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Deceiving Your Sex Partner Would Be a Crime Under Bill Backed by New York Democrats

Plus: Tennessee tries to micromanage media, Biden's ATF nominee worked Waco case, and more...


Obtaining sex through "deception," "concealment," or "artifice" could violate consent. A group of New York lawmakers is trying to redefine consent in a way that would make it a crime to be less than fully truthful with sex partners. Under the new proposal, antics now considered merely caddish or immoral—like lying to a prospective sex partner about one's relationship status, social standing, or future intentions—would count as criminal sexual misconduct.

Now in committee, Assembly Bill A6540—sponsored by Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright (D–New York City) and co-sponsored by three other Democratic lawmakers—would amend New York state's penal code to define consent as "freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement" that is "obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion, deception, fraud, concealment or artifice."

Sex through "forcible compulsion" is already considered rape in the first degree under New York law. The biggest change Seawright's bill would have is on the state's law against sexual misconduct.

A person becomes guilty of sexual misconduct if "he or she engages in sexual intercourse with another person without such person's consent; or he or she engages in oral sexual conduct or anal sexual conduct with another person without such person's consent." Thus, if consent is defined as sex obtained without any deception, concealment, or artifice, anyone who lies to or omits information from a prospective sexual partner would be guilty of sexual misconduct (a class A misdemeanor).

This could open the floodgates of criminal prosecution (and civil suits) involving any number of wrong but incredibly common situations among sexual partners. Telling a prospective sex partner that you're single when you're actually married or in a relationship would seem to fit the bill. So, too, would trying to get laid by professing more interest in a future relationship than one actually has.

Women could be guilty for lying about contraceptive use or menstrual cycles, and men for lying about having a vasectomy.

Trying to win over a date by saying you have a better job than you actually do, live in a nicer place, or went to a better school could become a crime if that date sleeps with you. Any half-truths—or even omissions—about your social or financial status could possibly count as artifice or "concealment." So could lying or concealing information about one's race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

Someone might try to sue or press charges based on the idea that makeup, Botox, boob jobs, and similar measures to enhance one's appearance should count as illegal artifice that negates consent. It also seems likely that people could attempt to use the law against transgender or gender non-conforming people.

The New York bill isn't the first time lawmakers have tried something like this; for a while, there's been a consistent but marginalized attempt to make "rape by deception" or "rape by fraud" crime. For instance, a New Jersey legislator attempted in 2014 to criminalize "an act of sexual penetration to which a person has given consent because the actor has misrepresented the purpose of the act or has represented he is someone he is not." (The attempt failed.)

But "'rape-​by-deception' is almost universally rejected in American criminal law," as Yale University law professor Jed Rubenfeld noted in the 2013 article "The Riddle of Rape-by-​Deception and the Myth of Sexual Autonomy."

As UCLA law professor and blogger Eugene Volokh noted back in 2010, it's only a crime here in very specific circumstances:

Note that under American law, sex for which consent is procured by a lie is generally a crime only (1) when the fraud relates to the nature of the act (i.e., the defendant claimed he was a doctor who was going to medically examine the woman's genitals, or perhaps even administer a medical cure by having sex with her), or (2) in some states, when the defendant impersonated the woman's husband. There was a proposal last year in Massachusetts that would have generally criminalized rape by fraud, and I blogged about it here; but to my knowledge it didn't go anywhere. And while a few American rape statutes might already criminalize sex procured through false statements (or provide as to crimes generally that "assent does not constitute consent if … [i]t is induced by force, duress, or deception"), I know of no cases applying those statutes in the typical lying-to-get-sex case.

Will New York change that?

Seawright apparently hopes so. "The proper definition of consent in New York's laws will clarify lawful sexual conduct, guide behavior, and make it possible to hold sexual predators accountable," she said in a statement.

Seawright's measure is being championed by two women, Tarale Wulff and Dawn Dunning, who testified at Harvey Weinstein's rape trial last year. "In part of Harvey's final statement at his sentencing, he commented that he felt confused, and he thinks that most men are confused. So by defining this consent, there will be no more confusion," Wulff told ABC News. The change would "make sexual assault crimes…easier to prosecute," Dunning said.

It's hard to see how adding all sorts of new layers to the definition of consent, and vague new ways to violate it (what exactly is artifice in this context?), will make things less confusing. There's no doubt, however, that it would make it easier for law enforcement to define people as sex offenders and attempt to prosecute them.

When will people learn that defining a broader and broader category of behavior as sex crimes doesn't actually help stop sexual assaults or increase justice, it just funnels more people into the criminal justice system and creates new opportunities for law enforcement harassment, discrimination, and abuse?


Tennessee attempts to mandate certain sorts of media coverage. A new measure in the Tennessee House states:

A media outlet shall provide equal coverage in comparable time, place, magnitude, prominence, scale, and manner in the same format as the original reporting of a case and controversy, if:

the media outlet reported on the facts of a case and controversy and the final verdict provided less relief against the accused than originally sought by the petitioner or less than could have been obtained by the petitioner; and

(2) The accused or the authorized agent of the accused sends an electronic or written notice demand to an authorized agent of the media outlet within twenty (20) days after the verdict or outcome, demanding that the facts surrounding the final and actual decision or outcome be reported and published as a followup to the original reporting.


Biden nominates new ATF head. David Chipman—known for strong gun control views (and for spreading lies about the federal government's disastrous siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas)—is President Joe Biden's nominee for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the main federal agency tasked with enforcing U.S. gun laws. Chipman has recently been serving as senior adviser to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' gun control group. For more than two decades, he worked for ATF, a tenure that included working as a case agent on the Branch Davidian trial.


• New Mexico has abolished qualified immunity!

• "Washington promised to bring liberal democracy" to Afghanistan, notes Ezzatullah Mehrdad at Foreign Policy. "It created a bloated and ineffective sector of artificial NGOs instead."

• A moving look at one young woman's route to transitioning and then detransitioning:

• Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R–Fla.) friend allegedly bringing adult sex workers on a trip to the Bahamas that Gaetz also attended is the latest reason some are trying to define Gaetz as a sex trafficker. ("What began with blaring headlines about 'sex trafficking' has now turned into a general fishing exercise about vacations and consensual relationships with adults," a Gaetz spokesperson told CBS News.)

"Fair speech" versus free speech.

• Is the Great Stagnation over?

• Protecting and serving:


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  1. Obtaining sex through “deception,” “concealment,” or “artifice” could violate consent.


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          2. If I could get some government spending on it, maybe a paltry million or two, I would take it.

        2. our woeful, crumbling infrastructure

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    2. The carpet didn’t match the drapes!!

      1. Please let this be the central premise behind the first countersuit.

        “Sure your honor, I may have rounded up the dimensions but she told me her hair was naturally magenta when it was revealed (snicker) subsequently to not be.”

    3. I’m not against brassiere per se, but push-up bras are a type of assault bra and need to be regulated.

      1. You could finally put that Female Body Inspector badge to use.

        1. I just want common-sense bust control

    4. They should just go ahead and codify this along with an affirmative consent standard:

      “May I touch your back?”
      “Would you like it if I caress your breasts?”
      “Is it ok if I slide my hand down your pants?”

      Theirs is a mating ritual designed by people with assburgers.

      1. Actually, the Syndrome is spelled “Aspburger’s” and is no laughing matter… Nevertheless, the people who designed the ritual are indded assburgers and are indeed a laughing matter.

        1. Indeed, Reason needs an Edit button.

        2. That’s Asperger’s. And it was simplified to Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the DSM-V.

    5. When, oh when, are they going to make paternity fraud a crime?

      1. Now that would be called for!

    6. We should apply the same standard we do for election law. If a person tries to rape someone they can’t be tried because there is no standing, and if they do rape someone they can’t be tried because the rape happened and it’s moot

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    8. I can picture the Perry Mason Moment now: “All right…I admit it!! I said that of course I would respect her in the morning…but I didn’t!!!”

    9. This is women trying to codify & have thestate enforce the mate selection process on women’s terms.

      Obviously there is zero concern or empathy that men too can be lied to & mislead & that women willfully adopt a great deal more artifice then men.

      I do think women aren’t worth the risk as a sexual partner. I also find very few women actually equally adept at sex as I am.

      Under the relentless black & white predator/prey narrative that’s being pushed, men & women should segregate.

      Men should treat women as the stainless pure victims they purport to be & hasten sexbot technology. Men should only reengaged on the sexual front when women mature enough to once again acknowledge & confront their own foibles.

      There’s no point in men playing a game where the deck is completely stacked against them & a women can do no wrong & be held to account for nothing. This is a toxic relationship because women are now toxic. More interested in judgment, shame & holding fast to the high ground then contributing anything of substance to any man’s life.

      Sorry to break the news!

      1. If it’s a crime to have sex, then only criminals will be available as sexual partners, then we’ll get the cries that all men are pigs, and it will actually be true because the only subset of men willing to risk all on a rigged game will be impoverished thugs.

    10. It’s actually pretty hilarious that here the feminist hordes are trying to manipulate the state into supporting & enforcing their dating paradigm. While simultaneously pretending it’s actually men who are the manipulative ones. And, sadly, they may well succeed at it, once more.

      1. Let me guess, this will structured as an entirely sexist law, because women NEVER lie

    11. If this passes it’s basically endorsing & codifying the female objectification of men for wealth & status.

      Now in addition to consent forms men will have to being pay stubs, no way this stop there though.

      Sex will be reduced to an unpleasant tedious business transaction devoid of any passion or any of the natural behaviors that have furthered the species.

    12. Another reason for anti-social distancing.

    1. Look at me! I’m better than you!

    2. Fuck, I’ve had tons of flushots and other vaccinations over the years. I never knew that I was that heroic.

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    2. No thanks, Bristol girls are usually longbacks with bad teeth.

    3. Most of the women at ESPN aren’t that hot.

      1. Sad but true

  3. …amend New York state’s penal code to define consent as “freely given knowledgeable and informed agreement” that is “obtained without the use of malice such as forcible compulsion, duress, coercion, deception, fraud, concealment or artifice.”

    Those of you complaining all the time about what God gave you in your pants, don’t stuff a sock in it!

    1. Bassist from “Spinal Tap” could be in trouble, although he could probably get past the TSA nowadays.

      1. The name is Mick Smalls.

  4. What about lying about your “assigned” gender. Is that allowed?

    1. My black pre-op trans girlfriend’s boipucci is tighter than any biohole’s ax wound.

      1. boipucci
        A more sophisticated and elegant version of boypussy.
        “Nothing like unwinding after a hard day’s work with some boipucci on your lap and a glass of champagne at your side.”

        The more you know……

      1. How about not dating them since they’re delusional psychotics?

        1. Trump supporters don’t have a right to sex with women.

          1. “And women don’t have the right to sex with Trump Supporters”. How do we square that circle that there are many women who are also Trump Supporters?

      2. there’s the pretext of “I only date people I can have children with,” the implication being that procreation is more important than any other part of a relationship. This is generally something you hear from straight people (since lesbian and gay couples will need help with children regardless) and is generally just a cop out.

        Charles Darwin hardest hit.

        1. Many mormons don’t accept evolution.

          This dumb fat Mormon cunt I knew would go on the dumbest creationist rants.

          1. Hi KARen!

            If any dumb, fat cunt knows about dumb rants, it’s you.

            1. If anyone knows about being a mormon loving pussy it’s you

      3. JesseAz: “Not dating people lying about their gender is transphobic.”

        And so what?

        Transphobia is not a sin. It is more likely a virtue. And it is certainly not a crime.

    2. If your partner objects to such lying, then they are bigots who have committed a crime.

  5. “David Chipman—known for strong gun control views”

    Excellent news. Longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn has convincingly argued the correct libertarian position is to demand comprehensive gun safety laws.


    1. Pay no attention to that constitution thingy! It’s just and old dusty document.

    2. Trying to set a new personal best for number of lies you can cram into one sentence, OBL?

      (Golf clap.)

    3. Are you saying that Hihn rose from the dead on Easter?

      1. No, but just don’t say his name 3 times in a mirror!

        1. He is dead now, so that will only summon a
          1) Tulpa sock
          2) Kirkland parody
          3) Jeff sock

          1. Those Kirkland parodies are the worst

    4. Here is an AMA he did where he claimed Waco compound downed 2 helicopters during the siege.

        1. Fuck this guy.

          1. Get consent before, during, and after – – – – – – – – –

            (then 14 days of penicillin)

  6. So, too, would trying to get laid by professing more interest in a future relationship than one actually has.

    Well, that simply goes against biology. Once the deed is done, interest immediately falls off. Otherwise the male of the species would die from exhaustion. And nature drives us to spread our seed far and wide. I THOUGHT THEY WERE THE PARTY OF SCIENCE.

    1. This speaks to a larger contention of mine. It has always been odd to me that a group so convinced in the theory of evolution, simultaneously acts surprised and indignant at the sight of human nature.

      More confounding still, is that they think laws, and by extension force, are capable of speeding up our evolution and eradicating completely these base instincts (of all flavors and varieties) that drive all the things they abhor about society.

      1. They can’t accept that God made us players.

        1. Don’t hate the player, or the game.


          1. Exist first, then we’ll talk.

            -The Encogitationer.

        2. lol, among other things, but again, you’re touching upon an even funnier point to this.

          IMO, it really does sound a lot of times like they’re holding us to a higher power, errr, I mean standard, than what the theory of evolution suggests they should.

        3. We are players (as well as haters) without logically self-contradicting, Natural Universe-contradicting boogums-in-the-closet.

    2. Speading seed beyond one’s ability to raise and nurture the seed violates the science of Economics, not to mention is just shitty parenting.

      Either $450,000 liquid cash in hand, or omniscient and omnipotent ability to guarantee $450,000 flowing for 18 years, or GTFO on parenting.

      1. And deny me my workforce at the ol’ monocle factory, no thank you.

        1. So, is your workforce funded with EBT, WIC, EITC, Gummint Skoolz, and other bennies? Definitely not Free-Market Capitalist then.

      2. Right because women are not actors they are only acted upon, by malignant seed spreaders

    3. Once the deed is done, interest immediately falls off. Otherwise the male of the species would die from exhaustion.

      Well, *some* males of the species would die from exhaustion anyway.
      *buffs fingernails on lapel*

  7. Obtaining sex through “deception,” “concealment,” or “artifice” could violate consent.

    Obviously this is aimed at trans people lying about their biological sex. It’s simply typical Republican transphobia, hate, and religious bigotry and it’s fucking disgusting. You’d never see a Democrat supporting this sort of crap.

    1. No, it means women aren’t smart and could never see through some dudes bullshit.

  8. …(i.e., the defendant claimed he was a doctor who was going to medically examine the woman’s genitals, or perhaps even administer a medical cure by having sex with her), or (2) in some states, when the defendant impersonated the woman’s husband.

    Apparently the statues were written by fratboys and soap opera writers.

    1. Will they pay me? I’m an undocumented New Yorker.

    2. I identify as being a NY immigrant.

    3. Speaking of whom:

      to summarize:

      53% of New York voters approve of Andrew Cuomo, while 43% disapprove.
      Cuomo’s standing with his state’s Democratic voters has declined 12 points since the New York nursing home scandal came to light.

      But, 75% of NY Democrats polled maintain that they approve of him. So will be be a fourth term as NY governor or will it be on to the White House?

      1. Anyone looks good with DeBlasio as their wingman?

      2. Being he’s a serial sexual harasser, I’m going with the White House. They are pretty successful in the dem party.

    4. How do I apply? I’m in Albania

  9. DHS gives 87 million dollar no bid contract to company with heavy WH ties. Meanwhile troops slept in parking garages.

    1. “gave the massive contract to an organization whose leadership has ties to the White House, including one official who was on the Biden transition team”

      Reminds me of how Pelosi bought 1 million in stock in Tesla a day before Biden signed an EO demanding all government agencies buy electric.
      Or when the senators got their coronavirus briefings before the public and sold off millions of dollars in stocks before the crash last year, and faced no consequences and no regulation?

      Remember how the media went ape shit when Trump owned $400 worth of the drug company that makes Hydroxychloroquine through a mutual fund and claimed he was enriching himself?

      1. Obama gave tons of contracts to college friends for the ACA roll out as well., Not an eye blinked by media.

        1. Or net neutrality for 60 million from netflix

      2. I also recall another 60 minutes story where they caught Pelosi holding up legislation on credit cards just in time for her hubby to make a mint off VISA’s IPO (or something to that affect) – of course with 60 mins recent reporting I may need to go back and review that whole thing.

    2. I don’t care what happens to the troops occupying DC. They are political operatives

  10. The accused or the authorized agent of the accused sends an electronic or written notice demand to an authorized agent of the media outlet within twenty (20) days after the verdict or outcome, demanding that the facts surrounding the final and actual decision or outcome be reported and published as a follow–up to the original reporting.

    Issuing corrections is a real snooze.

  11. Biden nominates new ATF head.

    The war on gun ownership has begun anew.

  12. I tell the kids — the young people who work for me and to all my kids — when I go on college campuses, they’re going to see more change in the next 10 years than we’ve seen in the last 50 years. We’re going to talk about commercial aircraft flying at subsonic speeds — supersonic speeds. Be able to, figuratively, if you may — if we decided to do it, traverse the world in about an hour, travel 21,000 miles an hour. So much is changing. We have got to lead it.

    Straight from biden. Fresh after claiming trains moved as fast as planes.

    1. I thought we were going to eliminate air travel?

      1. Yes, woth 21000 mph trains that exist in bidens head.

        1. Remember how the media shit it’s collective pants whenever Trump would speculate and fantasize like that?

          I remember seeing a WaPo list of all Trump’s “lies” and it was full of stuff like that. They turned every prognostication, wish and asperation into a statement of fact and then tore it apart because it hadn’t already happened.
          The gaslighting was so bloody obvious I was forced to come to the conclusion that their readers didn’t actually care.
          They just wanted their biases and hatreds reconfirmed so that they could feel smug and superior and be imbued with righteous indignation.

          1. “Remember how the media shit it’s collective pants whenever Trump would speculate and fantasize like that?”

            Like everyone would be able to get a vaccine by April? That was crazy!

          2. “They just wanted their biases and hatreds reconfirmed so that they could feel smug and superior and be imbued with righteous indignation.”

            You can put that in stone my friend. Until the entire train wrecks, and it will still be true.

    2. No plane in existence can even come close to hitting 21,000 miles per hour lol and they are not even close …

      Now, imagine if Trump had said something like this. It would be front page news for two weeks straight and CNN would have a variety of aeronautics experts on 24/7 claiming that Trump is deranged, a fool, and needs to be removed from office.

      Turnip brain, however, gets a pass … because no mean tweets.

      1. Vacuum tunnel maglev, is the only thing I could think of that could conceivably do that.

        Getting that idea from paper to product…is a mere ‘engineering matter.’

        1. Elon is already in development, I am sure.

          1. Actually he is, just search elon musk and hyperloop

        2. At that speed, you’d be in orbit. You’d have to have a significant downward force to stay in the curve of the Earth, as the Space station only goes 19,000 mph.

        3. 2,100mph is what the SR-71 achieved at Mach 3 so imagine the sonic boom from the ACE train over Altamonte Pass at 21,000mph

      2. Spacecraft go that fast, but landing could be problematic.

        1. Suborbital hop from something like Starship. 21,000 MPH is pushing escape velocity though. Orbital speed at LEO is only about 17,000 MPH.

          Though LOL at expecting specificity and accuracy from Joe Biden.

    3. Jesus fuck, this guy.

      We’re going to talk about commercial aircraft flying at subsonic speeds — supersonic speeds.

      The Concorde already did this, and it doesn’t fly anymore.

      Be able to, figuratively, if you may — if we decided to do it, traverse the world in about an hour, travel 21,000 miles an hour.

      LOL, there’s no “figuratively” involved in high-speed travel to this extent. You either have that capability or you don’t.

      50 years ago, we thought we were going to have flying cars and setting up moon colonies by now. And this balloonhead is talking about moving people around the world at literal rocket speeds in the span of 10 years. The guy is mentally stuck in 1970.

      1. And what would they be using for fuel?

        1. That’s the amusing thing. They think that they can both make 80% of currently used fuel illegal and put out these new modes of transportation that use an order of magnitude more fuel than current ones. Elon Musk did the same thing a few years ago, talking about intercontinental rocket commuting

          1. There’s enough energy—even with new restrictions—-if it only has to supply a First World existence for one percent of those living it now. IOW, you and I won’t be strapped into a Hyperloop, getting flung towards the ceiling.

        2. 100% carbon free grass fed unicorn horn

        3. Solar, of course.

  13. David Chipman—known for strong gun control views (and for spreading lies about the federal government’s disastrous siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas)—is President Joe Biden’s nominee for Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)…

    It’s refreshing to finally get a lifelong bureaucrat who doesn’t believe facts or the Bill of Rights constrain him.

    1. After the first felony, the rest are free.

  14. New Mexico has abolished qualified immunity!

    They’re going to bankrupt Albuquerque law enforcement.

    1. Did they also do away with Civil Asset Forfeiture? Otherwise that police brutality settlement looks awfully like drug money.

    1. They’re still able to travel? Zerohedge has gotten optimistic in its old age.

  15. The Biden economy is even stronger than I expected.

    In 2021 Democrats have raised the minimum wage by: $0.00 / hour

    In 2021 benefactor Charles Koch’s net worth has increased by: $4.91 billion

    Think about that number for a moment. Even with Drumpf’s draconian anti-billionaire policies (specifically “border enforcement”), it took all of 2020 for Mr. Koch’s net worth to decrease by $5 billion. Yet now with Biden governing exactly how billionaires want, our benefactor has earned almost $5 billion in just a couple months.


    1. We are going to need all those people to replace the ones murdered by the China virus during the SleepyJoe regime.

  16. “Washington promised to bring liberal democracy” to Afghanistan, notes Ezzatullah Mehrdad at Foreign Policy. “It created a bloated and ineffective sector of artificial NGOs instead.”

    They thought that was liberal democracy.

    1. Basically, they recreated Washington DC in Afghanistan, but with more explosions and real, actual insurrections, not the LARPers we saw on January 6th.

  17. David Chipman—known for strong gun control views

    As a former ATF agent and a concealed carry permit holder, Chipman’s views on gun control may not be quite as strong as you believe. Like many Democrats who have armed security details protecting them, he doesn’t believe in gun control for himself, just for other people.

    1. Yes but you don’t understand. They’re not like ordinary people. They’re very smart and important and face genuine threats.

  18. A moving look at one young woman’s route to transitioning and then detransitioning…

    Why would I want to read about this transphobe.

    1. Good thing there isn’t a third option.

  19. “Chipman has recently been serving as senior adviser to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ gun control group”

    Oh good so he’ll be unbiased running an agency with vast police powers. I wonder if he’ll have to deal with Biden’s son lying on his 4473. Nah…

  20. What began with blaring headlines about ‘sex trafficking’ has now turned into a general fishing exercise about vacations and consensual relationships with adults…

    If only they dug into all our politicians this fervently.

    1. White Knight/DOL/chemleft hardest hit.

      It has to be tragic trying to fifty-cent here, when all your biggest gotchas fade out like spent fire extinguishers.

      1. The White Knight who lives rent-free in your imagination is cheering on the inquiry into Gaetz sexual activities.

        But for grins, let’s check what the real White Knight has said about Gaetz. I’ve only made two comments:

        1. I repeated the observation I saw someone make on Twitter, that Gaetz looks like Bob’s Big Boy come to life:

          So, you can count me guilty of being snarky about a douche-y politician. My defense is being snarky about douche-y politicians is a long-standing commentariat tradition.

            1. You spent the entire thread white knighting for DOL and chemleft and left the weirder claims to your socks.

              I also see you were still obsessing about my nationality and don’t seem to be aware of NORAD, USNORTHCOM or the Canadian-American continental defense partnership… and neither does DOL.
              If he actually had the storied military career he claims, you’d think he would know about it.

              1. I talk about the people in the news and the issues. You talk about me. That’s lame on your part.

                1. “I talk about the people in the news and the issues”

                  Lol, the fuck you did. You spent the entire thread running cover for your fellow socks and whining about my nationality.

        2. I pointed out that Gaetz’ self-confessed engaging in sex outside of marriage is hypocritical since he professes to being a born-again Christian:

          “Q: Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

          “Gaetz: My father is a Lutheran, my mother is Methodist. While I’ve attended church with both throughout my life, I was saved in a Baptist Church during my teenage years. I am a member of First Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach. The Bible, the Gospel–these are our instructions from God. We are to follow faithfully.”

          1. Now do Cuomo’s hypocrisy over workplace sexual harassment policy.

            1. Cuomo is totally hypocritical. When have I ever said otherwise? When has anyone here ever said otherwise?

          2. And if Gaetz was as morally upright regarding sex as Pence, White Knight would call him a fanatic and a prude.

            1. LOL, I have commended Pence for his policy of not dining alone with any woman but his wife. Whatever else you might say about him, he seems to align his personal morality with his professed religious beliefs.

          3. You have the care abouts of a partisan lefty.

          4. Wow, you would think Gaetz is a democrat.

            1. Someone made a joke about this the other day and it went sailing right over poor Dee’s head.

              1. The patented R Mac gaslighting about missing the point of the conversation.

                1. So you didn’t get was Vic was saying either, lol.

                  1. If he was a democrat, the democrats would not be trying to remove him from office. They would be fine with it. Just like both Clintons, Biden, and Cuomo.

                    Two years ago, the trainer in my mandated sexual harassment training, admitted Biden’s actions were not only sexual harassment, but also sexual assault (placing his hands on).

                2. patented R Mac gaslighting
                  No, that’s all you, WK.

          1. I won’t rationalize it. If guards are beating up prisoners it is wrong. I assume you take the same position on the issue.

            Now, queue JesseAz calling me a liar in 3,2,1…

  21. Is promising an acting gig in exchange for sex really a moral failing? I think a person should be allowed to utilize all of their natural talents when seeking employment.

  22. “Fair speech” versus free speech.

    One of those is subjective. (Hence, I suppose, the scare quotes.)

    1. We are all going insane. How else can you explain this?

    2. Now all we need is a bug that’ll require we ‘need’ those.

      Who knew that S.t.a.l.k.e.r. was so cutting edge for fashion?

  23. Is the Great Stagnation over?

    Thank you, President Biden!

    1. Yes, it’s all downhill now!

    2. The stagnation is over, the hyperinflation has begun!
      Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

  24. How can there be rape if there are no sexes?

    1. If you think you’re a girl, you’re a girl.
      If you think you were raped, you were raped.

      Mind over matter, fantasy over reality.

  25. The most significant political story of the day may be the opinion piece written by Joe Manchin for The Washington Post.

    “I have said it before and will say it again to remove any shred of doubt: There is no circumstance in which I will vote to eliminate or weaken the filibuster”

    —-Joe Manchin

    Joe Manchin may seem like the only thing standing between us and and a slew of authoritarian and socialist legislation that might never be undone in our lifetimes if he supported the filibuster. If he stands true on this, you might think libertarians everywhere will be in his debt–despite him being a Democrat.

    Rather than give him undue credit, however, libertarians everywhere should probably give the credit to the good people of West Virginia, whom Manchin represents. I would never expect a politician to show anything like principle in the face of the pressure Manchin is under to sell the voters of West Virginia short–apart from voters who are willing to hold him accountable at the ballot box.

    If anyone deserves credit for this, surely it’s the voters of West Virginia, who would throw Manchin out on his ass if he did away with the filibuster, and (adding insult to the injuries already sustained by the coal industry) it ended up making the difference in seeing the Green New Deal implemented. For a democracy to function well, there simply is no substitute for voters who are willing to vote for the other party’s candidate–when their own representative sells them short.

    The people of Minneapolis, those who are concerned about police reform, anyway, could learn a lot from the people of West Virginia.

    1. That actually is a bit of good news.

    2. Manchin is the one who created the doubt by discussing a standing filibuster a month ago. Sorry if I dont believe him, since he has lied in the last so many times.

  26. Just random oops into mail in balloting for 2020 keep revealing troubling items. Enter Montana.

    The review of mail-in and absentee ballot envelopes was conducted by a group of Missoula County citizens in January, finding 4,592 fewer votes than the 72,491 that were tallied, which comes to a 6.33% discrepancy, and other issues.

    This despite mail in elections being the most secure ever according to our leaders.

    1. The election was obviously fortified.

      1. Thats why Pennsylvania had to destroy their ballot envelopes despite a law requiring them to keep them for 2 years.

        1. Yes, but those kind of laws don’t matter when your election was well known to be the fairest ever, and totally fraud proof.

    2. Mayor’s goat ate them.

      1. The mayor is super fat so he probably ate them.

        1. Oh and a failed gastric bypass recipient, a drunk who goes to bars on the clock, and has cheated on his wife.

          1. Aren’t all Montanans drunks?

            1. Just because you can buy Jello shots with real Everclear in most Montana bars doesn’t mean the whole state is booze-addled

        2. Well to be fair, The Ox is a great place to eat

    3. Despite Missoula being “liberal” there’s still a lot of inbred, backwards hicks there.

      They must of been to blame for this.

      1. See, this is why you leftists are idiots. Ballot integrity affects both parties, neither can cheat. It doesn’t matter who cheated, it matters someone did. You don’t get that because you enjoy who won based off of it.

        1. Like in North Carolina’s 9th district in 2018?

          Didn’t hear conservatives complaining about election integrity then?

          1. Cite? Of them not caring. Because North Carolina has passed reformation laws.


            So any other stupid comments?

            1. There will be plenty more, don’t worry.

      2. “there’s still a lot of inbred, backwards hicks there…
        must of”


        1. Must have missed that

          1. Illiterate retard.

            1. Your the one with three periods in your name

              1. It’s you’re retard.

                1. You’re right.

      3. Despite Missoula being “liberal” there’s still a lot of inbred, backwards hicks there.

        They mustof been to blame for this.

        Says the illiterate

      4. Hi KARen!

        You sure know a lot about places with inbred, backward hicks. Explains a lot.

        Don’t worry little guy, maybe you can make a righteous friend online who’s from “the cool part of Idaho, not the shithole part”.

        Haha. What a doosh.

        1. I’ve traveled a lot, so I’ve encountered a lot of rednecks.

          What a pussy

  27. Four months after paying out $475,000 to the victim of one violent traffic stop (see, Euclid is paying out $450,000 to the victim of another violent traffic stop.

    They need to make it easier and cheaper to train and supervise (and maybe cull) their employees than to hand out taxpayer dollars.

    1. I blame the poor drivers that caused the traffic stop.

    2. Why did the victim waste his time suing the city of Euclid when he could have just as easily sued officer Amiott for $7,482 or his 2002 Ford f-150, whichever value is higher.


    JUST IN: New York to offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to illegal immigrants who lost work during the pandemic – NYT

    1. It’s a trap!

    2. That’s not bad. I’m thinking that it might be high time for me to illegally immigrate to the States for a few months.

  29. Featured in the Chron’s sports pages:

    “Augusta National chairman offers no opinion on Georgia voting-rights law”

    Shame on him for not siding with those who oppose the law! He’s not allowed to have that opinion!


    NEW – Beijing replaces New York City as home of most billionaires (Forbes)

    Hong Kong is third with 80 billionaires, Shenzhen fifth with 68, and Shanghai sixth with 64. China’s cities are taking over the top positions.

    1. I doubt they are proposing a 50% tax rate like NYC.

    2. Is London #1?

      Goddamn limeys!

      1. “Beijing replaces New York City as home of most billionaires”


        1. London is 7.

          I just hate Limeys

          1. Poor reading comprehension retard.

    3. Don’t worry…. We have blown through … What? 8 trillion in graft in the last 12 months with another 5 or 10 trillion in the offing. They’ll manufacture enough billionaires to catch up pretty quick here.

      1. We are all billionaires now! And the status vehicle of choice is the wheelbarrow!

    4. What’s the chance of Reason covering this story? I imagine they’re torn: on one hand, it’s a crazy example of a state increasing taxes on individuals and businesses during a budget surplus in the midst of a pandemic; on the other, they’re going to spend some of that plunder to help out illegals. I’m guessing they just ignore it.

      1. Yeah, that went to the wrong place. See Nardz’s previous post.

  31. ” David Chipman—known for strong gun control views (and for spreading lies about the federal government’s disastrous siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas”

    The link you provide quotes Chipman as saying, on one occasion, that the Branch Davidians shot down two helicopters. In fact, they damaged three but did not shoot down any. That is one lie, not “lies”, and some people might call it an “exaggeration”. Which is also what they might call your statement.

    1. If you say it more than once , it is lies.

    2. No. It is a lie. And the real issue is evidence shows agents shooting at the compound from helicopters.

  32. The vaccine passports will be one of the first true tests of the fake muh principles libertarians in recent history. The government, based on comments from Biden, is already hinting the mandate would be done through corporate compliance, not government. Granted this is done in collusion with government. So far the mu principles crowd has claimed private corporations can do as they wish even in evidence of major market collusion. But a trueobertarian recognizes authoritarianism in all forms, including soft fascism. It will be telling who keeps screaming “private companies ” instead of recognizing the threats to their own liberty.

    1. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark

      1. The insistence by Reason that these quasi government entities are “pRivAtE coMpaniEs” is getting really sad.

        1. He said libertarians. I just assumed he wasn’t talking about Reason.

          1. Most likely. Why I focused on “muh principles” libertarians. ie fake ones.

      2. Weren’t the jack-legged preachers predicting that with the UPC Code, the Credit Card, and commerce on teh InnerToobz? And weren’t they seeing bottled water and unisex hair salons as portends of doom? Seems to me the world has been ending for an awful long time.

        1. Fuck, when even lefties like Virginia Wolf are seriously worried about the impact of digital vaccine passports on personal freedoms, you have to wonder where exactly a booster like you sits in the Overton Window.

          1. Naomi Wolf. Virginia Wolff suffered from death in 1941.

            Apocalyptic crazy talk goes deeper than that. For years, I have had customers in my store who get scared when their total is $6.66 or some iteration like $16.66, $26.66, $36.66, etc. At that moment, they either buy something else or take something off.

            (Usually it’s the latter option of taking something off, because “Math is Hard” and/or “I’m too busy Facebooking Bible quotes to use the standard-issue calculator on my smartphone” and/or they’re just damn money-dumb.)

            Anywho, the entire razor-thin profit margin of the store rises and falls at that moment and countless others because people seriously believe The Revelation of Saint John, which Thomas Jefferson called: “the ravings of a lunatic.”

            The same people who get scared about a $6.66 total give no thought to using EBT or WIC or stimulus money to pay for their groceries. And they’re probably the same ones who litter the bathrooms and parking lot of the store with creepy Jack Chick pamphlets and evangelize to customers in the parking lot who are just trying to get the Hell home without getting assaulted, mugged, carjacked, or killed.

            I don’t know what I would be a “booster” of except Life, Liberty, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness and the faculty of Reason it all requires. And since I get annual flu shots, got my first COVID-19 shot Tuesday, and plan to get the next shot on the 27th, I plan to live to fight for these ideals for many other days.

            I sit on the Overton Window, but I also use the attic door,, the sunroof, the basement door, The front door, the back door, the dog hatch, wherever my Reason takes me. It’s great not to be stuck in one place.

  33. You know what? There’s something to such a law. Promising something to get something and then reneging is called “fraud” in more formal settings. And it is punishable by law, which not even libertarian oppose as it essentially amounts to theft.

    But what about the less formal interactions? Should the state (or society) get involved in punishing such fraudulent actions amounting to “sex theft”? I don’t know if that would work. But it would be interesting to try that, and see if it leads to more honest social relations.

    1. Probably lead to a lower birth rate.

    2. The libertines are shocked that the social Left has turned on them.

      1. This has nothing to do with sexual mores in the puritanical sense. The point here is not to frown on an orgy, but on tricking people into getting in one.

        1. Ok Tony.

        2. They’d have to be damn ugly people to trick somebody into an orgy!

    3. one man’s fraud is another’s lack of diligence.

      1. Whatever happened to caveat emptor?

        1. lol Latin is racist. you have to put an x at the end now or canceled.

        2. So native Americans came from Israel Chuck?

    4. There’s something to such a law.

      If you think the entrenched elite need additional weapons with which to destroy political rivals, then yes. Otherwise, only a douchebag would say something so inane. Would you seriously place your freedom at the mercy of someone else’s ‘perceived truth’?

      They wouldn’t even need convictions. The process is the punishment.

      1. Mormons believe women are inferior to men.

        I think the law is dumb, but not as dumb as what Mormon’s believe.

        Chuck won’t discuss religion. He knows people would find his beliefs absurd.

  34. It has been amusing watching ENB attack gaetz over actions she normally supports. And ignoring the entire evidence chain of blackmail. Good work ENB.

    1. If there is one thing ENB knows how to do well it is whoring.

      1. And sticking too the narrative. That’s why this story is such a win-win for her.

    2. Cruella (I mean, just look at ENB and you’ll see why I chose that nickname for her), is just participating in a smear. The story was bullshit from the start, but nary a word from Cruella on how the NYT story was a lie.

    3. It is odd how Gaetz asked The Con Man for a pardon for a crime he says he didn’t commit.

      1. It is weird you trust anonymous sources for the NYT instead of the 2 involved saying that is a lie.

        1. The Con Man is a full time liar.

          1. The NYT is on record repeatedly lying through the use of anonymous sources.

            You chose the one you prefer sans any evidence.

            Your choice.

          2. Are you jealous? You wanted to be the only full time liar, didn’t you Nuttplug.

          3. The Con Man was termed-out in ’16, turd.

    4. How is she attacking Matt Gaetz? I just reread the part about him, and if anything, she’s attacking the people who want describe anything he does as “sex trafficking”.

    5. Interesting. I didn’t have the impression her writing on it was attacking Gaetz, so much as her usual defense of sex workers. IOW, her ire seemed directed more toward how the law is defined and being applied (aside from the underage element).

      Personally, I don’t doubt the charges and think the extortion claim is the convenient result of some overzealous individual to raise money (albeit, possibly amorally depending on the actual nature of the talks) while a legitimate investigation is under way.

      I understand your skepticism due to media credibility, etc, but I happen to be much closer to this story than I’m comfortable admitting. Let’s just say I knew enough about the matter when all this was actually going on, to have actually predicted this scandal. In fact, once the Greenberg story broke, I thought Gaetz was a dead man walking (politically) and that even Pirrozolo would eventually become a part of the story.

      If the term eskimo brother means anything to ya, you might understand where I’m coming from.

      1. I appreciate your perspective. But fair warning, claiming to have any real world experience that pertains to anything written about here will get you labeled as a shill, a faker, or a democrat. The only real way to get knowledge is to pull the first search result from google that confirms your preexisting bias.

        1. Lol at DOL calling people out for using Google searches.

          1. LOL. he is kind of posting a google link without reading the article that often contradicts his original assertion.

            1. All. The. Time.

        2. Like I said when this story first broke out, I have no problem believing that 1) Gaetz is a fucking degenerate who was chasing tail while in office; and 2) some spook was trying to blackmail him over it. I don’t see them as mutually exclusive.

          1. I suppose. I just don’t understand what his leverage was supposed to have been. If there’s already an official investigation under way, what was it that he was promising to do for the money? That’s what doesn’t make sense to me.

            1. That’s what we don’t know at the moment. That’s something these agencies specialize in–catching or even outright manipulating you into compromising situations, then threatening to ruin you if you don’t cooperate in whatever gayop they have going on to which you might have only the most threadbare connection.

      2. I understand your skepticism due to media credibility, etc, but I happen to be much closer to this story than I’m comfortable admitting.


      3. Are you a 17 year old girl?

        1. So if a 22 year old undercover officer pretends to be 16, did she just rape the perp?

          1. Or attempted rape.

          2. If a drunk college girl has sex with a guy then she changes her mind after, he committed rape. If he changes his mind after then…he committed rape.

        2. Google “eskimo brother”

          1. Wow….so if I get along with my ex wife’s boyfriend, he is my Eskimo Brother?

            1. I didn’t coin the term, but my understanding is the designation is independent of your feelings toward each other. Most eskimo brothers never actually meet (I’ve never met Gaetz or Pirrozolo). It’s simply a connection via the same sexual partner. You and he presumably have both slept with your ex-wife and so – voila, you’re eskimo brothers.

              1. Well I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it but Urban Dictionary has demonstrated that I am just late to the party.

                Her boyfriend and I get along swimmingly so I may have to bring this up when I next see him.

                The term itself is also funny….somehow….

          2. I assumed you were talking about Gaetz and his buddy that’s actually in legal trouble.


    An under-discussed but revealing phenomenon: the most bloodthirsty, militaristic and imperialistic neocons from the Bush/Cheney era are not just overwhelmingly Democrats now, but among the most devoted and loyal partisans to the party:

    1. Dubya, Cheney, and Rummy are Democrats now?

      1. Sevo was in the W administration?

        Oh you’re referring to Rumsfeld…

      2. Wow. You really struggle with reading comprehension. The now is a key word.

        1. No, you do, idiot.

          “The most bloodthirsty neocons” were Dumbya, Dickless Cheney, and Rummy.

          1. No, they weren’t, there were plenty that now work for Democrats (or prefer them – Bulwark/Lincoln Project) that thought the 3 you mentioned didn’t go far enough. Also Colin Powell is pretty much a democrat these days.

            So again, youre reading comprehension is to the level of the subjects of the pictures you prefer.

      3. Dubya, Cheney, and Rummy are Democrats now?

        Yeah, kind of.

        1. If so it’s only because the GOP has become the party of fascism.

          1. Right, the forever-war boys who push corporatism and cancel culture aren’t the Nazis. It’s the other guys.

            1. The religious right was the original cancel culture.

              Now that people are fighting back against their backwards views it’s “PC run amok.”

              Both sides engage in cancel culture. One side just bitches about it more.

              1. The religious right was the original cancel culture.

                Says anyone who has never heard of the Soviet Union…

                1. Or Mao, or Pol Pot, or the Jacobins, or the Shining Path, or Hoxha, etc, etc…

                  Odd how KAR is as ignorant of history as sarcasmic was.

                  1. In this country they were the original cancel culture.

                    I’m not ignorant of history.

                    Hell I know more than the liars/idiots on here that say nazism=Socialism.

                    1. Hell I know more than the liars/idiots on here that say nazism=Socialism

                      You mean just like Hitler and Goebbels did?

                      Why Are We Socialists?
                      We are socialists because we see in socialism, that is the union of all citizens, the only chance to maintain our racial inheritance and to regain our political freedom and renew our German state.

                      Socialism is the doctrine of liberation for the working class. It promotes the rise of the fourth class and its incorporation in the political organism of our Fatherland, and is inextricably bound to breaking the present slavery and regaining German freedom. Socialism, therefore, is not merely a matter of the oppressed class, but a matter for everyone, for freeing the German people from slavery is the goal of contemporary policy. Socialism gains its true form only through a total fighting brotherhood with the forward-striving energies of a newly awakened nationalism. Without nationalism it is nothing, a phantom, a mere theory, a castle in the sky, a book. With it it is everything, the future, freedom, the fatherland!

                      You really are as uneducated as sarcasmic was, huh.

                    2. They said a lot of things.

                      They did have many things in common with socialists,but they had many differences.

                      I’ve explained this too many times.

                      Hitler hated communists.

                      Just because you found one thing where Goebbels claims to be a socialist doesn’t make Nazism the same as Socialism.

                      You claim to not be a fascist, but you are.

                    3. So you conflate socialism and communism, and claim that even though the Nazis called themselves socialist and did socialist things, they still weren’t socialists somehow.

                      That’s kinda pathetic, sarc.

            2. How is cancel culture racism? The govt isn’t cancelling people?

              Did you flunk out of grade 4?(or whatever they call it in BC)

              1. sarcasmic has apparently never heard of CRT. The consequences of always being drunk I guess.

                1. I can’t speak for sarcasmic, but CRT isn’t fascism.

                  Jesus christ. Any idea that doesn’t conform to your WARPED far right worldview must be fascism.

                  1. “How is cancel culture racism?”
                    “Critical Race Theory”
                    “CRT isn’t fascism

                    Lol, what the hell.
                    Did you forget what we were talking about, or are you awkwardly trying to move the goalposts?

                    Either way you’re sarcasmic level stupid.

                    1. I posted below I meant racism. Not racism.

                      My phone sucks and it fucks up what I type on this website unless I copy and paste from another app. It only does this on reason comments, and the website I use for fantasy football. Not nearly as bad on that site.

              2. Goddamn auto correct.

                Racism should be fascism.

    2. Excellent link, Nardz.

      I ask Nick Gillespie again, how much do I have to donate to Reason to get Greenwald on the staff?

      1. You’d have to buy it off rich Uncle Charles first.

      2. Just pay for his substack. Definitely worth it. Matt Taibbi too.
        Not for nothing, but the comment boards are filled with much more substantive conversations as well. You and some others would fit right in.

  36. Ironically, there’s a law in leviticus or Deuteronomy that says a man who seduces a woman must either marry her or pay her bride price.

    Feminists have long argued that the law is hateful to women for forcing women to marry their rapist, but it is exactly THIS that that law is protecting women from – manipulative seduction.

    I get the feeling we are going to arrive at a far more punitive and oppressive Deuteronomical Law than anything an actual Christian or Jewish Theocracy could have provided.

  37. “Deceiving Your Sex Partner Would Be a Crime Under Bill Backed by New York Democrats”

    Lingerie and make-up sellers hardest hit!

  38. Deceiving Your Sex Partner Would Be a Crime Under Bill Backed by New York Democrats

    Mizek would support this. You know, if he had a sex partner.

    1. He can’t get anyone to dress up in an SS uniform.

      1. Lol

  39. Would being a lipstick lesbian with an extremely strange-looking beard be considered sexually deceptive?

  40. The Anti-‘Cancel Culture’ Republican Party Is Trying to Cancel OnlyFans

    1. I find it amazing how all you “no team” libertarians only ever cite leftist sources.

      1. I don’t read like you do.

        1. Yes, I said you read only leftist sources. Reading comprehension buddy.

        2. Narrator: “But deep down inside Buttplug knew that he was the real wingnut”

        3. “I don’t read”

          Umm, you just cited the Daily Beast.

    2. Remember when Obama was President, and this country saw historically amazing GDP growth? But instead of using that to prove how strong the economy was, you relied on an even more important indicator — Warren Buffett’s net worth?

      Well, did you know Buffett is up over $12 billion this year? You’re delusional if you think this fantastic economy won’t carry Democrats to another #BlueWave in 2022.


      1. This country is rapidly becoming a free-abortion gays-kissing anti-Christian one.

        Only the GOP can save us! Voters will elect all Republicans in 2022!

        1. No need for sarcasm, Mr. Buttplug.

          As excellent as your analysis usually is, I have noticed your only weakness is predicting elections. Someone told me you repeatedly predicted Jeb Bush would be the GOP nominee in 2016, which obviously didn’t come close to happening. IIRC you also predicted Republicans would win both Georgia Senate seats — a major whiff right in your own backyard.


        2. free-abortion gays-kissing anti-Christian

          I bet you nutted as you typed that.

          1. I actually felt icky since I don’t like conservatives.

        3. Most are still anti child porn so I know your pissed

  41. “lying to a prospective sex partner about one’s relationship status, social standing, or future intentions—would count as criminal sexual misconduct.”

    We laugh and joke about the absurdity of such proposed legislation, as with the California legislator who proposed a couple of years ago what tax exempt churches could preach about because “they need to catch up with the times;” or perhaps you recall the proposed Florida ban on “dwarf tossing.” And of course NYC with its food bans. But have we not seen that colleges and universities have long served as “incubators” of future trends, that do in fact become what is socially acceptable and even the law of the land?
    What is de rigueur for campuses today, produces the legislators [see “The Squad”] of tomorrow. If you want to have sex with someone, you’d soon better polish off the disclaimer forms.

  42. All….Today is Yom Ha’Shoah.

    Today reminds every Jew in the world the price of not having a safe haven like Israel, where we can flee to.

    May the God of my ancestors bind up the souls of those who died in the Shoah in the bonds of eternal life. Barukh Dayan Ha’Emet.

    1. Fuck Netanyahu

      1. first asshole flag!

        1. I want one too!

          Fuck that rat Netanyahu!

          1. You’re an asshole, but it’s far more enjoyable reminding you of your kiddie-porn habit, turd

          2. Why do you hate Netanyahu, Nuttplug?

            Is it because by making peace with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and permanent diplomatic contact with the Saudis and Omanis, he achieved more towards Middle East peace than any other Israeli PM?

            That really gets in the way of all your lovely little forever war you like so much.

            1. Because he helped dupe Dumbya into the Iraq War and became its biggest cheerleader.

              1. “The US was tricked by teh Joooz!!1!”

                I can’t imagine why an Israeli would root for the US to attack a country that was actively lobbing missiles at them.

    2. I’m not Jewish, but I am a pro-Israel left-libertarian. That means I want every developed country in the world to have 100% open borders — except Israel, which must remain the Jewish state. So it can have a giant wall, billions in US aid, and whatever else it needs.


      1. Walls don’t work, or so I’m told.

    3. For any freedom-loving person who has studied history, every day should be a Holocaust Memorial Day.

      My philosophy is Libertarian 800-pound Gorilla Zionism: As long as they hold title, pay rent, are wanted guests, and respect the Life, Liberty, and Property of others, Jews have a right to live anywhere they want to…and so does every other individual.

      In retrospect, Theodore Hertzl and the folks in the Zionist Movement would have done even better and probably avoided the present Middle East mess if they used the new technology of the time– the offshore platform–and created not just one Zion, but countless little Zions, spread all over the Mediterranean and even the oceans of the whole world.

      The offshore platform Zions could have glass bottoms to let in sunlight to feed the plankton to feed the fish to feed the people, with hydroponic fruit trees and hanging grape vines like the Ziggurats of Babylon, Livestock could be brought on and raised to add more variety to the diet.

      There could be shops, schools, boat trips, stargazing events, orchestras, Yacht Rock on the PA system, everything good about life on Terra Firma…all defended with naval fleets, submarines, artillery and sniper outposts, and the universally-armed citizenry Israel has today. The motto of the Mini-Zion Military could be: “Never Again…And I Mean It!”

      And there would be no problem of displaced persons and a spurt in immigration could be accomodated with build-ons provided with money or labor from the immigrants themselves.

      Damn! It makes this American Gentile want an America 2.0 just thinking about it!

  43. Remember that time Trump supposedly made a laughing stock of himself for asking about buying Greenland the way Seward bought Alaska? Well, Greenland turns out to be a much bigger deal than TDS victims realized, and the locals, there, apparently, aren’t necessarily enamored with being part of China’s power play to lock up the world’s supply of rare earth metals.

    “China’s rare-earths giant Shenghe Resources Holding Co. and an Australian firm were on the cusp of developing a mine along the icebound island’s southern coast when Greenland’s government called a snap election amid mounting controversy over the project’s impact on the environment . . . .

    The election leaves in limbo a project that is part of Beijing’s quest to increase its grip on the world’s rare earths—the raw materials necessary to make the batteries and magnets that power everything from cellphones and electric cars to wind turbines. .

    . . . . China mines over 70% of the world’s rare earths and is responsible for 90% of the complex process to turn them into magnets, according to Adamas Intelligence.

    Last I heard, China was imposing a ban on the export of any rare earth metals from China, and even Chinese mining companies that are mining rare earth metals from sources outside of China aren’t necessarily selling them on the world market. They’ll sell them to you for manufacturing purposes–so long as you manufacture everything you make with them in China.

    Having alternative sources for these metals are expected to become increasingly important to our economy going forward–especially the “green economy”–and don’t be surprised if you start hearing the Biden administration talking about Greenland in the same terms Trump did.

    1. Eric Boehm will get right on this story.

      1. Right after Sullum apologizes for lying about what Sidney Powell said.

        1. It’s getting hard to keep up… now Reason keeps saying New Mexico “abolished qualified immunity”– and they did no such fucking thing.

    2. “Last I heard, China was imposing a ban on the export of any rare earth metals from China, and even Chinese mining companies that are mining rare earth metals from sources outside of China aren’t necessarily selling them on the world market. They’ll sell them to you for manufacturing purposes–so long as you manufacture everything you make with them in China.”

      Now substitute “TSMC” and “computer chips” for rare earth metals.

    3. So what part about buying Greenland wasn’t ridiculous? And you think Biden is also going to suggest buying Greenland? No evidence cited in support of that.

      D-. Intro and body does not support conclusion.

      1. Since 1867, the United States has considered, or made, several proposals to purchase the island of Greenland from Denmark, as it did with the Danish West Indies in 1917. While Greenland remains an autonomous territory within the Kingdom Of Denmark, a 1951 treaty gives the United States much control over an island it once partially claimed from exploration.

        You’re ignorant as usual. That’s the part about buying Greenland that isn’t ridiculous.

        99% of your statements here are based on things you are uneducated about. Next time try learning about things before wading into a conversation first. K buddy?

        1. China is obviously very interested because of the mining rights. Russia has been making a big powerplay in the arctic generally and has interests in Greenland specifically.

          We have a military base in Greenland, which is a great place for one since, you know, they’re between the U.S. and Russia. There are also shipping lanes opening up in the area that become increasingly strategic IF IF IF they become increasingly stable with climate change.

          So, China and Russia are interested for the same not ridiculous reasons we are, and buying land or expanding into various territories over mining rights is pretty typical–with California and Nevada being examples.

          Cold War enemies vying for the control of strategic resources is also pretty typical. Oil that disappeared into the Soviet Union was not available on the world market, and to the extent that resources which are important to the economy are important, it’s important that those resources are controlled by our allies–if not us. This is why it was not ridiculous for us to try to prevent pro-Russian politicians from taking over the government of Iran, and that is why it was not ridiculous for us to build bases in Saudi Arabia in the aftermath of the Iranian revolution.

          I understand there were good reasons to oppose those actions, but just because we oppose some action, doesn’t make it ridiculous.

          Buying territory can make perfect sense under the right conditions. The Louisiana Purchase wasn’t ridiculous and neither was the purchase of Alaska.

          I don’t know why De Oppresso Liber needs these things explained to him, but I’ve met a number of people around here, lately, who need very simple things explained to them in detail–and still don’t understand. They often seem to think anything President Trump did or said was ridiculous, not because it was but because they think anything he said or did was ridiculous for being associated with Trump. It’s like a pathological issue. There’s even a term for it with an acronym and everything.

          1. I’m starting to think DOL just shows up to amuse us. When he was at home a week or so ago and posting all the time it was annoying, but now that he’s back to more infrequent posting, he’s pure comic relief.

    4. The generous interpretation is that the Biden Administration was ignorant of this fact when they mandated the switch to EVs.

      P.S. – Get over your TDS already, Ken!

      1. In all seriousness, this might help explain why the Biden administration has tried so hard to reestablish better relations with China lately.

        Biden’s promise to rid the U.S. power grid of power from coal and natural gas in 15 years seems preposterous enough, but when you add in the fact that we also can’t do that without Chinese cooperation and using a resource that they control almost exclusively?

    5. So where would Trump have got, or where would Biden presently get, the money to purchase Greenland? Obama-Money from Obama’s Stash?

      And wouldn’t it be better for both taxpayers and consumers for those private industries that want Greenland’s resources bad enough to actually buy the resourses themselves instead of hitting up taxpayers to foot the buying of Greenland?

  44. Where is that LovesTrumpsTinyMushroomDick1789? Did he finally slink off in shame? Or was my theory correct that he was the Asian-killer that shot up spas in Atlanta?

    1. This from a scumbag banned for kiddie-porn and who is too stupid to be ashamed about it.

    2. Creepy kiddie-touchers like you, Nuttplug, shouldn’t be making those kind of insinuations about others.

  45. It’s opening day of the Masters, which is always one of my favorite days of the year.

    In addition to being the premier event of the great sport of golf, it’s also a reminder that the far left-wing scumbags have been trying to cancel Augusta National and the Masters for about twenty years now, and thankfully so far the vermins have failed miserably on that one. May all your shots be straight and true golfers!

    1. Oh shit. Mikey and I agree on The Masters.

      I’m actually working from the office today to watch it. You lucky Peanuts will get plenty of the Buttplug today.

      I loved it when the feminists were protesting the Masters and held a news conference. A guy stood behind the lecturn holding an ‘Iron My Shirt’ sign up.

      1. They let you chase kiddie porn on somebody’s computer while you’re emptying the trash, turd?

      2. I’m going to continue to ask you to stop calling people peanuts. It is extremely creepy coming from a pedophile.

    2. The people who run Augusta National are bigots.

      My money’s on Tiger this year.

      1. F/R, asshole.

    3. 20 years? Try 40. They killed of exclusive clubs way back in the 70s and 80s for the most part… Augusta has been their top target ever since.

      1. What Cyto said. Go look back at the Shoal Creek and Aronimink PGA Championship brouhahas of the early 90s. Cypress Point got cancelled out of the Clambake, even earlier. Though that was California being California. Cypress’s members probably liked not having to accommodate the crowds.

        Augusta still keeps being Augusta. Definitely a different kind of Major.

  46. No mention of Bidens gun control EO’s today sad

    1. SleepyJoe knows what is best for us.

    2. It’s early. Maybe Tuchille will draw the short straw?

  47. I truly loved her… but my love began to wane minutes after orgasm…

    1. Then it wasn’t true love, therefore fraudulent.

  48. “Obtaining sex through “deception,” “concealment,” or “artifice” could violate consent.”

    Overheard at a NY bar in 2024:

    (Male patron): “So, when I met my wife, I was honest and told her I was only interested in women with a lot of “experience.” She told me she had slept with more than twenty guys. Now, two years after I married her, she confesses she only had sex with one guy before I met her. Being a “law-and-order” sort of guy, should I report her to the police?”

    1. All them instagram pictures wuz fake!

  49. “”Deceiving Your Sex Partner Would Be a Crime Under Bill Backed by New York Democrats””

    That’s pretty damn funny considering NY’s governor.

  50. It is pretty comical to watch reason ringing their hands over the reaction to all of the overreach from the left on controlling the press and social media over the past several years when Robby Suave is the only person who has been a consistent voice on this topic at reason magazine over the past few years.

    If you continue shrugging your shoulders as the fox keeps killing the hens, don’t be shocked when the farmer pulls out a shotgun and starts blasting away at anything with fur that comes near the hen house.

    1. Robby Suave is the only person who has been a consistent voice on this topic at reason magazine over the past few years

      Perfectly consistent, to be sure.

    2. Soave is no model of consistency, IMO.

  51. Deceiving Your Sex Partner Would Be a Crime Under Bill Backed by New York Democrats

    I’m surprised Democrats back this, because based on this headline alone, it feels awfully like a “men’s rights” bill. Because, fellas, amirite?

    1. What prominent New York State Democrat is going to be convicted under this law?

      1. None


  52. <i.It also seems likely that people could attempt to use the law against transgender or gender non-conforming people.

    Not likely. The wisdom as its been transplained to me is that you are whatever gender you say you are, full stop. Even if it changes five minutes later, you are whatever you identify as at the moment of identification, so there can be no condition under which you’re lying.

  53. • New Mexico has abolished qualified immunity!

    For fuck sakes, Reason, no it hasn’t.

    1. That was a nice breakdown you gave in the article’s comments yesterday.

  54. protected. speech.

  55. Just as bars start to reopen in New York, the government is effectively going to end Ladies’ Nights.

    On the plus side, the breastaurants like Hooters and The Tilted Kilt that manage to remain open should get more interesting.

  56. Interesting that the “moving look” into a young woman transitioning and detransitioning includes the lawsuit she filed which led to the British Courts imposing a policy on transgender treatments for minors not so different from the recent Arkansas law. Of course, this young woman cannot fully detransition because the damage done to her body in the course of sex reassignment treatments cannot be completely reversed.

    1. After a series of superficial conversations with social workers,

      But it was the job of the professionals to consider all my co-morbidities, not just to affirm my naïve hope that everything could be solved with hormones and surgery.

      I found a subreddit for detransitioners. The number of people on it started rising, as if all these young women had come to a collective realization of the medical scandal we had been a part of.

      Also, in the context of A6450 and ENB’s comments that people would/could use the law against trannies, that there’s plenty of evidence at an institutional level that these girls (and presumably some guys) were lied to.

      If a dude who clearly wants sex and has a (perfectly natural) predileiction for a specific gender gets a surprise and sues, he’s a bigot and the laws defending him are evil. If a teen girl wants to escape the problems in her life that have nothing to do with gender and the institution nominally established and designed to help her just happens to make her life worse than any misunderstanding-turned-one-night-stand ever could, well, that’s just an unfortunate side effect of how the system works.

  57. So now we have to pay attention to the “Free Milk vs Buying The Cow” conundrum and supply truthful intentions as to what we are in the market for? Good Lord…

    1. Yeah, I’m reading a lot of these comments and realizing that most of you guys have been out of the dating world for a while. There are a ton of women who are not only okay with, but prefer no commitment. Some are even down for serious, yet open relationships.

      1. Well I have been dating here in the Bay Area in the 5 years since I uncoupled from the ex and the vast majority of profiles I see specifically state “Not here for hookups/Casual Sex”.

        But you are correct in that there are some women who want that sort of freedom but dare not mention it in their profile because that will be like ringing the dinner bell for all manner of come-ons from the type of people they specifically seek to avoid.

        There are also swinger sites where they can seek out FWBs but apparently those sites are full of people no one wants to fuck too

      2. So, out of curiosity, what percentage of these tons of women would you loan a gun to? And I don’t mean letting her borrow your gun while in your presence at the range, I mean giving her a gun and letting her walk out the door.

        If the number is 5, 10, or even 50%, what does it say about you that you would loan your dick to women that you wouldn’t loan a gun to? Moreover, what do you think you’re telling us that there are huge numbers of women out there, desiring no commitment, that you wouldn’t loan a gun to?

      3. A serious, open relationship is a contradiction in terms.

        1. Madcasual – afraid you lost me. Something about the perils of STDs, perhaps? Either way, I think you misunderstood my comment, which was an observation regarding the current dating environment and not an endorsement. Despite my anecdote from above (which was an unusual circumstance), I’m not all that promiscuous, but do date a lot.

          Mickey – I mostly agree. I happen to know two long term couples who seem to make it work and are happy. I think with them, it’s more about the mental aspect that they find liberating, rather than something that is exercised very often. I know many more examples, where one or both parties were lying to themselves, to go along. Generally speaking, there are a lot of people who just find intimate relationships very difficult for numerous reasons, and so they try to find/orchestrate ones that work for them. Life is too tough to do alone.

          1. Madcasual – afraid you lost me. Something about the perils of STDs, perhaps? Either way, I think you misunderstood my comment, which was an observation regarding the current dating environment and not an endorsement. Despite my anecdote from above (which was an unusual circumstance), I’m not all that promiscuous, but do date a lot.

            No. In the context of deception, more of a personal responsibility and self-worth issue. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that every one of us has seen millions of women who will get naked for relatively paltry sums of money or even just attention. I know I’ve lent out my share of ‘Go Ugly Early’ t-shirts and would be willing to bet that the majority of us completely understand, if not embody one or both sides of the joke.

            The issue is with dishonesty, personal responsibility and the relatively fewer number of vaginas that have even the slightest appreciation for words of iron. Women (and/or men) who not only distinguish the peace attained from waiving a white flag from the peace attained by handing someone a gun, but recognize the difference in value of the peace obtained.

            We’re all aware of scratch-off lotto tickets and certainly wouldn’t forbid anyone from buying them or playing the lotto for fun, we just prefer to recognize them as cheap, easy, and freely available relative to more sound/lucrative investments. We’re also aware of the socio-economics of such positions; rodents are far more successful at copulation and this is evidenced by their reproduction, if you aren’t more successful at copulation than rodents and, even if you are, can’t prove it in any objective (let alone beneficial) way, what does that action prove? I don’t mean to be condescending but honest; do you really think you’re informing us (maybe your comment was aimed more specifically than I interpretted) that there isn’t a vagina shortage? If not, what are you saying?

  58. Lying that you are infertile, or on contraception, to get sex ought to be illegal; but not in a way that would get you either arrested or sued. I would write that law so that the liar simply forfeits the right to receive child support. Then let her exercise her choice.

    1. If women have the expectation of freely available abortion, men should have the expectation that wearing a condom is a sufficient dissent to conception. If a condom is worn and a pregnancy occurs, she can take the issue up with Trojan.

  59. So if you tell her you make more money than you actually do, you can be arrested. Hmmm…there’s a word for women who have sex for money, but I can’t quite remember what it is……

    1. empowered

  60. I’m trying to imagine a society where women don’t use sex and deception to their advantage.

    1. NAMBLA would be among them, I would imagine

      1. You’re not firing on all cylinders are you?

  61. The funny part is when the dems will be horrified when this is used against transgender people for not revealing their actual biological sex before an interaction.

    it is inevitble.

    1. Slight disagreement. It won’t be funny when a white, cis man tries to use it against an MtF tranny, everybody can see that punchline coming since before Eddie Murphy got arrested. The real laughs will start when a woman, especially a minority woman, tries to use it against a tranny.

  62. So how would that law affect statutory rape? “She’s only 16? She told me she was 19. Take her to jail “.

  63. Another attack on men based on the assumption that women are weak and stupid.

  64. In an unrelated story, all New York plastic surgeons announce they are moving to Florida.

  65. Of course only men will be charged under this law.

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