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Mississippi Cops Kill Baby in Barrage of Gunfire

Plus: Florida's cronyist social media bill, who corporate tax increases really hurt, and more...


As if we need any more evidence of police officers being reckless with human life, here's an especially horrifying story out of Mississippi and Louisiana. Police shot more than 20 bullets at a car in which they knew there was a four-month-old baby, killing the child along with his father, Eric Derell Smith.

Smith, of Baton Rouge, was suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend's nephew and his ex-girlfriend and fleeing with the couple's child on Monday. "Our top priority is locating that child safely," East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a press release.

Police did eventually locate the child safely.

Then they killed him.

Authorities had been notified that Smith was driving east on I-10 near Gulfport, Mississippi, prompting police from Gulfport, the Harrison County Sheriff's Office, and Mississippi Highway Patrol to begin chasing him. After Smith drove into a highway median and got stuck, police began shooting.

Another motorist, Patrisha Ramos, took a video of the incident:

"That baby didn't have a chance at all in that situation and it's terrible," Ramos told WLOX. "At least give the person in the car either a chance to get out or surrender or something. Especially if there was an innocent life in that car."

According to a press release from the Biloxi Police Department, Smith was exiting his car when police started shooting. Yet this isn't apparent from the video.

"It's possible that the driver—the baby's father who has just kidnapped the baby after murdering the mother/ex and her relative—shot at the cops. The video is unclear," tweeted Fordham University law professor John Pfaff. "But they KNEW the baby was there. They are supposed to be trained for this. A 20-shot fusillade? At a hostage?"

In typical fashion, some media outlets have refused to assign agency or blame for the child's death to law enforcement. "Baby in suspect's car during I-10 police pursuit dies," read a Biloxi Sun Herald headline. "A murder suspect and his kidnapped baby son die after police shootout in Mississippi," reported CNN.

"A baby boy died from injuries suffered when Mississippi police gunned down his murder-suspect father," NBC News tweeted, sharing an article titled "Baby boy killed during attempted arrest in Mississippi."


Florida passes an unconstitutional and biased social media bill. Reason's Scott Shackford highlights a bit of cronyism at its worst:

Florida lawmakers have done Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' bidding by passing a bill that would forbid social media companies from deplatforming candidates who are running for office. But an exception tossed in the bill to exempt certain major companies like Disney and Comcast highlights the bill's many legal and constitutional issues.


Corporate tax increase targets small businesses and workers, too. While campaigning, President Joe Biden pledged not to raise taxes on small businesses. But now, "Biden is pushing a series of tax increases that raise small business taxes," notes John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform. For instance, "Biden's corporate income tax rate hike from 21 percent to 28 percent targets one million small businesses across the country organized as corporations," Kartch points out:

As noted by the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, there are 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. Of those, 25.7 million have no employees, while 6 million have employees. Of these 6 million small employers, 16.8 percent, or 1 million of these businesses are classified as c-corporations. The SBA classifies a small employer as any independent business with fewer than 500 employees.

Biden claims his spending plan makes large corporations pay their "fair share." However, the plan will raise taxes on many small businesses that are structured as corporations.

As National Federation of Independent Business Vice President for Federal Government Relations Kevin Kuhlman told CNBC:

…There are big concerns about the C corp issue for the smallest corporations because the corporate tax hike is not being discussed in terms that would be graduated for smaller companies with lower levels of income.

"The target here is the largest corporations, many listed as paying no corporate tax, but the problem with that is that two-thirds or even more than that of corporations are small businesses," Kuhlman said, noting that the majority of C corps have receipts of less than $1 million.

Corporate taxes in general may amount to taxes on the lower- and middle-income workers, not just wealthy shareholders. "The puzzle to me about the entire debate is just how quickly the corporate tax got mired in this issue of fairness when we know the [effect] is so unclear," Harvard Business School professor Mihir A. Desai told The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Desai said lawmakers concerned about income distribution should focus more on assisting poorer households and less on raising corporate taxes that could slow investment.

Even models that show most of the corporate tax burden falling on capital affect middle-income households with retirement funds. They also show a modest longer-term effect on workers.

The bottom 80% of households pay more than one-quarter of corporate taxes, according to the Tax Policy Center. The Biden administration, which says it won't raise taxes on households making under $400,000, doesn't consider those effects as breaking its pledge.


• "In 1970, about 36% of federal spending, net of interest payments, was benefits to individuals—Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (new programs at the time), unemployment compensation, means-tested welfare benefits," notes Christopher DeMuth, a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute. "Benefits spending then grew mightily, roughly in tandem with deficit spending, and is now about 76% of spending, heading briskly toward 80%."

• South Carolina is bringing back death by firing squad.

• A federal appeals court is considering whether 18- to 20-year-olds should have the right to buy a gun.

• An extremist abortion law has cleared the Texas House:

• "The number of deportations carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement last month fell to the lowest monthly level on record, a drop that comes as illegal border crossings remain at a 20-year high," The Washington Post reports.

Reason's Jacob Sullum tackles the Supreme Court's crack versus cocaine sentencing disparity case.

NEXT: Judges Stick Up for Asset Forfeiture Victim

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  3. OK, so anyone can sue a baby killer.

    1. Baton Rouge police hardest hit.

    2. Can you Tell me one good thing about killing a baby?

      It’s easy?

      1. You only need to dig a small hole

    3. As long as they don’t wear a badge.

    4. You can’t sue planned parenthood, even if late term.

    5. Good thing the cops didn’t shoot a fetus, or the GOP would be all up in arms.

      1. Isn’t this just one of those delicious postpartum abortions your lot is slavering for? Even better it was performed by precious government employees.
        You should be absolutely delighted.

      2. Amazingly not funny nor of any actual substance.

        1. I think he’s just letting everyone know that he wouldn’t mind if cops shot a fetus.

  4. How many shots were fired always seems a silly thing to include in a headline to me. Unless one of the shooters stopped to reload, it doesn’t mean much if someone fired half their clip or their full clip. It especially doesn’t mean much when the bullets fired are being spread over ten different people (as is often the case with these headlines).

    1. Clearly you have not reviewed the style guide that says all guns are evil things that just shoot and shoot and shoot until something DIES. The story may be about a police chase, but “the narrative” is all about the gun.

    2. Magazine, not clip.

      1. Maybe the cops were using Garands?

        I’ve given up. Besides “empty the clip” rolls off the tongue better.

      2. What is the difference between the two? Is it size, or is what type of gun they are used in?

        1. I’ll play, and I’ll try to make it brief.

          Illocust, a “magazine” is a container in which firearm cartridges are kept, for feeding into the breech of a firearm. This container may be affixed to the firearm, as most were until…(I dunno, before the M1911 automatic pistol?) Let’s just say, at first, in firearms design.

          Loading the magazine can be done cartridge by cartridge, but it’s frequently faster if the cartridges are themselves attached to something, the something clipped onto the magazine, and then slid down off of the ‘clip’ into the magazine. Alternately, like with the Garand rifle I mentioned, the cartridges can be bound within a clip of metal, and the metal clip pushed into the fixed magazine. Shoot all of the cartridges, and the clip springs out of the magazine, away from the rifle. Usually with a “Ping!”

          Later, the innovation was made to make the magazine detachable. A firearm could therefore have multiple, already filled magazines, which greatly aided reloading the weapon. Take the 1911 pistol I mentioned. It is fed via a detachable magazine. The magazine has a “follower”, that positions each cartridge in the right position to be fed into the pistol’s chamber, and a spring underneath the follower to power it. No clip.

          1. Or, you can just say a clip feeds a magazine, and a magazine feeds a weapon

            1. If you leave a weapon on a shelf for a long time and don’t put a loaded magazine in it, will it starve?

          2. If literally’s definition can be changed to include figuratively, a clip can be a synonym for a magazine, especially since clips havent been part of modern firearm design for 70 years or so.

    3. Well, if more than 2 bullets were fired, that’s a decent indicator that the shooters weren’t bothering to aim.

      And, no, I don’t buy the argument that 10 people all fired their two bullets at exactly the same time.

      1. The old “spray and pray” tactic. (h/t: Archer)

    4. “…half their clip or their full clip.”

      You just invalidated your entire comment, right there.

      1. Did you know that people constantly misuse computer terms and people fucking hate the type of geek that insists on correcting them?

        Gun experts and vets, please dont be like the autistic IT guy.

        1. This guy has got it right.

          All the gun dorks who obsess over niche calibers and .50 “sniper rifles” never seem to realize that most vets do not share their enthusiasm for collecting simple tools, and they are basically doing the equivalent of talking a carpenter’s ear off about hammers.

          Cool, dude. Don’t really care about your $4500 6.5mm AR15 that you can afford to shoot maybe 100 rounds per range day. It’s a tool, and I’m starting to think you are too.

          1. If you don’t know basic gun terminology then you should not be involved in setting gun policy.

            Same shit for IT.

            1. The US Congress disagrees.

              1. …with itself 99% of the time.

            2. Gun policy should be simple. We the people can keep and bear them.

          2. ^

          3. Yeah but you’re not a veteran, you’re a self-admittedly morbidly obese fatass piece of shit who lives in Canada and used to go by the handle cytotoxic, and your entire knowledge of firearms comes from Call of Duty. You also pussied out like a pathetic little bitch when I offered to take you up on your challenge to fight/shoot/kill each other because you’re a pathetic little bitch who runs his mouth and can’t bring it.

    5. So, if they’d fired two shots, one round into the suspect and one round into the baby, you’d be in pretty much the same place?

    6. It definitely matters. Shooting once with a baby in the car would be risky, but a reasonable risk to take to stop the killer. Shooting 20 rounds into a car with a baby in it communicates that they do not care about the baby’s life, or at least not enough to aim carefully or risk not shooting their weapon if they are not in the best position and thus lose their bragging rights about killing someone.

      1. “… a reasonable risk to stop the killer………..”?? If there is no immediate danger of him killing someone else, what is the reason for stopping him at that moment? As long as he has a baby, don’t try to take him. Police seem to have an obsession with “capture at any cost.”

      2. Hey remember the other day when you were yucking it up about a reckless cop shooting an unarmed woman in the face despite 4 of his fellow cops in SWAT gear with M4 rifles trained on her back standing less than 10 feet behind her? You understand that anyone behind her could have been injured or killed by that bullet, right? Thank God he was heroically stopping an unarmed insurrection instead of doing something silly like trying to apprehend a double murderer.

  5. But what about the DOG?!
    There is a dog in the background; is it still alive?
    Never mind the baby, we kill 300,000 a year of those; what about the DOG?!

    1. Also, did all the officers make it home safely?

      1. the way the cops were running in front of each other I’m surprised no cops were shot by friendly fire.

        1. We’ve still got a few weeks before we can defintively know that none of them were killed with bear spray.

    2. And yet if they labeled the killing an abortion then all of the sides would be flipped

    3. DOG is immortal and all powerful. No one can kill DOG.

  6. “While campaigning, President Joe Biden pledged not to raise taxes on small businesses. But now, ‘Biden is pushing a series of tax increases that raise small business taxes,’ notes John Kartch of Americans for Tax Reform.”

    Another example of OpenBordersLiberal-tarian’s First Law. Democrats run on a platform of helping the lower classes and sticking it to the rich — yet once they attain power, they do precisely the opposite. Which is why we Koch / Reason libertarians overwhelmingly endorsed Biden.


    1. If basement bunker Biden says that these are not taxes on small businesses, how can you possibly disagree?

      1. Because as I’ve frequently pointed out, the smart approach is to ignore everything Democrats say about economics.

      2. Media has just transitioned to new speak to cover bidens lies. Sorry misstatements.

        1. Not sorry, TRUTHS!

          1. …more important that FACTS

        2. Real rich coming from a trumptard to talk about lies…

          1. Your bum must be so very, very sore.

          2. Ad hominem and whataboutism rolled together. What’s the matter, couldn’t fit a strawman into that post? If you want to deflect from the discussion about bias in reporting, you’re going to have to do better.

            1. Oddly sarcasmic will keep him unmuted.

            2. He does have a point though. Can anyone who carried water for Trump now complain about politicians lying? Sure, but it is fair to point out the hypocrisy.

              1. Yes
                What did Trump lie about? The size of the inaugural crowd?

          1. Great. Now “Not the Bee” needs to print the same article using real fact checks to show how little difference there is.

          2. 80 million people voted for Biden and claim all those facts are true so it must be so.

      3. Disagreement with Dear Leader is sedition!

    2. Allow me to expand on this idea.

      In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

      In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $6.82 billion

      I guarantee the Biden campaign never ran an ad promising “When I’m President, the minimum wage will not budge, and the richest people on the planet will get substantially richer.” But we savvy left-libertarians knew that’s exactly what would happen.


      1. I will never ‘mute’ you OBL. Your parody is pure gold. Never change. 🙂

    3. I give this one three, no four, Faucis.

    4. 80 million people voted for Biden so this is exactly what they want.

    5. Democrats and liberals are the most ignorant people when it comes to ecnomics.
      Economic at its basics is not that difficult to understand.It does take some smarts but most people get it when given the correct information in a way that can be easily understood.
      ie: Mises
      It’s when the subject goes off on tangents and becomes really complex ,seemingly into obscurity that becomes a challenge.

  7. “”The puzzle to me about the entire debate is just how quickly the corporate tax got mired in this issue of fairness when we know the [effect] is so unclear,” Harvard Business School professor Mihir A. Desai told The Wall Street Journal.
    Mr. Desai said lawmakers concerned about income distribution
    should focus more on assisting poorer households and less on
    raising corporate taxes that could slow investment.”

    It would be less puzzling if one remembers that Progressives hate the institutions of capitalism more than they love the poor.

    1. Profits are evil!

    2. They don’t even love the poor, they just use them like pawns.

      1. They do love having the poor around.

        1. Kinda like Hamas likes having innocent civilians around.

          1. “innocent”

        2. Same as they love racism, sexism, and whatever ism du jour they can exploit and parlay for votes.

    3. Prior to media gaslighting of his record and Biden switching to pretend to not want taxes raised. He was for raising taxes. For 40 years.

    4. But remember that Biden is merely asking that the rich pay their fair share of taxes and we know that a “fair share” is always “more”. Which is why nobody is asking Joe Biden what he considers a fair share and why if the rich aren’t paying their fair share why the IRS isn’t prosecuting them and putting them in jail.

      1. Careful there, this thinking might get basement bunker Biden questioned about a certain $500,000.00 tax dodge on his book deals.

      2. Maybe Brain-Damaged Biden can start with his own Meth-Mouth son = increase his tax rate.

      3. There are quite a few of those man on the streets interviews asking people what they think fair share is. Many of them saying 20% of someone’s income, or 30% of total taxes from the top 1%. Then they get told the effective tax rates of the top quintile and the share of the taxes paid by the 1% and they are shocked.

        Democrats rely on the ignorance of voters to push their plans.

        1. It is as it always has been.

  8. Yes, let’s stand directly downrange, in line with a rifle-toting cop, and the car that’s his target. Because rifle rounds don’t go through cars, or take unpredictable ricochets when they do. Brilliant. About as smart as those geniuses videoing an explosion, while standing behind a plate glass window.

    Horrible story, and yeah, that angle looks like reckless disregard for other occupants of the vehicle. Shades of that horrific Miami UPS van kidnapping and officer-involved shooting. Is the guy in the blue car currently shooting at you, or threatening to do so? Is he going anywhere now? No to both? Then don’t take a shot, when you know there are innocents also in the vehicle.

    1. Aside, go look at places like the BoxOTruth’s Buick O Truth, and see just what happens when bullets hit vehicles. Short answer is, it’s very hard to avoid catching a wound from something when rifle bullets hit cars, fragment, and spew crap everywhere. Babies don’t tolerate wounds all that well.

      Jeez, what a horrible story.

  9. “It’s possible that the driver—the baby’s father who has just kidnapped the baby after murdering the mother/ex and her relative—shot at the cops . . . . In typical fashion, some media outlets have refused to assign agency or blame for the child’s death to law enforcement.

    Surely, the kidnapper and murderer deserves some of the blame, especially if he’s the one that opened fire on police. I’m not sure the police are morally or legally compelled to sacrifice themselves rather than return fire. If the cops had been killed, that would have been a tragedy, too.

    Two cops firing ten rounds each, if that’s what happened, would mean they stopped firing before they emptied their guns.

    It’s entirely possible that they overreacted when someone was shooting at them, but no one killed this baby intentionally. Are you sure they knew the baby was in the vehicle? It wouldn’t the first time the media had the fact wrong in the emotional aftermath of a shooting.

    Regardless, I don’t think it’s typical of media outlets to refuse to assign agency or blame for a child’s death–with or without including weasel words like “some”. Are we blaming this killing on right-wing media? It’s hard to tell with weasel words, and that’s the point of using them, isn’t it.

    1. “A weasel word . . . is an informal term for words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated. Examples include the phrases “some people say”, “most people think”, and “researchers believe.” Using weasel words may allow one to later deny any specific meaning if the statement is challenged, because the statement was never specific in the first place. Weasel words can be a form of tergiversation and may be used in advertising, conspiracy theories and political statements to mislead or disguise a biased view.

      1. More of us really should be talking about things like weasel words, critical thinking, and media narratives to our friends and family.

        I dare anyone to build a valid syllogism around this baby’s death–and what policy we should change because of it–without using weasel worlds.

        There’s no need to convince most Americans that the news media is completely full of shit, but we (libertarians) should help our friends and family see the red flags, like weasel words, in real time.

        1. But that’s like saying most people know religion is full of shit, but support and kinda believe their own religion since it defines and supports their tribe.

        2. Syllogism?
          Hows about, in situation where an armed suspect is in the immediate vicinity of an innocent bystander, whilst not directly threatening said innocent bystander, police should not engage? Is the general statement too specific?

          I dont see how the smart thing to do here is not take cover and negotiate before he has a chance to shoot at you. Or bring in a sniper, I’m not opposed to offing this stupid bastard, but charging at an armed murderer and not expecting him to shoot at you doesnt make much sense. If you have to engage and neutralize any armed threat ASAP, they shouldnt even need to be threatened before shooting.

          This equally applies to the situation where they shot the mexican kid in the ally. Once they gave chase, there really wasnt any choice but to shoot him.

        3. Can we just rename these columns to the Weasel Woundup?

    2. “Our top priority is locating that child safely,” East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a press release.

      Pretty sure that means they knew the child was with him. But they don’t care. If the cops aren’t chalking “kill a baby” off their bucket list, they’re blaming the kidnapper for the child’s death. One thing is for certain, no cops lost any sleep over this.

      1. Muted with extreme prejudice.

        1. You know he hasn’t muted. How many times did he cry flags when you know he didn’t. Lol.

      2. They were speaking of their own safety, not the kid’s.

        1. Good catch. Better a hundred babies die than a cop get a paper cut.

        2. Despite the propaganda under written on their cars, they are trained that ultimately any life except their own is expendable.

          1. The public that they serve is everyone else.

      3. No, it actually doesn’t. That statement does not say they know where the kid is.

      4. “One thing is for certain, no cops lost any sleep over this.”

        Jesus, man. I hate when cops pull this shit as much as anyone, but dehumanizing them is pathetic. It says more about you than it does them.

        Police are human, and they make mistakes like anyone else. They should face the consequences for those mistakes, but please stop making stupid comments like that.

        1. Police are human….

          Yes. They are humans who assault, kidnap, rob, vandalize, and otherwise harm people for a living. On the few occasions when I’ve been a victim of one of those crimes committed by a non-cop, and asked the cops for help, one of two things happened. They showed up and offered to search me and my property for an excuse to arrest me, or they just told me I deserved it and refused to even show up.

          I have exactly zero respect for the police.

          1. Why do I get the feeling that sarc’s local police know who he is?

            1. You can only show up for a domestic violence call so many times before reaching a first name basis with the perp.

          2. Yes, you’re a leftist. That is the narrative you have been told to push.

            I actually hope someone robs you or assaults you some day.

        2. I was curious if anyone not already blocked by sarc would call him on that bs. Thanks.

        3. Reckless disregard for human life is not “a mistake.”

          1. Agreed, and for the record, I hope these cops receive justice for this. But saying none of these cops will lose any sleep for killing a baby is absurd and dehumanizing.

    3. No, I don’t think the kidnapper deserves much blame here even if he opened fire.

      He was boxed on, contained. It would help if cops trained as a team and had things like ‘on scene leaders’ to control and direct fire.

      Essentially what happens is someone pops off a round and every one else opens fire even if they can’t see a threat or are not under fire themselves.

      A properly trained team could have kept the guy fenced in while on retrieved a rifle from the trunk and set up or taken him down if he tried to break out.

      Instead everyone got that adrenaline oveoad and went cowboy.

      1. To be certain the kidnapper/killer (if he was in fact that) deserves a huge amount of blame. But, yes, blame here isn’t a pie to dole out in slices. Law enforcement acted in self interest and not in the interest of the child they professed to be acting to protect. It was at best knee-jerk and at worst cowardly.

        1. Fist has it correct.

      2. “No, I don’t think the kidnapper deserves much blame here even if he opened fire.”

        Then maybe you should look at your own biases. For all you know, this may have been suicide by cop.

        1. Even assuming that the driver was committing suicide by cop, that is no justification for careless overreaction that got the hostage killed.

          1. You misspelled “reckless.”

          2. This. Unless the hostage was in mortal peril they needed to back the fuck off.
            Military occupation style policing is pure cancer.

            1. Reminds me a bit of when they shot that poor UPS driver.

              Here’s a little inside peak at what people who dole out violence for a living are like: they value experience, and the experience of being in a real life gun fight is the penultimate. Cops out there who had not fired their weapons in the line of duty were painfully aware of that, and had a strong desire and built in cultural incentive to become a veteran by getting in a real gunfight. This creates an incentive to fire and escalate violence even when the situation would be better served with other measures.

              In my experience, the only way to counter this natural desire is extreme accountability for every round fired. People are slower on the trigger when they know they will have to answer for whatever those bullets do downrange. I have seen this principal demonstrated over and over too many times to ignore or discount it.

              1. This is also what is driving most of the bad police shootings caught on camera. Lack of accountability and an insular culture that allows them to dehumanize citizens, not individual cops’ racism.

        2. Then the cops are still to blame for over-reacting and killing a hostage.

      3. The guy firing at police after murdering someone and kidnapping a child doesn’t deserve a lot of the blame….

        1. That would seem to suggest that someone might not be looking at this from an unbiased perspective, doesn’t it?

          1. I just cant’ even understand how he got to that estimation of blame.

    4. The most bothersome part of the video is the cops who are just standing out in the open immediately prior to the start of the shooting.

      Beyond stupid.

      The reports do not mention how the first two people were killed. But if the cops knew they were shot then they clearly knew the driver was armed.

      Once he’s in the median set up a perimeter and get behind hard cover.

      No telling if the outcome would have been any different, but being an obvious and easy target for a fleeing felon is still a bad idea.

      1. Note: I’m speaking specifically about what is visible the video. Not the death of the child. That is horrible.

        1. the video does show a cluster of idiots crossing over lines of fire, amazing the cops didn’t shoot each other.

          1. Cops make this mistake a lot, from the videos I’ve seen.

            Infantry live fire exercises are considered high risk training, and the main concern and training point during such exercises is keeping each individual and unit out of each other’s lanes of fire. For people who have been in infantry combat, what the cops are doing is the equivalent of watching 6 year olds chase the soccer ball in a giant scrum all game.

            Stay in your lane. Stay on line, Shoot, move, communicate, kill.

    5. I’m not sure the police are morally or legally compelled to sacrifice themselves rather than return fire.

      Perhaps not, but any one of them willing to not just sacrifice a 4 month old but actively take its life to save his own rather than retreat might not be suited for the work. Society cedes a great deal of authority to individuals in law enforcement and it expects something shy of deadly self-interest in return.

      1. Panic fire is common in these situations. But let’s play out the alternate scenario…

        Armed dude who is known to have very recently murdered 2 people and who is suspected to have either kidnapped or kidnapped and killed a baby steps out of his vehicle and starts firing at you, the officer.

        Being well trained and we’ll coordinated (that part is a fantasy) you duck behind your vehicle.

        Now what? There are motorists all around, other officers all around… And he continues firing and advancing.

        How many shots do you allow? How far can he run? What if he jumps in the back?

        I don’t see a good answer absent being calm, professional, well coordinated and having good aim. Most of these scenarios lack all of the above.

        Remember the officer breaching over the top of his fellow officers to shoot blindly at Jose Guerena? Heck, I am surprised his fellow team members didn’t take him out back and best him to death. Or at least take away his bullet, Barney Fife style.

        This sounds like outcome based thinking.

        1. If they know the baby is in the car is the difference. In your scenario they think he already killed the baby, so obviously the rational solution is to take him out as soon as he lifts the gun.

          If they know the baby is in the car, and he’s advancing on you, the longer you let him advance the easier it is to neutralize him without endangering the baby. If we have to worship cops as heroes… I expect heroes to be willing to die to protect a baby.

        2. If he’s firing and advancing then he’s clear of the hostage – assuming *your* lines if fire are clear, go for it.

        3. There’s a whole lot of room for improvement between panic fire and allowing the target to walk right up to your position without returning fire.

        4. “…steps out of his vehicle and starts firing at you…”

          Kill him, with the patrol rifle you’ve had aimed at his chest or head this entire time?

          If he’s out of the car, the path of the bullet gets a lot more predictable. Do the best you can (by thinking about this ahead of time), try to ensure the through and through won’t intersect the car with the baby, and stop that fucker.

    6. “Our top priority is locating that child safely,” East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said in a press release.

      So the department knew he had the child, the individual officers – no idea yet. I agree the scumbag father is ultimately to blame – especially if he fired first.

      I’ll wait for dash/body cam video (if available – along with other evidence) to be released as all should do.

      1. Let’s be honest. This probably all started because he had an air freshener hanging in the back window.

      2. “I’ll wait for dash/body cam video (if available – along with other evidence) to be released as all should do.”

        A good rule, especially here.

    7. Yes, we are very sure they knew the baby was in the vehicle. It’s admitted in their own reports.

      1. We are very sure that at least SOME officers were aware the baby was in the car. According to the news reports, this was a 130 mile pursuit, across multiple jurisdictions, involving multiple police departments, across state lines, and if I recall correctly, one story said there were as many as 50 police cars involved in the chase. It’s very possible that not all the cops were aware there was a baby in the car.
        It’s a failure on the part of the cops, for sure, which resulted in the death of an infant, and that requires accountability, but to just assume that the cops just didn’t care about a baby in the car is a bridge too far.

  10. After than incident in Loveland, I imagine these cops will be a little more discrete when they fist-bump while watching the video of the baby being killed.

  11. Police shot more than 20 bullets at a car in which they knew there was a four-month-old baby, killing the child along with his father, Eric Derell Smith.

    They hide behind cars with families while shooting up a hijacked UPS truck, they shoot at Asian delivery ladies because they drive a pickup truck totally unlike the one driven by Christopher Dorner, they toss incendiary devices into cribs. This was the natural progression.

    1. We had a couple here in South Florida. There was a circular firing squad after one chase of a carjacking where luckily nobody killed each other… And we had the black spring break shooting where several bystanders were shot by police. As near as I have been able to acertain, that one was a rumor based shooting… Word spread of shots fired because a dude went the wrong way down a closed street. A hail of bullets followed, then an execution.

      Nobody even bothers to report on that one.

      There is clearly a paucity of ongoing training. These events are once in a lifetime. Less than once, actually, as most officers will never draw their weapon. These “tragic events” are usually rife with bad tactics, poor communication, poor decision making… But rarely malicious intent.

      1. “Less than once, actually, as most officers will never draw their weapon. ”

        AIUI, (and I welcome anyone with good cites saying one way or the other), that isn’t the case anymore. Though drawing a service weapon is still a long way from discharging that weapon at someone.

  12. It is amazing how deranged the left has become yo rationalize their authoritarian impulses in a desire for one party control.

    Curtis Houck
    DERANGED: MSNBC contributor, former Lincoln Project guy, and GOP flack-turned-Democrat Kurt Bardella says Donald Trump and the GOP are WORSE and have done MORE damage to American than al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, and the Taliban combined.

    Joy Reid says nothing to pushback.

    His quote: “I’ve been thinking to myself this whole time — you know, Al Qaeda, Osama bin laden, the Taliban, the people who wanted to do harm to our nation and to our way of life and democracy, they got nothing on what this Republican Party is doing.”

    1. Trump didn’t really do much of anything, but if you consider GOP _governors_ (excepting Gov. Noem of South Dakota) he’s actually right. The only people who have done more damage to our nation, our way of life, and democracy over the past year than GOP governors are Democratic governors.

      I suspect Bardella doesn’t care as long as it’s his team doing the damage.

      1. Off hand the only gop governors i can think of that were terrible were the blue state ones like hogan.

        My governors issue last year was allowing local mayors to choose lockdowns. Often democrat mayors. There was never a state mandated lockdown.

        But yes, dem governors did the most damage by far.

        1. ie: Newsom Cuomo, Whitmer……

  13. At least give the person in the car either a chance to get out or surrender or something. Especially if there was an innocent life in that car.

    Monday morning quarterback, if the Sunday afternoon quarterback was drilling toddlers with tight spirals all game long.

    1. Sbp’s ears perk up

  14. “A baby boy died from injuries suffered when Mississippi police gunned down his murder-suspect father,” NBC News tweeted…

    So I guess we’re done lipservicing the defund the police crowd.

    1. That’s the least biased headline out of the lot. No using bullet counts to try and make things sound scary without context. Clear why the police were firing in the kids vicinity, and lets you know the kids died from police bullets.

  15. Corporate tax increase targets small businesses and workers, too.

    You elect a Democrat, this is what you get. Why don’t people understand that and accept it?

    1. Because Reason staff aren’t effected by all us small business rubes having our taxes increased.

      1. Reason staff are above all that money-grubbing peasant stuff.

    2. I think people do understand and accept that, and many want that. They just pretend something else during campaigns.

  16. New today at @libertarianism, we’ve added an entry on “Sex Work” to the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism…

    How many euphemisms will the libertarian market bear?

    1. Sex work, two words, seven letters. Whore, one word, 5 letters. For the love of Gaia conserve your pixels.

  17. Odd how she’s distraught over the baby killed by the state and then angry that in Texas the state doesn’t want to kill babies.

    1. Clump of cells.

    2. Pumping a child full of hot lead is equivalent to ending a pregnancy. Got it.

      1. When was the last tear you cried for a dying child? Dismemberment late term babies is far more gruesome. Dozens of children dead by gangs. You’ve never said a word about either.

        Your care here isn’t for the child. It is about being against the police.

      2. I mean it literally happened at several blm rallies

      3. Chemically burning, Dismembering, and sucking the brain out of the skull is much worse than a gunshot

  18. Benefits spending then grew mightily, roughly in tandem with deficit spending, and is now about 76% of spending, heading briskly toward 80%.

    We’ve almost reached herd immunity to fight off capitalism.

    1. Beware the black market variants.

  19. “…”Baby in suspect’s car during I-10 police pursuit dies,” read a Biloxi Sun Herald headline…”

    The passive voice tells you some government asshole screwed up. Remember when ‘an unarmed protester in the Capitol died’ (was shot in the face by a cop)?

  20. South Carolina is bringing back death by firing squad.

    As long as someone is still allowed to use their guns.

    1. Mississippi is way ahead of South Carolina now. Death by firing squad AND none of that long trials/appeals/innocent/guilty stuff AND it can be applied to four-month olds.

      1. Very progressive.

  21. A federal appeals court is considering whether 18- to 20-year-olds should have the right to buy a gun.

    Constitutional rights don’t kick in until you’re off your parents’ health insurance.

    1. Bad policy and unconstitutional are not the same thing.

      Our courts do not seem to understand this.

      1. Our courts do not seem to understand that constitutional IS a thing.

  22. Honest question… why are the stories like ENB the only ones ever publicized? There are pages out there highlighting the number of kids deaths from gang wars, yet not a peep. Why is it that some only think children deaths are tragic when they can politicize it, especially against the police?

    Should this child have been shot? No. They shouldn’t. But please explain what manner of action would have stopped someone who had already murdered someone else and was most likely using the kid as a hostage? There aren’t many good choices here. If they let him flee and he kills someone else, would you outrage over that?

    Look, if you’re going to highlight the deaths of children do it for everything, not just the ones that lend credence to your political posturing. Because at that point you’re just using the death for your own purposes. Enb has never cared about a child who died that she couldn’t use politically.

    1. As several have pointed out, the fleeing had stopped. The vehicle was sitting still in a median with no cover close by. The cops had nice big engines to use as cover in addition to tactical vests (assumption, but most cops wear armor on patrol). All they had to do was sit there until the suspect surrendered. If, and only if, the suspect started shooting was return fire necessary. And given the size of the chase, there should have been a ranking officer there with a rifle and the skill to take out only the suspect.

      1. And given the size of the chase, there should have been a ranking officer there with a rifle and the skill to take out only the suspect.

        This is what struck me in particular. There really should have been someone running command and control considering the number of officers, plus the fact they knew a baby was in the car.

    2. There are pages out there highlighting the number of kids deaths from gang wars, yet not a peep. Why is it that some only think children deaths are tragic when they can politicize it, especially against the police?

      We expect better—despite recent evidence—out of trained police officers, than we do out of illiterate, borderline-retarded, feral ghetto dwellers. Even though the number of children killed by the latter vastly exceed those killed by the former.

      As to what the cops should have done, again: is the killer shooting anybody or threatening to do so at that moment? No? Then cordon off the situation, make sure he can’t go anywhere, and don’t shoot into the car unless it looks like he’s going to kill the kid.

      If he’s blasting at cops and motorists, it’s obviously a lot tougher. A patrol rifle, and one good shot, would be helpful.

      1. It’s possible to cover both.

        1. True. Unfortunately, the media hammers the hell only out of one, and only cares about the second in as much as they can use black on black violence to restrict the rights of the law-abiding.

      2. Cops make mistakes just as much as everybody. But the fact here is that the death is only tragic in this case because it can be used for a political gain.

        There are literally hard choices made during hostage standoffs, even in cases where the suspect can’t flee. There are many cases where police sit back and the suspect ends up taking the hostages life with them.

        It isn’t as black and white as some of you are trying to make it out to be.

        There is no perfect solution in these instances.

        1. This was far from ideal, and we should expect better. Either that, or we take a bunch of police power and privilege because we clearly aren’t getting what we pay for in money and rights stomping.

    3. In 2019, there were about 150 infants (less than 1 year) murdered. How many of them were murdered by cops? How many of them were murdered by their own family? How many murdered in drive-by gang type stuff?

      I’m sure you know the answer to all these and can thus enlighten us with a narrative that isn’t simply the political narrative you prefer. Or more likely – not.

      1. Do you?

        1. I have no idea. I’m not the one feigning political outrage that ‘baby killed by cop’ gets headlines at Reason while ‘baby killed by drive-by gangbangers’ isn’t.

          1. Well I don’t have a number for you, but I live in the Detroit tv market, and babies getting shot by gangbagers is a serious issue that’s not uncommon. And I don’t even watch the local news very often.

          2. Gangbangers dont have QI, full pensions after 20 years, pass from being arrested for violating minor crimes, different standards of guilt for major crimes, taxpayer funded transportation and weapons, exceptions from R2W laws or taxpayer funded hero PR campaigns and they dont have a sworn duty to protect the public from anyone. What a stupid fucking argument.

          3. Oh, and Im plenty outraged by gangbangers killing babies, strawman. In fact I think they should be executed on the street and hung from lamp posts until they fall down from rot, because other than abortion doctors, people who recklessly kill babies are the lowest of the fucking low.

            1. No one was responding to your position on gangbangers killing babies vs cops, so your position has no bearing on it being a straw man. These two comments were your first in this thread.

              How much of an intellect does it require to be enraged with cops killing a baby, but also calling out national media mostly ignoring babies getting killed by gangbangers. Especially since this is a supposed libertarian publication, and most libertarians can agree that a large reason for much of that violence is connected to the war on drugs? Why is it so offensive to some of you that some of us think both should be addressed?

            2. I think that might be a good idea. In fact bring back the iron maiden.

    4. On that front, down here in South Florida we had the murder of a toddler caught on video. Nobody nationally cares because it does not fit the narrative. But it’s wall to wall down here on TV. Strangely, I cannot find a trace on the web.

      1. Local crime, even the murder of a child, rarely makes national news. Because local crime is not interesting or novel to people outside of the local area. When police kill a baby, it is naturally a news story because that is not what we expect from police, nor should we. This is not hard to understand, if Jesse could just turn off his outrage-o-rama machine for a moment.

        1. ‘4 month old baby kills gangbanger’ would however make national news. And rightly so.

    5. No one freaks out when everything is going to plan. Even if the plan is horrific.

      1. Perfect answer and succinct.

  23. The number of deportations carried out by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement last month fell to the lowest monthly level on record…

    The cage manufacturing industry thanks the president for his business.

  24. South Carolina is bringing back death by firing squad.

    The blindfold is an N95 mask and the cigarette better not be menthol.

    1. I don’t understand why they didn’t just start injecting them with the Johson & Johnson vaccine?

  25. While campaigning, President Joe Biden pledged not to raise taxes on small businesses.

    And you were relentlessly mocked for believing it just like believing he was a moderate. But mean tweets.

    Don’t feel bad. All the leftists gaslighting as libertarians pushed the same lying narrative.

  26. “…While campaigning, President Joe Biden pledged not to raise taxes on small businesses…”

    Well, he doesn’t make people angry by pointing out their bullshit on facebook; that’s all that matters.

    1. Biden is just a lying, adilpated sack of shit. But we knew that going in.


    NEW – Black Lives Matter published an updated set of demands on their website, which includes a permanent banning on Trump from ever holding office again. [Pic]

    1. It wasn’t just banning on social media. They are demanding criminal prosecutions.

    2. Now, what was the inspiration for Liberia?

    3. Pretty much none of the shit they’re demanding has to do with black lives. Nice to see they’re repeating the lie that police were born out of slave patrols–in the South, that certainly was a primary responsibility, but law enforcement patrols go back even further in the colonial era, and the concept itself goes back centuries in Anglo-Saxon societies for tax collection purposes, the settlement of general disputes, pursuit of alleged criminals under common law, and the night’s watch (the last is parodied in “Much Ado About Nothing”).

      1. “and the night’s watch (the last is parodied in “Much Ado About Nothing”)”

        And Game of Thrones.

      2. The Sheriff of Nottingham isn’t a great ancestor to claim either. Cops really do have it rough.

        1. To be fair, no one really likes cops no matter what century you’re in. I had a buddy who worked dispatch for close to 20 years, and even he couldn’t stand a lot of the guys he worked with.

  28. Good luck!

    A group called Black Hammer has allegedly acquired 200 acres of land in Colorado to create an ethno, communist state for black & brown people. They’re currently trying to raise $500k on @gofundme. They say they will burn Anne Frank’s writings to keep warm. #BLM #AutonomousZone [pics]

    1. Can they even make it to winter? Can they livestream it if they do?

      1. I’d love a livestream either way.

        1. You know that executives from Netlflix are heading there now to sign up Black Hammer for at least two seasons.

    2. Oh this is good stuff (video)

      i for one think this guy will do a very good job leading a 200 acre commune in the mountains of colorado

      1. It’s the black (probably) gay joker!

    3. “They’re currently trying to raise $500k on @gofundme.”

      What says black power more than begging?

      1. Reparations?

        1. same thing.

    4. Covered this yesterday–the morons bought land at 10,000 feet, which gives them a growing season of about four months on land that only supports pine scrub, and at the price they bought the land for, they clearly didn’t acquire any kind of water right, so the state water commission is going to be crawling up their ass.

      Like I said yesterday, I’m pretty sure they got this idea from the Yellowstone tv series, where the Indian tribal president uses money from the reservation casino to buy land and incorporate it into the reservation. Considering the Utes knew how stupid it was to try and grow crops at that elevation when they controlled the Rockies, I have a hard time seeing how this claque of spastics aren’t going to be able to add to Colorado’s proud cannibalistic tradition.

      1. I’ll add the the likelihood of these tards accidentally starting up a forest fire this summer is pretty high as well.

        1. Dysgenic tweens. The big island gives away lava flow plots for premium growing. It’s amazing to see a house going up on dried black lava rock.

      2. Your making the assumption this isn’t a scam. Beg 500,000 off gullible people, take 490,000 as salary and expenses. Retire somewhere nice.

      3. Lightning at 10,000 is the great culling.

  29. Pretty people from Hollywood told me “Corporations are bad”. That’s all I need to know to want my Dear Leader to punish them.

    1. Help me out here; exactly how many movies or plays or concerts are put on without a corporation involved?

      1. Liar!

  30. Having JesseAz, R Mac and Sevo muted is so nice. Instead of reading their personal attacks before flagging them, they’re already greyed out. Makes these comments almost civilized.

    1. Almost.
      I predict a huge upswing n the production of socks.
      Invest accordingly.

      1. I doubt it. I think the socks would need to be new accounts. My guess is changing the screen name won’t get someone unmuted. It’s the account, not name, that’s blocked.
        So Tulpa or JesseAz would have to go through the trouble of creating a new account, only for it to be ignored with a single click.
        So I don’t think it’s worth it for the trolls to make more socks.
        We will see.

        1. keep screaming out your victimhood.


        2. By the way, how do you know I am even commenting on this if you aren’t clicking on the mute links.. hmm….

          1. He keeps on gibbering about how to mEaN giRLs keep bringing him up, but every third post he makes is about us.

            I think that it might be sexual for him:
            Sarcasmic imagines jerking others off

            1. Lol, sarc’s been trying to ignore us since at least February, and three months later he finally gets his mute button and he still keeps bringing us up. After his big pronouncement that he was leaving this site altogether.

        3. I tested it out. Muting is indeed by account, not by handle, which is the correct way to do it.

          I do suspect that Tulpa has the process of creating dummy email addresses down to a science, so he still might be an annoyance.

    2. Wow, he actually came back into a thread to triple down on victim signaling.

      And he thinks that is worthy of bragging about.

      1. Being victimized is his entire identity!

      2. It’s actually kind of amazing to watch a person crow about how they can make their echo chamber utterly impenetrable.

    3. Poor victim sarcasmic in an unfair world!
      Fuck off and die, whiny piece of lefty shit.

    4. What is their fucking problem with you anyhow? If anyone deserves that kind of abuse its the original Rev or Tony or raspberry or wk.

      Youre just a slightly left of center non fundamentalist libertarian. I really dont get it.

      1. Youre just a slightly left of center non fundamentalist libertarian.

        Say what?

      2. What is their fucking problem with you anyhow?

        Reason gave me the power to mute them. I have no reason to care.

      3. What is their fucking problem with you anyhow?

        Trolling, attention whoring and a victimhood complex.

    5. It is really, really nice. There are actual conversations going on.

    6. So how many of these posts are we gonna get in every story? How long before you have to unmute them because you have nothing else to talk about?


    Hello, we are your home heating company. We noticed that you complimented Trump on your Facebook page. This violates our service agreement so please advise your children that they will freeze to death because bruh we are a company and not the govt so f**k off with your freedom.

    1. Dear home heating company; I was saddened too learn of the recent acts of vandalism on your entire fleet of trucks. Try not to freeze to death now that you have no income.
      PS. The kids are fine, the fireplace draws quite well.


    BREAKING: FBI search warrant unsealed in Alaska couple case

    Suggests an airline flight crew may have named woman weeks later after dispute over mask regulations

    1. FBI officers don’t need to be prosecuted for making up shit on warrants, they learned their lesson and won’t do it again.

  33. “Benefits spending then grew mightily, roughly in tandem with deficit spending, and is now about 76% of spending, heading briskly toward 80%.”

    A report just the other day stated that 34% of household income was made up of government transfer payments, and Joe Biden is determined to ramp up that amount even further. A real-life, real-time test of the idea that a democracy can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.

    1. It’s not even real largess! Just printed slips of paper. Interesting times.

  34. Hockey is probably the most libertarian sport–for one reason: The players make the rules of the game.

    Exhibit 1:

    “The Rangers and Capitals combined for 72 penalty minutes in the first 4 minutes, 14 seconds of their game Wednesday night, their first meeting since Washington forward Tom Wilson injured New York star Artemi Panarin earlier this week in the same building.

    There were six separate fights to start the game at Madison Square Garden, including a line brawl one second after the opening faceoff. The Capitals defeated the Rangers 4-2 in a game that ended up with 141 penalty minutes.

    “I definitely think we felt the need to take matters into our own hands a bit,” Rangers center Ryan Strome said.


    So, let’s be clear about what happened here. The NHL league office decided that Tom Wilson (of the Capitals) shouldn’t be punished for taking a cheap shot at one of the Rangers when he was lying face down on the ice. The rules of the game, however, aren’t really set by the NHL.

    There’s a code of conduct that you learn in the Canadian junior leagues, about when it’s okay to hit someone and when it isn’t; when it’s alright to fight someone, and when it’s absolutely necessary for the whole team to brawl. If the league won’t mete out a penalty for breaking the real rules, then the players will.

    Silly men at the league office make their pronouncements, but the real rules are driven by the ethics of the players themselves and their willingness to enforce them. The players only respect the authority of the league to the extent that their authority legitimately reflects the ethics and values of the players themselves. What could be more libertarian?

    There are other sports that do things like this, although not to the same extent. A national league pitcher taking a fastball to the chin after beaning a player on other team is one, but if an American league pitcher beans someone, that player charging the mound is the only way he’ll ever pay a price for it. It’s nothing like in hockey.

    1. Would hockey be more libertarian if players were armed?

      1. If you don’t want to fight one on one, you don’t have to according to the code. They ask you if you want to go and then they drop the gloves. If you don’t want to fight, you don’t drop the gloves, and there’s an enforcer on the team, somewhere on the fourth line, whose job it is to go after anybody that comes after the smaller, faster players with cheap shots or tries to fight them.

        Some of the enforcers are so big and scary, they should be considered lethal weapons.

        I was a little league game, one time, and a famous ex-enforcer, who had recently retired, was sitting in the bleachers because his son was on the team. One of the other dads got way out of control screaming shit at the umpire, the coach, and the kids, and this ex-enforcer calmly asked the guy to cool it down–they were just kids! The out of control parent went ballistic.

        I said to the out of control guy, “You don’t know who that is, do you?” He’d been in dozens of fights over the years with professional athletes in the NHL, and he almost always won! What do you know that all those professional athletes didn’t know? Why’s it my business? Because watching you pick a fight with him is like watching a baby play with a loaded gun.

        That guy, anyway, didn’t need to be armed in the game to scare the shit out of people, but he wasn’t really a threat to the rest of us. It’s the out of control guy in the bleachers that we need to arm ourselves to worry about. He was capable of anything.

        1. funniest part was the two Rangers skating away (queue Jethro Tull) from Wilson *before* tiny #42 took him on and got beat down.

        2. I was a little league game, one time, and a famous ex-enforcer, who had recently retired, was sitting in the bleachers because his son was on the team. One of the other dads got way out of control screaming shit at the umpire, the coach, and the kids, and this ex-enforcer calmly asked the guy to cool it down–they were just kids! The out of control parent went ballistic.

          Seems relevant:

        3. Bob Probert was such a libertarian, he was an enforcer and an advocate for legalizing drugs!

          1. I have a Probert jersey he’s the only Red Wing I would ever wear

            1. Slava Fetisov for me. Loved watching him in the Olympics.

            2. I have a Probert and a Sergei Fedorov. One could brawl, the other could play.

              1. sure. mad respect for Fed (and Fetisov ^^^) I just hate the Wings … so much

                1. Stevie Y is back to restore the glory!

                  1. the world *is* off-kilter when the Wings suck

          2. Rangers/Caps wuz nuthin’. Everybody knows the greatest game ever played was 3-26-97, Wings/Avs. Claude Lemieux got what he had coming. Might just watch the DVD of that this weekend.

            Also, wasn’t Tom Wilson the name of the actor who played biff in Back to the future?

            1. I was in college that year, and I had a roommate that recorded the game. We watched that game so many times that year.

              1. Goddamn you’re old.

        4. I almost got into with a firefighter at a little league game because he wouldnt stop harrassing and swearing at the ump. Interestingly, the ump then tried to throw me out before the league commissioner overturned the ejection.

          I had to pull my kid from soccer because the immigrant parents were insane. The shit they pulled at 6U games blew my mind.

      2. Unarmed? I think you’re confusing hockey with basketball.

        1. Marty McSorley on line 2. Donald Brashear on line 3.

          1. Tucker Tynan must still be a little slow getting to the phone…

            1. Trigger warning: I’m not normally squeamish, but seeing a kid go down, rise to all fours, and go back down as a pool of blood creeps out from underneath him still makes my stomach churn.

              1. ya. the Clint Malarchuk episode still haunts also (although not an assault)

                1. (although not an assault)

                  Yeah, neither was Tynan’s. Still, between seconds and fractions of inches from being mortally wounded. Malarchuk didn’t bug me, like I said, I don’t mind blood and IIRC, he walked off under his own power.

                  1. true. *that much* blood isn’t normal … like when you see a car upside-down

    2. This really needs some Letterkenny clips to set the tone…

      Hit Somebody!

        1. Pure genius!

        2. That show is hilarious.

    3. Like the old joke:
      I went to the Friday night fights, and right in the middle, a hockey game broke out.

    4. Wilson is a cheap-shot artist who would be in prison if it weren’t for hockey. This has been going on for years.

      1. Wilson is an amazing player who makes amazing plays. He may have taken a cheap shot, but he is not a cheap shot artist. He plays physical, and the Caps wouldn’t have won the cup without him.

        Part of the problem is that European and Russian players come to North America, and they don’t understand the rules or the North American style of play. This is why so many teams with speed and finesse players from Russia and Europe do so well in the regular season only to fall apart in the regular season, when it’s time to grow a beard, man up, and play hockey as a war of attrition against the same team seven times in a row.

        You need a guy that’s gonna make the big hit every chance he gets, and sometimes he’ll step over the line, but that’s the way it should be. The coach should have to be reigning players in rather than pushing them to make hits, and Tom Wilson is exactly that kind of player. Going into the playoffs, there isn’t a coach anywhere that wouldn’t love to have Tom Wilson on his bench. Guys like that are the difference between winning and losing.

        1. I respectfully disagree. He’s a goon who is mostly employed to give players on the opposing team something to worry about (i.e. season – or career-ending injury) besides beating his team. He’s been suspended a number of times for illegal hits to the head and boarding. He’s been fined for the same thing even more times than that. He basically ended the career of Lubomir Visnovsky with an illegal hit. He’s the only player I can think of who has been suspended multiple times in the pre-season.

          Check out some of the videos in that article.

        2. Its puzzling how much some love fighting in hockey and chin music and mound charging in baseball and detest that type of thing in basketball or football.

          1. Ron Artest still the man.

        3. Wilson is a cheap shot artist.

          The caps also have Chara who’s a piece of fucking shit.

          Fuck the Caps!

          I FUCKING HATE Chara!

          1. Hi KARen!

            You hate a lot of people. Sucks to be you.

            Haha. What a doosh.

          2. What, are you a Habs fan?

            1. Yes.

        4. I thought the late 90s red wings put to bed the myth that you can’t win in the playoffs with a bunch of euros and russkies.

          To be fair tho, the guys you didn’t wanna mess with on that team were canucks, so……

          1. There are exceptions to the rule, and Red Wings of that era are certainly that.

            Lidstrom may be the best defenseman in history.

            1. fun! Ray. Bourque.

              1. The aforementioned Fetisov…when he was on the Soviet national team. Chris Chelios probably should be mentioned. As well as Brian Leetch. Al MaciInnis for that ridiculous slapshop. Iafrate there too.

                Though really, shouldn’t this begin and end with Bobby Orr?

            2. I’m with Ken on the Lindstrom nomination. Though there have been a lot of other really great players, as mentioned by others, that guy was an absolute horse.

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  36. They did locate the child. And in regard to the police officers, they did so safely.

    1. Located safely; it was AFTER the locating that some people did some things.

  37. >>It’s possible that the driver —— shot at the cops.

    but did the passenger? also did they look around for a dog to shoot first?

  38. “Police did eventually locate the child safely.

    Then they killed him.”

    This is your protect and serve. A quip popular a while back, that should come back, was “Call 911 and die.” Police are often more dangerous to crime victims, especially hostages, than are the initial perpetrators.


    “The greater the bureaucratization of public life, the greater will be the attraction of violence. In a fully developed bureaucracy there is nobody left with whom one could argue, to whom one could present grievances, on whom the pressures of power could be exerted. Bureaucracy is the form of government in which everybody is deprived of political freedom, of the power to act; for the rule by Nobody is not no-rule, and where all are equally powerless we have a tyranny without a tyrant.” ~ Hannah Arendt

  39. Man, this mute button is a God send. A quick request: would the people who I haven’t muted stop including the arguments of the Trumpian buttholes and vaxxer nutcases in their posts? You are harshing my mellow.

    1. Someone else pay for your mortgage? Check.
      Someone else pay for your healthcare? Check.
      Someone else modify their speech to avoid experiencing micro-aggressions?
      Marxism, other people being forced to do things for you. Check.

    2. Assholish piece of lefty shit? Check.

    3. These lefties are hilarious with this mute button.

    4. Soon you’ll have to mute everyone to stop the harshing of your mellow. It’s not censorship, of course, if the post is a thought you don’t agree with.
      Here’s another annoying thing to harsh your mellow because you’ve harshed mine now with your micro-aggressive poor attention to details that may or may not offend someone. Godsend is a single word. Spelling police notified.

  40. we’ve added an entry on “Sex Work” to the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, contributed by @ENBrown

    Nothing says ‘liberated woman’ like getting full credit and recognition for secretarial work.

  41. “Corporate taxes in general may amount to are taxes on lower- and middle-income workers”


    1. Hmmm… Looks like the commenting system no longer recognizes the HTML underline tag. Please mentally italicize the word “are” above instead.

  42. The cops are at least twice as bad as you think, and police reform activists that couch their argument in racism instead of statism are in a small part responsible for each of these new atrocities by cops.

    “Tony Timpa Suffered the Same Fate as George Floyd — But Received None of the Attention”

    Their ignoring at least one half of the cops’ atrocities they makes it easier for cops to minimize and hide their misdeeds and fails to attract many potential allies for accountability and reform. This babies killing, Timpa’s, and every other killing by cops should get the attention due, the attention of Floyd’s murder.


    “People think they’re trading chaos for order, but they’re just trading normal human evil for the really dangerous organized kind of evil, the kind that simply does not give a shit. Only bureaucrats can give you true evil.” ~ Larry Correia

    1. Considering it sounds like Timpa committed no crime and reached out to the police for help, I’d say the larger half of the atrocities are being ignored.

      1. I agree, and so do those close to Timpa’s case:

        In at least one regard — the fact that Timpa had called 911 himself looking for help, whereas Floyd had been involved in a crime — Henley believes the Timpa case is “significantly more egregious.”

        It also could deter people from calling 911 if they or a family member is in a mental crisis.

        “’It’s like, okay, don’t call 911,” Henley said. “We don’t want a society that does that.’

        Lyman agreed that in some ways the Timpa case is an even greater tragedy than Floyd’s.

        ‘This case took place under the national radar, as most of these types of cases do, frankly,’”

        Recall that quip “Call 911 and die” and Reagan’s nine most terrifying words “‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.'”

      2. If BLM actually cared about reducing police violence, theyd ally themselves with the poor whites that suffer from it at the same or higher rates. Turning it into a race thing, when its clearly not is the exact opposite of productive.

        1. Yes, they’re coming very close to doing the divide half of the state’s divide and conquer work for it.

        2. Marxists never care about reducing police violence.

    2. “The cops are at least twice as bad as you think, and police reform activists that couch their argument in racism instead of statism are in a small part responsible for each of these new atrocities by cops.”

      That’s because most of the people emphasizing the racial aspect (those in power, not the useful idiots) don’t actually want police reform, because then they couldn’t keep using it for political purposes.

      1. Yes, there is a perversity in how the top tier of those focusing on the racial aspect to the exclusion of the true scale and diversity of the problem and the cops both benefit from the problem persisting unresolved.

  43. South Carolina is bringing back death by firing squad.

    Because hanging them would be…problematic?

    1. Shooting is less of a noose-ance than hanging.

    2. Just remand them to federal custody so they can hang themselves when the guards aren’t looking.

    3. gun violins okay if South Carolina does it.

      1. “gun violins”

        Go on…

        1. there’s a fitting Simpsons scene but can’t locate on youtube to post

          1. There’s also too much sax on TV.

          2. Does it parody the Desperado movie?

            1. Krusty loses daughter’s violin to Fat Tony in poker game. Homer helps Krusty break into Fat Tony’s house to steal back violin when all the mobsters are gathered at the house. There’s a room with like 200 violin cases on the bed 199 have guns 1 has the violin.

              1. That’s a good one

    4. Hanging actually is a lot of work. The state of Delaware was one of the last to abandon the gallows as a method of execution. I still remember reading the handbook on how to do it. (It was part of an exhibit we saw during a school field trip.) Doing the hanging right takes a keen understanding of physics and a lot of attention to detail.

      You want the fall to cleanly break the person’s neck. Too thick a rope/short a drop/light a weight and the person slowly strangles to death. Too long a drop/heavy a weight and either the executionee’s head pops right off – which is traumatic for the staff and witnesses and a lot of unnecessary work to clean up – or the rope breaks and you have to do everything again – also traumatic for everyone involved. (And no, the rope breaking did not satisfy the sentence and get you set free. That was the rule some places – and is why the sentences were commonly changed to “hung by the neck until dead”.)

      Remember that the guillotine was introduced as a more humane means of execution than hangings.

      1. The state of Delaware was one of the last to abandon the gallows as a method of execution.

        Interesting. New Jersey was the last to abandon the dunking stool.

  44. Wait a minute — what color were the baby and the cop? I want to know whether I should be outraged.

  45. Bamboo?! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

    After years of loyalty, this Canadian is quitting the Republican Party! I’m mortally embarrassed I bought into the stop the steal bullshit.

    1. This has got to be a spoof.

    2. I know it is. I’ve got ML muted. And I see this.

      1. See? I didn’t see that comment.

    3. Fuck off, White Knight.

  46. Little disappointed to see Reason joined the rest of the media in writing opinions and guesses instead of facts.

    1. I’ll be the first to agree with you that Reason routinely stumbles over or outright lies about the facts in these sorts of cases. Along those lines, I’d also agree that there are cases where there’s nuance that Reason conveys poorly. This is not a hill to fight that battle. Even if the dude shot the baby before he got out of the car, after a volley of 20 rounds, any forensic examiner is going to have a tough time proving he did it and not the cops. Especially considering the cops didn’t/wouldn’t know he did it beforhand. So, unless they knew the baby was dead and aren’t saying as much, it’s pretty much a case of “20 bullets went in. 1 dead baby came out. No context necessary.” Like the kid they mutilated with a flashbang or Eric Garner, there is no amount of context that justifies mutilating an innocent kid at the wrong address or being called to break up a fight and incidentally manslaughtering an innocent, unarmed victim.

  47. All cops are scum. next time I see a pig, I’ll shout “baby killer”.
    Hope that makes them feel like the POS they are.
    No respect at all for the pigs.

    1. The problem isn’t the cops themselves as much as the policy makers, trainers, police chiefs and politicians who have created them. Their like dogs who’ve been trained to be vicious.

      I hope that for every one cop you shout “baby killer” at, you do the same to five bureaucrats and politicians.

  48. “”Benefits spending then grew mightily… and is now about 76% of spending…”

    Wealth transfers are just that. The other things government do, e.g. actually destroy wealth and reduce every Americans’ Standard of Living. Wealth transfers do not

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