Gun Control

This Draconian Bill Would Turn Millions of Peaceful Gun Owners Into Felons

Sheila Jackson Lee's sweeping licensing and registration scheme suggests what Democrats would do if they didn't have to worry about the Second Amendment.


A gun control bill that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D–Texas) recently introduced gives you an idea of what Democrats might do if they did not have to worry about the Second Amendment. The Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act would establish a national database that is supposed to include every gun in the country, make it a felony to own a firearm or ammunition without a license from the Justice Department, ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and "ammunition that is 0.50 caliber or greater," and criminalize possession of a "military-style weapon" without a special license. Violating the bill's provisions would be punishable by hefty fines and long minimum prison sentences, which Lee ordinarily claims to oppose.

The registration requirement applies to both currently owned firearms and guns purchased after the bill takes effect. The bill would give current owners three months to report "the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, the identity of the owner of the firearm, the date the firearm was acquired by the owner, and where the firearm is or will be stored" as well as "the identity of any person to whom, and any period of time during which, the firearm will be loaned to the person." New buyers would have to report that information on the date of purchase. Failure to comply would be punishable by a minimum fine of $75,000, a minimum prison sentence of 15 years, or both.

Licenses would be limited to people 21 or older who pass a criminal background check, undergo a "psychological examination," complete at least 24 hours of training, and pay an $800 "fee" for liability insurance. The examination, which may include assessing "other members of the household in which the individual resides," would be conducted by a government-approved psychologist charged with determining whether the applicant is "psychologically unsuited to possess a firearm."

The psychologist would be required to interview "any spouse of the individual, any former spouse of the individual, and at least 2 other persons who are a member of the family of, or an associate of, the individual to further determine the state of the mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms." Denial of a license would be mandatory if the applicant has ever been "hospitalized" because of "conduct that endangers self or others," a "brain disease" such as "dementia or Alzheimer's," or a "mental illness, disturbance, or diagnosis," including (but not necessarily limited to) depression, homicidal ideation, suicidal ideation, attempted suicide, and addiction to a controlled substance or alcohol.

That disqualification goes far beyond the psychiatric restrictions that federal law currently imposes on gun ownership, which are already overly broad but apply only to people who have undergone court-ordered treatment. Lee is saying that anyone who has ever been treated in a hospital for any of these conditions, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, should never be allowed to own a gun, no matter how long ago it was and regardless of his current mental state.

In addition to those mandatory disqualifications, the attorney general "may" deny a gun license to someone who "has a chronic mental illness or disturbance, or a brain disease," is addicted to drugs or alcohol, has attempted suicide, or has "engaged in conduct that posed a danger to self or others," as determined by "prior psychological treatment or evaluation." That casts the net even wider, since it includes people who were never hospitalized for these reasons and leaves open the question of how the government determines that someone is "addicted" or has a "mental illness or disturbance." According to some estimates, nearly half of Americans qualify for a psychiatric diagnosis at some point in their lives, which gives you a sense of how expansively "mental illness" is defined but is hardly a sound basis for denying people their Second Amendment rights.

If an applicant does not survive this gauntlet, it would be a felony for him to possess a firearm, punishable by the same fines and prison sentences as failure to register. That applies to current owners as well as new buyers. People who have been licensed for less than five years would have to renew their licenses every year; people who have been licensed five years or longer would be eligible for three-year licenses. If a gun owner neglects to renew his license, he would be subject to the same fines and prison time as someone who never got a license.

Lee lists a bunch of specific models that qualify as "military-style weapons," a.k.a "assault weapons." The definition also includes semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines and have two or more of these features: "a folding or telescoping stock," "a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon," a "bayonet mount," a "flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor," or a "grenade launcher."

That last feature is not much use without grenades, which are banned as "destructive devices" under federal law, and the rest have nothing to do with rate of fire, muzzle velocity, or ammunition caliber. A rifle without these features is just as lethal as a rifle with them. Lee nevertheless wants to require a special license for "military-style weapons," requiring completion of "a training course, certified by the Attorney General, in the use, safety, and storage of the weapon, that includes at least 24 hours of training and live fire training." Except for specifying "live fire training," this is the same as the requirement for a standard gun license. The main point seems to be identifying owners of "military-style weapons," in case Congress later decides to ban them.

Lee is not waiting to ban large-caliber ammunition and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, which are standard for many popular handguns and rifles. Possessing the former would be punishable by a minimum fine of $50,000, a minimum prison term of 10 years, or both. Possessing the latter would be punishable by a minimum fine of $10,000, at least a year in prison, or both.

Any gun possessed by someone who has failed to register it or does not have a current federal license likewise would be subject to confiscation. That person could then be prosecuted and sent to prison for at least 15 years.

These are odd prescriptions for an avowed critic of mandatory minimums to offer. Here is what Lee said when she introduced a sentencing reform bill in 2015:

We come together today armed not only with the knowledge that our criminal justice system is deeply flawed, but with the commitment to fix these flaws. The cost of this system is incredibly high, not just in dollars spent, but also in dollars lost. Every person taken out of a community and placed into a prison is a person who cannot contribute to a family, a community, and our society. Worse, this system takes an incredible human toll, with the cycle of incarceration in a constant state of destruction. Today, with this legislation, we unify to reject a system that is often more effective at creating criminals and collateral damage than actual justice.

Yet Lee now wants to transform millions of Americans into felons, threatening them with long prison terms for peaceful conduct that violates no one's rights. A clearer example of how readily partisans forsake their supposed principles when they prove inconvenient is hard to imagine.

Lee's bill is named after Sabika Sheikh, a foreign exchange student from Pakistan who was murdered in the 2018 mass shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. The perpetrator of that attack was 17, meaning it was already illegal for him to possess the .38-caliber revolver he used (except for temporary possession in specified circumstances, such as hunting or target shooting). In addition to the revolver, he had a 12-gauge shotgun. Neither would qualify as a "military-style weapon" under Lee's bill. In other words, her legislation has nothing to do with the crime she invokes to justify it, which is par for the course with anti-gun politicians.

The system Lee imagines is completely impractical, since gun owners would be understandably reluctant to identify themselves and their firearms so they could be entered in a federal database and required to apply for licenses. Politicians pursuing far less ambitious gun registration schemes have found that voluntary compliance is the exception rather than the rule. Since the Justice Department would not have the resources to go after millions of recalcitrant gun owners even if it knew who they were, the result would be random application of Lee's draconian penalties to the few who happened to attract the government's attention.

Who would those people tend to be? As a legislator who decries racial bias in policing, Lee ought to know. Current restrictions on gun ownership already disproportionately hurt African Americans, who are more likely than whites to have felony records that permanently bar them from possessing firearms for self-defense, no matter the nature of the offense or how long ago it happened. Lee's bill would only compound that problem. Call that what you want, but it is manifestly not an attempt to fix a "deeply flawed" criminal justice system that is "often more effective at creating criminals and collateral damage than actual justice."

It should go without saying that violent criminals will be even less motivated to comply with Lee's requirements than the average gun owner. They already obtain, possess, and use guns illegally. They will not be fazed by another layer of criminality.

Lee's bill so far has no cosponsors, and it is unlikely to make much progress. But it reflects a broader mindset in the Democratic Party, which used to at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment but lately talks and acts as if it does not exist. After promising to respect the Second Amendment in 2004, 2008, and 2012, the Democrats erased the constitutional provision from their 2016 platform, although they did mention "the rights of responsible gun owners." The 2020 platform omitted even that phrase.

President Joe Biden does occasionally mention the Second Amendment, which he says he respects. "It's within our grasp to end our gun violence epidemic and respect the Second Amendment, which is limited," his campaign website said. How limited?

We know that Biden's Second Amendment does not cover guns he does not like. He concedes that the federal ban on "assault weapons," which was part of what he has proudly called "the 1994 Biden Crime Bill" but expired in 2004, had no impact on the lethality of legal firearms. Yet he supports a new and supposedly improved version, including a magazine ban similar to Lee's and a requirement that current owners of the targeted firearms either surrender them to the government or follow the same tax and registration requirements that apply to machine guns.

During an argument with a Detroit autoworker last year, Biden suggested that the Second Amendment no more protects the right to own "assault weapons" than the First Amendment protects the right to falsely cry "Fire!" in a crowded theater. And although the Supreme Court has described handguns as "the quintessential self-defense weapon," possession of which for home protection is indisputably protected by the Constitution, Biden thinks shotguns are better for that purpose. While Biden has not said his preference should be enforced by law, his policy prescriptions might be different if the Court had not ruled so clearly on the issue. His explanation of why he is willing to let people own guns, which focuses on hunting rather than self-defense, does not inspire much confidence that his avowed respect for the Second Amendment is based on a clear understanding of its function.

Proposals like Lee's help make Biden's gun control agenda look moderate and reasonable by comparison. But his attitude, like hers, shows that Democrats would be perfectly happy to expurgate the Bill of Rights if only the courts would let them.

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  1. “It’s all about common sense gun control.”
    “We are not trying to take away your guns!”
    “These are nothing more than sensible public safety measures.”

    So, for decades, conservatives were derided as “wingnuts” and “loons” for stating the obvious — namely, that the Left wants to ban and confiscate all guns as a precursor to the institution of an insane totalitarian government.

    And, now that they have the power, the Left are doing everything the can to achieve precisely what conservatives have been accusing them of doing all along. The only difference is that they are no longer lying about it.

    These people want a civil war, and they will get it good and fucking hard.

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      1. Biden says Trump should no longer receive classified intelligence briefings.President Joe Biden doesn’t believe former President Donald Trump should receive classified intelligence briefings, as is tradition for past presidents, citing Trump’s “erratic behavior unrelated to the insurrection………READ MORE

        1. Trump Lawyers Argue,House Democrats are proposing to limit the next round of Covid-19 relief payments to households earning less than $200,000, after criticism that President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package would benefit the rich……READ MORE COMMENT

    3. > These people want a civil war, and they will get it good and fucking hard.

      That’s what you said January 6th. Look how that turned out.

      Oh, don’t get me wrong. Revolt is coming. But it won’t be at the hands of deerskin wearing and Confederate flag waving patriots. It will be a voter revolt. Voters are already flipping parties in Congress on a regular basis. The majority does not identify with either party and despise them both. One party is already imploding and the other is only a few years behind. What will happen after that is anyone’s guess. But my guess is a major party shift as both parties redefine themselves to fit the new spectrum.

      1. The revolt will come in earnest once states start nullifying federal mandates and, ultimately, declaring independence.

        If a state like Texas says “fuck you, we are not going to abide by this federal law,” what happens next? The federal government will probably respond with some soft nonsense like “no more funds for your highways, bigots!” And then Texas will yet again respond with “fuck you, and fuck your stupid law.” Then what? How many cycles would it take? How long before local sheriffs and police forces are standing off with the FBI? How long before the National Guard is deployed to keep out federal agents?

        In my view, it cannot be any other way. Once SCOTUS punts, and they will punt, states will simply ignore the law and, if the federal government pushes back too much, they will simply say “fuck it, we did not sign up for this shit, we are out.”

        Then what?

        1. Then the government turns its guns on the citizenry, levels Republican cities like Dresden, and crows about its victory over backwards bigotry for the next 150 years. Or at least that’s what we did the last time under Saint Lincoln the Genocidal.

          1. Sounds about right.

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            2. How many election cycles before Texas is reliably Democratic?

              The can’t-keep-up backwaters (Republicans) are emptying — all of the smart, ambitious young people have been leaving for years, never to return — and the accomplished, educated, modern communities (Democrats) are growing.

              Elderly, White, superstitious bigots are living on borrowed time, and not much of it. See you down the road, clingers.

              1. I thought that was going to happen this year.

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              2. You seem to give credit to where no credit is due!
                Accomplished, educated, modern communities…..
                Oh please, mouth-breathing Democrats are some of the most crooked, lying, uneducated, low IQ people I have ever met. The funny thing is, they run around, flapping their arms yelling how educated, how smart, how wonderful they are, and you butt-scratchers can’t figure out what bathroom to use, protest items that you have no understanding of, want to ban things with nothing to replace them.
                Please, do your self a favor, turn off CNN, MSNBC and the like, it has rotted your brain.

              3. A long long time if the Democrats try to implement gun registration and gun bans.

                The 1994 assault weapons ban cost the democrats 50 seats in the House, and it’s why Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee to W Bush.

                Just what do you think clingers are clinging to?

              4. I’m white, I do not consider myself supreme to anyone but….I did take an oath to defend my country against any enemy foreign or domestic twice .
                I will cling to my guns and bible and freedom and people like you that want division based on race ,age too it seems and political affiliation will be on the wrong side of history as usual if and when these bullshit laws pass…
                You know Hitler did the exact same thing as many other dictators did and then turned on their own population.
                Its funny because the ones that stood with Hitler when he was enacting his new laws were the first ones to be executed because he couldn’t trust anyone that would turn on their own people….

          2. Before that happens, Texas will very likely (and very quietly, if they’re smart), take over what’s likely the world’s fourth or fifth largest nuclear stockpile, and start putting things back together. I don’t know how many weapons can be rebuilt, but i think it would be enough.

          3. the government turns its guns
            That would be the Democrats who background-checked the National Guard because almost all of them voted for President Trump, then bivouacked the troops in parking garages? And who have ordered a military-wide “stand-down” to search for Right-wing heresies and cram Critical Race Theory down the throats of soldiers, sailors and airmen?
            Poly-Sci Rule One: Never, ever cr*p on your praetorians.

            levels Republican cities like Dresden
            Except that almost all U.S. cities are run by and inhabited by Democrats.
            It isn’t North v South any more. There are eight (8) anti-gun states, six little states concentrated in the Northeast, plus California and Hawaii. The other 42 states have been loosening gun laws since the 1980s.

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            2. Let’s also remember that every advantage that the North had in 1860 is now in the “red” states, or in the “red” parts of “blue” states.

              And more.

              Imagine how the cities will fare if the mere handful of power transmission lines are opened (either by cutting them or simply by flipping a few switches). The cities which have their own generation capabilities are not likely to follow DC’s lead in case of unrest.

              Look at the map, count how many highways and railroads go from “red” areas to “blue” areas. These can be temporarily closed by simply parking a few semis in strategic spots. An hour’s worth of work by a crew-cab’s worth of laborers would close any of these choke points for days.

              It would take two years to bring California’s agriculture back to levels of just 10 years ago, thanks to what the envirofools have done to that state. Until then, 80% of the state’s food comes across the borders or across the ocean. The most liberal (so to speak) projections indicate that the state would be on its knees within three months of a supply embargo from Idaho, Nevada and Arizona. TWO months if the Oregon border were closed (or if the State of Jefferson folks joined their neighbors against the cities). If the “red” parts of California refused to allow supplies and energy into the “blue” parts, the tide would turn within three weeks.

              The story would be largely the same in the Northeast and the Chicago area.

              Go study the Berlin Airlift, and work the numbers. Even if they used every aircraft the DOD owns, they can’t feed NYC, LA, or Chicago. They could just barely keep DC alive . . .assuming that they could find someone willing to sell them food and load the planes.

              The cities will only survive as long as they don’t completely anger the people they hold in such contempt. And the Democrats will only survive so long as they can provide bread and circuses.

              1. I think they are already doing a damned good job of providing circuses, as most Donkeys are clowns, as are many Heffalumps. They also feature bearded ladies.

              2. That’s a good point. The Democrat shithole cities are powered by very long transmission lines that run through rural areas. Patrolling them is probably not feasible.


              3. I am always amazed that people keep saying the cities will collapse if the countryside revolts.
                You don’t think the Russians, the Chinese, and the Iranians will supply everything those cities need to keep Americans fighting each other?
                The liberal cities are almost all on the coast and will be easily re-supplied by sea..
                The Playbook for the American Civil War version 2.0 will be the current Syrian Civil War.

                1. Denver, St Louis, Twin Cities, Austin, Chicago, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Las Veg’s, Boise, Sante Fe, Phoenix, Kansas City, Missoula, Bozeman etc are fucked no matter what. The bigger the city, the more fucked they are. Seige warfare would be the order of the day. It very well could end up being two or three countries, the Northeast, the west coast, and everyone else. Also, supplying water is still a problem as is electricity. Most the big cities rely on water transported from 100s of miles away in rural areas. Yes many are on rivers but don’t have the facilities to treat the water anymore, and most don’t have desalinization plants. They could rely on treated sewage but I doubt the inhabitants would be happy with that.

                  1. There’s a reason that Seige warfare has existed from the beginning of cities, it is effective and doesn’t require huge resources on the part of the beseigers. Urban areas have always been reliant on outside resources.

              4. There are really no blue states. There are blue counties. A person can quite easily travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans while never crossing into a county that votes blue. Or from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada.
                People are often surprised when they visit us in Colorado and learn that we have limited ability to use water from the river that flows through ( and largely originates on) our property, because a large share of that water is needed to water lawns in LA. It never flowed naturally to California, but they fight every year for more and more of it.
                The bargain we make is that they get the water they need, and the power from places like Utah, and in return, they mostly leave us alone.
                There is no great sentiment from rural populations to control the lives of urban populations, or micromanage their lives. The reverse is certainly true.
                If they actually want to end gun violence, they could easily focus their efforts on the violent gang members and those in the illegal drug trade who commit the vast majority of such shootings, and do so while breaking lots of current laws. Coming out here to kick in doors in our community, where there is little crime of any sort, will not make them any safer. I don’t think these laws are even intended to make people safer. They are intended to show the rubes in flyover country who is really in charge.
                Leaving us alone is neither difficult nor expensive.

          4. And good riddance to those who would enslave the very image of God himself.
            “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition.” – Alexander Stephens Confederate Vice President

          5. The feds don’t have that many guns. There are total feds with guns: 75K MAYBE. Some blue shitholes like Austin might try and sic the cops on citizens but cops ain’t that stupid. A pension is nice, but you can’t spend the money if you are dead and there is only so much “survivor” money to go around if cops are offed faster than they can be badged. Of course the smallball “solution” of nuking cities that don’t comply MIGHT work, It also would guarantee Bosnia X Rwanda for 20 years for this nation.

          6. I’m unfamiliar with these “Republican cities”?

            1. The Democrats disqualification goes far beyond the psychiatric restrictions that federal law currently imposes on gun ownership, which are already overly broad but apply only to people who have undergone court-ordered treatment…READ MORE

        2. “The revolt will come in earnest once states start nullifying federal mandates and, ultimately, declaring independence.”

          It’s already happening. My State has made any federal gun regulation after the Brady Bill ILLEGAL to enforce. Literally; The State will LOCK-UP any officer attempting to enforce gun law after the Brady bill.

          1. I think it’s a pretty good argument that the platforms could be treated like the law treats shopping malls,” Volokh says.This part of Section 230 is why it’s absolutely inaccurate when politicians and critics insist that the provision’s protections require a platform to have any sort of neutrality. They do not. They never did. And this is precisely why some people want to get rid of Section 230………..MORE READ

        3. It will have to be done at the local level. The framework has been laid for a permanent, one-party-rule executive branch. I am proud that my home state, Missouri, has taken a strong stance in support of the Second Amendment. Other Republican-controlled states need to follow suit.

      2. Right, but you’re a retarded piece of shit who has never been correct about anything in your entire life and does nothing but suck Democratic party cock 24 hours a day. The shit you pulled in the 2020 election is now being enshrined in federal law so that states can’t set their own policy and solidify their election procedures against the further onslaught of your fraud efforts. Which is mostly theater anyway as your party will be suspending elections due to the false flag “white nationalist” terrorist incident that the FBI will be fabricating in the run-up to the mid terms. You wanted a shooting war, and you’re by god going to get one. I personally can’t wait. I want to personally watch the life drain out of your eyes while that sweet glug glug glug of blood filling your throat rings through the air. It’s going to be pleasurable to the point of eroticism.

        1. Let me just say I second that sentiment. I believe any Civil War will just be a short stand-off, followed by a split, because no one’s crazy enough to fight a full civil war. Only a few hundred people would die maybe. But out of that small bloodshed, I sure as shit would love to hear about some college professors getting what’s coming to them, if not being the one to do it myself.

          1. We might fall into anarchy with individuals settling scores, a la Iraq after the fall of Saddam. We would likely see many, many more Donkeys killed than Heffalumps.

        2. All-talk, deluded, belligerently ignorant right-wingers are among my favorite culture war casualties.

          Stomping them in the culture war has been fun and important for decades, with no end in sight.

          Open wider, clingers . . . your betters have more American progress to shove down your whining, bigoted, obsequious throats.

          You will comply.

          1. Damn, I thought you died…


            a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

            1. One more:



              (in folklore) an ugly creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

        3. Note pleasurable for me. War is nasty stuff. But if the Democrats insist, it will happen, and many universities will lose half their faculty very quickly. I fear a careless failure to distinguish God’s one’s from bad ones.

          1. My sister-in-law and her husband are both raging SJW’s who are college professors. They bought two weeks worth of provisions and hid in their home on Jan 6 because they thought people would be coming for them. It was both hilarious and sad how brainwashed they are. Some of the dumbest people I have ever known are college professors. These two are certainly on the list.

      3. ching! $.50

      4. It’s cute you still think it will be worth having elections where the outcome isn’t already known.

      5. “That’s what you said January 6th. Look how that turned out.”

        are you actually dumb enough to think that was the real thing??

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    5. It is assholes like you, with their larping calls for civil war, that are the biggest enemies of the Second Amendment. Just shut the fuck up. You are giving these gun grabbers exactly what they want.

      1. Motherfucker, you are the gun grabber. Stop pretending otherwise.

        1. PROJECTION of the left is undeniable…

        2. He’s a gun grabber.

          You’re an all-talk pussy and a lifelong culture war casualty, ranting on a message board because your life consists of complying with better Americans’ preferences.

          I am content.

          1. I don’t doubt a bigoted, ignoramus asshole like you is content; stupid and happy about it.

      2. ching! $.50

      3. They’re doing it no matter what.

      4. Oh Shut the Fuck up you Quisling fuck, you screech that resisting them is giving them what they want while not resisting them is definitely gviingi them what they want.

        YOU are one of them so of course you want no resistance.

      5. I’m not sure how many are calling for a civil war, and how many are just resigned that it looks like it’s coming regardless of how hard the few remaining people of good will there are.

        I always assumed that the Soviet Union would take generations to collapse, it happened in a few years. I’m sad to say that the US may be on the verge also.

        “There was never a good war, nor a bad peace” Franklin. But he also signed off on the Declaration of Independence too.

    6. 2nd Amendment:
      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      All gun control laws are invalid as they are unconstitutional violations of the protections of the 2nd Amendment. Democrats know this but RINOs allow them to do it.

      Civil War 2.0 was started by the Democrats and they know how dangerous an armed Patriot core of Americans is.

      1. Hey LC. Where ya’ been?


    7. I will not countenance an America without the Bill of Rights. However, I am just fine in an America without democrats.

      If they wish to survive, they had best stop while it’s an option for them.

      1. We all know you’re an armchair pussy tulpa. there is no way a guy with 20+ sockpuppets can actually function in meat space.

    8. “A gun control bill that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D–Texas) recently introduced gives you an idea of what Democrats might do if they did not have to worry about the Second Amendment.”
      Let me stop you right there. Even without the 2nd, there is NOTHING in the constitution which permits congress to regulate firearms. This is still unconstitutional.

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    10. Gun nuts are among my favorite culture war casualties.

      You will continue to comply with the preference of other Americans, clingers — and the liberal-libertarian mainstream will continue to shape American progress against right-wing wishes and efforts — but you get to whimper and whine about it as much as you like.

      Carry on, clingers — but no longer and no further than your betters permit, as usual.

      1. Fuck you asshole.

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    14. If it passed, I see things playing out in much the same way covid lockdown did.

      Fascist blue states trampling all over people’s rights while the law is ignored in red states.

      1. Missouri is going to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot making it illegal to enforce federal gun laws that violate the Second Amendment. It will pass. Missouri will be a sanctuary state for gun owners.

    15. This post is about the dumbest crap I have ever heard. So let me get this straight a person can attempt to kill somebody and they only get 4 years in prison and can get out in a couple months for good behavior but someone who has an unregistered gun can go to prison for 15 years? This is stupid this proves how screwed up the world and the justice system itself is flawed. You go to prison longer for drug offenses or owning a gun than you do for attempting to kill anther human being. This world is something else it truly is and as far as this gun control bill you can call it whatever you want but I can tell you all this bill is for is to see how many guns a person has so the government knows how many are able to come after them when the time comes ..they want to take a peak on the enemies defenses so they have an idea of what they could potentially be up against. There are many many gun owners who have never committed a crime at all and this bill will make them seem like criminals all because a few idiots misused they’re guns the good guys have to pay for that crap. Maybe you people should put more restrictions out for vehicles too I mean drunk drivers kill people all the time with they’re vehicles and some get away with it. This is just another way for the government to tax the public and make even more money off of the public with a disguise

    16. Many of the qualifications could be required to obtain a wedding license.

  2. Sheila Jackson Lee’s sweeping licensing and registration scheme suggests what Democrats would do if they didn’t have to worry about the Second Amendment.

    You don’t need Sheila Jackon Lee’s sweeping bill to figure out what Democrats would do “if they didn’t have to worry about the 2nd amendment”. Just listen to the words that come out of their mouths.

    1. “Worry” should be used in multiple senses too. Due to recent elections they may not need to worry about 2A from a legislative/court ruling perspective, but they’d be foolish to not worry about it in the “molon labe” sense.

      A pen might be mightier than a sword, but I’m skeptical it’s mightier than millions of AR-15s. I guess we’ll see if the Democrats are dumb enough to test that theory.

      1. Out of laziness and personal preference, the rifles haven’t been practiced with for a while. Hopefully the revolution can wait till it’s a little warmer so I can get some outdoor range time.

      2. To date the far left a-holes of antifa and BLM have shown much more organization in their assaults on Portland etc than the rabble who attacked the Capitol. Read about the antifa tactics – it is a primer in 21st century urban guerilla warfare. All of the far right guys seem to keep stepping in their own shit. Shutting down FB, Parler, Twitter to many of these people will significantly disrupt their organization ability.

        Come to think of it, why haven’t antifa and BLM criminals been tossed off all those sites?

        1. Of course the Antifa and BLM show more organization in assaults; They actually set out to commit assaults, so they’re planning assaults.

          99.999% of the people who went to DC on the 6th were there for a peaceful protest. A handful of people planned violence, and successfully suckered some of the attendees into something they hadn’t planned doing.

          Should things reach the point where significant numbers of right-wingers, not losers already under surveillance by the FBI and being fed rope to hang themselves with, decide violence is in order, things will be quite different.

        2. Those tactics assume a compliant population and government. Antifa/BLM have shown no ability to extend those tactics to unfriendly areas with any success. Also, they tend to demonstrate in public spaces for friendly cameras because their tactics center on winning the propaganda war. Faced with a determined insurgency, these tactics would make them easy targets and would be effectively useless.

    2. A gun control bill that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D–Texas) recently introduced gives you an idea of what Democrats might do if they did not have to worry about the Second Amendment.

      I’m trying to wrap my head around that statement. “Gives me an idea of what Democrats might do??? She just fucking did it! What do you mean they might do it? It obviously ain’t the Second Amendment that’s been holding them back, it’s that they didn’t have control of all three branches of government. Well, they do now, don’t they?

      1. So far it’s just her doing it.

        1. And it’s pretty unlikely to pass either house of the Congress.

          It would be interesting to see, though, how the federal courts would react to a law requiring, presumably, several thousand dollars expenditure by anyone wanting to exercise a right the Constitution explicitly guarantees the government will not infringe.

          1. At least half the circuits would be cool with it. It’s not like the rest of the judiciary leapt to implement Heller and McDonald, after all; The majority of the judiciary are still committed to treating gun ownership as a suspect privilege, not a right.

          2. Every time there is an anti-gun bill someone should attached a 1 term limit amendment to it.

    3. All these Democrats are literal traitors and definitely violators of their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.

      Lefties are trying to destroy America from the inside and that is treason at its core.

      1. ^THIS +1000000000000000

        1. Treason has a very precise and narrow definition in the Constitution. Do not misuse the word to describe these Fascists. I fear secession is the most peaceful outcome possible. They can create their national version of California with a sea of serfs struggling to get by for the benefit of the billionaire lords that pay Rev. Kirkland’s salary. The rest of us want to be left alone by all these Karens.

          1. California has always had the ability to be fascist. And honestly; no-one except those in California cares. THEY WANT GLOBAL control. Point & Case the IPCC of the U.N.

    4. “You don’t need Sheila Jackon Lee’s sweeping bill to figure out what Democrats would do..”

      Yet they treat it like it’s some fucking brand new revelation.

      Sulluim has become such a tool. I have to conclude it is one of two likely explanations.

      Either he’s a short timer, who doesn’t plan to be around when the electoral pendulum swings again. So wont have to answer for the apparent double standards.


      He expects that there will be no more pendulum to swing.

  3. There is no way this bill will pass constitutional muster. But in the modern unreality zone, that does not matter. The party that won the electoral coin flip will now assert that it has an absolute mandate to do whatever it wants. And if it won’t get past congress, then Biden can just issue an Obama/Trump style executive order and make his one law.

    Because to Democrats it does not matter that a law will get overturned by the courts, just so long as they pass it so they can claim they passed it. It’s all symbolism to both parties anyway.

    1. “There is no way this bill will pass constitutional muster. But in the modern unreality zone, that does not matter.”

      The Justices will do as they are told because … well, because riots. Nobody wants a mob camping out outside their home and that is the only reality that matters. And they do not even have to rule to ensure that gun rights die because some shithead Obama era judge will declare this law ultra-super-totally-constitutional and SCOTUS will simply punt.

      1. Nobody wants a mob camping out outside their home

        If only there was an instrument of self defense that has been shown to be effective at encouraging mobs to back off.

        1. Getting on your knees seems to be the response of choice for most people …

      2. SCOTUS will simply punt

        I sincerely doubt this. And let’s say it again:

        Thank God for Trump!!

    2. There are already at least 3 votes on the Court to uphold a bill like this, probably 4 given all the test cases the Court has refused cert to. All you’d need is one round of Court packing, or even Thomas having a stroke, and the 2nd amendment goes away so far as the judiciary are concerned.

      The Courts aren’t protecting the 2nd amendment, they’re just acknowledging the political realities, to the least extent they feel they can get away with.

    3. We’ve already had an outright ban on “assault weapons” based on nothing more than cosmetic characteristics that was upheld by the court and stood on the books for a decade until its sunset provisions kicked in and it expired. But then you’re a historically illiterate stupid piece of shit so you probably wouldn’t know that. On the other hand, you’re also a psychopathic liar, so even if you were intelligent or knowledgeable enough to understand that, you’d simply lie about it anyway.

      1. Technically, the ’94 ban was evaluated by the Court before Heller, when they were still treating the right to keep and bear arms as a privilege which the government could extinguish at will. Basically regulation of gun ownership was being treated by the judiciary as though it was regulation of stamp collecting.

        In theory Heller changed that. But, of course, only so long as the majority on the Court are interested in following Heller.

        ‘Violating’ supposed norms to replace Scalia with Gorsuch instead of letting Obama replace him with Garland, and to replace RBG with Barrett instead of whoever Biden would have nominated, really saved our asses. We’d be looking at the death of the 2nd amendment right now, instead of wondering if the Court will have the guts to extend it.

    4. There is no way this bill will pass constitutional muster.

      You are a fucking idiot. Why would anyone bother to write a law so clearly unconstitutional? Because they have an idea that it won’t always be, and they want to be ready.

      ching! Here’s your $.50.

      1. Why would anyone bother to write a law so clearly unconstitutional?

        Morons like Jackson Lee sponsor clearly unconstitutional bills all the time. Your question is akin to the brain-dead “Why would s/he lie?” one sputtered every time an obviously phony sexual/racial assault charge is made public.

    5. “There is no way this bill will pass constitutional muster.”

      LOL. Constitutional muster is whatever nine people in black robes say it is. They’ll have zero problem distinguishing Heller, if you think that’s what’s going to stop them. They’ll do it because they like their jobs, and they like not having six or more new co-workers. Or another impeachment trial, if the hard left has gone completely over the edge.

      If Roberts meaningfully tells the Biden Administration to sit down and shut up this next Court term, I’ll revise my opinion. But it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t think it will.

      Chaos is the point. The people running this want the Right to go off half-cocked, and don’t really think any of them will suffer any consequences, should some on the Right start shooting. Maybe a few politicians, but that’s not who I’m talking about.

      1. 5, not 9.

        And woe unto those who believe in the delusion of their untouchableness

    6. Well Democratic “symbolism” has already killed the job market, the healthcare market, the diesel equipment market, the energy market, the manufacturing market, the food market …………. etc, etc, etc… It’s ALL been getting WORSE even with human progress working entirely against it.

  4. “This Draconian Bill Would Turn Millions of Peaceful Gun Owners Into Felons”

    Had it not been for Sullum’s 100+ articles (and Reason’s 100+ articles) defaming and demonizing Trump, and Reason’s glowing reviews of Biden and Jorgensen, Biden likely wouldn’t be President, Pelosi likely wouldn’t be Speaker of the House, Schumer likely wouldn’t be Senate Majority leader, and Sheila Jackson Lee’s legislation would have zero chance of passage (even in the House).

    1. Typo in comment above, as it should have stated “Reason’s 1,000+ articles) defaming and demonizing Trump.

      Regardless, Sullum and Reason are total hypocrites for criticizing any of the many disastrous actions that have and will be taken by Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and other freedom hating left wing Democrats during the next two years.

      1. They have no place to complain. ZERO.

    2. Not that Reason has that much pull, but add in the rest of the media and you’re 100% correct.

      1. Their pull is more than zero. As a well known supposed libertarian publication, they have a responsibility for promoting liberty, and they let their own petty feelings get in the way of that.

        1. Their pull is more than zero.

          Alpha Centauri’s gravitational pull on Earth isn’t zero either…but it’s not why we have tides.

      2. When there proved to be no place for Harsanyi you knew where it was all heading.

        There is not even balance here. It’s all tilted Democrat all the time.

      3. Pull or not, when the Dems can print as many votes as they need they don’t need the media.

    3. But the MEAN TWEETS. My God man the MEAN TWEETS.

  5. No, no, I have it on good authority that Dems do not want to take away our guns.

    1. I have it on good authority that they won’t all be slaughtered if they try.

  6. Nope you cannot complain what democrats do now since you supported them in the 2020 election. Oh you say it’s not likely to pass, yet of course we know the 1994 bill passed, yeah maybe the senate might be the stopgap here but maybe not politicians vote for lots of things against their party’s wishes.

    You hated on trump and republicans, they lost, and now you find out what the score is and you’re worried. Too bad. The good part is at least we’ll find out how honest left wing democrats are if they actually report firearms in their possession. I suspect the compliance level will be about the same.

    1. Well I lost the bet on who would be the first to say that. You just cost me five bucks.

      1. Your life savings?

      2. Luckily we all won the bet of who would cry about it, because that’s all you do anymore.

        1. Dang it! My money was on you trolling with “sad.” Just lost another five bucks.

          1. Bummer. So does that mean you have to go without your liter of Walmart bottom shelf vokda today, or that you’re barebacking your daughter for the next couple weekends because you can’t afford condoms?

          2. Who the hell would bet with you, you drunken waste.
            The fifty-centers? After you eliminate all the socks, there’s probably only two of them.

            1. I’m sure he could shreek to bet with him… and welch on it again.

          3. It’s not my fault so many of your posts can be summed up with one word.

  7. Democrats will take away our guns when Republicans outlaw abortion.

    1. It is sad you think killing a person with a unique DNA is the same as owning a gun.

      1. Not sure if this is a ‘whooosh’ moment or if you two just say anything to piss each other off at this point.

        1. I just flag-F5 when I see his name.

          1. Makes sense, because you’re a snitching pathetic little pussy bitch.

          2. Oh look, he’s imitating you again Jesse.

        2. Jesse has devolved into an emotional 5 year old, in which he just sits around at his computer all day refreshing Reason comment pages so he can fling poo at the people he doesn’t like with juvenile insults, intellectually vapid whataboutisms, and occasionally outright lies.

          1. Project much? Take a look at what you just wrote. Careful not to get any of that poo on your hands on the cookies.

            1. Exactly. Self-awareness is not Jeff’s strong suit.

              1. Nor is logic or honesty.

          2. You argue to import pedophiles.

          3. Given the volume of your shitposting, that would be you Jeffy. Not Jesse. I would say ‘nice try’, except it wasn’t.

    2. Remind me again, what was the Republican abortion equivalent of the decade-lasting ban on AR-15s that had the full force of federal law and the endorsement of the supreme court?

      1. Abortion and gun rights are about as different constitutionally as you can get.

        Abortion is a crime the Court up and decided to make into a right, with no textual basis, and it guards that ‘right’ jealously.

        Gun ownership is an explicit right the judiciary dislike and would prefer not to uphold, the only disagreement is over whether to uphold a harmless little bit of it, or utterly extinguish it.

    3. You keep saying “our” as if you have a gun, or give a shit about the Constitution. Whatever definition of “our” you think you’re using, the people that actually give a fuck about liberty are not included, you lefty piece of shit.

      1. Whoever does NOT adore and admire Goldilicks Girlshit is a “…lefty piece of shit”. It is known!

        1. So you want to eat them?

          1. I’m sure he salivates at the mere mention of the word.

      2. You would be surprised at who owns a gun or guns. I wouldn’t assume anything. Most of the people I know just don’t talk about it or make a big deal out of it.

    4. ching! $.50

      1. According to Chuckles the Smug-Pig (using Smug-Pig’s “logic” vis-a-vis Section 230), stealing all of yourguns, or fining you or jailing you for having guns, with flat-out Government Almighty fiat might be bad, maybe… But it is ALL made TOTES cool… WONDERFUL maybe even… If we just get ONE person to file a “civil” lawsuit against gun-owner, first!

        Hey gun-owner, your gun(s) hurt my baby feelings, so I am taking you to CIVIL court! NOW after THIS particular magic wand is waved, Government Almighty taking his property is just WUNDERBAR!!! (Maybe I’ll get the leftovers after Government Almighty taxes the shit out of my lawsuit-lottery winnings).

        Hey Chuckles the Smug-Pig… You do know this, right? Your magic underwear will NOT protect you from the results of your smug-pig ways!!!

        1. flag, refresh

          1. Now ***IF*** I was a whiner & crybaby, pro-Grow-and-Grow-and-GROW, Government Almighty, kinda prima donna, like WAAAAY too many of the commenters around here, I’d write…
            “You’re CENSORING Meeee!!! THIS is why we need to TEAR DOWN Section 230, and have Government Almighty FORCE people to tolerate, if not read, ALL of my posts!”

            1. Flag, refresh

    5. The democrats are doing a better job. There is no waiting period, or background check for abortions.

  8. Remember when the Heller decision overturned the most draconian gun law in the entire country? A law that let you keep a gun disassembled in a safe, if you happened to have already owned it when the law passed? Otherwise you were just totally out of luck unless you had political clout?

    The Democratic party went nuts. Not just the openly anti-gun maniacs, perfectly ordinary Democrats who supposedly didn’t have a problem with gun ownership were outraged.

    Outraged over the worst gun law in the entire country being overturned.

    The Democratic party is divided into two factions on guns at this point, and has been for quite a while: Absolute enemies of the right to keep and bear arms, and absolute enemies of the right to keep and bear arms who lie about it.

    There’s no pro-gun faction in the Democratic party of any significance anymore, and hasn’t been for years.

    1. Maybe within the Party, but there’s too many Democrat voters to make it politically feasible. I hope.

      1. No, I don’t think so. If you’re really a single issue voter about gun control, the Democratic party is already dead to you. The pro-gun Democrats are all people who are pro-gun, but care about something else more.

        1. Old school Democrats are a dying breed, but they’re not extinct yet.

          1. Manchin gon’ save us, just like he did from Obamacare, right you bootlicking pathetic bitch who fucks his own child?

            1. Not anymore, they got a restraining order. His poor ex…

              1. Do you ever actually make any arguments, or present any facts?

                1. Do you realoze you forgot which sock you were using again sucassmic?

                2. ???
                  I just presented the fact that sarcasmic’s ex took out a restraining order on him.
                  I know you’re not very bright Sqrlsy, but wow.

                3. Damn.

                  Sarc again outed himself as squirrel turd.

                  They really must be paying him in barrels of shit.

                4. Flag, refresh

          2. ching! $.50

          3. “Old school Democrats are a dying breed, but they’re not extinct yet.”

            Maybe, but it’s the nursing home staff who are filling out their ballots.

        2. I would submit that there are a few ranchers, farmers and hunters that are at least registered D. Colorado, Midwest. But other than flyover country? Few. I know a few in Florida who argue in favor of “assault” weapons restrictions, to which I reply “no, why can’t we have rpg’s and cannons? Wouldn’t that make it more of a fair fight?”

        3. I know someone like that. She has multiple firearms, including an AK-47. When she votes, the priority is almost every other stupid prog idea. She’s also a huge proponent of the ‘new normal’ where WuFlu is concerned.

    2. At this point the dems are so retarded they will get outraged at whatever Beijing Biden and the media tell them to. Logic doesn’t even come into it. Their fealty is embarassing

  9. In other news, the sun will set in the West tonight. And water is still wet.

  10. I wonder what this so-called training will consist of. It will probably be mostly junk like “critical race theory”.

  11. Longtime libertarian activist Michael Hihn has explained that libertarians should demand far more comprehensive gun safety legislation. If didn’t mistakenly ban him I’m sure he’d support the Democrats on this issue.


    1. From beyond the grave!

      1. He did vote for Biden.

        1. Twice.

  12. Fuck off, Reason.

  13. But at least we will be able to see the US flag the astronauts planted on Mars …

    1. Why would the ChiComs or Elon Musk plant a US flag on Mars?

      1. Dunno … ask Queen Sheila.
        She is the one who wanted to see it.

        “According to Smith’s 1997 Texas Monthly account:

        Jackson Lee, whose district neighbors the Johnson Space Center, is a member of the House Committee on Science, and so it was that she spent part of her summer recess visiting the Mars Pathfinder Operations Center in Pasadena, California. While there, according to an article by Sandy Hume in The Hill, a weekly newspaper that covers Congress, Jackson Lee asked if the Pathfinder succeeded in taking pictures of the American flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Of course, Armstrong planted the flag on the Moon, as any high schooler should …”

        1. Armstrong planted the American flag on Mars at the culmination of his secret mission there. The faked moon landing, shot by Roman Polanski, was the cover story. Then they out out the fake rumor that Kubrick shot the moon landing as cover for the cover story.

          The Manson Family murders, as well as a time traveling Jesus (second regeneration) both tie in as well.

      2. Looks like the establishments revenge on Musk for “Gamestronk” is beginning:

        1. So, they’re going to treat the EXPECTED crash of a disposable test article as though it was a production vehicle unexpectedly crashing in routine service? Well, that’s stupid even by FAA standards.

          If they say that SpaceX can’t launch again until the investigation is completed, you’re right, it’s obvious abusive retaliation for something.

          1. When Elon decades for a friendlier jurisdiction they will be shocked, I tell you, shocked.

            1. ITAR prohibits that, rockets are legally considered “munitions”.

              At best he could start a new rocketry company in another country, but he couldn’t move SpaceX out of the country, even transferring intellectual property would be illegal.

              His best bet is actually to try to labor on under the hostile regulatory environment until he can move his company a couple hundred miles straight up, rather than sideways.

  14. This bill should be re-titled” Putting Just About All Black People in the Slammer for Fifteen Years or So”, eh Rep. Lee?

    1. Nah, they will be SHOCKED that this leads to minorities being locked up in huge disproportion to their numbers.

      It’s like they didn’t even live through the war on drugs.

      1. While the press blames everyone except them.

      2. This is a feature, not a bug. More white supremacy to flip out about.

    2. Vice President Harris stands ready to cast the tie-breaking vote.

    3. Enforcement will be anything but random.

      Any deplorable that has ever had a background check run on him will have a search warrant pre-filled out and ready to go for the day they utter a word against the new order

      1. I nominate Beto as point man for the Gun Grabber SWAT entry team, Paragon of Courageous Woke Virtue that he is.

        With his cool marksmanship, it would save the life of many an innocent canine.

    4. Surely once courts are banned under the new Democrat Justice System, the diverse community based justices would let Blacks just do community service while hanging white folk?

    5. Exactly.

  15. Nobody will need to defend themselves during the mostly peaceful SleepyJoe regime.

  16. Isn’t that what you wanted, Reason?

    1. Do you have that on copy-paste? Seems like you say it whenever Reason criticizes Biden.

      1. Given your shtick lately, perhaps chastising others for beating a dead horse isn’t the best look.

        1. I do it to be a smartass but these guys are dead serious.

          1. Regardless of your reason, the horse is still nothing but pulp.

          2. “I do it to be a smartass”

            Let me help. You fail.

          3. Isn’t it tough to be a smartass when you’re borderline retarded?

          4. “I do it to be a smartass…”

            Unfortunately, you’re a dumbass, so it doesn’t work.
            Fuck off.

          5. Smartass? But, you’re so dumb!

      2. I wonder if it’s because Reason spent a year offering no criticism of Biden, defending all of his policy proposals, and is now pretending to care after their in-kind contributions to his election resulted in a uniparty state.

        Maybe you should bitch about Trump some more just to break up the monotony. Or just fuck your daughter like the sick pedophile piece of shit you are. Either way.

    2. Both Cato and Niskanen (populated by Cato expats) have been supporting gun control for about 10-12 years now.

      1. Which makes you wonder why anybody needs libertarians since they’re Democrats anyway.

        Can you think of a libertarian thinker who didn’t go WAY left when given any fame at all?

        Weigel was not an outlier. He is the norm.

        1. They peel votes from the Republican Party? They used to know where the best weed could be found?

          1. And the Mexican butt sex, don’t forget the Mexican butt sex.

        2. Queue the quote from Nick years ago about aligning with lefties just for open borders.

          1. Just because of open borders, that is.

        3. Oh no! Libertarians agree with lefties on some things! That means they’re no different than AOC!

          1. It just means there are leftists pretending to be libertarian, like you cum stain.

          2. That’s not what he said at all. Simple question Jeff: Is there a libertarian argument for any gun control?

          3. They certainly don’t have many issues with AOC. Reason seems ambivalent, at best, over this issue. And, man, Trump using Natl Guard to quell riots in DC led to some outrage here…but putting up permanent fencing and permanent Guard troops stationed in DC is just peachy with Reason.

        4. Libertarian pols are Democrats, Republican pols are Democrats, and yet most of the voters are non-democrats. Talk about great representation.

      2. My searching suggests that they’re (Cato) not remotely as absolutist about the 2nd amendment as they are the 1st, which is unfortunate, and not very libertarian. But “supporting” seems a little bit of an exaggeration.

  17. Shut the fuck up already.

    Sorry, I read a gun control article, and was instinctively responding to Mike Hihn.

    1. Natural rights in conflict GOBLEGOOK FROBBERSTOMP!

      Does that help!

      1. Can I get a chortle?

        1. (snort)

          I WIN!!!

      2. I don’t know. Could you cite multiple posts of your own in the same thread as PROOF! of your argument?

        1. The phrase ‘self-referential’ was lost on Hihn, along with many, many other terms, phrases and concepts.
          I am not sorry he’d dead; the world got smarter that day.

          1. He’s dead? Didn’t know that. Oh, well. It’s not like the human race suffers from a shortage of raving, crazy fucks.

          2. You know, I actually tried to have a rational conversation with Hihn once. Painstakingly asked him a series of questions and sought clarification on certain points in a genuine effort to understand where he was coming from.

            After this exercise, I can confidently say that his thinking was genuinely incoherent.

            However, I have to admire the guy’s unreal ability to monitor the entirely of an enormous thread and detect within minutes whenever a response was made to any of his hundreds of posts.

  18. In other words, her legislation has nothing to do with the crime she invokes to justify it, which is par for the course with anti-gun politicians.

    which used to at least pay lip service to the Second Amendment

    The latter statement makes the assessment of the first statement “Outlook not so clear”.

    Conventionally, 20, 16, 12 (etc.) gauge shotguns are considered sporting weapons and excepted from a/the de rigueur >.50 caliber tax stamp “ban”. The fact that she’s making the >.50 cal. ban explicit means that her legislation, military-style or not, explicitly bans the 12-guage shotgun.

    It’s also a bit of a ‘gotcha’ that suggests that her ban is *far* more pervasive (and stupid) than you thought. Even Joe “Fire two shotgun blasts through the door” Biden would, supposedly, be in violation.

  19. Still interesting to note, “the finest battle implement ever devised”, an M1 Garand, US Army standard issue assault rifle for the last numbered war, will still be legal.
    True, it has a bayonet lug, but that is the only one of the “icky things” that make a gun evil.
    No high capacity magazine (only 8 rounds), not detachable.
    Non-folding stock
    No pistol grip
    No flash suppressor
    No grenade launcher
    (no chainsaw bayonet *giggles*)

    So a high school drill team / flag honor guard will be among the best armed organizations in the country.

    1. Not in the People’s Republic of Jersey. It’s banned by name.

    2. “M1 Garand, US Army standard issue assault rifle for the last numbered war, will still be legal.”

      No select fire- not an Assault Rifle.
      No detachable magazine – not an Assault Rifle.

      … but I think the “scary shoulder thingie that goes up” is optional.

      1. What actually scares them is “the scary thing behind it that thinks”

        To quote the Senior, there are no dangerous weapons, there are only dangerous men.

      2. Not used in an assault, not an assault rifle

    3. Problem with the M1 is it’s so damned picky about ammo. Apart from that, it’s a legit weapon for modern warfare.

  20. How long would it take for for 100,000,000 people to actually obtain licenses under this system?

    When will she be stripped of her committee assignments for her unconstitutional craziness?

    1. The number of licenses expected to be issued, is zero.
      I suspect the bill doesn’t even fund the design, let alone printing, of the license.

    2. Just the psychiatric exam, even if it consisted on nothing more than walking past a psychiatrist, would be logistically impossible in the time allotted; There are only 20-30,000 psychiatrists in the entire country.

      It’s not a feasible system, nor is it intended to be.

    3. What is a license?

      I have an unlicensed predator in my house. He is about eight pounds, orange, and has killed on more than one occasion. I applied for a license but they do not issue those.

      Not sure what to do about this.

      1. I’d like tk buy a fish licence

  21. And, in addition, I assume, we will still have to wear masks?

    1. Only if you’re carrying a gun.

    2. Two actually

  22. Now we know why the fences and armed troops – – – – – – – – – – – –

  23. OK. So this is the if I could have anything I want Bill to make what the majority of Democrats, to occur immediately on the heels of the next mass shooting or whatever catastrophe they can exploit, look “common sense and reasonable.” And that will be an AWB, to include “collapsable stocks, hand grips [those “hangy down things”] and “high capacity” [anything over 10] magazines. It will, at a minimum, be the 1994 version but likely much more than that. I would expect mandatory registration.

    Here is what I am going to do. Refuse to comply. And be very very involved in promoting Second Amendment Sanctuary where I reside.

    I will bury the fucking things in Obama tubes [until it is either declared unconstitutional or the next election brings the usual change of the guard] before I agree to any of this.

    1. until it is either declared unconstitutional

      It is incontrovertible that the Bill of Rights are the same unalienable rights alluded to in the Declaration of Independence. They cannot be taken away, as they are not granted by the Constitution, they exist whether or not it does.

      The 2A specifically says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. That means, by law, by executive order, by judicial ruling, or by amendment to the Constitution. Changing the 2A would mean the Constitution was in contradiction with itself. It would no longer be a valid governing document. The Union would be dissolved.

      Luckily, I already live in Texas. A lot of people here would welcome that. Bring it on Lefties!

      1. SCOTUS feels the only inalienable right is to abortion. All others are negotiable.

      2. Uh, she got elected there, cowboy – – – – – – – – – – – –

        1. Which shows that a split is going to be incredibly ugly, LTBF. I don’t live in her district, but I’m too damned close to it.

          What a pity.

      3. Changing the 2A would mean the Constitution was in contradiction with itself. It would no longer be a valid governing document. The Union would be dissolved

        They’ll just go ahead anyway, the courts will kick the football around forever, and we’ll all sit there silently grumbling while chewing our cud.

  24. Oh, they would do a lot more than that if they didn’t have to worry about the Second Amendment.

  25. Cool! I have never been a real outlaw before. Hopefully the wife thinks it’s sexy…

    1. Now, maybe mine will let me buy that Harley. To accessorize properly, I mean.

  26. I’ll consider it after Lee proposes a bill requiring a criminal background check, “psychological examination” including family members, mandatory training and liability insurance for anyone who wants to run for public office. Let’s see how she likes her own rights violated before she starts raping other people.

    1. And for voting.

      1. Beat me to it.

        I have long claimed voters should have to pass a test before they are able to vote. Solving a couple of partial differential equations seems like a reasonable bar to pass.

  27. “The examination… would be conducted by a government-approved psychologist charged with determining whether the applicant is “psychologically unsuited to possess a firearm.””

    I see a Catch-22 here. If you want a firearm you will be deemed unsuited and therefore can’t own one. If you don’t want a firearm you are suited and are therefore approved to own one.

    1. Feature, not bug.

  28. What makes you think they are worried about the second amendment?

  29. No. Go straight to Hell, Jackson-Lee.

  30. How does this woman keep getting re-elected?

    1. Not sure about today but I lived in her district and it’s majority black. Gerrymandered of course but when I voted the GOP didn’t bother to run a candidate. I had to vote for the libertarian.

      1. Gerrymandered to hell and gone. There are parts you’d actually want to visit: the Museum District, some of the Medical Center, Downtown, part of the Heights. Bush Airport, though don’t linger in the neighborhood.

        Most of it though, you wouldn’t want to be caught in. Dead or otherwise. I’d be pissed if I lived in some ritzy part of the Museum District, and had that cretin as my Rep.

      2. Then it seems pointing out that enforcement of gun laws will disparage black people might be a way to counter.

        Mayor Giuliani was good at getting guns off the street.

  31. Wait-what? Democrats want to abolish the right of the people to keep and bear arms?

  32. Guns? What guns? I have no idea what you are talking about.

    1. 100,000,000 guns lost in “boating accidents” in 2021.

      1. Millions of guns purchased in 2020 were all tragically lost in millions of tragic boating accidents in 2021.

      2. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

  33. Is it a three name user’s thing?

    Sheila Jackson Lee is at least as nutty as is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    1. I know MTG believes some pretty insane crap and may have a (pretty typical for Congress) disregard for the law but has she ever proposed such logistically impossible nonsense?

      As disturbing as it may be to have somebody who believes Qanon theories sitting in Congress, it is and should be more disturbing to have people proposing logistically impossible legislation like this and the GND. It’s untold measures easier to say “You’re right, Trump broke up an international pedophile ring.” than it is to comply with the GND and the above legislation. Even staging a fake pedophile ring and paying actors to go to jail long enough to placate Qanon conspiracy nuts would be less complicated and less harmful to both the economy and the environment than the GND and legislation like this gun bill.

      “Trump broke up an international pedophile ring.” while untrue, is at least sensible or plausible withing the bounds of science/physics/logic. “We need to protect the environment to create equality for black people.” doesn’t even rise above that low bar.

    2. Someone should edumacate her about Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee.

      Better yet, BLM and antifa should just push her over, spray paint crap all over her and drag her into the nearest lake.

  34. When I read the bill, I understood it to require not only that there would be a database to list all registered firearm owners, but that the database would be open to the public as well as law enforcement officials. What ever could go wrong with that?

    1. To the Democrats, law abiding gun owners getting their firearms stolen in home burglaries would be a feature of this, not a bug.

      I’m not being facetious, either.

    2. That’s so that the next step can be ‘private sector’: Companies pressured to stop employing gun owners until they give up their guns. Bricks thrown through your front window, with a “Next time it’s a Molotov cocktail” notes wrapped around them.

      They want a public target list so that their goon squads can make your life hell.

    3. “the make, model, and serial number of the firearm, the identity of the owner of the firearm, the date the firearm was acquired by the owner, and where the firearm is or will be stored” as well as “the identity of any person to whom, and any period of time during which, the firearm will be loaned to the person.”

      Make: U.S. Army
      Model: 1911
      Serial No.: 2A
      Date Acquired: 12-15-1791
      Location of storage: Right behind you.
      Identity of any person to whom, and any period of time during which, the firearm will be loaned: The gun stays with me, the bullets that I give to you can keep for the rest of your life.

  35. Don’t you feel proud of all your hard work to help put a POTUS in office who will SIGN this stuff into law?

    1. They’re in total denial about their part in enabling this.

      They helped gang up on an obnoxious President who largely understood the concept of federalism, and wasn’t big into attacking rights, and paved the way for a guy who’d going to try to be as much of a dictator as he can get away with, and will have the bureaucracy assisting him in this, not fighting him.

      And they’re clueless about their complicity in everything Biden does that Trump wouldn’t have.

  36. Anyone who’s surprised by this needs their head examined. This is literally what they promised. I have no doubt that they’ll be more than happy to use this as a starting point so they can make “concessions” and appear to negotiate a “balanced” outcome.

  37. The first purpose of the Second Amendment is too often overlooked, fostering a liberty of mind and action necessary in the individual citizens of a free republic.

    “There is one thing in the world more wicked than the desire to command, and that is the will to obey.”
    ~ William Kingdon Clifford

  38. Maybe, just maybe, we need to require 24 hours of psychiatric evaluation before letting anyone take an oath of federal office. It is, after all, far more potentially dangerous for a mental defective to take federal office than it is to just buy socks or anything else for that matter. I’d be happy to perform Sheila Jackson Lee’s evaluation personally, no charge as I’m sure she has no irrational fears.

    1. If that was a requirement, Trump would never have been elected.

      1. Maybe we could require the same for voters, in which case this TDS-addled asshole would never be allowed to cast a ballot

      2. If that was a requirement, Trump would never have been elected.

        Considering HRC can’t go two sentences without taking sniper fire, we’d have had two completely different candidates. Given the state of psychiatry in the modern era, I take a huge pause before suggesting that they would be better candidates.

  39. Lee’s bill so far has no cosponsors, and it is unlikely to make much progress. But it reflects a broader mindset in the Democratic Party

    If it reflects a broader mindset, then why aren’t there co-sponsors?

    1. They are waiting to tack it onto an omnibus or stimulus package is my guess.

      1. idk. Being able to get co-sponsors is just about the easiest thing to do in a legislature that is chock full of virtue signalling on all sides.

        Maybe it’s more like the failure of ‘libertarian-leaning’ critters to ever get anything ‘libertarian-leaning’ co-sponsored. Maybe there just is no broader mindset within those two tents.

      2. It’s Art Of The Deal/Overton Window manipulation. Like the retardation of the GND, they’ll make their own version that only has 12 hours of range time instead of 24 and allows, rather than requires, the psychiatrist to talk to your ex-wife and declare their pan the sensible option.

  40. While one might wonder how Jackson Lee was ever elected to The Congress a more important point could be the following. Enacting legislation, no matter how questionable or idiotic it be is one thing. Obtaining compliance with it might well be another thing. Actually enforcing said legislation via the courts with jury trials could be yet another thing, an entirely different thing. Ever hear of Jury Nullification for instance?

    1. Oh please. We all have laws we don’t like.

      When did people get it in their head that all the laws had to stroke their own balls or else they are legitimate?

      1. When did your idiot ass think his comment was about liking things retard.?

      2. Fuck off and die, shitstain

      3. I turn up every day to see people like you take a big bite of that Shit Sandwich and as you choke it down, tell us all how good it tastes.
        Don’t worry, this is just the warm up til you have to be on here justifying marching people into camps you nazi fuck.

        Its going to be a fun 2/4 years.

  41. Maybe consider the consequences of treating every single Democratic proposal as the apocalypse. When they’re in power, how are you supposed to know the difference between a gun grab and a mask mandate? It’s all the same evil narrative to you.

    Maybe sometimes in 2050 we can have a debate about real rights again. For now I don’t see what’s so wrong about taking guns away from a radical terrorist group. Over whose objections? Theirs?

    1. “It’s all the same evil narrative to you.”

      Yes, it’s the initiatory use of force. C’mon man you’ve been on here long enough to know about the NAP.

    2. “Stop pretending they want to take your guns!!!”

    3. Did you actually read the bill? I did, last week. It’s got nothing to do with taking guns away from ‘radical terrorist groups’. It’s designed to render most of the country’s gun owners felons.

      Logistically it’s impossible to comply with; Three months for a hundred million gun owners to register with the government, get ‘training’, psych exams, (Each psychiatrist in the country would have to process 60 exams a day, 7 days a week, to pull that off.) have firearms inspected, and so forth. I don’t think you could pull this bill off logistically if you gave people a year to comply, rather than just 3 months. But I don’t think the impossibility is deliberate, it’s just that Jackson Lee is an idiot.

      Further, the terms are radically beyond anything that’s remotely acceptable in most of the country. Most of the guns in the country would become illegal overnight, because most guns do NOT comply with the requirements of this bill. I think of my own gun collection, I’ve got maybe one gun that doesn’t outright violate some term of this bill, and all my magazines would become illegal overnight.

      So, let’s ignore that this monstrosity is so extreme that she got not one co-sponsor, and it was sent to committee to die. Suppose it did become law?

      First, practically nobody would comply with the terms of it. It would be instantly challenged and enjoined.

      Let’s say the Court was intimidated/packed into upholding it. People STILL wouldn’t comply with it! Back in 2014, Connecticut passed a registration law for ‘assault weapons’. It’s estimated that at least 350K covered rifles were owned in the state, maybe more. 50K people registered their guns.

      So, overnight fifty to eighty million Americans would technically become ‘felons’, subject to huge penalties if they were discovered. And they’d all be on the same side of the political spectrum. What happens when they try to enforce it? You want to see the militia movement come roaring back, ten times larger, and a lot more mean tempered? This bill would be a good way to accomplish that.

      1. But Tony’s here to lie about things…

      2. You’re engaging a lefty pile of shit who NEVER argues in good faith. Insult him or ignore him.

    4. “Maybe sometimes in 2050 we can have a debate about real rights again.”.

      We don’t need a debate, silly! Since all rights come from the Government, the Government will tell us what they are!

    5. For now I don’t see what’s so wrong about taking guns away from a radical terrorist group. Over whose objections? Theirs?

      “We need to stay in Afghanistan to completely disarm the Taliban.” – Tony

    6. Says the guy from the “everything is racist” camp.

    7. Damn Tony – even the dumbest thing to come from a Democrat and you still work on a defense. If nothing else, you’re consistent. Consistently stupid.

  42. I must be getting old. I forgot to mention the following. While the legislature, city/county, state and or national, aka Congress might enact legislation, The Judiciary has been known to reject such enactments. I might be messy, but laws have been found wanting, putting it politely, by the courts.

  43. Democrats don’t worry about the Second Amendment in NY.

    The courts don’t worry here either.

  44. Here we are 2 weeks and a couple days into new administration and we have essentially martial law in the capitol, back to war in syria, pulling out of afganistan not likely to happen, patriot act against us citizens, boys in girls sports and a bunch of stuff i surely missed. i didn’t vote for Trump in 16 but i did in 20 b/c it was pretty obvious this was the outcome of giving the keys to the democrats. reasons is now kvetching over the outcome of this change and i expect more too come but these fuckers on whole were for this regime change. The trump hysteria for the likes of matt welch et all will go down like the mcmartin preschool hysteria – pure fucking frothy mouth hysteria over an uncouth man and mean tweets

    1. He was much more than an “uncouth man with mean tweets.” He was an irresponsible, self absorbed narcissist who ignored a pandemic, stole at least $200 million from the taxpayers while playing golf, and made the United States an international laughingstock. NO “regime” in our history did more to infringe on our rights than the Trump Administration, and no regime did more damage to our country.

      1. Awww you’re mad about his mean tweets!

      2. TDS-addled lefty shits have by a passing acquaintance to reality.
        Fuck off and die.

      3. MidnightMike

        Cool name. I’ll bet you’re a real popular guy at the gloryhole.

      4. His predecessor, who said he had a “plan” to deal with COVID…is simply stealing Trump’s plan. Just sayin’.

        And for a “laughingstock” internationally…Trump seemed to have more peace treaties signed than any of his predecessors for decades.

      5. “…NO “regime” in our history did more to infringe on our rights than the Trump Administration, and no regime did more damage to our country…”

        Shit-pile here seems not to have read history; see, oh, LBJ and FDR for example.

        1. Lincoln, LBJ, FDR, and, if it hadn’t been for Vasily Arkhipov, Kennedy would’ve mutually assured vaporizing the rights out of several hundred thousands, if not millions, of Americans.

        2. Apparently Mike is unknowing of the plight of the native American.

      6. ignored a pandemic,
        China travel ban
        Europe travel ban
        Operation Warp Speed

        stole at least $200 million from the taxpayers while playing golf, and
        cite? He didn’t even take a salary.

        made the United States an international laughingstock.
        Made America grate again … grate on fools like you. And what’s wrong with a President who can laugh at himself? Damn Donkeys ain’t got no sense of humor.

      7. “ignored the pandemic”. Hilarious. Meanwhile, the Speaker is getting her hair done. Try to name a Politician that didn’t ignore the pandemic. I will admit, Joe didn’t, he hid, instead,
        International laughingstock? Have you ever lived abroad? You dorks always say that and it means nothing. Is Boris respected? How about Putin? What about the old, ugly Kraut? What about the last few French leaders, the Greeks, the Portuguese? The Venezuelans? The Brazilians? The Chinese? Respected? Who’s opinion in this world are we to worry about, Cupcake? Do you ever worry that the entire world thinks that you are a fucking sissy? Have you ever thought that, they may have their own problems?

      8. “”NO “regime” in our history did more to infringe on our rights than the Trump Administration,””

        What did Trump do that is greater than defining certain jobs as unessential and shutting them down. Has Trump forced anyone out of a job by decree other than a government employee?

    2. Don’t forget Bidens EO raising prices of Epi Pens and Insulin, after Trump signed an EO to lower them by passing on discounts. This is on top of the Obamacare clusterfuck that ruined healthcare for everyone, especially diabetics.

      But Biden is for the man on the street, unless they have allergies or are diabetic.

  45. In honor of this, yesterday I bought a Core15 scary black rifle.

    I’ve named it the Congressman Lee.

    See what I did there?

  46. …..but, but, but, Candidate Biden PROMISED they would not come for peoples guns. Do you now understand why our forefather insisted on a Second Amendment?

  47. This extreme measure–which will never pass–is an overreaction to the fact that the second amendment has been perverted to make gun makers rich, and that some form of gun control is long overdue in the United States. There are far too many guns out there and far too many of those guns are possessed by those who should not have them.

    1. And this extreme measure will most certainly sell a lot more guns.

      So there.

    2. “the second amendment has been perverted to make gun makers rich”


    3. “…–is an overreaction to the fact that the second amendment has been perverted to make gun makers rich,…”

      Her intent might be to make ignoramuses like you make comments like this.
      The stupid is strong, right there.

    4. What other Constitutional rights should we give up?

      I mean, free speech has been “perverted” to make social media companies insanely wealthy, amirite?

    5. They have tough gun laws in Chicago against felons having guns. Nearly 800 murders last year, 4000+ shot and wounded, 52 mass shootings (4 or more shot), and 1200+ carjackings with a gun, 10 cops shot…….etc.
      Why don’t anti-gun politicians concentrate their efforts where the most people are dying, in the urban ghettos in Democrat-run cities? They have failed their people in their areas and they want everyone in the country to be punished.

    6. There are far too many guns out there and far too many of those guns are possessed by those who should not have them.

      Forgive me if I doubt the veracity of your statement, but I’ll give you a short benefit of the doubt by asking you – how many guns are currently in circulation? How many would be enough? How many are currently in the wrong hands? How do you define the difference between right hands and wrong hands? How long exactly have you been studying this problem?

  48. Rep. Lee could cut firearms homicides in half immediately by imprisoning all Black males between the ages of 14 and 40, and it’d be about as constitutional as this piece of crap.

    1. Or she could propose an end to drug prohibition.

      1. She could propose it and it would be a better, more moral idea; but I’m hesitant to pretend that it would cut firearm homicides by a similarly significant margin. Every drug dealer making $1-10K a week would suddenly have a car load of guns, relatively worthless cocaine, and nothing better to do.

        Again, I agree that we should end the drug war, but consideration should be made that it would effectively be telling drug dealers, “learn to code”.

        1. Well looky here… One of God’s Own Prohibitionists complete with a crystal ball… but no millions won betting on the girl-bullying, kid-shooting Gee-Oh-Pee candidate last November. How droll.

          1. I guess we can add poor reading comprehension to the long list of mental conditions Hank has acquired.

    2. Well, to be fair, since all cops are white racists who tend to shoot every black male within range, “gun violence” would actually increase.

      I’m surprise this hasn’t occurred to the Party of Science! but since math is also racist, I guess it figures.

    3. Firearm homicides down 50%. Shanking homicides up 500%.

    4. Her proposed law is designed to do exactly that.

  49. There are upwards of 300,000,000 firearms in the US, possibly as many as 400,000,000. No one knows where most of them are. In addition to being flatly unconstitutional, this steaming pile of excrement is unenforceable and would accomplish nothing except to convince law-abiding citizens that their government really is out to get them.

    1. As was asked during Trump, if there is no way we can remove 20M illegals…how the fuck does anybody expect to remove more than 10 times that amount of guns?

  50. Maybe. Maybe the threat of this monstrous attempt to punish law abiding gun owners will precipitate mass purchase of weapons that do not involve registration or background checks. Maybe attempting to criminalize us will backfire. This is the sort of threat that will have gun owners to hide weapons, ammo and anything connected to the 2nd Amendment. Any light at the end of the tunnel lies with the USSC which should hold the law unconstitutional. Thankfully the Court is a majority of conservative Justices and 2 liberals who will side with conservatives on this issue. The left may be starting a war more violent than what we have seen in decades. And of course will blame it on gun owners. Despicable!

  51. It’s interesting to me that the Second Amendment is the only one we have to ask the government if it’s okay for us to invoke. If Ms. Jackson-Lee is incapable of foreseeing the consequences of this bill, which would not lead to a peaceful environment where everything is roses and unicorns, but by turning millions of Americans into felons and causing a string of violence that would make Prohibition look like jaywalking, she has absolutely no business being in Congress, let alone feel that this bill deserves to be passed. She is beyond incompetent.

  52. Now, all you guys who just want to be the perfect husband or boy friend…you better beware of the proposition of “Couple Therapy”, because in a couple’s therapy all of the psyho counselor’s notes and file are available to both parties who participated in the therapy. So if ever the counselor wrote something, in the margin of her notes, to the effect that you are overly defensive, demonstrate paranoid tendencies, narcissistic, anti social…all this could be turned against you and you lose your right the bear arms…But you were a great “friend” while it lasted…

    1. And of note, while your message is exceedingly gender biased and stereotypical in it’s portrayal, despite all the rhetoric of equality and gender diversity, is broadly/exactly how the law will be applied. A man saying he needs a gun to defend himself or his family will still be regarded as violently paranoid while a woman saying she needs a gun to defend herself will just be prudent self defense.

      1. A woman’s right to bare arms will lead directly to the wearing of sports bras without shirts. And no one wants that.

        Well, maybe some of us do, but that’s not the point.

  53. There is always some goofball politician making some dumb proposal. Ain’t gonna happen.

  54. This bill portends a grim future. By itself it is deeply disturbing, but taken into context with other disturbing trends it is more than appalling. It is understandable that some citizens would recoil from the horrendous encroachment of our individual rights. Another deeply distressing note is the enthusiastic cheer-leading and advocating the loss of our freedoms by the corporate media

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  56. Hey, Jake! Tell us about orange man bad again, you steaming pile of shit.

  57. The Hypocrite Crazy Lee Gun Bill.

  58. As a Texan, I humbly apologize for this evil fuckwit. She is, without a doubt, the dumbest person in Congress, and that is a formidably high bar to clear.

    If she can get Mazie Hirono on board in the Senate, they can call it the Unity! Act.

    1. Hank Johnson thinking Guam can capsize is dumb. Sheila Jackson Lee wanting to usurp our rights is calculating and evil.

      1. Party of Science!

    2. “She is, without a doubt, the dumbest person in Congress, and that is a formidably high bar to clear.”

      That’s only because Babs Boxer is no longer there.

    3. Hey, even the most moronic trashbrain looks not so bad lined up against a girl-bullying, kid shooting superstitious national socialist. I vote LP soo it’s no skin off me, but the whiney blubbering and tu quoque are music to my schadenfreude.

      1. So you’re saying she looks good compare to you?

  59. This is blatantly unconstitutional. Keeping and bearing arms is a constitutional right. Where in the Constitution does it say Congress can require a license (its permission) to exercise your rights? Can they require a government license for free speech? Freedom of the Press? Freedom of religion? Freedom to assemble? “Sorry, you didn’t get a Fourth Amendment license so we can enter and search your home without a warrant at our leisure.” This is government’s attempt to confiscate arms in the hands of its citizens which would make resisting a tyrannical government nearly impossible. No one I know would ever peacefully submit to this.

    1. Every idiot casting a vote for the Dem-GOP Kleptocracy since 1972 has undermined the Bill of Rights. You made your bed, and now you want to lie about it here in a Libertarian mag? Gidaddaheah!

  60. Even if it passed, I think Ms Jackson Lee would not be happy with the results. Essentially it would add even more penalties for anyone arrested with a gun, because most drug criminals won’t be eligible for gun licenses. The net effect will be to send a lot of black men to prison even longer.

    1. That is exactly the point of this bill.

  61. Articles like this are pure click-bait. The proposal isn’t going anywhere. KMW just wants to wet her beak.

  62. My guess is that this will remain ‘window dressing’ and Democrats will not even introduce it in the Senate.

  63. Christ, what an asshole.

  64. 13-term CongressCritter from the central part of Houston, TX.

    1. She’s a piece of shit floating in a turb bayou. A thorough corruptocrat but untouchable.

  65. But thank the gods Bad Orange Man is gone, right “Reason”?

    I’m sure the philosopher-scientist Biden will veto this terrible bill.

    1. Ooooo… a butthurt, cross-dressing, girl-bullying Gee-Oh-Pee diaper-wetter? How’s that girl-bullying Christian National Socialist on the Suprema Corte working out for you, Linseed Graham Cracker, The Greene harridan and the *former* Presidente? Can you say 9A? 13A? 14A? 19A?

      1. Hank, your meds. Take them.

  66. If we still had a Supreme Court that gave a crap about the Constitution, this would be quickly struck down. But now they have ruled against pretty much every Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

  67. Opposing overpolicing and mass incarceration is so last year!

  68. Lee is just one more crazy in the House.

  69. Commie Dems in 2016 learned from 4M libertarian spoiler votes that shooting kids over plant leaves (then stealing their wallets) was a non-starter. Mystical GOP bigots just now felt on their hide that bullying pregnant girls carrying a 19th Amendment loaded–cocked, with a vote in the chamber and the safety off–is stupid. That’s a fact that making up “we wuz robbed” blarney fails to change. Dems are doubtless eager to surrender all weapons rights to China, but that pesky Second Amendment also applies to nuclear weapons Nixon tried to bargain away to socialism. We now approach another demonstration of the nature of Constitutional rights. May the worst fools lose.

  70. Regarding the point about yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, isn’t it illegal to have a crowded theater? In which case, wouldn’t yelling “Fire!” to disperse the illegal crowd for their own safety be considered a heroic act?

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  72. Using her logic: In the past century, over 100 million people were murdered by politicians using nothing more than words. I propose that politicians be banned from using words in any way shape or form.

    I think that might actually lead somewhere.

  73. There is always someone introducing a dumb bill. This stuff is not a big winner for most politicians. They may get things like limits on magazine size or certain types of guns. Trump banned those bump stocks but few people cared because few people use those.

    1. Ok goebbels

  74. Neither presidents nor Congress – of either party – has the authority to exceed the limits of the 2nd Amendment (as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court).

    What likely alarms gun owners is during the “War on Drugs” and “9/11” – the two political branches (Congress & the WH) violated the 4th Amendment and for 50 years have never corrected those 4th Amendment violations. Reminder: the letter & sprit of the 4th Amendment has never been changed through the “constitutional-amendment” process.

    A gun registry goes right to the heart of the 4th Amendment. Since officials have exceeded their constitutional authority on the 4th Amendment for 50 years, there is legitimate concern from gun owners that our oath-sworn officials will exceed this authority as well.

    Congress should correct the unconstitutional-authorities from the War on Drugs and 9/11 before asking us to trust them on a gun registry. Americans have legitimate concern that this list will mission-creep like all unconstitutional-authority does. The article also shouldn’t stereotype all Democrats.

  75. The propaganda has equated militias with racism right when we need them.

    Get over the brainwashing, join a militia.

    Communist America would be a good B movie if it wasn’t really happening.

  76. Fuck that melanin enhanced cunt!

  77. She doesn’t go far enough. Ban all semi-automatic hand guns, ban all semi-auto long guns that use a clip, and limit those allowed to 10 rounds. The Supreme Court has ruled that one has a right to have a handgun at home for self defense. It has not ruled that any yahoo with only half a brain and no commitment to democracy has the right to parade up an down the streets intimidating others. Average annual number of criminals killed by citizens protecting themselves – 550, average number of accidental shooting deaths, 550, average number of homicides committed with a gun, 12,000, average number of suicide by gun, 20,000. Lets do a little bit of cost benefit analysis – guns are used to harm than not. In 244 years of US existence number of times guns used to prevent some terrible government excess – 0. Number of times mobs with guns were used to destroy communities and/or overturn properly elected governments – at least 10.
    There are 24 other prosperous democratic 1st world countries with the same liberties and rights to criticize government that we have. None of them allow armed citizens to roam their streets. They all have murder rates that are just a fraction of ours and they don’t have people killed by stray bullets. They just a tiny share of the mass shootings we have. They have almost not children shot and killed. (90% of all children in the 30 largest economies who die by gunfire are Americans). The right to pursue life, liberty and happiness is more important than the right run around the streets with guns.

    1. When 2a was written, there were muskets, cannon and horseback messengers.

      Today there are drones, killer robots and the government spies on all our communication.

      The right to bear arms and form effective militia has never been more important.

    2. “It has not ruled that any yahoo with only half a brain and no commitment to democracy has the right to parade up an down the streets intimidating others”.
      Like BLM? Who protects the citizens from the rabid pack of animals hellbent on looting and burning the businesses of innocent taxpayers? We have to protect ourselves when the animals attack, Cupcake. It is obvious that you Cucks in the city won’t stand up to them.
      Have you noticed that those BLM shitbags and their fat white cattle never attack people out in the country? Those animals know full well that everyone is armed to the teeth and their nonsense will get them killed. Everyone is armed and yet, murders and violent crime a rare. Polite society. We have had ONE (1) carjacking in over 100 years. Chicago, the home of BLM had a half dozen last night.
      They also never enter the ghettos where black on black murder is a daily “thing”. Why is that? 600+ black on black murders in Chicago alone last year, no protests where the blood is running out of their little crotch dropping as they lay there with their saggy pants around his ankles. “My baby, my innocent, gold toothed, face tattoeed little baby, he din do nuffin”.
      Not everyone reports to the “statistics board” when they protect themselves with firearm. Oftentimes, just brandishing the weapon is enough to protect your domicile and send the bastards running.
      BTW. A SHOTGUN is ten times more brutal than any “assault weapon” on this planet. For every pull of that trigger, nine .32 caliber pellets fly forth, shredding everything in their path. But “assault weapons” are what scares you uninformed Cucks.

    3. time for new kneepads for YOU

    4. You’re entire reasoning is crap – car wrecks kill roughly 80K people a year, but no one is seriously considering banning cars. But you seem to think that because our murder rate is different from other countries we should consider banning guns?

      Which isn’t to mention the fact that self defense is a basic human right like free speech and as such, if allowing gun ownership has some downside, the upside is liberty and freedom, which is much more important to humans in the long run.

      Seriously – grow up.

  78. This world was found on one right.
    Law of self defense and survival.
    Everyone even felons deserve a right and means of self defense.
    Everyone should be entitled titled to carry a weapon if they have not acted in a sense of manslaughter or murder.

    Take away this and see how crazy shit gets how many men turn to rape, and how many more start making more destructive decisions and weapons such as bombs ect.

    Take away a mans sense of saftey as of many and their safety in a sense of “country” see what the hell happens to this place

    You are stupid if you try to disarm the people.
    Futher more fat-thuur.
    I will see you as adalf hitler himself and see you are planing his agenda.

    Because thats what evil does to those who cannot defend themselves.

    -bruce lee & the high king

    point being this mentally comes into play because you are failing a system that should be tracked and monitored. Guns should have tracking chips inside them and cameras upon discharge. you regulate cell phones such a manor for useless reasons you should do so for guns that can take a persons life. This would keep guns out the hands of many felons, mind you i might get robbed by a crossbow ect, but i atleast know that person is a felon and ide be more instantly impulsive to protect myself. Please understand you have also created a system of death and agents that have a faulty system even the police task forces themselves.

    PLEASE See theres a major problem, understand this, and understanding that regulations are making more victims that turn to evil and villiany because they cannot protect themselves and see no justice in a system people see and think is failing justice. This is all these regulations do and keep many of the good guys and citizen suppressed. This is why aliens are here over the world calling me your god, because i have higher understanding and psychic power.
    Your high king and messiah- mark joshua cardwell.

  79. She doesn’t mind living dangerously?? Obviously she’s not smart enough to become practiced in the art of ninja.

  80. How did this retarded ape get elected to office in the first place?

  81. That broad is exactly why the Founders included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.

  82. As was required by the Versailles Treaty, the Weimar Republic passed a similar law.

    The first thing the Nazis did in 1933 was to collect all the citizens’ firearms, which was easy, because they knew where they all were.

    Jackson’s bill violates the Second Amendment.

    Jackson’s bill is also an unconstitutional ex post facto law.

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  84. A good program to put construction workers back to work after canceling the pipeline. The Federal government be building a lot of prisons!

    1. prisons for politicians …………… it sings

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  86. 😐

    This is my shocked face. I am shocked that a Democrat would propose such legislation.

  87. Ahhh, the sweet refreshing pre-Trump gun control arguments are back. And like the Obama era, they will go nowhere. The country will keep stockpiling weapons at a frenetic pace but, hey, at least we have freedom!

    I agree that the proposed bill is not good. It’s a great point that criminalizing gun owners contradicts the Dems normal critique of the prison state. That’s all well and good. And I agree that people should have the right to defend themselves and good, law-abiding citizens who are careful with guns should be allowed to own them.

    And yet we know there are hundreds of millions of guns floating around and many bad people possess them. The existence of this vast armory of weapons should scare us after the January 6th insurrection. What if they chose to bring their full stockpile of weapons that surely, many of those Trump supporters had? What if Antifa decides, “you know what, the 2nd amendment suites our purposes too!”. It will not end well. We can all see this slow-motion train wreck happening.

    So can we talk about this problem instead of always applying the gun control breaks?

    1. The existence of this vast armory of weapons should scare us after the January 6th insurrection.

      You mean, the event at which nary so much as a single one of those scary weapons was even present, let alone used?

      What if they chose to bring their full stockpile of weapons that surely, many of those Trump supporters had?

      You should find the fact that they DIDN’T bring them instructive.

    2. Also, your assumption that many of them have “stockpiles” of weapons coupled with the fact that absolutely none of those weapons were brought to the event should cause you to reflect on your choice of the word “insurrection”.

  88. How this woman was ever elected to public office continues to amaze me.

  89. It is true that was required by the Versailles Treaty, the Weimar Republic passed a similar law.

    The first thing the Nazis did in 1933 was to collect all the citizens’ firearms, which was easy, because they knew where they all were.

    this one too .. Jackson’s bill violates the Second Amendment.

    Jackson’s bill is also an unconstitutional ex post facto law

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  91. Why is it that the Demo-rot party has the most ignorant morons leading their cult?

  92. As usual, Sullum is a dipshit who needs to be fired. A license to own firearm makes as much sense as a license to speak. Unsurprisily, Sullum butchered this topic just as badly as anything else he touches.


  93. This proposed legislation is ridiculous, but we allow ourselves to be triggered by the attacks on firearms instead of refocusing the gun controllers on criminals, violent maniacs and terrorists and our human right to defend ourselves from them.

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