Study: No COVID-19 Herd Immunity from Previous Common Cold Infections

Blood samples find common cold antibodies in nearly everybody, but they appear to offer little help against COVID-19 infections.


Back in the summer, some tentative research suggested that prior infections with the four coronaviruses associated with the common cold might confer some protection against the COVID-19 virus. Based on these findings, some scientists speculated that the threshold for COVID-19 herd immunity was low and could be soon reached. In other words, they thought the pandemic could be over sooner and ultimately be less lethal than many feared.

Unfortunately, a new study in the journal Cell suggests that hope was unfounded.

Herd immunity is the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease that results if a sufficiently high proportion of a population is immune to the illness. Some people are still susceptible, but they are surrounded by immune individuals who serve as a barrier, preventing the microbes from reaching them. Epidemiologists generally estimate that the COVID-19 threshold for herd immunity is around 70 to 90 percent.

It's now pretty clear that the herd immunity threshold could not be as low as some of those researchers hoped. Otherwise, the northern hemisphere would not have seen a winter surge in COVID-19 diagnoses, hospitalizations, and deaths:

Now the Cell study undermines the hypothesis that prior infection with common cold coronaviruses provides a substantial protection against COVID-19 infection. University of Pennsylvania researcher Scott Hensley and his colleagues tested blood samples taken from people prior to the onset of the pandemic for antibodies to the common cold coronaviruses. These were then compared to two sets of post-pandemic samples: a control group, and a group whose samples were banked before the pandemic and who later went on to test positive for COVID-19.

The researchers found antibodies to the common cold coronaviruses in the more than 400 samples taken in 2017. The samples came from both adults and children, but the scientists focused on the children, because other researchers had suggested that children could be especially protected from COVID-19 infections because they catch colds more frequently. Another hypothesis was that the antibodies generated by prior common cold infections might protect people later infected with COVID-19 from severe illness.

In around 20 percent of both the pre-pandemic and post-pandemic samples, some common cold antibodies reacted to the COVID-19 virus. As a press release detailing the results points out, the similar proportions in the two groups imply "that they provided no protection against [COVID-19 virus] infection." Furthermore, the presence of pre-pandemic common cold antibodies that reacted with the COVID-19 virus did not correlate with less hospitalization, less ICU care, or other signs that the disease was less severe.

As the researchers note, it is still possible that other, longer-lasting forms of immunity, such as that conferred by the T-cells generated by common cold infections, might provide some measure of protection against subsequent COVID-19 infections.

So when might the U.S. reach herd immunity against COVID-19?

Data scientist Youyang Gu has laid out a path toward herd immunity calculating the combined effects of immunity acquired from infection and vaccinations. If there is no especially speedy ramp-up in vaccinations, and assuming a low threshold of 60 percent, he thinks herd immunity could be achieved by the middle of May.

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  1. What about from SARS or other closely related Coronaviruses?

    1. SARS/MERS had very little contagion outside hospitals. The contagious timeframe was only in the symptomatic and only after the onset of symptoms. The examples of spread outside hospitals were all a result of either a)a doctor doing something stupid while at their residence (apartment) or b)sick patients wandering from hospital to hospital trying to get treatment.

      It’s why those disappeared so fast. Once medical system realized how it spread, it was easy to contain.

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  2. The common cold doesn’t protect against the Wuhan virus? Next you will tell me that people that get the Wuhan virus don’t automatically become immune to meningitis, or whooping cough, or any other non similar virus

    1. That’s why I wear a necklace fashioned from chicken feet.

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  3. Study – Masks and ongoing Lockdowns still necessary to cull the herd.


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  4. Let’s hope we ramp vaccinations up so that it interferes more with achieving herd immunity. Instead of focusing vaccinations solely on people at the end of the line who don’t really transmit to others.

    1. Data scientist Youyang Gu

      And while I think it’s great that he is trying to estimate ‘true infection rate’ by using only adjusted data from PCR tests, I find it appalling that that is necessary – in the US – in 2021.

      It is stunning to me that actual ‘data’ does not include serological test results. What on Earth is the real reason for that limitation?

      1. Just a wild guess; political goals?

    2. [WE] mobs planning people’s vaccine schedules. Pick a number and get into the Gov Bread Lines! Never ever ever let the people chose their immediate ‘need’ with the ‘labor’ they’re willing to do for it’s immediate value.

      1. Go live in the woods

        1. Oh you mean those “woods” the NATIONAL government already STOLE from the people by the FLPMA Act of 1976 in direct VIOLATION of the U.S. Constitution and the Land Ordinance Act and defied the U.S. Supreme Court all in the same shot….

          Immediately turning 50% of the West National Communist!

        2. You see; It doesn’t matter where ‘free’ people “Hide”. The Nazi Regime and it’s mentality to Conquer and Consume will make sure no-man has any Liberty or Justice. It’s the very foundation of **National** Socialism to use Gov-Guns against “The People”..

          The left has ALWAYS had the ability to pass the legislation they wanted within their own ‘like minded’ arena — That wasn’t enough; They had to take it NATIONAL.

          1. ….And they’re already pushing for GLOBALLY! Point & Case the U.N. Agenda 21 and the IPCC.

          2. And yet – you manage to post your brain farts from outside the confines of a gulag.

            1. So, once he’s in a gulag, then you’ll believe him and not before?

              1. Yes that must be exactly what I said.

                1. You brought up gulags, I was just asking a question. At what point between where he is and the march to the gulag would you consider his complaints about partisan media censorship under a one party rule to be valid?

    3. If schools and businesses were fully opened and masks were banned outside medical care and nursing homes, we’d have reached herd immunity by April 2020 with no mutations and half the deaths.

      Flattening the curve is what brought all the lingering misery, deaths, mutations, and destruction.

      Note that where it hit hard and early, there was no second wave.

  5. Pretty clear they like having you locked down. Fortunately I don’t live in one of those states.

    1. Exactly why the Gov-Gods have to dictate NATIONALLY instead of by State! You’re thanking President Trump right there. Biden just put a NATIONAL mask mandate on the table.

  6. Fun fact: The CDC had a PSA running in a sports bar where I had dinner last week. (I live in Free America) It showed all kinds of happy people taking off masks and smiling, while encouraging everyone to get vaccinated so we would achieve herd immunity, at a 70% vaccination rate.
    Yet a search for “herd immunity” on the CDC site returns hundreds of results for only HPV herd immunity.

    1. I will bet 50,000 Joe Biden votes that at 70% vaccination rate, nothing changes.

      1. So, $0.05?

      2. Genuine Biden votes or the counterfeit stuff?

  7. Zero regulatory decisions will be based on the theoretical construct of herd immunity.

    Death rate
    Hospitalization rate
    Testing positivity rate
    New case rate

    In that order.

  8. I don’t recall any credible person/study indicating common cold infections could provide immunity for covid. But everyone who has ever taken a course in virology or immunology is taught that a virus infection almost always confers immunity from reinfection.

    And since just 47 cases of reinfection with covid have been known to occur worldwide (out of 107 million covid cases), and since just 5 cases of reinfection have been known to occur in the US (out of 27.9 million covid cases), the evidence indicates >99.99% of people infected with covid in the past year remain immune.

    But the since CDC has unethically and deceitfully refused to inform Americans that past covid infection confers immunity, and since CDC has unscientifically recommended giving vaccines to those who are already immune, about 10 million high risk senior citizens and people with comorbidities have not yet received vaccines.

    The left wing news media and Big Tech (who demonized Trump’s advisor Scott Atlas, Sen Rand Paul and Tom Massie for truthfully informing Americans about natural herd immunity) still refuse to admit this critically important scientific evidence about covid.

    An NBC article revealing that just 47 cases of covid reinfections have occurred worldwide (and 5 in the US) was deceitfully titled and written to make gullible readers believe that reinfection with covid was very common.

    Even worse, two nights ago on Fox News, Anthony Fauci was asked by Bret Baier what percentage of people who have been infected with covid are now immune, to which Fauci falsely answered “we don’t know”, and then began talking about expanding vaccine distribution.

    Fauci, CDC and their friends at Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Tech want to vaccinate ALL (or virtually all) Americans because doing so is far more profitable (than telling people the truth).

    1. I don’t recall any credible person/study indicating common cold infections could provide immunity for covid.

      I had never heard of it until I saw the headline to this post.

      1. For what it’s worth, I recall those reports on the studies Bailey is talking about. It was discussed as though there might be some credibility to the idea.

        1. First I’ve heard of the notion. Seems unlikely on it’s face.

        2. There was T-Cell immunity being looked into, but that’s not antibodies.

          1. I remember hearing about this last spring. Also

            “The researchers found antibodies to the common cold coronaviruses in the more than 400 samples taken in 2017. ”

            Shouldn’t they be testing people who had colds in late 2018 or the first couple of months of 2019? 2017 seems a bit too far back.

      2. Some common colds are caused by coronaviruses, and there was a previous study which suggested that antibodies to the common cold coronavirus might be active against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

        1. It wasn’t just a previous study.

          It was the general belief here among the commentariat. That in fact there was not anything novel about this coronavirus because everyone has already seen a ‘weak’ coronavirus – and therefore – this is gonna be just like nothing at all.

          1. In their defense, this was at a time when it was still being talked about like COVID was going to kill tens of thousands of kids and herd immunity was supposed to be in the unattainable 80-95% range.

            Now that it’s clear that by some unexplained medical miracle kids generally don’t suffer and die from the virus and we only need something like 60% immunity to achieve herd immunity, cross-reactivity is moot. Unless you’re one of those persnickety science-types or a deplorable who cares about knowing how kids are mysteriously immune to a here-to-fore unknown virus or wonder how herd immunity changed from 80+% to ~60%.

            1. As is par for the course, you people have been just making shit up continually. It is YOU ‘just the flu’ folks who pretended like this was going to impact the population like a barbell – among the very young and very old. That had FUCKING NOTHING to do with reality – which from the very earliest data in Wuhan showed under-30’s MISSING from all data about this virus. But reality had nothing to do with any of the shit you assholes have been ingesting. This is the flu – therefore it must be the flu. See – its just like the flu. blahbeepbeebeepbebeepblah.

              And you pretty obviously still don’t even know what herd immunity is – even though Bailey defines it in this article. Or why you think the seals should be clapping re different numbers. And you don’t understand that the number ‘60%’ as used in this article is a convenient ASSUMPTION used to perform a calculation not an assessment.

              fortunately none of it matters either. Next week, you’ll be selling next week’s narrative. And if that requires a different set of numbers, then that’s all ok. You’ll change the numbers like yesterday’s undies – blame someone else fo rthose changes – and then proceed to lie-with-numbers for next weeks narrative.

              There is no ‘defense’ of what you assholes have been doing – all – fucking – year.

        2. Hot Tip:

          T-cells are not antibodies

          1. No T cells are not antibodies but they are an important part of the immune process and have a much longer memory than antibodies. To be honest, even the leading researchers don’t truly understand the immune system completely, so a lot of this is just posturing and theoretical debate between experts. up until a month ago we weren’t even doing very much sequencing, and we still don’t fully understand the relationship between the gut microbiota, protein folding/misfolding, and immune response.

    2. …the evidence indicates >99.99% of people infected with covid in the past year remain immune.

      On the contrary, I tested positive with symptoms a couple months ago and I have it on reliable authority that I’m more susceptible because now the COVID knows where I live. I must wear a mask and social distance and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get jabbed with one of the vaccines. Maybe all of them.

      1. Better do it twice, just to be on the safe side.

    3. Every fact check I’ve seen on social media saying Rand Paul’s and Massie’s statements about immunity are disinformation used the straw man of “catching covid is not safer than the vaccine”. The two arguments aren’t even tangentially related.

      1. My favorite is the argument against Paul that he’s just an opthalmologist. Obviously uttered by people completely oblivious to the fact that Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who initially raised awareness about COVID, and was silenced by the Chinese Government for it, was also an opthalmologist.

        1. I didn’t know this.

    4. Also antibodies for these types of viruses don’t hang around any way. The long term immunity is handled by B & T cells.

  9. Three weeks ago, the CDC estimated (but Reason still hasn’t informed readers) that a mean of 4.6 times more Americans have been infected with covid (than have tested positive for covid), and that CDC was 95% certain that between 4.0 and 5.4 times more Americans have been infected (than have tested positive).

    Since 19.7 million Americans had tested positive for covid in 2020, the CDC estimated that 83.1 million Americans had been infected with covid in 2020 (19.7M x 4.6 = 83.1M). And since 27.9 million Americans have tested positive to date, 128.3 million Americans (38.5%) have been infected with covid so far, and virtually all of them remain immune from contracting or transmitting covid.

    And since about 10% of Americans have received covid vaccinations, about 45% of Americans are now immune from covid (as about one third of vaccine recipients were already immune due to past infection).

    But CDC, Big Pharma, left wing media, Big Tech and Democrats don’t want Americans to know that virtually all covid recoverers are still immune from reinfection, as they want to vaccinate all or virtually all Americans (because doing so is far more profitable).

    1. States with the highest covid case rates, and with CDC’s estimated mean infection rate (i.e. 4.6 times the case rate) and CDC’s estimated 95% range for infection rate, are:

      Case Rate – State — Estimated Mean Infection Rate (95% Range )
      12.9% – North Dakota — 59.2% (51.5% – 69.5%)
      12.4% – South Dakota — 56.9% (49.5% – 66.8%)
      11.3% – Rhode Island — 51.8% (45.1% – 60.9%
      11.1% – Utah — 51.1% (44.4% – 60.0%)
      10.9% – Tennessee — 50.4% (43.8% – 59.1)
      10.8% – Arizona — 49.8% (43.3% – 58.4%)
      10.3% – Wisconsin — 47.6% (41.4% – 55.8%)
      10.3% – Iowa — 47.6% (41.4% – 55.8%)
      10.3% – Oklahoma — 47.2% (41.0% – 55.4%)
      10.2% – Arkansas — 47.1% (40.9% – 55.2%)
      10.0% – Nebraska — 46.2% (40.2% – 54.2%)

      Since herd immunity occurs when/after two thirds of the population (of a community, county or state) have been infected, a dozen states are very close to achieving herd immunity.

      And since an additional 10% of Americans have received vaccines, which also confers immunity, these and many more states will achieve herd immunity in the next several weeks or month.

      So why hasn’t Bailey or anyone else at Reason revealed or discussed this is very important information about natural herd immunity?

      1. To see the hundreds of counties that have or are now achieving herd immunity, just go to
        and look at all of the purple counties.

        As the covid vaccination rate continues to increase, even lighter shaded purple counties with covid case rates between 10% – 12% are now close to achieving herd immunity).

        1. Natural herd immunity also explains why the rate of new daily covid cases has plummeted in more than a dozen states during the past 2 – 3 months, which can be understood by graphs at:

          States with the most significant declines in new covid cases are:
          North Dakota -98.6%
          Wyoming -93.0%
          South Dakota -92.1%
          Minnesota -89.3%
          Nebraska -88.5%
          Wisconsin -88.1%
          Iowa -87.7%
          Kansas -87.7%
          Michigan -87.3%
          New Mexico -86.1%
          Montana – 84.0%
          Illinois -82.1%
          Ohio -79.0%
          California -78.2%
          Tennessee -78.1%
          Colorado -78.0%
          Alaska -77.9%
          Nevada -76.1%
          Indiana -75.7%
          Utah -75.0%

          1. A factor that can heavily impact the covid case rate is the covid PCR testing rate, as states that have low test rates (i.e. below .6 tests per capita), including KS, CO, SD, AL, IA, NE, ND, WI, AZ, ID,
            very likely have higher covid infection rates (than by multiplying their covid case rate by 4.6).

            For that same reason, states that have very high PCR test rates above 1.6 per capita (including RI, AK, MA, NY, CT, DC) likely have lower covid infection rates (than by multiplying their covid case rate by 4.6).

            1. Unfortunately for science, truth and public health, Big Pharma, left wing media propagandists and Big Tech companies (whose chief goal in the past four years was to demonize and remove Trump from office) have repeatedly lied about natural herd immunity (claiming it would result in millions of deaths).

              A Google search for “Scott Atlas herd immunity” reveals 100+ articles, op/eds, editorials, press releases, etc. trashing Scott Atlas (and lying about natural herd immunity) for merely mentioning the words “natural herd immunity” before showing anything that Scott Atlas actually wrote or said about herd immunity.

              And yet, everything Scott Atlas said about natural herd immunity (and the unscientific lockdowns) was correct, and has proven correct as time go on (and as natural herd immunity takes place in thousands of communities, hundreds of counties and more than a dozen states.

              1. C’mon Bailey, I just gave you a half dozen different articles about covid herd immunity that are more informative and useful than what you’ve written.

                Feel free to plagiarize my articles without attribution, just like Joe Biden’s been doing his political career.

              2. Scott Atlas has never published a study on this or any other subject outside of neuroradiology MRI.

                That said you may wish to read this from the Johns Hopkins website you linked to.

                “Very quickly, scientists put two and two together and saw two things were happening: 1) the virus was evolving more rapidly than previously detected, with mutations that enhanced both binding to human cells and virus replication; and 2) these two characteristics were being detected in the same virus. The UK variant had a change in just one area of the RBD gene that increased the ability of the virus to attach to its receptor in the human body. Scientists were finding that the UK variant replicates faster in cells and has a higher rate of replication in the nose and subsequent rate of transmission. We had seen that behavior back in June when we had a variation in the U.S. where the original strain from Wuhan was overtaken by what we call the D to G614 strain; that’s what is mainly circulating in the U.S. This strain also increased attachment, but the F105Y mutation enhances these characteristics even more and the spread seems to be even greater. This UK strain is now called the B.1.1.7 strain, which has spread throughout Europe, and is being increasingly recognized in the U.S. The CDC predicts that this U.K. strain will be the predominant one in the U.S. over the next few months.”


          2. 181 counties in the US have surpassed a 13% covid case rate (i.e. percent of population testing positive). Since the CDC estimates 4.6 times more Americans have been infected (than have tested positive), counties with a 13% case rate have a mean infection rate of 60% (.13 x 4.6 = .598), and have nearly attained natural herd immunity, which typically occurs after two thirds of people in a community, county or state have been infected.

            Since 10% of Americans have been vaccinated (which also confers immunity), natural immunity will spread rapidly as vaccine distribution increases further (although about one third of vaccines have been given to people who were already immune).
            It appears that herd immunity is also taking place in counties with covid case rates between 11% – 13%

            State prisons and meat packing plants were the source of covid outbreaks in sparsely populated rural counties that have the highest covid case rates, which is logical since inmates and staff are in close contact, and lots of testing occurs after an outbreak.

            Counties with the highest covid case rates
            Crowley, CO – 32.2% (State Prison)
            Chattahoochee, GA – 27.1% (Fort Benning)
            Bent, CO – 23.6% (State Prison)
            Dewey, SD – 23.5% (Indian Reservation)
            Lincoln, AR – 23.2% (State Prison)
            Lake, TN – 22.3% (State Prison)
            Norton, KS – 22.0% (State Prison)
            Bon Homme, SD – 21.5% (State Prison)
            Trousdale, TN – 21.5% (State Prison)
            Buffalo, SD – 20.6% (Indian Reservation)
            Buena Vista, IA – 20.3% (Meat Packing)
            Alfalfa, OK – 19.7% (State Prison)
            Eddy, ND – 19.7%
            Ellsworth, KS – 19.4% (State Prison)
            Bethel, AK – 19.2%
            Forest, PA – 18.7% (State Prison)
            Jackson, AR – 18.6% (State Prison)
            Dakota, NE – 18.3% (Meat Packing)
            Childress, TX – 18.2% (State Prison)
            Lee, AR – 18.1% (State Prison)
            Lassen, CA – 17.8% (State Prisons)
            Hale, TX – 17.7% (State Prison)
            Lafayette, FL – 17.7% (State Prison)
            Big Horn, MT – 17.4%
            Lincoln, CO – 17.3% (State Prison)
            Nobles, MN – 17.3% (Meat Packing)
            Scurry, TX – 17.3%
            Seward, KS – 17.2% (Meat Packing)
            Pawnee, KS – 17.2% (State Prison)
            Wayne, TN – 17.1%
            Logan, CO – 17.1% (State Prison)
            Foster, ND – 17.1%
            Maverick, TX – 17.0%
            Menominee, WI – 17.0% (Indian Reservation)
            Yuma, AZ – 16.9%
            Sheridan, KS – 16.7%
            Texas, OK – 16.5% (State Prison)
            Lee, KY – 16.5%
            Walsh, ND – 16.3%
            Ford, KS – 16.3% (Meat Packing)
            McKinley, NM – 16.3%
            Finney, KS – 16.2% (Meat Packing)
            Potter, SD – 16.2%
            Santa Cruz, AZ – 16.2%
            Aurora, SD – 16.1%
            Crocket, TX – 15.9%
            Morton, ND – 15.7%
            Stutsman, ND – 15.6% (State Prison)
            East Carroll, LA – 15.6%
            Lyman, SD – 15.5%
            Lubbock, TX – 15.5%
            Madison, ID – 15.4%
            Nelson, ND – 15.3%
            Val Verde, TX – 15.3%
            Culberson, TX – 15.2%
            Faulk, SD – 15.1%
            Chicot, AR – 15.1%
            Yell, AR – 15.1%
            Burleigh, ND – 15.1% (State Prison)
            Webb, TX – 15.1%
            East Feliciana, LA – 15.1%
            Cass, IL – 15.1%
            Woodward, OK – 15.0%
            Whitfield, GA – 14.9%
            Haywood, TN – 14.9%
            Dickey, ND – 14.9%
            Lamb, TX – 14.9%
            Davison, SD – 14.8%
            Benson, ND – 14.7%
            Richmond, VA – 14.7% (State Prison)
            Sioux, ND – 14.7%
            Sevier, AR – 14.7%
            Pickett, TN – 14.6%
            Imperial, CA – 14.6%
            Clinton, IL – 14.6%
            Rolette, ND – 14.6%
            Morgan, KY – 14.6%
            Toole, MT – 14.5%
            Hansford, TX – 14.4%
            Plymouth, IA – 14.4%
            Moore, TN – 14.3%
            Oglala Lakota, SD – 14.3%
            Gove, KS – 14.3%
            Okfuskee, OK – 14.3%
            Lawrence, IL – 14.3%
            Douglas, SD – 14.2%
            Crawford, IA – 14.2%
            Minnehaha, SD – 14.2%
            Nemaha, KS – 14.2%
            Zavala, TX – 14.2%
            Hemphill, TX – 14.2%
            Wilbarger, TX – 14.2%
            Kings, CA – 14.2%
            Fayette, IL – 14.2%
            Bolivar, MS — 14.2%
            Kusilvak, AK – 14.1%
            Miami Dade, FL – 14.1%
            El Paso, TX – 14.1%
            Clarke, AL – 14.1%
            Republic, KS – 14.1%
            Colfax, NE – 14.1%
            Teton, WY – 14.1%
            Kearny, KS – 14.0%
            Beadle, SD – 14.0%
            Apache, AZ – 14.0% (Indian Reservation)
            Potter, TX – 14.0%
            Obion, TN – 14.0%
            Utah, UT – 14.0%
            Perry, IL – 14.0%
            Pershing, NV – 13.9%
            Trego, KS – 13.9%
            Hot Spring, AR – 13.8%
            Stark, ND – 13.8%
            Roosevelt, MT – 13.8%
            Ramsey, ND – 13.8%
            Love, OK — 13.8%
            Hall, TX — 13.7%
            Dimmit, TX — 13.7%
            Grand Forks, ND – 13.7%
            Coddington, SD – 13.7%
            Dyer, TN – 13.7%
            Madison, LA – 13.8%
            Dodge, WI – 13.7%
            Rush, KS – 13.7%
            Henry, IA – 13.7%
            Golden Valley, ND – 13.7%
            Starr, TX – 13.7%
            Cass, IN – 13.7%
            Jones, TX – 13.7%
            Deaf Smith, TX – 13.7%
            Hale, AL – 13.7%
            Tom Green, TX – 13.6%
            Griggs, ND – 13.6%
            Sans Saba, TX — 13.6%
            Towner, ND – 13.6%
            Navajo, AZ – 13.6% (Indian Reservation)
            Adair, OK – 13.6%
            Clay, TN — 13.6%
            Jones, IA – 13.6%
            Dubois, IN – 13.6%
            Graham, AZ – 13.6%
            Terry, TX – 13.5%
            Dawson, TX – 13.5%
            Custer, OK — 13.4%
            Union, MS – 13.4%
            Crockett, TN – 13.4%
            Sanborn, SD – 13.4%
            Pickaway, OH – 13.4%
            Thomas, KS – 13.4%
            Sioux, IA – 13.4%
            Wright, IA – 13.4%
            Murray, OK — 13.3%
            Clinch, GA — 13.3%
            Van Buren, TN — 13.3%
            Charles Mix, SD – 13.3%
            St. Francis, AR – 13.3%
            Mississippi, AR — 13.3%
            Webster, IA – 13.3%
            Ward, ND – 13.3%
            Kandiyohi, MN – 13.3%
            Miller, GA — 13.2%
            Macon, TN — 13.2%
            Bledsoe, TN — 13.2%
            Woods, OK — 13.2%
            Jerauld, SD – 13.1%
            McCook, SD — 13.1%
            Grant, SD — 13.1%
            Chaves, NM — 13.1%
            Reno, KS — 13.1%
            Saline, NE – 13.1%
            Woodbury, IA – 13.1%
            Brule, SD – 13.0%
            Putnam, TN – 13.0%
            Calhoun, IA – 13.0%
            Coke, TX – 13.0%
            Cottle, TX – 13.0%
            Decatur, TN — 13.0%
            Carroll, IA — 13.0%
            Muskogee, OK — 13.0%
            Craig, OK — 13.0%
            Effingham, IL — 13.0%

  10. Blood samples find common cold antibodies in nearly everybody

    If I understand the way testing works, that means nearly everybody has a cold, right? Some are just asymptomatic.

    1. And they will all be listed as died with the common cold so that everyone is forced to lock down and put on a mask to stop the cold

  11. …the scientists focused on the children, because other researchers had suggested that children could be especially protected from COVID-19 infections because they catch colds more frequently.

    If other researchers jumped off a cliff, would you?

    1. I’d jump off a cliff for science.

      1. You slut! I fucking love science more than you do!

  12. It could also be that previous common cold infections do provide immunity to covid-19, but antibodies have very little to do with the manifestation of severe disease, and the vaccine with have little to no effect on deaths. It could be that we just have to wait for all of the vulnerable to die. Herd immunity can also come from natural selection, which is probably the process that took place with the flu.

  13. As the researchers note, it is still possible that other, longer-lasting forms of immunity, such as that conferred by the T-cells generated by common cold infections, might provide some measure of protection against subsequent COVID-19 infections.

    Yes… This is exactly what the article that YOU wrote in July says. There is nary a word from the half-dozen or so studies conducted earlier that suggest antibody based cross-immunity. It is and always has been evidence of T-cell based reactions. And that is possibly (probably?) why we’ve almost never seen higher than about a 25-30% rate of infection in a given population.

    So congratulations Ron, you just reported on a study that refutes a position held by exactly no one and misrepresented your very own article from just 7 months ago!

  14. Herd immunity really depends on how fast the virus can mutate. The faster the mutations the less likely herd immunity will be reached. That is why the flu shot is ineffective most years.

  15. This COVID-19 create a lot of problem in human life, we have to grow up with new goals to fight against this COVID-19___0 situation, we have to design our new way of life to fight against this disease. we have to adopt strong and health habits to build our strong immune system, I have a suggestion for this to take daily 8 glass of alkaline (PH) water, Medical science has proved the alkaline water have built a strong immune system in the human body to fight against other factors which are the case of make body ill. I have a suggestion to study more on this topic you also visit here you find good and relevant studies on this topic. Stay Healthy stay safe.

  16. Perhaps someone already pointed this out, but the article misrepresents what people were actually saying last year. No one ever claimed pre-existing coronavirus resistance would be based on antibodies. The articles were all about T-cell recognition. That hypothesis remains valid. The low incidence of household transmission (17% in the largest meta-analysis) and now plummeting US cases while still well short of 50% of the population, both suggest a large proportion of the population was and is resistant in some way to SARS-Cov-2.

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