Teachers Unions Want Wealth Taxes, Charter School Bans, and Medicare for All Before Schools Can Reopen

What does this have to do with safely educating kids in the midst of a pandemic? Not much.


As school districts across the country grapple with the question of how to safely and effectively educate students amid a pandemic, teachers unions are making increasingly ridiculous demands, some of which have nothing to do with the health or safety of students, teachers, or administrators.

Take the group United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA). That union represents more than 35,000 teachers in the nation's second-largest school district. Earlier this month, UTLA published a paper calling for schools to remain closed until the district could ensure adequate supplies of protective gear for teachers and students. UTLA also demanded the reconfiguring of classrooms to allow for social distancing.

But that wasn't it. UTLA also stated that the pandemic requires an immediate moratorium on new charter schools in Los Angeles. How does that protect student or teacher safety? It doesn't, of course. If anything, the pandemic has revealed the necessity of additional educational options for parents and students.

UTLA didn't stop there. It is also demanding things that the officials in charge of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) don't have the power to grant, such as the passage of Medicare for All, new state-level wealth taxes in California, and a federal bailout of the LAUSD—which is struggling to meet pension obligations for retired teachers and staff.*

Without passing judgment on the merits of any of these policies, it is obvious that reopening schools should not be conditioned on Congress totally overhauling the American health care system.

In a related story: schools in Los Angeles will not reopen anytime soon.

Sadly, these nonsense demands are also popping up outside of California. More than 10 teachers unions—including those in Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul—have joined up with the Democratic Socialists of America to say that "schools cannot continue in this crisis without the resources our students need and deserve."

What sort of demands are being made? For starters, those unions want a national ban on evictions, a moratorium on charter schools, an end to voucher programs, and the abolition of standardized testing. They also want a "massive infusion of federal money"—though it is unclear how much that actually is—paid for by, of course, "taxing billionaires and Wall Street."

To be fair, the coalition is also pushing some good ideas, like getting police officers out of schools. But what does any of this have to do with safely educating children during a pandemic?

The decision to reopen schools or keep them closed is one that should be made at the local level—and it should of course take the health of teachers into consideration, also while balancing the interests of students, parents, and taxpayers. But all of that can only happen if the teachers unions are willing to bargain in good faith.

State and federal officials can help by expanding educational choice as rapidly as possible. If teachers unions are keeping public schools closed, parents should be provided with alternatives—or, as President Donald Trump has proposed, parents should get their school taxes refunded in full to use as they see fit.

"If Walmart employees strike, you can take your money elsewhere," says Corey DeAngelis, director of school choice for the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit which publishes this website. "If teachers strike, you should be able to take your child's education dollars elsewhere."

It might come to that. On Tuesday, the American Federation of Teachers announced that it would support local unions that decide to go on strike over school reopening plans. Randi Weingarten, the union's president, told Politico that those "safety strikes" should be a "last resort" for members.

That's probably small comfort for parents and families who don't know if their kids will be able to go back to school this year. If the teachers unions are determined to keep schools closed until they can be completely safe—or until Congress passes Medicare for All—then we're all going to be waiting a while.

CORRECTION: This piece initially claimed the United Teachers Los Angeles was demanding Medicaid for All as a condition of reopening schools. They are seeking the passage of Medicare for All.

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  1. As far as education of the children it would be better to get ride of what now is called public education. Education where the teacher unions are more interested in protecting the jobs of their members than teaching the children.
    So more charter schools would be a better method of education than the public schools are now. That does not mean that public schools could not do a better job than they are now but they will not until they have some competition for students which make them do a better job of education. As it is not the parent just does not have an option ( when they take away charter schools and private schools). No competition no reason to try harder to attract students.

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    2. What we need to do is PURGE THE SOCIALISTS OUT OF OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ALTOGETHER! As long as there are out-and-out MARXISTS on faculty and staff in our colleges and universities, there’s no hope for improving public education. You’ve got to stop the brainwashing of our kids at its source; the colleges and universities where teachers get their degrees. Then you need to get the SOCIALISTS OUT OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION AND OFF OF SCHOOL BOARDS. THEN FINALLY, GET RID OF TEACHERS WITH SOCIALIST IDEALS.

      1. We need to go further and criminalize the practice of Marxism. And known Marxists should have their lives destroyed.

        Their kind can’t be tolerated any more.

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    3. Seeing as ta how the gummit skewlz we have these days are precisely what the marxist socialists got together and planned back in the very first years of the twentieth century, I am glad these greedy union knuckleheads have gotten so far out of hand no one will believe them. I say let them strike, demand, walkout, quit, etc, the quicker the bettter for us all. Let them take their pension plans with them, and we’ll be shut of them all. We’ve already been proving since last March that we don’t need them anymore. Let the Gabbling Nuisance deal with them and their petulant demands. Maybe the next five years with no job and no pension and no free medical care will educate them.

  2. “schools cannot continue in this crisis without the resources our students need and deserve.”

    “We are only holding these bank employees and customers hostage so we can take the contents of the vault and buy things for them!”

    1. Academia has been infested with radical Marxism since the late 60s. I am so proud that they are finally ready to come out of the closet and admit it.

      1. Amen, Chuck P. Our colleges, school boards, school administrators, and teachers need to be purged of the socialists in their midst.

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      2. that’s your perception, masterfully masked by THEM. Go back about another fifty or sixty years and learn the origins of today’s education system. Cant remember any of their names besides Dewey, but I DO recall reading of their plans to build precisely what we see across the land today. To that I shall very happily scream GOOD RIDDANCE and please let that big heavy door smask you hard up the backside as you slither out that same door never to return.
        You wanna know the REAL root cause of the mayhem, violence, treason, we’re seeing across this land these days? Look no further than your local gummit funded skewls. Examine the curriculum, philosophy, values, politics, how to resolve conflicts, moral standards, or more precisely utter lack of them, etc. Kids have not been taught to think, or that their decisioins and choices bring consequences, how to work, or tht work is necessary, how to compete and accomplish things, etc. No wonder there are so many of them on a big whinge to get what they think they want….

    2. Thanks. Glad I’m not the only one to make the ransom connection.
      As far as “parents” getting their tax dollars back, howzabout the non-parents? I have no kids (you’re welcome, world) but I’m paying for others’ educations (and the dropouts, too, FFS).

  3. Meanwhile even de Blasio and other liberal places like Austin are planning to have drop off daycare for parents. The next step will be to have someone help those kids go through education.

    If teachers unions aren’t careful, they are going to find that schools were back in service for everyone but the teachers.

    1. That don’t confront me, long as I get my money next Friday.

      -Teacher’s Union.

      1. lololololololololololol A+

        1. Too buzzed to look up links, but I’m pretty sure that was two Johny Lee Hooker songs that George Thurgood put together.

      2. Well fuckin’ played. 😀

      3. Now, that’s Thorolly Good! LOL

    2. Which is why I don’t see the big deal about kids not going back to school.

      Many lament about liberal schools and poor teachers, and here some school boards are telling parents NOT to send their kids to school.

      You’d think most parents would be thrilled by the thought of not sending their kids through liberal indoctrination.

      Sure, your taxes will not go down, but look at it this way:

      You’re paying the tax for your child to be indoctrinated by the left and you send them to school.


      You’re paying the tax for your child to NOT be indoctrinated by the left and you don’t send your kids to school.

      1. They are charging parents 200 a week for the non schooling school.

        1. Making em pay double for a failed system. Lovely.

          You know, if they refuse to work, they can be replaced. It wouldn’t be difficult. It’s not like they’re skilled.

          1. yes, they CAN be replaced, but WHY would anyone wanna do that? Let them go flip burgers at Mickey D’s joint. Might be the best education they’ll ever get. Keeping them far from our kids is just an added bonus.

        2. You’re giving them $200/week NOT to have your child indoctrinated.

          Or, you could give them $200/ AND have them indoctrinated.

          Either way, you’re giving them $200, but you chose which to spend it on.

          1. You don’t really pay much tax, do you..?

            1. “Much” is subjective. $50k for one person might be a lot. Others, it may be pocket money.

              I still don’t understand the down side here. In a world with private roads and private security guards sure, you wouldn’t be paying $200 week to an organization that is not showing up for work.

              But, here is a great opportunity to legally pull your child out of public schools (hell, they are demanding it), and folks are worried about the $200; not the education of their children.

              Fast forward this scenario several months…when the school board says “OK every body..send your children back to school”…

              Then all the parents that complain about the school system reply “Umm, we’ll, we’ve been doing just fine without you, we’re not sending our child back..bye!” If the school system is as bad as people say it is, it shouldn’t be too hard to show that your child is thriving outside of the public school system.

              This is proof, to me, that all the complaining about public schools and teachers unions is just hot air. Folks really love the babysitting service, more than the actual teaching.

              1. Or, you know, government could allow people to educate their own kids, and spend that $200 a week at the educational institute of THEIR choice, and let public schools wither and die. THAT should be an option, no?

          2. Well, no. I’m paying them to safeguard my child while I’m at work and to educate him, or at least I was when my child was still in school: now I just pay them. Public school may not be perfect, but it’s the system most people are using- because that’s what most people are forced to pay for. So, if the government isn’t going to use the taxes raised specifically to have children in school, then the government should refund the taxes so that the people can build different schools.

            1. But I’m always hearing about how bad that education is.

              If it’s truly that bad, the powers that be are telling you, that your child does not have to come to school…that should be a win.

              Looks like parents want their $200 first, before the proper education of their child. It may be backwards, but here is an opportunity to educate your child first (out of that bad, bad old public school system) and worry about the $200 afterwards.

              If public schools are truly that bad, parents should be able to show that they have the capability to make that $200 go, that have that opportunity to do so. Take it.

              1. People should be able to spend that $200 for education WHEREVER they want? Why do you not get that? Are you a statist? A teacher? Both?

      2. The negatives of having a kid keep going up.
        The positives keep going down.
        Is it any wonder that the number of kids which a couple has is going down? Or that some persons choose to have cats and dogs instead of kids?

      3. Get rid of the leftists. Why do we keep dancing around this obvious solution?

    3. That won’t matter to them as long as they are paid. Kind of the point of discussions here.

  4. I have a dream: that one day soon, millions of Americans will lose their cheap source of babysitting and those of us who shell out the equivalent of 12 months of mortgage payments in yearly property taxes can finally, actually, “own” our homes.

    1. You have a dream: That 30 years later there won’t be anybody to pay for your retirement, because you made raising children too expensive.

      1. lmao… $30/yr teacher salary @ 30-kids class size is $80/mo… The median Property Tax in New Jersey is $6,579/yr or $550/mo… Right so $550/mo is SOOOOO much more affordable than $80.

      2. Why would I want someone else to pay for my retirement?

    2. You must have high rates to pay a year mortgage equivalent in property taxes. My property taxes are ~$2,400 per year. Schools receive 53% of that.

      1. Lucky you. I’ve heard of places in the country with low property taxes. Mine isn’t one of them.

        1. They get me elsewhere, like personal property taxes.

      2. Yes, property taxes are sky high in the People’s Republic of NJ.

  5. Those teachers, bless their hearts. Something about them makes them uniquely vulnerable to the ‘rona. More vulnerable than pediatricians and cashiers and all the others who have been doing “essential” work for the past 6 months.

    Well, the good news is that they aren’t that essential, by the government’s own reasoning. So they can all get laid off and let parents do something else with their salaries.

    1. It would be cruel and unjust, and probably racist too, to expect people to actually do work for the wages they are paid.

    2. Also uniquely justified in demanding a hazard-free workplace. Unlike fire fighters, construction workers, fishermen, loggers, etc. And who gets paid more?

  6. shaw. ker.

  7. Teachers Unions Want Wealth Taxes, Charter School Bans, and Medicare-for-all

    And a pony.

    1. I hear a helicopter would be cheaper.

    2. “and a pony”…. lol… love it.

  8. Public school teachers can go fuck themselves.

    Lying selfish people who were often the dumbest people in college.

    1. Yeah, I knew several people in college that couldn’t hack it in their field of study and switched over to education.

    2. Wrong Jesse: They’re lying, selfish, *lazy* people who were *almost always* the dumbest people in college.

    3. Here’s what I don’t get, and I honestly don’t get it. Our daughter went to a public school that many people said wasn’t worth sending her too. These people wouldn’t have said their reason for thinking this was racism, but the reason was probably racism. In order of numbers from greatest to least, the three most-represented groups at this school are probably black, Hispanic, and Arab students. Very few white kids go to this school. What I saw from this school was dedicated faculty, a focus on academics and keeping kids safe, a genuine desire for parents to be involved in and informed about their children’s education, actual discipline for kids who wouldn’t behave, and very little mention of anything smacking even faintly of critical race theory/intersectionality/alphabet bingo (except for maybe one white administrator). I’ve read and heard enough to know that many schools and districts really are just indoctrination mills, but that doesn’t describe this school at all. I’d say old-fashioned “teach kids the basics” values prevailed. Meanwhile my nephews go to an affluent, mostly white private school across town, considered very prestigious, where it’s all intersectionality, all the time, and most teachers are progressive NPCs. (Because he’s fearless, one of my nephews argued with one of his white teachers about the idea that black people can’t be racist, and did such a good job that eventually the teacher, backed into a wall, actually said, “I can’t explain why you’re wrong, but you’re wrong, and I’m not going to discuss it anymore.”) So, is this a white progressive thing? Has this rot extended to all districts and schools, or is it primarily a problem for schools with a heavy white progressive presence, whether they are public or private?

      1. I don’t know, but I do know you should smack your brother or sister up side the head and tell them to choose another school.

      2. Yup.

        Along the same lines, you don’t hear too many “PC horror stories” about places like Howard University, Morgan State, UTEP, UTRGV, etc. Part of it is lack of a local audience for virtue signaling (by students or administrators), and part of it is that the students and their families usually had to make some sacrifices to get them there.

  9. “teachers unions are making increasingly ridiculous demands”

    We should respond with equally ridiculous demands, like insisting they actually teach their students.

    1. Exactly! My daughter and I did homeschooling for a year in 2018-2019 because we moved to a place with a crappy district school and I didn’t want her to fall behind in 8th grade and not be able to keep up in high school. After our year together, she was above grade level as put in honors math and invited into a small honors history class for the fall. But since the school system in Philly can’t even seem to get a plan in place a month before school restarts, we are going back to homeschooling. And this was my daughter’s request, not my idea. Waddya know? If you teach a kid critical and analytical thinking skills they can figure things out for themselves and are less inclined to follow the other sheep.

      A good teacher is worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, bad and mediocre teachers are the majority and a dime a dozen.

      1. “If you teach a kid critical and analytical thinking skills they can figure things out for themselves and are less inclined to follow the other sheep.”

        That’s precisely what the Left fears. Not that I’m a doomsayers, but prepared to teach your daughter in a bunker.

      2. “A good teacher is worth their weight in gold. Unfortunately, bad and mediocre teachers are the majority and a dime a dozen.”
        And they’re protected by their union with tenure.

        My ex was a teacher (still is), and the number of her colleagues who were clearly duller than a box of hammers was staggering. Going to a happy hour with them required a whole lot of tongue-biting on my part, and glares from her.

    2. Don’t think teachers who makes such ‘ridiculous demands’ have anything worthwhile to teach anyone.

    3. Many school systems are telling parents, specifically…do not bring your child to school..

      Here is your chance to show the school system how to properly educate children.

      1. Using you as an example of the product churned our by the public school system, making the case for vouchers and family choice in education is a cinch.

  10. Since wealth taxes are illegal anyway and Senate republicans will never sign off on mediscare for all the teachers union can suck it. If they sweep the election then fucking go nuts until the whole thing smashes into the canyon floor.

  11. “As school districts across the country grapple with the question of how to safely and effectively educate students amid a pandemic, . . . ”
    Well, if only there were over a dozen countries that have successfully open their schools, we could use ‘science’ to answer the question.

    1. Your problem is you’re talking about science. Lefties are talking about The Science. They’re not the same thing.

    2. And if we followed the other counties with mask and other measure we would be fine now. But we did not.

    3. I don’t blame the teachers union for tanking but this stance. Many of the teachers are older and don’t want to die yet. As a union they need to protect their members. But the union will not prevail and they will be forced to go back or quit. And some will die, and we as society will be ok with that.

      1. How many teachers have died in the countries that are back at school?

        1. All those countries got their pandemic under control first. It is like asking why I can’t put my hand on the stove when my neighbors can, while ignoring the fact that their stoves were off while mine was on.

          1. You’re a very stupid, weak person. This is why you’re a leftist.

          2. all those countries are having a surge just like ours. hiding infected people at home does not get rid of it. it is the smartest virus ever it knows when to infect and when not to infect

  12. They should just cancel public school in LA. It’s nothing more than taxpayer subsidized day care. In other words, a total waste of money. Most smarter people folks have the foresight to send their kids to private school.
    I do feel bad for the truly gifted kids that are for whatever reason born into the shit pile of lower-class life. If people cling to the false belief that all people are born equal, we will have the belief that individual failure is someone else’s fault. The sooner the humanity come to grips with the reality of genetic differences between groups the better off it will be.
    I think the United States is doomed to failure. Multiculturism is death for a society. The Chinese know this. I think they will have a better shot at a good future than we will. They only need to sit back bide their time and wait for us (“diversity is our strength”) to finish ourselves off. Our future will be something between Brazil and South Africa. Smart Europeans and Asians will live in fortified enclaves and the trash will live elsewhere.
    The United States of America was never an idea. It was a people. A European people. The people of the United States gave it away of their own volition.
    Here is what you get for the money:
    130K per hood rat. They won’t pay back that in their lifetime as tax revenue. Neo Lysenkoism run amok.
    I seriously digressed but it goes without saying that all the public teachers in LA that do not return to work should be fired. Public unions should be outlawed. They should forfeit their pensions.
    genetics the sooner the will learn to except reality.

    1. Probably sounds better in the original German…

  13. Those who can, do
    Those who can’t teach
    Those who can’t/won’t teach join the teachers union

    1. My wife’s teacher’s union are useless.

      And most teachers worth their salt know it.

      But this LA union. Wow. They’re on another level of evil.

  14. Teachers Unions Want Wealth Taxes, Charter School Bans, and Medicare-for-all Before Schools Can Reopen

    Let’s keep public schools closed and fire all the teachers.

    For the children!

    1. Ok.

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    1. If Ken was a bot…

      1. Ok, that’s funny. It is missing the trademark summary however.

  16. In Massachusetts we learned today that the state and teacher’s unions had come to an agreement on the length of the next school year.

    While I’m not thrilled with the dingbats in Boston deciding anything, since when did employees dictate policy?

    1. Same time that police unions dictated policy regarding how they get away with misconduct. It is called the power of unions, which can work for good, and sometimes not so good.

  17. Keep me away from the education debate. My state graduates some of the dumbest kids in America and routinely has the lowest test results to prove it.

    We have too many parents willing to make kids and expect someone else to pay for their education. I was not in that conception bed and hence have no responsibility for them.

    The pandemic has proven we don’t need all these physical schools open. Nor should I be contributing to a teachers retirement. Keep the schools shuttered and the property tax levies low.

    1. This 100%. One of the main reasons I got out of the South Bronx asap was growing frustration over the baby machines who thought nothing of having more kids they could barely afford to feed, let alone educate and flooding the already underfunded and overcrowded school system with more kids. This idea that all minorities are on board with socialism and a welfare state that encourages bad decisions with increasing subsidies is liberal nonsense. The freaking DNC thinks because I’m black I must support their agenda. Nope.

      1. You were raised in the same baby making ghetto but realized something was horribly wrong. What made you different? It’s an interesting question. Are you gay? I ask only because being gay for many in bad areas is their only way out. They grow grow up already realizing they’re different. “Gay” becomes the guiding light out. This was more likely a generation ago however, as the socialists insist every gay black child must be gender fluid.

  18. So, the teachers’ unions in California run the entire country? Well then, why are we bothering with elections?

  19. Fine, let’s just abolish public schools, and hand out the money as vouchers to anybody who educates the kids. Home schoolers, micro schools, private schools, pods, Khan Academy, you name it.

    The only condition: Nobody who was ever a member of a teacher’s union can get any of the money.

  20. If the schools stay shut then refund my property taxes.

  21. Never let a crisis go to waste, as somebody said.

  22. Kids are gone. Now it’s grand kids. Educated by the same private Lutheran School their parents attended, which, by the way, is set to open on schedule. Problem is, we’re getting so many calls about new applicants they’ve had to install a recording. Leave your plea, somebody will get back to you if there’s room, which there isn’t. Warms my heart the increasing number of parents fleeing the government schools. Gives one a shred of hope.

    1. Now if the B.O.E. would get out of the way and LET the free-market fill that demand 🙂

  23. Unions are only about their agenda – never about the constituents they serve. Public sector unions should be outlawed. TheY serve no purpose but to protect bad employees. Good employees don’t need protection – they are last ones to get fired. And this from someone who spent his career as a (nonunion) public employee and whose parents and grandparents were schoolteachers.

  24. What sort of person becomes a teacher? Someone who doesn’t want to leave school. They want the security of what they know to last forever, which means government guarantees for life. The most pay and security for the least work, with no rewards for extra effort or consequences for poor performance. They ask for more money ‘for the kids’ but the schools perform worse every year. The answer to that metric is to stop testing.These people are those who teach our children.
    No real surprises here.

  25. The reopen school debate is just a microcosm of the larger debate about how to move forward out of these ludicrous coronavirus lock downs. Try explaining to someone who is all for extending lock downs indefinitely that the risk to them from COVID19 is minimal compared to the real consequences people are suffering now because of the restrictions. They are not interested in facts only feelings. The teachers unions see an opportunity to soak this pandemic for all it’s worth. If it harms the children, well that’s too bad. The collateral damage of another generation of poorly educated kids is fine if it saves just one teachers pension.

    1. “The reopen school debate is just a microcosm of the larger debate about how to move forward out of these ludicrous coronavirus lock downs…”

      There should have been no shutdowns and therefore, no debate.
      Here’s the answer: Rescind all restrictions on travel, business and any face-diaper requirement.

  26. Time to repeal “commie education” laws and return the stolen money to their owners. Can’t hardly wait for the opportunity to start offering parents a REAL education option.

  27. “…Without passing judgment on the merits of any of these policies,..”

    Wadaya, a wuss?
    That judgement is easy; fuck ’em all.

  28. I’m all for school choice, but the author is missing the point: these people have been hired to do a job, and if they refuse to do it they should be terminated and replaced. Reagan fired the air traffic controllers- a much harder group to replace than k-12 teachers.

    1. Those folks worked at Reagan’s pleasure.
      Unfortunately, these folks work for the school boards who are elected. Largely with union funding.
      Which does nothing to refute your main point.

      1. Still, a valid point. So then, I guess the answer is for “open the damn schools” candidates run for the school board, and if those elections are too far away, then start circulating recall petitions.

      2. Those [air traffic controllers] folks worked at Reagan’s pleasure.

        Uh, no. They had a contract, and at-will employment wasn’t part of it. What did happen is the union had explicitly given up the right to strike in the contract. When they went on strike, the ATC union defaulted on its contract. At that point, firing them was fully justified.

    2. The “I’m too scared of coronavirus to work but should still be paid in full” position is not realistic. There are plenty of people who have worked on site since the lock down started. A minimim wage cashier can’t pull that BS, and neither can a higher paid nurse or doctor. They don’t want to work that’s fine, but don’t expect to keep collecting pay for services not rendered. Let them hit the COVID-19 job market with the millions of others and see how many positions are available that meet their demands.

  29. Using the same logic as Defund the police, it’s time we defund public schools. Teachers dont do anything except collect taxpayer paid benefits. We spend more money per capita on public education and have the least to show for it.

    1. I was gonna add to one of my previous posts the observation that there are many, many good school districts that do an excellent job of educating students. School districts are pretty local, and pass my libertarian first glance test. The second glance reveals bad school districts where the captive populace has no other real choice since, almost by definition, they lack the funds to send their children to private schools. Religious schools subsidize the costs for many families, but I’d get behind a (maybe state?) Constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to your educational tax dollars as a voucher.

  30. Government programs are never truly for the purported people or purpose but are for politicians and bureaucrats power, ‘profit’, & privilege.

    “What does this have to do with safely educating kids in the midst of a pandemic? Not much.”

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  34. My college BF was a math education major and I took several of his courses so he could pass. One course after another proposed “theories” on the best ways to implement Marxist constructs. I was smitten and naive with my BF so I didn’t much vare about it at the time, but a little voice told me, “this isn’t going to turn out well for either education in America or my relationship.” This was 25 years ago.

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  35. Hey, Teach?
    Remember when cop unions used to be a thing?

    Yeah, it’s like that.

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  39. But don’t forget- “It’s for the children.”

    1. I thought it’s for grandma.

  40. Teachers and their unions have become public enemy #1 in my book. Simply for their efforts to squash school choice, they should be publicly shamed. They truly are a disgrace to their profession and a scourge on society.

    Sorry for sugarcoating it…I can be blunt if you prefer.

  41. Marxist leadership has rank and file by the throat.

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  43. As always, educating kids is about 50th on the teacher’s union list of priorities.

    1. Only if they’re listing their top 49 priorities…

  44. Since when does most anything any Teacher’s Union want have to do with educating the children They are not there to represent the students, they are there to represent the teachers. Public unions should never been given the right to exist.

    Finally, teachers unions are determined to keep schools closed until Donald Trump is no longer in the White House. If that happens, the return to school will be incredibly fast.

  45. These teachers and their unions have my permission to live in their fantasy world.

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