Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci Says His Critics Are Attacking Science Itself

"A lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science."


In an interview with MNSBC host Chuck Todd on Wednesday, White House coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci fired back at his detractors—explicitly suggesting that the recent criticism he has received from Republicans constitutes an attack on science itself.

"If you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you're really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you're attacking science," said Fauci, speaking in the third person. "Anybody who looks at what's going on clearly sees that. You'd have to be asleep not to see that. That's what's going on. Science and the truth are being attacked."

This statement was prompted by a question from Todd, who fretted that conservative critiques of Fauci were undermining the credibility of public health officials and could cause vaccine hesitancy. "Look at Russia," said Todd. "They have a good vaccine and none of their citizens will take it because they don't trust their own government."

Russia's government is authoritarian: President Vladimir Putin jails dissidents and has his opponents murdered. Citizens may not have good reason to distrust the Russian vaccine, but they have every reason not to trust their government.

This is true as well for American citizens: A healthy distrust of government should be considered a prerequisite for a free society. But more specifically, federal health bureaucrats' handling of the pandemic has created legitimate cause for distrust, for skepticism, and for criticism. While the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention correctly permit vaccinated individuals to resume wide swaths of pre-pandemic behavior, the CDC previously sounded notes of extreme and excess caution, inadvertently creating the false impression that the vaccines are not very protective from COVID-19. (In reality, they are miraculously effective.) The federal government has also failed to make the AstraZeneca vaccine available, even though we already know it is safe and effective.

Government health officials should not be immune from criticism simply because they are doctors or scientists. Fauci works for the government and should be subject to the same scrutiny that journalists are supposed to apply to all members of government. What's more, we know that Fauci has said things that are not true: he has admitted that he kept the truth about the proper herd immunity threshold from the public; he has admitted that he failed to recommend masking during the early days of the pandemic because he was worried that hospitals would run out of them.

"Science" is not synonymous with Fauci, or the CDC, or any lone source of authority. Scientific experts routinely disagree on various policies. Some epidemiologists continue to urge the public to practice a level of caution that seems unnecessary in light of the vaccines, while others think life can resume as normal. There are legitimate differences of opinion on which pandemic mitigation strategies—lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates—actually worked. Being pro-science does not mean parroting the talking points of the government's chosen spokesperson. Robust debate and challenge are part of the scientific process.

That's precisely what is happening now: Some people are asking questions about the government's handling of the pandemic. Not all of these questions are good ones, and not everything Fauci has done or said was wrong. But asking questions is not a crime against science: It's a vital aspect of democracy and a fundamental step in the scientific process.

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  1. The people who have T shirts, posters, bumper stickers that say “I F’in love science” are scientifically illiterate, in most cases, presumably.

    1. It is funny when you read studies that show things like climate change skeptics are actually more knowledgeable of the science than most adherents.

      1. I don’t doubt that’s true, but can you say where you saw such a study?

        1. I posted you some links. They are awaiting moderation. I tried adding spaces, but that still didn’t work to protect from moderation. Hopefully they are eventually allowed to show up.

          1. Only one link per post allowed.

            1. Thanks. I will make that change.

              1. No problem, also directly linked to the Kahan article below for you. Noticed it was the one on Fox News.

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        2. He would do better to teach you how to use a web search provider. Then you can stop asking everyone for studies and links you won’t bother to read (which you actually admitted to once).

          1. You’ll get an ad hominem attack from White Mike for posting fox. So here is the direct link to the study.


            1. I was actually prepared for that line of attack from him. Was going to follow-up with the actual study. Fun to mess with people when you know what their knee-jerk argument will be.

              1. A set up like that is a good tactical move. Provide information that you know will produce a particular response to which you already have the answer. Very effective.

          2. That Fox headline is incredibly deceptive. The study actually shows that climate skeptics know on average slightly more about the the scientific consensus on climate change, but they reject it, so “know more about climate science” is a real stretch. Since the reject the scientific consensus on climate science. The questions also were very basic, giving all participants and average of over 4 out of five questions right, and they did not pertain strongly to the mechanisms of the climate change phenomena. Questions such as “if the north pole ice caps melted would sea levels rise” are easy to confuse, since they would if the south pole ones did, but skeptics like to hammer the north pole issue so are more likely to know the difference between those areas.
            The fact is the rich and powerful who political benefit from skepticism on climate change such as big oil, Koch etc have ordered their affairs assuming it is taking place. But they love that dishonest manipulation.

            1. I know the details of climate change science. I also reject the CATASTROPHIC climate change hypothesis. The methods of measurement and calculation of global temperature are DESIGNED to increase warming. The evidence from the lack of tropospheric hot spot is that a substantial portion of observed warming is natural (which fits the pre-industrial multi-century cycles), not based on atmospheric absorption (unlike what some people claim, this is the mechanism of CO2 global warming, so this isn’t explicable by being hidden). However, IPCC models essentially require that we have had MORE CO2 warming than observed, which means we would have been cooling without industrial emissions. Then, the negative effects are exaggerated while the positive effects of warming ignored (multiple scientific studies are published annually on ocean acidification that act like the sea has no salt). Finally, the costs of CO2 reduction are ignored, even when they are carefully couched calls for genocide (“de-industrialization” and “population reduction”).

              Anyone in academia who agrees with anything I’ve said above is forced out. Anyone in energy companies who says this publicly can expect a quiet “Shut up, do you know how much money we’re making off this?”

              Need I go on?

        3. com/global-warming-skeptics-know-more-science-climate-change-051913092.html

      2. That’s definitely not true. LOL. Just like “gravity skeptics are more knowledgeable of the science than gravity believers are.”

        I know climate change skeptics typically have a lot of cherry picked facts (or non-facts) at their fingertips, but believing the opposite of the overwhelming conclusion of the scientific community does not make you scientifically literate at all.

        1. Now do COVID lockdowns.

        2. That was a non-stop mess of illogic. Thanks.

        3. JD romb – comment – “I know climate change skeptics typically have a lot of cherry picked facts (or non-facts) at their fingertips, but believing the opposite of the overwhelming conclusion of the scientific community does not make you scientifically literate at all.”

          FWIW – the much heralded paleo climate reconstructions depend very heavily on ex post selection criteria to show the present day warming is greater than the last 1,000 or 6,000 or 12,000 years.

          ex-post screening / selection is another word for cherry picking.

        4. Just like “gravity skeptics are more knowledgeable of the science than gravity believers are.”

          Actually, it’s nothing like that. That you don’t understand the difference is a data point in support of what you’re claiming is not true.

      3. No different than atheists/agnostics who know more about religion than the believers.

        1. This isn’t quite true, adherents know more about the specific religion they follow.

      4. Shouldn’t be surprising as long as “believe in science” actually means “believe what this particular group of politicians tell you the science says”.

        The true believers buy in to whatever Al Gore and Bernie Sanders say with the zeal of religious evangelicals, while most of the “skeptics” are reading the actual research papers that the AP editors make up misleading headlines about.

    2. I have a STEM degree and 35 years of practice putting it to use.

      Political types yelling about science makes me irrationally aggravated. Arrogance is a bad personality trait. Ignorance is a bad personality trait. Combining them in one person is almost impossible to tolerate.

      1. But they often go hand in hand.

        1. Fakeys trick is hes speaking as a paid Bureaucrat not scientist, then plays the ” Im a scientist” card when caught lying.

          I read published research from both CDCand NIH stating masks dont work.

          Con artists like Fakey demand they do with no proof, no discussion, making un qualified statements of absolutes.


          1. Sort of like a revealed truth?

    3. And I bet bobby oshea is a professor.

      1. I bet you’re lacking 90% of the average person’s brain-cell count

    4. It’s the same with people who put black lives matter, kindness is everything, love is love, etc. on their homes. Probably some of the least tolerant folks on the block.

    5. I think Dr. Fauci is a good man with good intentions, but he is not smart about public commentary and talks too much off-the-cuff. It’s time for someone in the government to tell him to shut up for the sake of his profession and his agency. It’s too late to tell him to do so for his own good.

      1. I think Dr. Fauci is a good man

        I don’t. Anyone who tries the bullshit “If you’re criticizing me for my actions then you’re really criticizing X” defense is a dishonest asshole.

  2. But more specifically, federal health bureaucrats’ handling of the pandemic has created legitimate cause for distrust, for skepticism, and for criticism.

    That was Trump’s federal bureaucrats. Biden’s federal bureaucrats deserve more deference.

    The Science as indeed shifted several times in ways that apparently only health experts could possibly understand. Take, for instance, Summer 2020 protests and their apparent prophylactic effect on viral transmissions. To you or me, the idea that an infection could be staved off simply by the intent of the crowd seems like magic, but many an expert educated us about that infectious disease carve-out.

      1. this one time I saw like 11 zebras totally going to town on a dead lion it was spectacular

    1. But take heart, the Summer 2020 protests solved racism. The Science proved it!

    2. You are right.
      Fauci, for one, was one of Trump’s federal bureaucrats. Now he’s a Biden bureaucrat. Has he now started truthing, as opposed to before Jan.20?
      “The Science” is a chimera. Science is an approach to question-answering. There has never been a thing called “settled science”. More, or better, evidence always comes along.

  3. This is like when priests claim that attacking them is attacking god.

    It’s amazing how “science” has become the new humanist religion. At this point I don’t find any difference between a religious zealot and a science zealot.

    1. Something had to replace the old religion.

      As Douglas Murray said, “As society moves from belief to ‘non-belief’, if you think it’s all just going to be business as usual, you’re sorely mistaken.”

      1. Great quote. It is so true, humans need their religions. And when one religion gets tossed aside, they pick up the other.

        It’s just funny to see the irony of taking up “science” as a counter to religion all while it becomes the person’s new religion.

        1. I think we’re all going to discover that, for all its faults, we’re going to miss the old religion(s), and I say that as an atheist.

          1. LOL! Diane, I am right there with you. I have been an agnostic my whole life with little care for organized religions. Yet, I have never been more accepting of organized religious people than I am right now.

            And it’s all because of the new “religions” that are popping up all over the place. Like, “huh, maybe the organized religions, with all their faults, actually help prevent people from pursuing even more completely crazy ideas, beliefs, and practices.”

            1. “maybe the organized religions, with all their faults, actually help prevent people from pursuing even more completely crazy ideas, beliefs, and practices.”

              Does. It takes the focus off self
              ( like Fauci) and puts it on a higher power. Try walking a strait line while looking at your own feet.

          2. Same here. Formerly a Southern Baptist, now atheist. I’ll take the old religion over the woke religion any day.

            1. Gimme that old time religion, gimme that old time religion, gimme that old time religion, it’s good enough for me.

              It was good for the Hebrew children,
              It was good for Paul and Silas,
              It was good for my grandmother,
              It’s good enough for me!

        2. FYI, if you’re not going on youtube right now and searching Douglas Murray and not watching 100% of his interviews, your intellectual life is notably poorer.

        3. And humans seem to need a Supreme Leader, a King. Pity us.

          1. Such is the hypostasis of body and soul, shackled to the cosmos.

    2. He was called Saint Fauci by quite a few, wasn’t he?

    3. Yeah, it is become fucking cultish the last few years.

    4. Dagon falls over in every generation.

    5. Attacking me is an attack on God. I’m not a priest, I’m just a god


    7. Fauci is the Pope of Science.

    8. The only real difference is in the devices they will use to torture you with.

    9. I think the main difference is that there isn’t an objectively true version of scripture that’s frequently in direct opposition to what the zealots trying to force others to believe their interpretation is the only “true” one.

      The “science zealots” all too frequently are pushing a version of their belief that’s well out of line with the actual data they’re pretending to be based on.

  4. “A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science.”

    Fuck off, you hack.

    Oh, just for conversation sake, Mark Zuckerberg is on an “abbreviated” first name basis with Fauci. That should tell you everything you need to know about the clear separation between a fully independent corporation which is only interested in appealing to its customer’s self interest that “reaches 2.9 Billion people worldwide” and some of the most powerful Federal Officials in the land.

    1. Remember when Fakey was given the privilege by President Trump of speaking at the podium and stormed off line an angry child refusing to answer the question of how this is like the flu and thats not a crisis?

      Thats science?

      Yes, deviant PSYCHOLOGY!

    2. Still not censorship!

      — Reason, Dee, and Lying Jeffy

    3. This whole Fauci worship would only be better if his name was Lysenko.

      1. Terrifying wiki article, very appropriate reading for opponents of limited government

    4. NIH/Lancet/Nature/Facebook/Twitter were all colluding on the lab leak fiasco.

  5. lol the no-cred asshole will never escape “masks-don’t-work-wear-masks-immediately”

    1. A Billion masks per day.
      4 days a week.
      Two years.
      This isnt about MONEY?

      9 Newly minted BILLIONAIRES concerning vaccines. This isnt about MONEY?

      How much in kickbacks is HE getting?

      1. hopes are high he uses some of it for baseball-throwing lessons.

        1. “Yes, he should be.”

          John Cleese, Fawlty Towers

          1. Fawlty Towers was hilarious.

      2. The numbers are insane.

        Globally, 65 billion gloves are used every month. The tally for face masks is nearly twice that—129 billion a month. That translates into 3 million face masks used per minute.

        A separate study reports that 3.4 billion face masks or face shields are discarded every day. Asia is projected to throw away 1.8 billion face masks daily, the highest quantity of any continent globally. China, with the world’s largest population (1.4 billion) discards nearly 702 million face masks daily.


    1. …no so much wolf but the portion round back under its tail!

  7. Fauci brought this on himself. All of the good he did before or since cannot hide the tar stain and smell of his lying about mask at the start of this pandemic for the sole reason of letting those in government cut in line ahead of private individuals to get to get their mask first and let us take our chances unprotected. Government is for government first, last, and always.

    “Instead of recognizing the State as ‘the common enemy of all
    well-disposed, industrious and decent men,’ the run of mankind,
    with rare exceptions, regards it not only as a final and
    indispensable entity, but also as, in the main, beneficent. ~ AJ Nock

    1. He “lied” about masks because he knew they were useless. His actual lie was claiming that he lied.

  8. Because Science is just a flag you hold now. When you hold the Science flag, your words are supposed to be given authority and not questioned. That’s what most people mean when they say Science now.

    So Fauci is right. Attacks on Fauci are attacks on the Science flag.

    If you think science is something else, then you’re not communicating with the Science flag true believers when they talk about Science.

    1. Experts, dude. Only experts who explain things in a manner in which they cannot be understood can be trusted. Someone who dumbs down science so that anyone can understand it isn’t a true scientist, because science is like really hard and stuff. Only experts can understand it! If you’re not an expert, then you’re spouting off nonsense whenever you talk about science!! Because Experts are like Experts and stuff! Why you hate science?!?!! HATER! YOU WANT EVERYONE TO DIE!!!

  9. Trying to cloak himself behind the skirts of science.

    Mostly political science at that.

    1. I’ve mostly read what he said. I think I only heard him speak once.

      But, read transcripts. He prevaricates on everything. He never says something. It’s always weasel words “maybe” “it seems” “it could be” “Possibly” “we might sort of be heading towards” etc.

      There’s no science in his speech. I know he’s a doctor, and I KNOW he knows real science, but he is primarily a bureaucrat and he speaks in the words of plausible deniability that they all do. The “Well, that’s not ACTUALLY what I said” is always there.

      He’s hiding behind science, but he is the least clear and definite speaker since Alan Greenspan. Difference is, Greenspan wasn’t pretending he was the One True Oracle of science.

      1. Expressing the appropriate uncertainty is the correct way to present results; the dogmatic statements (masks are useless, or masks greatly prevent the spread) are non scientific. See Curry, Judith.

        1. Curry is quite good. She also started out as a warmer…

      2. He’s just a lawyer at heart.

  10. Science is decided by committees and not to be questioned. If you disagree then you hate science.

    1. Hes replaying the political line- ” settled science” from AGW.

      Its all about Talking Points.

    2. Yes. Comrade.

  11. No, Dr. Fauci, they are not attacking science. They are attacking a fallible man who has spent much of his professional career as a bureaucrat, which makes on even more suspect.

    Hiding behind the skirts of Science is the act of a scoundrel.

  12. Anthony Fauci’s communications show he was the one attacking science.

  13. Fauci was kinda sorta somewhere in the neighborhood of ok at first. Usually anyway.

    But since the vaccines came along and portended the end of his 15 minutes he’s totally jumped the shark.

    1. He definitely knew his own shelf-life and rushed to get that book deal going.

  14. Grasping at straws trying desperately to hold onto the grift.

    Also the story about the park police gassing protesters for Trump was revealed to be false. Reason perpetrated that lie last year, repeatedly.

  15. My only question to fauci would be
    “after being completely wrong on aids, allergies, and Wuhan virus, can you tell me where your confidence comes from?”

    1. I totally laughed out loud at that one. Cheers!

    2. Perhaps the bottom of a Gin bottle like Hillary Clinton?

    3. A 5 million dollar book deal? Being one of the highest paid government workers?

      You don’t have to be right, just have to be loved by the ignorant.

      1. $5 MILL heck it was only a 84 page book and probably ghost written by somebody else

        1. You could have spent 5 seconds fact checking that and found out that Fauci isn’t getting paid for the book and is not going to be collecting any royalties.

          But instead here you are spreading lies.


      2. This is America. One does not need to be smart to get rich. One only needs to be controversial.

        Que any of the Kardashian media available. ;-(

    4. “La Science, c’est moi.”

  16. Pope says his critics are really just attacking God

    1. Biden says his critics are really just attacking China!

  17. “I am he state” — Louis XIV
    “I am the science” — Anthony Fauci

    1. I am the Senate! — Sheev Palpatine

  18. “The Sun revolves around the Earth.” Catholic Church.

    “The World revolves around me.” Dr. Fakey

  19. Science, bitches

    Syed had been a “straight-A student” and—according to his parents and the family’s therapist—quite brilliant. He is also on the autism spectrum, a young man who neglects to make eye contact and must be given rules for how long to shake hands, shower, or brush his teeth. High school was a slog for him, as it often is for kids on the spectrum who find that the social demands of adolescence have risen beyond their capacity to meet them. “He tried to ask a few girls out. It didn’t work out and he got frustrated and angry, and that kind of thing. And so, those girl-boy things get kind of tough for autistic kids, those developmental issues. And that’s where puberty can be very, very hard with the hormones rushing and all this stuff.”

    When lockdowns hit, the boy who was already struggling socially and befuddled by questions neurotypical teens take for granted (How do I show a girl I like her? How do I make the other kids include me?) began to spend all day and night on the Internet. “He’s an autistic kid, and so he kind of lost track of time. And he was staying up a lot. So he was staying up, just being on the Internet, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever. . . . And he was in his room, just, you know, sleeping one or two hours a day. And that can really be devastating. He was very confused. He was seeing things, visual hallucinations. And we didn’t know why.”

    It is not definitively known why many neurodiverse adolescents identify as transgender, but more than one scientist has pointed out the high rates of coincidence. As several autism experts have explained to me, those on the spectrum tend to fixate, and when a contagious idea is introduced to them—such as the notion that they might be a “girl in a boy’s body”—they are particularly susceptible to it.

    As child psychiatrist and expert in gender dysphoria Susan Bradley said to me: “The messages these kids pick up [from trans influencers] when they’re online is, ‘We’re the only people who understand you. Your people, your parents, don’t really understand you.’ And it may be the first time in their lives that anybody has said to them, ‘We understand you. We know you. You’re okay. You’re just like us.’ And it’s powerful.”

    I asked Bradley if introducing gender ideology to kids who tend to fixate is like introducing cocaine to those susceptible to addiction. She agreed: “It has the same power to assuage all the alienation and grief and distress that these kids have been struggling with.”…

    Here, for instance, are the powers granted to a 13-year-old child by the state of Washington. Minors age 13 and up are entitled to admit themselves for inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment without parental consent. Health insurers are forbidden from disclosing to the insured parents’ sensitive medical information of minor children—such as that regarding “gender dysphoria [and] gender affirming care.” Minors aged 13 to 18 can withhold mental health records from parents for “sensitive” conditions, which include both “gender dysphoria” and “gender-affirming care.” Insurers in Washington must cover a wide array of “gender-affirming treatments” from tracheal shaves to double mastectomies.

    Put these together, and a seventh grader could be entitled to embark on “gender affirming care”—which may include anything from a provider using the child’s name and pronouns to the kid preparing to receive a course of hormones—without her parents’ permission, against her parents’ wishes, covered by her parents’ insurance, and with the parents kept in the dark by insurance companies and medical providers.

    Lest you wonder whether there is some madcap elixir polluting the groundwater of Washington State alone, in 2015, Oregon passed a law permitting minors 15 and older to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries at taxpayers’ expense—all without parental consent. In 2018, California passed a similar bill for all children in foster care, age 12 and up. The California state senate is now considering an amendment to the Confidentiality of Medical Information Act that would bar health insurers from disclosing medical information to parents about their dependents, on pain of criminal liability.

    1. It’s amazing how much the groups listed above have in common with cult leaders. Who they target especially.

    2. “He’s an autistic kid, and so he kind of lost track of time. And he was staying up a lot. So he was staying up, just being on the Internet, Twitter, Tumblr, whatever. . . . And he was in his room, just, you know, sleeping one or two hours a day. And that can really be devastating. He was very confused. He was seeing things, visual hallucinations. And we didn’t know why.”

      Utter fucking cluelessness. This is the logical endpoint of the “don’t be judgemental” ideology.

      When you honestly can’t figure out why your kid is hallucinating, when you’ve pointed out that he spends all his time on internet cesspools of mental illness like Tumblr and only gets about two hours of sleep a night, you may need to start calling your parenting philosophy in to question.

      As several autism experts have explained to me, those on the spectrum tend to fixate, and when a contagious idea is introduced to them—such as the notion that they might be a “girl in a boy’s body”—they are particularly susceptible to it.

      Pull up just about any tranny’s feed on Twitter, and two things are highly likely to be self-identified–they suffer from some form of mental illness, and they’re autistic.

      1. Hallucinations are a fairly well known symptom of a chronic lack of sleep. If they did not know, then they were not trying all that hard.

        1. So that means Liberals never sleep?

    3. Makes you wonder why Shackford is not criticizing these laws for getting in the way of parents making informed medical decisions with regards to their child’s health?

      Maybe past history as an activist?

    4. Oh Oh…

      ” straight A student…”

      Cant say that. The Gay Brigade will kick your door in.

      Yes they are mental deviants. They make them selves social outcasts then blame Society when they are social outcasts.

      1. Nerds tend to invite bullying through their passive-aggressive behavior.

    5. I’m just wondering how you hide your double mastectomy from mom.

  20. Fauci reminds me of the mad scientist in that old Thomas Dolby video.


  21. “A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science.”

    —-Anthony Fauci

    I think the worst way to take that statement is to assume that he really sees it that way.

    The emails suggest that he really does believe in “noble lies”, too. The truth doesn’t really matter–so much as that people believe what he says and does what he tells them. And he genuinely believes he was doing the right thing, too.

    1. He is the type of technocratic social engineer Hayek warns about.

      1. Just a madman, really.

    2. That’s what many said about our last POTUS.

    3. The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.


  22. “You’re not just attacking Dr. Taliaferro Clark, you’re attacking truth and science! Anybody who looks at what’s going on clearly sees that.”

    –Dr. Taliaferro Clark, Principal Investigator, Tuskegee Syphilis Study

  23. “If you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science,”

    Trofim Lysenko would be proud.

  24. The stupid fucker goes on MSNBC and whines about not being trusted. Maybe you should have gone to a more serious news outlet like The National Enquirer. What’s next, Oprah, The View, Jimmy Kimmel?

    1. Hes reminding me of Hillary Clinton.

      Pissing AND moaning!

    2. Uther Pendragon:
      To kill and be king, is that all?

      Perhaps not even that.

      Uther Pendragon:
      You strike me with words hard as steel!

      You betrayed the Duke. You stole his wife. You took his castle. Now no one trusts you. You’re not the one. Give me the child. I will protect him.

  25. From what I’ve read, it really does look like they were afraid that if they traced covid-19 back to Fauci’s NIAID funded research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the public would demand that Congress cut funding for NIH research. And how much does the NIH give out in research every year?

    The NIH invests about $41.7* billion annually in medical research for the American people.

    “More than 80 percent of NIH’s funding is awarded for extramural research, largely through almost 50,000 competitive grants to more than 300,000 researchers at more than 2,500 universities, medical schools, and other research institutions in every state.”

    —-NIH website

    Fauci is probably genuinely afraid that Congress will cut off all that money–and so were the researchers who were looking into the origin of covid-19. To find that it originated from research funded by the NIH was biting the hand that feeds them. Maybe some of them were so virtuous and principled that they wanted the truth no matter if it meant they’d lose the funding they depend on to line their pockets. But why should we give Fauci or anyone else who receives that funding the benefit of the doubt?

    1. I saw a report that says that Senate will likely pass a mammoth bill on China this week that will, among other things, block Chinese companies with ties to the People’s Liberation Army from raising money from American citizens in the U.S.

      Out of one side of their mouths, the Democrats don’t want us to invest in China. Out of the other side of their mouths, they’ll hardly acknowledge that Fauci’s NIAID was sending our tax dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), which allegedly has ties to the Chinese military. And who’s making allegations about that “conspiracy theory”? How ’bout the U.S. Department of State?

      “Despite the WIV presenting itself as a civilian institution, the United States has determined that the WIV has collaborated on publications and secret projects with China’s military. The WIV has engaged in classified research, including laboratory animal experiments, on behalf of the Chinese military since at least 2017.

      —-U.S. Department of State

      How ironic if American citizens will no longer be allowed to invest in some of the biggest or hottest companies in China, but Fauci’s NIAID and the NIH continue to send our tax dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

      One law for them. Another law for us.

      1. Newsome for President!

        “You shelter in place. I’ll go out whenever I damn well please.”

    2. ” You do not want to go to Hoboken, New Jersey or Fairfax, Virginia to study the bat-human interface, which might lead to an outbreak.

      So you go to China.” – Dr. Fauci.

      Even if it turns out that the research funded by Fauci’s department did not lead to Covid-19, what kind of insane troll logic was that? Wuhan, China is an isolated backwater so an outbreak there should be easy to contain? Chinese people are better to sacrifice in the name of research than New Jerseyites or Virginians?

      1. Yes, that’s how a madman thinks.

      2. Maybe they should move this shit to antartica.

      3. Have you ever heard of Johnston Atoll?

        What goes on there was top secret at one time. Might be a great location for virus enhancements. A handy incinerator is already in place.

    3. What’s the asterisk by 41.7?

  26. Notice Fakeys lead card is the Victim Card.

    Daring to point out hes a liar makes him a Victim- thats ” attacking” him. Everyones wrong but him!

    Odd how lying Leftists like to use words inferring violence. Guess it makes them feel tough?

    1. Declaring oneself a victim or, a member of a victimized group, has become the American way. It not only works to deflect questioning or criticism, it can also lead to political and financial gain.


    NEW – Research article in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association describes “whiteness” as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” for which “there is not yet a permanent cure.”

    1. Daaaaamm.. Ive got it!

    2. He’s white. He hates himself for it. He’s incurable by his own admission.

      He should just do everyone a favor and shoot himself in the head.

  28. He’s not wrong. There are a slew of idiots who hate him because he dared challenge their cult leader.

    The same idiots will be the ones (who are united with the equally dumbass far left idiots who are anti-vax) that continue to spread disease and stupidity.

    1. But the trump retard have an average iq of 70, the fauci retards have an average iq of 1.

    2. And there are a slew of idiots (like you, shitlunches) who love him because they’re self-subjugating knob gobblers.

    3. You are a fucking retard if you think it’s all about Trump.

      1. Of course it’s about Trump. Trump spread lies from Day 1 of the pandemic and Fauci was put in an untenable position.

        Super ironic that the cultists who slobber over Trump are whining about cultism around Fauci.

        And I have no special feelings about Fauci, fwiw

        1. “Of course it’s about Trump. Trump spread lies from Day 1 of the pandemic and Fauci was put in an untenable position.”
          TDS addled lefty asshole: Trump made him do it!

          “Super ironic that the cultists who slobber over Trump are whining about cultism around Fauci.”
          TDS-addled lefty asshole: My TDS is really strong tonight!

          “And I have no special feelings about Fauci, fwiw”
          TDS-addled lefty asshole: My TDS isn’t directed elsewhere.

          Got it, now go stick your TDS up your ass to give your head some company.

    4. Show us where on the doll the bad orange man touched you?

      Jesus man get over it, he acted holier than thou, lied in front of congress multiple times, and his communications contradict multiple points in which he said the complete opposite. And now has the nerve to say “I AM the science” essentially when he is questioned.

      Rand Paul made him look like an absolute joke in front of congress. When he grilled him about wearing double masks in a room full of vaccinated people, when he himself is also vaccinated, sitting 20 feet from them. It was clear as day that this moved into absolute farce but the “SCIENCE!” demanded that we follow suit with this virtue signaling performance theater. But most rational Americans had already figured this out long before and were already over it before he embarrassed himself.

      It has absolutely nothing to do with Trump. That orange man is living rent free in your head. Its funny how no matter what absolutely ridiculous shit democrats (or their pals) try and pull, there is a team of clowns on here that can only answer back with “TRUMP BAD and DID ALL THe BAD tHINGS!!! So its OK!”.

      Try and hold multiple ideas in your head. People can dislike Trump…AND…gasp…also want accountability of other non-Trump politicians. Its a hard thought, but try and analyze issues without bringing him up. Otherwise it just looks like obsessed whataboutism.

    5. “He’s not wrong. There are a slew of idiots who hate him because he dared challenge their cult leader….”

      He is wrong, regardless of whether TDS-addled lefty assholes like you recognize it or not.

  29. “Look at Russia,” said Todd. “They have a good vaccine and none of their citizens will take it because they don’t trust their own government.”

    Is that true?

    I know that China had to walk back claims of the efficacy of their vaccine, and it was recently shown to be around 50% instead of the 80% or so they had initially claimed.

    1. By the way, there are 3 countries that blow almost all the rest of the world away on vaccination rates:

      Fully vaccinated populations:
      Israel: 60%
      USA: 43%
      UK: 42%

      The rest of the EU is hovering around 20%. Russia is closer to 10%. They don’t give data for China. Japan & South Korea are in the 3% – 5% range.

      1. They don’t give data for China. Japan & South Korea are in the 3% – 5% range.

        Asians are smart.

      2. The US has a 20 some % elderly population. 4x% suggests most elderly getting it, and the rest of the country telling them to push off.

      3. China’s vaccines had something like a 30% infection reduction rate. They hardly work.

    2. If our vaccine is superior and the purpose from what Ronald’s article tells us is a noble cause why are we not sharing the formula for the more successful vaccines (this assumes current admin doesn’t care about private business from what they’ve said concerning covid)

  30. No, pretty sure you’re the one “attacking science”. Criticism and replication (and lots more criticism when the replication fails) are at the very heart of the scientific method. Fauci might have understood science once but he sold out to political expediency long ago.

    1. “Free medical care by the Government is the answer.”

      Joe Mengele

      1. Touche’!

    2. He should be hanging by his thumbs.

    3. 100 years ago, saying that Black people should have equal rights to Whites would have been attacking science

  31. Gary Puckett and Union Gap on Ed Sullivan.

    Awesome. Time to go back.

  32. Canadians have no vaccine production and little vaccine. So Trudeau must with and we supply them to open up. Work just announced that with the proper sticker attached to our ID’s ( and vaccination proof) we do not have to wear masks at work anymore. No more masks for me anymore.

    1. Ooh jeepers!! You got permission!

    2. From the data site I linked above, it looks like Canada has taken the path of trying to get more people at least one shot, rather than what we have done in the US, which is trying to get people both.

    3. equating vax with masks is abject stupidity.

    4. Rather than a sticker on your ID, why not just get it tattooed on your forehead?

  33. Blue Anon will be here any moment defending whatever science he’s putting forth today. Standby!

  34. It’s been amusing to see Fauci elevated to a divine level by the followers of the church of science. Now he’s claiming infallibility too.

    1. Pope Fauci the First of the Church of Bogus Science?

  35. Fauci is a Talosian…

  36. This entire piece loses it’s integrity with this one line “Not all of these questions are good ones, and not everything Fauci has done or said was wrong” with a link about Hydroxychloroquine is if it’s bad to ask about a long used and known medicine that has been promoted by highly regarded doctors and scientists around the world as a safe and effective therapeutic for Covid. As long as the author continues to buy into the idea that there are bad or good questions concerning healthcare or science, to be determined by experts, politicians or the author, there is no reason for them to be taken seriously.

  37. “If you are trying to get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you’re really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you’re attacking science,” said Fauci, speaking in the third person. “Anybody who looks at what’s going on clearly sees that. You’d have to be asleep not to see that. That’s what’s going on. Science and the truth are being attacked.”

    V… is for


    Poor privileged Bastard.

  38. A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on Trofim Lysenko.

    1. And that can get you shot!

  39. “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion.” – Marcia Angell, Editor, The New England Journal of Medicine

    “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness” – Richard Horton, Editor, The Lancet

    1. We seem to be getting just a little bit pregnant.

    2. Sounds like a great deal of government funded, academic research that goes on even today.

      1. “Publish or perish” was the motto in my distinguished, UC days.

  40. “A lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science God.” – Anthony Fauci – Tomás de Torquemada

  41. OK, Tony. Now you owe me a new keyboard and a cup of mocha, LOL!

  42. If Fauci were Jewish (or could pass for such), he’d say his critics were anti-Semitic.

    1. And here I thought folks with last names that ended in a vowel were claiming discrimination based on stereotypes these days?

  43. Fauci is science and he is the truth. This man is seriously delusional. He has been building on that delusion for 50+ years of government employment. No wonder he has lost touch with reality! His denial of the possibility of a Wuhan lab leak was supposed to be accepted without question by everyone. Otherwise, his self-delusion may erode and his life’s work will be destroyed. In the end, Tony, reality always prevails.

    1. No, reality often/usually never sees the light of day.

      For example, the Holocaust … at least these 70 years or so.

      1. Care to enlarge on that? The Holocaust has been pretty well documented.

        1. One must assume sarcasm.

  44. hilarious. fraudci has no idea what science is.

    1. I wouldn’t trust him to treat stubbed toe.

  45. Science is the last refuge of the scoundrel.
    – HT Samuel Johnson

  46. My father had a Bachelor of Science degree from an Ag school, majoring in dairy science.

    When it came to anything scientific, he believed in erring on the side of caution, whether it was medicine, physics, biology, or chemistry.

    1. He was a “flat earther”?

  47. “Science” has become whatever the left deems it to be. This is typical of Fraudci the fame whore. Remember when anyone who suggested that the virus came from the Wuhan lab was smeared as a right-wing conspiracy theorist (and a racist to boot)? Rand Paul has already caught Fraudci in a number of lies, so Fraudci ought to be indicted for perjury, in addition to whatever crimes were committed from his collaboration with China.

  48. Fauci has spent a great deal of his adult life in Washington, more than three decades and the one thing he has learned and learned well, is how to keep his high paying job.
    No science is ever settled. What we believed to be true a century ago was dismantled over the decades. At one time is was considered dangerous for a human to travel at a speed of 60 MPH. “Why no human could tolerate such speed”, they said. Then, after that idea was shattered, they said no human being could tolerate traveling faster than the speed of sound.
    Chuck Yeager handily destroyed that one.
    What was considered to be a deadly disease a century ago can be easily prevented today with proper nutrition and the latest in drug and vitamin therapy.
    Our views of the universe have been expanded time and again with the latest telescopes that orbit the earth.
    What Fauci is attempting to do is silence anyone who dares criticize or argues against his diktats even though he has been proven wrong so many times and having to constantly flip flop from one week to the next.
    Fauci is rapidly loosing the trust of the people. Only the liberal press continues to treat him like they would Dr. Albert Schweitzer. The way they fawn over him is rather disgusting. Congress though is indicating they have had enough of this cynical swamp creature especially after Rand Paul, a doctor himself, began raising questions about his ability to do his job.
    And rightly so.
    The question is: just how much longer will Fauci remain at his post before he either resigns or is forced out?

    1. He’ll be there long after Paul is gone. A sad, but realistic prediction.

  49. For his next act, Fauci will wrap himself in the flag and claim any attack on him is an “insurrection” against the republic!

    1. Rumor has it he was hiding in the same room with AOC.
      He was heard mumbling something about Ted Cruz.

  50. I start reading the article thinking Robby is clearing the Wuhan fog from his mind, then run into this, “While the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention correctly permit vaccinated individuals to resume wide swaths of pre-pandemic behavior…”

    So long as the CDC says it is correct, right Robby? When did you happily surrender your freedom to non-elected government employees?

    1. You didn’t even think this is a libertarian site or anything like that did you? Nope, it’s a woketarian cocktail party club. The goal of all the so called journalists here are to write for WaPo or the NYT.

    2. But, surrendering one’s freedom to a duly elected government official is O.K.?

      So much for libertarianism.

  51. I’m a lawyer. Lawyers despise non-lawyers second-guessing them, making significant decisions (business transactions, signing contracts, etc.) without them, or creating and repeating lawyer jokes.

    Well, I’m sure it’s the same for Dr. Fauchi and many other physicians and related scientists. They are tired of being second-guessed, criticized, and worse by people who may have barely passed high school biology.

    I’m sure that it would bug Dr. Fauchi that I’m far more concerned about my bank account and brokerage account balances than my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. But, that’s how I look at life.

    1. So, anyone with a professional designation is given a pass on having to listen to the proletariat because after all, they’re ignorant?

      Well, it might be risky. Guillotine and all that.

    2. They are tired of being second-guessed, criticized, and worse by people who may have barely passed high school biology.

      He’s been caught lying multiple times…even admitting to some of them…which is the primary source of criticism. That you think criticizing someone for their dishonesty requires technical credentials is sufficient cause to not take you seriously. Hell, you can’t even get his name right.

  52. When is fauci’s 15 minutes if game going to be up? Can’t this guy just get off the circuit and go back to his desk for Gods sake? Enough!

  53. And Fauci is a compulsive liar and fraud.

    watch the video of Kennedy questioning him. Freaking hilarious.

    I love the part where Kennedy says ‘And the Chinese told you that they aren’t going to use the money for gain of function research and you believe it because they said so?’.

    LOL fucking L!

    Sure, they wouldn’t even lie because if they told the truth and the CCP didn’t didn’t like it, they wouldn’t get disappeared and their tongues cut out and their eyeballs gouged out or anything. Nah, that wouldn’t happen because the CCP are great guys.

    Fauci needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and hung in the street.

  54. You can trust science (when it’s properly done) but you can’t trust scientists…

  55. Well I have to agree with the article. However, the treatment from Republicans in Congress was uncalled for.

  56. “La science, c’est moi!”

  57. Science is supposed to be contentious. It’s not supposed to be ‘Newton has thoughts on planetary gravity and all the other scientists slow clap in unison’. He could have been wrong. Contention help prove out he was basically right.

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