Donald Trump

Donald Trump on School Reopening Failures: Joe Biden and Teachers Unions Have Betrayed America's Youth

The former president's wild CPAC speech was full of misleading claims, but he made a valid point about schools.


Former President Donald Trump delivered a wild speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, hammering President Joe Biden on everything from environmental policy to foreign policy.

"We had virtually ended these endless wars," said Trump, in characteristically contradictory fashion.

Trump recited bizarre talking points from former speeches: He said the U.S. should never have gotten involved in Iraq—but at the very least, the U.S. should have taken Iraq's oil. He stated flatly that "we reject cancel culture," though he did not define the term in any detail. He also claimed that wind farms were killing all the birds.

And of course, Trump suggested—wrongly—that he actually won the 2020 presidential contest. "I may even decide to beat them for a third time," he said, hinting at a potential run for the presidency in 2024.

While Trump did not mention his own social media banning, he said that the federal government must stop Big Tech from censoring conservatives—and if the feds won't do it, states should.

"Twitter should be punished with major sanctions whenever they silence conservative voices," said Trump.

Trump called on Congress to repeal Section 230, the federal law that gives social media companies some protection from liability. That's a bad proposal that would likely backfire, prompting tech companies to restrict conservatives' speech more aggressively, not less.

There was plenty to dislike about the former president's frequently misleading CPAC remarks. Trump did make several valid points, however, when the subject turned to reopening schools. Trump slammed Biden for failing to keep his promise to reopen schools within the first 100 days of his presidency, and blamed the teachers unions for resisting reopening efforts across the country.

"There's no reason whatsoever why the vast majority of young Americans shouldn't be back in school immediately," said Trump. "The only reason most Americans don't have that choice is Joe Biden sold out America's children to the teachers unions. His position is morally excusable."

Trump noted—correctly—that even guidance from the notoriously cautious Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that many schools can reopen safely. An emerging scientific consensus holds that K-8 schools have not been significant sources of COVID-19 spread.

Contrary to Trump's claim, it is not primarily Biden's fault that schools remain closed: School closures are local issues, and the federal government can only do so much. But it's true that the teachers unions—an influential constituency of the Democratic Party—are the major force opposing these efforts. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, a key ally of Biden, has done everything within her power to slow the process of reopening schools.

Trump's decision to wade into this battle won't improve matters: Indeed, Trump claiming loudly that schools should reopen will probably persuade many people to instinctively adopt the opposite position. The reopening debate, like other debates, has become excessively partisan, but there's no reason for it. The science and the experts agree that we can, and should, get kids back into their classrooms—and their teachers, too.

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  1. The Science!
    And Trump!
    Oh my.

    1. If Robby needed Trump to delve into specific details and definitions of what “Cancel Culture” is for his sake, then not only should any further commentary by Robby be considered irrelevant, any further aspirations on his part to commit journalism should be abandoned. Only Juan Williams is allow to be this chronically confused.

      1. I’d like to think that Mr. Williams is simply playing the “This is what the idiot Left believes” acting role, and cashing his checks.

        Otherwise, wouldn’t Fox News just pay one of the Hillary hacks (Jennifer Palmieri immediately jumps to mind, and now I have a headache) and pay her 20% less?

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  2. Trump’s not President anymore. Why aren’t you covering Biden’s speech? Maybe you can drop him a hint as to where he is.

    1. There’s not much you can comment on “Duh, uh, erp, I’m a little lost here”, except to say, oh, Joe just stutters a bit.

      1. “…stutters a bit.”

        That is a bizarre way to describe dementia in a President that’s older than 94% of all living Americans, older than 96% of all people alive on the planet, and older than 27 presidents were when they died.

        1. Joe Biden is the oldest person ever elected to the US Presidency by age at start of term.

          He is 4 years older than Trump and thus 8 years older than Trump was when Trump was elected, and Trump was previously the oldest President by age at start of term.

          Third place Goes to Regan, and fourth is William Henry Harrison all the way back in 1773.

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    2. It is odd that Biden’s speeches get no coverage at all when they seem to be quite…I guess bizarre is a nice way to put it.

      And they’re cancelling the SOTU…which need not be a speech at all, mind you. I guess constitutional “norms” aren’t too vital.

  3. I bet Drumpf is really mad that Biden liberated and dismantled his concentration camps.

    1. Biden has re-opened at least one of the “concentration camps.”

      1. Yes, but in shipping containers. Totes different.

        1. Kids love living in shipping containers. It’s just like camping, only different.

          1. There’s a whole show about completely psychologically healthy people who want to live in sheds called “Tiny Homes”.

            And Kramer convinced some Japanese business men to live in a chest of drawers.

            Those kids should just be happy they’re not in cages.

    2. That’s fun. Let’s joke about Trump’s evil policy of intentionally ripping apart families seeking asylum and conflate it with Biden’s policy of doing the damn near opposite all while we fear monger over immigration! It’s fun being evil, isn’t it?

      1. “opposite”

        Tony, you keep using that word…

      2. Have you not been watching the news?

        1. Since Biden took office? Why would he? Biden is so super competent and genius that any coverage of him negative would just be silliness anyway.

  4. According to CDC data, 110 children under the age of 16 have died in the United States over the past 12 months from/with Covid. In the meantime, over 30,000 people this age have so sadly died from all other causes.

    Yet, we closed schools and sacrificed the 56,000,000 million public school students in America, and stressed their families to, and beyond, the breaking point.


    1. The Democrats are trying to destroy the country and make everyone dependent on government. It’s a Marxist revolution.

      1. Pseudo-Marxist and only on the social side, because the oligarchs aren’t going to give up their stocks and profits. Economically it’s closer to real fascism than anything else.

        1. Just like…wait for it…National Socialism!

    2. We may never get an answer, as Cuomo now has a different set of issues which he needs to handle.

    3. Because the teachers are vulnerable and kids can spead covid.

      1. Um no and no.

      2. Teachers are special, but parents and baby sitters are not.

      3. Then lay off any teacher refusing to report to work.

      4. No outbreak in any country tied to schools. Keep harping on a losing issue, even some progs are turning on this issue…

        1. “….. even some progs are turning on this issue.”

          Haha. Molly ain’t just some prog. She’s….. slow.

      5. I didn’t know all teachers were over the age of 65.

      6. Yet science says that they do not spread COVID to any appreciable degree.

        Are you ignoring the science?

    4. Because the Trump Administration did nothing. During the summer of 2020, the Trump Administration could have addressed getting kids back to school in the fall. Instead it did nothing buts talk about opening schools. Many countries manage school reopening and we could have done the same. It is true that schools are handled at local levels, but had the Federal Government been active supporting the locals more could have been done.

      What could the Feds have done;
      1. Support increase in testing for schools. Temperature for all daily, with 10% of students and staff getting a Covid test every week.
      2. Additional funding for PPE and cleaning.
      3. Funding for temporary for staff increases to decrease staff size.
      4. Funding to optimize school ventilation system (replacement would take too long but systems could be optimized.
      5. Fund a bonus for teachers working in class.
      6. Hire unemployed for work cleaning schools.
      7. Hire unemployed restaurant workers to prepare lunches that students can eat in their classrooms.

      1. The local elementary school is now open except zoom on Wednesday when they disinfect. A practical inexpensive thing to do.

        They really do need to get the kiddos back to school. They are losing time. As their brans develop they are primed to learn. You can’t get that back.

      2. You’re an idiot. I bet you’ve gone to the store within the last week.

        1. I have. What does that have to do with my intelligence or with opening schools?

      3. Hey dumbshit–everywhere that schools have reopened, or are doing a hybrid model, they’ve managed to avoid the massive coof spike that the Branch Covidians were predicting.

        The data is clear–the vast majority of COVID outbreaks have been in nursing homes, prisons, and college campuses. The average age of a COVID death is about the same as your regular life expectancy. The average death has at least 2.5 co-morbidities, mostly related to obesity, which has been a steadily growing epidemic in this country for decades.

        To the extent that schools haven’t reopened, it’s entirely due to teachers wanting to fuck around all day at home and continue get a paycheck for it.

        1. First you say that schools have reopened, good. Then your saying that teachers are not letting schools reopen. Which is it?

          1. Wow you honestly didn’t expect this to be some sort of point, did you?

            This just in — there’s more than one school district in America.

      4. Sorry, under what authority was Trump supposed to do all that? EO? Court challenged before ink was dry? Stop making excuses, the Dems and blue states own this issue.

      5. The funding for all seven of your suggestions was specifically provided in the first COVID relief bill, and $60 billion of that funding has still not been spent. Wouldn’t that be what you refer to as “active support?”

      6. 8. Cut literally every penny of federal funding for schools that stay closed.

    5. Well, not for federal employees who are set to get paid FAT cash for home schooling.

      Not you though.

  5. Breaking news for the weekend: Trump says some shit.

    You guys just can’t quit him, can you? You’re junkies and you need your fix.

    1. “You guys just can’t quit him, can you? You’re junkies and you need your fix.”

      Says the guy on a Trump article attacking random people yelling into the void on a Trump article.

      1. Disregard my sockpuppet here. I suck cock.

  6. Trump was almost the only senior who advocating keeping the country open. For that he will be remembered as a hero, despite the ‘election fraud’ pecadillo. Why were oldsters mostly silent on the issue? Because of social security and medicare: “Gimme my check and y’ll can go f- yourselves.” These programs must be abolished. (Yes a few spoke out against lockdowns – but only among themselves or here in their safe space. Never where it actually mattered.)

    Trump’s GOP can survive, but it must embrace libertarian principles. This is the only viable compromise between vying factions. And it’s possible but you have to fight not cowardly attack your allies here in your safe space with relentless lame excuses for running away.

    1. Disregard my sockpuppet here. I suck cock.

      1. Libertarians lose because too many of you fight your allies instead of the enemy. Whether that’s cowardly or just cynical (because you’re not really libertarian) I’ll leave as an exercise to the reader.

        1. “Libertarians lose because too many of you fight your allies”

          Like this?

          “that’s cowardly or just cynical”

          But hey if you spent less time passive aggressively hypocritizing you’d have to to deal with your total failure to successfully implement any policy or get your guys elected.

          1. Yes like you’re doing right now. You fight your allies instead of the enemy. That’s why you keep losing. I fight the enemy and can prove it. Let me know if you’d like another example:

            1. You’re not my ally.


        2. What allies? I mean Trump didn’t even legalize weed. If he did he would have won.

          1. If you had fought for Trump on enemy territory (not here in your echo chamber) he would have stood a chance. But you didn’t and have only yourself to blame.

            1. If you spent less time passive aggressively hypocritizing you’d have to to deal with your total failure to successfully implement any policy or get your guys elected.

              Yet you keep blaming everyone else.

  7. Yeah fuck you Robbie.

  8. >Trump slammed Biden for failing to keep his promise to reopen schools within the first 100 days of his presidency

    But… but we aren’t 100 days in yet. We’re not even halfway to 100.

    1. 100 days from Jan 20 is May 1. I don’t see any chance of Biden getting the schools open by then. Partly because Biden doesn’t have the authority.

  9. Oh if only he governed like his speeches! The neocons would be deported back to central or eastern europe, the cold war complex would have been shut down (CIA and the rest of it), troops home, the Fed closed down for good, sound money, free markets, peace and the end to wokedom…oh what could have been

  10. In contrast to claims by TDS sufferer Soave, Trump’s hour and a half speech was very informational, powerful and effective.

    His knowledge, understanding and leadership on so many different truly important national and international policy issues (that Joe Biden has reversed) is truly impressive.

    In sharp contrast, Biden couldn’t read the teleprompter or give a speech for two minutes before fumbling, mumbling and bumbling.

    The only Republicans Trump called out were GOP members of Congress who voted to impeach him. This will likely be their last term in office, as Trump will campaign against any of them who chose to run again in 2022.

    1. Ahem. Mean tweets. ‘Nuff said.

      1. Mean tweets was always just code for “he’s not Obama (or his surrogates)” without having to admit you are a progressive in libertarian garb.

        Same reason they all found Blasey-Ford to be ‘credible.’

        They are all as honest as Jeff.

  11. “Contrary to Trump’s claim, it is not primarily Biden’s fault that schools remain closed:”

    He refuses to tell the teacher’s unions to honor their contracts or be disbanded.
    He could tell the states “no federal funding to any state not fully open for in person classroom education” by tomorrow.
    He could use the bully pulpit to ‘encourage’ parents to swarm the school boards and demand the unions be held to their contracts.
    It IS primarily Biden’s fault. Every bad thing is now Biden’s fault.

    1. Plus, over 100,000 people were murdered by the China virus in his first month on the job.

      1. Gas prices have increased 25% here in his first month. Impressive.

  12. “was full of misleading claims

    Oh for fuck sakes, Robby. You’re not a hack, stop trying to be one.

    1. No. I think Robbie is an actual hack.

      1. It’s really his only viable career move at this point.

  13. First time posting on a Huffington Post article.

    1. No, Huffpo expects at least a smidgin of substance.

  14. Trump recited bizarre talking points from former speeches: He said the U.S. should never have gotten involved in Iraq—but at the very least, the U.S. should have taken Iraq’s oil.
    Sounds good to me. How is that bizarre?

    He stated flatly that “we reject cancel culture,” though he did not define the term in any detail.
    So? Does everyone who rejects cancel culture have to provide a definition every single time?
    You haven’t always in your own past articles, Robby. Are you trying to be retarded on purpose?

    He also claimed that wind farms were killing all the birds.
    So has Scientific American and Popular Mechanics:
    How bizarre of them.

    And of course, Trump suggested—wrongly—that he actually won the 2020 presidential contest. “I may even decide to beat them for a third time,” he said, hinting at a potential run for the presidency in 2024.
    He did win the election Robby, and we know it, you know it, the press knows it, White Knight knows it and even the Democratic Party knows it.
    Lying about it now isn’t going to make them kill you later.

    1. You just showed up this evening. Tomorrow, we will discuss more of Trump’s December speech where he supposedly laid out the case for a stolen election.

      1. Stop threatening people.

      2. HO2

      3. Case: More people voted than exist. Ya; sure,sure — Lie again about fair elections, shove the facts under the rug, censor, bury the evidence; whatever it takes to STEAL.

        Democrats are compulsive TAKERS. STEAL the wealth, STEAL the election, STEAL individual freedom…. TAKE, TAKE, TAKE by the threat of Gov-Guns while painting a complete lie of a narrative of having some ‘EVIL’ religious hallows over their heads.

        I’ll vote Democrat just as soon as they respect the USA instead of trying to destroy it. Encourage creation and production instead of trying to monopolize it. Encourage Individual Freedom instead of Fascist and Racist entitlements.

    2. I don’t think that we should have gotten involved in Iraq OR taken their oil – which we didn’t – but that’s hindsight. In 2002-2003 there weren’t many Americans of any political leaning that were of the mood to take any grief from Hussein.

      I don’t know about the wind farm thing – they do kill birds but not exactly in huge numbers. We should probably avoid placing them in major paths of migration. I don’t think it’s quite as bad as the California solar collector that fries birds in mid-air:

      I like wind power in general, so I’m not entirely with Trump on this point. But it should only be used as a supplement to more consistent methods of power generation. I think a better political point would be to mention that coastal liberals and progressives insist we use wind power, but refuse to allow it to be built in the location that would make the most sense: a mile or two offshore. Wouldn’t want to spoil their view.

      I don’t know if he ‘won’ the 2020 election or not. Many statistical oddities and irregularities suggest that some shenanigans occurred. But we can’t really prove it, since we aren’t apparently allowed to look into it. You would think that they would want an investigation or at least an analysis for the sake of clarity and transparency, if they truly believed that there wasn’t anything to find. But it’s possible that the Democrats were just very successful in using shady but technically legal means to get more votes – by changing election laws and such – without using overtly illegal means.

      1. There were huge protests against invading Iraq in the days leading up to the war. But G.W. Bush was determined to invade, and invade he did.

      2. And to think the ‘stain’ on today’s USA is rooted in the very fact Individuals aren’t left up to ‘liking wind power’ or not but instead FORCED by Gov-Guns to pay for other’s to own them.

        The U.S. Government has no authority or even an excuse to ‘pretend’ to own all the electricity generation in the USA. The ‘Global Warming’ hoax is but a hoax of blaming “the weather changes” to install a Totalitarian Regime in place of the USA.

        Everyone can believe, promote, advertise, etc, etc, etc, their beliefs but when they use Gov-Guns against the people it’s no longer the USA — It’s Nazism (def; National Socialism).

  15. Trump claiming loudly that schools should reopen will probably persuade many people to instinctively adopt the opposite position.

    Fuck public schools. I’d like to see the whole system collapse and the total abolition of compulsory schooling.

    1. +100; There’s a few issues I’ve had with Trump’s stance but far, far less than any other presidential administration in the last decade. It floors me the GOP and Trump didn’t completely work against the Cares Act. The USA isn’t communist but the Cares Act was 100% communist.

    2. Robbie does not even recognize what a horrible, personally embarrassing argument that is.

      The name of this publication is Reason not Mindless Tribalism. What people might ‘instinctively’ do should be of little concern. Because instinct is damned near the polar opposite of reason. It’s lizard brain vs. higher brain.

      Yet Robby is sooo deeply concerned with what the non-thinkers might do simply because the wrong person advocated doing the right thing.

      Embarrassing. But, as with most fakers doing something revealing tends to work out that way.

      1. Yet Robby is sooo deeply concerned with what the non-thinkers might do simply because the wrong person advocated doing the right thing.

        It’s almost like he knows his readers.

  16. Did Trump really say, after accusing Biden of selling out America’s children, “His position is morally excusable”? Can it be safely assumed that he meant to say “morally inexcusable”?

    1. I noticed that, too. My guess is that it’s either a typo or a transcription error, but it’s possible he misspoke.

  17. Yeah, I favor Private schools as well. I wonder what the dude at Tarrantblog says about this?

    1. Nothing wrong with private schools if you can afford them.

      The issue with public schools is that without them a large number will not get any education at all. The economic implications should be obvious.

      1. The other issue with public schools is that with them, many aren’t getting any education at all either.

  18. Tell me how this isn’t state sanctioned child abuse:

    1. Scary. Think of how many children are affected. One positive test in the school and the whole student body is to be isolated (not quarantined, that’s what we call it when people are actually sick) for two weeks. Insanity.

  19. I favor Individual being able to teach other individuals without Gov-Guns involvement. If it’s not something someone should get shot over then it’s not something that belongs in Government!!!

    A Government without gun-force is just another run-of-the mill organization. Americans would do themselves a huge favor in realizing this simple (but covered-up) fact. Stop worshiping the Gov-Guns used against other people unless their is a demanding issue requiring the use of such — ya know like crimes.

  20. Trump will not calm down. It’s time for him to admit defeat

  21. My take away from CPAC was that Trump got 55% in the straw poll. That is good but suggest that 45% will not choose him given the choice. This suggest that a major task for the party is to eliminate secrecy in these internal straw polls. It might also be time to start cancelling primaries as they did in 2020. If they don’t, Trump might not get the chance to run again in 2024.

  22. The federal government should not be involved in education at all. It is a local matter.

    1. I’d be interested to hear your take on the link Nardz posted above.

      1. I do not do Twitter.

  23. You’d have to be the absolute dregs of humanity to “adopt the opposite position” and sacrifice kids on the altar of your Trump derangement. So expect that to be the overwhelming majority reaction for the news media and academia.

  24. “There’s no reason whatsoever why the vast majority of young Americans shouldn’t be back in school immediately,” said Trump.
    What bullshit. There’s one very good reason. The schools knowingly and willingly accept stolen money as payment. Moral principles people. Get some and stick by them.

  25. So, Trump should not make valid points because they will be automatically opposed despite their advantages because HE said them? I like it!

  26. Oh Robby, and you’d been doing so well of late.

  27. “prompting tech companies to restrict conservatives’ speech more aggressively”

    It’s already rather bad. Having to silence yourself to avoid it seems not worth the effort.

  28. “The science and the experts”

    So, of course, the “party of science” disagrees…

  29. “Trump suggested—wrongly”…… Show a little backbone, and call a lie a lie. Are you worried about not being PC?

  30. When you put those little dashes to include a word like “wrongly”, you’re basically insinuating that your readers are too stupid to figure that out themselvse. Would be great if you’d cut that kind of writing out. Reads like some woke college kid’s angry vlogging.

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