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Texas Will Revoke Licenses for Child Care Facilities That House Refugee Children

Plus: International Sex Workers' Day, vaccines and HIPAA, and more...


As the feds struggle to shelter an influx of unaccompanied migrant kids, Texas threatens to shut down facilities that provide them care. Humane treatment of undocumented immigrant children should be something we can all agree on, regardless of one's thoughts on immigration policy. But no—Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, is determined to punish child care facilities that accept refugee children, forcing facilities to choose between caring for these kids and staying in business.

In a Tuesday announcement, Abbott said that he would revoke the licenses of Texas businesses housing or placing undocumented minors as part of contracts with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

"The Governor directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to take all necessary steps to discontinue state licensure of any child care facility under a contract with the federal government that shelters or detains unlawful immigrants," says the June 1 press release. Abbott's order also said the state Health and Human Services Commission should "deny a license application for any new child-care facility that shelters or detains unlawful immigrants or other individuals not lawfully present in the United States."

There are currently 52 licensed facilities in Texas that care for unaccompanied child refugees, notes The Dallas Morning News. "Within three months or so, Abbott's move apparently would force them to stop serving unaccompanied minors because the facilities must have state licenses to qualify for the federal contracts."

Where these children would go in their absence is unclear. The federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) has already been struggling to find enough facilities to house undocumented minors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"With a record number of unaccompanied minors arriving at the border in the past several weeks, HHS quickly filled the 7,700 available beds in its network of permanent shelters," The Texas Tribune reported in April.

"Though ORR has worked to build up its licensed bed capacity and currently funds over 13,500 licensed beds (the highest in the program's history), the COVID-19 pandemic has created conditions that have limited placement at ORR's licensed shelter facilities," said the federal Administration for Children and Families in a recent statement, calling on ORR "to increase the number of shelter beds available and minimize the time children are in [Customs and Border Protection] custody."

"It's unclear how many [unaccompanied] children are in state licensed facilities in Texas, as opposed to unlicensed emergency sites such as the one that just closed in Dallas or the site at Fort Bliss Army base in El Paso that can hold up to 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children and teens," says The Dallas Morning News. But "denying the Biden administration use of the state-licensed shelters could force more of the children to be held at U.S. Customs and Border Protection stations—facilities deemed unsuitable for children."

Trying to avoid housing children at CBP stations has led to the opening of new federal emergency facilities in Texas and Arizona, but these have also drawn criticism.

Abbott himself previously called on the Biden administration to shut down one emergency federal facility for migrant teens, suggesting he is aware of potential drawbacks to such facilities. Yet he's now trying to force more refugee kids into them.

Abbott's office justified his move to upend migrant kids' care with falsehoods and fearmongering. It decried Biden's "open border policies"—a laughable assertion on a day when Biden proposed raising the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) budget by $18 million—and complained that "dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl" were pouring into Texas communities.


Happy International Sex Workers' Day!


On HIPAA and vaccines. A newly common—and misguided—retort to businesses restricting non-vaccinated customers is that this violates a federal law on medical privacy. "It's amazing how many misconceptions are on the loose about HIPAA, the federal health privacy law," writes Walter Olson at The Dispatch:

You've probably heard someone claim it means businesses can't ask you about your vaccination status. (They can.) Or that a store's policy requiring masks is invalid for the same reason. (It isn't.) One meme claims the "rule is simple, HIPAA protects EVERY American from disclosing ANY of their health records to ANYONE." (Completely false.)

Somehow, word of mouth has taken a dull law passed 25 years ago, known mostly for generating paperwork for nurses, and turned it into some sweeping add-on to the Bill of Rights, except that for business people—from hair stylists to dance instructors—the imagined effect is to curtail their rights.

The mistakes often start with the law's initials. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. Notice there is no second word beginning with "P," although the routinely misspelled version, "HIPPA," would have you looking for one.

Notice also that the word that does begin with P is not privacy but "portability." That's a clue that the data privacy rules we talk about here weren't even at the center of the law's rationale at the time.

More on what the law does do here.


• "The Supreme Court on Tuesday set aside a rule used by the 9th Circuit Court in California that presumed immigrants seeking asylum were telling the truth unless an immigration judge had made an 'explicit' finding that they were not credible," reports the Los Angeles Times.

Against digital exceptionalism.

• Labor law eludes criminal justice reform.

• The Trump administration's "remain in Mexico" policy, which said asylum seekers can't wait for their court dates in the U.S., has been repealed.

• Amazon will stop testing potential hires for marijuana. "In the past, like many employers, we've disqualified people from working at Amazon if they tested positive for marijuana use," the company said in a June 1 post. "However, given where state laws are moving across the U.S., we've changed course. We will no longer include marijuana in our comprehensive drug screening program for any positions not regulated by the Department of Transportation, and will instead treat it the same as alcohol use."

• Cryptocurrency in trouble? "Despite some high-profile commentary calling for a cryptocurrency ban, we seem to be a long way off from President Joe Biden signing an executive order that bans the private ownership of bitcoin (as President Franklin D. Roosevelt did with gold)," writes Kyle Torpey. "But there has been increased discussion of tracking and regulating what's going on in the bitcoin ecosystem."

• Food freedom in Utah: "Earlier this month, Utah became the second state in the country to implement a law that allows home cooks to sell prepared meals from their homes," notes Baylen Linnekin. "That very good law, H.B. 94, legalizes what have become known as Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations (MEHKOs)."

• Florida is the latest state to say transgender girls and women can't play on female sports teams in high schools and colleges.

• New York is now suing a PR firm that helped market opioid pills.

• Fact Check: Fact checking is protected by the First Amendment.

• Hashtags are back?

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  1. The Governor directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to take all necessary steps to discontinue state licensure of any child care facility under a contract with the federal government that shelters or detains unlawful immigrants...

    Shelters and detains seem like two very different ideas.

    1. Of the hundreds of things they could do to lose their licenses, putting a bunch of unvaccinated unscreened foreigners in the same pen with Karen's baby should be at the top of the list. If we are gonna have licenses.

      1. Somehow I doubt that Karen's baby is in the same pen.

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      2. If the bidenistas are so concerned with the welfare of the ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN let them take ALL of them to Virginia, everyone of em, Include all the other states that the bidenistas forced to take the ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN. Let those over paid libtards pay to take care of em. Screw democrat/socialists.

    2. The fucking Republicans are every bit as whacked out as the fucking progressives. Every day the parties take turns giving me reasons to never vote for them.

      diWhite, Karen’s baby isn’t vaccinated either. Nor are any of the other kids in the day care center. They’re all disease infested little shits.

      1. lol saywhatnow? In most states, they lose their license for taking unvaccinated kids, by law, you imbecile. This is not some racist plot

      2. diWhite, Karen’s baby isn’t vaccinated either. Nor are any of the other kids in the day care center. They’re all disease infested little shits.

        That's weird, bevis. Wonder where the CDC got this 0-6 children's vaccination schedule from then?

          1. Thanks.

            So, what is the Libertarian solution for dealing with a horde of parentless foreign children? Restart the Jannisary idea? Forcible deportation?

            1. Blame Trump? Wait, did you mean “libertarian” or “Reason liberaltarians”?

            2. Start by not rewarding the behavior.

              1. that would NOT be something government would do, ever.

                Subsidise a thing, you are guaranteed to get more of it.

                daycare centres lining up to take in more of these undocumented illegally present chidlren, so the FedBux start rolling into the coffers of the daycare operators. Easy to predict.

                Send them back home. One way tickets.
                DOes the Chickn Train that used to run southbound out of Nogales still run? Charter a car on that thing, whenenver there are enough returnees to fill it, send it back sough full, and pay to have it brought back up empty.

            3. How about invading and occupying a country(s) that is actually perpetuating harm against the US? If things are so bad in El HonduroGuataragua maybe we can do something to stop it at the source. Like shooting their El Presidente or the Yankeees down there organizing these trips.

            4. Postnatal abortions. Obv.

            5. It obviously has something to do with pot and sexwork: ENB's REason

      3. Did you think you actually go investigate why the order was put into place? Federal funds don't cover full care costs of these children. A lotnof the costs fall to localities and the states. Ajo Arizona just went through this where the feds dropped off thousands of illegal immigrants in the city where city services can't handle the surge of care or costs. They ended up having to pay for tickets to ship the illegal immigrants to Phoenix.

        This happens often in border states. I've linked to it before how Arizona lost most of their trauma 1 medical centers due to uncompensated care of illegal immigrants. The federal reimbursements are less than half of the born costs.

        So Texas does this in order to not allow a surge on already strained resources.

        Don't buy the Twitter narrative being pushed by ENB. Abbot isn't the next Hitler. He is dealing with scarce resources and increasing costs due to the border surge. This writeup is pure narrative pushing. Don't fall for it.

        1. "I’ve linked to it before how Arizona lost most of their trauma 1 medical centers due to uncompensated care of illegal immigrants. The federal reimbursements are less than half of the born costs."

          Ken's written at length here about SoCal's ER travails with the same demographic.

        2. "So Texas does this in order to not allow a surge on already strained resources."

          On what planet, ever, has supply been increased, or costs reduced, by adding more requirements for licenses? JesseBahnFuhrer's worship of Government Almighty shines through again! Abbot wants more read meat for immigrant-hating right-wing hyper-partisans, AND wants to appeal to a special interest group called "licensed day care centers", is more like it!

          1. “On what planet, ever, has supply been increased”

            Demand has been increased by Biden’s immigration policy encouraging people to send their children here. Now think that through, and see where it gets you. Or don’t.

            1. "On what planet, ever, has supply been increased, or costs reduced, by adding more requirements for licenses?"

              " adding more requirements for licenses?"

              Dishonest asshole! Even my pet fish knows how to mangle context!

              Let's punish Biden for shit we don't like... By punishing un-licensed day care providers!

              Classic “Punish Party A for the Deeds of Party B, and call it justice”.
              Conservaturds lost in the recent POTUS elections, so let’s go take it out on Facebook!
              My boyfriend treats me badly, but I can’t bitch-slap him, ’cause his dick is bigger than mine, he might beat me up some more, so I’ll go beat the dog or the little kid(s) some more!
              Most of us can see that this is a power-pig, punk thing to do, in domestic relations. Why can’t more of us see that it is ALWAYS wrong to “Punish Party A for the Deeds of Party B”?

              Gonna go beat your dog, now, power-pig punk, 'cause you lost an argument?

              1. “By punishing un-licensed day care providers!”

                I think I see where your confusion is coming from.

              2. squirrel ZZZ didjya reAD the bit? They are talking about pulling the licenses of day care centres that knowingy take on undocumented children in custody of the border guys. This means they are knowingly contracting to accept FedBux to care for kids that oughtn'e ven BE here. It was NOT talking about Suzie's Care Home that might happen to get a couple undocumened kids as clients, mied in with al the documented ones they';ve been taking care of already.

                Read for CONTENT, ok?

        3. So there's no way for state to say they can't pay the difference without revoking the license entirely? Seems like a rather crude solution.

      4. Well that certainly relieves everyone. What could possibly go wrong mixing children from countries with diseases we have eradicated with children with no immunity? Did you read what you posted before you posted? If so there is not doubt you voted for Biden.

    3. I'm sorry, but is it progressive to be for or against the current system of detaining minors? This seems to be inconsistent. Texas refusing to license childcare facilities would seem to rebuke the current setup, which has been roundly criticized by this very site. You can argue that this makes it worse, but it also forces Biden to address the problem.

      1. And the children are used as pawns.

        1. And now that concerns you because...

        2. Oh, neutral and nonpartisan Mikey is back. They get tired of you over at that other pretender website?

        3. Like you care. You don't care they were used by coyotes to pose as family units. You don't care that their older sisters were raped repeatedly along the 800 mile journey

        4. Yes. By the media you receive your narratives from.

          1. And apparently Governor Abbot.

            1. So you were against California refusing to use state resources to assist federal immigration policy they disagreed with, or you’ve just ignored all the comments above?

            2. Abbot gave many reasons for his actions. The fact that you stopped your investigation to his motivation to an ENB diatribe is on you. This isn't a conversation that began and ended last week.

              1. "You can argue that this makes it worse, but it also forces Biden to address the problem."

                Just saying, whatever Abbot's motivations, the children's immediate well being is not his primary concern. Forcing the kids into a desperate situation in order to force Biden's hand is not the best thing for these kids. Thus, he is using the children as pawns.

                1. These children were already pawns, but you only care now. Why?

                  1. Can we acknowledge this goal post shift before we go on?

                    1. I’ve tried to explain this before, but I’ll try again: pointing out what a hypocrite you are is not shifting the goal post.

                2. The government's decisions should never be predicated on a single individuals immediate well being. I thought you pretended to be a libertarian.

                3. Hell if the bidenistas want the little shits send em to delaware and house em in beachfront properties like the democrat/socialists in commiefornia do for the homeless. Let the biden and his floozy see em everytime they take a walk on the beach sand. He wanted them give em to him!!!

      2. I am surprised the Anti-Commandeering Act was not mentioned by Cruella deBrown. The Feds cannot force a state to expend their resources to enforce federal law. Remember how pissed people got when sanctuary cities were all the rage?

        Turnabout is fair play.

        1. It was purposefully not mentioned. Because idiots like white Mike will then by her story and position out of ignorance.

        2. No state resources are involved!

          — M4E

          1. Ha! Tell that to the TX tax payers. They'd hog-tie M4e and leave his ass out on the prairie.

    4. Abbott himself previously called on the Biden administration to shut down one emergency federal facility for migrant teens, suggesting he is aware of potential drawbacks to such facilities. Yet he's now trying to force more refugee kids into them.

      You don't look to politicians for intellectual consistency.

      1. Or Reason. At least when it comes to immigration.

    5. So, the headline is a lie.
      "Refugees" are not unlawful immigrants.
      They have gone through the preliminaries of being granted legal status, based on further proof of their qualification as such.
      Unlawful immigrants are those, who come across the border, having gone through no process of obtaining a legal immigration status.
      The open borders crowd love to conflate the legal and the illegal border-crossers, to confuse the arguments.

  2. Amazon will stop testing potential hires for marijuana.

    Great. Now I'm going to have to wait even longer to get my shipment of Dockers.

    1. It’s cool, man.

    2. Why would your shipment of deckers take longer? It's really Biden's lumber tariffs that affect the supply of deck boards. Not to mention the turmoil in the Chinese steel markets, that always affects the supply of deck screws. Besides, double deckers are worth waiting for, especially if they're double decker tacos. Mmmmm, tacos.

      1. The taco bell near me discontinued double decker tacos, and it makes me sad

        1. If they're from Taco Bell, they're upper decker tacos.

          1. The fact that their low quality food is delicious is no reason to be rude

            1. But what it does to my toilet is.

    3. But Amazon will still make billions. The USPS uses the piss test and it still loses billions.

  3. Despite some high-profile commentary calling for a cryptocurrency ban, we seem to be a long way off from President Joe Biden signing an executive order that bans the private ownership of bitcoin...

    They're still in the process of getting him to understand it.

    1. "Don't say crypto to an old person" - Aunt Blabby.

  4. Last night, Lying Jeffy claimed that Detroit isn’t a corrupt Democrat city.

    1. The well of stupidity is bottomless with that one.

    2. There is no benefit in telling the truth about Detroit.

    3. That's not true. Read the discussion yourself:

      (Note R Mac declined to link to the actual discussion to try to justify his claim, counting on you to believe it in the absence of evidence.)

      This is what I wrote:

      Well why not just stop there? They’re Democrats so obviously MASSIVE FRAUD right??? Why would it matter what the SoS did? Because even if the SoS was a complete angel, you’ll just return to CORRUPT DEMOCRAT DETROIT anyway. That is one of the problem with these theories, corruption is assumed in the absence of direct physical evidence. “Oh they’re Democrats therefore they’re corrupt!”

      And when your theory ASSUMES corruption and then demands that everyone else NOT prove it was corrupt in order to have “election integrity”, that is when it leaves the field of legitimate complaint and enters the conspiracy theory zone, because not only does it reek of paranoia, it’s non-falsifiable to boot. No one can prove the absence of corruption, and if your standard for “secure election” is “prove to me that no one did anything wrong”, then there will never be any standard that will be met to your satisfaction.

      If you want to demonstrate that there was MASSIVE FRAUD in the 2020 election, you have to present evidence of that actual fraud occurring in the 2020 election, regardless of what happened in the past.

      And in this same discussion, you LIED about the type of court case that it was (it was a state court, not a federal court) and you LIED about what the Michigan Secretary of State did - she did NOT instruct poll workers to "ignore" signatures on absentee ballots, as you claimed. Then you LIE today about what I claimed last night, and then you have the gall to call *me* a liar. Well fuck you. You are the liar here, R Mac.

      1. Pure as the driven snow.

      2. Do you want me to link the count of court cases saying illegal changes were made to voting last year? Or are you still denying reality?

        Are you going to admit a recount is not an audit as it doesn't check for spoiled or fraudulent ballots?

        1. Only if you want me to link the 60 odd lawsuits which Trump campaign lost or withdrew on their own when asked to present evidence of fraud.

          1. He didn't lose 60 suits. I even have the link below..

            My god man, stop. Trump's team didn't even file 60 suits, you are counting other people as Trump's actions. And you are wrong about the actual numbers.

            I am not shocked.

            And even the oddity of your comment. As long as only 25% of claims were found to be illegal changes to election procedures, it makes it okay?

            1. Ah yes. Totally not Trump. Just unaffiliated Krakens and Big Lies falling out of the sky.

              1. So you are now admitting you lied. Good for you buddy.

                You do know how lawsuits work right?

      3. If you want to demonstrate that there was MASSIVE FRAUD in the 2020 election, you have to present evidence of that actual fraud occurring in the 2020 election, regardless of what happened in the past.

        And yet you have asked no audits to happen you disingenuous moron.

        1. Arizona is on, what, audit #2? The first audit was done per Arizona constitution in the usual, non partisan and professional audit standards. But that found no discrepancy. Well, we KNOW that there was cheating, so keep auditing!

          Keep doing it, maybe you'll find that E V I D E N C E yet.

          Sierra Vista resident Ben Eaddy is one of many Arizonans who say calling this exercise an audit "lends it an appearance of legitimacy it simply does not deserve."

          But many supporters of what the Arizona Senate's contractors are doing say that this is an audit and should be called one. They believe that the multiple tests the county did before this to verify its election results should not be called “audits.”

          Ah, partisanship. But those in the profession? They get the final say.

          Most certified auditors contacted by The Arizona Republic, including accountants, internal auditors, and forensic auditors, say this is not an audit — or at least it doesn't appear to be following the generally accepted standards for one, from the outside.

          Professional auditors are impartial and objective, for example, they try to maintain a healthy working relationship with the entity they are auditing, and they do not release results early, said Laura Long, a former auditor for the Arizona Office of the Auditor General. None of this has been the case for the Senate contractors, she said.

          "I've been calling it a partisan recount," she said.


          Auditors typically have professional certifications and follow certain standards in their field, such as the International Professional Practices Framework or the Government Auditing Standards, which outline ethics and responsibilities — such as being objective.

          "Auditors’ objectivity in discharging their professional responsibilities is the basis for the credibility of auditing in the government sector," according to the government standards, otherwise known as the Yellow Book. "Objectivity includes independence of mind and appearance when conducting engagements, maintaining an attitude of impartiality, having intellectual honesty, and being free of conflicts of interest."

          A distinguishing mark of an auditor, the book says, is acceptance of responsibility to serve the public interest. The book talks at length about integrity, including performing work "with an attitude that is objective, fact-based, nonpartisan, and nonideological with regard to the entity being audited."

          Florida-based cybersecurity firm Cyber Ninjas is leading this postelection review, and the CEO Doug Logan demonstrated a lack of objectivity by repeating on social media claims of widespread election fraud before the audit began.

          1. Did you see Hobbs is now using this to propel herself to a run at governor? Do you even realize how stupid you are claiming 2 audits when you really mean recounts? They are not the same thing.

            The 2nd audit (really the first) is still ongoing as they go through adjudicated ballots. They've been fought and delayed in courts a dozen times from democrats seeking to not allow an audit. Actions you ignore and defend.


            1. All I can see is that not a single professional auditor, outside of the GOP chair who happens to be an auditor, will endorse this "audit", that the CEO of the auditing company is a full on Kraken cultist, and that there has been absolutely 0 evidence of fraud or any indication of fraud whatsoever.

              But keep on believin'

              1. You realize this post exposes you for exactly what you are, right?

                1. As an avid consumer of factual reporting and enjoyer of logical progression?

                  1. “the CEO of the auditing company is a full on Kraken cultist,”

                    Sure thing espresso.

                  2. Lol. wow.

              2. There is a ton of indications of fraud: the election result was contrary to all precedent (including "bellwether" counties going 17/18 to Trump, 5/6 counties nationwide going to Trump thus Biden with the fewest counties for a "winner" ever, incumbent improving his totals by close to 20% and making gains among all "minority" demographics, and election procedures themselves) and inconsistent within its own data (MI, WI, PA, GA having drastically more lopsided mail in ballot ratios for each candidate vs neighboring, and all other, states).
                None of the above even mentioning the mysterious "pauses" that occurred in several swing states at the same time in the middle of the night which saw huge Trump leads magically and disproportionately reverse, or the massive gap in voter enthusiasm that apparently didn't matter to results for the first time in human history.
                The official vote tally runs counter to all statistical indicators and fundamental human behavior other than fraud.

                1. neEdS MOaR “MaSsIVe”!

              3. Where does one find "professional election auditors"?

      4. “If you want to demonstrate that there was MASSIVE FRAUD”

        Speaking of lying.

        “you LIED about the type of court case that it was (it was a state court, not a federal court)”

        No, I made a mistake because the story was months ago, and admitted I was wrong as soon as you pointed it out. You should try that some time. And since it was a State court, not a federal one, addressing state election laws, it would be a pretty pointless lie anyway.

        “And when your theory ASSUMES corruption”

        Yeah, this is what I’m referring to. Thanks.

        1. Here is the run down of election lawsuits. It was before 2 other courts ruled last minute election changes were illegal.

          Jeff is in denial.

          1. I’m starting to suspect he’s not very bright.

            1. DoL came in lying about the lawsuits above even after I posted the link lol.


                Do you ever read anything not purpose-built to protect a right winger's insecurities?

                1. Ad Hominem because you know you were caught lying. The numbers in the link don't change based on who posted the information.

                  Amazing how you accuse me of not reading anything purpose-built as you deny information from pure refusal to not read something you disagree with not out of counter information, but source.

                  You choose ignorant. You prove that time and time again. You're free to counter the information. You oddly didn't.

                  1. “You choose ignorant.”

                    The irony of this whole thread being in response to me calling out Jeff for not believing me that Detroit is corrupt.

                    1. This is a fucking lie that you continue to spread. Why?

                    2. No, you did. You even used extra BOLD, Hihn style, while doing it.

                    3. No, I didn't. It simply does not matter when it comes to claims of fraud in the 2020 election. You know what is needed to prove fraud in the 2020 election? ACTUAL EVIDENCE OF FRAUD IN THE 2020 ELECTION. Not tales of "oh well they are totally corrupt so it just had to happen". Whether a label of "corrupt" ought to be affixed to them does not matter. What matters is the actual evidence of fraud directly related to the 2020 election, if there is any.

        2. No, I made a mistake

          In other words, you lied.

          Yeah, this is what I’m referring to. Thanks.

          So point to the SPECIFIC CORRUPT ACT(s) that occurred in Detroit, in 2020, that led to whatever MASSIVE FRAUD that you are alleging. If you cannot do so, then making broad allusions to unspecified corrupt activity that occurred in 2020 is meaningless. It is a smear that ASSUMES that something corrupt happened in 2020 because corrupt things happened in the past.

          1. No, I made a mistake

            In other words, you lied.

            I get why you have a hard time understanding the difference, due to you constantly lying and never admitting when you make a mistake. What exactly would be the benefit of lying in this case be though? Is there something about the Michigan courts that I’m not aware of that would make this ruling meaningless?

            1. lol. He really is turning into Hihn. Random capitalization. Combine him with Sarcasmic's mute list posturing and you almost have a full Hihn.

            2. You're a troll. You lie for fun. It is what you do.

              1. Lol. Projection is not a good look, Lying Jeffy.

    4. Well Detroit isn’t a corrupt Democrat city. It's corrupt Democrat prairie now.

  5. Earlier this month, Utah became the second state in the country to implement a law that allows home cooks to sell prepared meals from their homes...

    Just in time for the lifting of economic lockdowns, when this might have been useful.

  6. "influx of unaccompanied migrant kids"

    This is exactly what we Koch / Reason libertarians hoped would happen when we overwhelmingly endorsed Biden.

    Of course, it's disappointing that Texas isn't cooperating with our open borders agenda. But even that will change shortly. Importing more Democratic voters will eventually #TurnTexasBlue — making unlimited, unrestricted immigration the official policy not only of the federal government, but of key state governments as well.


  7. Florida is the latest state to say transgender girls and women can't play on female sports teams in high schools and colleges.

    If the girls can't take the heat they should, um, go back to the kitchen... where the trans girls also... are?

  8. New York is now suing a PR firm that helped market opioid pills.

    Do they have time to do this and sue Trump?

    1. How else are they going to afford the biggest lawsuit ever?

  9. Fact checking is protected by the First Amendment.


    1. Surprised ENB let that one slip through.

  10. Humane treatment of undocumented immigrant children should be something we can all agree on, regardless of one's thoughts on immigration policy.

    That's called "stealing a base". Sure, we're all agreed on humane treatment, but what's humane about encouraging parents to ship their children off to the border under the care of criminals? Would you also offer liquor to an alcoholic or heroin to an addict in the name of "compassion"? The federal government created this problem, let the feds deal with it, Texas is going to discourage this sort of shit.

    1. And where do these kids stay when they are too sick for daycare?

      1. At the loading dock at 7-11 like I did when I was a kid.

      2. Unlicensed daycare run by other illegals. Why would they get licensed? If you get a license, you will be inspected. If you just avoid the license, all your problems disappear. There will be no inspections, regulations, or government interference. They can't inspect an unlicensed daycare.

        1. One could get "inspected" if a search warrant is issued based on probable cause that illegal activity or child endangerment is occurring. Only one, of course. After the first raid, the governmental official who requested the warrant will immediately be terminated and branded a racist.

      3. Perhaps their home village/city would be an option but that assumes you have the interest of the child in mind and not domestic political points for team marx.

    2. Humane treatment would be discouraging parents from sending their kids across hundreds of miles of desert with high child molestation and rape rates.

      1. Humane treatment would be opening up the borders a lot more than they are open right now!

        Jesus said "let the children come to me"! Today's hyper-partisans (mostly of the "R" type in this case, and many of them pretending to be "good Christians") would crucify Christ for this, for not having demanded "papers please" first!

        Hypocrites and wolves in sheep's clothes, is what ye are!

        1. Jesus was last seen in the vicinity of Jerusalem. So, yeah. Why not?

  11. I’m trying to remember ENB’s stance the last time a state didn’t want to use its resources to assist the federal government with immigration?

    1. Pro sexworker

    2. We talking about licenses not resources.

      1. It's a resource to those who need one, fucking idiot.
        Go dig in your sandbox.

      2. Licensed centers do utilize government resources.

        1. So shouldn't the law be: any childcare facility receiving state funds is barred from taking in illegals? Licensing is bullshit as it is and I'd rather they not expand licensing regimes further then they have already.

          1. THANKS for a small step towards common sense here!

          2. Licensing for adult to adult transactions are BS. But I don't think anyone actually advocates for things like childcare facilities ran by pedos. Not all information is ever available for adults.

            Some things actually should be slightly regulated when involving children as children are not fully grown actors in the market place.

            1. “But I don’t think anyone actually advocates for things like childcare facilities ran by pedos.”

              Read the room Jesse.

          3. And what do you think ENB’s response to such a law would be?

        2. Licenses add to costs! Duh!

      3. Yeah, licensed by the state, for children in that state, which requires state resources. Thanks for displaying your ignorance on yet another subject.

        1. "Yeah, licensed by the state, for children in that state, which requires state resources."

          Written like a True Worshipper of Government Almighty! Nose-blowing is for the children (helps remove obstructions, helps breathing). Nose-blowing resources belong to the State! Need MOAH licenses for nose-blowing!

          1. Do you think I’m in charge of the licensing laws for child care in Texas, shit eater?

            1. Do you think I can't see? Can't see that you favor Government Almighty, in ALL cases when you think that Dear Ex-Leader Con Man might allow you "sloppy seconds" with Stormy Daniels, if you spout the proper party line?

              STUDY UP on your history, Buddy!

              So many of us fantasize that our support of those who we think is (or will be) the “winner” will earn us the support of the “winners” and their spoils.
              See “the night of the long knives” at… Ernst Röhm (head brownshirt, street brawler, for Hitler) thought his support of Hitler would leave him sitting pretty. So sorry, Ernst Röhm, Hitler had another thing coming for you…
              Right here on comments, we see the same thing. The “brownshirts” of the commentary (Nards, etc.) try to brownshirt their enemies off of the comments board, tell their enemies to commit suicide, and other “street fighting”. They, I suspect, expect payback (war spoils) from “winning” Orange Hitler, just as Ernst Röhm did from “winning” Hitler.
              They and their ilk, too, have another thing coming… Orange Hitler will throw them under the bus, the VERY first instant that Orange Hitler finds it to be convenient to Him… Just as Shitler-Hitler threw Ernst Röhm under the bus!

              1. Gone full retard I see. I think that means I won, shit eater.

      4. M4e....That was pretty dumb. You want to maybe retract that one?

        1. I’m leaning more and more towards the theory that M4E is a parody.

          1. Too bad it's not you that's parody.

            Supporting government licensing schemes now?

            You know, "Libertarian" doesn't mean "whatever punishes the other and protects my tribe", right?

            1. Children do not have full agency. They are not free market actors. They are in fact beholden to other actors choosing their interactions. Basic licensing in regards to children is not an anti-libertarian ideal.

              I get you're trying to act as a pure tough guy if it means you can attack the right (while ignoring all of the leftist/democratic violations of liberty), but in this case you're just being a fool.

              1. Jesse defending government employment licensing schemes: "Think of the Chillllldreeeennnnnnn!"

                Jesse, you are not at all concerned with children in day cares. You want to punish immigrants. You have never commented on the well being of children ever, unless it was as a cudgel to argue against immigration.

                  Everybody Hates DC's Proposal Forcing Daycare Workers to Get College Degrees
                  And with good reason, since it would drive up costs and limit access to child care by requiring daycare workers to get a college degree.

                  JesseBahnFuhrer is SOOO stupid, short-sighted, and UTTERLY FOCUSED on scoring short-term gains for JesseBahnFuhrer's tribe (political expediency for team "R"), that JesseBahnFuhrer can't or won't see the child-care licensing leads to more and more (ALWAYS more!) degrees (PhDs etc.) being needed! Which feeds the powers of the liberally-biased educrockeracy!

                  JesseBahnFuhrer will be back tomorrow bitching about endless powers granted to the education establishment! Place your bets!

                2. Wow... you've really burned out today. You are now attributing thoughts to me that I have not posted here, because you have no actual argument. LOL

                  This has been a fun day, watching you wallow down into the much of patheticness. Say hi to Sarcasmic for me.

                  Are you even able to counter the claim? Do you think children are independent actors that have full say in their actions with others? Are you that ignorant and down the rabbit hole that this is the argument you are taking? LOL

                  God damn man. Was fun exposing you yet again today.

            2. I’m not making any comment either pro or against licensing. These facilities are already licensed, whether we like it or not, and are using state resources, whether we like it or not. So the Governor is refusing to allow these facilities to be used for federal immigration policy, ie, refusing to use state resources, just like California did during the Trump administration. And the reaction from Reason was the exact opposite, even though one of the arguments used at the time was that states aren’t required to assist the feds with immigration.

              It’s really not difficult to understand, unless you’re being a dishonest piece of shit.

              1. Grocery stores accepting "food stamps" (whatever they have been most recently re-named to) accept fed resources. Time for Government Almighty to micro-manage EVERYONE'S entry into those grocery stores!

                Admit it, ye immigrant-hating hyper-partisans favor WHATEVER it is that looks like "red meat" to you! MORE Government Almighty powers? MORE licenses? Oh, sure, as long as it tacks towards MY tribe and tribal alliances!

                1. I’m against food stamps, and states regulating grocery stores, in general.

                  But please keep missing my point and making an ass of yourself. It amuses me.

                  1. "I’m not making any comment either pro or against licensing. "

                    So you wrote! In reality, you fence-straddler, you have NO principles, other than "MOAH POWER for me and MY tribe"!

                    1. No, my original comment was not pro or against licensing. It was pointing out what a hypocrite ENB is when it comes to states using their resources to assist federal immigration policy. When she disagrees with the policy, she cheers on a state not using their resources to assist the feds. When she agrees with the policy, she demonizes a state not using their resources to assist the feds.

                      It’s principals vs principles, and my opinion on licensing laws in Texas doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  12. "Florida is the latest state to say transgender girls and women can't play on female sports teams in high schools and colleges."

    Absolutely outrageous. Transgender females are female in literally every sense — legally, biologically, anatomically. Only a science-denying bigot would suggest they have an "unfair advantage."


    1. PS — Don't you dare bring up that rumor about an elite women's soccer team losing to 15 year old boys, and spin it into a "testosterone and the Y chromosome provide athletic advantages" argument. That's actually not true at all.


      1. Chicks with dicks are women too!

      2. I prefer the tennis rumor.

        1. There is a part of me that thinks democrats get off on those MMA videos of the tranny breaking women's faces in matches

          1. *raises eyebrows*

            Which part of you?

      3. What about the greatest female player in tennis losing to a no name almost unranked male opponent?

  13. It's amazing how many misconceptions are on the loose about HIPAA, the federal health privacy law...

    Do you honestly think that Congress would have created a law that would in concept or practice protect you? They can't even keep from chipping away at the thing they swore an oath to protect, the thing that actually does aim to protect you (from them).

    1. What I find frustrating is that a restaurant is allowed to demand to see vaccine records. While a nurse is forbidden from telling to a man's wife this same information. The day you turn 18, your doctor is forbidden from giving vaccine records or any other identifying medical records to your parents.

      HIPAA has always been arbitrary, capricious, and frustrating, with privacy holes large enough to fly a truck through. However, this is getting ridiculous.

      1. At work we couldnt even mention that the reason someone is out for 2 weeks was because someone that person was around was exposed to someone who tested positive for covid. Because of hipaa... even though it really had nothing to do with their medical history.

        Very interesting in how these dumb shit laws are applied.

  14. Today is June 2, the 46th International Sex Workers' Day...

    Celebrate by patronizing your local rub-and-tug.

    1. Masks turn me off.

      1. What if their leather?

    2. You can't get a rub and a tug today, they are all off work and spending well earned time with family.

    3. Put the "ho" in "holiday."

  15. So, not only are we celebrating unvaccinated sick kids being "detained" in your daycare, we are celebrating whores "oçupying" a church

    1. Oh, and celebrating the repeal lf another wildly successful racist Trump policy

      1. Wait I thought you had to go through a huge legal process to reverse an eo, or are we not doing that anymore

    2. So, not only are we celebrating unvaccinated sick kids being “detained” in your daycare, we are celebrating whores “oçupying” a church

      Did they get all sweaty?

    1. I would think they could still butcher the cows manually

      1. Yeah, but nobody can use the refrigerated storage until the ransom is paid.

        1. The Carnot Cycle was around before the internet as well

      2. They could, but now too reliant on automation. Shop at Bob's Butcher Mart (locally raised) and leave that industrial shit alone.

    2. Why does Drumpf keep letting Russia do this!?

    3. So, their meat has been beaten.

  16. Florida is the latest state to say transgender girls and women can’t play on female sports teams in high schools and colleges.

    Obviously the solution is transgender sports teams. Think of the JOBS!

    1. The Carnot Cycle was around before the internet as well

      1. Did you mean the Menstrual Cycle?

        1. Because men have periods too?

  17. Nobody pay attention to increasing gas prices. Nothing Joe does has an effect on it.

    1. Ha! I recently drove to the Heart of Dixie from the People's Republic of NJ. My credit card bill tells the story: gasoline cost is up by more than 50%.

      Thanks, Joe.

    2. Oh my god.

      You really are "blame the president for gas prices" stupid.

      These drilling rights were just auctioned off in January. They have not been drilled or acted on. The estimated cost to extract a barrel of oil from the region is about $100/bbl. Current oil prices are around $70.

      So tell me how this action has effected gas prices.

      1. or affected.

      2. You really are “blame the president for gas prices” stupid.

        When I said:

        has an effect

        Or do you think decreasing energy exploration has no effect at all?

        And you call others stupid? LOL.

        1. Too late Jesse.

          1. So gas companies don’t base gas prices on projected costs to replace their existing supply? Therefore decreasing future supply has no effect on current prices? Is that your position?

            1. "So gas companies don’t base gas prices on projected costs to replace their existing supply? "

              No, "they" don't. Educate yourself. There is no shortage of oil, and the oil extracted from Alaska would cost 50% than oil trading today. So no, this does not have an effect on current or near term or even gas prices a year from now.


              1. JesseAz
                June.2.2021 at 9:52 am
                Nothing Joe does has an effect on it.

                From your own cite:
                The process of price discovery looks at a number of tangible and intangible factors, including supply and demand, investor risk attitudes, and the overall economic and geopolitical environment.

                Keep going, this is great!

                1. He is worse than normal today. Must have had another government loan rejected.

                  1. He’s going straight up Dee today.

          2. Too late? I literally quoted my first post.

            You are doing terrible today. Log off and take a walk.

  18. Secret service agents were assigned to keep track of Joe's coked out son.

    This is on top of the photographic proof of Joe meeting with foreign millionaires and billionaires when he was VP, flying his son 2 dozen times on AF2 on Hunters business deals, etc.

    But no corruption in that family.

    1. Corruption within normal parameters.

    2. I'm mildly surprised the SS agents weren't assigned to buy the drugs for Hunter. Or were they? (I didn't read the article.)

      1. You can’t expect him to interact with some darkie to buy his own drugs, do you?

        1. Hey! He smoked crack with Marion Barry, so he can't be a racist. Barry probably got his stuff directly from Rayful, before it got stepped on a dozen times.

      2. It must be pretty tough for the Secret Service agents to score dope. Not many dealers stay put when three blacked out government Suburban pull up in the hood.

        1. They just get it from someone much higher up the chain through the CIA.

          1. Direct imports via CIA planes.

      3. Given that as the son of the Vice President he had 24/7 guards, the Secret Service must have either been with him when he purchased drugs and vetted his dealer/supplier or bought them for him.

        Anyone who gave it 5 seconds thought has known this for years.

        Extrapolating from absolutely known to quite possible: from a safety standpoint, it's actually safer for the Service to buy the drugs from multiple different dealers. That way, no one can deliberately poison their charge. This is why the White House kitchen buys all groceries at the supermarket instead of getting deliveries. So, I think it's highly probable that federal agents actively procured illicit substances not only for Hunter but for many of our prior presidents and their families

      4. I'm actually curious as to why SS is supposed to ignore illegal acts from politicians and their families.

        1. Yeah, I'm sure complicating their primary duty of protection for high ranking members of government with another duty to spy on and narc on their charges would bring about 0 unwanted consequences or degradation of their primary duty of protection.

          Do you even hear yourself?

          1. Wow... so because the SS officer has other duties, they are not allowed to report illegal activities at the end of their shifts?

            You really are truly an idiot.

          2. By the way, here is something you should read...


            (1)Under the direction of the Director of the Secret Service, members of the United States Secret Service Uniformed Division are authorized to—
            (A)carry firearms;
            (B)make arrests without warrant for any offense against the United States committed in their presence, or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing such felony; and
            (C)perform such other functions and duties as are authorized by law.

            You are truly a partisan idiot. I think you're even worse than jeff.

            1. I am not partisan, but when you are as tribal as you, neutrality or simple adherence to factual standards can seem hostile. I don't want SS agents arresting Trump for treason either.

              1. “simple adherence to factual standards can seem hostile.”

                You mean standards like in the link he just posted, or your made up standards?

                1. Look below.

                  1. Where you just made up your own mind regarding “obligated to”? Or is that written somewhere else?

              2. LOL. Fine, you are blindly partisan. Is that better?

                And you say you aren't partisan and then add "arresting Trump for treason either." You're a fool.

            2. And just to spell it out since you are pretty bad at making logical extrapolations when you are in cult-defense mode "authorized to" is much different than "obligated to".

              1. Keep digging buddy, you're doing great today.

      5. I enjoyed hearing that he used to smoke crack with Marion Barry. Reminds me of the good old (Salad) days in DC, when laissez-faire policing actually led to a decrease in crime. After a generation of Black men were killed, the homicide rate decreased drastically.

    3. POTUS Biden is corrupt AF, and his son is a sorry excuse of a human being. It is that simple.

      1. DoL seems perfectly happy with democratic corruption.

    4. Jesse super mad that a politicians son is a drug addict.

      Jesse super chill with the president, his son, his son in law, and his campaign manager taking a secret meeting with Russian spies, then lying about said meeting in 3 iterations of lies before something resembling the truth was admitted.

      1. not the president, just all the others.

      2. LOL. DoL is fine with politicians and their families being free to break laws and violate ethics at whim... and he is proud of it.

        Just wow.

        And you're not a Biden cultist why?

        1. Your reponse is to attempt to dishonestly rehash what I just wrote, then say "wow". Pretty thin on substance, even for you.

          I never said anything in your "summary" of my comment.

          I said that you are perfectly a-ok with the president's close family being completely disloyal to the US and the constitution, but seem to be completely outraged that a politician's son had a coke habit.

          Missing anything? Oh yeah.

          "Just" Wow.

          1. You are defending not arresting Biden's son because of reasons... then you say Trump committed treason... explain again how you aren't partisan?

            Do you or do you not believe politicians and their families should be held to the same legal standards as others?

            If yes, why are you fine with excusing open knowledge of crimes committed by the VPs son while in office?

            You can't logically explain this away without proving yourself either an idiot or partisan, so please, elucidate.

  19. But "denying the Biden administration use of the state-licensed shelters could force more of the children to be held at U.S. Customs and Border Protection stations—facilities deemed unsuitable for children."

    I'm hard pressed to side with the federal government on anything, and this sounds like a state government trying to force the federal government to do something about a federal problem affecting the state. I can assume since these are two governments we're talking about that everyone will handle it badly.

    1. The worst solution possible, one that never even occurred to you, will be implemented.

  20. Remember when Reason didn't blindly trust government?
    Here’s an email that shows Fauci knew, worried, then lied about what he publicly called a baseless conspiracy theory [lab origin of C19]. But do go on about how he’s a truthful beacon of light.


      Note she promises her reporting would “never … jeopardize you in any way”
      Quote Tweet
      Tom Elliott
      · 4h
      ABC’s @KyraPhillips to Fauci: “I want you to know how much I have respected you professionally and medically for nearly 20 years”


        So far, the Fauci FOIA emails show:

        -He had some urgent, time sensitive discussions about gain of function.
        -Told colleagues retail masks don't work due to size of virus.
        -Ignored scientist who told him China was lying about virus and data.
        -Was well aware of possible lab leak.

        1. Of course, Fauci contradicted these emails in congressional testimony on multiple occasions. From playing dumb to saying the opposite of what he knew to be true, an uncorrupted corporate press would be blowing this story up, particularly on Wuhan Lab info.


            On 03/25/20, I asked Fauci about the WHO and Tedros praising China for their transparency.

            Fauci snapped at me, then apologized.

            A week earlier, the founder of Bio-Signal Technologies warned Fauci that he believed China was lying to the world about their COVID numbers.

            1. Dual use means it could be used to create bioweapons. We're funding research on that IN CHINA.

              Our expert class at work.

              Anthony Fauci discussed dual-use research in 2012 Senate hearing
              Fauci has downplayed the involvement of NIAID in grant money used to fund research of potential bat-borne viruses in China


                “Click on the ‘Cuomo Crush’ and ‘Fauci Fever’ link below. It will blow your mind. Our society is really totally nuts,” Fauci wrote in an April 8, 2020, email he forwarded to undisclosed recipients after he received a Google alert about news stories mentioning his name.


                  Peter Daszak, who was deeply involved both in Wuhan coronavirus research & in misleading the public about the likelihood of a lab leak, thanked Fauci for helping "dispel the myths" around COVID origins and blamed Fox News for targeting his grant. From the
                  FOIA batch


                    In an email from February 2020 released under the Freedom of Information Act, Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote that a typical store-bought face mask “is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through material.”

                    1. I tried twice to post about his impending doom, but was rejected by Reason. Interesting.

                    2. Jeff m, jfree, dol, white Mike hardest hit.

                    3. ? You act like we can't remember 16 months ago.

                      We were all aware that in February the CDC was simultaneously claiming that masks did not work, and that medical professionals get priority in acquiring masks.

                      Pretty obvious to those of us with a little knowledge of how large organizations like the government work, and with the pronounced mask shortage, that CDC was lying to us to get us to stop hoarding masks.

                    4. Why would Fauci lie in a private email if it was about saving them for medical personnel?

            2. Remember when the cast of lefty losers here were blaming trump for covid by pointing out how China had it under control?

              1. Tony fits that bill but will itexplain it away with garbage.

        2. Shows nih granted Eco Alliance millions of dollars when they were all over the news dismissing the lab leak theory.

    2. That CNN headline should be from the Babylon Bee.

  21. I knew the Biden Era would be awesome. I just didn’t know it would be THIS awesome.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch's net worth has increased by: $7.83 billion

    So since Biden has been in office we've seen "an influx of unaccompanied migrant kids," while billionaires have gotten richer. This is literally the ideal state of the union from a Koch / Reason libertarian POV.


    1. Well when you put it that way...maybe I should give the super-predator in chief a chance.

  22. In a 9-0 ruling. The Supreme Court struck down the ninth circuit for stating courts had to treat illegal immigrants testimony as credible and factual even when completely inconsistent with other facts. Crying amnesty isn't a fact, but merely testimony.

    1. They also refused to stop the lawsuit claiming putting talc in your vagina causes cancer.

  23. "New York is now suing a PR firm that helped market opioid pills."

    Yeah, I'm sure McKinsey was telling people to crush up their Oxycontin and snort it, just like all of those evil prescribing MDs.

  24. I haven't clicked any of the articles, because my iq is higher than 10, but judging from the headlines is sullum trying to pass as libritarian?

    1. Too late.

  25. Where ever you are living on the streets, pack your bags and come to where they are paved in gold!

    "Mayor Breed wants to add more than $1 billion to fighting homelessness in San Francisco over next two years"
    "...It’s unclear how many homeless people there are in San Francisco, but the number has certainly swelled over the past few years. The city’s official count in 2019 logged more than 8,000 homeless, a 30% rise from two years prior. Other counts have suggested there may be as many as 17,000 homeless in the city.

    At the same time, homelessness funding has also significantly increased. The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing’s budget has increased by 80% since it was created in 2016, to $364 million in the most recent fiscal year. Meanwhile, Prop. C., a 2018 ballot measure that taxes big businesses for homelessness services, is expected to raise $250 million to $300 million per year..."

    There's more than a casual connection between those two paragraphs, but no one at city hall can quite 'figger it out'.

    1. Wow this reads about the same as my local papers article today!

  26. Ahh Portland. The effects of far left politicization...

    The city saw a 60% rise in homicides from 2019 to 2020, and through May, the city is on pace for a 51% increase from its 2020 numbers.

    1. These assholes are going to ruin our chance to get the A's!

  27. With Stephen Miller gone looks like Gov. Abbott is picking up the torch on being nasty to immigrants. I just don't think Greg Abbott has a black enough heart to really compete.


    BIDEN: "...young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don't have lawyers, they don't have accountants..."

    1. And this is the only part of Biden's speech yesterday that right-wingers will ever read.

      You know how you complained endlessly about people taking Trump's "fine people on both sides" comment out of context? Yeah, it's kinda like that.

      1. He is not exactly a dynamic speaker. If I want to listen to some rich, out of touch white guy pontificate about "systemic racism" I'll watch Kimmel. He can tell me jokes without a teleprompter.

      2. I read the whole speech. There was no context that makes the statement better.

        But you're a biden cultist.

      3. Please enlighten us on the context.

        1. Go look it up yourself.

          1. So you’ve already posted about the context several times before and I’m just pretending I never saw it?

          2. So there is no context that makes it better. Got it.

    2. Innovative ideas, good products, and customer service are predictors of business success.
      SleepyJoe, who never earned an honest dollar in his life, wouldn’t know that.

      1. I’d add hard work, but then I’d summon one of our new resident Marxists.


    A lie was spread around the world because America's top scientist [Fauci] was... tired. And didn't bother correcting the record.
    Quote Tweet
    Raheem J. Kassam
    · 10h
    Huh. Turns out the whole "asymptomatic spread" thing was a lie. Whodda thunk it?

    1. Everyone not as dumb as Jeff and jfree

      1. Leftists are still clinging to the belief of asymptomatic spread.
        It's a tenet of their faith.


    Looks like Lord Fauci’s about to have a lot of hearings coming up. RT
    : "The typical mask you buy at the drugstore is not really effective in keep out virus"

    Read the fraudster Fauci's emails here,....


      It just means the FBI is, once again, destroying evidence of a crime by hiding it within an investigation which it will kill.

      We saw this repeatedly over the last 5 years - first to protect Clinton, then to prevent any of the plots against Trump from coming to light.

      No mystery
      Quote Tweet
      · 15h
      Email between Fauci and Daszak has large section redacted with FOIA exemption (b)(7)(a)...which is the code for law enforcement.

  31. Some might wonder why running a childcare facility requires a license at all.

    1. Exactly. Abbott here is just demonstrating one of the libertarian arguments against licensure laws in general - that they will be weaponized for political ends, having nothing to do with the subject of the license itself.

      1. Do you need links to the work farms Obama HHS sent illegal immigrants kids to?

        1. He’s already seen them. But he’ll lie and say he has no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. It doesn't. You can watch other people's kids in your home. If you get a license, you will then be taxed, inspected, and harassed.

    3. Background checks for pedophiles, lead paint, harmful chemicals, etc. Lots of valid reasons in this instance.


    I'm pregnant! having a scan soon to find out if its a boy or an abortion


    A clip of a “Blue’s Clues” song celebrating Masturbation and Genital Amputation Month went viral over the weekend heading into June.

    1. Wonder how long it will be before the Alphabet People add "P" to their moniker.

      1. Seems like they're making the push towards it now

        1. "And then, without any reason at all..."


    “I should mention that after discussions earlier today, Eddie, Bob, Mike, and myself all find the genome to be inconsistent with expectations from evolutionary theory.”


  35. Abbott: Pretty obvious he's just signalling to the Republican base. He doesn't care about the children, they could all starve in Federal cages as far as he cares. He just wants a signal out there.

    Q: How do you know a politician is evil?
    A: Check for a heartbeat.

    Sex workers: Okay sure, they need rights too. Same rights as everyone else. Prostitution should be legalized. But holy crap, only in France does one protest the state by occupying a church. Such a fucked country, they need far more sex workers to get rid of that built up anger and tension.

    HIPAA: I work in the medical industry, and I have to deal with this all the time. It is NOT just more paperwork for nurses. In short, the key privacy provision is that must be no link from medical data to an identifiable person, without that person's explicit consent. But aggregated data is fine. Vaccination records are on the borderline. ASKING if you've been vaccinated is perfectly fine. Demanding to see papers, please, is problematic.

    In my county, the county demands all employers keep vaccination records on their employees. No other county in the feeble state of California does that. But so far it's not that actual or copy of the CDC document they are keeping. That might be over the line. It may indeed convert all county businesses into HIPAA "covered entities", since the businesses are not storing medical data.

    And as such, they can't then disclose this information to the county that is demanding they collect it. And indeed, the crazy ass weirdness at the heart of this rule is that employers must collect this data, even though no one but the employers will ever see it. Only in California.

    On the other hand, schools, both public and private, have to keep records on teachers' TB vaccinations. And have been for decades. So there's definitely a carve-out for vaccinations.

    Vaccines: Just get vaccinated. The sooner we can get past this pandemic the better. Stop it with your stupid ass conspiracies about microchips. Get vaccinated for COVID, get your children vaccinated for Rubella and Pertusis, etc. Stop being such massive wankers.

    1. Nobody should think for themselves.

      1. I don't. I just regurgitate that talking points delivered to me by my unknown masters.

        1. Good point.

    2. Applying your logic in regards to abbot to yourself....

      You dont care about kids dying crossing deserts or young girls getting raped.

      1. Those children are already here. If they don't get help from these private child care facilities, they just get sent back to the Obama camp cages that Trump loved so much.

        1. Allowing them to stay here encourages more to make the journey.

          1. He understand neither moral nor hazard.

    3. “Stop it with your stupid ass conspiracies about microchips.”

      Who the fuck are you talking to here?

      1. That voice in his head.

      2. Or Trump; he's badly infected with TDS.

    4. Wait, so you whine about someone who “doesn’t care about children”, and then then accuse that person of “signaling”? Haha. Ok.

      You go take care of the precious children. And then don’t tell anybody.


    An April 2020 email from NIH Director Francis Collins to Fauci under the subject line: Conspiracy gains momentum. The email included a link to an article about Brett Baier saying on FOX News that covid outbreak started in Wuhan lab. Fauci's response is redacted.


    JUST IN - Biden is ramping up his rhetoric, now tweets the US is facing an "all-out assault" on its democracy after his remarks on domestic terrorism yesterday.

    1. “The call is coming from inside the house!”

    2. Remember when this fucking asshole was a relatively sane and moderate democrat? It’s not hard to remember, because it was basically his entire decades-long career, right up until he got into the White House.

      I don’t think anyone could name one person in the history of American politics who has changed so dramatically and radically in such a short period of time. Or is it just that Block Insane Yomomma’s hand is shoved so far up his ass that it’s wrapped all the way around his brain?

      1. Dementia.

        1. This, and the hand up his ass thing.

      2. He was never actually that moderate. Only under the guise that the democratic party are all centrists from the media.

      3. "Remember when this fucking asshole was a relatively sane and moderate democrat?"

        Been following national politics since about the time of John Anderson. And no, I do not remember a time when he was either sane or moderate.

        He's been an asshole and a hard leftists since I can remember.

    3. You Putin loving fascist traitors are way worse than a terrorist.

      1. It’s amazing how far the Russians have progressed with their hacking program in just 6 short months.

      2. The GRIDS is degenerating your brain by the second, OG/Pod.

    4. And he is leading the charge

  38. There's this thing called moral hazard, and libertarian capitalists shouldn't have any trouble recognizing it. For instance, when the president of the United States announces that we won't deport anyone who comes here if they come here as children, it shouldn't surprise libertarian capitalists to hear that people from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras started sending their children to the United States in a deluge, climbing to the rate of over 100,000 a month at the worst of it.

    Although 80% of the asylum seekers at the height of crisis were either children traveling alone or families traveling with children, but a huge portion of those traveling alone were not planning on living here alone. They have aunts and uncles and cousins they've been instructed to contact once they're in the asylum system, and while it can take a long time for the authorities to confirm the identities of the children and the identities of their family members in the United States, they come here with the reasonable expectation that they will qualify for all sorts of local social services as soon as they're released to their families.

    By ratified, constitutional treaty, we are not allowed to discriminate against asylum seekers, in terms of their eligibility for social services. Everything that American citizens are qualified for in terms of social services is something that an asylum seeker is eligible to receive--once their asylum request is granted or until their asylum claim is denied by a court. It shouldn't shock libertarian capitalists to hear that some states are pulling the rug out from under the moral hazard that helps attracts so many bogus asylum seekers to their states--to live off the benefits financed by state taxpayers.

    The last time we did the analysis here in comments, more than 90% of the people who claim asylum from the Northern Triangle countries are either never granted an asylum hearing because they don't allege any kind of persecution, never show up for their asylum hearing, or have their asylum claim denied by a judge. At the height of the asylum crisis, we were getting more than 100,000 asylum claims a month from the those three Northern Triangle countries, but before Obama's DACA order, we were getting less than a thousand a year from all three countries combined.

    If you need to feel sorry for somebody, feel sorry for the legitimate asylum seekers from other countries, who are genuinely fleeing persecution but are stuck in asylum limbo for years at a time because of the flood of phony asylum seekers from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

    We had two articles over the last few days about interpreters in Afghanistan who can't get their visas processed quickly enough and may not be able to escape the retribution of the Taliban once we leave in September--because it's taking so long to process their applications. How much you want to bet these two problems are related? The agencies responsible for processing asylum claims are the same ones processing other claims. If you need to feel sorry for somebody, feel sorry for sorry for Afghans who risked their lives defending the Constitution from our enemies and can't get their visas processed quickly enough amid a deluge of bogus asylum claims.

    If you need to feel sorry for somebody, feel sorry for the taxpayers in Texas and other states who are being forced to finance social services, welfare, and public schools for what should be a burden on federal taxpayers. The voters of Texas have no control over asylum policy or enforcement. Forcing them to pay for the consequences of policies their elected officials have no control over is an insult to legitimate democracy in its proper place, and seeing those politicians try to reassert some control over the situation by removing the perverse, socialist incentives that draw these phony asylum seekers to their state by the hundreds of thousands isn't surprising.

    1. “We had two articles over the last few days about interpreters in Afghanistan who can’t get their visas processed quickly enough and may not be able to escape the retribution of the Taliban once we leave in September–because it’s taking so long to process their applications.”

      Why is it so difficult for the liberaltarians here to comprehend that this is the actual purpose of our asylum laws?

    2. "...How much you want to bet these two problems are related?.."

      I doubt you can get odds in Vegas...

      1. I don’t know, Vegas is pretty good at getting rubes to put money on the losing side by manipulating odds.

    3. Ha hahaha when we leave in September... Good one

      1. Reason will be SHOCKED! if we don’t leave in September.

      2. FWIW, they're doing things that cost money and need to be done to withdraw troops and heavy equipment. Moving a carrier group from the Pacific on China watch duty to help withdraw heavy equipment and troops is just one example.

        FWIW, at this point in time, it looks like we're really leaving.

        We'll see if they really follow through.


    So weird how none of the actual newsworthy emails like Fauci admitting masks don't work or him being warned at the onset of the pandemic that the virus may have have potentially been engineered in a lab, made it into the MSM write-ups of the #FauciEmails.

    Why is that?

    1. Some truths don't require facts.


    To put it into context, Mark Zuckerberg was emailing Fauci to spitball "message ideas"
    while he was literally establishing a $400 million election financing operation in battleground neighborhoods and simultaneously deplatforming accounts who complained about it.


    Google’s head of diversity strategy Kamau Bobb said in a blog post titled, "If I Were A Jew," "If I were a Jew I would be concerned about my insatiable appetite for war and killing". Never fails, does it. [Link]

    1. One of the more amusing moments in Thomas Ricks' book about Marine boot camp was one of the black recruits and one of the redneck recruits bonding over their mutual antipathy for Jews.

      1. If you haven't seen the "racist vs wokeist" video making the rounds, check it out.

    2. ..."Dabba-Dibbie-Dibbie-Dibbie-Dibbie-Dibbie-Dibbie-Do!"

      --Topal as Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. (The role as Dr. Zarkoff and the smoker's tooth polish company? Meh! Just side hustles!)

  42. "Humane treatment of undocumented immigrant children should be something we can all agree on, regardless of one's thoughts on immigration policy."

    You'd think but then you have to remember that for some people - the cruelty is the point.

    1. Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair! (tm)

      1. “Everything Is So Terrible And Unfair”

        When they sentence you (in your next lifetime, since you’re probably a geezer right now?), for 10,000 years in the slammer, for “rape”, for consensual sex, with you as an 18.0001-year-old, and her as a 17.9999 year-old… Or he on he, or she on she, or human on goat, as the case may be… PLUS infinity-time on the “sexual predator” list… I hope and pray that your slogan will be of IMMENSE solace to you!

    2. Tell that to the little ones they have fished out of the Rio Grande river that were used by cartels when Biden and Democrats encouraged them to come.


    State Press Agency CNN reports on the Fauci emails. There is virtually no separate between the corporate press and the ruling regime.

    02 Jun 21
    Thousands of emails from and to Dr. Fauci reveal the weight that came with his role as a rare source of frank honesty within the Trump administration's Covid-19 task force [link]"

    1. Can’t wait to see the whole thing collapse.

      1. Naive much?

        1. Wait until we have the dead [of natural causes] body of President Meat Muppet as proof that everything we were told is a lie.

      2. You have to assume this impending FOIA release was the impetus between the sudden about face from the MSM on lab leak tbeory

        1. Nah. The MSM wasn't covering this story back in early 2020, and while these emails give the story added weight, I'm confident in their ability to continue to bury this story if they chose to.

          They're not choosing to, now, and a decent question to start asking is, "Why?" Particularly when coupled with a bunch of new news releases about China bankrolling WMD programs and other ITAR-y stuff for rogue nations like the Norks, Iran, and yeah, Pakistan too. Plus things like Biden giving addresses with language like, 'the PRC is going to conquer us in 10 to 15 years.'

          Something's up. It might be a distraction from some truly awful economic news. It might be a last-ditch attempt by our political and media elite to not stay bought by the PRC. It could be something else entirely. But these new Wuhan revelations aren't organically bubbling to the surface---and given credence and coverage by major media. They're being pushed. I'm curious about why.

          1. Yeah this is happening for a reason and it's not because the media suddenly developed some kind of integrity.

          2. " these new Wuhan revelations aren’t organically bubbling to the surface—and given credence and coverage by major media. They’re being pushed. I’m curious about why."

            Agreed. It is some kind of modified limited hang-out, but of exactly who, and why remains to be seen.

            1. It ma be nothing more than an admission/acceptance that the Democrats know they are going to lose at least one chamber of Congress on the next go-around, and that what is being tickled out now, would have flooded out then.

              This way it's all "old news" and nobody will lose their head over it.

  44. Wuhan Lab Leak Controversy Illuminates Why U.S. Corporate Media Amplify Communist Propaganda
    The time for complaining about the corporate media and shooting down every one of their lies is over. The time for action has come.

    The most likely reason is simple, infuriating, and terrifying. Vox is owned by NBC, which owns MSNBC, which is owned by Comcast. Comcast and NBC have extensive business ties to China. Thompson Reuters has sales and offices in China. ABC is owned by Walt Disney which has extensive ties to China. NowThis is owned by Discovery, which has business in China.

    The Washington Post is owned by Amazon, which via Amazon Web Services has ties to China. CNN is owned by AT&T, which has business ties to China. The analysis isn’t as simple as examining a simple percent of company revenues, either. Because China sales are often growing faster, or are projected to grow faster, these parts of the business carry disproportionally more weight.

    Anti-U.S. Media Endanger National Security
    This situation — the corporatist media knowingly repeating Chinese propaganda — represents no less than a national security threat. The headlines above only scratch the surface of countless Twitter accounts, television hours, and newspaper articles bending the narrative created by only a handful of hugely powerful corporate monopolies.

    1. Time Magazine Takes Chinese Cash To Promote Controversial Drone Business
      Iconic mag fails to properly disclose $700k from China

      As part of a $700,000 advertising campaign, Time magazine published articles from a Chinese state-run media agency touting a controversial Chinese drone maker accused of helping the government surveil Uyghurs and boosting the Chinese Communist Party’s latest five-year economic plan.

      Time has published 75 online articles from China Daily as part of the lucrative ad deal, which began late last year. The Time webpage discloses that the company is paid to publish the China Daily articles, though not that they are state-sponsored propaganda.

      The Justice Department requires China Daily to disclose its media activities under the Foreign Agents Registration Act due to its affiliation with the People’s Republic of China. The news agency paid millions of dollars for advertising and printing over the past six months to American newspapers and magazines, including Time, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Foreign Policy magazine.

      The partnerships provide a window into the tactics the Chinese Communist Party uses to influence international audiences, and the revelation is likely to fuel concerns about an arrangement in which American news outlets peddle Chinese propaganda. The Jamestown Foundation, a pro-democracy think tank, has questioned whether American news outlets will tone down negative coverage of China because of the advertising partnerships.

    2. You know what's needed? A House Un-American Activities Committee to root out all of those Chinese Communist sympathizers in the media. Let's resurrect Joe McCarthy, maybe he's up for an encore.

      Man, you all really haven't changed since the 1950's. Always looking for bogeymen. Always trying to find the conspiracy of traitors hiding in plain sight.

      1. Said by the guy who thinks QAnon is a huge and pervasive entity.

      2. Joe McCarthy was right. Just look at the left. They have infiltrated our government.

    1. Anderson must have REALLY pissed off someone in the upper reaches of the Denver Democratic party for this to come out. He's had the Denver media kissing his ass constantly ever since he ran for the school board while he was still in high school. This kid was employed as a "rethtorative juthtith" counselor at Hinkley and North High Schools in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was creeping on the Hispanic kids at those places, too.

      Good thing he's being taken out now, because no one who is that thirsty for political power should be put in charge of a lemonade stand, much less a position of government authority.


    Here's a Feb 21, 2020 email to Fauci from a Weill Cornell Medical College associate professor of dermatology who wrote: "we think that there is a possibility that the virus was released from a lab in wuhan, the biotech area of china"

    Fauci fwds to a colleague: "please handle"

    1. Weill Cornell Medical College has been advertising an open position for associate professor of dermatology ever since. Where's Michael Jacobs?


    Scientist Kristian Anderson told Fauci SARS-CoV-2 has “unusual features” that “potentially look engineered”.

    Not long after this email, the scientists authored a piece insisting the virus was natural and Fauci said the same publicly. This is a massive cover-up.

  47. Whoops!

    Iran’s largest warship catches fire, sinks in Gulf of Oman

    Also, the Kharq? Maybe don't name your ship after a naval battle where half your fleet was wiped out.

    1. I am not shedding tears over Iran's loss of their largest warship. I'd like to see them lose many more, quite honestly.

      1. Another mysterious mishap. Loss of their biggest resupply ship means what for the Iranian navy? Best stay close to shore I suppose.

  48. Gee, I'm glad that Reason finally found something that Governor Abbott did to object to, after a year of forcing people out of work, destroying small businesses, and banning most forms of medical care.

  49. This happens often in border states. I’ve linked to it before how Arizona lost most of their trauma 1 medical centers due to uncompensated care of illegal immigrants. The federal reimbursements are less than half of the born costs.

    So Texas does this in order to not allow a surge on already strained resources.
    ( )Don’t buy the Twitter narrative being pushed by ENB. Abbot isn’t the next Hitler. He is dealing with scarce resources and increasing costs due to the border surge. This writeup is pure narrative pushing. Don’t fall for it.

    1. Trauma is a money loser and always has been. If Arizona had hospitals close to level one it is because the state and counties did not fund them.

      1. No, it is due to uncompensated illegal immigrant care.

      2. That statement is moronic, even by your standards.

        Why do you even post here?

  50. Texas Will Revoke Licenses for Child Care Facilities That House Refugee Children


    "The Governor directed the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to take all necessary steps to discontinue state licensure of any child care facility under a contract with the federal government that shelters or detains unlawful immigrants,"

    So we found the untruth between the headline and what... the third paragraph?

    1. Why is it, that modern journalism just can't bring itself to tell the truth? What is it that draws people who seem to be preternaturally disposed to mischaracterize and obfuscate?

      1. See all the lefties defending it up thread? That’s why they think they can get away with it.

        1. I fully admit that I sometimes come at the world with a starry-eyed optimism with a dash of naivete. When I read the headline, I actually believed what it said. Then I read the article, and the article literally contradicted what the headline said. I mean, sure, you could make a contorted argument that someone who did an endzone dive across the border, snuck past immigration authorities and just wants to make some money to send home to family is a "refugee", but unfortunately, they're not. At least not if we try to make words mean things.

          There are economic migrants, and there are refugees, and as Mr. Douglas Murray said (in the context of the 2015 European migrant crisis), we should have a definition for "refugee" and a definition for "migrant" or "economic migrant" and then we should hold on to those definitions very tightly.

          You're not doing anyone a service when you simply say that anyone who popped up in your country and went around the legal immigration system is a "refugee".

          1. I describe myself as an "economic refugee" when explaining why I left California. I was fleeing the California governments' hatred of the productive class.

        2. For instance, I'm seriously considering retiring to either Mexico or Costa Rica. I believe (rightly or wrongly) that my dollar will go further and thus my retirement will be more comfortable.

          By the loosest of definitions, I will be "seeking a better life" for myself that I feel I can't achieve in the country of my birth. Am I a 'refugee' should I arrive in Costa Rica, and more importantly, am I a "refugee" if I slip quietly into Mexico or Costa Rica in the dark of night, not telling anyone I'm there, and just take up residence?

          1. Good example.

  51. I'll believe Fauci's in trouble the day I see him referred to as part of the Trump Administration.

  52. The welfare state and open borders are incompatible????

    Who ever would have thought that!

  53. What a tangled web we weave when we practice to fuck about.

    1. Wordy, but way more accurate than 'Free Minds and Free Markets.'

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