Biden Pushes for K-8 School Reopening in COVID Anniversary Address

Many of the president’s pledges require state and local cooperation.


In his first prime-time address, President Joe Biden on Thursday announced he would direct states to make all American adults eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine by May 1 and would seek to reopen the majority of K-8 schools within his first 100 days, though the latter rests under state and local control.

The move comes as the president—who today re-upped his promise to purchase another 100 million doses from Johnson & Johnson—attempts to ensure that vaccine supply eventually outpaces demand. He again pledged to have every willing U.S. adult inoculated by the end of May.

"That's months ahead of schedule," he said in the address, noting efforts to make the doses widely accessible. "Millions and millions of grandparents who went months without being able to hug their grandchildren can now do so." The president invoked guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which urges masking and social distancing in day-to-day life but lowers the risk calculus for groups of vaccinated people.

Biden further announced that he would seek to have at least 2 million shots administered per day—doubling the goal he set prior to entering office—and, beginning May 1, would unveil "new tools," including a government website, to facilitate appointment scheduling.

The president also pivoted back to a commitment he made before entering office, one that he seemed to equivocate on after inauguration: "We can accelerate a massive nationwide effort to reopen our schools safely, and meet my goal…of opening the majority of K-8 schools during my first 100 days in office," he said, emphasizing that it would be "the number one priority" of Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona.

Biden's stance on this issue has continued to morph into something new—that goal didn't originally come with the K-8 qualifier, for instance—as he's wrangled with teachers unions, many of which have refused to reenter the classroom until COVID-19 has been all but eradicated. Some have also hung reopening on a slew of unrelated demands, such as abolishing charter schools, instituting Medicare for All, and defunding the police.

His demurral would have made less political sense, however, after the passage of the American Rescue plan, the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill that will funnel schools billions of dollars. Biden has maintained that such a package was the only way to secure a safe reopening, although it's worth noting that the bulk of that money won't be used in the near-term, as schools currently have $100 billion in unused funds from prior coronavirus relief legislation. The president signed the bill today.

He had two remaining promises: First, that the American public can expect forthcoming guidance on what we can and cannot do once vaccinated. Second, that Biden "will not relent until we beat this virus."

"I need every American to do their part. That's not hyperbole. I need you," he said. "If we do this together, by July the 4th, there's a good chance, you, your families, and friends will be able to get together…After this long, hard year, that will make this Independence Day something truly special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus."

He made sure to hedge his bets. "A lot can happen," he said. "Conditions can change." Indeed, if politicians have confirmed one thing over the last year, it's that the goalposts can also change, from two weeks to flatten the curve to a year and a half—if we're lucky.

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  1. Hey Dementia Joe, by July 4th we will have been doing normal things for over a year*. Welcome to the party. Guess who’s been growing and sending the rest of you food and manufactured goods and services.

    * except Cali and NY and other garbage democrat states, those guys suck

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  2. “Biden Pushes for K-8 School Reopening in COVID Anniversary Address”

    Willingly sending our children to government schools is child abuse.

    “Why is it that millions of children who are pushouts or dropouts amount to business as usual in the public schools, while one family educating a child at home becomes a major threat to universal public education and the survival of democracy?”
    ~ Stephen Arons

  3. Government schools are at best daycare welfare for deadbeat parents – don’t breed’em if you can’t feed’em, and at worst state sponsored mass child abuse.

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  4. “The president also pivoted back to a commitment he made before entering office, one that he seemed to equivocate on after inauguration: “We can accelerate a massive nationwide effort to reopen our schools safely, and meet my goal…of opening the majority of K-8 schools of my first 100 days in office,” he said”

    In regards to President Biden’s pledge to unify the country, I have to admit that he . . . um . . . should eat shit and die.

    1. Lol.

      Damn, Ken.

  5. Bide. Said may 1st for open vaccines…. many states start on April 1st. He said 100M vaccines in 100 days, he had 1.5 million vaccines administered the day he took office.

    He basically took credit for shit that already happened. And then threatened Americans with more lockdowns if they don’t listen to government.

    Fuck him.

    1. “He had two remaining promises: First, that the American public can expect forthcoming guidance on what we can and cannot do once vaccinated”

      Curiously no interest in that statement from “free minds” magazine.

    2. Is he still taking credit for the vaccine?

  6. All he had to do was tell the unions that there would be no federal aid to states with any schools not open to classroom teaching on a full time basis starting next Monday.

    1. Exactly. Biden isn’t “pushing” for anything. He’s saying words.

  7. Biden said “we’ll tell you what you can and can’t do after being vaccinated” and this is the bullshit Reason posts?

    1. Then stop reading it.

      1. Ass kisser.

        1. Literally a White Knight, although he claims his name is ironic.

          Personally though I suspect that as an obvious Democrat he’s signaling his ties to the KKK.

      2. Lol. You saying this is literally one of the most pathetic things you can do. You think libertarianism is appeal to authority and never having critical thought. Lol.

          1. “The four steps are based on the premise that you often make a better decision with less information than you do with more.”

            The New York Times is literallyadvocating willful ignorance as the next evolution in critical thought. This is completely insane.

            On the other hand, it completely explains the existence of Tony and White Knight.

            1. Tony is the worst.

      3. Then go jump off a bridge lemming.

  8. Fuck you, Reason

    If you’re waiting for permission from the chief executive to celebrate Independence Day with your family, you clearly don’t grasp the concept of Independence.

    1. Do you always yell at people doing straight reporting of the news. Binion didn’t endorse anything Biden said.

      1. Reason endorsed the brain dead old man.

      2. Do you ever have independent thought? Or just a cuck?

      3. Poor Dee can’t help herself. Keep worshiping Koch.

  9. Oh look, a totes hard hitting take by Robby.
    I would have preferred to be specifically told that everyone can rage as hard as they want on July 4th. Enough is enough.

    1. So, your beef with Robby Soave is that he said something that basically agrees with your own views. Got it.

      1. Ass kisser intern.

        1. It is just sad. Think he wants to be ENBs new beard.

          1. LOL

      2. I agree that missing the point is fun, Dee.

        1. How do you even parody that?

      3. No, I think his beef is they’re a little late to the party.

        But you’re dumb so you missed it.

  10. “Biden’s stance on this issue has continued to morph into something new …”

    Genuinely expecting honesty, transparency, or consistency from a perennially dishonest career grifter after fifty years in politics is peak Reason.

    1. Parameters. Normal. That’s how libertarianism works.


    2. Sure is a fancy way to say SleepyJoe is lying.

    3. That is an interestingly non-judgmental way of saying “moving the goalposts”

  11. Why isn’t SleepyJoe wearing his mask on federal property?

    1. Because he’s capable of more thoughtfulness than you. You think he wants to be the mask nanny in chief? He wants to deliver normality to people, and do it in a way that contrasts with the vile hysterical incompetent lying deranged approach of his predecessor.

      The difference between Joe and his predecessor is that Joe knows exactly how many people he’s going to kill for the sake of political expediency, because he cares.

      1. Thoughtfulness?

        Ok, going full shill mode, I guess… You sure you don’t also want to get “empathetic” in there too?

        Pbbbbt… “Thoughtful”. Yeah, that never would have been a word to describe Biden at his best. But this version? Really? You are going to tout his powers of cognition?

        That is impressive. You wanna promote his physical vigor too? Tell us about the amazing energy he brings to the office?

        “Thoughtful”….. Sheesh.

        1. He had me at “science is real.”

      2. Tony thinks normality is limited freedoms. How quaint.

        1. You think freedom means you can recklessly infect other people with viruses.

          Bug chasing faggots.

          1. Shitstain here believes “freedom” means requiring others to look out for his health.
            Fuck off and die.

      3. He’s been vaccinated.

        What is the point of the mask? There is no point.


        1. Maybe so…but the rule to do so was HIS rule specifically. He should be expected to abide by it.

      4. So he can just ignore his rules to deliver normality?

        I must have missed that exception, but now I’ll use it.

  12. Are this is really ?!!!

  13. You have to admit, it’s an improvement.

    I think I get why libertarians are desperately screeching for more institutional indoctrination of children by the government. Because parents want their kids to go back to school, and it’s a tough thing in a pandemic, so it’s a political weak spot.

    Just more butt work for the Republicans. Get them back in public schools now! says a libertarian. For sure. What a joke.

    1. No, a passive-aggressive dementia-addled dictator is no improvement over anything.

    2. “Why libertarians are desperately screeching for more institutional indoctrination of children by the government …”


      Do you believe your own shit, or just eat it?

      1. I simply find it curious how a political movement, whose sole contribution to intellectual thought is to point out minor hypocrisies in their enemies, can’t go a single fucking day without calling on Congress to regulate private businesses who are doing things that provide them with literally 2 seconds of minor annoyance one day.

        1. I find it curious that one so retarded is able to use a keyboard. Must be one of those idiot-savants who can find primes up to 20 digits but can’t feed themselves.

    3. “You have to admit, it’s an improvement.”

      I’ll admit you are both abysmally stupid and delusional.

  14. Wow. “Pushes for school reopening”? Really?

    By May. Just in time for the end of the school year.

    Do you guys have a hard time remembering things like facts and things people say? What the heck? If you didn’t guffaw at that line, you should just give up on following politics. There is so much wrong here that nitpicking over various previous takes is a bit silly.

    I mean, he did tell us that schools must re-open safely…. Which meant special air handlers, additional classrooms and more teachers, and of course, vaccines for the teachers… None of which is actually necessary according to the available science (remember the party of science) nor according to the law of “look at the cashier at Publix who makes half of what you do, you feckless douchebag teacher’s union rep”.

  15. Fuck off, Joe, we don’t need you.

  16. Remember 5 minutes ago when the press had a mission to rush out and tell us how “dark” it was every time the president spoke? Remember real-time fact checking and “alleged without evidence”?

    I ‘member.

    The dude took credit for things that were already in place and happening before he took office, things that he both opposed and said wouldn’t work… And we give it a pass now? And we aren’t just talking covid… Dude even took credit for things that began way back under Bush.

    Said the covid relief bill would cut child poverty in half! The whole thing is the “Inception” of speechifying. The stuff relating to child poverty is not remotely related to Covid relief, and it is much more likely to increase child poverty than to decrease it. But, you know… A trillion in pork and union payoffs buys a lot of silence, I guess.

    6 months ago reason would have published a dozen articles explaining that the president was a liar and probably Hitler in waiting if he claimed water is wet. And now we get 1 dude who meekly points out a smattering of inconsistencies from the president on school reopening.

    It has only been a couple of days since the national message was “darkness before the light”. Then a couple of polls show that this message is failing and the “getting back out in public” date moves from next Christmas to 4th of July without so much as a nod to the prior position. Heck, it hasn’t been a week!

    Look, nobody really expected much more… But at least take a moment to assess yourselves. Have a look in the mirror and just take note of how easily you are lead around by the nose.


    The Founders didn’t gather on a humid July day in 1776 – eloquently telling King George to piss off and risking death by hanging in the process – so that 245 years later, Joe Biden could give you permission to gather with friends and commemorate the occasion.

  18. I couldn’t stand listening to Obama because of his weird speaking style with the strange inflections and pauses as if he’d learned to speak English from a not-very-good AI, I couldn’t stand listening to Trump because who the hell knew what he was talking about when he puts so many asides into a sentence that he can be talking about 15 different subjects in the space of a single run-on sentence, and now I can’t stand listening to Biden because it’s painfully obvious he’s struggling to read words off a teleprompter he’s apparently never seen before and it’s all just empty rhetoric, it doesn’t matter what he’s saying because he doesn’t mean a word of it, he’s just reading a script.

  19. An Obama-esque speech that was so weakly written, even Obama couldn’t have pulled it off. Lots of fluff and emotion, no real content.

  20. Biden, the Democrats and teachers unions will get the schools open just in time for summer break. Have fun this summer kids!

  21. He might just as well promise sunshine and warm weather; he’s making promises regarding issues he has no ability to deliver.

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