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Study: Mask Mandates Didn't Help Slow Spread of COVID-19

Plus: ACLU and Planned Parenthood sue over Arkansas abortion ban, heartland states see fastest growth in foreign-born residents, and more...


Mask use was associated with slowed COVID-19 spread, but only during periods of low case growth. A new study suggests state mask mandates didn't help slow COVID-19 transmission. The pre-publication study found "qualitatively comparable courses of viral spread" among states with early, late, and no mask mandates.

Mask use—defined as "the percentage of people who always wear masks in public settings"—was associated with slower spread during low-transmission periods. But it was not associated with slower spread during high-transmission periods.

Going into the study, lead author Damian D. Guerra, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Louisville, and co-author Daniel J. Guerra, of VerEvMed, "hypothesized that statewide mask mandates and mask use are associated with lower COVID-19 case growth rates." To test this hypothesis, they compared COVID-19 case growth in the 33 states that imposed statewide mask mandates on or before August 2, 2020, with those that imposed mask mandates after this date and those that didn't have mask mandates at all, using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

Their results don't tell us that mask wearing was useless—many people wore masks in public regardless of mandates, many businesses required them regardless of mandates, and many people and businesses ignored them or only sometimes complied. In addition, not all face coverings are created equal, and many people who wore them didn't do so in an optimal way. It's hard to say how much any of that helped or hurt. A lot of COVID-19 spread occurred between family members and in places where mask mandates didn't apply and mask wearing wasn't common. That may not have varied much between states regardless of whether they had mandates and/or generally high public mask usage.

However, the study does add to evidence that mandating mask use may have made little difference. "Case growth was not significantly different between mandate and non-mandate states at low or high transmission rates," they found.

The research has not yet been peer-reviewed, and may still prove to be flawed. But it does line up with some other data points on mask mandates. For instance, Texas saw no case spike when it lifted its mandate in early March. And an April 2021 analysis saw states with stricter rules about face coverings and indoor dining faring worse than states that did not.

This goes against many people's assumptions—including those of this study's authors.

Contrary to our hypothesis, early mandates were not associated with lower minimum case growth. Maximum case growth was the same among states with early, late, and no mandates. This indicates that mask mandates were not predictive of slower COVID-19 spread when community transmission rates were low or high.

We wondered if mask mandates were associated with smaller or slower surges in case growth. Differences between minimum and maximum case growth were similar among early, late, and no mandate states, and surges from minimum to maximum growth occurred at similar rates. These findings suggest that mask mandates are not predictive of smaller or slower shifts from low to high case growth.

The authors also "speculated that statewide mask use, rather than mask mandates per se, may predict COVID-19 case growth." This hypothesis fared slightly better, but still didn't hold up for situations when case growth was high.

"Data suggest that mask use is a poor predicter of COVID-19 growth at the state level," they conclude. "Our findings do not support the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 transmission rates decrease with greater public mask use."

They do note several limitations on the study, including the fact that it only looked at confirmed and probable COVID-19 infections and not things such as hospitalization and mortality rates. This leaves open the possibility that mask use could have some positive outcomes (such as decreased severity of cases) even if not predicting overall spread.

But the research suggests that mandating mask usage didn't turn out to be the magic bullet that many hoped it might be.


The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood are suing over Arkansas' abortion ban: 


Midwestern cities have become immigration hubs. Metropolitan areas with the fastest-growing population of foreign-born residents include Columbus, Ohio, and Des Moines, Iowa, new Heartland Forward research says. "In the past decade, they have attracted newcomers at a much faster pace than historical magnets of immigration like New York City or Los Angeles," notes Bloomberg.

Overall, the heartland, which includes 20 central U.S. states, has seen the share of its population born outside the U.S. jump to 31.1% in 2019 from 23.5% in 2010, according to Heartland Forward, which analyzed Census Bureau data.

In urban centers such as Des Moines, Columbus and Louisville, Kentucky, the number of foreign-born people has jumped more than 40% in the decade through 2019. During that time, that number rose about 5% in the New York City metro area, while in Los Angeles, it declined.


• Nine people were killed when a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority employee opened fire at the light rail hub where he worked yesterday. The shooter "died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and other employees were among the victims," according to USA Today. Police spokesperson Russell Davis didn't say "what kind of weapon the suspect used or whether he had a firearm license. A motive was not immediately clear."

• "If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Correct, What's Next?" asks The Atlantic.

• Phoenix cops and prosecutors declared ACAB—a protest slogan short for "all cops are bastards"—to be a criminal gang so that it could arrest anti–police brutality protesters who were chanting it.

Reason's Peter Suderman tackles the latest bogus antitrust claims against Amazon.

• The NAACP says arresting a teen for a racist Snapchat post isn't enough. The ACLU says it's unconstitutional.

• Veronique de Rugy dissects the Child Tax Credit.

• Nick Gillespie talks to Freddie deBoer about "the surprising overlap between Marxists and libertarians when it comes to a range of current policy issues."

NEXT: The Latest #NeverTrump Bug To Splat on the Windshield of MAGA?

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  1. Masks are useless.

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    3. Unless you want to panic and emasculate the population.

    4. Not true, most armed robbers swear by their effectiveness and supported the masses wearing them to give them anonymity
      OH! You meant for stopping the spread of a virus.

    5. Not true, most armed robbers swear by there effectiveness and supported the masses wearing them to give them anonymity
      OH! You meant for stopping the spread of a virus.

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  3. Why would immigrants want to live in those horrible flyover states?

    1. Beats me, but there’s not much point to bringing more Democratic voters into states that already vote Democrat anyway.


    2. It’s clear that we rednecks in flyover states have done a terrible job of spreading the word about how horrible this region is, as evidenced by the fact that so many Democrats and illegals have been moving here recently. Maybe a series of movies portraying midwesterners as a bunch of white supremacist sex traffickers? The Handmaid’s Tale exists already, but it’s obviously too subtle. Hollywood needs to get on it. They’ll convince more Californians to stay and we’ll be spared their influence in local politics. Win-win.

      1. Georgia had Deliverance but it didn’t help.


        1. Good one.

      2. God, the virtue signalling about how great it is to live in Arkanistan (no thanks!) is getting out of hand.

        1. But that’s where the Real Muricans live. How can immigrants learn what America is *really* about unless they move to Iowa?

          1. You’ve become as broken as sarc.

          2. Shit, yesterday it was shilling neo-Marxism and now chemjeff actually just affirmed the parody poster. Oikophobia and class-hatred is a real thing with this clown.

            1. It’s what trolls do; something about contention being better than loneliness.

          3. Well, they will not learn about actual productive skills, self reliance, and the work ethic in Californian, will they?

          4. Damn you’re breathtakingly idiotic.

        2. The Walmartians from Arkanistan.

        3. Virtue signaling?

          Dude, if you don’t know what words mean, maybe don’t use em.


    According to documents on the laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop in Delaware, Hunter introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to an executive at the notoriously corrupt Ukrainian gas firm Burisma at a dinner in Washington, D.C. Burisma was paying Hunter Biden $83,333 per month to sit on the firm’s board. Hunter’s Russian and Kazakh business partners also attended the dinner.

    Hunter Biden invited guests to the dinner on April 16, 2015, held in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano, a Georgetown restaurant whose catchphrase is, “Where the world’s most powerful people go.” The New York Post first reported on the emails on Wednesday.

    The next day, Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive at Burisma, emailed Hunter Biden to thank him for introducing his father.

    1. Amazing that The Guardian broke that story. Of course, the MSM here totally ignored it. But there is no bias, right?

      1. Only right-wing bias.


    2. And a reminder… 12% of people who voted for biden would have changed their vote if they had known about the laptop and the emails. This was a poll taken in February. So the media did its job in ignoring the story. Just like they did their job banning talk of covid being released from a Chinese lab. Just like they did their job with the Russian bounty lies…..

      This could go on for a while.

      1. 12% of people who voted for biden would have changed their vote if they had known about the laptop and the emails

        I’m assuming that’s 12% of live voters.

        1. Zombies are opinionated too.

      2. The media needs to be shut down. They aren’t legitimate journalists anymore. Just propaganda shills that are part of the democrat machine.

    3. Don’t worry, it was just a pop-in while Hunter was making a crack run.

  5. “heartland states see fastest growth in foreign-born residents”

    Excellent news. The Koch / Reason libertarian endgame is to use immigration to import more Democratic voters and turn the entire country into California. I’m optimistic this will occur not just within my lifetime, but within the lifetime of our benefactor Charles Koch.


  6. EXCLUSIVE: Contracts reveal US universities ‘must’ accept CCP’s ‘assessment’ on ‘teaching quality’ at Confucius Institutes
    Through public records requests, Campus Reform obtained thirty-two universities’ agreements with the Confucius Institute Headquarters in China.
    Several of the agreements revealed that American colleges and universities allow the CCP to have heavy influence in what is taught within the Confucius Institute.
    This article is the first in an investigative series taking a closer look at American universities and Confucius Institutes.

    Several American universities surrendered academic control of their Confucius Institutes to Hanban — the Confucius Institute Headquarters, an entity affiliated with the Chinese government’s Ministry of Education.

    The Confucius Institutes are joint educational initiatives between Chinese and American universities. Though they are marketed as language and cultural exchanges, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo designated the program as a “foreign mission” of the People’s Republic of China that is “part of the Chinese Communist Party’s global influence and propaganda apparatus.”

  7. Broke: Everyone should vote
    Woke: But those votes shouldn’t matter because unelected judges will give us what we want

    The lawsuit was filed in April 2019 by seven activist groups — including Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace — on behalf of 17,200 Dutch citizens. Court summons claimed Shell’s business model “is endangering human rights and lives” by posing a threat to the goals laid out in the Paris Agreement. Roger Cox, a lawyer for environmental activists in the case, said in a statement that the ruling marked “a turning point in history” and could have major consequences for other big polluters.

    1. See also (they can’t get the laws repealed by elected representatives, so they will just effectively repeal them):

      ‘Functionally Abolished’: ICE Averaging ‘One Arrest Every Two Months’ Amid Border Crisis

    2. TURNING POINT: Big Oil has suffered a huge defeat today on its climate change strategy, with Exxon, Chevron and Shell (by far the 3 largest Western oil majors) enduring either big shareholder rebellions or losing important legal fights

      1. That will teach them for pulling us out of the horse and buggy era.

        1. Don’t forget saving the whales.

    3. I think having your country mostly on sinking wetlands is their main problem.


    Anyone else alarmed that social media was systematically removing information from their platforms that could very well turn out to be true?
    Quote Tweet
    Cristiano Lima
    · 15h
    Scoop: Facebook will no longer remove posts claiming Covid-19 was man-made, as support mounts for probes into the virus’ origins & the Wuhan lab-leak theory

    1. I’m surprised they’re even considering changing course on this particular narrative.

      1. Setting up Fauci for the fall.

        1. The conspiracy theorist part of me would not be surprised.

          When the bill for shutting down huge swaths of the economy and printing money to keep it flowing finally comes due, the people who actually made the decision to do that are going to need a fall guy and they don’t have Trump to kick around anymore.

  9. Just the other day American Socialist posted about how many Marxist started out as libertarians and today we have a story on the overlap between Marxists and libertarians? Coincidence? Or has Reason finally jumped the shark?

    1. It is getting terrible how much people have to revel in their own ignorance to associate libertarianism and marxism. The belief is that the state paying for your needs own you the freedom to do what you want. The problem with this thesis is nobody will volunteer yo be the shit cleaner when they could choose to be the Marijuana tester. Which leads to complete control of state removing your freedom of choice in labor.

      These people are simply fucking idiots.

    2. It’s like jump the Sharknado 5.

      1. “Sharknado 3, Oh hell no!” was a solid, ummmmm….

        Kinda funny title.

    3. Most marxists dont understand marxism and think its just buttsex and reparations.

      1. Most marxists should be put to sleep.

    4. I have a friend who was a BernieBro and also thought he was a libertarian. I don’t think he is bright enough to understand if I explained to him the difference between “libertarian” and “libertine.”

  10. I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made it an Unfair Fight.

    Editor’s note: On May 22, USA Today published an opinion piece from Alliance Defending Freedom client Chelsea Mitchell (Soule v. Connecticut Association of Schools) about the injustice she experienced as an athlete who was forced to compete against males in track. On May 25, editors at USA Today, without notice to Chelsea, changed the word “male” to “transgender” throughout her piece and added the following editor’s note to the top of it:

    “This column has been updated to reflect USA TODAY’s standards and style guidelines. We regret that hurtful language was used.”

    We reproduce the original version of Chelsea’s piece below so that you can read what she wrote prior to USA Today’s post-publication edits and editor’s note, which inappropriately assigned “hurtful” motives to Chelsea’s logical use of the word “male” to refer to the biology of males who compete in female sports.

    1. If chicks with dicks say they are girls, then they are girls. EQUITY!
      Right, OBL?

      1. In humans — unlike every other mammal species — the scientific definition of “female” is “any individual who says ‘I identify as female.'” Chromosomes, hormone levels, and reproductive organs have literally nothing to do with it.

        If the so-called science classes you took in school taught you otherwise, you should demand a refund.


        1. Man obl… you are not woke. Trans pandas also exist, people who identify as panda. Your failure to think only gender is on the line is biased and should be canceled.

          1. Speciesism happens.

            1. Normalization of mental issues is the final sign of the apocalypse

              1. War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, and Schizophrenia.

        2. Chromosomes, hormone levels, and reproductive organs have literally nothing to do with it.

          You left out the gametes themselves.

          Does a trans man have a right to claim the uterus that doesn’t belong to her and abort the eggs produced by a dead woman?

        3. Does one have to present as female to identify as one?

    2. We must give women equality by letting men invade their institutions.

      1. True equality is having your exceptionalism as a female athlete completely erased by a mediocre male.

        1. Yep.

          Part of me says to allow it then let the women complain when it happens.

          When people present the trans sports issue I generally respond by saying lets to away with the sexism by doing away with men and women teams and only have one team. Then I let them explain why that wouldn’t work. They undercut their own argument.

          1. This is an issue about which most women are indifferent at best, but women need to be at the forefront of this fight. This is a battle that men cannot fight for them.

            1. I dare say it’s their fight. I can make my point and bow out. Men’s teams will not be affect by trans like women’s teams will.

              Imagine if Bruce Jenner became trans back in the day and decided to compete in the women’s track and field events.

              1. You don’t even need to be a Bruce Jenner level athlete to disrupt things. Take high school cross country. A boy not even good enough to make varsity on the boys’ team wouldn’t *win* in the girls’ varsity race, but they’d be in the top half, and almost certainly displace a girl trying to make varsity.

    3. This can’t be true. We were all assured by ENB that there isn’t actually any males competing in female sports, and any legislation to stop it is unnecessary.

    4. “also editors note, if she wanted to win she would have had a penis”

  11. “Data suggest that mask use is a poor predicter of COVID-19 growth at the state level. Our findings do not support the hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 transmission rates decrease with greater public mask use.”

    So….masks were ineffective. Why is that? To me, I’d look a lot harder at the virus itself. What characteristics does this virus have that overcame the ‘protection’ afforded by a mask?

    1. We don’t live in an operating room. No surgeon wears the same mask for a week straight, taking it into the restroom, taking it off to eat, etc.

      1. Also, surgeons don’t wear masks for anything to do with viruses, they wear them so they don’t accidentally spit into an open wound during surgery.

        1. Yeap. Masks are to prevent bacterial infections. Study after study has shown they don’t mitigate respiratory viruses. Multiple studies have been done regarding dentists abd others who wears masks and show no reduction in flu rates due to masks.

          1. There are masks, specifically NIOSH approved N-95 or better that do work, as well as power units [PAPR]; used the right way in the right circumstances they are useful to prevent the spread of airborne transmitted virus.

            Unfortunately, political science has largely eclipsed any medical science, and the shitty paper surgical masks and old t-shirts have become the blue teams MAGA hat.

            1. Agreed. I should have specified the general use masks citizens buy, nurses largely wear, dentists nominally use, etc.

          2. Even countries who normalized mask wearing tended to do it more out of courtesy (to avoid coughing/sneezing all over others) and for aesthetic reasons (so nobody can see your red and runny nose). The idea that they prevent spread or protect the wearer in any way seems to have been invented out of whole cloth.

            1. At least some of the countries who normalized mask wearing have very different socio-cultural norms where masks made sense to begin with. Things like pollution so bad that the mask turns brown after a couple hours of wearing it and being packed so tight into trains that you can’t lift your arm to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

              1. “..and being packed so tight into trains that you can’t lift your arm to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.”

                You know you just made some leftist “finish” in his pants with that image.

              2. Trains are good at moving two things: freight and communists.

    2. They are so tiny they slip right through the old tee shirt strapped on your face.

    3. Size of virus vs size of mask pores.

      1. But people do not expel naked viruses. They are always encased in a droplet of fluid.

        1. By the way simpleton….

          I’m sure you’ve never seen someone’s glasses fog up from breathing in a mask.

          1. Yeah, if masks don’t fit tightly, most of the air (and moisture) goes around the sides.

            1. That’s right. But not ALL of the air (and moisture). They are an imperfect tool.

              1. Enough with this nonsense Jeff. It is just sad at this point.

                Please campaign for driving no faster than 15 mph next.

                1. Please campaign for driving no faster than 15 mph next.

                  Firearms are an imperfect tool to prevent crime. I won’t hold my breath waiting for Jeffypop to support their use even voluntarily.

              2. “an imperfect tool.”

                Finally got around to some self-reflection?

              3. Yeah. So maybe if you are coughing and just have to go out, a mask is a good idea. I’ve never said they can’t possibly ever do anything. There may be certain circumstances where it makes sense to wear a mask for limited time. But given the adverse psychological and health effects of wearing masks, I can’t see a general recommendation to wear masks having benefits worth the risks and discomfort.

            2. It’s actually a time-tested filtration/chromatography issue. Either the mask completely seals around the face or you expel the majority of the gas through the gaps. Once the seal is achieved, the efficacy of separation is mitigated by the thickness of the mask, the porosity, and the flow/back pressure through it.

              N-95 masks control 95% of particulates by weight/mass. So, if you’ve got a suspended gaseous mixture of pollen, dust, droplets, and vapor, 100% of the pollen and dust gets filtered out while a significantly smaller portion of droplets get filtered out and virtually 0% of vapors do. Moreover, N-95 masks were designed without the explicit conceptualization of viral transmission. They are/were designed to capture grams of dust, not billions of infectious units. If the mask catches a 1um droplet (or 95% of them) with 1 infectious units in it and lets 100 0.1um droplets with 1 IU each through, it’s done the job it claims to do even though it only reduced the chance of infection by <1%.

              Simply put, humans were not engineered to generate the kinds of pressure required to separate sub-micron particulates from gases in line with their lungs and attempts to do so effectively (at scale, per person) are a kludge at best.

        2. That viruses are only encapsulated in saliva and water droplets has been disproven

    4. The virus is actually slightly smaller than the flu vaccine. Masks have never been offered up as a solution to stop flu spread prior to last year. This is because masks don’t stop particles the size of the flu.

      Flu viruses don’t only transmit through mucus. They transmit from simply breathing. The entire masks stop sneezes was always nonsense.

      This goes along with the study showing surface cleaning also didn’t translate to reductions in infections.

      The only factor that may have helped the spread at all was the 6 foot rule. A rule people naturally broke when they thought masks and cleaning would mitigate their risks.

      1. And that’s perhaps one of the worst things about the mask propaganda. Giving people a false sense of security. That’s exactly why Sweden never mandated or recommended masks.

        1. To me, the entire ‘mask’ narrative seemed crafted to provide the illusion that there was actually something governments could do about a respitory illness when all of history would suggest otherwise.

          It’s also interesting that the whole ‘wear a mask, dine outside, and socially distance’ narrative came out about the time anyone who could read data was realizing that the virus was only dangerous to an identifiable subset of the population. Suddenly, we could resume limited economic activity with the assurance that as long as we performed the correct ritual, we’d be okay.

          It’s almost like the powers-that-be realized as early as April 2020 that they’d f*cked up but they were too far down that path to admit it.

          1. The unwillingness of politicians to admit they fucked up has to be a huge factor here.

            1. Because they didn’t fuck up.
              This was all intentional.
              You’re being naive in assessing their motives.

              1. Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to manufacture your own crisis.

              2. And you are overgeneralizing. There are power hungry opportunists. And there are frightened morons desperate to be seen to be doing something.

          2. By creating the illusion that governments can do something about it, they could claim that everything the virus did was Trump’s fault. Nevermind the fact that every culturally and climate similar country in the northern hemisphere had the same order of magnitude deaths per capita.

        2. I REALLY wish that there was a single public health officials who had heard of the Peltzman effect (also known as risk compensation). If they had actually come out and said “our best guess is that masks only help by around 10%, but it would be really helpful if people could wear them anyway because reducing the replication factor by just a little bit on an exponentially spreading virus actually makes a big difference on a society-wide basis over time. It isn’t a silver bullet for protecting yourself or others though.” Maybe we would have seen masks making a small impact. Instead, we have the head of HHS testifying before Congress that he believes his surgical mask provides better protection than a vaccine would. So, of course that is going to cause high risk people to think they can engage in high risk activity, as long as they are double masked. Tell people that basically any time you spend indoors with a case is going to increase the chance of getting COVID and there isn’t much you can do about it (washing hands, masking, and social distancing only help at the margins) and maybe the 80 year olds think twice before making daily trips to Costco to hoard toilet paper.

      2. JesseAZ, it is simply amazing to me to see so many dogmatic assumptions from the MSM that were so confidently asserted a year ago get ‘blown up’ so thoroughly.

        1. They were blown up based on the belief in models and The Science. We all argued here last year about data vs models and nobody listened because they agreed with the assertions built into the models.

  12. I have found an exception to OpenBordersLiberal-tarian’s First Law.

    Recall that the law describes the Democratic Party’s tendency to pretend they oppose “one percenters” and “big banks” and related boogeymen — then proceed to govern in the interests of exactly those groups. Well, now we have a Democratic Senator outright admitting his party’s open borders agenda is exactly what “big banks” want:

    I asked the CEOs of our nation’s six largest banks if inclusive immigration reform would help us build a robust, stronger economy. They all said YES.


    1. “9 out of 10 bankers agree…”

  13. Just in case anyone missed this gem yesterday.

    Chipper Morning Wood————————————————————————–
    May.26.2021 at 6:29 pm
    Flag Comment Mute User
    Libertarians have more in common with Marxism than with modern conservatism.

    This is in the same thread with Jeff claiming libertarian and socialism is compatible because Wikipedia has an entry titled libertarian socialism.

    We are officially in an era of newspeak where people redefine meanings to justify marxism and authoritarianism.

    People are now claiming socialist constructs and madcist constructs are more free than free market capitalism. A structure that demands government control of structures and production being more free than self determination.

    It is amazing to watch

    1. Messed up tags, but chippers statement is just the one sentence.

      Chipper Morning Wood————————————————————————–
      May.26.2021 at 6:29 pm
      Flag Comment Mute User
      Libertarians have more in common with Marxism than with modern conservatism.

      1. American Socialist was pushing that line too. How many libertarians came to libertarianism via conservativism and how many via socialism/Marxism? I can via the former not the latter myself.

        1. The European version of libertarianism is much closer to communism than the American version of libertarianism.

          The bottom line is that there is not one singularly correct way to view the concept of liberty. All libertarians of all flavors want individuals to be freer to do more things. But what is the best way to accomplish this?

          Right-libertarians see the best way to accomplish this is with strong property rights. With strong property rights, individuals may use their property as they see fit to pursue whatever desires they wish. The downside is that those with less property are NOT freer to do whatever they wish, they must work at a job in order to earn a wage in order to pay the bills to sustain themselves. Yes they may use the property they do have in relatively unconstrained ways, but a great deal of their time and energy is spent doing things that they would rather not do.

          Left-libertarians see the best way to accomplish this is with greater sharing of property. If the working class did not have to spend all their time selling their labor for a wage in order to buy the means to sustain themselves, if the basic necessities of life were provided to them, then they would be freer to spend their time doing things that they would much rather do. They would have more liberty to use their time as they saw fit. The big downside, of course, is that wealth doesn’t come from nowhere, it has to be created by someone making widgets in a factory or someone doing something productive. Who is going to do this if everyone is off chasing their dreams?

          1. Anytime liberty requires one to consume the involuntary labor of someone else, It isnt liberty. No matter how you rationize it. Marxism and socialism bith require the redistribution of labor. Some lose some gain. This is done through state control.

            Youre just a fool who has been lied to.

            Freedom includes increased risks and risk of failure.

          2. Not a lefty, folks.

          3. I just reread this for a laugh again.

            greater sharing of property.

            Also known as theft when done involuntarily.

          4. So jeffy, amsoc, and chipper are all the same person?

        2. I started learning about libertarianism in high school when my current events teacher described herself as a ‘socially libertarian fiscal conservative’ during the ’96 presidential campaign.

          1. I was big on black nationalism as a teenager, but I used to fuck around with GD, and my black family was very conservative. It was a good fit after leaving crime behind.
            After reading the CM and DK, I was pretty into marxism. It didnt really take much for wiser people to explain exactly why communism could never work.
            Pacifists make me nauseous and affirmative action is racist and demeaning, so I’ve been somewhat of a republican since then. I wouldnt call myself a conservative. Mostly I respect tradition and realize that one cannot always understand why they came about, but they did because they were useful.
            I got into libertarianism after being disappointed by republican spending, police worship and the patriot act.
            Currently, Id say SovCitism speaks to me the most…If the world were perfect I could probably go with libertarianism, anarchy or communism. If you dont have to worry about bad people, lazy people, people making destructive choices and everyone’s needs are being met at nobody else’s expense, Im not sure there is too much difference between them.

            1. …and everyone’s needs are being met at nobody else’s expense,

              lol – It’s impossible to provide for someone’s needs with zero expense from someone else (or a group of someone elses).

    2. > Wikipedia has an entry titled libertarian socialism.

      Libertarian socialists, or rather Anarcho-Socialism, actually exists. The premise is the same as Anarcho-Capitalism: no initiation of force. They are of course idiots, as Marxist style socialism cannot exist without the steady imposition of political force. They think a socialist society can exist purely voluntarily. If htey can pull it off, more power to them. But it’s never worked in practice (cf. Anarcho-Syndicalism in Spain) except for some communes, and then only so long as the government allowed them to exist.

      The American landscape is dotted with such communes, dating from almost the founding. Not a hippie thing, hippie communes were latecomers. And usually religious in nature. One of the most successful was the Amana Colony (of microwave fame). Quite successful, only coming to an end because they ran afoul of FDR’s New Deal. And some of these communes were indeed socialist in the Marxist meaning of the word.

      1. Just because someone declares themselves with a descriptor doesn’t mean they are describing themselves correctly. See anti fascists.

        1. I go by the definitions. There are indeed legit anarcho-socialists. Idiots to be sure, but they aren’t faking it. They just don’t believe in initiating force to get their way.

          1. Then they aren’t exactly/knowingly abiding ‘from each by ability’.

            1. I don’t understand how people can see that and not realize that it is mandated theft of labor based on someone’s perceived abilities and not choice.

          2. There are also people who believe they can do magic. That doesn’t mean that magic exists.

      2. Libertarian socialists, or rather Anarcho-Socialism, actually exists.

        Again the argument isn’t that a horse with a horn isn’t a unicorn, that it can’t be transparent or pink, but that it can’t be an invisible pink unicorn. Either anarcho-communists are soft on the ‘anarcho’ and are forcibly depriving people of goods they produced, soft on the ‘from each by ability’, or are soft on the ‘communist’.

        A Church or commune run off the profits of a benefactor or donations from the larger public may not be using force to deprive its members of their possessions, but they aren’t economically fueled by Marxism either. Even nomadic tribes into antiquity had leaders and even if they weren’t explicit about it, personal possessions. There are no leaderless ape troops or ant colonies without an enforced/defended social heirarchy.

        1. All you people are being pedantic. The reason young people flock to that shit is because they dont realize how terrible humans are and think it could work (or rather dont understand why it CANT work).

          Further, if someone has to fit a 100% into a definition, nobody would be anything. Like the scotsman thing.

          1. This isn’t True Scotsman fallacy though. A libertarian socialist is like a dolphin cat, the two words by their absolutely broadest definition possible do not belong as a label for a single group.

    3. “Libertarians have more in common with Marxism than with modern conservatism.”

      I think he has a point in the sense that the Libertarian party is full of globalists and anti-racists. But that’s probably not what he meant. Classical liberalism is obviously the opposite of Marxism.

    4. He went completely to shit when Trump started to run. I don’t know why.

  14. The title is WRONG! Bad Reason, bad!

    From the article itself, mask use “was associated with slower spread during low-transmission periods”.

    Masks were indeed effective, just not equally effective during all transmission periods.

    1. Actually most of the study showed no correlation with some light correlation on areas of less data. Times of lowest transmission are also times of least data as people are less likely to test themselves.

      So it is actually you who are wrong.

      Amazing how desperate you are to defend masks even ignoring 80 years of study.

      It is amazing also watching idiots defend models over actual data.

    2. I know, right?

      Masks are an imperfect tool to slow the spread of a virus that is transmissible in many ways.

      But too many people have black/white thinking on masks. Either “masks totally work, you must wear them all the time!” or “masks don’t work, therefore you should not wear them at all!”

      It is analogous to a seat belt. Wearing a seat belt won’t prevent all injury in case of a car wreck. But it doesn’t mean that seat belts never work.

      1. Masks were never shown to slow anything. When will you realize this? The data disagrees with your assertion yet you feel your assertion is truth.

        The only lab tests that showed any effect from masks on rats dealt with masks being perfectly sealed on a narrow tube between cages. Literally the one way masks aren’t utilized in the real world.

        Yet you persist in your beliefs.

        The irony is your risk of death would go down much more from you losing weight but you refuse to do that. Instead you fight for others to mitigate your own personal risks. Your a selfish person.

      2. Go ahead and wear a mask. If you’re worried about other people not wearing masks then stay the fuck home. Quit telling the rest of us how to live our lives under threat of government violence.

    3. You mean masks Slow The Spread when the spreading is slow? So it’s just like the air conditioning in my European car: it works when it’s cold outside.

    4. People may contradict you with facts and reason, but nothing is quite as damning to your argument as having jeff agree with you.

      1. Lol, so true.

    5. There are so many other variables involved, I don’t see how one can be sure that masks are a primary factor in those observations.
      It could be, for example, that more people wore masks in places that had worse epidemics last spring, and thus had higher population immunity.

      1. People made so many huge changes to their personal behavior and habits, I can’t see how it’s possible to pin down that it was the masks that did the trick.

        1. Or that the trick was even done. For all we know, all the same people would have died if nobody did anything.

      2. You see a grad student in Michigan working over the weekend set the coefficient in front of the variable “wearing a mask” to 1. Then ran her program that printed “masks stop Wuhan virus”

  15. Oh, look who’s back in the news.

    “I believe it was specifically done to rebrand Donald Trump as being an insurrectionist and a leader of a terrorist movement,” she declared. “I also believe that this was done to rebrand the Make America Great agenda—because remember, that was considered extremely popular by about 80 million Americans—so they wanted to rebrand Make America Great as an evil thing and those of us who supported Donald Trump and that agenda as evil and terrorists.”

    Sure it was. It’s all a giant conspiracy. Of course.

    1. Oh look at who keeps denying they are a leftist. Lol.

    2. And yet all the leaders of the riot, including the buffalo shaman incel, have been identified and positively associated with Team Red or MAGA. They had public postings on social media, had podcasts, a long history.

      It wasn’t mainstream Republicans who did this, but neither was it progressive infiltrators pretending to be Team Red.

      1. I know, right? But it doesn’t stop people like Michelle Bachmann from making these claims.

      2. So just some randos not representative of anything.

        1. All over a broken window.

          Brandy and Jeff also deny the videos Capitol Police have showing officers actually letting people in, most people not violating the rope demarcations, etc.

        2. Michelle Bachmann was literally a representative. Not some rando, but a person who was elected to congress. And still a significant figure in Republican politics. Duh.

          1. “Was,” as in, isn’t one anymore.

          2. How the fuck is Michelle Bachmann still a “significant figure”? This goofball hasn’t had any Q-rating in the party since about 2012, when she was the MTG of her time.

    3. Damn and fascinating because she’s basically acknowledging that MAGA is evil but she mistakenly attributes the evil action to the very people, i.e. the Democrats, who saved us from Trump and his evil MAGA zombies.

      1. Haha. They saved us! Try not to swoon, straezle.

        Dems as heroes. Haha. What a bitch.

    4. This from the same person who was whining about efforts to brand CRT as a toxic ideology just yesterday.

      1. Note that chemtard radical food vacuum frequently accuses people of engaging in binary thinking while freely indulging in it himself:

        I don’t want the “white people are all bad” version of history taught, but I also don’t want the “slavery wasn’t so bad” version of history taught either.

        Was the 19th century homesteader “divinely entitled to the land”? Or was the homesteader “stealing land from the Indians”?

        They got their own version of an indoctrination when they went to history class, but it was one that made them feel good about themselves so they didn’t regard it as indoctrination nor propaganda, it was the normative standard.

        So they are supposed to pretend that all of the racism and sexism that occurred in American history, that it’s all been solved and we’ve now reached a state of egalitarian bliss?

        So it’s okay to teach that the US was a racist, sexist place in the past, but it’s not okay to teach that the US is a racist, sexist place in the present.

        1. Can I steal radical food vacuum?

        2. Note that RRWP has gone to the Jesse school of argumentation – if you can’t argue the substance of the matter, just hurl insults and fling whataboutisms.

          1. If you’re insulted by people pointing out your intellectual and rhetocial inconsistencies, that says more about you than it does about them.

            1. Your comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand and has everything to do with just flinging insults. This is Jesse levels of stupidity.

              1. The ‘topic’ IS your attempt to frame the subject dishonestly, scumbag.

              2. You’re the one who brought up an individual complaining about branding. I’m just pointing out your double standard.

                1. WTF are you even talking about. Just shoo.

                  1. This is a democracy right? We all voted that you leave. Shoo.

                  2. Fat Boy doesn’t like being indicted by his own words that he posted 24 hours ago.

              3. I’m glad you know I think everything you say is stupid. But you know what? I’m going to keep pointing it out.

          2. Note that you’re an idiot.
            For a year you agreed with mask mandates for asymptomatic people because you chose to be fat and have an increased risk from covid. People pointing that out isnt mean.

          3. And your arguments never actually have much substance. That is true of virtually all sophistry

          4. “…Note that RRWP has gone to the Jesse school of argumentation – if you can’t argue the substance of the matter, just hurl insults and fling whataboutisms…”

            Note that jeff tries misdirection, hoping you’ll waste time looking for substance in that pile of shit.

        3. It’s yet another instance of the iron law of woke projection

    5. Oh look who the “news” dredged up out of irrelevance just so they can scapegoat the right with her stupid take.

      If you are going to smear an entire political faction with the stupidity of one member of that faction, can’t it at least be someone of current relevance?

  16. Work halted again at Amazon construction site after eighth noose found

    This is at their site in Windsor, CT. At what point do we start calling nooses “Windsor knots”?

  17. “‘If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Correct, What’s Next?’ asks The Atlantic.”

    The. Lab. Leak. Theory. Was. Debunked. Over. One. Year. Ago.

    The Washington Post’s fact checker explains: it is virtually impossible for this virus jump from the lab. Sent that tweet on May 1, 2020.


    1. Everybody knows the virus was leaked by Russia.

      1. With Trumps help!

  18. Work halted again at Amazon construction site after eighth noose found

    This is at their site in Windsor, CT. At what point do we start calling nooses “Windsor knots”?

    1. It wasn’t funny the first time. This is a serious crime.

      1. Yeah. If they are even nooses. There’s lots of reasons why you might tie a rope or a wire into a loop-like knot. Remember the Bubba Wallace ‘noose’ fiasco? Turns out it was just the pull for the garage door.

        1. There’s lots of reasons why you might tie a rope or a wire into a loop-like knot.

          Half the light bulb pull chains in my house are tied into no-shit nooses. Not one of them would hold enough weight to hang a small dog but one Grandpa was in the Navy and the other loved to fish so any time a length of string or cord falls into my uncle’s dad’s, mine, and now my sons’ hands, don’t expect to find it without a square knot, overhand knot, sheet bend, bowline, trucker’s hitch, noose, arbor knot, palomar knot, uni knot, modified clinch knot, chain sinnet knot, sheepshank knot, scaffold hitch, lark’s head knot, prussik hitch, or more and various combinations thereof… tied into it.

          I guess, that is to say, lots of variations of even ‘no reason at all’.

        2. I thought it did turn out to be a noose, but the noose was there as a door pull for years and had nothing to do with racism.

      2. Or it may be a hoax. Remember Jussie Smollett?

        1. That French actor?

    2. If there is no picture of the noose I don’t believe the story.


        Here ya go. I don’t think anyone really knows the motive of why it was tied that way. It was done before Bubba was assigned that bay.

        1. Cause nooses are fun knot maybe?


    The Black Lives Matter movement has been a disaster for the UK. We imported an American culture war and made race relations worse as a result. Pro-BLM activists, academics and MPs have set back the cause of anti-racism, writes

    1. There’s nothing imported about it. This type of nonsense has been just as endemic in UK universities as it has been in American ones. They’ve been reading from the same subjectivist philosophical framework for decades, it’s just that the mental illness is more pronounced here due to population size and the relative scale of social media use.

  20. Interesting. I did not know Kansas had such a law before this incident.

    Kansas woman alleging dorm assault convenes citizen grand jury after prosecutor declines to file rape charge

    A Kansas woman who alleges consensual sex with a friend in his college dorm room turned into a terrifying assault took matters into her own hands when prosecutors declined to bring rape charges. She called a citizen grand jury, relying on a 134-year-old state law.

    I mean, I don’t know if this woman really was raped or not, that is not the point of my interest in this issue. It’s that tools like a “citizen’s grand jury” can potentially be used to get around district attorneys and prosecutors who either can’t or won’t prosecute crimes that many believe ought to be prosecuted. It is potentially a way to hold cops accountable for their crimes when cop-friendly DA’s refuse to do anything about police misconduct. Something to think about.

    1. Or a great way to be charged with rape if the chick changes her mind later.

      1. Possibly. So this idea should have safeguards in place. In this case, this woman has to go seek a bunch of signatures in order to have the citizen’s grand jury to be convened.

        1. So your safeguard is that she has to find enough activists to sign something instead of having actual evidence.

      2. Consent can apparently be withdrawn retroactively, with no statute of limitations.

        You can’t wait to get in, but in the end you’ll wish you’d never come.

        1. If a chick youre fucking starts punching you in the face while your inside her, that doesnt make it a rape. They should charge the guy with assualt.

      3. This should be a different charge than rape/sexual assault. I agree with the pig that it should be assault. Why didnt they charge him with that?

    2. What happens if The “rapist” calls his own grand jury to investigate the matter?

      1. Sure, that could happen too. Which is why there should actually be a DA doing a competent job. If there is a DA that actually serves the cause of justice, then it would undercut populist means to circumvent his authority.

        1. Your implication being that the da who didn’t have evidence to charge was being incompetent. You already know the guy was guilty.

          1. The guy is always guilty, even if he wasn’t there.

            1. Unless it was biden

      2. “”What happens if The “rapist” calls his own grand jury to investigate the matter?””

        Being grand juries can indict a ham sandwich, it probably wouldn’t be wise. It would just get him indicted.

  21. “If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Correct, What’s Next?”

    A round of sincere apologies?

    1. Ha!

    2. ala John Cena?

    3. Or severely-worded letters?

    4. Immunity for fire extinguishers.

  22. Phoenix cops and prosecutors declared ACAB—a protest slogan short for “all cops are bastards”—to be a criminal gang so that it could arrest anti–police brutality protesters who were chanting it.

    When you put it on a sign, they don’t need to hide it any longer.

    1. A group that demands business donate money to them or suffer consequences isnt a gang. Just ask the mob.

      1. Is there a sentence construction issue in the source?
        How can a slogan be a gang? Are they saying that painting it is the same as someone painting gang signs? Should I read the damn article? The synopsis makes no sense at all.

        1. They are saying ACAB is the name of a gang.

  23. But the research suggests that mandating mask usage didn’t turn out to be the magic bullet that many hoped it might be

    Hoped? HOPED?!? They absolutely positively are convinced that not only was it the magic bullet that saved them, but that the SCIENCE supports them 100% and that anything done differently anywhere killed (yes, they believe killed) more than in their enclave AND that they still refuse to give up their face diapers even while vaccinated!

    The PARTY OF SCIENCE is fucking crazy. Talk about denialists.


    $346 million for renewable fuel credits, for one company, for one refinery.

    But yeah, there’s zero motivation to mislead the public on climate change.


      My 12 year old niece was in my vehicle and lecturing me on how bad oil & gas are for the environment.
      I told her that I can prove O&G are necessary for modern conveniences.
      I pulled over and told her to get the fuck out.

      1. Did you confiscate her shoes, undoubtedly made of petroleum derivatives?

        1. One of the most lol moments of the global warming charade was when a bunch of “environmentalists” held a anti-fossil fuel protest in a bay…in their kayaks.

      2. “I pulled over and told her to get the fuck out.”

        That is just fucking excellent.

  25. But it was not associated with slower spread during high-transmission periods.

    What if you drive stick?

    1. My old lady gets crabby when she has a high transmission period.


    The DOJ and FBI both hid the fact that a victim had witnessed Jeffrey Epstein rape a then-16-year-old Nadia Marcinkova.

    They instead told jurors that the victim told police she saw Epstein with an “unidentified woman,” which is a clear misrepresentation of her statement.

    1. There’s that word “misrepresentation” again. Is this the new Claimed Without Evidence?

      1. Were you around for Nixon? “miss-spoke”

        1. Misrepresentations were made.

    2. Sword and Shield of The Party.

      Disband the FBI yesterday. Turn loose their archives to a slew of historians. I want all of the sunlight to hit that festering bubble of rot, pus, and corruption.

    3. By rape, do they mean a physical assault culminating in unwanted penetration, or are they saying he paid a 16yo prostitute for sex?

      The common culture could really use some extra words to define having sex with a 16yo other than rape or pedophilia. When I was 18 (senior in HS) and fucking my 16yo girlfriend (junior in HS) the month before she turned 17, I was not a pedophile and she wasnt being raped.

      Me being 18 didnt make her any less sexually mature than if I was 30.

  27. In the past decade, they have attracted newcomers at a much faster pace than historical magnets of immigration like New York City or Los Angeles…

    Why should immigrants be different on this than everyone else.

  28. High Cost Of Los Angeles Homeless Camp Raises Eyebrows And Questions

    In Los Angeles, city officials grappling with an ongoing homelessness crisis have turned to an idea that for decades was politically unpopular and considered radical: a government-funded tent encampment.

    Other cities, including San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa, Fla., have opened similar programs in recent years. But the high public cost of LA’s first sanctioned campground — more than $2,600 per tent, per month — has advocates worried it will come at the expense of more permanent housing.

    1. We need more government running more aspects of life. Such careful use of tax dollars deserves our respect.

    2. It’s rather amusing that these things have turned into the modern urban equivalents of hippie communes that were set up in the hills 50 years ago.

      1. Except the drugs are a lot less fun.

        1. And we occasionally talk about the crime now.

    3. “…Other cities, including San Francisco, Seattle and Tampa, Fla., have opened similar programs in recent years…”

      And the city officials of all three claim to wonder why the cities have more and more bums!

    4. That’s enough for a 1 room apartment in a decent part of LA

    5. SF has the most aggressive panhandlers I have ever encountered; it is what happens when you treat bums as if they are living out their life’s calling, and are entitled to do so.

      1. “SF has the most aggressive panhandlers I have ever encountered;”

        It used to be just the ones in Berkeley, for exactly the reasons you’ve stated. I walked Telegraph once to go shopping and get lunch. Once was enough. I’d say, “Fuck That Place,” but the natives are already doing it.

    6. “”But the high public cost of LA’s first sanctioned campground — more than $2,600 per tent, per month “”

      Damn, twice what I’m paying for a one bedroom apartment in Queens.

      If liberals are for the poor, why do they make everything so expensive?

      1. “more than $2,600 per tent, per month”

        C’mon now… Lets hire an auditor. Sounds like a fucking grift to me.

  29. The NAACP says arresting a teen for a racist Snapchat post isn’t enough. The ACLU says it’s unconstitutional.

    ACLU, you racist fucks.

    1. I’m surprised the ACLU isn’t demanding the teen’s head on a pole.

      1. Or in a noose.

        1. No, nooses are racist.

  30. “But the research suggests that mandating mask usage didn’t turn out to be the magic bullet that many hoped it might be.”

    Well, duh. I am thinking that the only advantage of wearing a mask was as a constant reminder that there was something highly contagious out there. Such a belief will change behavior — such as people consciously avoiding crowding closely together — I mean, who cozies up to someone with a nasty cold? And who cozies up to someone who might be carrying something potentially worse than that?

    Seasonal flu cases were well down in our area. But, since seasonal flu vaccinations were up a couple of hundred percent this last year, that doesn’t mean anything either, and certainly can’t be used as a proof of the effectiveness of mandates.

  31. Police spokesperson Russell Davis didn’t say “what kind of weapon the suspect used or whether he had a firearm license. A motive was not immediately clear.”

    Guessing then it’s not MAGA with an AR-15.

    1. Wouldn’t having a firearm license have prevented the crime?

      1. But of course. Just like a driver’s license prevents people from from driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or driving recklessly, or running stop signs, or…..

      2. Seriously? You honestly believe that?

        1. I detect more than a hint of sarcasm. I least I HOPE I do.

      3. There should be laws against shooting people!

      4. Absolutely – works as well as those signs near k-12 schools, gun-free/drug-free zone. Once those signs went up, magically no more guns or drugs.

    2. You can always tell what the political push is by simply looking at the questions the media is asking after a tragedy. If this was was an election year, I’m sure we’d know his party registration by now. Nobody is asking if this is “domestic terrorism.”

      Instead, the questions are what kind of scary-looking guns he used and whether he had permission from the government to own them.

    3. News reports say the dude was just generally angry all the time, and talked about shooting his co-workers to his ex-wife ten years ago.

      Haven’t seen any mention of his politics yet, but his anger issues predate MAGA.

    4. Older white guy, divorced, two handguns, multiple (both CA-compliant, I’m guessing) magazines for each. Confined space, and I guess he shot each of them a hell of a lot more than once, given the deaths to wounded ratio, and handguns being what they are.

    5. Correct. Image released immediately, obviously a white male. No mention of the weapon, obviously not an AR.

  32. Facebook is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party–or they might as well be.

    Exhibit #23:

    “In light of ongoing investigations into the origin of COVID-19 and in consultation with public health experts, we will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is man-made or manufactured from our apps,” Facebook said in a statement on its website Wednesday.”

    No, you weren’t allowed to discuss the possibility that Facebook was made in a lab until, yesterday, when Joe Biden said it was a possibility.

    Of course, covid-19 escaping from a lab was a real possibility–regardless of whether Joe Biden, Dr. Facui, or any other expert said otherwise. If reality doesn’t reflect the opinions of experts, it’s the experts who are wrong–not reality.

    Anyone who believes something is true only because an expert said so is being idiotic (see “appeal to authority fallacy”), and Facebook has made the American people dumber than they would have been otherwise because of Facebook’s irrational moderation policies–and those policies’ stupid reliance on the pronouncements of bureaucrats and experts.

    I maintain that the real reason Facebook is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party (or might as well be) is twofold:

    1) The antitrust suit pending against them.

    This is the means by which to break up Facebook into Facebook, proper, Instagram, and WhatsApp, which is what Facebook fears most–along with restrictions on any future acquisitions Facebook wants to make.

    The Democratic Party in the House released a plan to breakup Facebook in October of 2020, and the primary author of that plan was just nominated by Biden to be commissioner of the FTC–the entity that is suing Facebook for antitrust violations. That report she wrote criticizes them for spreading “misinformation” among other things.

    2) The United States government and the Democratic Party are one in the same thing.

    Once the Democrats took control of the Senate, the Democrats control the government to the extent that they want to control the government. If they don’t get rid of the filibuster, it’s because they don’t want to get rid of the filibuster. Now that we’re under a one party government, the media outlets with antitrust fears are acting like any other media outlet would in another country with a one-party government.

    And that, my friends, is why Facebook is doing anything and everything it can to be the Democratic Party’s lackey. Anyone who thinks that government regulation or antirust is the solution to our problems with Facebook is delusional. Those “solutions” are the source of many of our problems. The real ultimate problem with Facebook is the stupidity of my fellow Americans who continue to use their service, and I’m not sure what the ultimate solution is to that problem, but I suggest we start with ridiculing Facebook’s users.

    Anybody who believes any news they read on Facebook is a fucking moron, and this obvious example of people being wrong and stupid out of deference to the Democratic party is a great opportunity to hammer the point home with your friends and family. If Facebook can’t get their policy right on the story of the century, the origin of a pandemic that killed 3 million people and devastated the world economy, then why would they get anything else right?

    1. Corporate America knows the government has a million ways to punish enemies and reward friends (see trillions of covid ‘stimulus’ spending, massive govt employee union pension investments, etc) to ensure cooperation. They don’t need explicit laws – those bring some accountability.

      1. Sen Schumer warned Trump early on that the intel complex can screw you six ways to Sunday. Think about that. A sitting senior senator is stating his fear of the people that run the intel complex publicly.

        1. I always found it amazing that this comment never registered with people.

          1. Yeah.

          2. A senior senator warning an incoming president that the CIA has the power to do him harm. Considering the statement I’m guessing the Schumer would not attempt to hold the CIA accountable for the action.


    2. It’s so fucking sinister. This corporatism is exactly what happened in Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany.

      And you know what else is sinister. How Reason keeps blowing off this rampant corporatism as okay because “muh priVaTe company”.

      Corporatism is never okay from a libertarian perspective and censorship is antithetical to libertarian philosophy; but our bien-pensant writers pretend that because libertarianism doesn’t advocate making censorship illegal, means that it’s okay philosophically.

      1. It’s a lot like in Putin Russia, where self-censorship prevails. It isn’t necessary to tell a media outlet not to go overboard in their criticism of Putin, and it isn’t necessary for the government to tell a media concern that it’s audience or customer base is too big to be criticizing the government too harshly. The government doesn’t need to tell the newspaper or website what it can or can’t write on a story by story basis. The big media concerns just needs to follow the general gist of the government’s position. If Putin says we’ve always been at war with Eastasia, then the media conglomerate starts spinning a similar narrative.

        The position was that the lab escape story was misinformation. Biden launches a team to write a report on the lab escape theory because it’s credible, and suddenly, it’s okay to talk about that on Facebook?

        If this were happening in Putin’s Russia, Reason wouldn’t claim that self-censorship under threat of government coercion is an excellent example of private media outlets freely exercising their association rights and their editorial right to publish what they want. When Facebook is under pressure from an antitrust action an does an about face on policy whenever the one-party government in charge says so, however, somehow it’s all about Facebook’s right to make choices for itself.

        The kindest interpretation is that they can only deal with one issue at a time, and because they’re right about freedom of association by private parties like Facebook, they can’t see that Facebook is dancing because the Democrats are shooting at their feet and laughing about how they’re going to break Facebook up because of “misinformation”.

        The harshest interpretation is that some on Reason’s staff are so contemptuous of Trump and the people who supported him, that they’ll reflexively carry water for the Democratic party, whether that requires ignoring the government executing an unarmed protester for trespassing on public property or pretending that Facebook being forced to mirror whatever the Democratic party is pushing and censor reality–under threat of an antitrust breakup–is an excellent example of freedom of the press.

        1. Right. So Facebook decided to censor all of those lab-leak stories in 2020, because they were afraid of anti-trust actions from Democrats, even when Democrats weren’t in charge?

          Here is an alternative hypothesis: Both Facebook and the government are reacting to new facts about the origins of the virus, the most pertinent of which is the failed WHO investigation in China in January/February that couldn’t resolve the issue.

          Besides, aren’t we being told that Facebook is staffed with left-wing radicals anyway, who actively want to censor conservative viewpoints? If that’s the case, why would Facebook NEED to be threatened by the government to censor conservatives, when they would happily do so on their own?

          1. None of the facts are new, you fat clump of cells

          2. are reacting to new facts about the origins of the virus

            This was all known February 2020, you disgusting establishment shill, but was deliberately censored.
            Facebook and Twitter deplatformed actual virology professors for posting this shit in March 2020.

            Of course your job here is to propagandize, gaslight and spew hatred and lies, so of course you’re going to pretend that this is all brand new info. How can you look in a mirror without wanting to kill yourself?

          3. “” Both Facebook and the government are reacting to new facts about the origins of the virus,””

            Which facts are new?

            1. The virus escaping from a lab was unpossible until Biden said so.

              Biden said so–that’s the new information.

              1. Consider also that the Administration is also pointing out that China is the origin behind a lot of the missile and other munitions tech exhibited by the Norks, Iranians, and Pakistanis. Someone in government is starting to beat the, “We don’t like China,” drum and I’m not sure why.

                HMS Queen Elizabeth is about to pay a visit to the South China Sea area quite soon too, with a USMC F-35 squadron-ish embarked, and a few USN ships tagging along.

                1. This could help explain Biden’s apparent willingness to bail on Afghanistan, too.

                  There hasn’t been any change of philosophy that I can see. I guess we’re focusing on China now.

                  1. “…I guess we’re focusing on China now.”

                    Maybe so. Distraction/blame shifting for an imminent imploding economy? It’s incredibly dangerous, and I hope I’ve shown here that I’m no friend of the PRC. There are significant, grave differences between our 60s-80s policies of containment towards the Soviet Union and trying to replicate those policies towards the PRC.

                    For one, the Soviets still had people who remembered the Great Patriotic War, and wanted no part of anything similar on the home front. China, OTOH, is increasingly governed by a class that has had Confucian prudence and other virtues burned out of them, as their least whims were indulged.

                    For another, we had people like Shultz, Weinberger, and a generation of military officers desperate to avoid repeating the organizational and training mistakes of the Vietnam period. We still nearly got nuked once or twice, but cooler heads prevailed. Now, we have Sam Power, Susan Rice, and SecDef, ISIS Who? calling the shots.

                    Arrogant and stupid is a terrifying combination in international brinksmanship.

            2. chemjeff did say, but I think he stated his argument backwards. The new development was that the WHO investigation didn’t turn up new facts.

              1. The who bowed to China and blindly repeated their narratives dummy.

                None of the new information is new.

          4. “”Besides, aren’t we being told that Facebook is staffed with left-wing radicals anyway, who actively want to censor conservative viewpoints? “”

            Well Facebook was censoring the lab story when it was considered a conservative view point. But no longer now that Biden is talking about it. It was never a conspiracy theory as the left likes to suggest.

            1. Facebook’s moderations policies are mostly driven by concerns about advertising. The stock recently lost 40% of its value over advertiser driven boycotts. It’s an advertising platform. Their business is pleasing advertisers, and advertisers don’t want their advertising to appear next to certain kinds of controversial content.

              Meanwhile, Facebook’s employees may be radically progressive, but they don’t need the Democratic party to tell them to exit a burning building. If the building is on fire, they presumably aren’t leaving the building because the Democrats told them to leave. They’re leaving because of the alarms, the smoke, and the flames.

              When Dear Leader says it’s okay to talk about the virus leaking from a lab, then it becomes okay?

              Facebook’s employees are radically progressive, but if it were only for government actively working to break them up into small pieces and restrict their future acquisitions because of “misinformation”, that would be more than enough reason to expect them do the exact same things they’re doing.

          5. Youre such an ignorant pandering ideologue. Left says jump and you do it.

            People act in political matters all the time. Youre just a useful idiot to them. Stop making excuses.

  33. “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood are suing over Arkansas’ abortion ban”

    I guess the ACLU isn’t all that interested in the kid’s civil liberties. Not as big a chance that they will vote Democrat, I suppose.

  34. Not very surprising. Selfish dickheads weren’t gonna use them with or without the mask mandate. You know, because giving even a semblance of a shit about your neighbor was the most egregious broach of freedom ever.

    1. “…because giving even a semblance of a shit about your neighbor was the most egregious broach of freedom ever.”

      Never mind if it actually worked [and I use masks every day in a medical setting] or were really applicable to the situation vs. “sending the right message.” Take your “village” and stuff it up your twat, why don’t you?

      I still suspect you are Tony transgendered.

      1. Do you occasionally hold open doors for strangers? If so, do you fret and worry about the “message” that you are sending when you do that? Or, do you just do it because you are a nice guy?

        1. Wearing a token of obedience isn’t polite, it’s passive-aggressive manipulation.

          1. And holding open a door for a stranger isn’t polite, it is submitting to an oppressive cultural narrative.

            Sound right to you?

            1. I sort of kid, but some feminists would say so.

              1. Oh I know that some feminists would say so. And they would be dumb. They are attempting to transform a harmless gesture into some big political statement. Same deal with wearing masks. Trying to transform it into some bold political statement, whether it is wearing one or NOT wearing one, is completely dumb.

                1. There’s no valid comparison between normalizing mass hysteria and holding a door open for someone.
                  You are fearful, unintelligent, and have no value.

                  1. This comparison brought to you by the same guy that recently compared spanking your child with removing their genitals.

                    1. LOL what an absolutely dishonest characterization of that conversation.

                    2. You didn’t compare them?

                2. A harmless gesture into a political statement?
                  How about a useless gesture like masks into a political statement? Is that also stupid?

                  1. Team blue’s MAGA hat; you can’t expect all of that virtue to just signal itself. No, you have to get with their program too.

            2. wouldn’t shutting the door in the chick’s face be oppression?

              1. Not if you crack open a sun roof in the glass celing

        2. Do you ever post anything which is not a lie, or assumes one?

        3. I do it because I fucking want to, and it does not cost me anything.

          Following the dictates of assholes like you, however…

    2. raspberrydinners
      May.27.2021 at 10:44 am

      “Not very surprising. Selfish dickheads weren’t gonna use them with or without the mask mandate….”

      Proof once more that idiotic steaming piles of lefty shit care not what reality is, just theie fantasized ‘morality’.
      Fuck off and die a slow, painful death’.

    3. “Selfish dickheads weren’t gonna use them with or without the mask mandate.”


      1. It always comes down to the wreckers.

    4. I see, so it’s not that the masks don’t work, or they only work some times but not others, it’s that we need to kill the kulaks and wreckers before we’ll see the correct results.

  35. “If the Lab-Leak Theory Is Correct, What’s Next?” asks The Atlantic.

    What difference, at this point, does it make? We know for a fact that the virus couldn’t have come from a lab, Glenn Kessler himself fact-checked this very point and pointed out the theory had already been debunked. Anybody who suggests it could have come from a lab is just a conspiracy theory nutjob, just like Trump when he just flat-out lied and said he had an intelligence report that suggested the lab-leak theory (but covieeeeniently couldn’t share the intelligence report with the media.)

    And speaking of conspiracy theory nutjobs I see Joe Biden is now saying, completely without evidence, that he had urged the CDC back in March of 2020 to investigate the origins of the virus, as if to suggest that he too might believe this thoroughly debunked crock of shit about a lab-leak theory. Further, he also suggested Trump dropped the ball by not investigating this possibility “on the ground” in the early months of the pandemic, while at the same time refusing to tell us why he himself hasn’t sent a team of investigators over to China but instead has fallen back on the weak-tea excuse of “asking” China to be more forthcoming on the matter. Just send an investigatory team over there, Joe! China can’t stop you from investigating, can they? Trump, of course, is a known Sinophile who wouldn’t dream of doing anything that might upset his Chinese paymasters, that’s the only reason he refused to send investigators over to China.

    1. It wasn’t an engineered bioweapon. Lab leak is a different theory.

      1. And Fauci funded it.

    2. “”What difference, at this point, does it make?””

      Hillary. Is that you?

    3. The main question isn’t, of course, whether the lab leak theory is correct or not. China certainly isn’t going to help get to the bottom of things, since it might degrade the “CHINA NUMBAH ONE!” narrative they’re constantly pushing out, and all the evidence has probably been scrubbed out by now, anyway.

      The real question is this: why this is being entertained in the press at this time, just a few months after Biden killed off Pompeo’s investigation, and two weeks after Fauci denied that the NIH funded its gain of function research? This is blatant “we’ve always been at war with Eastasia” type of stuff, and I suspect it’s so the Biden administration can do a cursory inspection, say “oh, don’t worry, we took a look and everything is on the up and up!” so that the news orgs and social media can start pimping the new narrative.

      1. I think you’re close, but that the Biden administration will acknowledge the lab leak and try to own it as their own discovery.

        1. That’s a real possibility, too, although I don’t have any idea what they could base it on. China is pretty big on not losing face, and they’re thisclose to making the final jump to global superpower.

          Indicting China for starting a pandemic, even accidentally, is not going to be a good recipe for international relations, especially since so many “American” companies at this point produce their goods there now.

          Did you see Honeywell just got slapped with a fine for exporting military tech to them? That should get them blacklisted from ever getting a government contract again, but no doubt their lobbyists are greasing palms and whining about all the lost jobs if that happens.

  36. Unsucking the Republican Party
    The GOP must become the party of patriotic populism. Permanently.

    To my astonishment, “The Republican Party Sucks” wound up as American Greatness’s top feature article that week. Positive comments began flooding my inbox. Thousands reposted it. Over 50,000 people read it per day. Steve Bannon called me a few days after it came out to tell me how much he liked it. He even invited me on to “War Room” to discuss it.

    …One of the persistent problems here, after all, is that while rank-and-file Republican voters understand how grotesque and destructive the Democratic Party has become, not enough realize their own party’s been playing them for suckers for three decades. I don’t see why anyone should keep that secret. The party doesn’t deserve to be trusted. It deserves to be commandeered by citizen-patriots, who then relentlessly steer it in the right direction (about which more below).

    By the way, I got a few notes from party loyalists and establishment types who reminded me of Reagan’s 11th commandment (“thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican”).

    But it’s not 1980 anymore. It’s nearly half a century after 1980. The circumstances, the stakes, the players, the dangers, are much different now. The country is more culturally and economically polarized, more volatile, more democratically unstable, more hollowed out industrially, more unsure of itself, more demoralized, and more mentally ill.

    As dangerous as the Soviet Union was, China now seems more dangerous in its stealth, effectiveness, amorality, and devout imperialism. Through its American companies and corporate partners, the Chinese Communist Party has already achieved remarkable leverage over the country. Some, um, “conspiracy theorists” have even wondered if China has essentially purchased top politicians and influencers, including the entire Biden Administration. What that would mean, of course, is that China is already significantly steering domestic policy, legislation, and public opinion for its own ends. And what that would mean, in turn, is that America is on its way to Chinese vassalage without the public even knowing.

    Be that as it may, it remains true in a way that was never the case throughout the whole of the Cold War—not even throughout a tumultuous Vietnam War era—people now sense some ominous, unnerving, mortal chill in the air. There is something wrong. Everyone of sense can feel it. For decades, political commentators here and there have warned the end is near. Now, for the first time, it actually feels like that could be true.

    As a result, the Republican loyalist attempt to shame honesty into silence about the party’s three decades of duplicity, kowtowing, incompetence, perfidy, and corruption, all of which helped lead to this current state of affairs, is insulting and absurd. Silence can only further enable harm to an already ailing America. Why protect a party at the expense of the country?

    No—in the end, this isn’t about any party. It’s about America and everyone in it and all their posterity. It’s also about the fate of the entire world. And so, it is with an unbecoming immodesty I hereby declare the 11th commandment obsolete.

    …I add here my personal view that vote-counting machines should be abolished altogether. From their arrival in the early 1970s, they’ve been repeatedly shown to be vulnerable to fraud. Most English-speaking countries use the more secure method of hand counting under strict, multi-partisan scrutiny for just that reason. (For those interested, here are a few links to articles dating back decades on machine vulnerability—and one especially interesting article published the day before the last election.)

    The second thing is that conservatives, and the Republicans who purport to represent them, need a new view of power. Wander around right-of-center conferences, and you still hear people saying things like “that government governs best which governs least!” or “government is a necessary evil!”

    But the fact is that if Republicans don’t take power and use it for good, Democrats take it and use it for ill. You know, like for outlawing Christian practices to promote modesty and protect women; for all but inviting attempted genocide on an important ally; and for making wokeism the official state religion of the United States. So I am hereby suggesting a new conservative/Republican view of power—one that accepts its legitimacy, follows its requirements, and boldly uses it for good. More Machiavelli, less Ned Flanders.

    1. By the way, I got a few notes from party loyalists and establishment types who reminded me of Reagan’s 11th commandment (“thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican”).

      Are these, by chance, the same establishment types that are railing against that evil, rotten, bigoted, no good, racist sexist bigot homophobe ultra-alt-right-wing extremist domestic terrorist Trump for kudos from leftist media?

      1. Ya left out “fat”!

        1. And orange.

    2. Oh great. So the Republican Party should become the party of flag-waving demagogues. Actually not that different than what it has been for a while now. At least they are finally being outright honest about it.

      “We WILL use government to force you to adopt patriotically correct beliefs!”

      1. We WILL use government to force you to adopt patriotically correct beliefs!” wear old tee shirts across your face!”

        1. We WILL use government to force you to [judge people by the color of their skin rather than content of their character]

      2. “Oh great. So the Republican Party should become the party of flag-waving demagogues…”

        And this shit wonders why no one addresses the ‘substantive’ points he raises.

      3. “We WILL use government to force you to adopt patriotically correct beliefs!”

        Like there are 53 genders and no sexes? Or a predilection for assfucking other men is exactly like being non-European or female? Or the November election was the fairest in history? Or Covid didn’t originate in a lab?

      4. Lets to a radical statist dicotomy.

        You support the party of flag burning demigogs

        1. Funny, that wasn’t Jo Jorgensen’s position.

          1. Funny, but there’s no way an obvious party shill like you didn’t vote Blue straight down the ticket.

          2. You literally admit weekly you’re not libertarian, such as yesterday when you self declared yourself a libertarian socialist, ie a socialist.

      5. I didn’t see anything in there about government forcing patriotism or anything else. Just getting the woketards away from power.

        Your knee jerk, straw man reaction suggests that this makes you sad. Haha.

    3. From your article:

      That means forthrightly addressing social issues (for example, protecting female athletes against unfair competition from biological males).

      So, you have a transgender man, who is an athlete, who wants to compete on a highschool football team. What do you do? Say no? There is no woman’s football team, of course. His athletic abilities are not in doubt in this case.

      1. High school students are not men.

        1. You’re dodging the question with pedantry.

          What would you tell this transgender athlete who wants to play on the football team?

          1. He can try out, like everyone else

            1. And then when xi doesn’t make the team, xi can call the coaches transphobic and get them fired.

      2. Stop being retarded. Girls play on high school football teams. They’re not prohibited. They’re just usually not competitive because they’re too small and too slow.

        No one is concerned about regular kids playing rec sports or high school sports. Nobody cares if trans kids play in the rec league. What this is about is protecting elite female athletes from unfair competition with biologically male athletes, who would otherwise be average athletes as males.

        1. How do you think elite athletes become elite? Because they get their start with sports at an early age, and they practice a lot.

          So this is just dodging the question. This transgender man wants to try out for the highschool football team. Or basketball or baseball or any other sport, but on the men’s team. What do you tell this person?

          1. Your question was stupid and has nothing to do with the point at hand.

          2. “Hope you like riding the bench all season.”

          3. They are free to try out. There is no state law stopping women from joining a men’s team. There are laws the other way such as Title IX.

            But remember, a HS soccer team beat the number 1 women’s team in the world pretty easily.

          4. Women are already allowed to do so dufus. If the woman in questions calls herself a man, it doesnt change that.

        2. People arguing the opposite act as if the division between men and women in sports is some kind of arbitrary construct that only exists as a legacy of sexism.

          There’s a reason we have divisions in college basketball so Duke doesn’t play against the local community college, and it isn’t to protect Duke. There’s a reason for divisions in weight class between boxers, and it’s not to protect the heavyweight.

          Women can try out to be SEALs to (at least I think they changed that rule). It ain’t working out to well for them so far and it’s not because they don’t want it or don’t train hard enough.

          1. The Air Force has been taking in women candidates for its special warfare careers–pararescue, combat control, TACP, and SpecRecon–for a couple of years now.

            So far, there’s been two–just two–to even make it past assessment and selection. None have graduated yet. These are physically taxing career fields that break down top-conditioned and honed guys, and that’s even before they send them out in to the operational side.

        3. Nobody cares if trans kids play in the rec league.

          And that’s not actually true. There’s an awful lot of locker room hysteria surrounding which genders go to which locker room.

          1. So you switched your argument from playing at a rec center to showering at a rec center. Do you think showers are physical activity?

            Wow, you really are overly obese.

      3. You seriously think that example is analogous to biological males competing in women’s sports?

        Wow, you really are a moron.

        1. I think it is an example that illustrates the point.

          What do you tell the transgender man who wants to play a highschool sport on the men’s team?

          1. I’d say ‘Good luck to you if you can pass tryouts.’ Just like I would wish well the high school freshman light weight who is planning to box the current world champion. Or the paraplegic who tries out for the Olympic swimteam.

            You’re analogy is deceptive and doesn’t address ANY of the core issues in play, but you already know that.

            1. Well I am glad to see that you are not against transgender athletes in general.


              1. Again, Jeff thinks showering is a world class physical event.

          2. You only think that because you are retarded

            1. Chemjeff is the weird smelly kid that nobody likes yet he keeps following us around anyway.

              1. Gail the snail!

            2. It is now that I like to remind people that this is the guy that Sarcasmic hooked on to calling Jeff one of the last true libertarians on the board.

      4. A transgender “man” is a woman and wouldn’t physically qualify for a male team no matter how many hormones she shot herself up with. Also, why isn’t there a woman’s team? That seems like the bigger issue.

        1. You clearly haven’t watched the lingerie football league

        2. Isn’t the use of hormones banned in most sports?

        3. Thats not true at all. For a d1 males team youre probably closer to right.
          I watched that The Rock american gladiator spin off and they had a woman with a beard that was jacked and was not completely outclassed by the competition.
          You seriously underestimate testosterone. I think a bigger issue will be that some athletes will be allowed to use it and some won’t.
          Elite female athletes can compete with men that are way above average. People like to talk about serena williams getting beat by a guy thats like 600 in the world. You allow her to take performance enhancing drugs, Im not so sure that she couldnt compete in the top 200.

    4. >>not enough realize their own party’s been playing them for suckers for three decades

      this requires a billboard in several choice locations.

  37. 11/2/2020

    Will your ballot be safe? Computer experts sound warnings on America’s voting machines

    Millions of voters going to the polls Tuesday will cast their ballots on machines blasted as unreliable and inaccurate for two decades by computer scientists from Princeton University to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

    Toyed with by white-hat hackers and targeted for scathing reviews from secretaries of state in California and Ohio, Direct Recording Electronic voting systems, or DREs, have startled Illinois voters by flashing the word “Republican” at the top of a ballot and forgotten what day it was in South Carolina. They were questioned in the disappearance of 12,000 votes in Bernalillo County, New Mexico, in 2002 and 18,000 votes in Sarasota County, Florida, in 2006.

  38. Canada:
    AHS lawyer Siddon is showing a sermon given by Pastor Art about the early Christians’ (Paul and Peter) resistance to government tyranny on May 8 as *proof* of his contempt of the May 6 court order.

    (Me: The irony. I can’t even with AHS)


    Oh my god: I didn’t realize what her job is.

    The NYT’s COVID reporter is saying we should stop talking about the lab leak theory — *even if it’s how COVID entered humans *– because that theory (unlike, I guess, the wet market theory) is racist.

    Who cares what happened: NYT.

    1. Talking about anything that relates the virus to China is racist. Unlike, for example, calling variants of the virus the “Indian variant” or the “Brazilian variant”.

      1. China is a major world power with a long history of empire building and colonialism. How are they not in the same “oppressor” category as white people? I don’t think the woke know that the rest of the world exists.

        1. How the hell are you still taking woke motives at face value?

          1. I’m not. I’m just playing at it for the sake of pointing out contradictions.

            1. They don’t care about any contradictions, unless they can use your contradictions against you. Or force you to parrot acceptance of theirs. Hypocrisy is not an internal sin they recognize.

              1. Well, I’m not talking to them here, am I?

              2. So true.

              3. And they never apologize for being wrong. They just pretend being wrong is no big deal after they take you to task for thinking you were wrong. They think they have a right to be wrong, but you do not.

                1. They literally blamed Trump for them not believing the virus could have come from the lab, simply because he said it might have.

        2. One of the idiot leftists yesterday claimed that no other colonialism in history even compares to Europeans.

          1. Well, that’s not untrue. White Europeans have proven themselves capable of conquering the entire planet when they put their minds to it.

            1. I think the Mongols did a pretty good job, as did Islam.

              1. They did, but even the Mongols never made it out of the Eurasian steppes and China; Islam did a pretty good job conquering North and Central Africa, parts of Europe, the Indian sub-continent, and Indonesia.

                But there was a stretch of about 450 years where white Europeans conquered pretty much every land they decided to plant their flag. Every single continent at one point was dominated by white Europeans or, at the very least, the leading families of their mixed-race descendants in places like Latin America. 450 years of hitting nothing but net that ultimately ended due to two World Wars and a large chunk of their high-test population getting killed.

        3. Because your not an oppressor if you have concentration caps/gulags

    2. People are looking at the fact that she is a COVID reporter combined with her PC comment as indicative that she is incompetent….which I think is dead wrong. They are assuming she was hired to report accurately on COVID instead of the most likely scenario: she was hired to spout Chinese propaganda on COVID. She is doing her job to a T.

      1. I mean it’s NYT, when will people stop expecting them to be objective?


    Watch this. A prominent “trans-affirming” doctor says it’s okay to chop the breasts off of a teen girl because kids “most of the time make good decisions” and a girl can always get new breasts later if she wants. These quacks are destroying our children. This is pure evil.

    1. Okay, so enough with the complaining. What do you want government to do about it?

      Do you want government to ban gender reassignment surgery entirely for minors, even with parental and doctor consent?

      If parents, doctors, and the child all agree on gender reassignment, and pursue it anyway, do you think the government should throw the parents in jail? Throw the doctor in jail?

      What should happen to the child? Forcibly sent to a mental institution? Also thrown in jail?

      Enough with the bitching, tell us what you actually want to see happen to these people.

      1. How about we cancel them and get them fired, etc?

        1. So just to be clear, you don’t think that the government should step in and prevent a gender reassignment surgery on a minor if all parties consent? Only that social pressure should be applied to attempt to shame those who want to do this?

          1. Isn’t that the full libertarian solution to “morality”? Let morality be enforced by social shaming mechanisms It’s not perfect, but it’s better than the alternatives.

            1. I agree with you. But I don’t think some of our more fervently “anti-woke” right-wing friends would agree.

              1. That’s right, it’s the “anti-woke” who want to use government power to make people obey. :rollseyes:

          2. So just to be clear, if all parties consent, adults should be allowed to fuck their kids?

            1. In this case, “all parties” include a doctor who believes the surgery would be medically valuable, and probably also therapists who believe the same. Can you say the same for incest?

              1. Walmartians from Arkasistan can.

              2. Curious, if the kid grows up, hates what was done, can they sue the parents and the doctors? The kid can actually make the claim that they were to young to understand, but the parents and doctors can not.

                1. Do you think every parenting decision should be subject to lawsuits after the child reaches the age of majority? I think that would be extremely problematic.

                  1. We’re not talking about all parenting decisions. We’re talking about removing a child’s reproductive organs.

                  2. Every parenting decision? No.

                    But having an operation to change one’s gender is not like most parenting decisions now is it.

            2. And would you mind answering my question?
              Oh wait you can’t, you only come here to snipe and troll.

              1. I think that removing a child’s organs is abuse, and is one example of when the government should intervene.

              2. He answered it succinctly.
                We don’t let 13-year-olds decide it’s okay to be railed by a 35-year-old for a couple of hundred bucks, and we don’t let 13-year-olds decide it’s okay to let that 35-year-old cut off their tits for a couple of thousand.

                1. A week from now, Lying Jeffy will make the claim that I never actually put forth any positions again.

                2. Then again, since he didn’t realize I was making a clear point here, maybe he’s just to dumb to comprehend most of what I post.


    Thank you
    for pressing Dr. Fauci for answers on why NIH is funding research involving the decapitation of babies at 18-20 weeks of development and transplanting their scalps onto the backs of mice.

    This is barbaric. This isn’t who we are as Americans.

    1. But how else will we develop human-mouse chimeras?

      1. We needed them to test the gain of function virus capability that Fauci funded and caused a pandemic.

        1. Mighty Mouse will come to save the day.

          1. Yea but he is a cartoon, not a real guy.

    2. What brain did you get
      Abby, Abby normal

  42. “… This leaves open the possibility that mask use could have some positive outcomes (such as decreased severity of cases) even if not predicting overall spread…”

    And it requires those making the claim to prove such, not the other way ’round.

    1. The “open possibility “ will be seized as proof masks work, because “science”.

    2. There is also the possibility that a mask will allow you to walk through walls


    We don’t reflect enough on how every exercise of state power is an implicit threat to use force. As I believe Walter Williams once put it, even the most benign-sounding law ends with an implied “… or you’ll be killed,” because that is the final outcome of disobedience.

    …Marxists are taught there is no true freedom under a capitalist system, because everyone is a hapless pawn of corrupt forces, tricked into loving their oppressors, bound by chains they cannot see. Marxists accept that hurting those people may be necessary to wake them up.

  44. The NAACP says arresting a teen for a racist Snapchat post isn’t enough. The ACLU says it’s unconstitutional.

    So we all agree that unconstitutional isn’t enough.

    “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

  45. Well, here is an example of the New And Improved Team Red that the Trump cultists want:
    Time for the government to regulate “fact-checkers”

    1. Stupid on both sides. Film at 11.

      1. Oh but we still need to give the benefit of the doubt to Team Red. I”m sure one of our right-wing bootlickers will be along any minute now to remind us of that.

        1. I sense jeffster just likes that big blue dildo up his fat ass – hopefully they are giving you the reacharound.

        2. “our right-wing bootlickers”

          You’re a paid shill, a fifty-center. Your job here is to shitpost and troll anyone who disagrees with the aims of the Democratic party, and yet here your are throwing shade.

          Fuck you paid troll.

    2. Oh God – I thought this was going to be satire.

      Team Red really is Charlie Brown kicking the football… After four years of the Deep State openly working against an elected president, they think they can trust THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT?!?

      What is wrong with these people?

      1. Nope. Not satire. Read the article that RA’s Al Gore posted above. The New And Improved Team Red is ready to embrace Machiavelli. Use government power to pursue right-wing aims. So if fact-checkers are biased against right-wingers, then use the state to clamp down on fact-checkers. And use the threat of “but if Team Blue wins the next election, they will be in charge of the Fact Checker Regulatory Bureau and we can’t have that!!!”

  46. Just as a general observation . . .

    When you mute somebody, it apparently doesn’t just mute the username you muted. It seems to also mute all that person’s other names. I don’t know if they’re doing it on an IP basis or an email address basis, but I’m seeing names muted that I never muted.

    If the person changed their name using the same IP address or email address, it appears to mute all that person’s names.

    1. Muting makes socks moot?

      1. You can see the socks.

        If you mute Fred Flintstone, and you suddenly see Barney, Betty, Wilma, and Pebbles muted when you click “show username” on a muted comment, there’s probably only one good way to interpret that.

        Maybe it’s a bug that mutes people you didn’t mute?

        Or maybe it muting all the socks, too.

        I’m not sure the system will allow you to have more than one username per email address, so maybe it’s an IP thing, in which case, it’s possible that people using same VPN server could be muted. If they allow users to have more than one username per email address, maybe they should pull the plug on that.

        1. Gray Jay said it muted me for him without him doing it.

          1. It did! And I don’t think you’re part of the Sock Drawer. As I said, I just wrote it up to this site’s generally shitty IT.

            But I have noticed suspected socks getting clipped too. Doesn’t really register with me, as I don’t want to engage with trolls on my entertainment time.

            I’m not getting paid to converse here.

      2. I clapped, DLAM. Nice.

        Yeah, it’s blocked a few people that I didn’t originally intend to. Shrug. I thought it was simply as competently coded as the rest of the website…

      3. Damned good alliteration there.

    2. It’s by account, which is the right way to do it. It shut down Tulpa’s ability to use a different handle every day.

      1. Have we decided that this is White Knight?

        1. White Knight is gone.

        2. It’s Dee, yes.

          1. I thought I smelled that special kind of stupid.

            Mute Condition 1: Doesn’t care whether wrong or right.

            Mute Condition 2: Steadfastly refuses repeated and explicit appeals to use logic.

            There is nothing to gain from discussing anything with someone under those circumstances.

            1. That’s why I just mock her. I find it particularly funny when she just keeps digging and digging until her position reaches complete absurdity.

      2. Tulpa wasn’t the problem.

    3. Hmmm…I was thinking raspberry dinette was a sock for transitioning Tony, but it still shows up for me. Of course it is entirely possible there is more than one village dwelling snarky sniping what about-ist victim type hereabouts.

      1. Maybe another Pod sock?

  47. Earlier this week was the anniversary of one of the greatest humanitarian airlifts of all time: Operation Solomon. On May 24-25 1991, Israel airlifted more than 14,000 Ethiopian Jews and brought them to Israel. They were rescued from certain death.

    1. And still didn’t come close to solving Israel’s demographic issues.

      1. The demographics improve for Israel every year. You can thank the Hassidim for that. They make babies….a LOT of babies.

  48. “A motive [for the San Jose shootings] was not immediately clear.”

    Obviously the solution is a law requiring each mass shooter to leave a well-written manifesto.

    1. He wanted to help alleviate California’s pension problems

    2. “The man who killed nine co-workers at the light rail yard in San Jose, California, had two semi-automatic handguns and 11 magazines on him, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith tells CNN’s Josh Campbell.”

      “I don’t know if he re-loaded, I don’t know the number of rounds that he fired, but of the people who were injured, none survived,” Smith said. “They were handguns of the type that would be legal in California.”

      And yet…we are hearing clarion calls to “do something” about the “gun violence epidemic” in the US. Somehow or other another assault weapons ban will be pushed, that would have absolutely no effect on this crime. Or nearly every crime that is committed with a firearm in this country.

      But for those who believe, it will just feel so fucking good to “do something.”

  49. >>Mask use—defined as “the percentage of people who always wear masks in public settings”

    can just one of you write something that doesn’t toe a fucking party line?

  50. “In the past decade, they have attracted newcomers at a much faster pace than historical magnets of immigration like New York City or Los Angeles,” notes Bloomberg.

    That’s probably because most immigrants coming through legal channels wouldn’t put up with shitholes like LA and New York. They’re trying to build a family and career in a reasonably safe place.

  51. Not just a study. Literally every piece of real-world evidence that we have. You guys are 15 months late to this party.

  52. That mask study is not peer reviewed and is in pre print status. Irresponsible journalism….

    1. Peer review is now a terrible baseline for validating a study.

      1. As someone who was in that game decades ago, peer review as always a bit sketchy…the more you moved from hard science like physics and chemistry into “biology” or even “social sciences” it was a bit of a one wanted to stop anyone else from getting published and getting their grant get along go along was the view…

    2. Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines: Why is anyone talking about this study that hasn’t been peer reviewed?

      1. Right? The study doesn’t even discuss deaths from fire extinguisher!

  53. It makes sense that mask use works to slow spread, but mask mandates don’t. If you’re a big enough scumbag to not wear a mask when an airborne virus is spreading through your community, you’re also probably a big enough scumbag to violate a totally reasonable law that is protecting people. So the only people who obey the law are the people who are decent enough human beings that they would have worn masks even if there was no mandate.

    What’s really annoying is just how many people were revealed to be scumbags. I especially hate how they claim wearing masks is “virtue signaling.” Protecting people from a disease is signaling virtue in the same way that bench pressing 800 pounds is signaling upper body strength. It is signaling that you have a quality by the act of actually having it. People who wore masks were actually more virtuous than people who did not. (Wearing masks when fully vaccinated, by contrast, is virtue signaling since vaccination renders masks redundant)

    1. Wearing a mask doesn’t make you noble or immune to wuflu, not wearing a mask doesn’t make you a scumbag. Your delusions are your problem not mine

      1. Not wearing a mask when 600,000 Americans have died from a respiratory transmitted virus definitely does make you a scumbag.

        1. Curious, when were you out in public with CoVid?

    2. Fuck you. Stay home if you’re sick. Get jabbed, if it’ll make you feel better.

      But mainly, feel free to fuck off back to Reddit, or the like.

    3. “” I especially hate how they claim wearing masks is “virtue signaling.””
      “”People who wore masks were actually more virtuous than people who did not.””

      In the same paragraph.

      1. I sometimes wonder if this site has been completely overrun by parody accounts. I’ve long been well aware how many stupid people are running around, but how all the sudden did so many of them show up here?

  54. LOL. Reason is citing a non-peer reviewed study by a plant biologist on mask use. “Let’s ignore the overwhelming evidence that masks work and instead write an article about non-peer reviewed work by this Twitter hack.”

    What a joke. Masks work

    1. 600,000 Americans have died from a respiratory transmitted virus

      Masks work

      Pick one, you idiot.

    2. love a new parody account.

      1. The ‘j’ must stand for jeffy. It certainly comes off that way.

  55. I said this from day one. In my industry we wore everything from 3M dust masks to Full face supplied air respirators and everything in between. To think a cloth mask with no fit would do anything but make people feel good was insanity

  56. You mean the government lied about the efficacy of mask use? That’s impossible!!

  57. “Science” to the left is evolution, climate change, and masks….Newtonian Physics, E&M, Quantum Mechanics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and so on are simply not understood by those screaming for “science” or they would have realized the public health authorities were more about politics than actual “science.” You had such a remote chance of getting covid outside…and if you did if you were not in the “risk” segments you had such a small % of dying..yet…here we are..

  58. I did love Rand Paul slapping down the woke from HHE on how covid stimulus money for small businesses went to Planned Parenthood….obviously not a small business by their own definition. Love Rand about you ENB? Time to stop giving certain group a free ride…you want to have sex and don’t take protection..don’t get someone else to pay for your abortion…

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    Hunter Biden invited guests to the dinner on April 16, 2015, held in the private “Garden Room” at Café Milano, a Georgetown restaurant whose catchphrase is, “Where the world’s most powerful people go.” The New York Post first reported on the emails on Wednesday. ,The next day, Vadym Pozharskyi, an executive at Burisma, emailed Hunter Biden to thank him for introducing his father.

  62. Masks are of course useful, but the degree of effect is not too great. He can protect himself and others as much as possible.

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