    2. As I’ve said elsewhere, Wokeism is a religion, but despite having the concept of Original Sin it holds out no hope for salvation. All have sinned and all are doomed and all are irredeemable. The only escape is the hierarchy of victimhood.

      It’s the feudal Catholicism they so rabidly demonize(d); repent and convert, have faith in your ultimate redemption, or die.

      1. “It’s the feudal Catholicism they so rabidly tweaked and weaponized; repent and convert, have no faith in any ultimate redemption, and die.”


    3. And they fail to explain properly why a white male like me should help defeat systemic racism when they claim I cannot be hurt by racism, that nobody can be racist toward me, and that me by being born white is an irredeemable oppressor?

      I have come to realize that people that talk in anti-racist jargon and treat me like an oppressor (enemy) that it is not immoral to harm, are in fact an enemy and threat to me. Why in the world would I want to assist them in destroying the system?

      In reality they don’t want the assistance of the white people. They want subservience and silence out of fear.

      The system it turns out is actually racist. It just isn’t racist towards the race they think it is.

    4. The old definition of structural racism is real. Centuries of slavery and racism have led to that racism being embedded in many institutions, to the point that they are not even recognized as such.

      There is no difference because the old and new definitions are exactly the same, you’re just a fucking moronic shit eating sub-80 IQ retard who wants to arbitrarily draw the line at you own wokism and no further. Slavery was abolished “centuries” ago and we obliterated freedom of association to assuage your pathetic white guilt 57 years ago. Once you made it a crime to fail to hire people based on their cunt, their skin, or where they like to take a chub, your argument about institutional racism became as big a joke as you are.

      1. Minimum wage and gun control laws are two “institutional” policies explicitly founded in systemic racism, yet they are two policies the woke left will defend to the death.

  11. When Everything Is ‘Systemic Racism,’ People Will Tune Out the Term

    By definition, systemic racism means “everything”. Getting the people who push “systemic racism” to “modulate” that message is like trying to get a fish to modulate its need to exist exclusively under water.

  12. Again, it’s nice to see Reason sidling up to the table on this, even if it’s… five years late.

    Here’s a publication that’s been on this beat for a good long time now.

    1. Yes, I checked out Spiked when you suggested it a few weeks ago; glad to see that something as libertarian [and necessarily contrary] exists in GB of all places. Lends a bit of hope to the cause.

      1. Brendan O’Neill (editor of Spiked) is a Reason contributor. Or more accurately, he has been. Not sure if he’d fit in these days.

        1. Ugh, good riddance. He’s certainly no Will Wilkinson or Noah Berlatsky.


    2. Meh, no comments section.

  13. “That first teach-in video was still well south of 100 YouTube views as of Wednesday morning.”

    And there you have it; incontrovertible proof of systemic racism! In the heart of NYC, no less!

  14. And more.

    Why big business loves Black Lives Matter
    No one should be surprised that BLM’s co-founder is buying million-dollar mansions.

    One reason Black Lives Matter is so difficult to talk about, and it elicits such a vast range of reactions, is that no one can pin down exactly what it is.

    No decent human being could disagree with the assertion that the lives of black people matter – and if they don’t currently, then they should. But to agree with the claims made by protesters, activists and campaigners marching under the banner of ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a different question entirely.

    Anyone who gave a dime to this organization is a dupe.

    1. Don’t worry, they don’t spend all of the funds on mansions for the privileged founders. There’s still plenty left for bailing out the people who loot and destroy minority-owned businesses. Like I said below, the best examples of systemically racist organizations seem to be all Democrat-controlled. Weird.

      1. BLM did not use their funding to bail looters out. Why would they do that when Kamala Harris and Canadian Hollywood shits like Steve Carell and Seth Rogan were paying the bills for them?

        1. BLM did not use their funding to bail looters out

          Hey look, the pathetic faggot pussy bitch stolen valor fake tuff gai is lying yet again. What a fucking shock!

          How many fake police departments turned you down for employment after your fake tours of duty because of your psychopathy?

          1. Omar, I can’t be a cop. Between wearing your Mom out and commenting on here, I’m just too tired to deal with anything else. Besides, your Mom hates cops, it reminds her of prison and the corner she used to work.
            Now, be a good boy and go get me another rubber, your Mom needs another session, clearly your father could not satisfy her. She is so enthralled by my stolen valor stories that she dresses in a burkha and bleets like a goat while I work her like a second job!
            Your new little brother is already in her belly. The poor little feller is in there clinging to a rib, desperately trying to not fall out. It must be like clinging to the skid of a helicopter while flying over the Grand Canyon.

    2. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are wealthy men.
      Thomas Sowell is not.

  15. Conservatives seem to desire vestigial bigotry without consequences.

    Better Americans are likely to respond by making right-wing racists, gay-bashers, misogynists, and xenophobes politically and culturally irrelevant.

    The culture war has had, and will continue to have, consequences.

    Carry on, clingers. . . but only so far and so long as better Americans permit, as usual.

    1. Will the “culture wars” soon address the slaughter in the US ghettos?

      “Carry on, clingers. . . but only so far and so long as better Americans permit, as usual”.

      The “Better Americans” you seem to be describing just burned & looted their own cities and ripped down the all statues. Actual “Better Americans” live outside those communities and refuse to play your stupid, race-baiting games. Your version of “Better Americans” are suffering a massive spike in violent crime, lost income, destroyed businesses and a break down in civility, is that what makes them better?
      Meanwhile, we can’t build houses fast enough for people leaving the cities to escape left wing assaults on the government and private businesses, forced acceptance of LGBTQ demands, false misogynists claims, false claims of systemic racism, and the packs of violent drug addled urban Xenophobes that assault any group unlike them.
      In your world, Juicy Smooliet is still a hero.

      1. I’m not sure if this claim washes anymore since the “real merkins” stormed the US capitol in an attempt to overthrow the constitution.

        The US democratic system of government > a Walgreens.

        1. You picked the wrong guy to try to bait with that argument since Talcum X the 45 year old soldier boy agrees with you that the unarmed “insurrection” was worthy of shooting unarmed women in the face for.

        2. What about when they stormed the Supreme Court?

        3. How many people do you think supported those Larpers? I have not met anyone yet. Those people were the byproduct of Fox news and empty lives. Their fantasies got the better of them.
          The last time I attended an insurgency everyone at least brought guns.

          1. The former president of the United States and current de facto head of the Republican party supported them.

            1. “there will be blood in the streets”Loretta Lynch
              “Who says protests have to be peaceful“Chris Cuomo
              “There needs to be unrest in the streets”Ayanna Pressley
              “Protesters should not give up”Kamala Harris
              “I just don’t know why they aren’t uprising all over this country“Nancy Pelosi
              “You get out and create a crowd and you push back on them, tell them they are not welcome“Maxine W
              “Go home with love and peace, remember this day forever“Donald J Trump

              Tony – “He supported an iNsurrEction”

              1. Yet it was only Trumpers who actually waged war on the United States system of government.

                1. So, those ANTIFA members attacking a Federal courthouse for weeks were not Americans? Have the Chinese already invaded?

                  1. They were not trying to overthrow the presidential election.

                    And two wrongs don’t make a right.

                    This is morality, brought to you by kindergarten.

                    1. The Larpers were never a huge threat. They were expected that day, their OPSEC was very poor. They were running off at the mouth on open forums for several days before the 6th. The Capital police knew they were coming, they did not handle the situation well outside, but I guarantee you they had contingency plans for inside.
                      I’ve worked with the Capital police and they have many capabilities and a broad range of powers for protecting the capital buildings. There is no way that those Larpers were going to disrupt anything. The “big stuff” to repel them was right inside. Thankfully, they turned tail or it would have gotten much worse for them. If they had brandished firearms or started launching fireworks, it would have ended badly.

      2. In your world, Juicy Smooliet is still a hero.

        In your world a black cop who shoots an unarmed white woman in the face is a hero. You two should think about fucking.

    2. Boring AND stupid.

      1. Would you like to compare current real estate values or UHaul fees in and out? I hardly find my newly ultra expensive, safe neighborhood to be boring and stupid. Enjoy your ghetto, you voted for it.

        1. You really gotta figure how threading works

          1. Careful now. If you don’t suck his cock hard enough he’ll threaten to murder you along with the hordes of unnamed A-rab rabble he slaughtered during his totally real tours in the middle east as a 45 year old enlisted man.

            1. I’m not sure why age is such a factor to you, Omar. Where did you learn that? Certainly not from your Mom. Your Mom certainly never discriminates, she enjoys the company of men of any age, race, or kink.

              1. I take it that Omar is Stolen Valour’s new sock.

        2. His comment wasn’t aimed at you, squish mitten

        3. Oh look, the middle aged sultan of slaughter can’t fucking read. What a shock.

          1. Fuck off DOL, you valour-stealing liar.

            1. It isn’t DOL. I email with DOL regularly. He is not what you think. He is the real deal. Our community is not very large and you can easily ask questions of a person about people, places, and things. He was in SF. Of that I have no doubt.

              1. ^ that’s DoL.

                1. No, it isn’t. He is not a kook. He likes to argue, he likes to make his point, but he stands with his arguments and is a Libertarian to the core.

        4. I was replying to Kirkland. See Tony’s post? That’s in response to you. That’s how it works. Also, I didn’t vote for any of whatever Kirkland or you are talking about, and I own a house on 4 acres in the woods in a very low crime area.

          1. That is good to hear. Obama and the head of BLM made similar choices.

            1. Do you have ptsd from your time in the military?

              1. For 27 years, as of today. April 14, 1994 was a hell of a day. The brave, stoic pilots of the Air Force shot down two unarmed Army helicopters, effectively killing our entire chain of command in Northern Iraq. I was “bumped” from the flight that day so Air Force 1st LT Laura Piper, could go for a “medal ride”. The Air Force “rescue team” came down for clean up but forgot to bring enough bodybags to carry out the 26 people killed, so, we stuffed their burned, broken pieces into helicopters in a big pile for the ride home. It was quite a sight. You could fit Laura Piper into a laundry bag. She was completely burned and her thighs were melted to her chest, but her perfectly manicured nails looked fantastic. Thank God for Nomex gloves, huh?
                F15 pilots. Those are the real heroes.
                I’m sorry if I seem bitter. It is just that, nobody was ever punished but the men that recovered the bodies of their friends. We get to live with it forever.

                1. Interesting.

    3. Mollycoddled, equalized, devolved, woke misfits are among my favorite bearers of the consequences of the culture war.

  16. “When Everything Is ‘Systemic Racism,’ People Will Tune Out the Term”

    Name ONE instance where the term is even used accurately. I think an accurate usage of the word would be for an organization that does everything in its power to consistently undermine the success and well-being of one minority group because it benefits the members of the organization financially and politically. So, teachers’ unions, BLM, Democratic politicians. Remember what Goebbels said, “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”
    which is also why they love equating (comparatively less racist) conservatives to Nazis

    1. One instance? Affirmative Action.

      1. Affirmative Action? Like when a black cop shoots an unarmed white woman in the face and gets to keep his job along with his name being kept top-secret while a white cop who shoots a strong-arm robber fighting him for his gun gets to have his name splashed on every TV and computer screen in America and go into hiding despite being acquitted?

        Or like when the Army hired you to go fight those filthy A-rabs in the middle east despite your sub-80 IQ and the fact that you were over 40 years old? LMFAO

        1. You seem a bit obsessed with this feller at the Capitol. I have to think that he banged your Mom too. I thought I saw a few old Magnum condom packages in her nightstand. Is that what has you so worked up? Can’t you just take pride in the fact that your Mom does not see race as a limiting factor in finding numerous daily sex partners? She is just passionate, that’s all.

      2. Correct. Slavery was systemic racism. Jim Crow enshrined in law was systemic racism. Affirmative action is systemic racism. When a “system” explicitly recognizes “race” categories and treats those categories differently, that’s systemic racism. Of course up is down nowadays and logic is racist, so good luck.

  17. https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1382352142393040905?s=19

    BREAKING: Medical expert testifies George Floyd died from sudden cardiac arrhythmia brought on by heart disease and drugs during restraint by police

    1. but Dr. Tobin told everyone that those things play no part in a death. Sullum even said so.

      1. Prosecutor DESTROYS medical science with FACTS and LOGIC!

  18. If you want to stop such nonsense, then maybe you need to help the GOP take back the suburbs that swung to Biden in 2020. Stand up at a suburban school board meeting and demand, “as the possible Democratic candidate,” that you want them to bus their students into the inner city schools to end “systematic segregation.” Don’t stop with that: go to Planning Commission meetings and demand, “as the possible Democratic candidate,” that the suburbs re-zone every undeveloped parcel as potential Sec.8 affordable housing, in order to promote “equity.” Use your status as “a possible Democratic candidate” to troll suburbanites with plans for wealth taxes and higher property taxes on “those who can afford to pay more.” Perhaps, after a while trolling the suburban voters with the ends suggested by actual Democratic policies, enough folks will wake up and stop the stampede to

    1. One minor nitpick with your post… it’s a stampede to “equity” not “equality”. That’s a subtle distinction, but an important one.

  19. Normal people might think that “systemic racism” means that actual racist policies and practices are built into a system. But they way it’s being used now it seems to mean any disparity between races, no matter the cause. If that meaning gains dominance then I’d say people are right to not care so much about racism (under the new definition). None of this is good if you actually care about racism and race relations, or about the persistent problems that plague some minority groups.

    1. If that meaning gains dominance

      *flips pages of calendar back several years*

      I think we’re kind of there.

      1. We were “here” in Chicago during the early 80s. Look how that turned out.

        1. The cops there have shot a lot of unarmed people. You can take some solace in that at least, I guess.

          1. Nobody that I know.

  20. “When Everything Is ‘Systemic Racism,’ People Will Tune Out the Term”

    I continue to believe that we Koch / Reason libertarians should celebrate the trend of race-conscious political analysis. After all, our fundamental, non-negotiable issue is open borders. And old-school leftists like Bernie Sanders opposed Charles Koch’s immigration plan because they viewed it primarily in economic terms.

    Younger “woke” leftists, in contrast, see immigrants only as Black and Brown bodies. For them, any form of border enforcement is inherently racist. So while the new generation of progressive politicians (AOC and so on) might pretend to oppose the billionaire agenda, they are effectively our allies where it matters most.


  21. @realchrisrufo
    This is critical race theory. https://t.co/vg5YYJJTAD

    1. Yes, it is.

      The rhetorical and philosophical connections are well established yet here we stand in the midst of all these useful idiots who go to great lengths to call themselves something other than Marxists when in fact they are ascribing themselves to Marxism.

  22. https://twitter.com/MattWalshBlog/status/1382394275632136205?s=19

    This post from a brand account with 2.7 million followers is one enormous lie invented out of thin air. They have not taken it down or amended it. The warrant was not because Wright smoked a joint. It’s because pulled out a gun, put his hands around a woman’s neck, and robbed her [screenshot]

    1. Nah, he just *tried* to rob her, then ran away. No harm, no foul, right?


      1. There is so much fake news, gaslighting, and crazy indoctrinated people out there that the sarc tag is an unfortunate necessity if one doesn’t want to run afoul of Poe’s law.
        From a quick search:
        Is sarcasm healthy?
        1. Sarcasm may be a sign of good brain health. Research shows that a little sarcasm can be a good thing when it comes to cognitive function. In fact, an inability to detect sarcasm may even be a sign of brain problems or disease, like dementia.

        In todays world our lack of ability to detect sarcasm may be a sign of dementia in the people we are trying to detect it [that sarcasm] in, and not for our actual lack of the ability.

  23. ‘Unless, that is, skeptics can be alienated into disengagement or intimidated into silence, leaving the remaining players on a shrinking field increased elbow room.’

    What a happy coincidence from the standpoint of those pushing this foolishness!

  24. “The resulting race and class disparities in learning loss (similar to gaps in COVID mortality) are indeed profound and worthy of urgent policy correction.”

    We already know the answers to both learning and Covid mortality. It largely comes down to where do you live.

    For mortality, it’s population density. If you look at NY state data excluding NYC you see the mortality rate is proportional to the population. Likewise if you look at NYC the mortality rate is still very close to the population demographics. It’s only when you combine the two that it looks like a racial gap because the curve is distorted by the population density of NYC.

    For learning, it’s income density. We’ve long known that wealthy neighborhoods have better schools. Frequently either private or charter schools which in either case are typically far better than the generic public schools and even the public schools are typically better in wealthier neighborhoods.

    The only part driven by racism was FDR’s New Deal housing programs that team blue has been supporting from the beginning.

  25. https://twitter.com/ConceptualJames/status/1382341914012311553?s=19

    It’s really important to realize that the current lunatic elite believes they’re saving humanity from itself. Part of that includes the idea that there are too many people. “Rich” here means globally, not elite, i.e., middle-class Westerners. You won’t believe me, though.

    “Earth is overpopulated; there are too many rich people
    To solve the climate crisis; the rich must be abolished”

    You’ll notice I point out exactly the same things the MP is saying here in the video we recently did about “climate justice,” and I also explained what that narrative is meant to achieve. Something like global communism is correct.

  26. https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1382393842599665669?s=19

    BREAKING: Officer Who Killed Ashli Babbitt at Capitol Riot Will Not Be Charged – [link]

    1. So Sullum won’t be doing daily coverage of his trial?

    2. They wont even tell us his name. No charges was a given.

      1. Meanwhile they’ve already doxxed the home address of the cop who killed Daunte Wright.

    3. Is the terrorist who tried to overthrow the United States the only victim of deadly force you care about?

      1. Yes, Tony. That is exactly what happened. You are an intelligent and perceptive person who really is too good to be wasting your time here.

        1. You’re right about that.

          I’ve just seen a lot of concern over one dead terrorist. 100% of the dead Iraqis meant less harm to the United States than that woman.

          1. Breaking a window is worse than using mustard gas to kill 200,000 people.

            Fuck you sincerely you pathetic piece of shit faggot.

            1. Fuck off, Stolen Valour.

            2. Depends on the window.

              1. I hear that the windows of consternated, outgunned, evolutionarily regressive, effeminate hicklibs are particularly well-fortified. That should make you feel safe behind your wall of glass, clinger.

      2. What is funny is when you have to exaggerate and lie, you inherently show the weakness of your position.

    4. Her fault for not robbing someone at gunpoint before getting shot.

    5. Holy shit! Talcum X’s boner is so engorged it can now be seen with the naked eye!

      1. I guess if you are close enough, Omar. So….while you are down there “going Kapernick”, you may as well make yourself useful and show me how you survived prison.

  27. Yes! Now do global warming.

  28. No Chauvin trial cheering, I mean coverage, today?
    Must not have been a good day for The State…

    1. He was over charged, and that is becoming all too apparent.

      He’s going to walk.

      Cities are going to burn

      Nothing is going to change.

      Total win-win for the powers that be.

      And don’t tell me that Sullum and all the rest of the writers here don’t know it or don’t like it.

      1. I think they’ll get him on manslaughter, but just because the jury will be terrified to acquit on all counts.
        From what I’ve seen, the prosecutors haven’t come close to establishing that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death.

  29. The implicit threat in this approach is evidence of the problem, isn’t it? If you can simply tune out of race-conscious politics, then you don’t have a race-based disadvantage, do you?

    I don’t understand what you people think you’re going to lose. Afraid your income tax will go up to pay reparations? Think of all the libertarians, not to mention customers, that will be created when the blacks have some cash in their pockets.

    Of course that’s not going to happen. What everyone’s really concerned about is that blacks will dominate culture. As if all of popular music, sports, youth fashion, slang, and general hipness weren’t already their purview.

    Making blacks richer will simply make them less cool. Give them money, save your culture. Whatever that is. Pleated golf pants and bud light?

    1. Still wistfully hoping for some BBC in that faggot ass, Tones?

      1. You’ve made me realize that there is not one fuckable gay on the BBC. It’s like the British only like their gays mincing and ugly.

        1. Your sexual preferences are of no concern to a broadcasting corporation or an evolving, strong, competitive society that is about to shed queer misfits and victim-signaling, degenerate sub-persons-by-choice.

    2. >weren’t already their purview.

      If thats the case you can’t exactly be claiming systemic racism now can you asshat?
      Is their culture of not acting white, getting an education and a good job and a home, is that the culture you want to promote?

    3. “Think of all the libertarians, not to mention customers, that will be created when the blacks have some cash in their pockets.”

      You realize this makes you the racist, right? And how exactly would the government giving people money turn them into libertarians?

    4. Wow, just wow. Kinda bizarre how you leftists really seem to embody the majority of the racism that can be found in this country. You ever wonder about that?

      1. I think you don’t understand what racism is.

        1. I know that believing minorities are inferior and unable to make it in the world without the help of white people is classic racism. And that’s what you and the progressive left pushes. So, yeah, I’m quite aware.

          Actually sounds like you could stand to bone up on what racism is.

  30. Federal lawmaker:


    Daunte Wright did not die because of a mistake.

    He is dead because he is black.

  31. CRT assumes both malice and obligation by all whites, so it is by definition racism. But once it begins to be accepted (God forbid), it gives whites as well as blacks permission to be racist — because if you’re going to be called a racist no matter what you do, then there’s no penalty for becoming a real one.

    If there is any hope of preventing a race war, it lies with blacks who question the racist nonsense “their own side” is feeding them. And that’s still a pretty good hope. I don’t think more than 10% of the blacks in my city really believe CRT, and fewer than that will come out and riot with BLM. But if there is such a war, count on the organizers to disappear and leave their useful idiots holding the bag.

    1. I find the idea that one would be forced into being a racist cunt by happenstance to be rather unconvincing.

      I think the idea is ending the currently ongoing race war in which heavily armed agents of the state are picking a side.

      Libertarians are supposed to be skeptical of heavily armed agents of the state, no?

      1. “Libertarians are supposed to be skeptical of heavily armed agents of the state, no?”

        Yeah, like the one who murdered that unarmed protester.

        1. Hey now, that was terrorism and if you don’t get down on your knees and worship the black cock of the cop who murdered the unarmed white woman then Talcum X the middle aged marauder will threaten to kill you. Lmfao

          1. You sound experienced, Omar. Did your Mom give you classes? Please, give the old gal my best wishes and get her a fresh bottle of Listerine.

          2. Can’t remember how many KAR/OM posts were flagged, but it’s obvious they are all from the same flaming asshole.

    2. https://twitter.com/ZubyMusic/status/1382383724747177984?s=19

      What if the people who see ‘white supremacy’ everywhere are the real white supremacists?

      1. Bingo…those pushing it are the most intolerant and believers their tribe is superior to all…

  32. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1382340578252353544?s=19

    “Hope you & your people will die like George”
    “Go back to Africa”
    “Get hanged”

    Racist messages were sent to black students at White Bear Lake High School (@isd624) in Minn., prompting a mass #BLM protest & FBI investigation.

    It was a hoax. #HateHoax [link]

    1. Kazmierczak said the student who sent the posts “poses no threat to our students of color.”

      Assuming a (the?) quadraplegic retard didn’t make the posts, how would one refute guilt, in this case and in the context of “words are violence”, without knowing the perpetrator’s skin color? Assuming I subscribe to the CRT nonsense, either the superintendent is saying the perp is harmless because they’re black or they’re systemically dismissing a white racist.

  33. https://twitter.com/ConceptualJames/status/1382399657607827460?s=19

    Crypto-Woke. Or, really, just doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She’s doing the standard useful idiot trick of taking something that’s horrifyingly Woke and pretending it’s something much more reasonable than it is.

    The hospital’s study apparently found that black & Latino patients are less likely to be transferred to the cardiology unit partly b/c they’re less likely to ask for it, perhaps even when appropriate. So an extra effort to make sure they’re not being underserved seems fine.”

    1. You seem to be more obsessed with this topic than anyone.

  34. I think the a big problem in our society and one of my biggest irritations are articles like this one. It spends a lot of time calling out the pure pseudo-intellectual nonsense that the vast majority of equity and anti-racism actions and beliefs are, while then constantly throwing in “I feel your pain” caveats.

    You can’t beat back the extreme nonsense most woke social justice actions have become while in the same breath almost giving them a pass by conflating the fact there are actual problems still out there with this virtue signaling nonsense.

    It is time that actual racial issues that can be pointed out and defined be separated off from platitudes like “systemic racism,” which exist solely because of the inability to actually define and explain a problem yet interested groups wanting that problem to exist.

    Instead of wishy washy articles written so as not to offend anyone, start making proper delineations and calling out true issues that can actually be described from propaganda, virtue signaling, woke, amorphous nonsense.

    1. What a freaking great idea…Maybe even ignore all the woke bullshit since it actually is nonsense. It’s not even worthy of serious discussion. I refuse to take their bullshit seriously. The woke can bleat and bitch all they want. Ignore them like the unruly children they are. Life is too short to listen to the senseless gibberish they chant and pretend it means a damn thing. They deserve unwavering ridicule and scorn.

  35. Perhaps science should become involved in the racism issue:

    In education, hard data is clearly needed to combat racism:

    Data on the distribution of intelligence by race is clearly needed.

    How do we know what – on average – to expect from the races?

    Surely it is racist to fail to demand this vital education data.

  36. Matt, what you completely missed about systemic racism is it absolves individuals of any responsibility. Systemic means the system was designed a particular way (racist), therefore it is not the fault of white people. I didn’t design the system, so I’m not at fault. Black person can’t get ahead in life – not my fault, I didn’t design the system.

    This whole victimization ideology is the inevitable outcome from all those helicopter parents in the 70’s (aka baby boomers) insisting that everyone get a trophy for just showing up. Now their spawn insist the only possible reason for unequal outcomes is “systemic racism” or “white supremacy”. Funny, they NEVER complain about unequal outcomes in the entertainment idustry.

    1. “Funny, they NEVER complain about unequal outcomes in the entertainment industry.”

      Have you seen any clips from the grammys or oscars over the last decade? Let’s just say, the topic does come up from time to time.

  37. I have been writing about race in history and politics and criminal justice and sports and libertarianism for as long as I have been writing

    Then you’re part of the fucking problem Welch!

    1. The section is even titled “Racism”. They used a red font to ensure that it is seen.

  38. Oh how much fun this will be when the wokes turn around the folks who have been pushing this for decades….and what to do when the “oppressor” groups decide they are tribes as well…hey why are Italians so underrepresented in Hollywood, Goldman Sachs, Ivy League and the Media? Catholics..same problem..what about those groups overrepresented? Proportional results…NYT, WAPO, CNN, Academia, FB, Google and so on…those overrepresented must step down….NOW…..or they are guity of racisms and all “isms”. Jaime Dimon needs to step down and its time Frank Rizzo takes over…ha ha ha

  39. Why does every Welch article have more hyperlinks than a wikipedia article? It’s like reading a comic book with all the randomly bolded words.

    The real racists are the ones acting like white people are the devil. Fuck those clowns.

    1. Especially when applied to situations that don’t seem as immediately relevant as a white cop shooting an unarmed black motorist.

      That’s cute Welch. You mean the black man with a warrant for attempted armed robbery? The one who had fled the police before? That one?

  40. When everything is systematic racism people will tune out the term and it will be OK. The term will have done its work and our societal norms will have shifted. (Perhaps in a way not entirely to your liking, but that’s neither here nor there.)

    1. Really they have done a huge disservice to their own cause, as they so often do. Systemic racism is in the same dumpster climate change is in. The self flagellating true believers are massively offended if people dont also buy into it and can’t have a rational conversation about it, and everyone else is now at the point where they are rolling their eyes and moving on.

      Any difference is systemic racism. Anything. It is the new original sin. That and of course, white supremacy (which they have to use now that they wore out the sting of systemic racism). Everyone is guilty (but no one more guilty than whipeepo), and the only answer is self flagellation and apology. So joe schmoe that is mostly focusing on paying his rent and/or keeping loved ones with food on the table will meet this with a hard eye roll and a not give a fuck.

      White liberals will continue to fall over each other to define everybody by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, and the rest of the country will laugh at them and say fuck off, we dont care about your schtick anymore. They can go find a BIPOC safe space to grovel in front of for virtue scraps.

      Ill enjoy another glass of whiskey and laugh at this spectacle some more.

      1. You are offended and made uneasy by change. Adapt or die: it’s the cruelest law of the universe.

  41. The term systemic racism belittles and insults black people. Systems are necessary for society to exist and if there is any fault in those systems then it should be dealt with by the methods that all human beings use to solve problems. This means articulating the fault, presenting arguments why it should be changed and taking the necessary action to fix it.

    This is how all of us should interact with every system in society. None of us should be exempt from this human process. Appealing to concepts like systemic racism assumes that black people are incapable of interacting with systems like anyone else. It wants to circumvent normal reasonable interaction by bullying systems into giving some people a free pass to change the system simply because of their race.

    Black people should want to change systems because they are unjust or aggressive. This should be the only reason to change any system. They should show proof of such injustice or aggression meted out to them and argue their case. Claiming racism is not necessary unless you are insecure in your arguments.

    Black people are just as capable as anyone else of bringing about change in systems but appealing to or drawing attention to their race only lessens their dignity as human beings.

    1. They are interacting with them. They are pointing out their flaws, namely, that they tend to exclude black people. Hence, systemic racism.

      It is true, however, that woke academics could stand to speak a little more plainly, but speaking so plainly that Trumpers can understand them is probably a waste of effort.

      1. Not good enough. They need to dissect the operation of the system and point to what, specifically, excludes black people inappropriately. You can’t fix a problem until you identify it at a mechanical level.

        Differential outcomes is not enough. There are non-racist causes of differential outcomes. And there are causes of differential outcomes that are *outside the system* which has differential outcomes. No one should expect perfectly equal outcomes in anything, and no problem was ever solved by complaining about something when the problem is located somewhere else.

        I have yet to see a detailed analysis of most claims of systemic racism. The few things I’ve seen actually break it down to the mechanics of alleged racism didn’t actually identify systemic racism, they identified personal racism. (And ultimately, all ‘systemic’ racism stems from personal racism at some point in the past. People build systems, systems don’t simply spring into existence fully formed).

        Details matter a great deal. If you aren’t willing to put in that level of work, no one should take you seriously.

        1. But you’re asking them to produce something they can’t. Our society as a whole is very limited in actual racism that the racial industrial complex has to create racists and racism out of thin air to keep getting funding and maintain power.

          The reason claims like privilege or systemic/structural racism exist is all because true racism is so fleeting.

          Thus, platitudes, false narratives, fluffy, vague and undefined language, moving goalposts, Kafka traps, and unfalsifiable positions are all they have.

          1. If you’re a libertarian you believe twenty nonsense lies before you even start talking. If you’re mad at black people being politically effective, perhaps you can soothe your concerns with the knowledge that black people have kind of had the shaft for all of history. I don’t see you here bitching about all the lies FOX News shovels, and not even for a good cause.

            1. “kind of had the shaft for all of history”

              They are not alone in that. Have you heard of the Irish? Thomas Sowell made a video about their history, it was extremely harsh but all very true. It hurt to watch that video but Sowell spoke the truth and the truth is very harsh sometimes. I appreciate the man’s unwavering honesty.
              The Irish were peasants living in huts. The British were purposely starving them to keep their numbers down. Many Irish arrived here as indentured servants. They were never set free. They were kept illegally indentured for many years.
              Visit Fredericksburg Battlefield and you will see that the Irish were used for cannon fodder. Irishmen were snatched up at the docks in New York and were signed up to fight for the freedom of the slaves. They never owned slaves, they never benefited from slavery in any way, but they died in piles on the battlefields for someone else’s freedom. They had never tasted that freedom for themselves. In reality, the Irish had it much worse in Ireland than the slaves had it here. At least they had food here.
              Why aren’t the Irish claiming to be victims? They were treated very harshly but they don’t dwell on it. It took a black scholar to bring it into the light, and that was only recently. Why don’t the Irish often gripe about their past? Because they kept moving forward. They knew that repeatedly rehashing their dark history served no purpose.
              When John F. Kennedy, an Irish Catholic was elected President, the Irish knew that they had made it. Barrack Obama should have made the same impression. Instead, he just advanced the victim throttle.
              I grew up in an Irish household and nobody in my family ever considered themselves victims. We were told to be happy that we are in America and pushed to do well in school. My Grandfathers arrived in the ghetto, and they worked themselves out of the ghetto with each generation. (See: Study of Concentric Circles, Univ Chicago) Not everyone works hard to get out of the ghetto. Some never leave. They have accepted victimhood status and will never move forward. Generation after generation keeps making the same mistakes and always blaming it on others. Although the situation never improves when they loot and burn cities, they will continue to us that tactic. Nothing will change. The buildings burned in the 68′ riots in Chicago are still burned. Nobody will ever invest because they haven’t seen any measurable change in the people of those neighborhoods. They will just burn them again.

            2. So, you use a strawman argument (i.e. I don’t like black people being politically effective) to lead into a whataboutism argument that I don’t call out Fox News when this article and issue has nothing to do with Fox News.

              You are so wildly broken, it would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

        2. I always thought that blaming the system instead of individuals was doing the individuals a favor. You can’t win with racists, huh?

          What goes on in an individual’s heart is important, because in the end the only way you defeat cultural artifacts as sacred as racism is for all the racist people to die off. But that’s me talking. I don’t really know the ins and outs of the strategy, but I do know that I don’t actually have to give a shit if I don’t want to, because I’m white, and I’m always going to have a job, and I once talked so much bitchery to a cop he got fucking frustrated with me, yet didn’t even “accidentally” kill me. None of this is my problem, actually.

          If other white people feel threatened by black political strategies, those white people should cash in some of their unearned wealth and privilege and buy a pair of headphones so they don’t have to listen to it.

          It’s just people trying to get what they can out of their own society. For some reason that becomes a problem when it’s not white guys doing it.

          1. Black people do not need a ‘strategy’ – there already exists a strategy that everyone can use. Everyone can challenge injustice and aggression by using the ‘systems’ that protect them from those things. Those systems are based on human rights and mutual respect and not on race.

            You seem to have such a patronising attitude to black people who are just as capable of fighting for justice as anyone else. Such an attitude is itself based on racism – it is predicated on the belief that black people are not as articulate and logical as non-black people.

            You might think you are morally superior in your support for the existence of systemic racism but such support is in itself a very racist act.

            It is also rather cowardly to make claims of systemic racism without giving examples which might be challenged. Hiding behind such generalisations does nothing to help black people who need to be assertive in their particular quests for justice.

            1. He is a garden variety ineffectual white liberal. Reduces every person down to their skin color, panders to them with claims of systemic racism boogeyman, hopes they will let him stay around to grovel more.

              They keep telling people they dont need white saviors, when are these bitches going to STFU and listen to the people they pretend to be offended for? Unfortunately with them, its always the soft bigotry of low expectations. Its amazing people of color can tie their shoes without help from people like him (at least in his mind)

            2. Tony is your classic racist. He thinks black people are inferior and that they need his (and other white people’s) help. It’s one of the more astounding ironies with progressives.

            3. It’s predicated on the belief that black people are free human agents capable of acting in their own political interest. Standing in the way of that would be a dick move. I don’t believe, as conservatives do, that other groups of people gaining rights diminishes my rights in a zero-sum way.

              If deep down you want to maintain a system that unfairly advantages whites in school, the workplace, and politics, that’s poor sportsmanship.

              1. Perhaps you can give some concrete examples where a black person was unfairly treated because they were not white and how such an example would definitely prove the existence of systemic racism.

                It shouldn’t be very hard if the systemic racism is as widespread as you contend.

          2. Chicago is run by progressive Democrats. Every single leadership position in the city is currently held by a person of color. They are failing the taxpayers. The city should have claimed bankruptcy four years ago. Do they take any responsibility? No. Not in the least bit. They blame racism, sexism, or any -ism rather than take any accountability for their own failed policies. Their gun control policies fail, they blame Indiana. They blame the GOP for the issues that they themselves have caused. The GOP hasn’t been present in Chicago leadership for 7 decades. It is a one party city and their voters accept anything they say due to the immense control of the unions.
            When Chicago voters re-elected Jessie Jackson Jr, Jackson had already been convicted of stealing from them and was headed to jail. Jackson’s wife was headed to jail too. He was also caught in a cheating scandal and had just been diagnosed as bi-polar. He could not hold office, but that did not stop Chicago voters from re-electing him. They did it anyways. Why was the other candidate deemed so unsuitable? Simply because he was white. The taxpayers were hit with a bill for a million dollars to run a different election. It isn’t an issue because there are more non-taxpayers voting in Chicago then there are taxpayers voting. “If it is free, it is for me”.
            Racism is a two way street. It exists in the black community as well. If you doubt that, I can show you. We can swing down to the Austin neighborhood on any given night and you can see how friendly and accepting they are. It is a fact that most urban areas are very dangerous for white people but that is never mentioned. The people pushing the narrative have never been there and fail to see both sides.
            For every claim of racism these days we can counter with a Juicy Smooliet. BTW, was he ever punished? Nope. Is that equity?

      2. When Joe Biden was interviewed by Cardi B, that is when I knew that he was a serious candidate. Cardi sets the bar for intelligent, cultured, informed voters.

        1. Remember the good old days when it was Ted Nugent?

          1. Is he a terrible guy? He doesn’t drink, do drugs or break the law. He is a massive supporter of gun safety and a major promoter of legal shooting sports. He preaches gun safety.
            Now, how about the Hip Hop folk? Are they a good example? You know the answer to that. There were at least 10 aspiring Rappers shot dead in Chicago alone last year.
            Can you name any rock and roll bands that shoot at each other over ridiculous street beefs? Do they assassinate each other? Do their videos oftentimes feature young men using drugs and pointing pistols at the camera and each other? You know the answer to that too. If not, you are in denial.

            1. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole to start judging the relative toxicity of various cultures, but considering Nugent’s culture is the very one that oppressed blacks and other minorities for centuries, creating the social conditions where phenomena like urban gang violence thrives, not to mention untold thousands of lynchings and systemic exclusion from full personhood, I don’t think his crazed yokel shtick is anything to write home about.

              I gather your argument is that the toxic aspects of urban black culture are somehow the result of poor choices of black people, or perhaps some other inherent flaw in their approach.

              The funny thing is that you’re validating MY thesis: that you actually care more about what type of music other cultures produce than any actual toxicity in them. It’s all culture. You don’t like black music, and you think that means black people are doing something wrong.

              As a lifelong fan of classical music, I guess I just understand better that a pluralistic society will have its cultural niches, and we should probably learn to live with that. Even celebrate the diversity.

        2. OK… that one didn’t require the sarc tag.

          1. did i reply to the right msg>???
            it was to acknowledge Talc’s Cardi B interview comment?
            Its always hard (for me) to tell once the comment is up.

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  45. Maybe go back to choosing the best qualified person regardless of race rather than having unqualified representatives of every race because of “fairness”.

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