Biden's Coronavirus Relief Package Has Almost Nothing to Do With the Coronavirus

The president keeps insisting on the urgency of $1.9 trillion in spending. But much of it would be spent on non-urgent policies unrelated to the pandemic.


Over and over again, President Joe Biden has pitched his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan as vital to restoring a struggling American economy and recovering from the pandemic. Many households are struggling, he tweeted earlier this month, with desperate Americans wondering how they are going to eat. "That's why I'm urging Congress to pass the American Rescue Plan and deliver much-needed relief." Time, he has insisted, is of the essence. "We don't have a second to waste when it comes to delivering the American people the relief they desperately need. I'm calling on Congress to act quickly and pass the American Rescue Plan." 

The fiscal response,  he has argued, must be commensurate to the crisis at hand. "Now is the time we should be spending," he said at a CNN town hall this week. "Now is the time to go big." 

Biden has certainly gone big. His $1.9 trillion deficit-funded plan would be among the largest stimulus/relief packages in history. But much of the spending he has proposed would do little or nothing to help actually struggling Americans. Instead, the plan is padded with non-urgent, pre-existing Democratic policy priorities that have, at most, only tangential relationship to the crisis at hand. 

Take schooling, for example. The mass closure of schools has caused immeasurable chaos and frustration for families across the country, especially those with working parents, and it has set back educational advancement for children, especially in lower-income families with fewer resources or alternatives. Beyond the disruptions to family schedules and educational achievement, there is mounting evidence that school closures, in combination with other forms of isolation stemming from the pandemic, have taken a dark toll on student mental health. In the Las Vegas area, schools finally reopened following a rash of suicides in which 18 students took their own lives. 

Biden ran on reopening most schools for in-person instruction within a hundred days—a promise his administration has both walked back and then kinda-sorta attempted to un-walk back. But reopening, he has insisted, is conditioned on schools obtaining sufficient funding in a relief package. Accordingly, his plan includes about $128 billion for K-12 schooling "for preparation for, prevention of, and response to the coronavirus pandemic or for other uses allowed by other federal education programs," as part of a $170 billion boost in education-related spending.

This is a dubious argument on its face, considering that private schools have largely reopened, as have public schools in some states, such as Florida, that have pushed for faster and more widespread reopenings. 

But even if you think substantial additional funding is strictly necessary for rapid reopening, there's a problem: The vast majority of the relief plan's money for schools wouldn't be spent in the current fiscal year, or even next year. Previous coronavirus relief and congressional spending bills have already included more than $100 billion in funding for schools. But according to the Congressional Budget Office, "most of those funds remain to be spent."

As a result, just $6 billion would be spent in the 2021 fiscal year, which runs through September. Another $32 billion would be spent in 2022, and the rest by 2028. Biden is insisting that schools must reopen soon—and also that the only way for them to reopen is to authorize more than $120 billion in spending, most of which wouldn't roll out for years. It doesn't make much sense. 

Similarly, Biden's plan calls for $350 billion to backstop state budgets, which were projected to be down as much as 8 percent overall this year. Yet according to The Wall Street Journal, total revenues were down just 1.6 percent for the 2020 fiscal year, and 18 states ended the year with above-projection revenue. As Reason's Christian Britschgi noted last week, Biden's plan would disburse money to every state—including California, which is set for a $15 billion surplus. Previous coronavirus relief bills, meanwhile, have already doled out $300 billion to bolster state budgets. The billions in extra funding Biden's plan would deliver to soaring state budgets would, in all likelihood, not be spent this coming year. So much for not having a second to waste. 

There's more like this peppered throughout Biden's pandemic relief plan. Biden and his communications team raise the issue of food insecurity—then insist that checks should go to a two-earner family with stable jobs making $120,000 a year in a city with a roughly $40,000 annual median income for couples.

This is despite the fact that the average couple with comparable six-figure earnings has experienced no unusual job loss and has piled up record levels of personal savings. Even if the goal is just to pump more money into the economy, these checks wouldn't, for the most part, be spent. They'd just add to the savings. 

As the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) notes, half the spending in the coronavirus relief plan would go toward such poorly targeted measures. The plan also includes expansions to Obamacare subsidies and would hike the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour—in 2025. Ultimately, the hike would cost jobs rather than preserve them. But raising the federal minimum wage has been a Democratic policy priority for years, so it got stuffed into the relief bill grab bag. 

How much of this alleged coronavirus relief plan is actually related to the coronavirus?  According to CRFB, just 1 percent of the relief plan's spending would go toward vaccines, and just 5 percent would go toward pandemic-related public health needs. Meanwhile, 15 percent of the spending—about $300 billion—would be spent on long-standing policy priorities that are not directly related to the current crisis. 

Biden keeps insisting that time is of the essence, that massive federal spending is urgently needed to speed America's recovery from its coronavirus-induced health and economic downturn. But the practical details of his plan say otherwise. The president's relief plan is an object lesson in non-urgent, non-vital policymaking. Biden is pitching a coronavirus relief package that has very little to do with coronavirus relief.

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  1. You must have it wrong. I was assured that deficit spending only happens under Republican presidents.

    1. Trump grabbed Pelosi and Schumer by the pussies and forced them to write trillion dollar spending bills.

      1. ^RIGHT; 87% of the Cares Act was pitched by Democrats…

        1. yep and all of that money went to the banksters and every last one of them senators voted yes, disgusting.

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  2. “…padded with non-urgent, pre-existing Democratic policy priorities that have, at most, only tangential relationship to the crisis at hand.”

    Like they say, never let a crisis go to waste.

    1. The president reason wanted. Yay?

      1. No mean tweets!

        1. Those tweets were so very very mean.

          1. Truth hurts. 🙂

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  3. Since herd immunity is spreading rapidly through the US, there is no need for covid stimulas legislation.

    But since left wing Democrats and the news media want Big Brother to give trillions of dollars to bail out Blue States, to finance their absurd climate policies, and give lots more to Democrat donors, don’t expect Democrats or the left wing news media (including Reason) to truthfully report that thousands of communities, hundreds of counties and half of the states have or are very close to attaining herd immunity.

    1. Natural herd immunity explains why the rate of new daily covid cases has plummeted in most states during the past 2 – 3 months, which can better understood by seeing the graphs at:

      States with the sharpest declines in new covid cases are:

      North Dakota -93.2%
      Nebraska -92.5%
      South Dakota -91.8%
      Wisconsin -91.0%
      Minnesota -90.8%
      New Mexico -90.3%
      Iowa -90.2%
      Wyoming -89.8%
      Missouri -89.3%
      Tennessee -89.0%
      Michigan -88.6%
      Montana –88.4%
      Illinois -87.5%
      Idaho -86.9%
      California -86.8%
      Indiana -86.2%
      Arkansas -86.2%
      Nevada -85.9%
      Arizona – 85.4%
      Colorado -84.3%
      Ohio -84.1%
      Maine -81.9%
      West Virginia -81.6%
      Alaska -81.4%
      Utah -81.2%
      Washington -81.2%
      Oregon -80.2%
      Kansas -77.2%
      Pennsylvania -74.7%

      1. To date, 28.455 million Americans (8.59%) have tested positive for covid. Since CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected with covid (than have tested positive), about 130.9 million Americans (39.55%) have been infected with covid.

        And since just 5 cases of covid reinfection have been identified in the US (and just 49 worldwide), virtually all of the estimated 130.9 million Americans previously infected with covid remain immune from reinfection.

        But Anthony Fauci continues to lie about immunity conferred by past infection (as he is campaigning to vaccinate all Americans). On Sunday’s NBC News he falsely claimed “Prior infection doesn’t protect you against reinfection.” George Stephanopoulos never followed up, allowing Fauci’s Big Lie to spread nationwide (without fact checking or criticism).

        According to CDC, 56.28 million Americans (17.0%) have received a covid vaccine. But since about 40% of vaccines were given to previously infected people (who were already immune), and since the vaccines are about 90% effective, about 9.2% of Americans have become immune from vaccines.

        Since an estimated 39.55% of Americans are immune due to past infection, and since an additional 9.2% are now immune due to vaccines, about 49.8% of all Americans are now immune from covid.

        During the next several days, over half of Americans will become immune from covid.

        And since herd immunity occurs when/after about two-thirds of a population has been infected or vaccinated, counties and states with a covid case rates above 10% are now experiencing herd immunity, as new cases in those counties and states have plummeted by 80% – 95% to the lowest in the US.

        1. On Sunday’s ABC News ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos, Anthony Fauci continued to lie to Americans about the most fundamental tenet of virology and immunology (i.e. that many/most people previously infected with covid can/will get reinfected unless they are vaccinated).

          Between 5 and 6 minutes in the interview, Fauci dances around George’s question (about risk of reinfection for those previously infected with covid) and then Fauci deceitfully answers by falsely stating “Prior infection does NOT protect you against reinfection.”

          By denying the clear and consistent evidence that <.00001% of people previously infected with covid have been reinfected, Fauci is committing public health malpractice.

          There is no rational reason for vaccinating people who have already been infected with covid (except to make $$$$$$$$$ for Big Pharma), which has also deprived vaccines for millions of high risk senior citizens.

          1. A survey among my small tight knit community shows a 50% immunity rate from a combination of prior infections and vaccines. Interesting.

          2. I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

          3. If prior infection does not confer long term immunity, why should vaccination?

            Without significant evidence that is so far lacking, it makes no rational or immunological sense to insist that there is an unusual difference in immune response between infection and vaccination and that it’s all in favor of vaccination.

            1. Welcome to the wonderful world of democrat propaganda!

          4. It’s a really crazy lie, too, for anyone who understands the least bit about vaccines, which make you immune by tricking your body into behaving as though you contracted the disease.

            It’s not like they’re injecting you with self-reproducing search and destroy nanites. It’s just a simulated infection that leaves you exactly as immune as if you’d had a real infection.

            1. You mean it’s NOT like Borg nanoprobes?

          5. Technically what Fauci said is true but it’s extremely misleading. Yes, someone who has been vaccinated or recovered from the virus could become infected/reinfected, BUT they won’t become sick (pneumonia/respiratory issues ) and the chances of spreading the virus becomes extremely low.

            1. Thank you!

          6. It’s important that some of us note: new infections and deaths peaked in mid-December, before vaccinations even started. The most disgusting example of the crazed popular view now is that children must wear masks and do social distancing with plastic partitions in school. Here’s a Fauci test question. Should children be held in isolation until a vaccine for colds and flu can be developed?

        2. One thing I’ve learned – never get your “facts” from some anonymous poster online. None of them are experts. None of them have the actual experience in the fields in which they babble on about. None of them can be trusted to lead anyone out of a wet paper bag. Almost all of them will endlessly spout their “statistics” (without sources) and their “facts” and make up endless conjecture and straw arguments in a pathetic attempt support their claims. Most are dead wrong about everything they babble on about. Most haven’t put in the time, effort, experience or education to support their stated claims. Most aren’t worth listening to. You’re ignorant post is exactly one of these uninformed ramblings from a non-expert, non-qualified, non-credentialed and non-experienced online idiot. All you’ve done is post your own confirmation bias. Nothing more needs to be said – you cannot be trusted to share anything of value, anywhere. I will never interact with you again, neither should anybody else.

          1. “I will never interact with you again, neither should anybody else.”

            Cancel the man!

          2. Who you talking about? Ron Bailey?

          3. Want me to call you a WAAAAAAAAAmbulance?

          4. Most of the evidence (and estimates) I’ve posted is from the CDC, but the finding that 5 cases of covid reinfections have occurred in the US (and now 50 cases worldwide) out of 28.5 million cases is at

          5. “You’re ignorant post”…..if you can’t even punctuate you should sit down and shut the fuck up, asswipe.

        3. Not EVENNNNNN close in terms of re-infections. That data is ridiculously under-reporting. One of my sons has had a re-infection, with 2 negative tests and 4 months between the infections. Does they gov’t know about him? No. As well as others who have self-reported.
          They only “know” of ones whose specimens they’ve sequenced. And those are only random ones, or people who’ve been hospitalized. We’re NOW starting to push to do more random sequencing to get on top of the variants, but even that won’t track re-infections.

      2. 78.45% of statistics are made up.

    2. We are far from herd immunity, and it does not “Spread” like a disease; it is achieved when a certain threshhold (currently unknown) is reached…then the virus has difficulty transmitting.
      Measles require about 95% immunity; polio 80%. We do not know that percentage must be immune to achieve the threshold. It is likely 80-90%.
      Worldwide, the number now immune is about 10%, according to WHO data (not counting the 5% who have been vaccinated. In the US, through December of 2020, the CDC estimates that 83 million, or 25% have been infected; if we add to that the 5% vaccinated (or who will soon be fully vaccinated) and another 5% for January-mid February, we get a rough estimate of 100 million who are presumably immune; that is about 30% of the population, no where near herd immunity.

      1. Why are the numbers dropping?

      2. What you’re missing is that it has already been established that prior exposure to any of at least 5 different coronaviruses gives you at least some degree of immunity to Covid 19.

      3. A month ago, the CDC estimated (but Reason still hasn’t informed readers) that a mean of 4.6 times more Americans were infected with covid (than tested positive for covid) in 2020, and that CDC was 95% certain that between 4.0 and 5.4 times more Americans were infected (than tested positive).

        Since 8.6% of Americans have tested positive for covid, 39.6% of Americans have been infected with Covid (.086 x 4.6 = .396), according to CDC data and estimates.

        Unfortunately, CDC and Fauci won’t acknowledge CDC’s own infection estimates (and immunity risks and rates) because doing so would not please Joe Biden or the left wing news media who demonized Trump, Scott Atlas, Rand Paul, Tom Massie and others for truthfully informing the public about natural herd immunity.

    3. not to mention they want to open our borders to illegal aliens, makes me sick.

  4. “Biden is pitching a coronavirus relief package that has very little to do with coronavirus relief.”

    Government programs are never truly for the purported people or purpose but for politicians and bureaucrats power, ‘profit’, & privilege.

    1. …The Patriot Act? Giving away ALL your privacy for ONE emergency that is still happening 20-Years LATER!!!

  5. Biden has a plan. The plan is to stick his thumb up his butt and laugh at everyone that voted for him.

    1. lmfao

    2. Laughing at the ‘ballot printers’? Ya, I could see that.

  6. We’re all shocked, I’m sure.

  7. Conversation with a government official

    “I would like to set up a vaccine clinic”

    “Very well how much do you need?”

    “Before we talk about the vaccine and all that stuff we are going to need a place for it. I have an empty store in my strip mall on Elm. I’ll figure out the rental price here”


    “And we’re gonna need some stuff. Chairs, tables, desks, things like that. My brother in law has an office supply store. He could fix it all up for us”


    “It’s been empty for a while and needs some sprucing up. I’ll call my buddy Charlie. He could set us up with some paint and carpet”

    “Anything else?”

    “We’re going to need to hire help. My daughter is in nursing school. Maybe she and some of her friends could staff it”

    (Writes down number on piece of paper and slides it over.)

    “But there’s nothing here about vaccines, syringes, medical supplies”

    “Oh we’ll talk about that later, you know after we get the place fixed up”

    “Who do I make the check out to?”

  8. This is why the bitcoiners are rich.

    1. …Now pushing $53K per coin!

  9. Here’s the payoff for the election. Plain and simple. Why do you think some States stayed in shutdown? To prolong the “emergency” as long as possible. In a perfect world they would have gotten Trump and the Republicans to have caved on bailing out the States last year so that they could blame them. The Governor of Pennsylvania has stated that we can’t recover from COVID too quickly or else we could lose Federal money.

    1. Yep. Inslee has been all in on this bailout, but he’s using our small businesses as chips. I 100% expect the distribution to be similarly driven by politics.

      1. Already happening. Inslee’s commission is giving bailout money to lobbying groups, all left wing/progressive.

  10. Old News. Biden wants a follow up 3 Trillion dollar package after the 1.9 Trillion dollar one.

    Good work on getting rid of mean tweets.

    1. It is kinda stupid of reason to write this now. These details have been out for months and we all already learned about them somewhere else

      1. Even the slow kids get a feeling of adulation for their Aha moments.

  11. Well Joe might be mistaken about the urgency of the spending bill or he might have inadvertently made a misleading statement about it, but one thing for sure, he’s not a lying piece of shit.

    1. Fire Extinguishers everywhere!

  12. Well the national debt has certainly gone big.

  13. It took all of 12 seconds to realize this article is inaccurate, misleading, biased and deceptive, using “selective reporting” to establish as series of straw arguments and outright falsehoods.

    I’m wondering why such dishonesty is even being “reported”. Does Reason vet these articles or not? And if they did, why is this type of dishonesty being permitted?

    1. Because Orangemanstillbad.

    2. Perhaps you could elaborate?

    3. It took all of 12 seconds to realize this article is inaccurate, misleading, biased and deceptive, using “selective reporting” to establish as series of straw arguments and outright falsehoods.

      It took you 12 seconds to load up Democratic Underground? Maybe upgrade from dialup at some point, shreek.

  14. I hate our government.

    The majority of the ticks in power are just scum.

    1. ‘in power of….’ is the ROOT of the problem.

  15. And to think I thought he is suffering from dementia.

  16. It doesn’t make much sense.

    This was the most relevant line in this article.

    But you know what else doesn’t make much sense? Suderman and a bunch of others here at Reason shilled (presstituted themselves?) for Biden and Team D during the entire election season. They chose their side some time ago. They never seriously discussed the financial, cultural, social or even moral implications of everything Team D wanted. That is some kind of libertarianism. Now you develop a conscience? Now you’re surprised?!

    Memo to Suderman: You picked your side. Now live with it.

    1. What could be worse than the last four years? Do you

      1. I don’t

      2. The 8 years we spent under Obama with unemployment in double digits, 1% GDP growth per annum and record-shattering debt accumulation?

        1. ^YES; exactly. FAR worse than the last 4-years.

  17. The relief plan is just that. It provides assistance to those impacted by Covid-19. Expanding Obamacare is necessary for those who have lost their jobs and insurance as a result of Covid. The author lumped everything together in an attempt to claim that the reasons for the relief go beyond Covid. This is hardly a fair analysis.

    1. And the $350 billion to bail out fiscally bankrupt city penion plans run by one party rule for the last 50 years?

      1. Well, to be sure, a couple of those guys got the sniffles you know.

      2. And the 150 billion for schools despite not spending over 60 billion from last year.

    2. New fifty centers.

    3. They didn’t lose their jobs as a result of the Chinese Coronavirus. They lost their jobs as a result of the politicized over-reaction by leftist (and others who bought into the hysteria) governors.

    4. “The relief plan is just that.”


  18. How is that the writers for Reason still don’t get how the blosheviks manipulate the language to dupe the unwashed masses. I bet they are still amazed at the unaffordability of the ‘affordable care’ act or the lack of ‘shovel ready’ jobs or non-sensical ‘common sense’ gun laws or the first trillion dollar deficit in Obama’s ‘A New Era of Resposibilty’ budget or the troops fighting in Syria without any ‘boots on the ground’ or the flexibility of Obama’s ‘red line’ or the unevenness of ‘net neutrality’ or …

    1. You left out “black lives matter”, which has nothing to do with blacks. There is this very annoying tendency to provide nice-sounding names to programs, which works only because too many people never look beyond the title to the contents. One sees the same thing with dating personals, where most people claim to enjoy long walks along the beach…

  19. > “How much of this alleged coronavirus relief plan is actually related to the coronavirus? According to CRFB, just 1 percent of the relief plan’s spending would go toward vaccines, and just 5 percent would go toward pandemic-related public health needs. Meanwhile, 15 percent of the spending—about $300 billion—would be spent on long-standing policy priorities that are not directly related to the current crisis.”

    So what’s the other 79% being spent on?

    1. Advertising the 1% spent on the vaccines developed during the Trump presidency.

  20. Peter — you’re the man! <3

  21. OMG…..I am so disappointed, Honest Joe and his Takitall tribe have been so transparent, like Barry Sotero who was also know for his straight talk and stand up character…..Why on earth would Joe the infallible do such a back stabbing act????…..Anyone!

  22. How much of the money from the first package hasn’t even been distributed yet?

  23. The Scammer regime has it made, do as you’re told Sheeple, OBEY.
    Oh and buy stock……Robbin Hood.

    1. Green Energy Stock code-name ‘The Gov-Gun Bank Robbers’.

  24. Not his fault, he just signs what they put in front of him.

    1. Who wrote it?

  25. Gosh, if only we could have had a President who would have been more likely to push back on huge wasteful spending.

    Oh wait.

    But of course he also believed that America should be first and foremost for Americans, and that American workers should be protected from predatory foreign governments whose goal was to destroy American industry.

    Oh well, can’t have everything but maybe you should stop acting surprised.

    1. “Gosh, if only we could have had a President who would have been more likely to push back on huge wasteful spending.”

      We could have but she only got 1% of the vote.

      1. Maybe she should have mentioned even once during her campaign that she opposed spending instead of worshiping black cocks and proposing new mandatory vaccination campaigns.

      2. While lobbying to turn America into Sweden??? No thank you!

  26. A lot of people portray the other side as evil and wanting to destroy the country. But Biden and the democrats believe what they are doing is good for the country.

    The thing to recognize it’s that it’s not their motivation that’s suspect, it’s their rationality, their limited intellectual abilities, their lack of a grasp of basic economics, their lack of ability to foresee unintended consequences, and their stubborn adherence to absurd leftist principals.

    Add to that a stubborn, arrogant, low IQ belief that they are extremely knowledgeable and well informed, and vastly superior morally, ethically , and intellectually to anyone who disagrees with them, and you have the current situation.

    And of course there is corruption in government. But these people believe they are so good, honest, and noble that they ‘deserve’ the ‘benefits’ of their position. Kind of like a person who considers himself to be so honest that he’s entitled to lie.

    1. “…And of course there is corruption in government. But these people believe they are so good, honest, and noble that they ‘deserve’ the ‘benefits’ of their position. Kind of like a person who considers himself to be so honest that he’s entitled to lie…”

      See CA’s emperor Newsom and his wonderful French Laundry dinner; wonder who covered the wine bill?
      “Donations ‘Requested’ by Newsom Exploded as His Emergency Powers Ballooned”

    2. “But Biden and the democrats believe what they are doing is good for the country.”

      And it’s their consistent expression of hatred for this country and contempt for its people that convinces you of this?

    3. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended. Stop imputing pure motivations to these cretinous shitbags. They are evil subhuman pieces of shit.

    4. ^Very Well Said; Their own arrogance of believing they’re vastly superior is the very ROOT of their tyrannical authoritarian support.

      As a sibling of mine once said it, “They’re too stupid to know what is good for them so I must point guns at them and MAKE them do as I know is best.”

      Expectantly the sibling is a Ph.D. Professor at a Commie-Funded University of which the sibling attended with Commie-Funding for 12-Years right after graduating Commie-Funded H.S. and Commie-Funded K-12.

      The “Commie-Funded” ROOT of despair. Never once having their *VALUE* enforced by anything other than the threats of pointing Gov-Guns at others.

  27. Welcome to 10 trillion deficits. The “new normal”.

    1. “Wrong within normal parameters”

  28. This is what the Reason staff wanted. Stop being critical since you possess zero critical thinking ability.

  29. We should have been rioting in the streets last March when the D governors expanded their powers and became our economic czars. I wasn’t alone in calling for the riots, but, hey, they’re doing it for our own good, right?
    And then in November, we turned over the federal government to econ-ignoramuses like this, all because TDS-addled news media and various individual shits didn’t like Trump’s personality (yeah, Sullum, your pathetic hit-pieces were poster-writings for fucking assholes like you).
    And the supposed base intent was to reduce the harm caused by the Wu Flu.
    Well, folks, some reading might have avoided this; whatever Wu Flu deaths the US suffered, any survey of the 20th century shows centrally-planned economies are far more murderous than ANY disease in history.
    I’ve made the prediction before and stand by it: It will take year of legal action to claw back the liberties Newsom and now Biden will have taken from us each month.

    1. Hoping that dumb socialist kiddies are gonna realize that life isn’t so fun anymore if Daddies credit card is suddenly impotent. Or the credit card of Daddy Govt.

      1. The government doesn’t have a credit card. The government makes the money.

        You people are shitting yourselves over ones and zeroes. They’re just fucking ones and zeroes!

        The only way it could go wrong is if you morons kneecap the Federal Reserve, or if the USA loses its global political power, which you evidently are on board with too. Pretty please, don’t make any more psychotic morons president.

        Why do you people want this country to fail? I am not exactly horny for this country, but I’d rather see it succeed than fail, because of the nukes if nothing else.

        1. Look which dumb, paranoid socialist kiddie I managed to trigger. 😀
          Lol that wasn’t even planned

        2. Ask the people of Weimar Germany in the 1930’s how well all that money printing turned out. “They’re just fucking ones and zeroes!” you say. It took wheelbarrows of paper notes to pay for a loaf of bread. Or maybe check with people in Argentina when they had hyperinflation. We’re heading there. At some point inflation will rear its ugly head and increase prices by huge amounts. Countries, especially China, are trying to replace the dollar as the main global currency. If that happens we’ll be in bad shape.

          1. But Tony wants to radically and totally trash the system so it can be replaced. He thinks that he would be able to succeed and thrive when rural Texas is starting to pitch in on the national chaos he gets a boner for.

          2. The fact that they’re ones and zeroes instead of paper now means we don’t need wheelbarrows, we just need a decimal point.

            You guys have been screeching about hyperinflation since before I was born. Just, curiously, never when a Republican is president and spending quadruple the money for negative a million times the return.

            1. Who knew we were post scarcity?

              1. We are not post-scarcity, but interest rates are so low it would be a crime not to borrow money to invest in the 21st century. Investing in the 22nd century would be even better.

                Of course all we’re talking about right now is investing in saving the economy, so the most expensive option available is to sit with our thumbs up our butts and pinch pennies.

                If this sounds familiar, tell your Republican friends to stop wrecking the economy every single time they get in power.

                1. If you have a productive venture, please do.

                  However, it is interesting that stock prices have been hitting records during this perilous economy. Couldn’t have anything to do with the relative value of a dollar and how easy they are to come by, could it?

            2. “They’re just fucking ones and zeroes!” — REPRESENTING OTHER people’s labor….. Slaver.

              Sell you Individual Liberty and Justice down the stream to the [WE] “PLANS”tation.

        3. “The government makes the money.”

          That’s it kid; you’ve gone WAAAAY beyond obtuse. You’re just plain fucking stupid and not worth the time it takes to wipe shit off a shoe.

          1. But I have news for you! Not only is money a figment of your imagination, and not only is legal tender a figment of your imagination, gold is a figment of your imagination.

            Shininess is not a commodity. It’s not even an aspect of nature. It’s a chemical reaction in your skull.

            The value of money is whatever the federal reserve says it is. That’s the beauty of it. And it is based on a commodity, just not a pointless one. That commodity is the full force and horror of the US military. I mean the full faith and credit of the invisible entity known as the United States. You know, real shit.

            1. You can point guns at people and make them say they’re chocolate bunnies, but it doesn’t make them so.

  30. I don’t think you people should be allowed to have opinions on government spending priorities until you apologize for contributing to a lot of abjectly terrible ideas on the subject that turned this country into a shithole. Just as planned.

    You glad we canceled the superconducting supercollider? Even after it was halfway built? Did that cost savings do wondrous things for America? What was the benefit of that? Explain yourselves.

    We gave the Higgs boson to yodeling mountain people because of people with your idiotic ideas. Just give it up. It’s so fucking dumb.

    1. We cannot have a supercollider gap!

      1. I am asking for something very simple. I want someone to explain to me exactly how I benefited from the money saved by scrapping that program, and how that outweighs the benefit of having the world’s foremost experimental physicists living in Texas.

        1. Uhm… Princess Tony , please first evaluate the benefit of having a random physicist living in Texas, if you will. Then present the results here, please.

          1. (without that evaluation, we can’t compare it to the hard numbers we know for cancelling the program. Your physicists would certainly be proud of you for your lack of numbers.)

          2. It’s nonzero. So what did I gain by saving that money?

            We’ve had two global recessions since then. Seems like kind of a waste.

            1. So which cute physicist do you want to fuck, Tony? Because you know as much about physics as my dog and think paper masks with 100 micron holes in them are able to prevent the transmission of a 120 nanometer virus.

              What spectacular benefits of discovering the Higgs boson accrued to Switzerland that Texas missed out on, btw?

              1. Shay, you cannot resist being a schmuck.

              2. Global prestige. I dunno, it’s nonzero. I’m trying to wring from you an answer to my question. How does saving a few pennies and sacrificing basic science research help this country? We blew those savings completely away a million times over once Bush came along.

        2. You avoided all the associated pollution and green house games which would have increased global warming. You’re welcome!

          1. Fundamental science is the only thing that’s going to save this species from extinction. It’s certainly not going to be anything else coming out of Texas.

            1. How many times do we need to find the Higgs boson to stop global warming?

              The environmental impact is far worse than any of the discoveries of a supercollider could ever make up for.

              1. Really, “environmental impact study” is step one of the progressive playbook for “make building I don’t want go away.”

                I would think you’d be the one coming up with an answer like this to your own question. Go ahead: take your first step into a larger world.

                1. Better than Trump’s fixation with demolishing buildings because they weren’t gold-plated enough. Though I did agree with him on the FBI building. Brutalism, what can you say?

                  1. You’re a fact-based person, but you were too simplistic to imagine there could possibly be a downside, much less such an important one. Now that your misinformation has been corrected, feel free to revise your prior conclusions and come back with your new opinion on supercolliders.

                    1. It was gonna get built anyway though. If we built it in Texas we could have imposed all the environmental restrictions our hearts desired, instead of letting some other reckless society like Switzerland have free reign to discover the nature of reality and pollute with equal maniacal glee.

                      You know the saying, Everything’s greener in Texas.

                    2. And by the same logic, the Higgs boson was still discovered for people in Texas, too. It’s not like Texas has to pretend they don’t know.

        3. I want someone to explain to me exactly how I benefited from the money saved by scrapping that program, and how that outweighs the benefit of having the world’s foremost experimental physicists living in Texas.

          Since you’re an AIDS-ridden welfare queen who hasn’t paid taxes once in his entire adult life and costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in treatments, you didn’t benefit directly from the saved money, although you should be glad that the people who do pay the taxes to keep your AIDS-ridden faggot ass alive didn’t get soaked with new taxes funding a pointless particle accelerator and instead spent the money on your housing voucher and AIDS treatment. You’re welcome.

    2. Which “You People”? The superconducting super-collider funding was pitched by Jim Wright [D].

    3. Well Tony, cancelling the SSC was Bill Clinton’s decision made worse by a self-aggrandizing Sec. of Energy Hazel O’Leary who understood nothing about science. So much for the “party of science.”

  31. The pandemic did not cause the economy to slow down, the Democratic agenda did.
    So why would you think the corona virus relief package would have anything to do with the corona virus and not everything to do with their extremist leftist agenda?

  32. We’ve had two global recessions since then. Seems like kind of a waste.

  33. so all of media is surprised when joe biden acts exactly like the double talking corrupt insider politician that he’s been for his entire adult life. the media gasps when biden spews overt falsehood, rewrites history, or lies patently about the details of a covid relief bill.

    the other guy was a buffoon. this guy is just an accomplished liar.

  34. President * is a clueless moron, most likely senile, and completely under the control of the far left. He signed an executive order, on his very first day, that destroyed seventy thousand jobs- 70000 mostly union jobs. It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. The French Revolution meets Idiocracy. I should read some Solzhenitsyn but how much work and how much depressing when I can just watch it live?

  35. Loosely based upon numbers in an NBC Report, for the previous gargantuan payout, outright fraud siphoned off between 5-10%. Then there are payouts and easily forgiven loans that went out to people who didn’t need them. And finally there were payments that went to people who really did need extra assistance. Fraudsters are now licking their chops for another huge feeding frenzy. With a practice round, they will do even better the 2nd time.

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