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A now former South Carolina state trooper has been charged with misconduct in office for making inappropriate advances to a woman he stopped for DUI. Officials say that instead of taking the woman to jail, Donovan Hadley asked her to come back to his house. When she refused, he drove her to her cousin's house, where he gave her a hug and complimented her appearance. He later texted her and told her he would drop the DUI charge and return her driver's license if she would come to his house to pick the license up.

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  1. Fucking brilliant!

    1. Yep, instead of having to pay for drinks, he found a date that was already impaired.

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  2. OT rep Omar accuses everyone of bigotry when they call out her anti Jewish bigotry.

    1. Standard Alinsky tactics.

    2. That’s because she’s a lying sack of shit.

    3. It is all about intersectionality. Since Jews are, in Randi Weingarten's words, of the "propertied class" they don't rate so well on the victim scale; therefore, a (1) POC of (2) Somali extraction and a (3) Muslin gets triple victim points, and can say whatever they want about a group that gets maybe a half a point.

      Am I getting this woke thing right or not?

      1. Is there a chart or table for this somewhere? Would be extremely helpful.

        1. They were going to make one but it turned out charts are racist so they had to scrap the whole thing.

          /sarc - shouldn't be needed but its hard when discussing "woke".

          1. To be fair, saying racial hierarchies are evil and then laying out your preferred racial hierarchy on paper kinda gives away the farm.

            1. Oh it's still racism, just justified racism on the basis of identifying with a victim class.

              Payback, in other words.

              1. Oh, I don't doubt it's racism. I'm just saying that "Racism is evil, all races should be equal." has at least a fig leaf of modesty or virtue while "Racism is evil, here's how the races should be prioritized." is nakedly rubbing your junk in peoples' faces.

          2. Ok so you guys got me to looking and I'm sad to say I found this:


            Thought maybe it was a joke at first, but no. Not a joke. An entire fucking dissertation on it.

            1. Lol. I stand corrected.

              1. I also found this handy online calculator so you can easily determine your own privilege/ victim standing:


                The sad part that in places like academia, they really live this way.

                1. I did it and got a "6;" not that being Jewish is the last consideration on the calculator.

                  1. Stop oppressing me. I scored 16. Good thing I ditched Catholicism otherwise I'd be a 7 in the upper oppressor class.

                2. I got a 23

                  1. I got a 24 & I'm not giving to those less fortunate

        2. In case you didn't see below, here you are:


          I got a "6" which makes me a white, cisgendered shitlord

  3. The clear libertarian position is that he should've dutifully carted her off to jail. Can't have officers of the law treating women unfairly and, more importantly, complimenting their appearance.

    1. There's nothing more libertarian than trying to coerce sex from an impaired woman...

      1. Actually I don't think the core issue here is the impairment. It would have been equally wrong if she'd been sober and arrested for shoplifting rather than DUI.

        1. Actually I don’t think the core issue here is the impairment.

          I absolutely agree. The core issue is cancel culture agitators looking to crucify demonic straw men for any perceived infraction, no matter how slight.

          Is the libertarian standpoint that we should have less or more lax law enforcement unless men find (impaired) women attractive (but still respect their agency)?

          Believe me, I don't like the fact that women can flirt their way out of speeding or parking tickets, but I wouldn't pretend that more tickets is the libertarian answer/alternative. Especially with 'cop flips pregnant woman's car' and '24 cops granted QI for raiding wrong man's house' stories above the fold.

          1. The core issue is cancel culture agitators looking to crucify demonic straw men for any perceived infraction, no matter how slight.

            And, to support my assessment, I refer you to the dearth of "There should be no DUI laws in the first place." or even "DUI arrests should be more discretionary but...". Pretty straight up "All pigs are equally bad but some (male) pigs are worse than others."

            1. I'm not sure about that. If you're interested in less policing and value winning tactics over intellectual accuracy, "all pigs are bad and therefore I'll throw any anything at them that might stick, including accusations of sexism that will recruit non-libertarians to the cause".

              1. Imagine if the sex/gender roles were reversed. I have a couple relatives (both men) who've spent a night in jail and months biking/bumming rides to work that would absolutely trade the night in jail in exchange for turning down a date and almost certainly trade both the night in jail and the suspended license in exchange for a date. Probably several dates.

                I'd think the female officer would have to have horns and secret caustic ooze before the men would think they were getting the raw end of the deal.

        2. But since she was "impaired", then if she had said yes, that would have been rape.

      2. There’s nothing more libertarian than trying to coerce sex from an impaired woman…

        I'm pretty sure I said that the clear libertarian position is that he should've dutifully hauled her off to jail.

        This is not the case of sexual assault and/or police abuse you are looking for.

  4. . . . or right here in the squad car?

  5. hands on the hood and spread 'em lol.

  6. So another fellow trashes his entire career [and being a State Trooper definitely has its benefits] over some hoped for poon tang; and didn't even get any.

    It is a story we read about every day. Police, politicians, teachers, you name it they all do it.

    Guys are just going to keep pissing it all away because they are horny.

    1. And, to be fair, there have been more than a few hot female school teachers who have done the same for some leg from teen age boys.

    2. You've got it all wrong. It's actually an alien wizard casting a spell on men.

      1. I call mine the alien wizard too.

        1. There's a genre for that [I wouldn't know personally, but you know, guys talk, you hear things]

          1. Is that next to the Japanese octopus section? Asking for a friend.

            1. A "friend" told me that it was. Hope that helps.

              1. I have a friend who's halfway across the same comic book store as you two and he says you guys need to get a room.

    3. Guys are just going to keep pissing it all away because they are horny.

      And in cases where they're exceptionally lax in abusing their power while still respecting a(n inebriated) woman's choices, we should be extra judgemental/punitive. Because... uh... libertarianism? social justice? outcomes? consequences?

    4. Didn't say he'd been fired.

  7. Officer Friendly brainwashes kids with school visits and coloring books into submissive, little drones.

    Officer Too Friendly Hadley here threatens jail and charges to extort dates.

    Officer Way Too Friendly Green add a little "justified" use of force to his romantic proposal:

    "Green then grabbed her by her arms, held her against the wall of her cell, licked, kissed, and bit her neck, and fondled her breasts. After Jane Doe pushed Green away, he again grabbed her, pushed her against the wall of her cell, pulled up her shirt and bra and licked, kissed, and bit her neck, chest, and breasts. Green only stopped and left Jane Doe’s cell when he was interrupted...."


    1. Ok so horny + some power = this; it's just going to keep happening. Brickbats all around from here to eternity.

    2. Officer Too Friendly Hadley here threatens jail and charges to extort dates.

      He didn't threaten jail. The exact opposite. Jail was required and he failed to exert that power/authority appropriately.

      Officer Way Too Friendly Green, OTOH, absolutely deserves a prison cell. And I could even rationalize, (even within the confines of libertarianism), one shared with a convicted rapist. *That's* the sexual assault/abuse of power story people are looking for.

  8. So, he stopped a woman for suspected DUI.

    He doesn’t arrest her.

    He takes her to her safe place, a cousin’s house.

    She concocts a story and he loses his job. Boom.

    That’s fucked up. If she claimed she was too drunk to be hugged, she should be arrested for DUI.

    Where’s the evidence of the cop’s guilt? Sounds like she’s just annoyed that she had to go get her car from the highway, the next morning.

    Unappreciative civilian.

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