Capitol Riot

Republicans, White House Aides Beg Trump To Call Off MAGA Occupation of Capitol

“This is banana republic crap we’re watching happen right now.”


Rep. Mike Gallagher (R–Wis.), representing the Green Bay area, recorded a message while sheltered in place in his own D.C. office at the Capitol and posted it on Twitter, begging President Donald Trump to say something to stop the violent intrusion there:

"The vice president of the United States was just rushed off the floor by the Secret Service," he noted. "This is banana republic crap that we're watching happen right now."

He added that he was told by politicians in D.C. who planned to object to the election results that these objections would be peaceful and that they knew nothing would come of it.

"We're going to have the debate, voice people's concerns, and then, we won't actually overturn our entire system of representative government," Gallagher said he was told by these people. "So nothing bad will happen. There will be no cost to this effort."

"This is the cost to this effort," Gallagher responded, in reference to the protesters storming the building, "and telling thousands of people that there is a legitimate shot of overturning the election today, even though you know that is not true."

"We have got to stop this," he implored. "Mr. President, you have got to stop this. You are the only person who can call this off. Call it off. The election is over. Call it off. This is bigger than you. This is bigger than any member of Congress. This is about the United States of America, which is more important than any politician. Call it off. It's over."

So far, Trump's response has been to tweet for protesters to "remain peaceful," even as the protests get wilder:

On ABC, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he had been trying to reach Trump on the phone, unsuccessfully, to get him to try to call the protesters off. He said, "The president caused this protest to occur. He is the only one who can make it stop."

Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.), who has remained a Trump ally throughout his term, denounced the violence on Twitter:

Maggie Haberman at The New York Times says aides are trying to get Trump to put out stronger statements to try to get the protesters to calm down, but he won't:

Instead, it appears to be falling on Vice President Mike Pence, who triggered Trump's ire by refusing to swing the election back into Trump's favor, to attempt to order protesters to leave the capitol building:

The Twitter account for the Senate Republicans has called for an end to this "chaos":

NEXT: Trump Supporters Stormed the Capitol, Smashed Its Windows, and Fought the Police

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  1. This is basically a windfall for Democrats as well. Biden is going to be able to pull an easy strongman stance against this, and this coup has no chance of working. There’s nothing magical about holding the physical building.

    1. “Beg Trump To Call Off MAGA Occupation of Capitol”

      In which Shackford pretends that Trump ordered troops to hold the capital, rather than being pissed off voters getting stupid.

      1. Trump organized a protest march right outside the capitol and then stirred up their emotions until things got out of control.

        1. Sullum’s got a handfull of quotes in his article where he claims the same thing.

          I think your allegation is total bullshit, but why don’t you go root through a selection of his finest cherrypicked, to see if you can find one that matches your assertion of incitement.

          I’ll be waiting.

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    2. And Reason will go right along screaming about this like the totalitarian shills in the German press did about the Reichstag fire

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    3. Biden isn’t going to be able to pull anything until this is over and Trump is out of office.

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  3. “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!”

    Denounce harder-er!

    1. It actually is reminiscent of the debate moment where they asked him to condemn racism and no matter how many times he does, they pretend like he refuses.

      1. Fuck reality, we have a narrative to build.

        1. ^^^ lol… The truth can be found perfectly in this comment right here!!!

          1. That’s why I generally skip the articles and go right to the comments. Smarter people writing in that section.

    2. Condemning violence isn’t condemning violence if the narrative only works if you refuse to condemn violence.

    3. The sad thing is, the left’s media dominance is such that, by next week, a majority of the public will think he told the crowd to burn down the Capitol.

  4. Both sides enjoyed the fuck out of all they sowed over the past four years (particularly the past year). You have to hand it to Trump. He’s the only one seemingly fine with the reaping.

    All I know is, if this gets to Hunger Games, you better not put me in that district that smells funny.

    1. You’ll be put with Philadelphia and you’ll like it.


        1. You know you’ll need to visit Harry Weinstein’s hotel room to get that roll.

          1. It’s Weinstein’s prison cell now. Ironically he spends most of his days getting Weinsteined in there and in the shower now, so you’ll have to get in line.

        2. I wouldn’t know. I only read fine adult literature, befitting a fine adult such as myself.

          1. Anything good in the most recent edition of Hirsute Birthday Suit?

  5. Fuck, I’m out of popcorn. What else can I munch on as the once Great Nation crumbles around me? This is dog whistle sedition.

    It’s like Trump wants the electoral vote to fail. Does he not understand that means the election moves to the incoming Democrat congress where nothing will change? It’s a pointless exercise who’s only goal can be to sow nihilism.

    If I didn’t know any better, I would say this was the endgame of the five dimensional chess he was playing… as a secret Democrat trying to destroy the Republican Party from the inside. Well it’s working.

    1. If it goes to the Congress, the the house votes by state delegation. Not by individual members. By states.

      Republicans actually have the advantage there.

      That is the constitutional end game. Take it to the house, and win there.

      It has 0% chance of success. Everyone should know it. But that is the strategy.

      1. Well that’s twenty five to twenty five states. Meaning it goes to the Senate. Meaning just one senator unwilling to play this stupid game gives the win to Biden. Meaning no change.

        It’s sedition theater all the way down.

        1. Gop have the majority of 27 state delegations in the House retard.

          1. Trumpbots and Tin JesseBahnFuhrer Soldiers will burn down the capitol building, but that’s OK! We’ll create jobs by rebuilding new, more energy efficient replacement buildings!

            Tin JesseBahnFuhrer Soldiers getting their rocks off on their “punishment boners” by punishing all of the “Marxists”, now, THAT is the IMPORTANT part!

        2. You, and resentful morons like you, who think you’re actually intelligent instead rather than complete fucking idiots, are why we’re here.
          You are the product of decadence.

          1. Hey Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI… You are a Holocaust denier just like Rob Misek! Two peas in a pod, you and Rob Misek are!
            Do you deny what the NAZIs did? Perhaps not, I do not know HOW far your evil goes! You strut in front of a mirror wearing NAZI gear for all I know!

            What I DO know is that you ignore the roots of NAZI, and other, evil, mass-murdering authoritarianism! You, like Hitler and the NAZIs and other evil authoritarians, start out by assuming that YOU know whose life is worthy, and whose is not! Then you move on to sterilization and killing! It all starts out by denying the value of other human lives! And if you can’t or won’t see and acknowledge that, you’re a deluded and EVIL Holocaust denier, same as Rob Misek!

            You and and your fuckbuddy, Shitsy Shitler, also run around telling people to commit suicide! I have NEVER been THAT evil! Nor even THOUGHT about saying that to people! Take stock of your SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP SOUL, Evil One Junior! Start by reading this: M. Scott Peck, the Hope for Healing Human Evil,

            1. I have to agree with Nardz. You’re an extreme kind of moron, calling people Nazis and Hitlers out of your moral superiority complex. Nazi is inappropriate as fuck and the real victims of real Nazis should haunt you for using these terms so lightheartedly.

            2. “Hope for healing human evil”… From someone who uses nazi as a casual slur. You are so pathetic. Not even I go that low when I’m trolling someone. Jesus.

            3. Also Holocaust deniers are pieces of shit. Really. But not nazis.

              1. “You, like Hitler and the NAZIs and other evil authoritarians, start out by assuming that YOU know whose life is worthy, and whose is not!”

                This is a factually true statement about Nadless Nardzi the Nasty NAZI. It is factually true, repeatedly, of his writings here. It is an insult he randomly throws at whoever DARES to think differently than He does! I don’t claim to be morally superior to a whole shitload of people, nor do I casually call people NAZIs. I call them NAZIs when they have the EXACT same mental patterns as NAZIs did! If that’s the hill you want to die on… Defending NAZIs from being told who they are, attacking those who speak truth to NAZIs… GOOD LUCK to ya! Beware that what comes around, goes around! Defend evil, and see what it buys for you! (Hint: Nothing good!)

      2. The other GOP state delegations aren’t going to vote to overturn the Electoral College. Especially not after this.

        The great lesson of 2020 should have been that violence by the underclass is only tolerated by politicians when that violence supported by the press, mass media, and corporations. It’s telling that live rounds were actually used in this one, but not the other riots over the past seven months.

        If you’re going to fight back against these cathedrals, you better be willing to go all-in, because they have political leverage, billions of dollars, and control of the public square. You don’t. These institutions don’t actually give a shit if Antifa and BLM burn cities, because those actions serve their larger purpose of further consolidating their own power. These guys are literally their foot soldiers and public operatives. So if you honestly think the situation is bad enough that you believe you’re being disenfranchised with no recourse left other than the bullet box (and the radical left literally threatening shit like putting together lists in order to destroy livelihoods would certainly give people cause to believe it), the choices you have are either 1) organize with sympathetic people in your own states to formalize a secession, 2) lie low and migrate to red-dominant areas ASAP, or 3) start figuring out how to carry out a no-shit insurrection that will likely get squashed in weeks unless you go completely offline.

        Let’s just say that a real, no-kidding Civil War is not something you want, but if you’re willing to go that far, you better be far more ready to give up your life for it than Antifa or BLM would be.

        1. “Especially not after this.”

          That’s what makes me think it was a false flag operation. Perfectly designed and timed to make disputing the election outcome politically toxic. Going forward, the political establishment have a perfect excuse to stonewall all attempts to dispute anything about the election.

    2. People joke, but carrots and hummus is actually really good, not just as a diet food.

      1. Hummus is also good with baby cucumbers.

    3. I’ll just repeat what I posted in one of the earlier threads:

      I’m genuinely going to laugh my ass off if this results in Trump getting impeached (again) and getting kicked out of office this time, or the military kicks him out by force.

      These marchers don’t understand that Will To Power needs support from cathedral institutions, and they don’t have that. Keep in mind that the press was fine with BLM and Antifa trying to storm the White House this summer. That won’t be the case this time.

    4. If I didn’t know any better, I would say this was the endgame of the five dimensional chess he was playing… as a secret Democrat trying to destroy the Republican Party from the inside. Well it’s working.

      I’ve been having great fun lately trolling D leaning friends. Pushing a conspiracy theory saying pretty much the above. That Trump is a NY developer, friend of Bill C., and lifelong Democrat working for the DNC. What is even better, I can use the same troll on my R leaning friends.

      Then I just sit back and watch all the heads explode!

      1. I honestly don’t think he’s that cunning, but I’d certainly have a whole different level of respect for him if that was really the case. It’s definitely what the GOP deserve after the last 40 years.

  6. Trump needs to get his ass of twitter and on the air at the networks

    1. He just released a video statement in which he told the protestors to go home.

      He also spent a lot of it complaining about how his landslide victory was stolen, and even the Democrats know it.

      Who knows if that mixed message will help or hurt?

      1. Which is now more than the democrats did over the summer with the BLM riots.

        1. Untrue, numerus Democrats including Biden and Harris condemned the violence and much more forcefully that Trump ever has.

          The is again a double standard. When rioting after killings and of black men by police occurs it has been denounced, but you refuse to see this. Because it does not fit your narrative.

          1. Harris raised funds to bail them out, so fuck that nonsense. And they didn’t say SHIT about the riots.

    2. Like the networks would air anything unedited. This is everything that they were hoping for and they’ll be fucked if they let Trump ruin it all with some statement.

    3. He needs to start his own network as soon as he’s out of office to bring America it’s ONLY non-nazi filtered information! And with Trump’s excellent ability to not play the B.S. it just might be worth watching.

      1. Bah, he needed to start his own network 4 years ago. Bit late now.

  7. This is the level of unthinking commentary I have come to expect around here. Maggie Haberman tells you right there in her tweets that she has completely clouded thinking and is entirely motivated by partisanship and only partisanship. Yet you quote her as if she is the sage of this story, providing honest insight from the inside.

    You don’t have to know anything about the larger context in order to understand that. All you have to do is read her own stupid tweet to see that her one and only motivation is partisanship.

    Here you report it dutifully as if it were factual.

    Immediately above her tweet you have a tweet directly from the horse’s mouth that completely contradicts her argument.

    I will be so glad when this is over. I enjoyed it when I thought that people at my favorite publications had intelligence and insight. For some reason this guy manages to motivate people to do and say the dumbest things.

  8. This isn’t about Trump anymore.

    If the Republicans had won the Georgia elections last night, this wouldn’t be happening.

    If anyone can calm the angry mobs, it’s Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer. They could get on the TV right now and promise not to come after our gun rights, promise not to stack the Supreme Court, promise not to add any more states, and promise not to institute the Green New Deal.

    They won’t go on TV and promise not to do those things because they fully intend to pursue each and every one of them to the best of their ability just as soon as Biden is inaugurated.

    1. Why would they? This is a windfall for them.

      1. Exactly.

        It’s about them and what they’re about to do to us.

        It isn’t about Trump anymore.

        I fully expect to see some of the so called libertarians on staff here write about the Green New Deal as if it serves us right for electing Trump.

        Everything is about Trump in their minds.

        Not everyone else’s.

        1. Ken is also the guy who was against Kapp for taking a knee. Ken is on record here being violent to peaceful protesters. Authoritarian Ken is fine brutalizing peaceful protesters. But tea baggers storm the capital, we deserve it. Entitlement on display.

          1. “When logic gets in the way — there’s always personal attacks”, thinks every lefty.

      2. Yup. Best thing that has ever happened to the Democrat Party since ever. The Republicans have handed the Democrats one party rule for the next two decades.

        1. Did you mean the next two years–or do you expect the Democrats to admit DC and Puerto Rico, too–and think that will keep them in power indefinitely?

          1. Oh Ken, you don’t actually believe that they’ll ever let you have a real election again, do you?

        2. The Republicans have done this to themselves. Lindsay Graham warned the GOP in 2016 that Trump would destroy them. Ironically, Lindsay couldn’t even resist destroying himself.

          1. Lol, you’re such a poor concern troll.

    2. If Biden, Pelosi or Schumer went on TV and promised not to do any of those things they’ve been promising to do for at least the last year, absolutely nothing would change. Not a single Trump supporter would believe them.

      1. It’s not going to change their minds, but it would calm a lot of frayed nerves. This isn’t a typical transfer of power.

        In a lot of states, Trump outperformed his personal approval rating. People voted for him who can’t stand him personally. That kind of showing with a huge turnout is about people opposing the Democrats.

        I’m right there with them. The agenda outlined on Biden’s campaign website is entirely unacceptable. Storming congress before it’s instituted makes a lot more sense than waiting until after it’s been passed.

    3. Nah Ken, this is babies like you having racist temper tantrums. You’re not entitled to your violent way. I hope Biden has the balls Obama didn’t, and put you violent pieces of shit in your place. Ignore, block, and ostracize.

      Funny how you get upset when others speak out, but ok with this. You are the picture of entitlement, but sadly you won’t understand since your view is so basic.

      1. People opposing the Green New Deal and packing the Supreme Court–because of racism. That might be the smartest thing you’ve ever said, which is pathetic.

        1. Your willful ignorance, or suspension of disbelief is on full display, and in an odd way, a wonder to behold.

          You are the same person who gets mad when Reason posts about police killings. I’m sorry you have issues with minorities speaking out. It must be hard for you. You’re not entitled to force your views on others. Sorry you didn’t get your way.

        2. Sorry Ken, you’re talking to the voices in your head. But you do you, just stop being willfully ignorant.

  9. With their own place of business threatened, maybe Congresspeople will finally realize that rioting is a bad idea.

    Owners of Footlocker franchises, etc. could have instructed Congress on this issue. Rioting is wrong.

    Or maybe Congress members will simply conclude, like the mayor of Chicago, that rioting is bad when directed against *them.*

    1. They are not going to recognize any such thing. It takes very little insight to understand that all of the protests and rioting this year were simply political tools in furtherance of national politics. That was the only motivation behind the entire thing. That is why the press covered it uniformly with the same language. That is why Democrat politicians around the country bent over backwards to support it.

      The entire thing was engineered out of left-wing think tanks. The same places that gave us the 1619 project, the entire point was to make the election about race in order to defeat Trump.

      So your entire premise is wrong. They will not learn any lessons about protests and violence being bad. What they learned is that using mobs of useful idiots as political tools works, and it works in spades.

      1. This sounds about right.

        If you can’t see the riots and protesting over the summer, Covid, along with the coverage of it by the media, were engineered for national politics, you’re an idiot. It was all designed to get rid of Trump.

        I hope the left is proud of itself, having torn the country apart from multiple angles over the last year with the sole goal being getting rid of the Mean Tweeter.

  10. “We’re going to have the debate, voice people’s concerns, and then, we won’t actually overturn our entire system of representative government,” Gallagher said he was told by these people. “So nothing bad will happen. There will be no cost to this effort.”

    Politician says ‘Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind’. FTFY

  11. Anyone who supports this should not longer call themselves a patriot. This is now completely out of hand. Fuck, you just assures the left victory for the foreseeable future. You diehard Trump fans only have yourselves to blame. Fuck this shit.

    1. I’ll agree that this is stupid and counterproductive, but I won’t that it’s Trump fans fault. The American presidential election was a joke and the fault lies with the inept clowns who made it so.

      1. Agreed. The violence is out of line, the protestations are not. This is the culmination of telling half the country to sit down and stop questioning the election instead of a simple audit.

        But fuck the people here who defended the blm riots all year.

    2. Disagree. Blm resulted in positive compliance due to violence. The right doesn’t trust the medias narrative anyway. There won’t be a negative consequence. Blm will once again in kind commit to violence in response. The more people who see th bullshit media narratives the better.

  12. This is how Rome lost it’s republic. Also why I am a Libertarian. This is just the republicans doing a one up from the demarcates. Both parties need to go.

    1. It’s also how Rome became a Republic.

      1. No, Rome became a Republic by doing an uprising and killing its monarch. The Republic died because the Senate became corrupt, venal, and incapable of managing the massive empire its forebears had procured for it, because the Senators became more concerned with preserving their sinecures than representing the best interest of their constituents. Their corruption enabled populism to build and flourish, first with the Gracchi, then with Caesar.

        When the Senate assassinated Caesar, after declaring him dictator-for-life, they killed the Republic for good, too.

    2. I’m not condoning this or anything, but I don’t see how this is a one-up of burning down a couple of cities.

    3. One up? Right now they are at about 1/1000 th given 200 locations of riots and 100 days in some areas.

  13. Blame the Dem voters.

    This wouldn’t have happened if Trump had been elected!

    1. Do you really believe loose mail-in voting enabled 90% of those previously in-the-dark Democrats to suddenly surface in the same state Trump carried a 10% lead with in-person voting??

  14. Well, I’ll be damned, Trump really is Hitler! I’m just curious why Trump would order his minions to stand down rather than order his minions to declare him Supreme Dictator For Life if he is all-powerful now.

    1. That tweet is disputed by Jack Dorsey.

  15. “This is banana republic crap we’re watching happen right now.”

    I’ll agree to this when Capitol Police abandon the scene and leave it to the rioter… erh, peaceful protesters for three weeks.

    1. No, banana republics disperse protests very quickly and efficiently when the protests aren’t in the right party.

  16. It is now crystal clear Trump is monster. If you still support him, you are a bad person. There is no ambiguity, no wiggle room anymore.

      1. This was the post I always knew White Knight wanted to make, but wouldn’t because of his schtick.

        I’ll be reminding him of it constantly from now on.

    1. Lol. Now do BLM you lying shit.

      1. Ahhhh, now do taking a knee. Oops, racist already did.

        1. Lol, wut?

          1. Ahhhh, you don’t remember, or convenient

      2. BLM are working for good. Trump is evil and his supporters are working for evil.

        If you want to argue against the claim that black lives matter, you’re evil, and fuck you.

    2. It’s moronic to assume that half of the people here are evil and the other half are the victimized angels. Believing that puts you in a minority.

  17. The banana republic stuff was the election counting this is the reaction to it

    1. Wahhhhhhhhh, I didn’t get my way!!!!!! My feelings!!!!!!!!

      1. Sure you did. It took massive fraud to do it, but you got your way.

        1. Wahhhhhh, I listen to the loudest, so sad.

  18. The libertarians here and democrats ignored left wing violence and rioting for months then are astounded when the same tactic is used by the right. You’re all hypocrites.

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    2. That’s why nobody gives…a…shit…about calls to “stop the violence.” They opened a pandora’s box when they let BLM go nuts and now they don’t know how to stuff it back in.

    3. Nobody ignored it. “Someone else did something bad, so that makes my crime OK” is not a defense that will hold up in court, not to say a kindergarten classroom.

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