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FDA Reverses Course on Abortion Drugs by Mail

Plus: Legal battle over published arrest records, senators introduce cruise ship legislation, and more...


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will once again allow abortion-inducing drugs to be prescribed remotely and sent via mail. Typically, a patient seeking a medical abortion—that's the type induced via prescription drugs mifepristone and misoprostol—must be prescribed and receive the drugs at a physician's office, hospital, or medical clinic, per FDA rules. But the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a lot of legal back-and-forth over this.

Last summer, a federal court temporarily suspended the in-person prescription requirement. The in-person prescription requirement during pandemic times presents a "substantial obstacle" (of the sort barred by Roe v. Wade) to women seeking abortions, U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang ruled in July 2020, issuing a preliminary injunction blocking enforcement of the FDA's in-person rules until at least 30 days after an end to the public health emergency was declared.

The Trump administration challenged this ruling, and the Supreme Court asked in October that the court reconsider, given that "relevant circumstances" may have changed. Then, in January, the Supreme Court granted the Trump administration's request to ignore the district court's ruling while a federal appeals court was hearing the matter. That meant that being prescribed abortion drugs once again required an in-person visit.

Now, the FDA says the requirement is again suspended.

In an April 12 letter to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM), Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock wrote that a review of the literature does "not appear to show increases in serious safety concerns (such as hemorrhage, ectopic pregnancy, or surgical interventions) occurring with medical abortion as a result of modifying the in-person dispensing requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic."

As a result, the agency would "exercise enforcement discretion" with regard to in-person dispensing requirements and "the dispensing of mifepristone through the mail either by or under the supervision of a certified prescriber, or through a mail-order pharmacy when such dispensing is done under the supervision of a certified prescriber," Woodcock wrote.

While the suspension is only temporary, it will hopefully pave the way for a more permanent relaxing of the FDA's in-person prescription and dispensation rule. Like with so many other areas of coronavirus-related regulation relaxing, the lack of adverse outcomes associated with this pandemic prescribing experiment should call into question the need for such regulations even in ordinary times.

"By halting enforcement of the in-person dispensing requirement during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA is recognizing and responding to the available evidence—which has clearly and definitively demonstrated that the in-person dispensing requirement for mifepristone is unnecessary and restrictive," said ACOG CEO Maureen G. Phipps in a statement.


Court considers news reports on arrests for charges that were never prosecuted. A Massachusetts trial court has rejected the "right to be forgotten" that exists in Europe, in a case (G.W. v. Gannett Co., Inc.) involving a news report on a person's arrest on charges that were never prosecuted. "I think that it would sometimes be permissible for state law to treat as libelous (1) the continued display of the initial charges (2) without an update indicating that the charges were dropped; and it would be permissible for state law to extend the statute of limitations for such situations," comments Eugene Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy (published on this site). "But here the lawsuit was for invasion of privacy, not for libel; and in any event the statute of limitations on that has long since run."


When will cruise ships be allowed to resume trips? Members of the Senate subcommittee on travel and tourism are pushing for the U.S. to resume allowing international travel into the country and allowing cruise lines to resume. Additionally, several senators, including Florida Republicans Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, "announced a bill that is aimed at overriding the CDC's current framework for getting cruise lines back to sea," reports The Hill. "In this new legislation, called the CRUISE Act, or Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements, lawmakers are calling on U.S. health officials to change current guidelines."


• Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) wants to ban all mergers and acquisitions involving big companies. "His new bill would effectively ban Apple Inc, Microsoft Corp, Inc, Alphabet Inc's Google and Facebook Inc"—along with any company valued at more than $100 billion—"from any deals and would attempt to stop their platforms from favoring their own products over those of rivals," Reuters reports.

Vice explores the extremists targeting Pornhub.

• The National Collegiate Athletic Association comes out against trans sports bans:

• Texas is trying to make it child abuse for parents or guardians to allow a child to take puberty blockers or have other medical interventions for "gender reassignment" purposes. The bill would add to the state's child abuse statute "administering or supplying, or consenting to or assisting in the administering or supplying of, a puberty suppression prescription drug or cross-sex hormone to a child, other than an intersex child, for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment; or performing or consenting to the performance of surgery or another medical procedure on a child, other than an intersex child, for the purpose of gender transitioning or gender reassignment."

• Things are getting worse in Michigan again:

• Protecting and serving:

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  1. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will once again allow abortion-inducing drugs to be prescribed remotely and sent via mail.

    USPS has renewed purpose.

    1. If it destroys just one clump of cells….

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    2. Of course Cruella DeBrown is interested in abortofacients. It is not as if abortion is not easy enough to procure.

      1. She really wants a coat made out 101 aborted fetuses

        1. A hat made out of thousands of little arms, each clinging to the stump of the next.

          1. Thanks for that visual

    3. Until your pills get dumped in a storm drain by a postal worker that doesn’t feel like completing his route on that specific day.

      1. Bite your tongue. Apostasy from foreign bourgeoisie about the integrity of daily avatar’s of our glorious Secular Mandarins will not be tolerated

      2. Then it just goes into the water table and someone else, maybe several others, could get involuntary spontaneous abortions.

        Unintended consequences can be such a bitch, as the Romanians under Ceauşescu will attest.

        I’ll send you my bill for Big Burkey Water Filters and I’ll stick with drone deliveries for Religiously Incorrect/Unsaved items. Call it “religious discrimination” or “cancel culture” if you want, I just call it shrewd.

        1. Big Berkey, sorry. It’s one of those “Users of the Wheel” things.

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  2. Court considers news reports on arrests for charges that were never prosecuted.

    If you want your name zealously protected from public view for any accusations against you, become a cop.

    1. This whole concept of “the right to be forgotten” is beyond what the young folks now call “problematic” for multiple reasons.

      A legitimate right requires no positive action on the part of anyone else, the only obligation it imposes on others is negative, i.e. to not interfere with it or violate it.

      Being forgotten, however, does require the efforts of not just one human being, but of every human being with a functioning rational faculty who exercises any amount of situational awareness.

      And since communications media are now global and even go out into space, being forgotten requires a positive effort on the part of every rational being on the Planet and, conceivably, upon every rational being in the Natural Universe who may be observing us.

      Also, since the so-called “right to be forgotten” requires that all rational beings forget, ignore, or not be aware of whatever about the claimant is to be forgotten, the so-called “right to be forgotten” is contradictory of the right to freedom of thought and the right to free expression of that thought, as well as any other right that depends upon the right to freedom of thought and expression. This would include the right to freedom of association, the right to own and use property in form of the communications media, and the right to self-defense against persons known for an ability and desire to prey upon Life, Liberty, and Property.

      A so-called “right to be forgotten” is basically a person identifying as The Lost Ark of the Covenant and demanding that you not look upon them. This, of course, violates the principle of equal justice before the law and more fundamentally, The Law of Identity in logic.

      Therefore, the so-called “right to be forgotten” is unimplementable, unenforcable, and and above all, self-contradictory and contradictory of other pre-existing rights and therefore does not exist and is not a right.

      And therefore, anybody claiming a “right to be forgotten,” well, can just forget it and exercise their right and negative obligation to GTFO.

      1. We have always been at war with Eastasia.

        1. Just like mormons are at war with good honest folk like me?

          Chuck the welfare queen

        2. Big Brother always demanded a sovereign “right to be forgotten” when it suited him.

    2. “If you want your name zealously protected from public view for any accusations against you, become a cop”.

      Or, a minority criminal. The media isn’t apt to report on their bad deeds either.

      1. Democrats, General; don’t forget democrats.

  3. “In this new legislation, called the CRUISE Act, or Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements, lawmakers are calling on U.S. health officials to change current guidelines.”

    Couldn’t come up with words to spell out as an acronym GLOVE BOAT.

  4. “Things are getting worse in Michigan again”

    Like any member of the reality-based, data-driven community, I’ve frequently praised Andrew Cuomo for his pandemic response. But other Democratic governors like Whitmer have done excellent jobs as well. If there are problems in Michigan they must be the result of local Republicans refusing to follow Whitmer’s instructions.


    1. I blame her assistant for going to Florida on spring break.

      1. I blame her mini-me signer for running out of toilet paper and waggling her shit stained fingers at the public.

  5. Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kim Potter has resigned from her position, effective immediately.

    Just in: Brooklyn Center Police Department has a diversity hire opening. Those not easily flustered and who take their responsibilities deadly seriously need not apply.

    1. Sadly not a joke.

    2. Is that a taser in your pocket or are you just happy to shoot me?

  6. Today the NCAA confirmed it will pull events from states with bills banning trans students from participating in school sports.

    The Overton Window on child trans athletes is now closed tight. As always, the lack of nuance on either side of the debate will make for perfect public policy.

    1. No they won’t. Too much football money being made in Texas for those assholes to even consider it. Fuck the NCAA. Destroy them. Order state schools to leave it.

      1. The recent Supreme Court case involving them may already do that. This could be their attempt at winning over the left side of the court.

      2. Trans athletes don’t threaten the football money. If there were a lot of money in women’s football, then it would threaten the football money.

        1. It’s not the football money specifically, it’s the overall participation mandated via Title IX. The football money is the leverage point in a battle against the NCAA. The real showdown is going to be the state legislature versus the administrations of these schools, who openly support these things, and will tell their students to protest the measures up to occupying the capitol. UT itself is in Austin, the shitlibbiest part of the state, and the capitol building is just a short walk from the campus.

          1. Perhaps the students can get back to learning something important.

            1. The powerful don’t put away tools that are easily exploitable.

          2. But if participation isn’t segregated by sex, Title 9 doesn’t apply.

            1. Title IX still applies, sorry.

              1. How could it, if the institution doesn’t inquire as to the sex of the participants?

                1. Because there are men’s and women’s teams.

    2. This is good news for East German female athletes.

      I expect amateur sports to suffer, as ex-males dominate in female events. It’s not archaic prudishness that kept the Olympics from allowing males to complete as females, it’s because males have an advantage in most sports. The idea the males and females are biologically identical except for the dangly bits is bullshit.

      While males are on *average* stronger and faster than females, this also means the males at their peak are stronger and faster than females at their peak. I have a friend who used to have the title of Strongest Man in the state. His girlfriend had the title of Strongest Woman in the state. She could fold me into dozen pretzels without breaking a sweat, she’s amazingly strong. A monster. Yet he could still wipe the floor with here. This isn’t sexism, it’s fact.

      I’ve got no problem with trans participating in amateur sports. They can and should. Just not in mens and womens divisions.

        1. I’d argue that it goes even further. The victory you cite wasn’t peak vs. average by one or two points in split sets, the above average male tennis player beat two of the best females 5-0 and 6-2. The number of men who could beat Serena Williams at both tennis and swimming, basketball, deadilfting, or even chess is significantly greater than 0. The idea that you can just regulate away the disparity is little different than suggesting you can legislate away the laws of physics or probability.

          1. While smoking a cig while he was playing, and basically just screwing around. Professional athletes are really, really good at what they do, and testosterone is one hell of a drug.

      1. Women’s track & field and swimming world records are routinely bested by high school boys.

        1. And Women’s national Soccer and Basketball teams have to play U-15 Boys teams to not get completely blown out of the building.

          Shooting and Equestrian are different. Women can and do compete with men at the highest levels in those sports.

          1. In high school, our girls varsity basketball would scrimmage the scrubs on the boys freshman team who never got playing time. The boys wrecked the girls. Was never even close. The boys freshman team wasn’t good, last place in the region I think. The girls varsity team was top 10 in the state.

      2. My 220lb son will get a full ride if he plays women’s sports. This has been God send. I’d hate for him to continue playing football, wrestling, or boxing with those other ruffians. He could get injured!
        Hell, I may dress as a woman to go cheer him on as he smashes the nation’s daughters in every sport.

        1. Like Mike Tyson of women’s boxing going through women like Tyson did with Marvis Frazier, Bonecrusher Smith, Michael Spinks, etc

      3. If I recall, most of the evidence indicates that the difference in male and female muscle development is caused by sex hormones. So if a trans woman is doing hormone replacement therapy it should reduce her musculature enough that she can compete fairly against cis woman athletes. So it might make sense to require trans woman athletes to undergo HRT before they are allowed to compete, but banning them completely seems like overkill.

    3. Is it a ban on trans students participating in sports, or is it banning males (sex) from competing in competitions reserved for females (sex)?

      Tge entire reason that female sports exist is because of the physiological differences between males and females based on sex.
      If you cannot ban males from female competitions than what is the good reason for having female divisions in sports at all? Trans athletes should be welcome to compete in competitions open to all if they can qualify on merit.

      1. Trans athletes should be welcome to compete in competitions open to all if they can qualify on merit.

        They would be welcome to compete but it would still be an effective ban. You wouldn’t be able to allow the women to take testosterone while effectively preventing the men from doing so (or without setting arbitrary standards that trans athletes would require effort to meet that cis athletes would meet ‘naturally’) and MtF competitors would be effectively handicapping themselves relative to cis-male competitors taking AAS.

        You would still end up in pretty much the same situation we’re in, where trans athletes were only transitioning to get an advantage over cis-women.

        1. Women can compete in “mens” sports without being required or allowed to take medication.

      2. If they allow trans competitors, most sports will probably get rid of female classes. Then they’ll substitute class competition based on ability, which is a good thing.

        Next step will be to eliminate handicapped and mentally retarded competition, because you know someone’s going to try to legally break the handicapped and/or mentally retarded bar, and sweep the competition away.

        1. Well, except Title IX requires there be equality of results in the number of male and female athletes.

          I suppose if they can get enough male athletes to claim to identify as women that can be gotten around.

          1. Actually, the supreme court has ruled there are no longer men and women.
            And here is the actual Title IX, not the rules promulgated by socialists bureaucrats:
            “No person in the United States shall, based on sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

            So actually, the NCAA is violating it by having “mens” and “womens” sports. All teams should be open to all humans, regardless of actual or perceived ‘sex’ or ‘gender’.

        2. Then they’ll substitute class competition based on ability, which is a good thing.

          Ability is subjective and, moreover, objective measures are only loosely correlated with both ability (and, to a degree, gender in the context of abiity). As such, it is readily conceivable that opening up divisions in the manner suggested could make sports worse, and ignores the other notions of ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’. Along those lines, you’re assuming the result will be to move towards single or strictly meritous awards for the best team or athlete rather than Oscars-style “Best Supporting Trans Athlete In A Non-contact Sport”.

          1. They do it in bowling, golf, chess, and probably loads of other games, and those haven’t broken down into the Oscars. Competitors are continuously evaluated and handicapped or segregated according to their record.

            As to team sports, when you bet with a point spread, you’re doing the same thing, except that the handicapping is done by the gamblers. But clubs formed for team sports also commonly field an A team, a B team, etc., and have match selectors or captains move the individual players up and down between teams. Chess, rugby, softball — who doesn’t follow this pattern? It’d be easy enough to mix men and women and then re-sort them according to class.

            1. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m not saying it’s impossible to rank players or rank players in a manner that improves the/any game. I’m saying it’s impossible to rank players in a manner that assuages feminists and trans-activists and it’s between possible and probable to rank players in a manner that assuages no one, including purists or meritocrats. See the IPF’s MX division. You can’t compete in the MX and either sexed division in the same meet and exogenous testosterone is still banned. So, the MX division is effectively degenerate to the men’s division (which didn’t originally exclude women).

              You’re assuming/asserting that the result will be the best competitor getting the trophy when multiple groups’ avowed ideology is that everyone gets a trophy. That all attempts to craft a fair set of rules among people who refuse empirical reality not only can produce favorable outcomes, but likely will.

              1. I gather what you’re saying is that the issue’s become too politicized/factionalized for anybody now to accept an objectively neutral outcome. There’s a lot of that going around.

                I don’t assume there will be “the trophy”, but rather a separate trophy in each class. And everyone can get a trophy; we commonly do that already, just with one trophy engraved “First Place”, another “Second Place”, and so on for whichever class it was. In some cases the trophies aren’t even engraved, and you can imagine you finished in any order you want. And if you don’t like the trophy you got, you can always get your own made — a better one, yeah!

    4. Does “trans” include the gender fluid? Can the Baylor men’s basketball team all identify as female during the women’s final four?

    5. Republicans controlled 54 % of all state legislative seats nationally and 27 governorships, but somehow they never seem to have the power to do anything.
      Maybe they can tie their noodle like spines together and kick the NCAA to the curb.

    6. Which state bans trans athletes from participating in school sports?

      I thought they just didn’t allow students born as males to compete against females.

  7. Biden niece worked in Coca-Cola government relations as company lobbied against Uyghur forced labor bill
    President Biden’s niece worked in The Coca-Cola Company’s government relations arm as the company lobbied against a bill that would have banned US companies from importing a large swath of Chinese goods made with forced labor from Uyghur Muslims.

    Missy Owens formerly worked in the American soda giant’s government affairs division for almost a decade, leaving in November of last year. The New York Times reported shortly after she left the company that Coca-Cola had joined Nike and other companies in lobbying against the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

    The company hired an outside group, the Enterprise Consulting Group, in July 2020 to lobby on behalf of Coca-Cola in efforts to water down a bill dealing with the Uyghur Muslim genocide in China.

    A different lobbying group, Sidley Austin LLP, was reported as lobbying for the company against the bill from the beginning of last year to the end of March 2020. The company’s employees gave the Biden campaign over $450,000 during the 2020 cycle.

    While Owens did not directly lobby the bill, it was her job as the director of government relations to oversee that arm of The Coca-Cola Company. She was initially hired by the soda giant for her experience with the Obama administration and her experience “managing Vice President Joe Biden’s successful Senate campaign in 2008.”

      1. So it has been concluded that it WAS Hunter Biden’s laptop and no one cares.

        Call it the big nontroversy of 2021


        1. When we, post getting ships sunk losing Taiwan to your fellow socialists in Red China, unravel how people like you stabbed us in the back the political results…..won’t be pretty.

          1. Ha! I recall Donald Trump the Con Man fondling the Chinese Chairman’s balls several times while he caved in on trade deals.

        2. Biden cultist alert.

          Ignoring all the emails on said laptop huh.

          1. Yeah.

            “big Dog 20” is so incriminating, fool.

            No one knows what the fuck it means.

            Except on -they built a fake spreadsheet on it.

            1. The press could do their jobs and… know….. try to find out.

              1. The job of a free press is to run cover for the Democratic party, not to investigate potential crimes that may hurt it.

              2. Jimmy Kimmel interviewed him. Isn’t that enough? Poor Hunter has been through hell. Those prudes kicked him out of the military, just for having little cocaine.

            2. I already said biden cultist alert.

        3. It’s not Biden’s laptop.

          It might be Biden’s laptop, but it was hacked!

          Ok, it is Biden’s laptop, and it’s not hacked, but the stuff you’re seeing isn’t real.

          Well, ok the stuff you’re seeing is real, but none of it matters.

          It’s like someone put wheels and a rocket engine on that goalpost you’re desperately hanging onto Bidenista.

          1. He blamed the Russians and Jimmy Kimmel agreed. It is good enough for me. Jimmy Kimmel is about as center as a man can get!

  8. “The National Collegiate Athletic Association comes out against trans sports bans”

    Good. There is literally zero scientific basis for the idea that transwomen have an “unfair advantage” over ciswomen in athletic competition.

    And even if you believe transwomen are “biologically male” (which is clearly false), that wouldn’t matter anyway. As Joe Biden pointed out, women can do anything men can do.

    1. I won’t be happy until all sports team members are trans.
      Make it mandatory , it’s the only fair thing to do.

      1. And the military. Can you imagine dropping a battalion of transitioning paratroopers on Iran.
        “Yoo hoo, Mr swarthy Persian guy, I’ve come to shave your back”!

        “Oh my, I can’t shoot at him, he is gorgeous”!

    2. That’s why Joe insisted women should buy shotguns and not AR-15s. Anyone can see Dr. Jill is just as hearty as the commander in chief.

    3. Except select a Taser in a cross draw holster over a Glock in the strong hand side holster.

      1. That’s because Tasers and Glocks were designed by the Patriarchy in order to oppress women by causing them to confuse the two. It’s discussed in detail on page 300 of Volume 2 of the Mens’ Secret Rape Culture Manual (2021 Edition).

  9. Liberals want to be the saviors of the BIPOC. Survey shows white liberals want to punish racism more harshly than the supposed victims:

    Almost like it is a racist attitude of saving other races from the white leftists. Instead of equality.

    1. Punishments are more fun than equality.

    2. Twenty-first century anti-racism and woke are about the white upper-middle class fighting a class war against the lower classes. It’s got nothing to do with people of color. Their problems and travails are just tools for upper-class whites.

      Hustlers like X. Kendi have caught on to this and are making millions selling upper-class whites their ammo.

    1. It would be acceptable only if they are both trans.

    2. “My body, my choice!”

    3. What were those slippery slope arguments discussed a few years ago…. polygamy… incest…. just crazy people saying things.

      Get government out of marriage.

      1. How glib, how facile can you look at the issue to think it would be possible to get government out of marriage — unless you got “government” out of law. And then what would law be, but government again? It might not form states, but it’d govern.

        1. Lol, wut?

          Is this a chemleft parody?

          1. Go ahead, try to explain how any of the controversies involving marriage could be resolved by getting government out of it? What would it even mean, to get government out of it?

            1. Contract law. Next dumb question? Force people into contracts instead of letting the state determine what those parameters are.

              This isn’t difficult if you put some thought into it.

              1. As if contract law weren’t a function of government! Who did you think decided cases?

              2. Every term in contract law has a ton of case law behind it determining its parameters, and for a long time the government agents making those determinations have been an arm of the state. It’s funny to think you could benefit from all that historic development, and now disengage it from the state, let alone from government! Besides, family law is a lot more than just a subset of contract law, and although its provisions are now statutory those provisions would’ve been decided by somebody regardless. That’s why these lines of discussion that say to “get government out of” marriage are just naive.

                There’s no end to things we could and should get government out of, because they’re not really governmental, they’re just state enterprises. There are long lists of things governments govern although nobody asked them to be governed and they don’t need governing. Getting the government out of such things is just a matter of finding the political will. Determining who is (or even may be) married, and to whom, is not one of those things; it’s a quintessential judicial function. Normally our laws afford us the most liberty when we’re treated as individuals. Family law is a necessary evil as an exception to that general rule, necessitated by the existence of families, so it needs to be carefully delimited, trading off the gains from having families be legal against the value of all law being based on sovereign individuals. Almost all that delineation was a product of common law; those centuries of experience are at risk if we try to overrule that evolution statutorily, constitutionally, or by plebescite.

                1. You still haven’t explained why any of that is needed.

                  1. Person A claims to be married to Person B. Person B, or someone else affected legally by whether A and B are married, disputes that. Then what?

                    1. Absolutely nothing. Who gives a fuck.
                      If marriages aren’t recognized by the state your “affected legally” is moot.

            2. You’re funny.

            3. “any of the controversies involving marriage”

              What controversy? What the fuck are you talking about?
              Recognize parenthood, but why the hell should government care who is fucking who?

              1. Government should have nothing to do with who is fucking whom, but that’s not marriage.

                1. That’s exactly marriage and the basis for the entire institution. A mating pair bond. Everything else is window dressing or the result of marriage rather than the marriage itself.

                  None of it. Not one drop. Not one iota, needs to be regulated by the state.

                  1. Division of assets is performed how?

                    1. It should be no different than if you and a friend bought a boat or a business together.

                  2. “Who’s gonna make me pay you alimony? See you in civil court.”

    4. And yet somehow all the jokes are about Alabama.


    Thrilled to see someone FINALLY calling out Idris Elba for not being black enough.

    Quite frankly, with all my pioneering work for social justice, I’m far blacker than Idris Elba could ever hope to be. [Screenshot]

    1. Twitter is a real shithole filled with bad ideas.

      1. It’s not twitter, it’s the Daily Mail. The twitter account is a woke parody that tweets out the woke stupidity.

        1. My statement stands.

    2. Titania McGrath is a fake account. Jeepers Cripes, Reason even did a story on here. Keep up, will you?

      1. Nardz knows it is a fake account dummy. Man you look dumb. The point was the picture in the tweet. The one you ignored.

        1. Like reading, “There’s probably somebody, somewhere who is actually named Nicholas Claus or a Mr. Claus who’s been deemed a Saint.”

          I’m sure Santa appreciates the defense of his existence.

          1. St Nicholas was born in the area now known as Turkey in 270 AD. Way back some SJW genius claimed this he was thus a moslem.

      2. Titania’s even better than the Godfrey Elfwick account (RIP) because it accurately predicts the slippery slope of progressive shibboleths.

        1. It’s somewhat terrifying going through the thread he posted off all the stuff he was out in front of

      3. Brandybuck, look at the story carefully, the parody account is tweeting a real story. The hilarity isn’t the tweet, it’s the embedded dailymail story.

    3. Diversity cheif sounds like quite the racist.

      Biden joined in and discussed how Idris is articulate and clean.


    4. You need to be more careful here. You accidentally made Brandybuck right.

      1. The point is being missed. The Andrew Doyle parody account is tweeting a real story. That’s the point.

    5. Titania is really funny. Even funnier before people were let in on the joke.

    6. He better start stocking up on fried chicken and watermellon

  11. ‘I Lost My Job, But I Still Have My Integrity’: Brooklyn Center City Manager Who Was Fired For Calling For Due Process Speaks Out

  12. Officer who shot armed suspect Jakob Blake is back at work, no disciplinary actions.

    WK hardest hit.

    1. “Behold the racism inherent in the system!”

      1. help! help! i’m being repressed!


    Black Lives Matter issued a statement Tuesday asserting that any accusations of wrongdoing against co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors misusing funds are yet another example of white supremacy.

    1. Then why did she move to a white area? Oh, I remember now. She was following the Obama’s lead.

    2. As someone who hasn’t given a dime to BLM, and no longer watch the NBA, I find this story hilarious.

  14. > Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) wants to ban all mergers and acquisitions involving big companies.

    2020’s Republicans indistinguishable from 1990’s Democrats. What’s next Josh, midnight basketball?

    1. And 2020s Ds far worse, but you somehow ignored that.

      1. GOP dumbing itself down to Bill Clinton levels, but you somehow ignored that.

        1. So what are the levels democrats have stooped to? Or are you also not allowed talking badly about them?

          1. To sum the comments above mine:
            -Democrats are awful
            -Republicans follow suit
            -Democrats get worse


            1. No, to sum the opening post, ‘GOP as bad as dems were’, ignoring where the dems are.
              Got it?

              1. Sure, I get it. I’m of the opinion that Trump was less awful than Hilary or Biden. That said, the GOP is always where the Dems were and the Dems are always worse. It’s a one way train headed nowhere good.

                1. The last election was a race against a side openly pushing authoritarian and marxist impulses against a side that was bad on some fronts and decent on others.

                  Reduced regulations, reduced taxes, no new wars, federalist impulses, good court selections on average, and some trade wars (largely reactionary against anti market groups like china) vs
                  Green new deal, higher taxes, higher regulation, same bad trade regulations, centralization of power at the federal level, push for globalist control, bypassing senate for trades, no federalism, critical race theory, etc

                  Is it of your belief that these are equally bad? Because that seems to be what you’re inferring.

                  1. That’s very clearly not what I am implying. The democrat candidates have been worse on every issue in my lifetime. What I am implying is that every election in US history has been “a race against a side openly pushing against a side that was . ” Look at the growth of federal law throughout US history, or the value of the dollar. The US did pretty well relative to the rest of the world up until federal authority was mature and extended coast to coast. I think we have settled on a course, and election choices can only marginally slow it down.

                  2. Huh, comment section scrubbed my brackets. That was supposed to be “a race against a side openly pushing -insert bad ideology here- against a side that was -less bad- . ”

                    That’s actually a good thing. I had been wondering about things like XSS attacks and such. I still recommend against clicking links, folks.

        2. Funny, I didn’t start the comparison, lefty shit.

        3. So, when faced with impending doom imposed by a landslide, better to be swept down the mountain at the full speed of the rushing mud and earth or clinging to relatively slower-moving debris, searching for more stable ground, crying out for help?

          1. I’ll take option 1, but still wouldn’t vote for a Democrat.

    2. As one of our commenters pointed out a couple of months ago, the Democrats of 1880 were quite different from the Democrats of 1920. The Populist/Progressive era re-aligned political factions, and we’re seeing the same thing today.

      1. “the Democrats of 1880 were quite different from the Democrats of 1920.”

        Except the Democrats of 1880 were just as racist as the Democrats of 1920, as the latter were organizing KKK chapters nationwide.

  15. Texas is trying to make it child abuse for parents or guardians to allow a child to take puberty blockers or have other medical interventions for “gender reassignment” purposes.

    Again, another delicate situation that both sides seem intent to plow through with little critical thought. Having said that, this story from ENB’s links earlier in the week is quite a read and should make people realize there is often a valid reason to pump the breaks on dogmatically sending kids down this path.

    1. It’s not really an accident that the demographic pushing child trannyism the most tends to be households dominated by women. Most of them are Munchausen-by-proxy cases looking for attention on social media, or psychotics who are resentful that they had a boy instead of a girl, and they know the mass media complex will go to bat for them when they demand that the child’s “true gender” be acknowledged.

      1. There also seems to be an issue with girls deciding they are teans due to social pressures with complications of not having a father in their lives.

        1. Yeah, MTF pre-teens and FTM teens seem to be the most common trans types.

          The trans kid who participated in the STEM school shooting in Colorado two years ago is a FTM whose dad was a Mexican immigrant that did a bunch of jail time for crimes that included domestic violence, but she was always dragging her Mom for not being with him.

      2. They all are horror movie fans and want to recreate “sleepaway camp”. This is the only logical explication.
        In all seriousness remember when John money pitched this to a family and both kids committed suicide? Good times good times. I’m glad the left still conciders that guy a hero

      3. Munchausen-by-proxy cases

        I wish this would get more traction. I think I brought this up several years ago when a woman was making the rounds on NPR for transitioning her fucking toddler.

        1. Are you referring to the Coy Mathis case? That was pretty much the camel’s nose in the tent for pumping small kids full of hormones, enabling them to deny biological reality, and getting the state to sign off on it.

          And yeah, his mom is the textbook case of a MBP queen–a chick who “always wanted to work with special needs kids” who just happens to have three autistic children, one of whom is trans, and caused a fourth to suffer permanent brain and developmental damage when they didn’t get her treated for an illness when she was a baby.

          Interestingly enough, that family completely vanished off the fucking radar after Netflix or some other film company made a movie about them five years ago. I guess when they didn’t get the TV deal from Bravo like Jazz Jennings’ family did, they figured the grift was up.

  16. Sen. Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) wants to ban all mergers and acquisitions involving big companies.

    Trump anti-trade, anti-corporate populism has infected the GOP and Tucker Carlson is its biggest cheerleader.

    1. This from a slime-ball banned for linking kiddie porn and too stupid to be embarrassed about it, right turd?

    2. Buttplug doesn’t understand the difference between anti-corporate and anti-corporatism.

  17. Half a billion dollar contract awarded to firm who recently hired Biden transition team member. No bid contract.

    Back to normal.

  18. Reason is again blocking links to the National Pulse.

    EXC: Lancet’s COVID Chairman Jeffrey Sachs States “Opposition” To “Confronting” China, Linked To Hunter Biden’s China Energy Deals.

    “The U.S. right-wing was attacking China beforehand and the Trump administration had its so-called trade war against China and then its technology war against China. I regarded those as dangerous, wrong, absurd, on false pretenses, but it showed China’s successes of recent years had triggered a response by the American right-wing, the hardline nationalists to say we have to confront China and Trump was in the middle of confronting China, and I think very dangerously so and I opposed it all along.”

    1. > Reason is again blocking links to the National Pulse.


      1. Found the new sarcasmic. Just save some time abd go to glibs.

      2. Well it is… On a libertarian magazine no less.

        1. It staggers me that these lefties don’t think that it’s a problem. They seem to have swallowed the idea that libertarian principles are solely about government, and that libertarians shouldn’t encourage everyone to observe freedom of speech.

  19. Thread

    SCOOP: Santa Clara County Office of Education denounces the United States as a “parasitic system” based on the “invasion” of “white male settlers” and encourages teachers to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” in order to recruit them into political activism.

    Here’s the story.

    1. Thats the official that told teachers to hide material from parents and administration right?

  20. “Hundreds Of Companies Call For U.S. To Slash Carbon Emissions
    “More than 300 businesses have signed an open letter calling on the Biden administration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States to at least half of 2005 levels by 2030. That would nearly double a previous target set by former President Barack Obama in 2015, who pledged a 25 to 28% reduction by 2025.
    The United States is not currently on track to meet either goal…”

    PR bullshit, but who organized to get 300 signatures? You won’t find out from this or other reports.

    1. So 300 people should control 350 million people?

      1. But not emissions from China, right?

      2. “So 300 people should control 350 million people?”

        Good point. The article claims “300 businesses”, but businesses don’t sing anything; some schmuck at each business did.

      3. Yes, they are the well-funded cabal of powerful people that will ensure the proper outcome. That’s how Democracy works.

      4. If Josh Hawley doesn’t get his way we’ll be down to one person trying to control 350 million people,

    2. Then they should pull all of their manufacturing out of china

  21. CNN Director in Project Veritas VIDEO: ‘If it Wasn’t for CNN, I Don’t Know That Trump Would Have Got Voted Out’
    Get ready for non-stop climate change coverage at CNN once COVID burns out. The CNN director said it himself: “Fear sells.”

    During a conversation with a Veritas journalist, Chester boasted about the impact the network had in determining the outcome of the presidential race last year.

    “Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100% going to say it, and I 100% believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out…I came to CNN because I wanted to be a part of that,” Chester revealed.

    Chester explained to the Veritas journalist how CNN engaged in “propaganda” when covering Trump’s health compared to Biden’s health.

    “[Trump’s] hand was shaking or whatever, I think. We brought in so many medical people to tell a story that was all speculation — that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it. He’s unfit to — you know, whatever. We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what — I think that’s propaganda,” Chester said.

    1. I imagine they see themselves as heroes.

    2. At least, it is all laid bare for everyone to see. CNN is nothing more than Leftist propaganda. They are statists, through and through, and utterly revolting.

      1. Most people won’t see that. They will claim deceptively edited project Veritas videos.

    3. Not like that wasn’t obvious, the rat fuck is just confirming that they provide in-kind services to the Democratic party.

    4. While this Chester guy sounds like scum, he’s also probably wrong. Cable news has low viewership numbers and I couldn’t imagine any of them having enough sway to change the outcome of an election. Mostly they just preach to the choir.

      1. It’s less the single instance being admitted here than the industry-wide effort. He’s just bragging about it like Time Magazine did.

  22. BLM Responds To Criticism Of Co-Founder: ‘Right-Wing Offensive’ Which ‘Continues A Tradition Of Terror By White Supremacists’

    Patrisse’s work for Black people over the years has made her and others who align with the fight for Black liberation targets of racist violence. The narratives being spread about Patrisse have been generated by right-wing forces intent on reducing the support and influence of a movement that is larger than any one organization. This right-wing offensive not only puts Patrisse, her child and her loved ones in harm’s way, it also continues a tradition of terror by white supremacists against Black activists. All Black activists know the fear these malicious and serious actions are meant to instill: the fear of being silenced, the trauma of being targeted, the torture of feeling one’s family is exposed to danger just for speaking outagainst unjust systems. We have seen this tactic of terror time and again, but our movement will not be silenced.

  23. COVID hospitalizations in Michigan reached a record high today (worse than last spring), with 4,011 COVID-positive inpatients.

    It’s almost like lockdowns simply delay the inevitable and destroy rights and economies in the meantime.

    1. It was all those spring break parties in Detroit.

  24. In a huge shock to DoL, democratic polling firms find and admit to a huge bias in polling the last 4 years.

    Polls have been weighting and over sampling democrats for years, pushing a polling slant to the left.

    1. To cover for the election fraud.

    2. Just like the elections.


    Cuomo was “especially irritated about an event celebrating Sukkot, the Jewish harvest holiday when the faithful gather outdoors beneath temporary shelters of branches and greenery. ‘These people and their fucking tree houses.’”

    1. Such a tolerant and inclusive man.


    “If you don’t get vaccinated, you’re worse than Hitler. Also, your life won’t change because the vaccine doesn’t really work.”

    That’s the message from Fauci et al. And it’s working.

    1. It isn’t working on the US military. They are refusing to take it. They can’t force you.
      Of course, the woke Generals will declare that they cannot deploy until they take the vaccine. This will backfire in spectacular fashion. Half the military will be deemed non-deployable. So, not enough people to deploy to Ukraine, no Iraq, no Afghanistan. But, the barracks in the US will be spotless and the maternity wars at the base hospitals will be very busy.
      Covid brings peace to the world.

  27. “Austin: US adds 500 troops in Germany, despite Trump pledge”
    “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says he is expanding the U.S. military presence in Germany by 500 troops and has stopped planning for large-scale troop cuts ordered by the Trump administration”

    Biden just can’t add enough to the budget.

    1. Lloyd “Raytheon” Austin probably just bought rental properties around the bases before sending the troops and their families there.

  28. Up until yesterday, anyone saying the J&J vaccine isn’t safe would have been pulled from YouTube.

    1. Now, *that* is “Following The Science”!

  29. Reporters scold police chief for using the dressed R word when describing looting, fires, and assaults in Minnesota.

    1. I saw that press conference. Those aren’t reporters, they’re activists, and they admitted it themselves.


    Many of us are getting vaccinated and will be seeing extended family for the first time in a long time soon. There will be a desire to avoid hard conversations since you’ve missed them.
    Don’t do it.
    Start preparing now to call out your racist relatives. There are no excuses.

    1. This is sad that people think government can disallow them from seeing their family. This goes back to the near criminal job of our media and the CDC that convinced people that half of people who get covid are hospitalized.

      1. This is sad that people think government can disallow them from seeing their family.

        No such delusions here. Relatives suggested that I should get vaccinated, I suggested that refusing to visit their grandkids, voluntary or not, until I get vaccinated isn’t teaching the kids the lesson they think it is.

    2. Calling out her relatives in person is the foremost thing on her mind? Christ, what an asshole. Sadly, I have relatives like this person. Happily, they’re all too afraid to venture outside their homes.

      1. Are you related to Don’t look at me!?

    3. Sarah Jane Glynn
      Expertise in Econ/Gender/Lady-business. Professional Feminist & Semi-Professional Eyeliner Expert. All mind blowing views my own. She/Her

      In this day and age you can’t tell for sure, but I think it’s a parody.

  31. Buffalo cop grabs fellow officer to stop a dangerous chokehold. SHE gets fired, he gets promoted.

    Took 15 years to reverse the firing, loss of pension.

    The other cop later ended up going to jail for being a bad cop. (I mean, how bad a cop do you have to be that they actually put you in jail?)

  32. Big Corporations Now Deploying Woke Ideology the Way Intelligence Agencies Do: As a Disguise
    By draping itself in the finery of political activism, the corporatist class consolidates political power, corrupts democracy and distracts from its real functions.

    Again, this does not make the CIA perfect — sure, they make some mistakes and engage in some actions that are worthy of criticism — but to combat real evil, you do not go protest at Langley. They are engaged in important work combating homophobia, racism and misogyny. Thus, real warriors against evil look not to them but instead go searching online for the Boogaloo Boys and boomers on Facebook who post Q-Anon and other problematic memes. That is where your focus should remain if you want to root out the real threats.

    Large corporations have obviously witnessed the success of this tactic — to prettify the face of militarism and imperialism with the costumes of social justice — and are now weaponizing it for themselves. As a result, they are becoming increasingly aggressive in their involvement in partisan and highly politicized debates, always on the side of the same causes of social justice which entities of imperialism and militarism have so effectively co-opted.

    Corporations have always sought to control the legislative process and executive branch, usually with much success. They purchase politicians and their powerful aides by hiring them as lobbyists and consultants when they leave government, and those bought-and-paid-for influence-peddlers then proceed to exploit their connections in Washington or state capitals to ensure that laws are written and regulations enforced (or not enforced) to benefit the corporations’ profit interests. These large corporations achieve the same goal by filling the campaign coffers of politicians from both parties. This is standard, age-old K Street sleaze that allows large corporations to control American democracy at the expense of those who cannot afford to buy this influence.

    But they are now going far beyond clandestine corporatist control of the government for their own interests. They are now becoming increasingly powerful participants in highly polarizing and democratic debates. In the wake of the George Floyd killing last summer, it became virtually obligatory for every large corporation to proclaim support for the #BlackLivesMatter agenda even though many, if not most, had never previously evinced the slightest interest in questions of racial justice or policing.

    1. Keep in mind that these same corporations that are so concerned about social justice in the USA are also putting their money down (to the tune of millions of dollars) on backing the CCP’s Uyghur genocide.

      1. I hope that when the next Nuremberg trials are formed for the perpetrators of the Uighur Holocaust, executives from Disney, Nike and Apple are sitting in the same dock as the CCP butchers.

        1. And Lebrun James.

          1. Lebron. Wtf spellcheck.

  33. ACLU
    Today the NCAA confirmed it will pull events from states with bills banning trans students from participating in school sports.

    Next years ncaa woman’s basketball championship won by JV HS team identifying as college women.

    1. I’m not aware that any male athletes have YET to be awarded or receive any female sports scholarships at any university, which is what could really cause this crazy situation to spiral out of control (as doing so could ultimately put an end to female sports at universities).

      But I suspect the NCAA and the ACLU will soon be lobbying (and/or suing) in order to allow men (who simply claim to be a woman) to receive a sports scholarship for female sports.

      Soon, all women’s college sports teams and athletes will look like East Germany’s female Olympians during the 1960s and 70s.

  34. “Hundreds of business leaders and companies, including Amazon. com Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Netflix Inc., signed a new statement to “defend the right to vote and oppose any discriminatory legislation,” the latest corporate response to a wave of Republican-led voting bills being advanced in dozens of states.

    More than 300 companies, CEOs and other executives signed on to the statement, which appeared as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times and other publications Wednesday. It was organized by Kenneth Chenault, the former chief executive of American Express Co., and Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck & Co.

    “There is overwhelming support in corporate america for this principle of voting rights,” Mr. Chenault said. “The right to vote is fundamental to America. It is not a partisan issue.”

    The statement doesn’t directly address specific voting legislation, nor does it call on companies to take business action or halt political donations to lawmakers supporting such bills.

    “Clearly, we’re not being prescriptive about how people manifest their opposition,” Mr. Chenault said. “Who in their right mind would say that they want legislation that will limit people’s ability to vote?”


    The integrity of the election system is of profound importance to a democracy, and Republican states are not acting on this in a vacuum. H.R. 1 has already passed the House on a purely partisan basis, and the only thing stopping it from passing the Senate is the filibuster.

    The fact is that requiring same-day voter registration in every state, requiring early voting, and requiring expanded mail-in voting, as H.R. 1 does, makes fraudulent voting more likely, and there are plenty of voters who are concerned about that–regardless of whether corporate America thinks they should be.

    Who in their right mind would say that they want legislation that will limit people’s faith in the outcome of our elections?

    Who in their right mind would say that elected lawmakers in the states should ignore the concerns of voters?

    1. Who in their right mind would say that elected lawmakers in the states should ignore the concerns of voters?

      1. The aristocracy, who knows better than the filthy peasants.

        1. Watching them pretend to care so much about democracy even as they pressure state lawmakers to ignore the concerns of their voters would be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

          1. I save my ire for the people who write headlines. This one could just as easily have been: Hundreds of Companies Band Together to Support the Constitution. Of course, that lacks virtue signaling.

            Lefties accuse everyone else of dog-whistles, while brazenly bombarding the public with signal-laden language.

            1. Klan member

      2. And how much in government subsidies, grants and tax breaks do these companies get? Shouldn’t it be illegal for those companies receiving government largesse to use that money to essentially advocate for more government largesse?

    2. The important thing is that the public have faith in the integrity of our elections. It not importatnt if our elections have any integrity in reality, only that we have faith they do.

      1. They aren’t mutually exclusive, and they’re both important.

        Progressives seem to think it’s important both that our elections have no integrity–so long as they win. This is why they’re so opposed to voter ID. And it’s important to them that our politicians ignore public opinion on everything from packing the Court to the Green New Deal.

        They think the purpose of government is to force us to do things against our will–in the name of the public good. And they are openly dismissive of public opinion–even within the proper purview of democracy. After all, the general public is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and sexist. Why should politicians pay attention to them? Authoritarianism is central to their ideology and so is socialism a la the Green New Deal, which is all about forcing us to sacrifice our standard of living for the benefit of others and against our will.

        As the Democrats become more authoritarian and socialist, it is only appropriate for libertarian capitalists to become more Republican.

        1. The Progressives lose their minds if anyone questions the integrity of elections when they win.

          And I have heard many pundits on the right say Nixon not challenging the results of the 1960 elections was statesmanship even though it was regarded as an open secret of the massive vote fraud in Chicago, because the challenging would be more damaging, somehow.

    3. The future of HR 1 appears uncertain in the Senate. It appears that Manchin (and perhaps Sinema and other Democrats from red states) opposes some of the election policy changes in HR 1.


    The US is abandoning all the girls going to school, all the women in the workforce, all the brave soldiers fighting the Taliban, all the young entrepreneurs starting businesses, all the government officials trying to build a fragile democracy.

    1. 20 fucking years.

    2. We must continue to have our young men killed for no apparent reason in some shithole country nobody cares about because trump figured out a way to stop it.

      1. Kipling, 1890.
        “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
        And the women come out to cut up what remains,
        Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
        An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.”

        “Never get involved in a land war in Asia”. true then, true now.

        1. I would recommend “The Afghan Campaign” by Steven Pressfield. It’s a historical fiction book about a soldier in Alexander the Great’s army when they invaded Afghanistan.

          1. “With The French Foreign Legion In Syria” is an incredible read. I highly recommend it for anyone who reads any military history

      2. That is why is is very important to get those brave gals up front. Equity in dying.

    3. Weren’t these same people calling Bush the younger a mass murderer for this exact same rhetoric?

      1. Max boot was a neocon until becoming a bidencon was more lucrative.

      2. Not Boot. He’s been one of the biggest cheerleaders of Forever War the last 20 years.

        He left the Republican Party precisely because Trump argued that Iraq was a fuckup and that it wasn’t in our interest to continuously occupy the Middle East and Afghanistan.

        Also, fucking LOL at anyone calling the Afghan government a “fragile democracy.” Ghani is a puppet of the US who can’t even inspire Afghans to stop defecting to the Taliban, and everyone knows it.

      3. “If the shit fits, wear it”!
        We killed 100,000 Iraqis, for little to no reason whatsoever. You won’t find out why until years after Bush and all his cronies are dead and buried.

    4. One of the fifty-centers was quoting a Max Boot article not to long ago.
      I want to say Sqrlsy, but it might have been chemleft or SPBP2.

  36. Today the NCAA confirmed it will pull events from states with bills banning trans students from participating in school sports. State lawmakers take note: discriminating against trans youth is wrong, against the law, and costly.

    Obviously the solution is to offer trans-only school sports. “Special Olympics”, as it were.

    1. Or we should simply abolish sports division’s reserved for females and have all sports competitions be open to all.

      1. Which, as I point out above, doesn’t resolve the issue of athletes transitioning specifically to pound the snot out of cis-women. No MtF or FtM will produce the amount of testosterone, muscle mass, bone density, tendon strength, lung capacity, etc., etc. that a cis-male produces naturally. The only way trans athletes compete ‘equally’ with cis-male athletes is if you allow them to exogenously enhance their bodies in ways that you don’t allow the cis-males too.

        Assuming you don’t do that, the only athletic reason to transition is to gain an advantage over the weaker gender, regardless of whether the genders compete separately or not.

        1. This problem exists because we have a female only class of competition. As you say, there is good reason for that biologically if we want female athletes to have a place to compete at the highest levels of most physical sports. But the trans activists deny that the differences between the sexes have any importance. If we must accept that ideology, then there is no reason to have female only sports at all.

          1. I’d say that’s half the problem. The other half is the refusal to recognize that by discounting the objective biological differences females represent, you’re effectively discounting all of humanity.

            There is no movement to get trans athletes into Women’s NASCAR because both the fact that there is no Women’s NASCAR and that there is no Women’s NASCAR because the cars, the track, the pit crews, don’t have a gender to begin with. If men can play in women’s sports, why can’t things like attack helicopters, which didn’t originally fall into the men’s division to begin with, too?

            Not only do they reject existing and longstanding science, they’re insisting that their ability to pull a rabbit out of their post-modern hat is.

      2. An Australian reality show just had male vs female boxing for one of their competitions. One of the Aussie males took that opportunity to pound a poor girl silly. Even Keith Ellison didn’t hit his woman that hard.

  37. While the suspension is only temporary, it will hopefully pave the way for a more permanent relaxing of the FDA’s in-person prescription and dispensation rule.

    You’d better check with Planned Parenthood before you get your hopes up. This crap about OTC sales of these drugs have little to do with the FDA being overly cautious, it’s that prescription drugs are “free” for people on Medicaid and OTC drugs aren’t. Who cares how much the drugs cost when you’re getting them for free?


    Looking at CTCL election grants (funded by Zuckerberg) doled out to about 20 #PA counties, then dividing the grants by registered voters yields this graph of a red/blue split.

    Story from @BroadAndLiberty here: [graphic and link]


    Portland: After #antifa set the @PortlandPolice union hall on fire overnight, they returned to the local @ICEgov & started more fires. Last weekend, they barricaded the front & set the building on fire. No one was arrested. #antifariots #BLM [video]

    1. If the Portland police are going to just sit there and take it, my sympathy level is zero. What’s going on there is a bigger work than a Wrestlemania event.


    Hard to imagine a better example of anarcho-tyranny than Democrats simultaneously demanding more gun laws and trying to prevent the police from enforcing the existing laws, or abolish the police entirely.
    Although another pretty good example is the Left simultaneously attacking voter ID and pushing for “vaccine passports.” Or building walls around the seat of power in D.C. while erasing the national border.
    Everywhere you look, you see the Ruling Class nakedly concerned with protecting its interests and enforcing its agenda, not fulfilling any duties or responsibilities to the people. On the contrary, the Ruling Class deliberately stokes anarchy to terrorize the public.
    The deliberate blindness of the Ruling Class in the state of anarcho-tyranny is fascinating. Some days they claim they can micromanage the lives of every single American; others they say it’s impossible to enforce certain laws because too many people are “living in the shadows.”

    …Middle America is the perfect victim. It has money and property that can be easily looted by politicians. It doesn’t fight back against the State because it has so much to lose. It complies with the law. It still believes in the social contract, which is becoming a fairy tale.
    Most crucially, the middle class has no sense of identity or solidarity. It is a sea of easily looted and bullied individuals. It has been systematically, forcefully purged of any tendency to view itself as a group with distinct interests or organize in defense of them.
    In the state of anarcho-tyranny, middle class Americans feel alone and helpless. They have no voice – they’ve been told it’s literally a crime for them to speak up. The nominal political advantage of their numbers has been neutralized by forbidding them from organizing.
    So the Ruling Class passes endless laws that it doesn’t really enforce against anyone but the hapless middle class. It blames the middle class for all of the nation’s ills and punishes them like convicted criminals. Endless demands of compliance, obedience, and funding are made.
    But while the middle class is hyper-regulated and micro-managed, the very same bloated super-State says it can’t be bothered with monitoring anyone else, enforcing the law against them, or even asking them to make modest civic efforts.

  41. Time to start breaking into B&J stores to loot the cash in the registers.

    JUST IN: Ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s calls for abolishing the police, says the entire system must be dismantled because it “intentionally criminalizes Black and Brown communities”

    1. Maybe they’ll come out with some new flavors, too?

      “Blackberry Lives Matter”, e.g.?

      1. Chunky Monkey Lives Matter?

        1. I’ll stick to Walmart’s Blue Bell brand.

    2. Well, that is simply because they don’t build Ben & Jerry stores in the ghettos. They lack experience with looters and arsonists. They should show us their commitment by building all of their stores in low income minority areas and slash prices so that they can afford their products.

    3. Sounds like it’s time to conduct an armed invasion of their factory and their homes.

  42. Thank God TX gets it. It IS child abuse to administer puberty blocking drugs to children.

    And fuck the NCAA.

    1. And the biological ramifications for that are horrendous. Look at the freak show that is “I Am Jazz”–he never actually went through puberty, so he’s permanently stuck now in an emotionally and physically stunted state as a virtual 10-year-old. The odds are quite high that he’ll never be able to live on his own and be forever dependent on his parents, which his psychotic, attention-whore of a mother is clearly going for. His franken-vag keeps falling apart and he has to keep going back for surgery to “fix” it–it’s basically an open wound, so he’ll have to dilate the rest of his life to keep it from closing up. He’s put on a ton of weight because he can’t exercise with that thing oozing on him all the time.

      If he had been allowed to develop normally, the odds are pretty good he would have ended up as just another gay, slightly effeminate man. At the very least, he’d be better positioned to handle the transition if that’s what he ultimately decided to do.

      There’s no moral argument here in favor of this that isn’t rooted in depravity. If these Munchie Moms want to play “My Trans Kid Fashion Accessory and Conversation Piece,” they should buy a doll and let their kids figure things out on their own. The dads need to find their balls and tell the moms to sit down and shut the fuck up. And the government/psychiatrist goons pushing this need to be thrown into a woodchipper.

  43. Does anyone else find it strange that Reason isn’t even mentioning the most recent wave of “peaceful protests”? They were on that shit so hard and fast last year.

    1. Most liberal sites aren’t mentioning the riots. Google was returning Capitol riots if you searched as of yesterday.

  44. “Texas is trying to make it child abuse for parents or guardians to allow a child to take puberty blockers or have other medical interventions for “gender reassignment” purposes.”

    Yeah. and they probably make it child abuse if a parent or guardian buys booze or drugs for a child, or permits them to engage in sexual activity. Damn conservatives.

    1. Treatments that are dubiously effective for a condition not very well understood and often misdiagnosed, and cause permanent physical damage to a patient, requiring them to be on lifetime medical maintenance given to minors who cannot give meaningful informed consent is not child abuse.

  45. Anyone else looking forward to a week of Jacob Sullum stories “Defense Witness confirms Chauvin acted according to training”, “Defense Witnwss proves Floyd died of overdose”

    1. This is the week sullum discovers what a cross examination is.

    2. Hello my name is Rev kuck it has been 6 weeks since I last clicked a sullum article.
      I recommend that you join me

      1. Already there. No clicks for Sullum.

    3. The narrative Sullum is presenting is paint by numbers. That is why all his headlines are suddenly declarative.

      1. You want your gf Rommelmen to cover it?

        She is a lying far right cunt.

        You’re perfect for each other. Because you’re a liar. Like all mormons.

        Welfare queen klan member

    4. It will be more like “defense witness not credible” “No, it does not matter if that was in the training manual” “Prosecution destroys defense’s ‘expert'”

      1. He went with “eyebrow raising” lol.

  46. I apologize in advance for the inevitable flaming campaign that the resident lefties will launch, but I want to post the capstone of yesterday’s thread with White Knight over his comment, “I don’t believe in natural rights.”

    So, you keep quoting my comment from a long time ago but did you ever stop to ask what I meant by the remark? All I meant is for most people throughout history nobody was going to give them rights — you have to fight for them.

    1) February is not a long time ago. Which is also completely irrelevant unless your position is changed.

    2) You posted that comment unsolicited and without explanation. Are you expecting this libertarian audience to believe that turd you dropped in the punchbowl is a misunderstanding?

    3) ‘That’s not what I meant, you misunderstood’ is a fallacy. Specifically, the Motte and Bailey, which I know has been explained to you previously. That you continue to engage in a deceptive form of argumentation after being informed that it is illogical and dishonest points to a) a lack of intelligence, b) willful ignorance, or c) an intent to deceive. If there is another explanation, please feel free to enlighten us.

    4) Because “you have to fight for them” is not a valid justification for the statement you made. After 250 years, I should not have to instruct a fellow citizen that the Constitution does not grant rights, it limits the government. Should a citizen standing before a judge have to justify freedom of speech, or is the judge required to recognize it even in the absence of the argument? Should a citizen have to prove they were defending themselves, or are they innocent until proven guilty? That these rights are natural (i.e., inalienable) is an axiom of the Constitution which was stated outright in the Declaration.

    Conclusion) I disagree with you. What you claim was your actual meaning is even more specious, as the natural existence of a right is a predicate to fighting for it.

    I question your motivations and your intelligence in posting such drivel in a libertarian forum.

    I question why a ‘civilized libertarian’ like sarcasmic would let it stand without comment.

    If it turns out I am arguing with a couple of 8th graders, I will not be surprised, but at least I have attempted to educate them properly. If they are not 8th graders, fuck those guys.

    1. arson-by-keyboard lol.

    2. If it turns out I am arguing with a couple of 8th graders, I will not be surprised, but at least I have attempted to educate them properly.

      Considering they’re both emotionally mired in the middle school clique paradigm, this isn’t all that surprising.

      1. My favorite part of yesterday was sarc incrementally upping the drama regarding my comment about my fear of a negative outcome if we were to shoot guns together. His narrative started with “you said I would not come back” and eventually progressed to a full on accusation that I made a legitimate threat to take him into the woods and shoot him which everyone should take seriously. It was a perfect illustration of lefty magical anxiety escalation.

        My son was once accused of dressing up as a Klan member for Halloween and uttering racial epithets. The principal told me that when he questioned him about using “the N-word”, my boy clearly had no idea what word he was referring to. His innocence was bolstered by the fact that he had no hood and was actually dressed as a ghost. The principal apologized to my son and to me, but the 8th grade girl who accused him never did.

        sarc makes accusations like an 8th grade schoolgirl. KAR flings insults like an 8th grade boy in a CoD lobby. And they wonder why people associate them.

        1. I’m smarter than you Chuck.

          Which one of us believes in Nephites, golden plates, perv con artist prophets, and discredited scriptures?

        2. I’m smarter than you Chuck.

          Which one of us believes in Nephites, golden plates, perv con artist prophets, and discredited scriptures? In

        3. The trolls left a man behind. Shameful.

          1. Im not going to some other site. The main reason I comment here is to remind you what a horrible human being you are Chuck.

    3. Hopefully Dee went ahead and fucked off to glibs.

      1. They won’t last 6 months. They all need to be victims.

    4. chemjeff did this in a thread where he admitted he was a globalist and then backtracked to describe a complete non definition of globalism to make him pretend to not say what he initially said.

      1. He did this shit a bunch of times actually.

    5. The reason we know that our rights exist (regardless of whether the government acknowledges them) is because violating them has the same negative consequences cross culturally and throughout history even if the government violates them.

      We know this is true in regards to socialism and property rights intuitively because ignoring the property rights of food producers, for instance, had the same consequences in Russia in 1922, in China in 1960, in Ethiopia in 1984, and in Venezuela in 2017–and all for the same reasons, that had nothing to do with technological development over time or culture.

      I wish more of my fellow libertarians understood that violating rights like freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, etc. have the same negative consequences associated with them, as well–cross culturally and throughout history.

      We don’t really know why or how gravity works the way it does, but we know, at least, that it works the way it does regardless of the culture of the person observing its effects and regardless of where they are in history. That’s how we know that gravity is a real concern and ignoring it has negative consequences regardless of whether the government says so. We understand how and why our rights work, and we know they’re real because violating them always has the same negative consequences, too.

      The Muslim hoards had to back off their religious persecutions of people who were not “of the book” shortly after they overran places like Iraq–for the same reasons that the ancient Romans tolerated Jews, for the same reasons that the Holy Roman Empire had to learn to tolerate Protestants, etc. The reason ISIS failed so miserably circa 2017 isn’t entirely unrelated to their failure to tolerate Shia and other faiths in the areas they controlled–and the negative consequences associated with that failure.

      The rights that were spelled out in the Constitution weren’t put there because the framers thought they wouldn’t exist unless the government said so. They were entirely familiar with Peace of Westphalia, for instance, and how making the government tolerate Calvinists, Catholics, and Lutherans, like that, was the means from religious wars to peace. They were simply trying to help the government avoid the negative consequences of ignoring our religious rights. Violating the rights of religious people may or may not provoke a religious war today, but the danger of people choosing their leaders on the basis of their religion because if they don’t, they’re afraid their religious rights will be violated remains a valid concern today.

      People who imagine our rights only exist if people fight for them fail to comprehend what rights are and how they come into existence. A right is the obligation to respect other people’s agency, and they come into existence as an aspect of the ability to make choices. We are all obligated to respect the rights of other people because they can make choices. Rape is wrong because the obligation to respect the victim’s choices was ignored. That obligation sprang naturally from the victim’s ability to make choices. This is why we are not obligated to respect the choices of inanimate objects–because inanimate objects can’t make choices, they don’t have rights.

      To argue that our rights don’t exist unless the government says so is to argue that our ability to make choices doesn’t really exist and has no associated obligations. This is probably the extreme psychology of a true authoritarian–it’s someone who genuinely believes that the fact of agency has no associated moral or philosophical implications. These are morally bankrupt people–because you can’t have morality without agency or the ability to choose other than what we’ve done. Our rights and their attendant obligations arise from the same place as ethics itself.

    6. You’re a horrible human being Chuck

  47. >>The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will once again allow abortion-inducing drugs to be prescribed remotely and sent via mail.

    alright good job knocking off the entire generation of Oldies everybody! now, back to the Babies.

  48. >>the cultural-systemic nature of police violence.

    who runs the police system?

  49. “In this new legislation, called the CRUISE Act, or Careful Resumption Under Improved Safety Enhancements, . . . ”

    I instinctively object to laws named to create cutesy acronyms.

    And oh by the way, if it has to include “improved safety enhancements” it is not a resumption.

  50. Got my first print copy from Reason. Only one ENB article and no sex tips column.

  51. We have always been at war with Eastasia.
    click link more details

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