Capitol Riot

Remove the Fences Surrounding the Capitol and Send the National Guard Home Now

The threat is over.


Congress canceled Thursday's legislative session and sent lawmakers home due to an alleged threat against the Capitol from right-wing agitators. Now the Capitol Police want the National Guard to continue providing security for another two months.

Frankly, this is absurd. While some desperate remnants of QAnon will probably continue chatting online about restoring former President Donald Trump to his throne, the likelihood of another attack is virtually nonexistent. Even the intelligence sources who noted the possibility of the attack did not think it would actually happen, and described the chatter as more "aspirational" than operational. It's a big country, and there will often be some crazy person somewhere making idle threats online; the business of Congress should not come to a screeching halt every time this happens.

While the National Guard's presence in Washington, D.C., was unfortunately justified in the immediate aftermath of the January 6 riots, it is long past time to send the troops home. They should take their barricades with them, too: Barbed wire fences surround not just the Capitol building but several city blocks in the Capitol Hill area. They are both an appalling symbol of authoritarianism—the Capitol is supposed to the people's house, but right now the people can't get anywhere near it—as well as a massive inconvenience for those who live nearby.

I am one such resident. In the days following the Capitol riot, armed guards shut down the street in front of my apartment building and patrolled the sidewalk in front of it. Many small businesses, already reeling from pandemic-related lockdowns, were forced to close their doors and board up their windows in case the rioters returned for President Joe Biden's inauguration. Most of those businesses are open once again, but the military occupation—including the long stretches of barbed wire fencing—have remained in place for weeks.

I witnessed the horrifying attack on the Capitol, and thus I understand why the National Guard was summoned in response to inadequate security measures. But the threat is clearly over. What happened on January 6 was a black swan event: It was difficult to predict and prepare for, because the reality of a sitting president calling on supporters to march to the Capitol and prevent the vice president from certifying the results of an election was completely without precedent. But that was what happened: Trump lied to his followers about the results of the election, encouraged them to take bold and strong action, and then they stormed the building.

But it's precisely because Trump's reckless comments were inextricably linked with what transpired that it's not likely to happen again: Trump is no longer in D.C., stoking the fury of a right-wing mob.

It is sadly common for the U.S. government to make permanent various ill-advised safety requirements following an unanticipated calamity. Two decades after 9/11, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is still patting down airline passengers and making them remove their belts and shoes, even though there's no evidence whatsoever that these costly inconveniences make air travel safer. (To take just one example, undercover agents were able to successfully smuggle weapons past the TSA some 95 percent of the time.)

The military occupation of Washington, D.C., must not become another permanent national security fixture. The Capitol building is one of the most enduring symbols of U.S. freedom and democracy—of the idea that the American people are ultimately in charge of their own government. To encircle it forever with the sort of defenses befitting a maximum-security prison would be psychologically scarring, as well as ridiculously expensive and unnecessary.

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  1. the threat never was, but you’re getting closer.

    1. The threat was never from outside, but rather from the inside.

      Welcome to the revolution; we lost.

      1. I’m an optimist.

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      2. You sound like a loser.

        Just because the cancel culture controls the media and censored the sitting president of the United States and everyone who recognized the evidence of election fraud, you threw in the towel.

        Well that’s you,

        It isn’t over. If there isn’t a non partisan investigation into the fraud, you will lose every time. You can expect nothing else.

        Unelected media oligarchs aren’t entitled to violate our rights.

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    2. “The threat is over.”

      What threat?

    3. Soave has the vapors.

  2. When you lead a coup, you need military forces.
    It’s just that simple.

    1. Or at least, like, one gun. The “insurrections” apparently couldn’t even muster that.

      1. semi-automatic Assault Extinguishers

        1. Which, apparently, they couldn’t even manage to hit anyone with. The terrible thing we all have to fear was an unarmed insurrection. The idiots couldn’t even manage to burn anything, and all they managed to loot was a lectern and a laptop.
          If you want to see real competence, look at a Democrat mostly peaceful demonstration – $2 billion in damages! That’s how to get things done.
          Just taco stands, though.

        2. killer Zip Ties

    2. print money, steal from the rich, pack the courts, pack the Assembly, defend the palace…. it’s a package deal

    3. A coup? Did you see those fool’s who entered (illegally) the Capitol building? They couldn’t have taken over a 7-11. Why is it that Pelosi, et al, can lock down DC quite tight but are unwilling to do anything about the continuous rioting, arson and looting in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc? I am not taking either side but rioting is wrong on either side of the fence and the hapless Biden/Harris administration should grow a pair and end the west coast lawlessness already.

  3. It sucks but the freedom hating fascists are gonna be a threat until we get rid of them.

    Trump is more important to them than their own country.

    They’re traitors plain and simple.

    1. You’re not as fun as Rabbi or OpenBorders.

      1. I’m starting to wonder if “KillAllRednexks” could be Matt Welch, but Ive never seen him openly espouse anti-Mormon sentiments.

        1. Everyone who disagrees with you is a sock.

          You’re outnumbered traitor!

          1. Now I see you

            Flag, refresh

            Now I don”t

            1. Kill Mormons. Refresh.

        2. Welch would be more entertaining in his parody.

          Now if you were to say that OBL is Welch…I’m listening.

          1. If Welch really is OBL, then everything he’s ever said is sincere when I’ve been reading it as satire this whole time.

    2. Whatever Mormon boy lover.

      1. You’re the one defending mormons.

        Fuck off Mormon lover

        1. Note that not agreeing with your genocidal ideals is not the same as loving the target of your genocidal ideals.

          Ignorant bigot.

          1. Mormon loving bigot.

            Check mate Mr. Mathewson. If that is your real name. If it is it will be easy to dox you.

    3. you talkin’ D or R? hard to tell.

      1. I’m reading “carpet bomb” but it could just be me

        1. Nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

      2. Obviously the Trump worshipping fascists who stormed the capitol.

        To them Trump is more important than America and freedom.
        They’re traitors.

        1. Look, just because you want to have the entire elders quorum run a train on you and they refused is no reason to go through life ignorant, angry, and on crack. Just go parade your ass in a leather bar, and you’ll find someone to give you the sodomy you’re seeking. Hell, if you pay enough, maybe they’ll even wear the name tag.

        2. So what are the west coast rioters, freedom fighters?

  4. The Dems, who hired the leaders of the earlier mob and let them in, aren’t likely to do that again but they are going to pretend to save everybody from a nonexistent conspiracy.

  5. The threat is over.

    Robby Soave, White Supremacist.

    1. The problem with journalist/reporters is that they get their ideas from those around them by osmosis, not by relying on evidence. 100 unarmed morons invading a building is not “a horrifying attack”. I saw worse violence in college takeovers back in the 1960’s.

  6. Aye.

  7. Taking shoes off at airports. Only in America.

    In the early years post 9/11, I flew into France. Entering the security line I did as I was trained an started taking off my shoes. Whereupon a couple large burly Black men with very large French military rifles started yelling at me to put my shoes on. Jeepers cripes! Those semi-automatic military firearms have amazing large bores when you’re staring down them!

    Anyway, turns out ONLY America requires people to take off their shoes for a flight. Crazy. Other nations that have actual terrorism, even proggie nations like France, don’t do the security theater bullshit. They profile instead. Suspicious behavior is suspicious. And removing your shoes in an airport is fucking suspicious.

    1. I have had similar experiences in foreign airports. I think its time to just drop the shoeless searches.

      1. As long as they don’t get rid of the scanners that treat every TSA employee behind that desk to a perfect topographic digital recreation of my sphincter.

        1. Like it looks different from anybody else’s.

          1. Sphincters are like snowflakes. Every one has a distinct and different pattern. Didn’t you know that? You should look the next time Tony or WK pull down their pants to make make an opinion.

    2. In the middle east, the gates are wide open. There is usually a little old guy standing to the side, he removes the velvet rope, then he smiles and waves you toward the gates.
      As for the TSA, a wise man once told me, “if we don’t pay those losers to do something, we will have to pay them to do nothing at all.”

      1. It costs us less to pay them to do nothing.

      2. Israel has more security than you can imagine but they hire and train professionals and no you don’t take your shoes off. There are layers of it.

        One example is while you are waiting to check in to go home a nice looking young lady or man walks up to helpfully “check your papers” and starts asking you questions in a conversational tone. In a few minutes they have a whole profile of why you were there, where did you go, who you are, etc”.

    3. Well, bad news. Last couple of times I flew in and out of Berlin, boots came off. So the idiocy has spread.

  8. Poor Robby still thinks this has anything to do with any actual threat.

    1. I wonder how horrified Rico was at the assault on and prolonged seige of the White House. Not many DC residents seemed particularly put out about that

      1. Have you been to DC or Baltimore? The residents have seen much worse.

    2. I think he means the one in GA – – – – – –

  9. It’s wasn’t a “black swan event”, it was a Reichstag fire.

    That’s why YOUR mayor (seriously, why do so-called libertarians insist on living in statist hellholes?) insisted on keeping the National Guard off the streets that week. That’s why Capitol police opened the doors after a token defense of some flimsy barricades.

    1. There was never a threat that required deployment. It is fantasy.

    1. And icky hinterland butts on Pelosi’s throne

  10. The Dems are just going to claim “it was gonna happen but we deterred it!” And then they’ll periodically make up new “threats” as political necessity dictates.

    1. Having the guard there was the deterrent hence they must stay forever.

      1. well at least until BLM or Antifa decide to protest.

    2. We can only hope that a few National Guardsman go on a rampage. I would welcome seeing a “tribute to Sadat” in our own capital.

  11. Yep – this is one of those “Aren’t you glad we prevented ________”, even though there was zero chance of _________ ever happening.

    1. I could also sell them a rock that prevents alien attacks

      1. Better than my tiger rock =(

  12. “I witnessed the horrifying attack on the Capitol ….”

    “Trump …. stoking the fury of a right-wing mob.”

    “Trump lied to his followers about the results of the election, encouraged them to take bold and strong action, and then they stormed the building.”

    And that is why the troops are not going to go anywhere. Robby you need to realize that your irrational histrionics and exaggerated phraseology, all indicative of your lobotomized lemming thoughts, are the very reason shit like this happens.

    When you eat, shit, and breather mindless propaganda, you are going to get treated like the idiot that you are.

    1. BOTH SIDES, to be sure

    2. Yes things are much better now. A flawed “trans” doctor, Rachel Levine. Democrats asking cable carriers to censor or drop dissenting opinions. Banning Dr Seuss but not Mein Kampf. Kissing Iran’s and the CCP ass. Closing pipelines and thus driving up fuel costs to working families not to mention endless and irreplaceable job losses. A 78 year old president. Enjoy President Harris because she’s a Black woman and that’s all that matters to the “woke” set. Damn do I miss President Trump.

  13. Pelosi slimed federal law enforcement as “storm troopers” last July when they tried to get control of Portland, and vilified then-Attorney General Bill Barr as a “blob” and a “henchman” who “should be answering for what he did at Lafayette Square, a disgrace.”

    And the violent BLM-antifa riots at the White House, in late May were a disgrace. More than 50 ­Secret Service officers were injured when they were pelted with bricks, rocks, Molotov cocktails and bottles of urine. The historic St. John’s Church across the street from the White House was set on fire. The night turned so dangerous that then-President Donald Trump had to be rushed to an underground bunker.

    But that wasn’t the disgrace to which Pelosi was referring. After all, she and the Dems had been condoning left-wing violence all summer.

    No, to Pelosi, the “disgrace” was when federal law enforcement used pepper balls and smoke canisters to clear protesters, including her daughter, from outside the Whitehouse on June 1.

    To Pelosi, the “disgrace” was that Trump called out the National Guard in June to protect the Lincoln Memorial from rioters.

    She called a news conference to denounce the comparatively light National Guard presence in DC back then as “scary,” and wrote to Trump slamming the “militarization” of the capital and demanding to know “by what authority is the National Guard from other states operating in the capital.”

    And now look at her about face when she has the power.

    1. Spot on ML.

    2. No! I don’t wanna see Nancy’s O face, or even vaguely imagine it, or even acknowledge that such a thing might have ever existed!

    3. This is the best comment in the past 365 days!

  14. Haha yeah right you live in a police state now buddy. Guess which party is more illiberal and authoritarian. It’s not the GOP.

  15. The fascists progressives now have power and they will not give it up

    1. The fascists who stormed the capitol were Trump worshippers. Not progs.

      1. You traitor!

        See I can do it too

        1. Except you’re on the side of the insurrectionists.

          I’ve opposed Trump since forever.

          I hate Biden but I’m not supporting overthrowing the govt.

          You Trump worshippers are.


          1. I hate all of them. A good old fashioned coup may just be the ticket. If we just “take a little off the top” on both sides, the country would be a better place. Roman decimation worked. Remove 10% and the other 90% will be renewed. We don’t even need to kill them, just a savage ass-kicking, facial branding, and a jail cell. The cells could be located right in the congressional halls as a constant reminder to the rest of those thieving, murderous scumbags.
            Don’t be squeamish about killing, friend, they certainly aren’t. Just ask any Iraqi, Afghan, or our latest conquest, Syria.

            1. I’m not gonna live in a country where Trump is El Duce.

              Call me old fashioned, but I prefer law and order.

              1. Which is why you constantly advocate for murder. Right.

            2. Revolutions and civil wars rarely, if ever turn out well. You don’t need to go back in history to see that. They are still going on.

      2. Yes I hey stormed the Capitol. They have all been arrested. They are all likely to go to prison. Now how about Pelosi , et al, lock down Portland like they did in DC and end the horrifying and disgraceful riots on the west coast?

        1. They arrested around 1000 people there but only a handful were charged. They did there damage at night. Many wearing masks. And difficult to find evidence. Thugs but not stupid thugs.

          These people were idiots beyond belief. Full on face in daytime. More security cameras there than anyplace else. They took selfies and bragged to their friends with pictures on social media. They posted their plans on the internet in advance. You can’t get dumber than that.

          Then they didn’t just attack a random store on a city street protected by local cops. The fucking US capitol. Ya think that won’t bring down a ton of bricks on your head.

          It’s like a random murder vs shooting Sonny the favored son from The Godfather.

  16. “There will often be some crazy person somewhere making idle threats online; the business of Congress should not come to a screeching halt every time this happens.”

    You’re looking at this wrong. If we coordinate our crazy tweets we can keep Congress form doing anything for years.

    1. >>coordinate our crazy tweets

      Dorsey’s already on the hunt

    2. This was my exact thought.

      Apropos of nothing, I heard a rumour that there’s gonna be an insurrection tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that…

  17. I just heard somebody else ask an interesting question: why doesn’t the mighty Antifa rally to protect the Capitol? After all, these are the brave warriors protecting the Peeple from the Literally Hitler Fascists! Antifa where are you?

    1. Spending the stimulus checks, along with the Soros checks, most likely.

      1. most are to stoned now to do anything

    2. They are getting face and neck tattoos and dying their hair pink. They want to look their best when the weather warms up for “looting season”.

    3. They are doing what the smart insurgents do. Melting back into the populace until the next thing. Somebody must have read Mao or the history of Vietnam when the VC did that after they lost during the Tet offensive.

  18. Well, damn. looks like all the good comments were already posted and there’s nothing left for me to say that hasn’t already been said. Other than to re-iterate that it’s not the Right Pelosi and Schumer are scared of, it’s the Left when they realize they were hoodwinked into voting for a senile old fool and they ain’t getting what they were promised.

    1. The checks are in the mail.

    2. Senile Biden suggests a new trope:
      Who is John Gill“?

  19. While the National Guard’s presence in Washington, D.C., was unfortunately justified in the immediate aftermath of the January 6 riots,

    And that is as far as I managed to get.

    1. You made the right decision. The remainder is just both side, anti-Trump to-be-sure-isms. None are so blind…

  20. the reality of a sitting president calling on supporters to march to the Capitol and prevent the vice president from certifying the results of an election was completely without precedent

    Still is.

  21. I see they past a bunch of anti-cop laws last night so they will need the military more now than ever.

    1. Posse Comitatis. If they break that law, there will be an armed conflict. On a positive note, there isn’t a single WOKE shit in combat arms. Every Infantryman and Special Operator in this country would love to kill the WOKE. Thousands of experienced killers will come out of retirement and don their armor. Nobody would want to miss the great slaughter. This country has thousands of trained, experienced snipers that are probably starting to miss the old days. Shooting racist packs of people with pink hair is like a dream.
      Imagine this; on one side, you have thoroughly leftist hating Special Forces, SEALs, MARSOC, DELTA, DEVGRU, Ranger and Airborne Battalions. Pure killers.
      On the other side, you have people like Pete “never leave his buddy’s backside” Bootygiggler and his loose group of LBGTQ and “social justice” misfits that are only in the military to lodge EO complaints and get a free cock-lopping operation. The non-fighting men and half men. REMFs.
      We can only hope.

  22. Reason’s insistence that January 6th was anything other than a protest that got out of hand is increasingly bizarre

    No one was killed deliberately (except Ashli Babbitt by the government). There weren’t carrying any weapons

  23. I have to agree that we need to demilitarize the capital. This includes the Whitehouse. One of the biggest problems was the failure to quickly reinforce the Capital security because Trump wanted the rioting. I think we could count on a quicker response should the need arise.

    Another thing that would help is to have Republicans in leadership speak out more and tell everyone directly, the election was secure and fair and that Trump was defeated and has no further claims to the Presidency. Too many are still wishy washy and this increases the potential threat.

    1. So you want them to lie?

      1. How do you believe things without evidence?

        Very foreign concept to me.

        1. But you do it all the time.

        2. And yet you do the same.

        3. “How do you believe things without evidence?”

          “Russia stole the election with $150k in Facebook ads”
          “Trump’s a Russian spy”
          “Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel”
          “Covington kids assaulted a vet”
          “Trump said neo-Nazis were ‘fine people'”
          “MAGA madmen lynched Smollet”
          “Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress”
          “January sixth was an insUrreCtion”

    2. Hasn’t it been firmly established that Trump and his staff were concerned about the projected size of the crowd, and were prepared to provide NG to DC, and DC refused? Or are you just an idiot?

    3. Reinforce the capitol pice with who? The military? From where? How long do you think that would take?

      Reinfotcement from other police forces was stopped by Trump – who doesn’t have any authority over them?

      1. Have you ever noticed that all three Tier 1 units, DELTA, DEVGRU, and FBI HRT are within 5 hours of DC? FBI HRT is in Northern VA and the others are close by. The Politicians only care about themselves. The rest of the country and their constituents are on their own.

    4. The Republicans have already done that.

    5. So, those Republicans that “play ball” will get some “positive air time”? How fair and equitable.

  24. The military needs to step in and stop this.

    1. No. That’s the last fucking thing you want.

      I mean, what do you think would be the end-game there? Who do you think makes up the senior officer corps?

      The military is not full of selfless, patriotic, heroes.

      1. Not in the officer corps. But in the land of combat arms, you would be very hard pressed to find a liberal or a leftist. Liberals are in the “rear with the gear”. Support. Not fighting men. REMFs.
        If you think the average fighting man would not love to beat and or kill military support officers of high rank, you never served. They will kill the liberal officers first, with pleasure.

        1. Go read what (retired) Admiral McRaven did for a living. Then go read some of what he’s said in the last two years or so.

          Your faith in the purity of US combat arms personnel is increasingly unwarranted.

      2. More of a hero then those who don’t serve.

  25. Um, Fuck you Robbie.

  26. I was right with ya Robby until “Trump lied to his followers about the results of the election, encouraged them to take bold and strong action, and then they stormed the building.” Appears living on that block in the beltway has corrupted your thought process like all the others… that’s a shame, I thought you had promise..

  27. Wrong, but within normal parameters.

    Isn’t this so much better now that we have a President who takes the office seriously and doesn’t act immaturish?

    1. He picked his entire cabinet by color. So mature. Have you seen the freakshow in the blonde wig? Am I supposed to take that cross dressing freakshow serious?

  28. Our fledgling clinger and lifelong misfit switches from pandemic management tips to security assessments.

    Carry on, clingers . . .

  29. Robbie had actually been showing some backbone as of late, writing about schools not opening and whatever.

    Methinks this piece came about because his paymasters got word to him about what Koch and the oligarchy are expecting from him and the rest of the Reason staff. If this essay had anymore TDS in it, I’d swear it was written by the AP.

    1. It takes backbone to whine that socialist schools aren’t taking your snotty children off your hands for free?

      Sounds like a pretty pedestrian concern to me.

      1. I believe those schools are paid for by taxes Tony you disingenuous fuck. As are the teachers’ salaries which remain in place even though they no longer perform their primary function.

        Damn you’re worthless.

        1. It’s a new one to me that libertarians think they have the right to demand that human beings expose themselves to a deadly virus in order to provide a socialist service. We’re gonna have to revisit this whole nonaggression principle thing, I think.

  30. Whatever you believed should be done in response the the jihadists attacking, that’s what you should believe about this. I’m a little meh about the whole thing. I don’t like taking my shoes off to get on a plane, but it’s not like that’s the only thing keeping the experience from being a spa retreat.

    The real threat, of course, is from inside the fence. Republicans are dismantling democracy as we speak in statehouses around the country. (Because they’re so smart they deserve extra power). They could easily win national power again by the rules they are setting, at which point the law will give them everything the stupid army wanted without them having to murder any legislators or vice presidents.

    So the only thing preventing the stupid cultists from taking power is their own stupidity making them politically toxic. I always knew this day would come, though to be fair I didn’t expect it to take quite this long.

    1. 1. HR1For the People Act. Republicans trying to have the Federal government from the Constitutional responsibility of the states. This could lead to a permanent Republican dictatorship.
      2. HR127 Republicans attacking the 2nd amendment. This could put guns in only the hand of Republicans and keep any other party from stopping Republican tyranny.
      3. Republican Truth commission. A Republican attack on the 1st Amendment. Only the official Republican view would ever be found to be the truth.
      4. Republican open border policy. Letting illegal, undocumented aliens into the country without vaccinations causing surges in disease and stressing hospitals. Laid off Democratic workers their jobs, causing massive Democratic unemployment. Republicans putting unaccompanied children in more humane “Containers”. Republican stressing school districts with illegal children. Republicans stressing welfare programs for Democratic citizens by giving illegals benefits.
      4. Republican obscene spending bills that is $1.9 trillion for Republicans pet projects. Republicans causing huge inflation.
      5. Republicans shutting down oil pipelines sending the oil to China. Republicans stopping oil exploration and drilling on Federal lands, Republican planning to end fracking. All causing more inflation and crippling the economy.
      6. Republicans planning to pack the court so they have permanent majority on the courts and never have to worry about violating the Constitution.

      Thanks for the heads up on “dismantling democracy” Tony. One thing I am sure of, you will not like the one party paradise you promote.

      1. I love how you manage to assume the premise that the ethnic cleansing and relentless fossil fuel burning of the Republican Party are objectively necessary parts of a freedom agenda.

        1. People need to drive cars.

          Do you really think cars run on plutonium?

    2. Man you’re just a complete idiot

  31. I’m all for keeping them bottled up behind the razor wire, protected from the angry mob by a military they don’t like, and doesn’t like them back.

    Keep ’em scared and hiding, and something cool will jump off eventually.

  32. This is an inhuman act. I don’t like it. we should give everyone proper right to live there life.
    Do check frasesreflexion for more such kind of article.

  33. You have it all wrong, the troops and fencing aren’t in place to keep “insurgents” out, they are there to keep Biden from wandering off!

    Oh, and has any reporter asked these part time soldiers if they have truly contemplated potentially shooting American citizens for merely seeking redress of grievances?

  34. Unfortunately, Trump and his irresponsible cult are still out there, espousing ridiculous conspiracy theories, and espousing and inspiring outlandish actions. Just like we will never return to pre-COVID “normal,” we will never be able to go back to the way things were at the Capitol. It is truly despicable, but some American citizens have demonstrated that they are willing to commit violence, including murder, to get what they want.
    Whether the entire fenced in, National-Guard staffed enclosure needs to remain is certainly questionable, but until permanent enhanced security measures can be put in place, restricted access and enhanced security necessary. The “party of Law and Order,” the Republican party, has threatened the existence of our nation of laws like none other in history.

    1. Agreed

      They will take the fences down when they have higher level security in place. Quick reaction force right there ready to go. That sort of thing.

  35. But if the troops leave, the arsonists who tried to burn down the Mark O. hatfield courthouse might try to do the same to the Capitol, with Walls of Moms and Walls of Vets protecting them.

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