Kamala Harris Says She Isn't 'Discounting the Importance of the Border.' Why Won't She Visit It?

When pressed by NBC's Lester Holt in a Tuesday interview, Harris laughed the question off.


In an interview that aired Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris sat down with NBC's Lester Holt to discuss her new role coordinating the White House's efforts to stem the influx of Central American immigrants to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Holt pressed Harris on why she hasn't yet journeyed to the border she's been tasked with addressing. "Why not visit the border?" he asked. "Well, we are going to the border," was Harris' brief response before pivoting to discuss her diplomatic efforts in Central America.

"Do you have any plans to visit the border?" Holt repeated later in the interview. "At some point," Harris replied. "We're going to the border. We've been to the border. So…this whole thing about the border, we've been to the border. We've been to the border."

"You haven't been to the border," he responded.

"And I haven't been to Europe. I mean, I don't—I don't understand the point you're making," she said, laughing. "I'm not discounting the importance of the border."

It's a bizarre answer to a clear line of questioning from Holt: One would think that someone tasked with addressing migrant arrivals at the border would take the time to actually visit the border. That's bad enough on its own, but Harris' flippant response casts serious doubt on her commitment to her role.

Members of Congress have repeatedly implored her to visit the U.S.-Mexico border, to no avail. And beyond the physical border, she hasn't visited the immigration detention centers where thousands of children are kept waiting in squalid conditions, either—something she claimed back in March that she'd do. Harris tried to recover from Tuesday's interview by saying she would eventually make the journey to the border, but her avoidance after 140 days in office raises questions about how soon we could expect such a thing.

Harris has had no problem traveling to plenty of other places relevant to the Biden administration's agenda. She promoted the president's new infrastructure plan in North Carolina, Ohio, and New Hampshire in April. She even ran interference on her immigration plan in Guatemala and Mexico.

There's certainly a line between a good faith visit to the border and an opportunistic photo stunt (something politicians of both parties are guilty of). But for someone so adamant about addressing the sources of migration, Harris should be interested in gaining a full understanding of why people choose to come here. That could inform any immigration reforms the Biden administration may push in response to high numbers of arrivals.

Harris the presidential candidate got plenty of mileage out of criticizing former President Donald Trump's border policies, but her time with the Biden administration thus far has not matched her campaign tone. Her website called Trump's border strategy "disastrous and cruel," though she now wants to send border crossers back to Mexico just as Trump did. And, as Reason's Billy Binion writes, "for some hopeful immigrants, things have actually gotten worse" since the Trump era.

"You can't say you care about the border without caring about the root causes," Harris told reporters in Mexico City on Tuesday. Caring isn't the issue, though. Harris should see firsthand the people harmed by the Biden administration's policies.

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  1. Abusing asylum policy is not a winning strategy. It is very clear that the new administration made the situation far worse, realized it was getting them bad polling, and are now attempting to make some band aid fix that the media can crow about but which will solve nothing because Congress continues to abdicate their job.

    1. Yep. Turns out this isn’t the political winner they thought it was. It’s like they don’t understand there was a reason that every politician took an anti-illegal immigration stance.

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  2. When pressed by NBC’s Lester Holt in a Tuesday interview, Harris laughed the question off.

    that’s her thing.

    1. Who’d have thought it – the Democrats came up with someone even more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton. Seem the only one willing to spend time with her was Willie Brown.

    2. She’s not a serious person. And she wasn’t Biden’s VP choice for her deep insights on immigration policy.

    3. Trump should run a mashup of her laughing and call her giggles.

    4. I’d laugh too in her place.

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    5. Isn’t that supposed to be “…cackled off”?

  3. The women is a power hungry fool. She cares not for anything but he on advancement. And she’s a devious idiot that got where she is by being black [ Asian ? ] and being good [?] on here knees.

  4. Harris laughed while avoiding a direct question.

    Get used to that. You are going to see it a lot more when she’s President.

    1. What’re you talking about, we saw a lot of it when she was being tapped by Willie Brown, and while she was California AG, and while she was running in the Primaries, and after her own party voters aggressively rejected her, and…

    2. Ne we won’t. She’ll be doing less press conferences and interviews than Biden.

      1. I’ve noticed this everywhere. What ever happened to the word “fewer”?

  5. If my local bookstore is any indication, Kamala is a civil rights icon, proving to young girls of color that you too can sleep your way to powerful positions in government, and eventually be given a high ranking position after being summarily rejected by your own party through the process of virtue signaling and box checking.

    1. Her civil rights bona fides are well known. Remember when she went after the gay sight backpage. Com because the owners funded her political rival?

      1. And she plagiarized a Playboy interview with MLK. Only a true civil rights icon can do that.

        1. listened to Snoop cuts before they were cut …

    2. proving to young girls of color that you too can sleep your way to powerful positions in government, and eventually be given a high ranking position after being summarily rejected by your own party through the process of virtue signaling and box checking.

      Worked for Hillary, and it’s hardly a coincidence that Harris is one of her creatures.

  6. Pull on those Timberlands, grab your jacket with “I really don’t care, do u? [insane cackle]” emblazoned on the back and head down to the border to inform those children that they shouldn’t have come.

    1. She’s got the Two Packs on her Ipodz.

  7. Oh, and just FYI, Harris “not traveling to the border” is a secondary issue, distracting from the primary one. If Harris showed up to the border tomorrow, that might satisfy the DNC, aka The Press, but it won’t satisfy anyone else who’s paying attention.

  8. I can’t think of a single good thing to say about Harris. But I’m not sure what the hell her failure to do a photo opp in a particular location has to do with anything.

    1. I think that is the point. She can’t be bothered to grandstand…what chance is there that she’s actually working on the problem?

      1. She’s the vice-president. Her job isn’t to “work” on “problems,” it’s to attend funerals that Biden doesn’t feel like going to, and to diligently inquire daily into the state of Biden’s health in hope that she might end up with a real job.

        As for the particular “problem” in question, the only way to “work on” it is to open the borders, something she neither has the power to do nor seems inclined to do.

        1. It is the President’s job to work on these problems and he has delegated working on this problem to her. So whatever else she’s tasked with, it is not doing what the administration says she is responsible for now.

        2. Basically you’re saying her job is to grandstand so Biden doesn’t have to.

    2. 12,120 career yards rushing, 100 touchdowns, the immaculate reception…Oh, the other Harris.

      1. Inferior to Earl Campbell in everything except running out of bounds and one lucky catch.

        1. Yes, Earl was the ultimate RB for his day.

  9. Trump first visited the “border” in August of 2017. And playing up the “border” is a fascist thing but even a fascist didn’t visit until August. You mfers need a new fake story.

    1. Harris was tasked with a specific job. I would think assessing the border first hand would be part of it.

      My guess is that she is afraid of having her photo next to a cage of kids. A VP with very poor numbers in the primary can’t afford such bad press if she wants to be president.

    2. “…You mfers need a new fake story.”

      This steaming pile of shit needs a braincell.

    3. Deep thoughts by Sullum.

      1. I agree with the faggot, but fuck you anywyays jake.

  10. Lester thinks if he says border enough times everyone will forget about the clowns running the show

  11. If you believe the evil cunt rag then you are retarded

  12. She’s going to go to the border as soon as she can slip away and make it a secret trip – for “security reasons” or some such bullshit. She sure as hell is not going to make it a public trip where the TV cameras are going to be forced to follow her and show us what’s really going on. There’s nothing stopping the TV cameras from going to the border on their own of course, but not a goddamn one of them has any interest in that particular can of worms so they can get away with pretending it doesn’t exist. Harris goes and they’re can’t pretend any more, they’ll have to report on it.

  13. CNN Headline: Kamala Harris is having a bad week, and it’s only Wednesday!

    LOL rotlfl!

    What a strange way of framing something… Kamala is “experiencing a bad week”, like I did when my car battery died, and then the next day I found a leak in my roof.

    1. A scattering of other headlines from Trusted Sources:

      New York Times

      Kamala Harris, in Guatemala and Mexico, Delivers Blunt Message on Borders
      1 day ago

      St. Louis Post-Dispatch
      Editorial: Harris doesn’t deserve blame for stating the obvious to migrants
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      Los Angeles Times
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      The Boston Globe
      Is Kamala Harris failing, or has she been set up to fail?
      Kamala Harris has awkward interview with NBC’s Lester Holt

      What Trump’s “awkward message” really means.

      Trump delivers “blunt message” to migrants.

      Has Trump failed or has he been set up to fail?

      Trump doesn’t deserve blame for stating the obvious to migrants.

      Trusted sources.

    2. Oh my god, my advice? Don’t do headline searches.

      Women Now Drink As Much As Men — Not So Much For Pleasure, But To Cope

      Right, men have never sipped the demon rum as a coping mechanism, we always did it for pleasure.

      But women, with the stresses and strains of the world on their shoulders do it to cope with the patriarchy.

      1. I drink to cope with the incessant, petulant droning of NPR-totebag entitlement feminism.

      2. COVID made it acceptable for women to admit they are drunks.

        They use cheap wine to cope with … everything.

  14. The reason Harris won’t visit the border, is because she’ll be briefed by the Border Patrol, ICE and others who work under the President and VP. Then the story will be the problems they told her, and that she’s doing nothing about it.
    Harris said everyone was welcome here, until she recently told Guatemalas to stay there, in a statement where everyone knew she wasn’t being honest. I’d like to know how she’s keeping terrorists, terrorists and spies out of the country, or if they’re also welcome here.

  15. It’s a 1,000 mile long border, some of it walled, some not. What section specifically is she supposed to “see” & what exactly might she see there that will inform her on how to address the source of the problem of illegal immigration? Or should she go to central America to talk with leaders there to maybe set up FBI & DEA task forces to deal with MS13 & 18th St gangs we exported there partially causing the refugee exodus? Maybe shift Walmart’s supplier’s manufacturing from China to central America to decrease the draw of economic illegal immigrants? Maybe see how climate change is effecting farming so we can send agricultural specialists to find solutions to reduced crop yields? Fuck a photo op. That was Trump’s con

    1. It’s a 1,000 mile long border, some of it walled, some not. What section specifically is she supposed to “see” & what exactly might she see there that will inform her on how to address the source of the problem of illegal immigration?

      The part where the kids are in cages.

    2. Boy, “we” sure have a laundry list of things “we’re” gonna do, ay?

  16. Kamala is a stupid bxxch. Both her and biden ruined American in 3 months. And letting all these scums from other counties in just so they can try and get them green cards and stick them in Red states in hope they will vote DEMOCRATE. We cant even taje control of your Dem states that are being torn apart by ppl shooting others in the street because of defund the policy B.S. How about sending the natioal guard to those states and have the milarty snipe the ones doing it so we can grt out states back. No wonder those states have the dumpest ppl all the care about it looting stores for free tv and stuff because there too stupid to work for it. They need to be locked up. Buts its ok to let millions of ppl come in our country who are criminals murderers rapistand drug dealers. Make America great not china russia and everyone else. Its disguising.

  17. Kamala Harris is the new Dan Quayle.

  18. She should stick to her plan. No point in going to the border for just a photo op. and it is not clear what she can really do there that some staffer can not do better at this point.

    1. This is ALWAYS the case. Why do any of them ever go to any of these places? Phot op. Pretend they care. Look like they’re doing something. And it’s long been expected. And the media is so friggin’ shallow and vacuous that it makes a big deal out of it.

  19. Shouldn’t the bigger issue be that the Biden admin, via Harris has now apparently announced an almost identical policy to the one their supporters just spent 3 years comparing to the Holocaust? Not to mention having reopened the “kids in cages” facility that Obama built and trump was pressured in to closing?

    Or how about the issue of the MSM, especially CNN and the networks carrying water for the administration with propaganda ranging from obfuscation (like pretending that a physical visit to the border is the only thing that really matters) to suppressing stories, to flat out lying.

  20. But she has been to Taco Bell. Does that count?

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