New CDC Guidance Says Vaccinated People Can Do a Tiny Bit of Socializing

But the vaccinated are still expected to wear masks and socially distance when in public.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidance on Monday that permits fully vaccinated people to gather indoors with a small number of unvaccinated people, but still recommends masking and social distancing in public places.

"There are some activities that fully vaccinated people can resume with minimal risk," said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky at a press briefing.

After receiving the second dose of a vaccine (or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson shot) and waiting the necessary two-week period, vaccinated individuals can safely socialize with other vaccinated people, since there is virtually zero risk of a severe negative health outcome. The vaccinated can gather with the unvaccinated as well, but because it's theoretically possible for vaccinated individuals to transmit COVID-19 to the unvaccinated, the CDC is recommending that these gatherings include only members of one household—and no one who falls into a COVID-19 risk category (such as the elderly).

But in many other circumstances, the vaccinated are expected to continue wearing masks and practicing social distancing, and they should continue to obey travel restrictions.

"Our travel guidance is unchanged," said Walensky.

The guidance recommends masking and social distancing for the vaccinated when they are out in public, and they should still avoid crowds and large gatherings. No one specifically mentioned restaurants during the briefing, but a vaccinated individual who is serious about following the new guidance would have no choice but to continue avoiding them. And while the CDC could have used this opportunity to clarify that outdoor spread appears to be a rarity, there was no mention of the fact that it's probably extremely safe for vaccinated people to be unmasked outdoors, even in groups.

Indeed, the CDC's guidance was impractically cautious, which is entirely unsurprising. Government health officials are known for making unhelpful proclamations that are entirely at odds with human behavior.

While it was good to hear the CDC finally admit that vaccinated people can gather with other vaccinated people, there is a wider swath of human activity that is in all likelihood extremely safe. Don't hold out for the CDC's blessing: Get the vaccine and get back to normal.


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    1. but because it’s theoretically possible for vaccinated individuals to transmit COVID-19 to the unvaccinated

      So, we’re not just flattening the curve anymore, right?

      1. We must :”flatten the curve” and “keep our medical system from collapsing”. Yeaaaaah, that’s it, that’s the ticket!

      2. We’re flattening the future curve of the eeevil B.1.1.7 variant formerly known as Prince.

        You, on the other hand, are just giving us backchat, and will be reported to the nearest Karen squad on duty.

        Now get back in your hole, serf.

      3. Actually, the guidance on masks is to keep from frightening the horses – or in this case, the trembling masses. People who accept everything told them on the evening news know that people who do not wear masks are committing murder. They are unclean! Or they might be, which is the same thing.

        1. Well, if we’re committing murder by not wearing masks… might as well include some other methods as well

        2. …to keep from frightening the horses

          “Frau Blucher!”

    2. Dr. Fauci recommends avoiding women until you’ve received your second dose of Coodies vaccine.

    3. But only the right kind of Science. Anything else is a Dangerous Debunked QAnon Conspiracy Theory that hasn’t been factchecked by the proper ministry.

  2. “Ou travel guidance is unchanged,” said Walensky.

    My ignoring of your travel guidance is unchanged accordingly.

  3. I’ll wait til next week’s guidance, which will be different in some unfathomable direction. Then I’ll repeat my laugh from this week.

  4. I do not think anyone cares.

    1. No, the sheeple care because they think the CDC should have the authority to run our lives. And corporate America is on the side of the sheeple, unfortunately.

  5. I also could care less what they say about meat temperature and a whole host of other guidance.

    1. No shit. Cook a rare steak according to their guidelines and you get medium well.

    2. CDC recs are like the 55 MPH speed limit: largely ridiculous because everyone knows they’re largely unenforced/unenforceable. It’s a combination of superliminal nudging and CYA for when the proles don’t do as they’re told.

      1. unless you’re a landlord trying to collect rent

  6. Unvaccinated people can socialize too. Just not with the permission of the evil retarded fascist cdc

  7. Just looking at headlines, you’d get the impression there are multiple interpretations to this:

    Fully vaccinated people can gather without masks, CDC says

    NEW YORK (AP) — Fully vaccinated Americans can gather with other vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing, according to long-awaited guidance from federal health officials.

    The recommendations also say that vaccinated people can come together in the same way — in a single household — with people considered at low-risk for severe disease, such as in the case of vaccinated grandparents visiting healthy children and grandchildren.

    1. I still can’t believe that people are going along with this shit. Holy fuck.

  8. Attempting to untangle the contradictions is pointless because the contradictions are intentional. The inconsistencies are deliberate. The restrictive measures are being pursued for the sake of the restrictive measures. Power is being consolidated for the sake of consolidating power.

    The vaccine serves no purpose; neither do the masks, nor the lockdowns, nor the restaurant capacities, etc. The government is going to do what it wants to do, and what the government wants to do most of all is consolidate absolute power of every facet of our existence. Trying to figure out the rules and reconcile the irreconcilable is nothing more than political Stockholm Syndrome, at this point.

    Once people understand this, then we can talk about real solutions. Following the hostage taker’s instructions is never the solution. At some point, you have to challenge the hostage taker to kill you, or let you go.

    1. I see what you did in the first paragraph. Got any spare rat cages lying around?

    2. Dude, let’s not go overboard. This is the same government that continues to fund the TSA despite decades where every last airport failed every single test (there were some things that were caught in tests, but no airport did so anywhere close to the school pass rate of 70%, much less the >90% that I would consider passing for any safety protocol).

      The shutdowns and mask mandates are very similar to the TSA. It’s health theater. There to make some people feel better. The clear evidence that it’s largely ineffective has been met with a double-down not for any nefarious purpose, but the simple reason that the government doesn’t want to publicly admit that they were wrong.

      The vaccine, on the other hand, is settled science, quite good, and useful. That’s no different than any of the other vaccines that we’ve gotten over the years.

      1. “The vaccine, on the other hand, is settled science, quite good, and useful. That’s no different than any of the other vaccines that we’ve gotten over the years.”

        I am not disputing that, at this time. Frankly, I simply do not know. If another variant of the virus emerges in the future, it may change the analysis with respect to the efficacy of the vaccine drastically.

        My issue, however, was not with whether the vaccine is per se effective, but whether obtaining it is a ticket out of the regulatory hellhole that many parts of the country have become.

        If the government is proceeding on the assumption that all of the same restrictions and precautions still need to be taken, even after one receives the vaccine, that is — in my opinion — confirmation that the government either (i) understands the vaccine is bunk or (ii) has no intention of lifting the restrictions under any circumstances.

        Now, you can call the entire exercise theater if you want, and it may well be just that, but the curtailment of individual rights is decidedly not theater. The problem with everyone playing pretend is that fiction becomes reality. Historically, the price of breaking out of these fictive worlds has always been a tale of blood and horror.

        1. At some point, the naive are just bootlickers like the rest

          1. Agreed.

            The fact that most people appear to be completely content with having to take off their shoes, having their personal belongings rummaged through and arbitrarily confiscated, and having to go through a bomb scanner only to potentially be told that they still cannot get on the airplane because of a mysterious government list should tell a reasonable person everything they need to know about the real life consequences of acquiescing to the government’s “theatrics.”

            Except the nightmare deepens, and the terroristic activity now includes the egregious act of breathing without a mask.

            Theatrics, theatrics. Sure, sure. Doesn’t mean you have to line up eagerly for a fucking audition.

      2. >>settled science, quite good, and useful

        until everyone’s eyeballs fall out at the 2-year mark

        1. Do you know they modify the genes in your food? Who knows what kind of damage that’s doing?!

          The COVID vaccine turning this country into I Am Legend would be pretty on-brand, let’s admit.

          1. the jerks could have made me taller.

            1. Or my Johnson bigger.

              1. My Johnson is fine, but I always wanted bigger balls.

  9. Get back to normal?


    Rico, get a damn haircut.

    1. Oh yeah. And make sure you are wearing two masks in the approved manner, otherwise you’ll make Bill Nye (aka Speed Walker) cry.

  10. the fact that it’s probably extremely safe for vaccinated people to be unmasked outdoors, even in groups

    It’s extremely safe for unvaccinated people to be unmasked outdoors. Even the CDC guidelines say so as long as a 6′ social distancing is maintained.

  11. Robby, are you one of those people who wears a mask while walking your dogs? If so that would explain a lot.

    1. Naw, Robby’s the sort of mouth breather who wears a mask while driving alone in a car

  12. If you are a really good and compliant little prole then Big Brother may allow you some tiny, temporary freedoms. But don’t count on it.

  13. >>new guidance


  14. Been normal here for a long time, only wear a mask when sign is up on the property owners door. But otherwise have ignored the federal wimps, their media and left wing bootlickers, and their pathetic power grabs.

  15. You should always wear two condoms, even if you are not and have no plans to be engaged in sexual intercourse. We’re not sure if this guidance applies to women or small children, but it’s better to be safe than sorry so we’re extending the guidance to all groups.

    1. That’s what I do with your mother. Boom!

      Sorry Jerry. Nothing personal, I just couldn’t resist that setup.

  16. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new guidance on Monday that permits fully vaccinated people to gather indoors with a small number of unvaccinated people

    The CDC had jolly well better define “gather”!

    1. “CDC….. permits”?

      Since when?

      1. March 2020.

  17. Why continue to wear if mask if you’re vaccinated? To make other people feel good?

    Can’t you just get a flag sticker, like for voting?

    1. The mark should be more permanent than that. Perhaps a tattoo.

      1. patch on the clothing sufficient let’s not go overboard.

    2. Or maybe a microchip that shows all your vaccinations. Like people do with their pets.

      1. Huh, all my dog’s microchip tells anyone is that I’m the owner.

        1. Not even pets want to be his friend.

    3. With no proof that you’re vaccinated, your lack of mask will spread fear and anxiety in the population, and living without fear and anxiety is a fundamental human right. So some sort of ‘flair’ will be in order to know who’s an undesirable and who’s not.

      1. I’m sensing a potential market for ‘F*ck the mask, I’m vaccinated’ paraphernalia.

        1. I’d just go with the classic “FUCK OFF SLAVERS”.

  18. Sorry to hear that Science has officially moved to popular opinion. When vaccinated people aren’t safe, either the vaccine doesn’t work well or there is a desire for some other outcome.

    I’m not a virus denier or an anti-masker. But I have finally come to the realization that science, facts and reality have taken a back seat to social behavior control. It’s like we’re living in a Sci-Fi novel.

    1. ^This. It’s like the car dealer telling me what a great, reliable car I’m about to buy, then doing the hard sell on the roadside assistance and extended warranty after I’ve committed but haven’t handed over the check yet. “Gee, if this car’s so terrible that you’re worried about me breaking down all the time, I guess I’d better not buy it.”

      1. Except you don’t get to choose not to buy it. You will buy it or your life will be destroyed and you will be treated like a leper.

  19. I’ll follow that advice as closely as I follow the CDC advise on alcohol:

    “recommends that adults of legal drinking age can choose not to drink, or to drink in moderation by limiting intake to 2 drinks or less in a day for men or 1 drink or less in a day for women, on days when alcohol is consumed.4 The Guidelines also do not recommend that individuals who do not drink alcohol start drinking for any reason”

    You can tell there is no science behind their recommendations because the say that women can only drink half as much as men, and we all know that women can do everything men can do, and do it better.

    1. Ever drink with a fat bitch? Ever bring a fat bitch to the bar? If you have done either, and not been able to stand that night or pay your rent that month, you surely understand that the CDC’s guidance on drinking is a cruel joke.

      1. Who brings a fat bitch to a bar? C’mon, Man! I’m not into fat bitches until I’ve been in the bar several hours and I need a ride home. Since Covid, there are few fat bitches in the bars, but there are herds of them at BLM rallies, clip-clopping down the street in unison.

        1. To the contrary, BLM rallies are actually a great opportunity to pick up skinny blonde chicks of less than average intelligence. The only fatty in sight is usually the morbidly obese black bitch leading the march with a megaphone — and, while wooing her is not entirely out of the realm of possibility, these wildebeests prefer weed, not alcohol; and that usually opens to the door to a whole other universe of expenses (namely, cake and exorbitant amounts of fried food).

          Beware the fat white bitch, however. Not only can they eat and drink you under the table, they demand the best shit money can buy. Fortunately, they are already mostly all dating the black guys rioting in the back on the march. Fat white bitches need to get fed, after all.

          Generally speaking, picking up women these days is really fucking hard. Picking them off from a distance, on the other hand, is far more promising a prospect,far more entertaining, and just better for society.

  20. So when I refuse to bake the cake/serve colored folks/let men use the women’s room for religious reasons without proper vaccination documentation, I’m just following the science now, right?

    1. Dammit.

  21. I giveth not the rectum of a rodent as far as the CDC is concerned. I would prefer to defund them than the police.
    (yes I know, feds vs. local, but what the hell, it’s just us reason babblers here)

    1. Defund the CDC!

  22. WTF, Rico.

    Can you stop using the word “permit?”

  23. I’ll listen to this as much as a female in the US listens to ME guidance on what they should do.

    CDC is not a police entity. They don’t decide for me.

  24. … And free people who refuse to vaccinate don’t really care what the CDC Guidance says.

  25. It’s weird that there’s just a bag of trash on the ground and those two ladies seem to be more concerned with mask wearing than any possible crap emanating from the street toilet.

  26. This guidance sure comes off like we are creating a caste system right here in the good ol’ USA. I guess I am now a second class citizen due to my lack of vaccine.

    Furthermore this is guidance…nowhere should the words CAN, CAN NOT, SHOULD, etc. be used. It is guidance. Phrases such as “it is recommended” or “refrain from” are more appropriate. As it is, I read a few words and thought you can fuck right off CDC and I will go back to doing what my core social group (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) deem an acceptable risk level.

  27. That freedom of association is more of a guideline than an actual rule applies for ‘public health experts’ as well as pirates.

    1. You read every word I write! I get your garments in a bunch.

      You aren’t smart Chuck. You worship a pervert con artist!

  28. “But the vaccinated are still expected to wear masks and socially distance when in public.”

    And I’m expecting that the turdfaces at the CDC can blow me since they’ll never jab that untested shit in my arm.

  29. The CDC lost their way when they decided to branch out into “prevention”. Prevention isn’t really science. You can prove statistically that liver damage is more likely over a certain number of drinks each day, but that is only meaningful for a large group and it means nothing to any individual; one person can drink one or two drinks a day and get cirrhosis and another might close the bar every night without any harm. These people are the new slave owners; they need to control the behavior of others to be happy.
    And let’s not forget about wanting to treat gun violence as a disease. They will do studies and find, amazingly, that without guns there would be no gun violence and they will use that “science” to work around the Second Amendment and effectively ban firearms.
    They will ignore the effect of those drinks on a person’s mental well-being. They will ignore the increase in crime and non-gun violence banning guns bring. And they will ignore the harm this micromanaging of everyone’s lives does to a free society.

    1. The CDC stands as perhaps the best example of “mission creep” in all of government.

  30. So the vaccines only do fuck all and jack shit?

  31. First, fuck the CDC’s guidance. Second, why are they not grouping people with a prior COVID infection with the vaccinated in this “guidance.” We already know that the % of people who’ve been infected with COVID twice is statistically zero. Prior infection is clearly more effective at prevention than vaccination. Why wont the CDC, Fauci, et al admit this? That’s a rhetorical question. The reasons of course is both to retroactively discredit the natural herd immunity strategy and to prolong the “pandemic.” After all, those Sunday morning talk show gigs are not going to book themselves.

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