CDC's New 'Reopening' Guidance Will Keep Schools Closed in the Fall

This is what you get when you mix "science" with "stakeholders."


It's an excellent afternoon to be a treasurer for a private school, or an accelerationist seeking to hollow out public support for the government-run education system.

That's because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), under pressure from the most teachers-union-friendly White House since at least the 1970s, just released its long-awaited school reopening guidelines, which include the core recommendation that all schools—regardless of age level or ventilation standards or community spread of COVID-19—maintain social distancing of at least six feet.

The CDC's "science-based reopening" guidance includes five key considerations, presented in order of emphasis: 1) mask-wearing, 2) social distancing, 3) handwashing, 4) cleaning, and 5) contact tracing. Director Rochelle Walensky in a conference call emphasized "prioritizing the first two," which means that in every school—including ones that are already open, using less stringent standards—there should be student distancing of "at least six feet," accomplished if need be by "cohorting or podding of students."

This six-feet rule, first promulgated by the CDC at the height of pandemic uncertainty last March, at a time when people were still wiping down groceries and it was hard to even fathom a room full of kids wearing masks, means in practice that adherents will be open in part-time "hybrid" settings indefinitely. It is for that reason that, ever since better research on kids and COVID-19 began accumulating last summer, pediatricians and infectious disease specialists have been recommending that the rule be relaxed.

"In many school settings, 6 feet between students is not feasible without drastically limiting the number of students," the American Academy of Pediatrics warned last June. "Some countries have been able to successfully reopen schools after first controlling community-wide spread of SARS-CoV-2 while using 3 feet of distance between students without increases in community spread….Schools should weigh the benefits of strict adherence to a 6-feet spacing rule between students with the potential downside if remote learning is the only alternative."

Professors Joseph G. Allen and Sara Bleich from Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health were blunt about the negative effects of distance-mandated hybrid and remote learning in a November Washington Post op-ed: "The requirement for six feet of distancing has forced many schools to limit the number of students attending in person due to space constraints and thus has become a key factor keeping millions of kids home. That's a mistake."

The authors continued:

Six feet is not a magical cutoff. It has a weak scientific basis, coming from a fundamental misunderstanding going back decades that the tiny droplets we exhale when we breathe and talk will fall to the ground within six feet.

A recent evaluation of 172 studies from 16 countries found a significant reduction in risk with distancing of at least three feet, but no additional benefit at six feet so long as baseline risk is low enough….

The risks from covid-19 in schools are manageable. The risks to kids being out of school, however, are escalating rapidly. For the sake of our children, it's time for more scientifically justified distancing guidelines in the classroom.

Two-thirds of the 175 pediatric disease specialists polled by The New York Times just this week said that making schools hybrid to fulfill distancing requirements is a bad idea. "School transmissions will remain close to zero and cohorts are unnecessary" as long as everyone stays masked, U.C. San Francisco Director of COVID Response Jeanne Ann Noble told the Times.

Added University of Colorado pediatric emergency physician Lisa Abuogi: "Children's learning and emotional and, in some cases, physical health is being severely impacted by being out of school….I spend part of my clinical time in the E.R., and the amount of mental distress we are seeing in children related to schools is off the charts."

So if infectious disease and pediatric scientists are heavily in favor of relaxing the six-feet requirement, and if thousands of schools in the United States and around the world are already providing in-school instruction with smaller social distancing without becoming the kind of "superspreader events" that American teachers unions have repeatedly scaremongered about, why did the lead infectious disease research agency in the federal government come out with guidelines so indifferent to science and harmful to children?

A Washington Post article first published Thursday gives some background on how the scientific method has been laundered through the political process:

In a sign of how carefully the administration is tending to the many stakeholders, the CDC met with more than 70 organizations as it crafted the upcoming guidelines, according to a person familiar with the outreach who was not authorized to discuss it. Groups ranged from the country's two major teachers unions — whose presidents met directly with Biden's CDC head — to organizations focused on children with disabilities, parent groups and even a group focused on charter schools.

Stakeholder science it is!

The federal government is not in charge of local schools. Institutions, especially in the private sector, that are already open five days a week are not likely to ratchet back as a result of today's guidance. But the six-feet rule will likely have an outsize influence, particularly in Democratic-controlled, big-city public school districts that have been disproportionately shuttered. Why?

Because teachers unions say so, that's why.

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten turned on a dime after the November victory of President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump, going from being a staunch, doom-mongering opponent of reopening, to a we-can-do-this-if-we-spend-a-lot-of-money advocate. Notably, despite impressing the credulous likes of The New York Times with her pro-opening bravery, when the rubber has hit the road in local union refusals to reopen schools, she has been steadfastly on the side of the shutterers.

Weingarten and National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle, both of whom met with First Lady (and NEA member) Jill Biden on day two of her husband's presidency, have been foreshadowing the CDC guidelines as a key step in getting teachers back in school buildings. "I think if we don't have a more contagious variant, if we get the funding, we get the guidance, we could safely reopen the majority of K-8 schools in the first 100 days," she told The Washington Post. "That's April. I think that goal is doable."

While that very conditional timetable is itself a significant backsliding from Biden's original 100-day vow (for instance, public high schools simply no longer exist in the reopening vision of the administration or its union allies), pay special attention to the one-two punch of social distancing guidelines + money. Here's Weingarten giving up the game this week in a USA Today CDC pre-write:

If the guidelines include physical distancing, as she expects, that means full schooling can't happen this school year unless schools can find 20% to 30% more space and more educators, Weingarten said.

"What you will have is, you'll have less and less remote full time and you'll have more and more kids come in for a certain portion of time," she said. "Will we see this year that everything is back to what we saw in September 2019? I don't see that happening."

The $200 billion K-12 package that the administration seeks in its $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill includes around $160 billion, or 80 percent, for personnel. Social distancing requirements make extra hiring necessary. The nifty political dance that Biden and the unions are attempting to pull off is to be hailed as empathetic allies of families even while leveraging urgent parental reopening desire into a massive union payday without strings attached.

It's a taxpayer heist in plain sight, while kids suffer massive educational and emotional setbacks from a virus that isn't on balance making them sick.

Public sector unions have long enjoyed the job-creating utility of the ratio—patients per nurse, kids per teacher, prisoner per guard, and so on. The CDC, whose scientific pronouncements about schools have twice been trimmed back by the administration's political appointees, has delivered to teachers unions one of the cleverest ratios yet.

By suggesting that desks be six feet apart instead of three, even as infections and hospitalizations continue to recede, this scientific body has openly disregarded science and smoothed the way for the government to hire more staff into a system hemorrhaging students. Unless this guidance is revoked, and soon, public schools in big cities likely will not be open full time even by September 2021. For many families, perhaps including my own, the prospect of having three consecutive school years disfigured by the pandemic response will be the final straw.

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  1. Because the reactions to the Wuhan virus and the policies have nothing to do with science. It’s about control. There is a reason that the progtard governers said the point of the lock downs was for them to hurt. If you were a libritarian you would have been questioning why the government thinks it has totalitarian control over the entire population since last Feb.

    1. Reason supports the global liberal imperialist efforts to destroy the working class.

      And they don’t even get to enjoy the spoils of the destruction of the working class.

      Eat shit Welch

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      2. 10000%. There’s lines that Reason never crosses, and those lines just happen to fall along globalist faults.

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    2. Amen, Rev. To the author, “final straw?” What a joke! You love the lockdowns & you’ll continue to love the lockdowns. Why on Earth is your child in a public school? Sadly, Reason has become just another peddler of conventional wisdom. One day, maybe, you’ll remember that Libertarian doesn’t mean you agree with MSM and libs on everything in order to hurt Trump. Ugh!

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  3. This is what you get when you mix “science” with “stakeholders.”

    No, this is what you get when Biden and other Democrats win elections, which is precisely what Reason and the teachers’ unions campaigned for.

    1. I think Matt Welch and all others at Reason would agree that Trump wouldn’t have allowed left wingers at CDC to shut schools down or impose nonsensical and costly restrictions.

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      2. “I think Matt Welch and all others at Reason would agree that Trump wouldn’t have allowed left wingers at CDC to shut schools down or impose nonsensical and costly restrictions.”

        They already blame him for every COVID death.

    2. Reason ignored the blatant rigging of the election through censorship of the Hunter Biden story and Cuomo and Wolfe killing the elderly. They ignored the illegal mail-in ballot manipulation.

      Reason was happy to help the cause. Sad thing is they don’t even get to go to cocktail parties for their efforts this time around.

      Libertarians who support woke imperialism… right

    3. when Biden and other Democrats win elections

      when Biden and other Democrats STEAL elections

      fixed the typo for you
      you’re welcome


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    4. Yes, this is what you get when you care more about mean tweets than libertarian principles.

  4. Meanwhile, the City of San Francisco is suing the San Francisco Unified School District to force them to open schools, saying that closed schools are the cause of an epidemic of teen suicides.

    1. On the upside it’s sf teens killing themselves.

    2. My daughter tried to kill herself last year and it was related to all of this “new normal” talk. It’s no easy event to process or put behind you.

      1. I hope you, your daughter and your family are getting support, effective and helpful support. In my experience family mental health is a journey… but there are benchmarks of progress.

        I think society has been in a bubble of “when we get the vaccine we’ll be okay.” As “okayness” recedes into the distance, there will be dashed hopes and grief and loss. Don’t let up on the support, and I’ve had a little success with dystopian anecdotes from past social crises. Kids don’t learn about all the struggle unless we tell them. “Growth mindset” can help also.

      2. Sorry Del. I’m sorry for them (kids) too. Only the private school and maybe homeschooled kids are escaping relatively unscathed from this. It’s criminal what the teachers unions are doing. Disgusting? Unconscionable? Yeah all that.

  5. Seems like most of this supposed “science” is models that haven’t really been tested.
    There are a number of states with schools completely open. How about we look at those and do some actual science based on observations of real people in the real world. As far as I have seen, schools aren’t big centers of infection at all in states where they are open.

    1. The only schools where this has been an issue have been colleges, and that’s because of the dorms where the students are all cloistered together. If K-12 was a major outbreak source, we’d be seeing nonstop stories about it in states where they have opened, like you said.

      With how badly the mainstream media clearly wants to keep this COVID hysteria going, we’d never hear the end of it.

      1. And even at colleges, I don’t think many people are actually getting sick in any serious way. Just positive tests. I think the first thing we need to reopen schools is stop all the damn testing. The damn PCR test numbers seem to drive a lot of the insanity.

        1. Last I saw it was something like 3 hospitalizations per 100,000 college cases.

      2. Do you know what I like best about college girls?

        1. They stay the same age?

          1. Best movie. McConaughey’s father died during production and it had to be halted for a few weeks.

    2. So – keep pushing back. This article itself cites a dozen credible sources of info. I presume that schools that are open would provide evidence of what things are working and what aren’t. It’s pretty obvious that the ‘sides’ here are teachers unions v everyone else.

      I get the libertarian notion that failure is the best possible outcome. What better way to provide evidence that govt always fails than to ensure that govt always fails. It makes perfect sense and is why no one in their right mind will ever elect a libertarian.

      But why this has become a thang among R’s is a mystery. R’s are a governing party. There was an entire wing of R’s who may not have had many principles but at least they were competent. Which was ‘better’ for a generation of past voters than few principles and incompetent.

      Now – they no longer even try. In those areas where this school stuff is happening, there are no real elections and no governance discussion. D’s will do whatever teacher unions want – and R’s will demonize teachers unions and urban residents in an entirely different jurisdiction.

      idk if the same in reverse happens in R-only jurisdictions

      1. “I get the libertarian notion that failure is the best possible outcome.”

        Most all of us here get that you’re a fucking brain-dead piece of lefty shit.

      2. The problem is that failure just leads to calls more spending and bureaucracy. Failure always creates more government, not less.

    3. the answer to this question can be easily discovered within the article itself. The UNIONS want it, because they don’t care a fig for the stoonts, nor for their PAYrents. its all about the Benjamines accruing to the union zoots and by way of accident the teachers themselves.
      THey’ve now got classroom sizes down most places to a bit below twenty students per classroom, and MOST teachers these days have various assistants throughout the day.
      When I went to grade school we had FIFTY FIVE students per classroom, ONE teacher, no aides or staff in the classroom. We LEARNED. I graduated Eighth Grade wiht an education that is signficantly better than what almost all high school grads will have today. But there were no union poohbahs reaching through the school administration into my parents’ pockets through taxes.

      MY KIDS will NEVER attend a government school Two reasons, about equal in draw: the insane level of union corruption and control, and the current curricula which are deliberately constructed to programme children into the progressive, modern, amoral, perverted “values” we see being acted out in today’s politics and culture.

      1. You know what else we had with large classrooms? Discipline.

        Teachers were allowed to discipline the children. I remember the underlying fear to the ‘paddle’ from the coach. Rarely used. But a very effective deterrent. Writing things thousands of times, another great deterrent that is likely not allowed these days.

        I remember a time when a few of us laughed at a student that had stumbled. We were made to apologize and then write ‘to err is human, to forgive devine’ a thousand times. The teacher I remember most, and list as my favorite teacher, was the stern disciplinarian in 5th grade. She set the bar high. All of her students excelled.

        Bullies, we learned to fight, grew thicker skin and eventually came to the conclusion we are all flawed in some manner.

        Such a simple formula.

        1. I remember the underlying fear to the ‘paddle’ from the coach.
          When I went to school,in California (1957-1960), every teacher had a paddle.

        2. ‘We were made to apologize and then write ‘to err is human, to forgive devine’ a thousand times.’

          and then you were made to write ita thousand more times, spelling’divine’ correctly…

        3. Writing things thousands of times, another great deterrent that is likely not allowed these days.

          Utter crap. I spent most of fifth grade writing dictionary pages during recess as punishment for who the fuck remembers what (but I assume it was something class clown related). Day after day after day – another dictionary page. This was not a ‘great deterrent’. It was the act of a crazy sadist who had no clue how to actually deter whatever she was trying to deter.

          It never surprises me however that every single person who advocates stupidity in teaching also turns out to advocate the virtue of violence. Not the occasional necessity of it – but the virtue. That just in case parents aren’t teaching their kids the virtue of violence, well it’s important that the teachers teach it.

          ‘Such a simple formula’. Keerist.

    4. Exactly. Florida (Pensacola) has had open schools, masks required (which is observed by about 15% of the students, and 50% of the teachers) and there has been … NO OUTBREAKS!
      (well, except for the periodic scares where one student is tested positive, 40 students sent home to quarantine and never have symptoms, which happens a couple times a week)
      You guys in the NorthEast, and everywhere else where teachers are so peeing down their legs scared of re-opening, just keep on keeping on. Private schools, with any luck, will just eat your asses UP! (and maybe we can break this schooling of mediocrity in the country. Not hopeful, but maybe.)

      1. Many Texas schools are open. Ours have been since August.
        Of course we have the “six-foot” rule. Last time I visited our junior high, “six feet” seemed to be “just far enough apart you aren’t bumping into each other.”
        The paper I work for just published another set of honor rolls, and we have photos of kids playing sports and winning band and choir trophies.
        What we “lack” is teacher unions.

    5. I am surprised at the 3 ft number. MIT did an in detail examination of the spread of virions and found that students should be allocated 150 sq. ft (rather than the 120 sq. ft from 2 m spacing) of space in normally ventilated rooms.
      I am also suspicious that children, many of whom will remain asymptomatic are not the disease-vectors that they are for most other diseases, especially as SARS-CoV-2 is more communicable than influenza. Moreover there is no logical argument why high school students should be any less effective as spreaders than college undergrads.
      The CDC has been wrong about the science in other guesses early in the pandemic.

      1. We’ll be at herd immunity mid summer so none of this nonsense is gonna matter.

  6. an accelerationist seeking to hollow out public support for the government-run education system

    Hell yeah

  7. Elections have consequences, especially the ones that get rigged and you pretend otherwise. Perhaps if you took a breather from Orange Man Bad and actually looked at the real story of corruption and malfeasance this would all be over by now.

    No refunds.

    1. This is red leader standing by – – – – – – – – –

    2. Reason didn’t cost Trump the 2020 election. Trump cost himself the election due to his behavior that turned off suburbanites who wish to belong in the Elite, due to the loss of the House in 2018 where conservatives didn’t GOTV, and to Chicomvirus that destroyed the economy, and to Big Media that aided and abetted the DNC and candidate Biden. If Reason cost Trump 5,000 votes I’d be shocked.

      1. Fuck off sarc.

        1. God, you people are fucking obsessed.

          1. Tacos are food.

      2. You are half right, and incredibly stupid.

  8. I assume that this is what all the other countries in the world that have opened their schools, or never closed them, are doing?
    Is there any open private school that has done anything different without the entire student body and all the staff dying?

    1. there are private schools which are open, and are operating now as they did, say, two years ago, and no, there is not any signficant increase in disease of any kind.

      Face it, kids under fifteen simply do not get this virus, nor are symptomatic if they DO happen to test positive. Statisticallly their risk of death fro the WuFlu virus if they do nothing different than they all did two years ago is less than their risk of death from glass top tables in homes. Statistics bear this out. Go look.

      Besides, they all still get together and play, no masks, or in some cases little Johhny sees Bily’s Star Wars mask and likes it, and Billy sees Johnny’s Long Ranger mask and likes it, so they swap.

      And NONE of them who “wear” masks use the properly, nor do more than about one half of one percent have them fitting even well enough to be functional. Then there are the known and documented adverse effects of wearing them full time….. physical effects, as well as mental/emotional.

      1. My concern for my grandchildren is what this masking and social distance is doing to their immune systems. Could be a repeat of the Peanut allergy thing where it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        1. There may be some weird mask effects in kids with asthma. I have no data but some personal observations. We may have to start practicing deep breathing and lung capacity exercises.

      2. Cloth Masks help a little. Surgical and N95 masks help significantly more.
        There are no immediate immune effects; going forward who can say. They way most people wear a mask is virtually useless (is that like virtual schooling?)

        1. I wear a paper mask as a form of Karen-proofing., Combined with a scowl and a loaded blackthorn shillelagh, pretty effective.

        2. “Cloth Masks help a little. Surgical and N95 masks help significantly more.”
          Excuse me, but BULLSHIT is not Science! no matter how many times it is repeated.

    2. The student body is not going to be dying they are just going to be the “rats” that infect the community

  9. This is what you get when you vote democrat.

  10. In a sign of how carefully the administration is tending to the many stakeholders, the CDC met with more than 70 organizations as it crafted the upcoming guidelines,

    How big is your stakeholder union?

    1. “met with” is meaningless. How many did they listen to?

      President Biden “met with” Republicans before the Senate rammed the Democrats’ Covid bill through on a straight party-line vote, 51-50.

  11. Oh, “wrong within normal parameters”.

  12. with whom does the CDC carry weight anymore?

    1. Teachers’ unions, now?

  13. Facts, science and reality have been completely obliterated. If Americans do not soon stand up for themselves the United States is doomed. That is not hyperbole.

  14. Happy sullum?

  15. It’s not science, but it is sciency. Like cheez or chockalit or beefy goodness, it has some of the superficial attributes of science without the essence of science. And that’s close enough for government work.

    1. And it’s gluten free!

    2. Science can provide a decorative filigree to the ugly structural iron of a political machine.

    3. “Sciency,” yeah, that’s a pretty good description of a lot of what we’re seeing from science on all kinds of topics. Usually to achieve some kind of government program or control, or spend obscene amounts of money on something, provided by taxpayers, of course.

  16. Having read my share of government press releases and announcements, the word “stakeholder” screams to me “not you or any other ordinary person, nor the common people collectively.”

    1. Wait until “stakeholder capitalism” takes further root.

  17. Our schools teach White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support the White Genocide that’s being carried out by massive third-world immigration and FORCED assimilation i.e diversity in EVERY White country and ONLY White countries.
    Their teachers never tell them, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!“
    Those teachers claim to be anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

      1. Critical race theory, at a school near you.

        1. I tend to be critical of critical race theory. Or any other ideology that inflicts self-loathing or cause the loathing of others for completely unfounded, irrational reasons.

  18. If you can’t feed’em, don’t breed’em!

    Should be our admonition to school openers as to other welfarians, including recipients of current child tax credits and Romney’s proposed child payments.

    Government schools are so bad that they are, as many openers inadvertently admit with their complaints about their increased childcare responsibilities with government schools partially closed for the pandemic, very little more than a thinly veiled daycare welfare benefit.

  19. Matt, if you have school-age kids, the “last straw” may have already arrived. You don’t get points for feeding your kids into the system. Where I live there are radio ads from clever private schools offering large tuition discounts for new enrollment. You may have more options than you thought. But enrollment for the fall is starting now.

    1. Matt like so many of the Reason “wokes” lives in a cosmo city (NYC) and his view of libertarianism is open boarder and abortion…not the Fed, not deficit spending, not wars..not the rise of cultural marxism taking over our education system..

  20. “the prospect of having three consecutive school years disfigured by the pandemic response will be the final straw”

    Will it? Or will you bitter clingers continue to cower in your urban shitholes and beg for more?

  21. Is the CDC head a scientist? Why does the teachers unions have any place at the table of “science?” Seriously it is time to end all public sector unions once and for all…the whole education complex is a waste of money and will ensure poor results. I can’t count the number of times when my kids were in elementary school I met with their teachers who were pathetic…”I’m not good at math” was a common refrain when I questioned the woke “fuzzy math” bullsh%t they pushed….most elementary teachers are basically baby sitters….time to provide each family a stipend and allow them to use it as they see fit for educating their kids. If you can home school or Catholic School…public schools are a cess pool of cultural marxism.

  22. Reopening? Schools around here are open, well, except when there’s a bunch of snow forces closures. If your schools aren’t open, why write this piece and waste your breath? Go start writing your local authorities and school boards and fellow citizens about it and get your local system fixed. Tear down the unions, oh wait, can’t you just short-circuit your complaints and go live where people have … some Reason?

  23. You want to know what the COVID-19 transmission rate between two people unmasked people standing within 1ft of each other talking loudly is? 0%

    fOlLoW tHe ScIeNcE

    1. But then they couldn’t use “sciency” to control and terroize people.

      Oh, wait…

  24. Please.

    Like actual science has anything to do with SCIENCE!
    Still don’t get it? That’s okay. The sainted Dr. Fauci will explain it again until you do.

  25. You should see how the NYT reported the CDC guidelines. It presented the teachers’ unions as ‘concerned’ with the ‘wiggle room’ the guidelines left. It was disgusting.

  26. With a hundred million Americans already exposed, and say 50 million getting vaccinated, COVID-19 will be mostly annhilated by this summer.

    The only reason schools should stay closed in the fall is if we get hit by COVID-21. Fortunately the states have all these lockdown and mask and bailout options ready to fire up to save us.

  27. I work at a public school in Florida and we have been open for full in person learning since August. I work with children with Autism and intellectual disabilities, many of which are medically fragile or unable to follow the CDC guidelines. In August we knew very little about the spread of the virus amongst children and I feared for their safety as well as the safety of my elderly grandmother as I am her primary caregiver. I can honestly say that I am glad my staff returned and we are able to provide our kids with the hands on learning and social experiences some of our students desperately need. I was not surprised however, to find out last week that they are cutting one teacher and two aid positions from my already strained and hard-working department. To keep schools closed will cost more money, but any money dedicated to the cause won’t go to support the kids who have the most to lose from remote or hybrid learning, and I fear their families will suffer the most.

  28. Welch should lead on this and put his kids into private school. Can’t he afford it on his reason salary?

  29. it is all the fabrication of the global elite who wants to kill the nation’s generation, the government must know that…

    best regads,

  30. My wife is a nurse at a pediatric clinic and the mental health problems are off the charts. Suicidal kids, some try and fail (many of those with brain damage as a result) and a disturbing number of successful attempts. It is extremely rare for one of their patients to test positive for COVID and none of those are ending up in the hospital, much less dying.

    1. All the more reason to jail almost every elected official in America after the last year. Not that there weren’t a lot of reasons to toss a large number of them in the klink before, but they’ve only added to it.

  31. Teachers’ unions wanting their members to be paid from the public treasury while staying home all day.

  32. Enough is enough.

    Time to rip ALL the band-aids off.

    Let those the most susceptible to being sick stay home or wherever for the next few months.

    Get society back to normal for the sake of morale, sanity, and economy.

    And imprison at least 30 governors for sedition, homicide, unlawful detainment of their citizens, conviction in the absence of trials, fraud, usurpation of power, and a ton of other things that we could probably make stick.

  33. The schools will stay closed this fall too. We will have a new pandemic by then, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci said so.

    1. Promised so!

  34. Defund the CDC. Problem solved.

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