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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Teachers Must Go Back to School: 'Enough Is Enough'

"We are failing those children by not giving them the option to return to school."


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with the city's public school teachers to return to classrooms at a press conference Thursday morning.

"We are ready to welcome our students back," said Lightfoot. "Frankly, they have been ready for some time."

Chicago schools were prepared to reopen on Monday of this week, but members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted to stay at home. The city and the union have negotiated all week, but the union has yet to accept Lightfoot's proposal. Chicago parents are thus in the stressful position of spending all day, every day, not sure whether their child's school will be open tomorrow. This likely creates massive disruptions for working families, but CTU has shown no interest whatsoever in reaching a deal with the city to reopen schools.

"We've extended ourselves beyond measure," said Lightfoot. "We need our kids back in school. We need our parents to have that option. It should not be that CPS parents are, of all the schools in our city, the only ones that don't have the option for in-person learning. It cannot be that a public school denies parents that right."

The mayor stressed that remote learning works for some students, but it "absolutely does not work for everyone." She noted that many students were suffering from depression and isolation, and their grades are plummeting.

The press conference also included statements from Janice K. Jackson, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, and Allison Arwady, the city's public health commissioner. Both expressed incredible frustration with CTU: Jackson said that she didn't think any company or employer in the private sector would tolerate the sort of behavior teachers are engaged in, while Arwady pointed out that all available science supports the safe reopening of schools.

"Settings with positivity rates five times higher than what we have, they have been able to reopen schools," said Arwady.

Nearly everything Lightfoot, Jackson, and Arwady said about schools was reasonable and well-supported by the evidence. It is crystal clear that the policy they are advocating—get kids back in their classrooms—is in the best interest of students and their families, and poses minimal risk to the safety of teachers. And it is equally clear that CTU just doesn't care.

San Francisco's city attorney, with the support of Mayor London Breed, is now suing the school district to force schools to reopen. Lightfoot has ruled out taking such action in Chicago, but she may wish to reconsider. It's hard to imagine the unions backing down, short of an explicit legal order, as individual teachers have essentially taken the position that they would prefer to remain at home until COVID-19 presents no danger whatsoever.

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  1. Per the CTU, forcing them to go back to teaching is “racist, sexist, and misogynistic”

    1. Well if you’re already guilty of all of those things, why not just fire them? It’s not like you can be more evil than you already are.

      1. Yeah, it’s time and past time to bring in a union buster.

        1. Yeah, but who’s actually going to be willing to do that on the South Side?

          1. Union busters local 163

            1. Heh! Very Chicago.

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    3. We are failing those children by not giving them the option to return to school.Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with the city’s public school teachers to return to classrooms at a press conference Thursday morning………MORE DETAILS.

    4. “Racially, about 32 percent of the city’s population is white, 33 percent is black, 29 percent is Hispanic, and 5.5 percent identifies as Asian.”
      “Less than 10 percent of enrolled CPS students are white, while 39 percent are black and 46 percent are Hispanic.”

      Every leadership position in Chicago is held by a Democrat that is a “person of color”.
      The mayor, The Police Sup, The #2 to the police sup, the States attorney, the head of CPS, the head of transit, etc, etc, etc. They are screwing their own kids and blaming racism and sexism.

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    5. So during a Pandemic, we find out that Beetlejuice is not worried about 750+ homicides that happened in 2020 however, raising property taxes while a pandemic is still happening was on her “to-do list.” She is saying that COVID is our fault and that we caused it and don’t want to go back to work to how does she expect us to pay more for taxes when we can’t afford our homes because we lost our job due to COVID. I am glad the Teachers are standing up as if anyone has a child that goes to a Chicago Public School, you would know that the teachers are sadly the ones that have to buy supplies for students because the city does not care about the families in poverty who cannot afford notebooks, pens, and any needed items before school starts. I am confused on why we do not do what California is doing and getting signatures to get rid of this worthless ugly thing as well as the fatboy who happened to decide to go to phase 4 after Biden was nominated however, COVID is still growing. Admitting that I live in Illinois is an embarrassment as saying you are from Chicago back in the day use to mean that you live in a great city. Yeah, not so much anymore after all these crooked mayors and governors.

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  3. “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with the city’s public school teachers to return to classrooms at a press conference Thursday morning.”

    That’s is what happens when you give political unions control over the schools such as who can and cannot be fired.

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          1. I feel like the qualifications to be a Politician are
            1. You must fail the Psychological Pre-Test
            2. You must believe $ = happiness
            3. You must have no empathy for human beings as they dont matter
            4. You must believe that cheating is okay

    2. Why do blame the teachers as do you have proof that COVID has actually got better ever since this state decided to open up coincidentally at the same time that Biden finally took over. The cases of COVID have not dropped as they are still consistent and they are finding stronger strains of it as we speak. However, you do not think about the fact that African Americans and Hispanics are at higher risk to catch COVID so I do not blame the teachers as you may think their job is easy but they do not get paid enough. I work as a salesman and have talked to many CPS teachers that do not work for them because they were forced to live in Chicago and got paid $72,000 a year which IS NOTHING in ILLINOIS as the cost of living out here is ridiculous.

  4. She’s a Democrat, which means she’s wrong. Keep the kids at home. Better than giving in to a filthy Democrat.

    1. Gay.

      1. You’re telling me she’s right? You’re agreeing with a Democrat? That means you voted for Biden! Denounce this Democrat mayor and everything she says or you voted for Biden!

        1. Yeah, rebuke, reject, and reprove that raccoon-eyed negress.

        2. Do you set an objective of consistently owning yourself, day after day? You’re not funny. You’re not witty. You don’t understand sarcasm. Your insults are old hat.

          I do not understand (frankly, I do not think anyone does) what you are trying to prove. If you want to make a bad joke as a segue to a point, that’s fine. But you don’t even do that. You almost never get to the punchline and, when you do, it is always some third-rate shit that any child picked at random on the street could deliver better.

          Everybody hates you.

          1. What’s next? Call me a pussy and challenge me to a fist fight?

            1. That depends on what other third-rate comedy you have in your big bag of dicks.

              1. So you peaked in high school I see. I’d say I feel sorry for you but I’d be a liar.

                1. A creative writing course at a local community college would have benefited you tremendously.

                  1. Grow up, man.

                    1. Hemingway was a master of terse, effective writing too.

            2. You’ve summoned your buddy Stolen Valor with that one.

        3. If she is right then I guess when raising property taxes during a pandemic is okay as well too. This ugly Beetlejuice thing expects us to have more money while we are living in a pandemic and losing jobs left and right however, Chicago is still somehow broke after legalizing marijuana last year and taxing it at 42%. This State has been corrupt for way too long and we know how these filthy pos get into office as they simply cheat the ballots and make their own and do not let a blue state vote for anything. I despise her and I am glad the teachers are showing her that without the front line, there is nothing you can do as replacing all those teachers who are under a union is not as simple as firing them. Illinois needs to start caring as 750+ homicides during a year of a pandemic is no big deal and Beetlejuice never speaks about that, her mind was set on how to raise property taxes which is a shame as Illinois is #2 in highest property taxes in the whole county behind New Jersey.

        4. Also, the Biden voters are somehow still blind to see wtf he is doing as he is making our lives harder to live. Allowing illegals into this country especially during a Pandemic is okay? I remember him making fun of Trump for not being able to sustain COVID yet our stock market hit records marks after a government shutdown. Trump promised a vaccine by the end 2020 which EVERY NEWS STATION SAID IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I would love to go back and show the same people that said it was impossible to see how stupid they felt after Trump fulfilling another promise as he never let us down and could care less about money. Why doesn’t Biden donate his salary if he wants to show he is putting America first which we all know 8 minutes after his inauguration, his first plan was to worry about the illegals that will steal our jobs and give them citizenship. So I guess my grandfather survived the concentration camps and came here at the age of 57. It took him 7 years to get our family here legally which my grandfather was not looking for a better life for himself at that age, he was thinking about his children and generations going down. It is sad to see that life is only getting harder out here as I am a millennial and I will tell you that making $65,000 barely gets me by living in Illinois.

    2. Christ, give it a rest man.

    3. I think you have made your point as much as you are going to.

      1. Wishful thinking. Just look at his responses above. He really thinks he’s accomplishing something because he’s broken.

        1. Well, where the fuck else is he going to go? He’s not an actual Democrat, and so many other sites have taken down their comment sections that there aren’t a lot of other options.

          I don’t know if even the Glibs would take him, as they tend to be more like Ron Paul libertarians and find the sperging over Trump to be even more ridiculous than he is.

          1. More ridiculous that Trump himself, that is.

          2. Take me? I’ve been invited more times than I can count. Going shooting with some of the guys soon as weather permits.

            1. “Going shooting with some of the guys soon as weather permits.”

              Hey real men don’t wait for the weather to change; me, I broke in my new .300 BLK last Sunday, shoot, swab, shoot, swab, sitting there in 14 degree wind chill. Loved every second of it.

      2. I suppose you’re right.

        But stirring the pot is so much fun!

        1. Except it’s boring cuz you keep posting the same stupid shit like squirrel.

    4. I’ve never seen conservatives so hell bent on sending their children to public schools.

      1. Oh, another typical liberal response as believe it or not, conservatives like myself actually want unity. However, it is not the conservatives that judge people based on what political views we believe in that make them hate us. 5 years of denial is a long time as if you have not noticed, if you try to have a conversation with conservatives, they actually respond back like a real mature individual. It is the Trump haters that start hollering and shouting nonsense because they cannot name 1 positive thing the democrats have done for this country in the past 4 years and that is a fact!

    5. You’re an idiot.

  5. “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Teachers Must Go Back to School: ‘Enough Is Enough'”

    That’s what Rahm Emanuel said when he was the mayor, too. They sent him packing.

    All the politicians in Chicago work for the teachers’ unions, and that’s because they’re all Democrats. There hasn’t been a Republican influence on the Chicago city council or their school districts in 50 or 60 years. If the people of Chicago won’t vote for anyone outside the machine for that long, then there’s nothing that can be done for them. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

    1. But if you can get that horse to float on his back, you really got something there. — Johnny Carson

      1. A dead horse?

        In the case of the CTU, that would be worth writing home about.

    2. “Mayor Lori Lightfoot promised to end business as usual in Chicago. Instead, she’s antagonizing teachers, refusing to fully fund public schools, and giving the rich whatever they want. That agenda didn’t end well for Rahm Emanuel. It won’t for Lightfoot, either.


      “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Become Rahm Emanuel 2.0”

      Even the socialists at Jacobin admit that the teachers’ unions are in charge. They just think that’s a good thing.

      1. And I repeat, if you can’t use this situation to make people stop voting for the machine that’s oppressing them, then there’s nothing to do with this story.

        1. It was astounding to watch the mayoral race. Lightfoot was an outsider because her career couldn’t be traced directly to Madigan or Richard J. Daley. Like watching someone walk into a machine shop, test the DNA of the first operator they come across and the DNA of the CNC machine he was using and declare him an outsider because the DNA wasn’t a familial match.

        2. Jessie Jackson Jr and his wife were convicted of stealing from the taxpayers. Jackson Jr was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was caught red-handed cheating on his wife. Both Jackson and his wife were convicted and headed to jail. The Chicago voters re-elected Jackson although he was headed to jail and could not serve anyways.
          The whole affair cost the taxpayers another million dollars to run another election. You must understand, there are 3 million+ voters in Chicago, yet few are actually taxpayers. The “free” crowd are the majority.

      2. Question: Why should she fully fund schools if teachers aren’t going to show up in person and teach?

        1. That story was from before the pandemic.

          The Chicago teachers have been striking or on the verge of striking since Rahm Emanuel was in office. They’re the cause of so many problems, and every time someone in a position notices and tries to solve those problems, they strike.

      3. I think, beyond recognizing the obvious fact of Chiraq being a Democratic machine, we need to recognize the the CTU isn’t about teaching, it’s about being a platform for Marxism. Education is their front.

        1. Noone has ever accused a Chicago teacher of educating

    3. The Chicago Teachers Union is Joe Biden’s current “Cornpop”. But, Joe isn’t standing up to this Thug. He is getting treated like a bitch, as usual. Maybe he can get his Chicago buddy Obama to talk to this Cornpop, they are already very familiar.
      Obama engaged in white flight, just like everyone else with a functioning brain in Chicagoland. He was “outta der” as soon as he could pack the Wookie and her crotch droppings into a moving van.

      1. Yeah, poor little Biden did not even have the balls to go out and see Putin let alone the North Korean leader. Isn’t it strange that when we finally got a President that was not a politician before winning Presidency was the only one that showed he actually cares for us because he did not accept a single dollar for “WORKING” and I mean this guy busted his ass 24/7 and even got control of China as you can pretty much say this country is stamped as MADE IN CHINA right now? We all know the facts about Biden’s son and how he and Joe made their money and it is on the video of Biden withholding a billion dollars to Ukraine.

  6. Fire them all (preferably after dousing them in gas).

    1. Margorie Taylor Greene approves of your post.

  7. Watching Democrats kvetch over their failed attempts to close Pandora’s box is hilarious.

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  9. The teachers should have their kids taken by the Children Services Division to place in good foster homes since they’re obviously neglecting them by not allowing them to go to school.

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    1. You f’ing BOT you got me to click! Damn you to hell!

      1. The bots are getting better – better than Tony, sarcasmic, and many others anyway.

  11. They closed schools to sensationalize the flu 2.0 to hurt Trump and now they can’t deprogram people they fooled. I wonder what algorithm they’ll try to brainwash people into going back to school.

    It’s beautiful. I hope they stay closed forever.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. These dipshits spent a year doing their best to freak people out about the ‘rona, all the while turning school teacher into a pajama job.

      As soon as that tact is longer politically expedient, they expect to snap their fingers and get a bunch of terrified, neurotic, and entitled women to leave the comfort of their homes and return to their disease-riddled classrooms. Good luck with that.

      Even if the teachers would otherwise be inclined to come back once it’s “safe,” the government cannot point to any data suggesting that the situation that sent them all home 9 months ago has improved in any meaningful way because it was all manufactured bullshit to begin with. The Chicago city government is now getting what was very predictably coming to them. Good.

      1. And so are the idiots that perpetually vote for Illinois Democrats. Also good.

        Lessons learned? None.

      2. I completely agree with you as I was not surprised that after Joe was finally inaugurated is when this state decided to open up everything all of a sudden. However, COVID was not even close to being controlled and I don’t blame the teachers as most are African Americans who are the most prone to COVID. Now, I am hearing about stronger strains of it and yet this state wants to open up out of the blue because Trump is not the President anymore.

    2. Initially, it made sense because we didn’t know how this affected kids. But yeah, the ones who haven’t opened since the start of the school year are clearly just milking this now.

      The irony is that it’s really starting to piss off normies, a lot of whom don’t have the luxury of staying home and working. The only ones who are really fine with it are stay-at-home moms or childless couples who this doesn’t actually affect. These teachers are going to cut their own throat if they don’t start taking the needs of their community into account. It’s not just about them.

      1. Initially, it made sense because we didn’t know how this affected kids.

        I disagree with this assessment and did then. The Chinese couldn’t keep a lid on this in Dec. ’19. Imagine if Ai Fen and Li Wenliang hadn’t reported on some old person who died of a new pneumonia-like virus, but some 6-yr.-old kid.

        If it killed half the kids between here and Wuhan, we wouldn’t have been waiting with baited breath on the outcome of an Italian cruise ship. We wouldn’t have wasted months securing ventilators to keep kids on the verge of death before succumbing to the disease.

        I’m not opposed to emergency 2-week actions while more information rolls in but half the premise of such emergency action is that there are better decisions to be made based on more solid information. There was no reason non-scholastic reason not to open schools May and, in August, there was no scholastic reason either.

        1. Those are good points, and I agree that they should have brought the kids back by May, at least, once it became obvious how little kids were actually affected by this.

          I feel bad for all the kids having to suffer through the lunacy of their blue-state moron politicians. At least the red-state kids are getting something approaching proper socialization despite the Democrats’ best efforts to ensure otherwise.

      2. Nah, most don’t care. Most people in chicago probably support the union.

        1. Of course. They also still blame Trump, prior to that, they were still blaming Bush. Obama wasn’t blamed, ever, even though he was a Senator there.
          I was told last week during a phone conversation that “at least this union is standing up for their people”.
          I said, “what about the taxpayers and their kids, who stands up for them”?
          He hung up. We weren’t even arguing, but he hung up. We have been best friends for decades, but you can’t talk sense to a Union Democrat, their religion produces more fanatics than religions.

      3. 60% of COVID Deaths are at or above the average expentancy age in America of 78.6.
        97.2% of COVID deaths are from ages 45 and up.
        Cases of the common flu have gone down 98% and even I had “COVID” which was nothing but the damn flu.
        My psychiatrist made a good point and he is very well known at Christ Hospital and he even told me the truth behind COVID. The reason there are so many COVID cases is that as we all know, a HOSPITAL is a business that needs to make $$$. So for any cases that were marked as COVID, the hospitals were given money from the government which was profit for them and I do not blame the hospitals as they deal with the same people coming in every day and overdosing on heroin/fentanyl and you think they will pay their hospital bills?

  12. What is the logic? Is Covid suddenly benign? If kids should be in school now, they should have always been in school.

    1. The logic and data say they should have always been in school.

      1. And we’ve known it for like 9 months at this point.

        No coincidence that the only places not back in school are the places where the unions run the show.

    2. The logic is that bad orange man is gone so they can stop making the proles hurt so much.

    3. They would have been if the Democrats did not try so hard with China to cheat the elections which after watching the “Absolute Truth” with Dan Lindell, I would love to hear the defense side of Dominion. As there are forensic audits that were done and are provable 100% to which it is mathematically impossible for Joe Biden to have won.

  13. OT: hey Peanuts, whatever became of the Durham Report?

    In-the-know Peanuts were saying that it was going to uncover the greatest crimes in political history.

    I would like to keep up with it please.

    1. Aren’t you the kid fucker?

      1. Kids, dogs, small rodents with self-esteem problems, he’s not that picky.

    2. It was renounced and debunked by the main stream media as unsubstantiated misinformation by sources and is now known as the Bull Durham Report.

    3. Well, we had an AG named Barr who kept the investigation of Biden’s son as a secret and failed to do his job when Trump only mentioned that the democrats were going to cheat the elections with mail-in fraud. Barr was a complete disgrace to this country as he did nothing which he is to play no bias for either side and if he was not looking into the Russian Interference this whole time, what was he doing as it seems he was apart of the democrats’ shady team.

  14. This is what the people of Chicago voted for & you get what you vote for. If you didn’t think the CTU has been pulling these tactics for years, you and your children deserve to be held hostage. Now enjoy the bed you made.

    1. I remember the CTU strikes in the 70s and 80s. It was an annual occurrence. As students, we loved it, we weren’t learning anything anyways.

    2. LOL, we voted for them?? Do you really believe that we actually have a choice to vote for who we want? How hard is it for them to cheat any election as all they have to do is get a bunch of unmarked ballots and just fill in the circles for BeetleJuice and Pritzker which is exactly what happened in the 2020 election. I am grateful for Trump in a sense as he has awoken this world to the nasty democratic ways of cheating and showing they really never gave one damn about “THE PEOPLE.” Especially the legal citizens of this country as illegals are getting more attention than any of us.

  15. Someone must have new polling data.

  16. Robby – You and I nearly always agree, but this may be the exception. I agree that what’s happening currently isn’t working. Here’s my problem.

    My wife, a cancer survivor who is high risk, teaches the special needs class at a middle school. Going back is safe, if the “federal guidelines are followed” as Fauci said. Spoken from an ivory tower off in the distance, that sounds great. But the reality is, you can not get middle schoolers….much less, special needs middle schoolers….to follow federal guidelines. So the “science” that says opening schools is safe is based on impractical instructions.

    The flip side is, special needs middle school students can not learn virtually in most cases. So, we agree, something different needs to be done. But you, like so many others, are falling into that binary thinking…open schools or close schools. There’s tons of other options that we all seem to be missing! But please, don’t encourage putting my wife in danger.

    1. Sorry for your wife’s troubles. She shouldn’t have to go back but that is no reason to not open schools taught by teachers who don’t have extraordinarily compromised health conditions. She should go on unpaid leave and unemployment comp until she can teach again and her union should have a fund – like many used to – to help out those members who are temporarily disabled.

    2. Your wife can get a new job.

    3. Open schools. If some teachers have health problems that make it too dangerous for them, give them some disability payments or something.
      Also, your wife would have faced significant risk from regular colds and flus as well. What did she do about it last year?

    4. Wait, tell me again why we should tailor the general response to reopening schools to your wife’s specific, rare, and extreme situation instead of the more general situation?

      1. It’s bullshit. Special needs kids are specifically identified by their special needs. If they’re immune compromised and can’t be mingled with the ‘gen pop’, special accommodations are made. Between the Mayor, the school system, and the teachers’ union, the Union is the party with the greatest interest in violating those accommodations, pandemic or not.

        No Mayor wants to be the one who gave Timmy COVID in contradiction to a 504, IEP, or Special Needs Plan. No school system wants to expose themselves to the liability of giving Timmy COVID in violation of a SNP. The Unions, OTOH, are arguably violating the plan by keeping the kids out of the school and don’t have a direct interest/care if the school or even a teacher gets sued for violating the SNP.

    5. My wife, a cancer survivor who is high risk, teaches the special needs class at a middle school.

      I’m calling bullshit.

      But you, like so many others, are falling into that binary thinking…

      You, yourself, are guilty. And your binary thinking on this leads me to the conclusion of ‘bullshit’ I arrive at above. Special needs kids include children who can’t attend a full day of school and children who can’t be educated with other children. You portray it as the Mayor is going to force special needs kids into the special needs closet and rub their noses together like ferrets when special needs kids, by virtue of their special needs, weren’t forced to go to school in the first place.

    6. Systemic Racism is the real threat. And it is far more dangerous to your wife than Covid. She should definitely stay home and collect a paycheck until both are completely eliminated.

      BE SAFE!

    7. My wife also teaches “special needs”. After 30 years, she put in her resignation yesterday. “Special needs” is now just a closet to put the unraised, seriously disturbed children that the parents failed to raise.
      We are just going to open a daycare, it pays much better, especially these days.

  17. Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice…..

    1. That’s fucked up!

  18. She was so agitated at her press conference that her eyes were bugging out.

    Wait – that’s her normal look. Never mind.

    1. Took me a while to figure out that was the mayor. I kept thinking, who is this crazy homeless woman who shows up at all the Chicago press conferences?

      1. What’s the difference?

      2. homeless woman

        Pretty sure, it’s a xer. Bigot.

  19. The party of science ignores science to suit their progressive agenda – what a shocker!

    This is unexpected behavior from rational individuals who tried to justify their unscientific support of massive protests in a pandemic with a moral imperative. “Racism is a public health crisis!”

    I support reopening schools in principle. In terms of winning a cultural civil war, it’s strategically better for schools in places like Chicago to remain closed. Suffering is one of the few ways people will achieve any sort of epiphany. If only 2% of black voters in Chicago decide to leave their progressive overlords, it would be enough. A year of riots already converted some Latinos and black males to sanity, so the trend can continue.

    I can’t imagine peace in a ultra progressive household where Karen wives and feminist kids stay cooped up together for 2 years. “No dad, It’s not a woman’s job to do dishes, so you wash the dishes even though you just worked for 8 hours.” Let them suffer.

  20. Yes, if only there was an alternative.

  21. Groot is reaping what she sowed.

  22. Those like Lori Leadfoot are mouthing insincere, hollow words when the call for the opening of the schools…none of these DIMM losers will denounce the teachers union, they fear the other unions would take up their crooked cause and force them from their perch of plush profit….Meanwhile, the memberships for unions drop in the private sector and the illegal gov unions grow and remain the largest source of DIMM income and a means to rail against the falling Private Sector memberships…..Get rid of the unions, they are crooked dinosaurs and teachers can ill afford to lose the publics respect…better get back into the PTA and use it wisely to keep the unions at bay…..

  23. “OK, I gave an angry press conference, what more do these parents want?”

  24. “Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with the city’s public school teachers to return to classrooms at a press conference Thursday morning.”

    Well, there’s most of the problem right there – you don’t “plead” with these people you TELL them (just be sure you have a credible back-up plan)

  25. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Teachers Must Go Back to School

    Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleaded with the city’s public school teachers to return to classrooms at a press conference Thursday morning.

    So which was it? Was she asking or telling?

    Who runs Chicago, the pubsec unions or the government?

    I think we all know the answer to that and Lightfoot is done as mayor. She just called out the teacher’s union, they told her to get fucked, she’s got nothing backing her up. She’s just been shown to be a toothless tiger. If you’re going to strike the King…..

    Which is where if Lightfoot actually gave a fuck about Chicago and the residents of Chicago, she’d gather up every piece of paper she can lay her hands on, ask for witness protection and turn state’s evidence on everything she knows about the government of Chicago. She’d still wind up dead, but she’d at least go down fighting and fighting on the right side for once in her miserable life. Do the right thing, Mayor, burn it all down.

    1. Hilarious. The main problem is that the stupid little cunt doesn’t know how to run a government. She is a black, lesbian female at the US government. She has been a protected species for decades. She can say anything, screw up anything, and can never be blamed or even disagreed with without her leveling an Equal Opportunity against the person blaming her. Look at the way she handles herself, she always has a lame excuse and nobody calls her on it. She told the sitting President “FU”. Who gave her the power to do that?
      Ask anyone that worked at the US government during the past 40 years. Ray fucking Charles could have seen this coming when it started in the 80s.

  26. Gov-Gods pointing Gov-Guns at children are failing the people….

    Naw, Gov Indoctrination Camps is what is failing the people. I mean good grief 1/2 of them don’t even know what kind of country the USA is.

  27. Sorry, Groot. The NEA bought all you Democrat politicians fair and square. So you’ll dance to their tune and like it!

  28. It makes me smile to think an elected mayor has to “plead” with a union. If she is mayor, she should act like it. Open the damn schools, and fire anyone who doesn’t show up. Three days no show is job abandonment in most states, and no unemployment for you.

  29. Tomorrow we’ll find out LIghtfoot decides to cave and the union gets their teachers a big raise.

    Leftie politics at work right here.

    1. The Power to Steal.

  30. Stop whining about them, negotiating with their union. Simply put up a bill for school vouchers and sell it to all those voters who want their kids in the school of their choice. The teachers unions are making the case for it every day.

  31. My wife teaches special education for Baltimore City. Our governor promised the teachers would be in group 1B for the vaccine. Then in one fell swoop he began threatening teacher’s jobs if they didn’t immediately return to school. If the public wants teachers back in the classroom ASAP then give them the vaccine. My wife has been and is more than willing to welcome back her students. Keep your promise to the teachers Governor Hogan.

    1. A vaccine for what? Our schools have been back in session since August, nobody has died. No outbreaks. For fucks sake, you live in Baltimore, Corona should be low on the list of things that will kill you.

  32. Of course the teachers unions would prefer to get paid without the inconvenience of going to work. Chicago should give them 48 hours to report to school and fire anyone who fails to show up.

    Even if they had to fire all of them and start from scratch, they’d hardly be much worse off than they are now. How many teachers are actually showing up for distance learning?

  33. Certainly it would be easy enough to pair at risk children with at risk teachers who can teach remotely. The vast majority of students and teachers otherwise should go back. Fire any teacher who won’t and end the farce the unions care about kids at all.

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